polarity therapy, book 6: body balance through evolutionary energy currents

Dr. Randolph Stone

Twenty-Five Charts Illustrating Polarity Principles & Techniques

Supplementary Publications:

  • Polarity Therapy Principles & Practice
  • Energy Tracing
  • Private Notes for Polarity Therapy Students
  • A Brief Explanation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes
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commentary on the evolutionary energy charts

In these 25 Charts, many of the fundamental energy patterns discovered by Dr. Stone are diagramed [diagrammed] in detail. He focuses on the “wireless currents which built the body in intra-uterine life, according to a mind pattern design, like a blueprint.” And, as he has written, “In this tracing of Life we find deeper causes for the action of the fully developed mind and body.”

In the 25 Charts, he wrote, “deeper sources of Energy have been charted and identified.” Dr. Stone stated that he called the energies diagramed [diagrammed] here “Evolutionary” because they deal with energy flow from the center outward, radiating and evolving in all directions as the developing Life Principle that sustains the body.

In addition to the abstract energy patterns included, Dr. Stone also illustrates numerous therapeutic techniques and exercises, as well as introducing some fascinating material on the relationship of the four elements to diet. A complete list of the charts follows, as described in one of Dr. Stone's brochures.

  • Chart 1 - Polarity of the Water Element & how it operates in the body as finer Energy Circuits.
  • Chart 2 - The center of the vital radiation & its aura of warmth and circulation.
  • Chart 3 - Posterior motor energy center of vital force.
  • Chart 4 - A therapeutic application of the fiery energy principle & a wonderful relaxing position, most useful in Sciatica.
  • Chart 5 - Diagnostic sensory areas in the hand & foot, and contact points for release.
  • Chart 6 - The posterior horizontal reflexes of hand & foot.
  • Chart 7 - A prostatic lift, from the outside, with heel & sacral contacts.
  • Chart 8 - Perineal technique & spinal contacts.
  • Chart 9 - Lymphatic drainage technique.
  • Chart 10 - Finer wireless fields and energy currents of Tattwas [tattvas] & Pranas.
  • Chart 11 - A rare chart on spiritual faculties & their location in the brain.
  • Chart 12 - The atom & a similar energy whirl in the body.
  • Chart 13 - Vital exercises to integrate Life & motion.
  • Chart 14 - Three vital exercises for tone.
  • Chart 15 - Two exercises for polarizing energy currents.
  • Chart 16 - Primal energy, its symbol & application in therapy.
  • Chart 17 - Correlation of the two nervous systems & the spinal cord.
  • Chart 18 - Vital Polarity Therapy for stomach, liver & digestion.
  • Chart 19 - Polarity of the feet and head, & sympathetic areas for therapy.
  • Chart 20 - Sympathetic & parasympathetic contact areas.
  • Chart 21 - Diagnostic signs of the tongue & the voice.
  • Chart 22 - A unique specific sacral correction & spinal therapy.
  • Chart 23 - A sitting up correction for posterior, inferior & lateral lumbars, also for Sciatica, etc.
  • Charts 24 & 25 - DIET - A new food classification according to the earth's magnetic strata & the four elements.

treatment for shock produced by physical, mental or emotional trauma

Parasympathetic stress and emotional energy block must be corrected before free energy flow can take place. In trauma, all three nervous systems are involved and must be balanced before all symptoms can disappear.

Even in a simple case of varicose ulcer, there is a Sympathetic and Parasympathetic block - immediately above and about Poupart's ligament [inguinal ligament] - that registers more deep tension and real soreness than the ulcer itself. When this hypersensitiveness, as well as the deep soreness, is released, the pressure is then removed from the ulcer. This is accomplished not only by relieving the arterial or venous pressure above the lesion, but also by “emoting” the pent-up, blocked energy and strain - first, in the supply area or positive pole. Later, a spinal or sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] lesion may be found, and is then easy to correct.

All mental, emotional tension, and physical stress and strain have a Parasympathetic reflex on the body, as this nervous system is the conveyor of such impulses from the emotional field of mind energy to the periphery. It also conveys such impulses back to the mental energy field.

When this factor is released and balanced, the symptom picture becomes clear and easy to balance by other physical methods, such as: Holding the leg up, and assisting drainage by deep, steady manipulation - upwards [proximally] - toward the trunk of the body; cold water for tone; a support for the dilated area, etc.

In shock, the spasm of the diaphragm must be released by whatever means possible, to free the respiration from its choking impulses. Steady lifting contacts with the fingers under the floating ribs, and rhythmic pressure on the chest with the other hand on the same side of the body is very good. Lift the shoulder against the contact under the ribs, release, and repeat several times on both sides.

Release the brachial plexus by sliding the fingers up under the shoulder blades and gently lifting them. (See charts 36 and 46 on pages 43 and 55 in “The Wireless Anatomy of Man”.)

A contact on the soft portion of the hand between the thumb and the first finger is made with the thumb and the first finger of the operator's hand, while the other hand is used in finding the sore spot right on the head of the humerus, on the shoulder. This is a stimulating heart contact for a better pulse on that weak side.

commentary on dr. stone's supplementary publications

Throughout his career, Dr. Stone periodically published various booklets, pamphlets, and supplements to previous publications. Only in this new two-volume set of his Collected Works are they brought together and, as much as possible, integrated into the other works with which they belong. His smaller, supplementary publications often contain some of the most practical, clinically valuable insights as he discovered them in his practice. On the other hand, some of the supplementary material is the most esoteric and difficult to understand of all his written work.

After integrating many of his smaller works into the major publications with which they belong (most of which are now found in the new edition of HEALTH BUILDING), the following four publications remain and stand alone as significant, independent publications.

Polarity Therapy Principles & Practice elucidates many energy principles and fundamentals of energy movement. Dr. Stone then goes on to show why various treatments of difficult cases fail and how they might be treated more effectively. A great many insightful tips on specific problems and techniques are included, with particular attention to the often neglected hypotension-vasodilation cases. He also explains new findings on the treatment of asthma, rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis, and sciatica.

Energy Tracing is a sophisticated statement of the art of Polarity Therapy, in which Dr. Stone states a number of refinements that he learned over the years of applying Polarity principles to his patients. The process of tracing energy is central to the art of Polarity Therapy, and here Dr. Stone applies these principles to such problems as migraine, eye troubles, sciatica, etc.

Private Notes for Polarity Therapy Students was originally available only to those attending Dr. Stone's personally conducted seminars, in which he could make even very abstruse theories come alive by his presence and level of consciousness. The summary of the Ayurvedic theory of the five elements was used as a basis upon which he could elaborate in his lectures.

