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vatican & jesuits

Note the main sources for the facts claimed here can be found on these pages: Literature, History_of_oppression, Occult_symbolism and Masons.

  • “The very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society. For we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret proceedings and to secret oaths.” … “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence– on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” - John_F._Kennedy's secret society speech on April 27, 1961 (murdered on November 22, 1963). (long_audio_version, short_video_version)


The Jesuit Order is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation: demanding secret_oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior_General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and 'stands in the shadow' of the white Pope).

The “Society of Jesus” - as they are officially known - was originally used by the Vatican to counter the various Reformation movements in Europe, to which the Vatican lost much of its religious and political power. Absolute -temporal- ruling power has always been the Vatican institution's primary objective.

The Jesuit Order is since_1814 in complete control of the - obscenely wealthy ( [18], [19]) - Vatican institution (including the Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order_of_Malta (see below), such as the United_Nations, NATO, European Commission, Council_on_Foreign_Relations, various central banks, big corporations, secret services, and numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (“The Brotherhood”) and Opus_Dei.


265th Pope Joseph_Ratzinger and 30th Jesuit General Adolfo_Nicolás. congregation

                                                                   at the
                                                                   Vatican in

Saint_Peter's_Square in Vatican_City. Jesuit_Order


It is important to note that the Jesuit-controlled Vatican is since 1929 being cast (and accepted) as a sovereign microstate called Vatican_City, with its own:

  • Head of State and cabinet (the Holy_See, which consists of the Papal_non-

hereditary_monarchy and the Curia).

  • Central bank (Vatican_Bank).
  • “The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator

and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material

      riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant
      trust, government or state of the whole globe." - Smokescreens by Jack
  • Jurisdiction rules:
  • Of the land: Canon_Law and Civil_law - which have their origins in

Babylonian and Roman_law. See also: [20].

  • Of the sea: Admiralty_law and UN_Law_of_the_Sea
  • In space: Space_law
  • Some 147 (to source) Holy_See_treaties which grant the Vatican special

national privileges. These were formerly called Concordats or Lateran

* Near global network of diplomatic_missions (called "apostolic nunciatures")
* Large radial underground network of secret_archives (estimated at 84
  kilometers of shelving space) and a large collection of ancient art works
  in the Vatican_Museums.
* Universal_Inquisition_office (headed by the American William_Levada since
  2000), and an Italian police_force and a Swiss_military_guard consisting of
  only Catholic single males with Swiss citizenship and Swiss_military
    "Rather fittingly, the word ‘propaganda’ originates from the Vatican. In
    1422, Pope_Gregory_V founded a group called the "Congregatio de
    Propaganda Fide" (Congregation_for_the_Doctrine_of_the_Faith) tasked with
    the job of spreading Catholic doctrines as far and wide as possible."

Furthermore note that the Jesuit Order, the Catholic clergy and the Military Order of Malta (and many of the other Papal and Royal military orders) have an extremely patriarchal culture. This type of rigid social structure is one of the main aspects of fascistic groups.

    "The Jesuits have no women. They have no love of a woman. Because to have
    a wife, to have a woman, means you have an allegiance to your wife and
    family, and you cannot obey the General. That’s why they will NEVER be
    married, and that’s one of the great KEYS to their success." - Eric_Jon
    "(Ex-Jesuit) Charles_J._O'Byrne, who is described as 'openly gay',
    estimated that 70% of the priests in his peer group were gay." [22]
    "The United_States_Conference_of_Catholic_Bishops commissioned a
    comprehensive study that found that four percent of all priests who had
    served in the U.S. from 1950 to 2002 faced some sort of sexual
    accusation." [23]
    Jesuits_pay_$50_million_for_Inuit_child_abuses: "In some villages, it is
    difficult to find an adult who was not sexually violated by men who used
    religion and power to rape, shame and then silence hundreds of Alaska
    Native children," said Ken Roosa, an Anchorage-based attorney for the
    "Vatican spokesman Federico_Lombardi underscored how the ordination of
    women is 'a crime against sacraments,' while paedophilia should be
    considered a 'crime against morals'." [24]
    "It is well known that U.S. bishops often transferred accused Catholic
    priests to other parishes or dioceses after receiving (pedophilia)
    allegations. But the hierarchy also moved accused priests across
    international borders to other countries, where they continued to work
    with children and were often able to evade prosecution or extradition.
    These transfers are one of many ways in which global Catholicism affects
    the abuse_crisis in the United States." [25]

Today the Jesuit Order has about 19.000_members. Of the about 13.500 priest members, some have taken the 4th_vow_secret_oath in which killing a 'heretic' is not considered a crime. The ranks of Jesuits are thinning; From 36,000 members at the order's zenith in the mid-1960's, to 26,000 in 1983, to 23,000 in 1995 [26]. The Jesuits are geographically organized by 91_provinces, which each belong to one of 10_assistancies around the world.

The Military_Order_of_Malta has about 12.500_members (excluding volunteers), and Opus_Dei has about 26,000 celibate members (excluding volunteers).

There are hundreds of masonic Grand_Lodge's and many thousands of so-called “regular masonic lodges” setup around the world [27]. These lodges presently probably hold many tens of thousands of high-level members. The high-level masons have on many occasions throughout history been involved in subversive, criminal organization networks which supported the agenda of the larger masonic “Brotherhood”. In addition there are many other similar/related masonic organizations, such as the Rosicrucians, Rotarians, Odd_Fellows and many others.

The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic crusades, up to our present time, show their criminal “full-spectrum_dominance” doctrine is effectuated all over the world by:

  • War,_genocide_and_depopulation (recent examples: Canadian_natives_genocide

[28] between 1880-1984, the “Vatican_managed_Serbian_genocide_during_WWII”

  with an ongoing US_court_case, and the ongoing Shia_muslim_genocide in Iraq
  with over 1.320.110_deaths)
* Political_subversions
* Judicial subversions, including: extraterritoriality claims of being exempt
  from the jurisdiction of local law. This type of judicial subversion is
  used by most of the '(micro)states/groups/operations' mentioned on this
* Economic slavery
* Poor quality nutrition, healthcare, housing and environment, leading to
  vitality_degradation and mental_stress.
* Government propaganda (through miseducation, false_media, science, and
* Suppression_of_sovereignty,_awareness_and_spirituality.

Masonic cities

The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic network operates mainly out of the following cities:

  • Vatican_City, Rome, Italy. (religious center) (sovereign state since 1929,

see above)

  • City_of_London, London, United Kingdom. (economic center) (sovereign state

since 1649, owned by the City_of_London_Corporation. See also: [29])

  • District_of_Columbia (which includes Washington D.C.), United States.

(military center)

  • [United_States_flag,_Vatican_flag,_and_the_District_of_Columbia_flag_


      United_States_flag, Vatican_flag, and the District_of_Columbia_flag
      (Tri-star flag) in Washington D.C.
      The "District_of_Columbia_Act_of_1871" turned D.C. into a municipal
      corporation. Congress has the supreme authority over the city and the
      federal district, with its own special_constitutional_amendment since
      1961. Furthermore the District of Columbia is judicially governed by
      the Lex_fori as opposed to Lex_causae.
  • The Act_of_1871 overturned the United States Constitutional

Republic (as defined in the 1788 “Constitution_for_the_United

          States_of_America"). The Act of 1871 also makes reference to a
          "Corp US". That "Corporate US" (as defined in the 1871
          "Constitution_of_the_United_States_of_America") is actually
          operating under the name: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, noting the
          capital letters as a distinction from the Constitutional Republic
          (see also: [30], [31], 14th_amendment [32] in 1868).
  • “You may have noticed that the national flag of the United

States always has a gold_fringe when displayed in court or

              federal buildings, and you see this also in federally-funded
              schools and on the uniforms of US troops. Under the
              International Law of the Flags, a gold fringe indicates the
              jurisdiction of commercial law, also known as British_Maritime
              Law, and in the US as the Uniform_Commercial_Code or UCC. The
              gold fringe is not part of the American flag known as the
              "Stars and Stripes", but it is a legal symbol indicating that
              the court, government building, school or soldier is operating
              under British Maritime Law and the Uniform Commercial Code;
              military and merchant law." [33]
  • The Jesuit bishop John_Carroll was probably the richest man in America

in the late 1700's. Carroll allowed funding to construct D.C. (which is

      nicknamed "Rome on the Potomac"). The owner of the land used to be
      Francis_Pope and his priest was Jesuit Andrew_White.
    * Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome,_Maryland, and a branch of the
      Potomac River was called Tiber_Creek, which was named after the Tiber
      river in Rome. Rome was build on 7_hills, and Washington D.C. has 7
      named hills, whose names are: Capitol_Hill, Meridian_Hill, Floral
      Hills, Forest_Hills, Hillbrook, Hillcrest, and Knox_Hill. [34]
    * Etymological notes:
  • Occult_etymology:_Columbia
  • Virgin-ia, Mary-land, and the naming of Washington DC after the

prominent mason - and first US president - George_Washington.

  • Other masonic elements in this city: Jesuit Georgetown_University, the

occult_symbolism_in_street_structures_and_monuments, and the 2008 World

  • Other important cities: Geneva, New_York, Brussels, Paris, Hong_Kong,

Moscow, the various microstates: Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Dubai_UAE ([35]),

  and the dozens of offshore_banking_centers, ... (aristocratic->masonic-
  >corporate->political networks)

Karnak (without obelisk, hieroglyphs??), (near Saint_Peter's (see previous) Sanssouci_obelisk, Potsdam, Germany Luxor, Square, Vatican (build in 1747) Egypt) City (placed in

         1586) (see
         also: Obelisks

Gamla Heliopolis stan, obelisk, Paris Stockholm, (placed in 1833 District_of_Columbia_obelisk (build between 1848-1884) (see previous) Sweden from Thebes, (build in Egypt) 1800)

Hyde_Park Heliopolis Obelisk, obelisk, City Sydney, of London Heliopolis_obelisk, New York (placed in 1881 from Buenos_Aires_obelisk, Argentina Australia (placed in 1878 Alexandria, Egypt) (built in 1936) (build in from 1857) Alexandria,


San Jacinto Monument, US (build in 1939) Altamira, Halde_Hoheward, Germany (build in ?)

         Caracas,        Obelisk_of_São_Paulo, Brazil (build between 1944-1970)

Note the Venezuela (More_obelisk_examples) pentagram (build in 1944) on top and the nearby pyramid object.

