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polarity therapy, book 5: vitality balance

Dr. Randolph Stone

Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

Illustrated with Nineteen New Charts

health healing


Dedicated to that “WORD” of vital creative energy - the North Star of inspiration and staff of support to all true servants of God and humanity

chart 1: the vital creative flame

Vita-life is symbolized as a radiant flame of energy which is the heart and core of every living thing. Its Source is in higher regions of energy, as its vibratory intensity indicates. It is the warmth of life in the blood of all animated existence. Even in vegetation, it is the sap of life which ascends from the roots of the tree upward to the branches and the leaves.

The vital flame is the expression of life in all forms of creation as animated function and motion. Without this mysterious flame there would be no living things on earth. It is also called the Sacred Flame because all life is a gift from God. It is beyond the ken of the mortal mind. It is the Master Builder of forms as temples for souls incarnating in this world. It sustains us and by it we live and move and have our being; but we know it not. Neither do we understand it nor its mode of motion in our body and in our being. It is so close to us that we have no real perspective of it. We all seek more of Vitality and a longer life, but this sacred gift remains a mystery just the same.

In health we nurse it and cherish it. In illness we seek outside remedies to balance it and to sustain its function. However we look at the problem, it is the very same life expressed in herbs or vegetation, in a special chemical quality by which we seek to aid the vital energy in our body to establish or re-establish its equilibrium and normal function. Vital balance is the secret of life and health. It is the 'Eldorado'[1] which we seek when we are ill.

The functions of our body are many, but Vitality is one as the prime mover of them all. We seek to aid these functions by means of chemistry, vitamins, enzymes, harmones [hormones], endocrines, etc. All means are geared to one idea; namely, to aid this vital energy and bring offerings to its altar of life so that it may accept them and carry on the lagging function in our body.

What will a man give for his life? The real question involved in illness is what can man give to life? Will life accept anything? Will it act upon it? Will it use it? Can it benefit by it? Has the house of life become a beggar all at once, and the Giver of all an empty shrine of the Sacred Flame? What can be done? is the cry in every illness, in mental and emotional distress and imbalance. We have tried this and that, and the results are sad.

Really, what has gone wrong with this lusty life in our body, the springy step, the light in the eyes and the song in our hearts? Has the flame of life receded so far because of improper propitiation and neglect, or has it left the house of flesh entirely? Who knows the answer and who understands the ways of life? Are these in the books of learning or bestowed as degrees in institutions of education? Are Vitality and Life the main subjects taught there, or are they but guests or strangers there also? Are its teachers inspired by its radiance and do they impart it to the students, or is it all but an intellectual pursuit of the detail functions of the body and its structures as we see them from the outside, by the artificial light of our own mind's action, supplemented by electricity?

Where are the real devotees of the Sacred Flame of olden times? Has life changed, or have we, in our search for it and in our purely material viewpoint of it, failed to tune into its REAL WAVE LENGTH? Does our research by means of chemical tests prove Life, aid it, or merely condition its manifestation in the body? Has Vitality a material origin, or is it something beyond the reach of matter? All these questions have piled up since the search for the 'Fountain of Youth' started, long before the recorded history of Spain.[1]

The search goes on, but Life is silence itself. We are moved and know not the Mover. We think and know not the Thinker, and hardly know our own thoughts. All this is somewhat out of proportion to all our material progress and the increased number of institutions of learning. It appears that all our effort has been spent on research in matter, and none on Life itself.

We know more about the distant stars and constellations, and the atom, than we do about Life and our relation to it. We look for it externally, in matter, when it is the very heart and core of all living things. It is a unit which we have missed in our search for detailed proof. We have wandered away from the trunk of the tree and its main branches, and have lost ourselves among the leaves on the Tree of Life. Or, it may be that Life has passed us by because we have not tuned in on its wavelength of recording and broadcast everywhere around us? If we treated any television or radio broadcast as we treat Life, the reception to our tuning would give the same results.

Real knowledge or understanding is a two-edged sword, like Truth, which requires much sacrifice of our precious time through attention and interest in its wholehearted pursuit. Art is a jealous patron of its devotees, even as deities were said to be. The Muses cut the thread when interest lags. The art of Life passes the laggards by. Even a whole lifetime of living gives us no acquaintance with Life itself. Many precious years of our youth spent in learning and education give us hardly a hint of Life's Mystery which sustains us in our pursuit of knowledge.

Such is the paradox which comforts while it mocks. Life is still the Sphinx[1] of the ages. Who can answer its riddle?

Has the cornerstone of Life been neglected in all our learning and education? Are we more interested in things, or in Life? Is the Giver the object of our search, or the gifts? Where is our heart in this matter? Is it Life or matter which we really want? Is our goal an education in book learning only, or an understanding of Life? We obtain what we strive for earnestly, that is the law; for “Life is real! Life is earnest!” (Longfellow).[2]

When Truth is presented to our mind and consciousness, have we a dial and wavelength of reception for it in our make-up and in our background with which to tune in? Or have we too many private wires of interest in comparatively trivial matters, which keep It out? Have we the time or an ear for Truth? Can we recognize its face in any other dress but the one we have put on our ideals and ideas of Truth? How can It be found and by whom? Has Truth or Understanding favorites like the gods of old had, or can any devotee attain that shrine and sanctuary of his devotion?

All these questions have the same answer as our everyday problems. Who can get an education, who will succeed and why? It is those who make the effort and at the same time keep their attention on the goal. The law of Attention, Interest and Effort is the only requisite for all real soul growth and understanding; that, of course, includes the proper attitude of mind.

Success is the attainment of any goal we set for ourselves, even as a ship's captain selects a port nearby, or one far away, and arrives there in good time. Naturally, our direction under full steam must never vary, or we would not only be off course but might even find ourselves rushing in the opposite direction. To apply power and speed before we have set our goal is to flounder uselessly; but to set the goal first and then proceed under proper guidance, is the certain and ideal way.

Such is the majesty of our ship of Life, propelled by Vitality, our friend and stranger of many years. We sail and sail, but the harbor of Truth is an unknown port. Even good sailors and seekers can pass by the north star, if the compass of thinking and the rigging of our sails of the life breath are not set nor trimmed for such a long journey. This necessitates the conquest of the mind and its desires, under proper guidance, in the search of our soul's ORIGIN, through devotion to TRUTH.

Souls came to earth and lost their true course in earthiness. Now, by search and effort, they can re-discover and find themselves in this outer-space wandering. While we all know that God and the soul are one (we are but an infinitesmal [infinitesimal] ray which emanates from the Supreme Being), yet our consciousness has for many aeons traveled far away from the Light and Life of our True Home, all the while becoming more and more involved and entangled in the meshes of material things. The nostalgia of the awakened soul of the seeker for Truth is like the symptoms of the prodigal son, in the beautiful parable given by Jesus. (Luke 15:12-24.)

Home, the haven or heaven of rest for the eternal wanderer in space, where our soul, the lost child of Life becomes the returning son to the hearth fire of Vitality itself! We can find the way by reversing our attention currents with a feeling of longing for our True Home. If we would give even only a fraction of the time, attention and effort to that for which we really came into this world, we would be well on the way to Liberation from the bonds of our own lower mind and desires.

As our soul can realize and find itself, so do our sins find us out and detour us from our eternal North Star of Reality. Selfish interest and pleasure must be renounced in this search for the Goal of life. Jesus truly said:

“If any man will come after me, let him deny himself,” etc. etc. (Luke 9:23-26.)

The course of Life and True Happiness is a straight and narrow path - inward and upward. The course of pleasure and selfishness is downward and outward. In the former we have everything to gain while in the latter the soul becomes further entangled and the precious Vitality, the Elixir of Life, is wasted.