A Brief Explanation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes is Dr. Stone's detailed esoteric explication of an ancient doctrine that has intrigued, inspired, and perplexed students of occult and spiritual sciences for centuries.

polarity therapy principles & practice

1. Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.

2. Energy precipitates all forms according to a mental blueprint pattern set forth by the Creator in His decree or Will.

3. Energy enlivens all forms and sustains them by linking them with all Nature, as the unit of substance and matter.

4. Energy in the sunlight can be broken up by the spectrum into colors which are gases and determine the presence of metals in planets far away. The secretion of chemistry in the body is a similar process. Carbons loaded with a metal iron core will produce short ultra violet light waves. Here the chemistry from energy to liquids and solids has its beginning.

5. Energy is a living breath of life, called “Prana”, from a higher sphere of the space world. The breath of life is also called “Qi” [chi] in Acupuncture. One of the concepts of Acupuncture is that of Polarity. Life exists as the result of tension between two extremes - male and female - positive and negative - yang and yin - pingala and ida - right and left breath - qualitative and quantitative.

6. The nucleus or neutron energy is the central core energy as a neutral principle in Nature, called “Prana, Qi [chi], Od, Akash [akasha, aakaasha]” or Ether. Its position in the body is the center core of fine energy substance from the top of the head to the end of the spine, like the staff of Hermes, the Messenger of God's Energy, called the Caduceus, the Tree of Life in the human form. From it radiates the energy which flows over the three nervous systems as the airy neutral principle, and flows in the cerebrospinal fluid as its river and conductor of the Sea of Life Essence. This is the green or neutral spectrum band.

This neutron energy also flows over the circulation as the positive principle of Fire and Warmth [Yang1], the river of the sustaining life substance. This is the three-fold red spectrum in the light sphere.

This same energy also radiates and flows in the lymphatic system and all secreting glands as the negative Water Principle [Yin1], which is cooling, soothing and healing. This is the blue, indigo and violet in the spectrum waves.

7. Between the eyes lies the center of Consciousness, which connects the Soul as Awareness with the outside world, through the right and left breath and the ten senses - the five sensory and five motor senses - through which we function in this physical world.

8. All energy flows either from the center outward, called centrifugal - positive, or from the surface inward, called centripetal or negative. The right hand gives and is considered the positive hand. The left hand receives and is considered the negative hand.

9. Our Consciousness or Soul perceives life on this plane as sensory or motor impulses - incoming or outgoing energy flow.

10. Life is maintained by energy flowing over the three conductors in the body. (a) The nervous system as the airy, neutral conductor for mind sensation, feeling, perception and expression. (b) The circulation is the sustaining river of life for the body as arterial, venous and vasomotor and dilator mechanisms. © The lymph as the secretion mechanism and the urine as the lubricating, chemical and eliminating current flow in these fluids.

11. Accordingly, the old Ayurvedic Medicine and Acupuncture ascribed three modes of motion to energy in the three dimensions of space, and called them the three “Gunas” - “Satwa” [sattva, sattwa] the neutral, “Rajas” the positive, and “Tamas” the negative mode of motion. The Chinese called them the “Qi” [chi] (neutral), theYang (positive) and the “Yin” (negative) poles of action. These became the Air, Fire and Water elements [Principles, Neutral, Yang, Yin1] of the Hermetic Philosophers, who obtained this information from the Orient.

12. This is the foundation of the mystery of the link of Consciousness with Matter and functioning therein through step-down energies and electromagnetic currents which motivate the three conductors of Energy and transmit them to organs and tissues for function and sensation, as expression and feeling of awareness in life.

13. Acupuncture classifies all organs as either positive or negative, with many qualifications and points of contact for inserting the gold (positive) needle for disbursing and distributing excess energy; or the negative pole, the silver needle, for toning areas as specific spots. The balancing of the two extremes made a blend in which the neutral “Qi” [chi] energy could flow again and link these poles to the Life Current of the Universal Essence, by tuning in; even as male and female are united in the child, the ever-becoming neutral youth of Life.

14. Acupuncture balances the two currents in their function and polarity with each other by means of needles, so they will flow in and out of the form freely in normal action and expression, called Health or Well-being. When there is no obstruction to the energy current flow, there is no pain or stagnation in the circulation.

15. WHAT THE NEEDLES CAN DO, THE HANDS CAN DO BETTER, with a battery of consciousness behind them plus intelligence for direction of currents. The right hand is the positive sun action, radiating, disbursing, outgoing golden energy. The left hand is the negative cooling moon energy, toning, soothing and inhibiting or concentrating the current for sedimentation and use. The negative current is the mother principle of the nest builder in Nature, for perpetuation and repair.

16. Isometric or Isometros (equality of measure, balance) is the trend of action and exercise today. In the Hermetic art they did this by magnetic passes, and the laying on of hands on the positive and negative areas, instead of using the gold and silver needles.

17. In the body, the pulse beat is the measure of life waves going out and flowing in, carrying air and nourishment to all cells. Circulation follows the energy current in its movement. When there is an energy block, the heart, as a regulator, is helpless.

18. All tissues, even the brain and nerve tissues function in proportion to their blood supply. Physically, it is most important then, that all therapy should balance and improve the blood supply to the tissues.

19. Symptom relief and blood supply are positive checks and proof.

20. Even in the down-to-earth physical realm, we have the functioning of the law of Polarity, of expansion and contraction, upon which all function and motion depends.

21. The vasomotor dilators and constrictors are the real regulators of the circulation. If the brain cells and the cord cells do not get their needed blood supply, they can not function.

22. Hypertension, caused by arterial vaso-constriction [vasoconstriction] in excess of the dilators, causes an excess flow of blood to the brain and the spinal cord, producing a hyperemia there and an anemia on the outside surface of the spinal muscles.

23. Any therapy or treatment of manipulation that will stimulate the spinal muscles will draw the excess blood from the stagnant central area and balance these two functions. Improvement will be seen at once and can be felt in the right pulse as more compressible and less tension.

24. All manifestation of excess energy and drive is due to hypertension. In symptomatology, it will be fevers, redness, swelling, heat beyond the normal in any area or organ. Active and acute diseases come under this category of too much blood and energy in the vital centers.

25. HYPOTENSION is the excess of vasodilation in the control centers of the brain (due to emotions), the spinal cord and the sympathetic centers. The centrifugal fiery energy [Yang1] is in excess, without the centripetal balance of resistance necessary for stability and balance of function. It is this over-expansion which causes exhaustion.

