book fixes needed


Remove superfluous section header titles & some polish:

ToC structural checking and more formatting polish:

redo footnote formatting:

search and remove wrong newlines with: /^\nI

Done, but some section-endings need to be placed correctly (higher up):

remove rest of “page number + chapter” lines:

  • hatha_yoga.txt

low-quality OCR:

to add maybe:

other issues:

improve mp3 / Opus3 audio inclusion

  • improve audio-book quality:
  • remove other audio-book meta-data (footnotes):
  • replace quotes text with something speakable: “ - ...” → quote from ...
  • :0,$s/“ - /“ … quoted by /g
  • :0,$s/“ - /“ … quoted by /g
  • remove the line starting with: “type : book author”
  • remove / replace any residiual ... content
  • research how to fix the numbered lists from (unspecified html formatting)
  • for plain pages: add a new line before quotes: 0,$s/^“/\r“/g

* work on health sections and Polarity Therapy understanding