“Who can make the muddy water clear? Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear.” - Lao-tzu


sculpture of Gautama Buddha, India

In stillness all things can be known. Stillness of mind allows a Greater Mind to emerge and to reveal its Wisdom. Those who cultivate stillness with a desire for Knowledge will be preparing themselves for greater revelation and true insight to emerge.” - M.V. Summers

To find that stillness in the Light of knowing he must stop thinking, in order that he can conceive idea from the Light of all-knowing. From the ecstasy of that stillness the inspiration is born in his very Soul.” - Walter Russell

One of the greatest means of relaxing the body is to stop thinking and meditate to become one with the Spirit. That is the reward of living the conscious life, the most wonderful thing that can happen to anyone.” - Walter Russell

Meditation is the most important of all the functions of human life which further human progress. So little is known of it, even by the greatest of the world's geniuses who constantly practice it knowingly but could not explain it (…) Meditation is communing with God for the purpose of working knowingly with God.” - Walter Russell

Without knowledge there is no meditation, without meditation there is no knowledge: he who has knowledge and meditation is near unto Nirvana.” - Gautama Buddha

“Learn to adjust your thinking to the way (…) the piston of an engine alternates between compression and expansion. When you concentrate try to realize that you are but compressing your thoughts, and when you decentrate try to realize that you are expanding them for the purpose of adding to your conception.” - Walter and Lao Russell

He that learns to concentrate and use his own mental energy wisely, has found the key to the universe; for all happiness and real achievement reside in our mind and its rhythmic balance with Nature and our own Soul.” - Randolph Stone

Man's limited range of visual sensing - Walter Russell

“Man has never known his universe for what it really is, but only for what his senses have made him believe it to be. His senses have deceived him mightily.” - Walter Russell

“Man overrates his senses. He places too much dependence upon them without justification, for they are not recording all of the phenomena of his surroundings. He likewise trusts them too much without justification, for they are constantly deceiving him. While his senses are recording the stillness and rest of Nature on a lazy afternoon, they are failing to record the violent motion of everything in his entire environment, from the blade of grass to the clouds in the heavens above him. (…) It is part of God's plan that the senses are limited entirely to the recording of a very small fraction of effect. The senses can never sense the Whole but the conscious Mind can KNOW the Whole.” - Walter Russell

painting by Robert Logsdon

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.” - William Blake

Meditation transports one from the transient world of matter to the real world of dreaming, visions, and imaginings where idea is and concepts are born. That is the world where sounds are heard in the silence of your Soul, where no sound is - where rhythm of symphony and poem are the rhythms of cosmic pulsings of God's thinking manifested in the heartbeat of His universe. God's ecstatic kingdom of the Light is the uncreated universe of Souls of things which have not yet appeared in form but which eternally are. Go thou there.” - Walter Russell

“(…) be present and be still. Allow yourself to bathe in the luxury of emptiness. For the presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness, you begin to feel the presence that permeates all things and gives all meaning in life.” - M.V. Summers

“The nearer you can come to feeling your Self to be that center of stillness from which all things extend UNDER YOUR CONTROL, the more you can control your own body to its perfection of health, strength and beauty.” - Walter and Lao Russell

“Meditation as a daily discipline is hard work which pays big dividends. There is no right way to meditate. Each person must find a program which links their intellectual and emotional systems in a framework that suits their needs. Deep meditation brings us into a divine consciousness and a temporary release of the soul from personality. With this liberation one is able to transcend into a different nondimensional reality where everything in the focused mind is unified into a single whole.” - Michael Newton

Prayer is the mightiest of man's powers, for through prayer, if understood and rightly used, man may have anything he desires, attain the loftiest heights or extend his powers to others for their exaltation. Rightly and knowingly used prayer can transform one's own condition, or that of the whole world. If prayer is not rightly and knowingly used the time consumed is wasted, for it will be of no avail.” - Walter Russell

Prayer is just meaningless words if not felt in the heart; just as music is no more than sound if it does not reach the Soul. Prayer to God is the appeal of the Soul of man to the Universal Soul. As such it is the mightiest of man's powers, but when prayer is but words, not coming from the Soul, it is no more effectual (…) Those who thus pray might just as well not pray, prayer is a union of Soul of man to Soul of God, and words alone cannot make that union.” - Walter Russell


“Star of the Hero”, Nicholas Roerich

“Be here now” - Ram Dass

“Seek that ye may find, and knock that it may be opened unto you. For every one who seeketh shall find, and to every one who knocketh it shall be opened.” - Jesus

Stop thinking, be still; be alone - meditate. You know what you want to know. You have a desire to know something. Write that desire into the stillness of the Light within you, which is God within you, and give God a chance to answer you. Do not stifle His Voice. Wait for it, listen, and it will come, just as a theme for a beautiful symphony will come to the musician who desires it.” - Walter Russell

“If we only realized that how far we are removed from what may be called fine perception. No sooner a person has come to understand subtle things only by mathematical calculations, he has come in a dense sphere. He does not want to become fine. And the spirit, which is the finest thing, he wants to make it gross to make it intelligible. Friends, therefore it is of the greatest importance for spiritual attainment to develop fine perception. I have seen some people going into a trance or diving into a deep meditation, and yet lacking fine perception, and then it is of no value. They are not really spiritual. A really spiritual person must have a mentality like liquid, not like a rock, something that is moving, not crude and dense.” - Inayat Khan

phase 1: stillness mediation

stillness mediation (Samatha, Samadhi) to achieve a oneness of Mind.

phase 2: knowledge meditation

knowledge meditation (Vipassanā, Arya) to become: loving, wise, peaceful, ecstatic and inspired.

phase 3: mission meditation

mission meditation (Kriya) to achieve realization of your four pillars of life: spirituality, health, relationships and work.


(todo: Mahamudra, Vipassanā and Anapanasati meditation, shamanic music and dance-trance processes )


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