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“This universe is entirely spiritual, God alone is.” - Walter Russell


Mirror an illusion of Reality,
Reality an illusion of Mind,
Mind an illusion of Illusion

“God, the Creator, is the One Being, the One Person, the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One Self, the One Life, the One Soul, the One Power, the One Reality.” - Walter Russell

“The Creator is One Mind indivisible. Creation is One Whole Idea of Mind divided into countless simulated ideas of mind, through motion.” - Walter Russell

God - the knower - is non-dimensional.
God's thinking is two-dimensional.
God's creative actions are three-dimensional.” - Walter Russell

“Just as each of the thousand pieces of a splintered mirror will show the same reflection of an object as the whole mirror, each cell reflects our mind and each cell in the universe reflects the universal mind.“ - P.C. Simon

What follows are approximations of the ultimately indescribable force of intelligence that just is. This force of Mind is what we are all a part of, each of us is an holistically interconnected awareness. Mind can't be reduced to something, only the tracks of its movement can be traced and remembered.

“Tao, once described, is no more the real Tao.” - Lao Tzu


from the one, into the one
- Walter Russell

“God is the light of Mind. God's thinking Mind is all there is. Mind is universal. Mind of God and Mind of man are one. This eternally-creating universe, which is God's eternally renewing body, is the product of Mind knowing expressed by Mind thinking.” - Walter Russell

Mind is the indescribable magic constant of the cosmos. The invisible source of: awareness, knowledge, desire, love, peace, inspiration, beauty, creativity, bliss, health, honesty, curiosity, playfulness, courage, discernment, discipline, perseverance, responsibility, empathy, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, humor and more.

The attribute of desire in knowledge is the cause of the dynamic activity of intelligence. - Walter Russell

When you feel inspired the source of Knowledge is working within you. Thereby allowing you to overcome the limitations of the conditioned, survival and ego-driven surface mind we often call intellect.

galaxy (top view)

“Thinking is an electric wave extension from the centering fulcrum of knowledge which seemingly divides knowledge into ideas and sets those ideas in motion to create forms of ideas as product of knowledge. Man's knowledge is like a deep well of still water. His thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the QUALITY of that stillness into QUANTITIES of parts and sets them flowing.” - Walter Russell

A cycle of thought is a concentrated thought-body, followed by its decentration into indefinite form.” - Walter Russell

All that we are, see and feel is a balanced light projection of Mind. It is Mind that: desires, observes, creates, communicates, reproduces and destroys with symphonies of light chords. These chords are planar waves projected from the still magnetic light of God. Ultimately Mind can experience anything it wants to dream of, within the always balanced condition of the whole.

division of the one stillness (the dotted line) into the seeming two visible units of matter (the yellow dots)
- Walter Russell

Electricity is the term used for light in seeming motion. Electricity is the result of the division of the one still light into the two opposing polarities - male and female. The rhythmic, polar unbalancing will cause motion from stillness, just like two children playing on a seesaw.

The motion of the wave has two simultaneous flows, which are always in balance with each other:

  • The concentrating / inhaling / imploding / compressing electrical movement creates electrically charged bodies.
  • The decentrating / exhaling / radiating / expanding electrical movement discharges bodies into stillness again.

While one flow charges, another flow discharges - in an ever repeating cycle.

“The outward actions manifest the giving half of the cycle of the Love principle which motivates this universe. The inward reactions manifest the regiving half of the cycle. Nature never takes. It gives for regiving.” - Walter Russell

Cosmic breathing is the rhythmically balanced, repetitive and scalar formative-field-process of Mind ideas through electric compression and expansion. This balanced breathing flux can be seen in all of nature. Thinking - concentration and decentration - is the periodic pulsation of the most fundamental light octave, the trance state where Mind and light are one.

God's still magnetic light is the state of formless awareness, the realm of the imagination, the source of the holographic light projection, the fundamental tone of life. In the higher octaves - further away from the source of projection - the thinking is expressed in light waves, but those waves of matter do not think.


