the fifth kingdom man

by Dr. Walter Russell

Adapted from a talk given by Dr. Walter Russell in 1946

The University of Science and Philosophy
Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 1991

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"Man is ever searching for his divine Self
and in thus searching he will some day find
his Self and God as ONE."

"When we use the term SELF as applied to
man, we mean the divine spark of God-
awareness which severs the physical body
from the cosmic Light of Mind.
The discovery of one's Self, therefore, means the
discovery of one's divinity which unites
man with God."

- Walter Russell


I am, indeed, overjoyed to be with you. I feel the responsibility of being a worthy messenger very heavily upon me. However, I feel that the responsibility is yours, also, as great as it is mine in spreading this Message in our coming new age when man is bent on self-destruction, and can only be saved from that self-destruction by new comprehension.

There are times that come in the cycles of man in which he, himself, punishes himself for breaches of the law, such as we have just done by sowing the seeds of hate, fear, greed and selfishness, which have brought these wars upon us, this empire building, this taking of one country by another, this exploitation of man by man – sensed-man, animal-man, man not yet come to his kingdom; man not yet aware of the Spirit within him; man still too near the jungle in his journey from his beginning in the jungle to the mountaintop where all men will know God in them, on the mountaintop where the Spirit awakens and man is transformed from animal-man to God-man. The journey is a long one, and it is a hard one. It is one that we must now understand. We must comprehend it because we are beginning a new cycle. And in that new cycle I am the messenger of God, sent and prepared for this new cycle to give the message which will save man from self-destruction.

Tonight I am going to talk to you about man that you may have a better comprehension of him-Fifth Kingdom Man–man far from his beginning, far from his jungle, millions of years from his jungle, but countless millions of years from the mountaintop still to come. For the text of my talk tonight, I am going to read from The Divine Iliad and The Secret of Light.

The Divine Iliad is an inspired message that cannot be published in its fullness yet. As much of it as can be given to man year by year will be given. And in this book, The Secret of Light, which is the first part of the Message that will make man know man better, before each chapter is a page or two of The Divine Iliad Message, that which can now be printed. As my text for tonight's talk, I will read to you these words:

“I am the One Whole, the ALL.

“Glorify thou Me, the One Whom I am, for I am ALL, and no other is.

“I, the sexless One, am Unity.

“What I am, thou art, for thou art Me; thou art the Whole.

“Glorify thou thy Self, for in so doing thou art glorifying Me.

“I, the One Whole, am knowing-Mind. I exist to think. All thinking is Light of my knowing but My thinking is not Me.

“I am Creator, creating with My thinking.

“Out of My Light of knowing are My two lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of opposites.

“Mind thinks Mind-knowing. Mind exists to think.

“To think is to create. I create with Light. Nothing is which is not Light.

“I, with man, am creating man in my image.

“What I am, Man is.

“I think, and all things appear in the image of my thinking.

“I think man, and man appears in the image of my thinking.

“Man thinks man, and man appears in the image of man's thinking.

“Man's thinking is My thinking.

“I think idea. Light registers My idea in the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form is born in the image of My thinking.

“Form has no existence, nor have My imaginings. These exist not, for they are not Me. I alone exist; I, the ALL.

“I create my imaged body with the inbreathing of My pulsing universe of Me.

“My universe is My image; but My linage is not Me.

“All things are My image, but they are not Me, e'en though I am in them and they in me.”

- from “The Divine Iliad

the beginning of man

Let us go back to the beginning of man. Millions of years ago, in the primeval ooze of this forming planet which had just come to that portion of its evolution in which water and oxygen and colloidal substances were possible, after the minerals and the vegetables of the First and Second Kingdoms had come, and the Third Kingdom of the animal had come, then the Fourth Kingdom came and man

appeared as a little single cell in the wet, moist ooze somewhere on the shores of seas–that was man in his beginning, millions of years ago, man pulsing with the polarity of the light of the sun, the

Father light of the sun and the Mother light of earth pulsing with the heartbeat of the universe, a little microscopic single cell. And yet that was man, and in that single cell was the whole of man, the whole idea of man as yet unfolded. Just as the entire oak is in the seed of the oak unfolded, so was the whole of man and the idea of man in God –God's idea of man– in that seed, in that little cell, unfolded.

