human sovereignty

Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” - Frederick Douglass

responsible freedom

Whyfor be thou slave to sensing. Be Me in thy knowing.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

The world is forcing an advancement in human evolution. The world is calling Knowledge out of you, and it must respond. This is the power of your time, and it will give you work to do that will be fundamental and necessary, both within yourself and in the world.” - M.V. Summers

Freedom is yours who live with knowledge. Freedom is yours who need not burden yourself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation. Freedom is yours who can dedicate yourself to your one purpose and to your specific tasks that emanate from this purpose. What greater freedom is there than the freedom to utilize your Knowledge and to fulfill its destiny in the world? Nothing else can be called freedom, for anything else is merely the freedom to be in chaos and to degenerate into misery.” - M.V. Summers

“Freedom, however, is not the last word. Freedom is only part of the story and half of the truth. Freedom is but the negative aspect of the whole phenomenon whose positive [formative] aspect is responsibleness. In fact, freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibleness.” - Viktor Frankl

The power and presence of Knowledge will be instrumental in guiding humanity towards maintaining its freedom and its self-sufficiency. It is the counterpoint to the greed, to the corruption, to the oppression and to the abuse that are so rampant throughout human societies and cultures.” - M.V. Summers

“I am the slave who set the master free, I am the one who taught the teacher.” - Rumi

“I believe that in time we will have reached the point where we will deserve to be free of government.” - J.L. Borges

“The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his rule begins.” - S. Kierkegaard

(todo: self-discipline versus external-discipline)

four pillars

“You have Four Pillars in your life. Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life. Think of your life then in terms of having Four Pillars:

Your life is only as strong as the weakest Pillar, the weakest leg of the table. How much you can see, how much you can know and how much you can do will be dependent upon the strength of these Pillars.” - M.V. Summers

“These areas represent the arenas in which Knowledge is experienced, expressed and contributed — in relationship, in health, in work and in spiritual development. If you look about you, you will see that there are very few individuals who are developed in all four areas. (…) If you look about, you will see that some people have made great accomplishments in one and, more rarely, two of the Pillars of life. But they have done so at the expense of the other Pillars. Their approach was not a balanced approach. You will see that some have given their lives to relationships, but their health has plagued them, or their financial difficulties have set them back, or they have never found meaningful work in the world. You will see these imbalances everywhere. (…) If you neglect one of the Four Pillars, it will undermine your success in the other areas where you have focused yourself. (…) When you approach building all the Pillars of your life, you realize you cannot be extreme in any one of them, that they require a balance and that rather than magnificence, you are seeking for stability and strength.” - M.V. Summers

human weaknesses


“We are the great danger. Psyche is the great danger. How important is to know something about it, but we know nothing about it.” - Carl Jung

“Greater is he that controlleth himself than he that taketh a city” - Bible

Man's universe is badly unbalanced. That is why it is disunited and transient. That is why it must repeatedly fall.” - Walter Russell

“(…) when the body grows in bulk and draweth down the soul into its mass, then doth the soul cut off itself and bring upon itself forgetfulness, and no more shareth in the Beautiful and the Good. And this forgetfulness becometh vice.” - Hermes Trismegistus

“(…) man has greatly abused this God-given energy. As a result, he has fallen so low that he is not even aware of the fact that he is permitting the senses and emotions to rule the mind, and the mind to enslave the soul.” - Randolph Stone

The mind must be constantly watched, and can be trained. It is a waster, unless checked every moment. It must be guarded, or it leads us into all kinds of excesses and trouble. Still, we are responsible for it and suffer, even though we were deceived.” - Randolph Stone

“The more weaknesses you discover in yourself, the faster you will develop, and the more self-confident you will be. (…) Only after encounters with hardships will one be roused to vigorous diligence.” - Sheng Yen

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” - Helen Keller

From my weakness, I drew strength that never left me.” - J.L Borges

Obstacles are God's design ~ To make a man with a spine.” - Randolph Stone

confusion and fear

Fear and desire are the two things that rule us. Now, how much of a Master are we of those two things?” - Randolph Stone

