yin yang tree
“Thinking is like a two-way pump which divides the QUALITY of that stillness into QUANTITIES of parts and sets them flowing” - Walter Russell

Inspired man alone can create enduring things. To create we must first conceive. To conceive we must stop thinking and KNOW. All sensing must cease. There is no power in thinking. (…) We must become one with God to conceive idea in order to produce the form of that idea. A concept must precede its manifestation in form.” - Walter Russell

Knowledge is the foundation of man's concepts. Thinking transfers concepts into product.” - Walter Russell

The product of idea is not the idea it simulates. Idea is cosmic and cannot be produced in matter. Idea must be conceived in the Mind before it can be simulated as product. Conceptions belong solely to the magnetic God-Light and never become matter.” - Walter Russell

“A lever, for example, moving upon its fulcrum, expresses the idea of power by motion, but the idea of power is in the still fulcrum source of power. It is not in the moving lever. The lever would be both powerless and motionless if it did not have the fulcrum from which to extend the simulation of power. (…) The printed poem is not the idea expressed in the poem. That printed poem has no meaning to anyone whose intelligence is insufficient to reflect the idea from the composer's mind to his own. No idea of mind ever becomes matter.” - Walter Russell

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a new concept of the universe172
atomic suicide226
autobiography of a yogi95
be here now10
bible old testament part 12
bible old testament part 21
book of n163
consciousness beyond death208
corpus hermeticum21
destiny of souls212
enmerkar and the lord of aratta1
epistle to the son of the wolf2
essentials of chinese acupuncture12
etiology in homeopathy131
fulcrum v1n1 april 199240
fulcrum v1n2 august 199236
fulcrum v1n3 december 199232
fulcrum v1n4 april 199332
fulcrum v2n1 august 199346
fulcrum v2n2 december 199351
fulcrum v2n3 february 199449
fulcrum v2n4 june 199483
fulcrum v3n1 september 199444
fulcrum v3n2 december 199448
fulcrum v3n3 april 199567
fulcrum v3n4 july 199526
fulcrum v4n1 january 199634
fulcrum v4n2 june 199662
fulcrum v4n3 october 199673
fulcrum v5n1 may 199777
fulcrum v5n2 november 199772
fulcrum v5n3 december 199744
fulcrum v6n1 may 199837
fulcrum v6n2 november 199843
fulcrum v6n3 december 199848
genero-radiative concept92
god will work with you but not for you95
hatha yoga59
healing mental purification and the mind world136
health building69
helical helix solar system a dynamic process32
holographic universe228
i ching52
jaina akaranga sutra18
jaina kalpa sutra11
jaina sutrakritanga sutra11
jaina uttaradhyayana sutra19
journey of souls94
karezza ethics of marriage63
lankavatara sutra155
life after life19
mahabharata book 123
mahabharata book 25
mahabharata book 314
mahabharata book 41
mahabharata book 56
mahabharata book 69
mahabharata book 73
mahabharata book 82
mahabharata book 111
mahabharata book 12 p117
mahabharata book 12 p271
mahabharata book 1323
mahabharata book 1414
mahabharata book 151
mahabharata book 171
male continence13
masquerade of angels46
message of inayat khan424
mind power144
modern art of education211
modern man in search of a soul162
my inventions nikola tesla autobiography51
my water cure7
mystical poems of rumi7
natural way of farming132
near death experiences nderf69
nikola tesla interview 18991
nothing better than death66
oahspe part 125
oahspe part 284
on the harmony of religions and philosophy2
oration on the dignity of man3
organon of medicine29
pistis sophia14
polarity therapy book 147
polarity therapy book 213
polarity therapy book 368
polarity therapy book 49
polarity therapy book 563
polarity therapy book 612
reiki at hand19
satipatthana sutta12
selections from swami vivekananda569
selections from the writings of the bab9
