We must build a new universe with the eyes of the Spirit. That is why God took me behind the scenes, away from the illusion of the senses into the universe of knowing, so that with the eyes of the Spirit I could see what the universe and man really are; so that I could see the illusions by means of which man has built up wrongful theories; and so that I could see the senselessness and the waste of man building materially from empirical knowledge based upon the observations of his sensed body, with illusions that have deceived him so completely that his text books of today on science are to me as though they were written by the sages of King Arthur's time wherein they said the earth was flat and upheld on its four corners by wild elephants.” - Walter Russell

“There is no question that education is on the mind of every soul today. We can see it everywhere. And if we advocate an art of education taken directly from spiritual life and perception, it is its inner nature that distinguishes it from the reforms generally demanded today, not the urgency of its outward appeal. (…) The art of education I will speak of, however, is concerned instead with the inner development of human civilization. It is more concerned with what has changed the souls of men and women through the ages; it is concerned with the evolution through which these souls have passed over hundreds, even thousands, of years. ” - Rudolf Steiner

Our highest endeavor must be to produce individuals who are able, in and of themselves, to impart meaning and direction to their lives.” - Rudolf Steiner

Only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent, or gradual.” - Jean Piaget

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