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destiny of souls  (2753)
highest humans. Muslims hold that animals do have spirits, but those souls are not immortal because animals cannot rationally choose between --- had a number of informative reports about animal souls in the spirit world. My next case is a good example from a subj
journey of souls  (1874)
ories are the atoms of pure energy for all souls. Death does not break our continuity with the immortal soul of those we love simply because they have lost th --- s of opinion among subjects in hypnosis about how souls look to each other in the spirit world. A soul may appear as a mass of energy, but apparently it
message of inayat khan  (1472)
row a little more light upon the subject of the26 karma, the real karmic exchange is the meeting of the souls in the higher planes; for instance, the soul comi --- ey call death when death is not present, but when death comes, then they are frightened. It is the spiritual soul who as a result of spiritual attainment begins to
nothing better than death  (1264)
nature. This is the next goal for humanity. All souls are equal at the spirit level. The spirit doesn't evolve; the personality of the soul does. Humans have a group soul, but have also e --- cept things which they are not prepared for. At death, the dimension of the afterlife we travel to is determined by the level of spiritual development we have attained while on earth. Wh
zohar  (901)
with two others, constitute a sanhedrim to which Karmic angels and spirits bring and submit their reports of human action on --- appear in the Holy Land in order that they may be incarnated again by their souls, scripture states, “And I will put my spirit in you and ye shall live and I shall place you in
mystical poems of rumi  (833)
y potion has come; demon sorrow, sit in a corner; death-anxious soul, depart; immortal saki, enter in! The seven spheres of heaven are d --- t from secondary causes and suchlike things. Your soul and spirit will then become truly happy, when the water come
modern art of education  (731)
that, when our physicality is handled in a truly spiritual way, soul and spirit reveals itself. This was the keynote of their edu --- d have never considered a lopsided development of soul or spirit to be the ideal of human perfection. The educatio
near death experiences nderf  (580)
RS IN THE BACK OF HIM. I ASKED, “WHO ARE THEY, MY ANGELS? OH AM I AN ANGEL TOO?” I WAS TOLD, “NOT A THIS TIME, SOON YOU WILL --- s just there, I was standing over my body with my spirit/soul feet and ankles in my dead bodies head, I as look
the ten principal upanishads  (537)
mong fouler shapes. The man who can see the same Spirit in every creature, clings neither to this nor that, attains immortal life.' 3 Once upon a time, Spirit planned that --- mysterious, is the only gift I will take.' 2 Death said: 'The good is one, the pleasant another; both command the soul. Who follows the good, attains sanctity ; who fo
the education of the child  (485)
d to adopt gave me insight into the way the human soul and spirit are connected with the human body. It became my a --- came to understand the complex interplay of body, soul, and spirit in the developmental process that is education. I
god will work with you but not for you  (346)
r their realities, instead of to their centering, spiritual Soul-Mind. Man did just the opposite of what Jesus tau --- I? Question. Who am I? Answer. You are a divine, immortal, invisible Soul. You center a visible, physical body which consis
walter russell lectures  (319)
and mine. It is that which is recorded within the soul of me. It is the Holy Spirit within the sanctuary of me. “I am an idea of Thi --- reat riches in the rhythms of heaven which are as immortal as the Soul of his self is immortal. 8. “But he who taketh
corpus hermeticum  (250)
they do mistake its nature, not knowing that [at death] it is iteh spirit that must first withdraw into the soul, whereon the blood congeals and veins and arterie --- lness. Since, then, these things are so, they are immortal all - Matter, [and] Life, [and] Spirit, Mind [and] Soul, of which whatever liveth, is composed. Whatever
atomic suicide  (220)
l you all you have wondered about regarding life, death and immortality, so that you will comprehend the magnitude of the --- hat is to now make those things known about life, death and immortality, which have never yet been known. II The real fa
the secret of light  (203)
n already existent patterned record. The constant refolding process which man calls death is recorded as it refolds for repetition in his n --- useless if it were not centered by his invisible, immortal Self, soul, or Person. Man is aware of himself as an individ
the bhagavad-gita  (191)
Heaven's rain is mine to grant or to withhold; Death am I, and Immortal Life I am, Arjuna SAT and ASAT, Visible Life, A --- ds, Life's Dwelling-place and Rest! Thou, of all souls the Soul! The Comprehending Whole! Of being formed, and
the summons of the lord of hosts  (175)