Jesuit operations

In general it can be said that the Jesuits are mainly involved in:

  • [Coat_of_arms_of_the_"global_city"_Geneva_-_note_the_partially


  Coat of arms of the "global_city" Geneva - note the partially hidden Jesuit
  IHS_seal with a Greek Sigma_"S".
  This Swiss city headquarters the worlds biggest (secret) banking
  operations, the United_Nations, the Red_Cross_and_Red_Crescent_Movement,
  and hundreds of multinational_corporations.
  The phrase "Post_tenebras_lux" means "After Darkness, Light", and was also
  used as the Calvinist motto. The source for this phrase is in Rome's Latin
  Vulgate bible version of Job_17:12: "post tenebras spero lucem".
  See also the symbolism of: the sun, black_sun, keys, eagle.
  10_Downing_Street (entrance window), the residence and office of the Prime
  Minister of the United Kingdom and the headquarters of "Her Majesty's
  Look closely to see the sun_symbolism reminiscent of the Jesuit_seal.
  United Nations propaganda poster (date?)
  Pope Paul_VI at the United_Nations on October 4, 1965
  Pope John_Paul_II at the United_Nations on October 2, 1979
  Pope John_Paul_II addresses the United_Nations in 1995. See also: "UN
  Pope_Ratzinger addresses the UN General Assembly on April 18, 2008
  (see previous)
  Pope_Ratzinger meets UN Secretary Ban_Ki-moon
  Pope_Ratzinger blesses_the_UN_flag, New York, April 18, 2008
  Vatican_euro_coins depicting Pope_John_Paul_II and Pope_Ratzinger
  • This_is_their_main_avenue_for_-_initial_and_sustained_-_political

control! Through the socially, historically, and scientifically flawed

      education of millions of youngsters and adults. In addition, being able
      to observe and direct_the_professional_path of the brightest students
      can help to further their own neurotic agenda, or at least not obstruct
      it. The restrictions on home-community_schooling are also part of the
      educational domination agenda. Awareness_control (aka 'mind-control')
      through cultural and behavioral consensus-trance shaping is their
      sacred and secret "Soul science", their "Divine science of Governing",
      the "Matrix of mental control", which has been developed by the
      neurotic priesthood and implemented via their masonic networks for
      thousands of years. After religion and schooling, the miseducation in
      the form of television ("tell-a-lie-vision") programming is the most
      dangerous and undemocratic consensus-trance shaping tool ever devised.
      Can enough individuals break that 'black_magic' trance spell to stop
      the mass_neurosis of humanity which puts us into a world of low
      awareness, tragedy and pain?
  • To research: the number of Catholic (affiliated) primary/

preliminary/higher-education schools around the world - public or

          private. See also: [36], [37].
        * Sciences (and university research funding) for the purpose of
          socio-psychological control
  • Subjects: politics/civics/law, military_science, sociology/

media, healthcare/psychiatry, 'Romanized' history, astronomy,

              pseudo philosophy about: culture, science, civics, ethics,
              morality and religion.
            * Prominent elite schools:
  • Stonyhurst_College (UK, 1593, alumni)
  • Georgetown_University (US, 1634/1789, alumni)
  • Fordham_University (US, 1841, alumni)
  • Fairfield_University (US, 1942, alumni)
  • International_Visitor_Leadership_Program (US, 1946/1961,


  • In 1940 Nelson_Rockefeller (Knight of Malta) was named

Coordinator_of_Inter-American_Affairs (the pre-cursor

                      to the IVLP program). [38]
                    * "More than 200 current and former Heads of State, 1,500
                      cabinet-level ministers, and many other distinguished
                      world leaders in government and the private sector have
                      participated in the International Visitor Leadership
                      Program." [39]
  • See also: Association_of_Jesuit_Colleges_and_Universities,

partial list of Jesuit_educational_institutions, Fraternities

  • Religious perversions and propaganda
  • Cult promotion: Catholicism (and its variations and infiltrations),

Freemasonry, Satanism, Mysticism, NewAge-ism. Cult and disinfo

      promotion is also done using popularized films, books, websites and
      events related to these topics.
  • Ufology & Aliens. This partly used for NewAge attention

distractions and for increasing the plausibel_deniability of

          advanced energy/military/space research. However, there may be
          something more going on.
        * "The infamous NASA_Blue_Beam_Project ([40], [41]) (or "Project
          Green Star") has four different steps in order to implement the new
          age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that
          the New Age religion is the very foundation for the New World
          government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new
          world order is completely impossible." ... "The first step in the
          NASA Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown of all archaeological
          knowledge." ... "The second step in the NASA Blue Beam Project
          involves a gigantic ‘space show’ with three-dimensional optical
          holograms and sounds, laser projection of multiple holographic
          images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different
          image according to predominating regional national religious
          faith." ... "the third step in the Blue Beam Project goes along
          with the telepathic and electronically augmented two-way
          communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person
          from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their
          own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own
          soul." ... "The fourth step concerns the universal supernatural
          manifestation with electronic means." [42] (todo: HAARP, Crop
          circles, UN Maitreya programs, 2012 propaganda programs)
  • Catholic_ecumenism ([43]) through the Mennonite_World_Conference (1925,

Switzerland, see also: [44]), World_Jewish_Congress (1936, Switzerland,

      see also: [45], [46]), World_Council_of_Churches (1937, 340 churches),
      Lutheran_World_Federation (1947, 140 churches), Conference_of_European
      Churches (1959, 125 churches) meetings, World_Alliance_of_Reformed
      Churches (1970, 214 churches), World_Methodist_Council (1881).
  • See also: Nicene_Creed (325/381), Charta_Oecumenica [47] [48]

(2001), International_'Christian'_organizations, ENI_supporters.

  • Social destruction through fascism
  • Examples: Inquisitions, Communism, Masonic_Judaism (“Labor Zionism”),

Nazism, Masonic_Islam, Socialism using centrally planned capitalism

      (crypto-communism!). Note how all these fascism ideology variants place
      an emphasis on: fear_based_programming, conformity, surveillance and
    * False_media_propaganda to promote crypto-fascism ideologies.
    * Blasphemy and hate_speech laws to disallow the expression of
      alternative views on: religions (and their affiliated organizations),
      state ideology, state policies (such as mass_immigrations), sensitive/
      controversial history and ethical values.
    * Indigenous/Jewish/Christian/Muslim/sovereign culture genocides
    * Poverty promotion and middle-class destruction
    * Pedophile_ring_support (used for their own_sexual_neurosis and for
      governmental and corporate blackmailing schemes).
  • Core organizational controls:
  • Controlling the Vatican_institution and its wealth (financial

administration, archive management, policy/speech/project approval,

      clergy promotions, etc.). Parts of this work are delegated to the Opus
      Dei organization.
    * Controlling and working together with an even older - and more
      secretive - multi-layered, Papal military order, called the Sovereign
      Military_Order_of_Malta ("Knights of Malta", "Knights Hospitallers", or
      "SMOM" for short). The SMOM was founded in Jerusalem in 1080 to wage
      war and steal for the benefit of the Holy_Roman_Empire.
  • Political and judicial meddling
  • Tactics:
  • Deceiving people using casuistry.
  • Hegelian_dialectic deception geo-politics, by creating/

infiltrating/controlling multiple sides to further their own agenda

          ("thesis + antithesis -> synthesis"). Some examples:
  • Left v. Right political dogma: Democrats v. Republicans,

Liberals v. Conservatives, Labour v. Tories, etc. This is the

              political duopoly trap, where the voting outcome can only swing
              in two main directions. Any emerging of true political
              opposition is deflected and extinguished by temporary
              controlled opposition spin-off's from the main parties, media
              blackouts, controlled_alternative_media_agents and/or smear
            * Material-reductionist Evolution_theory v. Religious
              Creationism. The views on nature of both groups are ignorant
              ("to ignore in spite of observations and experiences"),
              arrogant, only partially right, and therefore ultimately
              misleading (see also: Scientism). A more encompassing concept
              of evolution_and_genetics is that the evolutionary process also
              involves the sensing and expressions of consciousness at
              various 'levels' - from cells to the whole body. The elaborate
              funding and media attention that both of these advocacy
              'groups' get, is heavily supported by hidden-agenda
              organisations. Knowledge and research related to the field of
              consciousness is completely ignored, and sometimes even
              suppressed, by traditional science and traditional religions.
              That is the real reason for the ongoing evolution-theory
              polarization efforts.
            * State-sponsored_terrorism (via the Military Order of Malta
              controlled unified_secret_services) examples:
  • The present focus of many media corporations on “Muslim

terror threats” - induced by the mass trauma psyops such

                  as: 9-11 (US, 2001. see also: [49], [50]), the Madrid_train
                  bombings (Spain, 2004) and the 7-7_bombings (UK, 2005) - is
                  part of their strategy_of_tension, to divide groups by fear
                  and polarize people's frustration and anger towards this
                  synthesized enemy (Al_Qaida) or its controlled opposition
                  (Allied/NATO/UN/globalist forces), instead of the real
                  fascistic threat from the secretive power structures.
                * Operation_Gladio in Italy. A large paramilitary network,
                  created and supported by NATO after WWII. See also: Red
                  Brigades, Propaganda_Due, Bologna_bombing_(1980).
                * Nivelles_gang in Belgium. This group was also linked to
  • Non-Aligned_Movement promoted as a 'force against' the

globalist-imperial-agenda of the United_Nations.

  • The “man-made_global_warming”_hoax to boost profits for energy

corporations and to create more social distress. There have

              been signs of global warming since the last_Ice_age, but those
              are certainly not due to human CO2 production - which itself is
              just an effect of the warming climate, but due to galactic and
              solar trends.
            * The artificial global_food_price_crisis versus the
              centralization of food management structures. A part of this
              agenda is the UN's Codex_Alimentarius global food
              standardization effort ([51]). See also: Genetically_modified
              food and food_irradiation ([52], [53]) controversies (such the
              resistance to correct and informative labeling), and the
              resistance against correct natural nutrition and healthcare
              education (see also: Healthcare, whole_foods).
            * The artificial energy_crises to boost profits for energy
              corporations and to create more social distress.
            * Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spill via British_Petroleum: "Just eight
              days before the Gulf blow-out, Halliburton also announced that
              it had agreed to buy Boots_&_Coots for $240.4 million. Who
              are Boots & Coots? The world’s largest oil-spill clean-up
              company which also deals with oil and gas well fires and
              blowouts. What an incredibly fortunate coincidence. What a
              slice of luck. Goldman_Sachs (one of the biggest Vatican-
              Jesuit-SMOM_investment_banking_proxies!) sold 44% of its
              holdings in BP, a total of 4,680,822 shares worth the best part
              of $300 million, in the weeks before the Gulf disaster that
              sent BP shares plummeting, and Tony Hayward, BP’s disgraceful
              chief executive, is reported to have sold his £1.4 million
              shares in BP a month before the explosion. As with the pre-9/11
              ‘put options’ (bets) on the stocks of American airlines
              falling, so we have gathering evidence that some people knew
              what was coming" (...) "The major target of this engineered
              horror is America and its economy – the powers that be are
              seeking to destroy the United States militarily and financially
              to bring this ’superpower’ to its knees so it can be absorbed
              into a world government dictatorship via a North_American
              Union." [54] (see also: [55], [56], [57], [58], [59])
  • Carrot_and_stick strategies for behavioral control: Masonic-insider

promotion, infiltration, bribing, threats/blackmail and

        * If the Catholic_missions, the Jesuit miseducation and socio-
          political infiltration strategies do not work in a society, a
          covert - and later an overt - war-by-proxy is created to achieve
          their neurotic goals (see also the "social destruction" strategies
          mentioned above).
  • See also: WWIII_and_the_Sino-Soviet-Moslem_dialectic
  • Using the many Concordats that have been signed with 'sovereign'

nations, to give the Vatican institution special privileges.

