what is the purpose of life?

“True wisdom becomes a center of compassion
  Formless beauty looking for electric perfection
  A pulsating balance of enlightenment and entanglement
  In eternal unification with the still light
  The universal One sees itself again”


Old Oak trees symbolize a life of stability, strength and endurance. The acorn seed symbolizes knowledge and wisdom - the potential and struggle for greatness in life.
The greatest mystery in the universe is man himself.” - Randolph Stone
“The greatest artistic achievement of the cosmos: humanity itself.” - Rudolf Steiner

This chapter is probably the most important on the whole website, because it begins to answer the fundamental question of what our Human life is really for. Why am I? What will give my life balance, purpose and joy?

If you take away one thing from this chapter, it should be how the word “knowledge” is the key that unlocks, demystifies and personalizes the ancient and modern philosophies on Life. Knowledge is the still point around which all of life revolves. - literally.

Knowledge links your consciousness to truth

After getting more acquainted with the true meaning of knowledge, try to contemplate, meditate and sleep on this concept regularly. Be still… and know.

Ground yourself, like a tree into the soil from which it came. In becoming one with the Tree of all Life you will “know right from wrong” and become ever more inspired for expression. Gradually you will be able to put these personal in-sights into practice and eventually grow strong, blossom and bare amazing fruits with seeds of inspiration.

Furthermore, knowledge is the only Human principle that will be able to unite our divided world. A core shared principle that can harmonize all religions and other spiritual movements, ethnic strife, religious dogma (religionism), scientism & materialism, environmental degradation, war & oppression, greed & corruption, poverty, loneliness, stress and other emotional depressions into a greater reality of increasing mutual respect, understanding and compassion, leading us to a much more peaceful and enlightened world. This is our shared desire and mission!

The world has never yet known peace. War has always been the basis of human relations the world over.” - Walter Russell

Rajarani temple, India

“From that upward journey of life there is no escape for anyone.” - Walter Russell

“We are at the threshold [not the beginning] of the Cosmic Age wherein man will begin to recognize his divine relationship to the Creator and his Oneness with all Creation.” - Lao Russell

Bless YOU who are on this eternal Journey of Life towards inner and outer truth! The journey itself is the reward and the destination. Though it may at times be extremely difficult, it will eventually unfold itself in a cascade of transcendent glory and reunion. Allow that knowing to be your inner peace, especially in times of despair and loss.

man's desire

“Unhappy man, thou bearest a god with thee, and knoweth it not.” - Epictetus
“You could be an atheist, until you realize that you are God… in drags.” - Deepak Chopra
“There is a Talmudic legend about three men who go in search of God. One became insane, the other died, and the third met himself.” - J.L. Borges

Let us look at the fundamental desires of Man: purpose, knowledge, union, love, wisdom, peace & happiness, ecstasy and finally liberation.


Milky Way galaxy stars

“No one can ever be content, even if he lived for five hundred years in this world, if he does not know the purpose of his life.” - Inayat Khan

“When you are bigger than your purpose you have a career. When your purpose is bigger than you, you have a calling.” - J.C. Maxwell

The sole purpose of man on earth is to manifest his Creator. He has no other purpose. The soul desire of man on earth is to find peace and happiness. The only way that man can find peace and happiness is to discover his unity with his Creator. The greatest miracle which can happen to any man is the discovery of his Self and his oneness with all other men. To him who has made that supreme discovery, all else shall be added. Knowledge alone will lead man to that supreme discovery. It is the office and responsibility of science to illumine the way for all men who are seeking the Kingdom of Heaven.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge comes from space; our vision is its most perfect set. We have two eyes: the earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that it become one eye.” - Nikola Tesla

We live in two universes — the universe of sensing and the universe of knowing. The universe of sensing is the visible, material, electric universe of motion with which we are familiar. The universe of knowing is the invisible universe which we cannot sense. Man begins his existence upon this earth with sensing only. He has no knowledge whatsoever when he begins. He lives entirely in the instinctive electric universe of sensing. (…) Life is a journey from unawareness of any thing but body to full awareness of Mind in body. It is a journey from wholly sensing without knowing to wholly knowing without sensing. It is a long journey of many millions of years of just pure physical sensation of the body of man before spiritual consciousness begins to dawn upon him.” - Walter Russell

Through love alone can man find the kingdom of heaven for which he has sought since his beginnings. Only through living love as a principle can he find the happiness, peace and prosperity which lie in his heart as the greatest of his desires.” - Walter Russell

God’s one purpose is to express His will by giving of His love in the fulfillment of His law. Our one purpose is to give love in conformity with the law. God has no other purpose, nor has man. Nature expresses that purpose in every action which records God’s knowing through His thinking. (…) Whenever I feel that ecstasy of love in me, I know that God and I are working together as ONE, not He and me, but just ONE. When I am inspired to create with Him as ONE, I know that His knowing and His thinking are my knowing and my thinking.” - Walter Russell

I think the ideal life is at least to try to live up to one’s ideal. But in order to have an ideal one must waken to ideal. Not everyone possesses an ideal; many people do not know of it. It is no exaggeration to say that the wars and disasters we have gone through and all this unrest that all feel and the disagreement among people which is sometimes seen and sometimes not seen, it all is caused by one thing, and that is the lack of ideal. We are progressing commercially, industrially. But the progress in all walks of life will be one day or the other hindered if ideal is destroyed.” - Inayat Khan

You do not need to define your purpose when in time your purpose will merely arise and be known by you. Do not live by definitions. Live by experience and understanding. (…) Your Knowledge is your purpose. Each of us has been sent into the world for a greater purpose, waiting to be discovered. This greater purpose resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in Knowledge deep within us. (…) This is your greater purpose in life: to keep Knowledge alive in the world. But first you must learn of Knowledge - learn how to recognize it, learn how to accept it, learn how to discern it from the other impulses in your mind. (…) You have come for a great purpose. Therefore, you need a great preparation. You need great companions. And you need a great heart. This is your gift and your destiny. It is this that you have come to be a part of. And it is a blessing that it is so.” - M.V. Summers

“The purpose of life is not to be [superficially] happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” - R.W. Emerson

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – Helen Keller

The whole purpose of life is to learn how to manifest God in Truth and the Law. The lesson is a hard one, but man himself makes it hard by his unknowing of the law. (…) Man's power lies in giving. He must learn to give as Nature gives. Each half of a cycle eternally gives to the other half for re-giving. Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into one. Each individual must manifest this universal law. Man must know the principle of Creation: giving between each interchanging opposite half of each cycle for the purpose of repeating its giving. (…) Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not given as an earned reward for his giving. ” - Walter Russell

Cultivate a big heart - but a small ego. (…) The meaning of life lies in serving; the value of life in giving.” - Sheng Yen


The divine trinity of consciousness: two-way thinking (concentration & decentration) and motionless knowing.
(illustration by Walter Russell)

“True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become.” - Sri Aurobindo

“Value knowledge beyond all things.” - M.V. Summers

He alone is poor who does not possess knowledge.” - Talmud

“When our knowing exceeds our sensing, we will no longer be deceived by the illusions of our senses. (…) Man’s knowing is his power. He cannot think beyond his knowing.” - Walter Russell

