human body

“The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.” - Leonardo da Vinci


“The human body is a rare gift from the Creator Himself and should be understood and treated intelligently.” - Randolph Stone

Man is Light when he knows that he is Light. Through My Light alone can man know Me. To know Me is to be Me. When man knows the Light which binds all things to Me , he is then ONE with Me. Behold in Me the One, inseparable.” – the universal one via Walter Russell

“(…) our bodies are light-waves of motion extended from the stillness of the One Light within which is all power, all knowledge and all presence.” - Walter Russell

LIFE is a fast winding up of light-waves into bodies of visible matter. DEATH is a balanced unwinding of light-waves into invisible matter. I wish you would all meditate long upon this idea. Your all-knowing Inner Voice will tell you many things, if you will do this.” - Walter and Lao Russell


drawing by Andreas Vesalius (pioneer of human anatomy science)

Physical man is of the earth, earthy. Metaphysical man is invisible, yet possessing and manifesting through the physical as his harness. He is greater than the physical harness as magnetism is greater than the magnet. Organs are laboratories in which the metaphysical man performs his wonders of creation.” - Randolph Stone

The “being” in the body is the most interesting, individual problem to every person. It is our world, our life, our own Soul in manifestation. We are most fascinated by ourselves; everything else is secondary. We, as souls, are the object of our search and interest. As the earth revolves around the sun, so our life revolves around our inner Sun or Soul. We are forever seeking its relation to the Whole, which we have lost. (…) Spiritually, we are seeking GOD REALIZATION.” - Randolph Stone

When souls enter the human body on Earth they come into dense matter. Their host bodies, after all, contain primitive animal energy which is thick. The soul has a natural sort of pure, refined energy which does not easily blend with some human hosts. It takes experience to get used to all this.” - Michael Newton

Bodies of all creating things are merely the electric product of Mind-thinking, expressing mind-knowing. It is not logical to conceive of any electrically-manufactured product as living or dying. Even though it is a human body, it is as much a product of God's thinking as the automobile is a product of man's thinking. We never think of the automobile as “living,” even though it expresses power and motion and has the heartbeat of the electric current which activates it. We know that the Intelligence which manifests life, power and motion in that car is in the Intelligence which operates it and is not in the car itself. The sooner we can realize that our bodies are as much machines which obey the will of the Intelligence which operates them, as all of men's machines likewise are, the more we will look to that centering Intelligence of man as the reality.” - Walter Russell

Sun star *

CONSCIOUSNESS is a soul quality. This does not refer to the consciousness that is a result of standard ethics and training, which varies in each country. The soul, spirit, or real being receives its energy from the great Universal Spirit, Soul, Sun, or Being; even as our physical sun gives us light, life, and radiates energy ('Prana'). So this inner Sun gives light and energy to the soul, unperceived, as ultrasonic energy. The soul, in turn, energizes the mind which is its agent of action; and the mind works through the senses as its agents. That is the natural sequence. But man has greatly abused this God-given energy. As a result, he has fallen so low that he is not even aware of the fact that he is permitting the senses and emotions to rule the mind, and the mind to enslave the soul. Thus mankind is borrowing and wasting this great gift in mental and material pursuits. In such a condition, he has completely forgotten his Source. He cannot even fathom the purpose of his own life, much less that of creation as a whole.” - Randolph Stone

The soul is a unit drop of the ocean of the Eternal Spirit which is the dweller in the body as the knower, seer, and doer; it experiences all sensation and action. It alone is the power in the body which reacts to any mode of application of therapy or action. Consciousness and intelligence reside within the soul. Physical consciousness is a blending of the soul powers with the mind. It rules in the superior regions of the brain. Mind is a step-down of soul forces to act as an intermediary link between spirit and matter. Prana is a further step-down of mind energy.” - Randolph Stone

optical anatomy


“Gods, men, beasts, live by breath. Breath is life and is called the giver of Life.” - Upanishads

[Prana] is a superfine essence of life force, which splits [ crystalizes ] into four streams [gas, liquid, liquid-crystal, solid-crystal] or elements of energy and of substance that are interacting and compensatory to each other. It is upon this action that our physical universe and individual life depend.” - Randolph Stone

