divided light

“As a lump of salt thrown in water dissolves, and can't be taken out again as salt, though wherever we taste the water it is salt, so this great endless deathless Being dissolved is knowledge. He reveals Himself with the elements, disappears when they disappear; leaving no name behind.” - Upanishads

[ note: This complex chapter is a work in progress. Linear reading is not necessarily the best approach to understand the material. Feel free to go back and forth between sections, to gain a better overview of each topic. ]


Star light motion-field made visible during a solar-eclipse. (photo info)

“Fundamentally wrong in its basic premises, and wasteful in its practice, man's modern concept of the universe must be torn down and built again on truth as plainly told in light.” - Walter Russell

“While learning the HOW, we have never learned the WHY or WHAT. That is why science today has so little knowledge of CAUSE. It produces effects but cannot tell the WHY of those effects.” - Walter Russell

“(…) science sorely needs the imagination of an artist or poet to synthesize her heterogeneous complexities, and put her on the path of simplicity and truth; for nature is very simple in her causes. She is complex only in her repeative effects. I have not said that Newton's laws were wrong, for they are right as far as they go. They are only half truths, though. Kepler's first law is not only a half truth, but the half that is stated is inaccurately stated. Science should be exact, not approximate or inferential. Just as Newton left out all consideration of the equal and opposite reaction to the attraction of gravitation, which is the repulsion of radiation, so does Kepler leave the other focus of his ellipses out of his consideration. (…) Scientists ignore Nature when they choose, or when mathematical formula work out in accordance with preconceived premises.” - Walter Russell

“You can catch phenomena in a logical box or in a mathematical box. The logical box is coarse but strong. The mathematical box is fine-grained but flimsy. The mathematical box is a beautiful way of wrapping up a problem, but it will not hold the phenomena unless they have been caught in a logical box to begin with.” - John R. Platt

two-way motion illustration - 'T. Nosce'

As man unfolds from sensed man to spiritual man he gradually becomes aware of the two-way motion of all effect; that two ways being the visible effect which responds to his senses and the invisible effect which he knows but does not sense.” - Walter Russell

“We can scarcely avoid the inference that light consists in the transverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.” - James Clerk Maxwell

“Science is incompetent to reason upon the creation of matter itself out of nothing. We have reached the utmost limit of our thinking faculties, when we have admitted that - because matter cannot be eternal and self-existent - it must have been created.” - James Clerk Maxwell

“(…) the stream of [scientific] knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as a creator and governor of the realm of matter.” - James Jeans

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so [tuned] as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” - Albert Einstein

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. (…) We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Spirit. This Spirit is the matrix of all matter.” - Max Planck

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” - Nikola Tesla

essential concepts

“When the Tao is divided, there is a need for names, for, like the block which is carved, its parts then are seen.” - Lao Tzu


the one, undivided, still, white Light

The senses can not sense true stillness, only motion, so the true Light is registered as the darkness of outer space.

When our senses do register “light”, it is due to the compression and resistance of the projected wave motions, which are (seemingly) unbalancing the still Light.

What we call “light” is a sensed effect of motion, but the true, undivided, still Light can not be sensed - only known.

Spiritual science of the future: Mind is omniscient and omnipotent, Light is omnipresent. “Omniscience does not mean unlimited knowledge. It means all the knowledge that there is.” - Walter Russell

Light cannot be seen; it can only be known. Light is still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be Light is but wave motion simulating the idea of Light. Like all things else in this electric wave universe the idea of Light cannot be produced. Electric waves simulate idea only. They do not become idea.” - Walter Russell

There is but One substance. The One substance cannot be divided into many substances, or many parts. Individuality is but an appearance, an effect of potential in the periodicity of thinking. These little rotating particles of light associate themselves into inter-revolving or gyrating systems which continue the motion given to them by the energy of thinking. These systems are the records of all idea expressed in thinking. They are the living storehouses of the energy of thinking. The energy expended by Mind in the process of thinking idea is not lost or dissipated by thinking. If thinking did not register itself in light and light did not integrate into the forms of idea, the created universe would not be.” - Walter Russell

division of the one stillness (represented by the dotted line - this division is a plane in physical reality), into the seeming two visible units of matter (the yellow dots), each with its own equator.

The blue square surrounding the still center [the open dot], represents the maximum dimensions of the male-female polarity extensions. In reality the blue square will be cube-shaped when polarity is well balanced, otherwise this invisible, metaphysical, bounding-space form will not be cubical.

“(…) the knowledge, energy and method of production are in the Mind of the creator of that product and not in the product. (…) To thus claim that energy is a property of matter is to deprive The Creator of His omnipotence and omniscience. The entire universe manifests power, but the universe is not the power which it manifests.” - Walter Russell


equator of earth and man
- Walter Russell

The + and - indicate the congruent quality of male-female polarity, or in other words: a contrasting balance of dominance and subordination. The male side is dominantly concentrative, the female side is subordinately concentrative. This is the internal polarity. Each side is formed by a whole generative-degenerative wave field extending from two 'parent' units. Walter Russell used the word “preponderant” for “dominant” in his writings.

Each unit of matter as a whole also has a dominant sex constrast with other units - like a man (dominantly concentrative) or a woman (dominantly decentrative). This is the external (or inter-relational) polarity.

Laterality: The majority of humans are right-handed. Many are also right-sided in general (that is, they prefer to use their right eye, right foot and right ear if forced to make a choice between the two). (…) the right side is generally stronger; (…) the left hemisphere is the language hemisphere. (…) no significant left-handed culture has ever been found in the world.” - wikipedia

The vast significance of the equators of all creating things lies in the fact that the equators are the dividing planes of the universal equilibrium. They, therefore, represent the undivided, the unchanging spiritual Light from which the physical bodies of all things are extended. The zero which is the center of gravity of all bodies centers the equators of all material bodies. The Light of your Consciousness is on that portion of the equator of you which centers the two thought extensions of your brain. The real, immortal YOU - the invisible YOU - controls the visible body of YOU from the equator of your body. Everything you are in thought extends two ways from your Consciousness which is located upon your equator. Your senses vibrate from that equator when your equator is out of balance with the universal equilibrium, and cease to vibrate when it is in balance with it.” - Walter Russell

God has but one law, His law of BALANCE. His universe is balanced. It is at rest as an equilibrium. To disturb that equilibrium is impossible, but one can appear to disturb it by dividing it into pairs of oppositely unbalanced conditions which constantly interchange to keep in balance with each other.” - Walter Russell

“Life and death are born in the same cradle, but the cradle is a cycle, like the swinging of a pendulum, with an equator between the two from which life extends one way and death the other way.” - Walter Russell


simplified illustration of the principle of polarity. - Walter Russell

For a somewhat more accurate depiction of nature's polarity, see this 3D illustration.
Illustration of the trinity of polarity and how polarity can increase vitality (growth), decrease vitality (decay) and regenerate life from death.

The “+” and “-” indicate the internal male and female polarity (not charging or discharging). (todo: this symbolism needs some improvement for clarity)

The number 9 represents the 3 polarity extensions in 3 orthogonal directions: “God never passes nine in any creative expression”.

(illustration by Walter Russell with some additions)
cosmic 3D cinema: the 3 projection-dimensions and the 6 reflection-surfaces - Walter Russell)
Father-Mother principle of building bodies by dividing light into polarized units - Walter Russell

note: that the male and female both co-create with a positive charge, but their polarity is different.

