wr hsc unit 2

by Walter and Lao Russell


A Home Study Course

UNIT 2 - LESSONS 5, 6, 7, 8

Copyrighted 1950 by Walter Russell

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lesson 5

The Walter Russell Foundation, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Copyrighted 1950 by Walter Russell

prayer scientifically explained: the power of prayer

Today I wish to supplement everything I have told you about meditation, or communion with God, and talk to you about prayer which is the basis of meditation and out of which meditation grew.

Prayer is the mightiest of man's powers, for through prayer, if understood and rightly used, man may have anything he desires, attain the loftiest heights or extend his powers to others for their exaltation. Rightly and knowingly used prayer can transform one's own condition, or that of the whole world.

If prayer is not rightly and knowingly used the time consumed is wasted, for it will be of no avail.

prayer is based upon desire

“Desire ye what ye will, and behold, it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it has been thine without thy knowing, e'en though thou hast but just asked for it.

“Sit thou not and ask, acting not, for unless thou reach out for they Desire it shall not walk thy way to thee unaided by thy strong arms.”

This means that God will fulfill your every desire if you work with God to fulfill it.

The whole power of the universe will work WITH you for its fulfilling but it will not work FOR you while you do nothing about it.

In this promise is the key to why prayers are, or are not answered. God tells you very plainly that He will give you whatever you desire but you must regive equally by the action of service.

Think that over. Recall the many prayers you have uttered and how disappointed you were because they were not answered. Most prayers are just selfish ones, continually asking for something to be given without even the expectation of giving something in exchange.

Think of the thousands of entreaties which are sent up to God with the hope that what is asked for will just fall in their laps. You ask God for money. God says: “Yes I will give you money, all you want of it, but what are you yourself giving for it? What is the price you are paying for it?” Again we quote God's word in His Message.

“He who desireth riches of earth alone, denying Me in him, shall dwell in outer darkness of his own making, until he shall desire Me strongly.

“E'en to him will I give all he asketh without stinting, yea, and even more: but he, having more than all he sought will have naught but worthless dross of his earth desire.

“Things of earth which man desires are but things of earth to be returned to earth with bones of him. But things of earth, heaven blessed by Me, are as eternal in the immortality of his Self recording Soul as Light of Me is eternal.”

You ask God for peace, happiness and prosperity to be given to you, but you take peace, happiness and prosperity away from another by malicious gossiping about your neighbor, treating your servant unjustly, thus taking her happiness away from her, or by misrepresenting the product you are selling.

Until you balance your desire for peace by giving peace, or happiness by giving happiness, or prosperity by giving prosperity, your prayer will be voided by you, yourself.

The only way you can have happiness given to you by the Light of love, which God is, is for you to give love to others.

You cannot take happiness or love. You can only give it. If you give love it will as surely be given to you as light shone into a mirror will reflect light back from the mirror.

Witness the nations which have tried to become powerful, prosperous, peaceful and happy by plundering other nations. Empires thus taken by force without having been voluntarily given, or without having given equally in exchange, are heavily in debt and on rations, and for every man killed to take wealth and happiness away from others for themselves, instead of giving it, ten have paid the price in blood and a thousand in tears.

Witness also the great fortunes which have been built upon that principle. No man has ever yet been able to purchase happiness, prosperity, peace or love with any other coin than happiness, peace and love. The price of love is love. The price of greed is agony.

You ask God to heal your body from its ills which you, yourself created by over-eating, by giving vent to violent anger, or by divers acts which destroy normalcy of balance given you by God. It seems never to occur to you that you must regive that which you ask for by eating properly, by substituting love for anger or cessation of the abuses which have caused your disorders.

Do not misunderstand me when I refer to only such unbalanced conditions as anger or overeating as being the cause of all disorders, for worry and excessive grief - yes and even loneliness and introspection, will cause grave disorders.

That which I wish to impress upon you is the one fact that any disturbance of balance to the body is immediately recorded in the body by some malady, or mal-adjustment which we think of as sickness. Also I say that any sickness of an kind is self-made, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

God's laws are never set aside by prayer or otherwise. The CAUSE of your illness is in your breach of the law. You are suffering from its effects and ask God to eliminate the EFFECT while you continue to repeat the CAUSE.

man blames god for man-made wars

Consider the many prayers for cessation of wars. “O Lord we beseech Thee to stop this cruel war”, we say, forgetful of the fact that we make our wars ourselves by the freewill to act as we choose.

We fail to realize that the way to stop wars is to stop causing them. War is just as much an effect of a cause which man created by his selfishness as a business failure is the effect of a cause created by man because of his unwillingness to balance his gifts by regiving.

We not only pray to God to let us break His law without suffering from its effects but we blame God for our own actions in breaking His law. How often we hear people say: “How can a loving God in heaven permit such cruel wars? It is hard to believe there is a God, else He would not permit such wars.”

We might just as well say there can be no God else he would not permit us to lie to our neighbor.

God gives us freewill to do as we choose in the making of our Selves in our own image, and He gives us all of the power of His universe to help us break His law if we wish to, but whatever gifts we accept we must equally give to balance our gifts. Let us again quote God's Message in this respect.

“Verily has man freewill to control his actions. That my Father-Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the control of the reactions to those actions man has never had.

“This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man's except through modifying his actions until the reactions are their exact equal and opposite in equilibrium.”

grave misconceptions regarding prayer

It is generally believed among men that one who prays often, and with many words loudly and piously uttered, is holy among men and much favored of God. But I say that he who finds an ecstasy of happiness in his Soul from the giving of his love to touch the Soul of a despairing neighbor is an hundredfold more holy in God's sight. To him the kingdom of heaven is as though he dwelleth in the house of the Lord while the other one of piety and words sitteth afar outside its garden walls.

When you pray to God saying “O God, pity us for we are as dust beneath Thy feet”, God's Silent Voice whispers within you: “Know thou the Light which I am. Thou art man, exalted in Me. What I am thou art. Thou art the Light.”

For long ages God's Silent Voice whispers within your unhearing ears. God, therefore gives you your desire to be what you wish to be in the building of your Self. So long as you believe yourself to be dust beneath the feet of the Almighty God you are that dust which you have built in the image of your imagining.

When you pray to God saying: “God have mercy upon me, a miserable sinner you have not prayed to the One God of Love, - Creator of His universe of love - Creator of you to manifest His love, for you do not know Him. You have but prayed to a God of wrath and fear of your own making whom you have built in your own image.

He who builds gods in his own image builds idols for his worshiping. He whose idol is fear and wrath cannot know the God of Love. Until you know love you are what your idol is, a miserable sinner to whom mercy must be shown by your idol whom you, yourself, are. And you will be punished for your imagined self-made sins by you, yourself, for the idol you worship will show you no mercy until you are freed from him by knowing love.

When you pray to God resignedly, as though patiently accepting the punishment of grief at the death of a loved one, and you say: “Thy will be done O Lord. The Lord giveth, and he taketh away”, you have not yet known the God of love, for God giveth only. God never takes that which has not been given. What God gives to you you regive to Him for His regiving.

You rejoice when God gives birth to life, yet you deeply grieve when you give rebirth to new life - for that is what death is.

It will be many decades before man as a mass comprehends this idea which is commonplace thinking to cosmic man, but you, in whom the seed of cosmic thinking is being sown, will go to your neighbor and sow it in his Consciousness, and he in turn will do likewise, until man in the mass will be transformed from Barbaric man who still crucifies love to cosmic man who is love.

Tomorrow we will give thought to the deeper meaning of prayer.

by Walter Russell, Sc. D.

lesson 6

The Walter Russell Foundation, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Copyrighted 1950 by Walter Russell

continuation of prayer scientifically explained: relationship of prayer to meditation

“Let us unite in prayer.” How familiar these words are on every religious occasion, and upon hearing them the congregation automatically bows its head, bends its knee and words come from the pulpit in earnest tones which may be superficially heard by some, hardly heard at all by others, while the very few who hear in their hearts are deeply stirred by the ardor of the supplication to God for forgiveness, or mercy, or blessings upon the congregation and various other human interests.

Prayer is just meaningless words if not felt in the heart; just as music is no more than sound if it does not reach the Soul. Prayer to God is the appeal of the Soul of man to the Universal Soul. As such it is the mightiest of man's powers, but when prayer is but words, not coming from the Soul, it is no more effectual than the hundreds of prayers written and distributed throughout the streets in Asia, or prayers written into a disc and whirled to repeat themselves by turning the prayer wheel swiftly.

Worded and formal prayers, issued periodically, like morning and evening prayers, prayers of thanks at meal times, and prayers on arising and retiring become habits which people obey automatically. There may be great earnestness in them, or there may be none. The habit of praying periodically and with a sense of duly tends to automatic prayer rather than devotional.

Those who thus pray might just as well not pray, for prayer is a union of Soul of man to Soul of God, and words alone cannot make that union.

Automatic, formal and habitual praying from the lips, alone in one's chamber, or in groups is of no avail. Prayer, based upon desire, and uttered within the Soul of man, wordlessly or otherwise, will always command the whole universe to fulfill the desire, but words alone are not prayer any more than paint is the art in a picture.

When you pray to God asking for all of the things you want, enumerating them carefully - even to timing their arrival as your desired possessions - yea, even informing God as to His method of giving them to you - detailing your business and family needs - never giving thought as to your worthiness to receive them, or whether it is wise to have them, or what you shall regive to deserve them - you are but making yourself into your own selfish image and not in the image of God's spirit in you.

When your child prays for a long list of birthday, or Christmas presents, ending up with “God bless Papa - God bless Mamma” you tell the neighbors how cute that prayer is and then buy everything the child wants to uphold its belief in prayer.

