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[edit] Intro

[edit] Numbers

[edit] 3

  • "M" as the number 3

[edit] √3

  • Various notes:
    • Approximation: 1.7320508075688772935
    • See also:
      • video: "Geometry of Life" (part 1-4)
        • "Pytagors in 3D is: d²=a³+b²+c² -> be a=crystal length -> L=three dimensional diagonal -> L²=a²+a²+a²=3a² -> L=a sqrt(3). The three appear from three dimensions." [8]

[edit] 4

[edit] 5

[edit] 6

[edit] 7

  • Various notes:
  • 7 days of the week: sun-day, moon-day, (Norwegian "Tyr") Mars-day, Woden-day (Mercury), Thor-day, Fri-day (free-day, Venus), Saturn-day

[edit] 8

[edit] 9

  • The number 9 in occultism is known to be a "selfish" number. That is because if you multiply the number 9 by any other number and then add the total numbers to each other (this is called the Digital root ) you always get 9.
    • 9 x 9 = 81: 8+1=9
    • 9 x 13 = 117: 1 + 1 + 7 = 9
    • 21,273 x 9 = 191,457: 1+9+1+4+5+7=27: 2+7=9

[edit] 10

[edit] 11

  • Various notes:
  • 11:11 (numerology)
    • While many website will make up or invent or calculate any possible relationship for the number 11:11, this is truly a New Age number, as many people have come up with many theories regarding this number, when in fact it has all to do with the Dec. 21 2012. This will be the time of the Solstice on December 21st 2012.
  • Usage of the 11 in the occult history:
    • 1918 – World War I ends: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car outside of Compiègne in France. The war officially stops at 11:00 (The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month) this is annually honoured with two-minutes of silence.

[edit] 12

[edit] 13

  • Various notes:
    • devine number 12 + 1 (representing "divinity", or "the creator" overlooking the creation)
    • Friday the 13th - "... the superstition derived from the massacre of the Knights Templar on Friday October 13, 1307. King Philip IV of France ordered the destruction of the Templars, after having claimed that they were engaged in heretical practices."

[edit] 22

[edit] 33

  • Various notes:
    • 3 parts of ~33.33% makes a whole ==> the 3 main city states make the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic fascist empire?
    • Supposedly there are only 33 masonic degrees, in which the last 33rd degree is only granted to a mason that made a grand 'fascistic empire contribution'.

[edit] 72

  • The number 72 can be found in most cultures, especially those whose history or religion were influenced by stellar observations. The pole star, or North star, of earth changes slightly every year. It is almost unnoticeable, except by cultures who have kept long term records of the movements of the stars. This led to the discovery of the precession of the equinox which completes a full "year" and returns to it's starting point in around 25,920 years. One degree or 1/360 of this cycle is 72 years long. [9]

[edit] 77

Meridian hill park
Meridian hill park

[edit] 142

[edit] 151

[edit] 216

  • 6x6x6 (6 cubed)
  • "Who knows the number of the Beast? I do. 216 (6×6x6 - or 6 cubed). Nazi general Goebbels even wanted to mandate the concert pitch tuning of ALL music INTERNATIONALLY to 440hz A notation. Why? Because it used to be 432hz. A sacred number involving the Pythagorean Brotherhood, Gematria, Geomancy, the Precession of the Equinoxes, and eclipse prediction cycles, let alone astrological understanding of FRICKING CLIMATE CHANGE. Hmmmmmmm again. 432 is 216 multiplied by 2; the Greeks and Asians and Indians and Egyptians (Afrikaans) and Tibetans all revered that number. So did the Maya (along with the numbers 72 and 144). Guess who the Vatican smashed most of? ALL OF EM." [10]

[edit] 432

[edit] 666

The Vicarius Filii Dei one of the pope's titles [7]
The Vicarius Filii Dei one of the pope's titles [7]

  • Statues
    • Statue of Freedom
      • "The bronze Statue of Freedom by Thomas Crawford is the crowning feature of the dome of the United States Capitol. The statue is a classical female figure of Freedom wearing flowing draperies. Her right hand rests upon the hilt of a sheathed sword; her left holds a laurel wreath of victory and the shield of the United States with thirteen stripes. Her helmet is encircled by stars and features a crest composed of an eagle's head, feathers, and talons, a reference to the costume of Native Americans. A brooch inscribed "U.S." secures her fringed robes. She stands on a cast-iron globe encircled with the words E Pluribus Unum, the national motto at the time of her placement atop the dome. The lower part of the base is decorated with fasces and wreaths. Ten bronze points tipped with platinum are attached to her headdress, shoulders, and shield for protection from lightning. The bronze statue stands 19 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 15,000 pounds. Her crest rises 288 feet above the east front plaza." [12]
      • "She stands 19 feet 6 inches, which works out to 6 + 6 + 6 feet, and 6 + 6 + 6 inches. Persephone was placed on the Dome of the Capitol on December 2, 1863 in the middle of the Civil War. The event was marked by a salute of 47 gunshots as a tribute to John Carroll, the Jesuit bishop who had put Washington D.C. under Mary's protection. (John Carroll had died 47 years earlier on December 3, 1816.) The statue of Persephone (supposedly Mary) was placed on the Dome 47 years after John Carroll's last day on earth." [13]
    • The Statue of the fallen angel in Madrid
      • It was realized in 1877 by Ricardo Bellver by order of Duke Fernán Núñez [14][15] and in the place that now receives its name: the Place of the Fallen Angel in 1885. In the National Exhibition of 1878, this statue received the first prize. A curiosity is that it is exactly 666 meters above the level of the sea.
      • Fuente del Ángel Caído
      • Category:Ricardo Bellver

[edit] Intertwined 666

[edit] 911

[edit] Literature