And in that cell was one thing that is in everything –that is in it now and always will be– desire. Desire to be a bigger cell, desire to unfold and refold. And desire was in God.

God has two desires: the desire to unfold His creations to give them form and set them into action; and the other desire is to refold His forms and take them back to Him for rest and resurrection so that they may repeat their action. That is the basis of the entirety of creation–the two desires of God, to act, to create, and to take back for re-creation. That is why God divided everything into pairs of opposites: the desire to express action, the desire to separate from Oneness, God's Oneness desiring to be manifested as many ones—the idea of separation and action; and the desire for return to rest from which that action sprang for the purpose of repeating the action in cycles, countless millions of cycles of action and rest, in-breathing, out-breathing; the pulse beat of the universe; the heartbeat of all things pulsing in all things to manifest life in action and reaction from the stillness of God's One Light in which there is no action and reaction. Desire in God, in the Still Light, desire.

Given to all His creation – desire. And in that single cell is desire to be a double cell- -a desire to unfold in the pattern of man —unfold to manifest the idea of the intent of the Creator in manifesting the man-idea.

the fourth kingdom

And so the Fourth Kingdom came into being – man – for millions of years going through his animal stage into the human stage, all the time desiring and searching for something he knew not what, something intangible. All the time unfolding into form in each cycle, adding to the body, and after a million years or two million or five, now we have a man with arms and legs and eyes in the form and the image of man. But an animal of the jungle of the Fourth Kingdom, instinctive man, not knowing God. During all this time man could create nothing; he was animal-man. He had no knowing in him, no Spirit, no awareness of the Spirit in him. He didn't know enough even to pick up a club and use it.

the coming of god awareness

Then came the time when an awareness came to man, the awareness of God in him, the first suspicion of his high inheritance, and from that moment animal-man became human, animal-man became aware of God in him; he began to think; he began to reason; he had taken God in him to some extent, and to that little extent he became co-Creator with God. He invented the flame, the wheel, the boat, the sail for his boat, with the intelligence of the awareness of God in him. Yet he knew not God in him. He knew not what God was in him. Fear was still in that man, fear of the jungle, fear of the avalanche, fear of everything. Fear was his lot. He had been brought up on fear.

That was all he could think of – fear. And the God of his imaginings was a god of fear, an avenging god. It must be superior to him. He looked for his god. He searched high and low. In the heavens he worshipped the sun. He made images. He made idols, anything to worship, something outside of himself because he wanted to know God. He wanted that deity that he suspected back in those early days.

And the ages went by. And only six thousand years ago, the dawn of consciousness. Only six thousand years out of the millions of years ago, the dawn of consciousness came to man, and he became so fully aware of God in him and the need for Him that God on high in His high heaven, always fulfilling man's desire, sent messengers of an older race to tell him of God. And that lifted man a little higher.

For three thousand years man's awareness of God in him grew, but he still was the animal, he still killed, he still remembered his jungle days, he still was the brute man – but with the saving grace of the beginning of God in him.

And another three thousand years went by, and the time came like this when there were wars, and man suffered. He was chastened just as we have now been. Man has been sowing the seed and he wondered what it was all about. Is there a God? Which one of the Gods was the right one? He wanted to know. He worshipped many.

god sends a messenger

And God again sent a messenger. He sent Moses whom He had prepared with all-knowing. He took Moses upon a high mountain and there revealed to him the secrets of creation. And He said:

Go thou among thy people and teach them the Law. This, my message, you shall give to man to lift him a little higher.

