from state indoctrination to cosmic fascination” - Walden



notes of gratitude

  • To my mother and her partner, bless their tremendous heart.
  • To my Great Love, bless her empathy, beauty and joy bringing.
  • To my family, bless their enduring love and support.
  • To my friends, bless their kindness and wisdom.
  • To Walter and Lao Russell for giving Humanity a much needed universal cosmology that finally unifies spirituality and science.
  • To Marshall Vian Summers for receiving and re-giving a new and timely sacred message for Humanity, and especially for giving confirmation and clarity about the alien intrusion.
  • To Masanobu Fukuoka for his nature farming pioneering. In due time Humanity will realize just how damaging and short-sighted our agriculture, forestry and water management have been.
  • To Randolph Stone for giving an holistic synthesis of the natural healing arts.
  • To John Humphrey Noyes, Alice Bunker Stockham, John William Lloyd and others for giving humanity a simple but profound natural sexuality practice named Karezza. It gets to the heart of tantra without the mystifying cultural jargon. In due time Humanity will realize what Human love is really capable of.
  • To Michael Newton for his inspiring, out-of-this-world soul life research. You have more family and friends than you may think!
  • To Eric Jon Phelps for his Vatican and Jesuits conspiracy research. An essential part to understanding Humanities long history of social conditioning and massive conflicts.
  • To Bill Cooper for his conspiracy research and especially his radio broadcasts.
  • To the open web, free software (open source) and open data community for giving access to global, decentralized communication technologies.
  • To everyone else who is working towards ever more honesty, compassion and courage - in both the inner and outer realm: Peace, love and learning! Be good and do good!
  • And to the rest: Thanks for the formidable challenge in the eternal adventure game of life. Bless your long path towards knowing the universal One within you.