[note: This complex and currently somewhat disorganized chapter is an ongoing investigation into the ways in which Creation could be working. It is not meant as a promoter of any Christian-faith. Knowledge, observable facts and honest, intelligent work should guide us in this matter.]


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circle-packing tesselation - *

“The perpetuity of Creation is based upon the constant giving of one half of a cycle to the other half for the purpose of repeating the creative process through another cycle of giving for regiving” - Walter Russell

Appearances and disappearances are but moving points in the cycle of Mind.” - Walter Russell

“Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing universe which but manifests change, though I change not, nor move. For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Creation is the imagined effect of a real cause. The cause is the desire of God to express His balanced, formless, changeless idea by dividing His idea into many parts, giving it many imagined forms, and setting those forms in motion to express the idea in sequences of changing events. Motion and effect only seem. They have no reality.“ - Walter Russell

“Our very name for God's Creation is NATURE, for that is what Nature is. I shall define Nature for you in simple words: Nature is an electric wave thought Image of God's nature, electrically projected from His formless and unconditioned ONE LIGHT into countless many forms of conditioned light which we call matter.“ - Walter Russell

creation and destruction

Star light motion-field made visible during a solar-eclipse. (photo info)
The projection of Mind-desire energy into pairs of tones - Walter Russell
“The characteristic unfolding-refolding, inside-out outside-in principle of Nature causes the integration of matter at poles and disintegration at equators.” - Walter Russell

wave pressure progression illustration - T. Nosce

generation and degeneration of mass - Walter Russell

Creation is but a swing of the cosmic pendulum from inertia, through energy, and back again to inertia, forever and forever. It is but a series of opposing pulsations of action and reaction, integration and disintegration, gravitation and radiation, appearance and disappearance.” - Walter Russell

“We do not yet know that the invisible part of the cycles of all idea is as continuous as the wheel is continuous. The cycle of the apple is light reaching from the sun and earth to that positive half of the apple cycle which we hold in our hand. The negative half of the cycle is light returning to sun and earth for repetition as another manifestation of the eternal idea of the apple. The same is true of the flame, the tree or any other part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. The flame “goes out” to our sensing. But it still IS. Likewise the tree, the forest, mountain, planet and nebula of the far heavens appear, disappear and as surely reappear.” - Walter Russell

“A man seeing a Technicolor motion picture for the first time and without knowledge of such electric effects would think he were looking through a window at real happenings, unaware that it was but an illusion “created” by projecting positive light through patterened negatives. That is all that creation is: two lights projected through each other to simulate motion, form and change.” - Walter Russell

“Know thou that eternity endeth in NOW, for now is eternity. For the purpose of creating the illusion of time have I set My mirrors and lenses of dual light to attain an infinity in My imaged universe where no measure is.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

2021/08/02 14:19
“Divine play”, Freydoon Rassouli

“Science looks at the springing of intelligence out of the unintelligent dense matter. It traces the evolution of intelligence from the lower creation to man. But the mystic looks at the intelligence as the seed and flower, both. What seems to be unintelligent, it only envelops intelligence. What seems intelligent is the unfolding process of the intelligence. To the mystic, therefore, intelligence is first and last, and the whole manifestation is the process of it. The all intelligence becomes divided, so to speak, by being poured out in different vessels, the different bodies of the living beings, and so it is known by man in its limited aspect.” - Inayat Khan

The human race does not acquire new qualities. It reveals existent ones as it unfolds. Nothing is ever added to man from without. Whatever man becomes, physically, intellectually or spiritually, unfolds from within. Even after millions of years of his unfolding, all that appears was in the first cells of his beginning. Nature does not evolve (in the Darwinian sense). It eternally unfolds and refolds. All idea is eternally existent. The man-idea is a part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. It is complete as IDEA but its manifestation in time and space is divided into timed recordings in space. Likewise, all knowledge exists in the Soul-seed of all mankind.” - Lao Russell (see also: animal man)

