four pillars

four pillars

“You have Four Pillars in your life. Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life. Think of your life then in terms of having Four Pillars:

Your life is only as strong as the weakest Pillar, the weakest leg of the table. How much you can see, how much you can know and how much you can do will be dependent upon the strength of these Pillars.” - M.V. Summers

“These areas represent the arenas in which Knowledge is experienced, expressed and contributed — in relationship, in health, in work and in spiritual development. If you look about you, you will see that there are very few individuals who are developed in all four areas. (…) If you look about, you will see that some people have made great accomplishments in one and, more rarely, two of the Pillars of life. But they have done so at the expense of the other Pillars. Their approach was not a balanced approach. You will see that some have given their lives to relationships, but their health has plagued them, or their financial difficulties have set them back, or they have never found meaningful work in the world. You will see these imbalances everywhere. (…) If you neglect one of the Four Pillars, it will undermine your success in the other areas where you have focused yourself. (…) When you approach building all the Pillars of your life, you realize you cannot be extreme in any one of them, that they require a balance and that rather than magnificence, you are seeking for stability and strength.” - M.V. Summers

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