  • Socialist-fascist supranational union projects (see also: Continental


  • Central_American_Union (1991, “Central American Integration


  • European_Union (1993) (Euro currency), EU_institutions and EU


  • The EU has its origins in the European_Movement (1947), which

was founded by Jesuit-seminary trained Joseph_Retinger, who

              also founded the Bilderberg_Group (1954).
  • African_Union (2002)
  • Asian_Union (2002, “Asia Cooperation Dialogue”)
  • South_American_Union (May_2008)
  • Pacific_Union (proposed in 2003)
  • North_American_Union (proposed in ?, Amero currency [60])
  • “The NACC (2006) is a largely secretive advisory council to the

SPP (2005) consisting of representatives from 30 North American

              corporations selected by the Chambers of Commerce in the three
              nations." [61]
  • Mediterranean_Union (proposed in 2007, see also: [62])
  • See also: G-8, G-20, Diplomatic_conferences:
  • (G8, July 10, 2009, Italy): “Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace

              the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a
              “united future world currency.” “Here it is,” Medvedev told
              reporters today in L’Aquila, Italy, after a summit of the Group
              of Eight nations. “You can see it and touch it.” The coin,
              which bears the words “unity in diversity,” ... Russia’s
              proposals for the G-20 meeting in London in April included the
              creation of a supranational currency." [63]
  • The Vatican_City microstate is a member of: ITU (telecommunication),

CEPT (telecommunication), Eutelsat (satellite communication), Intelsat

      (satellite communication), UPU (international mail) and the
    * The Holy_See (Vatican organization) participates as an observer in the
      following organizations:
  • African_Union
  • Arab_League
  • Council_of_Europe
  • OAS (35 states of the Americas). See also: Inter-American

Commission_on_Human_Rights (IACHR)

  • IOM (migration)
  • And in the ~60,000 employees filled United_Nations (1942) with its

many agencies: FAO (food and agriculture), ILO (labour), UNCTAD

          (trade and investment), UNEP (environment), UNESCO (education,
          science, and culture), UN-HABITAT (human settlements), UNHCR
          (refugees), UNIDO (industry), UNWTO (tourism), WFP (food programs),
          WHO (healthcare), WIPO (patents, copyrights and trademarks). It
          participates as a guest in NAM (?), and as a full member in IAEA
          (nuclear energy), OPCW (chemical weapons), OSCE (international
          'security', 3.500+ staff).
  • See also:
  • Other UN agencies: International_Monetary_Fund (see more

below), ECOSOC (economy), UNFPA (population and

                  reproduction), UNODC (drugs control), UNDPI (public
                * UN Agenda_21:
  • “Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN’s vision for a

centrally managed global society. This contract binds

                      governments around the world to the United Nation’s
                      plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move
                      and communicate - all under the noble banner of saving
                      the earth. If fully implemented, Agenda 21 would have
                      the government involved in every aspect of life of
                      every human on earth." [64]
                    * "Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a
                      profound reorientation of all human society, unlike
                      anything the world has ever experienced a major shift
                      in the priorities of both governments and individuals
                      and an unprecedented redeployment of human and
                      financial resources." [65]
                    * "Maurice_Strong, Club_of_Rome member, devout Bahai,
                      founder and first Secretary General of UNEP, has been
                      the driving force behind the birth and imposition of
                      Agenda 21. While he chaired the Earth Summit, outside
                      his wife Hanne and 300 followers called the Wisdom-
                      Keepers, continuously beat drums, chanted prayers to
                      Gaia, and trended scared flames in order to “establish
                      and hold the energy field” for the duration of the
                      summit. You can view actual_footage of these
                      ceremonies. During the opening speech Maurice Strong
                      made the following statements: "The concept of national
                      sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred,
                      principle of international relations. It is a principle
                      which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new
                      imperatives of global environmental cooperation. It is
                      simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised
                      unilaterally by individual nation states, however
                      powerful. The global community must be assured of
                      environmental security.""[66]
  • UN Codex_Alimentarius (Global food standards commission

setup in 1963 by the UN agencies FAO and WHO. These UN

                  agencies are respectively headquartered in Rome and
                * United_Nations_schools
                * Model_United_Nations (UN simulation workshop for students)
                * Lucis_Trust (1920, originally called the "Lucifer
                  Publishing Company"). See also: [67].
                * Here's an example of New_Age religious rambling by Lee
                  Carroll ("Kryon") at the United Nations (New York, 2007):
  • “Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.”

… “Let me remind you again about this organization

                      whose basement you sit in at this moment. There are
                      those who would say, "They're useless and they're
                      worthless and they've done nothing notable for a
                      decade." I'm Kryon and I know of the souls who come and
                      go on this planet. Let me ask you a question: What
                      would you think of an organization that could save one
                      million lives a year? Would it be worth it? And you
                      would say, "Well, of course." Then, let me introduce
                      you to the United Nations!" ... "In approximately 65 to
                      70 years, there is a potential, at this point in time,
                      of a man being born and growing up. When he reaches his
                      36th year, you will see a young, new leader emerge with
                      a black face in Africa. And that will be my partner,
                      the man you see, sitting and channelling me now. This
                      is what he chooses and what he wants at his soul level.
                      His leadership will be spiritual, not political, and
                      his purpose will have to do with those who are in need
                      of the healing emotion of the heart... needed for a
                      grand new civilization." [68] (see also: [69])
  • “In an executive_order (13427) March 7 2007 President

George_W._Bush granted diplomatic immunity and privileges

                  to the members of the Holy_See's_Permanent_Observer_Mission
                  to the United_Nations. Diplomatic immunity ensures safe
                  passage for diplomats outside their home country. They are
                  not subject to lawsuits or prosecution under the laws of
                  the host country." [70]
                * "Gordon_Brown has discussed a shake-up of a structure
                  created in 1945 to reflect the world’s new challenges and
                  power bases during his four-day trip to China and India.
                  Last night, British sources revealed “intense discussions”
                  on UN reform were under way and Mr Brown raised it whenever
                  he met another world leader. ... Mr Brown will unveil a
                  proposal for the UN to spend £100m a year on setting up a
                  “rapid reaction force” to stop “failed states” sliding back
                  into chaos after a peace deal has been reached. Civilians
                  such as police, administrators, judges and lawyers would
                  work alongside military peace-keepers." [71]
                * "Fraud and corruption have been rampant at the U.N.’s multi
                  billion-dollar procurement division for years. The world
                  body’s own watchdog, the Office_of_Internal_Oversight
                  Services, has documented some of the illegal activities in
                  reports that reveal how nearly one-third of the procurement
                  contracts involve waste, corruption and other
                  irregularities. Americans should be concerned because the
                  United States annually gives the U.N. $5.3 billion U.S.
                  taxpayer dollars. The funding continues even though the
                  organization, founded six decades ago to maintain
                  international peace and security, has failed miserably and
                  is best known for its severe mismanagement and corruption."
                  [72] (See also: [73])
                * "A United Nations agency (ITU) is quietly drafting
                  technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to
                  define methods of tracing the original source of Internet
                  communications and potentially curbing the ability of users
                  to remain anonymous. The U.S. National Security Agency is
                  also participating in the IP_Traceback drafting group,
                  named Q6/17, which is meeting next week in Geneva to work
                  on the traceback proposal. Members of Q6/17 have declined
                  to release key documents, and meetings are closed to the
                  public." [74]
                * "An anti-censorship_group holding an event Sunday at the
                  United Nations-sponsored Internet_Governance_Forum (IGF) in
                  Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, was disrupted by UN officials who
                  demanded removal of a poster that mentioned Internet
                  firewalls_in_China." [75] (video)

Popery & Heads of state

    “Here was the Black Pope's plan. In synchronizing his worldwide overt and
    covert factions to work the Jesuit Order's evil ends of the Vatican's
    Counter-Reformation in restoring the Papal_Caesar as the absolute
    Universal Monarch of the World” - Eric_John_Phelps
                              Pompous hubris

Joseph_Ratzinger: The latest in a long line of self- obsessed and delusional men, who pretend to be a “Lord of Lords, King of Kings” [1]

                                                  Note the horned_hand_signs.

The red Cappello_romano (“Roman hat”), inspired by The Roman/Nazi/Fascism the ringed planet Saturn_and homage_salute. Note the Nazi_insignia. its_mythology (Saturnalia, Saturday).

                                              Hall of shame: Subversion & Treason
                                                                                          Cardinal Ratzinger and Otto_von_Habsburg

Francisco_Franco (Spain) and Pope Juan_Carlos_I (King of Spain and Jerusalem and high- (“Emperor of Austria” and king of: Hungary, Pius_XII (Vatican, 1939) level SMOM member) and Pope John_Paul_II Bohemia, Croatia-Slavonia-Dalmatia, Galicia,

                                                                                          Lodomeria, Illyria) (member of: SMOM, Golden
                                                                                          Fleece, Mont Pelerin Society, and more)

Queen_Elizabeth_II and Pope John Queen_Elizabeth_II and Pope John_Paul_II Queen_Elizabeth_II and Pope Ratzinger XXIII

Prince_Charles, Diana and Pope John Prince_Charles, Camilla and Pope Ratzinger King_Albert_II of Belgium and Queen_Paola Paul_II (Belgium)

Queen Beatrix_Wilhelmina_Armgard Queen Margrethe_II_of_Denmark ([2], [3]) Jose_Manuel_Barroso (EU_commission) (Jesuit (The_Netherlands) Georgetown University alumni)

“Pope Benedict XVI welcomed the G8 Heads of State and Government Leaders' Spouses in the Vatican. The First Ladies are: the British Prime Ministers' wife, Sarah, the mexican President's wife, Margarita Zavala, the indian Prime Minister's Donald_Rumsfeld (as a member of the US House wife, Gusharan Kaur, the Swedish Richard_Nixon, Heinz_Kissinger, Pope_Giovanni_Montini of Representatives in 1964) and Pope Prime Minister's wife Filippa Giovanni_Montini. Homberg and Southafrican President's wife, Mrs. Zuma. The EU Commission President's wife, Margarita Sousa Uva, and IFAD's President, Josette Sheeran, were also welcome by the Pope.” [4]

Ronald_Reagan and Pope John_Paul_II G._Herbert_Walker_Bush and Pope John_Paul_II George_W._Bush

George_W._Bush, Edward_Egan and Al Hillary_Clinton, Bill_Clinton and Pope John_Paul_II Dick_Cheney and Pope John_Paul_II Gore

Bush's, Bill Clinton and many other G.W._Bush and Pope Ratzinger. “dignitaries_attending_Pope_John Heinz_Kissinger (Pilgrim_Society member and Paul_II's_funeral” Note: that they have met numerous_times during his more)

                                  John_Mccain, (Cardinal and Knight of Malta) Edward

Barack_Obama (July 2009) Egan, Barack_Obama (see also: [5]) during the annual Al (see previous)

                                  Smith_dinner (October 2008). [6]

(see previous) Presidential candidate Senator John_McCain during a

                                  prayer at the "National Catholic Prayer Breakfast" at

Note: the persistent right/left the Washington Hilton Hotel, April 18, 2008 in Nancy_Pelosi (US congress speaker of house) position of Mcain and Obama - as Washington, DC. (more) 'two_hands_of_the_same_body'.

Congressman Ron_Paul speaking at the Jesuit Georgetown_University (April 2008).

He's a former Reagan administration employee, which officially restored US-Vatican diplomatic relations since the assassination_of_Abraham Lincoln about 150 years ago. Ron Pope Ratzinger with: Gordon Brown, Tony Paul was a controlled opposition US Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher, presidential candidate in 2008. He Stephen_Harper (Canada) William Hague and Nick Clegg (Sept. 2010). has praised the pope on several (David Cameron was not present) occasions: [7], [8].

Forum quote: ”… all of their personal information was data mined by the DHS when they donated money to his now defunct campaign.” [9]

See also: [10], [11], [12], [13], [14].

Pope_Giovanni_Montini and Margaret Pope John Paul II and Margaret_Thatcher (November, Pope Ratzinger and Margaret_Thatcher (May Thatcher (June 1977) 1980) 27, 2009)

Tony_Blair (Catholic convert) Tony_Blair (United Kingdom) and Pope John_Paul Tony_Blair and Edward_Egan II Note the masonic_handshake.