“Hear thou Me all men when I say there is a Light within thy life thou knoweth not of, centering and controlling that clayed image which thou thinketh of as thy life, knowing not that it is but an implement of thy life, a tool for thee to work the miracles of thy thinking for just a little while until it rusteth away.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Freed from attachment, fear, and anger. Fully absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me. And purified by the fire of Self-knowledge, Many have attained Me.” - Bhagavad-Gita

“The All, The Uncreated (…) Glorified in the senses He hath given, Yet beyond sense He is; sustaining all (…) He is within all beings – and without – Motionless, yet still moving. (…) He maketh all to end – and re-creates. The Light of Lights He is (…) Wisdom He is And Wisdom's way, and Guide of all the wise, Planted in every heart.” - Bhagavad-Gita

Knowledge is who you really are. Let us say that Knowledge is not the things that are usually associated with it. It is not ideas. It is not a body of information. It is not a system of belief. It is not a process of self-evaluation. It is the great mystery of your life. Its outward manifestations are profound intuition, great insight, inexplicable knowing, wise perception in the present and in the future and wise understanding of the past. But despite these great achievements of mind, Knowledge is greater than this. It is your True Self, a Self that is not apart from life. Knowledge is that part of God that works within the individual, initiating great relationships between individuals and setting into motion activities that contribute to the well-being of the race to which those individuals belong. Beyond this, Knowledge contributes to the well-being of all races. God has given humanity a deeper Knowledge that resides within each person, a deeper intelligence beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect — an intelligence that cannot be corrupted, persuaded or adulterated in any way. It is this power of Knowledge that represents your core strength and the source of your integrity and your ability to see beyond deception in any form. The compelling force of Knowledge is so strong that it overrides anything that the world can set in its way. This level of commitment is the greatest demonstration of God. It is powerful, unending and compassionate. It has vitality. It is driven from something beyond this world. It is an uncommon, relentless force. It does not care about costs and obstacles, it cares about practical functioning. People with Knowledge will be uncommon and potent. They will not be alone, unless by choice.” - M.V. Summers

There is only one good: knowledge, and one evil: ignorance” - Socrates

Vidya as well as Avidya, the Knowledge as well as the Ignorance.“ - Sri Aurobindo

“How ignorant is he who knows all, but not himself” - R.M. Lewis

“And the soul's vice is ignorance. For that the soul who hath no knowledge of the things that are, or knowledge of their nature, or of Good, is blinded by the body's passions and tossed about.” - Hermes Trismegistus

“It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” - Jesus

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee (…)” - Jesus

“Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves. This difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people live only for their image.” - Bruce Lee

Man seeks two kinds of possessions; physical possessions which he creates from materials borrowed from the earth for the use of his body — which must be returned to earth with his body — and spiritual possessions which are eternal and cumulative during his entire [soul] unfoldment. Axiom: The measure of a man’s greatness is the measure of his knowledge and practice of God’s law of love — of his good or bad judgment in relation to his thinking and his acting, and of the balance he sustains while acquiring his physical and mental possessions.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge lies in CAUSE, and until we know cause in the why of things, we have no knowledge. Where are we today? Information and skills have put us where we are now, not knowledge. Knowledge is the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Light. That Light is within everyone and everything to its fullest extent. It is in every cell of one’s body, centering it. It is in the magnetic poles of everyone, controlling them. You may have that Light of all knowledge for the asking. Knowledge is cosmic, it is universal.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge is the foundation of man's concepts. Thinking transfers concepts into product. The quality of man's product depends upon the degree of awareness of his knowledge and not upon the quality, quantity or intensity of his thinking.” - Walter Russell

Man cannot acquire knowledge from books or schools. He can but acquire information that way, but information is not knowledge until it is recognized by the spiritual consciousness of man, just as food is not nourishment for the body until it becomes a part of the blood stream. Information gained by motion of the senses must be returned to the stillness of the Source before it becomes knowledge. For the same reason man cannot acquire knowledge from the so-called “facts of matter”, for there are no facts of matter in a universe of transient matter in motion. All matter in motion is but a series of illusions which deceive man into drawing wrong conclusions.” - Walter Russell

“Life can be looked at from two points of view, from the point of view which sees the outline and from the point of view which sees the detail. With the point of view by which one sees the general outline of life, one soars upwards continually and one attains to the knowledge of life’s synthesis. This is the view of life of the one who is looking from the top of a high mountain. The one who sees into life’s details, naturally his horizon becomes smaller, his outlook narrower. He makes the analysis of life and becomes acquainted with details of life. The former point of view gives an insight into a wider horizon and lifts the consciousness to a higher realization, whereas the latter point of view gives a knowledge into the details of life, which one calls learning. Therefore, learning is one thing, knowing is another thing. Learning without knowing is incomplete knowledge. Knowing without learning also is not satisfactory. The knower can best explain his knowledge if he has learning.” - Inayat Khan

Real intelligence is the ability to see, to know and to act with commitment and certainty guided by Knowledge.” - M.V. Summers

“Your power lies in KNOWLEDGE. Your ability to express that power in building bodies lies in what knowledge your Consciousness is aware of. You can continually transform yourself, and your life condition, only through continually acquiring greater knowledge.” - Walter Russell

You must have confidence in yourself based upon your KNOWLEDGE, for knowledge is your power, not faith or belief. (…) Your weakness lies in asking God to fulfill your desire instead of asking Him to give you the knowledge to work WITH Him in the fulfilling of a universal desire.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge is religion in the universe. It is the part of your spiritual experience that is translatable between you and others, amongst other cultures in this world and between worlds as well. It represents a translatable and universal spirituality — a universal way of communication, recognition and association. Another who may not share your biology, your environment, your temperament, your values, your social conditioning, your aspirations, your concerns or your technological abilities can be reached and can reach you through this greater medium of life called Knowledge.” - M.V. Summers

Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (…) where it signifies a “spiritual knowledge” or religion of knowledge, in the sense of mystical enlightenment or insight. (…) Gnosis was a knowledge or insight into the infinite, divine and uncreated in all and above all, rather than knowledge strictly into the finite, natural or material world. Gnosis is a transcendental as well as mature understanding. It indicates direct spiritual experiential knowledge and intuitive knowledge, mystic rather than that from rational or reasoned thinking.” - Wikipedia

“The Eternal Voice speaks within the core of your heart. Wake up! Thou art the Immortal, all-blissful Spirit. ‘Tat Twam Asi’.” - Swami Sivananda

“When the mind is cleansed from the dross of matter, then alone can you behold the vast, radiant, subtle, ever-pure and spotless Self, the true basis of our existence.” - Upanishads

The fulcrum from which all power springs is KNOWLEDGE. When man has that omniscience, which is unfolding in cosmic man, he will no longer misuse, break or disobey God's law because of being unaware of it. He will command it because he will know the law.” - Lao Russell

When you have become fully aware of your Cosmic Self your very nature will be cosmic. Your desires will be for the WHOLE, like unto our Father-Mother's desires. And as our Creator's creations are like unto His balanced desires, for the WHOLE and never for a part, so will your creations be balanced like unto His. The more you fully comprehend the infinitely multiplied power you are bestowing upon yourself by losing your personal ego in your newly found UNIVERSALITY the more you can discard past ages of body sensing and glory in the ecstasy of your KNOWING.” - Walter Russell


