the message of the divine iliad

by Walter Russell

book cover

University of Science and Philosophy

Formerly the Walter Russell Foundation
Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980


To man’s new day, now dawning,
when he who alone knows the anguish of the dark
shall find peace through knowing the Light of God in him, as very Self of him,
this book is lovingly dedicated.


preface vol. I

The Message Of The Divine Iliad is sent from our Father to give unfolding humanity the needed comprehension for taking the next transforming step in man’s long journey from the jungle of sensed awareness of body to cosmic conscious awareness of omnipresent Light of God as the centering motivating force of man.

For millions of years, man was unaware of his conscious Self. He was but body, expressing the desires of body, constantly seeking that which his body needed, and taking it by his might of physical strength. During those aeons of his unfolding, man was totally unaware of his unity with God and mankind. Likewise, he was totally unaware of the universal inexorable law which governed his every action.

Then came the dawn of consciousness. Man began to know. Then he created extensions of his body to do for him what his body could not do. He created a boat to transport his body—then a sail for the boat—then a wheel—and fire to warm him and cook the food which he formerly ate raw during the animal stage of his unfolding.

Then came the long savage and barbarian stages of increasingly complex human relations based upon the jungle principle of taking that which he wanted by the power of might. During thousands of years tribes warred upon other tribes, building themselves into nations, and then empires, to gain possession of the wealth and services of other tribes and nations by acquiring their lands and people for ownership and exploitation.

Our own United States were thus acquired. We killed without compunction to obtain what we wanted. We stole hundreds of thousands of Negroes and made slaves of them. England, France, The Netherlands, Russia and other nations multiplied their empires by the sword of the mighty slaying the weak.

Industrial empires came into being as our supposedly highly civilized and enlightened society of humans increased its and practice of the arts and sciences. Advancement in our cultures and standard of living continued to deceive us as to our status as civilized beings. We failed to realize that we were illegitimately still practicing the law of the jungle - which takes only what it needs for survival - while man took thousands of times more than he needed for material gain. The jungle kills one at a time for food, but man kills by millions for enslavement and exploitation.

Such practices are a normal part of our present standard of civilization. It is difficult to realize that we are still barbarians. A civilization which kills and exploits others for mere gain can hardly call itself civilized. Humans can never justly call themselves civilized until they practice the love principle which God practices in all of His Creation. Mankind has reached that stage of his unfolding where he must either learn the facts of inexorable universal law and practice them, or perish by his own hand. He will die by the sword he slays with unless his entire human relations are reversed from the taking principle to Nature’s love principle of balanced giving for regiving.

Man’s scientific skills have made it possible for him to slay his entire race. A continuation of the old barbarian practice of taking, which has bred his many wars of hatred and aggression, will inevitably lead to a war of extinction unless Nature’s love principle of giving replaces it. Today the world is divided. Disunity marks all human relations — from industry to religion — from capital to labor. Two opposing world ideologies — democracy and communism — stand like insurmountable precipices to debar world unity. Freedom itself is not two centuries old.

Slavery was existent in our own country within the memory of living men. Through ignorance and superstition, America’s colonial intellectuals burned old women at the stake as witches. Mighty empires are still attempting to build themselves into greater empires by the sword.

Man is at the crossroads of his unfolding. The old way of life which built his empires of hate and fear must be abandoned. This coming age must be built upon God’s one law of balanced interchange in all human relations. There is no other alternative. To continue the old way means the destruction of civilization by multiplied hate. To follow the new path will mean the multiplication of love which alone will bring peace, happiness and prosperity to man.

Man’s comprehension has been limited to the range of his senses. Man is now unfolding beyond the range of material sensing in the direction of cosmic knowing. Science is doing this for him. Science is slowly, but surely, verifying the personal God of man’s demanding and identifying the invisible, spiritual Personal Being of man with the invisible, spiritual Personal Being of God.

Science is thus replacing man’s abstract god of faith and belief with a dynamic God of law and order whom man KNOWS. The abstract god of faith and belief is the direct cause of man’s many religions, for abstractions have bred many concepts of God, where knowledge can conceive but the ONE. Faith and belief are the shield of ignorance.

The Message Of The Divine Iliad is to build a scientific comprehension of the nature of and man’s unity with God — in order that mankind may unfold in the direction of its ultimate goal of cosmic awareness of the Light rather than refold by descending into the terrors of another deep and long dark age.

Through love alone can man find the kingdom of heaven for which he has sought since his beginnings? Only through living love as a principle can he find the happiness, peace and prosperity which lie in his heart as the greatest of his desires.

God is the Light of all knowing. Creation is a thought-wave universe which records God’s knowing as expressed by God’s electric thinking.

The Divine Iliad cannot be fully published for many years. The first excerpts from it were published in The Secret of Light. As much more of it as can now be published will appear in this volume. Further portions of it will be released in accordance with instructions specifically given for their release in The Divine Iliad.

Walter Russell

preface vol. II

If these words be read as words of mine, then indeed are they but mine, and have I failed to translate true those inspired words of Light written upon my heart by Him whom thou art, and Whom I am, as I am also thee.

If these words be read as “I am I” and “thou art thou,” and the skies and winds and trees are things apart, separate and separable, and God afar beyond unknowable and unreachable, then have I failed indeed my Father’s work to do-and are my words to thee unholy things; and I, who wrote them down, am to thee unholy. If these words be read as words alone, and not as that One Idea of Unity, the star, the morning dew, thou, the violet and me all One, then are my words but words.

If these words be read by man, to whom love is but a word, measurable, and by him controlled, then indeed is God’s Messenger of Love dead; and do I blaspheme His name by resurrecting Him in me as God’s Messenger of Love; so hear me when I say that if thou art not God’s Messenger of Love, then has the Nazarene lived on earth for naught.

To me all things in this universe are One, and that One the God of creation whom I am; and thou art also He when thou knowest that thou art.

If God lives he lives in thee and me. Was that divine Idea of Love meaneth for God’s illumined Messengers alone whose clay has long returned to dust, or does God’s Love live in thee and me?

If God be one — Creator of All, then I am He, and I am All; and I am His knowing, and His thinking; and I am creating with my knowing and my thinking.

Is the beach just grains of sand, or is the sand the beach?

Is the beach one thing, or is it grains of sand—divisible?

If these words be only mine, then am I but a grain of sand and not the beach; and as a grain of sand my words are little words for other grains of sands like me.

But if I am the beach my words are not alone mine but Ocean’s words, and, therefore, are they mighty with all of Ocean’s majesty. And to thee, if thou art but a grain of sand, these words are too big; and Ocean’s words as though they were not.

If I be but clay alone and not eternal Man, and eternal Man not God, then were all God’s illumined Messengers of Light also but clay and not Knowing Sons of God. Such is not my thinking, for that which lived in them was Love which could not die, so lives in me as Light of Love by which I am anointed.

Love, if it be more than word, is eternal Light of God. And If Light of Love be in my knowing, then art thou the son of God through thy knowing.

My illumined knowing is herein set down in words of Man’s sensing translated from God’s language of Light through which God speaks to all inspired Sons of Light who know God’s Love in them. When thou knowest Love then shalt thou know that neither thou, nor giant sun, nor blade of grass can say the words “I am alone I,” for in my Father’s house there is but ONE, and that ONE He, and thee, and me.

Walter Russell

the book of desire

a communion

  1. I am in the kingdom of Thy heavens, O my Father. Speak Thou to me lest my words to man be but my words, not Thine and mine.
  2. Earth is far. I behold it not, know it not. I but sense it afar through flux threads which bind me to it lightly.
  3. I know thee only in me; Thee, the Light of my Self. Thee, the two lights of my far body which lies enfolded in Thy body awaiting Self of it, Self of me, Self of Thee at its reborning.
  4. Deep upon my heart are questionings which I must answer in words, for which there are no words. - Intent am I upon the pulse of Thy thinking, O my Father.
  5. Extend Thou the two interweaving lights of Thy thinking to my Consciousness that my knowing shall rightly interpret Thy thinking through the pulse of my thinking.


  1. “Write thou these words for men.
  2. “Through My messengers I have told man to cast his bread upon the waters and it would return to him multiplied, but he comprehendeth it not even to this day.
  3. “Through My messengers I have told man that it is not easy for him who loveth riches of earth alone to enter My kingdom, but he still fails to comprehend that he may have great riches and still find his way to Me, through obeying My One Law.
  4. “Write thou My law for him a hundred times, yea a hundred times a hundred times, and exemplify it unceasingly, that he may know it inviolate, that he may know it irrevocable, and that he may find ecstasy in obeying it.”


  1. “Write thou again My oft said words: ‘Desire ye what ye will and it shall be thine. All My universe will give it thee in the strength of thy desires and in the strength of thy action in reaching out for thy desire.“
  2. “Heed ye thy desires lest they be unlawful. Measure ye thy desires carefully against their opposites, lest unbalanced desires breed their unbalanced kind to arise and smite thee.”
  3. “For again I say My one principle of My one law is founded upon the solid rock of equal interchange between all pairs of opposite things, opposite conditions or opposite transactions between men.“
  4. “My will must prevail on earth as it is in heaven. That which I divide to give to earths and their surrounding heavens of space is equal.”
  5. “That which earths give to their surrounding space balances that which space gives to earths.“
  6. “See thou My will thus working irrevocably in the starry systems which constitute My immortal, eternal body.”
  7. “Note thou the precision of earth paths through their heavens. Know thou that such precision is result of obedience to My will which My law is.
  8. “Tell thou these workings of My law in the firmament of My body to man who knows those workings but denies Me in them.“
  9. “Tell man My rhythms are absolute, else the interlacing of earth paths through their heavens could not be. Tell him also that chaos must arise from his unbalanced comings and goings, his givings and takings, even as chaos would arise from disobedience to My will in the comings and goings of earth paths through their heavens, or the givings and re of their interchanging pressures.”
  10. “When skies take on earth unequally with earth’s taking of the skies, tornadoes tell both earth and skies that I am within and without them, yea within and without every particle of them, and theirs is the agony of disobedience to My will.“
  11. “Not till they obey My will do they find peace and rest in My tranquility.”
  12. “These do I balance with My will as I balance all divided pairs in My universe of Me.“
  13. “Likewise, when man takes aught from earth and gives naught to Me for regiving through Self of him,. Toxins arise within him which are tornadoes for his self quelling.”


  1. “Say thou to men; ye are My body. Hear thou Me when I say that thy desires are thy Selves, yea both body and Spirit of thee.
  2. “That which thou would’st possess is Thee, even though thou possess it not. In body it is Thee. In patterned Seed and Soul it is Thee. That thou canst not evade. Thou, thy Self, create thy Self in thy image.”
  3. “If thou desirest gold of earth without balancing thy taking of it by giving gold of heaven in equal measure thy very Soul records the changing of thy unbalanced Soul pattern to the measure of thy unbalancing.“
  4. “He who discords the patterns of My balanced will discords his very seed. Its rhythms he must make absolute even as the disturbed rhythms of earth’s storms must be made absolute. From this, My decree, there is no escape for man, nor star, nor galaxy in My universe which I imagined into seeming being to manifest Me.”
  5. “Balance thy desires and they will bless thee with multiples of their kind. Beware lest thy taking shall outweigh thy giving and gain thee naught.”


  1. “Consider well My will. Disregard it not, for thou shalt well pay heavily for even one whit of it’s breaching.“
  2. “For I am balance. As heavens and earths of My balanced radial body vary not one whit in their rhythmic balance, so shall man vary not one whit.”
  3. “Unknowing man unthinkingly counts upon his own power to set aside My one law to fit the measure of his desires, but, I say, I alone hold balance.“
  4. “Man walks through his cycles upon a tautened rope. Where’er his foot toucheth I am there, giving him foothold as the fulcrum of his effort.
  5. “From My rest at that fulcrum he takes the power I give to him to express his desire. Without Me he can do naught.
  6. “And behold Me also at each end of the lever of his action to balance his unbalancing in My universe which knows no unbalance.
  7. “Yea, be it ever known that two eyes of man’s very God watch o’er each action of each man whose body My body is.
  8. “And if man would know where those two eyes of his God are located, I say seek them at each end of his wavering pole which keeps him upright upon his tautened rope.
  9. “For man cannot be without Me even though he deny Me in him.
  10. “Have a care, therefore, that desires of man for things of earth be balanced by desires for heavenly blessings, without which man has naught.”