There are two points of rest in every cycle. At each of these two rest points each opposite condition reverses and becomes the other. DAY is a contraction of light-waves into visibility. NIGHT is a reversal of the cycle. Lightwaves expand and become invisible.” - Walter Russell

The name of that great divider of rest into two-way electric motion is Polarity. Polarity is the controller - the measurer - and the surveyor of electric intensity of desire in Mind for the actions-reactions needed for creative expression.” - Walter Russell

Out of My Light of knowing are My two lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of opposites for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Again I say: I, the Light, am One. But my thinking is two, for thought is two in every repeating thing, two halves of One which never can be one. Always must they be two to go opposed ways from Me and back again to Me for reborning from the other one after finding rest in Me.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Polarity is the law of opposites in their finer attraction from center to center. Unity is the merging of these currents into one Essence. Creation brings forth opposites by its centrifugal force, like a fountain spray of manifestation flowing out to the limits of the cosmos and of each pattern unit. The surface limits the central activity. It protects the sensitive center of action and intensifies it in its own sphere or limits by means of concentration.” - Randolph Stone

“(..) imagine God's hands pulling the invisible ONE IDEA of Father-Motherhood apart to divide it into two visible forms, each of which are one half of the ONE IDEA. Instead of the invisible, formless and changeless One Idea, God has thus created PAIRS OF OPPOSITELY CONDITIONED HALVES OF MANY IDEAS. That is what is called POLARITY, which means the division of one condition into two equal opposites.” - Walter Russell

As polarity is the most general concept of balanced-opposition (to simulate the two-way-motion of the one-whole-idea), it can be hard to grasp fully.

Here are some polarity analogies to which we can relate:
male      + female =   result (the one idea manifested)
key key-hole lock (form contrast)
male lego-block-side female lego-block-side lego building block (form contrast)
clay mould form reproduction (form contrast)
higher-pressure chamber lower-pressure chamber when these two chambers are connected, there is the potential for motion (gas or liquid pressure contrast)
electric energy liquid water Hydrogen gas production through electrolysis (electro-chemical contrast)
electric energy battery consisting of electro-chemical cells electric-potential storage (electro-chemical contrast)
projected ('positive') light source transparent, reversed subtractive-color and brightness negative photo photo reproduction (optical contrast)
sperm cell egg cell animal zygote cell (the first form of a new animal organism) (life controlled multi-contrast)
masculine qualities feminine qualities balanced social relations and civilization (life controlled multi-contrast)

“God's sole 'occupation' is the building of moving body forms to simulate His One Idea of CAUSE and EFFECT which Creation is. All CAUSE lies within the unconditioned, balanced, magnetic Light of Mind-knowing. All EFFECT lies within the two unbalanced, polarized lights of electric thinking, which create the two unbalanced-and-opposed conditions which Creation is. Electric thinking divides all effect into opposite pairs equally. Each one of each pair of effects is equal. Their balance is absolute.” - Walter Russell

“Interchange between oppositely-conditioned pairs of thought-recording units is expressed in waves of motion. This is a thought-wave universe. Thought-waves are reproduced throughout the universe at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.” - Walter Russell

Sex is the motive power behind force and motion. Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process.” - Walter Russell

Sexes do not unite. Reproduction of dynamic sexed pairs does not come through the union of dynamic sexed pairs, but from the voidance of sex condition, and with it, the power of dynamic sex expression reproduction. Reproduction is not the unity of two opposite halves of one patterned thing; it is the voiding of the power of dynamic expression which all unbalanced opposites express. Reproduction is the cessation of those two unbalanced conditions which restores a balance from which similarly patterned negative forms reverse their expressions and become positive forms.” - Walter Russell


The seemingly seven different substances in an octave of light, orderly projected in sequence from the One substance of Light. These seven main tones are a fundamental aspect of all wave phenomena. Zero is not a tone itself, as it is without motion. The 4± zenith tone is one tone, as here the two sides of the wave are joined in a simulated balance.
Two wavefields of twin-opposing vortices - Walter Russell
One wavefield of twin-opposing vortices: red represents generation, blue represents radation
The formula of locked potentials. (the word “locked” here means “paired”) - Walter Russell

note: This diagram depicts the interrelation between two connected wave-fields (the left and right half of the clock between the two still points of zero). In reality there are an 'infinite' amount of these connected wave-fields which also form one whole 'circle' of Creation.

The wave 'pendulum' first builds up energy (generation) with a 1+ step then swings to its opposite pair of 1- (just like a normal swing). Then the wave pendulum momentum can swing further to 2+ and its paired potential of 2- (as exemplified by the arrow in the diagram). This goes on on until the zenith of the wave at 4±, after which the wave pendulum degenerates in reverse steps, until rest is again achieved (as exemplified by the two degenerative 'zig-zag' lines in the diagram).

Periodicity is an absolute characteristic of all effects of motion.” - Walter Russell


balanced interchange

Let us look at some everyday examples of how the rhythmic balancing of opposites create (seeming) motion and (seeming) rest.



note: the fulcrum point represents the still point from which the two polarity poles are extended.

Two children of equal weight playing seesaw do not interchange with each other while they are in rest. When they desire to move, they throw themselves out of balance with their fulcrum by their equal leanings, but they are in balance with each other. Motion is then imperative. When thus thrown out of balance, they must reverse their leanings to restore balance and lose it again, as all things in nature do.“ - Walter Russell

clock spring

from the one, into the one … nature's spring of motion
- Walter Russell

A clock spring in rest can be wound up (concentration), after the release it reverses direction (polarity) and will be unwound (decentration) automatically towards a state of rest again.

magnifying lens

A magnifying (double-convex) optical lens: which takes in a lot of light waves and then concentrates those light waves onto a focal point. This pressurizes and heats matter at the focal point and burns (radiates) that matter back into a gaseous state of a much larger volume.

“Light rays thus concentrated through a lens will burn a hole through paper or fabrics. Light rays proceeding in the opposite direction will expand and cool by decentrating toward space.“ - Walter Russell

(todo: double-concave lens example which disperses / cools / depressurizes )

mechanical gyroscope

Another example of balanced interchange is the spinning top. In technical terms this example could be described as a gyroscope with two axes of movement, instead of just one as in the case of the seesaw.

The spinning top has a vertical rotation around the North center axis running from the ground to its top. Its fulcrum point is in the height of the center of mass along this axis, assuming it is symmetrically balanced in its mass.

The spinning top also has a horizontal rotation in the South plane (running across the golden rotor disc), around the fulcrum point at the base touching the ground.

When the two rotational motions working on a spinning top are not completely balanced in their own plane (vertical and horizontal) this leads to a wobbly motion. When these two forces are in balance, the spinning top seems to be at rest. The latter phenomena is an example of the illusion of stillness which is simulated in the physical universe. A stone or chair is no different. They are balanced manifestations of motion. Eventually they will also become unbalanced, decay and disappear.

natural gyroscope

galaxy (“Centaurus A”)

“Nature has a different way of playing seesaw. Instead of oscillating upon a continually extended lever, the wave extensions of polarity withdraw into their fulcrums and re-extend by turning inside-out and outside-in.“ - Walter Russell

All mass and form comes from the still light and all mass and form returns to still light, in a never ending cycle of implosive-unbalancing and explosive-rebalancing.