Organic matter generates purely from the desire of mind to manifest idea in matter. That cosmic desire to create form produces the desired form. Desire is the motivating force of all Creation. Man begins to express the idea of man as a single cell. The whole idea of man is in that single cell. It then unfolds in orderly time and space according to cosmic law. Likewise the whole idea of all Creation is in that single cell. All idea is omnipresent. There are no parts of the Whole. Each step in the unfolding of the man-idea follows the continuing desire for unfolding. Cell memory of purpose is given to each cell as it unfolds. Pattern of idea follows in sequence as desire in God Mind and desire in the growing idea work together to express the idea in form. Every action of unfolding man is a part of the unfolding of the man-idea as it exists as a whole in God's Mind. Any desire of man is, therefore, a two-way extension of the Light of that idea from God to man. Whatever God desires to express in man He will express, for He is man's Creator. Whatever man desires, the God in him will create. Man must, however, co-create with God according to God's universal law. If man breaks that law, the law will break him to an equal extent. All of the expressions of desire in the unfolding of any idea are a part of the idea. They are experiences in decisions. All experiences are parts of the unfolding of any idea. Whatever those decisions are, however, they are recorded upon the individual man as his own interpretation of the man-idea. Likewise they are recorded in the whole of the race of man as the sum total of all desire and experiences of the whole man-idea. As the idea of anything is one, so also the parts of the idea are one. If it were not for instinct, animal life could not survive or develop. Instinct causes mechanical actions to take place in all bodies to meet the necessities of existence. Instinct protects animal life from enemies. It tells the proper food to eat, how to build nests, how to take care of its young, how to return home when taken great distances, as the carrier pigeon does, and countless other wonderful things that animals do. A salmon, spawned in a certain river, instinctively leaves that river and makes its way to the sea until maturity. At the proper time for its mating and spawning, it then returns, over thousands of trackless miles, to the very river in which it was born. It is instinct which tells birds to fly south before winter. Instinct tells them the direction of south. Instinct tells them it is warmer in that direction. Instinct likewise governs the migration of seals, the building of the beaver's dam and the weaving of the spider's web. Instinct might be defined as a cell-memory record of all actions of a body, and of all of the sensations caused by those actions.” - Walter Russell

Man is a trinity of spirit, soul and body. Spirit is the source or God-life of man from which all proceeds. Soul is spirit in action, and embraces all that is recognized as individual, personal existence. Soul includes the intellect, the emotions and the sensations. Soul is the thinking, loving, living realm of man. From the Spirit through conscious training one is capable of developing unlimited forces and possibilities. Soul looks within, to the All, for life, knowledge and power which it expresses without, through the physical. As thought precedes action, so nothing can appear or manifest itself in the body that has not been conceived or thought of in the soul. Soul may recognize spirit as a governing principle, or it may look out through the senses for material manifestations, depending only upon symbols for its concept of life. Voluntarily and consciously man may choose between these two roads: the spiritual or material. In his philosophy, he may recognize that all power and all life are from and of the Spirit; or, he may attribute all development, all growth, all evolution to matter. In the spiritual view, recognizing the divine principle as an ever present, active energy, as life and intelligence operating through the soul upon matter, one comes to conclusions that make all of life's problems less difficult. (…) Both the macrocosms and microcosms of the universe are expressions of the law of life, instinctively put forth by creative energy. This force operates in the multiplication of atoms, in the drawing the pollen upon the stigma; in the attraction of sperm to germ cells. It is the segregation and aggregation of all molecules of matter, founded on the duality of sex [polarity]. The processes of growth and fulfillment of functions are propelled by this omnipresent energy of spirit, which is inherent in, and operative through, all nature. It is back of the physical life of man and other animals, and expresses itself through them. Only when it comes with the strong voice of life demanding perpetuation, is it especially a manifestation of the sex nature - a fulfillment of the law of growth, development and of increase. Atoms, cells and plants, are unconscious of this life force, and animals conscious only in a small degree. Man not only has consciousness of this energy, but through his intelligence is capable of developing greater consciousness of its operation and the law governing it. He knows that he knows, and in this knowledge lies his superiority over the brutes. This recognition and knowledge makes it possible for man to train this creative potency in all life's purposes and uses. (…) The perfectness of his nature is evolved through the recognition, direction and appropriation of the creative energy, the occult forces of life.” - Alice Stockham


Evolve: 'to unfold, open out, expand,' from the Latin evolvere: 'to unroll, roll out, roll forth, unfold,'”

The general term “evolution” is used here in the “intelligent design unfolding with micro-evolution” meaning, not Darwinism (which - among other facts - the fossil record clearly fails to prove!).

