“In vain we build the city if we do not also build the man.” - Edward Markham

need for self-reflection

Man lives in a bewildering complex world of EFFECT of which he knows not the CAUSE. Because of its seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity, he fails to vision the simple underlying principle of Balance in all things. He, therefore, complexes Truth until its many angles, sides and facets have lost balance with each other and with him.” - Walter Russell

Our comprehension of natural forces has increased so phenomenally out of proportion to our spiritual advancement that we are in danger of complete destruction of the human race. We are using new discoveries and skills to multiply our ability to kill for greed and power. Man’s desire for material advancement has so far exceeded his desire for spiritual advancement that the tremendous unbalance between the two will destroy both unless the desire for spiritual awareness overcomes the unbalance between the two desires.” - Walter Russell

We are deceived by the seeming advancement of science into believing that we are highly civilized. As long as we have not arrived at a point in which we know the nature of God sufficiently to know of our unity with our fellow man, to make it unthinkable to even hurt another, much less kill, rob or exploit him, we are still uncivilized barbarians. We are just reaching the point where we know that we hurt ourselves when we hurt another — that when we break God’s law, His law breaks us to an equal extent“ - Walter Russell

“Man commits a grave error when he collects data and findings piecemeal on a dead and fragmented nature and claims to “know,” “use,” or “conquer” nature. Because he starts off with misconceptions about nature and takes the wrong approach to understanding it, regardless of how rational his thinking, everything winds up all wrong.” - Masanobu Fukuoka.

“Man prides himself on being the only creature on earth with the ability to think. He claims to know himself and the natural world, and believes he can use nature as he pleases. He is convinced, moreover, that intelligence is strength, that anything he desires is within his reach. As he has forged ahead, making new advances in the natural sciences and dizzily expanding his materialistic culture, man has grown estranged from nature and ended by building a civilization all his own, like a wayward child rebelling against its mother. But all his vast cities and frenetic activity have brought him are empty, dehumanized pleasures and the destruction of his living environment through the abusive exploitation of nature. Harsh retribution for straying from nature and plundering its riches has begun to appear in the form of depleted natural resources and food crises, throwing a dark shadow over the future of mankind. Having finally grown aware of the gravity of the situation, man has begun to think seriously about what should be done. But unless he is willing to undertake the most fundamental self-reflection he will be unable to steer away from a path of certain destruction. Alienated from nature, human existence becomes a void, the wellspring of life and spiritual growth gone utterly dry. Man grows ever more ill and weary in the midst of his curious civilization that is but a struggle over a tiny bit of time and space.” - Masanobu Fukuoka

“Scientists envision domed cities of the future in which enormous heaters, air conditioners, and ventilators will provide comfortable living conditions throughout the year. They dream of building underground cities and colonies on the seafloor. But the city dweller is dying; he has forgotten the bright rays of the sun, the green fields, the plants and animals, and the sensation of a gentle breeze on the skin. Man can live a true life only with nature.” - Masanobu Fukuoka

Man has always deluded himself into thinking that he knows nature and is free to use it as he wishes to build his civilizations. But nature cannot be explained or expanded upon. As an organic whole, it is not subject to man’s classifications; nor does it tolerate dissection and analysis. Once broken down, nature cannot be returned to its original state. All that remains is an empty skeleton devoid of the true essence of living nature. This skeletal image only serves to confuse man and lead him further astray. Scientific reasoning also is of no avail in helping man understand nature and add to its creations. Nature as perceived by man through discriminating knowledge is a falsehood. Man can never truly know even a single leaf or a single handful of earth. Unable to fully comprehend plant life and soil, he sees these only through the filter of human intellect.” - Masanobu Fukuoka

“Even if scientists change the living and nonliving as they please and create new life, the fruits and creations of human knowledge can never exceed the limits of the human intellect. In the eyes of nature, actions that arise from human [surface mind / intellectual] knowledge are all futile. All is arbitrary delusion created by the false reasoning of man in a world of relativity. Man has learned and achieved nothing. He is destroying nature under the illusion that he controls it. Casting and befouling himself as a plaything, he is bringing the earth to the abyss of annihilation.” - Masanobu Fukuoka