VITAL BALANCE, as a practical approach to the problem of life and health is both possible and applicable. Since the Life Energy is the Builder and Architect of our body, it is also the Maintainer and Sustainer of it. It operates in and through the body, not by chance or guess, nor by chemical formulas, nor by gravity stress as its cause of function. These are but effects, produced by a lack of total Vital Action in all organs of the body. Vitality is above all these conditions and end results proposed by man. “Man proposes, but God disposes.”[1]

Deep, vital imbalance is the real cause which limits the flow of energy in the body. The mystery of the VITAL PROCESS began at the creation of the Universe, and at the time of conception and intra-uterine [intrauterine] life for the individual now on earth in a human form.

Certain bi-polar processes were set to work at the meeting of the male spermatozoon and of the female ovum, by the liberation of energy of two opposite actions. Energy threads wove forth and back, and attracted material from the mother's blood to build a body according to a definite pattern of the combined quality of the parents. BUT THE SOUL WHICH DESCENDED INTO THE NEUTRAL FIELD AT THE TIME OF CONCEPTION, BROUGHT ITS OWN SOUL PATTERN OF EXPERIENCE OF WANDERINGS WITH IT, WHICH MAKES IT DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER CHILDREN OF THE SAME PARENTS.

The shuttle of life threads flies forth and back in a ceaseless weaving until the temple of the soul is built. This includes a brain and nervous system, for the thinking process and for communication to all cells of the body for motion and sensory perception, to serve the mind as the agent of the soul, for its private wire telephone system. Also the circulatory system is built for the sustenance of the body and for growth and repairs.

This is another function of this mysterious Builder, the Vital Energy, which is the Sound and Light Current of the soul. It is most intelligent and wise enough to direct the lines of force and patterns of the body in the process of building, and it knows how to maintain and complete it by growth later on.

This Vital Master Builder, the 'Hiram Abiff' within, also designed the bones as the pillars of support and the roof as a sensitive skin to protect this vital structure. The organs of function were placed where they could perform best. Vital Energy, as the Creative Flame, was called 'Hiram Abiff', the Master Builder of the Temple of Solomon as the symbol of our body.[1]

The lungs were designed by a net-type pattern of its own to attract energy from the air, and to filter the air from the outside for the oxygen in the blood, to be carried to all tissues. The chest is the airy space or oval made for this purpose.

The digestive system requires many organs to do the work of a kitchen and a stove to cook for these hosts of cell workers, like bees in a hive. It is of an earthy nature and sustains the body through solid foods and liquids. The fire of digestion operates in the body as does the fire in a stove, to cook foodDeep, vital imbalance is the real cause which limits the flow of energy in the body. The mystery of the VITAL PROCESS began at the creation of the Universe, and at the time of conception and intra-uterine [intrauterine] life for the individual now on earth in a human form.

Certain bi-polar processes were set to work at the meeting of the male spermatozoon and of the female ovum, by the liberation of energy of two opposite actions. Energy threads wove forth and back, and attracted material from the mother's blood to build a body according to a definite pattern of the combined quality of the parents. BUT THE SOUL WHICH DESCENDED INTO THE NEUTRAL FIELD AT THE TIME OF CONCEPTION, BROUGHT ITS OWN SOUL PATTERN OF EXPERIENCE OF WANDERINGS WITH IT, WHICH MAKES IT DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER CHILDREN OF THE SAME PARENTS.

The shuttle of life threads flies forth and back in a ceaseless weaving until the temple of the soul is built. This includes a brain and nervous system, for the thinking process and for communication to all cells of the body for motion and sensory perception, to serve the mind as the agent of the soul, for its private wire telephone system. Also the circulatory system is built for the sustenance of the body and for growth and repairs.

This is another function of this mysterious Builder, the Vital Energy, which is the Sound and Light Current of the soul. It is most intelligent and wise enough to direct the lines of force and patterns of the body in the process of building, and it knows how to maintain and complete it by growth later on.

This Vital Master Builder, the 'Hiram Abiff' within, also designed the bones as the pillars of support and the roof as a sensitive skin to protect this vital structure. The organs of function were placed where they could perform best. Vital Energy, as the Creative Flame, was called 'Hiram Abiff', the Master Builder of the Temple of Solomon as the symbol of our body.[1]

The lungs were designed by a net-type pattern of its own to attract energy from the air, and to filter the air from the outside for the oxygen in the blood, to be carried to all tissues. The chest is the airy space or oval made for this purpose.

The digestive system requires many organs to do the work of a kitchen and a stove to cook for these hosts of cell workers, like bees in a hive. It is of an earthy nature and sustains the body through solid foods and liquids. The fire of digestion operates in the body as does the fire in a stove, to cook food for consumption and subsequent nourishment of the cells. Here the fire energy excells [excels] in its task as a function. Through this permeating fire energy in food, it gives light to the eye in its nourishment, and energy for running, plus strength and skill to the hands to work and do things to express the mind, which is the governor in the brain department and its wires of nerves of an intricate telephone system.

A sewer system is also needed for the elimination of solids and liquids. The colon is designed to take care of the solids, and the kidneys become the filters for liquids, and the bladder its storage tank so it can accumulate and empty it at once for convenience.

The liquid in the body becomes the water system of supply for all cells and their drainage, as elimination through the ureters, as two pipes, one from each kidney, plus a center one from the bladder, called the urethra.

The function of generation is also added so the species may not die out. Here lies the secret of the seed power of reproduction and its eternal mystery, locked up in every seed for ages, and still vital when planted. In the fullness of time the baby is born into this world with a complete anatomy, in miniature, and a physiology of function to carry on the four processes of polarized life for function and growth.

The geometric designs of building in intra-uterine [intrauterine] life were along four lines of energy and substance, polarized, and made as a structure and its function for the use of the soul consciousness. It functions through the body as a complete system of communication and expression through the mind, the emotions and the senses. As there are five senses, there are also five fields or bases from which to operate them. There are five special senses for perception, and five motor senses to carry out these perceptions into actions in deeds of a physical nature. For motor expression, there are five fingers to give skill and dexterity to the hands, one for each sense. There are also five toes on each half of the body for the same reason of balance, and for grounding these five currents and gripping the ground for a springy step to express Vitality.

The fingers and toes become end poles of these over-all currents of sensation and action in the body, directly connected to the center of the Vitality within, to influence it by Polarity balancing.

By now it will be somewhat clear that the Pattern Design of intra-uterine [intrauterine] life grows to maturity with the body and functions through it as mind and as sensory and motor energy. The four rivers of supply are solids, liquids, air and warmth. It will also be clear that the One River out of this Vital Paradise of Life is the mind in its neutral function, from which all ideas and motor action originate and to which they must return for conscious communication and satisfaction of desires and appetites sent out as cravings.

It is in this way that the seat of Vital Consciousness and action can be reached through the polar ends of the body, in their triune function of positive, negative and neutral action of circuits. These are but centrifugal and centripetal wireless impulses, as agents of the mind and consciousness in conjunction with soul function.

It will be observed that these functions and their fields of wireless plates are the batteries of life through which the Master Builder of Conscious Vitality can be reached, through energy currents which can be balanced in their fields and as rivers of supply. The center areas or fields act as a NEUTRAL ONE, sustaining four other fields and functions from above, downward.

These are the levers or contact points to influence the center for balance. That is the complete principle and idea of VITALITY BALANCE through energy in the fields where it can be reached and either stimulated or inhibited, like sun or moon energy application, to keep the circuits going which revolve the planets in their orbits. All this is illustrated in the charts and explained in my books, from every angle possible, to convey it to the reader's mind. The soul energy requires a mystic approach to speak of its process.

The flame is a symbol of vitality because it liberates heat and energy. There is a mysterious fascination about a burning candle. It has charm and a sanctifying atmosphere, and is a symbol of the Primordial Sacred Flame of the Life Essence which sustains all and is not consumed.

