Inspiration is the manner in which new knowledge comes to man from the cosmos. When you feel inspired the source of Knowledge is working within you.



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Through beauty alone will mankind gradually become consciously aware of his oneness with the Light.” - Walter Russell

“For I am Beauty. In Beauty must man be born anew. Through Beauty must fearing man become knowing man. Again through Beauty must knowing man be reborn as ecstatic man. Ecstatic man is he who has found Balance in Me by being Me. Ecstatic man is he who has added Beauty to his knowing.” - the universal One (via Walter Russell)

“Awareness of beauty saves the world”- Nicholas Roerich

“If spiritual awakening is in the end transcendent beauty, then it can be approached in many ways”- Bibhas De

“Every timeless flash of intense inspiration which comes to any man is a partial illumination, for inspiration is the manner in which new knowledge comes to man from the cosmos.” - Walter Russell

Inspiration comes only to those who seek it with humility toward their own achievements and reverence toward the achievements of God. With love of your work, love of life and reverence for the universal force which gives you unlimited power for the asking, (…). Flashes of inspiration come only to those who plug in to the universe and become harmonious with its rhythms by communion with it. Inspiration and intuition is the language of Light through which men and God ‘intercommunicate.’” - Walter Russell

“Thought and inspiration have no dimension whatsoever, they belong to the unseen and unseeable world.” - Walter Russell

“Inspired men, geniuses and mystics are the Saviours of other men. They are the interpreters of God's language of Light, and teachers of the love nature of God who uplift the world of men by re-inspiring them with the Light of their illumining (…)” - Walter Russell

The omnipresent beauty around and within us is - knowingly and unknowingly - sharing the essential love intent. From the humble soil work of bacteria and fungi, to the silent symphony of smells in the forests, to the dramatic dance in the sky of the clouds, to the gentle laughter of playing children, to the inner resonance of music and other works of art.

Beauty serves as re-joicing and re-inspiration to the potentials of Mind expression. It reminds us of the infinite love-balancing expressions that are possible once we become aware of them, study them and integrate them into our own expressions.

Mind is the instrument, light the medium, love the force, truth the guide, beauty the goal and art the result. Art is the physical perfection of the changeless truth expressed by the thinking universal One.

Genius gives to man that which alone endures, which man has named “Art”. No work of man can endure which is not born of inspiration and created in ecstasy.” - Walter Russell

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