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taken inside the alien-human agenda  (691)
noted were too ambiguous to give her proof of any abductions or alien involvement in her life. But the UFO sightings were real, that much felt certain, and --- thography, cartooning, and clay. Before her first alien abduction in 1988, she knew very little about such things a
the allies of humanity book 1  (63)
Information from Paranormal Sources Studying the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon for 30 years has been like piecing tog --- yan, C.D.B.: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, UFOs and the Conference at MIT, Penguin, 1996. D
alien intrusion  (14)
01 was to the political conspiracy awakening, the alien abduction is to the extra-terrestrial conspiracy awakening; --- alden “Given the vast intrusive activities of the abduction phenomenon, we as a species may well feel such a
destiny of souls  (11)
es to me convinced they have been possessed by an alien entity or some sort of malevolent spirit. I have --- truction on Earth because they have incarnated on alien worlds before coming here fairly recently. There
the ideal food  (8)
in their absolute purest forms, they are totally alien to the organism. As substance is in reality the s --- turn creates movement or vibration, none of these alien substances or energies can be introduced into an
nothing better than death  (5)
have reported having an NDE while experiencing an alien abduction. The most famous case of this kind comes from Betty Andreasson and is documented in Raymond Fowler
the great waves of change  (4)
elieve fantastic Great Waves are things about the alien presence in the beginning to world, thinking that --- confusion is perpetrated by forces both human and alien who seek to keep humanity out of the picture, who
near death experiences nderf  (4)
ss steel and white. I thought I'd been taken. (by Aliens, perhaps? But I realized this was only wishful on --- o think about. God himself acknowledges that yes, UFO do co-exist with us and are not to be feared - HI
journey of souls  (3)
omeone else is not a demonic spiritual entity, an alien presence, nor a malevolent renegade guide. Negati --- talking about being a small flying creature in an alien environment on a dying world where it was hard to
vatican jesuits  (2)
bsites and events related to these topics. Ufology & Aliens. This partly used for NewAge attention
zohar  (2)
dwelt amongst the Israelites. These strangers or aliens Moses wished to convert and make one with the chi --- . iv. 33). On hearing this voice the strangers or aliens (Ereb. Rah) in Israel perished, for they it was w
natural way of farming  (1)
ak. Notions of right and wrong, good and bad, are alien to nature. These are only distinctions invented b
technology  (1)
h each passing day.” - M.V. Summers It seems most alien civilizations have taken the path of a materialis
preface  (1)
lly for giving confirmation and clarity about the alien intrusion. see also: critical notes To Masanob
books  (1)
healing art steps to knowledge taken: inside the alien-human agenda the allies of humanity - book 1 the
the complete sayings of jesus  (1)
f times and occasions, but lifted out of contexts alien to the present purpose, may prove to be a glowing
start  (1)
free man human sovereignty conspiracy friction alien intrusion bibliography persons works by year
nothing but motion  (1)
orlds is a favorite motif, the habitations of the alien civilizations are identified with familiar names,
epub:book  (1)
housing technology art part III: free man human sovereignty conspiracy friction alien intrusion </epub>
human life  (1)
nce potential on the physical unfolding of Man by Aliens and others versus the much greater influence pote
the bhagavad-gita  (1)
nds, Chance-comers, strangers, lovers, enemies, Aliens and kinsmen; loving all alike, Evil or good. Se
declaration of human sovereignty  (1)
, have included violation of restricted airspace; abduction and transportation of humans without their consen