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from the one, into the one
- Walter Russell

“God is the light of Mind. God's thinking Mind is all there is. Mind is universal. Mind of God and Mind of man are one. This eternally-creating universe, which is God's eternally renewing body, is the product of Mind knowing expressed by Mind thinking.” - Walter Russell

Mind is the indescribable magic constant of the cosmos. The invisible source of: awareness, knowledge, desire, love, peace, inspiration, beauty, creativity, bliss, health, honesty, curiosity, playfulness, courage, discernment, discipline, perseverance, responsibility, empathy, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, humor and more.

The attribute of desire in knowledge is the cause of the dynamic activity of intelligence. - Walter Russell

When you feel inspired the source of Knowledge is working within you. Thereby allowing you to overcome the limitations of the conditioned, survival and ego-driven surface mind we often call intellect.

galaxy (top view)

“Thinking is an electric wave extension from the centering fulcrum of knowledge which seemingly divides knowledge into ideas and sets those ideas in motion to create forms of ideas as product of knowledge. Man's knowledge is like a deep well of still water. His thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the QUALITY of that stillness into QUANTITIES of parts and sets them flowing.” - Walter Russell

A cycle of thought is a concentrated thought-body, followed by its decentration into indefinite form.” - Walter Russell

All that we are, see and feel is a balanced light projection of Mind. It is Mind that: desires, observes, creates, communicates, reproduces and destroys with symphonies of light chords. These chords are planar waves projected from the still magnetic light of God. Ultimately Mind can experience anything it wants to dream of, within the always balanced condition of the whole.

division of the one stillness (the dotted line) into the seeming two visible units of matter (the yellow dots)
- Walter Russell

Electricity is the term used for light in seeming motion. Electricity is the result of the division of the one still light into the two opposing polarities - male and female. The rhythmic, polar unbalancing will cause motion from stillness, just like two children playing on a seesaw.

The motion of the wave has two simultaneous flows, which are always in balance with each other:

  • The concentrating / inhaling / imploding / compressing electrical movement creates electrically charged bodies.
  • The decentrating / exhaling / radiating / expanding electrical movement discharges bodies into stillness again.

While one flow charges, another flow discharges - in an ever repeating cycle.

“The outward actions manifest the giving half of the cycle of the Love principle which motivates this universe. The inward reactions manifest the regiving half of the cycle. Nature never takes. It gives for regiving.” - Walter Russell

Cosmic breathing is the rhythmically balanced, repetitive and scalar formative-field-process of Mind ideas through electric compression and expansion. This balanced breathing flux can be seen in all of nature. Thinking - concentration and decentration - is the periodic pulsation of the most fundamental light octave, the trance state where Mind and light are one.

God's still magnetic light is the state of formless awareness, the realm of the imagination, the source of the holographic light projection, the fundamental tone of life. In the higher octaves - further away from the source of projection - the thinking is expressed in light waves, but those waves of matter do not think.

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