undivided light

“The Light of God’s equilibrium is my guide. I know its balance, unextended, undivided. Out of its essence comes the Word and the Law to counsel me.” - Walter Russell


“Swan #14” - Hilma af Klint, 1915

All that is, is Light.” - Walter Russell

“God is love. Love is light. Light is life. God is the light of life that loves.” - Kevin R. Williams

“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” - Jesus

“Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. - Jesus

“The earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last, — God, Light, Freedom, Immortality.” - Sri Aurobindo

Man is forever finding that Light, and is being forever transformed as he finds it. And as he finds it he gradually finds the self of him which IS the Light.” - Walter Russell

When man shall know My language of Light, then shall he know My Voice. (…) When man knoweth Light then he will know no limitations, but man must know the Light for himself and none there can be who can make words of it, for Light knoweth Light and there need be no words.” - the universal One (via Walter Russell)

To know God man must know what Light is (…) and God's processes in the building of bodies which manifest His Presence and His purposes. And he must know the mysteries of life, death, and growth, and of the seed into which even the giant oak disappears but still retains its identity. And he must know how man retains his identity when he also disappears.” - Walter Russell


the one, undivided, still, white Light

The senses can not sense true stillness, only motion, so the true Light is registered as the blackness of outer space.

When our senses do register “light”, it is due to the compression and resistance of the projected wave motions, which are (seemingly) unbalancing the still Light.

The foundation of the spiritual universe is stillness, the balanced stillness of the One magnetic Light of God. (…) The foundation of the physical universe is motion; the ever-changing motion arising out of pairs of unbalanced conditions which must forever move to seek the balanced stillness of unity from which they sprang as multiple pairs of units. - Walter Russell

We cannot sense the idea of a harp while it is still, but we can know the idea of the harp. We can know its various possibilities of expression, even though its strings are not vibrating. Likewise we can imagine countless complexities of rhythms which lie unexpressed within those still strings.” - Walter Russell

“Man must know that his power lies in the stillness of his centering self and not in the motion by means of which he manifests that stillness. He must know that his Self is God in him.” - Walter Russell

Man's knowledge is like a deep well of still water. His thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the QUALITY of that stillness into QUANTITIES of parts and sets them flowing.” - Walter Russell


“Starting Point” - Hilma af Klint, 1920
Sun star *

The cardinal error of science lies in shutting the Creator out of His Creation. This one basic error topples the whole structure, for out of it all of the other misconceptions of light, matter, energy, electricity, magnetism and atomic structure have grown. If science knew what light actually is, instead of the waves and corpuscles of incandescent suns which science now thinks it is, a new civilization would arise from that one fact alone.“ - Walter Russell

“Today's civilization has advanced far in knowing HOW to deal with matter but we do not know WHAT matter is nor the WHY of it. Nor do we know what energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation and radiation are.” - Walter Russell

“For centuries, science has been searching for the WHY of things in matter and does not seem to realize that the WHY is not in matter at all, nor in space. Space is as much matter as planets are but of an opposite form, potential and purpose. There is something beyond the matter of galaxies and space which the senses cannot fathom but the consciousness can.” - Walter Russell

“For ages man has thought of matter as being substance. Posterity must learn to think of matter as motion only. All down the ages the mystics have affirmed that the universe is but illusion, and that there is no life, intelligence or substance in matter.“ - Walter Russell

Knowledge of CAUSE can never be acquired from motion. It can be acquired only from the Source of motion.” - Lao Russell

The purport of these writings is to illumine the road leading to eternal life by knowledge of the journey through illusion and back again to reality, taken by man in his repeated adventures in time, space and motion. In order to illumine the way it is first necessary to trace the simulations, reflections and illusions of the apparently many substances, forms and things back to their base in the reality of the One thing.” - Walter Russell

The two brain hemispheres are divided by the longitudinal fissure and centered by the singular (non-dual) primal eye (“pineal eye”).