Ensō painting - Kobori Jotai

“Be like God.” - Zarathustra

Love can have but one motive, to give out from itself in order to find unity. The greatest urge in all Nature is UNITY.” - Lao Russell

“O son of utterance! Thou art My stronghold; enter therein that thou mayest abide in safety. My love is in thee, know it, that thou mayest find Me near unto thee.” - Baha'u'llah

And as the rainbow is a light within the Light, inseparable, so is man’s Self within Me, inseparable; and so is his image My image.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

I and My Father are One.” - “What I am, ye also are” - “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” - “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” - Jesus

Knowing not Me in them, they are alone in all the universe; but knowing Self of them as Me in them, they then are Me; they then, with Me, are all My universe.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Seek Me. Know Me. Be Me. All men will come to Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“For, I say, there are two opposed ways in the journey of man from his jungle to his mountain top. One leads backward to the darkness of his primal jungle. The other way leads to Me. Man may choose his way, for man’s purpose in manifesting Me is to find his way out of the dark to Light of Me throughout long ages of new knowing through repeating action.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Man still thinketh of himself as one of countless many men, each one a separate being, each one an entity, an ego, an individual person. He knoweth not yet of his unity with all other men, nor with Me. Nor knoweth he yet that he must lose his treasured individuality to find universality of knowing in Me.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Life by life, and age by age will pass with your greater and still greater awareness of that fact until gradually that individuality which you think of as your PERSON will merge into the PERSON of the One Being whom all men already are.” - Walter Russell

“Many days and nights I was guardian of the pearl of my soul; now in the current of the ocean of pearls I am indifferent to my own pearl.” - Rumi

All the Perfect Ones merge into Great Tao. Follow this Path! By doing so you will not harm yourself, on the contrary, you will achieve calm, harmony, and the fullness of life. I, in the state of non-doing, travel in the Infinity of Tao. One cannot convey this with words! Tao is the Most Subtle and Blissful!” - Lao Tzu

There is one path; annihilation of the false ego in the real, which raises the mortal to immortality, in which resides all perfection.” - Inayat Khan

“Any life, however long and complicated it may be, actually consists of a single moment — the moment when a man knows forever more who he is.” - J.L. Borges

“The practices which make for union with the Soul are: fervent aspiration, spiritual reading, and complete obedience to the Master.” - Patanjali

Knowledge is a great mountain. You climb it slowly, and you learn to live at its higher altitudes. You cannot simply run up this mountain eagerly. You must progress in such a way that you can integrate all of the steps of learning as you go. This requires an extremely wise form of preparation. It also requires the presence of wise companions who can help you understand what you are doing and can give you a good perspective on yourself.” - M.V. Summers

You must know specifically how bodies are made and kept in balance, and their every other function kept in balance, for mankind is ever walking a tightrope and depending absolutely upon his balancing extensions, and it is so easy to crash by loss of balance. The trouble with life is that all of us are continually losing our balance in hundreds of little things which almost pass unnoticed, but it is their sum total which gages both our safety and our progress.” - Walter Russell

Never forget that what you are DOING in the divided visible universe is a manifestation of what you are THINKING in the undivided invisible universe.” - Walter Russell

“Be it understood, however, that the brain of the body is not the Intelligence of the person who inhabits the body. Automatic reflexes make it possible for us to do about 99% of the things we do with about 1% of thought energy expended. The Mind is free to create patterns for ideas and make decisions for our actions, for upon those decisions and actions lie the success or failure of our lives.” - Walter Russell

African masks - expressive symbols of personality traits, archetypes, spiritual forces and ancestral history

Much of the fear that you experience moment to moment is simply a matter of your own creation, your own negative imagination (…) Negative imagination drains you emotionally, physically and mentally. It can be escalated to such heights that it can dominate your thinking altogether. For how else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts? You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Knowledge. You can only hide in your own thoughts and weave them together to create a separate identity and experience for yourself which, though quite demonstrative, are in fact completely an illusion.” - M.V. Summers

God has sent you into the world to be in the world at this time, facing these circumstances. But what God has placed within you to prepare you, to equip you and to strengthen you for the difficult times ahead is something that resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in a deeper intelligence called Knowledge. At the surface of the mind, you are swept by the winds of the world. You are chaotic. Your life does not seem to have a true direction. You are influenced by so many things from the outside. Your life can feel chaotic, confused, disorganized, disintegrated, disregulated — however you may choose to describe it. But at a deeper level beneath the surface of the mind, there is a greater intelligence within you. This intelligence is here to guide you, to protect you and to prepare you to live a greater life in service to living in a new world. It is a dangerous time, but for you, it is the right time to be in the world, for this is why you have come — not to hide out in fantasy, not to enrich yourself, not to pretend to be something you are not, not to live a life of avoidance and irresponsibility, but to be in the world to be of service to the world at this time, not only to meet the current needs of life, but to prepare for the future itself. Only Knowledge within you, the greater intelligence, knows of these things, and it must guide you in these matters. You must learn to yield to it and distinguish it from all the other voices in your mind and all the influences that pull upon you from the world around you.” - M.V. Summers

Do not allow yourself to be receptive to the ambivalence that permeates the world. Maintain your distance from this ambivalence, for you are [probably] not yet strong enough with Knowledge to face ambivalence and to render your gift into an ambivalent world. Do not be ambitious in this regard, or you will overstep your capacity and will fail as a result. As Knowledge grows and develops within you, it will lead you into areas where you are able to serve. It will lead you into situations where you have an adequate capacity to render it.” - M.V. Summers

Your [surface] mind will not want to face the future. Your mind will want other things because the mind is weak and fallible. It is driven by fear and preference. But there is a greater mind within you, the mind of Knowledge. It is not distracted. It is not in conflict with itself. It is not subject to seduction by the world or by any other force, for it only responds to God. It is the only part of you that is completely pure and reliable, and it is the only part of you that is wise. It contains your greater purpose for coming into the world, and it represents your fundamental relationship with God, which has not been lost in separations.” - M.V. Summers

“Knowledge will not speak to you if you are not ready to take action. You will just hear what you want to hear, and nothing important will have happened. But if you are ready to take action, if you are sincere, if you are capable, if you are open to this, Knowledge will speak to you - in a word, in a feeling, in a message from another person, in an insight, in a thought, in a dream, in a vision. In whatever avenue Knowledge can reach you at this point in your life, it will reach you.” - M.V. Summers

Truly the world is awaiting your contribution, but remember your contribution will express itself in all things you do, great and small. So do not imagine for yourself a role that is grandiose or that will be devastatingly difficult. That is not The Way of Knowledge. Knowledge will express itself through all of your activities, for it is a presence you carry with you. As your mind and your life become free of conflict, this presence will express itself increasingly through you, and you will be a witness of Knowledge at work, both within yourself and within your life.” - M.V. Summers

sculpture of Gautama Buddha meditating
“Who can make the muddy water clear? Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear.” - Lao-tzu

Be still, and know that I am God” - Jesus

Any individual who can acquire stillness in the world will become a source of Knowledge in the world, for Knowledge will express itself in the world wherever there is an opening in any mind.” - M.V. Summers

Become accustomed to stillness because Knowledge is still. Become accustomed to stillness because in stillness you affirm your goodness and your worth. A mind at peace is not a mind at war. A mind at peace is not deceived by the world.” - M.V. Summers