26. A weak right pulse and a stronger left pulse wave are the physical signs of polarity energy expenditure. It is like the male energy going to war, without the feminine checks, causing devastation and famine. The brain and the spinal cord and sympathetic centers are in a state of hunger or anemia for lack of oxygen and food supply of the normal circulation.

27. Any therapy which can turn the tide of this outgoing wave of energy by reversing the polarity current flow of the cerebrospinal fluid and the circulation back to its central area, will relieve the symptoms of exhaustion and anemia in the control centers, which govern the vasodilation and constriction mechanism of blood supply to the areas.

28. By placing the left hand on the pole of the agitated center, it acts like the silver needle of Acupuncture, for stability and toning. The right hand is placed on the opposite side anterior, lateral or inferior to it. This draws the current to the area of excess dilation and congestion, which needs disbursing and distributing so the centers are again supplied with energy, circulation and normal secretion.

29. In these HYPO CONDITIONS the blood lies in pools of stagnation in the abdomen, due to excessive capillary dilation. This needs disbursing and distributing by the right hand current of opposite radiation and stimulation to start action locally again. Manipulation of the abdomen with the patient sitting up will release the inhibiting gas pressure and relieve the headaches due to it.

30. Also, hot fomentations to the abdomen are the physical means for thermal action. Cold to the spine by a direct stream of water or rubbing an ice cube up the spine a few times, will drive the excess blood on the surface inward to the cord and relieve the spinal anemia.

31. These are physical means, while the hands work through the electromagnetic currents and fields for balance there.

32. You may say, why not give a chemical tonic or stimulant to accomplish either action? This is true, but in general over-all reaction alone. While by manual means it can be made very selective, to apply to any one specific area or spot only, where the cerebrospinal fluid is stuck. Thus one can “put the finger on the spot” exactly where it is needed, which is the real science and art of healing. In this manner one can find the sore vertebra and the specific spot on that lesion which controls the symptom and the pain. Place the thumb of the left hand on the most painful point on that side of the vertebra, and the whole right hand above it, or opposite to it, to balance and move the cerebrospinal fluid current.

33. To illustrate: This morning I had a case with a severe frontal headache, indicating gas pressure from the intestines, which must be released first before any checks are reliable. Bending the head forward increased the pain, indicating a stagnant hyperemia in the brain, which needs draining.

Treatment: The patient sat on a chair sideways for easier access to the neck and shoulders. I placed my left hand on the back of the neck, under the occiput, with the hand resting on the shoulder area for support. My right hand was placed on the forehead, and the head tilted back into the left hand for a lifting drainage motion, and held that way for a moment.

Next I checked the pulse and pushed my right hand fingers under the sternal area with a lifting motion, for gas release.

Then I looked for the major block in the neck, as the sorest spot where the cerebrospinal fluid pressure recorded itself. I found it on the left side of the axis and over the laminae and muscles. I placed my left thumb against the sore spot firmly, and my right hand on the forehead, then relaxed to let the electromagnetic energy current (of the molecular motor in the body) work and polarize the excess front of the head with the anemia in the axis center for one minute or so.

This balanced the current and relieved the pain, and 34. and brought up gases and a gurgle in the small intestines as a sign of release of the stagnation there. The currents were rolling and so were the gases. I further released them by working over the trapezius and on some kernels in this digestive center, then polarized it with the fifth dorsal [thoracic, T5] for stomach release. The relief was complete and balance was established, all in about fifteen minutes. Truly an ISOMETRIC TREATMENT!

35. Such is the tracing and balancing of the cerebrospinal fluid energy and the circulation which depends upon it. We start out with physiological tracing and end up with the electromagnetic balancing of currents. Thus the patient is pleased and the doctor is occupied physically and mentally every moment, which takes the work completely out of the routine class and makes it creative and interesting.

36. RULE: In all hypotension cases, with an anemia of the spinal centers and brain and sympathetics, do not work on the spine by any manipulation, vibration or heat, and do not let them take hot baths, because that will draw more blood to the surface and make the condition worse.

37. In such cases manipulate the abdomen to disperse the stagnation there, and vibrate or work from the feet up, to increase the central energy and blood supply. Use cold on the specific spinal centers and hot on the abdomen.

38. Use your left hand where you would use the cold, and the right hand for the hot application area to balance the energy currents.

39. This type of treatment is used in all atonic conditions, exhaustion, mental instability, hypersensitiveness and talkativeness. Hypotension is the energy aspect of the symptoms. Arterial vasodilation is the physical aspect, which is called by various names like valvular collapse, an irritable heart with fast and jumpy pulse and skipping beat [cardiac arrhythmia], etcetera.

These are the types of problem cases that will not respond to the best physiological manipulation, because the polarity is opposite to the usual hypertension cases and their therapy, which has become a routine procedure. Even the alternate hot and cold applications to the spine does not work in hypotension. That therapy defeats itself as it helps the end circulation process in hypertension and balanced arterial type circulation cases, but not in hypotension.

40. Summary: The hypotension type cases are on the wave of an excess centrifugal output with exhaustion and confusion. Passes with relaxed hands from the feet to the head are helpful to reverse the flow of electromagnetic currents. Tonifying the vasomotor and spinal centers by applying the left hand on them and the right hand opposite, is useful.

41. The umbilical region is the seat of the fiery principle [fire element1] of digestion, which is the light of the eyes and the power in the thighs. The abdomen is the sensory region, which corresponds to the spine, which is the opposite to the motor region. Find the sore spots and balance these to opposite currents, with patient lying on his back.

42. For electromagnetic balancing, place the right hand over the abdomen and the left over the forehead, to stabilize the head and the feeling center of the solar plexus in the abdomen, to balance the fire and airy elements in their flow.

43. To balance the Pranic or life breath currents, find the sorest vertebra in the neck and hold that spot with one hand and place the other on the top of the head. When you are on the right side of the patient, the right hand fits onto the neck and the left hand on the top of the head. This is reversed when on the left side of the patient lying on the table.

44. When the patient is in a sitting-up position, you can choose either contact, which depends on the hyperemia or anemia of the brain circulation.

45. In anemia of the brain, bending the head forward feels better. Then you use the left hand to tonify it and the right hand on the sore spot on the neck. In hyperemia of the brain circulation, bending the head forward is painful or uncomfortable. In such cases, the contacts are just the reverse of those for anemia of the brain.

