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“Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for the meat which endureth unto everlasting life” - Jesus
“Not of an age, but for all time“ - Ben Jonson


"O Vis Aeternitatis", Hildegard von Bingen (performance by Sequentia)

We are all seeking that oneness and we are all seeking separateness in individuality, forever and forever.” - Walter Russell

“Our energies are constantly going outward, seeking in things the thrills and satisfaction which are not there. It is but a mirage. Only the very highest Universal Source really has what we seek and crave. So, after maturity of years, after aeons of wanderings and sufferings, the soul finally is convinced of this fact (…)” - Randolph Stone

Eternity never ends. It is the process which is meaningful because it allows us to savor the experience and express ourselves and to learn.” - hypnosis subject (interviewed by Michael Newton)

“Time is not an important factor in the endless process of Nature's working. It is the process that is important (…)” - Randolph Stone

“(…) my subjects tell me that in the spirit world no soul is looked down upon as having less value than any other soul. We are all in a process of transformation to something greater than our current state of enlightenment. Each of us is considered uniquely qualified to make some contribution toward the whole, no matter how hard we are struggling with our lessons.” - Michael Newton

I found the place where we go after death to be one of order and direction, and I have come to appreciate that there is a grand design to life and afterlife.” - Michael Newton

“Carpe Aeternitatem” (seize eternity)

spirit world

“the principle of life units” - Martinus Thomsen

Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing universe which but manifests change, though I change not, nor move. For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Your Soul is your [focal point of] Mind. (…) Mind created all things so Mind centers all things it creates. Mind creates many different ideas into body forms, however, and each idea has a different pattern. Your Soul governs the pattern of the idea of man. You unfold from your Soul into the body of a man. Then you refold into your Soul to again be born as the pattern of a man.” - Lao Russell

The difficulty of thinking of a multitude of Souls as being separate Souls for each body might disappear by relating the idea of separate waves of the ocean to the source of all its waves. There is but one body of water in the ocean, but there are countless waves. The waves are many, but they are that one ocean. Likewise, there is but One Universal Mind, but all of its divided units are that One Mind. Also there are billions of cells in your body, but they are your one body.” - Lao Russell

“In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.” - Jesus

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cluster groups


soul groups

Soul groups range between three and twenty-five members, with the average having about fifteen. There are times when souls from nearby cluster groups may want to connect with each other. Often this activity involves older souls who have made many friends from other groups with whom they have been associated over hundreds of past lives.” - Michael Newton

primary soul group


secondary soul groups



Our primary soulmate is our eternal partner but we have other souls in our primary cluster group who can be called soulmates. Essentially, they are our soul companions. These souls have differences in character and a variety of talents which complement each other, as my case histories illustrate. Within this cluster group there is usually an inner circle of souls who are especially close to us, and they play important support roles in our lives and we do the same thing for them. This number varies but the average client has from three to five souls in their inner circle. Although the companion souls in a cluster group started together, they do have different rates of development. This has as much to do with drive and motivation as talent. Each soul does possess certain strengths that their companions can draw upon during group incarnations. As the group gets smaller, many go off into different specializations but they do not lose contact with each other.” - Michael Newton

primary soulmate

“A primary, or principal soulmate is frequently in our life as a closely bonded partner. This partnership may be our spouse, brother or sister, a best friend, or occasionally a parent. No other soul is more important to us than a primary soulmate and when my subjects describe lives with these souls as their mates most will say their existence is enriched beyond measure. (…) Primary, or true, soulmates exist to help one another achieve goals.” - Michael Newton


“I have never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal guide. Some guides are more in evidence than others during hypnosis sessions. (…) The recognition of these spiritual teachers brings people into the company of a warm, loving creative power. Through our guides, we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul. Guides are figures of grace in our existence because they are part of the fulfillment of our destiny. Guides are complex entities, especially when they are master guides. The awareness level of the soul determines to some extent the degree of advancement of the guide assigned to them. In fact, the maturity of a particular guide also has a bearing on whether these teachers have only one student or many under their direction. Guides at the senior level of ability and above usually work with an entire group of souls in the spirit world and on earth. These guides have other entities who assist them.” - Michael Newton


“There are degrees of heavenly light in souls; Prophets and Saints have shown the path they trod, Its starting points and stages, halts and goals, All leading to the single end in God. Love will not let his faithful servants tire, Immortal Beauty draws them on and on From glory unto glory drawing nigher At each remove and loving to be drawn. When Truth shines out words fail and nothing tell; Now hear the Voice within your hearts.” - Rumi

soul levels


soul colors

soul colors - Michael Newton

see also: redshift and blueshift

“I routinely question everyone about their color hues while they are in trance. Aside from the general whiteness of the spirit world itself, my subjects report seeing a majority of other souls displaying shades of white. Apparently, a neutral white or gray is the starting point of development. Spirit auras then mix the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue from a base of white. A few people see greenish hues mixed with yellow or blue.” - Michael Newton

