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“In vain we build the city if we do not also build the man.” - Edward Markham

  • supreme goal: holistic settlement design (HSD) supporting and helping the enlightenment process of each person.
    • “We are the great danger. Psyche is the great danger. How important is to know something about it, but we know nothing about it.” - C. Jung
    • use the natural progressions of Human life (purpose, knowledge, union, love, wisdom, peace & happiness, ecstasy and finally liberation) as a metaphor for the stages of HSD.
    • strive for a good worklife (survival) & lifework (purpose) balance
    • political system variances
      • chaos (unstructured) / decentralized / centralized
  • various sentences for inspiring thoughts on cities:
    • “Inventions & technologies are for enhancing the Quality of Life & not to degrade it.”
      • A civilisation no matter how much technically it had/may become but if its not human centred than there is not much of the success achieved when compared to the worthy standards of human beings and the natural system of which we are part of. “ - 1
    • “Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details.” - Minh Tran
    • “Explore your ideas and be Creative, Little things make the real Change.”
    • “Architectural and urban planning pedagogy is seem to have got lost somewhere in the forests of global trends which isn't a good sign at all (…)” - 1
    • “inhabiting the whole population with proper human values and living should be the prime task”
    • potential benefits of the “mega-city”
    • the “natural city”
    • “the relaxed city” or the “the lazy city”
    • the “city of life”
    • the “spiritual city” (see eg. ancient settlements in India and Central-America)
    • the “honest / compassionate / couregeous city”
    • the “sensual city” (garden-scapes, art, architecture, etc.)
    • the “clean city”
    • the “car-less city”
    • the “noise-less city”
    • the “regular-geometry city” (see eg. the Barcelona street layout)
    • the “easily adaptable city”
    • “Lagos has a bright future if city developments will be directed based on multi-disciplinary aspect. Cross-sectoral planning may prove quite beneficial and it has a brighter chance in a sense that it has numerous examples of success and failure stories of various cities that the development should be done wisely in order to make Lagos one of the decent livable cities of the world in the coming decades.” 1
    • 6 elements of happy urbanites: “There are six things that make an urbanite happy: Dwelling in dignity, working in proper conditions, [being able to gain] provisions, well-being, education and leisure. To improve quality of life, you need to reduce the access radius for these functions.”


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  • overpopulation


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