  1. “Know thou, My messenger, that I, thy God, ruleth o’er all things of My imagining.”
  2. “For I am absolute, and all things which extendeth from the Light of My imagining are absolute.“
  3. “Likewise I am perfection, as I am Truth. All things which extendeth from me are perfect. They are Truth.”
  4. “That which seems imperfect to man’s eyes is but seeming, for he sees not all. Could he see all he would see all perfect. “
  5. “As the unfinished picture seems imperfect in man’s eyes, for it is not the whole, it is perfect could he see the whole.”
  6. “Likewise each brush of a concept is perfect for that stage of its unfolding.“
  7. “Likewise each stage of man’s unfolding is a perfect part of the whole idea of man’s unfolding. There is no evil in it. Nor is there imperfection anywhere. There is but the One Whole of everything in Me, and all is perfect, all is absolute.”
  8. “For My universe is but the forever unfolding of My One Whole Idea. As My whole Idea is perfect so, also is each part perfect.“
  9. “For I watch o’er all borning things until their rebirth in Me. At their birth in Me their perfection is My perfection. Likewise, at their rebirth in Me their perfection is their inheritance from Me.
  10. “At each stage of their unfolding and refolding they are absolute and perfect, for I am absolute and perfect.
  11. “That which man lacks in his knowing is still his in Me, awaiting his desire for knowing. When he desires to know he may know.
  12. “Likewise that which man seemingly unbalances in his actions is balanced in Me awaiting his balancing. And that day will come, for man cannot evade that day.
  13. “Unbalance and imperfection exist not, therefore, save in man’s timed seeing. For him who knows My Light there is no timed seeing.
  14. “Desire of man, or tree, or earth, or giant nebula is balanced in Me always. Unbalance exists not in My house. Imperfection and untruth, likewise, exist not in My house. Likewise error and evil exist not in My house
  15. “These are but each end of man’s balance pole upon which he walks waveringly through his cycles, knowing not that I am there measuring his unbalancing to void it at the other end with equal opposite measure.
  16. “For I balance all things as they occur by voiding all things as they occur, for, hark thou Me as I again say that all My universe is but My imaginings and I am not my imaginings.
  17. “Thus do I watch o’er earths which desire extensions of their paths to outer reaches farther from their mother suns. Two eyes have I to watch o’er each of these, two eyes to balance each with each, and two to balance each with every other thing that is.
  18. “And, likewise, when earths give birth to moons, two eyes have I for these two also, two eyes to measure paths for them which balance with paths of all things else in the universe.
  19. “And, likewise, when earth mothers men, and other extensions of My life, to pulse My pulse of life and live in Me, two eyes have I for each countless part of them, to watch o’er each separate part, to keep it one with all My universe.
  20. “Not the veriest microcosm in all My electric body which is not thus double poled, within and without, by My two watchful eyes.
  21. “No path of man, or bird, or creeping thing, lies unmeasured and unwatched by Me.
  22. “All paths of all things in My radial body are but one path, for, of a verity I say, that slightest move of creeping thing on this small earth is recorded upon all paths of all things, even to giant star beyond man’s seeing.
  23. “Thus do I control all desires of all things which manifest My One Idea. Likewise I see to it that all their happenings which man calls bad, or good, or error, or evil, add up to the zero of balance in Me. For there is naught in My universe which can be added to, or subtracted from, which is more or less than the zero from which all things spring into their seeming being, to end where they began for re-beginning.
  24. “Hear Me again say there are not two halves of a divided one in all the pairs of opposites of My universe. There are but a seeming two, and each one of these is of the other one while seeming to be two. And each becomes the other one sequentially to maintain that seeming.
  25. “There is naught upon the earth which comes not from the heavens. Likewise there is naught within the heavens which comes not from their centering earths and suns.
  26. “Each quickens the other with the giving of each to each equally for each other’s equal re-giving.
  27. “Again I say that equal interchange is My will. He who desires aught in My Cosmos must obey My will. He who so obeys My will commands My will to fruition of his desire.”


  1. Hearken to My word when I say that desires of man are patterned seed which repeat their kind. That pattern which man fashions into seed of his desire will multiply in like form for his reaping.
  2. “And the reaping will be as sure as that the dawn cometh to him unasked for by him. For man is what his desire is. His image is the pattern of his thinking.
  3. Observe ye all men My one inviolate law of rhythmic balanced interchange in all thy thinking, and in all thy dealing. Happiness, or anguish, will be thine in the measure of its observance.
  4. “Should ye desire to kill, the whole power of My universe will help ye kill; but by the sword ye killeth with shall ye also be killed.
  5. “Likewise My law will give all power to aid him who would bless another by a kindly act. He who so desires to bless shall reap blessings from seed of that desire multiplied a hundred times.
  6. “A humble act done unperceived in My name will open wide the door of My kingdom for him who doeth right action for right action’s sake alone; but he who doeth mighty things for self glory shall not know My Light.
  7. Desire for thus acting, thus manifesting Me, is manifoldly blessed, but he who maketh loud protestations for the same act does it not in My name but in his own, denying Me in him.
  8. “Verily I say, he who giveth in My name storeth up great riches in the rhythms of heaven which are as immortal as the Soul of his Self is immortal.
  9. “But he who taketh riches in his own name, giving naught of his Self to Me to void the greed of his self, gathers naught to himself but riches which are as mortal as the clay of his earth self is mortal.
  10. “Things alone of earth which man desires are but things of earth to be returned to earth with bones of him. But things of earth, heaven blessed by Me, are as eternal in the immortality of his Self recording Soul as Light of Me is eternal.
  11. “He who desireth riches of earth alone, denying Me in him, shall dwell in outer darkness of his own making until he shall desire Me strongly.
  12. “Even to him will I give all he asketh without stinting, yea, and even more; but he, having more than all he sought will have naught but worthless dross of his earth desire.
  13. “And darkness will enshroud him. No Light will there be in his eyes, nor will he know love. Having desired the dark without My Light, he will have but acquired the dark.
  14. “He who desireth peace on earth must find it in heaven.
  15. “Therefore, I say, he who desireth aught through Me shall have his desire throughout eternity, for it shall be written in his recording soul in lines of Light, but he who gaineth riches of earth alone, will lack of Me in them, writeth black lines upon his eternal soul which he must whiten through long ages of undoing.
  16. “For, I say, there are two opposed ways in the journey of man from his jungle to his mountain top. One leads backward to the blackness of his primal jungle. The other way leads to Me.
  17. “Man may choose his way, for man’s purpose in manifesting Me is to find his way out of the dark to Light of Me throughout long ages of new knowing through repeating action.
  18. “He who walks toward the Light through right action writes new lines of Light upon his Soul; but he who walks toward the dark takes on the dark, and no Light is there in him.
  19. Hear thou Me when I say that man writes his own record of his thinking, and his acting, in his own immortal Soul; and that which man writes there will be repeated in the patterened seed of the reborning of that man unto eternity.
  20. “Some far day he will come to Me to find rest, but until that day of knowing Me in him he shall walk the treadmill of earth unceasingly.
  21. “There are those among men of earth who deem desire unholy. These seek holiness, and Me, through the suppression of all desires.
  22. “These sit in quietude, seeking Me through meditation, but acting not to manifest My purpose. Yet these ask alms, in My name, of those who fulfill My purpose through thought followed by action.
  23. “I command thee to tell to these misguided holy men, who sell their holiness for a price to those who unknowingly buy naught of holiness for their wasted gold, that they who thus sit begging by the road in mortifying rags shall never find Me whom they seek, until they act to fulfill My purpose.
  24. “Tell thou them that they are as unclean in thy Father’s eyes as the stench of them is unwholesome to men of earth.
  25. “Said I not these very words in the beginning of thy full knowing Me in thee: ‘Desire is of the Soul, the Soul being record of desire fulfilled by action for repeating its pattern in the seed.
  26. “And also said I not to thee: ‘My creating universe is the continuing record of My eternal thinking, followed by action to record the patterned imaged forms of My thinking.
  27. “And again said I not to thee: ‘My sole desire is to think for the purpose of expressing the One Idea of My thinking through imaged forms of My imagining engaged in purposeful action.
  28. “And also have I not said: ‘My Cosmos of the divided lights of My thinking which is recorded by the making of My earths and heavens, and all My children of the earths and heavens all made in My image, is My body, centered by the Light of Me, created by desire in Me to manifest desire in Me.
  29. “Hear thou Me when I again say that My recorded universe is purposeful. It is idea expressed through action. It is not just idea in thought alone, being never writ through the inter of the interweaving lights of My thinking.
  30. “Wherefore, say I, there would be no universe were My thinking not recorded by the action of My extended lights of desire in Me.
  31. “If these useless beggars by the road think themselves holy for the suppression of desire to fulfill My purpose by actions which fulfill My purpose, then am I, their One god, unholy for desiring them to fulfill My purpose.
  32. “Again, and yet again, shalt thou, My messenger write down these, My Words, and say them unto all men.
  33. “Desire ye what ye will, and behold, it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it has been thine without thy knowing, even though thou hast but just asked for it.
  34. “Sit thou not and ask, acting not, for unless thou reach out for thy desire it shall not walk thy way to thee, unaided by thy strong arms.
  35. “Behold I am within all things, centering them. And I am without all things, controlling them. But I am not those things which I center and control.
  36. “I am the center of My universe of Me. Everywhere I am is the center of all things, and I am everywhere.”

Thus saith the Universal One, Father of the heavens and earths, and all His children of the heavens and earths, to me upon the mountain top, in waves of the two lights of His thinking.

the book of rest

a communion

  1. I am in the Light
  2. I know the Light
  3. I am in the Spirit.
  4. The doors of dimension have closed upon my body and shown me to be a living Light shining out of the darkness.
  5. I know the Source of things beyond the extensions of things.
  6. I am one with the essence of things beyond the motion of things.
  7. I know my oneness with the One.
  8. God abideth in me. I know that I am He. I know God’s kingdom of the Light.
  9. I know my universality.
  10. The consciousness of space is mine.
  11. The Light of God’s equilibrium is my guide. I know its balance, unextended, undivided. Out of its essence comes the Word and the Law to counsel me.
  12. The language of Light is mine to know.
  13. All that is, is Light.
  14. Thou, my Father, hast commanded that I write down in words for man the meaning within Thy Light which is written upon my heart in waves of Thy inspired essence of meaning which I must interpret into man’s words.
  15. Guide Thou me, Thou Source of me, as I write words which shall be truly Thine, not mine alone, nor even Thine and mine.


  1. “I am the Knower of the Known.
  2. “I am the sexless Knower of the Known. In Me is the Consciousness of All Knowing and that is My power.
  3. “In Me, the unconditioned One, is the Whole. There are no parts, nor are there beginnings, nor endings in Me, the One conscious Whole.
  4. “I am the dual Thinker of unfolding parts of the Known, the Imaginer of imaged forms which emerge from My knowing, through My thinking, to manifest My knowing.
  5. “My dual thinking divides My knowing Light into pairs of sex divided mirrors of the two opposed lights of My thinking. These electric mirrors of divided light reflect My Light and Life in them for manifesting My knowing and the One Life of My Being. Forever and forever they interchange the dual reflected lights of My thinking for manifesting the continuance of My thinking, yet they are not My Light, nor are they My Life.
  6. “Nor are they My Being. I, My all Being alone live, and I alone think.
  7. “Again I say, all thinking is My thinking. Also I say, when man thinks at all he thinks with Me as One, imagines with Me as One, and builds his images with Me as One.
  8. “And when man is inspired by exalted thinking know thou that it is I in him who am thinking as One with him.
  9. “For I am the Source of ecstasy and inspiration in man. Behold in Me the Silent Voice which man may hear who hath inner ears to hear. And I am the Light which man may see who hath eyes of the Spirit to see.
  10. “For I say that in as man knows the ecstasy of inspiration in him he hears My Voice and sees My Light in him. He then knows the mighty rhythms of My balanced thinking and thinks with Me.”


  1. “Come unto Me in My high heavens, ye who are burdened of earth, and find rest.
  2. “For I am Rest; and I am Love, and all the unchanging qualities which My thinking divides into paired quantities of sex extensions of My Light which ever seek the rest in Me from which they sprang.
  3. “And never do they find rest while unaware of Me in them, for they are but moving images of My imaginings which forever move as sexed extensions of the sexless Light from which they sprang.
  4. “For moving things of clay forever move, know not that rest centers their moving as rest centers the shaft which forever moves around its very Source of rest, from which its motion springs.
  5. “Knowing not Me, their source of Rest in them, they cannot be that Source around which they must forever move to seek that which they cannot find until they know Me in them.
  6. “Knowing not Me in them, they are alone in all the universe; but knowing Self of them as Me in them, they then are Me; they then, with Me, are all My universe.
  7. “Verily, I say, the power of moving things to move, or to find rest, is not in them. I, alone, am energy; and I am also rest.
  8. “I am the fulcrum which extends the power to move from rest.
  9. “Thine arm is not empowered to pulse alone, unextended from the rest in thine heart; nor is one microscopic thing empowered to manifest Me apart from Me.”


  1. “My rest and peace may be known by moving things which know My balance in them and keep balance in them while thus moving.
  2. “Moving things which manifest My knowing by equal interchanging void their moving and thus find rest; those which manifest Me unequally cannot wholly void their moving.
  3. “These shall leave an unvoided residue of motion as a debt of unbalance which must be paid to Me before My rest may be known in them.
  4. “For I am Balance; and all moving things which extend from Me must manifest My balance in them. And I am Law. No rest can there be, nor can there be peace, while My law remains broken by unbalance even by one whit.
  5. “For verily I give rest to moving things by equally dividing Light of My knowing at rest in Me to extending and retracting lights of My thinking. Know thou that as My knowing is balanced and at rest in Me so is My thinking balanced and at rest in Me.
  6. “The extending light of My thinking multiplies the oneness of My knowing into many ones to mother them as formed bodies made in patterned images of My knowing.
  7. “The retracting light gathers all the many ones together into My oneness to father them in Soul of Me for again borning into patterned forms of many ones.
  8. “In this wise My formless knowing is imaged in many patterned moving forms which seek rest from moving in the formlessness of My unity for reborning as many patterned moving forms.
  9. “For I am Rest. In My rest is My knowing. From My rest extends My balanced electric thinking. In action and reaction of My thinking I am balanced always; for I am Balance, as I am also Rest.
  10. “When man’s thinking is balanced in him as it is in Me then shall he know rest in Me as I know rest in Me. Then shall his thinking be the ecstasy of his knowing, as My thinking is the ecstasy of My knowing.
  11. “Know thou that Mind of Me is ecstatic always. I know neither grief nor pain, sorrow nor compassion, anger nor wrath, for these are qualities of unbalance, and unbalance is not in My house. Know thou that these unbalanced qualities are product of man’s unbalanced thinking. They alone are in him. They are not in Me.”


  1. “He who knows not Me in him first thinks himself as one of many separate and separable forms apart from all things else, and Me. In those, his early days, he knows not Me in him, not suspecting Me in him, evening though his slightest move is Mine; yea even though his very breathing is desire in Me that he should breathe to manifest Me in him, though unknowingly.
  2. “Man then knows not himself as one of seeming many forms of My imagining which spring from rest in Me to manifest My knowing.
  3. “Throughout long aeons he walks the path of dark to find the path of Light which leads to Me.
  4. “For I say that refoldment into Self of Me is not known by man for long aeons, even as Self of Me is not known by him as Self of him for long, long aeons.
  5. “In man’s thinking, man begins to live as he leaves the mother womb which borned him. And when he returns the clay of him to clay of earth, he thinks of life as ending, knowing not that its beginning never was, nor could its ending be.
  6. “For I say that life is alone in Light of Me; as love and knowing are alone in Me.
  7. “Tell thou to man that he who thinks life lives in him, knowing not My life in him, dies as often as he lives to die again. But he who lives to manifest Me, knowing Me in him, never dies.