Gordon_Brown (United Kingdom) David_Cameron (United Kingdom) (video) Angela_Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) and

                                                                                          Pope John_Paul_II

Angela_Merkel and Pope Joseph Horst_Köhler (President of Germany, more images: [15]) Moritz_Leuenberger (Switzerland) Ratzinger

Doris_Leuthard (Switzerland) Heinz_Fischer (Austria) Ferenc_Madl (Hungary)

Nicolas_Sarkozy (France) Mary_McAleese (Ireland) Geir_H._Haarde (Iceland)

Lech_Kaczynski (Poland) Silvio_Berlusconi (Italy) Giorgio_Napolitano (Italy)

Alexander_Lukashenko (Belarus) Fatmir_Sejdiu (Kosovo) Albert_of_Monaco

Eddie_Fenech_Adami (Malta) Tassos_Papadopoulos (Cyprus) Albert_Pintat_Santolària (Andorra)

Josip_Broz_Tito (Yugoslavia) and Željko_Komšić (Bosnia_and_Herzegovina) Václav_Havel (Czechoslovakia) Pope_Giovanni_Montini

Vaclav_Klaus (Czech_Republic) Valdas_Adamkus (Lithuania) Ahmet_Necdet_Sezer (Turkey)

Victor_Yushchenko (Ukraine) Mikhail_Gorbachev (Soviet_Union) Vladimir_Putin (Russia)

Dmitri_Medvedev (Russia) Taro_Aso (first Catholic prime minister of Japan!) Gloria_Macapagal-Arroyo (Philippines)

Lee_Myung-bak (South_Korea) Nguyen_Tan_Dung (Vietnam) José_Ramos-Horta (East_Timor)

Kevin_Rudd (Australia) Vicente_Fox (Mexico) Augusto_Pinochet (Chile) and Pope John_Paul


Fidel_Castro (SMOM member) (Cuba) Hugo_Chavez (Venezuela) Ronald_Venetiaan (Surinam)

Luiz_Inácio_Lula_da_Silva (Brazil) Álvaro_Uribe_Vélez (Colombia) Álvaro_Colom (Guatemala)

Michel_Suleiman (Lebanon) Yasser_Arafat (Palestine) and Pope John_Paul_II Mahmoud_Abbas (Palestine)

King_Abdullah_II and Queen_Rania Ariel_Sharon (Israel) and Pope John_Paul_II Shimon_Peres (Israel) (Jordan)

Ehud_Olmert (Israel) Benjamin_Netanyahu (Israel) Nouri_al-Maliki (Iraq)

Abdullah_Al_Saud (Saudi_Arabia) Hosni_Mubarak (Egypt) Zine_El_Abidine_Ben_Ali (Tunesia)

Olusegun_Obasanjo (Nigeria) Jakaya_Mrisho_Kikwete (Tanzania) Joseph_Kabila (Congo)

                                                                                          François_Bozizé (Central_African_Republic)

Faure_Gnassingbé (Togo) Yayi_Boni (Benin)


Military Order of Malta operations

The Knights_of_Malta of the Sovereign_Military_Order_of_Malta (SMOM) are mainly involved in:

[Matthew_Festing_(79th_SMOM_Grand_Master)_with_other_SMOM_members_and_Pope Ratzinger]

Matthew_Festing (79th SMOM Grand Master) with other SMOM members and Pope Ratzinger



[Andrew_Bertie_(78th_SMOM_Grand_Master,_4th_cousin_twice_removed_of_Queen Elizabeth_II)_and_Pope_Ratzinger._Note_that_Ratzinger_has_been_an_SMOM_member himself_since_1999.]

Andrew_Bertie (78th SMOM Grand Master, 4th cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth_II) and Pope_Ratzinger.

Note that Ratzinger has been an SMOM_member himself since 1999.


Order_of_the_German_Eagle service cross, instituted in 1937 by Adolf_Hitler.

[Order_of_the_Bath_medal._Founded_by_George_I_in_1725._See_also:_Order_of_the Bath_member_lists_and_other_UK_knighthoods]

Order_of_the_Bath medal. Founded by George_I in 1725.

See also: Order_of_the_Bath_member_lists and other UK_knighthoods


[Queen_Elizabeth_II__Royal_member_of_the_inner-core_of_the_Military_Order_of Malta_called_the_Pilgrim_Society]

Queen_Elizabeth_II Royal member of the inner-core of the Military_Order_of_Malta called the Pilgrim_Society

[Dutch_Queen_Beatrix._Pseudo-protestant_who's_a_member_of:_the_Order_of_the Garter,_Order_of_the_Golden_Fleece,_Prussian_Order_of_Saint_John,_Club_of_Rome and_the_Bilderberg_Group.]

Dutch Queen_Beatrix. Pseudo-protestant who's a member of: the Order_of_the Garter, Order_of_the_Golden_Fleece, Prussian_Order_of_Saint_John, Club_of_Rome and the Bilderberg_Group.

[Dutch_crown_prince_Willem_Alexander._Pseudo-protestant_who_is_married_to_a Catholic_who_works_for_the_UN.Note_the_IHS_symbol_within_the_Maltese_cross_and the_small_pyramid_below_that_symbol.]

Dutch crown prince Willem_Alexander. Pseudo-protestant who is married to a Catholic who works_for the UN.

Note the IHS symbol within the Maltese_cross and the small pyramid below that symbol.

[Andrew_Bertie_and_(Jesuit_trained_Stonyhurst_alumni,_Knight_of_Malta,_Order_of the_Bath_member,_Trilateral_Commission_member,_…)_George_H._W._Bush_(former CIA_director_and_41st_US_President),_1991._See_also:_Malta_Summit_1989.]

Andrew_Bertie and (Jesuit trained Stonyhurst_alumni, Knight of Malta, Order_of the_Bath member, Trilateral_Commission member, …) George_H._W._Bush (former CIA director and 41st US President), 1991.

See also: Malta_Summit_1989.

[Andrew_Bertie_and_NATO_head_J._de_Hoop_Scheffer_(Catholic,_Bilderberger), February_2007]

Andrew_Bertie and NATO head J._de_Hoop_Scheffer (Catholic, Bilderberger), February 2007

[Andrew_Bertie_with_high-level_SMOM_member_Juan_Carlos_I_("King_of_Spain and_Jeruzalem")]

Andrew_Bertie with high-level SMOM member Juan_Carlos_I (“King of Spain and Jeruzalem”)

[Juan_Carlos_I_with_US_President_Barack_Obama,_Hilary_Clinton_and_James_L. Jones._Note_the_two_fangs_symbolism.]

Juan_Carlos_I with US President Barack_Obama, Hilary_Clinton and James_L. Jones.

Note the two_fangs symbolism.



[Mason_with_a_Maltese_cross_degree_medal.See_also_these_masonic_degree diagrams.]

Mason with a Maltese_cross degree medal.

See also these masonic_degree_diagrams.

  • Working for and with the Black_nobility, the Vatican and the various Papal

and_Royal_Orders, especially the Jesuits who are ultimately in control of

  the Vatican and the Military_Order_of_Malta.
  • “the Commonwealth_of_Nations, headed by Queen_Elizabeth_II, is made up

of 53 nations, spanning the globe, accounting for one-fifth of the land

      mass of the Earth, and a very high percentage of its strategic
      resources and population. Though nominally an alliance of independent
      states, the Commonwealth was itself founded, in the late 19th Century,
      as a perpetuation of the British_Empire." - Jeffrey_Steinberg [76]
  • Global business operations
  • Central_banks and their superstructure the Bank_for_International

Settlements (1930, Switzerland, 55 central bank members). Note the

      Basel_Committee accords on international banking laws and regulations:
      Basel_I and Basel_II. See also: [77], [78], [79].
  • BIS members: Bank_of_England (1694), Banque_de_France (1716/1800),

US_Federal_Reserve (1913), Vatican_Bank (1942), Deutsche_Bundesbank

          (1948/1957), European_Central_Bank (1998), ...
  • US Federal Reserve ownership: M.M._Warburg_&_Co (1798,

Germany), Chase_Manhattan_Bank (1799, US), N_M_Rothschild_&

              Sons (1811, London), Lazard_Brothers_Bank (1848, US), Israel
              Moses Sieff (?, Italy), Lehman_Brothers (1850, US, now part of
              Barclays_plc), Kuhn (1867, later part of Lehman Brothers) and
              Goldman_Sachs (1869, US).
  • ”… the little-known but extremely powerful Bank_for_International

Settlements spent the 1930s and '40s quietly laundering the Nazi's

          ill-gotten gains under a cloak of neutrality." [80] (See also:
          [81], Banking_in_Switzerland)
  • Banks
  • Examples: Citibank, Bank_of_America (Jesuit_controlled), …
  • Investment_banking (real-estate investment & development,

venture_capital, hedge_funds, securities_trading, …)

  • Secret_banking and Offshore_banking [82]
  • Insurance_companies
  • Global control funding organizations:
  • Rockefeller_Foundation (1913)
  • ”… founded by (Pilgrim_Society and Knight of Malta

members) John_D._Rockefeller (“Senior”), along with his son

                  John_D._Rockefeller ("Junior"), and Senior's principal
                  business and philanthropic adviser, Frederick_T._Gates, in
                  New York State in 1913."
  • Ford_Foundation (1936)
  • International_Monetary_Fund (created at the United_Nations

Monetary_and_Financial_Conference in 1944)

  • “The bankruptcy of Iceland, now receiving a $2.1 billion

two-year loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

                  “to support an economic recovery program,” has been
                  depicted as something that could never happen to America."
                  ... "On November 15, the crisis goes global, as the Bush
                  White House hosts an “international summit” designed, in
                  the words of some of those participating, to create new
                  “international financial architecture.” This means
                  increasing the power and financial resources of
                  international agencies like the IMF, possibly by
                  implementing global taxes on the U.S. and other nations."
                  ... "Anticipating the event, British Prime Minister Gordon
                  Brown says the current turmoil in the world economy offers
                  a chance to build a “new global order” based on cooperation
                  and opportunity. Brown summarized his approach as
                  “internationalist, interventionist and progressive,” says a
                  release from his office." ... "Many of those attending the
                  Washington, D.C. event will be associated with the
                  Socialist_International, which issued a statement calling
                  for the new international financial architecture to include
                  a World Financial Organization. A World Tax Organization
                  can be expected to follow. It has been on the U.N. drawing
                  board for years." [83]
  • World_Bank_Group (1945)
  • “The World_Bank came into formal existence on 27 December

1945 following international ratification of the Bretton

                  Woods agreements, which emerged from the United_Nations
                  Monetary_and_Financial_Conference (1 July – 22 July 1944)."
                  ... "Technically the World Bank is part of the United
                  Nations system."
                * World Bank divisions:
  • International_Bank_for_Reconstruction_and_Development


  • International_Finance_Corporation (1956)
  • International_Development_Association (1960)
  • International_Centre_for_Settlement_of_Investment

Disputes (1966)

  • Multilateral_Investment_Guarantee_Agency (1988)
  • See also: World_Bank_Institute (1955, formerly named

the Economic Development Institute), Independent

                      Evaluation_Group (formerly called the Operations
  • World_Federalist_Movement (1947, Switzerland)
  • ”… brings together organizations and individuals which

support the establishment of a global federal system of

                  strengthened and democratized global institutions with
                  plenary constitutional power accountable to the citizens of
                  the world and a division of international authority among
                  separate global agencies." ... "has had Special
                  Consultative Status with the ECOSOC since 1970 and is
                  affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information."
  • European_Investment_Bank (1958, Luxembourg)
  • ”… established in 1958 under the Treaty_of_Rome to

provide financing for capital investment furthering

                  European Union policy objectives ... Outside the Union, the
                  EIB contributes to European development co-operation
                  policy" [84]
                * "With an ever-growing annual lending portfolio of more than
                  EUR 45 billion, the European Investment Bank is probably
                  the largest public international financial institution and
                  unlike many others. It operates worldwide in a wide range
                  of projects, yet does so without clear environmental,
                  social or development procedures or safeguard policies in
                  place." [85]
                * BBC funding case: [86], [87], [88]. Note also that the BBC
                  has a Stonyhurst Jesuit-college trained director-general:
  • United_Nations_Capital_Development_Fund (1966) (part of the UN

Development_Programme, 1965)

  • Heritage_Foundation (1973)
  • ”… received support from nearly 100 major corporations,

including Chase_Manhattan_Bank, Dow_Chemical_Company, Ford

                  Motor_Company, General_Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Mobil, and
  • The_Asia_Foundation (1974)
  • “Sources of funding for the organization have included the

US_Agency_for_International_Development, the World_Bank,

                  the Asian_Development_Bank, the United_Nations_Development
                  Program, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and the United
                  Kingdom, an annual appropriation from the U.S. Congress,
                  and contributions from private corporations and
  • United_Nations_Foundation (1998)
  • Founded by (Knight of Malta member?, CNN founder) Ted

Turner in 1998.