“The motive power is the cause of all life.” - Leonardo da Vinci
“True desire in the heart for anything good, is God's proof to you, send before hand to indicate, that it is yours already.” - Denzel Washington

“Desire dominates all thinking. Desire dominates all matter.” - Walter Russell

“The whole of creation is contained in the desire of universal Mind to express idea, form and rhythm, in accord with immutable law, in endless sequence through endless ages. Beyond this there is no more.” - Walter Russell

from the one, to the one - Walter Russell

God has two desires: the desire to unfold His creations to give them form and set them into action; and the other desire is to refold His forms and take them back to Him for rest and resurrection so that they may repeat their action. That is the basis of the entirety of creation - the two desires of God, to act, to create, and to take back for re-creation. That is why God divided everything into pairs of opposites: the desire to express action, the desire to separate from Oneness, God's Oneness desiring to be manifested as many ones — the idea of separation and action; and the desire for return to rest from which that action sprang for the purpose of repeating the action in cycles, countless millions of cycles of action and rest, in-breathing, out-breathing; the pulse beat of the universe; the heartbeat of all things pulsing in all things to manifest life in action and reaction from the stillness of God's One Light in which there is no action and reaction. Desire in God, in the Still Light, desire. Given to all His creation: desire.” - Walter Russell

“In the Original Unity of the First Thing lies the Secondary Cause of All Things, with the Germ of their Inevitable Annihilation.” - Edgar Allan Poe

“God fulfills reasonable desires. By “reasonable” I mean lawful. Nature fits the back to the burden. Desire is the foundation of all achievement.” - Walter Russell

“The direction of thought is from heaven to earth; the direction of will is from earth to heaven.” - Rudolf Steiner

“Spiritual consciousness is nearest to those of keen, intense will.” - Patañjali

“Stairway of the Sages”
- B.C. van Helpen, 1693

“Let me recall to your Mind the fact that everyone can reach the highest goal in life if he desires to and is willing to make the effort. Those who are willing to make the effort will find that genius is self-bestowed while the unwilling ones will find that failure is self-inflicted. Every child has consummate genius in him at birth. What he does with his divine inheritance is dependent upon the intensity of his desire to express himself.” - Lao Russell

The only difference between all men is a difference in desire - that one quality and nothing more. A man either desires to achieve or he does not desire to. He who deeply desires to achieve will gain the knowledge which he needs for achievement and the power to express that knowledge. Desire is always followed by willing effort. He who deeply desires anything loves the effort which he must exert to obtain his desire, but he whose desire is weak lacks incentive for effort and, therefore, makes none. (…) The great difference between all people lies not in their abilities but in the difference of intensity of desire to express their abilities.” - Lao Russell

“If a man is without desire, he cannot successfully surmount the hurdles of life. Desire is an everflowing fountain. Stop desiring and the ever-flowing fountain of man's power ceases. The person who lacks desire will eventually destroy himself. Nature preserves only that which it has use for in carrying out its purposes. We are manifesting Creation by being creators. We cannot be creators unless we desire to be, and the greater our desire for purposeful expression, the greater the power for manifesting our Creator. Lacking that desire, Nature creates toxins to destroy all purposeless things.” - Lao Russell

“Man’s Desires are limited by his Perceptions; none can desire what he has not perceiv’d. The Desires and Perceptions of Man, untaught by anything but Organs of Sense, must be limited to Objects of Sense.” - William Blake

“Your body is not you. You are the spiritual Intelligence of the ONE Mind of the Creator of all things, which centers your body as a seat of Consciousness. Within your Soul is the desire to create a body in the form of your imagining. That is why you eventually become what you think.” - Lao Russell


“Life. This morning the sun made me adore it. It had, behind the dripping pine trees, the oriental brightness, orange and crimson, of a living being, a rose and an apple, in the physical and ideal fusion of a true and daily paradise.” - J.J. Jimenez

Andromeda galaxy (side view)

“With his seeing eyes man sees Light as matter energized, but senses not that the energy of matter is the Light of My divided thinking. With man's unseeing eyes of spirit he knows the Light of Me, the Source, and knows that he is bound in Me as One, and I in him.” - the universal One (via Walter Russell)