It is not cute, it is tragic. It is helping the child build its own selfish image. It is also helping the whole world to build its own selfish, greedy image. It is helping to perpetuate this Barbaric Age of greed, selfishness and fear of neighbor against neighbor.

When will parents teach their children that they must give love for love given them? Not until they first know that they themselves must not ask to be given anything without a deep desire in their hearts for regiving love equally for love given.

Parents who know that will say to the child: “God will give you all you desire because He loves to give, but what are you planning to regive in love to God? You want God to show His love to you by giving you the things you want, but God wants love from you. The way you can show your love to God is to love all things which God puts on earth. When you ask God to bless Papa and Mamma you can help God bless them by getting Papa's slippers and helping Mamma dry the dishes. That is the way you can be worthy of receiving all the things you ask for.”

When a mother prays to God to extend His loving protection to her son from harm in transit on stormy seas she herself must extend her love equally to all other sons of all mothers of earth, and to all things of God's creating. Her devout prayer can alone be answered that way.

When she prays devoutly, no matter how deep her sincerity in asking love from her mother heart, then turns angrily or impatiently upon her friend, or neighbor, or a servant in her house she, herself, voids her prayer - as though it never had been uttered.

When you ask God to bless your business and make it prosper God will answer your prayer when you go out into your plant and bless all in it and make them prosper. When you regive to your helpers the love given you by God it is God's love given to them by God through you. That is what is meant by manifesting God on earth.

When you pray for God to show His love for you by giving your field good crops you must yourself give your love to your fields to regive His giving. Your love given to them is God's love given to you for regiving. Your love and God's love are ONE. Its manifestation is TWO in giving and regiving but that TWO is the ONE HEARTBEAT of God's body, even as the swinging of the pendulum is the TWO of the ONE source of their manifestation.

If the farmer would but stand in the midst of his fields and pray, saying unto them: “I love you my green fields. I love every part of you, every grass blade - every root and herb and ear of ripening corn. I love every tree of you, each leaf of you which gives love in oxygen for nitrogen given you in love. I love the fruit of each tree of you - and the red-gold you give me in your luscious fruit for the love I give to your roots.” If the farmer would but pray that way - deeply - and in his heart - he would prosper as his fields prospered with him. And he would know no fatigue for love given, for love given is never work - and there would be a light in his eyes and inner joyousness in his heart which naught but the manifestation of love given on earth as it is in heaven can ever give to man.

again teach us how to pray

He who can say in his heart: “I and my Father are one”, and feel the ecstasy of that unity, is continually IN PRAYER, even as he is continually IN LIFE and continually breathing. His prayer is like unto his inward-outward breath which is forever with him, forever vitalizing him.

He who knows the Light of love in him does not beseech the Father-Mother of the universe for his next breath, nor for his next heartbeat, for he fully knows that his heartbeat is one with the universal pulse, and that for which he would needlessly ask is already his.

Therefore I say to you when you ask of me: “How shall I pray, and when?” I say to you: As you live and breathe continually so shall you be in prayer continuously - as you are in life and love.

And as the air you breathe surrounds you abundantly, awaiting your need of it, so is that which you would ask for your need awaiting you in abundant supply, yea, even to overflowing fullness.

And as there is not a time when God centers you, and an interval elapses in which He again centers and controls your balanced heartbeat to synchronize with His, so is there not a time when you should pray to Him, and another time when you should not.

And, likewise, as there is not a time when the air you breathe is denied you while you manifest your Father-Mother on this earth, so, likewise, there shall never come a time when that which you need to worthily manifest Him shall be denied you, for, I again say, you already have that for which you ask, even as you have love, and life, for which you have not asked.

If there are times when you would like to put words to your desires to give them form let not your words be from your lips, nor give voice to them. Say in your heart when sorely perplexed: “Be Thou Thee in me my Father”, and know Him as your very Self.

Your problem may be great and your wisdom in doubt to your Self. If then you would say:

“Father, stand by - I deeply need Thee”, it might mean more in assurance to you - but to our Father it weighs not one whit more than saying it in your heart - so pray to Him that way if it comforts you to thus commune.

If sleep will not come to you for heaviness regarding your dealings with a friend, write your questioning upon your heart with desire that love shall guide you, then sleep in peace and know that the answer will be written in balanced rhythms where the question has been erased.

And if your handiwork goes not to your liking, having too much of your earth self in it - sensing instead of knowing - liking and not loving - diverted by sounds of earth from hearing the silences of heaven which borns them on earth - then, I say, open wide the doors of your Soul and let God in to work with you. Rejoice then in your again renewed ecstasy as you again think your work knowingly with God, creating with His hands and yours as one.

If a friend approach you with a grievance send love to open the door for him to you - and say within your heart: - “Father, let my words be Thy words to him, not mine alone”, - then weigh his grievance in the scales of love and not let him depart unillumined by the Light, but void his grievance with your love.

If you find your business slowly ebbing because you have, perchance, founded it afar from where you should have founded it, and you grieve because you have not the means to transfer it to that far State where you now know it would thrive, I say to you to not grieve, but rejoice that God has illumined you with the Light of knowing what to do to balance your unbalanced beginning. In your rejoicing is your power to take the first step of that far journey which will be followed by another, and still another one - even as one breath forever follows another - until that far State is beneath your feet in answer to your prayer.

Know you, however, that all the prayers in all the world would have been as soft blown winds on desert sands, had you not regiven to your Father, even as He has given to you, by working with Him, step by step and breath by breath to balance that given to you by Him to manifest you on earth, with that which you give to manifest Him in heaven.

He who would become a music master and grieves because he has not the means to meet the years ahead to so become, already has the means to play his first note. And when that first note is played he has the means to play the second one. Therefore, I say, that he who takes his first gift from God, and regives to him, will find that first gift to be a trickling stream, a running brook or mighty cataract of power ever ready to be given in the measure of any man's ability to regive equally.

Again I say, God will work with you but not for you. No one ever became a concert pianist by prayer without action, for that is wishful thinking, or faith and belief without knowledge manifested.

If you are low in spirits because of some fancied hurt, or have been too much alone and would balance your Self awareness with God awareness, let your prayer be a desire for realization of your high place in God's universe. Say within your pulsebeat, wordlessly: “I, My Father, am not alone I.

Thou, my Father, art I. Thou art in me and I in Thee. I am favored of Thee, my Creator. I am of the inner Mind. I know Thy ecstasy. I am exalted in Thee.

“I have all knowledge and all power. That which I desire to know, or to have, or to give is mine to know, to have or to give. My dwelling place is in Thy high heavens. Be Thou Thee in me that I may be Thee - knowingly.

“I am in Thy Light, O my Father. Enfold Thou me ever in Thy Light that I may not again feel the heaviness of the dark upon my heart.

“Dissolve Thou my separateness and make me One with Thee.” He who would pray for love and the companionship of many friends shall be given that for which he asks, and as abundantly as he gives love and friendship to others whom he befriends.

And he who would feel the ecstasy of all the world at prayer with the God of Nature [should] go out into Nature's great cathedral of forest pines and oaks and join in that mighty prayer of running streams and babbling brooks, and the singing of birds, the buzzing of bees, the droning of countless insects and hidden things that chirp, and trill, and sing hozannas to God in His high heavens to gladden our hearts as we walk and talk with God.

You who have read my BOOK OF EARLY WHISPERINGS know what I mean by that, and how wonderful it is to pray to God with all of His creating things which manifest Him in love for the love He gives all things.

When any man prays to you to fulfill his desire as you do to your Father, know you that he is praying to your Father who is ONE with you. Even as God works with you to fulfill your desire you should work with him who desireth aught of you to fulfill his desire - for as all men are one, so, likewise, are all desires of all men one.

If he who thus prays to you to help him to fulfill an unbalanced desire which is not love given and re-given equally, extend to him your love and balanced knowing, even as God whispers it always to the unhearing and unknowing.

If he hears but heeds not your counselling do not condemn him, or fail to watch over him until the Light of your illumining has reached his heart as it some day will, even as God watches over the unbalanced ones who have not yet learned to manifest love. Say to him within your heart what God says in His heart - “All men will come to me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.” And be thou there awaiting him with love when he has at last known love.

And so it is in all ways of man - for I say, that God is love, and love is all that is in God's kingdom of heaven - and the manifestation of love is all that is on earth.

Man of earth does not yet know that, but he is beginning to know it through cosmic man of the high heavens who knows love in him and gives it to the world in the heavenly rhythms of the high heavens.

The geniuses of the world manifest God's love and give it out from them to uplift the world by reinspiring man of earth with the inspirations of heaven born men.

The love born symphony is prayer for love fulfilled in the composer and again fulfilled in the hearts of those whose heartbeat feels the ecstasy of God's heartbeat as expressed in those heavenly rhythms.

And so is all the art of all the world a prayer for love fulfilled in inspired cosmic man for regiving of love to the race of man. For art is beauty, without which man is not yet even human.

The workman at his bench who gives beauty to his work regives the love which God has given him to all the world to uplift the world. Likewise the housewife who puts love in her cooking enriches the food with God's love which renourishes her family with love. Likewise the butcher, the baker and candlestick maker who regive love for love given them manifest God in building His universe of love with Him.

And the mason gives love to his wall in the laying of each brick which, in turn, reflects love's beauty to each passer-by. Beauty thus given by the mason and reflected to man is the Light of the kingdom of heaven extended to man for his illumining.

the dawning transition of man

The new age of Cosmic Man which you and I are unfolding for the saving of mankind from selfsuicide by the barbaric dealings of man with man is a transition from believers in a far off God of fear whom they fear, to knowers of a universal God of love whom they love.