46. ASTHMA is a good illustration of anemia in the spinal centers, because even a light stimulation in the upper dorsal [thoracic] region over the vasodilator centers can bring on an attack. The best therapy indicated is the release of the Pranic of life breath currents in the cervical region, as described in 43., 44. and 45. on the previous page.

47. You can place the let hand lightly over the upper dorsal [thoracic] region, and the right hand on the upper chest or on the forehead or back of the head for general polarization of currents. Find the sorest spot on the vertebra of the second, third or fourth dorsal [thoracic, T2, T3, T4] and place the left thumb on it for specific needle-point control with the same sore spot in the neck region and with the right thumb on the first, second or even the third cervical vertebra [C1, C2, C3], and hold for specific polarization from above downward.

The right hand can be placed on the forehead or on the back of the head, alternately, whichever gives the most release in an attack or frees the breathing.

All this can be given with the patient sitting on a chair, as it is difficult for asthmatics to lie down.

For home treatment, the thermal cold principle can be used by applying a folded cold wet cloth, not more than four inches wide, over the upper dorsal [thoracic] region for about five minutes, and repeat it several times at intervals.

The squatting posture is a wonderful release to the tense psoas muscles and their pull on their lumbar attachments, where the muscles of the diaphragm also have their origin. This can be used any time for relief and postural correction. Repeat often. This posture is described in detail under the SCIATICA caption, which begins with 50. on the next page.

48. Rheumatism and arthritis are usually due to excess vasodilation in the spinal centers, causing anemia of the cord, with spastic deterioration of the outer muscles. Cold running water, applied under pressure over the spinal centers briefly, and over the joints affected, regularly and persistently for about twenty minutes twice a day, will send enough blood inward to the locked-up tissue cells to release their spastic grip. It requires courage and persistence in bad cases.

The temperature of the water should be 60 degrees F. [Fahrenheit, 15.6 Celsius] or lower, and alternated from joint to joint during the shower , which is taken straight from the pipe or hose, without a spray head. The full stream is played on the affected joint, and the hands apply strong friction at the same time, to release the electromagnetic locks. This, together with the proper diet, has done wonders for many so-called incurable cases who had been all over the world without obtaining relief.

Releasing the involved specific brain and spinal centers with Polarity Treatment is most beneficial.

49. CHRONIC LUMBAGO is due to too rich a diet in proteins, particularly that of animal origin. Such a patient is in need of a strict vegetarian diet, stressing the use of green, leafy vegetables and fruits that are compatible. Hot and cold showers, alternately, under pressure, will favor the end circulation where the arteries and veins meet.

The pulse will determine the nature of the treatment to the spinal centers, as previously mentioned.

50. SCIATICA: Acute sciatica is a very painful condition due to irritation in the spinal centers, causing the sciatic artery to swell in the sciatic sheath and press upon the nerve. Heat over it or capsoline [capsolin] rubbed in over the nerve often relieves the congestion by drawing the excess blood to the surface.

In the acute stages, adjustment is not indicated as it may cause a spasm. In this painful condition, the best position that the patient can take on the treatment table is to lie face-down across the width of the table and allow the hips and sacrum to hang from the table support, with a soft cushion under the lower portion of the abdomen, to gently stretch the articulations, which in turn allows the blood to circulate and gives some relief. Even lying across a bed in this manner is comfortable.

You can polarize the spine from one side to the other by stimulating the unaffected side with manipulation or gentle vibration; also around the shoulder blades, which often relieves the spasm.

With the patient lying face-down over a pillow placed under the lower abdomen, make a gentle contact into the perineal muscles on the affected side; find the tight fiber and hold it steady to relax it. At the same time raise the foot by bending the knee and make a contact on both sides, on the sorest spots under the ankle. Hold both contacts until relaxed.

The squatting postures, shown in “EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY”*, with rotation, give the best release for sciatic pain and structural correction for home use, as illustrated in that book. This position releases the spasm of the psoas and other interrelated muscles in the pelvis. By means of the rotation or side motion from one side to the other, the tense muscles are stretched and a better circulation is established, which is a great help. It relieves spasms and pains. As a home treatment, it has no equal for all lower back pain and even for asthma caused by the psoas tension pull on the crura of the diaphragm attachments. It should be used many times a day, whenever there is pain. This speeds the recovery.

This exercise is superior to any traction or stretching devices.

The old Zulu trick of riding on the back of a big turtle to cure back aches was successful due to the stretching of the inter pelvic muscles, which this simple squatting posture with natural stretching and rotation does even better.

energy tracing


(Original charts reproduced here in miniature)

Tracing energy in POLARITY research goes deep into the Sound Current Energy in the causal field, the blueprint stage of mind pattern energy and the subtle formative stage of the five elements in the creative process. The five elements are akash [akasha, aakaasha] or ether, air or gases, heat as fire, water as liquids and earth as solids. These stages of formation have energy lines of stress which produce electromagnetic tension fields in the body as lines of stress. (See Charts 5, 6 & 7 in Book I)

This process is similar to atomic lines of stress and potential energy, which can be calculated in atomic research and engineering designs.

There is a constant similarity of patterns of the subtle process being reflected in the grosser formative stages below. In the body, it is the unwinding of the spool of fate of energy lines of forces, by the stepped down concentration of vibratory intensity. This crystallizing process is the nature of tamas, the vegetative sprouting energy process of the five elements of matter, forming the material root system in darkness.

The subtle, central life energy is the motivating radiation of warmth of feeling and understanding of the biological creative process. That is the sun energy, the centrifugal impulses from the center outward. These fine potential causes can be traced in the life of patients, as the origin of ill health, long before chemistry and mechanical involvement.

This type of energy stress research concerns itself more with subtle causes of disease, rather than their symptoms of effects. Its aim is to balance the lines of stress between the primary elements involved. That can be established only by wide research and observation in cases where the solution of the problem of the disease origin was not possible by other methods of technical details. It has to be found closer to the River of Energy and Life itself.

Tracing the energy currents is like trying to re-establish the ancient “Rainbow Bridge” of the gods in the Norse mythology[1], which linked the subtle powers of the heavens above in the cosmos with the gross earth below. This arch of Nature's subtle tension fields in the body is the established link between causes and effects, from the causal fields of mind patterns through the vital seed power pattern of forces to expression of sound, as speech, or the full-grown, mature fruit in Nature's realm.

