be here now

Practical workshop exercises for the mind, body and emotions.

  • Introduction to breathwork (pranayama yoga)
  • cold weather/water contact exercises (tummo)
  • Walking barefoot in nature
  • Silent walk with a primal scream at the end
  • Trance-dance (blindfolded or not)
  • One-on-one balance-imbalance game
  • Qigong movements on music
  • Intuitive painting
    • optional: rotate place 3 times
  • Art therapy idea's:
    • collaborative art
    • “voice liberation” exercises
    • theater?
  • Meditation in nature
    • silent meditation
    • body-scan meditation
    • sensory mediation (food, drink, sounds, …)
  • Reading aloud sort stories
  • Find strange things in nature
  • Go board game introduction
  • Gardening introduction
  • Holographic visualization (internal rendering) exercises (with the eyes closed)
    • topic: music of Simeon ten Holt (eg. the series “Horizon”)
      • imagine the music as a moving flow of shapes coming towards you
      • imagine the sounding keys on the piano
      • imagine the physical piano constellation
      • imagine the stream of emotional moods
      • imagine the stream of messages from the sounds
      • try moving around in this visualized space
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