“Where is God in relation to man? Where is the cosmic Light of all-knowing, in relation to the thought-wave universe of sensing? Where is the Source and Cause of all things in relation to the effect? The answer might be better comprehended if we think of the invisible universe of cosmic Light as the still universe of power — and of the visible universe as the moving universe which manifest power. This is a universe of Light at rest from which light waves of motion spring to manifest the power which is within Light at rest. Whenever stillness is there God is — and God is everywhere. Whenever man desires to express power through motion, he must find a point of stillness where God is in order to express that power.” - Walter Russell

“The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify one's conscious awareness by much aloneness and companionship with God while manifesting Him in every moment and in every task of life. Moment-by-moment companionship with God brings with it so great a realization of Oneness with Him that the transformation into that full realization of unity is apt to take place at any time.” - Walter Russell

“Behold I am in Thee. Enfold thou me. I, my Self, am reaching out to Thee, well decentrated in thy Light. I am wholly in the Spirit. My abode in my body is far. My body’s abode on its planet is far. I am in thy Light, knowing Thy Light. I am wholly Thee, knowing Thy knowing, translating the pulsing rhythms of Thy thinking into words, knowing full well that the very least of these, Thy words, will long outlive the span of man upon that now far world where thou hast again cast me for one more life of unfolding thy knowing, that Thy new Word writ through me may be another dawn for awakening man. Speak Thou through me. Manifest Thou through Thy messenger. Upon my heart are heavy questionings. Write thou Thy answers there in Light waves which transform Thy knowing into Thy imaged thinking. Unfold Thy being, dynamically, and be Thou me as I write man’s word from wordless Light.” - Walter Russell (during his cosmic comm-union)


“Love is your power - THE POWER. Hate is just your self-denial of that power.”

Celtic style Tree of Life embroidery

“Love is the most mysterious energy in the whole world. It makes things happen. Love is the very center of all that moves.” - Osho

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” - Thomas Carlyle

“A thought transfixed me: for the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth — that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love. I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss (…)” - Viktor Frankl (survivor of multiple World War II concentration camps)

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.“ - Rumi

He who seeks love will find it by giving it.” - Lao Russell

The divinity of any man is the measure of the Light of Love in him. The power of any man is the measure of desire to express his divinity.” - Walter Russell

What is love? Love is the movement of Knowledge. Or said in other words, love is the Will of God expressing itself through you. Here love is associated with inspiration, where the mind is infused with Spirit, where the mind yields to Spirit, where the mind is directed by Spirit. Sometimes this happens spontaneously. Sometimes this happens at a time when you are extremely disappointed, and you hear something within yourself that provides hope when you feel hopeless.” - M.V. Summers

Love is not what people really mean when they talk about love in nearly all circumstances. Love is a deeper power that moves people to do things that are different from their ideas, their beliefs and their sense of obligation. Love is something beyond the love you hear about in conversations. In fact, it is better to demonstrate love than to talk about it, for real love is demonstrated. It is what moves people to change their lives, to refocus their priorities, to associate with something deeper and more profound within themselves. It is something that has the power to override human ambition, human selfishness, human grievance, all partisan beliefs and attitudes and religious ideology. For love is not bound by these things. It is only restrained, held back or hidden by these things. Love moves on its own accord, being associated with the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within each person.” - M.V. Summers

God's universe is based upon the Love which He gives to His universal body as Life - and the Love that His universal body regives to Him as Death for eternal reborning as Life.” - Lao Russell

No matter what you must do in life, do it joyously. Whatever work it is, put love into it. If you do put love into it, you will find love regiven to you by it.” - Walter and Lao Russell

Honesty, compassion and courage are the tree most important personal traits in climbing - or uniting with - the cosmic mountain of Knowledge, to achieve wisdom. They correspond to: being ready, able and willing - or to: seeing, knowing and acting. In more logical terms, it is the fundamental and recursive pattern of: correct input → coherent processing → desired output.


“Right intuition, right knowledge, right conduct” - Mahavira

Along with Knowledge comes the Wisdom of how to use Knowledge in the world. Thus, Knowledge is the source of your understanding and Wisdom is learning how to apply it meaningfully and constructively in the world.” - M.V. Summers

Wisdom is not something that you possess alone. It represents a relationship — your relationship with the Greater Power in your life and with Creation itself. Wisdom must be able to guide and instruct you in areas which are beyond your understanding and capacity.” - M.V. Summers

”'Like the ocean unto rivers, like the Sun unto all luminous bodies, like the righteous unto Truth, like a fertile soil unto seeds, like the clouds unto all creatures, be thou the refuge of thy relatives and friends!“ - Krishna Vyasa

“The less wisdom one has, the more one holds to one's own ideas. In the wisest person there is willingness to submit to others. And the most foolish person is always ready to stand firm to support his own ideas. The reason is that the wise person can easily give up his thought; the foolish holds on to it. That is why he does not become wise because he sticks to his own ideas. That is why he does not progress.” - Inayat Khan

“The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.” - Solomon ibn Gabirol

For those who can sow with wisdom the seeds of blessings, every day is a good day.” - Sheng Yen

“There is one truth; true knowledge of our being, within and without, which is the essence of Wisdom.” - Inayat Khan

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” - KJV Bible

peace and happiness

“May peace and peace and peace be everywhere” - Upanishads

"Raga Darbari", Pannalal Ghosh

“Peace be unto you; as my Father hath sent me, even so I send you.” - Jesus

The purpose of man on earth is to seek happiness and peace through knowledge of God. Man finds happiness only in the measure of his knowledge of God and obedience to His law.” - Walter Russell

“Each one of us is seeking the inner happiness that comes not from outward accomplishments, but from the harmony of our inner being.” - Randolph Stone

“In harmony with self and so with others, both in mind and in speech, one is full of joy and happiness. (…) To seek inner peace is to enjoy peace in life; to care for others is to attain happiness. (…) Virtues are equal to fortunes, and giving is equal to saving. To give of oneself is to cultivate the path; to achieve inner peace is to succeed on the path.” - Sheng Yen

“When you take the first step to give yourself to that which you want, it will also take its first step to give itself to you. Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon, they spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon. The whole universe is a mirror which reflects back to you that which you reflect forward into it. Love is like unto the ascent of a mountain. It comes ever nearer to you as you go ever nearer to it.” - Lao Russell

Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. Happiness is a virtue, not its reward.” - Baruch Spinoza

“What does virtue produce? Peace of mind.” - Epictetus


“Bliss is the sign of spiritual development and also the opening for all inspirations and powers.” - Inayat Khan

Ammonite shell fossil

“The spiral genero-radiative waves are the medium of reproduction of idea throughout the entirety of the universe. In this radial universe no other form of motion than the spiral form of cones is possible.” - Walter Russell

“By ecstatic I mean that rare mental condition which makes an inspired man so supremely happy in his mental concentration that he is practically unaware of everything which goes on around him extraneous to his purpose, but is keenly and vitally aware of everything pertaining to his purpose. The great composers, sculptors, painters, inventors and planners of all time were in such an ecstatic condition during their intensive creating hours (…) He who cultivates that quiet, unobtrusive ecstasy of inner joyousness can scale any heights and be a leader in his field, no matter what that field is. He who never finds it must be content to follow in the footsteps of those who do, (…)” - Walter Russell