Prana is the link and medium between the Mind and the body, just as the Mind is the link and medium between the Soul and matter, even as oxygen is the chemical conveyor for Prana. Fine energies blend into the grosser chemistry in their own patterns of electronic attraction and repulsion. When either the vital current or the chemical medium is destroyed, life ceases to operate in that form.” - Randolph Stone

Life pertains to the Central Energy. Death belongs to the body or form. As life moves and changes constantly, so must the forms which life builds. We see only the obvious structures or bodies. The essence which builds these forms out of its own substance, we do not perceive. The structure of the body, we call 'anatomy'. The stepped-down energy currents and fluidic circulations which we perceive as functions, we call 'physiology' because we can trace them over conductors and through conveyors. However, the PURE STATE OF ENERGY, the mind patterns which build the body and the nervous system, the circulation, the secretions, etc. etc., we do not perceive in their atomic attractions and repulsions. As a result, we hardly have a picture of man's total and partial relationship to the Universe, and even less about our relationship to the Maker Himself, in any of our modern scientific writings.” - Randolph Stone

“All life below that High Spiritual Realm is maintained and supported from that Central Energy, the supply house of all living, moving and breathing things. That ray of Spiritual Energy is the very life of our sun which in its turn radiates energy of warmth, expansion and growth to all creatures and things on earth. That Central Unknown Energy from on high is the vital energy and consciousness in man, animals and all vegetation. In man it whirls as 'chakras' or centers in the etheric substance of the cerebrospinal axis, as the pivot of all bodily functions. The life energy flows from within, over each sub-station and energy center for conscious and subconscious function in man and in the cosmos, to supply the small and the great Universes. Whirling energy forms centers of concentration and flows from them outward as a positive or a negative charge, in relation to the other centers of action. This is 'polarity' or attraction and repulsion. The inner centers are the dynamic, attractive energies which draw from the storehouse of Nature and adapt that substance of energy to their own use and functions of the body. IT IS IN THIS MANNER THAT WE KEEP POLARIZED WITH THE COSMIC FORCES OF MATTER. Every blade of grass has the power to attract what it needs from the earth, the water, the air and the warm sun rays, to make its own vibratory pattern in life. All life - vegetable, animal and human - shares alike in this provision of these four polarized energies in their flow. It is the Unseen Energy of the Wheel of Life as the 'cross' or 'Swastika' (…)” - Randolph Stone

“The four elements and their functions, plus Prana, the Life energy in Nature, are part of Nature's equipment, synthesized as form, in and through which Consciousness works. It is, therefore, very essential that the four elements are balanced in their function, so the mind current [prana] can flow over them. In cases of insanity, we find the elements in the body are unbalanced. There is room for much thought and experience, to promote the working of the four elements properly, to restore the flow of the mind current in the body.” - Randolph Stone

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equator of earth and man
- Walter Russell



Body polarity: The + and - indicate the congruent quality of male-female polarity, or in other words: a contrasting balance of dominance and subordination. The male side is dominantly concentrative, the female side is subordinately concentrative. This is the internal polarity. Each side is formed by a whole generative-degenerative wave field extending from two 'parent' units. Walter Russell used the word “preponderant” for “dominant” in his writings.

Each unit of matter as a whole also has a dominant sex constrast with other units - like a man (dominantly concentrative) or a woman (dominantly decentrative). This is the external (or inter-relational) polarity.

Laterality: The majority of humans are right-handed. Many are also right-sided in general (that is, they prefer to use their right eye, right foot and right ear if forced to make a choice between the two). (…) the right side is generally stronger; (…) the left hemisphere is the language hemisphere. (…) no significant left-handed culture has ever been found in the world.” - wikipedia

Every male is also female, and every female is also male, for every unit of everything is polarized with both opposites.” - Walter Russell

“It is time that the medical profession fully comprehended that vitality and the powers of generation are based upon increasing polarity, and that polarity responds immediately to desire and the balanced rhythms which are an essential precedent to the joyousness which leads to ecstasy. Such joyous emotions increase the alkaline preponderance which builds the body and lowers its acid content.” - Walter and Lao Russell