And Moses went and taught the Law. And he fulfilled his message and became a worthy messenger, for Moses had been taken out of his body, had been taken away from the sensed existence into the universe of knowing, into the kingdom of Heaven, and prepared with all-knowing that he might save mankind from the then threatened self-destruction in that period, and bring them to a higher stage in their evolution. And he did. And that was the beginning of the last cycle.

the fifth kingdom man

And there were other messengers prepared, likewise, with the illumination of cosmic consciousness; with the transfiguration of all-knowing which characterizes man of the Fifth Kingdom. The man of the Fifth Kingdom is he who knows God in him.

Then Jesus came, the one man in all history who has had the full cosmic conscious illumination; the one man out of the countless millions of men who has had that illumination which happens to the rare few, and happens only ahead of its time, for all men are being transformed from moment to moment, illumined from moment to moment with the Light – all of us are. But when God needs a messenger to lift men higher, He fully illumines one and sends him among men to give a message to save man, and to be crucified on the cross, perhaps, and probably; but man is uplifted thereby, and comes farther out of his jungle and farther into the Light of his mountaintop.

Isaiah and Buddha and Mohammed appeared to their people illumined likewise by God, prepared likewise as messengers to uplift them in their periods of distress. And Paul and Laotzu and Confucius, and that unknown author of The Bhagavad-Gita, all were prepared for the purpose of uplifting man and bringing him to a higher level of civilization.

Now what is this thing that happens to such men as Jesus and Paul and Moses? Buddha was so often asked what it was, and he said, “I never can tell.”

Jesus was asked, “Tell us where this Light is; where is this Light that we may go and find it?” And Jesus said: “Behold, it is within you. The kingdom of heaven is within you.” –You do not need to go and find it.

The great philosophers have sought it. The world has been seeking it, and the world in seeking it is seeking for one thing –God– and not knowing where to find Him. They think they find God when they find the messenger, and call the messenger God and put him upon a pedestal and worship the messenger.

Still they cannot see God. God cannot be seen but God can be known. A man's body can be seen, and many there are who are not satisfied with knowing God but must see God, and insist that they see God. So they see God in the messenger, and that is wonderful because that is a step in the direction of knowing God. We can see the universal body of God just as we can see the body of man. But we cannot see man; we can know man. We cannot see God, but we can know God.

cosmic consciousness

In all history there have been but thirty-seven recorded cases of cosmic consciousness. By “cosmic consciousness” we mean taking a man away from his body, from his sensed body, into the universe of knowing. That's what it is. It is indescribable what happens. You know that happened to me, and

I cannot describe it. It is indescribable! The ecstasy of it is indescribable – the idea that you slip suddenly from sensing, from a body of sensing into Mind-knowing, into Omniscience and Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the Light, knowing the Light and knowing all that is, timelessly.

That has happened, as I say, in some thirty-seven cases, but there were only three of those in all history who have had full cosmic consciousness, or nearly full cosmic consciousness approaching the full cosmic consciousness of Jesus. Moses, yes; I think Buddha came next. And not since then until now, when this world is in a worse condition than it has ever been.

Man living a material existence has gone forward with his reasoning powers, with his material senses, and with his powers of observation. He has reasoned and thought and observed and gathered information by means of which he has, in the last two hundred years, done incalculable things. He built a new world. He has made new tools of destruction and construction. He has discovered electricity and what electricity will do. He has made marvelous strides in chemistry. He has conquered the air – man can fly, the miracle of flying. That which man never could do, he is now doing. Radar, television, one thing after another has given man a power to use materially, a power for his senses to use in semi-consciousness, and through his senses and his sensations and his material life he has gone ahead of the advancement of his Spiritual nature.

His search for God has fallen behind his search for material power. He has built empires upon the life and blood of countless thousands of other men. He has lived a life of selfishness and greed. He has lived by the sword and has died by the sword. He has gotten himself into a most dangerous position.