“For there is one Soul, one Life, and one Matter. Who is this? who can it be, other then the One God!” - Hermes Trismegistus

Matter does not live, whether it be patterned in the shape of a human being, a sun or a tree. Matter is composed of electric waves which record God’s thinking, God never creates Life, for He alone is Life.” - Walter Russell

a young, generative galaxy (”Centaurus A“)

“God divides the stillness of his omnipresent oneness into mated pairs, and simultaneously multiplies their power to simulate his omnipotence and omniscience through fast centripetal motion. He then unites His mated pairs to simulate his oneness, and simultaneously multiplies their speed of centrifugal motion until they disappear into his omnipresent stillness.” - Walter Russell

“Organic matter generates purely from the desire of mind to manifest idea in matter. That cosmic desire to create form produces the desired form. Desire is the motivating force of all Creation.” - Walter Russell

Life is in and of all things from the beginning, always and forever. Life is eternal. Life is merely the registration, in matter, of states of motion of thinking Mind.” - Walter Russell

All matter comes from the undivided, still-magnetic-light of God and will return to this state, in a never ending recycling. What we call physical matter is the Mind inspired projection of seemingly unbalancing stillness into a cubic-space confined, twin-opposing-vortex motion field.


Clusters of matter are formed through the mating of these polarized electric-motion fields with each other, to form larger elements. What we call an atomic element is but a specific tone-geometry of light in these octaves of motion. Some atomic elements have a range of stable geometric constellations (isotopes) from their inner electric structuring. Stable elements are coherently bound within their present electric environment, while unstable elements will quickly react with that environment.

This environment can be defined by a cascade of motions in the octaves of light: Mind desire / idea / intent → polarized informational transference → electric charge unbalancing → pressure differential → movement to re-balance at various scales → a new environmental equilibrium. The interaction of these pulsating, toroidal fields create fractal geometries in all octaves of light. Thoughts, emotions, sounds, molecules, all form and react to geometries of light. These light geometries can cymatically resonate with each other, thereby forming larger and more sophisticated structures of matter.


tropical rainforest

The potentials of the cosmic mind are explored and discovered through playing and learning, relaxing and focusing, being and becoming. The attraction is experiencing human bliss and soul growth. The repulsion is experiencing suffering - including the fear of suffering - and soul decay.

Creation (birth) and destruction (death) are orthogonal, but related in various ways to the love balancing and unbalancing. Creation and destruction are two halves of a single, recycling expression of the soul's desire.

Creation is the integrative phase and destruction the disintegrating phase of each intention cycle. Immortality is the realization - both mentally and physically - of this one principle. A deep and lasting re-connection with your inner self in your present life. A personal fear of death then naturally becomes a cosmic desire for expression-focus-formation and bliss-relaxation-absolving.

The highest states of consciousness are reached when these two modes of Mind are harmonically spiraling in tandem upon the incoming waves of its creational bioenergy. Just like the hands of a carpenter which grip and relax rhythmically to do the desired work. Learning the durable ways of transmuting frictions into harmonies are the most important lessons of life. A state of more intentional living and a feeling of cosmic bliss will be the result. Teaching such lessons to others are the greatest gifts of love.

Any level of Mind functions optimally with an aware / honest / loving intent (the inner connection) and a nutritional / social / natural environment (the outer connection) that is able to resonate at the levels required for its common purpose, and the to-be-discovered potentials of its current temporal embodiment. The embodiments range in electric density from almost density-less (thought bodies) to highly dense (minerals, plant fibers, flesh bodies, etc.).

The inner and outer connection form a continuous cycling momentum of intent and bioenergy, which is ideally as flowing / bright / stable as needed for its present functioning within the larger Mind fractal. From the harmonic resonance comes peace of mind and inspiration in the eternally transforming moment.

When this harmonic state can be sustained for longer periods it provides a stable basis for innovations in the cosmic canvas. The universal One is a perpetually self-inspiring love fractal. From harmonic life cycles new forms of life are created, which over cycles may become stable and innovative fractal elements themselves - life begets life.