“One aspect of understanding the dynamics of cluster groups is the identification of each soul by color. (…) The basic core colors of white, yellow and blue generated by souls are the major markers of their growing development. As their light waves take on deeper hues from light to dark during advancement, they become less scattered and have greater focus in their vibrational motion. The transition is slow and there is much spilling over of color tints as souls develop. Because of this it is restrictive to lay down hard definitive rules about color transmission.” - Michael Newton

“For want of a better system, I have classified soul development as moving from a level I beginner through various learning stages to that of a master at level VI. These greatly advanced souls are seen as having a deep indigo color. I have no doubt even higher levels exist, but my knowledge of them is restricted because I only receive reports from people who are still incarnating.” - Michael Newton

“When healers identify color auras around human beings, these colors are largely reflections of physical manifestations. (…) Certainly, there are correlations between the soul mind and our bodies, but physical and mental health are the prime determinants in human auras.” - Michael Newton


“Cosmic womb” - F. Rassouli

“Behold, I make all things new.” - Jesus

Man is a trinity of spirit, soul and body. Spirit is the source or God-life of man from which all proceeds. Soul is spirit in action, and embraces all that is recognized as individual, personal existence.” - Alice Stockham

“Dr. N: And where do you think these newer souls come from? Subject: (pause) From the divine egg — the womb of creation — spun out like silken thread … and then taken to the nursery mothers.” - Michael Newton

“Subject: Yes, the new soul is pure energy with no real Self yet. The World Without Ego provides you with a signature. Dr. N: Then why do you call it the World Without Ego? Subject: Because the newly created souls arrive with no ego. The idea of Self has not come into the new soul's consciousness. It is here where the soul is offered meaning to its existence.” - Michael Newton

My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy from this intense, pulsating bluish, yellow and white light. The pulsations send out hailstorms of soul matter. Some fall back and are reabsorbed, but I continued outward and was being carried along in a stream with others like me. The next thing I knew, I was in a bright enclosed area with very loving beings taking care of me. I remember being in a nursery of some sort where we were like unhatched eggs in a beehive. When I acquired more awareness, I learned I was in the nursery world of Uras. I don't know how I got there. I was like an egg in embryonic fluid waiting to be fertilized and I sensed there were many other cells of young lights who were coming awake with me. There was a group of mothers, beautiful and loving, who … pierced our membrane sacs and opened us. There were swirling currents of intense, nurturing lights around us and I could hear music. My awareness began with curiosity. Soon I was taken from Uras and joined other children in a different setting. – The most revealing reports about soul nurseries come my way only infrequently from a very few highly advanced subjects. These are the specialists known as Incubator Mothers.” - summary of hypnosis subject reports (from Michael Newton)

“The newly arrived ones are conveyed as small masses of white energy encased in a gold sac. They move slowly in a majestic, orchestrated line of progression toward us. (…) the nursery itself is a vast emporium without seeming to be limited by outside dimensions. The new souls have their own incubator cells where they stay until their growth is sufficient to be moved away from the emporium.” - hypnosis subject (from Michael Newton)

“Subject: We dry the new soul's … wet energy, so to speak. I can't really explain all this well in human language. It's a form of hugging new white energy. (…) Through us — not from us — comes a life force of all-knowing love and knowledge. What we pass on with our vibrations during the drying of new energy is … the essence of a beginning — a hopefulness of future accomplishment. The mothers call it… “the love hug.” This involves instilling thoughts of what they are and what they can become. When we enfold a new soul in a love hug it infuses this being with our understanding and compassion.” - Michael Newton

The grand scheme for the newborn soul starts slowly. Once they are released from the nursery, these souls do not enter into incarnations, nor are they even formed into soul groups right away.” - Michael Newton

“Before I was assigned to my soul group and began coming to Earth, I remember being given the opportunity to experience a semi-physical world as a light form. It was more a mental world than physical because my surroundings were not completely solid and there was no biological life. I saw other young souls with me and we could move easily around the ground as luminous bulbs with a semblance of the human form. We were not doing — just being — and getting the feel of what it would be like to be solid. Although the setting was more astral than temporal, we were learning to communicate with each other as beings living in a community. We had no responsibilities. There was a Utopian atmosphere of tremendous love, security and protection everywhere. (…) Soon we would exist in a world where we would not be protected, in places where we would have memories of pain and loneliness — and pleasure too — and that these experiences are the teaching memories.” - hypnosis subject (by Michael Newton)

(for more on this topic see: destiny of souls: soul birthing)


“The being told me each planet has a theme for learning and any of them can be chosen by a soul when we are between physical lives. He said we practice on the other planets to be ready to live on Gaia. He said Gaia is the ultimate experience for a soul. It is ultimate because our souls evolve faster here than anywhere else.” - NDE report


“When the wounds of a past life are healed and we are again totally at one with ourselves, we feel the pull of having a physical expression for our identity.” - Michael Newton