“Do we meditate with our Mind or our brain? We meditate with our Mind. There is only one Mind which is God's Mind. God's Mind is the one KNOWER, the one THINKER. The reason you think that you have a separate Mind of your own is that the thoughts you think are the ones stored in your brain as memories of experience of your own body, or of your own thoughts. God's Mind motivates those thoughts which you think of as your own. You could not think except for the motivating power of desire in you.” - Walter and Lao Russell

“To rebuild new concepts of Nature's workings is not easy for you, nor is it easy for me to explain it simply. For you it requires great concentration, followed by much decentration. For me it needs the power to make simple for you that which seems inconceivably complex to you. I assure you, however, that when you finally arrive at full knowing of the basic simplicity of God's creative principle you will KNOW it in all of the simplicity in which I KNOW it. And it will transform YOU by its illumining as it transformed ME. The simplest of all stories is the hardest to tell when one has to tell it to the senses in words. This marvelous story we are telling you cannot be told to the senses in words. It can be told only by inspired Mind to reinspired Mind. It cannot be sensed. It must be KNOWN. The story is not in the lines of words, therefore, it is in the blank spaces between the lines. These you can read only AFTER your senses have seen the words. Pause, therefore, often enough for your Mind to read the blank spaces between the words so that you will awaken the KNOWING which lies dormant within the still Light of your Consciousness, instead of only the vibrant motion of your senses which know nothing, but can remember and repeat everything. Let the noise of your vibrating senses die down once in awhile and seek the silence from which that noise springs. In that way you can alone KNOW the great mystery which is being unfolded for you here in these pages, step by step, by taking one idea at a time and telling you about it as simply as possible.” - Walter Russell

This revelation of the nature of Light will be the inheritance of man in this coming New Age of greater comprehension. Its unfoldment will prove the existence of God by methods and standards acceptable to science and religion alike. It will lay a spiritual foundation under the present material one of science.” - Walter Russell

The undivided light of knowing is CAUSE. The divided light-waves of thinking idea into thought-bodies is EFFECT. Every EFFECT in this universe - every happening - every event and every experience takes place only between divided bodies which are oppositely conditioned.” - Walter Russell


“Thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the QUALITY of that stillness into QUANTITIES of parts and sets them flowing” - Walter Russell

Inspired man alone can create enduring things. To create we must first conceive. To conceive we must stop thinking and KNOW. All sensing must cease. There is no power in thinking. (…) We must become one with God to conceive idea in order to produce the form of that idea. A concept must precede its manifestation in form.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge is the foundation of man's concepts. Thinking transfers concepts into product.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge invites conception of idea in infinite variety.” - Walter Russell

The common music notation system has only a few different notes, but infinite possibilities for expressing musical ideas. Your knowledge seeks the musical expressions of: inspirational beauty, peace, consolement and other high principles.

The product of idea is not the idea it simulates. Idea is cosmic and cannot be produced in matter. Idea must be conceived in the Mind before it can be simulated as product. Conceptions belong solely to the magnetic God-Light and never become matter.” - Walter Russell

“A lever, for example, moving upon its fulcrum, expresses the idea of power by motion, but the idea of power is in the still fulcrum source of power. It is not in the moving lever. The lever would be both powerless and motionless if it did not have the fulcrum from which to extend the simulation of power. (…) The printed poem is not the idea expressed in the poem. That printed poem has no meaning to anyone whose intelligence is insufficient to reflect the idea from the composer's mind to his own. No idea of mind ever becomes matter.” - Walter Russell

“All things are answerable in light. The universe is a tonal one, a dimensionless universe of light. All nature is a series of orderly tonal periodicities of the One force, assembled into the complex idea of thinking Mind, and registered in light, or matter, or energy in interchanging potentials, all of which are variable, yet comprehensible and measurable states of motion of the One substance.” - Walter Russell

law of balance

The Law of Balance is the Law of Love upon which the universe is founded. This law is given to man for his coming renaissance of greater comprehension. It is, of all laws, the most inclusive and the most simple. It consists of but three words:


