natural family

“No woman should raise more than one natural child.” - T. McKenna *

  * As a response to help mitigate overpopulation issues.


human embryo
photo by Lennart Nilsson

Blood relationship is mighty in its desire to serve sons and daughters, or brothers and sisters, and fathers and mothers in one separate family. No matter what wrong a son may do to the whole world, the love of parents is greater than the fault. The happy, peaceful and progressive home is one where each member of the family thinks first of each other member, serves first each other before himself, and freely gives without motive of selfgain. In the ideal family everyone will not only serve each other to make him happy but will refrain from doing anything to make any member of it unhappy. That is the ideal. (…) The world is one family of one world-home. The ideal world is one in which every member of it serves each other lovingly to give him happiness, and refrains from doing anything which will take his happiness away from him. That is the ultimate goal. That is what mankind is striving for. That is what he has been striving for over the long aeons. For these long ages he has ever been searching for the road which will lead to that goal of romance and peace. Yes –that is the ideal– and the goal –but how very far the world- family is from such a goal! And how far the average individual family is away from it. It would be difficult to find such a family anywhere, but there are many of them who have so nearly approached it that their example is a light shining out of the darkness. (…) Life is an experiment in trying to find a way of life. It is full of the comedies, tragedies and other problems which confront everyone all of the time. They are always here, in your home and mine, in your life and mine. And the greatest problem is how to meet them and dissolve them. (…) To have a living philosophy which will meet all problems alike and rise above them with glory, rather than anguish, and become strong because of them, is of first import in man's self-education. Problems are all alike in principle. They differ only in details and form, like the ten thousand stories written around the same motive (…)” - Lao Russell


“Mamma, don't go,
Daddy, come home.” - John Lennon

“[Babies] are spirits, entering a physical body. That is not an easy thing for a spirit to do not an easy thing for a spirit to get used to. It is very confining, very limiting. So the child will cry out at suddenly being so limited. Hear this cry. Understand it. And your children as much of a sense of “unlimitedness” as you possibly can” - Neale Donald Walsch

“Detachment does not mean indifference; it is correctly called “holy indifference.” As a parent you must meet your responsibility to care for your child with all your love, but without clinging. Out of love you do your duty. (…) This is holy indifference: neither inaction nor reaction, but real, positive action with a balanced mind.” - S. N. Goenka



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