Evolution has two major modes of operation:

  • Macro-evolution is the development of a new specie. Other names for it are:
    • intelligent design unfolding, creationism
  • Micro-evolution is the variability within an existing specie, caused by:
    • micro-adaptation
      • genetic variability (ranges of expression)
      • natural selection (reproduction, life and death)
    • random mutations (permanent genetic damage)

(todo: define specie term and major specie classes)


(todo: cleanup, order and rewrite in less text)

The word “holoverse” is used here as the conjugation of the words “holographic universe”, as this word is both shorter and more concise. The “holoverse” could be described as the continuous process of Creation by the universal One, using the principles of divided light and holography. So it is the one Mind (super-consciousness) manifesting seeming imbalances (sexed polarity extensions) to give the illusion of waves of motion, matter formation, individuality and souls. Time and space are are also illusory products of this process of Creation.

David Bohm coined the term ”holomovement“, wich has a similar meaning: “Because the term hologram usually refers to an image that is static and does not convey the dynamic and ever active nature of the incalculable enfoldings and unfoldings that moment by moment create our universe, Bohm prefers to describe the universe not as a hologram, but as a 'holomovement'.” - M. Talbot

Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing universe which but manifests change, though I change not, nor move. For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

We do not yet know that the invisible part of the cycles of all idea is as continuous as the wheel is continuous. The cycle of the apple is light reaching from the sun and earth to that positive half of the apple cycle which we hold in our hand. The negative half of the cycle is light returning to sun and earth for repetition as another manifestation of the eternal idea of the apple. The same is true of the flame, the tree or any other part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. The flame “goes out” to our sensing. But it still IS. Likewise the tree, the forest, mountain, planet and nebula of the far heavens appear, disappear and as surely reappear.” - Walter Russell

Folded Orders and Unfolded Realities: One of Bohm's most startling assertions is that the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of illusion, like a holographic image. Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of holographic film gives birth to a hologram. Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the implicate (which means “folded”) order, and he refers to our own level of existence as the explicate, or unfolded, order. He uses these terms because he sees the manifestation of all forms in the universe as the result of countless foldings and unfoldings between these two orders. Bohm says that everything in the universe is part of a continuum. Despite the apparent separateness of things at the explicate level, everything is a seamless extension of everything else (…) The idea that consciousness and life (and indeed all things) are ensembles folded throughout the universe has an equally dazzling flip side. Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole.” - M. Talbot

Time is not the only thing that is illusory in a holographic universe. Space, too, must be viewed as a product of our mode of perception. This is even more difficult to comprehend than the idea that time is a construct, for when it comes to trying to conceptualize “spacelessness” there are no easy analogies” - M. Talbot

Access to holographic reality becomes experientially available when one's consciousness is freed from its dependence on the physical body. So long as one remains tied to the body and its sensory modalities, holographic reality at best can only be an intellectual construct. When one is freed from the body, one experiences it directly. That is why mystics speak about their visions with such certitude and conviction, while those who haven't experienced this realm for themselves are left feeling skeptical or even indifferent.” - Kenneth Ring