These three words are the very foundation of all our material existence, all phenomena of matter or interchange between humans, economically, socially and spiritually.” - Walter Russell

recursive Yin-Yang symbol

God is Love — unexpressed. God’s creation is Love expressed. God’s Love is changeless unity. God’s Creation is His imagined division of His unity into pairs of changing opposite units, multiplied to infinity, for the purpose of manifesting the power of love through interchange between opposite pairs.” - Walter Russell

God's only purpose in creating his whole universe of bodies is to express his one idea of love, as manifested by him in giving and regiving by every opposite mate in nature to every other opposite mate. This fact we must thoroughly understand. If we thoroughly understand it, we can then know that the solution of all of life's problems lies in our knowledge of how to manifest that love principle. That is all that life is for. We have just begun to learn its lessons. When we do understand it, we will then know what matter and motion IS – and why God created matter and motion. We will then understand that LOVE IS LAW – the one and only law in God's universe – the ONE DIVINE LAW. We will also realize that LOVE IS POWER – the only power in all the universe. With that knowledge we can use that POWER and command that LAW to work with us – for we will then know that God's LAW is our Law.“ - Walter Russell

Your whole purpose in life is to comprehend that law. You cannot fulfill God's law unless you do comprehend it. You cannot comprehend it unless you desire to comprehend it. You cannot fulfill your desire to command the law to work WITH you until you manifest your desire through action. There is no other way for you to command God's law to fulfill your desire than through the action of GIVING. The only lesson of your life is to learn how to GIVE.“ - Walter Russell

“The Dove” - Hilma af Klint, 1915

“The happiness, prosperity, peace and power that all mankind desires is summed up in the one word LOVE but neither of these can come to man until he knows how to express love by giving it and regiving it equally.“ - Walter Russell

“We are just reaching the point where we know that we hurt ourselves when we hurt another — that when we break God’s law, His law breaks us to an equal extent — that the Sermon on the Mount and the Golden Rule are not just good advice given abstractly to accept or reject as we choose, but that inviolate cosmic law lies behind them. We are just becoming aware that we must re-adjust all our human relations to conform to God’s law or perish periodically utter degradation of our hard built civilizations.“ - Walter Russell

All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.” - Gautama Buddha

Karma - we inevitably reap what we have sown. We are responsible for all our actions, past and present, and experience the consequences in our physical, mental and emotional state of health” - Randolph Stone

“As I understand it, karma means that whatever you do is electrically recorded in your seed for repetition in kind. When you break the law, the law beaks you to an equal extent at that precise moment — not the next moment. It starts immediately, even if it takes generations to void it.” - Walter Russell

“I know a time has gonna take it's toll
 We have to pay for the love we stole” - Percy Sledge (song)

“There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is LOVE. When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force. (…) This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.” - Albert Einstein (verification needed)

“There is one law; the law of reciprocity, which can be observed by a selfless conscience, together with a sense of awakened justice.“ - Inayat Khan

“The secret of harmonious human relations lies in a deeper understanding of rhythmic balanced interchange between opposite unbalanced halves of all transactions. Unbalance is necessary in order for interchange to take place, for without two unbalanced conditions motion could not take place at all. (…) The perpetuity of Creation is based upon the constant giving of one half of a cycle to the other half for the purpose of repeating the creative process through another cycle of giving for regiving. (…) Man’s ignorance of the Law of Love in personal and world relationships will not serve as an excuse to save him from disaster.“ - Walter Russell

“God will not “stop these cruel wars”, even though ten million people ask Him in prayer to stop them, unless the people who made them start stopping them with Him. God will never do for man what man should do for himself - nor will He work for man while man works against His One law.” - Lao Russell