Those cosmic ones who KNOW God are the cosmic thinkers, inspired geniuses and illumined mystics who know God within them and see God everywhere. These are the ones who, down the ages, have uplifted man gradually by bringing the beauty into the world which has gradually given man his culture and his ethics.

These are the ones who will unify mankind through their knowing to end this babel of tongues of many religions and bring into being the ONE religion of the ONE God of love.

This now ending Barbaric Age is peopled with GOD NEARING MEN.

The dawning Cosmic Age is to be peopled with GOD LOVING MEN.

The coming cosmic race of men will know that love is all there is in God nature and that the expression - or manifestation - of love is all there is in the nature of the physical universe.

It is my responsibility to so clarify the above statement that you will thoroughly understand the basis of what is called evil - or bad - and it is your responsibility to teach it to others so they will gradually comprehend that a universe which is founded upon balance cannot be unbalanced, or one founded upon good cannot be bad.

When you understand how unbalance, which is the basis of the idea of evil, can seem to be overthrown but can never succeed, and that good can seem to be overthrown to create that which we call “bad”, you will readily see how the race of man has made itself suffer through gross ignorance.

Conversely, you will as readily see that the only way to conquer evil, bad, illness, failure, fear, worry, superstition, greed, selfishness, loneliness, grief, or even death itself is through cosmic knowledge of the Light which gradually illumines the Consciousness of man which is in absolute control of man's body, and of his own unfolding through that control/

You who are readers and deep students of The Message are the seed of the coming Cosmic Age.

You, who know The Message in your hearts know God's command to me - which likewise means you.

I will again read that part of The Message which refers to the method which you and I must use in making the transition of man which will bring love into the world. You will find it in THE BOOK OF BEAUTY, Chapter V. 5 to 18.

5. “Verily I say, the dawn of cosmic man is in its beginnings. Go thou, therefore, to all the world and sow the seed of thy knowing.
6. “Thou shalt sow the seed of knowing man in unfolding man's progression, and no rest shalt thou know until thou hast well fulfilled thy task.
7.”Through cosmic man the unity of man beginneth.
8. “Many are they who know Me in them. Sow thou the seed of Beauty, Love and Balance in them. And multiply thou them until their legions shall illumine the dark of man's barbaric ages with My Omniscient Light.
9. “Say thou to thine appointed ones, these, My words. Thou art Love. Thou art Beauty. Thou art Balance. Go thou and give Love, Beauty, Balance and Truth to thy neighbor.
10. “Think not of doing great works in My name. Go thou to thy neighbor. Think thou of Thy neighbor alone. One seed sufficeth not for a meadow but out of one seed cometh a sheaf of ten.
11. “As many sheaves filleth great granaries, even so will thy sheaves of ten encompass the whole earth to bring into being the new age of cosmic man.
12. “Say thou these, My words, to thy neighbor: Go thou to ten men who will believe on thee; and multiply thou them by ten, and yet another ten, until a legion shall be as a wall of granite beneath thy feet.
13. “Heed thou my commandings and sow thou My seed of Love lest man destroy himself by his continued desires of earth, knowing not Me in him.
14. “Be not neglectful of thine own tasks, My son. Leave not to others of lesser knowing that which thou thy Self must do. That which must be done for cosmic man to come must have thine own Self in it.
15. “He who conceiveth must first unfold his concept.
16. “The mason layeth the stones of the master's thinking. Thou thy Self, must impart thy knowing in the Light of thy anointing to cosmic man who will build thy knowing and Mine into balanced rhythmic forms with Me.
17. “And out of the knowing of thine anointed legions a new world of unified man shall spring.
18. “For where thine anointed shall gather together to thus unify man through his knowing of the Light of Me in him, there shall I be in their midst. And they shall not fail.”


Just as Lao and I are giving our entire lives to sowing the seed of the Cosmic Age through YOU-which is our responsibility - we know you will give great heed to the above words of our Father, and realize that they are addressed to YOU as your responsibility.

These words you have just read do not demand that you give up your lives to help mankind make the transition. It simply means that you should LIVE IT and thus be an example to your neighbor. It means living it WITH your neighbor by making your dealings with him conform to the teachings of the Message.

When people are asked to work for most causes it generally means to give up something, or make some sacrifice to do it. This requirement of our Father reverses that thought for if you actually practice the love principle of first giving you will find that you will have enriched your life in every respect instead of subtracting from it by needless sacrifice which actually gains you naught, nor helps another, and very often hurts.

If you could keep the most important working thought of life before you always, and put that thought into every dealing you have with everybody, your patient, your client, the man you are selling to or buying from, your servant and your neighbor, you would soon find yourself into a very different kind of world of your own making for yourself and for all mankind.

The most important thought is: The God of love is all there is in the kingdom of heaven - and the manifestation of love is all there is on earth. by

Walter Russell, Sc. D.

lesson 7

The Walter Russell Foundation, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Copyrighted 1950 by Walter Russell

the story of my illumining


And now the time has come when I shall try to tell you of the greatest thing that can happen to any man in all the world as it happened to me - the Illumination into the God-Light of Cosmic

Consciousness - the ultimate goal of all unfolding mankind - to come at the end of an aeons long road which began in the dark of sensing alone and ends in the glory of the Light of all-knowing in God's kingdom of the high heavens where Soul of man and God are ONE.

The first great inkling of the grandeur to come was in May of 1878, when I was seven. I had strange premonitions of it for months - perhaps even for a year - but the glory of it, when it did happen, was less mystifying and more understandable than the premonitions which always left me deeply awondering.

For a boy I had been doing extraordinary things which caused much wonder. Before I could walk I could play on the piano with one finger all things heard by me, then all fingers gradually, even to the complex melodies played by blind Mr. Maynard who, to me, was the greatest man in all the world.

Mr. Maynard lived in the dark, but walked and talked with God in the Light. And what the Soul of Creation told to his Soul he told to me - and I walked and talked with God in those early days in

His wonderlands of Peat Meadow and the huge oaks down in Bachelder's wilds where nobody went but me, for no one else in all My World heard what I heard there - nor saw what I saw there - so it was mine alone, all that glory just mine alone.


Then it happened - a blinding glare - red - then incandescent - then a field of blue shut the whole world of all things out from me leaving naught but indescribable ecstasy while my body wandered by itself without me to the great root of my beloved oak where I found myself sitting with a hand full of marbles with which I had been playing with other boys in a ring full of marbles drawn in the dirt near the grocery store.

I remember as though it were but a minute ago the effect of that tremendous transition into another world so utterly unlike that one in which my body dwelled - and breathed in and out so strangely and unnecessarily. When I began to realize the world of many things I felt myself to be that world of many things - all one - and I - the universe - the tree - the sky - the little ant on my thumb, and the great oak above me. An indescribable ecstasy pervaded me like unborn vibrations of the great silence from which the vibrations of sound rhythms will be born, an ecstasy which I was to know again and again for ten thousand times ten thousand times when I walked and talked with God in My World all through my long, long life of working knowingly with Him from that very day.

This state of ecstasy is referred to in the Bible as “being in the spirit” or “in the Light.” In Hindoo philosophy it is referred to as “the Brahmic Bliss.”

I know not how long I sat there but do remember saying: when asked where I had so long tarried, “I have been in My World.” And to this day I have always talked and written about the glorious happenings in My World.

Most assuredly I was another person - quite transformed - quite unable to be the same, think the same or play again the same with other boys. I soon learned that My World had no meaning for them so I stopped talking about My World to anybody but my blind friend who really did know My World.

Little boys like me seemed little boys so very much unlike me that I needed them no more. I had rather hold mighty converse with the men at the car barn or play the music of My World simply to my blind maestro and hear him play it back to me, glorified, while my very Soul was alone I in My World, and my body afar - always afar. My blind maestro was the only friend of my early days who dwelt with me in My World. Many long years passed before another came to take aloneness away from me by dwelling with me in My World.


Seven years passed and each year, always in May, the doors of the Light which opened into My World, gave me those few days of more illumining, more knowing of the rhythms of God's thinking which registered in my Soul and tried to find birth in sounds, and colors, and forms through me. I played Chopin, Mozart, Handel, Leybach, and Beethoven in ecstasy for these men dwelt with me in

My World day by day - for it concerned me not one whit that their bodies had passed on.

I had long since been taken out of school and put to work. God would not let me read books. He became my teacher and closed the books which I would open. Things said in them were so unlike the nature of things in My World that He guarded me against their intrusion to blur the clarity of things I visioned in the Light.

I found that whatever I wished to know I could know by just desiring to know in my heart. If I wished to know music it came to me in overwhelming fullness and I spent glorious hours in the forests listening to celestial rhythms which sprang into being from forest silences, and fed my Soul with the colors of Nature turned inside out for me to see their Source with inner eyes, the outer ones being too dimmed with tears for seeing.


Then in my fourteenth year came the second great illumining at a time when my body had been declared dead by the doctors, and undertakers were arriving. Black diphtheria had destroyed my throat and shut off my breathing.

Then again came the great Light which had come to me in my first illumining and I arose from my bed perfectly healed, to the great amazement of my weeping parents and to the doctors who found that my throat was perfectly healed.

During the period of complete unawareness of my body, and cessation of my heartbeat I had complete Consciousness of knowing from the moment of that severance of electric and conscious awareness which I will later describe from a scientific basis.

From that moment I fully knew that God had a purpose for my living to manifest Him by a life of demonstrating the power of man who knew God in him, and worked knowingly with him. This I fully knew, but I did not fully know of the transformation of unfolding man into his next Cosmic Age until the full illumining of 1921, when my years were seven times seven.

