natural healing

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” - Hippocrates


Life is a mystery. It is a spiritual essence of energy. The outflowing breath of the Infinite One, the Unknown Creator of all, is the centrifugal energy in Life in general.” - Randolph Stone

Health is not merely of the body. It is the natural expression of the body, mind and soul when they are in rhythm with the One Life. (…) a result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body of that individual. Such a person radiates peace and happiness, and everyone in his presence automatically feels happy and contented. If we really want health, we must be willing to work for it, the same as we do for wealth, education or any accomplishment in life. And those who seek health, truth and love will find it, if they devote themselves to it with zest and a purpose that never waivers. We become that which we contemplate.” - Randolph Stone

It is health, which enables man to be material as well as spiritual. Its lack robs him of materiality as well as of spirituality.” - Inayat Khan

At the very core of the search for true health lies essential question of what life is for. What is our personal goal, in terms of the use we make of this body and mind - and what is the purpose of the divine gift of this human life? What is life for, if it is not to make an effort to achieve a higher realization of consciousness? A realization of the soul (…) ” - Randolph Stone

If we form the habit of daily eating and drinking only for health - physical, mental and spiritual - we will find a growing sense of well-being, accompanied by the energy and happiness that comes when one is no longer bound by cravings and appetites. (…)” - Randolph Stone

Every illness of man is both mental and physical, simultaneously. There is no ill of man which is just of body alone - or just Mind alone.” - Lao Russell

“Don't feel its all over just because you are sick. Illness is normal, too. It's a beneficial twist in the process of your life.” - Sheng Yen

All true and natural healing is done by means of POLARIZATION. Merely adjusting one area does not establish polarity balance. It only stimulates or inhibits. All extremity tensions and lack of vital flow or circulation must be linked again to the source of supply and balanced in function with the positive pole.” - Randolph Stone


The greatest ill among men is ignorance of god.” - Hermes Trismegistus
Only God and nature cures.” - Randolph Stone

The soul-mind covers the range from God to the focus point of Mind - called the soul - hosted in the human body.

(todo: meditation, discovering and valuing self-knowledge, spiritual serendipity-inspiration-awakening-inclination, spiritual connection, spiritual purpose & mission exploration, shamanism & entheogens, artistic ecstasy & fulfillment)

  • input: inspiration, knowledge, imagination, ideation, conceptualization
  • processing: union, self-love, self-knowledge, honesty, compassion, courage
  • output: peace, love, happiness, wisdom, life mission, social relations


“As we think, so we are” - James Allen

Energy flows where attention goes” - S.K. King

Man is ill because he is never still.” - Paracelsus

The mind-body covers the range of sensed awareness and its opto-electro-chemical, neuronic signalling to and within functional cell clusters (and individual cells).

“Mind (prana) and emotions are fine physical substances and are just as real as gross physical matter.” - Randolph Stone

”(…) it appears that through the use of images, the brain can tell the body what to do, including telling it to make more images. Images making images. Two mirrors reflecting each other infinitely. Such is the nature of the mind/body relationship in a holographic universe.“ - Michael Talbot

(todo: meditation )

  • input: honesty (clean conscious), emotional awareness, vitality intention, intimacy, discipline / work ethic,
  • processing: compassion, learning, training, becoming, doing, socializing
  • output: courage, mental clarity, emotional stability, relaxed state (non-stressed state)

mental healing

“In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, and mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all picture of man as a living being with lines of force working in fields of finer energies.”- Randolph Stone

The science of Mind healing marks the greatest step in the spiritual unfolding of Intelligence in the human race since the birth of music and painting several centuries ago. As music and painting awakened the Light in man in their day to give birth to a higher culture, so is the Science of Mind command over motion hastening man toward his illumining in this day. It has already lifted the whole human race one more rung up the ladder which reaches into the high heavens of omniscience, but the heavens are high, the ladder is long, and the human race is on its lower rungs. This epochal Mind healing movement is in its infancy, however, and must grow logically and slowly, to be strong like the oak. Like the surgeon's scalpel which saves many lives it can cut both ways. It can kill when in the hands of the unknowing, as well as it can save when knowledge guides it.” - Lao Russell