  • Bill_&_Melinda_Gates_Foundation (2000)
  • This largest 'transparently' operating 'charitable'

foundation in the world is controlled by 3 trustees: (Club

                  of_Rome member, Knight Commander of the Order_of_the
                  British_Empire) Bill_Gates, (Bilderberg member) Melinda
                  Gates (Roman catholic, Bilderberg member, Kappa_Alpha_Theta
                  fraternity member), and (insurance billionaire [89], [90])
                  Warren_Buffett. Several Trilateral_Commission members work
                  for this 'charity' project.
  • … (See also: 'Development'_banks)
  • Information corporations: False_media, Software/IT, Electronics,

Telecom, Advertising & Marketing.

  • Stimulate the lies through entertainment distractions & fear

propaganda, to create more mind-control (TV, radio, films, games,

          magazines, advertising, pop-culture events, etc.).
        * Suppress freedom and truth through information repression:
          censorship, idea monopolies with patents, perpetual and extreme
          copyright laws (DRM, DMCA, EUCD), surveillance networks and social
          tracking. See also the many Intellectual_property_organizations.
  • Military_corporations
  • Security_corporations
  • Energy and mining corporations (petroleum, coal, metals, diamonds,


  • Transportation corporations: Shipping, Automotive, Aviation, Airline,


  • Pharmaceutical_corporations
  • Food_corporations
  • Svalbard_Global_Seed_Vault:
  • ”(Jesuit Georgetown University alumni) European Commission

President Jose_Manuel_Barroso and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner

              Wangari_Maathai of Kenya were among the dozens of guests who
              had bundled up for the ceremony inside the vault ... Dug into
              the permafrost of the mountain, it has been built to withstand
              an earthquake or a nuclear strike. ... The operation is funded
              by the Global_Crop_Diversity_Trust, which was founded by the
              U.N. Food_and_Agriculture_Organization and Biodiversity
              International, a Rome-based research group." [91]
            * "Here joining the Norwegians are, as noted, the Bill_&
              Melinda_Gates_Foundation; the US agribusiness giant Pioneer_Hi-
              Bred (owned by DuPont), one of the worlds largest owners of
              patented genetically-modified (GMO) plant seeds and related
              agrichemicals; Syngenta, the Swiss-based major GMO seed and
              agrochemicals company through its Syngenta_Foundation; the
              Rockefeller_Foundation, the private group who created the gene
              revolution with over $100 million of seed money since the
              1970s; CGIAR (1968), the global network created by the
              Rockefeller Foundation to promote its ideal of genetic purity
              through agriculture change." [92] (see also: Monsanto, Dow
  • … and various other corporations
  • At the annual meetings of the secretive Bilderberg_Group (founded

by Jesuit-seminary trained Joseph_Retinger), geo-politically

          important business deals are made.
  • Political and judicial meddling
  • The Order of Malta retains its claim_of_sovereignty_under_international

law and has been granted_permanent_observer_status_at_the_United

      Nations. [93] It_issues_its_own_passports, stamps and coins [94]. The
      Order of Malta has diplomatic_relations_with_100_countries [95], and
      its sovereignty is recognized by 105 states [96].
    * Managing global control structures
  • Political structures:
  • Global financial structures (see above)
  • United_Nations (1919/1945, formerly called the League_of


  • The Order of Malta has permanent missions to the United

Nations and these specialised agencies [97]: UNESCO

                  (education, science, and culture), World_Food_Programme,
                  IFAD (agriculture), WHO (healthcare), High_Commissioner_for
                  Refugees, High_Commissioner_for_Human_Rights, UNIDO
                  (industrial development).
  • Permanent_Court_of_Arbitration (1899)
  • The Carnegie_Foundation (1903) donated of $1.5 million for

the construction, management and maintenance of the Peace

                  Palace (1913). The Peace Palace was built to house the
                  Permanent Court of Arbitration and a library of
                  international_law. From 1922 on, the building also housed
                  the distinctly separate Permanent_Court_of_International
                  Justice, which later became the International_Court_of
                  Justice (see below) in 1945. [98]
  • See also: Andrew_Carnegie (Pilgrim_Society member and

sometimes referred to as “the 2nd richest man in

                      history"), Carnegie_Mellon_University (1900), Carnegie
                      Endowment_for_International_Peace (1910), the Wateler
                      Peace_Prize award since 1931 by the Carnegie
  • International_Court_of_Justice (1945) (The principal

judicial body of the United_Nations!)

  • See also: Hague_Academy_of_International_Law
  • The socialist-fascist European_Union (with its 1947 origins of

the European_Movement, founded by Jesuit-seminary trained

              Joseph_Retinger, who also founded the Bilderberg_Group in
              1954), and related institutions and projects.
  • European_Court_of_Human_Rights (1950)
  • ….
  • World_Trade_Organization (1944)
  • The Order of Malta is also a member of these international

organizations [99]:

  • International_Committee_of_the_Committee_Red_Cross (ICRC,

1863, Geneva)

  • International_Federation_of_Red_Cross_and_Red_Crescent

Societies (1919, Geneva)

  • International_Committee_of_Military_Medicine (ICMM, 1921,


  • International_Institute_for_the_Unification_of_Private_Law

(UNIDROIT, 1926, Rome)

  • Council_of_Europe (1949, Strasbourg)
  • European_Commission (1951, Brussels)
  • See also: European_Council (1961, Brussels)
  • “Not one of us can read minutes of Committee_of

Permanent_Representatives (“COREPER”), the EU

                          executive body comprised of unelected and mostly
                          unknown national bureaucrats (known as “permanent
                          representatives”, in contrast to elected ones, for
                          god’s sake). It pre-cooks 90 per cent of Brussels
                          legislation and prepares the agenda for the EU’s
                          highest and most secret plenary body, the European
                          Council." [100]
                        * "Under the Lisbon_Treaty the European Council would
                          become a formal institution with the power of
                          appointing the Commission, it could be said that
                          the two bodies (European Commission, European
                          Council) hold the executive power of the Union."
  • International_Organization_for_Migration (IOM, 1951,


  • Unión_Latina (1954, Santo Domingo, Paris).
  • Inter-American_Development_Bank (IDB, 1959, Washington)
  • International_Institute_of_Humanitarian_Law (1970, Sanremo,


  • Managing the global Unified Intelligence Service (including

ECHELON) and the specific Secret_Services to defend and promote the

          Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic interests.
  • “This Unified International Intelligence Community was built

during Rome’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) and

              perfected during Rome’s subsequent Cold_War (1945-1990)." [102]
            * Military structures: NATO, UN troops, Security_and_private
              military_companies, ...
  • “It is estimated that some 50 private security contractors

(such as Blackwater) employing more than 30,000 employees

                  are working in Iraq for an array of clients, including
                  governments, private industry, and international
                  organizations such as the United Nations." [103]
  • Policy propaganda for the purpose of social, commercial and military


  • Policy institutes (See also: “Leading_Think_Tanks_in_the_World”):
  • International policies:
  • Chatham_House (1920, EU based, formerly called the “Royal

Institute of International Affairs” or “RIIA”)

  • Council_on_Foreign_Relations (1921, “CFR”)
  • International_Institute_for_Strategic_Studies (1958, EU based,


  • Center_for_Strategic_and_International_Studies (1964, part of

the Jesuit Georgetown_University, “CSIS”)

  • Club_of_Rome (1968) (See also: “Reshaping_the_International


  • Trilateral_Commission (1973)
  • European_Council_on_Foreign_Relations (2007, “ECFR”)
  • Special international policies:
  • Tavistock_Institute (1946, EU based, social-psychology-


  • Aspen_Institute (1950, US based, social-psychology-politics)
  • Senlis_Council (2002, EU based drug-policy institute with

offices in Afghanistan: Kabul, Kandahar and Lashkar Gah)

  • Transatlantic_Economic_Council (2007, EU-US)
  • National policies:
  • Brookings_Institution (1916, US)
  • Council_on_Foreign_Relations (1921, US, see also this article)
  • American_Enterprise_Institute (1943, US)
  • John_Birch_Society (1958, US) (See also: “The_John_Birch

Society” by Barbara Aho, [104], [105])

  • Cato_Institute (1977, US)
  • Council_for_National_Policy (1981, US) [106] [107]
  • Creating benign charity fronts, just like the Catholic 'church' and the

Jesuits like to do, to try and confuse people about their fascistic history

  and their present operations. Sometimes these seemingly harmless 'charity'
  organizations are also used for information gathering and espionage in
  foreign countries. Examples:
  • Rotary_International (1905). Over 32,000 clubs in 200 countries. See

also their support_for_the_UN_globalist_agenda.

  • ““The Rotarians are a bit like Boy_Scouts (1907) grown old and

successful.” The celebrated writer ignored (no doubt) to what

          extent he was correct, at least regarding the common origin of the
          two groups. Father Esposito actually recalled Rotary's Masonic
          spirit with these enlightened words: “The existing rapport between
          this organization and Masonry is essential, not only because of its
          founding on February 23, 1905 by the lawyer, Paul_P._Harris, of
          Chicago, along with three of his fellow Masons, but also because of
          the ideological and juridical elements, borrowed from Masonry,
          which take the best in the initiatory message in order to insert it
          into society and laicize it, that is by excluding the initiatory
          and restrictive aspects , which - by always excluding religious
          confessionalism - have a certain sacred although lay character.”"
  • Malteser_International (founded in 1953 as Malteser_Germany, renamed in

2005.). Operating in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the

  • Self-sustainable underground shelters:
  • video:_Deep_Underground_Military_Bases (“D.U.M.B.s”)
  • (todo)

Catholicism and the Holy Roman Empire

While the militaristic Roman Empire was_collapsing, Pope_Symmachus created the Vatican_Palace in 514 as the seat of the “universal religion” called Catholicism. Catholicism itself was created about 150 years before that by Emperor Constantine_I, using the first_Council_of_Nicaea in 325, to control the political and spiritual uprisings among various regions, tribes and slave groups. Thereby making Constantine I the first in a long series of Roman Emperors (or Popes) who explicitly wanted to completely rule over both the spiritual and political realm. Perhaps indicative of the lack of interest in the 1st Council of Nicaea and its Roman agenda, was that of the 1800 invites send to religious leaders, only about 300 participated.

    Early Christianity-like cultures were spreading and posing a very large
    threat to the Roman Empire, so the Romans institutionalized the various
    Christian-like cultures into a new 'universal religion' named

Many people still see the Papacy as only a religious organization, but if one looks into their never ending quest_for_the_political_power, you'll see that the Roman Empire and the Papacy have always had the exact same goal: World domination. The differences are only in the execution of this neurotic idea.

The most powerful tool of the Vatican organization has been to take hostage the much older Gnostic-Judaic-Christian-like cultures, and force these cultures into an superficial lookalike called “Catholicism” (or as Roman Catholics sometimes like to say: “Christendom”). In many parts of the world, native people were first massively killed if their spiritual leaders could not be corrupted. Then the rest of the tribe could slowly be 'converted' into the cult of Catholicism by missionaries, using the lie that the supreme spirit they worshiped was actually the same as the one in the Roman Catholic 'church'.

[Pope_Ratzinger_and_the_ecumenical_Eastern_Orthodox_Church_patriarchs.Note:_the checkerboard_floor]

Pope_Ratzinger and the ecumenical Eastern_Orthodox_Church patriarchs.

Note: the checkerboard_floor


Patriarch_Bartholomew_I and Pope_Ratzinger.

The Vatican never was a true Christian-culture based organization, it has always been an occult (the esoteric or hidden), bloodthirsty political organization which has build a deceiving, hypocritical front of religious dogma (the exoteric or visible) derived from ancient mysticism religions (Sun worship, human and animal sacrifices, 'holy' priests, elaborate occult rituals, and strict obedience structures). For more than 2000 years all authentic Judaic-Christianity-like cultures have been prosecuted and often annihilated or at least severely weakened. (todo: Pantheism versus Monism, the Roman cross irony, Mithras, Catholic crusades, Latin Vulgate bible, Iconoclasm, Catholic idolatry: 10_commandments_fraud, Pope/Maria/Jesus/cross and other forms of Catholic branding, Holy_Orders).