“One of Bohm's most startling assertions is that the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of illusion, like a holographic image. Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of holographic film gives birth to a hologram. Bohm calls this deeper level of reality the implicate (which means “enfolded”) order, and he refers to our own level of existence as the explicate, or unfolded, order. He uses these terms because he sees the manifestation of all forms in the universe as the result of countless enfoldings and unfoldings between these two orders. For example, Bohm believes an electron is not one thing but a totality or ensemble enfolded throughout the whole of space. When an instrument detects the presence of a single electron it is simply because one aspect of the electron's ensemble has unfolded, similar to the way an ink drop unfolds out of the glycerine, at that particular location. When an electron appears to be moving it is due to a continuous series of such unfoldments and enfoldments. Put another way, electrons and all other particles are no more substantive or permanent than the form a geyser of water takes as it gushes out of a fountain. They are sustained by a constant influx from the implicate order, and when a particle appears to be destroyed, it is not lost. It has merely enfolded back into the deeper order from which it sprang. A piece of holographic film and the image it generates are also an example of an implicate and explicate order. The film is an implicate order because the image encoded in its interference patterns is a hidden totality enfolded throughout the whole. The hologram projected from the film is an explicate order because it represents the unfolded and perceptible version of the image. The constant and flowing exchange between the two orders explains how particles, such as the electron in the positronium atom, can shape-shift from one kind of particle to another. Such shiftings can be viewed as one particle, say an electron, enfolding back into the implicate order while another, a photon, unfolds and takes its place. It also explains how a quantum can manifest as either a particle or a wave. According to Bohm, both aspects are always enfolded in a quantum's ensemble, but the way an observer interacts with the ensemble determines which aspect unfolds and which remains hidden. As such, the role an observer plays in determining the form a quantum takes may be no more mysterious than the fact that the way a jeweler manipulates a gem determines which of its facets become visible and which do not. The existence of a deeper and holographically organized order also explains why reality becomes nonlocal at the subquantum level. As we have seen, when something is organized holographically, all semblance of location breaks down. Saying that every part of a piece of holographic film contains all the information possessed by the whole is really just another way of saying that the information is distributed nonlocally. Hence, if the universe is organized according to holographic principles, it, too, would be expected to have nonlocal properties.” - M. Talbot

“The nothingness and the pieces of matter do not exist independently from one another. They are both part of the same fabric, the deeper order of the crystal. Bohm believes the same is true at our own level of existence. Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy, it is a ripple on its surface, a comparatively small “pattern of excitation” in the midst of an unimaginably vast ocean. “This excitation pattern is relatively autonomous and gives rise to approximately recurrent, stable and separable projections into a three-dimensional explicate order of manifestation” states Bohm. In other words, despite its apparent materiality and enormous size, the universe does not exist in and of itself, but is the stepchild of something far vaster and more ineffable. More than that, it is not even a major production of this vaster something, but is only a passing shadow, a mere hiccup in the greater scheme of things. This infinite sea of energy is not all that is enfolded in the implicate order. Because the implicate order is the foundation that has given birth to everything in our universe, at the very least it also contains every subatomic particle that has been or will be; every configuration of matter, energy, life, and consciousness that is possible, from quasars to the brain of Shakespeare, from the double helix, to the forces that control the sizes and shapes of galaxies. And even this is not all it may contain. Bohm concedes that there is no reason to believe the implicate order is the end of things. There may be other undreamed of orders beyond it, infinite stages of further development.” - M. Talbot

”(…) it appears that through the use of images, the brain can tell the body what to do, including telling it to make more images. Images making images. Two mirrors reflecting each other infinitely. Such is the nature of the mind/body relationship in a holographic universe.“ - M. Talbot

“According to the holographic model, the mind/body ultimately cannot distinguish the difference between the neural holograms the brain uses to experience reality and the ones it conjures up while imagining reality. Both have a dramatic effect on the human organism, an effect so powerful that it can modulate the immune system, duplicate and/or negate the effects of potent drugs, heal wounds with amazing rapidity, melt tumors, override our genetic programming, and reshape our living flesh in ways that almost defy belief. This then is the first message: that each of us possesses the ability, at least at some level, to influence our health and control our physical form in ways that are nothing short of dazzling. We are all potential wonderworkers, dormant yogis, and it is clear from the evidence presented in the preceding pages that it would behoove us both as individuals and as a species to devote a good deal more effort into exploring and harnessing these talents. The second message is that the elements that go into the making of these neural holograms are many and subtle. They include the images upon which we meditate, our hopes and fears, the attitudes of our doctors, our unconscious prejudices, our individual and cultural beliefs, and our faith in things both spiritual and technological. More than just facts, these are important clues, signposts that point toward those things that we must become aware of and acquire mastery over if we are to learn how to unleash and manipulate these talents. There are, no doubt, other factors involved, other influences that shape and circumscribe these abilities (…)” - M. Talbot