“All things return to their source”
- Walter Russell

”The essential purpose of reincarnation is self improvement.” - Michael Newton

“Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual.” - Edgar Cayce

”As the day disappears only to reappear in its proper periodic interval, so must man reappear. All appearances and disappearances are periodic. Also are all reappearances periodic. Appearances and disappearances are but moving points in the cycle of Mind.” - Walter Russell

”You must learn to think of the negative body as the thought-body – or thought-record of the material body. And you must learn to think of your thought-body in space as the reversed opposite of yourself. You must learn to think of loved ones who have 'passed on' – and all things else which have had material bodies – as but having interchanged from their positive to their negative counterparts – or from their material body to their thought-body.” - Walter Russell

“When one has been born and has died many times, expecting extinction with each death, and when this experience is followed by the realization that existence still continues, then a sense of the divine comedy enters in.” - Seth (via Jane Roberts)

“It means much to have loved, to have been happy, to have laid my hand on the living Garden, even for a day.” - J.L. Borges


“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” - S. Kierkegaard

“Man's soul is but the memory of the evolving idea of man. Out of the soul, the body is again born. The soul is but the record of man's thinking. (…) The soul of man contains a complete and exact record of every action and reaction of thinking man.” - Walter Russell

He who walks toward the Light through right action writes new lines of Light upon his Soul, but he who walks toward the dark takes on the dark, and no Light is there in him. Hear thou Me when I say that man writes his own record of his thinking, and his acting, in his own immortal Soul; and that which man writes there will be repeated in the patterened seed of the reborning of that man unto eternity.” - the Universal One (via Walter Russell)

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“Dante's Paradise” - Gustave Doré

“To die, to sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there's the rub, For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause.” - William Shakespeare

“Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.” - Walt Whitman

“A man matures at about forty, which is about one half of his cycle. During all of that period of time he is growing stronger and is more vital. From that moment, however, he begins to die. His genero-active maximum is reached and his radioactive period begins. He may still grow stronger in body but his cells are dying faster than he can keep them regenerated. When he is about eighty death has caught up with the power which charges bodies into life.” - Walter Russell

“In death the soul withdraws the mind and all its energies and senses upward to the optic thalamus, and leaves from there, as an energy radiation, through the top of the head - through the same path of the fontanels through which the energy (soul) entered the body while in the mother's womb. At death, all connections with the nerve centers of the body are broken. The soul's energies are withdrawn from the extremities first, and these become cold and rigid. From the lower nerve centers or chakras upward, the soul gathers its energies and retires upward and inward to the brain. From the brain it leaves the body, like a radiant light. Any one who has attended a dying person, if he is at all sensitive, could be aware of this.” - Randolph Stone

Death is a life period of sleep for total bodily regeneration, just as the daily sleep is for partial bodily regeneration. Regeneration of the soul is reincarnation of the body.” - Walter Russell

“There is no death, however, for the living tree still lives in its Soulseed and will again emerge from its invisible Soul to again live as the mighty visible oak. Death is always balanced with life. As one ceases the other becomes.” - Lao Russell

“Thus all things altered. Nothing dies. And here and there the unbodied spirit flies.” - Ovidius Naso

“You would know the secret of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life.” - Kahlil Gibran

“And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.” - Kahlil Gibran


”(…) homecoming can take place in two types of settings. A few souls might briefly meet a returning soul at the gateway and then leave in favor of a guide who takes them through some preliminary orientation. More commonly, the welcoming committee waits until the soul actually returns to their spirit group. This group may be isolated in a classroom, gathered around the steps of a temple, sitting in a garden, or the returning soul could encounter many groups in a study hall atmosphere.“ - Michael Newton

“Many of my clients speak about being in research library settings soon after rejoining their soul groups. I have come to accept the idea that it is a standard learning imperative that we begin to study our past lives in depth right away.” - Michael Newton


”(…) after souls arrive back into their soul groups, they are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders. While the Council is not prosecutorial, they do engage in direct examination of a soul's activities before returning them to their groups. It is not unusual for my subjects to have some difficulty providing me with full details of what transpires at these hearings, and I am sure these blocks are intentional.“ - Michael Newton

Every aspect of a life is dissected, even to the extent of reverse role playing in the group, to bring greater awareness. By the time souls reach the intermediate levels they begin to specialize in those major areas of interest where certain skills have been demonstrated.” - Michael Newton


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“There comes that time in a soul's existence when it is ready to move away from its primary soul group. (…)” - Michael Newton


Moksha marks an end to the earthly sojourn, but it may also be understood as a beginning, not unlike graduation from university.” - *



Perfection (noun): an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept“ - dictionary

“Siddhashila is an area in Jain cosmology at the apex of the universe, which is where (…) people with infinite knowledge, go after they die and attain moksha. Such people are called siddhas after they discard their mortal body (…).” - wikipedia

“The soul that has infinite knowledge, infinite vision or wisdom, infinite power, infinite bliss, without name, without association to any caste, infinite life span and without any change is God.” - Jain verse



“All things perish, Truth alone remains.” - Upanishads


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