And God anticipated this because he knows the plan of things. And He said, “I will send another messenger – other messengers.”

preparation for serving mankind

And at seven years of age I began being prepared for that service to mankind, to be given that knowing. And my life has been guarded for that purpose. I have been kept away from books, I have been kept away from all sources of acquiring useless information. I have been given the power of knowing that which I wished to know and then commanded to demonstrate it by living a life. But the time came when I should declare myself as a worthy messenger, having back of me a background of manifesting that which I am preaching.

And twenty-five years ago, God took me up onto a high mountain and made all those obscure years since I was seven plain, and gave me all-knowing for the purpose of saving man now in this desperate time of his need. And lest there be men among you who say that to declare one's self a messenger of God, to have been prepared as Moses or Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha was prepared, is to invite martyrdom, criticism, crucifixion, God said to me:

“I will give you a sign by means of which you will be an authority that man must believe, and man must know that you are a messenger of the new age.”

And for the first time in these twenty-five years, I am going to give you that authority tonight. I am going to read it to you in God's own words to me. I am doing it because the need of the new age is great. I am doing it because I, myself, must be a worthy messenger and accept the responsibility. I am doing it because you must comprehend and understand that you are messengers, too, that you must spread this among the legions of men. This message must go out throughout the world. I shall read to you these words from The Divine Iliad which are the words of my preparation:

“God, thy Father-Mother and mine, took me up into the high heavens above the mountaintop and there revealed to me the secret of His creating universe, and its Source in Light of Him, the One Divine Universal Being. He made me to see it all as one, One Whole.

“In the ecstasy and exaltation of the high heavens it was given me to know the oneness of all creating things and the sublime simplicity of Creation's processes.

“In rapture of Mind, beyond the power of man to comprehend, the universal Source of all things opened the doors of my consciousness to the Light of all-knowing. Knowing naught of the cosmos before my illumining I then knew all, and timelessly.

“On the mountaintop a comprehensible God of Light made known to me those things which man has not yet known as a sign that I am another messenger of the Light, newly anointed with the Light to save unfolding man at this new dawn.

“In the rhythms of God's word of Creation I recollected within the conscious Self of me the omniscient knowing of the universal One.

“The heavens were illumined with living fire and the stars sang glad songs in my heart at the time of my anointing.

“Within the Self of me I heard God's Voice commanding me to go forth at my appointed day and give to man that needed knowing for his coming day.

“And that appointed day is the 19th, in the month of May, in the year of 1946, being five and twenty years from this day.”

I cannot read all of this as I go but, briefly, in these pages is the full story of the war and the need for finishing the war, the cessation of blood and carnage which would take place before May, 1946; and I was commanded to keep silent with the exception of rehearsals in preparation for that day, but not to declare my messengership.

“These are the words of my commanding while in the Light.

“Go thou' into all the world, and to all nations bear once more to man the priceless gift of eternal life, omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence which is in man when he knows his Self in Me.

“And I command that thou shall make man to know Me in him.

“And thou shall prepare the way for the new age of ecstatic man who will soon come through his new knowing, and thou shalt inspire in him his new knowing through thy new knowing.

“Ecstatic man to come is inspired man who has added beauty to his knowing.

“Ecstatic man is he who knows My law and thinks My rhythms of heaven and earth into his actions.

“Ecstatic man is cosmic man who becomes Me by knowing me in him.

“Go thou in all humility; and heed not thy crucifixion in the hearts of ten times ten million men.”

And in this which follows you will see how God anticipated the need that a messenger sent at this time should have proof to come among enlightened men of this day and stand before all men and be able to speak with the voice of authority. And this is the answer:

“He who comes to man bearing inspired knowledge from his God does man crucify. I give to thee, therefore, a sign that thy message is from the God of man. By this sign shall man know that thou hast seen the God of man face to face. By this sign shall man know that the Universal One hath bestowed upon thee immortality of life eternal through thy knowing, and the power to bestow immortality of life eternal upon any man whom thou shalt reinspire with thy knowing.

“Crucifixion awaits all inspired messengers of the Light.

“Truth lives beyond the crucifixion.