The downward flame represents the outpouring energy into space, as the CENTRIFUGAL CURRENT OF CREATION. The top center oval is the symbol of this energy proceeding from a higher region or center above. The upward flame denotes energy being liberated from below, and is reaching upward toward the Source of the Parent Flame.

Between the downward flame and the upward going flame, there is a center of consciousness which is created by their lines of force. This makes the Diamond Soul, the perfect product of experience through involution and evolution. We all know that mother earth uses a similar process of heat and pressure to produce diamonds and other precious jewels.

It is the Jewel in the Lotus Flower of Life which causes the contemplating yogi to exclaim: “Om mani padme hum” (Oh, the Jewel in the Lotus!)[1] He has seen the 'Burning Bush' which Moses saw in the wilderness.[2] It is the flame or Jyoti in the 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha] Region, which supplies the Universal Power for the material creation.[3] It is the 'Yod' of the 'Yod-He-Vau-He', the 'Jehovah' of the Israelites, etc.[4] The Flame is the same, only the names differ according to language and creed.

In the life of the individual, this Sacred Flame is the balance of all energy and consciousness. It is the self-less self of Reality, realized by a perfect balance of selfless action and service, attained by constant effort and longing with the attitude of devotion and love for the HOLY WORD, THE SOUND CURRENT, THE LIFE BREATH OF THE CREATOR. Vital Balance is the completion of life's purpose, through Inner Realization. This book deals with the PHYSICAL ASPECT of this same Vital Flame which we recognize as ENERGY CURRENTS in the body and in all of Nature.

The Vital, Creative Flame is called the Sacred Flame in Mystic lore, because it is the living breath of the Creator. It is His Word and Energy which animates all. (St. John 1:1-4).[5] Out of this Flame of Life flows a river of Light energy which illumines all. “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (St. John 1:9).

From this Source emanated an infinite variety of units of various magnitude, like sparks from the central flame. All are supplied from this Parental Store of Infinite Energy of a high vibratory intensity, to keep them alive. THE OUTER FORM IS SUSTAINED BY THE OUTER CREATION AND BY THE LIBERATION OF ENERGY LOCKED UP IN MATTER. THE INNER UNIT OF SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS IS SUSTAINED BY THE “WORD” OF GOD'S ENERGY CURRENT OF SOUND AND LIGHT ESSENCE, FROM THE INNER SOURCE OF LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS. The soul of man is a living spirit which does not live by physical bread. It is nourished by the 'Manna', God's NECTAR OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY, the ESSENCE OF THE WORD OF CREATION.

Life has always been pictured as a flame of brilliant radiance. Even the human heart has the form of a flame, as the center of life in the body, for its fluidic and airy existence. It is the physical heart center of life in the body with which we, as doctors, are concerned for the health and physical well-being of patients. The Saints say that the Spiritual Heart Center is in the forehead, and that is where we concentrate our attention with love and devotion for the attainment of God-Realization, under the guidance of a Spiritual Teacher.

Every cell of the body must be supplied with the life blood from the central pump in order to live and breathe in rhythm with the whole unit, through the balance of vitality. Distribution of this life breath energy depends on a continuous circuit of flow or a constant supply of vitality to the tissues. This is called HEALTH, VITALITY BALANCE or WELL-BEING.

The down-going energy of the flame is the consciousness, reaching into matter through expression. The upward flame denotes its return circuit of sensory experience and consciousness. The mind is the agent of the soul, as stepped-down energy, to operate in matter (as well as up to the lower regions of the Spiritual Realm which is its Source) and deal with opposites and variety through resistance. This is recorded as pleasure and pain in the consciousness of that being.

Mind is the energy current, emanating from the Causal or Pattern World of designs, patterns and blueprints of geometric proportions of things. Experience is gained through contacts with the actual forms of matter in all its variety. Conscious mind energy pervades the entire being to express the life of the soul, outwardly, through impulses called thoughts and ideas. Conscious mind is the positive pole of this energy which is situated in the center between the two eyes.

The negative pole of the mind is the field of emotions and unconscious impulses, which perform the unconscious functions of the body and repair the cell structure at night, during sleep, the neutral field of rest. The unconscious mind is located in the four oval fields below the eyes. Through the center of each flows one river of Energy, called a 'chakra' or whirling disk of vitality.

This unconscious mind substance contains all the memories of previous actions and experiences, even in other forms of life. This does not make it divine nor eternal, any more than our earth is. Memories form the basis for all subconscious impulses and fears as well as all psychic and psychological experiences and limitations. The subconscious mind is the storehouse and tape recording, so to speak, of all previous thoughts, words and deeds together with their subsequent actions and reactions. The impressions have their effect on the positive pole and its thinking process, in the same manner as the gross physical deeds have gross physical reactions, either pleasant or unpleasant, according to the deed.

Psychiatry is the art of bringing these troublesome impressions to the surface of the conscious mind in an endeavor to balance them with the other three conscious mind faculties of reasoning and discrimination, of thinking and of the executive action of the will to do something about it.

The process of Hypnosis, on the other hand, disconnects the three conscious mind faculties from the subconscious mind substance and substitutes another mind's control from the outside upon this field of neutral mind material, laden with impressions. Then, by means of suggestions or mental pattern projections into this unconscious energy material, the mind of the operator sets up blocks so the subject cannot reach the conscious mind. That is popularly considered a helpful, temporary measure by some advocates.

In reality, Hypnosis is worse than wishful thinking because it weakens the link of the individual's own mind power which is its natural positive pole over the negative subconscious reflex representations and their control. Such an individual only becomes weaker and further involved by not facing facts and working on the problem of directing his own vital mind energy, consciously, to watch what he thinks and sows now as well as to pull out a few weeds of the past while learning and struggling in this valley of tears.[1]

Were it not for our previous neglect or ignorance of controlling this negative mind of our own, with all its loaded dice of scheming for pleasure and selfish gain, the conscious mind and the soul would not be conditioned thus now. Even if we don't remember, the facts are there and we merely seek an escape from them by lending the mind to hypnosis. How can we ever grow by postponing to face facts? How can we learn to govern our own serpent of mind power and all of its undulations of selfish and slinking impulses, but by directing the positive mind current consciously? Is strength ever gained anywhere without RESISTANCE AND EFFORT TO OVERCOME THE WEAKNESS?

It is true that the subconscious is the basic substance of the mind and is as unyielding in its impressions stored as seeds of weeds in the soil. Merely having them blocked out by forgetfulness is no cure at all. They are only covered up or hidden temporarily, like dirt under a rug, and will have to be faced eventually. In the meantime that poor mind becomes still more involved in ignorance, and further entangles itself in difficult situations and circumstances.

The conscious, impersonal mind energy was symbolized by the serpent of Moses, by which he performed all the miracles and wonders at the command of Jehovah in the land of Egypt,[1] below the eye center in the body. It was also the sacred symbol 'Uraeus', worn on the forehead, between the eyes, by the ancient Egyptian priests and rulers as a symbol of enlightenment.[2] In India, it is the red dot of Shiva, worn on the forehead, between the eyes, which has the same meaning and purpose.[3] In the Greek mysteries it is the triangle of Pallas Athene [Athena], in the head of the god Zeus.[4]

Mind becomes unconscious when it leaves this center and descends into the lands or ovals below the eyes, the sense centers of craving and outgoing desires with which it becomes identified. This is the serpent of temptation - the spiritual famine - which makes it necessary to go down into the land of Egypt, and the material river Nile, for survival. Then, in order to return to its Source, the Father's House, this energy current must be raised up by alchemical transmutation into the pure gold of Spirit. The serpent must be raised in the wilderness of sense life by means of subjugation.[5]

The central trunk of the Tree of Life is the vital energy of the soul current which is the life of that body. This is described in Genesis, Chapter 3,[6] and is also explained and illustrated in the Chapter on the Caduceus.