(…) ecstasy is the continued, normal, unchanging state of God's Mind, and the more you can reflect that ecstasy the more you can keep the polarity of your body at its maximum generative power.“ - Walter and Lao Russell

human energy caduceus - Randolph Stone

“When we are ill and have pains, we think that it is the body which hurts and is sick, when in reality it is the life-breaths or Prana Currents in the body (which operate it and sustain it) which are out of balance and coordination in their polarity function of attraction and repulsion. This negative and positive action throughout the system is the factor which makes each cell contract and expand in its processes of life: to take in nourishment - of solids, liquids, gases, and warmth, or energy - use it and discard the waste products and gases, and radiate the heat (or caloric) energy for use and distribution.

This seems a new idea or concept, because we approach and explain it from the modern base of energy radiation, conduction and absorption, like electronic engineers would in their atomic research. This energy approach is prior to chemistry and mechanics. Energy in its threefold action of positive (+), negative (-), and neuter [neutral] (0) polarity is prior to chemistry, which deals with particles of matter and their chemical affinity - or antipathy - which can result in new combinations or in an explosion of gases.

We are still overly fascinated with the mechanical, chemical, and bacteriological aspects of matter in all our research in the healing arts, because we have lost the art of the direct approach through the life energy itself. All our scientific research is external to us - it is directed only by intellect, highly technical, and foreign to the oneness of the life process and its finer essences, by which we live and breathe and have our being. That is why we lack life in its full expression.” - Randolph Stone

Your polarity - your vitality - your joyous attitude of Mind which multiplies the life principle in you keeps your body charged with proper balanced vibrations. These completely immunize your body from the chemistry of the death processes which await your violation of life's processes. The moment you do violate the life processes you invite the death processes to take over in the measure of your violation. A big violation, such as drinking poison, will invite all of the death processes to take over. Small violations invite only a fraction of the death processes to take over. Your lungs, your heart, your liver or some other organ, or even a small part of that organ, begins to die.” - Lao Russell

human energy currents - Randolph Stone

The human body is bipolar like the cell. This applies to the anatomy and the physiological function as well. (…) The human body is a magnified cell, the expansion of the brain pattern of the airy neutral, all-present Life Energy Principle, which has its base in the cerebrospinal fluid - in the brain and in the spinal cord and throughout the entire nervous system. The middle of the human body is the neutral pole - from the top of the head down through the spinal cord and its three coverings. The cerebrospinal fluid flows between the pia mater and the arachnoid sheets, and follows the nerves all through the body. The right side of the body and the right side of the head is the positive pole. It gives off positive energy currents. The left side of the body and of the brain is the negative pole, and radiates negative energy currents.” - Randolph Stone

“The flow of the “prana” currents in the body is the same as the energy of the sun acting in Nature as a whole and is needed by every cell for its function and life in the human body. This “prana” function is the real physiology, because it supports all sensory and motor functions in the body. “Prana” is the river of life, as the vital current of the body, in its five-fold action. It is the distributor of the Life Force throughout the body. The “tattwas” (elements of earth, water, fire or warmth, air and ether) are the fields and structural tissues of anatomy. They support the “life winds” of “prana” that flow through the house we live in and call our body, the temple of Being on this earth.” - Randolph Stone


Pulsation waves are caused by the periodic contraction and expansion of various body systems: brain-nervous-signaling system, lung-respiratory-oxydation system, heart-vascular-transportation system, …)

symbolic illustration of a two-way, pulsing rythm; as one side compresses, the other decompresses.


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Mind working through five etheric pattern field ovals with six governing centers connected by the ultra-sonic central beam. - “First oval is the head for control and direction. Second oval is the throat. A link for expression through speech. Third oval is the chest. The heart expresses the life energy in fluidic form the lungs and diaphragm as gaseous function. Fourth oval is the abdomen nourishing and sustaining the body. Fifth oval is the pelvis perpetuating the pattern form.” - Randolph Stone

The brain and the nervous system are the conductors of the Mind principle in action. Like the air, it is present everywhere, in every cell of the body. It is an airy nothing which gives direction from within outward to lines of force and action. By invisible wireless impulses, mind produces the primary cause of motion. By stepped down energy currents it flows through the switchboard of the delicate brain mechanism, over the entire nervous system, for selective and specific function.” - Randolph Stone