No words of mine can quite convey as much meaning as those set down in The Divine Iliad itself in reference to this event which God caused to take place in order that I should fulfill His purpose by conveying His Message to man for which I then knew that I was being prepared. These are the words as written in The Divine Iliad in 1921:

“It had been given me to know that regeneration of the body from that which man calls “death” is within the range of power of inner thinking if the Soul has not left the body, (Meaning - no longer controls the body through a centering Consciousness.)

“That disease which man calls “black diphtheria”, or “black plague”, had so disintegrated my body that my Soul made ready for its departure and I was pronounced dead by man.

“God took me up unto a high mountain top where inspired man is God-man and there gave unto me higher knowledge of the power of regeneration of my body through His all-knowing Light.

“Through the red-violet world, and the red, red world to the world of pure white Light beyond the world of blue - and back again to the world of pure white simulated light be the yellow world, the Spirit within me journeyed in an ecstasy for which there are no words of man to tell.

“In the ecstatic state of inner-knowing the Great truth of creating and de-creating things was made known to me.

“That majestic swing of the cosmic pendulum spelled out for me the glorious rhythms of things to be, and then, not to be.

“The mystery of Soul was mine - the Souls of all Creating things.

“The memory of ten times ten thousand lives mirrored themselves in Light from their records on my Soul to tell me that my body was still new - that my time of disappearance had not yet come.

“It was than given me to know that the power of revitalization of my body was mine, and I, who had been pronounced dead by man, lived strongly in the body.”


Each year in May, year after year, came those ten or more days when I sought the forests to be alone with God. Each year I became slightly more aware of my purpose which I was to know fully in 1921. It was enough for the time that I was made aware of the fact that I must demonstrate tremendous versatility to prove to man that whatever he desired to do he could do.

And so the years of preparation passed, each one, however, evidenced by doing something that I had never done before, or not even thought of doing. And each seventh year was marked by the doing of something extraordinarily different than I had ever before done, such as painting THE MIGHT OF AGES at twenty-eight, the designing and building of many buildings costing millions during the following seven years while painting the most beautiful children in America - then introducing figure skating in America acquiring personal masterliness of the art in addition to painting many portraits and writing many books. And so the years of intensive preparation passed until May, in the year of 1921, when the supreme experience of The Anointing of Light became mine, and My World of Light and the ecstasy of it, was once more mine in all of its fullness.


Then came the day of intense premonition of something strange in the world, such as I had before known after its happening but not before. A certain ominous and mysterious something in the very light of the sun, and in the air, compelled me to seek the privacy of my own chamber to await that which must be again coming - for the time was here.

I afterwards found that magnetic sun spot storms tore man's cables from their beds and disrupted the telephone and power systems of the nation during the middle of May, while that intense severance of Consciousness from body again took place and made me just a Soul and a Mind again, hardly aware of my body, and made my body dependent entirely upon instinct, entirely controlled by instinct, as it once was a million years ago.

The great Light of my first and seventh illumining again came and again I found my universality in that ecstasy which is the only emotion of the God nature. That ecstasy is the one unchanging and constant Mind state which inspired man always feels in variable intensity as measured by the intensity of his inspiration.

Owing to a lack of knowledge of God's electric universe, and man's relationship to it, no man of past ages has ever been able to give a satisfactory explanation of that instantaneous flash of redorange light which completely blinded me for an undeterminable interval which was followed by a feeling of being bathed in a great sea of blue.

The explanation of that light flash which Paul and other Cosmic Conscious men have experienced, is that there is an electric short circuit between the two lobes of the brain which causes a flash of light at the instant of severance of Consciousness from electric sensation of the body.

Such a flash occurs at the moment of death in all cases, and has been photographed many times.

The Light of spiritual Consciousness centers the divided, or polarized Light which constitutes the electric awareness of sensation in a body. Normally there is a complete synchronization of Consciousness and sensation but when the severance takes place which makes the body seem like an unattached and remote appendage, and the Mind alone to be all that is, the synchronization is interrupted and does not operate normally.

Usually the Cosmic Illumination has a duration of a few minutes or hours, leaving an aftermath of a few days, but no matter how brief it is it completely transforms one into another higher being.

My usual period through life has been about ten days following the first intensive few hours, but this 1921 period lasted for thirty-nine days and nights, beginning on May 10th and ending June 19th.


The Illumination into Cosmic Consciousness is an entirely spiritual experience and is the ultimate goal of all mankind which completes the unfolding of the man idea on earth. All down through man's unfolding it comes gradually to all people. Every inspiring thought which comes to you is a partial Illumination. The geniuses of the world are those who have had the greatest number of spiritual inspirations. Every such inspiration is also a partial Illumination.

Whenever a great genius creates any masterpiece of art, in any of the five fine arts, and you are reinspired by his creation, he is illumining you with the Light given him. That is how man arises from the brute stage to the divine cosmic stage, by gradually adding to his culture.

Every one of the great mystics who have been anointed in the Light of all-knowing have uplifted countless millions of men who become their followers. The great religions of the world grew out of the Illuminations of such supreme mystics as Buddha, Mohammed, the unknown mystic who wrote The Bhagavad-Gita, (which became the Persian Bible) and Jesus.

Of these, Jesus was, in all probability, the only fully illumined one as He alone fully understood the love principle as the basis of Creation, and the magnetic Light of God as the Source of Creation.

He alone of all the mystics had all-knowing to the extent that He so fully comprehended His divinity as Son of God that he could say “I and My Father are one” and KNOW what it meant. Full Illumination is the goal of all mankind. It is the Christ status which no mystic of past ages has acquired but all men will acquire when the journey of unfolding man on this planet will have been completed.

There have been quite a number of lesser illumined mystics whose teachings and works have exalted mankind in varying degrees, such as Laotzu, Confucius, Plotinus, Paul, Isaiah, Socrates, Jacob Be[h]man, Spinoza, Leonardo da Vinci and Swedenborg. These were very close to the Light but were not fully aware of their absolute unity with it.

There have been many of the lesser illumined ones whom we know as geniuses, such as Whitman, Browning, Shakespeare and other great poet-writers - Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, and other musicians of their standard, - together with the masters in all of the arts who have given to the world its culture.

Inspiration is the first stepping stone which leads to genius. Genius is the next of the three great pinnacles of mankind which are inspired man, genius and mystic. When one is inspired, either through meditation, or through the works of inspired men, he has arisen through that partial

Illumination, from the purely physical, to the spiritual status which leads ever upward to the allknowing, fully illumined Son-ship with God, which is the Christ status.

Inspired men, geniuses and mystics are the Saviours of other men. They are the interpreters of God's language of Light, and teachers of the love nature of God who uplift the world of men by reinspiring them with the Light of their illumining, each in the measure of his own awareness of the Light of God-Consciousness (or Christ spirit) within him.

Treasure, therefore, your inspired moments which become more and more yours as you increasingly walk and talk and WORK with God.

Each of the supreme mystics of the past brought the Message of LOVE, UNITY and THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN to the people of their day, but the human race was too newly out of the jungle to either comprehend the principle of love or practice it.

The human race has not yet unfolded enough to more than faintly understand it or practice it.

Man's attempt to understand it has led to the formation of many religions which have disunited man instead of uniting him, and the misinterpretation of the nature of God as a wrathful God of fear has created a world of fear, sin, evil, selfishness and greed which has led to countless killings in war after war.

Until the last hundred years human comprehension has not reached the possibility of comprehending what this electric age has taught to man.

For this reason God has again sent His Message of love to this new age of unfolding man for there are a sufficient number among men who can become the seed of the Cosmic Age now dawning, for reinspiring other men to their exaltation into cosmic knowing.

These few among the many, such as you are, else you would not have been led to it, will spread their knowing of the love nature of God throughout the earth and to man of the comprehension of this electric age, and that alone will save mankind from his own destruction.


Now I shall attempt to tell you my personal reaction to this great happening which left me wholly Mind with but slight awareness of my electric body. During practically all of the time I felt that my body was not a part of me, but attached to my Consciousness by electro-magnetic flux threads of light. When I had to use it in such acts as writing in words the essence of God's Message it was extremely difficult to bring my body back under control of my Consciousness and make it do as I ordered it to do.

As an example I herewith reproduce one page of hundreds, if not thousands of fragmentary writings to illustrate the difficulty of coordinating Mind and body. After many days of such effort I suddenly wrote as clearly and as legibly as the script of a child, and in a handwriting which I have never before or since used.

It was necessary to overcome this difficulty, for the great reason for keeping me in the Light for so long a period was to write down the Message of The Divine Iliad as interpreted from the rhythms of God's thinking in the inspired language of Light, for the purpose of making mankind know and comprehend God for the first time during his unfolding.

Also it was necessary for me to make hundreds of diagrams for chemical and astronomical charts for the purpose of giving science a new cosmogony in harmony with the laws of Nature to replace the present one which does not conform with natural law.

Over forty thousand words were thus written and hundreds of charts made, with God's Mind and thinking being mine - with hardly an erasure or correction. You who have read The Books of Beauty, Love, Desire, Healing and other parts of The Divine Iliad surely know that I alone could not write such rhythmic and masterly literature, nor can any man at any time produce masterly art except while in the ecstasy of working knowingly with God. Nor can any man write masterly literature without constant rewriting and editing.

During the entire period of severance I could never attach my body to my Mind as a part of my Self. It always seemed outside of me, unattached, like an instrument which I could use but was in no way related to my personal being.

When my body felt hunger it was not I who was hungry. My body automatically picked up food under instinctive control without mental interest in the process whatsoever. The food my body ate was as impersonal to me as the food given to an animal or to another person.

My body likewise acted under instinctive control when it felt the necessity for air or exercise. I sometimes walked it in the Park where it knew the way, and it would come back unerringly, but it was not I who walked for I was forever in the high heavens of indescribable ecstasy, forever talking with God in His thought language of Light.


