voice commands

[note: speech-recognition is only supported on some browsers]

To use speech-recognition:

  1. Click on in the sidebar, to open the settings menu.
  2. Then click on (within the voice-control section), to activate the microphone. Note: all voice communication is done privately in the browser, without any data exchange to a server.
  3. Speak any of the voice-commands listed below.
  • explain [concept] (directly link to a concept if possible; if not a search is done)
  • search [query] (search on site)
    • search random (random search)
  • find [query] (find on page; note: queries need to be four letters or more)
    • next (go to next match)
    • previous (go to previous match)
    • find menu (open or close the find menu)
    • close find (close and clear the find menu)
  • image search [query]
  • google [query]
  • youtube [query]
  • wikipedia [query]
  • artwork [query] (uses the google art project)
  • home (go to home page)
  • exit (exit any open menus)
  • reload
  • back (page back)
  • forward (page forward)
  • down (page down)
  • up (page up)
  • scroll (start scrolling down)
    • stop (stop scrolling)
  • scroll up (scroll to top)
  • go to [pagename]
  • links (show or hide link numbers)
    • link [number] (follow a link)
  • contents (open or close the table of contents)
  • menu (open or close the menu)
  • microphone off (stops voice recognition)


  • settings (open or close configuration menu)
  • theme [ light | dark | earth | paper | space ] (set theme)
  • font [ decrease | increase ]


  • speak page
  • stop speaking

show content

  • show commands (shows voice commands)
  • show [ books | images | persons ]
  • show quotes [query] (get a presentation of quotes)
    • close quotes (close the quotes window)
  • show incoming (shows incoming links to the current page or page section)
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