"Kiyomizu-dera", Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra

Through beauty alone will mankind gradually become consciously aware of his oneness with the Light.” - Walter Russell

comet ”Lovejoy 2011

“For I am Beauty. In Beauty must man be born anew. Through Beauty must fearing man become knowing man. Again through Beauty must knowing man be reborn as ecstatic man. Ecstatic man is he who has found Balance in Me by being Me. Ecstatic man is he who has added Beauty to his knowing.” - the universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Awareness of beauty saves the world” - Nicholas Roerich

“If spiritual awakening is in the end transcendent beauty, then it can be approached in many ways”- Bibhas De

“Every timeless flash of intense inspiration which comes to any man is a partial illumination, for inspiration is the manner in which new knowledge comes to man from the cosmos.” - Walter Russell

Inspiration comes only to those who seek it with humility toward their own achievements and reverence toward the achievements of God. With love of your work, love of life and reverence for the universal force which gives you unlimited power for the asking, (…). Flashes of inspiration come only to those who plug in to the universe and become harmonious with its rhythms by communion with it. Inspiration and intuition is the language of Light through which men and God ‘intercommunicate.’” - Walter Russell

“Thought and inspiration have no dimension whatsoever, they belong to the unseen and unseeable world. (…) Inspired men, geniuses and mystics are the Saviours of other men. They are the interpreters of God's language of Light, and teachers of the love nature of God who uplift the world of men by re-inspiring them with the Light of their illumining (…)” - Walter Russell

“All my works, all my creative activity, has come from those initial fantasies and dreams which began in 1912.” - Carl Jung

The omnipresent beauty around and within us is - knowingly and unknowingly - sharing the essential love intent. From the humble soil work of bacteria and fungi, to the silent symphony of smells in the forests, to the dramatic dance in the sky of the clouds, to the gentle laughter of playing children, to the inner resonance of music and other works of art.

Beauty serves as re-joicing and re-inspiration to the potentials of Mind expression. It reminds us of the infinite love-balancing expressions that are possible once we become aware of them, study them and integrate them into our own expressions.

Mind is the instrument, light the medium, love the force, truth the guide, beauty the goal and art the result. Art is the physical perfection of the changeless truth expressed by the thinking universal One.

Genius gives to man that which alone endures, which man has named “Art”. No work of man can endure which is not born of inspiration and created in ecstasy.“ - Walter Russell


“Thou, thy Self, create thy Self in thy image.” - universal one (via Walter Russell)

“To open the Eternal Worlds, to open the immortal Eyes.
Of Man inwards into the Worlds of Thought: into Eternity.
Ever expanding in the Bosom of God, the Human Imagination.” - William Blake

“Journalist: Imagination is more real to you than life itself? Tesla: It gives birth to life.”

God is the imaginer of His One Idea. All imagining is God's imagining. All creating forms in this thought universe of God's imagining are built in the image of His imagining, creating “in His image”.” - Walter Russell

“Mind is all there is. It has no limitations as to shape, size or volume, for these qualities are but appearances and have no real existence. Mind is limited, however, in its power, its knowledge and its imagination, the last of which is its creative force. (…) The objective universe of man's concept demands a “beyond” to a finite universe. But there is no “beyond”, because there are no bounds nor boundaries in this formless universe.” - Walter Russell

The genius, the super-thinker with imagination, who brings beauty to the world, is inspired man thinking in light. The greater the imagination the greater the perception of the reality of universal existence, hence the greater the intelligence. The lesser the imagination the greater the reality of the appearance of existence. The greater the imagination the nearer to One-ness and the farther from the animal. The inspired genius of great imagination has great intelligence.” - Walter Russell

The power of imagination makes us infinite.” - John Muir

“Thus I have been led unconsciously to evolve what I consider a new method of materializing inventive concepts and ideas, which is radically opposite to the purely experimental and is in my opinion ever so much more expeditious and efficient. The moment one constructs a device to carry into practice a crude idea he finds himself unavoidably engrost with the details and defects of the apparatus. As he goes on improving and reconstructing, his force of concentration diminishes and he loses sight of the great underlying principle. Results may be obtained but always at the sacrifice of quality. My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever, the results are the same. In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should (…)” - Nikola Tesla

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