It is impossible to ever convey to anyone who does not think cosmically, a dynamic understanding of that transition from the sensing of a Mind controlled body to the knowing of Mind which has been severed from the body by so deep a feeling of separation that the electric body seemed in no way related to the ego of Soul, or of Mind. I shall do my best to explain it by describing what happened.

I cannot relate anything to time, for time ceased to be. All I can say is that there came a time after that blinding flash in which I became aware of “knowing all things.” Somewhere in the Bible it says something like these words: “Ye shall have an anointing of the Holy One, and ye shall know all things.”

On the face of it such a statement seems incredible - but it is not. Our concept of knowledge has been built upon the complexity of multitudinous effect instead of the utter simplicity of the cause of complex effect. Cause is as simple as the three mirrors in a kaleidoscope while effect is as complex as the infinite repetition of a few pieces of broken glass reflected within those three mirrors.

We can comprehend effect but we cannot know it. We can know only the CAUSE of effect.

Encyclopedic information is not knowledge, but that is our concept of knowledge.

In one timeless flash I “knew all things.” All that I have ever written since then are but three dimensional extensions into a universe of time and space. It DID take time to think them into form and write them down but to KNOW all things was timeless. All of my chemical and astronomical charts were made before I knew the names of the elements or of stellar formations.

Illumination into the Light means just that - for it is the Light of all-knowing, or the Light of love, which is manifested by THINKING God's all-knowing into complexities of patterned form.

I instantly, and timelessly, knew the still magnetic Light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also I knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter.

I also instantly and timelessly knew that the magnetic Light of the God of love was all that is-and that the sensed electric wave universe of motion which simulates love, life and power, had. no reality whatsoever'. I knew it for what it was - God's thinking - God's imagining - pure illusion-simulation - self-voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effect of change.

Thus knowing the universal heartbeat I knew the electric wave, or universal pulse, to which all moving, creating things were geared. Thus knowing the wave and its octave pulsebeat in cyclic rhythms which spelled their rhythms out for me always as zero - one - two - three - four - zero - four-three - two - one - zero.

I then knew all cause and comprehended all effect.

There was nothing to know but God's one whole idea of Creation, which is represented in the following diagram by the changeless ZERO of the spiritual Mind universe of REST - and nothing to comprehend but the heartbeat of this pulsing electric wave universe of motion which is represented in the diagram by the NUMBERS.

This diagram is given to you now as the first simple step toward your acquisition of all knowledge of CAUSE and all comprehension of EFFECT. During the whole construction of this electric universe in this entire course of study the basic principle above diagramed will never be departed from, or exceeded, for there is nothing in Nature, nor in your own life, nor in your thinking, nor in any action of yours which can vary one whit from this basic formula of Creation.

Nor is there anything the chemist, physicist, metalurgist or engineer can exceed beyond this formula or vary it in their work. Likewise the poet, painter, inventor, musician or architect is limited to this simplicity beyond which he CANNOT GO, and to which HE MUST CONFORM.

Likewise the healthy growth of your body, or the conduct of your friendly or business relations must conform to this principle of BALANCE or else suffer the consequence of whatever unbalanced residue remains from lack of conformity with the heartbeat of the universe.

As we proceed to unfold this principle by its application to the many departments of life and work other series of words will be used which have different connotations, and therein lies the seeming complexity which makes everything you do seem difficult.

The difficulty of that seeming complexity lies in the popular belief that CAUSE and KNOWLEDGE is complex while CAUSE and KNOWLEDGE are utterly simple but INFORMATION CONCERNING EFFECT is so utterly complex that it takes many large volumes of encyclopedias to write it all down - while not one thing in those vast volumes can possibly vary in principle from this simple formula of action-reaction sequences of expressed energy which constitutes the cosmic kaleidoscope which is our physical universe.

The reason why I have been able to do so many things during life, and do them in a masterly manner, was because of my lifetime growing knowledge of the universal heartbeat which fully unfolded in one timeless flash in 1921.

It may not suddenly unfold to you, as it did to me, but you can very greatly accelerate its unfolding if you will open your heart to these lessons and get what I am telling you into your Consciousness instead of just photographing them onto your brain.

If you just photograph them onto your brain you can remember and repeat them but you will not know them until deep thought and much meditation, while alone in your chamber, make them a part of your Soul pattern. The more you do that the more speedily you will gain knowledge cosmically.

Until you do that you have no knowledge whatsoever, for knowledge is cosmic - it is mental - while the brain is but a recording instrument which senses impressions recorded upon it and cannot KNOW ANYTHING.

Electrical awareness of EFFECT must not be confused with cosmic awareness of CAUSE.

Electrical awareness means only the sensations caused by bodies of matter in motion - while Cosmic

Consciousness means an awareness of Soul, the Universal Soul of God which man is to the extent of his awareness of his unity with God. Electrical sensation must not be mistaken for cosmic inspiration, nor for thinking, nor for knowing.


The first and most conspicuous effect of Illumination into full Cosmic Consciousness is the utter absence of evil, sin or shame. There is no thought of such an unbalanced condition while in the one ecstatic condition of perfect balance which the Light of love is.

When I say there can be no thought of such a thing I can best transfer that thought to you by asking if you feel the slightest thought of falling while you stand in balance? You obviously cannot, for your senses will not vibrate to tell you you are falling until you actually begin to fall.

Likewise, when you are perfectly comfortable your senses will not tell you that you are uncomfortable until you begin to be.

You will then put on a coat if you are cold to bring your body back into the balanced condition of comfort.

Illumination into the Light of Cosmic Consciousness transports you immediately into the Light of all-knowing of CAUSE which balances and controls all EFFECT. The cosmic spiritual Light IS balance.

That which man calls evil, or sin, or shame - or any of its attributes such as anger, jealousy, worry, fear, cruelty, lust, or the greeds which lead to murders and wars, are unbalanced conditions created by man who has not yet learned the law of love which demands equal interchange between all opposite conditions in all human relations.

Man, himself, has manufactured evil, sin and shame because of the impossibility of keeping himself in balance because of his greeds, which impelled him to take what he wanted without giving in order to be regiven.

There is no such thing in Nature as evil, sin or shame. Nature is never unbalanced. The heavens give of light and rains to earth and earth regives equally of her forests, and crops, and vapors which replenishes the heavens.

That is Nature's manifestation of the law of love which keeps Nature ever in balance. I will give you another diagram to illustrate the love principle. This will be one more step in trying to transfer to your comprehension that state of balance which kept me in the one ecstatic condition of Cosmic

Consciousness for so long a period of severance of Mind from the sensations induced by the electric thinking of Mind from which bodies appear, disappear and reappear in endless sequence.

As you see I have again used the same formula of rhythmic balanced interchange in all transactions of Nature. I have but used different words to express .different ideas.

And I shall continue to do so whether I talk to you from the chemist's laboratory or from your business office, or about your home and friendly relations. This I shall do until you have all-knowledge and all-power to control all effects which you set in motion.

As every effect which you do set in motion is a pendulum which will return to bless or smite you in the measure of your knowledge, or lack of it, it is imperative to your welfare that you open your heart and Soul to what is herein written and not sift it through any traditions, or cults, or teachings which have been so deeply impressed upon your brain by sensations or emotions that all you have accumulated in a lifetime are but abstractions which you forever repeat but cannot possibly explain.

That which your brain alone has recorded you do not know and, therefore, cannot explain to others, or even to yourself. That which you know in your heart, and is recorded within your Soul, remains with you throughout the ages, and is reincarnated within the seed of you for adding to it life after life as you journey through the ages to your final goal of complete unity with the Light of God which you are gradually knowing, a little at a time as you walk and talk with God to know Him in you, more and more, day by day.


Those of you who have read The Secret of Light and the Message of The Divine Iliad know much of what has been written down by me during those thirty-nine days. I have given to you all that can yet be given and the other volume will be published as you become ready for more of it, and as the world becomes ready to receive it.

There is much in the Message which probably will not be published during my lifetime, much which is personal in the nature of instruction as to time and method of delivery of the Message, and much which reveals my own shortcomings to me in order that they may be avoided and thus [not] jeopardize its delivery.

I shall now give you some of these unpublished pages so that you may know how explicit is every detail of the unfolding of any of God's plans when you work together with God as ONE. I hereby quote:

“Thou art the Light.

“Content thou never shall be with a reflection of the Light in man's outer vision.

“Content thou never shall be in man's universe of dimension.

“Content thou shalt be only when in communion with Me upon thy mountain top.

“Thou art ecstatic man.

“Thou art the herald of ecstatic man to come.

“Thou art to unloose the bindings with which man has bound himself.

“The ecstasy of My Light is thine.

“The agony of man's revilings shall be thine in generous portion.

“Heed them not, My Son. The capacity for ecstasy is measured only by the capacity for suffering.

Therefore rejoice thou in thy suffering.

“Gather thou all the nations of the earth and sing to them My words written for ecstatic man in Light upon thy pulsing heart.

“Go thou in all humility and head not thy crucifixion in the hearts of ten times ten million men.

“He who comes to man bearing inspired knowledge does man crucify. Crucifixion awaits all inspired messengers of the Light.

“Truth lies beyond the crucifixion.

“To tear down the idols of man and open the doors which lead to eternal life in the knowledge of the Light shall be thy Father-Mother's work to do.

“Teach thou those laws by which My universe is bound. Such laws are within the comprehension of man and none are beyond it.

“Avoid thou, therefore, such wordings as psychic things and powers, and occult things and powers which mislead man and tempt him toward his early imaginings, and answer thou all questions dynamically.

“All man's questions are answerable in Light.

“Thou art Light. Thou canst answer them.”