  1. “Write thou, therefore, that he who would find rest from burdens of his earth must transcend his Earth and be not bound thereto. even far above the mountain tops of earth he must rise into My kingdom of the Light which I AM, as he also is, when he knows he also is.
  2. “Say to man these My very words.
  3. “Behold in Me the fulcrum of My changing universe which but manifests change, though I change not, nor move.
  4. “For I am Rest. In Me alone is Balance.
  5. “He who would find power must know that he extends from Rest in Me, that I am he.
  6. “He who would find rest must return to Me, be Me; be fulcrum of his own power.
  7. “For again I say, moving things have no power to move save through My will that they should move. And again I say, My will is but desire of My imaginings for manifesting My imaginings through form extensions of My thinking which manifest My knowing.
  8. “Know thou, therefore, that power to move is in My will for things to move in obedience to desire in Me that moving things manifest My imagining.
  9. “I center the moving shaft of My universe, yet I move not, though its power to move springs from Rest in Me.
  10. “I center its growing systems, and changing cells of growing systems, yet I change not, even though their changing patterned waves spring from My eternal calm.
  11. “I center seeming living things which reflect my power to manifest Me in them, but they live not; I alone live.
  12. “My balanced thinking expresses life and energy which I alone AM, but the Thinker of the Cosmos is not the Cosmos, nor is the Cosmos the Thinker.
  13. “Growing things are moving things in man’s sensing, through they move not in man’s knowing.
  14. “Likewise moving things are changing things in man’s sensing, though they change not in man’s knowing.
  15. “even though fast moving things of man’s sensing move fast, they simulate My rest, while moving, from which they sprang into seeming motion.
  16. “Again I say, My universe is but seeming forms of My imagining which seem to move to record the dual pulsing of My balanced thinking.
  17. “Wherefore I say, the burdens of man are made by man in the image of his unbalanced thinking. Likewise the illnesses of man are fruit of his own making.
  18. “Balanced thinking is an ecstasy which knows no burden, no fatigue nor imperfection.
  19. “From man’s own unbalanced thinking emanate the toxins of fatigue, and divers sicknesses, and fears.
  20. “Wherefore I say, come unto Me, ye self. Find rest in Me by being Me.”

the book of love

a communion

  1. I am in thy Light, O my father.
  2. I Am Thy Light.
  3. Thou has anointed me with Thy Light of all-knowing to give to man for his unfolding.
  4. Thy Balance must I give him; that he shall know power.
  5. Thy Law must I give him; that he shall know peace.
  6. Thy Love must I give him; that he shall know unity.
  7. Thy Beauty must I give him; that thy rhythmic thinking shall inspire him to rhythmic thinking.
  8. Thy Light must I give him; that he may commune with Thee in Thy language of Light.
  9. Consciousness of Thee must I give him; that he shall forever be Thee.
  10. Freedom from his senses must I give him; that he shall rise above his sensing and find Thy kingdom of his long seeking.
  11. Thy Knowing must I give him; that he may create with thee; that he may command Thy electric body to his will for his needs; that he may command his electric body to Thy perfection.
  12. That which I know in Light, must I translate into words, for which there are no words.
  13. Wordless essence must I translate into words of man.
  14. The Source must I picture in extensions of the Source.
  15. Idea must I unfold as illusions of Idea.
  16. Reality must I paint with the pigments of unreality.
  17. To the sense-conscious must I bring Cosmic Consciousness.
  18. To the outer man must I talk from the pulpit of the inner man.
  19. I am of the race of messengers to man, the root of a race who know not time, nor breadth, nor height, nor depth, nor other dimension of man.
  20. I am thy messenger of Love. There is no fear nor hate in Thee.
  21. I am thy messenger of Life. There is no death nor darkness in Thy Light.
  22. Make thou me a worthy messenger.
  23. Be Thou me.
  24. Thy power be my power. Thy essence, my essence.
  25. Unfold Thou Thy concept through me.
  26. Be me, that I may be not alone I.
  27. Be me, that I may be the universe.
  28. Flow Thou through me to all the universe.
  29. I AM the universe.
  30. Command Thou me.


  1. “Go thou and tell all who worship Me and know Me not, that I am Love.
  2. “Knowing Me not in them they know not Love.
  3. “Go thou and tell to those who long have sought Me that I am Light. In My Light man can alone find Me.
  4. “Love alone IS. Light alone IS. Love and Light are One in Me. I alone AM.
  5. “What I am man is when he knoweth Me in him. Man may know Love only through knowing Me.
  6. “Through his anointing in My Light, man can alone know Me.
  7. “For behold! I, thy Creator, am the Knower. In My Light is all-knowing.
  8. “I know Love; naught else but Love is there to know.
  9. “I know Light; naught else but Light is there to know.
  10. “I know ecstasy; naught else by Ecstasy is there in Me. For I am Balance. In Balance there can be no other motion than changeless Ecstasy.
  11. “Love, Balance, Beauty and Truth are ONE in Me. When man knoweth Love, Balance, Beauty and Truth in Light of Me, and hath My Ecstasy, he shall have My all-knowing and think My knowing into thought forms to create My universe of imaged forms with Me.”


  1. “Go thou and tell to all who seeketh peace that they must first know Love. Peace cannot come to fearing man of clay who knoweth not Me in him. Until he beginneth to know Me in him he is barbaric man of sensed clay, separate and apart from all things, alone and disunited from all things.
  2. “Go thou and tell man he cannot find Love outside of his Self. When he findeth Self he findeth Me, for I am he. And I am Love. Love cannot be acquired, nor possessed, for I cannot be acquired, nor possessed.
  3. “The Light of My Love is in all men from their beginnings. Man needeth not to seek it from afar, he needeth but to recognize it in him when he heareth My Voice whispering to him from My silences, and calling aloud to him from the voices of every unfolding-refolding form of My imagining.
  4. “Down through man’s aeons My Love hath been his very foundation, but he knoweth it not during the dark aeons of his beginnings.
  5. “For behold! I speak words of Love to all men; but man heareth not for long ages.
  6. “My body speaketh to man as man’s body speaketh to other men; but man is not aware that I have a body, nor that My body speaketh as meaningly as man’s body speaketh meaingly.
  7. “When man’s sensed body speaketh from his clayed form, other sensed bodies like his heareth his voice with their sensed ears; but when inspired cosmic man speaketh from his Soul through his clayed form, others like him heareth him with inner ears and are quickened in Me.
  8. “These hear the silences from which their vibrant sounds spring forth to manifest the rhythmic silences of My thinking in them.
  9. “Know thou that all sounds extendeth from bodies of earth imaged by me. Earth bodies spring from earth’s silences; e’en so do all sounds of bodies spring from earth’s silences.
  10. “Know thou also that all earths are My body; therefore, all sounds of earth extending from My body are My Voice speaking in sounds to those who alone heareth naught but sounds, and in silences to those who heareth My silences.
  11. “The stars of the firmament of My high heavens are My body. The stars of My high heavens sing glad songs of Love to all men in the rhythms of My high heavens, but few there are who hear the silences of My mighty Voice resounding throughout My imaged universe, nor vision My rhythmic forms from their formless source in Me.
  12. “Go thou, who heareth My voice singing from the stars of My high heavens—thou who knoweth the Light of Me in the silences of My singing—and inspire all men with thy knowing. Inspire them to hear Me as thou hearest Me. Lead thou all men everywhere to commune with Me under the stars of My firmament until they hear My silences and know Me as Self of them.
  13. “Inspire them to interpret My silence in the rhythms of My thinking, that they may inspire other men to hear Me in their hearts, and in their souls, hearing naught but Love in My singing; knowing naught but Love in the rhythmic silences of My singing.
  14. “Hasten thou the unfolding of man through thy knowing. Turn thou his eyes from earth unto My high heavens. Make thou his ways with other men My ways—his voice My voice.
  15. “Open thou his inner eyes and ears with thine anointing that he may see Me, know Me,be Me.
  16. “For I say that mankind is again on his verge. Unless man openeth his eyes to see Me, know Me and be Me, his dark aeons will again claim him for their own. His way will be hard if his voice be not My voice, and his ways My ways. For, I say, man’s ways are his own. When he repenteth his ways his repentance is his own alone, for My Love ever awaiteth him who desireth Love.
  17. “For, I say, man’s ways are his own. When he suffereth from his ways his punishment is his own—for he setteth me apart from him.
  18. “Likewise, when man rejoiceth—or findeth glory—or achieveth greatly—these are his ways and Mine with him—for he knoweth Me in him.”


  1. “The oceans of earth are My body, as they are likewise man’s. From oceans of My body I speak to man in words and sounds of ocean’s waves playing with wild ocean’s winds and swirling tides. From pounding surf of breaking waves on sandy shores I speak to man; and those there are whose poet hearts hear My Voice forever telling them of My unchanging ecstasy of Love, which I alone am.
  2. “Sensed man of clay hearteth not My Voice. He heareth naught but sounds with his sensed ears. He but heareth the sounds of my electric body with his electrically sensed body.
  3. “He knoweth not the words nor the meaning of the sounds of Nature’s universal language through which My body forever speaketh to those who know My silences. From My still Light My words of Love extend through all unfolding-refolding imaged forms to those among men who have ears to hear My rhythmic silences, and inner vision to see imaged forms in formless clay.
  4. “From my silences My voice springeth to manifest Me through My imaged forms, which, likewise springeth from formless clay of My body.
  5. Sensed man of clay thinketh not with Me, nor knoweth he My knowing. Love is far to man of clay whose body is My body, centered by My still Light but unknown to him as aught but sensed clay.
  6. “The forest of earth are My body and man’s. From every leaf and branch of their vastness I speak inspired words of Love to man who heareth them in the winds,–and in the silences,–and in the moods of the winds,–and in the play of light-waves which cosmic man knoweth as My Voice talking to him as man talketh to man.
  7. “Too many there are who heareth naught but sounds when the rustling of leaves in soft breezes of My thinking telleth them of their birth from My silences; and too few there are who knoweth their unity of body and spirit with body and Spirit of Me.
  8. “These men know Me in them. They commune with Me in My forests and on the shores of My seas. These, My Sons of Light, interpreteth My whisperings, and rhythms and tones of My spectrum, into words, and into the arts of man’s understanding.
  9. “These I anoint with all-knowing in the measure of their desire for all-knowing. These rare few of the inspired among men knoweth Love, and by their works they reinspireth other men to awaken from their dark to Light of Me in them. These are My cosmic messengers to man in this new day of his further unfolding into My Light.”


  1. “The many among men who hear naught but the sounds of My Voice, knowing naught of their source in My silence, deny My Being because they cannot see My Being with their sensed eyes.
  2. “These do not deny the Being of man, e’en though their eyes cannot see the Being of man.
  3. ”Nor do they deny their own Soul, or the Souls of men; yet their sensed eyes cannot see the souls of men.
  4. “Nor do they deny Love, and Truth, and Balance, and Power, yet the senses of man cannot see, nor hear, nor feel, nor measure these invisible qualities in Me by which they are irrevocably bound.
  5. “Say thou to these men: Thou canst not see God, for God is Love, and Love cannot be seen, nor weighed, nor measured.
  6. “But thou canst manifest Love by the balanced actions and reactions of thy body,–or by its balanced givings and regiving. But when thou thus expresseth Love with thy body, know thou that thy expression of Love is not Love; for thy body is not thee, nor is it Me.
  7. “Thy body cannot Love another body. It can but sense the body of man, fruit, flower or sunrise. Senses have no knowing in them, nor can senses love sensed clay.
  8. “The body of the lowliest of beast, or serpent, senseth other bodies equally with man. Thy dog’s body senseth other bodies beyond the sensing of thee,–his master.
  9. “And know thou that there are no other bodies than thine, for I again say all bodies are one, and the sensing of a seeming other body is like unto the sensing of thy own finger, each being an extension from a focal point of sensing in each unlike patterned part of My whole universal body.
  10. “Thou well knowest that thy body emerged from clay which records My thinking in imaged form, an emergence which thou callest ‘birth.’ Likewise, thou well knoweth that bodies of all unlike patterned of earth, sea and sky, or of forest, desert and jungle, also emerged from the same clay of My imagining and must return to it to lose their patterned froms of clay in that which man calleth ‘death.’
  11. “The bodies of man—and all things else—are but light waves of earth and sun, and suns are seed of all forms of My imagining.
  12. “When man asketh of thee, ‘Who am I?’ say thou to him, ‘thou, with thy Father, art the One Light of all-knowing, centering thy one universal body of all-thinking.’
  13. “When man asketh of thee, ‘Where am I when death taketh me.?’ Say thou to him, ‘thy Light of birth is mirrored by thy Light of death at the moment of thy birth, at the moment of thy death. Both are one, e’en though they mirror each other from far ends of cycles until their interchangings void each other in their constant interpassings.’
  14. “My Light of Love expresseth My givings to earths; and earth mirrorings of My Love is earths regivings to Me.
  15. “Behold thou My suns. They are My universe, records of My thinking. I give them My Light through the power of My desire to express My Light in form. In each sphere of My thought-recorded knowing is the seed of all form which manifesteth My knowing.
  16. “Tell thou to man who weepeth at death that I, the Father of man, give naught to him but Love; for man and I are One; and I am Love.
  17. “For behold, I give generating Light to suns to simulate My life in them. And suns mirror their light to earth as death to born earth forms of clay with their radiating mirrorings. In this wise is death in suns reborn as life in earths, and death in earths is likewise reborn as life in suns.
  18. “Thus is My law of opposites fulfilled. For again I say, life giveth to death that death may die; and death regiveth to life that life may live. All opposites of My cyclic thinking forever interchange with each, that each may be what the other was, sequentially.
  19. “In this wise My Light generateth life which radiateth as death to again generate life in countless cycles of givings and regiving without end.
  20. “And again I say that both life and death of formed clay are but seeming, for clay is naught but clay and cannot live, nor die. For life of man is life of Me, and I die not, nor doth man die. When man knoweth Me in him as Light of Me, then is he as unchanging as I, his FatherMother, am unchanging.
  21. “While man thinketh of man as man-formed clay, then is he but man-formed clay which returneth to earth as formless clay.
  22. “Wherefore I say, man must be born again, and yet again, rejoicing at My givings. Likewise, he must come to rest in Me, again and yet again, rejoicing at his regivings to Me of countless deaths of man-formed clay for reborning into man-formed clay.
  23. “And now shall a new unfoldment come to man who shall arise from the clay of him into My kingdom of Light in My high heavens. I, the Father of man, await man’s ending of his own agony, for man hath not yet known Rest, nor Love, for he hath not yet known Me.”