[Vatican_City's_Piazza_San_Pietro._Note_the_keyhole_shape._See_also_these aerial_photos.]

Vatican City's Piazza_San_Pietro. Note the keyhole shape. See also these aerial photos.

By 451 with the Council_of_Chalcedon the Holy Roman empire itself had already fractured somewhat and with the official East-West_Schism in 1054, the Orthodox Church split from the Holy Roman empire. However, the Holy Roman Empire was becoming more and more dominant in Europe and reached its power peak in the 13th and 14th century.

After the Renaissance, the struggle for religious and political freedom of the various Reformation movements, during the late Middle_Ages and up to the 18th century, some lost terrain had been regained by the Protestant nations, but the losses_have_been_enormous, and much of the authentic spiritual basis of Christianity-like cultures has been erased from the collective memory.

Almost none of the numerous Christian 'splinter' churches today acknowledges (let alone communicates) this ancient legacy of Roman_Catholic persecution, history falsification and spiritual perversions. Sadly, most of the so called 'Christian' churches today however are still connected to Catholicism - and thereby also the Vatican organization - in various ways (See also: Catholic Church_and_ecumenism), or have been infiltrated and co-opted - mainly by the Jesuits - in many cases.

    The Vatican institution and its mafia network have always been an
    fascistic political organization with the cover of a religious
    organization. The aim is and was population control - in the spiritual
    and political realm - by any means.

These two realms of dominion - the spiritual and temporal - are represented by two crossed keys on the Papal_Tiara, which can be seen in many Catholic churches and on the flag_of_the_Vatican (See also: [109]).

Reformation and Vatican control

The Reformation changes, since the early 16th century, by the Protestants (which is actually what the Vatican called these sovereign 'heretics') to the political systems (such as more decentralized ruling and tax income, less centralism from Rome), and the millennium of battles against the oppressive Holy_Roman_Empire that went before that, sets the stage for an ongoing struggle by people all over the world to be able to live according to our natural birth right:

    Sovereignty of the body and spirit of each individual. Protecting our
    sovereignty from state, religious, corporate and secret society fascism
    is our principal collective responsibility! This shared value should be
    the basis for our constitutional law. All other constitutional laws
    should be derived from this basis.

The true history of the Reformation and the opposing Counter-Reformation (starting with the 'ecumenical' Council_of_Trent in 1545) however was (and still is) not a simple two-sided conflict between the Holy_Roman_Empire and the sovereign people and their nations. There is growing_evidence showing that the Lutheran reformation movement was secretly used by the Rosecrucians (and later the Jesuits) behind the scenes to:

  • Restrict the social-political effects of the Reformation on societies in


  • Diminish the established power structures of the Papacy, so that these

secret societies could infiltrate and - over time - completely takeover the

  Vatican Institution (partly from the inside and partly from the outside).
  They succeeded in doing this, but not without visible historic friction.


[Samuel_Kobia_president_of_the_World_Council_of_Churches_-_a_globalistic 'Christian'_ecumenical_organization,_based_in_Geneva,_Switzerland.]

Samuel_Kobia president of the World_Council_of_Churches - a globalistic 'Christian' ecumenical organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

[Basilica_Yamoussoukro,_Yamoussoukro,_Ivory_Coast._The_largest_cathedral_in_the world!"Some_say_that_nothing_else_could_make_Africa_seem_more_absurd" [17]]

Basilica_Yamoussoukro, Yamoussoukro, Ivory_Coast.

The largest cathedral in the world!

“Some say that nothing else could make Africa seem more absurd” [17]

    "After losing our independence to Rome there have been no patriotic wars,
    only globalist deceptions taking our liberties and killing our sons."
    "… The postal_services_directives have exactly the same agenda as all the
    other so-called 'liberalising' instruments, whether they are dealing with
    energy [111], rail_services, telecommunications, or whatever. The intent
    is to break up national monopolies, not for the sake of it, but in order
    to recreate then on a European level, under the direct control of the EU
    commission." .. "Thus, the attack on national monopolies is not an attack
    on the monopolies per se but an attack on nationalism – it is an attack
    on the nation state, an attempt to reduce the power and influence of the
    member states. As such, the EU has no rooted objection to monopolies – it
    is, after all, itself a monopoly. Its apparent enthusiasm for
    'competition' is simply a smokescreen to gull free-market liberals into
    supporting its deeper agenda." ... "it is no longer necessary to
    nationalise something in order to own it. Basically, it has developed a
    system of nationalisation by regulation." [112]

Especially over the last 200 years, and in particular the last 100 years, the power of the Vatican-Jesuit-masonic network has covertly been increased tremendously due to several factors:

  • Social-techno policies: industrialization (and the later service_economy),

urbanization, educational_regulation (increased propaganda propagation) and

  large-scale industrial proxy-warfare (especially since World_War_I during
* Political and religious globalization.

The major goals of globalization and the underlying collectivism ideologies (centralized and international socialism, EU_common_purpose, communism, fascism) were to:

  • Diminish tribal/national self-reliance capabilities.
  • Weaken the family and community bonds (to force personal dependence on

government structures).

  • Replace native culture (spirituality, knowledge, history, etc.), and
  • Increase their economic-parasite grip, through numerous subversive masonic

networks, pan-national organizations and their projects.

Alongside the “theater_of_warfare”, miseducation, media psy-ops, toxic healthcare, and corrupt central-banking, globalization is a core part of the ongoing Counter-Reformation!


The Roman-Vatican-Masonic oppression culture has its origins in the much older secret societies (which were also called: “Mystery Religions”, “Mystery Schools”, “Priesthood cults”, or “Schools for the divine science of governing”) which were already present in ancient civilizations (See also: History_of Oppression and Black_nobility):

  • Arcana_Arcanorum (“Brotherhood of the Snake”, probably the most important

pre-cataclysm priesthood cult and the origin of many of the later cults.)

  • Egyptian (Hyksos)
  • Sumerian
  • Babylonian
  • Sadducian (“Tsdoki”, “Zadokites”) (See also: Ebionites, Essenes, Pharisees)
  • Phoenician
  • Canaanite
  • Etruscan
  • Ancient_Greece
  • Roman
  • Anglo-Celtic
  • Other priesthood cults: Rosae_Crucis (probably from ~12th c.), Alumbrados

(Spain, late 15th c.), Roshaniya (Afghanistan, 16th c.), Bavarian

  Illuminati (Germany, ~1776), Bohemian_Grove_club (1893)

Sun_symbolism and astro-mythology (cosmology, creation_mythology and the links to spiritualism) were an extremely important priesthood element of these societies and many others around the world too (to this day), since it was believed that cosmic cycles were heavily influencing life on earth, not just in the physical spectrum (in the traditional science sense), but also in the spiritual-consciousness spectrum.

    The true essence of the sun symbolism is its representation of
    "primordial_intellect", the manifestation of universal (cosmic,
    omnipresent) consciousness which transcends space-time and energy. The
    Human process of harmonizing with this force is called: at-onement,
    illumination or enlightenment. Atonement of a select group of their own
    initiated members and the awareness_control of the 'profane' are the core
    of the activities of these dark_priesthood_societies - ancient and

Additional important priesthood elements were: Human_sexuality, Human concepts of natures (perceived) dualities (female/male, life/death, healthy/sick, body/ spirit, light/dark, white/black, energy/mass, above/below, in/out, love/hate, good/evil), alchemy, geometry and numerology, visual arts, music, entheogens and mind_states. Some neurotic priesthood societies made animal_sacrifices, and a few even Human_sacrifices to their god. For oppressive priesthood societies the control of knowledge and thereby sovereignty, awareness and spirituality became their most important goal. These people wanted domination over life, even though they had no real life of their own.

All the Occult_Symbolism is still visible today: in architecture (masonic buildings, ancient and new monuments, place names), corporate logo's, money design, coats_of_arms, films (especially those from Hollywood), holy-days and other cultural rituals and various public 'accessible' cult-religions (Freemasonry, Fraternities, Scouting, New_Age societies).

The following are some of the 'Western' rituals and festivals with an occult (hidden) meaning, many of which were strongly perverted by the ancient Roman and Roman Catholic priesthood culture, but often have their true origin in ancient shamanic-tribal traditions. In fact, the main goal of the perversion and assimilation process by later priesthoods, was to erase the true practical and spiritual meaning and awareness of the shamanic values and the traditions by which they were passed on. This is the original “Babylonian-Roman-Catholic- Masonic-Fascist” Counter-Reformation agenda.

  • Christmas (Dec. 24/25): Winter_solstice celebration (“Return/rebirth of the

Son/Sun_of_God”). (See also: Christian_sun_symbolism, “The_Shamanic_Origins

  of_Christmas", video:_Hidden_Mysteries_of_Christmas_Unveiled, Saturnalia,
  • Valentine's_Day (Feb. 14): Ancient Roman (and likely pre-Roman) Lupercalia

celebration (Note: Lupus is Latin for wolf, Lupae means 'she wolves'. See

  also Romulus_and_Remus). At first an ancient Roman priesthood fertility
  ritual (see below), which was later turned into the the Roman Catholic St.
  Valentine celebration.
  • “February occurred later on the ancient Roman calendar than it does

today so Lupercalia was held in the spring and regarded as a festival

      of purification and fertility. Each year on February 15, the Luperci
      priests gathered on Palantine_Hill at the cave of Lupercal. ... Two
      naked young men, assisted by the Vestals (the virgin holy female
      priests of Vesta), sacrificed a dog and a goat at the site. The blood
      was smeared on the foreheads of the young men and then wiped away with
      wool dipped in milk. ... Roman armies took the Lupercalia customs with
      them as they invaded France and Britain. One of these was a lottery
      where the names of available maidens were placed in a box and drawn out
      by the young men. Each man accepted the girl whose name he drew as his
      love - for the duration of the festival, or sometimes longer. As
      Catholicism began to slowly and systematically dismantle the pagan
      pantheons, it frequently replaced the festivals of the pagan gods with
      more ecumenical celebrations. It was easier to convert the local
      population if they could continue to celebrate on the same days, they
      would just be instructed to celebrate different people and ideologies.
      Lupercalia, with its lover lottery, had no place in the new 'Christian'
      order. In the year 496 AD, Pope_Gelasius_I did away with the festival
      of Lupercalia, citing that it was pagan and immoral. He chose Valentine
      as the patron saint of lovers, who would be honored at the new festival
      on the 14th of every February." [113]
    * "The festival began with the sacrifice by the Luperci (or the Flamen
      Dialis) of two male goats and a dog. Next two patrician young Luperci
      were led to the altar, to be anointed on their foreheads with the
      sacrificial blood, which was wiped off the bloody knife with wool
      soaked in milk, after which they were expected to smile and laugh; the
      smearing of the forehead with blood probably refers to human sacrifice
      originally practised at the festival. The sacrificial feast followed,
      after which the Luperci cut thongs from the skins of the victims, which
      were called Februa, dressed themselves in the skins of the sacrificed
      goats, in imitation of Lupercus, and ran round the walls of the old
      Palatine city, the line of which was marked with stones, with the
      thongs in their hands in two bands, striking the people who crowded
      near. Girls and young women would line up on their route to receive
      lashes from these whips. This was supposed to ensure fertility, prevent
      sterility in women and ease the pains of childbirth. This tradition
      itself may survive ('Christianised', and shifted to Spring) in certain
      ritual Easter_Monday whippings." [114]
  • Carnival (Immediately before Lent - the 40 day's of Catholic liturgical

season of fasting and prayer before Easter - usually during Feb. or Mar. It

  may last from a few weeks to several months depending on the region.):
  • See also: Carnival_of_Venice
  • Easter (Calculated Sunday between March 22 and April 25): Spring_equinox

celebration (“Resurrection of the Sun/Son of God”). The celebration of the

  Babylonian goddess of love and fertility Ishtar (See also: the Semitic
  goddesses Asherah and Astarte), combined with the Cosmic_egg and rabbit
  symbolism for fertility and regeneration. (See also: "Rebirth_and
  Resurrection:_The_Origins_Of_Easter_Traditions", "Pagan_Worship_of_Easter",
  "Origins_of_Easter", Ostara festival, Passover, Semana_Santa, Easter
  controversy, "Towards_a_Common_Date_of_Easter")
  • Mayday (May 1): Phallic Maypole celebration (See also: the Celtic Beltane

festival and ancient_calendars, Axis_mundi, Omphalos). The International

  Workers'_Day is the result of traditional culture suppression and
  industrial-political influence.
  • 9-11 (Sept. 11): marks the beginning of the ancient Egyptian (and later

Coptic) New Year. Its celebration falls on the 1st day of the month of

  Thout, the first month of the Egyptian year, which for 1901 to 2098 usually
  coincides with 11 September.
  • Halloween (Oct. 31): The Celtic_New_Year begins with Samhain.