“Each wave-field is surrounded, and bounded by six “mirrors”, which form a cube of six planes of zero curvature beyond which any action taking place in any wave-field cannot go. Within these cube wave-fields is an entire microcosmic or macrocosmic curved universe of curved pressure gradients, which act as lenses to project and retract light-wave actions and reactions which take place within each wave-field. These countless cubes of space are the projection machines which extend the cosmic cinema upon the imagined screen of space.” - Walter Russell

“Every wave field is a cosmic projector which radiates light outward through the concave lenses of spheroidal pressure gradients to bend toward the mirrors of wave-field boundaries of zero curvature, where curvature reverses as it is reflected into neighboring wave fields. It is also a receiver of light rays which bend inwardly toward its center of gravity by way of convex lenses of pressure gradients.“ - Walter Russell

In the next sections we will see how the balance of natures gyroscopes is controlled by a dynamic leverage of the generative and degenerative pole forces.

two wavefields of twin-opposing vortices
- Walter Russell

“There are four magnetic poles in every wave field, not two as heretherefore believed. A three-dimensional cube-bounded, sphere-centered, radial universe would be impossible with but two magnetic poles. The two unsuspected poles are not unknown, however. They are the two foci so casually referred to in Kepler's law of elliptical orbits, and they are in a plane of 90-degrees from the plane of the positive and negative north and south poles. The two as-yet-ignored magnetic poles have already been referred to as east and west magnetic poles.

“The four rivers of light”
(two generative and two radiative)
- Walter Russell

The office of these east and west positive and negative poles is to control the balance of prolating and oblating spheres and their orbits as they compress into spheres and expand into rings equatorially, in opposition to the north and south poles which control the balance of extension and compression in the direction of the rotating poles. Nature is engaged solely in the manufacture of spheres of solid matter surrounded by cube wave fields of tenuous space. Spheres are created by extending the flat discs, which are the inert gases, into rings and spheroids which gradually become spheres. The opposition of the north and south magnetic poles is accountable for that. (…)“ - Walter Russell

“Every unbalanced projection reflects its discord back to its source to hurt him who projects it. No projected distortion can pass beyond the insulating planes of zero curvature which bound every balanced wave-field, but every distorted projection can, and does reflect its distortions into the distortions of other wave-fields.” - Walter Russell

Sri Yantras are a type of sacred geometry symbolism from ancient India.

“Most yantras include triangles. Downward pointing triangles represent feminine aspect of God or Shakti, upward pointing triangles represent masculine aspect such as Shiva.” - wikipedia

note: the cube and circle shapes (the polarity of spiritual-physical, silence-rest, formless-form and stillness-motion), the 8 polarized triangles representing the 2 sets of 4 motion states plus one inner triangle representing the undivided (non-dual) whole of the 9, the 4 openings (vertical and horizontal connection to the outside).

See also: the Vedic Swastika, Jain religious art, Buddhist Mandala.

balanced opposites

This is a two-way universe of opposed effects of motion - not a one-way universe.” - Walter Russell

“Let us never lose track of the fact that all of the pairs of opposites in all of this universe of effect are just other words for, or the mechanics of, CONCENTRATION and DECENTRATION. In other words CONCENTRATION and DECENTRATION are the root words for all pairs of opposites, whether HEAT and COLD, GRAVITATION and RADIATION, or any other pair.” - Walter and Lao Russell

Lets take a look at the types of balanced opposites of motion we see all around us. These are physical types of polarities, such as: charge, pressure, valency, temperature, crystallization, alkalinity, color, sphericity, rotation and revolution.

Understanding the various balanced-opposites will lay a foundation for understanding how the physical universe is being created from the undivided light through inter-balancing, gyroscopic systems of motion.

These pairs of balanced-opposites, are manifesting as different 'dimensions' (qualities) of motion, extending from the one stillness. So in reality they are all motion plays of the divided light balancing through the still equators.

universal mathematics for periods and ratios - Walter Russell

creation and destruction

Star light motion-field made visible during a solar-eclipse. (photo info)
The projection of Mind-desire energy into pairs of tones - Walter Russell
“The characteristic unfolding-refolding, inside-out outside-in principle of Nature causes the integration of matter at poles and disintegration at equators.” - Walter Russell

wave pressure progression illustration - T. Nosce

generation and degeneration of mass - Walter Russell

Creation is but a swing of the cosmic pendulum from inertia, through energy, and back again to inertia, forever and forever. It is but a series of opposing pulsations of action and reaction, integration and disintegration, gravitation and radiation, appearance and disappearance.” - Walter Russell

“We do not yet know that the invisible part of the cycles of all idea is as continuous as the wheel is continuous. The cycle of the apple is light reaching from the sun and earth to that positive half of the apple cycle which we hold in our hand. The negative half of the cycle is light returning to sun and earth for repetition as another manifestation of the eternal idea of the apple. The same is true of the flame, the tree or any other part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. The flame “goes out” to our sensing. But it still IS. Likewise the tree, the forest, mountain, planet and nebula of the far heavens appear, disappear and as surely reappear.” - Walter Russell

“A man seeing a Technicolor motion picture for the first time and without knowledge of such electric effects would think he were looking through a window at real happenings, unaware that it was but an illusion “created” by projecting positive light through patterened negatives. That is all that creation is: two lights projected through each other to simulate motion, form and change.” - Walter Russell

“Know thou that eternity endeth in NOW, for now is eternity. For the purpose of creating the illusion of time have I set My mirrors and lenses of dual light to attain an infinity in My imaged universe where no measure is.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

brightness and darkness

“The disintegration of the preponderantly generating sun becomes the regeneration of this planet.” - Walter Russell

“Our planet is a condenser which regenerates the degenerated light of the star into a brilliant point, exactly as the [analogue] radio condenses expanded sounds out of apparent stillness.” - Walter Russell
Aurora (polar plasma light phenomena)

“There is naught upon the earth which comes not from the heavens. Likewise there is naught within the heavens which comes not from their centering earths and suns. Each quickens the other with the giving of each to each equally for each other’s equal re-giving.“

“Father thou My thinking; and let thy name be North, for North, in Light, means inward breathing from the heavens toward oneness in the seed. Guide thou the enfolding forms of My imagining from seed of thee to centering seed of Me.” - Walter Russell

“Consider, for example, the regeneration of this planet by the radiation of the sun's high potential of energy impacting against its surface. Modern science presumes that heat travels in some mysterious manner across the vast ninety million miles of space between the sun and the earth, crossing that space in which a temperature of nearly absolute zero prevails, and then arriving here hot. Man feels warmth from the sun and in some manner it must be accounted for. The theory arrived at is far from the truth. Somewhere in the intervening low potential: between the sun and the earth is the inertial plane, where the pressures of the potentials of the sun and earth are equalized. Against this inertial plane the sun's cooling and expanding radiation impacts and reverse: its expansion into contraction.” - Walter Russell


motion and stillness

“All motion is curved. All motion is spiral.” - Walter Russell
Rotating, spherical pressure waves are projected from a plane of stillness, towards a controlled point of lower-pressure (higher-potential, North), and will be compressed in the process, because the width of the pressure waves are decreased towards the North point.

The sine-wave illustrates the back-and-forth pulsation in time (along one axis) of the generative force. Each sphere is created by one whole sine-wave period.