  1. “Again I say, I am the God of Love.
  2. “Many have been My messengers to man who have given words of Love to man for his unfolding, but man hath placed man alone within the circle of My Love and shut out all others of My children of earths and suns.
  3. “Say thou to man, My Love extendeth equally to all My creating things, for all creating things manifest Me purposefully, e’en as man manifesteth Me purposefully. The pulse beat of man—the tiger in the jungle—the insect under rotting bark of tree—the elephant and winged creatures of the skies, and countless fishes of the seas—are one. All pulse with the pulsing waves of My universal thinking which imageth all things as One Whole Idea manifested by all unfolding-refolding extensions of My knowing.
  4. “Say also thou to man who thinketh of his heart beat as his own alone—unbound to all things else—that all creating things unfold with the pulse beat of My cyclic thinking. As My thinking is universal, so, likewise, is My pulse beat universal.
  5. And furthermore I say that every blade of grass and leaf of oak in mighty forest pulseth with the heart-beat of man and all things else, yea e’en down to micro-cosmic cells of forming things of earth, and sea, and sky; for e’en the most minute of these pulse with the electric waves of My cyclic thinking as the mightiest of stars in My heavens likewise pulse.
  6. “For I, God of Light, thy Father-Mother God of Love, am the One Whole. From Me all unfolding-refolding things extend, and to Me they return for reextension.
  7. “Glorify thou Me, the One Whom I am, for I am All, and no other is.
  8. “I, the undivided sexless One am Unity.
  9. “What I am thou art, for thou art Me.
  10. “Glorify thou thy Self, for in so doing thou art glorifying Me.
  11. “I, the One whole, am knowing Mind. My thinking is expressed in light waves of My knowing, but My thinking is not Me.
  12. “I am Creator, creating with My thinking.
  13. “Out of My Light of knowing My two lights of thinking are born as sexed pairs of opposites for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites.
  14. “Mind thinketh alone what Mind knoweth. Mind existeth to think knowing into forms of Mind imagining.
  15. “To think is to create. I create with Light. Nothing is which is not Light.
  16. “I, with man, am creating man in My image.
  17. “What I am man is. I am Light. Man is Light.
  18. “I think, and all things in My universe appear in the images of My thinking.
  19. “I think man, and man appeareth in the image of My thinking.
  20. “Man thinketh man, and man appeareth in the image of man’s thinking.
  21. “Man’s thinking is My thinking. Man’s knowing is My knowing. .
  22. “I think idea. The Light of My knowing registereth My idea in the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form is born in the image of My thinking. - “Form has no existence; nor have My imaginings. These exist not for they are not Me. I alone exist, I, the ALL.
  23. “I create My imaged body with the inbreathing of My pulsing universe of Me. Likewise I void it with My outbreathing to again create it.
  24. “My universe is My image; but My image is not Me.
  25. “All things are created in My image, but they are not Me, e’en though I am in them and they in Me.
  26. “All things come and go from My divided thinking.
  27. “All things go from very heart of Me into My imaged universe; and when they disappear from there I also take them back to very heart of Me.
  28. “Know thou that all creating things are resurrected things, again manifesting life of Me through My divided thinking.
  29. “Man divideth his thinking in manifesting Me.
  30. “The body of man sleepeth, that it may awaken in Me, to manifest Me.
  31. “The body of man dieth that it may be resurrected in Me, to manifest Me.
  32. “The body of man disappeareth, that it may reappear to manifest Me.
  33. “Man who sleeps or dies or disappears is but man’s image, for Self of man sleeps not, nor disappears; for Self of man is Me.
  34. “Again I say that I am One, and man is One in Me when he knoweth that I am he.


  1. “When formed clay of man is ready to know Man in him as Light of Love, then am I there for him to know Man in him as Love.
  2. “I am as the silent harp of many strings is to man who heareth not the rhythms of beauty in the silence of the unsounding harp. Man may as well deny the harp which he cannot hear with ears of earth as to deny Me because he cannot see Me, nor hear My Voice.
  3. “Man forgeteth that the sounds of his voice which others hear are not his knowing. They but express his silent knowing in words which they can hear. But the sounds of words which emanate from him are not his knowing, nor are they him.
  4. “Likewise, sounds which springeth from the silence of My knowing throughout My universe are not My knowing, nor are they Me. They are the voice of My electric body whispering to man of My still Light from which they sprang.
  5. “Whyfore, then, doth man believe on man whom he cannot see nor hear save through the clayed form of his electric body, and its varied sounds, and believe not upon Me Whose Universal Voice he heareth in wind and wave, and in whisperings of My body’s earths and suns.
  6. “Yea, and he can see My electric body as plainly as he seeth man’s.
  7. “Verily, I say, man is not now so bound to body sensing as in the early days of his unfolding.
  8. “Man alone of all My creating things has begun to hear My whisperings. Since his beginning My still small Voice has whispered within him that I am he and he Me; but e’en now barbaric man in his small new world heareth dully, and maketh idols which he treasureth before Me, for he is still new. He is still but in the ferment of his early brewing.
  9. “For I say, that all things which flow from Life of Me hath Life of Me flowing through them, e’en to the least of these; but, I say, that e’en though My Light of immortal Life floweth through those mortal symbols of My thinking it does not touch them in its passing.
  10. “When they shall know the Light of Me in them, then shall they be Me and I them.
  11. “When they shall know Light and Love as One they shall then know that Love in them is the still fulcrum of their power to express Love through sensed action.
  12. Their sensed actions shall then be balanced in the silence and the stillness of the Light which is their fulcrum. From the fulcrum of My still Light of knowing man must extend his power for imaging, and for giving form to his imagings, e’en as I, creator of all, likewise extend My power of knowing through the level of My thinking to give form to My imaginings.
  13. “Wherefore, I say to thee, exalt thou thyself beyond thy sensing. Know Me as fulcrum of thy thinking. Be Me as deep well of thy knowing.
  14. “For I say that man who senseth but clay of earth in him is bound to earth as clayed image of his earth.
  15. “Clayed images of My imaging who know not Me in them are but dwellers of earth’s dark. To sensed man the doors of My kingdom are self-barred by darkness until the Light of Me in him is known by him as Me.
  16. “Until then he is but moving clay, manifesting not Me in him while sensing naught but moving clay of him; knowing not the Glory of My Light in him.
  17. “For again I say, all things are One in Me as man is, when he knoweth Me in him.
  18. “All knowledge existeth. All knowledge cometh to man in its season. Cosmic messengers periodically give to man such knowledge of My Cosmos as man is able to comprehend, but that which he can bear is like unto a thimbleful out of the mighty ocean for man is but beginning to comprehend.
  19. “When man knoweth Light then he will know no limitations, but man must know the Light for himself and none there can be who can make words of it, for Light knoweth Light and there need be no words.
  20. “Man’s sense-seeing with his eyes binds him to the illusion of My dual thinking, for I but build illusion with My dual thinking for his sense-seeing.
  21. “Sense-seeing binds man to forms and things, while Mind knowing openeth doors of glory to the opposed threads of Light with which I weave all idea of Mind into forms of many moving things.
  22. “Mind knowing decentrates unto the farthest reaches of My universe of Me, and seeth all forms as One.
  23. “With his seeing eyes man seeth Light as matter energized, but senseth not that the energy of matter is the Light of My divided thinking. With man’s unseeing eyes of Spirit he knoweth the Light of Me, the Source. He knoweth he is bound in Me as One, and I in him.
  24. “Behold in Me thy God of Love, the One, inseparable.”


  1. “Through woman I speak of Love to man, and to woman through man. Many there are whose bodies heareth the call of body and call it Love.
  2. These think of Love as divisible possessions which can be possessed, acquired, given or taken by one from another one. These know not that the senses of one unbalanced body are but calling to another unbalanced body for balance which they forever find to forever lose in wave cycles of finding and losing.
  3. “But again I say that manifestations of Love through sensed bodies is not Love e’en though it springeth from the fulcrum of Love in Me.
  4. “Pairs of oppositely conditioned bodies must forever interchange with each other to find balance with Me. In this wise I express My unchanging Love through the changing cycles of My thinking as manifested in the pulse beat, breathing and sex interaction of My dual electric body. As My universal electric body pulseth with the duality of My rhythmic electric thinking, so, likewise, all extensions of My body pulseth with the dual electric energy of My cyclic thinking.
  5. “When man thinketh he loveth a woman he should have a care that he loveth in his heart lest he be moved by his senses to a desire for sense balancing.
  6. “For I say that he who loveth in his heart loveth Me only, and not another body, for Love is in Me alone.
  7. “He who loveth in his heart loveth Love in Me, a mirror of Light in man to give back to Me that which extendeth from Me.
  8. “E’en so are the suns of My body hung into dark heavens to give back their light to Me as dark, for reborning through Me as light.
  9. “E’en so is Love in Me alone, being but manifested by giving-regiving mirrored sequences of My electric thinking.
  10. “E’en so doth My universal body interchange as My resolving-dissolving universe of dual light shineth out of darkness as mirrored forms which disappear again in Me for ever borning.
  11. “Say thou to man who weepeth for one who loveth him not, that he is but moved by his senses to a sensed expression of Love. Say thou to him that he who so weepeth knoweth not Love for the woman for whose Love he yearneth.
  12. “But he who loveth in his heart, knowing Me in him, rejoiceth that he is thus enriched by knowing Love in the heart of woman, e’en though no words of Love shall have passed between him and the woman of his inspiration.
  13. “Likewise, say thou to him, when thou knowest Me in all mankind thy Love shall be as a mirror to extend thy Love to its mirrored reflection in all to whom thou extendeth it.
  14. “And all to whom thou extendeth thy Light shall Love thee in their hearts, for in thine eyes there will be the Light of Love, and Truth, and Balance in Me.
  15. “Again and again, and ceaselessily, say thou to man that he is One in Me when he knoweth Me in him. And when he heareth My voice inspiring him to know Me in him then should he listen unto My Voice in its silences, and in the sounds of My whisperings which springeth from My silences.
  16. “Then must he depart from his body to know My knowing and to think My knowing withMe as One. For I say unto all men who desire My anointing in My Light that they shall know all things.
  17. “All knowledge and all power existeth in My Light. All men shall have all knowledge and all power in the measure of their desire for the Light of My kingdom of all-knowing Love.”


  1. “Of a verity I say, no man shall know Love, nor Peace, nor Rest, until he giveth Love of Himself to all men.
  2. “Nor shall he who desireth a throne be enthroned until he shall first enthrone all men.
  3. “Nor shall he who desireth riches be enriched until he shall have given all he hath for the enrichment of all men.
  4. “And he who would be a leader of men must first be the servant of man.
  5. “And he who desireth power, or glory, shall not attain power or glory until he hath himself empowered and glorified all men, for mankind honoreth not any man who hath not first honored all men.
  6. “E’en life may not be man’s until he hath lost that which he thinketh of as life to gain immortal life through his knowing.
  7. “For I again say, My One Law demandeth that man doeth My will in all his creations by first giving the Light of his Self, so that the reflection of his Light returneth to him in full measure, e’en as I give of My Light to My universe and repeat the reflection of My Light forever and forever.”
  8. Thus have I translated true in words for man the knowing of our Father-Mother while in the Light upon the mountain top.

the book of beauty

a communion

  1. Behold I am in Thee. Enfold thou me.
  2. I, my Self, am reaching out to Thee, well decentrated in thy Light.
  3. I am wholly in the Spirit.
  4. My abode in my body is far.
  5. My body’s abode on its planet if far.
  6. I am in thy Light, knowing Thy Light.
  7. I am wholly Thee, knowing Thy knowing, translating the pulsing rhythms of Thy thinking into words, knowing full well that the very least of these, Thy words, will long outlive the span of man upon that now far world where thou hast again cast me for one more life of unfolding thy knowing, that Thy new Word writ through me may be another dawn for awakening man.
  8. Speak Thou through me.
  9. Manifest Thou through Thy messenger.
  10. Upon my heart are heavy questionings. Write thou Thy answers there in Light waves which transform Thy knowing into Thy imaged thinking.
  11. Unfold Thy being, dynamically, and be Thou me as I write man’s word from wordless Light.


  1. “Behold thou My electric universe in all its rhythmic majesty. ‘
  2. “Behold thou My body, record of My knowing manifested by My electric thinking.
  3. “Behold the Light of Rest in Me from which the divided lights of My moving electric body spring to manifest My knowing in forms of my imagining.
  4. “Behold the beauty of My body, formed image of immortal Idea, known alone by Me. Manifested by My thinking.
  5. “Behold the rhythmic movement of My universal body, manifested in my starry firmament of seeming stillness,–in avalanche or whirling tornado,–in multiformed idea unfolding from its seed,–in rainbow spectrum of the sun,–or light of moon in firefly flashing meadows.
  6. “Behold the beauty of mating and of motherhood, and of thinking man inspired by communion with the Light of Me which centereth him. Naught is there which is more beautiful than the Light of Me mirrored from Me in eyes of inspired man who knoweth Me in him and heareth My voice with inner ears, for reinspiring other men.
  7. “Behold the beauty of drab earth’s oneness, womb of the myriad forms of My One Idea, manifested by countless designs of My imagining,–by forest and jungle,–by dry hot desert and the cooling mists of falling waters,–by birds of the air and beasts of the field,-by singing insects and honey-making bees,–by big and little fishes of the seas,- and all mankind to whom I have given dominion over all things for his weal or woe in accord with what he doeth to these things of earth which I have given to him for his well-being.
  8. “Behold thou these many treasures which I have given to man; and say thou to him that e’en though beauty is in him, and in all things of earth, yet he shall not know Beauty in him, nor in earth things of his sensing, till he knoweth Me in him and seeth Me in all forms of My imagining.
  9. “For I again say that I alone am Beauty, as I also am Love and Truth. These treasures of My high heavens are beyond vision of man of earth alone. Man of clay can but vision clay in all things until he seeth Me in all things.
  10. “The dawn of Beauty cometh to many when he beginneth to hear My whisperings with inner ears and seeth the Light of Me centering all forms of My imagining.
  11. “Verily I say that all My creations are extensions of My Light which Mirror My imaging in rhythmic light waves of My thinking. As I, the Light which mirror them, am Beauty at their Source, e’en so are all reflected forms in all My universal body beautiful to him who knoweth Me as his source.
  12. “Long aeons of man’s unfolding passeth before man’s awareness of Me in him awakens, and still longer aeons passeth before man’s awareness of Me drowns out the dark of his early aeons.
  13. “The measure of man’s awareness of Me is the measure of his awareness of Beauty in all unfolding-refolding things.
  14. “For I say to all men that the treasures of My kingdom of heaven which all are forever seeking lieth within man himself.
  15. “As man riseth above his sensing to be Me in his knowing, so shall all the treasures of My kingdom be his in the measure of his knowing the Light of his Self as the Light of Me.
  16. “In so far as man knoweth Beauty in him shall he know Love, and Truth, and Balance,-and the peace which passeth all understanding.”