That is the tragedy of man. It is his own self-made tragedy. Unbalance, based upon ignorance of the meaning of love is man's needless tragedy. Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposite conditions in this divided universe is the key to the attainment of man's greatest desires and highest aims – BUT HE HAS NOT YET LEARNED HOW TO USE IT. It is your responsibility to teach him how to use it – yours and ours. Aeons pass with love ever awaiting, but only a very few have arisen above the agony of awaiting and have been transformed through new knowing. That is why this simple story is so hard to tell – for the practices of man's aeons pull so hard toward the clay of him and the desires of his body that the very noise of its vibrant motion drowns out the ecstasy of the Inner Silent Voice which ever awaits the hearing of inner ears.“ - Walter Russell

“All down through the ages the whole of mankind has been uplifted just a little at a time by a very few who brought just one Message to their fellow man – the Message of Love. And each time that Message came into the world it was lifted up just a little – a very little at a time, but man in the mass has still not yet unfolded into the Light sufficiently to reverse his practice of taking and substitute GIVING, or replace sensing with KNOWING.“ - Walter Russell

[ more on the law of balance here ]

fulcrum of motion

a highly generative galactic system (”Hercules A”)

Creation is the imagined effect of a real cause. The cause is the desire of God to express His balanced, formless, changeless idea by dividing His idea into many parts, giving it many imagined forms, and setting those forms in motion to express the idea in sequences of changing events. Motion and effect only seem. They have no reality.“ - Walter Russell

The undivided and unconditioned light of Mind is an eternal state of rest. That invisible light of spirit is the equilibrium of absolute balance and absolute stillness, which is the foundation of the divided and pressure-conditioned universe of motion. In that light there is no change, no variance of condition, no form and no motion. Its the zero universe of reality. In it are all the Mind qualities of knowledge, inspiration, power, love, truth, balance and law, which are never created, but are simulated in moving quantities in the divided universe of moving waves which we call matter. The light of Mind is the zero fulcrum of the lever from which motion is projected. Its zero condition is eternal. The unfortunate error of science lies in assuming that the power which belongs solely to the fulcrum of Light-at-rest is in the motion of the lever which simulates that power.“ - Walter Russell

That still point of desire which motivates every body is eternally present in every body. It is the Soul which centers every body in the universe from giant star to a speck of dust on a butterfly's wing. Let me recall God's words, in reference to this thought, as written in His Message, “The Divine Iliad”. “For behold, I am in all things, centering them; and I am without all things, controlling them. But I am not those things which I center and control.”” - Walter Russell

The Self is within all, and it is without all.“ – Upanishads

The eight corner projectors of the universal radar broadcasting stations. (…) where motion begins its projection into space to simulate Mind-idea. (…) Nature is a series of echoes.” - Walter Russell

“All forms are thought-forms which appear, disappear and reappear forever. When one sees forms unfold from seed, and refold into seed, one sees all there is to see and to know. There is nothing else to know, for Mind is the seed of Creation from which all forms unfold from zero of invisibility to become visible for a time, before refolding into invisible Mind. That is all there is to all philosophy, all sciences and all mathematics.” - Lao Russell

Magnetism is the still Light of God which centers everything as its equilibrium. Wherever you can locate the source of magnetic light, you locate a position where God is in evidence — as in the magnetic poles or the center of gravity of the earth — or the sun — or the center of a shaft in an engine. All power and force is in the stillness of the center, but the power and force are manifested by motion around the center. The center never moves, but is all power. It is the vortex of electric whirlpools which we call cyclones. It centers the positive and negative parts of a wave as the wave fulcrum. Matter is wound up into dense spheres and unwound into space surrounding those spheres. It is wound up via the poles and unwound via the equator. The winding process is electric and the vortex at the poles manifests the cyclone principle.” - Walter Russell

This still fulcrum is thus the source of the holographic light projection of the universal One. It is described in Aborigal culture as Dreamtime. In Vedic culture as the satcitananda state of Brahman. In Daoist culture as wuji, meaning the “primordial universe”. In Jewish culture as Ein Sof. In Hellenic and Christian culture as the hypostasis. In modern philosophy as the Absolute. The ancient cultures knew of this primordial universe and its fundamental connection to the world of matter, but Walter Russell's cosmology now puts this knowing also into the realm of science.

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