The entire dynamic wave universe of electric matter is not what it seems to be. Everything which seems at rest depends upon violent motion to make believe it is at rest. A wire sheet could appear to be a steel disk if spun fast enough. The faster it is spun, the more at rest it would seem. (…) Not one thing could manifest the rest it simulates, if it were not for the incredible speeds of those atoms which so incessantly rotate and revolve to make that seeming restfulness possible. All seeming still matter is manifesting make-believe rest by make-believe motion. Motion itself is an illusion. The motion one senses in one's brain has no more reality than the motion which one senses in a motion picture. The seeming motion of the cinema is caused by sequences of changing patterned forms projected on the screen which give the impression of motion because of the rapid change of pattern in the negatives. That self-same illusion applies to the material universe.” - Walter Russell

Motion exists solely because each of the two divided conditions are seeking balance in each other.” - Walter Russell

“Matter is motion. The anti-matter, which now engages the serious attention of science, is stillness.” - Walter Russell

sound and silence


electricity and magnetism

the two, continuously balancing pressure conditions of gravity (generation) and vacuity (degeneration) - Walter Russell

Electricity is the tool which God uses to create all forms of His imagining. All forms are electric waves of matter.” - Walter Russell

”(…) electricity is the inhalation, or inbreathing generative action while magnetism is the exhalation, or outbreathing radiative reaction.“ - Walter Russell

The greater the positive charge, the greater the pressure of contraction. The greater the pressure of contraction, the less the volume. The greater the negative discharge, the greater the pressure of expansion. The greater the pressure of expansion, the less the volume.” - Walter Russell

“This universe of moving body forms is an expression of the desire for division of the formless, sexless, father-mother balanced unity into pairs of equally-oppositely-unbalanced, disunited, sex-conditioned father and mother moving body forms. (…) The only energy in the universe is the pulsing desire of Mind for the creative expression of Mind-knowing by giving thought-imaged body forms to the idea of Mind-knowing. The only means of expressing the pulsing desire of Mind-idea is through the concentrative-decentrative pulsations of Mind-thinking. Mind-thinking is electric. The desire pulsations of electric thinking are concentrative and decentrative.” - Walter Russell

centripedal (positive) and centrifugal (negative) electricity - Walter Russell
The two-way balance between dominant-induction (male) and dominant-conduction (female) - Walter Russell

This wave universe is divided into wave fields. Each wave field is an electric battery which is forever being charged by the centripetal polarizing power of gravitation and discharged by the centrifugal depolarizing power of radiation. This process is a manifestation of the life-death, growth-decay principle which is ever present in every effect of motion in Nature, without exception. Together they constitute the electric action-reaction sequences without which there would be no universe. It is not true to Nature, therefore, to say that either heat, cold, compression, expansion, or any other expression of motion is energy. If the power to cause motion is in the balanced state of rest, it necessarily follows that energy is in the stillness of rest and not in motion which is effect of cause. The Mind of the Creator is the fulcrum from which the wave lever of Mind-thinking extends to express the energy of creative Mind. Thought-waves cannot, therefore, be the energy which caused them to become thought-waves. Any lever is powerless without a fulcrum. The power to move lies in the fulcrum which never moves. All motion starts from a point of rest, seeks a point of rest and returns in the reverse direction to its starting point of rest. Test this fact by throwing a ball in the air, breathing in and out, pulling a chain, or walking. Electrical effects of motion are not energy. Matter-in-motion is a marionette on the end of two Mind-controlled electric strings.“ - Walter Russell

(todo: more practical electrical understanding)

matter and space

“Matter is motion. The anti-matter, which now engages the serious attention of science, is stillness.” - Walter Russell

Orion constellation in the visible and infrared light spectrum
the balanced, cubical oneness of space and matter
- Walter Russell

What we call “matter” is light concentrated (contracted, focused). Matter is relatively hot due to the intense pressures.

Fast-moving short waves simulate solids, while slow-moving long waves simulate the gases of space which surround solids. Waves of motion are substanceless, however. They merely simulate substance.” - Walter Russell

“CONCENTRATION is an effect of gathering a very large volume of rarified matter like gases, or light rays which you cannot see into a small volume which compresses it into solid matter or focal point of light which you can see.” - Walter Russell

What we call “space” is light decentrated (expanded, radiated). Space is relatively cold, but not without seeming light motion. Therefore “space” is the negative half of the physical universe, while “matter” is the positive half. The pressures of motion between space and matter balance each other out continuously. The debated concept of an ”Aether“ (Ether), is not a mysterious and separate substance, but is the oneness of Light in its least dense form, returning to or coming out of stillness. Your material body is connected to every other body by this gaseous field.

Space is as much matter as planets are but of an opposite form, potential and purpose.” - Walter Russell

Mass is held together by the pressures of its potential position. A dense mass will break up into its units when placed in a low pressure environment. This process is called ionization [decrystallization].” - Walter Russell

“Nature's method of storing energy in mass” - Walter Russell

note: the interpenetrating focal points of the two generative poles.

The purpose of motion is to contract concept into form and then to expand it into the memory of form. All concepts are but recollections of eternal ideas” - Walter Russell

Particles of matter form wherever desire of Mind to express form takes place - and that is everywhere.” - Walter Russell

”(…) all bodies are thought-bodies expressed in reversed pairs, one half being concentrated, (or compressed) into visible forms, the other half being decentrated, or expanded, into invisible forms. Bear in Mind also that thought-bodies interchange with each other, each becoming the other alternately, as the pendulum swings to interchange its visible and invisible counterparts alternately.“ - Walter Russell

Matter does not live, whether it be patterned in the shape of a human being, a sun or a tree. Matter is composed of electric waves which record God’s thinking, but God never creates LIFE, for He alone is LIFE. His creations manifest Him but they are not Him, just as man’s creations are not man.” - Walter Russell

“Electric matter is but a mirror which reflects qualities outside itself to simulate those qualities within itself.” - Walter Russell

“All dimensions change in universal ratios. Every mass finds its own position according to its ability to displace other mass.” - Walter Russell

“In Nature the black negatives of space entirely surround the white positives. If you look at the stars you will see the black negatives of space through which white light is being projected RADIALLY inward toward a center of gravity, to reproduce white star bodies at their centers.” - Walter Russell

“The greatest error of science is in relation to space. Science thinks of space either as a void or as an ether through which solids of matter travel. The fact is that space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter. Matter floats in these insulating spatial [ gaseous ] counterparts. Positive electricity [contraction] is accountable for the solids and negative electricity [radiation] is accountable for the space. All matter comes out of space by the action of positive electricity and is returned to space by the action of negative electricity. White-hot suns come from the blackness of cold space and cold space radiates from hot suns. The matter of space consists of holes surrounded by corpuscular solids, while the matter of solids consists of small dense cores surrounded by vast tenuous holes of space.” - Walter Russell

The very purpose of the hot suns is to act as crucibles for melting [ decrystallizing ] the raw materials which the Creator needs for expressing the idea of the universe. Contrarily, the very purpose of space is to cool the melted matter set out in order that it may become conditioned for the complex expressions [ crystallization ] of Creation. The two-way interchange between spatial holes and material solids is continuous.” - Walter Russell

sphere and cube

Each sphere has two parents (only one parent is shown here). Each parent sphere projects its energy through a shared point of extended stillness towards their child sphere. This is how energy and information is radiated and condensed for the child sphere.

Every sphere is also being centered by eight surrounding cubes (only one cube is shown here).

