electricity and magnetism

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the two, continuously balancing pressure conditions of gravity (generation) and vacuity (degeneration) - Walter Russell

Electricity is the tool which God uses to create all forms of His imagining. All forms are electric waves of matter.” - Walter Russell

”(…) electricity is the inhalation, or inbreathing generative action while magnetism is the exhalation, or outbreathing radiative reaction.“ - Walter Russell

The greater the positive charge, the greater the pressure of contraction. The greater the pressure of contraction, the less the volume. The greater the negative discharge, the greater the pressure of expansion. The greater the pressure of expansion, the less the volume.” - Walter Russell

“This universe of moving body forms is an expression of the desire for division of the formless, sexless, father-mother balanced unity into pairs of equally-oppositely-unbalanced, disunited, sex-conditioned father and mother moving body forms. (…) The only energy in the universe is the pulsing desire of Mind for the creative expression of Mind-knowing by giving thought-imaged body forms to the idea of Mind-knowing. The only means of expressing the pulsing desire of Mind-idea is through the concentrative-decentrative pulsations of Mind-thinking. Mind-thinking is electric. The desire pulsations of electric thinking are concentrative and decentrative.” - Walter Russell

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centripedal (positive) and centrifugal (negative) electricity - Walter Russell
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The two-way balance between dominant-induction (male) and dominant-conduction (female) - Walter Russell

This wave universe is divided into wave fields. Each wave field is an electric battery which is forever being charged by the centripetal polarizing power of gravitation and discharged by the centrifugal depolarizing power of radiation. This process is a manifestation of the life-death, growth-decay principle which is ever present in every effect of motion in Nature, without exception. Together they constitute the electric action-reaction sequences without which there would be no universe. It is not true to Nature, therefore, to say that either heat, cold, compression, expansion, or any other expression of motion is energy. If the power to cause motion is in the balanced state of rest, it necessarily follows that energy is in the stillness of rest and not in motion which is effect of cause. The Mind of the Creator is the fulcrum from which the wave lever of Mind-thinking extends to express the energy of creative Mind. Thought-waves cannot, therefore, be the energy which caused them to become thought-waves. Any lever is powerless without a fulcrum. The power to move lies in the fulcrum which never moves. All motion starts from a point of rest, seeks a point of rest and returns in the reverse direction to its starting point of rest. Test this fact by throwing a ball in the air, breathing in and out, pulling a chain, or walking. Electrical effects of motion are not energy. Matter-in-motion is a marionette on the end of two Mind-controlled electric strings.“ - Walter Russell

(todo: more practical electrical understanding)

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