Traditionally, Samhain was the time to take stock of the herds and grain

  supplies, and decide which animals would need to be slaughtered in order
  for the people and the remaining livestock to survive the winter. This
  custom is still observed by many who farm and raise livestock, and the
  reason for the alternate Samhain name: "Feast of the Dead". The Romans
  identified Samhain with their own feast of the dead, the Lemuria_festival.
  This, however, was observed in the days leading up to May 13. In the 18th
  century, as the popular observance of the Lemuria had faded over time, the
  feast of All_Saints (also called "All Hallows" or "Hallowmas") was shifted
  to November 1, coinciding with the similar Celtic propitiation of the
  spirits at Samhain. Pope_Gregory_III (731-741) consecrated a chapel in the
  Basilica_of_St._Peter to all the saints and fixed the anniversary. So
  Lemuria became All Hallows' Day on November 1, followed by All_Souls'_Day,
  on November 2. Over time, the night of October 31 came to be called All
  Hallow's Eve, and the remnants festival dedicated to the dead eventually
  morphed into the secular holiday known as Halloween. (See also: [115],
  [116], [117])
  • [Roman_Tauroctony_of_Mithras_from_~200BC._Note_also_the_castrating_scorpion


  Roman Tauroctony of Mithras from ~200BC. Note also the castrating scorpion
  and the feasting dog and snake.
  Bullfighting: The slaying of the bull (Taurus) by Mithras (Roman deity -
  with pre-Roman origins - who was born from a Cosmic_egg) and the castration
  (ancient form of energy domestication, see also: Bioenergy:_sexual
  sublimation) by a scorpion (Scorpio) in Roman mythology. This sacrificial
  tradition represents the domination of the 'elite' over the potentials of
  the 'common' people. See also: Bull_(mythology).
  • Televised sport events are one modern variant of this occult tradition.

The 'elite' know many people want to align themselves with the

      dominators (winners), not the suppressed (losers). They hypnotize and
      pacify people with simple systems of glorified male competition and
      domination. A politically harmless, commercial venting system for the
      boredom and anger of many people - especially 'lower-class' young

Catholic occult Sun The 1877 Papal symbolism Tiara worn by Pope


See also: Solar Pope Jean Paul II during his Papal symbol, Sun_cross, holding a solar coronation in 1958 Solar_deity, Monstrance during a (see previous) (see also: Corona). Heliopolis (Helio- service of Polis meaning “Sun Benediction Coronation takes city”), Sol place on the first Invictus, Sunday or Holy Day Crepuscular_rays, following the Luciferianism. election.

Eucharist wafer ritual based on the transubstantiation illusion - a (see previous) (see previous) symbolic form of cannibalism [16] (bread → flesh, wine → blood).

                  (792) (note the
                  pyramid and all-

Vatican City's seeing-eye). Piazza_San_Pietro. Cathedral element Cathedral element See also: video: For 600 years (936- in Bruges, Belgium. in Bruges, Belgium. Vatican_sun_dial, 1531) this was the (note the pyramid) (note the all- Sun_cross, 8- church of monarch seeing-eye) pointed_star. coronation (see

                  also: Coronet) for
                  30 German kings and
                  12 queens.
                                      This is a Latin     Jesuit_Order seal
                                      cross upon which is

Eucharistic Halo symbolism fixed an effigy of See also: Black_sun Congress 1926 Jesus. On some and Saturn

                                      crucifixes skull    symbolism.
                                      and_crossbones are
                                      shown below the
                  Jesuit building     Phoenix ("Sunbird")
                  element in Antwerp, and rays on the
                  Belgium.            Papal throne chair.
                  Chair_of_Saint                          The rooster is a

St._Peter's Peter (1653) in the universal solar Basilica dome, St._Peter's (see previous) symbol because its Rome, Italy. Basilica (1626), crowing announces

                  Rome, Italy.                            the dawn.

Aachen_Cathedral Cathedral altar in (792) Dusseldorf, Germany

Pharmacratic Inquisitions

Related to these 'priesthood' cultures is also the continuous prosecution of all natural/herbal cultures and its practitioners. From numerous genocides of indigenous cultures around the world, to the attacks on natural healthcare in Europe and the US. These conscious and wise people were stigmatized,_tortured and_killed for being: shamans, druids, gnostics, 'mystics', 'witches', or 'quacks' (see also: alchemy). The neurotic priesthood knew there should be none of these conscious people in societies, if they were to subversively take control of the people and their environment.

These days the Pharmacratic Inquisitions are still going strong to benefit the global toxic-medicine based pharmaceutical industry; using weak medical schooling, medical license systems, patent law, propaganda campaigns and important natural substance prohibitions (see also: health_degradation).

A highly controversial topic is the research which is showing that entheogen stimulated spiritual experiences seem to lie at the center of the main religions too. Though of course hidden, sometimes even in plain sight, and only allowed for a select group of initiates. Most Christian people refuse to research and debate this topic, because it shows how much the true history behind early Christianity-like gnostic-shamanic cultures has been suppressed and perverted into different forms of mythology, idolatry and dogma. It shows how much all main religions have strayed from the path of nature, empirical spirituality, honesty and freedom. (todo: early Judaic/Christian cultures, racial/cultural prosecutions, DMT the endogenous entheogen)

Especially entheogen-aware cultures are treated as a huge threat to the (in many places) dominating 'Western' belief systems, political structures and egoistic/materialistic/mechanical thinking. (todo: shamanic genocide history, entheogen misunderstandings, entheogen abuse, suppression of science, medical conspiracy and vitalism, secretive agenda for mental and physical capability limiting media/neuro-drugs/foods)

Black nobility

The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic mafia network is supported by many of the wealthiest families_in_Europe_and_the_US. Research is beginning to show that the Council of_Ten - which itself is a part of the A∴A∴_(“Arcana_Arcanorum”) - is composed of the most_powerful_Roman_families in the world. ([118], [119]). Among these are the: Farnese, Aldobrandini, Borghese, Medici, Maximus-Orsini, Caetani, and other families.

Then there are the more prominent, but certainly less powerful, Rothschild family (Knights of Malta [120]) and the Rockefeller_family (Knights of Malta, who got started using Rothschild financing for American oilfield exploitations). These and other prominent, relatively new, wealthy families function as financial proxies, political proxies, and awareness distractions for the larger, more secretive, Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic mafia operations.

    "These three financial families, the Rothschild's, Morgans, and
    Rockefeller's all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit
    infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to
    destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world
    domination. As we look back over the 20th century, we see how successful
    the Jesuits have been. They have continued to squander the wealth of
    America and continually attack its great constitution and civil
    liberties." - Eric_Jon_Phelps

Papal war against other religions

As a core part of the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic empire rests upon the promulgation of controllable and corrupted religions and their broader culture (Judaism/ Christianity v. Catholicism, Sufism v. Islam, Buddhism v. Communism, etc.), it is very important that any competition in that realm is eliminated and/or co- opted over time. The genocides committed against each of the previously mentioned older cultures is a testament to this. The scale and duration of the democide/genocide/religicide shows there is a common motive behind these barbaric criminal acts. The co-opting of religions and culture is clearly seen in the (fascist funded) fundamentalist Islamic movements destroying Middle Eastern and African cultures and the “Cold War” hoax communist revolutions before that.

One of the oldest themes of Vatican religicide and genocide is the secret promotion of the “Jewish-power threat” hoax. In the case of the masonic 'Jewish' (“hofjuden”) Rothschilds, besides their Vatican banking role they have to perform the role of being Masonic_'Jews' (another Jesuit-masonic controlled political movement of socialist-communist-fascist_ideology), to try to incite public hatred towards the Jews as them being the “top controllers of global evil”. Some other examples of prominent “hofjuden” are: Knight of Malta Heinz Kissinger, left-wing gatekeeper Noam_Chomsky, Federal Reserve bank celebrity Alan_Greenspan, Homeland Insecurity front Michael_Chertoff, 9/11 story patsy Larry_Silverstein.

This is a scam which has sadly worked before. Due to the fact that there are Sabbatian-Apostate-masonic Jews helping with the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic mafia crimes, its sometimes difficult for people to see it for what it really is: a distraction/shield/proxy for the larger Vatican mafia network. Jewish people have been systematically discriminated and murdered for almost 2000 years by the Holy Roman empire, just like Christians, Arabs/Muslims and many other cultures and their religions.

These days, after the staged 9/11_psy-op_trauma_operation (and the staged follow-ups in Madrid and London) by the secret_services controlled terrorist- groups such as CIA-Qaeda, Shia_muslims and secular 'Arabs' are especially targeted in many ways (by the media, politics and the Jesuit/SMOM-controlled military apparatus) in the so called “War_on_Terror”. This “War on Terror” is the main follow up to the Cold War hoax, to allow further crusades for 'World Domination' and further attacks on constitution-protected freedoms. The aggression against the people of the Middle-East is a very old battle, it was waged by Romans and later the Holy_Roman_Empire. (Todo: other native culture/ religion attacks, Islam_creation_history_and_the_role_of_the_Vatican, Shia and Sunni Islam, Sunni Wahhabism and its controlled political function, the corruption of Sufism.)

Jesuit and SMOM agenda

The Vatican, Jesuit Order, Knights of Malta and Black nobility people have formed a complex masonic mafia network of global proportions, using many front organizations (infiltrated governments/churches/education, secret services, Catholic institutions, mega-corporations, financial institutions, Freemasonry, Masonic_Judaism, and others) with disastrous effects on the lives of billions of people.

The neurotic goal was and still is worldwide human enslavement by any means (“The end justifies the means” is the primary maxim of the Jesuits). Through militaristic, technological, economic and above all religious-psychological means.

    This secretive mafia network tries to keep people ignorant of the
    fascistic conspiracy and the instruments they use. Abusing other people's
    ignorance is their only real power!

The Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic mafia network has been the primary origin of high- crimes over the past centuries: wars, genocide, assassinations, organized torture and sexual abuse, slavery, scientific and religious prosecution, state treason, censorship, history falsification, environmental destruction, and judicial and economic fraud.

Their criminal practices are hidden behind:

  • Secret and religious cults, with hierarchical degrees (compartmentalization

within) and secret oaths and plans (compartmentalization without).

  • Socialist (read: corrupt centralistic, fascistic) institutions: UN, WTO,

NATO, EU, etc.

  • Information_and_knowledge_control: cultural_entertainment_distractions,

media_censorship, fear_propaganda and poor education.

