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“Night of the Mystic”, Freydoon Rassouli

“What happens in sleep? Where are we? Consciousness or the Soul in the body, gives the body energy to act, move and express mind impulses during the day. At night it must necessarily give the same energy toward repair and rebuilding of the used and worn out structures and cells of the body. The material is all there. It must now be properly distributed, and wastes removed, all of which cannot be done under tension of action. At night the soul energy or consciousness is withdrawn from the brain and descends the spinal column into the sympathetic plexuses where this energy is needed to absorb and distribute food and nourishment taken in during the day, to repair the tissues. There is [seeming] unconsciousness in the brain, and we call this state sleep and rest for the brain.” - Randolph Stone

There is no such thing as a state of unconsciousness. People who go to sleep think they are unconscious because they stop thinking. Their electrical awareness of their body ceases, but their conscious or cosmic awareness is thoroughly alive. Very few of us have cosmic awareness in the night even though we often experience cosmic illumination, which we fail to recall upon awakening. Desire what you will when you go to sleep, and you will have it. But also desire that you will retain it and remember it in the morning; and that desire will be answered, too. You will gradually develop the power of remembering your newly acquired knowledge. The inspiration you get in the night, you carry into effect during the day. You will do ten times as much that day as you did the day before. You will have gained for your day that which has been given to you in the night. This is one of the secrets of multiplying one’s power.” - Walter Russell

“I do not think I have ever prayed in words. I pray in conscious desire. I pray in concepts — concepts of whole ideas, not parts. I never go to sleep at night without consciously thinking that kind of prayer in which I express desire in whole ideas of what my day for the morrow must be. I do not weaken my prayer by trying to find words for it. I keep my desire strong by not thus dividing it into words or in parts. My prayers are communions, not conversations. The night is the most important part of life. We waste our precious nights through not knowing what sleep means, and what it is that sleeps. Certainly it is not Consciousness which sleeps. It is also certain that there is no such state as unconsciousness. We must know that in order that we may make use of our nights to hasten our journey to our mountain top and not be limited to the day alone. The day is for thinking and acting; the night is for gaining new knowledge and inspiration for manifesting God in a masterly way. If our thinking is an extension of Light within us, our creations are masterpieces — and they must be because God does not fail us when He inspires us with His mighty rhythms.” - Walter Russell

If one decentrates, electric thought expand and thinking ceases. This is the condition needed for sleep. It is the condition where the brain refuses to form thought patterns. I find that I can decentrate better by imagining a black hole. If thought patterns still persist in forming, I thrust them down that formless black hole. Very soon I go to sleep. In preparing to acquire cosmic knowledge during the night, the important thing is to forget the body. It is easier to forget the body when it is in a comfortable position and not over by two much eating and drinking. (…) When thus in tune, write your desire in the pulse of the universe, which is your own pulse. You are then in the universe of knowing, and your desire for cosmic knowledge will be answered. The difficulty is to recollect it when you awaken. Even when you do recollect it, you often negate it by doubting or fearing to put it into effect.” - Walter Russell

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