“While writing it all up weeks later, God seemed too puny a little human word with much baggage, clearly failing to describe the power, majesty and awe I had witnessed. I originally referred to that deity as Om, the sound that I recalled from that realm as the resonance within infinity and eternity. Many lessons were taught in that core realm, with all of the higher dimensional multiverse collapsed down into a complex “oversphere” that served as a tool in advancing some of the deeper lessons. All of my understanding of space, time, mass, energy, information, soul journeys, causality, the afterlife, reincarnation, meaning and purpose took on extraordinary relationships that I am even now just beginning to unravel. (…) The conventional reductive materialist (physicalist) model embraced by many in the scientific community, including its assumption that the physical brain creates consciousness and that our human existence is birth-to-death and nothing more, is fundamentally flawed. At its core, that physicalist model intentionally ignores what I believe is the fundament of all existence — consciousness itself. NDEs such as mine then represent the tip of the spear in a rapidly progressing enlightenment of the scientific community around the mind-brain relationship, and our understanding of the very nature of reality.” - Eben Alexander (a neurosurgeon after his NDE experience during a 7-day coma)

(todo: more holoverse examples and experiments: Quantum entanglement experiments, … )


  • the cube-sphere form-range is the only form Mind creates
    • more complex forms are a fundamentally a composition of the fundamental cube-sphere forms
    • the sphere form arises from a generative, pulsing plane (hardening)
    • the sphere form dissapears into equatorial rings and gaseous cones (softening)
  • what we call “light” is the divided (male-female division) pressured motion, which can become visible to our eyes.
    • Only the first octave of Light is where thinking occurs.
    • Is the higher-order (non-locality) of the holoverse achieved in the 2nd and 3rd octaves of light?
      • Of the 3rd octave only some elements of the degenerative-side are yet known: hydrogen, tritium and deuterium (why not the last stable element of that 3rd octave “carbogen”?).
    • motion, time and space are an illusion, only Mind is thinking Life into its divided 'existence'.
  • a hologram is an 'interpreted' snapshot of wave interference, arising out of a higher-order of structuring (a realm closer to Mind idea, but still physical).
    • the wave interference arise from spherical pressure waves colliding with each other.
    • colliding spherical waves can neutralize, enhance or diminish each other

nature's oscillation

nature's oscillation

“Nature's method of growth. Everyone is familiar with a motion-picture projection machine, and its method of projecting series of pictures so fast that the illusion of motion is created. Everyone knows that these pictures seem continuous only because they change so rapidly. If the film is turned very slowly, however, you can see that there are blank spaces between each picture. In Nature those are the rest periods where the next picture of any unfolding idea changes. The man-made motion picture has but few changed pictures each second but Nature's thought-wave pictures change over seven hundred billion times a second, which is the speed of thought. - Lao Russell

“This principle is of the utmost import that everyone should know, for that is the way a tree, or rose, or a man grows. (…) That means also that you are not thirty years old, as you think you are, for not one particle of you is older than one seven hundred billionth of a second. Neither you, nor earth, nor suns of heaven, are older than that. These changing motion-picture projections of you are what make you seem to grow. (…) by dying billions of times a second to be reborn again with more of the pattern which was in the seed. (…) by projecting new patterns to add to the old ones and withdrawing them for cancellation to again give birth to more changing thought patterns. (…) The oak tree unfolded from an invisible, ultra-microscopic seed. The seed is Mind desire. As the tree pattern unfolded from the seed to live the life of an oak it simultaneously refolded back to die in thousands of seeds of desire to live again. (…) rapidly superimposed positive images which are being projected through seed negatives by the Light of desire in the Creator's Mind.” - Lao Russell