Each sphere is also separated from the closest other spheres by a plane of stillness in all directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation.” - Walter Russell

The sphere is the positive centering sun. The cube is the invisible surrounding wave field. All matter is thus divided into positive solids surrounded by negative space.” - Walter Russell

nature's volume packing: soap bubble and cone cell constellation patterns are similar - *

“There are thousands of novas in the heavens and space is filled with countless millions of fragments of exploded planets, which we call asteroids and meteorites. These are irregular shaped lumps. Nature does not create her forms in lumps. She creates only rings and spheres which she crystallizes into geometric forms, but they must first be rings and spheres.” - Walter Russell

“The outward journey from plane to mass and back again to plane is a journey into appearance from inertia of non-dimension to the inertial bi-sexual position of formed mass at 4± and back again to disappearance in inertia of non-dimension.” - Walter Russell

“When man queries thee in this wise: Sayest thou that in this iron there is gold and all things else? Thou mayest answer: Within the sphere, and encompassing it, is the cube, and every other form that is: and within the cube, and encompassing it, is the sphere, and every other form that is.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Split the atom's heart, and lo! Within it thou wilt find a sun.” - Baha'u'llah

north and south

“Nature's method of storing energy in mass” - Walter Russell

note: The oblating (dominantly degenerating, disintegrating) sphere, radiating rings through its South direction.
“North is inward toward gravity. South is outward toward space.” - Walter Russell

North is the [inward] direction of charging. South the [outward] direction of discharging.” - Walter Russell

“These are the only two directions of change in this electrically divided universe. They are the electric directions of inward toward NORTH and the outward direction toward SOUTH. (…) The point of North in matter is its center of gravity. It is the focal center of concentrated thinking. It is the point of maximum compression, maximum heat and incandescence, and the highest potential of the mass. South is every radial direction away from North. South reaches out into space around every planet and sun. South is the radial direction of decentrated thinking. The farther away South reaches from North the colder it becomes, the lower its potential, the less dense the mass until density disappears in gases and vapors of cold, dark space.” - Walter Russell

charging and discharging


The electrical interchange of charging and discharging between two bodies, via the inner and outer centers of stillness.

high pressure and low pressure

(to restructure)

polarity of pressure (and the locked potentials of each pressure wall)
pressure zones: contracting mass seeks higher pressure zones, expanding mass seeks lower pressure zones
pressure zones and orbits
pressure zone ratios
element volume and pressure ratios
universal ratios between areas or volumes

high valency and low valency

crystallization-phase valencies: mono (same pressure), bi (double pressure), tri (triple pressure) and tetra (quadruple pressure). - Walter Russell
“this universe of matter is composed of pairs of negations which never exceed zero” - Walter Russell
examples of weak elemental mates with Hydrogen - Walter Russell
stability and instabillity exemplified - Walter Russell
examples of strong elemental mates - Walter Russell

Valency is one of the great dimensions by means of which states of motion can be measured in their relative tonal pressure intensities. The term “valence” is a standard unit of tonal relations just as a day is a standard unit of the periods of rotation, or as a year is a standard unit of the periods of revolution. Valency is a measurement employed by chemists to classify the various elemental tones in relation to their relative willingness, or unwillingness, to unite with each other. Chemists have found that some of the elements will consent to unite with some other elements only with persuasion while they are very desirous of uniting with certain others. They have found, for example, that one sodium atom (1+) will unite willingly with one chlorine atom (1—). The valency of these two elements, the first being a positive action and the second being an equal negative reaction, are both said to have a valency of one. A sodium atom (1+) will unite less willingly with a sulphur atom (2 —) which has a valency of two. An increasing unwillingness to unite with sodium is found in the phosphorus atom (3 —) which has a valency of three. Carbon (4±) has to be forced under great pressure to unite with any element of a valency of one and in each case the number of atoms have to be equalized to correspond to the valency. Carbon (4±), for example, demands four atoms of hydrogen (1+) and the high temperature pressure of the arc light, to induce union.” - Walter Russell

“If we examine the chemical elements, such as oxygen, fluorine, helium, nitrogen, sulphur, phosporous, sodium or potassium, you will find that their nuclei consists of varying sized holes surrounded by rings of varying sizes and numbers. Helium has four rings with a very large hole within them. Helium divides into four pairs and becomes a solid sphere, which has squeezed the hole outside of it. Fluorine and lithium have one ring with a centering hole smaller than helium. Oxygen and beryllium have two rings with still smaller holes. Nitrogen and boron have three rings with almost no holes. These male and female equal pairs unite in marriage and become two hemispheres, the red and blue halves being divided by an equator. Chemists and physicists have recognized something of this mathematical orderliness and have given it the name of “valence.” They say that oxygen has a valence of two, carbon four, etc., etc., and they balance and vary their mixtures in the ratios of valence by putting two atoms, which have a valence of two, with one which has a valence of four, to equalize their potentials. This they have always done, but their text books give no adequate explanation for doing so. The real reason is that spinning rings which get closer to their Mind-centers in the Mind-nucleus of every atom, gain more and more power in the ratio of that closeness.” - Walter Russell

(todo: clearer logic representation & examples)

gravity and radiation

locked potentials in relation to the octave
- Walter Russell

What we call gravity is not some separate force of nature, but the effect of the concentrative action of electricity toward the inward center of North.

It is the office of gravity to compress - and it is the office of compression to heat - and it is the office of heat to throw of its hot bodies [as radiation] so they may cool and return as contracting bodies to again heat.” - Walter Russell

“Concentrative thinking is centripetal. It focuses to a point. It borns gravity. It 'charges' by multiplying low potential into high and cold into heat. (…) The journey toward gravity simulates life and the opposite journey simulates death in the forever repeating cycles which, together in their continuity, simulate eternal life. ” - Walter Russell

Every wave is a compression-expansion pump. The whole universe is a giant pump. The two-way piston of the universal pump constitutes the universal heartbeat. A one-way universe is as impossible as a one-way pump is impossible. The compressed condition of this universe is exactly equal to the expanded condition. The compressed condition is gravitation. The expanded condition is radiation. Gravitation and radiation are equal opposites. Each is helpless without The other. In fact, each condition is impossible to produce without simultaneously producing the other. Heat is the effect of multiplied resistance to the compression of gravitation. Cold is the effect of the opposite strain of resistance to evacuation, or emptiness, which results from the expansion of radiation. There is as much cold in the great expanses of space as there is heat in the compressed suns in all of this universe.“ - Walter Russell

heating and cooling

The Earth's surface temperature gradient towards the North center point goes from Arctic cold to Tropical warmth (generative phase), and then reverses at the (South) equatorial plane (radiative phase).

“Cold things grow hot, a hot thing cold, a moist thing withers, a parched thing is wetted.” - Heraclitus (unity of opposites)

“Cold arctic and antarctic currents move toward the equator to find balance by sex interchange with warm currents - and warm currents equally desire that interchange and flow toward the poles to find it.” - Walter Russell

“Science says that heat is energy. I want you to think this over to see how impossible and how illogical this conclusion is (…) Heat is the sex mate of cold. Heat cannot express energy through motion unless it is surrounded by cold. Heat is as dead as a dead storage battery unless, and until, it has its cold mate to interchange with. When you breathe in you create heat. When you breathe out you create cold. YOU provided the energy to create these conditions. Exactly the same thing can be claimed for cold, for cold cannot express energy unless, and until, it is near heat, yet science does not claim that cold is energy. (…) Heat expresses energy by expanding - but cold expresses an equal energy by contracting.” - Walter and Lao Russell

“Cold generates. Generation contracts. Contraction integrates. Integration heats. Heat radiates. Radiation expands. Expansion disintegrates. Disintegration cools. Thus it may be seen that one opposite is always born of the other, which in its turn becomes the cause of the first.” - Walter Russell

redshift and blueshift

the red-shift, no-shift (balanced ±4 zenith phase) and blue-shift of the same emitted spectral fingerprint
wave color spectrum
- Walter Russell
Star nebula (“Cat's Eye”) showing two reddish generative vortices and a blueish field of degenerative rings.
a blueish, gamma-radiation light emanates out of a water-cooling system for a nuclear-reactor-core

Redshift: From the standpoint of an observer looking at a dominantly generative system, eg. during the birth of a galaxy, the light spectrum that is emitted (and thereby visually perceived) is shifted into the red spectrum, because the motion of the system is moving inwardly (heating up), while at the same time the emitted radiation is decreasing.

