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“The humble poet, inspired by knowledge conveyed to him by contemplation of the orbs of night, may give to man a message of truth which will outlive long generations of the learned whose disproved facts have died in the proving.” - Walter Russell

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” - Aristotle

Art is the physical perfection of the changeless truth expressed by the thinking universal One.

“At the point of pure ideas something very high — physicists or poets touch pure idea sometimes music, art, a vase, a heiroglyph or something gets so essency you feel you are touching GOD.” - Ram Dass

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108 adages of wisdom14
a new concept of the universe196
atomic suicide354
autobiography of a spiritually incorrect mystic468
autobiography of a yogi748
be here now35
bible new testament830
bible old testament part 1958
bible old testament part 21579
book of n495
book of the dead90
civilization in transition820
consciousness beyond death628
corpus hermeticum212
destiny of souls900
enmerkar and the lord of aratta21
epic of gilgamesh92
epistle to the son of the wolf296
essays first series445
essays second series303
essentials of chinese acupuncture677
etiology in homeopathy307
fulcrum v1n1 april 199252
fulcrum v1n2 august 199249
fulcrum v1n3 december 199246
fulcrum v1n4 april 199374
fulcrum v2n1 august 199354
fulcrum v2n2 december 1993116
fulcrum v2n3 february 199459
fulcrum v2n4 june 199478
fulcrum v3n1 september 199494
fulcrum v3n2 december 1994117
fulcrum v3n3 april 199592
fulcrum v3n4 july 1995125
fulcrum v4n1 january 1996117
fulcrum v4n2 june 1996169
fulcrum v4n3 october 1996175
fulcrum v5n1 may 1997217
fulcrum v5n2 november 1997263
fulcrum v5n3 december 1997224
fulcrum v6n1 may 1998248
fulcrum v6n2 november 1998182
fulcrum v6n3 december 1998192
genero-radiative concept154
god will work with you but not for you356
hallucinogens and shamanism238
hatha yoga418
healing mental purification and the mind world584
health building215
helical helix solar system a dynamic process410
holographic universe526
i ching312
into the fringe a true story of alien abduction204
jaina akaranga sutra193
jaina kalpa sutra108
jaina sutrakritanga sutra203
jaina uttaradhyayana sutra269
journey of souls642
karezza ethics of marriage87
lankavatara sutra207
life after life140
mahabharata book 11360
mahabharata book 2410
mahabharata book 31842
mahabharata book 4448
mahabharata book 51109
mahabharata book 6985
mahabharata book 71687
mahabharata book 81194
mahabharata book 9547
mahabharata book 10149
mahabharata book 11104
mahabharata book 12 p11507
mahabharata book 12 p21522
mahabharata book 132617
mahabharata book 14550
mahabharata book 15192
mahabharata book 1638
mahabharata book 1722
mahabharata book 1830
male continence29
mans search for meaning146
masquerade of angels306
message of inayat khan1018
mind power414
modern art of education578
modern man in search of a soul329
my inventions nikola tesla autobiography108
my water cure237
mystical poems of rumi1022
natural way of farming469
near death experiences nderf1217
nikola tesla interview 189944
nothing better than death489
oahspe part 12658
oahspe part 23177
on ancient medicine54
on creativity49
on the harmony of religions and philosophy47
oration on the dignity of man46
organon of medicine396
pistis sophia285
polarity therapy book 1254
polarity therapy book 2104
polarity therapy book 3415
polarity therapy book 4175
polarity therapy book 5289
polarity therapy book 6114
reiki at hand281
rhythm of wholeness442
satipatthana sutta7
selections from swami vivekananda611
selections from the writings of the bab507
seth speaks402
sri aurobindo on education200
steps to knowledge218
sufi message of spiritual liberty58
sutta nipata97
taken inside the alien-human agenda263
the allies of humanity book 1118
the aquarian conspiracy811
the archetypes and the collective unconscious456
the art of living209
the bhagavad-gita146
the complete pythagoras641
the complete sayings of jesus266
the conduct of life301
the cosmic pulse of life798
the cure for all diseases776
the discourses of epictetus319
the doctrine of the mean29
the education of the child168
the energy evolution415
the essene gospel of peace book 1163
the essene gospel of peace book 2131
the fifth kingdom man22
the foundation of indian culture799
the future poetry661
the gospel of thomas12
the great learning13
the great waves of change155
the hidden words of baha-u-llah87
the hindu yogi science of breath153
the ideal food109
the ideal of human unity404
the incoherence of the incoherence735
the karezza method139
the kybalion128
the life divine p1691
the life divine p2958
the man who tapped the secrets of the universe83
the mass psychology of fascism489
the message of the divine iliad223
the montessori method441
the nag hammadi library663
the nature of personal reality654
the notebooks of leonardo da vinci1404
the one-straw revolution175
the philosophy and theology of averroes ibn rushd205
the principal upanishads1635
the secret of light348
the secret of the veda691
the seven valleys and the four valleys93
the signature of all things743
the summons of the lord of hosts448
the tao-te ching42
the ten principal upanishads184
the universal one380
the upanishads breath of the eternal305
the way of illumination121
the wonders of the human body175
the yoga sutras of patanjali123
vishnu purana1464
walter russell and the new york times49
walter russell lectures472
wholeness and the implicate order465
wr hsc unit 1117
wr hsc unit 2141
wr hsc unit 3104
wr hsc unit 470
wr hsc unit 5109
wr hsc unit 657
wr hsc unit 762
wr hsc unit 878
wr hsc unit 992
wr hsc unit 1055
wr hsc unit 1184
wr hsc unit 12188
zend avesta648
help:voice commands5
list:four pillars1
list:personality types1
list:physical diseases16
person:dane rudhyar2
person:hilma af klint1
person:inayat khan2
person:jama poulsen1
person:leonardo da vinci1
person:linda moulton howe3
person:martinus thomsen26
person:nikola tesla2
topic:music theory2
workshop:be here now3
workshop:inspired people45
workshop:theme walks2
alien intrusion9
ancient india7
book fixes2
book fixes22
books by year1
concepts map1
conspiracy friction1
critical notes4
declaration of human sovereignty37
declaration of the independence of cyberspace2
divided light70
human body30
human life87
human sovereignty9
natural economy7
natural family2
natural healing22
natural housing10
natural learning31
natural nutrition15
natural sexuality35
natural sleep11
nature farming9
soul life38
undivided light10
universal one14
vatican jesuits82


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