“Although ecstasy is the most blissful and interesting state, those who give themselves entirely to it become unbalanced, for an overamount of anything is undesirable; as the day's labour is a necessary precursor to the night's rest, so it is better to enjoy this spiritual bliss only after the due performance of worldly duties.” - Inayat Khan

“For I say that in as man knows the ecstasy of inspiration in him he hears My Voice and sees My Light in him. He then knows the mighty rhythms of My balanced thinking and thinks with Me. (…) To him who would add ecstasy to his knowing I say, seek Me in Truth; for only in the balanced rhythms of Truth shalt thou find ecstasy. Naught of man’s creations shall endure which are not conceived and created in ecstasy. (…) They who attain the ecstasy of genius are ordained messengers of the universal One.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Health is the greatest of gifts, contentedness the best riches; trust is the best of relationships, Nirvana the highest happiness.“ - Gautama Buddha

“If you work all day at something you very much dislike, you become very tired. The polarity of your body weakens in its power to divide the poles of your body cells. Even a little depolarization of all cells degenerates your bodily vitality, whereas you could work all day with intense joyousness and feel even more vitalized at the end of the day. The reason for this is because ecstasy is the continued, normal, unchanging state of God's Mind, and the more you can reflect that ecstasy the more you can keep the polarity of your body at its maximum generative power.” - Walter and Lao Russell

“I nourish the tree of life. My glory is like the mountain peak. I am exalted, wise, luminous, immortal, pure. I am the life that flows from the sun.” - Upanishads (sage Trishanku)


“And as every thing touched by the sun's rays becometh pure, so shall everything be pure that shall be burnt by thy flames. Thou art, O fire, the supreme energy born of thy own power.” - Krishna Vyasa

Sun star

Purification (honesty), illumination (knowledge-inspiration) , unification (union) , perfection (love-wisdom-peace-ecstasy) and liberation are the stages in the spiritual path.” - Swami Sivananda

“A passing boat leaves no trace upon the waters; a bird's flight leaves no trace in the sky. When fleeting success, failure, gain, or loss leaves no trace upon the heart, the great wisdom of liberation has been achieved.” - Sheng Yen

“A sage who walks the beaten track to liberation, regards the world in a different way.” - Mahavira

“Wealth, virtue, love, are as nothing; for even liberation is in his reach whose faith is firm in thee, root of the universal world.” Vishnu said, “Since thy heart is filled immovably with trust in me, thou shalt, through my blessing, attain freedom from existence.” - Krishna Vyasa

[ see also: reincarnation liberation, “moksha” ]

man's unfolding

“Mediocrity is self inflicted, genius is self bestowed.” - Walter Russell

abstract view of humanity's progress towards cosmic truth: “The white parts symbolise cosmic science, which will replace all the world’s religions. Cosmic science is absolute truth, which is the same for everyone.” - Martinus Thomsen

“Through zeal knowledge is gotten, through lack of zeal knowledge is lost; let a man who knows this double path of gain and loss thus place himself that knowledge may grow.” - Gautama Buddha

Sunlight over planet Earth

“The dark road from his jungle to his mountain top of glory becomes ever more illumined during the ascent from body to spirit [in body]. It is a hard but glorious road to climb. All must make the climb. The ASCENT OF MAN FROM THE DARK TO THE LIGHT is the forever repetitive play of man on the planets of suns. When all mankind has found the Light, the play will be finished. Likewise this planet will be finished as an abode for man. It will then be rolled off into its ever expanding orbit while Venus is gradually being rolled into place to become the stage for the next repetition of THE ASCENT OF MAN in this solar system.” - Walter Russell

animal man

human stem cell

“Let us go back to the beginning of man. Millions of years ago, in the primeval ooze of this forming planet which had just come to that portion of its evolution in which water and oxygen and colloidal substances were possible, after the minerals and the vegetables of the First and Second Kingdoms had come, and the Third Kingdom of the animal had come, then the Fourth Kingdom came and man appeared as a little single cell in the wet, moist ooze somewhere on the shores of seas – that was man in his beginning, millions of years ago, man pulsing with the polarity of the light of the sun, the Father light of the sun and the Mother light of earth pulsing with the heartbeat of the universe, a little microscopic single cell. And yet that was man, and in that single cell was the whole of man, the whole idea of man as yet unfolded. Just as the entire oak is in the seed of the oak unfolded, so was the whole of man and the idea of man in God –God's idea of man– in that seed, in that little cell, unfolded. And in that cell was one thing that is in everything – that is in it now and always will be – desire. Desire to be a bigger cell, desire to unfold and refold. And desire was in God. And so the Fourth Kingdom came into being –man– for millions of years going through his animal stage into the human stage, all the time desiring and searching for something he knew not what, something intangible. All the time unfolding into form in each cycle, adding to the body, and after a million years or two million or five, now we have a man with arms and legs and eyes in the form and the image of man. But an animal of the jungle of the Fourth Kingdom, instinctive man, not knowing God. During all this time man could create nothing; he was animal-man. He had no knowing in him, no Spirit, no awareness of the Spirit in him. He didn't know enough even to pick up a club and use it.” - Walter Russell

The human race does not acquire new qualities. It reveals existent ones as it unfolds. Nothing is ever added to man from without. Whatever man becomes, physically, intellectually or spiritually, unfolds from within. Even after millions of years of his unfolding, all that appears was in the first cells of his beginning. Nature does not evolve (in the Darwinian sense). It eternally unfolds and refolds. All idea is eternally existent. The man-idea is a part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. It is complete as IDEA but its manifestation in time and space is divided into timed recordings in space. Likewise, all knowledge exists in the Soul-seed of all mankind.” - Lao Russell

The human race is slowly unfolding from a primitive, physical existence to a divine spiritual one. The stages of our unfolding begin with a limited range of body sensing, and end with an unlimited range of Mind-knowing. - Walter Russell

barbarian man

Human migration out of Africa into the Arabian Peninsula and India, and from there into the rest of the world.

That early migrating population into India is the genetic source of all non-African Humans living today. Ancient India is also the quintessential source of a lot of our spiritual knowledge, modern languages, mathematics, architecture, healthcare and other culture.

The second stage of man's unfolding is the pagan, or barbarian age - which we are now in. It began when the first faint suspicion of a higher power than man entered his Consciousness. He then began to think, to reason, to discover flame, the boat, the sail for the boat and the wheel. The idea of morality dawned in his unfolding awareness. He divided right from wrong. There was good and evil *. He began to command matter by knowing about matter. He commanded the earth to yield harvests for him, and made implements to multiply his command. Woman worked with him in the ground. She raised his sheep, his goats, his cattle. She made tents and raiment. Woman began to be important in man's esteem - instead of only in his life.” - Lao Russell

prehistoric cave art, Indonesia

“Then came the time when an awareness came to man, the awareness of God in him, the first suspicion of his high inheritance, and from that moment animal-man became human, animal-man became aware of God in him; he began to think; he began to reason; he had taken God in him to some extent, and to that little extent he became co-Creator with God. (…) Yet he knew not God in him. Fear was still in that man, fear of the jungle, fear of the avalanche, fear of everything. Fear was his lot. He had been brought up on fear. That was all he could think of – fear. And the God of his imaginings was a god of fear, an avenging god. It must be superior to him. He looked for his god. He searched high and low. In the heavens he worshipped the sun. He made images. He made idols, anything to worship, something outside of himself because he wanted to know God. He wanted that deity that he suspected back in those early days” - Walter Russell