Energy impulses are from above downward. Structural reflexes are from below upward. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reflexes also respond from below upward. All sensory impulses are from without, inward.” - Randolph Stone

Chakras - Randolph Stone

electro-chemical anatomy

The quality of the blood depends largely upon its proper oxygenation in the lungs, and if it is under-oxygenated it becomes poor in quality and laden with all sorts of impurities, and the system suffers from lack of nourishment and often becomes actually poisoned by the waste products remaining uneliminated in the blood. As the entire body, every organ and every part, is dependent upon the blood for nourishment, impure blood must have a serious effect upon the entire system. The remedy is plain practise the Yogi Complete Breath.” - W.W. Atkinson


structural anatomy

      • “The vagus nerve runs from the base of the brain through the neck and then branches out in the chest stretching all the way down to the abdomen. The word “vagus” actually means “wandering” in Latin — and that's exactly what the vagus nerve does, it wanders down the body, touching the heart and almost all major organs on its way. This nerve has long been thought of as a “remarkable internal sensory system” as it works to regulate breathing, heart rate, muscles, digestion, circulation, and even the vocal cords.” - *
    • Sensory organs

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”(…) you don’t have to remember the past in the same way you don’t have to think about how you work your thyroid gland, or whatever else it is in your organism. You don’t have to know how to shine the sun. You just do it, like you breath. Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing, and that you’re doing all this and you never had any education in how to do it?“ - Alan Watts

“Man has heard God's Silent Voice within him for millions of years, but he did not know what it was. He called it instinct. He did not even know that instinct was not only God's Voice within his Soul, but it was also an electric beam which guided and controlled the unfolding of all God's creations.” - Lao Russell

All down through man's long ages God has spoken to man. His Silent Voice spoke to him first as instinct, then as intuition, and then by inspiration. Inspiration is the language of rhythms which the genius as fully understands as other people understand the language of words. The final, or ultimate means of communication between man and God is the language of Light that comes to Christ Conscious man.” - Lao Russell



“People no longer tread over the bare earth. Their hands have drawn away from the grasses and flowers, they do not gaze up into the heavens, their ears are deaf to the songs of the birds, their noses are rendered insensitive by exhaust fumes, and their tongues have forgotten the simple tastes of nature. All five senses have grown isolated from nature.” - Masanobu Fukuoka





  • sweet
  • sour
  • salty
  • bitter
  • spicy
  • astringent



outer vision

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“The retina at the back of the human eye has two types of receptors, known as cones and rods. The cones are responsible for colour vision, but are much less sensitive to low light than the rods. In bright light the cones are active and the iris is stopped down. This is called photopic vision. When we enter a dark room, the eyes first adapt by opening up the iris to allow more light in. Over a period of about 30 minutes, there are other chemical adaptations that make the rods become sensitive to light at about a 10,000th of the level needed for the cones to work. After this time we see much better in the dark, but we have very little colour vision. This is known as scotopic vision.” - Philip Gibbs

inner vision

“By perfectly concentrated Meditation on mind-images, you can gain the understanding of the thoughts of others.” - Patañjali

“Telepathy is rapidly coming into conscious use as we get farther out of the jungle and nearer the mountain top. (…) Our spiritual unfoldment will one day make the use of telephone wires for sound transmission obsolete, for we shall then transmit our messages telepathically. We are, in truth, complete transmitting and receiving sets within ourselves. (…) The language of light is the Silent voice of omnipresent knowing interpreted into light waves of universal thinking. Telepathy, inspiration and intuition come to us across the invisible light waves of the universe. They are our universal cables by means of which Mind speak to Mind. (…) Everyone and everything in the universe is connected by electric nerves which act as telephone wires to inform everything in the universe of the conditions and desires of every other thing. People who love each other very much, or who have a great mutual understanding, can use these intercommunication nerves to communicate with each other over long distances. Jesus understood thoroughly that when He walked among people He was walking through people. The electric extensions which bind all men together as one were clearly know to Him.” - Walter Russell

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