  1. “Say thou these words to him who seeketh Beauty.
  2. “He to whom Beauty is newly awakening may be likened unto the faltering steps of one who would walk in a new art, but whose eyes are on the ground to place his steps, instead of the Light of Me from whom his inspiration cometh.
  3. “He who would interpret My rhythms in art must walk his path in ecstasy, undiverted by deviations, that he may see Me only, and hear naught but Me.
  4. “For I am the Source of inspiration in man. To him who seeketh inspiration through Me, I say, learn thou to walk thy strongly in the Light of Love, for in the dark thou canst not find thy way to Me. The path to Me is Light, and by it thou canst well find thy way to Me.
  5. “For I am the Soul of art. To him whose soul would touch My Soul, and feel the heart beat of its mighty rhythms, say, in so far as thou knoweth thy Self as Light, thou shalt know Me as Light.
  6. “For I am Beauty. In Beauty must man be born anew. Through Beauty must fearing man become knowing man. Again through Beauty must knowing man be reborn as ecstatic man.
  7. “Ecstatic man is he who has found Balance in Me by being Me. Ecstatic man is he who has added Beauty to his knowing.
  8. “To him who would add ecstasy to his knowing I say, seek Me in Truth; for only in the balanced rhythms of Truth shalt thou find ecstasy.
  9. “Naught of man’s creations shall endure which are not conceived and created in ecstasy.
  10. “Creations of man which have not the Light of Me in them shall be as shifting sands.
  11. “Verily I say, the creations of ecstatic man are My creations, for they are balanced things; and I am Balance.
  12. “To him who would create unbalance I say, untruth exists not in My house. I alone hold Balance; and the eyes of him who seeth through Me are immune from all but Balance.
  13. “For I am Balance. He who would find me must seek Balance.
  14. “And I am Energy. My omnipotent power is man’s when he is Me.
  15. “And I am Rest, which man may know by finding Self of him in Me.
  16. “And I am the Light of Love and Life. And I am truth. Upon that foundation I have laid the cornerstone of My universe.”


  1. “He who knoweth Beauty, yea, he shall dwell in my house.
  2. “The learned man, or he who possesseth great riches of earth alone, but knoweth not Me in him, yea, he shall not dwell in My house. But he who possesseth great riches of heaven and earth, knowing Me in him, yea, he shall dwell in My house.
  3. “The doors of My house are wide open to the most humble and unlearned whose heart beat echoeth the rhythms of My thinking.
  4. “He whose inner ears heareth My voice in falling waters,–in soft breezes of hillside pines,–in tempestuous tornado and rhythms of pounding sea,–in the motion of star systems of My firmament,–in the silences of interchanging lights and shadows interplaying o’er hill and dale,–or in the moods of the winds and the light of earth’s moon, yea, he who is so attuned to Me is already in My house and createth with Me.
  5. “To him I give all-knowing and all-power to think My universe into rhythmic, balanced forms with Me.
  6. “To these who are thus illumined by My Light I speak in rhythms of Light for the uplift of other men. Such illumined ones are My messengers who reinspire other men and open for them the doors to My kingdom.
  7. “These, My Messengers to man, who know beauty and Love and Truth, sit high upon My right hand in My kingdom of Light. These whom men belittle I enthrone in the glory of My Light. To these illumined Messengers I give all-knowing in the measure of their desire for all-knowing.
  8. “He who is thus enriched with the treasures of My high heavens, and dwelleth in the Light with Me., e’en though he liveth in a tent upon the mountainside of earth and shunned by man, is richer than any man of earth who knoweth not me in him, e’en though he sitteth upon a jeweled throne of gold and ruleth vast kingdoms.
  9. “Without My illumined messengers man’s bloodborn kingdoms would forever be bloodborn, for man of clay who seeketh to possess wealth of clay like unto his clay is forever jungle-born.
  10. “Verily, I say, e’en though the sword replaceth the club, man who killeth man is still jungle man of clay until he knoweth Beauty and heareth My voice in him.
  11. “Yea,–man of earth is still barbaric, and forever will be until he heareth My Voice whispering My rhythms of Beauty through the creations of My inspired messengers.
  12. “Through My illumined ones—whom I have anointed with My Light of all-knowing—man’s jungle world of hate and fear of neighbor and nation, will unfold unto the world of peace through the unity of man. But again I say, all men will come to Me, but the agony of awaiting that day shall be theirs alone.”


  1. “Go thou and say to man these My words for the now unfolding new cycle of man’s progression.
  2. “Better is it for him that he knoweth not his numbers, nor his letters, than that he knoweth not the Beauty of the dawn.
  3. “When man seeth Beauty in the lily with eyes of clay, likewise seeing naught but ugliness in the mire from which the lily sprang, he seeth not with inner eyes, else he would see Me in both the lily and the mire which sprang from the One Light of Me.
  4. “For I say that he who knoweth Beauty in Me seeth the Light of My knowing and thinking in all My unfolding forms, and heareth alike the silent rhythms of their unfolding from My body to manifest Me.
  5. “He who knoweth Beauty in him seeth the unseen and heareth My heart beat in the silent rhythms of My symphonies.
  6. “He who addeth beauty to his knowing addeth majesty to his stature. Ennobled is he on My throne. And a Light there shall be in his eyes wich all men can see who know My rhythms, for in him is beauty made manifest.
  7. “All unfolding things in all My universe are beautiful, for all are manifesting Me in My knowing and My thinking, but their Beauty is not in them; it is alone in Me.
  8. “To My eternal body I extend My knowing, through My electric thinking to unfold the Idea of My knowing into imaged forms of My imagining. But again I say, the forms of My imaging are not Me, nor is the Beauty of their forms in them. It is alone in Me.”


  1. “See thou no more with outer eyes alone for thou hast knowing eyes to void the illusions of thy sensing.
  2. “Throughout long aeons man has walked his earth with eyes of outer seeing, giving belief to that earth of his body’s sensing. Throughout his new aeons he must walk the earth of inner seeing and know Me in it as but visioning it in Light of Me and Light of him.
  3. “Sensed man of earth must now unfold into knowing man of My high heavens who thinketh My knowing with Me as One.
  4. “Knowing man is cosmic man who hath risen above his sensing to know Me in him as his very Self.
  5. “Verily I say, the dawn of cosmic man is in its beginnings. Go thou, therefore, to all the world and sow the seed of thy knowing. Write thou My message to cosmic man given thee at thy anointing and send thy books to all peoples and all nations to transform them into knowing men by the renewing of their Mind through new comprehension.
  6. ”Thou shalt sow the seed of knowing man in unfolding man’s progression, and no rest shalt thou know until thou hast well fulfilled thy task.
  7. “Through cosmic man the unity of man beginneth.
  8. “Many are they who know Me in them. Sow thou the seed of Beauty, Love and Balance in them. And multiply thou them until their legions shall illumine the dark of man’s barbaric ages with My omniscient Light.
  9. “Say thou to thine anointed ones, these, My words: Thou art Love. Thou art beauty. Thou art Balance. Thou art Truth. Go thou and give Love, Beauty, Balance and Truth to thy neighbor.
  10. “Think not thou of doing great works in My name. Go thou to thy neighbor. Think thou of thy neighbor alone. One seed sufficeth not for a meadow but out of one seed cometh a sheaf of ten.
  11. “As many sheaves of ten filleth great granaries, e’en so will thy sheaves of ten encompass the whole earth to bring into being the new age of cosmic man.
  12. “Say thou these, My words, to thy neighbor: Go thou to ten men who will believe on thee; and multiply thou them by ten, and yet another ten, until a legion shall be as a wall of granite beneath thy feet.
  13. “Heed thou My commandings and sow thou My seed of Love lest man destroy himself by his continued desires of earth, knowing not Me in him.
  14. “Be not neglectful of thine own tasks, My son. Leave not to others of lesser knowing that which thou thy self must do, that which must be done for cosmic man to come must have thine own self in it.
  15. “He who conceiveth must himself unfold his concept.
  16. “The mason layeth the stones of the master’s thinking. Thou thy Self, must impart thy knowing in the Light of thy anointing to cosmic man who will build thy knowing and Mine into balanced rhythmic forms with thee and Me.
  17. “And out of the knowing of thine anointed legions a new world of unified man shall spring.
  18. “For where thine anointed shall gather together to thus unify man through his knowing of the Light of Me in him, there shall I be in their midst. And they shall not fail.”


  1. “In My name say thou to man that in his unfolding he shall no longer place earth before Me, gaining aught of earth and naught of Me.
  2. “Man’s earth is My body from which man’s body appears in its myriad cycles of unfolding and refolding.
  3. “My body is not Me, nor is man’s body man’s, e’en though it is the seed from which man’s form cycles appear and disappear.
  4. “For I think earth, and earth appears, disappears and reappears in balanced cyclic wave rhythms of my electric thinking. Wherefore, I say, man’s earth and man are but My imagining, to come and go with the cyclic rhythms of My thinking. It is not Me; nor is it him; nor is it e’en what seems to be to him.
  5. No longer shall sensed man of clay be man in man’s believing, for man’s knowing must be master of his sensing. His knowing will be My knowing, and his imagining, My imagining. Man thus knowing will think his knowing with My thinking. My omnipotent power will then be his in the measure of his knowing.
  6. “Thus shall the inner Light of cosmic man to come control the temple of clay within which he dwelleth with Me, and buildeth with Me, as ONE.
  7. “My universal body is My temple. I dwell within My temple. Behold thou My kingdom of Rest which centereth My temple within which I dwell.
  8. “My body manifesteth Me e’en though it is not Me.
  9. “My body is beautiful and perfect, for My rhythmic, balanced thinking in all its seeming parts is rhythmic—balanced—perfect.
  10. “Man’s body is man’s temple. Within man’s body the Light of his Spirit Self dwelleth as ONE with Me.
  11. “Man’s body is beautiful and perfect when the interchanging rhythms of man’s thinking are balanced in the equilibrium of My Beauty and My Perfection. My kingdom of Rest centereth man’s temple when man dwelleth with Me in My kingdom. Seek ye all men My kingdom. To him who findeth Me, all-knowing, all power- and all-presence shall be added unto him.
  12. “When man knoweth the Light of Me in him naught can upset the balanced rhythms of My thinking in him which maketh the temple of his body to be beautiful and perfect.
  13. “As man buildeth his temples of worship from stones of earth, e’en so he buildeth the temple of his body from clay of earth.
  14. “Man knoweth that the spirit of his temples is not in its stones, yet he knoweth not that his spirit Self is not in his clayed image form which but manifests the Self of him.
  15. “Wherefore, I say to awakening cosmic man whose knowing is My knowing, and whose thinking and imagining are My thinking and My imagining, thou shalt henceforth build thy temples in the Light of My knowing and thy knowing as ONE, and they shall be beautiful and perfect, as I am beautiful and perfect.
  16. “For I say to unfolding cosmic man, ye must be reborn in the Beauty of My knowing. With each incoming breath ye must be reborn in Beauty and Perfection. And thy creations will be beautiful and perfect, for their rhythms will be My rhythms manifested through thee; their balance, My balance. When My ecstasy is in them as thine and Mine, thy creations will endure as long as My creations endure.
  17. “With each pulse beat of thy heart ye must be reborn with the Love of My knowing. And thine actions shall manifest My Love in thy dealings with thy neighbor. And peace shall be in them, for thy dealings will be beautiful in their perfection of rhythm in all of their loving interchange.
  18. “Again I say unto all men that thy dealings with thy neighbor are with the whole world of men, for what ye do to one ye do to all.
  19. “Mark ye well, these, My words, for all mankind is One. The hurt of any one is the hurt of all. It lowereth all mankind.
  20. “Likewise the good of any man is the good of all. It uplifteth all mankind.
  21. “He who manifesteth the Beauty of My thinking in the orderliness of universal law expressed in My unfoldings and refoldings—in my givings and regivings, and in the rhythms of Balance in Me—is already in My House. The doors of My kingdom are opened unto him for My anointing.
  22. “Verily he shall know no limitations which are not My limitations. And he shall know all things.
  23. “These commandings of My Father-Mother have I translated true for man while in the Light upon the mountain top.”