There is nothing sublime or spiritual in the subconscious unless a sublime or spiritual life was lived in the past, to be stored as a recorded impression. Abilities and qualities, like character, are all stored in the soil of this mind substance. POSTPONING TO LEARN TO GOVERN OUR OWN THINKING PROCESS AND TO BALANCE OUR LIVES THROUGH PURPOSE AND DEVOTION TO REALITY IS ONLY ENCOURAGING FURTHER WEAKNESS AND FUTILITY. The very person any one tries to help by the method of hypnotism only becomes weaker and less self-reliant; to say nothing of the harm that the hypnotist accrues on his own account, whether his intentions are good or bad.

It is against the laws of God and Nature for one person to endeavor to control the mind of another. We come into this world to learn through personal experience and direct, intelligent perception of life through pleasure and through pain, as positive and negative recordings for our memory field. Nothing can take the place of direct experience and the opportunity to react as our individual impressions gained from life. How else can any child grow up? All escape mechanisms are futile and defeat life's purpose.

Mind Does not act on the body functions directly, but through four polarized stepped-down energy currents which are the root substance of all living and growing things of matter. Mind is the river of energy, described as the one river out of Eden, which splits into these four heads or energy currents and fields as patterns and power to govern the crystallizations of chemistry and its secretions as well as mechanical motion.

In the teachings of the Saints, the higher positive Energy is chosen to lift the mind upward, toward the seat of the soul, rather than the negative way of separating and dividing the conscious mind from the subconscious, which is the negative pole of it. Evolution and growth of the soul lie in greater consciousness, not in unconsciousness and in the helpless darkness of the lower mind.

Mind must be lifted up for the gates of brain activity, so it can rise and function better. The Psalmist had this in mind when he wrote “Be ye lifted up oh ye gates”.[1]

Faith is dependence on God's Eternal Sound Current which sustains all through its Essence. Faith links the mind to the soul and raises it up to a higher vibration of life and Light. Faith can lift mountains of negative mind substance and remove them to oblivion, as light dispels darkness. Faith is soul energy at work. Faith is the North Star of the mind, through the understanding of God's goodness and life's purpose.

Mind and soul grow through faith by ascending into a higher, positive vibratory state of consciousness. While in hypnosis the mind and consciousness descend into a state of helplessness, and negativity of the past recordings, which it can do nothing about. The mind does not benefit by stirring up the dust of the ages, accompanied by its frightening aspects.

The conscious mind should lift, direct and guide the unconscious impulses upward, toward the light and a higher conscious control of it all, by love, faith and clarity of perception. Instead, it loses all control of the subconscious mind in hypnosis. Is going backwards ever a logical procedure?

the oval

The oval or ellipse is the Creator's design of curved lines of energy travel in the cosmos. It rises from one latent point or neutral center, like a stream from One fountain and then flows in opposite directions, away from the Center, into space. When the greatest point of expansion has been reached, it falls into graceful curves of an oval or ellipse, creating universes with planetary systems and solar systems within its sphere.

In the miniature world of individual units, this is also reproduced in microscopic dimensions as electronic lines of force, as the dew drop, the cell, the egg, magnetic lines of force in the bar magnet, in the molecule and in the atom with electronic orbits. The energy radiations of the human body also have this egg shape and that is referred to as the aura. See Chart No. 3 in Book 2, also Charts No. 1 and 2 in Book 3.

The sign of Aries (♈) gives this presentation as the first sign of the Zodiac. The lines fall gracefully to the right and to the left, as male [yang] and female [yin] energy, equally balanced by the neutral center. The original, Cosmic Adam and Eve are here illustrated as energy designs in the Cosmos and in Nature, of which humanity is a duplicate in miniature. That is why man is called the Microcosm of the Macrocosm or the great world.

Many mysteries are concealed in this symbol of the Cosmic Flame or Fire out of which creation flows. The mystery of the infinite varieties of shapes and designs is likened to the sparks from a great fire. All are geometrically conditioned by design and intention of the Great Creator of all.

The Great Oval was called the Cosmic Egg which brought forth all created things. It was a reflection of the Great Flame or Sacred Fire in higher regions of intense vibratory activity. In Egypt it was spoken of as the Secret of Mother Isis who gave birth to the sun. It is the Flame and the Light in higher spheres which becomes crystallized and condensed as the mother of all living beings.

chart 2: structural balance

This chart portrays the geometric relationship of the entire spinal column, as well as the two head bones, with the coccyx and the sacrum. The correlation of the upper five cervical vertebrae [C1, C2, C3, C4, C5] with the five lumbar vertebrae [L1, L2, L3, L4, L5] for the purpose of adjustment is not new. Also the occiput and the sacral association was well figured out and tested by Dr. Major DeJarnette[1] many years ago. But the relationship of the SPHENOID BONE WITH THE COCCYX is a NEW ADDITION to the group, as well as that of the 6th and 7th cervicals [C6, C7] with the 12th and 11th dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae [T12, T11]. The correlation of the 1st [T1] and the 10th [T10] dorsal [thoracic] is also an additional new viewpoint for consideration and proof by tests.

Geometric proportion and relationship is the basis for every one of the correspondences given here, FOR STRUCTURAL CORRECTION by means of POLARITY application, without adjusting.

A firm contact is made on the sorest area of the vertebra above, on one side or on both sides, with a double contact and held with the same contact below with the other hand, on the exact corresponding vertebra shown in this chart. In case of lack of tone a stimulating [rajas, moving, rocking] contact is used. (See Chart No. 15)

THE FUNCTIONAL EFFECT IS EVEN GREATER THAN THE STRUCTURAL RESPONSE! It is amazing what can be done with it even while sitting on an ordinary kitchen chair when making the contacts. The neck relaxes and the digestion responds at once by eructations [belches] and by relief of soreness and tension in digestive conditions.

Forty five years ago we were taught to twist the body and adjust the vertebrae by force, while sitting up in this position. That theory was based upon bony position and nerve pressure rather than VITAL ENERGY RESPONSE through the subtle connection of wireless waves which built the five senses and the five fields in the body.

These vital relationships of POLARITY ENERGY fields and end polarity correlation through the geometric poles of current end areas as Superior, Middle and Inferior, were not even suspected. Nor were the five fields and functions distinguished or classified thus, through a vital process of relationship of waves from the center to the circumference WHERE THE CENTER COULD BE INFLUENCED THROUGH EXTERNAL BALANCE ESTABLISHED BETWEEN TWO POLES.

In nerve tracing or as nerve currents, yes, that has been well covered. BUT UPON THE BASIS OF FUNCTIONAL ENERGY RELATIONSHIP, through solids, liquids, gases and heat, as a kind of wave length without wires, that still seems difficult for most people to accept. However, man-made machines which measure body radiations, etc. are generally accepted. But to diagnose conditions of diseases by energy circuit interruption, according to the four elements of sensory or motor energies, through the God-given sense of touch and skill, is still a puzzle to most doctors. Even some of those who use manipulative therapies exclusively, find it hard to grasp. Moreover, the grouping of diseases by the vital functions of their humors, is not new and reaches far deeper into the life center than we suspect.

When the wireless charts are once studied with an open mind and it is understood how Nature built these fields in intrauterine life, then it becomes a fascinating and an easy art to prove by practice.

To prove some of these previously unexplored, new combinations of relationship, through similarity in their keynote of VITAL ACTION of a similar nature, is a TOTALLY NEW VIEWPOINT.

