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natural way of farming  (2632)
in its natural habit; the branches do not tangle, sunlight falls on every leaf, and the tree bears fully each year, not only in alternate year --- ng that is boundless and yielding, and leaves the soil, the plants, and the insects to themselves. As I walk through the paddy field,
the one-straw revolution  (814)
been wiped out by herbicides and cultivation. The soil animals and insects have been exterminated by poison. The soil has be --- d for microorganisms, earthworms, and other small animals. Plant roots reach to the lower soil strata and draw the nutrients back up to the surf
the cure for all diseases  (757)
ife Cycle 1 Egg Expelled with bowel movement onto soil. Washed by rain into ponds. Hatches from egg in water. Has cilia, --- tart using sterilized milk for calcium. Switch to fish from meats. Drink much more water. Use only harmless beverages (see Recipes) and fo
mystical poems of rumi  (404)
wheel the rosebower obtains water; From that date-tree are the dates of Mary. That water derives not from secondary causes and suchlike th --- s come, by Allah, but insincerely. How should any animal drink His water of life? How should the eye which is closed behol
zohar  (372)
l, and this is what is called in Scripture “fruit tree, yielding fruit whose seed is in itself”;Gen. 1:29 and as this life principl --- said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth,”14a and of the fruit trees: “behold I have given the children of Levi all th
tokology  (358)
nd the skin retains an oily trace, not enough to soil the clothing. By this means water is avoided, and with it much risk of taking cold --- endure at birth than when sub- ject to soap and water.” Dress the navel with absorbent antiseptic cot-
near death experiences nderf  (358)
was daylight, pleasant, colorful, but no weather, sunlight or water other than the fountain at which the women gather --- one might sit to rest, and she was planting large plants beside the bench at the end of it. I think the flowers were orange tiger lilies. I tried to get her to l
message of inayat khan  (273)
. But the mystic looks at the intelligence as the seed and flower, both. What seems to be unintelligent, it only en --- . It is not only human beings who speak, but even plants and trees who speak and all nature, if only hears,52 speak,
atomic suicide  (253)
upper few feet of the earth's crust to live. The soil must have humus, nitrogen, carbonic gas, oxygen and water. These so-called deadly radioactive poisons are p --- ation to the human body, let us step out into the forest and cut practically any growing flower stem, shrub, sapling or tree. All of them are rings in sections of either tube
modern art of education  (221)
ve in the living world around them. Love for each flower, for sunlight, for rain all deepen their perception of the world in a rel --- e, as I said yesterday, children must be led from plant and animal lore (which they understand more through their so
walter russell lectures  (219)
nd gone, countless millions of many varieties of flowers, insects, birds, animals, vegetables and chemical compounds to become dig --- ors of growing things; think of the perfumes of flowers, the sounds of insects or of animals which have come from that earth and have gone ba
helical helix solar system a dynamic process  (219)
een utilized for its own metabolism go to produce plant materials like roots, shoots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds for their growth and perpetuation. This is the re --- o explanations accompanying the descriptions. The animals thrive well as consumers of this plant material. Even among human population almost 76%
the ten principal upanishads  (215)
everywhere, is renewed in the sacrifice, born in water, springs out of the soil, breaks out of the mountain ; power: reality. --- everywhere, is renewed in the sacrifice, born in water, springs out of the soil, breaks out of the mountain ; power: reality.