When a Mind healer changes one's mental attitude from discouragement to aspiration by awakening ambition, he is doing to that one what Jesus did in giving a cup of cold water and a kindly word to the wayfarer, or what He meant by the story of the good Samaritan. When you awaken the Light of the Spirit in man by transmuting his anguish to joy, you are reversing the chemistry of his body from the death process to the life process. That is what Jesus did in every healing He ever made. He made others heal themselves by extending His own balance to them to reverse their destructive body chemistry to a constructive basis. This principle is basic in Mind healing. It can best be understood by the simple instantaneous Mind healings which constantly take place in life, such as the giving of your courage to a very discouraged man, or even in making a lonely and frustrated one happy.” - Lao Russell

“It has been given me to know that regeneration of the body form that which man calls “death” is within the range of power of inner knowing if the Soul has not yet left the body. That disease which man calls “black diphtheria,” or “black plague,” had so disintegrated my body that my Soul made ready for its departure and I was pronounced dead by man. God took me up unto the mountain top where inspired man is God-man and there gave unto me higher knowledge of the power of regeneration of my body through His all-knowing Light. (…) It was then given me to know that the power of revitalization of my body was mine, and I, who had been pronounced dead by man, lived strongly in the body. This story, added to the principles which have been before enumerated, will accentuate the fact that the complete Balance which alone can come to man through full awareness of the unity of God and man, will make anyone who is thus illumined, absolute master of the electric waves which comprise his body. Through such illumination one can insulate himself from toxic poisoning of any nature by decentrating from body awareness to find the stillness of Mind-knowing which centers him and from that fulcrum of rest extend God’s Balance to every cell of his body for transformation. Likewise, anyone so illumined, can extend his knowing —and his Balance— to anyone else and illumine that one to the extent of his own illumination. He to whom the Light of Love has been thus extended, can heal himself through his own illumination.” - Walter Russell

God will work with man but not for him, and one of the great inconsistencies of Mind healers is that they constantly importune God to do for man what man should do for himself. If he has a splinter in his finger he must pull it out and God will heal it. If he breaks a bone he must set it in line for God to heal in line. Otherwise God will heal it as man left it. Mind healers who expect God to do man's part as well as His part leave many cripples to suffer through life.” - Lao Russell

“As long as Mind healers are attempting to repair damaged body mechanism they should either have as much knowledge of bodies as doctors and surgeons have, or work in unison with them. It is fundamentally logical that every man must have knowledge of his own particular art or profession. It is as fundamentally illogical for a Mind healer to attempt to repair a ruptured artery in a brain by Mind healing techniques as it would be to repair a short-circuited electrical generator that way. They must realize that God will not change any effects, at the request of man, as long as their cause continues, yet they accept countless cases where they attempt to “cure” effects while their patients continue the cause of them. That is as fruitless and futile as praying to God to stop wars while man continues to make wars.” - Lao Russell

The science of Mind healing should be as universally accepted as the science of medicine and surgery. This is not the status today, for if it became imperative that either one or the other had to be eliminated from human practice by edict of law, the choice would overwhelmingly be in favor of retaining the Doctors of Medicine and Surgery. When perfect unity marries the two branches of healing of unbalanced bodies, which have become unbalanced by unbalanced Mind decisions and actions, the mighty power which belongs to both will come as an epochal step forward in mind control of body, but not until. Such a marriage would be a great spiritual step in the unfolding of man. The present antagonism which exists between these two benefactors of the race must undergo a complete transformation because they are not a separately opposed two. They are one. And there would be no reason for antagonism if logic and common sense were applied to the principle. Every illness of man is both mental and physical, simultaneously. There is no ill of man which is just of body alone - or just Mind alone. The physical doctor is trained to cure illnesses of bodies. His basic assumption is that bodies are composed of chemical elements which affect each other, favorably or unfavorably, as there may be lack or oversupply, or of foreign elements which do not belong to the human formula. Upon this assumption he has long treated bodies as he would treat elements in laboratories. He thus gives pills and liquids to make up deficiencies, or dissolve excesses, or destroy foreign elements or germs which have illegitimately trespassed upon the body normalcy. It has never been a part of the basic foundation of the medical world to think of Mind in relation to body ailments. A great many of the very wise medical practitioners are becoming strongly aware of the Mind relation to bodily ills, however, and are taking it very seriously into consideration in their diagnoses.” - Lao Russell

negative emotions

(todo: sadness, hatred, lust, greed, insecurity, anxiety, desperation, depression)



Depression is a long-term, runaway stress-response of the soul, mind and body. Depression is mostly a disease of culture.