  • Organizational infiltration.
  • Monetary system corruption instruments:
  • Centrally controlled fiat_currency money supply → artificial inflation

creation (rising prices and poverty) → debt-dependency creation (more

      centralist social control) -> interest rates control (making money from
      debt) and the international_banking_rules and international lending/
      currency-exchange programs (making the governments dependent on loan
      investment programs) -> more debt -> more interest -> more social
      control -> etc.
    * Money laundering (stock market, bonds and other financial products,
      corporate asset shuffling, real estate, art, software fees)
    * Social funds theft (pension funds, tax fund 'redirection').
  • Political, judicial and corporate bribing.
  • Threats, blackmail, and assassinations.
  • Immigration_stimulation - legal and illegal - to achieve social and

political changes, such as: increasing poverty, more and stronger class

  divisions, and increasing the Roman Catholic population share.

No smoke screen of religious claims, ecumenical projects, charity work, school programs, media control, finger pointing, and history falsification can undo the crimes for which these people are responsible. No other organized crime network has done so much damage to the people on this planet!

  • From its origins as the faltering militaristic Roman empire - just when

Catholicism was created to stop the so-called 'heretical churches' and its

  people - which destroyed a lot of European culture diversity,
* to the murdering crusades (against Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Germanic/
  Celtic/Scandinavian/other-indiginous tribes),
* to the satanic inquisitions,
* to the massacre and enslavement of indigenous people in Europe, South
  America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, Russia and the Middle-East,
* to the global drugs, arms and human_slaves trafficking,
* to the corrupt banking systems and international corporations,
* to the World Wars,
* to the Cold War hoax and its large-scale military and political effects,
* to the global pedophile rings (used for their own_sexual_neurosis and for
  governmental and corporate blackmailing schemes),
* to synthesized terrorism and propaganda,
* to secret renditions, torture prisons, and suspension of habeas_corpus,
* to the ongoing plot to destroy the sovereign United States of America and
  the nations in Europe.

It can all be traced back to a conspiratorial plot to rule the sovereign of this world by any means. It is going to take the awareness of a large group of people to stop this sick and sad group of people, who ultimately can't love themselves nor others, knowing what they have done.

Where do we go from here?

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know
    peace” - Jimi_Hendrix

Mass neurosis

(Note: this section was taken from Mass_neurosis. Please see that page for more on this topic.)

    “Nothing is as difficult as not deceiving oneself” - Ludwig_Wittgenstein

A large part of humanity has failed to live in harmony with the practicality and spirituality of nature, including their own awareness and its cultural expressions, such as the ever faster evolving technologies. This vital relationship has been neglected and turned sour on a massive scale. Many people have a strongly diminished contact with their natural_self, their food_intake, their family, their friends, their local community, their deep cultural history, and the mysterious and beautiful cosmos around them on which their lives fully depend.

All this has given rise to the mass_neurosis, from which we get so many 'unnatural' human beings, “Plastic People” who are sick on many levels, think superficially and act highly insecure. The awareness of these Plastic People does not flower naturally, instead it is aggressively_constrained into a socially dictated and accepted form of stressful living. This social process could be called human-domestication or dehumanization. Out of this social disease have grown many neurotic, male dominated fascistic_structures, which in turn use these social problems to further their own agenda.

“Plastic People” struggle with managing their own reality and feel a strong need create ideological and artificial securities. To hold on to and defend their dogmatic beliefs and/or want to escape the sensation of natural living (religions, drug_abuse,_TV,_obesity, consumerism, etc.). These people do this even against a tide of evidence that they are misguided on important issues. The ultimate reason for this state of denial and confusion is a set of primal, mainly subconscious psycho-emotional fears. Most importantly the fear of rejection by the mother, family, friends, school, their partner and other parts of society. This is the fear of not belonging and of not experiencing truly loving relationships. The 'below-the-radar' fear management causes chronic forms of psychosomatic_stress and holds back a persons true natural flowering potential. (todo: trauma healing methods, embracing your natural self, acquiring self-knowledge through feedback loops between experience and centered awareness)

The often used dualistic concepts (god/devil, good/evil, light/darkness, angel/ deamon, etc.) should really be seen in the sphere of health versus sickness - both mentally and physically, individually and socially. Life's energy is optimal in whole health.

Evil/darkness/rigidness/fascism/… are often our social conventions to express the underlying disease, using our common language and neurotic behavior patterns. Collectively this becomes the mass neurosis. This consensus reality talk simply distorts our perception of the true nature of our social diseases.

The future is very uncertain but full of struggle. Most of all this is an awareness_struggle. People have to re-establish a grounding_connection to their natural perception of reality. This means a full awareness of - and a breaking away from - the ongoing mass-neurotic cultural conditioning going on all over the world. Then people can see the deep web of lies and organize themselves according to their own 'chosen' values (the souls pre-programmed intentions and their resonance in this life), priorities and responsibilities. Its a conundrum of immense complexity.

Over time this psychosomatic friction crystallizes into ever grander and more rigid structures - externalized and materialized forms of the psychosis. The fascists - the pseudo alpha-males - who also struggle with their own reality and fear true love because of their own deep traumatic disconnect, just try to make this re-connection even harder for others too. Nothing makes people more jealous and eventually bitter, than seeing the love they never fully received - and even ignored/rejected/ridiculed/killed - being experienced by others.

All in the cosmos comes from the same mind and is ultimately driven by the same mind. Making wrong choices can lead to friction, which can lead to suffering, but from this we can learn a lot. Hippocrates said: “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”

The suffering can not be eliminated completely. Never. It is a part of the ever evolving cosmos. However, the suffering does not have to as great as it is now, if we learn how to deal better with it. Meaning: less ego (structures), more awareness of your environment (past and present), a better food intake, etc. Ultimately only true love and its honest extensions - such as the balanced persuit of health, beauty, inner truths, knowledge, social relations and other life experiences - are the aspects of life that give us real peace of mind.

Fascistic outgrowth

The Black_nobility, the Catholic 'church' hierarchy, the Jesuit_Order, the Military_Order_of_Malta members, high-level Freemasonry, and all the other secret societies and their front organizations and projects, which ultimately serve these mafia structures, must be permanently exposed, prosecuted, stigmatized and ultimately dismantled (and if needed be replaced with decentralized, constitutional, accountable, democratic cooperation between nations - not above nations) for the benefit of future generations. Special constitutional reforms against subversive secret societies and their political conspiracies should be discussed, drafted, implemented and educated.

The secret society mafia network and their crimes have been prosecuted in the past. The Vatican/Jesuits - as a criminal organization - have been prosecuted and expelled from dozens of nations all over the world at some point in time, when their crimes became too much to tolerate any longer. That time is going to come again, and this time it must be even more comprehensive and persistent than before. Our collective awareness and action must make many other people aware of the enormous crimes committed, and the way in which they were committed. Only when we face the true nature of our historical tragedies - and our own responsibility in it - can we begin to understand and heal our collective trauma.

In the end Empires always fall, and some fascistic groups will try to rebuild them again, to try to gain control of the common people, and it will fail again. Politics by distance does not work. It corrupts, it stifles creativity, it tries to disempower sovereign Human beings.

So the EU superstate project and all the similar fascist founded and forced 'unions' will ultimately breakdown. The only question is at what cost? The Euro is certainly an effective way to ease trade between nations, by reducing currency and legal friction. However, the private(!), pseudo non-profit(!) Federal_Reserve_Bank history has shown that monetary centralization can be very dangerous in several aspects:

  • A centrally controlled money supply and inflation rate.
  • The socializing of corporate debt and the privatizing of common profits.
  • Artificial boom-bust cycles, (example case: the current_financial_crisis).
  • Draconian 'rescue' plans after the bust cycles.
  • Increased poverty due to the long-term ineffectiveness of a central

monetary system.

Monetary efficiency does not equal economic stability and financial sovereignty. The latter two are much more important in the long-term!

Political recommendations

Conceptual political recommendations (work in progress):

  • The present supra-state projects such as the EU, NATO, UN must be largely

dismantled. The few working functions of these supra-state projects should

  be reformed by primarily using transparent, collaborative agreements
  between each sovereign nation. The danger of a too centralized corrupt rule
  is far more serious than any local form of mafia corruption. History has
  proven this over and over again.
* The Holy See / Vatican country state and the Sovereign_Military_Order_of
  Malta, must be stripped of any national sovereign status. These
  institutions must function within the national democracy and obey
  democratically chosen constitutional laws.
* The Vatican and the whole Roman-Catholic organizational network must
  publicly and officially denounce any temporal power wish and acknowledge
  the extreme extent of their centuries long crimes against humanity.
* The Jesuit-Vatican-Masonic mafia network who have participated in these
  crimes must be researched thoroughly (by an international group of
  independent researchers), then prosecuted and agree to pay compensations to
  victims (nations, groups and individuals). The criminal charges and the
  evidence must then be presented to the respective nations, for further
  legal actions such as criminal prosecutions and reparations.
  • No action on behalf of requests for inquiries or the evidence findings,

should lead to legal and financial boycotts and public awareness

      notifications from nations, groups and individuals, until this official
      and public research process is correctly started.
  • All the confirmed history falsification and conspiracy actions should be

written down and discussed in schools. The same goes for clear examples of

  media corporation censorship and distraction.
* Proposals for actions for a more robust separation of church and secret
  societies from the sovereign people of the State, using legal, political
  and educational means.
  • Special legislation against criminal secret societies (beyond any

reasonably doubt, and beyond just organized crime) should be drafted

      and implemented, using the lessons of history.
  • Todo: Ethnicity-race-culture dynamics (mass_immigration trends: deep social

dangers or temporary evolutionary cultural misunderstandings?), Future

  democracy structures: representational / direct, bottom-up / top-down rule,
  transparant / accountable voting systems, information accessibility,
  government size and budget, gun ownership, state military (and its strict
  engagement rules), etc.

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” - Friedrich_Nietzsche

“The 'Illuminist' labyrinth of conspiracy, black-ops and corporate corruption is a thing, a thing of low vibration. A time-loop of unconsciousness. Not somewhere to dwell in the long term. Giving enduring focus to it will eventually leave you resonating at the same super low levels and it will be a major feat to shake them off. The blade becomes blunt, the vitality fades. Live in Mordor too long and you come out looking like Gollum. Go in, do the reconnaissance and get out.”[121]

These are some excellent web sites for further research:

  • Fascist_Empire_Planet (blog aggregation site)
  • The_Unhived_Mind_forum (Craig Oxley)
  • Vatican_Assassins (Eric Jon Phelps)
  • Vatican_Assassins:_”Wounded_In_The_House_Of_My_Friends” (3rd edition),

Eric_Jon_Phelps. The 3rd edition has 1836 pages and 760 illustrations!

  • “The Jesuit_General is in complete control of the international

intelligence community: that's the CIA, the FBI, the KGB (now FSB), the

      Israeli Mossad, the German BND, the British SIS." - interview_with_Eric
  • Mystery_Babylon_audio_series: part_1-25 and part_26_-_42, (alternative

archive), Milton_William_Cooper (Bill Cooper) (1943-2001, murdered)

  • Truth_Movement_Australia_forum
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  • Vatican_Bank_Claims
  • “In 1998 the US_State_Department issued a report implicating the

Vatican in the 1945 disappearance of the Treasury of the Nazi Puppet

      State of Croatia. The purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain legal
      accounting of the missing funds, recover assets and distribute them to
      survivors and their descendants." ... "What are the crimes of the
      Ustasha? The crimes of the Ustasha are too numerous to list here, but
      they massacred over 700,000 Serbs, Jews, Roma, anti-fascist Partisans,
      and others between 1941 and 1945. The Ustasha leader Ante_Pavelic was
      given refuge by the Vatican, fascist Spain, and Peronist Argentine" ...
      "The Vatican Bank has claimed ignorance of any participation in Ustasha
      crimes or the disappearance of the Croatian Treasury. The Vatican has
      refused to open its wartime records despite requests from the US
      government, Jewish and Roma organizations." [122]
    * Court_Case (US 4th amendment class action complaint. Case: C99-4941
    * Vatican_Bank_lawsuit_news_articles
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