“Confine thy teachings to the written words translated from thy Father-Mother's rhythmic words in Light.

“Preach not thou, nor teach, beyond what thou hast written down, for thou art man and full of man's failings.

“Answer no man that which has not yet been written down by thee, even though thou knowest the answer in the universal language of Light.

“Man's words are treacherous things of many meanings, therefore meditate when queried beyond thy translated words, until thou art alone in Light, then answer thy well considered written word.

“Thy strength shall be in writing down thy words and exemplifying them in charts.

“Preach thou and teach through thy books. Send them to the four winds to all peoples and all nations.

“Have a care that any spoken words of thine shall not be beyond what thou hast written down, nor divulge, nor discuss with any man My yet untranslated words. This will be thy great temptation. Be strong, therefore, in this wise lest thou yield to it.

“Thy strength through thy written words shall be as a mighty rock which will withstand the batterings of the whole world of men, and thou canst teach and preach within them. But beyond them thy ill considered translations will be as a heap of sand to wear away by the erosion of soft blown winds.

“Hear thou these words My Son of Light and heed them.

It has been commanded of me to turn man's eyes away from his jungle, to tell him to look upon the face of the Lord, and know God's ecstasy in him. These are the words of the Lord. Hear thou them through me.

“The world of man is decadent. Go thou and resurrect it in my name.

“The beauty of My balanced thinking has man buried in his da[r]k tombs and set ugliness in the images of man's earth thinking as idols for his worshiping.

“Man-might is he placing before Omnipotence in Me.

“Love is he seeking to crucify - to deify brutality.

“Barbarity of his own inviting is e'en now crossing his horizon to crush him who would exalt it.

“The seeds of hate is he sowing for the babel of many tongues to multiply.

“I am a patient God. All men will come to Me in due time, but the agony of awaiting that day shall be theirs alone.

“And that day shall not come until man himself shall cleanse himself from his own unbalanced thinking.

“Prepare thou, therefore, My messenger to the Cosmic Age of ecstatic man, which is now in the deep dark before its dawning, and be thou ready for thine appointed day when man's own chastening shall awaken him in Me.

“Seven years hast thou to prepare for thy first beginning to manifest thy messengership to man. Guard well thy knowing, and herald not thy messengership for these first seven years of thy preparing.

“Then shall all the world begin to reap the harvest of self inflicted suffering sown by his own hands in the seed of his unbalanced thinking.

“And the period of man's self cleansing shall be another three sevens of years added to the seven of thy novitiate years.

“And thine appointed day shall be in the eighteenth year of those three sevens, and be thou ready for that day, for thou shalt know no rest in worthily preparing to fulfill thine appointed task.

“Before that day of man's rebirth in Me his self-made way of earth will be deep strewn with the ashes of his earth-planned tower of self-might, denying Me in him.

“Untold suffering shall await him on the blood drenched road which leads toward the jungle of his own seeking.

“Anguish will be his lot: and there will be weeping in every home.

“And many who see such agony in man will say to thee that a God of love cannot be if man be son of God, and God the loving Father-Mother of all men.

“But I say to thee, all men are one. The thinking of one is the thinking of all, and so shall the world-harvest be that which was sown in the seed of world-thinking. Man's world is the sum-total of man's thinking. It is what all world-thinking makes it.

“If love be in the world hate cannot also be.

“In the early days of this cycle My messenger of that day said: 'Love thy brother as thyself', but man has not yet faintly comprehended its Meaning.

“I now say more, for man is not now so new, and can well comprehend My meaning after the coming carnage by man shall have spent its furies, as the calm of earth's storms always follow those storms.

“These words I now say for newly comprehending man of his new cycle.

“Love ye one another all men, for ye are one in Me.

“What so e'er you do to one in Me ye do to all; for all are one in Me.

“Love thy brother as thyself. Serve thy brother before thyself. Lift high thy brother, lift him to high pinnacles, for thy brother is thyself.

“For of a verity, I say, love of self, or a nation of selves, turns neighbor against neighbor, and nation against nation, Self-love breeds hate and sows its seed in all the winds to blow where'er it will. Wherefore say I, love of neighbor by neighbor, and nation by nation, unites all men as one.

“Serve first thy brother. Hurt first thyself rather than thy neighbor. Gain naught from him unbalanced by thy giving. Protect thou the weak with thy strength, for if thou use thy strength against him his weakness will

prevail against thee, and thy strength will avail thee naught.

“Such is a decree which thou well knowest in the inviolate workings of My law which holds balance in all creating things. See thou that man well knows this principle as the foundation of his new day.


I have herein given you parts of the unpublished sections of The Message which specifically instruct me in quite some detail as to the very manner and method of its delivery, as well as its time for delivery, yes, and even as to my failings as a man of earth manifesting God as a man of earth.

I have given you these instructions for the express purpose of bringing deeply home to you the most important - even though hardly believable - fact of your life. This fact is that if you KNOW God in you, not just abstractly believing it with some slight reservations, and work knowingly with

God, your life will be the highest of the high, forever knowing the peace which passeth understanding, and your achievements will be mighty - for the divine YOU will be in them.

The knowledge of your oneness with God is not possible of instant acceptance by any human in its fullness, as you would instantly accept the knowledge that two and two are four.

Such Illumination is too wonderful for quick unfoldment in man, for every cell in man's body cries out the selfhood of the body, and every sensation of man tells him of reality as being in the senses.

You are able to see and feel that which you have long believed to be you, and you have built up a sense of ego or individuality around and within your body which has forcibly separated you from all other men, for they are individuals also - human bodies of persons in countless numbers, all separate and apart from each other.

It is not a quick process to forget body and separability of bodies just by being told about it, even though you believe it. Your body is the high hurdle which you must surmount in order to know your divinity.

This story of my Illumination will help you to realize that you can put aside your body at will-TO A GREATER OR LESSER EXTENT - and know your divinity to the extent in which you can put your body aside.

In meditation you learn to increasingly forget your body and increasingly become GodConscious. Therefore I say, walk and talk with God constantly, from moment to moment. Let meditation become a fixed habit and state of Mind. Let it get deep down into your Consciousness that God is with you at all times awaiting to work with you/

When you realize that every cell of unfolding and refolding matter is centered by God-Light and controlled in its every second, and that every insect, bird and beast are instinctively controlled and watched over just as you are whether you know it or not, how much greater is that power of love which is watching over you when you KNOW it and work with it.

There is no detail of your life or work that you cannot take under instant advisement with God.

Many thousands of times I have asked Him in my heart - wordlessly - to guide my hand with His to give balance to my sculpture or painting when it seemed lacking, and always the next brush stroke would be made by God's hand and balance restored.

The time has come when cosmic man should perpetually acknowledge God as companion and co-worker and cease to think of Him as The Almighty God afar off to whom he can pray when he needs Him, and at all other times get along by himself.

When you are in a quandary you are often prompted to seek some friend for advice, or if some friend comes in you are apt to ask his advice. That desire is prompted by your feeling of need for help, but never ask of anyone before asking God.

Make it the most natural thing you do to ask God about it. This you will always do if God is ever present with you and you feel His presence as He works with you.

Let me earnestly counsel you against asking, or receiving advice from anyone. No one can advise you unless he becomes a part of you. Your problem must be his problem, and your desire for its solution must be his desire.

How many people are there on earth who can be one with you through love? If you know such a one, you can then merge your unity and God will be in your midst. Such love as that between perfectly mated men and women multiplies your power, for when husband and wife both belong to

God, working knowingly with Him, each one is then KNOWING together, THINKING together and working together with God as ONE.

This principle can be well illustrated by group thinking, such as a meeting of directors in a business, or in the Senate and Congress. Such groups should be as one man, for they all have the same interests and problems. The problem of one is the problem of all. How useless would be the advice of anyone brought into such a meeting who did not take the interests of all into his heart.

Try to develop the intense realization that if there is but the one universal Mind of God then YOU are that Mind, and YOUR thinking is God's thinking. Meditation will do that - and the more you meditate with God by taking all of your desires and problems to Him the more you will develop that oneness. Every meditation is a partial Illumination, for you cannot possibly open your Mind to God without God immediately responding.

And above all things do not desire the full Illumination until, and unless it comes to you. It will come when you are ready for it and not before. Rejoice in every partial Illumination which you will always recognize by the ecstatic - or even joyous - feeling which inspiration always engenders.

by Walter Russell, Sc. D.

lesson 8

The Walter Russell Foundation, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Copyrighted 1950 by Walter Russell

question and answers concerning meditation, prayer and cosmic consciousness

How often I have told you that the greatest miracle which can happen to you is the discovery of your immortal Self. I would say that again and again for a thousand times.

Let me add to it by telling you that one inspiring hour alone with God, in communion with Him in His Light, is worth more to you than all the possessions of all the earth, all of its jewels, its gold, yes, even its richest thrones.

This highest of all the attainments of man, I am trying to open up to you through your continued growth of comprehension. Do not think it is easy for you to acquire such a high goal overnight. That is impossible. Many write that they have followed my instructions carefully but cannot decentrate to the stillness of zero, try how they may. The following is typical of many such questions.

QUESTION: “Although your instructions seem explicit about decentrating to the zero of stillness

I have great difficulty in doing so at will. Does this mean to hold the Mind steady and quiet without thinking?

If so it is a very difficult thing to do. Just once have I reached the point of absolute stillness and it was beautiful. I was unconscious of anything but being merged in that pure light. How I wish I could attain that state at will.”

ANSWER: The more you can attain that state the easier it will be to repeat it. Your question indicates that you make too great an effort to accomplish that result. This means that you are concentrating upon having it happen, instead of decentrating to LET IT HAPPEN.