the book of healing

a communion

  1. Behold the Light which shineth out of the darkness.
  2. The glory of Thy anointing Light is upon me.
  3. I am in the spirit. Thy Light is all about me. It emcompasseth me. It shineth through me. I am dissolved in Thy Light.
  4. Thy Light is my Light. I am immersed in my Light.
  5. Dimensionless I am; and I am as unconditioned as Thou thyself art dimensionless and unconditioned.
  6. Thou, my Father-Mother, art the Light of the world.
  7. There is but Thee, the One Light; therefore, I am thy son of Light, being One with thee.
  8. I am the Light of the world, bearing Thy radiance to man.
  9. I am Thy messenger of Light, translating Thy glory into words for man.
  10. When thou speakest through me, I, myself, speak through my Oneness with Thee.
  11. I need not to learn, for I know all things.
  12. When Thy Light and mine are intermingled, then is Thy knowing, my knowing, and Thy thinking, my thinking.
  13. When I am not body engaged in sense-thinking, then am I wholly Mind, thinking Thy transcendent thinking.
  14. Thou thinkest Thy knowing in light waves; and Thy meaning is as clear to Thy anointed one as the Light of Thy knowing behind its meanings is radiant to him.
  15. Thou art the Source of force which keeps all Creation moving on thy balanced wheel of motion; yet Thou art not the wheel, nor art Thou motion.
  16. Thou art not the moving shaft. Thou art the still center of the shaft where no motion is; yet all motion is centered by Thy stillness.
  17. Thou art the source of all creating things; yet Thou are not the many things of Thy creating.
  18. All creating things spring from Thee as product of Thy knowing, yet they are not Thee, nor are they a part of Thee.
  19. All creating things are conditioned by Thy thinking, yet Thou Thyself are not conditioned.
  20. All creating things are forever changing, as Thy thinking is forever changing, but Thou thyself art never changing; nor is Thy knowing, from which Thy thinking springeth, ever changing.
  21. In the spirit I stand before Thee, the Source of all creating things, awaiting Thy commanding.
  22. I know Thy purpose wholly.
  23. Thou hast flashed it to me clearly in its fullness.
  24. I sense it fully, e’en as I wholly sensed it when first I translated thy inviolate laws and principles for the unhearing ears and unseeing eyes of earth-bound man.
  25. To fully sense it in the Light is sufficient for both my knowing and my ecstasy; but my knowing and my ecstasy will not alone bring Light to man.
  26. Unfold Thou again, through me, part by part, sequentially, Thy immortal plan which Thou hast writ in waves of dual light upon time’s pages.
  27. I, whom Thou hast freed from time, must bind myself to time for man.
  28. Let Thy timeless essence be spread out in the orderliness of time, that I may build a structure for man’s seeing, bit by bit, and piece by piece.
  29. Thou, of whom there are no parts, nor is there time, shalt make man to see the unity of Thee through Oneness of the many parts he sees in space and time.
  30. Lead me to unfold Thy plan of creation for mankind’s reasoning, in the manner of his reasoning.
  31. Let me again write down Thy laws. Guide Thou my hand anew.
  32. Enfold Thou me within Thy inner gates that I may not err in transcribing through my humanity.
  33. Words must I rewrite from wordless Light.
  34. Guard Thou my unity, my Oneness, lest I again write my words, not words of Thine.
  35. Diagrams must I set down in form from formlessness, for without form they are to man as though they never were.
  36. Make me master of the art in which I am so weak and must be strong.
  37. Pictures of Thy imagining must I paint in man’s pigment, for the Light of thy knowing must be translated to him in words for which his sense-seeing hath a meaning.
  38. Enhance Thou my skill in thus translating the colors of thy light waves of thinking with colors made of earth.
  39. To thus translate the glory of Thy spectrum with earthly pigment, is like unto kindling fires of genius in dead eyes; so guide Thou Thee in me when Thou commandest me.
  40. Here, therefore, I take my stand upon thy mountain top, to translate for man Thy simple plan that my Spirit seeth in Light, to the sense-seeing of man’s eyes. Then must I set it down in form for earthbound man whom Thou wouldst release from bindings through me, Thy messenger to man.
  41. And keep Thou me in the Oneness of thy Light until I have worthily given Thy message to suffering man.


  1. “Hear thou Me, and heed thou My commanding.
  2. “Give thou to man new knowing. My messengers to man have given him but little knowing, for man could bear naught of My knowing in his early days, and but little more today, for man is still new. Give to him, therefore, that which he can bear, but beyond that little shalt thou not go.
  3. “Dark voids are still dark, e’en with much illumining, but that which is illumined shineth brightly with but little added light. E’en so was fearing man in his early days of darkness, and e’en now he is but beginning to know the Light of My illumining.
  4. “For long aeons man hath been but body, a fearing body of clay, ever fearing for his body, a groveling slave to his body, working, fighting for his body, sensing naught but body needs and desires. For these aeons he hath known naught of Self of him, nor of Me in him.
  5. “Then cometh yesterday in man’s unfolding, and the dawn of Consciousness and conscience in him.
  6. “Man that suspecteth Me afar, but feared My wrath, for he knoweth naught but wrath and other passions of his sensed body. In those early days of his first aeons he knew not Love in Me, nor in any thing.
  7. “Then cometh today when fearing man is becoming KNOWING man, conscious of Spirit in him and of his Spirit Oneness with Me, but comprehending Me not.
  8. “Man still sayeth that I cannot be comprehended, for he still must sense that which he would comprehend.
  9. “Man still thinketh of Me as a material body like unto his own, for he still demandeth a material body for all idea of his conceiving. He still knoweth not that I have a universal body of My conceiving—product of My desiring—created by My Thinking—which is not Me, e’en as man has a body of man’s conceiving—product of his desiring—created by his thinking - which, likewise, is not man.
  10. “Man knoweth not yet that the idea of any creating things is not the body of the creating thing which but manifests the idea in forever changing form.
  11. “Nor knoweth he that forever changing forms are but forever changing electric records of forever changing thinking. Nor knoweth he that forever changing thinking is but the fulfillment of desire to manifest knowing in forever changing form.”


  1. “Man still thinketh of himself as one of countless many men, each one a separate being, each one an entity, an ego, an individual person. He knoweth not yet of his unity with all other men, nor with Me. Nor knoweth he yet that he must lose his treasured individuality to find universality of knowing in Me.
  2. “Say thou to him; each thing is everything; and each is everywhere.
  3. “All things are the same thing, for all are universal.
  4. “All things occupy the same space, and each thing occupeth all space. For, verily I say, all things are omnipresent—for I center all things; and I am everywhere.
  5. “All things entendeth to all things—from all things—and through all things. For, to thee I again say, all things are Light—and Light separatist not; nor has it bounds; nor is it here and not there.
  6. “Man cannot evade Me, for he is Me. Nor can I evade man when he desireth Me—for Iam he. Knoweth thou that desire in man and desire in Me are One—likewise all desire in all men are One.
  7. “Hear thou Me all men when I say there is a Light within thy life thou knoweth not of, centering and controlling that clayed image which thou thinketh of as thy life, knowing not that it is but an implement of thy life, a tool for thee to work the miracles of thy thinking for just a little while until it rusteth away.
  8. Thou mayest weave the pattern of thy thinking in Light of My knowing, and create thy image in divided Light of Me, e’en as the sun sets up its bow of many hues from divided Light of Me; but thou canst not be apart from Me, e’en as the spectrum of the rainbow canst not be apart from Me.
  9. “And as the rainbow is a light within the Light, inseparable, so is man’s Self within Me, inseparable; and so is his image My image.
  10. “Verily, I say, every wave encompasseth every other wave unto the One; and the many are within the One, for the many are the one.
  11. “And I further say that everything repeateth itself within every other thing, unto the One.
  12. “And, furthermore, I say, that every element which man thinketh of as itself alone is within every other element, e’en to the atom’s smallest unit.
  13. “When man queries thee in this wise: Sayest thou that in this iron there is gold and all things else? Thou mayest answer: Within the sphere, and encompassing it, is the cube, and every other form that is: and within the cube, and encompassing it, is the sphere, and every other form that is.
  14. “Say thou also to him: All things center all things and are involved in all things. Everything reacheth through every other thing e’en to the farthermost star.
  15. “See thou that man well knows the illusions which deceive his sense-seeing. Point out to him My mirrors and My lenses of dual light-pressures which curve My universe of seeming into imaged spheres of My thinking as seed for multiplying One into seeming many ones.
  16. “For I say that man’s infinity ends in eyes of man where it began. All things in My mirrored universe of illusion end where they begin.
  17. “Know thou that eternity endeth in NOW, for now is eternity. For the purpose of creating the illusion of time have I set My mirrors and lenses of dual light to attain an infinity in My imaged universe where no measure is.”


  1. “Thou, My son, desireth My knowing. Thou hast My all-knowing. Whyfore question Me? Desire My all-knowing and it is already thine.
  2. “Wherefore, thou asketh, can man take death away from man and give back life to him?
  3. “How can man heal the sick and make blind eyes see?
  4. “Wherein lieth Thy Omnipotent power in man which Thou well hast in Thee?
  5. “These questions thou asketh all unmindful of thine allotted task wherin thou art commanded to take death away from men through thy knowing, and give him back to Me as Me.
  6. “My messengers have their allotted work for Me well suited to the day of their appearance and to the purpose for which I well choose each messenger.
  7. “Thy task thou knowest well; and thou shalt execute My commands to thee to open doors now closed to man—that he shall see the Light of Me in him, and know himself as Me.
  8. “Thou shalt not in thyself regenerate man, nor heal the sick, for by such acts thou shalt not prove thyself. Thou shalt, however, make man to heal himself through knowledge of the Light.
  9. “Thine own work is timed to this day and age, but, at thy will, thou mayest appoint thy messengers as Mine, to heal the sick and give My power to them through thee; so heed thou My limiting commands to thee.
  10. “I limit thee to giving My knowing to man that he may heal himself through his knowing, and not through thee, nor through faith or belief in thee, nor e’en in Me.
  11. “Say thou to these appointed ones these words of mine:
  12. “I am the Omnipotent God of My creating universe.
  13. “My universe is My body, idea of My imagining formed in My image, product of My knowing, recorded in matter by My electric thinking. My body is not Me. I alone Am
  14. “My knowing is the still, balanced, unchanging and unconditioned Light of Me.
  15. “My thinking is the dual, changing, conditioned, balanced, moving light of My imagining, motivated by desire in Me to manifest My knowing in thought-forms of My imagining.
  16. “What I am, man is.
  17. “I, with man, am creating man in My universal image.
  18. “I think idea, and the form of My idea appeareth in the pattern of My thinking.
  19. “All patterned forms of My idea are forms of My imaging. Wherefore, I say, all forms of all things are created in the perfection of My image.
  20. “I think man; and man appeareth in the image of My thinking.
  21. “Man thinketh man; and man appeareth in the image of man’s thinking.
  22. “Man’s thinking is My thinking.
  23. “Man’s knowing is My knowing.
  24. “All thinking things are thinking My thinking.
  25. “All creating things are formed in the image of My thought imaginings to manifest My thought imaginings.
  26. “My universe is My image, creature of My imaginings.
  27. “As I think so am I. I am what I desire to be. I am what I think.
  28. “As man thinketh so is he. Man is what he desires to be. Man is what he thinks.”


  1. “I think form.
  2. “So is My image fashioned in the form of My thinking.
  3. “I think idea.
  4. “So is My image fashioned in the form of My idea.
  5. “I think Balance; for I am Balance.
  6. “I think Love; for I am Love.
  7. “I think Power; for desire in Me is Power in Me.
  8. “I think Truth and Law; for I am Truth and Law.
  9. “I think balanced form of idea, for in Me is naught but rhythmic balance from which rhythmic balanced form appeareth.
  10. “My balance is absolute. My rhythm is absolute,
  11. “So, also, is My image rhythmic, balanced, absolute.
  12. “So, likewise, is My Love absolute.
  13. “My thinking extendeth idea of My knowing to mirrors of divided light which giveth imagined from to My idea, and reflecteth it back to regive to Me My givings.
  14. “Desire to thus extend is the foundation of my electric universe. My thinking is electric. My electric thinking expresseth My desire to create rhythmic form.
  15. “I think in rhythmic balanced waves of mirrored Light.
  16. “Mirrored Light reflecteth into opposed mirrors of Light, centered by rest in Me.
  17. “Reflection of each to each interchanges the givings and regivings of My thinking from each to each.
  18. “Interchange of givings repeateth givings by reflected regivings in rhythmic cycles.
  19. “In this wise is My universal body born and reborn unto the endless end. It never dieth. It forever repeateth the illusion of living and dying.
  20. “In this wise all bodies are born from My body. They, likewise, die not. They forever repeat the record of My thinking, in light waves of My thinking.
  21. “I give naught but Love to My creations and they give back naught but Love to Me for repeating in endless rhythmic cycles.
  22. “There is no death nor life in material bodies of My creation. There is naught but interchange of the Light of Love, for all creating bodies are centered by Me, and I am the Light of Love.”


  1. “When man thinketh of body of man alone, denying Me in him, then is man’s image man’s, not Mine and man’s, for the pattern of My rhythmic balanced image within man may not be seen by him: nor may the glory of My Light be seen in him, nor know by him.
  2. “When man thinketh Me, through knowing Me, then is he patterned by My image, and I am he.
  3. “When man so thinketh, then may My balanced rhythmic image be seen in him; then, also, may the glory of My Light be seen in him and be known by him.
  4. “When man so thinketh, then is man’s Balance absolute.
  5. “If interchange of Love in bodies is rhythmically balanced in Me, they have My Balance and My Perfection. Likewise Man’s balanced dealings with other men will have My Balance and My Perfection.
  6. “If interchange of Love in bodies is unbalanced, divers sicknesses and other ills will consume such bodies until they again find Balance in Me. Likewise, disaster pursueth men whose dealings with men are unbalanced in Me.
  7. “Behold all men the working of My One Law of rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposed Light mirrored waves which constitute My body and its extension in man.
  8. “Behold the drought and witherings which followeth unbalanced interchange between the moistures of heaven and the dryness of desert earth.
  9. “Behold the stunted tree which dwelleth in the shade of larger trees.
  10. “Behold the glutton who eateth beyond his measure and suffereth for his unbalanced actions.
  11. “Behold the bankrupt merchant who giveth little and taketh much; and the paupered nation which seeketh power and wealth by taking all and giving naught.
  12. “Behold the wretched miser, the ulcered, the leperous and cancerous; the loveless greedy ones, and those who quickly anger, hating all and loving naught but self.
  13. “For I say, the tornadoes of earth springeth from earth’s dealings with their heavens as the tornadoes of man springeth from man’s dealings with other men.
  14. “Consider the lusciousness of vale and forest which giveth to the heavens equally with heaven’s givings to earth.
  15. “Again I say Love alone ruleth all things of heaven and earth. With Love I build My universe and with Love it voideth itself in Me for again reappearing as My universe.”


