We are at the threshold of the Cosmic Age wherein man will begin to recognize his divine relationship to the Creator and his Oneness with all Creation.” - Lao Russell

The world has never yet known peace. War has always been the basis of human relations the world over.” - Walter Russell

“Man is at the crossroads of his unfolding. The old way of life which built his empires of hate and fear must be abandoned. This coming age must be built upon God's one law of balanced interchange in all human relations. There is no other alternative. To continue the old way means the destruction of civilization by multiplied hate. To follow the new path will mean the multiplication of love which alone will bring peace, happiness and prosperity to man.“ - Walter Russell

rainbowThis New Age is marking the dawn of a new world-thought. That new thought is a new cosmic concept of the value of man to man. The whole world is discovering that all mankind is one and that the unity of man is real – not just an abstract idea. Mankind is beginning to discover that the hurt of any man hurts every man, and, conversely, the uplift of any man uplifts every man (…) The semi-chaos of this age is the maelstrom of man’s transformation from material man to cosmic man. We can plainly see the growth of a unifying world Consciousness.”. - Walter Russell

We will find what is needed to heal humanity; it is harmony between science, art, religion, and morality.” - Rudolf Steiner

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

“The Greater Community education must begin. The time is late, the hour is late, and the situation grows darker and more difficult with each passing day.” - M.V. Summers

Life itself is a transcendent adventure. At its best it is tremendously difficult. It is a huge mountain of unknown height whose top is hidden in an impenetrable veil which every man must climb. From that upward journey of life there is no escape for anyone, and no man knows what he must face on that lifelong climb up its tortuous paths of blazed and unmarked paths which man must tread in light or dark - and in the dark oft lose his way and pitch headlong into stark tragedy which may be any man's, the very next moment after happiness and glory will seem to have been forever attained. (...)” - Walter Russell

“We are not just humans - human men and women who deal with each other as humans - human men and women who reproduce male and female children to grow up and be the same kind of humans. We are more than just human beings, placed on earth to manifest our humanity, we are spiritual beings placed on earth to manifest The One Supreme Being - and to know ourselves as THAT ONE. Our SPIRITUAL RELATIONS should, therefore, transcend our HUMAN RELATIONS.” - Walter Russell

“Lead me from the unreal to the real! Lead me from darkness to light! Lead me from death to immortality!” - Upanishads

project purpose

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth, not going all the way and not starting.” - Lao Tzu

“Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy. Deal with the great while it is yet small.” - Lao Tzu

The whole purpose of the project is to help inspire you for this great journey towards inner and outer truth… and to keep going!

By letting the wise men and women of our times - and earlier times - speak to us in untainted and clear wordings, we can get re-inspired and see the beautiful coherence of true knowledge in action.

Wikischool's syncretic approach uses selected quotes of their deeply inspired works, with added highlighting, notes and sometimes illustrations. In particular, Wikischool tries to show the harmony between the various topics and the universal cosmology described by Walter and Lao Russell.

project name

The name Wikischool is a conjugation of the words “wiki” and “school”.

The word ”wiki“ has an interesting set of meanings in its original polynesian context: lively, energetic, vigorous, swift-and-accurate, fast, quick.

The word ”school“ comes from the ancient Greek word “σχολή” (”schole“), and originally meant something like: “the search for the wisdom of life”, or “the pursuit of leisure, not occupation”.

Hopefully the project can live up to these lofty descriptions.

project tools

Wikischool is also exploring various means to improve the users' interaction with the content:

  • A comfortable and distraction-free reading experience:
    • A minimalist design with a focus on easy reading, browsing, searching and comprehension.
    • Use the button to hide or show the sidebar and its tools.
    • Good readability with personal styling options: font type, font size, text layout and color theme.
  • A good search interface, which also returns results for some external websites (in separate tabs). This allows for comfortable, topical explorations beyond this site.
  • Quick navigation:
    • The search-field has autocompletion functionality for: pages, books, persons, concepts, concept lists and some commands.
    • Hide or show the “table of contents” of a page by pressing the Backtick-key (on desktop browsers).
    • Voice-control options, as another way of doing search and navigation.

common words

Below are lists showing the most common words across all the texts on These are not necessarily the most frequent words. A set of stop-words are filtered out to gain a more meaningful signal.