In the Bible we find an authentic statement of the life breath (Prana), the vibratory shining energy (Hyranyagarbha [Hiranyagarbha][2]) being placed by a special process into the body of man, made out of the fine dust of the five subtle elements in creation, which is continuous. Genesis 2:7 - “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Prana is described on pages 57 to 63 in Book I)

That was a special stage in the involution of souls into physical bodies of subtle earth elements, as a garden to take care of and to keep it fit, as a temple of the living God. God dwells and walks therein, as in Paradise. The latter is a vital sphere in creation, called the Astral Plane, the Thousand-petalled Lotus or Sahasra dal Kamal [Sahasra dal Kanwal] in the sacred writings of the East. The conscious awareness of this 'garden' lies hidden in the 'tisra til', the center between the two eyes, where the two planes meet.

Energy becomes nuclear by condensation of sound vibration (dhvani) and thus gives rise to shapes and forms. Atomic or nuclear energy is nothing but sound corpuscles or congealed sound. Refraction of the vibrating crystals of sound energy is the basis for our atomic research and the many applications of it in industry.

Dr. Einstein[1] proved that every atom gives off cosmic rays or vibrations, even in a state of rest. The atom is really a microscopic solar system in itself. Prana is the shining energy principle in the sun. It is this type of glow in the human body and in Nature. It has its source in the anahata sound energy of creation, which is sustained by the unconditioned, unlimited, true Sound Current (Shabd [Shabad]), called Bhani in spiritual literature of the Radha Swami [Radha Soami] Teachings. This Soul Melody or Dhun is one, but has various degrees of intensity on the spiritual planes, beyond the material level and beyond the astral and causal levels as well.

The Anahata Nada, the spiritual sound, even in the lower spiritual regions, is vibrationless and can create and destroy universes.

Dhvani, on the other hand, is vibratory sound, caused by the movement of the five elements among each other, and is dependent upon them for conduction of these sound waves of various lengths and frequencies. In a vacuum, these sounds cease to transmit the impulses of vibration. A bell enclosed in a vacuum may continue to ring, but cannot be heard outside of the enclosure. The classification of ultrasonic, suprasonic or infrasonic waves does not change their nature of limitation of conduction.

In music we have wind instruments producing vibratory sound by air pressure. In string instruments, also the gong or the drum, we have the primitive type of communication by means of vibratory dhvani wave impulses. All these are absorbed in the akash [akasha, aakaasha] or ether of space, the neutral element, also called vyoman in the metaphysics of Sound Research. It is the space record of all created sounds, recorded automatically, on this writing sheet of the universe,

SOUND is the logical exponent for all energy and its law of progression applied to therapy, whatever the approach may be. The True Sound of the Anahat Shabd [Anhad Shabad] is for the soul, the dweller in the body. Dhvani, the vibratory sound, is for the five elements which compose the house of body we live in.

The five subtle elements make up the body which is formed out of the fine dust or essence of the earth. (See Genesis 2:7[1]) The subtle airy principle [air element2] and the gross earth of clay are opposed to each other. The fire and the water elements are also opposed to each other. While ether or akash [akasha, aakaasha] is the neutral element which they can blend into and flow out of, through the vibratory sound energy called prana, the breath of life. (See chart No. 2 in Book II)

That is the step-down of soul energy - the spiritual Sound Current, flowing not only through the nostrils, but through every cell in the body to keep it alive and functioning. This is linked to its center of radiation from the solar plexus, the autonomic center called “The Great Abdominal Brain” by Dr. Byron Robinson[3], the eminent research surgeon of the 19th century. This is the circuit that is the key to the unconscious functions in the body and is the balance wheel of energy flow for health. (See chart No. 7 in Book III and charts No. 2 and 3 in the set of 25 charts)

The dual POLARITY principle in Hatha (Ha and Tha) YOGA can prove very helpful by the use of fulcrum and leverage technique, applied in POLARITY treatments and principle when used wisely in stretching the connective tissue tension stress fields by flexion and extension of articulations and joints. The joints are the energy cross-over points (X).

The life and breath, or airy substances, are interlocked with emotions as gases of carbon dioxide, which must be liberated where it is compressed as airy pressure, as in a motor, which causes all kinds of headaches, shoulder pains, numbness in arms from indigestion and many other symptoms.

When the air does not move as gases and vital emotional tension release, nothing can move. Lesions or locks occur all along the spine and in the body tension fields of the connective tissue that is supplied by lymph and liver chemistry. Then pressure pains are built up in tissues and in joints all over the body, or locally, and are called lesions.

But when this is understood as a circuit of current flow, as in electricity, it can be released in the deep tissues by POLARITY balancing treatment of opposing tension fields. (See chart No. 3 in Book II, also charts 6 and 7 in Book I) Then the compressed gases roll and the patient either belches, yawns or begins to breathe deeply as evidence of relaxation. Sometimes the desired reaction obtained is gentle perspiration, which is also evidence of function of all physiology. And the patient feels lighter and better, as if a huge burden had been lifted from him.

MIGRAINE HEADACHES - HICCOUGHS [hiccups] - are nothing but gas pockets under pressure, trying to get out. The sound energy currents are the over-all moving factors that set things right again, by making the prana, the central life energy, flow by release of the gaseous block. (See chart No. 28 in Book II)

The shoulders are the subtle airy leverage centers of 'Yang' and 'Yin' or positive and negative currents on each side, right under each blade, about one inch down from its tip, which links it with the subtle vital force of respiration, oxidation and digestion. This must be shown, explained personally and felt or experienced in order to comprehend it. Typical emotional cases are the best to prove its merit, where even psychiatry and other methods have failed. (See charts No. 4, 9, 10 and 11 in Book II)

SHOULDER SOCKETS have a definite relation to the EYE SOCKETS, as shown in chart No. 8 in Book No. 5, by placing the head (the crown pattern) in the chest region. Eye and head trouble can be reached from here by tracing and feeling for the lock or energy block. Even glaucoma pressure in the eye has its root in the built-up stagnation of the prana, the radiant current of light that is blocked by gas pressure built up behind the eye and in the fluids of the eye.

This is no ordinary technique of manipulation, but a POLARITY CONTACT OF DRAINAGE RELEASE, above, on the occiput and the upper dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae for fulcrum point. Use the center line of 'tchi', and on each side of the spinous process as the 'yin' and 'yang' leverage. That can only be proven in actual cases of eye trouble of this type, even after optometrists' tests, diagnosis and treatments. The condition is also due to a lack of oxidation of tissues in the eye as a result of indigestion and gas build-up, which can be relieved by getting the life currents to flow again as a result of POLARITY BALANCE in the tattwas [tattvas] or elements in the body.