Blueshift: Only after the system reaches its 4± zenith state, will the emitted radiation become the dominantly degenerative force. This is a cooling, centrifugal motion for the system, but registers as an increased energy towards the observer. Eventually degeneration overtakes the generative force and slows all (seeming) motion down into rest again.

crystallization and decrystallization

mass crystallization phases, from plane to sphere: gas, liquid, liquid-crystal and solid-crystal
- Walter Russell
crystallization-phase structures of the atom - Walter Russell
crystallization-phase dimensions of the atom - Walter Russell
electro-chemical working chart - Walter Russell
Crystallization chart - Walter Russell
todo: describe cubical, irregular and higher-regular-count crystal forms
centrifugal-boundary-crystallization experiment using dice

“A jumble of thousands of cubic dice, agitated by an oscillating rotation, can rapidly become completely ordered, a result that is hard to produce with more conventional shaking. (…) the process by which the dice become ordered is similar to that of other systems. For example, contact with a boundary can trigger the formation of crystalline order in a collection of colloidal particles suspended in a liquid; the dice may be similarly influenced by the outer cylinder wall. “What they have observed (…) is heterogeneous nucleation, or the growth of crystalline order induced by the boundaries [nucleation points].”” - (source)

to research: centripedal-boundary-crystallization with seed

All matter is crystallic. Crystallization is a dimension. It is the first appearance of form. Matter registers its energy through temperature dimension of heat and cold in solids of light which man calls “crystals.” Crystals are but apparent solids of light sustained in that illusion of appearance by motion. Crystallization is one of the most important dimensions of the illusion of form. (…) All accumulating mass is aiming toward gyroscopic perfection of motion and toward perfection of cubic crystallization. All diffusing mass is aiming away from gyroscopic stability, and away from the simple cubic crystallization toward amorphus complexity of crystallization.” - Walter Russell

The process of crystallization from stillness towards solid matter can also be called “condensation” (“to densify”), and the decrystallization of solid matter towards the gas state (and finally rest) can be called “ionization” (or melting).

“The light and motion of solid matter, and of gaseous matter of space, differs only in volume and condition. Water of earth is compressed into small volume while water of the heavens is expanded thousands of time in volume. Each condition is the opposite half of the cycle of water. - Walter Russell

“It will amaze the world to know that those shapes of crystals are determined in space by the shapes of the wave fields which bound the various elemental structures.” - Walter Russell

“All crystals are cube sections.” - Walter Russell

Nucleation: When sugar is supersaturated [causing boundary tensions] in water, nucleation will occur, allowing sugar molecules to stick together and form large crystal structures. (…) The most common crystallization process on Earth is the formation of ice. Liquid water does not freeze at 0 °C unless there is ice already present, cooling significantly below 0 °C is required to nucleate ice and so for the water to freeze. For example, small droplets of very pure water can remain liquid down to below -30 °C although ice is the stable state below 0 °C.” - wikipedia

See also:


+1 crystallization phase

Orion constellation in the visible and ifrared light spectrum
“Small Magellanic Cloud” (photo info)

The gases are the solids outwardly bound toward the heavens. Solids are those same gases inwardly bound toward gravity.” - Walter Russell

Nature records every action and desire (…) in those cosmic elements which are called “the inert gases”helium, neon, krypton, argon and others. These cosmic elements, which will not unite with the physical elements, are the basis of god's recording system by means of which every thought and action of every creating thing is stored in them as seed-extensions from sun and earth centers for repetition until their purposes are fulfilled.” - Walter Russell

The following Argon (noble gas) octave elements can all be found in its spectral line fingerprint: Silicon (4±), Phosphorus (3-), Sulphur (2-) and Chlorine (1-)



+2 crystallization phase

liquid oxygen

note: the visible blue color, indicating a dominantly-radiating (degenerative) system



+3 crystallization phase


“When water freezes or melts it transforms also via the liquid-crystal phase of water. When you watch freezing water you can observe this gel-like stage of water on the surface before it transforms to the solid stage. This thin layer, which is highly structured (this structuring is visible under the microscope), is liquid-crystalline phase water, also referred to as EZ water — EZ standing for “exclusion zone”— as it profoundly excludes solutes and separates itself from normal liquid water.” - *

    • note: the used phrase “negative energy” should be renamed to something like: “charging / positivizing / generative / contracting / compressing / centripedal motion”.
    • ”(…) [this] phase stores energy in two modes: order and charge separation. Order constitutes configurational potential energy, deliverable as the order gives way to disorder. For the working cell, this order-to-disorder transition constitutes a central energy delivery mechanism. Charge separation, the second mode, entails electrons carrying the EZ’s usual [generative] charge, while hydronium ions bear the corresponding [degenerative] charge. Those separated charges resemble a battery — a local repository of potential energy.“ - G. H. Pollack
    • “The fresh experimental evidence cited in the book and many papers not only confirms the existence of such an ordered, liquid-crystalline phase, but also details its properties. It is more viscous, dense and alkaline than H2O and has more oxygen since its formula is H3O2. As a result, it has a negative charge. And like a battery, it can hold energy and deliver that energy as needed.” - G. H. Pollack


±4 crystallization phase


note: the visible blue color, indicating a dominantly-radiating (degenerative) system

“Carbon, in the fourth octave (404), is the endothermic [generative] dividing line of the cycle. It is the point where the cosmic billion year inhalation of the cycle gives place to an equally majestic exhalation of another eternity in duration. Carbon is the point of maximum orbital (revolutional) velocity which creates the illusion of hardness. It is the point of maximum integration, highest melting point, most perfect in cubical crystallization, most compact in crystallization and most truly bi-sexual of all the elements.” - Walter Russell


alkaline and acidic

Corrected Ph-scale
The traditional Ph-scale wrongly starts with acidity (which is not possible!) and ends with alkalinity. The traditional scale numbering from 0 to 14 is also arbitrary and linear, as opposed to logical, periodic and balanced between two absolute points of rest. The maximum intensity of acidity is dependent on the maximum intensity of alkalinity. Once all the alkalinity charge is spend, the acidity discharge ceases to be and rest follows.
The alkaline and acidic elements within the Helium octave - Walter Russell
The divided spectrum of alkaline and acidic elements - Walter Russell

One half of every wave is alkaline in its chemistry. The alkaline elements are positive and multiply vitality in the direction which expresses LIFE. The other half of the wave is acid in its chemistry. The acid elements are negative and divide vitality in the direction which expresses DEATH. For every acid element there is a balancing alkaline one.” - Walter Russell

Chemically, every element is both alkaline and acid, but it is preponderantly one or the other. All male electro-positive elements are preponderantly alkaline. All female elements are preponderantly acid. The alkaline male actions, when united with equal and opposite acid female reactions, are neutralized. They become salts. Alkaline male actions united with unequal acid female reactions, accentuate the acidity or alkalinity. Hydrogen united with its true mate helionon, becomes a neutral salt. Hydrogen and fluorine will unite as an acid. Hydrogen and chlorine will unite as a stronger acid. All acids or alkalies increase in their strength as their resentment of unequal union increases. Likewise, the ability to reproduce decreases as the acidity or alkalinity of such unions increases. Chemical elements in union reproduce by the same process by which all other states of motion reproduce. (…) All male actions are centripetal and all female reactions are centrifugal.” - Walter Russell