“We understand why children are afraid of darkness, but why are men afraid of light?” - Plato

How long must it be before mankind will know his universe and his Creator sufficiently well to live in love instead of in fear? The answer to that is dependent upon the length of time it will still take for man to know his universe, and to know God who centers it and him.” - Walter Russell

“If a man's thoughts are unsteady, if he does not know the true law, if his peace of mind is troubled, his knowledge will never be perfect.” - Gautama Buddha

“Look about you in the world and you will see that the world of humanity is lost in its own ambivalence. It wishes to have this and wishes to go there. It wants to keep everything it has acquired and lose nothing, and yet it wants more than it needs. It is confused as to its predicament. It is confused as to the remedy. It is confused as to its identity. It is confused as to what to value and what not to value. All arguments and debates, all conflicts and all wars are engaged in exercising this ambivalence. (…) Look upon the world and recognize its utter confusion. This will teach you and remind you of the great need for Knowledge in the world.” - M.V. Summers

“Ignorance is the parent of fear.” - Herman Melville (from Moby-Dick)

Man today has become so material that he is afraid of any other experience than experiences of the senses. He thinks what he can experience through the senses is a real experience. And what is not experienced by the senses he thinks that it is something unbalanced, something to be afraid of, going into deep waters, something not normal, at least it is untrodden path. Very often man is afraid that one falls into a trance or a feeling which is abnormal. And those who experience them are fanatics, who have gone out of their minds. But it is not so.” - Inayat Khan

“(…) as you go away from Knowledge, you re-enter confusion and the world of imagination. As you come closer to Knowledge, you enter certainty, confirmation and a world of reality and purpose.” - M.V. Summers

“Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you.” - P. Yogananda


Times Square, New York

“Come, look at this glittering world, like unto a royal chariot; the foolish are immersed in it, but the wise do not touch it.” - Gautama Buddha

“He who lives looking for pleasures only, his senses uncontrolled, immoderate in his food, idle, and weak, Mara (the tempter) will certainly overthrow him, as the wind throws down a weak tree.” - Gautama Buddha

“The thirst of a thoughtless man grows like a creeper; he runs from life to life, like a monkey seeking fruit in the forest. (…) if you see the creeper springing up, cut its root by means of knowledge.” - Gautama Buddha

An addiction is a replacement for real relationships. There are countless things that people are addicted to, but they all represent a substitute for Knowledge, and a kind of compensation for a life that is fundamentally out of balance, and filled with insecurity and uncertainty. You know you are addicted when you cannot do without something that is really not essential.” - M.V. Summers

“We either walk with Nature's energies and work with them by depending on the glorious life within and its radiant self, or we look for substitutes on the outside and become victims to sedatives and narcotics as a bad habit and weakness of life itself, because they depress life. Life must be king in our temple of being. Escape mechanisms are not worthy of life's purpose.” - Randolph Stone

Doing what is necessary will engage you with vitality in life, for life in the world, in all its forms, is engaged in what is necessary. This at first seems oppressive to human beings, for they are accustomed to living in fantasy, where everything is preferential and nothing is really necessary. Yet it is when something is really necessary in life, even if it is a dire circumstance, that people are able to liberate themselves momentarily from their fantasies and feel purpose, meaning and direction. This, then, is a gift to humanity, but people usually give themselves this gift only under dire circumstances” - M.V. Summers

Welcome necessity, then, for it frees you from the aggravation and the disability of ambivalence. It rescues you from meaningless choices and directs you to that which is truly vital for your well-being and for the well-being of the world. Knowledge is a necessity. Your life is a necessity. Its importance is not merely for you alone, but for the world as well. If you can comprehend this in truth, this will override any sense of unworthiness or indolence that you may still possess.” - M.V. Summers