  • To research: high-frequency, quantum-periodic-wave fluctuations from an implicate order, filling our observable material spectrum with motion and 'particles':
2021/08/02 14:19

idea-to-wave math

  • Cymatics is a good analogy of the higher-order structuring process. We see the continuously evolving shapes and know these are induced by expanding spheres of motion (pressure balancing) colliding with each other. These expanding (radiative, degenerative) sphere collisions result in enhancement (+), neutralization (0) or diminishment (-). Frequency, intensity, phasing and the used materials all influence this process. We can easily go from one geometric configuration to another and back.
    • to research: Can we also emulate shrinking (compressing, generative) spheres in cymatics?
  • Natural log-exp balance formula's:
    • ny = x (exponentiation function)
    • Log n (x) = y (logarithmization function)
    • Book of N


"Holographic Universe", Michael Talbot interview

“Hologram process: When the two laser beams reach the recording medium, their light waves intersect and interfere with each other. It is this interference pattern that is imprinted on the recording medium. The pattern itself is seemingly random, as it represents the way in which the scene's light interfered (interference waves) with the original light source (reference waves) — but not the original light source itself. The interference pattern can be considered an encoded version of the scene, requiring a particular key — the original light source — in order to view its contents. This missing key is provided later by shining a laser, identical to the one used to record the hologram, onto the developed film. When this beam illuminates the hologram, it is diffracted by the hologram's surface pattern. This produces a light field identical to the one originally produced by the scene and scattered onto the hologram.”


  • relation of holography to Moiré patterns
    • Moire patterns are illusionary brain-interpretation-effects: 1
      • “The essence of the moiré effect is the perception of a distinctly different third pattern, which is caused by inexact (brain produced) superimposition of two similar patterns.” (wikipedia, slightly modified)
    • create an improved illustration from this demo

various research

  • superprogramming & supercode
    • Mind light octave (the first octave)
    • holoverse light engineering: fractal logic-geometry, polarity, four states of matter, crystal geometry, stable motion body building
    • “ultra-real higher-realms” by out-of-body experiences (spiritual dreams, near-death experienses (NDEs), DMT experiences and other similar psychedelic experiences, …)
    • collective soul work on planetary (energy, atmosphere, geology, biology) design (research hypnosis reports)
  • God-controlled Earth extinctions?
  • meta-evolution (supermind embodiment bootstrapping)

earth life


Earth eons, era's and periods
Earth time scale (whole)
  • Cambrian 'explosion': 541 million years ago: an event in the Cambrian period when most major animal phyla appeared in the fossil record. It lasted for about 20–25 million years. “Before the Cambrian explosion, most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies.” See also: this diagram
  • Permian–Triassic extinction event: “colloquially known as the Great Dying, the End-Permian Extinction or the Great Permian Extinction, occurred about 252 million years ago, forming the boundary between the Permian and Triassic geologic periods, as well as between the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras. It is the Earth's most severe known extinction event, with up to 96% of all marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species becoming extinct.
  • Paleogene (with its beginning the Paleocene): 66 Mya - 23 Mya: “The Paleogene is most notable for being the time during which mammals diversified from relatively small, simple forms into a large group of diverse animals …

cell plan unfoldment

progenote cell

Three-domain system: “a biological classification introduced by Carl Woese et al. in 1977, that divides cellular life forms into Bacteria, Archaea and and Eukaryotes domains. In particular, it emphasizes the separation of prokaryotes into two groups: Bacteria and Archaea. Woese argued that, on the basis of differences in 16S rRNA genes, these two groups and the eukaryotes each arose separately from an ancestor (…) called a progenote cell. To reflect these primary lines of descent, he treated each as a domain, divided into several different kingdoms.” (slight modification of quoted text)

Progenote: While there is no specific fossil evidence of LUCA [“last universal common ancestor”], it can be studied by comparing the genomes of its descendants, all organisms living today. (…) a 2016 study identified a set of 355 genes inferred to have been present in LUCA. This would imply it was already a complex life form with many co-adapted features, including transcription and translation mechanisms to convert information between DNA, RNA, and proteins.” - wikipedia

see also:

bacteria cell

(todo: bacteria)

archea cell

(todo: archaea)

