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critical notes

[note: Constructive and honest feedback from the mentioned organizations on the issues raised here is appreciated. ]

Some critical notes regarding and related projects/people (not necessarily the messenger Marshal Vian Summers):

  • The ignorance of the universal cosmology described by Walter and Lao Russell is understandable, but not correct nor acceptable.
  • Also note that Muhammad was not the last great messenger as the project claims. We should also be very skeptical of the racist and demeaning verses in the Quran, making Islam itself a fundamentally tainted religion.
  • There have only been very few fully illuminated messengers and neither M.V. Summers nor Muhammad can be considered as such - they were illumined by degrees (partially). To ignore Walter Russell's message is to ignore one of the most profound and universal teachings intended for mankind in these difficult times. Anyone who really studies the works of Walter Russell - especially “The Message Of The Divine Iliad” - with an open heart and mind can know this beyond any doubt. Please research this for yourself!

An email send to “” about this issue resulted in the following answer from a member of “The Society”:

“Thank you for sharing the information below and for inviting me to dialogue about Walter Russell. I do appreciate this. However, to be honest, because of the nature of a mission-driven life, I truly cannot engage in other studies at this time. As a member of The Society of the New Message from God, I am following a mandate and a calling to assist the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers in bringing the New Message to as many people in the world as possible, while it is still possible to do so. The urgency is upon us, and The Society is relatively few in number. I hope you will understand. You could, however, begin a dialogue on the New Message Forum, which has been created for this purpose since we knew we could not engage with hundreds, now thousands, of readers and students, especially as our mission continues to grow. (…)”

A forum dialogue (unfortunately the forum is not publically accessible anymore) was started in November of 2013. In that thread Ellen from “The Society” replied with an evasive and somewhat cult-like reply:

“Please understand that it is not that we discount other writings. We would never say that there is no other inspiration in the world. Inspiration is available everywhere. It is simply that the “New Message people” must have a single focus and purpose if we are to get this Divine Message to the entire world in the brief time we have. There are people waiting for this Revelation all over this planet. Their destiny requires finding this, and it is our task to find ways to get it to them. This effort requires all of our time, dedication, and focus.”
  • Conclusion: The NM organization (or at least parts of it) are unwilling to see their own serious flaws regarding this topic (discussion avoidance, group think, ignorance, ego, fear and dishonesty). The karmic consequences will be theirs the undo.
  • In addition to the issue above: The messenger itself should not be idolized as some people around M.V. Summers are seemingly already doing. Some people say things like: “Come see him, while he is still in the world!”. This type of talk can lead to cultish behaviour among the people looking for authority figures (and there are many of those!), disdain from more critical thinkers and eventually even prosecution from those who might feel threatened. Please let the message speak for itself and through the people inspired by it. Trust will need to be established by a person's own inner resonance with the message, not who is saying it or how it is presented.


I've identified two issues with the Bahai faith so far. This ofcourse does however not devalue all their other work, but does show their teachings are unknowing of some important topics.

  • The Bahai position on reincarnation is wrong.
    • “No revelation from God has ever taught reincarnation; this is a man-made conception. (LG 536) The Bahá’í view of ‘reincarnation’ is essentially different from the Hindu conception. The Bahá’ís believe in the return of the attributes and qualities, but maintain that the essence or the reality of things cannot be made to return. Every being keeps its own individuality, but some of his qualities can be transmitted. The doctrine of metempsychosis upheld by the Hindus is fallacious. (LG 536)” - source: A Bahá'í Understanding of Reincarnation
      • “The soul of man contains a complete and exact record of every action and reaction of thinking man.” - Walter Russell
      • This “essence” is Mind, knowledge and its soul-light pattern recording. Many deep mind-trance regressions of people during hypnosis show that they can access this knowing and their past life stories (even in great detail). The law of balance also shows that Karma is real on every level of existence, it is universal.
  • To monitor: The Bahai position on the important topic of the ongoing alien intrusion is seemingly 'unidentified' (1), although their Universal House of Justice organization is pro-claimed to be infallible. The reason this issue is mentioned here, is due to the global ambitions of the Bahai movement to promote their world views of “unity, equality and peace”.
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