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near death experiences nderf  (598)
nts and such. i went to the waiting room where my parents were. my mother was crying and my father looked dazed. i said something and they whipped t --- comes to check on me, I'm fine. I remember how my family, mother and father and brother were looking at me with love pouring
the complete sayings of jesus  (311)
astonished at his understanding and answers. His mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. Jesus said unto --- do it. For whosoever shall do the will of God my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother. The same day went Jesus out of the house, and s
the education of the child  (172)
was a sorrow to his parents, particularly to his mother. When I came into the family he had hardly acquired the rudiments of reading, --- meaningless. For example: “Fly beetle fly / your father is away / your mother is in Pommerland, Pommerland / fly beetle fly.” I
the cure for all diseases  (165)
to these two enemies of his small body. Wesley's father did not have pancreatic flukes but his mother had very high levels, along with wood alcohol. Sh --- creaming for his favorite junk food and the whole family was upset over his restrictions. But we encouraged the mother to stick to her purpose, get a different baby-sit
destiny of souls  (159)
nd aunt are slightly less so. The grandfather and mother of this family are healers. Note that almost half the group have --- earby group. These souls are my subject's current father and mother. The roles they played in the nineteenth century
journey of souls  (159)
was around me with the presence of a … mother and father … mostly mother Dr. N: What presence? Subject: I don't know … a s --- up thinking of ourselves as victims of biological parents and family members whom we inherited without any choice in t
tokology  (159)
ng experiments — A dally siesta needed — How one mother slept — Recapitulation — Mrs. Stanton's experien --- abits of cleanliness can be secured— — Nursing — Mother's milk the natural food — Best artificial food —
zohar  (146)
The full word is therefore a symbol of the divine Father and Mother, the final yod being the same as the first in ord --- all the palaces have been built by emanation. The father, through the Logos or Word, said to the mother: “Let this be done!” and it was done at once, as
god will work with you but not for you  (132)
n given. LIFE is the great gift of Love which our Father-Mother has given to all Creation - and DEATH is the great gift of Love which all Creation regives to our Father-Mother for eternally resurrecting all Creation into equa
nothing better than death  (113)
who taught me the true meaning of being a Dad; my mother, who is now in heaven with her father and Jesus; my brothers and sisters, who taught me --- t give me any more drugs!'” At this point, Rene's mother took the professor by his and Rene’s father’s elbow and marched them down the corridor. They
the secret of light  (104)
heavens and the earths of My curved universe are father-mother of My universe, each of each and each to the othe --- y desiring to mirror the Light of My knowing into father-mother forms of My imagining” And earths appeared below
the montessori method  (101)
Age Name of Parents Mother's Age Father's Age Professions --- feel in more ordinary pictures, in which they see mother, father, and children. And the constant companionship wit
taken inside the alien-human agenda  (101)
of 1954. Eleven-year-old Pat lived there with her mother, step-father, grandmother, a nineyear-old brother and six-year --- rk, and I was very surprised. When I got home, my father was very mad at me and my mother was very upset. My father told me that they had b
corpus hermeticum  (94)
, the parent is the children's cause, both on the father's and the mother's side, only by sharing in the Good's desire [tha --- uch like, and sometimes the reverse. But "God and Father and the Good" is [cause] for all to be. So are at
message of inayat khan  (78)
hy of Murshid for his mureeds is like that of a41 father and mother, more sacred than any relation one can consider. --- like the duty of parents towards their children: mother’s compassion and father’s interest. Not only in spiritual growth, but als
the great waves of change  (69)
voice of your culture. There is the voice of your family and parents. There is the voice of your friends. There is the --- Knowledge may be reflected in the wisdom of your parents, the wisdom of your friends, the wisdom of your t
atomic suicide  (65)
processes. Herein follows that one sentence: The Father-Mother of Creation divides His sexless unity into sex-divided pairs of father and mother bodies, for the purpose of uniting them to create other pairs of father and mother bodies in eternal sequences forever. T
i ching  (65)
authority is needed; this is represented by the parents. If the father is really a father and the son a son, if the eld --- f danger, this line shows the man who must act as father of a family or as head of his kin. If he were to plunge reck
the ten principal upanishads  (60)
n, discourse joining them. What is generation? Mother on one side, father on the other side, child between, procreation jo --- and teach. Forget neither God nor ancestor. Your mother your goddess, your father your God, your guest your God, your teacher your
analects  (55)
y to the love of the virtuous; if, in serving his parents, he can exert his utmost strength; if, in serving --- careful attention to perform the funeral rites to parents, and let them be followed when long gone with the
the universal one  (50)
ass. These two apparently opposite forces are the father-mother forces of Mind, which, added together, make but t --- their generated heat becomes radiated into their father-mother substance which gave them birth. The difference i
dhammapada  (48)
e Brahmana goes scatheless, though he have killed father and mother, and two valiant kings, though he has destroyed a --- e Brahmana goes scatheless, though he have killed father and mother, and two holy kings, and an eminent man besides.
wr hsc unit 2  (46)
has man freewill to control his actions. That my Father-Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the cont --- ons to those actions man has never had. “This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man's except
polarity therapy book 1  (46)
ly matured. And children are different from their parents and from each other, in every family, even though the physical pattern may be the same --- e in Paradise, described in Genesis. They are the father and son principle in the human family. These hidden, psychic energy essences were calle
mystical poems of rumi  (44)
of every hand and foot in the forms. Did not your father and mother play at love for one moment? When they were unite --- guile him with this same pole of the age. 204 My mother was fortune, my father generosity and bounty; I am joy, son of joy, son
walter russell lectures  (42)
e heavens; by positive and negative, by the male father principle and the female mother principle. Compression and expansion are also ma --- iate environment, or with Nature as a whole. Your mother, father, brothers and sisters, friends and teachers forme
wr hsc unit 3  (40)
ng Being, The One Person, The One Presence, God - Father-Mother Creator of the universe. And that is where we sha --- and you are that body. God's Light is the sexless Father-Mother of the universe - and your Light is the sexless F
natural way of farming  (38)
s own, like a wayward child rebelling against its mother. But all his vast cities and frenetic activity ha --- verishes the soil, it would be far wiser for each family to keep a goat. Breeds that are better milk produ
the message of the divine iliad  (36)
eavens likewise pulse. “For I, God of Light, thy Father-Mother God of Love, am the One Whole. From Me all unfold --- anslated true in words for man the knowing of our Father-Mother while in the Light upon the mountain top. the bo
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modern art of education  (35)
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