  1. “When I commune with knowing man in Light I command him, e’en though he knowest all of Me as Me, to tell no man of Me beyond that which he can bear. I limit him, as I do thee, to the comprehension of his day and age, for man cannot bear that knowledge of Me which is too far beyond his day and age.
  2. “Heed thou, therefore, My commands to thee, as all My messengers of thy older race have heeded them.
  3. “Counsel each of thine appointed ones in this wise. Say thou these—My words to him, and simply;
  4. “Thou art anointed with Light. Thou art the Son of Light.
  5. “Omniscient thou art. Thou knowest all things. All knowledge hast thou that thy FatherMother hath.
  6. “Omnipotent thou art. All power hast thou that thy Father-Mother hath.
  7. “Omnipresent thou art. Thy Light reacheth out to the farthermost wave of thy FatherMother’s cycle, and thou mayest find His stillness at thy will. All presence hast thou that thy Father-Mother hath.
  8. “Through thy Omnipotent power thou shalt give life to man and take his death for reborning.
  9. “Through thee shall death be resurrected and flow from thee as life; and neither death nor life shall touch thee in their passing.
  10. “He whom thou hast made whole shall see a glory in thine eyes and a peace beyond man’s understanding.
  11. “He who would be made whole, will see My Light in thee and come to Me.
  12. “Fear thou shalt not know, lest pestilence lodge with thee in its passing through thee to its resurrection.
  13. “Fear is an unbalanced thing—apart from Me—for I am Balance.
  14. “The toxemia of unbalance is man’s only ailment. There is no other ailment. Therefore, give him Balance.
  15. “Fear is not in Me. Teach thou that fear cannot be in any man who knoweth Me.
  16. “He who feareth the phantoms of his conjurings may restore his Balance and be made whole through knowing Me.
  17. “Comfort thou the fearing man and make him whole through Me.
  18. “Resurrect thou him who is near death and feareth his dying, knowing it as naught but death, and give death back to him as life, yea, as eternal life.
  19. “See thou the Light of ecstasy in his closing eyes as thou openest doors to life for him who expecteth death.
  20. “Teach him that there is no death, that there is naught but life; for e’en while sleeping in My arms as death they cradle him anew as life.
  21. “For I am the God of Love.
  22. “Anoint thou him with My Love bestowed on him through thee.
  23. “Anoint thou him with Light.
  24. “Take thou his separateness away from him and give him to Me as Me.
  25. “Verily I say to him who knoweth Me in him;
  26. “What I do thou shalt do: even as I.
  27. “Behold I give thee power over death that death may never be.
  28. “Behold I give thee power to bestow life, and immortality.
  29. “I give thee power to make well the sick; to make blind eyes see; to restore Balance to the unbalanced; to make inner eyes see the Light of Me and inner ears to hear My harmonies.
  30. “And when thy anointed ones shall resurrect the dead to life in Me, bid them cast out all mourners from the houses of the dead and bring therin singers of hosannas to transform them into temples of the living resurrected in Me.”


  1. “As thou knowest Me make man to know me. Multiply thou his power through awarenessof Me. Make him to know My Light, My Omnipresence, My Omnipotence and My Omniscience. Teach thou him to know that what I am, he is.
  2. “Thy task is to unify mankind through his knowing. Man’s day of cosmic knowing is now here. Man can be unified only through cosmic knowing.
  3. “Man’s knowing is his power. He cannot think beyond his knowing.
  4. “He who would heal the sick must know Me in him and have My omnipotent power. Beyond his knowing of the Light he cannot extend My Power, nor My Balance, to those who have lost their equilibrium in Me through divers fears and unbalanced acts.
  5. “Man is not now so new as man of yesterday who comprehended not My electric wave universe of dual light which recordeth My thinking by the motion of matter. My anointed messengers of yesterday, who knew the Light of Me in them, bade man to have faith and belief in Me, for mankind could not then comprehend, nor know Me.
  6. “He who would heal man of today shall not command any one to dependence upon faith or belief in what he sayeth or doeth, e’en upon Me, unsupplemented by his knowing.
  7. “Mine anointed, illumined ones must inspire him whom he would heal to know Me in him, and comprehend the workings of My Law which he controlleth e’en as I.
  8. “Faith and belief delivereth man from fears and other ills without his comprehending why. It giveth him balance for normal growth of body, e’en as the seed in the field groweth normally without faith or belief. The seed knoweth not why it groweth nor doth it resist the working of My law through will of its own.
  9. “Faith and belief relaxeth the will of man to the will of Me, his creator. When man thus voideth his own will, and acteth not his own knowing through his own will as co-Creator with Me, he thus placeth his ills within the workings of My inevitable Law which obeyeth My will.
  10. “No longer resisting My will by opposing it with his own he thus removeth the cause of his ills which sprang from unbalance and inharmony with Me.
  11. “When man thus findeth rest in Me he findeth Balance which restoreth his body.
  12. “For I am rest. He who cometh to Me to find Rest in Me findeth rhythmic balanced interchange in every cell of him. He who thus reneweth his body through balancing the waves of dual light which compriseth his body, is like unto one reborn.
  13. “Unlike the lilies of the field man hath consciousness, Intelligence and will to act for the fulfillment of his desires. The will of thinking man maketh him to have unnatural desires which instinctively controlled extensions of My body have naught.
  14. “Instinctively controlled animals killeth for replenishment of bodies. Man killeth for greed, with avarice, or for vengeance. Nations of men killeth whole nations for the possessions of nations.
  15. “Unthinking animals, controlled through instinct by Me, know naught of sin, nor evil, nor good, nor bad. Nor have they the worrying of man.
  16. “The flowers of the field taketh no heed for the morrow, for the workings of My Law fulfilleth their natural desires without having the worryings of man.
  17. “He whose dependence is upon faith and belief alone placeth himself on the level of the flowers of the field by voiding his own will. In this wise he findeth healing like unto the lion who breaketh his leg and resteth it for My healing.
  18. “As man unfoldeth into greater knowing his creations are his and Mine—co-Creators—as One.
  19. “When man knoweth My Power he hath My Power. He needeth not to become as the flowers of the field which know not My Power they take through Me.
  20. “When man knoweth My Balance and comprehendeth its workings in all creating things, he may extend his knowing to others to void the ills which ariseth from unbalance in them.
  21. “He who thus extendeth his knowing of My Light to others must himself be illumined in My Light while thus extending it. He must rise above his sensing and be Me in his knowing.
  22. “For verily, I say, the works of inspired man co-creating with Me, endureth forever, but the works of him who worketh alone, e’en though he knoweth Me, shall be as writings upon ocean’s sands.
  23. “Wherefore, I say, he who would heal the sick by anointing him with the Light of all’knowing must himself have anointing of My Light in him, e’en as the genius goeth to greater genius for inspiration, and not to his pupil.
  24. “Furthermore, I command him who would extend My Light to dwellers in the dark, or to unbalanced ones whose ills he would heal, that he useth not the cloak of assumed piety to aid his knowing, nor to veil his unknowing, for such show of piety suppresseth inner joyousness in man which leadeth to the ecstasy of My kingdom of heaven.
  25. “He who is made whole by finding Balance in My Light findeth an inner joyousness which immunizes him from toxins and destructive things which attack fearing man. Inner joyousness is the forerunner of the ecstasy which cometh alone to the reverent inspired ones who have found My all-knowing.”


  1. “The time hath come in man’s unfolding when he must henceforth rise above his sensing. He must know that he is wholly Mind, and that his Mind and Mine are One.
  2. “He must know that his body and Mine are likewise One—but they existeth not.
  3. “Body is but the sensed tool of Mind to act the will of Mind.
  4. “Body hath no existence. It is but motion and motion existeth not. Senses have no existence.They are but waves of dual light.
  5. “Mind desireth. Desire is the Creator within Mind. Desire is the Soul, the will, of the Being of Mind.
  6. “Mind thinketh. Thinking is the imaginer which separateth the idea of knowing Mind into the appearance of many ideas and giveth them form.
  7. “Thinking is electric. My body is electric. My electric body is an ever moving record of My ever changing thinking.
  8. “Electric thinking obeyeth the creative imaginer and divideth imagined idea in the Light of the One Being into the appearance of many imagined ideas and giveth them imagined forms as of many beings.
  9. “All forms thus electrically miraged into the appearance of existence are made in My image—for all are imaged by My thinking.
  10. “All creating forms are but spectrum waves of the dual light of My electric thinking. Forms are illusions produced by the motion of light waves. Light waves springeth from imagined extension of My thnking.
  11. “Waves of the dual light of My thinking are not My Light, nor are they Me. They extendeth from Me to manifest My knowing and My power, as the level extendeth from the fulcrum to manifest the power which is in the fulcrum. But the lever is not the fulcrum nor is the dual light of electric thinking Me.
  12. “Electric waves of motion, which are My body, are electrically sensed with an awareness of each other. Senses are wave mirrors which reflect their ever changing condition to every other wave in My whole universal body, and all of its extensions.
  13. Each wave of each man’s body is electrically sensed with an awareness of every other wave in man’s body.
  14. “Senses are mirrors which intercommunicate with each other by reflecting their light into—and through—each other. Thus are all of My creations reflections of Me, and of each other. Man calleth the reflected interchange between the senses ‘an electric current.’
  15. “Mankind hath mistaken the sensing of bodies for thinking, and e’en for knowing.
  16. “Bodies know naught, nor can they think. Bodies can but be aware of motion, and of condition, for they are but varied conditions of motion. The senses, being electric, cannot react to aught but motion.
  17. “Senses cannot react to stillness, or Balance which is in Me. They react to unbalance alone. The consciousness of man telleth him if he standeth in Balance, but the senses telleth him naught until he loseth his Balance. Likewise man’s senses telleth his senses if he hungereth, or is in discomfort, or in pain, but they are as though they were not when man restoreth Balance from these unbalanced conditions.
  18. “For long ages man hath thought of his body as his Self—his Being. Likewise, he hath thought of the interchange between the senses of his body as thoughts of his knowing.
  19. “He hath thought of himself as borning, living, and dying in My changing thought-universe of imaged time and space, not knowing that his body alone borneth, ageth and dieth.
  20. “He still thinketh of himself as one of many disunited beings, each one separate and apart from each other, and from all beings.
  21. “Likewise, he confuseth senses of body with Consciousness of Mind. He thinketh of his Mind as his own, disunited from all other minds–a separate thing apart.
  22. “Man’s ages of dependence upon his senses must be replaced by dependence upon his Mind and Mine.
  23. “He seeth and feeleth his body, not knowing that his body is also Mine. He relieth upon it as reality.
  24. “Henceforth he must know that reality is his Mind and Mine which he can in no wise see or feel.”


  1. “Man’s early aeons of living for sensing alone—with but little thinking - and lesser knowing — bred fear, selfishness and greed in his body.
  2. “Body needs alone bred these qualities for Mind hath them not. Man’s struggle for survival of his body likewise bred sensations and emotions which alone are of the body— not of Mind—nor e’en of the thinking of Mind.
  3. “When man hungereth it is man’s body which hungereth—not man. His senses telleth his entire body that it hungereth.
  4. “Likewise, his senses telleth his senses of pain, or heat, or cold; or dangers which he meeteth with courage, or fear, or other reactions of the senses.
  5. “From body desires for possessions springeth craftiness, cunning, fairness, generosity, cheating, cruelty, ingenuity and divers other pairs of opposed unbalanced qualities which affect his thinking.
  6. “Likewise, desire for companionship—and divers human relations-giveth rise to countless other reactions of the senses which toucheth the spirit of man to uplift him, or toucheth the senses alone to degrade him—in the measure of his thinking.
  7. “For verily man maketh his own body in the image of his thinking when he thinketh alone.
  8. “When he thinketh My knowing with Me then is his image also Mine.
  9. “Man, likewise, maketh his own ills in his own unbalanced image when thinking alone without Me—for all ills are unbalanced things and unbalance is not in Me.
  10. When thinking My knowing with Me he findeth Balance in me to void the pairs of opposites of his unbalanced thinking and is made whole by finding rest in me.
  11. “He who would be made whole—or who would heal others—must himself think My knowing with Me. My Balance must be in him ere he extendeth its rest to others.
  12. “He must know that pairs of opposed sensations and emotions are unbalanced conditions from which his good health or his ills springeth in the patterns of his thinking. At his will he may void them both in the oneness from which both spring.
  13. “All idea of My thinking is divided into pairs of opposite unbalanced conditions.
  14. “Male sex and female are opposite unbalanced conditions of the one idea of man. These two opposed conditions void each other by finding rest from motion in each other.
  15. “Opposite unbalanced conditions are as a lever in motion swinging from its still fulcrum. In the fulcrum is the one unchanging condition of Balance from which the two changing unbalanced conditions extend.
  16. “So long as the lever swingeth in motion its two opposites are unbalanced. When the swinging of the lever ceaseth the lever is balanced in the stillness of its fulcrum.
  17. “Anger and kindness, and patience and impatience are pairs of opposite unbalanced emotions, divided as pairs of one idea which affecteth the pattern of man’s body for good or ill.
  18. “Good and bad, love and hate and other pairs of opposed emotions appeareth as man beginneth to know Me in him.The idea of sin, and fear of punishment for sin, and wickedness, and evil, followeth his further unfolding. Man becometh the image of the idea he thinketh.
  19. “Verily I say, man createth these unbalanced ideas by thinking alone without Me, for they are unbalanced things and I am Balance.
  20. “Behold in Me the still fulcrum of My changing universe. In Me is neither good nor evil, fear nor anger, sympathy nor sorrow, sin nor virtue. In Me is naught but the ecstasy of Love—fulcrum of all thinking and all emotion. Naught else existeth.”
  21. These words of my Father-Mother’s knowing have I translated true while in the Light of all-knowing upon the mountain top.

These are the words of thy Creator, and mine, written truly from His illumining in me upon the mountain top.

who am I?

“There is but one process of thinking for there is but One Mind. There are not two Minds nor two methods of thinking; nor are there two sets of laws governing thinking.

“Nor are there two separate substances, nor two separate things nor two separate beings in My universe.