“(…) over-indulgence through any of the senses leads to mental as well as physical illness, exhaustion and depletion. Such impulses cannot be conquered permanently by mere suppression, but only by supplanting them with desires and impulses of a higher order. As long as unfulfilled desires of any of the five senses are lurking in the mind, there is frustration, and frustration leads to ill health. Emotions are the inner chemistry of life. The only desire that truly can be fulfilled for all eternity and which has only good consequences, is the longing for conscious union with God which union is known as “God-Realization.” Any effort made in that direction invokes His Grace to enable us to make more effort, until the Goal is reached.” - Randolph Stone

“The descent of an individual or nation begins at the moment of the turning of desire away from a high moral standard to a promiscuous one. Individuals, nations and whole world civilizations have failed from the same material cause of too much luxury, too much money and too much easy living. These are the materials things that sap the ambition of man or nation and tempt him away from the spirit of work and achievement through which he rose. Any change of desire in man automatically changes the character of his environment, his associations and his life practices. Any such changes begin at once to reflect their patterns into the pattern of the man, or even into the national and world pattern. This is not theory but inescapable law. High electric pressure lowers toward low electric pressure much more readily than the reverse effect. Highly developed culture follows the same law. It is difficult to 'rise' from low standards of culture to high, but easy to fall from high to low.” - Walter Russell

When you want to create a good habit or destroy a bad one, concentrate on the brain cells, the storehouse of the mechanisms of habit. To create a good habit, meditate; and then with the concentration fixed at the Christ center, the center of will between the eyebrows, deeply affirm the good habit that you want to install. And when you want to destroy bad habits, concentrate at the Christ center and deeply affirm that all the grooves of bad habits are being erased” By concentration and will power you can erase even deep grooves of long-standing habits. If you are addicted to smoking, for example, say to yourself: 'The habit of smoking has long been lodged in my brain. Now I put all my attention and concentration on my brain and I will that habit to be dislodged.' Command your mind thus, again and again. The best time of day to do this is in the morning, when the will and attention are fresh. Repeatedly affirm your freedom, using all the strength of your will power. One day you will suddenly feel that you no longer are ensnared by that habit“ - P. Yogananda

Are you a slave to your self-centered nature, or does your divine nature guide your life? Do you know that every moment of your life you’re creating through thought? You create your own inner condition; you’re helping create the conditions around you. Christian teachings tell us that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Which is saying very clearly that we are creating the conditions around us. If we could look a bit more deeply into life, we might see that physical difficulties are reflections of spiritual difficulties, and that negative thoughts and feelings are much more harmful than disease germs. (…) If you think you can’t do something, you can’t. But if you think you can, you may be surprised to discover that you can. It is important that our thoughts be constantly for the best that could happen in a situation - for the good things we would like to see happen.” - Peace Pilgrim (Mildred Norman)

Rouse thyself! do not be idle! Follow the law of virtue! The virtuous rests in bliss in this world and in the next.” - Gautama Buddha

(todo: other forms of intemperance-overindulgence: gluttony (food and drink), sex addiction, drug addiction, decadence (material overspending) )


Courage and confidence are needed when we speak of matters still unfamiliar in today’s culture, with strong opposition coming from many areas. Courage and confidence are especially necessary when we try to explain principles that would approach, in a creative sense, the greatest artistic achievement of the cosmos: humanity itself.” - Rudolf Steiner


A positive life pivots on modesty; the bigger the ego, the greater the insecurity.” - Sheng Yen

“A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” - Confucius

“The noble pursue the path, the average pursue their duties, and the misguided pursue fame and fortune.” - Sheng Yen

Spiritual forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides men. (…) The sacred music and the splendor of the ceremonies aroused a strong tide of emotion that was shared by all hearts in unison, and that awakened a consciousness of the common origin of all creatures. In this way disunity was overcome and rigidity dissolved. A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, all barriers dissolve, just as, when a boat is crossing a great stream, all hands must unite in a joint task. But only a man who is himself free of all selfish ulterior considerations, and who perseveres in justice and steadfastness, is capable of so dissolving the hardness of egotism.” - I Ching