The open space in the dorsal [thoracic] region, not accounted for in Chart No. 2, is filled by a direct reflection of the seven cervical vertebrae [C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7] into the upper dorsal [thoracic] region, ending at the 9th dorsal [thoracic] [T9]. These have been traced and correctly tabulated by spinal nerve tracing and should be well known by every doctor of any manipulative art. That is the reason why things which have already been covered by others are not given here in detail. Dr. Major B. DeJarnette[1] has covered this well and has also rendered a wonderful service to Chiropractic in general by his research and teaching. New wine in new bottles is needed today.

My objective is to bring out the UNUSUAL VITAL RELATIONSHIP AND THE APPLICATION OF THE SOLUTION OF THIS MYSTERY THROUGH THE ENERGY FIELDS OF THE BODY rather than the mechanical or the chemical basis of interpreting the vital action in the human body.

Geometric relations are an expression of internal patterns, crystallized as form and structure by lowered vibrations. They were vital proportions first, before they became chemical and mechanical expressions and relationships. Vitality built this body as energy pattern waves and circuits.

In tracing this vital thread through geometric proportions, we find some rare phenomenon, not explained otherwise. Geometry is an art and a science as definite as mathematics. VITAL ENERGY is an unknown art and science which has been sadly neglected by all our research for life as of material origin and conditioned to matter.

The anterior center of the human body is the umbilicus, around which sensory function and digestion revolve, through its plexuses and finer vital energy stored around this center.

The posterior center of the body is on the level with a line straight through, posteriorly, from the umbilicus to between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae [L2, L3]. This is the exact center of weight in the human body. It is in the motor area where weight and proportion are very important for exact mechanical relationship and motion.

So it would be well to look to these findings in tracing illness as a sensory disturbance, and limitation of motion and injuries as a motor lesion of imbalance. Using the center of the umbilicus as one contact with the right hand, and the vital area of function in trouble in sickness with the left hand, would be the way to balance the center with the circumference of effects. Tracing cause and effect is a logical procedure in any therapy.

In structural corrections, the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae [L2, L3] should be balanced in the same manner, by double or POLARITY pressure contacts with the sorest spinal area.

After this release or balancing of the center with the circumference, then the superior and inferior poles should receive attention. The atlas [C1] and the 5th lumbar [L5] are the two ends of the same central axis of the spine, as the first and the last moveable vertebrae. One serves as a diagnostic interpretation for the other end pole.

Impulse is from above, downward. When it is blocked in its expression, there is an accumulation of energy in that center which registers as soreness and tension. The muscles involved show the same condition. This can be traced and proven: Examine the opposite pole - in this case the 5th lumbar [L5] - and the same condition will be present, with soreness, congestion and limitation of motion, because of a mechanical accomodation [accommodation] to this block through muscle tone impulses in excessive proportion. A slip or rotation has taken place which must be released first. Then it can be easily corrected.

The same holds true for all the cervical relationships illustrated here; also for the dorsals [thoracics] as intermediate reactions. However, the two end poles given here are the major factors in this line-up, as cause and effect, for correction. The others will relax and benefit by it. THE MIDDLE OF A CIRCUIT IS CONDITIONED BY ITS END FLOW, IN AND OUT, AT BOTH POLES.

THIS KNOWLEDGE SAVES MUCH TIME IN THERAPY AND IS OF GREATER BENEFIT TO THE PATIENT AND THE DOCTOR. There will be less unpleasant reactions because no localized adjustments are given in between two pressure or pull areas in any circuit or system.


The Vitality Balance corrections can be given while the patient is sitting up, as illustrated in Chart No. 15, or while the patient is lying down on a treatment table, as shown in Chart No. 12 and other table charts for Balance and Correction, given in this book as well as in my other books.

Structure reacts from the bottom, up and is therefore a major for any structural correction or balance. To test this and to prove this POLARITY REACTION, just try the simple procedure of a contact above and one below, with a firm pressure of a single or a bi-lateral [bilateral] contact. A contact on both sides is a better balance for the hand or fingers used.

You will be amazed how the soreness and tension leaves the cervical region! Upon palpation, you will find an entirely different relationship of the vertebrae has taken place. That adjustment, which you felt you had to give in order to get results, is not necessary now. The indication may even be reversed! And most patients are so grateful for RELIEF WITHOUT CERVICAL ADJUSTMENTS.

This SPINAL BALANCING is a most surprising and effective art. Not only does it work on the spine from top to bottom, but it also includes the extremities, especially the feet, which carry the weight and are in the vertical balance relationship to the whole. (See Chart No.4 in Book 2)

If you will study the charts on the feet and consider them an inverse pole of the vital expression of the head, you will be amazed what reactions and release you can gain by skilled manipulations with POLARITY APPLICATION.

Even when working the feet by flexion, both hands are used in a bipolar balancing application, to bring out each contact, one outside, one in the center. (See Chart No. 11) EACH FOOT IS A CENTER IN ITSELF, IN RELATION TO THE BODY and it should be thus polarized and balanced.

The chart explains itself in its geometric design of two end pole relationships. The first five cervicals [C1, C2, C3, C4, C5] in their relationship to the five lumbars [L1, L2, L3, L4, L5] has been known, in a way, and accepted, if not used or its real value appreciated. So we leave it there and confine ourselves to the tracing of the VITAL relationship to those hitherto unknown, new spinal geometric lines given here.

The 6th cervical [C6] vertebra and its nerve supply is usually charted by nerve tracing, to the 8th dorsal [thoracic, T8], as a liver reflex. THAT IT CAN TIE IN WITH THE 12th DORSAL [thoracic, T12] VERTEBRA, IN A VITAL GEOMETRIC RELATIONSHIP, is a NEW VIEWPOINT. But the liver and the kidneys do have a definite relation to each other, as a chemical inter-dependence in the vital process of function. The material which the liver does not chemically prepare for oxidation and elimination by their solvents, cannot be filtered out by the kidneys. The kidneys are only filters, not a chemical balancing plant. THIS IMPORTANT VITAL RELATIONSHIP IS BROUGHT OUT BY THIS GEOMETRIC BALANCE sketch of VITAL FUNCTION AND STRUCTURE.

chemistry and oxidation

Chemistry and oxidation are two stages in this vital body plant. Mineral sludge and liquid waste must be separated from the blood by the kidneys.

The next new venture is the relationship of the 7th cervical [C7] to the 11th dorsal [thoracic, T11] vertebra. The 7th has a great effect upon the circulation, as proven by spinal concussion therapy according to Dr. Abram's[1] method of influencing the vital function. Circulation depends upon a fluid bloodstream and oxidation. If the carbon dioxide is not removed by oxidation, the filtration process is also interfered with. “7 come 11” is popularly known as a dice game winner.[2] So it is here in the game of life, of oxidation and filtration of waste out of the bloodstream for better circulation.

The reflex connection between the 1st and 2nd dorsals [thoracics, T1, T2] is another vital relation rather than a nerve tracing proof. The 1st dorsal [thoracic, T1] goes to the heart as a supply nerve and reaction. In angina pectoris, the branch of the first dorsal [thoracic, T1] going over the left arm is the location of that pain which is well known and easily diagnosed as angina pectoris. What to do for it, without further congesting the heart circulation by stimulation, is a problem to every thinking doctor.

The 10th dorsal [thoracic, T10] controls the diaphragm and the suprarenal glands for tone under stress. Both of these glands are prime factors in heart conditions. The heart depends upon respiration for function, and the adrenals for toning harmones [hormones] in the circulation for all stress and strain. What would a vital balancing treatment do for such a case? For years I pondered over this question and now the answer reveals itself in this simple geometric design. Is such a discovery worth while or acceptable, even if it saved the lives of only one per cent of the angina pectoris cases, by having a diagram of Nature's process of doing things?

For further analogy of design, please compare the top of the chest and the 1st dorsal [thoracic, T1] with the bottom of the chest and the diaphragm. Is it not an oval, like a barrel, with two ends and a functioning middle or neutral center, the heart? Wouldn't such a simple viewpoint be helpful for the vital balance of the neutral functioning pole?

