“Sex is the motive power behind force and motion. Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process.” - Walter Russell



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simplified illustration of the principle of polarity. - Walter Russell

For a somewhat more accurate depiction of nature's polarity, see this 3D illustration.
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Illustration of the trinity of polarity and how polarity can increase vitality (growth), decrease vitality (decay) and regenerate life from death.

The “+” and “-” indicate the internal male and female polarity (not charging or discharging). (todo: this symbolism needs some improvement for clarity)

The number 9 represents the 3 polarity extensions in 3 orthogonal directions: “God never passes nine in any creative expression”.

(illustration by Walter Russell with some additions)
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cosmic 3D cinema: the 3 projection-dimensions and the 6 reflection-surfaces - Walter Russell)
Father-Mother principle of building bodies by dividing light into polarized units - Walter Russell

note: that the male and female both co-create with a positive charge, but their polarity is different.

There are two points of rest in every cycle. At each of these two rest points each opposite condition reverses and becomes the other. DAY is a contraction of light-waves into visibility. NIGHT is a reversal of the cycle. Lightwaves expand and become invisible.” - Walter Russell

The name of that great divider of rest into two-way electric motion is Polarity. Polarity is the controller - the measurer - and the surveyor of electric intensity of desire in Mind for the actions-reactions needed for creative expression.” - Walter Russell

Out of My Light of knowing are My two lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of opposites for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Again I say: I, the Light, am One. But my thinking is two, for thought is two in every repeating thing, two halves of One which never can be one. Always must they be two to go opposed ways from Me and back again to Me for reborning from the other one after finding rest in Me.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

Polarity is the law of opposites in their finer attraction from center to center. Unity is the merging of these currents into one Essence. Creation brings forth opposites by its centrifugal force, like a fountain spray of manifestation flowing out to the limits of the cosmos and of each pattern unit. The surface limits the central activity. It protects the sensitive center of action and intensifies it in its own sphere or limits by means of concentration.” - Randolph Stone

“(..) imagine God's hands pulling the invisible ONE IDEA of Father-Motherhood apart to divide it into two visible forms, each of which are one half of the ONE IDEA. Instead of the invisible, formless and changeless One Idea, God has thus created PAIRS OF OPPOSITELY CONDITIONED HALVES OF MANY IDEAS. That is what is called POLARITY, which means the division of one condition into two equal opposites.” - Walter Russell

As polarity is the most general concept of balanced-opposition (to simulate the two-way-motion of the one-whole-idea), it can be hard to grasp fully.

Here are some polarity analogies to which we can relate:
male      + female =   result (the one idea manifested)
key key-hole lock (form contrast)
male lego-block-side female lego-block-side lego building block (form contrast)
clay mould form reproduction (form contrast)
higher-pressure chamber lower-pressure chamber when these two chambers are connected, there is the potential for motion (gas or liquid pressure contrast)
electric energy liquid water Hydrogen gas production through electrolysis (electro-chemical contrast)
electric energy battery consisting of electro-chemical cells electric-potential storage (electro-chemical contrast)
projected ('positive') light source transparent, reversed subtractive-color and brightness negative photo photo reproduction (optical contrast)
generative (North) cell area radiative (South) cell area cell polarity is the control mechanism for cell division (and also various other fundamental cell functions) (life controlled multi-contrast)
sperm cell egg cell animal zygote cell (the first form of a new animal organism) (life controlled multi-contrast)
masculine qualities feminine qualities balanced social relations and civilization (life controlled multi-contrast)

“God's sole 'occupation' is the building of moving body forms to simulate His One Idea of CAUSE and EFFECT which Creation is. All CAUSE lies within the unconditioned, balanced, magnetic Light of Mind-knowing. All EFFECT lies within the two unbalanced, polarized lights of electric thinking, which create the two unbalanced-and-opposed conditions which Creation is. Electric thinking divides all effect into opposite pairs equally. Each one of each pair of effects is equal. Their balance is absolute.” - Walter Russell

“Interchange between oppositely-conditioned pairs of thought-recording units is expressed in waves of motion. This is a thought-wave universe. Thought-waves are reproduced throughout the universe at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.” - Walter Russell

Sex is the motive power behind force and motion. Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process.” - Walter Russell

Sexes do not unite. Reproduction of dynamic sexed pairs does not come through the union of dynamic sexed pairs, but from the voidance of sex condition, and with it, the power of dynamic sex expression reproduction. Reproduction is not the unity of two opposite halves of one patterned thing; it is the voiding of the power of dynamic expression which all unbalanced opposites express. Reproduction is the cessation of those two unbalanced conditions which restores a balance from which similarly patterned negative forms reverse their expressions and become positive forms.” - Walter Russell

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human sexuality

harmonic mating

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“The Kiss” - Auguste Rodin, 1886

The greatest blessing which can come to any half-unit in God’s creating universe is the finding of its balancing other half. The search for that other half is the supreme urge which makes of man the perpetual searcher for the supreme discover which is seldom found. This perpetual search of man has a name — and the word for it is ROMANCE.“ - Walter Russell