“It takes many centuries of higher civilizations to eliminate the traditional beliefs of our early pagan days in which devils, demons, evil spirits and other superstitions of that day's gross ignorance are still carried into this day. As long as our beliefs are pagan, our civilization will be pagan.” - Lao Russell

animal-man Sphinx at the Giza pyramid complex, Egypt

God sent Mind-illumined messengers to hasten the enfoldment of man's spiritual nature - the [unknown Upanishads author ], Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Confucius, Lao-tzu and Jesus to tell of the One God of Love, but tradition was stronger than truth. The male God of wrath and fear persisted in their day and still persists in ours.” - Lao Russell

“We have been accumulating things, material things to possess, things of earth which must be returned to earth. Our ideas of wealth and power have been based upon what our bodies needed. For that reason we became selfish, greedy, cruel and brutal. Humans become inhuman —beastly— by killing, robbing and enslaving other humans. The more religiously devout we became, the more inhuman we became, even to the point of devoutly asking God to aid us in our inhumanity by helping us to kill. Also, up to this time our search for the One God has bred many religions based upon false concepts of God.” - Walter Russell

“God will work with men who desire to work with Him, but He will not work for men beyond their own desire. Decadence is more conspicuous in the great masses who have not advanced to the point where they have the slightest awareness of that spiritual state of Mind which inspiration is. There are countless millions of these uninspired, unillumined human units who are still deeply barbarian.” - Lao Russell

mind man

“If there is but One Mind and man is admittedly Mind, then is not the form of man unreal and the real man formless? ” - Walter Russell

Elements” (pdf) - a set of mathematical books compiled by Euclid

The third stage in human unfolding is Mind Consciousness, which is the stage that follows sense consciousness. It is the stage represented by world geniuses. The average man considers geniuses to be specially born. They are not specially born, however. They are like other men except that they are farther unfolded spiritually. Mind Consciousness has always belonged to man since the beginning.” - Lao Russell

The genius, or mystic, is one who has become more illumined by God’s knowing than other men who have hardly begun to know God in them. But if one of lesser knowing is even a very little bit inspired or uplifted by the thinking of the genius, he becomes that genius to the measure of his inspiration. That is the way God talks to all mankind. The more illumined reincarnate in the lesser illumined by inspiring them with their knowing. In this manner all mankind is gradually uplifted throughout the ages of man’s unfolding. In this manner each thinking man gradually becomes a part of every other man. In this manner those of little knowing gradually become illumined with all-knowing. That is what is meant by the Omnipresence of Mind. Mind is everywhere. It centers all things which move around its still centers.” - Walter Russell

“(…) all knowledge exists in the Soul-seed of all mankind. The genius discovers this fact from much aloneness – much meditation – much communion with Nature. He discovers that knowledge comes in flashes of inspiration as he desires it. When he expresses his desire by inner thinking it unfolds within his Consciousness, and he recognizes it. He realizes that he has always known it. The genius knows that knowledge is limited to unchanging cause and cannot be acquired through fleeting effects of ever-changing matter, unless translated back to cause by inner thinking. Effects of motion are observed by the senses but the senses cannot acquire knowledge.“ - Lao Russell

Inspiration is the first stepping stone which leads to genius. Genius is the next of the three great pinnacles of mankind which are inspired man, genius and mystic. When one is inspired, either through meditation, or through the works of inspired men, he has arisen through that partial Illumination, from the purely physical, to the spiritual status which leads ever upward to the all-knowing, fully illumined Son-ship with God, which is the Christ status. Inspired men, geniuses and mystics are the Saviours of other men. They are the interpreters of God's language of Light, and teachers of the love nature of God who uplift the world of men by re-inspiring them with the Light of their illumining, each in the measure of his own awareness of the Light of God-Consciousness (or Christ spirit) within him. Treasure, therefore, your inspired moments which become more and more yours as you increasingly walk and talk and WORK with God.” - Walter Russell

“Bond of Union” - M.C. Escher

Genius is the forerunner of civilization. Genius knows the ecstasy of the high heavens and the mountain top. Genius is the bridge between man and God. He who wills may cross it. Genius is locked within the soul of every man. He who wills may unlock its doors and know its ecstasy. Genius gives to man that which alone endures, which man has named “Art”. No work of man can endure which is not born of inspiration and created in ecstasy. (…) Man may know his Oneness in the Light. He who listens to the translations of genius knows the word of Creation. He knows the rhythms of the universal language of Light. Genius awaits him who listens. The messages of genius are for the soul of man. The senses of man comprehend them not. To him whose soul is quickened into ecstasy, God speaks from the trees of the forest and he understands. (…) He who has not ears of the soul to hear crucifies genius. The penalty of genius is crucifixion. The reward of genius is immortality. Whom man crucifies does he glorify with immortality. Genius desires no reward. The glory of genius is humility. Genius knows not the taint of arrogance. The genius has all knowledge within himself. Inspiration will unlock the doors of all knowledge. All knowledge exists in its entirety in all the universe. All knowledge, being universal, exists in man. The universe is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.” - Walter Russell

Men who have reached that high state of Consciousness know their destiny from early childhood. They are in full control of their destiny and would not compromise for all the wealth in the world. Once they have found the treasures of heaven within themselves they would die penniless rather than sully their creations. To them it would be an exchange of immortality for a mirage. Every genius is aware of his exalted position as a divinely inspired messenger to those who are seeking the Light. Those thousands whom he inspires are exalted to greater and still greater heights.” - Lao Russell

“The reward motive which is so characteristic of those who are sense-dominated, does not exist in Nature. Giving, in Nature, creates a vacuum that can be filled only by a balanced regiving. (…) For the same reason it is very difficult for the genius to live in a material world. He must live, however. He must bargain with those who would buy from him. He must sell that which is his greatest happiness to give. It is against his very nature to be compelled to do that. It sickens his very Soul, for he is fully aware that he has been born ahead of his time and is compelled to live always in two worlds. His great recompense, however, is the fact that he can always escape from the outer world of material things and live in his own inner world of the spirit where he can commune with God to his heart's content and forget all things else, especially his body. Judged by material standards the genius is an impractical dreamer, a subnormal who lacks the ability to make money as normal folks do. As children they are usually low in their marks, for the educational plan of this age stultifies genius by “educating” the brain instead of unfolding the Mind.” - Lao Russell

“On account of their advanced state of development, their materialistic sense is of such a weak and lesser nature that they would never be suited for holding important positions in material enterprises, and so we find them mostly amongst subordinate employees in such small, unimportant jobs as clerks, craftsmen, stewards, general labourers and the like.” - Martinus Thomsen

“An increasing number of geniuses have come into the world since the beginning of the 14th century, but their number has not exceeded one hundred during the six centuries of world progress which so suddenly ended in the year of 1914. When the world becomes decadent it crucifies genius. Lack of recognition and patronage prevents genius from giving its priceless treasures to the world. In addition many lose all opportunity of enriching the world by being compelled to kill men instead of serve them. The measure in which inspiration is withdrawn from men is the measure in which spiritual decadence takes whole civilizations back toward their primacy.” - Lao Russell

