gravity and radiation

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locked potentials in relation to the octave
- Walter Russell

What we call gravity is not some separate force of nature, but the effect of the concentrative action of electricity toward the inward center of North.

It is the office of gravity to compress - and it is the office of compression to heat - and it is the office of heat to throw of its hot bodies [as radiation] so they may cool and return as contracting bodies to again heat.” - Walter Russell

“Concentrative thinking is centripetal. It focuses to a point. It borns gravity. It 'charges' by multiplying low potential into high and cold into heat. (…) The journey toward gravity simulates life and the opposite journey simulates death in the forever repeating cycles which, together in their continuity, simulate eternal life. ” - Walter Russell

Every wave is a compression-expansion pump. The whole universe is a giant pump. The two-way piston of the universal pump constitutes the universal heartbeat. A one-way universe is as impossible as a one-way pump is impossible. The compressed condition of this universe is exactly equal to the expanded condition. The compressed condition is gravitation. The expanded condition is radiation. Gravitation and radiation are equal opposites. Each is helpless without The other. In fact, each condition is impossible to produce without simultaneously producing the other. Heat is the effect of multiplied resistance to the compression of gravitation. Cold is the effect of the opposite strain of resistance to evacuation, or emptiness, which results from the expansion of radiation. There is as much cold in the great expanses of space as there is heat in the compressed suns in all of this universe.“ - Walter Russell

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