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walter russell lectures  (2108)
s awareness of God in him. Man is an extension of God. God is Light. God is Mind. God is Creator of his electric universe of light waves which is His body. God is absolute --- ly two universes in which we seemingly have Being—God’s invisible universe of Mind—and man’s visible electric universe of matter in
the universal one  (2040)
iving Being, call it what you will, whether it be God, or Mind, or the universal One. The inbreathing, outbreathing impulses of the li --- Mind and all the universe is thinking in unison. Mind is that universal One thing which man calls “God.” Mind is the universe. Mind is all. ONE. 19 - o
god will work with you but not for you  (1423)
e of the innumerable conscious thought-centers of God's Mind universe. From that conscious thought-center of Universal --- r it is desire expressed in silent communion with God. Desire of Mind is the only energy in the universe. Desire to live is manifested in motion by the po
nothing but motion  (1375)
m directions. Here, then, are the contents of the cosmic sector of the universe as they appear, very fleetingly, to our observati --- he first edition. Inasmuch as all features of the cosmic sector of the universe are identical with the corresponding features of
message of inayat khan  (1340)
an claims21 . And at the same time he thinks that God, universe, and all works22 are a mechanism of the cosmos23 --- e.” He66 man said, “Yes? I am so happy. I did not mind where God puts me. But that God thinks of me! I think,67 there is nothing better
the secret of light  (1114)
h centers all omnipresent self-creating bodies of God-Selves. This self creating universe is the Mind imagined body of God, and record of God's thinkin --- ity We seemingly live in two universes; the still cosmic Mind universe of KNOWING and the moving thoughts-of-Mind rhythmic wave universe of SENSING. We cannot sens
atomic suicide  (989)
eness of His omnipresence. Science is discovering God's invisible Magnetic Mind universe through little peepholes into it through a newly --- between the stillness of the universal vacuum of God's Mind-universe of CAUSE, and the electric universe of motion, to
the summons of the lord of hosts  (823)
pelling! Should your names fade from every mortal mind, and yet God be well pleased with you, ye will indeed be numbe --- ith manifest injustice. Consider and call thou to mind the days whereon the Spirit of God appeared, and Herod gave judgement against Him. G
nothing better than death  (801)
profess the Christian faith. The NDE expanded my mind into understanding the vastness of God's love for all people, no matter what their relig --- e and love itself is what many people identify as God. Love is the power holding all things in the universe together. Love is where we came from and love is
epistle to the son of the wolf  (701)
ith manifest injustice. Consider and call thou to mind the days whereon the Spirit of God (Jesus Christ) appeared, and Herod gave judgment --- l who are in the kingdom of heaven and earth.” By God! All the atoms of the universe groan and lament at the cruelty perpetrated by th
a new concept of the universe  (683)
ly electric. Electricity is the only force which God makes use of to create this universe. And the only two “tools” God makes use of for creating His universe of matter and motion are two pairs of opposed spiral vortices. One of th
steps to knowledge  (640)
: “Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your True Relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the wo --- your mind like clouds. Beyond the clouds of your mind is the great universe of Knowledge. Therefore, do not let the clouds ob
near death experiences nderf  (623)
g to be with them, pure love. I believed this was God, our creator of the universe, highest power (whatever word you feel comfortabl --- ng truck for my employer and I was thinking about God, the universe and how it all works, you know- this kind of thin
corpus hermeticum  (620)
ion of these things, which comes from Thee alone. Mind: Hear [then], My son, how standeth God and All. God; Aeon; Cosmos; Time; Becoming. God maketh Aeon; Aeon, Cosmos; Cosmos, Time; and Time, Becoming . The Good - the Beautiful, Wisdom, Blessedness - is es
zohar  (559)
paths of wisdom of which the almighty created the universe. “The works of God,” says the author of “Cosri,” another famous Kabb --- s thought, so that the words, work and thought of God are one, though they seem to man to be three.” As in the universe harmony reigns in manifoldness, so the letters an
wr hsc unit 1  (530)
moving bodies extending from the stillness of the cosmic Light of Soul which centers thinking Mind of God and man. All formed bodies are made in the image --- ation requires no technique. Always remember that God is creating His universe by giving body forms to Mind imagined forms. Likewise you are creating your un
wr hsc unit 11  (477)
alter and Lao Russell prelude The goal of man is Cosmic Conscious Self-awareness–which is God-awareness. The mass of mankind is still barbaric. --- ernal idea from one point in the eternal Light of Mind has gone far toward his Cosmic Conscious goal. He who can withdraw from the exte
genero-radiative concept  (442)
ic clock. There is therefore but One Force in the universe which expresses itself in two opposite swings of the cosmic pendulum through the medium of polarization. It h --- within it, a Supreme Intelligence. This creating universe of form must be the concept of a MIND Force, an indestructible and universal One Thing.