“It is impossible to estimate the value of painting and music to the spiritual unfoldment of man. When one realizes that less than one hundred men transformed thousands upon thousands of barbarian stage men into the realms of spiritual consciousness, it should help one to realize the value of every genius to the world. One Beethoven or one Leonardo is worth more in material value to mankind than the value of all the gold and real estate in the world, yet mankind crucifies genius today as he crucified Love 2,000 years ago. It is imperative that you more fully understand why there is such an incalculable power in the masterpieces of world-geniuses to transform men from sensuality to spirituality. It is equally imperative that you fully understand what is meant by “God's language”, which you know as inspiration.” - Lao Russell

“Messengers of God, such as Jesus, have appeared at times to tell us the true nature of God. We invariably crucified them, then worshipped them after realizing their divinity. Religion of today is largely idolatrous for the reason that our primacy demands a god who appeals to the [outer] senses. For that reason millions of men worship god through Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and other messengers, whose form they can sense as visualized images of God. Those who do so have not yet unfolded sufficiently to know God Himself as the I AM of all the universe. Those many millions would consider one to be a blasphemer who claimed that he walks and talks directly with God in close communion. Yet mankind has unfolded to that state of Consciousness where there are many who have found the kingdom of heaven within themselves to such an extent that they no longer ask intercession from men of earth for the privilege of contacting God through them.” - Walter Russell

“A new race of men are coming into Being - a race of men who will be STRONG through having learned how to lose their bodies to find their Soul in the Universal Soul.” - Walter Russell

“Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential. Anyone can plug into the Divine Current by discovering the truth of Jesus and other prophets who taught that the Kingdom of God is Within.” - Peace Pilgrim (Mildred Norman)

“You can continue to unfold slowly for another thousand years with but little progress or you can gain a thousand years of progress in a few months – or weeks – or even in a timeless flash – if you will so live your life that you do not yourself smother that Voice of Inner Awakening as the great mass of humans are perpetually doing who prefer to listen to the noises which vibrate their senses rather than to the silence of their all-knowing Souls – which are STILL – and without vibration.” - Walter Russell

cosmic man

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran
Sistine Chapel, Italy - fresco by Michelangelo, 1481

“The fourth stage of human unfoldment, of sensual man to spiritual man, is the high stage of Cosmic Consciousness. This stage is as far ahead of the genius stage as the genius is ahead of the barbarian. It is difficult for those who have not yet reached the genius stage to comprehend that stage, but it is possible for everyone to recognize that it is existent because the works of the great Cosmic geniuses are evident everywhere. Everyone knows that there really are superhuman people like Michelangelo, Brahms or Mozart even though they know that they, themselves, are not like them. Likewise, there have been about a hundred great geniuses whose works are so conspicuously in evidence that there is no question that a much higher state of mentality is possible than the average mentality.” - Lao Russell

Man must now learn that he must lose his own Self in order to find the Universal Self. The basis of Cosmic Man's desire is to GIVE of himself for the Universal Self. In him the individual SELF is lost in the desire to give service for the whole of mankind to the exclusion of Self, – to utter forgetfulness of Self.” - Walter Russell

Cosmic man is unfolding a little at a time by many illuminations – and the number of that many every man may set for himself.” - Walter Russell

“Many people desire cosmic illumination at its fullest, as the great mystics have experienced it. This rare experience is very dangerous because it is very difficult for the severed Consciousness to again function in the body by normal coordination of sensation and Consciousness. The best way to acquire the Light is to become aware of it gradually. Seek it by desiring it. New awareness and comprehension will then slowly awaken in you as the Inner Voice awakens you through inspiration. It is better to be gradually transformed, as the whole human race marches toward the mountain top, than to have it all at once and suffer the crucifixion and aloneness of being ahead of your time and waiting long, patient years in which you may not even speak of it.” - Walter Russell

christ man

“The fifth and final stage of spiritual unfoldment is Christ Consciousness. It is the highest stage of human attainment which all mankind will eventually reach.” - Lao Russell

"Zerfließe, mein Herz", Magdalena Kožená (BWV 245, composed by J.S. Bach)

The man of the Fifth Kingdom is he who knows God in him. Then Jesus came, the one man in all history who has had the full cosmic conscious illumination; the one man out of the countless millions of men who has had that illumination which happens to the rare few, and happens only ahead of its time, for all men are being transformed from moment to moment, illumined from moment to moment with the Light – all of us are. But when God needs a messenger to lift men higher, He fully illumines one and sends him among men to give a message to save man, and to be crucified on the cross, perhaps, and probably; but man is uplifted thereby, and comes farther out of his jungle and farther into the Light of his mountaintop. Isaiah and Buddha and Mohammed appeared to their people illumined likewise by God, prepared likewise as messengers to uplift them in their periods of distress. And Paul and Laotzu and Confucius, and that unknown author of The Bhagavad-Gita, all were prepared for the purpose of uplifting man and bringing him to a higher level of civilization. (…) Jesus was asked, “Tell us where this Light is; where is this Light that we may go and find it?” And Jesus said: ”Behold, it is within you. The kingdom of heaven is within you.” — You do not need to go and find it. The great philosophers have sought it. The world has been seeking it, and the world in seeking it is seeking for one thing –God– and not knowing where to find Him. They think they find God when they find the messenger, and call the messenger God and put him upon a pedestal and worship the messenger. Still they cannot see God. God cannot be seen, but God can be known. A man's body can be seen, and many there are who are not satisfied with knowing God but must see God, and insist that they see God. So they see God in the messenger, and that is wonderful because that is a step in the direction of knowing God. We can see the universal body of God just as we can see the body of man. But we cannot see man; we can know man. We cannot see God, but we can know God.” - Walter Russell

Every thought of every man is echoed, or radarred to every other man in the universe. Mankind has not yet unfolded to the extent of his awareness of it, but when that time eventually comes on this planet the whole play of the man idea on this planet will be finished and all men will become cosmically ONE. The countless millions of individuals will lose their individuality in their universality. Everyone in this electric age fully comprehends the fact that any man who speaks from any one point on the planet speaks from every other point. Man can recondense the sound of a voice anywhere he wishes. The time will come in man’s unfolding when the silent thought-waves from which the sounds extend will be recondensed in everyone’s Consciousness at will. Man may be a million years from that stage of his unfolding but it will some day come.” - Walter Russell


“The God of the orthodox is in theories, the God of the idolaters is in the shrine, the God of the seeker is in obscurity, but the God of the devotee speaks through the lips of the holy man.” - Inayat Khan

Christ in the Sepulchre, Guarded by Angels” - drawing by William Blake

“I give you the end of a golden string, Only wind it into a ball, It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate, Built in Jerusalem’s wall” - William Blake

“Those who are born with the possession of knowledge are the highest class of men. Those who learn, and so readily get possession of knowledge, are the next. (…) I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge; I am one who is fond of antiquity, and earnest in seeking it there.” - Confucius

“For again I say, all things are One in Me as man is, when he knoweth Me in him. All knowledge existeth. All knowledge cometh to man in its season. Cosmic messengers periodically give to man such knowledge of My Cosmos as man is able to comprehend, but that which he can bear is like unto a thimbleful out of the mighty ocean for man is but beginning to comprehend.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Thou has anointed me with Thy Light of all-knowing to give to man for his unfolding.” - Walter Russell

To the sense-conscious must I bring Cosmic Consciousness. To the outer man must I talk from the pulpit of the inner man.” - Walter Russell

“One distinctive feature of Cosmic Consciousness is that everyone who experiences it states the same things. They all experience a tremendous state of ecstasy, which is the God Nature – a deep conviction of Love and the Oneness of God and man – and the idea of evil and death entirely disappears into their complete knowledge of immortality and eternal life. Whatever a Cosmic Conscious mystic writes is fully understood by any other mystic. No matter how different the words may be, their sense is universal. Their language is alike but it is strange to all but those of high culture or great spiritual unfolding.” - Lao Russell

The messengers are bound to a 'time and space' in the unfolding of mankind. Not all they knew could be understood by the people then and there, what mattered most was that now another major step towards God's plan for mankind could be taken by anyone touched by their message.