“All men who know not Me in them are idolators. They build their god in their own image and cherish their own imaged idols above Me.

“To tear down the self-imaged idols of man and open the doors which lead to eternal life in the knowledge of the Light of Me, Father-Mother Creator of all things, shall be thy work to do. Go thou and end this babel of tongues of many religions, and bring to men the one religion of the God of love he has been seeking and never has yet found.

“Also shall it be thy work to teach to man the many extensions of My One Universal Law by which e'en I am as well bound as man, and planet, and majestic galaxy.

“Lest thou be harshly judged by man at his new dawning day, I give to thee a sign whereby thou canst prove thyself to man. This I do lest thou fail to give My gift of the Light to man at his new day when he so sorely needs the Light.

“Thy sign will be a dynamic answer in cause of all his unanswered questions concerning effect, of which he knows not the cause.

“All knowledge hast thou in the Light that I, thy Father-Mother have.

“All men may have all-knowing when they desire all-knowing.

“All men may have all-power when they obey My One Law through their all-knowing.

“Thy sign shall be in thine own all-knowing.

“Thou, to whom the sciences of man are as though they were not, shall henceforth be master of all science. To thee all scientists will come for knowledge of My law. Old laws shalt thou destroy and resurrect them to Truth in Me.

“Thou to whom the laboratory of the chemist is as another world, shall henceforth be master chemist. To thee all chemists will listen with reverent attention.

“New working charts of their elements shalt thou make for them based upon the wave principle which records electric thinking.

“Thou who hast never seen the stars of heaven save through thine adoring eyes, knowing
naught of them, shall know the stars beyond all men.

“The mysteries of this solar system shalt thou clarify in the Light of thy new knowing.

“Thou to whom dimension is an odious word shall henceforth be master of dimension.

“Thou shalt give to man the master-key of mathematics as thou knowest it in wave fields of dual light, and of geometry as thou knowest it in the curvature of space.

“Universal Force shalt thou give to man through his new knowing; for thou art universal force through thy new knowing.

“Power shalt thou give to man to ease his burden of heavy labor.

“The sun have I given to labor for man and all things of My imagining; yet man still labors without knowing the needlessness of his own hard labor.

“Vast energy is locked within the stables of the sun awaiting man's harnessing when he but knows how to control that energy.

“The mystery of the sun's source of increasing energy shalt thou unfold.

“The structure of the atom shalt thou reconstruct as thou known sl it in the wave.

“Thus by thy sign shalt thou prove thyself, for man will make a new world of thy knowing.”

These words said my Father-Mother to me in the Light upon the mountaintop.

- from “The Divine Iliad

the simplest story in the world but the hardest to tell

Twenty-five years ago that was written down. Twenty-five years have been given to the most intense preparation for telling the simplest story in the world–but which is the hardest to tell. The simplest story in the world really is what God is, and it is the hardest to tell. The simplest story is the story of the underlying principle by means of which He creates His universe, and it is the hardest to tell. It is complexed into infinity. You start to tell it in one direction and ten thousand other directions mirror it, like the kaleidoscope. Only seven little bits of broken glass in that kaleidoscope, and three mirrors which multiply the images of those seven bits of broken glass into infinity and into such complexity that he who does not know the inside of the kaleidoscope could never tell it, could never fathom it. But he who does can never tell it because it is the complexities of mirrored infinity that are there.

Man, just emerging from his jungle, is living the sensed existence of these millions of years. His eyes see and he believes what he sees. The railroad tracks meet out on the horizon and he knows that that is only an illusion, because he has been out there and he sees that they don't meet. All of the universe of motion is the same kind of illusion, and man has been building his universe from a sensed existence. He has been building his body from his sensed desires. He has been building comforts for his body with his sensed desires. He has given more time and thought to his body and to the material existence of the accumulation of wealth and the accumulation of so-called material power–all of which disappears the moment he has to seek that inevitable six feet of earth.