(todo: alkaline-acidic workings in: relationships, emotions, acidophilic red-algea / acido-tolerant blue-algea)

slow rotation and fast rotation

rotation and revolution - Temet Nosce

Generation decelerates rotation. Degeneration accelerates rotation.” - Walter Russell

generation and degeneration of mass - Walter Russell
Universal mathmatics for periods and ratios - Walter Russell


fast revolution and slow revolution

evolution of orbit towards disappearance- Walter Russell
acceleration and deceleration of revolution - Walter Russell
eccentricity of orbit - Walter Russell


nature's gyroscopes

”(…) looking at the history of physics teaches us that resolving inconsistencies has been a reliable path to breakthroughs, so that's what we should focus on.“ - Sabine Hossenfelder (theoretical physicist)

note: the somewhat regular spacing between galaxies (in the foreground and background

“Science has a separate theory for systems of atomic structure which it does not apply to stellar systems. This is strange reasoning for science, for it conceded that large mass is but a multiple of small mass.” - Walter Russell

Below are examples of nature's gyroscopic systems at various scales (galactic, stellar, planetary, local) and at various stages in their lifecycle (still → generative → balanced → degenerative → still).

Each section is ordered from younger to older systems (as best as possible).

generative systems


galaxy (“3C535”)

note: the central North point where a new galaxy is born
galaxy (”M82“)
high-intensity galaxy (”Hercules A“)
galaxy (”Centaurus A“)


star nebula (“HH-30”)
star nebula (“NGC630”)
star nebula (”Boomerang“)
closeup of the star nebula ”Boomerang
star nebula (”Minkowski's Butterfly“)

note: the blue-shifted, degenerative, gaseous, backflow of pressure coming from the young stars equator.

note: the two pressure bubbles becoming visible, due to interpenetrating focal points of the generative poles.
star nebula (”Ant“)
star nebula (“IRAS 13208-6020”)
star nebula (”Hen 3“)
star nebula (”NGC 6881“)
star nebula (”Frosty Leo Nebula“)
star nebula (”Saturn nebula“)

note: the unbalanced pressure bubble surrounding the star
star nebula (”Cat's Eye“)

note: how this is like a twisted version of the previous star nebula (seemingly with a clockwise-rotation of both poles, when seen from their still point).
zoomed-out view of star nebula (”Cat's Eye“)
star nebula (”NGC 3918“)
star nebula (”Fleming 1“)
star nebula (“Sharpless 2-71”)
star nebula (”Engraved Hourglass“)


planetary storm / cyclone


Tornado (see also: Tornadogenesis)

“When a cyclone picks up houses and trees and dashes them around, that is electric power expressed by motion. Electricity is motion entirely - positive and negative forces in opposition. Electricity is tearing up the houses - the cyclone of electricity - not magnetism. The center of the cyclone is so still that not a blade of grass moves even when the winds around it are 180 miles an hour. That still point is the omnipresent Light where God is located, centering it to extend power for expressing cyclonic motion.” - Walter Russell
“the tornado principle”
volcanic tornado's
Lightning is a highly generative, positive charge seeking its own pressure and potential.“ - Walter Russell

When forests are in need of water their collective, dominantly-generative polarity charge will request water (by creating a higher potential for water to crystallize to). Deserts have lost this 'water request' function and need afforestation to restore that function.

Picture this hydration process as many smaller electrical-tornadoes, which create an inward (towards the trees) motion that will first draw in wind, then clouds and finally rain. The reverse process: evaporation of liquid water into water gas (which will later condense into clouds), also happens when needed (metabolism processes, cooling).

Some scientists ( 1, 2 ) are now beginning to see this process too.
rain falling vertically forms cones“ - Walter Russell

balanced systems


galaxy (”NGC 3031“)
galaxy (”Andromeda“)

note: the ±4-phase flattening of the galaxy and the dense, spherical core at the center.
galaxy (”Sombrero“)
galaxy (”NGC 4565“)
galaxy (”NGC 4826“)
galaxy (”NGC 1291“)
galaxy (”Hoag's Object“)
galaxy (”NGC 4725)
galaxy (“Whirlpool M51”)
galaxy (“IC 342”)


star nebula (“Lyra”)
star nebula (“NGC 6369”)
star nebula (“NGC 2022”)
star nebula (“NGC 6826”)
star nebula (“NGC 3242”)
star nebula (NGC 7354)
star nebula (“IC 2448”)
star nebula (“NGC 7662”)
star nebula (“NGC 2371-2”)
star nebula (“NGC 3132”)
star nebula (NGC 6563)
star nebula (NGC 6565)
star nebula (“PN K1-22”)
star nebula [“Abell 39”]
star nebula (“IC 5148”)
star nebula (“Shapley 1”)

note: see also this fluid-dynamics experiment of two fluid-streams colliding and radiating into a ring.
star nebula (“WR 31a”)
young star with a ring (“Fomalhaut”)
Sun star *
Star light motion field made visible during a solar-eclipse (more info)
Solar system relative distances and planet sizes

note: the smaller / warmer / dense, generative planets near the sun (higher pressure field), and (after the asteroid-belt) the larger / colder / less dense, degenerative planets further away from the Sun (lower pressure field).


planet Mars

note: The vortically-shaped arctic areas
planet Earth

note: Are there any real, whole Earth photos? Or is low-Earth-orbit (LEO) the only place from which we have partial images of Earth (which get composed into a full picture)?


river water

note: this is water in its condensed, liquid form (+2), which is the more crystallized counterpart to the evaporated water state of clouds (+1).

degenerative systems


galaxy (Pinwheel)

note: The galactic core is becoming elongated and dimming. The galactic arms are becoming less coherent, due to being stretched out by the degenerative motion.
galaxy (Great Barred)

note: The irregular-shaped / elongated galactic core, and the easy arm curves
galaxy (NGC 7424)
galaxy (NGC 2500)
galaxy (NGC 45)


star nebula (Rosette)
star nebula (in Orion)
star death (“V838 Monocerotis”)

note: There's a visible and expanding hole.
star nebula (“Dumbbell”)

note: This is a closeup shot of a dying star body seen from the side. In the corner a diagram by Walter Russell illustrating the “death principle”.
same as previous: star nebula (“Dumbbell”), but in infrared-light
star nebula (“Helix”)
star nebula (“Crab”)


planet Saturn

note: This is a dominantly-degenerating (dying) planet, which radiates rings of matter from its equator. As its rotational speed decreases, its wobble increases.