Do not look for the symptoms of it. Do not expect it or try to make it happen. Just say to yourself:

“I want to be alone with God”, and the majesty of that thought, and your desire for aloneness with God will drive all things else from your Mind.

The effort you indicate you are making gives me the impression that you are making your brain very active in trying to make your Mind still. Forget your brain. Forget your body. Take the attitude that nothing in the world interests you, nothing whatsoever. Think of beautiful music to stop your thinking about your grocery bill or your visitor who is coming or any problem that weighs heavily on your heart. Meditation comes from the heart. Do not let the brain interfere with your inspiring communion from Soul to Soul.

It is wonderful that it happened even once to you, for that means that it must happen again, often and more often, as you open your heart to it.

You might as well expect to play a symphony after one music lesson as to expect to be able to decentrate to that ecstatic state of inspiration at once. You must realize that your unfolding to the point you have already arrived at has been a long one. You are ready for the Light NOW, else you would not have so keenly desired it.

My Light, and my inspirations, however, cannot reinspire you immediately for you always take first instructions, or first readings through your senses by recording them on your brain, before it is finally absorbed by your Soul to become knowledge, just as you have to first take food into your stomach before it is absorbed into the blood stream to become nourishment.

Very many even expect to attain full Cosmic Consciousness immediately by applying my instructions. That is as utterly impossible as it is undesirable for one who is not ready for it. Students often write me that they have “been in metaphysics for twenty years” and think that is a sufficient reason for the attainment of the highest, and rarest of all human attainments. One can be in metaphysics for fifty years without having one's Soul touched by the Light for even one second.

The study of metaphysics, like a university training, may give one much information, without any real knowledge. Many great metaphysical authorities may be enabled to make many scientifically true statements of facts but have no knowledge of them whatsoever. They would be unable to explain them if asked to do so. Such a metaphysical authority might be as completely unable to commune with God in his heart as a student of musical history and theory might be unable to compose even a simple melody - much less a concerto.

How many there are all through the metaphysical world who perpetually repeat the same scientifically true statements who could not explain them because they do not know what they mean.

I have heard such statements as “All things are one” hundreds of times but when asked to explain how the fifty men in the room - plus everything else in the universe - are one, they become as silent as the scientist becomes if asked what light or gravitation are.

The only way you can ever find that great treasure which is your Self is to be able to decentrate to the point where you can forget your body and be aware of your immortal Soul. I can tell you how to do this through these lessons, and I can undoubtedly reinspire you with the Light of my inspiration, but only through your own great desire in cooperation with the principles, practices and instructions

I am giving you. I cannot even do that unless you let my Soul touch your Soul instead of just reading my words with your senses.

Metaphysical students and teachers have often told me that they have known some of the things I am teaching for twenty-five years. This is not true, for most of the knowledge given in these lessons has never before been known on earth.

I want this to be thoroughly understood, for it is important to you that you know the difference between stating a fact - which really is a fact - and KNOWING it. I will give you a simple example to exemplify meaning.

For centuries people have made these two true statements: God is Love and God is Light, yet no one up to this day has any knowledge whatsoever of their meaning. Until today the meaning of

Love is an abstraction to the metaphysicist, clergyman or layman alike, and the meaning of Light has never been defined or explained by science.

If mankind ever knew the meaning of love we would have had a different kind of a civilization.

Its scientific meaning as law applicable to every phenomenon in the universe has never been known.

Likewise, the scientific meaning of light, electricity, gravitation, magnetism, energy, polarization, atomic structure and many, many other things have never yet been known on earth, and are herein being revealed for the first time in the history of man.

So much for the true statements which are made but not known. There are an equal number of untrue statements constantly being made in both metaphysics and science which are believed to be true, but cannot be tested as true or untrue because of lack of knowledge regarding them.

I will also quote two of these as examples. Metaphysists and metaphysical books have for years been saying: “Get into the high vibrations of the spirit, and out of the low vibrations of matter”, and:

“It is only in your Consciousness so it is not real.” not knowing that the Light of Consciousness is the only reality.

There are no vibrations whatsoever to the spirit. The Light of the spirit is absolutely motionless, while the vibrations of matter increase with density and decrease as they approach the stillness of space. Such teachings are very confusing when one says in one breath, “Seek the high vibrations of the spirit”, and in the next breath: “Be still and know.”

There is one thing in particular which The Divine Iliad Message teaches that no one has ever heard of before, nor taught. That is the principle of decentration, or expansion of the senses, in order to forget body and become wholly Mind when in meditation or communion with God.

Teachers have taught that one must concentrate in order to conceive idea for creative expression.

Such teachings defeat the very purpose of meditation, for concentration focuses the senses to a point, and thus forces body awareness, while decentration expands the senses and thus aids body forgetfulness and spiritual awareness.

Decentration is a relaxation of the senses to give freedom to the Mind to conceive idea from its Source; while concentration tenses the seat of sensation in the brain and prevents reaching beyond the electric activity of the brain into the stillness of the seat of Consciousness from where our knowledge comes.

My teaching regarding decentration is an entirely new principle for no one has ever thought of-or suspected it as an attribute of the Mind until God gave me this knowledge and commanded me to teach it. You have read a few of the words of God's command to me in Lesson No. 7.

As proof that this principle was never before known on earth, or had ever entered human Consciousness is that no word which covers that idea has ever been provided. The dictionary makes no provision for the thought, for it has no word for it.

In the same sense many will say that they know God, and have always known Him, basing such a statement upon the recognition or belief that God exists. Belief is not KNOWLEDGE. I say to him who believes that he knows God: If you KNOW God you can define Him and relate Him to Nature and Nature's processes. Can you do that?

Naturally he cannot, for no one has yet known God sufficiently to define Him as a scientific fact until He himself gave that knowledge through His Message to those who are able to comprehend it.

That is the way God unfolds all creating things. He gives that for today which is of today.

If God had long ago been definable there would be but one religion and one concept of God, instead of many religions because of the many concepts of God.

Out of this new knowledge contained in The Message, and its teachings, will come the One God and One Religion. Nothing can stop it for it is God's plan to now blot out the vast ignorance of man which is keeping him in the barbaric stage of unfolding where he still kills, in order to take, and is himself killed because he still takes.

Until human relations are based upon the love principle of giving for regiving which God gave as His One Law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE IN ALL TRANSACTIONS OF MAN AND NATURE, mankind will be on the descending direction of self-annihilation in the mass - while the few who do know, and who live the love principle, will survive. And out of these few a new civilization will be born unto the glory of God.

I tell you this because of the present decadent state of man in the mass whose ever growing greed for possessions, even to whole world ownership, will as surely break him in the measure of his own breach of the law. These present wars of man are the manifestation of GREED KILLING GREED, and greed must disappear before love can be in the world.

In relation to this idea, God's words in The Message are: “If love be in the world hate cannot also be.”

QUESTION: “How long do you think it will be before people will stop praying to God as a God of fear and wrath and know Him as a God of Love?”

ANSWER: Just so long as fear, wrath, crime, selfishness and greed and the wars which are their harvest continue as the practices of man, just so long will his God be a wrathful, vengeful God who invents untold tortures for sinners.

Man conceives a God of his own image, and that conception which he imagines always reflects himself.

QUESTION: “Why is it that people ever got the idea of a God of fear and wrath? The Bible is full of it. Why should it be in the Bible if it is not true?”

ANSWER: When man first began to think at the dawn of Consciousness he then began to arise from his jungle ages and he was slow to throw off the habits and practices of the jungle.

Early man was fearing man of wrath. He feared the wrath of all things, tempest and avalanche, torrid heat and icy cold which froze his infants at their mother's breasts. He feared the jungle animals and reptiles which smote him mercilessly, even as he, himself, smote mercilessly.

When he suspected the existence of a God he could not think of Him in any other character than a wrathful God of fear for he knew naught else but wrath and fear and killing mercilessly - for he was still brute man and he could not conceive of any other kind of a God than a brute God.

He could not possibly conceive a God of Love for he had not yet begun to have the slightest trace of knowing what love meant.

All during those early pagan and barbarian days men appeased God and gave Him pleasure by slaying men by thousands, sacrificing their own sons, and shedding rivers of blood upon their altars.

They filled fountains with the blood of dozens of animals to baptize new born infants. They cleansed sinners by plunging them beneath those bloody founts which we still sing about in our hymns.

The entire Bible is a true record of the history of its day. It tells of the nature of people of that day and that record is invaluable to tell us the nature of past ages of people. Long after the Bible was assembled gladiators still killed each other for the amusement of women and children of that day.

In the time of Jesus the very altars were daily drenched with blood. Kings thought nothing of ordering all male babies slain, or of killing thousands upon thousands of prisoners taken in war, sparing only the virgins for their own pleasure. During that time practically every tribe warred against every other tribe. Killing and looting was common and people held great festivals to see prisoners slaughtered and their raiment divided.

If the Bible did not truly record its day and age it would be as valueless as a history of today which left out the atom bomb to give posterity a better opinion of us.

QUESTION: “What evidence is there that the unknown writer of the Bhagavad-Gita was a cosmic conscious mystic?”

ANSWER: All who have known the Illumination speak the same language in words which may differ but in meanings which are identical. No matter what words are used by any past mystic, other mystics who follow always recognize the one meaning which is in all writings, or in the spoken word, such as those of Jesus who did not leave any written record for posterity. I will quote some passages from The Bhagavad-Gita which sing their own glory in language unmistakable.

“Another Sun gleams there; another Moon; Another Light, - not Dusk, nor Dawn, nor Noon-Which they who once behold return no more; They have attained My rest, life's utmost boon.” (Chap. XV)

“I am what surveys. Only that knowledge knows the known by the knower.”

