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taken inside the alien-human agenda  (315)
whose features she couldn't clearly recall. After waking from this dream, Lisa experienced the “humming and Morse code” no --- a terrible headache, and then she fell quickly to sleep. Upon waking, she discovered that the night's events had left
near death experiences nderf  (263)
I can recall: I always had the idea of being in a dream, sleep. I not only remember passing through a dark tunne --- DREAM, I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN REMEMBER DREAMS, DREAM IN COLOR, DREAM OF EVENTS THAT HAVEN'T EVEN TAKEN PLACE YET, SO F
destiny of souls  (119)
s and represented as archetypal images during our dreams. Dream symbols are culturally generalized and dream glossaries are not immune to this prejudice. Each --- occurring mostly in the early and late stages of sleep. In my next case, the dreamer will be reached between dreams presumably because he is still in REM sleep. The
message of inayat khan  (80)
oneself. Even something 109 like a person who is dreaming. He is so interested in the dream that if somebody comes to waken him, he says, “No, no, let me sleep.” He forgets that wakening110 will be another exp
the ten principal upanishads  (73)
ould live, three conditions where He could move; waking, dreaming, sleeping. He entered the body, named its various parts, --- ied. What brings you back?' Indra said: 'Lord! Sleeping without a dream man does not know that he is Self, neither does
modern art of education  (71)
mental stages, as well as the human basics such a sleeping and waking. Then he turns to the specifics of the curriculum --- w bring thinking to the surface from the unformed sleep and dreams of childhood. A child learns to think with the sa
mystical poems of rumi  (71)
t the eye asleep that finds no interpretation (of dreams)—expel it from sleep, despite envy. Else it will labour and be boiling --- me; be one with the Companions of the Cave, alike sleeping and waking. 111 The sweetheart appeared asleep. I called fr
tokology  (66)
Burning feet — Cramps — Swelling of extremities — Sleep- lessness — Leucorrhea — Pruritus , , , .74-89 --- nant woman breathes for two — Open fire places in sleeping rooms — Charcoal pit easily constructed — Fresh
the cure for all diseases  (63)
fe with an artificial voice box. Insomnia Another sleep disturbance is waking in the night and not being able to go back to sleep for hours. Or not being able to get to sleep. I beli
nothing better than death  (56)
s and slip into another. Or for that matter, like waking up - you let go of sleeping consciousness and find yourself in our recognized --- e barrier of space and time. He feels as if he is waking up from a dream. Friends appear in the light to greet him. From d
zohar  (39)
enduring and lasting than the fleeting hopes and dreams of the past, a something which in the words of th --- f the mysteries who in your lonely hermitages are sleeping, awaken ye! attend, as also those who before comi
natural sleep  (33)
equences. I have come to the conclusion that most dreams are not profound. In reviewing various texts about dreaming, I find even specialists in the field believe many dreams during the night are simply jumbled up absurditie
the universal one  (23)
that there are many substances, but he would not dream of contending that the moon runs along the road b --- tation, force, energy, inertia, sex, life, death, sleep, memory, the souls of all things and the complex
the great waves of change  (22)
connection to Knowledge and to take the initial sleeping and dreaming. steps that are recommended. Your older children --- be the one who is awakened while others are still sleeping and dreaming. It can be a great challenge to be the one who se
journey of souls  (19)
uncovering truth? People in hypnosis are neither dreaming nor hallucinating. We don't dream in chronological sequences nor hallucinate in a d --- els within the Theta range. Theta is hypnosis-not sleep. When we sleep we go to the final Delta state whe
polarity therapy book 1  (18)
ield of 'Prana consciousness' with its shapes and dream forms. At this stage pleasant sleep is the rule. When the consciousness descends, rep --- f heat and body energy. This is the state of deep sleep. Little of what goes on here is remembered, excep
natural way of farming  (18)
human knowledge. Although perhaps just the empty dream of a farmer who has sought in vain to return to n --- table living conditions throughout the year. They dream of building underground cities and colonies on th
the secret of light  (17)
imself conscious while awake and unconscious when sleeping; unaware that in all Nature there is no such cond --- ition as unconsciousness when sensation ceases in sleep. Man does not say that his tooth is unconscious w
walter russell lectures  (16)
concepts of whole ideas, not parts. I never go to sleep at night without consciously thinking that kind --- ste our precious nights through not knowing what sleep means, and what it is that sleeps. Certainly it
mind power  (14)
. As Thomas L. Harris has said: “The theorist who dreams a rainbow dream, And calls hypothesis ‘philosophy,’ At best is bu --- t they helped him in his business. Emotione would dream out things, and see things a long way ahead, and
corpus hermeticum  (13)
e it seems that both of these activities occur in dream-sight, and sense doth pass out of the sleeping to the waking state. For man is separated into soul and body, a --- en, both where and when thou dost expect it not - waking, sleeping, sailing, journeying, by night, by day, speaking,
the complete sayings of jesus  (13)
, and frankincense, and myrrh. Warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, the wise me --- d, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, take the child and his mother, an
the montessori method  (11)
ong, practically controlling their lives in their waking hours; and her pupils came for the most part from --- are. To shut off sight is to take one step toward sleep, and the requirement that a child concentrate his
the karezza method  (11)
each by the other with beautiful thoughts, divine dreams, high hopes, noble ambitions, pure aspirations, c --- here is lassitude, sudden indifference, a wish to sleep. A wet blanket has fallen for the time at least,
the one-straw revolution  (11)
bor were reduced by more than half. This seemed a dream come true, and within one generation almost every --- t about the nature of life and death. I could not sleep, could not apply myself to my work. In nightly wa
dhammapada  (11)
aghosa's age The whole of this argument, however, rested on the supposition that Buddhaghosa's date in the --- hose mind is distracted, as a flood carries off a sleeping village. 48. Death subdues a man who is gathering
god will work with you but not for you  (10)
een death and rebirth, is like the rest period of sleep at night between days - the only difference being --- d Mind in action - which means thinking. When you sleep, thinking you are unconscious, your Intelligence
the seven valleys and the four valleys  (8)
r; how many a night the pain of her kept him from sleep; his body was worn to a sigh, his heart's wound h --- drous truths. One of the created phenomena is the dream. Behold how many secrets are deposited therein, h
wr hsc unit 10  (8)
the illusions of the sense perceptions?” ANSWER: Dreams are the result of not being fully asleep. Sleep means more or less lowering of voltage of electri --- t for an interval. In utter relaxation one cannot dream, for all of the memory records which are stored i
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the bhagavad-gita  (7)
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