i ching  (206)
the well. The image also refers to the world of plants, which lift water out of the earth by means of their fibers. The --- s the sun shines forth in redoubled beauty after rain, or as a forest grows more freshly green from charred ruins afte
health building  (191)
mix with the earth. It acts like a compost to the soil. Leaf mold soil from under the trees is the best earth for this. Keep the earth moist; --- itamin A and the other vitamins and minerals from animal sources, mankind would benefit much more by getting them from plant life, the way the Creator intended. We find evide
destiny of souls  (182)
ecause the sun is further away. It has mountains, trees, flowers and fresh water but no oceans. Dr. N: Who brings you to Brooel? S --- so why don't we begin by my asking you about the animal life on this planet. Subject: Ah … no fish, frogs
the montessori method  (170)
rom life as a step toward art, to the ideas about plants, insects, and seasons, which spring from agriculture, and to the first notions of household life, whic --- ment of the individual; and, this being the case, agriculture and animal culture contain in themselves precious means of m
polarity therapy book 1  (160)
n the blood stream it would be cold like it is in fish, frogs and some of the lower, cold-blooded animals. Man loves sunshine because it is part of his ver --- e Great World or Nature. (Like the earth sustains plant and animal life.) The forms and bodies are part of Nature; t
the secret of light  (155)
ut” to our sensing. But it still IS. Likewise the tree, the forest, mountain, planet and nebula of the far heavens a --- nd all of its phenomena of motion, sound, people, animals, and plant life, as a motion picture projection from our sun
the ideal food  (145)
different ways. The same forces that regulate the animals in the sea, the hosts of insects and the myriads of other beings outside the reach --- extent true. But, as the following will show, the plant beings are not so far advanced in evolution on the physical plane as the animals. This means that they do not have such a complex
wr hsc unit 5  (141)
e is in the unexploded stick, or as the whole oak tree is in its unfolded seed. The moment the equilibrium of the ocean is distu --- rd, and away from, the center of gravity. Falling rain for example falls directly toward the earth's center and rising water vapor returns upon the same radial lines. That is
god will work with you but not for you  (140)
They think animals do not have Souls. The idea of trees, flowers, insects, or the elements of matter having Souls is not ge --- y. Show them that when they are watering a little plant and caring for its soil, God is making it grow, and that is the way they
the complete sayings of jesus  (138)
Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou plan --- ay” - wise and foolish virgins. PARABLES: THE FIG TREE IN LEAF, ABSENT HOUSEHOLDER AND THE HOUSE SERVANTS, VIRGI
dhammapada  (135)
a Brahmana who does not cling to pleasures, like water on a lotus leaf, like a mustard seed on the point of a needle. 402. Him I call indeed --- m I call a Brahmana. (624) 32. 'The man who, like water on a lotus leaf, or a mustard seed on the point of a needle, does not cling to sensu
mind power  (135)
onverted into living plant‑cells; then we eat the plants and convert the plant‑cells into animal‑cells which serve as the basis of our blood, musc --- nd seek, and draw to itself the sustenance of the soil, air, water, and sunlight, so do I think it proper, desirable and praisewor
the universal one  (95)
ind is quickened into ecstasy God speaks from the trees of the forest and he understands. To him the silent Voice of na --- , the mountain, the man, the planet, the air, the water, the fire, the stars in the heavens and the far r
nothing better than death  (87)
e of all kinds. There was nature there, many pure plants, trees, and water just like on Gaia but more pure. Nature there was --- ored. Mellen-Thomas Benedict: The clearing of the rain forest in South America will slow down. The earth is in
a new concept of the universe  (82)
cles upon cycles of formed bodies of sound, or of insects, animals, men, trees, suns or nebulas. Herein lies the solution of the --- e seed of idea placed upon the wave axis like the seed of a tree put into the ground. Now imagine the ground risin
nature farming  (81)
ng that is boundless and yielding, and leaves the soil, the plants, and the insects to themselves.” - Masanobu Fukuoka “The living --- work the deeper layers. (…) Clearing new land for agriculture by pulling up trees and bushes robs the deeper layers of the soil of a source of humus, halting the active prolifer
the education of the child  (76)
taken inside the alien-human agenda  (69)
corpus hermeticum  (60)
genero-radiative concept  (60)
epistle to the son of the wolf  (57)
the summons of the lord of hosts  (55)
journey of souls  (54)
the message of the divine iliad  (45)
wr hsc unit 11  (42)
wr hsc unit 6  (40)
the bhagavad-gita  (38)
wr hsc unit 8  (37)
wr hsc unit 3  (35)
the great waves of change  (35)
nothing but motion  (35)
wr hsc unit 10  (30)
wr hsc unit 2  (30)
wr hsc unit 7  (25)
the hidden words of baha-u-llah  (25)
wr hsc unit 1  (24)
analects  (24)
male continence  (22)
light science  (22)
wr hsc unit 9  (19)
the tao-te ching  (18)
the fifth kingdom man  (18)
the karezza method  (17)
the seven valleys and the four valleys  (16)
human life  (16)
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe  (16)
vatican jesuits  (15)
natural nutrition  (13)
wr hsc unit 4  (12)
steps to knowledge  (12)
the doctrine of the mean  (9)
the allies of humanity book 1  (9)
introduction  (9)
garden  (9)
on ancient medicine  (8)
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natural healing  (6)
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natural economy  (5)
walter russell and the new york times  (4)
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universal one  (2)
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