“Fain would I see, as thou Thyself declar'st it, Sovereign Lord, the likeness of Thy Form wholly revealed. O Thou Divinest One, if this can be, if I may bear the sight, make Thyself visible, Lord of all prayers, Show me Thy very self, Eternal God.

“Behold! this is the Universe! - Look! what is live and dead I gather all in one in Me! Gaze, as thy lips have said, on God ETERNAL, VERY GOD! See Me! see what thou prayest.

“Thou can'st not! - nor with human eyes ever mayest! Therefore I give thee sense divine. Have other eyes, new light! And look, this is My glory, unveiled to mortal sight. (Chap. XI)

“Of many thousand mortals, one, perchance, Striveth for Truth; and of these few that strive - Nay, and rise high, - one only - here and there - Knoweth Me as I am, the very Truth. (Chap. VII)

“For in this world Being is twofold; the Divided, one; The Undivided, one. All things that live Are “the Divided.” That which sits apart. “The Undivided”.” (Chap. XV)

“I am the Spirit seated deep in every creature's heart; From Me they come; by Me they live; at My word they depart.” (Chap. X)

Every line of the entire Bhagavad-Gita is recognizable by any mystic as the unmistakable work of a supreme mystic. Furthermore, any writing purported to be the work of an illumined mystic, but is not as represented, would at once be known by another mystic.

The Divine Iliad says of this fact; ”Light knows Light and there need be no words.

I would suggest that you procure a copy of this work. It comes in several translations. The one I like best is called THE SONG CELESTIAL, and is written by Sir Edwin Arnold, It is a small pocket size book. The only other book which I would recommend for you to read upon the subject of Cosmic Consciousness is the fine book by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, published in 1910, eleven years before my Illumination in 1921, by E. P. Dutton & Company, entitled COSMIC

CONSCIOUSNESS. In 1925 someone called my attention to this book which is a very close description of what happened to me in my thirty-nine days and nights of Cosmic Consciousness in 1921.

Dr. Bucke actually experienced the severance of Mind from body in a partial Cosmic Conscious experience for a few seconds or moments which utterly transformed him. His own words are very illumining in this respect. I hereby quote him from page 9 and 10 of his book.

“It was in the early spring, at the beginning of his thirty-sixth year. He and two friends had spent the evening reading Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Browning, and especially Whitman. His mind, deeply under the influence of the ideas, images and emotions called up by the reading and talk of the evening, was calm and peaceful.

“He was in a state of quiet, almost passive enjoyment. All at once, without any warning of any kind, he found himself wrapped around as it were by a flame-colored cloud. For an instant he thought of fire, some sudden conflagration in the great city; the next he knew that the light was within himself.

“Directly afterwards came upon him a sense of exultation, of immense joyousness accompanied or immediately followed by an intellectual illumination quite impossible to describe. Into his brain streamed one momentary lightning flash of the Brahmic Splendor which has ever since lightened his life; upon his heart fell one drop of Brahmic Bliss, leaving thenceforward for always an aftertaste of heaven.

“Among other things he did not come to believe, he saw and knew that the Cosmos is not dead matter but a living Presence, that the soul of man is immortal, that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all, that the foundation principle of the world is what we call love and that the happiness of everyone is in the long run absolutely certain.

“He claims that he learned more within the few seconds during which the illumination lasted than in previous months or even years of study, and that he learned much that no study could have taught.”

Dr. Bucke also says (Page 6) “The Saviour of man is Cosmic Consciousness - in Paul's language - the Christ.” This experience was never repeated with Dr, Bucke but he gave his life in study of it as related to the few mystics of all time. He lists 37 partial and complete illuminations, and cites many extremely interesting facts, in comparing one with another, which will help you comprehend this supreme happening much better.

When you read of those very few cases out of billions of men born on earth during the last three thousand years it should not make you wonder why it does not happen to you immediately after becoming aware of it as an existent fact. Nor should you feel disappointed because I cannot open that door at once for you which you alone can open.

Rejoice, rather, that the Light comes to you a little at a time more and more, as ignorance is voided with knowing as comprehension of The Message gradually reaches your heart and Soul.

That is why I keep persisting that you take one paragraph at a time and meditate upon it until your Soul KNOWS what your senses have read in words and recorded upon your brain. Until it gets beyond your brain into your Consciousness you do not KNOW it.

Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

treasured cosmic friends

To all of you who have RE-GIVEN to us so sincerely and deeply for that which we are giving to you in these cosmic lessons, which God gave through my blessed husband for His messengers of today, we send a great big THANK YOU. The letters have been so richly rewarding after the first four lessons and mean more to us than words can ever say. Through you we hear God's Voice telling us that by giving this course of study in this way that that is what He wants us to do - and NOW….

We heard HIS call to give The Message in this manner through you for it was the repeated requests of so many who were unable to come to Swannanoa to study with Doctor that made us decide The Message must be given through an INTIMATE HOME STUDY COURSE so that this need could be met.

Thus does God direct us - all and every one in unfolding His great plan.

You will remember reading in lesson seven how God commanded my husband to spread The Message through his well chosen written word to all nations and people and in giving this Home Study Course he is obeying that sacred command.

So that we may share with you the words written to us by other cosmic messengers - of whom you are all such a tangible part - we will give some brief excerpts from some of the precious letters received. The most glorious human experience is that of sharing and while it may be many months before we can know the touch of your warm handclasp we CAN share the warmth of this love regiven.

Wish we could share all the recent letters with you for all are so wonderful since they portray an understanding and appreciation that only comes with Knowing. However space will only permit these few and later we will share more with you.

(These excerpts are from a clergyman, lawyer, doctor, business men and women and homemakers.)

“The lessons are truly wonderful. I have read and reread them with much joy and inspiration, and I am glad to say with constantly increasing understanding. These lessons are very precious to me as instruments for developing Cosmic Consciousness.
I want to be illumined to know my oneness with the Eternal Light. These lessons are moving me toward that goal. If the first lessens are a prophesy of the forthcoming ones then I am already assured of complete envelopment in the glorious Light. The lesson on meditation is a masterful presentation,” E. H., Arizona.

“Your Home Study Course is most inspiring. It is just what I needed. It inspires me with confidence and strong faith that I shall comprehend every bit of it and begin to live every minute in ecstasy and in balance. Even the structure of the course and the manner in which you express your knowledge seems to contain and express to us your infinite balance and loving ecstasy.” H.T., Chicago, Ill.

“You certainly know and show the scientific and true reasons for the “WHY” of the universe and cover them as no teacher has ever done or even attempted to do from anything I have heretofore read. I hope that by careful study of what you have so carefully written to someday get a feeling realization of your wisdom.” C.L.J., N. Jersey

“Although I've been an earnest student of metaphysics and philosophy for 24 years yet I was never too sure about my foundation. Your lessons are clearing up many misunderstandings. “M.L.F., Moline, Ill.

“We want to thank you both with all our hearts for The Home Study Course. It is the most wonderful Teaching of God and His Love for man we have ever heard in our lives. We thank you with all our hearts for showing us the Light and how to know our God. It is so tremendous in its application yet you make it so simple.” J.V.M., Detroit.

I wish I could tell you what such letters mean to my husband personally for to know that those have come who are beginning to comprehend the true Nature of God is a tremendous inspiration to him. The comprehension and the living of God's Universal Law must and will come and you who are the forerunners and leaders of the New Cosmic Age will have the knowledge for the founding of an order of world peace and happiness never before known on earth.

Your next four lessons are extremely important for in them Doctor will explain the hereto-fore unknown meaning of what Father-Mother mean when we speak of God that way. No one yet knows what it means, nor how basic is this tremendous idea of the Creator as being FATHER-MOTHER of this sexed-electric universe. When you get these lessons you will realize the fundamental import of the Father-Mother principle in every thought and action of your life and of all Nature's phenomena.

You will then begin to know the mystery which shrouds the electric thinking process which extends from the Light of Mind to manifest the knowledge of Mind, and how motion seemingly emerges from stillness to create this physical universe of form.

You will begin to have the very foundation of this majestic illusion of unreality which emerges from the One Reality. Gradually this idea will be constructed by simple diagrams and simply worded postulates, axioms and examples which will give you so vivid and clear a comprehension of this sexed-electric universe that your inner vision will see God face to face, and hear His inspiring Inner Voice in communion with you in a manner which would be impossible without that comprehension.

My husband believes that he can now make you fully comprehend why this physical universe is not real, being but an illusion of God's imagining. How comforting when one comprehends that in the unreality of matter there can be no death, sin or evil leaving naught but love and eternal life. He has long felt that it could not be explained to one who has not himself known the complete

Illumination into Cosmic Consciousness, but now fully believes that by laying a proper foundation in point to point simple steps the unreal universe can be comprehended for the unreality it actually IS.

The undivided Father-Mother principle from which emerges the divided Father AND Mother principle of pairs of sexed opposites will be the first simple step in the direction of transforming you into an advanced scientist.

Remember my husband is entirely God taught and perhaps is the only man who has ever earned a Doctor's Degree of Science without going through college, for as you know he was forced to leave school at nine years of age.

So, by taking his teaching one step at a time you will not only unfold in God-awareness, which means, personal happiness to the 'nth degree, but you will find yourself becoming a natural scientist and confounding professors in physics as some of Doctor's students write him that they have already done.

Always remember to take these lessons slowly for on first readings you may well miss the deep import of an explanation which may appear too simple to ponder on. As I often hear my husband say: “A simple story is the hardest to tell” and I would add it is the simple story of life that man has made complex by his unawareness of its basic simplicity.

Know our every thought is with you always and know too we treasure you so deeply for your help in spreading God's Message with us.

Our love to you,

Sincerely yours,

Lao Russell

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