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“The motive power is the cause of all life.” - Leonardo da Vinci
“True desire in the heart for anything good, is God's proof to you, send before hand to indicate, that it is yours already.” - Denzel Washington

“Desire dominates all thinking. Desire dominates all matter.” - Walter Russell

“The whole of creation is contained in the desire of universal Mind to express idea, form and rhythm, in accord with immutable law, in endless sequence through endless ages. Beyond this there is no more.” - Walter Russell

from the one, to the one - Walter Russell

God has two desires: the desire to unfold His creations to give them form and set them into action; and the other desire is to refold His forms and take them back to Him for rest and resurrection so that they may repeat their action. That is the basis of the entirety of creation - the two desires of God, to act, to create, and to take back for re-creation. That is why God divided everything into pairs of opposites: the desire to express action, the desire to separate from Oneness, God's Oneness desiring to be manifested as many ones — the idea of separation and action; and the desire for return to rest from which that action sprang for the purpose of repeating the action in cycles, countless millions of cycles of action and rest, in-breathing, out-breathing; the pulse beat of the universe; the heartbeat of all things pulsing in all things to manifest life in action and reaction from the stillness of God's One Light in which there is no action and reaction. Desire in God, in the Still Light, desire. Given to all His creation: desire.” - Walter Russell

“In the Original Unity of the First Thing lies the Secondary Cause of All Things, with the Germ of their Inevitable Annihilation.” - Edgar Allan Poe

“God fulfills reasonable desires. By “reasonable” I mean lawful. Nature fits the back to the burden. Desire is the foundation of all achievement.” - Walter Russell

“The direction of thought is from heaven to earth; the direction of will is from earth to heaven.” - Rudolf Steiner

“Spiritual consciousness is nearest to those of keen, intense will.” - Patañjali

“Stairway of the Sages”
- B.C. van Helpen, 1693

“Let me recall to your Mind the fact that everyone can reach the highest goal in life if he desires to and is willing to make the effort. Those who are willing to make the effort will find that genius is self-bestowed while the unwilling ones will find that failure is self-inflicted. Every child has consummate genius in him at birth. What he does with his divine inheritance is dependent upon the intensity of his desire to express himself.” - Lao Russell

The only difference between all men is a difference in desire - that one quality and nothing more. A man either desires to achieve or he does not desire to. He who deeply desires to achieve will gain the knowledge which he needs for achievement and the power to express that knowledge. Desire is always followed by willing effort. He who deeply desires anything loves the effort which he must exert to obtain his desire, but he whose desire is weak lacks incentive for effort and, therefore, makes none. (…) The great difference between all people lies not in their abilities but in the difference of intensity of desire to express their abilities.” - Lao Russell

“If a man is without desire, he cannot successfully surmount the hurdles of life. Desire is an everflowing fountain. Stop desiring and the ever-flowing fountain of man's power ceases. The person who lacks desire will eventually destroy himself. Nature preserves only that which it has use for in carrying out its purposes. We are manifesting Creation by being creators. We cannot be creators unless we desire to be, and the greater our desire for purposeful expression, the greater the power for manifesting our Creator. Lacking that desire, Nature creates toxins to destroy all purposeless things.” - Lao Russell

“Man’s Desires are limited by his Perceptions; none can desire what he has not perceiv’d. The Desires and Perceptions of Man, untaught by anything but Organs of Sense, must be limited to Objects of Sense.” - William Blake

“Your body is not you. You are the spiritual Intelligence of the ONE Mind of the Creator of all things, which centers your body as a seat of Consciousness. Within your Soul is the desire to create a body in the form of your imagining. That is why you eventually become what you think.” - Lao Russell

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