Through woman I speak of Love to man, and to woman through man. Many there are whose bodies heareth the call of body and call it Love. These think of Love as divisible possessions which can be possessed, acquired, given or taken by one from another one. These know not that the senses of one unbalanced body are but calling to another unbalanced body for balance which they forever find to forever lose in wave cycles of finding and losing. But again I say that manifestations of Love through sensed bodies is not Love e’en though it springeth from the fulcrum of Love in Me. Pairs of oppositely conditioned bodies must forever interchange with each other to find balance with Me.” - universal One (via Walter Russell)

“A spiritual union between any man and woman is of ten thousand times more value than love physically expressed without the spiritual. Love is not objective, nor can it be possessed. The woman awakens love in the man, and the man awakens love in the woman. The romance of it is in the awakening, not in the consummation. It is the awakened ability to love which counts, and not the acquisition of the object which has awakened it, nor in any physical contact whatsoever.” - Lao Russell

“How many people are there on earth who can be one with you through love? If you know such a one, you can then merge your unity and God will be in your midst. Such love as that between perfectly mated men and women multiplies your power, for when husband and wife both belong to God, working knowingly with Him, each one is then KNOWING together, THINKING together and working together with God as ONE.“ - Walter Russell

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.“ - Edgar Cayce

As sex is the most important thing in shaping man’s life — individually and collectively — sex science should be the most important fundamental of his education and dealt with as frankly as history or mathematics. It is unfortunate for the progress of the human race — physically and culturally — that this is not so, for the renaissance from this downhill plunging of the races of man is a long way off and slow in its coming. Individual unbalance is the forerunner of universal unbalance. Unbalance is usually created by sex unbalance; therefore, too much importance cannot be placed on sexual education in youth. The creative urge is in truth the sex urge and can either become the greatest force for good or the greatest deterrent in life. Our youth should know the importance of balanced mating. A marriage which is based purely upon physical attraction is not a balanced mating. There must be a spiritual, mental and physical harmony if the essential electrical balance is to be attained.“ - Walter Russell

Every male is also female, and every female is also male, for every unit of everything is polarized with both opposites. The male-female conditions are continually interchanging in each polarized body in every cycle of every wave length. When you breathe in you are charging your body toward strengthening the fatherhood idea of you. Out of that opposite the motherhood idea springs in your outbreathing. In that one cycle you have expressed both conditions. That same interchange and alternation takes place in every thought cycle, as well as your whole life cycle. (…) It is not the male and female which interchange, it is their conditions. Interchange balances the opposed positive and negative conditions but does not void the male or female bodies.“ - Walter Russell

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God the father-mother
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man and woman

One of Nature’s characteristics is the development of patterned forms which we call species, types, races or breeds. Nature’s manner of repeating these unfolding species of things is the splitting of their patterns into two electrically balanced equal harmonious apposite halves, and then mating those equal halves in order to electrically reproduce other equal pairs of halves, by Nature’s automatic processes in her use of electric waves.

We call this division of Nature into pairs of mates a “sex division”. We call the unions of the sexes “matings”. Nature creates her pure species of separate kinds of things by controlling the division into pairs of equal halves of the same electrically recorded patterns, and the matings of similarly balanced equal halves.

Through her connecting lines of magnetic flux Nature telegraphs to all unfolding creatures her inviolate laws. They are recorded in them as instinct, or are otherwise sensed: and every living creature, except those to whom freewill has been given, instinctively obeys that holiest of all Nature’s laws, the law of equal mating of harmoniously patterned halves.

“Mineral World; Plant World, a pair” - Arild Rosenkrantz, 1957

Nature’s control over the lower orders of creative expression, such as in the chemical elements, is plainly indicated in their crystallization. Every truly balanced mating of equal halves crystallizes as a true cube, while the slightest deviation in balance departs from the cube.

Sex is not yet recognized as characteristic of the elements. It is supposedly limited to the organic or living things of Creation. Sex is the fundamental principle of Creation. Everything comes into the appearance of existence by the union of two opposite halves of a unit pattern, and everything repeats itself by the division of a unit into its positive and negative expressions.

This is as true of the elements of matter as it is of animal and vegetable life. The sex matings of the elements exactly coincide in effect with the sex matings of humans. Violent explosions in the elements have the same basic cause as such violent explosions as murder in humans. Terrific electric unbalance is the cause of both. Likewise, stability in the elements, and in humans, has the same cause in equality of balance.” - Walter Russell

Lack of higher sex knowledge is causing a rapid degeneracy of the whole of our civilization. (…) Lack of knowledge of sex mating is one of the greatest causes for degeneracy of world races. Civilizations have fallen from high places many times in history for lack of sex knowledge and from wrong sex practices. It is possible that this present civilization will fall for the same reason. It is well to examine our sex human relations in this respect.

By higher sex knowledge I mean the effect of wrong sex practice and wrong mate choosing from a spiritual, mental and character building viewpoint instead of just from the physical and biological point of view. (…) Sex practice and ideals of sex determine the standards of body and mind. One will inevitably ascend, or descend, physically, mentally and spiritually through one’s sex practice.

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