e life of man proceedeth from the spirit, and the spirit turneth to wheresoever the soul directeth it. Ponder upon that which We have reve --- ble him to dispense with the sayings of men. Say: Spirit, mind, soul, and the powers of sight and hearing are but one
the complete sayings of jesus  (169)
way? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to --- ubled” GREEKS DESIRE TO SEE JESUS–HE FORESEES HIS DEATH: “NOW IS MY SOUL TROUBLED”–FAITH EXALTED, PRAYER EXTOLLED–“I AM CO
wr hsc unit 1  (154)
each one begins to hear that “Inner Voice of the spirit” which is forever calling within the Souls of all men. When you are too busy with material t --- dible message which awakens the genius in another Soul and reinspires him with your inspiration you have then extended your immortality to another, and that other one recognizes his own
polarity therapy book 1  (145)
That is why it must return to its source. And the spirit (Soul) returns to God who gave it, in the Soul Realm or the fifth river, which is also the first --- s and training, which varies in each country. The soul, spirit, or real being receives its energy from the great Universal Spirit, Soul, Sun, or Being; even as our physical sun gi
wr hsc unit 5  (127)
d energy expression which underlies all unfolding-refolding things. I am sure that you will not say that you --- rsing their direction of motion, just as life and death, and every other pair of opposites do. Fig. 31 ex
the montessori method  (122)
e wish to form. But let us seek to implant in the soul the self-sacrificing spirit of the scientist with the reverent love of the di --- may be allowed the expression, the bench of the soul, the instrument of slavery for the spirit. Here, however, these are not applied to lessen d
the message of the divine iliad  (120)
reat riches in the rhythms of heaven which are as immortal as the Soul of his Self is immortal. “But he who taketh ric --- arth, heaven blessed by Me, are as eternal in the immortality of his Self recording Soul as Light of Me is eternal. “He who desireth ric
the universal one  (116)
ing the soul Man is ever concerned regarding his “soul” and its habitation “after death.” Man need have no concern. Man's soul is but the --- partial bodily regeneration. Regeneration of the soul is reincarnation of the body. The chemistry of the soul of all ide
dhammapada  (109)
2 - on earnestness 21. Earnestness is the path of immortality (Nirvana), thoughtlessness the path of death. Those who are in earnest do not die, those who a --- -pointed arrow of Mara, and never see the king of death. 47. Death carries off a man who is gathering flo
the allies of humanity book 1  (104)
portunities may lie ahead. They are not angels or angelic beings. They are not spiritual entities. They are beings who are coming to your --- e second area of influence is on people who have a spiritual inclination and who wish to open themselves to th
wr hsc unit 6  (100)
bodies which we ourselves have extended from the spiritual SOULS of us because of our DESIRE and our WILL, we shou --- physical bodies are but moving extensions of our spiritual Selves has but begun to enter into human Consciou
wr hsc unit 8  (99)
ul. It is commonly believed that only humans have Souls. It is also commonly believed that each individual has an individual Soul which is as separate and apart from all other Sou --- ural law we are not correct when we use the terms death - birth-disappearance - repetition - reappearance or reincarnation. How can we be correct in the use of such terms w
a new concept of the universe  (85)
of Soul awakening which have been written in the Soul-seeds of all unfolding-refolding body forms. 22. The inert gases write down in God --- g bodies from their Soul-seed idea into form, and refolding the records of those forms into their Soul-seed idea, we should cultivate the realization th
epistle to the son of the wolf  (84)
steps to knowledge  (83)
wr hsc unit 10  (80)
the karezza method  (76)
soul life  (73)
taken inside the alien-human agenda  (69)
the ideal food  (68)
wr hsc unit 2  (68)
the one-straw revolution  (66)
the hidden words of baha-u-llah  (63)
tokology  (63)
human life  (60)
wr hsc unit 7  (59)
the seven valleys and the four valleys  (58)
oration on the dignity of man  (57)
natural way of farming  (57)
i ching  (52)
mind power  (49)
health building  (48)
the great waves of change  (43)
wr hsc unit 4  (34)
wr hsc unit 3  (31)
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe  (29)
natural healing  (29)
analects  (28)
wr hsc unit 11  (26)
vatican jesuits  (24)
the tao-te ching  (24)
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male continence  (20)
genero-radiative concept  (19)
wr hsc unit 9  (18)
light science  (14)
natural sexuality  (13)
universal one  (13)
the cure for all diseases  (13)
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the fifth kingdom man  (11)
108 adages of wisdom  (11)
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nothing but motion  (9)
natural sleep  (8)
the doctrine of the mean  (8)
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helical helix solar system a dynamic process  (4)
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