“from state indoctrination to cosmic fascination”

quartz crystal

The Wikischool project is my ongoing dedication at condensing a crystal seed of simple, but essential truths which are helping to inspire and balance me - physically, mentally and soulfully.

A crystallization starting point from which other people may also find and grow the knowledge of themselves. A state where we may see ourselves more clearly - and to know Life is much more than what mainstream culture is trying to convince us of.

It is not about the amount of interesting topics, it is about the awakening of our own inner-resonance with knowledge, peace and ecstasy. Then we can use that inner-guidance to learn how to live a beautiful, harmonious life of responsible freedom. This is our shared desire and mission!

We are only at the beginning of this Human journey. There is a long, hard road ahead of us, but it is a road we need in order to get real. A re-crystallization of our collective world-image into something more natural, more cosmic, more mystical, more true, more peaceful, more loving, more beautiful. The mystery of Life is what we all are. The Dream (come true) is what we are collectively making, especially when we each live our life's purpose as good as possible.

Try not to get too caught up in the life of avoidance and distractions. Physical life is too short and precious for that. If you feel that is too difficult, start by making very small, everyday improvements to your way of living. Get the daily basics of sleeping, cleansing, eating and body motion right first. Then look honestly at possible sexual and financial overspending, as these can be strong energy-leaks and potential-reducers. Lower the non-functional, daily stresses you experience and your negative reactions to them (sadness, lust, greed, insecurity, anxiety, depression, hatred, desperation). Slowly you will start to feel more empowered, energized and attentive. Keep going from there and accept any setbacks as temporary roadblocks, by which you can always learn even more about yourself.

Don't condemn yourself for your follies or those of others hurting you. Let love overcome, however long it may take. Love is your power - THE POWER. Hate is just your self-denial of that power. Be constructive: Use your energy for the good and for the defense from the bad. Don't push yourself too hard, leave space for relaxation and enjoyment. Life is an experiential process, not an end goal. You are the dreamer and the dream.

Become crystal pure, harmonize your love energy with others and do your magic!

- Jama Poulsen

notes of gratitude

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