Stress factors are:

  • Work and other life pressures (psycho-emotional, health, social, relational, financial, …) and a persons stress-susceptibility.
  • Pollution (chemical, sound, disharmonious radiation, information overload, mental clutter, negative thoughts, …)
  • Feeling a lack of purpose

Depression can cause:

  • Bodily disfunctions:
    • Cellular dysfunction (from oxidative stress and inflammation) (1)
    • Inflammation
    • Brain damage (cortical, hippocampal)
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Immune dysregulation
  • Possible personal disfunctions:
    • Sadness
    • Negative emotional attitude towards the world (feelings of hurt, condemnation, overly dismissive and/or critical)
    • Low self-esteem
    • Lethargy (lack of energy and direction)
    • Feeling of loneliness (lack of social connection)
  • Possible soul-disfunctions:
    • Lack of life purpose

See also:

mind-toning therapies

open conversation


art therapy



Give more fresh blood to any part of the body and it will heal.” - August Bier (hyperaemia principle)

The body-world covers the holistic machinery of the whole body and its external relations in the world.

(todo: natural medicines, surgery, social relations-purpose-harmony, work & providership, …)

  • input: clean air / water / food, body motion
  • processing: breathing, eating balance, sleep balance, sex balance, financial balance
  • output: body vitality, sense clarity, work & providership, …

nutrition & fasting

[ see: natural nutrition and fasting ]

movement & relaxation

“Researchers determined that routine, natural movement is one of the most impactful ways to increase your life span, and a common habit among the world’s longest-lived populations.” - *

“Move Naturally: The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work.” - *

Various bodily-toning-harmonization therapies:

regular excersise

Eg.: physical work, walking, running, swimming, biking, fitness, etc.


[ see: meditation ]




“All that is required is a gentle coaxing of the mind and emotions along with the muscles and the posture. It is not the accomplishment of the posture which is important, but the energy current flow which is established as a result of the posture. It is not the perspiration - which is merely the effect - but the relaxation and the natural tone gained by the gentle exertion that really matters. (…) Posture is the simple way of nature, which moves the inner machinery of life's forces and leaves the muscles as elastic as a kitten's.” - Randolph Stone

( todo: breathwork, 5 basic yoga exercises)



sound healing

(todo: music, etc.)

temperature therapy

(todo: cold water body-energy-catalysation, sauna & sweat-lodge tradiations, …)


“The ancient Chinese art of acupuncture is based on the idea that every organ and bone in the body is connected to specific points on the body's surface. By activating these acupuncture points, with either needles or some other form of stimulation, it is believed that diseases and imbalances affecting the parts of the body connected to the points can be alleviated and even cured. There are over a thousand acupuncture points organized in imaginary lines called meridians on the body's surface.” - Michael Talbot

polarity therapy






probiotics & antibiotics

(todo: detoxification methods: distilled water cleansing, fasting, …)

(todo: medicinal toning, nutritional supplements, healthy smoothies, etc. )

(todo: bacterial / fungal / viral removal and inhibition)

Types of antibiotics:

Properties of antibiotics:

  • preventative or reactive application
  • topical or internal usage
  • short term or longer term usage
  • singular method or combined method effectiveness

Nutritional pressure:

  • anti-biotics (anti-bact + anti-fungal + anti-viral / virucidal)
    • natural AB tonic (anti-bact./viral/fungal)
    • raw garlic mixed with honey
    • tea tree oil
    • colloidal silver
  • anti-bacterials:
  • anti-virals:
    • (apple) vinegar, honey, reishi, licorice root, lomatium, sage, oregano, shiitake, …
  • virucidals:
  • supportive pressure:
    • vitamins
    • amino acids
    • minerals
    • homeopathic anti-patterns

Light pressure:

  • Infrared-light heat (IR-lighting, woodstove, sauna, …)
  • UV-light (Sun light, UV-lighting)
  • Multi-spectral resonance (Sun light, Rife multiwave-oscillator)
  • Cooling

Oxidative pressure:

  • Hydrogen-Peroxide water dilution

see also

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