STRUCTURE REACTS FROM ITS SUPPORT, UPWARD. FUNCTIONAL IMPULSES ARE FROM ABOVE, DOWNWARD - from the top or superior pole to the bottom or inferior pole. Couldn't this vital arrangement in the body be useful in heart conditions, by starting at the active center and balancing it? I leave this thought with every doctor who is interested in real, vital research.


If anyone should wonder what is the good of this chart and its new geometric relationship, when the five cervicals [C1, C2, C3, C4, C5] and the five lumbars [L1, L2, L3, L4, L5] are used but little in adjusting by that sequence, the answer is that this new idea is a vital relationship of function rather than for structural correction by adjustments.

In your next KIDNEY, LIVER, HEART OR ASTHMA case, just use this vital balancing principle for about fifteen minutes in a few cases and you will be astonished at the remarkable results. Find the active, sore area or vertebrae and balance them with double contacts, according to the areas shown on the chart.

To proceed according to mere routine is not enough. The actual block must be found through diagnosis by means of touch on the transverse process of the cervical vertebrae. Then start the geometric balancing from there, by single or double contacts above and below, as the lesion indicates. The foot and neck poles should also be balanced. Diagnose from the neck soreness and treat from the bottom up.

In asthma you will find similar conditions, including the 10th dorsal [thoracic, T10].

Influenza is usually a stagnant and toxic colon. Release it by contacting the colon poles from the feet and legs upward to the abdomen, arms and neck. The top side of one foot, between the little toe and the next, will be very sore as a colon pole halfway on the foot area. Whether it is the left or the right foot area depends on which side of the body the colon is in trouble. If the entire colon is in trouble, then this soreness will be present in both feet, and the vitality balancing treatment should be given on both sides of the body, from the bottom pole - the foot - upward, releasing the sorest side first.

In dry, toxic bowel conditions and spasms, the patient should take olive oil and lemon or lime juice - half and half - at least a tablespoonful of the oil and one of the juice, FRESH ONLY, several times a day. If the patient finds it difficult to retain the oil, the dose may be followed with a hot drink that does not contain milk or cream. Plain hot water will do. Use a fruit diet for a few days. It works like a charm.

For indigestion use that sitting-up therapy illustrated in Chart No. 15, according to the sore spots on the neck and its relation to the lumbar areas, as described in the chart. You can also inhibit the dorsals [thoracic], if sore in the sequence. You will be surprised at the quick response, without adjusting!

These are just a few practical illustrations to help the new idea along, as THIS IS POST GRADUATE WORK WHICH CAN BE APPLIED TO ANY METHOD OF THERAPY.

local spinal analysis

Every joint is a polarized crossover point for energy waves. The right side is positive (+), the left is negative (-), and the middle is the neutral (0) center. The cross-over is bi-polar from the positive right side above to the negative left articulation below it and vice versa.

A sensitive tip of the spinous process is the result of a deep central soreness in the meninges and in the disk. This should be touched gently with the first finger of the left hand in an upward direction, on the tip of the spinous process.

The corresponding neck vertebra should be held lightly with a double contact with the right hand on the transverse processes, until the soreness lessens.

This is a central core, local balancing of plus (+) and minus (-) impulses. In the last two paragraphs on the next page this local balancing is further explained by tension (which is a minus (-) condition) and by hyperemia (a plus (+) condition), to make it easier to follow.

balancing spinal nerve impulses

Parasympathetic impulses must flow into and work in conjunction with the Sympathetic, in order to work at all; for it is the Parasympathetic system that expresses balance and conscious mind impulses, and conveys them to the Sympathetic system.

What are mental frustrations? Parasympathetic or cranial impulses that could find no expression or response in the Sympathetic system and the organs it controls. Emotional frustrations are sympathetic and heart center impulses which are suppressed by the conscious mind impulses of the Parasympathetic System.

What is shock? A forceful shutting off of a current or impulse that flows in the body - or, a sudden impact of energy or matter, from the outside, upon the body, which suddenly shuts off the flow of energy for an instant. This can be physical or mental; for mind is energy, and the soul is the Source of that energy. A mental shock is as real as a physical jolt - and more dangerous because it goes deeper. An injury to physical tissue repairs with time and rest, while mental injuries require a new vision and viewpoint.

What is pain? It is also an inhibited impulse that cannot flow in its natural path of lines of force. A physical break also illustrates this point. However, there are mental, emotional and physical breaks, injuries and suppressions in their substances or fields.

A gentle pressure on the spinous process reveals the spinous tenderness or tension. The tender tip of a spinous process indicates an aggravation in the interspinal membranes. This is a positive hyperemic symptom of a vertebra in distress through excessive movement. It is caused by a lack of function (an energy block) of the vertebrae above and below it. These are fixed and inactive in their normal range of motion, which throws all the load of action on the one located in between the inactive vertebrae.

The correction lies in the simple procedure of local pressure on the fixed vertebrae, against the greatest resistance to movement by that particular vertebra. The stimulation to the vertebrae, one at a time; that is to the one above and to the one below the over-active one, acts as a positive motion or charge to balance the local negative polarity. It also acts as a physiological stimulus which releases tension.*

* The entire spine can be balanced that way, in its local plus and minus areas and functions. In this simple manner, the hypersensitive area of excess function can be balanced with the negative polarity action of the minus function in the fixed vertebra above and the fixed vertebra below the over-active one.

indigestion, gas and exhaustion

All three symptoms are caused by a lack of vital energy with which to carry on normal function. Foods lie in the stomach and ferment, also in the intestinal tract and in the colon. The gases penetrate the tissues and the circulation, which adds up to suboxidation and exhaustion.

Even with a carefully selected diet, these persons are full of pains and misery. A certain food may digest one time but not the next time. When the airy energy is not moving, nothing can move in the body which depends on secretion and oxidation.

In these cases the best therapy is to enable them to expel the gases first, by working for the eructations [belches] of them and starting them in the downward direction also. See pages 90 to 102 in Book 3, “Polarity Therapy”.

Next is the stimulation of the seat of the reserve energy in the body, which is the umbilical area. Have the patient lie on the back, face up, and work this tissue with a gripping motion with the right hand while the left hand rolls and grips the thigh muscles on the inside. If that leg is the short leg, roll it inward; if it is the long one, roll it outward in moving it while gripping the muscles firmly.

The sacrum is usually twisted and slipped between the innominate [hip] articulations. The base is high on one side and low on the other. It is a chronic condition.

This can be clearly seen by the angle of the center line over the sacrum, between the buttocks. The lateral top angle of the line indicates the low side of the sacrum. The innominate [hip] is usually high on that side because the sacrum has twisted and the innominate [hip] has slipped in its articulation with the sacrum.

Have the patient lie face down, and make a contact on the apex, on the opposite side, and hold it against a gentle pressure on the high innominate [hip]. See Charts No. 3, 4, 14 [reprinted from Book 3] and 20 [reprinted from Book 3] in Book 4, “The Mysterious Sacrum”.

Balance the cervicals with the spine. See Chart No. 2 in this book.

Release neck tension. See Charts 39 and 40 Book 2.

Lift viscera. See page 82 in this book.

a vital viewpoint on structural balance

Vital energy currents precipitate as structural patterns and sustain them. Geometric patterns of cause and effect built this wonderful human body and maintain it, through its original energy fields of design and balanced proportions of the creative pattern, and in the embryonic existence of this life's experience. As long as these primary currents can flow as uninterrupted pattern circuits of energy in the finer etheric essence of balanced mental and emotional energy fields, according to the vibratory keynote of the CENTER, then the circumference will be in harmonious relationship of balance.