Man has been laying up treasures of earth unbalanced by those of heaven. He has been breaking the Law, and the Law has been breaking him. And the Law will continue to break him until he learns to obey the Law, and he cannot learn to obey the Law until he comprehends the Law. Comprehension is necessary.

I come to give that comprehension, to build a new universe, so that the eyes of the Spirit see rather than the eyes of the body. I say to man, to scientists, to mathematicians:

“You have been seeing with the eyes of the body. Your laws of gravitation, your theories of chemistry, metallurgy, of the construction of the atom, of the expanding universe in which you have condemned God to die by a disease called entropy–the expanding universe–from your observation your eyes have told you things that are not so. Come with me, and with the eyes of the Spirit let us see what the universe really is like, not what it is not like.”

a new universe must be built

We must build a new universe with the eyes of the Spirit. That is why God took me behind the scenes, away from the illusion of the senses into the universe of knowing, so that with the eyes of the Spirit I could see what the universe and man really are; so that I could see the illusions by means of which man has built up wrongful theories; and so that I could see the senselessness and the waste of man building materially from empirical knowledge based upon the observations of his sensed body, with illusions that have deceived him so completely that his text books of today on science are to me as though they were written by the sages of King Arthur's time wherein they said the earth was flat and upheld on its four corners by wild elephants.

That is what it seemed to me when I came out of the universe of all-knowing where God kept me for thirty-nine days and nights, that I might not only know these things but write them down in the words of The Divine Iliad for you and the world. And during those thirty-nine days of every word I wrote down in The Divine Iliad there has never been an erasure nor a word changed in all of those 30,000 words. Ask any literary man or woman what that means. Ask if they have ever written 500 words without an erasure. Ask if they have ever written 500 masterly words that would endure through all time with ten thousand erasures.

These 30,000 words of The Divine Iliad will last through all time. They are God's words, not mine, written through me. They are the essence of all-knowing, for which I have been prepared to translate in the words of man, for the books which will form the foundation for the new civilization, the first of those books being The Secret of Light.

Man has waited for that secret for long ages. Jesus said: “God is Light ” but no one knew what He meant. And nobody knows today what He meant. They have been waiting.

Sir Oliver Lodge wrote in a book some years ago – the book called “The Ether of Light” – and this is what he said:

“We know the how of many things, but we do not know the why of anything. We do not know what magnetism is, nor gravitation, electricity, energy, light. If we knew the secret of light we would have all knowledge. If the coming centuries ever give us that secret of light, it will not come through the scientific mind; it will come through the inspiration of a poet, painter, philosopher or saint.”

I will qualify for the first three of those, but not the last. And the secret of Light is coming to the world now from God through me; and it will make another world; it will make another civilization; it will give man a new comprehension of the universe, of man himself, man's relation to man and man's relation to God.

It is as much your duty to your fellow men to become messengers of the Light as it is mine. Study that book. Study all of the books that will come from this, and spread the word.

Many people say, “I'm not of a scientific turn of mind.” I do not wonder from the way science is dished up to you that you are not of a scientific turn of mind. In The Secret of Light you could become as great a chemist in two weeks as you would in a four-year university study, with the exception of the laboratory experience and the skills which of necessity one must have. But the underlying principles of chemistry, electricity, magnetism, gravitation, light, power – all of those things you will have because you will know the secret of Light, and you will know what lies behind it; and you will be able to apply it to your own life and multiply your own power and spread that power Into the world – and thus sow the seed that is in the Light, the seed of Love, throughout the world to counteract the seeds of fear and hate and greed which have brought us to the pass that we are now in, the seed which will lift mankind out of this into a one world, into a one religion, which is the destiny of this new age, and into a knowledge of God which is the inheritance of this new age.

That is your responsibility. I will fulfill mine. I call upon you to fulfill yours.

“Naught is there which is more beautiful
than the Light of Me mirrored from Me in
eyes of inspired man who knoweth Me in him
and heareth My Voice with inner ears for
reinspiring other men.”

- from “The Divine Iliad

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