sri aurobindo on education97
steps to knowledge347
sutta nipata6
taken inside the alien-human agenda55
the age of innocence5
the allies of humanity book 130
the aquarian conspiracy309
the archetypes and the collective unconscious360
the art of living24
the complete sayings of jesus4
the cure for all diseases34
the discourses of epictetus68
the doctrine of the mean1
the education of the child101
the essene gospel of peace book 11
the essene gospel of peace book 23
the fifth kingdom man10
the foundation of indian culture644
the great waves of change46
the hidden words of baha-u-llah1
the ideal food24
the ideal of human unity536
the karezza method34
the kybalion61
the life divine p1472
the life divine p2370
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe19
the mass psychology of fascism351
the message of the divine iliad51
the montessori method293
the nag hammadi library44
the notebooks of leonardo da vinci75
the one-straw revolution37
the principal upanishads174
the secret of light249
the secret of the veda287
the seven valleys and the four valleys1
the summons of the lord of hosts6
the tao-te ching8
the universal one529
the upanishads breath of the eternal9
the wonders of the human body30
the yoga sutras of patanjali21
vishnu purana65
walter russell and the new york times25
walter russell lectures259
wr hsc unit 197
wr hsc unit 222
wr hsc unit 374
wr hsc unit 440
wr hsc unit 597
wr hsc unit 643
wr hsc unit 747
wr hsc unit 850
wr hsc unit 921
wr hsc unit 1038
wr hsc unit 1136
wr hsc unit 1252
zend avesta66
help:voice commands2
list:four pillars8
person:alan watts1
person:alice stockham1
person:bhagavad gita author1
person:buckminster fuller1
person:carl jung1
person:david bohm1
person:edgar allan poe1
person:edgar cayce1
person:emanuel swedenborg1
person:freydoon rassouli1
person:gautama buddha1
person:giovanni pico della mirandola1
person:hans jenny1
person:helen keller1
person:hermes trismegistus1
person:hilma af klint1
person:hulda clark1
person:ibn rushd1
person:inayat khan1
person:james clerk maxwell1
person:jetsun milarepa1
person:jill purce1
person:johann ge moll2
person:johann sebastian bach1
person:johann wolfgang von goethe1
person:john ballou newbrough1
person:john humphrey noyes1
person:john muir1
person:john william lloyd1
person:jorge luis borges1
person:kahlil gibran1
person:karla turner1
person:kenneth ring1
person:krishna vyasa1
person:lao russell1
person:lao tzu1
person:leonardo da vinci1
person:m.c. escher1
person:maria montessori1
person:marshall vian summers1
person:martinus thomsen3
person:mary baker eddy2
person:masanobu fukuoka1
person:max planck1
person:michael faraday1
person:michael newton1
person:michael talbot1
person:mikao usui1
person:neem karoli baba2
person:nikola tesla1
person:paramahansa yogananda1
person:peace pilgrim2
person:pim van lommel1
person:ralph waldo emerson1
person:ram dass1
person:rama tirtha1
person:randolph stone1
person:raymond moody1
person:rudolf steiner1
person:s.n. goenka1
person:sarvepalli radhakrishnan1
person:sebastian kneipp1
person:sheng yen1
person:simeon bar yochai1
person:sri aurobindo1
person:swami prabhavananda1
person:swami sivanada2
person:terence mckenna1
person:teresa collins1
person:upanishads author1
person:viktor frankl1
person:viktor schauberger1
person:walt whitman1
person:walter russell1
person:wilhelm reich1
person:william blake1
person:william butler yeats1
person:william shakespeare1
person:william walker atkinson1
alien intrusion1
ancient india1
be here now2
concepts map17
critical notes2
declaration of the independence of cyberspace2
divided light53
human body3
human life51
human sovereignty2
inspired people3
natural economy3
natural family4
natural healing2
natural learning4
natural nutrition6
natural sexuality7
natural sleep6
nature farming2
soul life16
theme walks3
undivided light30
universal one34
vatican jesuits10