A similar situation exists in SCIATICA, where the sciatic sheet limits the expansion of the sciatic artery due to gaseous blocks and inflamation [inflammation]. The built-up pressure causes excruciating pain. It can be released by the same principle of POLARITY treatment, by moving the energy block in the connective tissue sheet for relaxation, and drawing the accumulated heat of the inflamed sciatic artery to the surface, to relieve the deep internal expansion pressure on the nerve itself. I had several such severe chronic sciatica cases in my clinic in India as well as in the U. S. A. Some had expert medical diagnosis and attention at home and in hospitals, and after a year or more of it were advised to have surgery. That is when they came to me and I could prove my POLARITY PRINCIPLE of ENERGY. They were relieved in one or two treatments. The recurring gas pressure was eliminated by releasing the digestive energy blocks. (See chart No. 4 in the set of 25 charts)

The above is mentioned to show the practical application of this new basic approach to the over-all picture of therapy in treating bad chronic cases, even after prolonged hospitalization and all modern therapy had failed. Experience is the best teacher, and the proof lies in accomplishment.

The shoulder level is the horizontal line of subtle stress and the base and fulcrum for the airy and vital pranic energy circulation to the neck and head. This subtle energy is the active mover in the blood stream also, beyond the physical gravity principle! It is the upper triangle of the Tree of Life of circulation, digestion, oxidation and carbon dioxide pressure release.

But this takes far more than mere pressure on a spot, or a needle in the blockade pressure point, as in Acupuncture. It is an art and a science, rather than a mere process of movements applied by any other type of therapy or chemistry. It deals with subtle ENERGY and not the gross forces that are obvious. Even a lifetime of research work and midnight oil can solve only a measure of such problems of health and living. This has to be seen and demonstrated personally, after which the books and charts really mean something and can be used as reference books.

The soul, as the center of conscious being in the body, must be reached through these life energies by mending the short circuits of mental and emotional resistance through understanding the subtle life process in ourself and in Nature, which are the tattwa [tattva] or elemental tension fields. This law of Life and Motion operates in the cosmos and in man, and cannot be ignored. Life itself is a paradox, which comforts while it mocks!

Opposite to the shoulder level is the hip level base, the water tattwa [tattva] or element and the earth tattwa [tattva] support fulcrum of motion. These two major levels must be coordinated in therapy as horizontal lines of forces in action. It is like the Ark of Noah, floating on the psychic energy ocean of Life. (See chart No. 10 in Book II)

POLARITY CURRENT RESEARCH IN CEREBROSPINAL FLUID AND IN CRANIOPATHY: The life-breath or prana current moves in the cerebrospinal fluid conductor to all tissue cells and communicates with other internal secretions and body fluids, like a living cosmic breath. This may be called the primary respiratory cycle of energy flow, with its own cranial rhythmic impulses as a physiological wireless energy response, like atomic current circuits. It is prior to and distinct from the regular respiration of the lungs' cycle of oxidation and pulse beat.

In the structural field of anatomy, it is the connective tissue which is the tension factor for postural relationship and balance response, or the structural lesions in articulations and joints. Posture depends on this relationship of electromagnetic tension fields in the body structure and functional response through the life-breath, the prana currents.

The cranial rhythmic impulse may, at times of rest, synchronize with the pulmonary circulation. It is more subtle and may persist even when the pulse beat has stopped. Therein lies the mystery of cases that were unknowingly buried alive in olden times, and of those who have been re-animated after all signs of life were absent. I mention these findings here only to show how subtle and deep this sound energy goes.

The duramater [dura mater] has its fulcrum leverage point in the tentorium cerebelli [cerebellar tentorium] tension membrane in the skull, which also moves the cranial bones in rhythmic sequence, by brain impulses. (This has been electrically recorded by other research scholars.) The duramater [dura mater] covers the spinal cord and is attached in its inferior pole only at the prominence of the second sacral vertebra [S2], which moves the sacral base.

In the inhalation phase of the cranio-sacral [craniosacral] mechanism of flexion cycle, the sacral base rotates posterio-superiorly, while its apex and coccyx move anteriorly toward the symphysis pubis [pubic symphysis].

The point of vital importance in recording these physiological observations of Craniopathy is the fact of the similarity established by Hermes as the primal mind pattern in Creation and in the body relationship. This is mentioned in his 'Emerald Tablet' as “the above with the below” and refers to the reciprocal relationship of the life process, and to the design pattern of Creation in bodies and form structures.

In my Polarity research and therapy I also found this relationship and response in the bones and joints of the feet and the hands to the cranial tension fields and prana impulses.

I classified them as acute symptoms in the hands, and as chronic ills or crystallized sedimentations in the feet, which obstruct the pranic current circuits and waves in the body from the head to the feet, and their return currents, called a reflex response. This is illustrated to some extent in charts No. 4 and 5 in Book 5. This type of response and reflexes can be found and established by means of POLARITY THERAPY, all over the body. The Therapy itself has been described and charted by artistic hand-drawn illustrations in my books for doctors and students. Chart No. 4 in Book II gives a brief synopsis of it for diagnosis and tracing the superior and inferior corresponding tension fields.

Hermes refers to the vibratory prana life principle as the universal agent, Chiram. This astonishing correlation of the secrets of life-observations in the past, can now be verified by anatomical and physiological scientific research and tests, some of which are given in detail in the two books of Dr. Harold Ives Magoun, Sr. of Denver, Colorado.[1] Linking the labors of the thinkers of the past, to the present, is indeed a helpful encouragement and will benefit all humanity in time of acceptance.

The terms, 'primary respiration mechanism' and 'Craniopathy' were discovered and coined by William Garner Sutherland, D.O.[2] in his lifetime research on the cerebrospinal fluid movement and its vital energy pulsation in relation to Osteopathy and health. Its basis was sought in the hydrostatic pressure fields of the body fluids. (But prana was not mentioned or identified as a vital force.)

To that research was added years of effort in scientific study of correlation and superb artistic illustrations of anatomy and physiology by the able Doctor of Osteopathy, Harold Ives Magoun, mentioned above, in his first and second (1966) editions of the remarkable book, “Osteopathy in the Cranial Field”.

Such art and research is a rare accomplishment and deserves our thanks, and acceptance by science.

EDITOR'S NOTE: All the rest of the material originally published in “Energy Tracing” (all of which concerns Dr. Stone's “Polarity Yoga”) is now found in the expanded new edition of HEALTH BUILDING: The Conscious Art of Living Well.

private notes for polarity therapy students

The energy current flow in the atom explains the POLARITY mystery of the five elements or matter in their gross and in their finer etheric fluidic central and surface end lines of force and grades of atoms. POLARITY principles pinpoint the fixed 'switches' or cross-over lines of force for the exact points of contact. This is the basis of the scale of balance of well-being through atomic energy function in cellular tissue fluids. Being aware of this, makes it easy to do.