Evaporating water (mist) will eventually form clouds, then condense as rain and fall unto the earth again. This is the continuous pressure-balancing act of the water cycle on the planet.

nature's factory

nature's oscillation

“Nature's method of growth. Everyone is familiar with a motion-picture projection machine, and its method of projecting series of pictures so fast that the illusion of motion is created. Everyone knows that these pictures seem continuous only because they change so rapidly. If the film is turned very slowly, however, you can see that there are blank spaces between each picture. In Nature those are the rest periods where the next picture of any unfolding idea changes. The man-made motion picture has but few changed pictures each second but Nature's thought-wave pictures change over seven hundred billion times a second, which is the speed of thought. - Lao Russell

“This principle is of the utmost import that everyone should know, for that is the way a tree, or rose, or a man grows. (…) That means also that you are not thirty years old, as you think you are, for not one particle of you is older than one seven hundred billionth of a second. Neither you, nor earth, nor suns of heaven, are older than that. These changing motion-picture projections of you are what make you seem to grow. (…) by dying billions of times a second to be reborn again with more of the pattern which was in the seed. (…) by projecting new patterns to add to the old ones and withdrawing them for cancellation to again give birth to more changing thought patterns. (…) The oak tree unfolded from an invisible, ultra-microscopic seed. The seed is Mind desire. As the tree pattern unfolded from the seed to live the life of an oak it simultaneously refolded back to die in thousands of seeds of desire to live again. (…) rapidly superimposed positive images which are being projected through seed negatives by the Light of desire in the Creator's Mind.” - Lao Russell

  • To research: high-frequency, quantum-periodic-wave fluctuations from an implicate order, filling our observable material spectrum with motion and 'particles':

nine octaves

periodic table: the nine octave harp of the universe - Walter Russell

note: the (currently missing) yellow lines indicate compression into Carbon on the left-side octaves (macro dominantly generative), and decompression out of Carbon on the right-side octaves (macro dominantly degenerative)
note: Each octave also has a micro dominantly generative side (top half) and a micro dominantly degenerative side (bottom half).
screenshot of the Elements app (with the midtones hidden)
periodic table - Walter Russell
detailed periodic chart of elements - Walter Russell
note: the left and right halve of the circle represent two interconnected wave-systems.

All of the many seeming substances in this universe are but many different pressure conditions. These have been created by the interchange of two-way motion between two opposed poles of rest, which have been extended from the zero universe of knowing-Mind to simulate the multiple ideas of thinking-Mind. Any form of matter becomes another form of matter if its pressure condition is changed. Nature perpetually changes one form of matter into another by perpetually changing its pressure conditions.” - Walter Russell

Elements of matter are not permanently existent. To comprehend my meaning, you must disabuse your minds of the idea that the elements are permanently existent, for they are not. Metals are entirely voided in their salts, oxides, and silicates, and both hydrogen and oxygen are as entirely voided by water as sound is voided by silence. There is no such thing as transmutation of one element into another. One never can become another for each is voided when another condition makes its continuance impossible and another one possible. (…) Elements are not things; they are conditions. Produce a certain condition which is the pattern for hydrogen, or carbon dioxide, or sodium chloride, and they appear from space into which they continually disappear when the conditions are favorable, exactly as apples appear as the solids of apples and disappear as the gases of apples when conditions favor each stage of each cycle.” - Walter Russell


“The world needs new metals. Many new rustless metals of greater density, malleability and conductivity await division in vast quantities from carbon and silicon. These will be found when science discards its concept of matter as being substance, and becomes aware of the gyroscopic control of motion which will split the carbon tone into isotopes as a musical tone is split into sharps and flats. In the chemical elements, the sharps and flats are isotopes. These can be produced by man in greater numbers than Nature has produced them, for Nature does not begin to split her tones until she has passed two octaves beyond carbon. There is a tremendous opportunity for the metallurgist of tomorrow to create new metals in the carbon and silicon octaves.” - Walter Russell

gyroscopic transformations

the gyroscopic equators of the elements in the Helium octave - Walter Russell

The relation and purpose of the gyroscope to the wave structure of the nine-octave periodic table of the elements is a very big subject for a brief treatise. (…) As all of the one hundred and twenty-one elements, isotopes and inert gases, which are produced by the electric-wave machine in Nature's workshop, acquire their seemingly different properties because of the gyroscopic wheels which spin them into their various conditions, it is necessary to know how Nature causes the same kind of units of motion to appear to be so many different substances.” - Walter Russell

(todo: relate the gyroscopic attributes to every position in the periodic table)

optical operations

The (multi-spectral, perceived as white) light beam:
1) partly reflects of the prism (another medium),
2) and partly refracts within the prism, and then
3) disperses (“radiates out”) into accentuated-frequency waves (perceived as colors) coming out of the prism.

(todo: concave lensing, convex lensing, mirroring / reflection, refraction, dispersion, optical resistence, coherence & resonance, etc.)

This curved universe consists of lenses and mirrors of light which reflect, bend, curve, concentrate and decentrate light into its countless forms. Any action anywhere is repeated everywhere by and through countless mirror planes of wave fields and the lenses of space.” - Walter and Lao Russell

mass formation

The beginning (+1) and zenith (±4) wave-ring patterns of the compression of light into matter - Walter Russell

“Here follows the law of the cycle of appearance and disappearance of form. Cold generates. Generation contracts. Contraction integrates. Integration heats. Heat raddiates. Radiation expands. Expansion disintegrates. Disintegration cools. Thus it may be seen that one opposite is always born of the other, which in its turn becomes the cause of the first. Thus it may be seen that the disintegration of the preponderantly generating sun becomes the regeneration of this planet.” - Walter Russell

inert gas seed

The inert gases are the storehouses of all of the states of motion contained within the mass of the wave. The purpose of the wave is to transfer states of motion from one potential to another. This is nature's method of accumulating the energy constant from low potential to high potential, octave by octave, in a series of progressive steps until maximum motion has been reached. Every state of motion is the result of a concept of that state. The purpose of motion is to contract concept into form and then to expand it into the memory of form. All concepts are but recollections of eternal ideas. All forms are but the regenerated memories of universal Mind. Each action of motion is recorded by a reaction in the master-tone inert gas of each octave.” - Walter Russell

“The universe might very appropriately be likened to a harp of nine strings, with nine tones in each string. In our diagram the strings are all indicated as of the same length for simplicity. In Nature the lower string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with a zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave. They are the cathodes of every electric anode. They are called inert gases, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton, etc. They are the seed of all matter and the supreme mystery of matter. In them is the answer to the great mystery of life and death (…)” - Walter Russell

disc formation


ring formation


sphere formation

mass deformation

All matter, from microscopic cells to majestic suns 'unwind' spirally, and centrifugally by ejecting rings from the planes of their equators.” - Walter Russell

When the [maximum] amplitude position is attained, its radiation will then begin to exceed its generation. It will be in the same condition as a man who has just passed his maturity high point when death and life interchange their preponderances. From that point on, cold space will bore a black hole through the sun from pole to pole and it will expand into a giant ring centered by a smaller sun recondensed from the remnant of its expanding self. Many such ring nebulae are visible in the heavens, notably in the Lyra ring nebula.” - Walter Russell

sphere deformation


ring deformation


disc deformation


inert gas recording


mass interaction

“All mass is controlled by invisible polarized force in space” - Walter Russell

(todo: multi-gyroscope interaction - nested or equal, such as between a star and a planet, the two foci of the elliptical orbit, entrainment, tonal math, "Lagrangian" balanced positions)


  • re-define ”philosophy“ as: a search for truth and meaning [the impression / receiving], and helping with the wise (deeply honest, compassionate and courageous) application of the results of that search [the expression / re-giving].
    • True science and spirituality are One. These two fundamental and complementary philosophies can not be separated from the One Light of Thinking Mind. Science works from the outside-in, spirituality from the inside-out. Both may be corrupted by: impure desires, a lack of knowledge and other human weaknesses.
  • geometry (the basis of all mathematics)
  • nutrition (alkaline/generative and acidic/degenerative foods, balancing tonics)
  • chemistry: elemental-tone logic-physics / detection / purification / mixing
    • optical: holography, crystals, homeopathy, …
    • human-scale electrical: electrical machine engineering: toroidal antenna/coil design, magnet structuring and composition, semi-conductor design, digital signal processing (1)
  • clean energy technology

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