The life current radiates attraction from the living center and sub-centers of the body, through which it gathers and absorbs the finer, vital essence of energy through food, liquids, air and warmth. It absorbs them into the composite structure as waves of Life Breath of Unity, in rhythmic exchange with the Cosmic, Organic Life Essence.

The individual unit is but a branch or twig on this great tree of cosmic life. A branch cannot exist alone. Jesus illustrated this principle by the saying: “I am the vine, ye are the branches;” (St. John 15:5). This law holds true spiritually as well as in the lower, stepped-down energy fields of the body. Nothing exists nor was it created by itself or for itself alone. Trees were created for their fruits. Human souls and bodies were created for experience and conscious evolution of life in space, to know, to feel, to see and to understand the infinite detailed variety of qualities of energy currents and their combinations, through the resistance found in matter.

Resistance is the negative pole of energy, which crystallizes and precipitates into forms and patterns. Exhaustion by distance from its vital Center, causes slower vibration and condensation, even as light or sound rays lose their quality by distance, and gradually blend with the darkness. In this case, inertia or rest from travel is the objective. That is known as the 'Tamas' quality or 'guna' in India.

Energy is a living thing when approached from the Center, flowing outward as currents and circuits. On the circumference it loses these qualities and becomes a sedimentation of energy whirls known as matter, through surface resistance and tension.

Atomic Science gives definite scientific data on this process. It is from this deeper aspect of life that we can now approach our vital problem of attraction and repulsion, through the body fields of chemistry and mechanics. It permits a deeper vision and understanding of causes as vital energy in manifestation. It becomes a 'charm of life' as a game of cause and effect instead of mere routine performance of imitation and conformity to chemical and mechanical sequences without a living spark of interest. By not going deep enough we neglect to see the beauty of life in its primal array of Sound Waves and brilliant display of light and colors which weave this temple of the soul in higher vibratory spheres of five essences with cosmic economy of construction called Creation. All this goes on constantly or creation would cease to manifest.

But we see it not through our physical senses which are interested only in the external phenomena of solids and gain which are recognized by the sense-life consciousness. Thus, life becomes a drudgery and a burden, with a heavy yoke of many restrictions and limitations.

However, at the heart and center of its own reality, it is beauty and joy because it is free and unconditioned. “Life will be what it will be.” That is the law of creativeness and the ever-becoming expression of Vital Energy, expressed as balance in geometric and mathematical proportions. When it cannot manifest in this rhythmic sequence, the life suffers and departs from that limitation of form in proportion to the seriousness of the interference. Then departs the joy of living and creativeness. Frustration and pains of resistance are the heritage of such a body and form.

Life is a precious gift of joyous Reality when freed from the serpent of the selfish mind contents and the inexperience of Life's greater sweep of freedom through its link with Reality.

All things created are for use through inter-dependence and balance of geometric relationships. This rests upon the vital attraction from the Center within, in conformity to the Consciousness of Life itself, and not through the possession of the form and external force applied to any pattern field.

Rules, laws and limitations are necessary to keep that acquisitive, possessive serpent of the downward pole of the mind in its bounds, so it does not go too far in its application of force and greed in its endeavor to own Life through acquiring patterns of forms, thinking it possesses Life itself! VITALITY, LIKE WEALTH, is a precious heritage which can be used wisely as intended by the Creator, or squandered and utterly exhausted by mis-use and abuse. Then comes the end of the trail of vital wastefulness, literally expressed as down (energy) and out (the expended flow through exhaustion.) The suffering that goes with it is beyond words. It is a real hell of woe and nothingness.

Vitality is the buoyant inner Life which is the joy of living and creativeness of the soul and of the mind in selflessness. Balance and proper use form the objective of this gracious gift of God. This grace is given to the few who search in humility and understanding of the Essence of Life, and who tune into it by attention and whole-hearted interest.

When the interests of life are elsewhere, then Life passes us by, because it is not the objective of its search or attention. Conscious growth only comes through whole-hearted attention to an ideal or objective. Where the consciousness dwells, there is the soul of attention. “Surat or Soul is attention.” So said the Great Saint, Swami Ji Maharaj.[1] Where the heartfelt interest is centered, there dwells and is the Life of that Soul.

All this portrays the living viewpoint of energy as the basis of our problem of Vitality Balance, rather than mere mechanical procedure or chemical formulas and rules.

The true doctor should know Life, feel it and understand its pattern of flow, like a blueprint of Life, the same as he knows his anatomy, so he can skillfully direct its wireless currents by removing the blocks and short circuits in the various fields. A good electrician knows where to look for short circuits in a house and what to do about them. So also should a good physician know the WIRELESS ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY, which is none other than its energy circuit.

The energy flow is the primary factor here. By knowing the fields and the travel of energy waves in their paths, this becomes a most intriguing application of intelligent release of the accumulated energy from one pole, to the opposite pole, by freeing its circuit where it is stuck and manifesting as excess activity of swelling, redness and pain. This can be in any one of the four polarized fields or in the neutral etheric area of the center pole or axis of the body. Please refer to Charts No. 4 and 5 in Book 1, also the charts given in the beginning of Book 2. They are the fundamentals of the wireless blueprints of the body currents and energy circuits.

It is all very simple, when once understood. We think nothing of studying paths of energy circuits and wave travel in electronics or in earth currents, air currents, etc., but when it comes to the human body, we limit all our search, research and viewpoint to chemistry and mechanical procedures. Why should there be this exception and limitation here? Is the human body less than an atom, or worth less time and effort for search and research along this line? Or is it because we have utterly lost our way in matter and over-valued it? Have we, like Esau, sold out our Spiritual Heritage and interest for a mess of pottage (of greed and possessiveness?)[1] When will we awaken from this slumber of self hypnosis of the mind and dig up the wells of Wisdom of Life itself?

Vital energy proceeds from a superior Source as a higher vibratory condition of this Unknown Essence. The pattern world is above the gross physical one, but is reflected into the grosser and denser vibration, like photostatic impressions on paper. Hence, the ABOVE RULES THE BELOW BY ENERGY LINES OR IMPULSES. “As above, so below” is the pattern reflection.

In geometric proportions, this is expressed as uniformity of lines and waves of beauty and balance. When this balance is disturbed it spells illness in that particular body, the degree of illness depending upon the degree of the disturbance. Then the balance needs to be restored IN THE FIELD WHERE THE DISTURBANCE EXISTS. That is where the skillful application of POLARITY THERAPY is needed for VITALITY BALANCE.

The laws of mechanics of stress and strain prove geometric designs of perfect proportions. THE TOP AND THE BOTTOM MUST BALANCE WITH THE ENERGY CURRENT FLOW FROM WITHIN TO THE WITHOUT. The center and the circumference must be in accord because this is an inter-dependent circuit which must return to finish its cycle.

In this manner we arrive at certain mechanical rules, by observation of fields and structures and their relation to function. Pain or limitation of motion indicates a structural block in the field, like a short circuit in the wires of electric conduction.

In the field of chemistry, doctors understand this very well, and endeavor to give the opposite chemical polarity substance to balance the condition. The Homeopaths will give a minute dose of the same essence in the form of a tincture, triturated to fractions of easily absorbed electronic particles through the etheric neutral field of the patient's body. The Allopathic principle works through the field of quantity and opposites for balance in the body. VITAL BALANCE IS THE OBJECTIVE OF BOTH SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT.

Vitality Balance by means of POLARITY THERAPY is a new and unique approach in principle, through the use of the four elementary currents of POLARITY IN THE BODY, and freeing them IN EACH FIELD, according to the triune principle of positive, negative and neutral energy flow. Structurally, it works on the same principle as the geometric laws of balancing the upper with the lower in relation to the center of LIFE ENERGY FLOW. This differs considerably from the purely surgical or mechanical, or the popularly accepted version of BLOODLESS SURGERY approach[1] of pressure interference somewhere.