  • see also:
    • “Mysterious groups of archaea are stirring debate about the origin of complex creatures, including humans.” - *

eukaryote cell

(todo: eukaryotes)

multi-cell life

  • todo: reasons for water flea DNA complexity (1)
    • jump-starting complex fresh water ecology





  • see also:
      • Are the complex ctenophores as ancient as the (claimed-to-be-the-first-animal, no CNS) sponges? DNA testing claims this is the case.


Those who affirm that God made man perfect - meaning the body of man - do not realize that the making [unfolding] of the body of man covers a period of millions of years. The man of the jungle, or of the stone age, or the Neanderthal man are as unalike as the forests of today and those of the carboniferous age are unalike. If God made man of today perfect, could we not also say that Neanderthal man was perfect - or that cosmic illumined man of the future is also perfect - when neither one resembles the other either mentally or physically?” - Walter and Lao Russell

  • Humans and apes have a different chromosome-structure (46 versus 48 chromosomes), so reproduction isn't possible (among many other major differences).
    • Genetic difference between chimps and modern Humans is more than 6.4% (of the 'understood' sequences of DNA).
  • ~11 myo Gorilla fossils found. (Gorilla's were and are still Gorilla's)
  • Ape species (which are considered as ancestors in the Human evolution story by Darwinian evolutionists):
    • 'Homo' Habilis (Gibbon-like ape adapted to: climbing trees and knuckle-walking)
      • “Homo habilis, rather than being the direct ancestor of Homo erectus, lived at the same time as the more modern hominin for part of its history.” - *

erectus phase

heidelbergensis phase

neanderthal phase

  • “Ever since the discovery of the Neanderthal fossils, expert opinion has been divided as to whether Neanderthals should be considered a separate species or a subspecies relative to modern humans.” - wikipedia
  • “There is a graveyard in Turkey which was used by Neanderthal men approximately 100,000 years ago. There, fossilized imprints have enabled archaeologists to discover that these ancient men buried their dead in biers of flowers, indicating that they perhaps saw death as an occasion of celebration-as a transition of the dead from this world to the next. Indeed, graves from very early sites all over the earth give evidence of the belief in human survival of bodily death.” - Marilyn Ferguson
  • todo: Other early Human micro-adaptations from global migration out of Africa into India and from there major dispersion over the planet: Negroid, Australoid (including Melanesians), Mongoloid, Caucasoid

sapiens phase



Arguments against the Darwinian evolution theory:

no fossilized intermediaries

  • video: “The Fossil Record”, Mike Riddle (1)
    • Wikipedia list of transitional fossils: note how a each listed example is not a true intermediary, but a complete body plan (fish, bird, reptile, etc.) example which has gone extinct (todo: research snake-with-legs example).
    • Coelacanth (fish) (from Wikipedia: ”(…) it evolved into roughly its current form approximately 400 million years ago.“ (?? no more evolution for this old fish species it seems, so it is no longer used as a clear example of Darwinian evolution.)
      • Older bird specie found?: Protavis, 1: “The original describer of Protoavis texensis, Sankar Chatterjee of Texas Tech University, interpreted the type specimen to have come from a single animal, specifically a 35 cm tall bird that lived in what is now Texas, USA, around 210 million years ago. Though it existed far earlier than Archaeopteryx, its skeletal structure is allegedly more bird-like.

irreducible complexity


  • Body plan complexity & DNA:
    • “But a recent study appearing in Nature Ecology & Evolution shows that not to be the case — at least for jellyfish, humble organisms that evolved at a crucial juncture in animal history. They did not need more genes — or even notably different ones — to power their giant leap in complexity. This new study adds to a growing body of work that casts doubt on finding straightforward genomic signatures of the evolution of complexity. (…) it suggests that “very different body plans can arise by connecting the same genes in different ways.” - *

true beginning of life not explained


see also

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