mind power  (408)
goes even still further in his claim of a living universe; and life accompanied by mind. He says, among other things: “Life is potential --- xamine the evidences of the immanence of life and Mind‑Power in all of the things of the universe—things organic; things inorganic; and things beyo
the message of the divine iliad  (368)
ey from the jungle of sensed awareness of body to cosmic conscious awareness of omnipresent Light of God as the centering motivating force of man. For mi --- ie in his heart as the greatest of his desires. God is the Light of all knowing. Creation is a thought universe which records God’s knowing as expressed by God
wr hsc unit 2  (339)
a miserable sinner you have not prayed to the One God of Love, - Creator of His universe of love - Creator of you to manifest His love, fo --- be a desire for realization of your high place in God's universe. Say within your pulsebeat, wordlessly: “I, My Fa
the great waves of change  (335)
will have to gain access to Knowledge—the deeper mind within you, the mind that God has created within you—to answer these questions. --- l conditioning and past experience, to the deeper mind of Knowledge that God has created, that is beyond the reach of social c
wr hsc unit 6  (319)
Fig. 9 which emerge from the formlessness of the Mind universe of rest, and then disappear into it, you will muc --- still is, as he always has been, in the undivided universe of Mind, but he has had a sensed electric body which belo
wr hsc unit 3  (303)
our understanding of our unity with God becomes. Cosmic man gradually ceases to think of the universe and its Creator as Mind and matter, or as the visible and invisible unive --- ded by thy strong arms.” Think of it this way. In God's undivided Mind universe the ONE WHOLE IDEA of Creation is complete. It ha
wr hsc unit 7  (294)
bove, as follows: CREATION IS AN IDEA AT REST IN GOD'S KNOWING MIND, MANIFESTED BY TWOWAY MOTION IN GOD'S THINKING MIND. Deep thought upon this idea should reveal to you that LIFE is bu
human life  (275)
they then are Me; they then, with Me, are all My universe.” - universal One (via Walter Russell) “Seek Me. Know Me. Be Me. Al --- together. For how else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts? You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Knowledge.
wr hsc unit 9  (275)
ded scientifically in relation to the workings of God's electric universe. Even though we have known these truths we have n --- he law, instead of against it. The foundation of God's universe is love - balance - unity. The expression of lov
destiny of souls  (266)
restricted by matter in our universe. Thus, if a cosmic consciousness controls what the observer mind sees on Earth, the whole concept of cause and eff --- than the last. Many cultures believed that while God is the Source of all creation and is totally good, the management of our universe was delegated through a combination of lesser bei
polarity therapy book 1  (264)
octrine of the Ancients, of man's relation to the cosmos, and the soul's relation to God, its Creator. Of course, minds trained to materia --- d foods replenish the body, while ideas renew the mind in its sphere of individual action, and keep it in rhythm with the universe. While love and devotion link man's conscious bei
mystical poems of rumi  (261)
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe  (255)
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