“Earnestness is the path of immortality (Nirvana), thoughtlessness the path of death. Those who are in earnest do not die, those who are thoughtless are as if dead already. Those who are advanced in earnestness, having understood this clearly, delight in earnestness, and rejoice in the knowledge of the Ariyas (the elect).” - Gautama Buddha


Let a man leave anger, let him forsake pride, let him overcome all bondage! No sufferings befall the man who is not attached to name and form, and who calls nothing his own. He who holds back rising anger like a rolling chariot, him I call a real driver; other people are but holding the reins. Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome evil by good; let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth! Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.” - Gautama Buddha

The best way to dissociate yourself from your difficulty is to be mentally detached, as if you were merely a spectator, while at the same time seeking a remedy.” - P. Yogananda

Let not the injustices of this world stimulate your anger, for if they do, you are looking without Knowledge. You are seeing your own failed idealism. This is not the way of seeing, and so it is not the way of giving. You were sent to give, and your giving is intrinsic to you. You do not need to control it, for it will give of itself when you are prepared. Therefore, your service to the world at this moment is your preparation to be a contributor, and though this will not give you instant gratification for your need to give, it will pave the way for a greater service to be rendered.” - M.V. Summers

It takes time to learn that the false does not satisfy you and that the true does satisfy you. This must be learned through trial and error and through contrast. As you approach Knowledge, your life becomes more full, more certain and more direct. As you go away from it, you re-enter confusion, frustration and anger.” - M.V. Summers

“All things that have been a source of pain, discomfort and disassociation, when brought into service to one power — which is the One Power — will then become vehicles of expression serving a greater purpose. Even anger serves a greater purpose here, for it shows you that you have violated Knowledge. Though your anger may not be directed towards another, it is simply a sign that something has gone wrong and that correction has to be made.” - M.V. Summers

Unless you have learned of error and can look at it objectively and understand how it has arisen and how it can be relieved — until you have learned these things — you will not know how to serve others, and their errors will anger you and frustrate you. With Knowledge your expectations will be in harmony with the nature of another. With Knowledge you will learn how to serve and you will forget how to condemn.” - M.V. Summers

“Anger (…) is not love; therefore it is not a purposeful manifestation of the fundamental principle of Nature. He who expresses anger breaks the universal law of love. For so doing, that law breaks him by creating toxic effects within his body in the measure of his own self.” - Walter Russell

Remember to also see the great within the small, no matter what darkness may surround it. That is its source and destination. Love is your power - THE POWER. Hate is just your self-denial of that power.


There is nothing which deceives us as much as our own judgement.” - Leonardo da Vinci

“Judgment is a decision not to know. It is a decision not to look. It is a decision not to listen. It is a decision not to be still. It is a decision to follow a convenient form of thinking that keeps your mind asleep and keeps you lost within the world. The world is full of error. How could it be otherwise? Therefore, it does not require your condemnation but your constructive assistance.” - M.V. Summers

“You do not need to define your purpose when in time your purpose will merely arise and be known by you. Do not live by definitions. Live by experience and understanding. You do not need to define your purpose, and if you attempt to do so, always remember that it is only a temporary expedient. Do not give it great credibility. In this way, the world cannot anger you, for what can the world do to you but undermine your definition of yourself? If you are not living upon your definitions, the world cannot harm you, for it cannot touch the place of Knowledge that is within you.” - M.V. Summers


“In my deepest despair I heard your call.” - Inayat Khan

“Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and troubles, and pestilences, and great earthquakes, in divers places; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. All these things are the beginnings of sorrows.” - Jesus

“Through moments of success and moments of despair, there is this thread of Knowledge — this constant thread, this constant presence, this constant and abiding intelligence that is beneath and beyond your intellect.” - M.V. Summers

“As a solid rock is not shaken by the wind, wise people falter not amidst blame and praise.” - Gautama Buddha


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