Dr. Randolph Stone's TRIUNE POLARITY STRETCH of flexion and extension is the practical basis of the Hatha Yoga of India. This POLARITY YOGA can be done in about two minutes, daily. It is a special, subtle fulcrum and leverage technique, which moves the central core current upward and beyond the grosser form of mere muscle exercise or that which is accomplished through static postures only.

This Triune Polarity Stretch of POLARITY YOGA can well be called ATOMIC POLARITY STRETCHING, applied to connective tissue and the duramater [dura mater], also to the finer constitution of man. This is the same as the atom in the universe and in nature. It is also illustrated in Chart No. 12 of the Evolutionary Energy Series, showing “THE ATOM IN MAN AND MAN IN THE ATOM”.

The five 'Pranas' are the vital airy and primal plasma or so-called gas currents penetrating the five 'Tattwas' [tattvas] or elements in their static constitutional function in the body.

Philosophic theories can only deal with the formal routine, but cannot change the actual energy current flow to almost instant response, as can be done by this technique. Only by practical demonstration and by doing it yourself can this be proven in daily life.

Polarity Therapy Principles of the 5 Elements of Matter and Their Energy Flow and Blending as Functions in the Body


This gross body, I cannot be. Why? I am seeing it. It is an object for my sight. I am the seer. It is separate and I am separate.

The Five Great Elements


This gross body is not mine. Why? It belongs to the five great elements. It is a product of the pentamirus combination of the five elements. It cannot be mine. Why? Look. These represent the five elements.

Every element is divided into two halves. One half remains unchanged. The other half is further divided into four equal parts making each equal to 1/8 [one eighth] of the original. Thus each is now found as five parts.

Pentamirus Divisions

With the unchanged half of each element, 1/8 [one eighth] part of each of the other four elements are combined, thus making a size as whole as the original element. But each now contains all the elements but one only predominates. Thus in this pentamirus combination, twenty-five factors are manifested. How?

Five Fold Combination

Thus in this five fold combination twenty-five factors are manifested. How?

The Products of the Five Fold Combination of Sky [Space]

Grief, desire, anger, (love or) attachment, fear. Grief is the principal quality of space, a feeling of nothingness. Desire is produced by the combination of wind with space. Anger is produced by the combination of fire with space. Attachment or love is produced by the combination of water with space. Fear is produced by the combination of earth with space. I am not these: grief, desire, anger, attachment or fear. I am seeing them. I am the seer. They are not mine, they belong to the various elements noted as above. I should not claim these as mine.

The Products of the Five Fold Combination of Wind [Air]

Speed, lengthening, shaking, moving, contracting. Speed is the main quality of wind. Lengthening is produced by the combination of space with wind. Shaking is produced by the combination of fire with wind. Movement is produced by the combination of water with wind. Contraction is produced by the combination of earth with wind. Speed, lengthening, shaking, moving, contracting, I am not. I am seeing these. I am the seer. They are objects for my observation. They are not mine. They belong to the elements noted above.

The Products of the Five Fold Combination of Fire

Hunger, sleep, thirst, lustre [luster], laziness. Hunger is the main quality of fire. Sleep is produced by the combination of space with fire. Thirst is produced by the combination of wind with fire. Lustre [Luster] is produced by the combination of water with fire. Laziness is produced by the combination of earth with fire. Hunger, sleep, thirst, lustre [luster], and laziness, I am not. These are objects and I am able see. They are not mine. They belong to the elements noted above.

The Products of the Five Fold Combination of Water

Saliva, sweat, urine, semen, blood. Saliva is produced by the combination of space with water. Sweat is produced by the combination of wind with water. Urine is produced by the combination of fire with water. Semen is the main quality of water. Blood is produced by the combination of earth with water. Saliva, sweat, urine, semen, and blood, I am not. These are objects I am able to see. These do not belong to me. They are products of the elements.

The Products of the Five Fold Combination of Earth

Hair, skin, blood vessels, flesh and bones. Hair is produced by the combination of space with earth. Skin is produced by the combination of wind with earth. Blood vessels are produced by the combination of fire with earth. Flesh is produced by the combination of water with earth. Bones are the main products of earth. Hair. skin, blood vessels, flesh, and bones, I am not. I am able to see them. They are objects for my perception. They are not mine. They belong to the five elements. They cannot be mine. I am not these. They are not mine. I am the seer. Witness.


by Dr. Joseph P. Green (St. Louis, Mo., 1919)

Meteors fall out of the interstellar spaces upon our planet. Some weigh two to twenty tons and more. They are chiefly composed of nickel and iron. How did nickel and iron get into space? Did it overcome the gravitation of the Earth and flyaway? We think not. Did it break away from some other planet or sun? We think not. Nothing could be powerful enough in an orb, or sphere, to force it beyond its own power of gravitation.

Is it possible that all material substance once existed in space as invisible or metaphysical substance, and then crystallized and took form? We prefer to believe that such is the truth. Matter is constantly being turned back into the ocean of invisibility. So then the rule must work both ways. We mean that if the visible substance can be turned back into the invisible, then the invisible can be turned into the visible form, and this is done.

All the elements of a kernel of wheat have been extracted from the atmosphere by scientists. Gold, diamond, iron with sufficient heat can be floated out into the atmosphere as invisible substance and we breathe it, move in it, unaware of its presence. When man knows enough he will take food, clothing, material, heat, metals, oils, etc. out of the atmosphere and we will not need to wait on the slow process of vegetation and nature to do it for us.

This planet was one day invisible substance. Then, by some POWER, will, or mind this substance became nebulae, or star dust. Then this same power produced motion or whirl in this star dust. A vortex resulted, and star dust rushed into this vortex, forming a nucleus, which continued to whirl, and star dust added and added until our world (the word comes from whorl) was formed.

The word metaphysics comes this way: “Meta” means beyond, above or over. “Physics” means the law, action or movements of matter. Therefore, metaphysics means the law, action or movements which are beyond, above or over matter. Metaphysical substance is the mother and father of matter. Every building, painting, etc. first existed metaphysically in the realms of mind. Then it was put onto paper or canvas. Then, in the case of a building, it was externalized with brick, stone, timber, etc.

An electromagnetic core is a harness for the metaphysical force known as electricity. A water wheel is a harness for gravitation, an automobile is a harness for gasoline, a locomotive for steam, an aeroplane [airplane] a harness for the atmosphere.