Man is sick en masse, and the sickness is rooted in his structure, a structure which, for some reason, has become biologically rigid. This rigidity is shown primarily by a chronic muscular tension which [Wilhelm] Reich called armor. Armor affects most of the human race throughout all the continents. The variations in type and degree of armoring are legion, but almost every human being is armored to some extent. The effect of armor is to block or restrict the flow of orgone energy in the body, and in consequence, to block or limit the emotion rooted in this energy flow. Armor limits the capacity to experience and express deep feeling. It destroys the capacity for a natural sexuality, the most intense pleasurable emotion. The armor shapes the character and mentality; it affects how people think, including how scientists think. Armor is the cause of psychosis, of crime, of fascism and of other political irrationality. It is the root of contradiction between mechanism and mysticism, which is so important to understanding resistance to the orgone energy concept. Our civilization is rooted in mystical religion and mechanistic science. These together comprise the principal intellectual forces in the world we live in. Both of these forces are products of armored man. Reich has said that mankind is ruled by a contradictory and murderous mixture of machines and gods, by which he meant the mystical forces of religion and the mechanistic forces of science. The mechanist armors himself in such a way that he cuts off his perception of and his contact with his own deepest nature. He becomes rigid and limited in his thought processes. He develops a mechanical concept of nature and becomes deterministic in his view of causality. He tends to think compulsively and has a deep-seated fear of the alive, the free, the spontaneously moving, the unpredictable, the deeply emotional. The mechanistic scientist reacts against orgone energy functions because they correspond to exactly that portion of nature that he has armored against. For this reason, the mechanist forms a mechanical view of creation and of life. The [pseudo] mystic, by contrast, is not completely cut off from his nature (…), but has distorted this contact because of his armor. The [pseudo] mystic is capable of achieving some great insights because he is in partial contact with his deepest nature; still his contact, especially his contact with his own body, is distorted, and in most cases, deeply distorted. The [pseudo] mystic tends to split off bodily love from the mental, the “spiritual”, and often to become ascetic and anti-sexual. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all, because it contributes the most to reproducing armor in the young.” - C.R. Kelley

This highly technical world of many skills is very much more the result of great cleverness in the assembling of observed effects of motion than it is the result of knowledge. When the world begins to acquire knowledge it will show the effects of it in human relations instead of chemical and metallurgical relations. The human race has not yet acquired sufficient knowledge to know the law which makes it possible for man to live with man–or to know the relation of woman to man. It is too concerned with the application of the many physical laws to the relation of physical matter to give thought to God's one and only law that governs spiritual relations. World desire for knowing what holds the atom together has only an economical and material basis. Such knowledge “would be worth untold millions” in new machines and comforts for man. That is the basis of world desire for knowledge. It has only a money value. Its spiritual value has not yet entered into human consciousness. For that very reason God will not let man have that knowledge, and man will never find it while he seeks in the wrong direction. Actually the answer is right before man's eyes but he does not recognize it while his eyes have outer vision alone. When inner vision comes through inner thinking he will then recognize it in all its simplicity. All who have arrived at the Cosmic Mind state know what holds the atom together, and they do not need cyclotrons to tell them that secret of the invisible universe. Knowledge of CAUSE can never be acquired from motion. It can be acquired only from the Source of motion.” - Lao Russell

“People have placed their faith inappropriately in so many things that they cannot imagine change on a great scale. People have faith in technology, thinking that technology will solve all the problems that technology creates and that people create. It will be a new gadget or a new source of energy, and everything will be fine. You will just transition into the next energy paradigm, with a little discomfort and a little uncertainty along the way. People think that technology is now their god. Technology will provide for them and save them, giving them stability, wealth and power. Technology will be overwhelmed by the Great Waves of change. New technology will have to be developed, but it alone cannot save people. The power of nature will always overwhelm technology. This is a lesson that has been forgotten by people living in modern times. The marvels of technology have given you many conveniences and have provided medicines that have saved people’s lives. But in the face of the Great Waves of change, this technology may not be available. It may not be produced to meet new needs. It will not be available to everyone. And in certain cases it will be inadequate. - M.V. Summers

“Technology is not the answer… In project after project…information technology amplified the intent and capacity of human and institutional stakeholders, but it didn’t substitute for their deficiencies.” - K. Toyama (Microsoft research director)

Technology alone will not be an answer. There must be human recognition, courage and unity. Technology will only be a tool to help you, but without this recognition, this courage and this unity, technology will only hasten your demise.” - M.V. Summers

tragedy of techno-cultures

“The danger of computers becoming like humans is not as great as the danger of humans becoming like computers.” - Konrad Zuse

