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“Right intuition, right knowledge, right conduct” - Mahavira

Along with Knowledge comes the Wisdom of how to use Knowledge in the world. Thus, Knowledge is the source of your understanding and Wisdom is learning how to apply it meaningfully and constructively in the world.” - M.V. Summers

Wisdom is not something that you possess alone. It represents a relationship — your relationship with the Greater Power in your life and with Creation itself. Wisdom must be able to guide and instruct you in areas which are beyond your understanding and capacity.” - M.V. Summers

”'Like the ocean unto rivers, like the Sun unto all luminous bodies, like the righteous unto Truth, like a fertile soil unto seeds, like the clouds unto all creatures, be thou the refuge of thy relatives and friends!“ - Krishna Vyasa

“The less wisdom one has, the more one holds to one's own ideas. In the wisest person there is willingness to submit to others. And the most foolish person is always ready to stand firm to support his own ideas. The reason is that the wise person can easily give up his thought; the foolish holds on to it. That is why he does not become wise because he sticks to his own ideas. That is why he does not progress.” - Inayat Khan

“The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.” - Solomon ibn Gabirol

For those who can sow with wisdom the seeds of blessings, every day is a good day.” - Sheng Yen

“There is one truth; true knowledge of our being, within and without, which is the essence of Wisdom.” - Inayat Khan

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” - KJV Bible

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108 adages of wisdom14
a new concept of the universe1
atomic suicide2
autobiography of a spiritually incorrect mystic2
autobiography of a yogi68
be here now1
bible new testament53
bible old testament part 129
bible old testament part 2152
book of n8
book of the dead1
civilization in transition15
consciousness beyond death16
corpus hermeticum6
destiny of souls29
enmerkar and the lord of aratta5
epic of gilgamesh6
epistle to the son of the wolf23
essays first series39
essays second series11
etiology in homeopathy5
fulcrum v1n3 december 19922
fulcrum v1n4 april 19932
fulcrum v2n3 february 19941
fulcrum v3n1 september 19942
fulcrum v3n3 april 19951
fulcrum v3n4 july 19951
fulcrum v5n1 may 19971
fulcrum v5n3 december 19971
fulcrum v6n2 november 19983
fulcrum v6n3 december 19981
god will work with you but not for you7
hallucinogens and shamanism6
hatha yoga3
healing mental purification and the mind world31
health building1
helical helix solar system a dynamic process1
holographic universe5
i ching10
into the fringe a true story of alien abduction2
jaina akaranga sutra17
jaina kalpa sutra1
jaina sutrakritanga sutra4
jaina uttaradhyayana sutra8
journey of souls7
karezza ethics of marriage17
lankavatara sutra97
life after life2
mahabharata book 137
mahabharata book 225
mahabharata book 362
mahabharata book 45
mahabharata book 5102
mahabharata book 620
mahabharata book 729
mahabharata book 89
mahabharata book 916
mahabharata book 108
mahabharata book 1115
mahabharata book 12 p1246
mahabharata book 12 p2116
mahabharata book 13119
mahabharata book 1434
mahabharata book 1516
mahabharata book 171
mahabharata book 183
male continence1
mans search for meaning2
masquerade of angels1
message of inayat khan139
mind power5
modern art of education25
modern man in search of a soul5
my water cure1
mystical poems of rumi8
natural way of farming8
near death experiences nderf3
nothing better than death19
oahspe part 1376
oahspe part 2398
on the harmony of religions and philosophy9
oration on the dignity of man13
organon of medicine5
pistis sophia10
polarity therapy book 18
polarity therapy book 35
polarity therapy book 41
polarity therapy book 51
reiki at hand3
selections from swami vivekananda7
selections from the writings of the bab7
seth speaks2
sri aurobindo on education8
steps to knowledge37
sufi message of spiritual liberty31
sutta nipata16
taken inside the alien-human agenda1
the allies of humanity book 154
the aquarian conspiracy17
the archetypes and the collective unconscious27
the art of living69
the bhagavad-gita26
the complete pythagoras62
the complete sayings of jesus9
the conduct of life10
the cosmic pulse of life16
the cure for all diseases29
the discourses of epictetus4
the doctrine of the mean1
the education of the child2
the essene gospel of peace book 16
the essene gospel of peace book 221
the foundation of indian culture14
the future poetry8
the great learning1
the great waves of change70
the hidden words of baha-u-llah10
the hindu yogi science of breath6
the ideal food3
the ideal of human unity7
the incoherence of the incoherence48
the karezza method2
the kybalion18
the life divine p126
the life divine p223
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe8
the mass psychology of fascism2
the montessori method4
the nag hammadi library93
the nature of personal reality19
the notebooks of leonardo da vinci9
the one-straw revolution7
the philosophy and theology of averroes ibn rushd15
the principal upanishads130
the secret of the veda50
the seven valleys and the four valleys11
the signature of all things57
the summons of the lord of hosts34
the tao-te ching4
the ten principal upanishads17
the upanishads breath of the eternal12
the way of illumination22
the wonders of the human body33
the yoga sutras of patanjali34
vishnu purana79
walter russell lectures6
wholeness and the implicate order2
wr hsc unit 22
wr hsc unit 41
wr hsc unit 52
zend avesta4
person:rama tirtha1
alien intrusion1
declaration of human sovereignty1
divided light2
human life30
human sovereignty1
natural healing1
natural learning1
natural nutrition2
soul life1
undivided light2
universal one1
vatican jesuits1


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