Physical man is of the earth, earthy. Metaphysical man is invisible, yet possessing and manifesting through the physical as his harness. He is greater than the physical harness as magnetism is greater than the magnet. Organs are laboratories in which the metaphysical man performs his wonders of creation.

Turn a horse, a cow, a sheep, or a goose loose in a clover field. The horse makes flesh and strength; the cow, flesh and milk; the sheep, mutton and wool; the goose, goose flesh, eggs and feathers out of the same food. Why this difference? It is all due to the chemistry of the metaphysical power and intelligence in each animal. Metaphysical man can create any chemical needed, in the laboratory of his physical body.

Where are the fruits, vegetables and foods that we will eat ten years from now? How will they get here? By the slow process of mind in plants, trees, etc. unless the metaphysical man uncovers enough knowledge, so that man shall know how to produce them quickly as did Jesus the wine at Cana, and the loaves and fishes on the shores of Lake Gallilee.



The oldest and most revered of all alchemical formulae is the sacred EMERALD TABLET OF HERMES of Egypt. The secret art of transmutation of base metals into gold (with the stone of the Philosophers) was referred to as the Magnum Opus, or the Great Work.

The characters were recorded in the “Tabula Smaragdina” [Smaragdine Table] in base relief [bas relief] in a block of pure emerald (not engraved), and hardened by this art. A very ancient author, who lived several centuries before Christ, mentions having seen this tablet in the court. It was said to have been over two thousand years old then.

“THE SECRET WORKS OF CHIRAM” = the Architect of the universe, the potential primal vision, idea and energy in all creation.

“ONE IN ESSENCE” = Shabd [Shabad], the Eternal Sound Current, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, unifying support of all creation.

“THREE IN ASPECT” = the three gunas or qualities of: sattva [sattwa], the true (0), neutral quality, the center, the nucleus; rajas, the positive (+), radiant pole; and tamas, the negative (-), crystalizing precipitation and gravity attraction pole, downward.

“THE SUPERIOR AGREES WITH THE INFERIOR” = the 'superior' is the true Shabd [Shabad] or Sound of the Eternal Sound Current and its pattern of the five Holy Sounds and five regions of spiritual intensity or planes of the Sound reflected in the five elements of creation of forms. The moon principle or vak [vac] sound originates in the causal plane of Trikuti as mind patterns in the blueprint stage of the great architecture of the universe. It is the spiritual Anahat Shabd [Anhad Shabad] or Sound Current.

“AND THE INFERIOR WITH THE SUPERIOR” = the 'Inferior' is a reflection of the above, like an imprint or picture on a film of the great macrocosmic process of the Creation-pattern, impressed upon the space substance, the mirror of akash [akasha, aakaasha] or ether, below; and the four emerging elements as four rivers or four faces of Prajapati in his emergence.

A microfilm of this is implanted in the pattern of each unit or variety of form or body in the creative reflection process of patterns in its three stages of emanation as (1) mind energy, the form pattern design, the blueprint stage; (2) as vital energy, prana, the central radiation of warmth or heat as the fire element latent in the sun and in the atom, like an embodied sun radiation sealed in a miniature, material shell; (3) the shell of crystallized form of matter, which cannot hold the subtle cosmic radiations in bound, so they become sealed in 'giants' or 'Titans' in the formation of the universe.

This is the story of old of the giants, the Titans or cosmic forces and forms that were later dismembered or dispersed by the gods, dividing them into endless units of vibratory energy forms in the process of Creation. All of this is an interesting picture of the mind and its process of dividing to rule; to emphasize formal details, boundaries, customs and limitations, to become lost and confused therein and thereby, like Prometheus bound to the rock of matter. The story of Gulliver, bound by the Lilliputians, is a modernized version of how our own thoughts and impulses bind us to the material world.

“THE WILL OF THE ONLY ONE” = the Shabd [Shabad] or Sound is the spoken word of the Creator, the VOICE OF GOD, which is sent forth as the fiat energy, producing the creation as the Logos or eternal Word. John 1:1 - “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” All things were created by the WORD and all things owe their existence to it.

“SO ALL THINGS OWE THEIR ORIGIN TO THE ONE ONLY THING, THAT MOST HIDDEN, BY THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE ONLY GOD.” = That most hidden thing is the love, the beauty and the Truth of Being of the only God, hidden in all His creation as the Life Energy and the designer of forms and artistic patterns concealed by this veil of Isis, the Great Mother principle of Nature, and in Nature itself everywhere. Such is the grace of the unknown beneficent Giver, to remain unknown to the beneficiary of all His gifts of Love, Life, Truth and Beauty, and abundance everywhere in Essence and Bounty, in its subtle aspect, or in revealed grace, through His Vision and gift of intuition and devotion to Him. It is like the precious incense and the container. The Anahat Shabd [Anhad Shabad] is the magic power of the real transformation into the 'gold' of the spiritual self.

“ITS MOTHER IS THE MOON” = the Sound principle of vak [vac] in the Sound Energy study of the ancients.

“THE WIND CARRIES IT IN ITS BELLY” = the subtle airy principle and gas as the distributor through all the body tissues and elemental functions.

“BUT ITS NURSE IS A SPIRITOUS EARTH” = The five earthy subtle elements and all their animal natures in the 'ark' of the body are protected, directed and carried by airy currents, nursed and nurtured while floating in the psychic sea of the flood of energy in the subtle creative process of consciousness in a body form. Here all five elements of the five tattwas [tattvas] or subtle elements were represented and permeated by the essence of the five spiritual regions, balanced and held by the spiritual Sound Current, “THE FATHER OF A LL THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE.”

“ITS POWER IS PERFECT, AFTER IT HAS BEEN UNITED TO A SPIRITOUS EARTH” = the Great Work of transformation, the “Magnum Opus,” the day of the soul's liberation, its transcendance [transcendence] over all elements of creation, forms and conditions. It is the soul's salvation and resurrection of the consciousness out of bondage, ready to return out of the 'Egypt' of the sensuous life to the Father's House, like the Prodigal Son in the parable given by Jesus.[1]

All this transforming power was accomplished by the 'Philosopher's Stone,' the most hidden gift of Love, Beauty and Truth of the Shabd [Shabad] Life Current, embodied in a true Teacher or Saint, the Sat Guru [satguru] in human form.

The Saviors of souls come into this world in each and every age and take only those who are weary of the toys of sensory enjoyments and ego, and are ready to come Horne to the Essence of God's Love.

Dr. Randolph Stone

September 2, 1970

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