“In Jesus' day man was not ready for the fullness of His mighty teachings. Man was still new. He was still in the ferment of his intellectual brewing, still searching for the avenging god of tradition to whom he could appeal for preferential rulings. Jesus gave to man the One great message of all time. He taught the universality of all things in the white light of the universal One of impartial love, from Whose rulings there is no appeal. But only a few could faintly understand. Today the world is ready and eagerly awaits the completion of His message. When Jesus said: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now”, he referred to His complete knowledge of the universal force.” - Walter Russell

“Every one of the great mystics who have been anointed in the Light of all-knowing have uplifted countless millions of men who become their followers. The great religions of the world grew out of the Illuminations of such supreme mystics as Buddha, Mohammed, the unknown mystic who wrote The Bhagavad-Gita, (which became the Persian Bible) and Jesus. Of these, Jesus was, in all probability, the only fully illumined one as He alone fully understood the love principle as the basis of Creation, and the magnetic Light of God as the Source of Creation. He alone of all the mystics had all-knowing to the extent that He so fully comprehended His divinity as Son of God that he could sayI and My Father are one” and KNOW what it meant. Full Illumination is the goal of all mankind. It is the Christ status which no mystic of past ages has acquired but all men will acquire when the journey of unfolding man on this planet will have been completed.” - Walter Russell

Though the goal of all messengers is the same, there is an important difference between a partial and full illumination of a messenger. The latter form of consciousness - also called “Christ consciousness” - is extremely rare and transcends physical reality. The body is left behind during a 'period of time', while the soul is in communion with the Light of God. The message from such a messenger also transcends time and space to the fullest degree, if the person is able to sufficiently express this all-knowing into this world.


“There is one religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction toward the ideal, which fulfills the life's purpose of every soul.” - Inayat Khan

The people worship, but with no knowledge of the Lord” - Hosea

“No one can live life gloriously without a workable philosophy. A philosophy which has a scientific basis will fortify you in the certainty of its practical workability. A religion which is in tune with a scientific philosophy will be like unto the North Star to a mariner. A religion which has but an emotional basis is a quicksand, but when you add knowledge to the highest of spiritual emotions, you are surely upon a solid rock with your eyes to the Light instead of to the dark. There should be no guess work about life. Guessing is the method of ignorance. No one need be ignorant. Everyone can have all knowledge - for all knowledge exists - and is simple - and is yours for the desiring. Information, techniques and skills are complex, but they are not knowledge. These alone will not lead you to the Light. Until you do know the path to the Light and walk it knowingly, you will travel many paths in the dark, and your flesh will be torn with thorns, and you will be low in spirit and shrouded with self-pity in the measure of your not knowing.” - Walter Russell

“All Religions are One” - William Blake

Religion can never be united as ONE until it has but ONE GOD, and until it replaces all of its unnatural creeds and doctrines with God's One Law of Love. We must become a nation of God-loving men, not God-fearing men. Why should man fear God from whom all of our blessings flow? Such teachings keep fear alive and breed war in all communities of men who walk many different roads on Sabbaths to find their different Gods. We cannot, therefore, look to religion to save us from the chaos toward which we are heading. Nor can we look to Government.” - Walter Russell

“Religion and morality no longer spring creatively from our inner being; they are based on tradition and are a heritage from times when all things revealed themselves through our instincts, when God and the world of morality were made manifest. (…) Faiths that no longer recognize living inspiration or revelation from the spirit in the immediate present must make do with tradition. Such faiths, however, lack inner vitality and immediate direction of religious life. This direction and vitality must be regained, otherwise our society cannot be healed. I have shown how humanity must regain cognition that comes through art to imagination, and then to inspiration. If we regain all that flows from the inspirations of spirit worlds into human consciousness, true religion will reappear. Intellectual discussions about the nature of Christ will cease, for once again it will be known — as it can indeed be known through inspiration — that the Christ was the human bearer of a real divine being who descended from spirit worlds into earthly existence. Without suprasensory knowledge, there can be no understanding of the Christ. Before Christianity can once again become deeply rooted in humanity, the path to suprasensory knowledge must be rediscovered. Inspiration must again impart a truly religious life to humankind in order that knowledge (…) may find no abyss dividing it alike from art and religion. Knowledge, art, religion — these three will then be in harmony.” - Rudolf Steiner

I struggled for many years to solve the problem of religion. But I believe that for mankind, at this stage, religion opens the doors into unity of the soul with the real power back of all things.” - Inayat Khan

Religion is a stepping-stone to further knowledge.” - Kevin R. Williams

That which decides terrestrial mankind's receptivity towards a new spiritual foundation is not a question of will, but of an existing spiritual quality behind the will which is represented by the dominating mental forces in the consciousness. These forces are of a very different nature in each individual, and are in every one the sum of his collective experiences and knowledge, of his previous skills, habits and tendencies - all so varied for each person. These forces will therefore become the real will-power of the individual and regulate his acceptance or refusal of a new spiritual culture.” - Martinus Thomsen

It is now thousands of years since the old world impulse was translated into a religious form. These thousands of years have made an evolutionary mark on the consciousness of mankind in all areas except the forms of religions which have not yet gone through the same change or expansion. Those religions still, in the form of dogmas, occupy only limited and primitive areas, so it is obvious that the most advanced people in life - those most influenced by evolution - must, in large areas of their consciousness, move right outside the scope of religions; indeed, they must even clash with the actual wording of the religions when taken literally, for the original intention behind the world plan was for the wording of religions to be taken symbolically. And the more these new layers of consciousness expand outside religions - especially in connection with technology, science and art - the more disharmony there will be with the wording and with the dogmas themselves. The consequence of this for a large number of terrestrial people is either an entire or a partial liberation from dogmas and a breakaway from religions. And here we see that humanity is appearing in two large main groups. One group consists of the people just mentioned - those who have broken away from religions, dogmas and the old world impulse - while the other, on the contrary, consists of those for whom these very factors still retain their full inspirational power and to whom, therefore, they are still an indispensable blessing. (…) The people in the two main groups which make up humanity as a whole, may be further divided into six specific categories. (…) Thus, any single terrestrial person can be classified under one or other of these six categories. The people in the categories differ from each other in their individual stages of development, for the latter has not been the same for everybody, but has occurred in such a way that at the present time some appear with too strongly developed feelings in relation to their intelligence, while for others the opposite is the case. However, there are also people in whom these two factors of consciousness are equal and in balance.” - Martinus Thomsen

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