These lists give a sense of the focus and scope of the texts and can perhaps also be used for some associative contemplation.

top 10

top 100

top 1000

absolute accompanied accomplish accomplished account act acting action actions active activity acts actual add added advance advanced affected afraid age ages ago aid aim air alive ancient anger animal animals answer answered answers appearance appeared appears approaching arm arms art attached attain attained attention author authority avoid aware bad balance base basis battle bearing beautiful beauty bed began beginning begins behold beings belief believed belong belongs benefit birds birth black blessed blind blood bodies body bones book books born bound branches break breath breathe breathing bright broken brother brought build building built burden burning business calling calls careful carrying cast caused cease ceased centuries chance change changed changing character charge chief child children choice choose chosen circle city claim clean clear clouds cold comfort company compared complete completely composed comprehend conceived concentrated conception concerned conclusion condition conditions conduct confusion connected connection conscious consciousness consequence constant constantly contact contained content continually continuous contrary control controlled correct country courage cover covered create created creating creation creative creator creature creatures cross cry current cut daily danger dark darkness day days dead deal death deep degree degrees depend dependent depends describe description desire desired desires destiny destroy destroyed destruction detail determined developed development devoted die died difference difficult difficulty direct directed direction directions directly disappear discover discovered disease distance divide divided divine division door doubt draw drawing drawn drink dry dust duty dwell dying ear early ears earth ease easily east easy eat eating effect effects effort efforts eight element elements empty end ends endure energy english enjoy enter entered entering entire equal equally error escape essence essential established eternal evening evidence evident evil excellent exercise exist existence exists experience experiences explain explained explanation express expressed expression extended extent eye eyes face fact facts fail failed faith fall fallen falling falls false familiar family fast father fear feel feeling feels feet fell felt female fill final find finding fine fire firm firmly five flame flesh flow flowing follow food foot force forces forget forgotten form formed forming forms foundation four fourth free freed freedom freely friend friends front fruit fruits fulfilled future gain gained gathered gave general generally generation gift gifts give giving glory goal god gods gold golden good grace gradually grasp greatest greatly green grew grief ground grow growing grown growth guide hair half hand hands happen happened happiness happy hard harmony hate head heads health hear heard hearing heart hearts heat heaven heavenly heavens heavy held hidden higher highest highly history hold holding holds holy home hope hot hour hours house human humanity hundred hundreds hurt husband idea ideas ignorance ignorant ill image imagine immediately importance important impossible including increase increased increasing individual infinite influence information inspired instance instrument instruments intelligence intelligent intended interest introduction invisible inward iron joined journey joy keeping kill killed kind kinds king kingdom knew know knowing knowledge knows lack laid land language large larger law laws lay lead leading leads learn learned learning legs length level lie lies life light limit limited line lines listen live lived lives living looked lord lose losing loss lost lot love loved loving low lower lying made maintain make makes making male man manifest manifestation manifested mankind marked mass master material matter matters meaning means meant measure measured meditation meet meeting memory men mental mention mentioned message met method methods middle midst mighty mind minds minute modern moment month months moon morning mortal mother motion mountain mountains mouth move moved movement moves moving music mystery named names natural naturally nature necessity needed night nine north note number object objects observe observed obtain obtained occasion occur occurred occurs ocean offer offered one open opinion opposed opposite order ordinary origin original outer outward overcome pain parents parts pass passage passed passes passing past path paths patient pay peace people perception perfect perfection perfectly perform performed period person personal persons philosophy physical picture piece pieces places plain plan plant plants play pleasure point points poor portion position positive possess possessed power powerful powers practice praise precious prepared presence presented prevent pride principle principles proceed process produce produced producing progress proof properly protect prove proved provided published pure purpose purposes putting qualities quality question questions quickly race rain raise raised range rays reach reached reaches reaching read reading ready real reality reason receive received receiving record red reference reflect reflected reflection regard regarded region related relation relations relationship release religion religious remain remained remaining remains remember remove removed repeat repeated required respect rest return returned returning revealed reverse rich rise rising river rivers road room root roots rose round rule rules run running sacred sacrifice sake satisfied save science sea seat secret seed seeds seek seeking seeks sees send sense senses separate separated series serve served service sets setting seven shape share sharp short show showing shown shows side sides sight sign signs silence silent similar simple simply sin single sit sitting six size skin sky sleep slow slowly solid son sons sorrow sought soul souls sound sounds source sources south space speak speaking special speech speed spent spirit spiritual spoke spoken spot spread spring stage stages standard standing stands stars state states step steps stone stood stop stopped story straight strange stream strength strong stronger structure study subject substance subtle succeed success suddenly suffer suffering sufficient sun superior supply support supreme surface surrounded sweet system systems takes taking talk task taste taught teach teacher teaching tears telling ten term terms text theory thinking thinks thirty thought thoughts thousand thousands three throw thrown thy till time today told tongue topic total touch touched translated tree trees trouble true trust truth turn turned turning turns twelve twenty two type unable understand understanding understood union united unity universal universe unknown upper usual valuable vast virtue visible vision vital voice wait waiting walk walking war waste water waters waves weak weakness wealth weight west wheel white wide wife wind wisdom wise wishes witness woman womb women wonderful wood word words work working works world worlds worship worth worthy write writing written wrong year years yield young youth