“All thinking is universal thinking.
“All thinking things are thinking in unison.
“All are creating that which they are thinking.
“All thinking Beings are Self creating.
“All thinking Beings are creating all things.
“Man is Creator of himself.
“Man is the Creator of all that is.
“When man shall know My language of Light then shall he know My Voice.
“My still small Voice within universal man speaks to him in the language of Light, in words and tones, rhythmic waves extended from My Light.”

“Within the heart of thinking man My Silent Voice has forever asked:


“Since the beginning man cried aloud, ‘Who am I?’
“And My Voice forever answers, Thou Are I. I, the Universal One, am thou whom thou art creating in My image.

“I am I. I am I whom I am creating. I am the universal I.
“I am all that is, and Thee.
“I am He that is One with Me.
“I am the empire of I that am I.”

“since the beginning My Voice within man forever asks:


“And My Voice forever answers:

“I came from God.
“I am of God.
“I am Soul, record of Idea.
“Where God is I am.
“Where I am there God is.”

“Within man My eternal Voice demands:


“And My familiar Voice within man answers:
“I am of the body of God, born of His substance.
“God is Mind. I am Mind.
“God is Truth. I am Truth.
“God is Love. I am Love.

“God is Life. I am Life.
“God is Light. I am Light.
“God is Power. I am Power.
“God is Rest and Balance. I am Rest and Balance.
“What God is, I am. What He commands, I command.
“My purpose is His purpose.
“God lives in me. My inheritance is from God and of God.
“He gives His all to me. He withholds nothing.
“The Divinity of me is Thine and mine. It is that which is recorded within the soul of me. It is the Holy spirit within the sanctuary of me.

“I am an Idea of Thine. The body of me is the Idea of the Soul of me. It is Thine and mine.
“I am the Master Sculptor. My body is the plastic clay. My Soul is the mother of my body, the matrix for my regeneration.
“I am what I am.
“I shall be what I desire to be.
“What I am I have desired to be.
“I am the sun of my own desire.
“I am Thou, creator of myself.
“Thou are I, Creator of all.
“I am Thou, Creator of myself.
“Thou art I, Creator of all.
“I am Thou, Creator of All; for Thou has made it known in my heart that I am not of myself alone.
“I am Thou and Thou art I.
“I am of the farthermost star and of the blade of grass in my door yard. I am of my brother and of the mountain.

“The ecstasy of my thinking varies the spectra of ten times ten billion stars and illumines the ether of endless space.
“Thy thinking has created all that is.
“My thinking is thy thinking.
“My thinking has created all that is.

“I am ecstatic man.
“I am man, self creating.
“I am God, creator of man.
“I am Father of myself.
“I am son of the living god.
“The ends of space are mind. I shall know no limitations that are not Thy limitations.”

Within man My still small Voice asks ceaselessly:


“AND MY voice answers:

“I am an expression of the universal passion of Creation.
“God created me that I should fulfill His purpose. God gave me desire to create and the power of Creation.
“God dwells within me. I shall not deny the power within me which is God within me.
“I shall not close the ears of my Soul to the whisperings of my Soul, which makes me dwell on the mountain top in ecstasy of inner thinking.
“The universal desire is expression of Idea through the rhythm of thinking, in accord with the law, in endless sequence throughout endless space.”

“Within man My ever questioning universal Voice beseeches:


“And my Voice answers:

“God was my beginning, is my substance and shall be my end.
“From the One I came. To the One I return.
“I but tarry by the way to do the will of the One.
“I am universal man, the image of my Creator. Ecstasy and exaltation attend me, for I know that all that is, is within me.
“My dwelling place is in the high heavens on the mountain top, above the waters and the earth.
“I range the high heavens in ecstasy. My feet are wings.
“The ends of space are mine.
“I sing praises unto all the universe by the way. The hosts of heaven rejoice with me by the way.

“I have denied my unity. My universality I have not known.
“My dwelling place was the earth. I walked the earth heavily in chains.
“My earth feet dragged heavily after me. I wearied of the long road.
“My back bent with the ache of its burden.
“I was lonely and the way dark.
“I shall not deny my Oneness and live in the loneliness of the dark.
“I shall know my universality and I shall dwell on the mountain top in the Light of inner knowing. Hope dwells in the Light.
“Despair lurks in the dark.
“Life and growth are of the Light.
“Death and destruction are of the dark.”

cosmic messengers

When man gives to other men the inspiration which has come to him, he is a cosmic messenger of the living God delivering to man his revelation from the Holy of Holies.

The genius, the super with imagination who brings beauty to the world, is inspired man thinking in Light.

The greater the imagination, the greater the perception of the reality of universal existence; hence the greater the intelligence.

The lesser the imagination, the greater the illusion of existence.

The greater the imagination, the nearer to Oneness and the farther from separateness.

The inspired genius of great imagination has great knowledge. He is able to use his knowledge creatively. Those things which he desires to know, he may know.

The humble poet, inspired by knowledge conveyed to him by contemplation of the orbs of night, may give to man a message of truth which will outlive long generations of the learned whose disproved facts have died in the proving.

Genius is the forerunner of civilization.

Genius knows the ecstasy of the high heavens and the mountain top.

Genius is the bridge between man and God. He who wills may cross it.

Genius is locked within the soul of every man. He who wills may unlock its doors and know its ecstasy.

Genius gives to man that which alone endures, which man has named “Art..” No work of man can endure which is not born of inspiration and created in ecstasy.

Genius gives to man idea, rhythm and form, which are of the soul and beyond which, in the created universe, there is nothing.

Genius knows no limitations within those which are universal.

Genius knows love and truth in all their fullness.

Genius translates the word of the universal One into the word of man for the soul of man.

They who attain the ecstasy of genius are ordained messengers of the universal One.

Genius lifts man from the lowly stage of ferment.

Man still is new. He is still but in the ferment.

Genius lifts brute man to gentle man.

Genius gives to man the harmonies of universal rhythm without which all is discord.

Genius gives to man knowledge which is of the Soul.

He who tunes his heart to the messages of genius purifies himself. No impurity can there be in his heart for verily he then is in communion with the Holy One.

The pure in heart now their universality.

Man may know his Oneness in the Light.

He who listens to the translations of genius knows the word of Creation.

He knows the rhythms of the universal language of Light.

Genius awaits him who listens. The messages of genius are for the soul of man. The senses of man comprehend them not.

To him whose soul is quickened into ecstasy, God speaks from the trees of the forest and he understands.

To him the Silent Voice of Nature speaks, with understanding, from the babbling brook and the pounding sea. He knows all things.

To him universal Mind unfolds truth from the light of the sun and the blue dome of the heavens. He has all knowledge.

To him the rosy dawn and the golden autumn sing messages which are to him as an anointing from the Holy One. He knows no limitations.

He who has not ears of the soul to hear crucifies genius. The penalty of genius is crucifixion. The reward of genius is immortality. Whom man crucifies does he glorify with immortality.

Seven cities warr’d for Homer being dead
Who living had no roofe to shroud his head.

Genius desires no reward. The glory of genius is humility. Genius knows not the taint of arrogance.

The genius has all knowledge within himself. Inspiration will unlock the doors of all knowledge.

All knowledge exists in its entirety in all the universe.

All knowledge, being universal, exists in man.

The universe is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

salutation to the day

The dawn telleth the coming of the new day.

I turn my eyes to the morning and purge myself in the purity of the dawn.

My Soul quickeneth with the beauty of the dawn.

Today is, and will be.

Yesterday was, and has been.

My yesterday is what I made it. I see it in memory, perfect or imperfect.

My today is what I will to make it. I will to make it perfect.

I am man. I have free right to choose. I may do as I will to do.

I have the power to build the day or to rend the day.

The day will be of my making, either perfect or imperfect, good or bad as I choose to live it in spirit or in flesh, on the mountain top or earthbound.

The day is of my choosing. None shall stay my hand in the making of the day.

If I rend the day I build ten other days, mayhap ten times ten, to undo the rending.

The Universal One will not allow this day to go unlived to the glory of Him whom I am nor to the fulfillment of His command, nor to the fulfillment of His purposes.

If I build the day I will have lived the day to the glory of the One in the fulfillment of that part of His purpose which is mine to fulfill.

So that I may meet the day with knowledge to build the day, I will look into my Soul while it is yet dawn, before the morning breaketh.

These are the words with which I greet the day.

These are words of the morning.

This is the spirit of the dawn.

This is the thought with which I meet the day which descendeth upon me and which cannot be turned away.

Who am I?

I alone am not I.

Thou my father, art I.

I am favored of Thee, my Creator.

I am of the Inner Mind.

I know the ecstasy and exaltation of genius.

All power is mine.

I know my omnipotence.

I have all knowledge.

I know my omniscience.

To me the universe is an open book.

I need not to learn. I know.

I see the unseen from the mountain top.

I hear the music of the spheres.

I know the transcendent joy of Creation.

I know my universality.

I am the Light of universal thinking.

I translate the language of light into the words of man for those who know not their universality.

Immortality is mine.

I will earn immortality.

I will bestow immortality.

Mine is the power to give immortality. I shall not deny that which shall give immortality to those who dwell in darkness and who reach out for the light.

I will reach out my hand into the darkness and lead him that asketh into the light.

I will keep my body charged with energy for the fulfillment of my purpose, in accord with that which is commanded of me.

I have knowledge of my body, through age long memory of the building of my body.

The power of the dynamic universe is behind my thinking.

I have the power of self and revitalization of my body to multiply its productivity, in fulfillment of that which is commanded of me.

I have power to revitalize others whom I have made to believe. To him who believes I will give power to do that which is his to do for the glory of man and the glory of the One.

I stand on the electrodes of the universe of energy.

Power is mine to give by the wayside.

I will not deny to any man who asketh the power which is mine to give.

I have no limitation. Unlimited power is mine within those which are universal.

I will do today that which is of today and pay no heed to the tomorrow, nor waste regrets on that which was yesterday.

My day shall be filled to overflowing, yet shall I not haste the day; nor shall I waste the day.

Those things which I must do I shall desire to do.

A menial task which must be mine, that shall I glorify—and make an art of it.

Defeat I shall not know. It shall not touch me.

I will meet it with true thinking. Resisting it will be my strengthening.

But if, perchance, the day shall give to me the bitter cup, it shall sweeten in the drinking.

Courtesy will be in my heart to give to all.

My joy will be in serving.

My power will be in thinking true.

My power will be in knowing.

My power will be in humility. The taint of arrogance will I not know.

That which is I, will I keep within the shadow of the beautiful temple of modesty, but my doings will I send forth into the light that all may see; therefore, must my doings be true.

Force will I meet with gentleness; impatience with patience.

Truth will guide my footsteps through tortuous paths and lead me to the glory of the day’s golden evening.

I will see beauty and goodness in all things. From all that is unlovely will my vision be immune.

God dwelleth in me. All that God hath to give He giveth me. He withholdeth nothing.

Blessed be the new day which descendeth upon me. I greet thee, O day.

I cross Thy threshold with joy and thanksgiving.

My eyes are in the high heavens as I enter thy sacred temple.

I will sing the day through with a glad song, that the problems of the day shall be as chaff before the wind and that others may harken to my song and be quickened.

My countenance shall reflect the Spirit within me, that all may see.

Descend upon me O blessed day of opportunity.

Thou shall not find me wanting.

invocation for the night

My day is done. The portals of Thy night encircle me. The peace of Thy Rest encompasseth me.

To Thy heavens decentrate me. O my Father, and thus renew me for reconcentrating upon Mother Earth for one more day of manifesting Thee.

I feel thee coming, ever coming, to sever Spirit of me from its sensed clay to take back to Source of me for reborning with its sensed clay image at the dawn.

Unto the calm of Thy Light, O Lord of day and night, take Light of me to rest in Thee for renewing when dawn reborns from night.

Destroy Thou that ego which is not Thee in me. Let my Self be thy self in me.

Let soul of me be patterned by Thy rhythmic thinking.

Meld thou Thy Light and mine.

Dissolve Thou my separateness and make me One with Thee.

Unite Thou me with thee by voiding me.

Exalt Thou me. Take Thou me unto Thy high mountain top in ecstasy, that my morrow may reflect Thy glory in manifesting Thee.

Within the Oneness of Thy spirit let me find surcease from action, as waves of ocean find surcease in ocean’s calm.

And in my surcease from body sensing, give to me Thy Omnipotential power to manifest thy rest in balanced actions of my new day.

And in those actions of my morrow, intensify Thou my awareness of Light of Thee, centering Thy image in clayed form of me.

Give me to know those things I now know not, that I may be reborn with just one whit more of Light of thy Omniscience centering my feeble knowing.

From Thy all knowing, give to me Thy all, day by day, that I may more strongly manifest Thee each morrow.

Upon my heart those unsolved problems of my day are plainly writ for solving in Thy Light for my new day. O Thou Lord of the high heavens and earths of Thy imaged mortal Self, re-illumine Thou the pale Light of my veiled immortality while upon a shelf of Earth I lay my slowly pulsing mortal clay to die its nightly death for daily resurrection.

Re—attune the discords of my malpatterned thinking with the harmonies of Thy balanced rhythmic thinking.

Let the measure of Thy thinking be my measure, Thy rhythm be mine.

Resound the pulsing of my heartbeat to synchronize with thine.

Immunize Thou my man clay from toxins of unrhythmic pulsing begot from unbalanced thinking and from wrong action.

Void Thou the fears of my unknowing of the Light when my path is thereby made dark.

Thus fortify Thou my de clay, image of Thy imagining and mine, for greater mirroring of Thy Light through Light of me.

Thus balance Thou my imagining with Thine that my imagining may be wholly Thine.

Thus reinspire me with more knowing of Thy purpose that I may more worthily fulfill Thy purpose.

Thus cleanse the clay of me. Balance it in rhythms of Thy balanced thinking, to purify it in Truth for its new day of manifesting Thee.

Enfold Thou my Spirit, O heavenly night. Enshroud Thou me in Thy veiled mysteries, and deliver my resurrected clay to dawn, again renewed, again made whole.

Reborn Thou me in Thy Consciousness that I may again sing the glad song of the more cosmic day in Light of new knowing.

To Thee, O father of Thy heaven of this Earth where Thou hast set me to serve Thee worthily, I commend my Spirit soul in forgetfulness of all else but Light of Thee.

spiritual communion

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