“Human spirituality is eroding away in the world, the true nature of human spirituality. The deeper nature of each person is becoming ever more remote as your societies become increasingly technological and secular. The divisions between religions are so severe and so damaging, even the divisions within religions, they will add a great deal to human conflict and suffering in the future, as they are now.” - M.V. Summers

Never assume that technological advancement leads to spiritual awareness, for in most cases it goes in the opposite direction. As evolving races begin to develop technology, or to receive technology from the outside, they begin to experience tremendous power over their environments. They are able to generate wealth and privileges, to gain access to new resources and to have new kinds of possessions. This is the fixation of the mind, but it is not of interest to Knowledge within them, which becomes silent and latent within them, as other goals and other gods are sought.” - M.V. Summers

“The needs of life are fundamental everywhere. Advanced technology does not relieve you of these needs entirely and in fact can escalate them tremendously. Do you think that great technological societies in the universe are not desperate for resources, resources that now they cannot create themselves but must trade for and negotiate for, from far, far away? They have lost their self-determination. They are controlled now by the very networks of trade upon which they depend.” - M.V. Summers

“The need for resources is experienced everywhere, and many technological societies have outstripped their world’s natural resources and must trade, barter and travel to gain what they need. It is a very complicated situation. Many alliances are formed and conflicts do occur.” - M.V. Summers

Humanity has great strengths. You have not lost your connection to the deeper Knowledge that exists within each person. You have not become a regimented, secular, technological society, which are so common in the universe. You have not lost your freedom or your greater sensibilities entirely, though that is being threatened with each passing day.” - M.V. Summers

It seems most alien civilizations have taken the path of a materialistic, technocratic and likely also male-dominated evolution. These techno-cultures have evolved away from: personal freedom and responsibility, experiential spirituality, allowing the full spectrum of emotions, true creativity with natural learning, natural sexuality, natural nutrition, natural sleep, natural healing, nature farming and other deeper aspects of intelligent life societies.

These cultures have become strict pyramidal technocracies that function much like complex, programmable machines. Such a technocratic dystopia is hard to recognize by a being that has been genetically engineered, selected and conditioned into the small spectrum of allowed behaviour, emotions and thoughts for its designed role in the larger society. Only the experience of its deeper self can then expose this unnatural social conditioning and the stressful, fear-based culture resulting from that conditioning.

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wisdom-driven technology

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” - John Lasseter

Ensō painting - Kobori Jotai

Knowledge is the foundation of man's concepts. Thinking transfers concepts into product. The quality of man's product depends upon the degree of awareness of his knowledge and not upon the quality, quantity or intensity of his thinking.” - Walter Russell

“Love, Balance, Beauty and Truth are ONE in Me. When man knoweth Love, Balance, Beauty and Truth in Light of Me, and hath My Ecstasy, he shall have My all-knowing and think My knowing into thought forms to create My universe of imaged forms with Me.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Man’s comprehension has been limited to the range of his senses. Man is now unfolding beyond the range of material sensing in the direction of cosmic knowing. Science is doing this for him. Science is slowly, but surely, verifying the personal God of man’s demanding and identifying the invisible, spiritual Personal Being of man with the invisible, spiritual Personal Being of God. Science is thus replacing man’s abstract god of faith and belief with a dynamic God of law and order whom man KNOWS. The abstract god of faith and belief is the direct cause of man’s many religions, for abstractions have bred many concepts of God, where knowledge can conceive but the ONE. Faith and belief are the shield of ignorance. The message of the Divine Iliad is to build a scientific comprehension of the nature of God and man’s unity with God — in order that mankind may unfold in the direction of its ultimate goal of cosmic awareness of the Light rather than refold by descending into the terrors of another deep and long dark age.” - Walter Russell

The advancement of science and technology alone will lead you away from the power and presence of Knowledge. Only if science and technology are in service to Knowledge, Knowledge being the prime motivation for the cultivation of science and technology, can they be truly beneficial. It is the motivation that matters. And this motivation either comes from the [surface] mind or from the deeper mind of Knowledge within you.” - M.V. Summers

In the Greater Community technology is not the prize. Power is not the prize. Advantage is not the prize. Domination is not the prize. The prize is Knowledge and Wisdom. This is fulfillment. And this is what you need in the world right now.” - M.V. Summers

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