Vitality Balance is reached through the triune modes of motion of energy flow, through its five fields of ovals as organic areas of functioning centers. The five senses and their corresponding motor currents are linked into this observation as the awareness of pain, caused by obstruction of energy blocks in the essence field of the currents flowing through the organic areas; or as limitation of motion in the muscular and skeletal framework.

So the above is compared with the below as cause and effect as well as its reaction. Energy circuits are balanced first by contacts above and below; also in the extremity poles of the hands for acute conditions, or the feet for chronic conditions of deep seated obstructions to the vital circuits. In severe illness and in death, the vital currents recede from the extremities first.

The neck is the neutral etheric area and super pole of the body [superior pole of the torso], through which the downward or outgoing and the returning or upward, ingoing currents must flow. Therefore, it becomes a very useful diagnostic point to reveal energy blocks by soreness on either side of the transverse processes of the vertebrae.

Interpereted [interpreted] physiologically, it would mean that the sorest spot is under tension of muscle pull from the opposite lower spinal area, as illustrated in the chart [Book 5, Chart No. 2]. Atlas [C1] = 5th lumbar [L5], etc. Mechanically, we feel certain that the 5th lumbar [L5] transverse is anterior on that side and that an adjustment to that effect is the way to correct it. That is a correct mechanical observation of position only. But the unknown factor of muscle pull, through polarity action on the muscle fibers is totally ignored, as an electronic energy field impulse.

So, if we make firm polarity contacts above and below, on the spine and in the extremity fields of the ankles and the wrists, according to the sore spots found there in the specific corresponding areas, THE SORENESS ABOVE WILL DISAPPEAR AND RELAX WITHOUT THE USUAL MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENT BY THE OPERATOR. In a few cases where this release does not take place immediately, then if an adjustment position is taken after this relaxation, the ADJUSTMENT WILL TAKE PLACE BY ITSELF, BEFORE ANY PRESSURE IS APPLIED, ELIMINATING THE NEED FOR THIS PRESSURE. In cases where mechanical correction is needed, that is very simple. Have the patient lie on the sorest cervical vertebra side, contact the opposite lumbar as per chart, place the thumb on the opposite transverse process of the lower vertebra and give a gentle roll, as illustrated in Chart No. 34 in Book 2. The same can be done with the patient sitting up, as shown in Chart No. 15 in this book.

Life is unique if we can but see the pattern energy as vital currents instead of only the form as mere mechanical correction from a purely physical standpoint.

Contact points for the center and the sides of the occiput and sacrum, also the sphenoid and coccyx, are marked on Chart No. 18 in this book.

The dotted lines on the sacrum and the 5th lumbar [L5], and over the glutei, shown in Chart No. 2 in this book, are contact points for the GANGLION OF IMPAR BALANCE with the CEREBROSPINAL ENERGY FLOW. One contact is from below, along the coccyx and under it. The other contact is on the dotted lines, with the thumb of the other hand. It is described on page 83 in Book 1 and is illustrated in Chart No. 19 in Book 2.

SPECIFIC CONTACTS BY TOUCH BASED ON HYPERESTHESIA SYMPTOMS: In diagnosing from the neck, by touch, there is usually more soreness on one side than on the other over the transverse process and in the lamina between it and the spinous process. That means a tension or plus impulse is active there on top because of an anteriority on the corresponding vertebra below, due to local spastic contractions in its muscular attachment on the opposite side of it. The contact would therefore be an inhibition on the cervical vertebra and a stimulation on the lumbar vertebra on the same side. However, in practice, it is easier to inhibit the opposite transverse side to release the spastic pull there. This balances the muscular tension and is equal to the adjustment theory of diagnosis and correction.

Experience has proven that greater changes take place in the neck when the muscular pull is balanced than when the bone is adjusted. This is based upon the fact that all distortions are REALLY DUE TO MUSCULAR PULL WHICH MOVES THE VERTEBRAE POSITIONS FOR ACCOMODATION [accommodation] TO THEIR TENSIONS. Releasing the PRIMARY FACTOR FIRST is the logical procedure in dealing with energy currents - whether blocked or in excess - as the real causes of subluxations. Energy is the mover. The bone is the object moved by muscular action, through involuntary impulses which produce lesions.

The energy approach is far deeper and more effective than the mechanical secondary principle of results. CAUSES ARE PRIMARY FACTORS TO CORRECT. Then, when the muscle pull is released by balancing the vital impulses, the vertebrae literally fall into their natural position by the least movement or correct positioning, AND STAY THERE.

the tension principle of diagnosis in relation to vital balancing

By testing the tension resistance on both sides of the spinous process, by means of a firm contact and gentle thrust with one finger, often more resistance is found on one side than on the other. This indicates greater tension or spasm on the side of greater resistance. Here firm pressure is needed to relax the impulse of spasm as a main factor, in conjunction with polarization of the other end pole in the cervical region of impulse control.

All this is an art in itself and works like a charm, without any other adjustment. Polarity Balance gently inhibits the plus factor above, on one side, while inhibiting the opposite, spastic side below, with heavy pressure on the posterior plus side. By crossing over the spine, from one side to the other, two opposite poles are inhibited. If it is done on the same side of the spine, then the upper tension is inhibited and the lower lumbar pole is stimulated as a minus factor.

The test by tension of each vertebra was used very successfully by Naprapathy,[1] as the basis of practice. Results were obtained by charting the spine and the tense vertebrae, then treating the same ones each time by light pressure impulses called directoes. The theory was, of course, on a mechanical basis of releasing ligaments and connective tissue by stretching them with these directive impulses. It is still used with good results.

The real principle of ENERGY IMPULSE THROUGH POLARITY WAS NOT IN THAT PICTURE. The Polarity above and below was not a factor either. Only the local tension symptoms, plus hyperemia, were the basic considerations. Much good was done by balancing the local tension, from side to side.

Now that the vision and the field has opened up with a complete system of VITAL IMPULSE BALANCING ACCORDING TO POLARITY POLES OF PLUS AND MINUS, ABOVE AND BELOW, AND LOCALLY, IT EXPANDS THE ART OF THE PRINCIPLE OF HEALING OR VITAL BALANCING AND SIMPLIFIES ITS APPLICATION. Far better results can be obtained, with less time and effort, without adjusting the vertebrae. THIS SHOULD BE OF GREAT INTEREST TO ALL NAPRAPATHS!


charts 3, 4 and 5: energy circuits for vital balance in bodily functions

Charts No. 3, 4 and 5 in this book depict illustrations of additional details for better understanding of Charts No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 shown in Book 2, “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”.

chart 3

Here Chart No. 3 illustrates Energy Circuits for vital balance in bodily functions. The two circuits over the anterior and posterior parts of the body flow in opposite directions which actually make a gyroscopic balance of the two halves of the body. The currents are of an electromagnetic nature, like the surface tension field in the atom, plus a very high degree of sensory capacity. The arrows indicate the direction of the current flow on each side of the body - anterior and posterior.

The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands are anterior surface, sensory fields, as the softness of the tissues indicates, by its sensitive pads. Fingerprints and footprints show a definite line of patterns which are unique as sensory identification of that particular individual, whether young or old. Even babies have their identifying lines at birth, proving the existence of a pattern field and previous conditioning.

These living current areas divide the body into five zones or fields of receptivity, like the use of the five senses over the five fingers and toes on each side of the body, over which they actually flow. This is a vertical classification of areas of response of the five energy currents operating in the body. IT RELATES THE SURFACE TO THE CENTER, THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM, THE RIGHT TO THE LEFT AND THE FRONT TO THE BACK OF THE BODY BY ENERGY WAVES OF A HIGH SENSITIVE NATURE.

That is why the application of therapy according to the principle of POLARITY is so astonishingly effective. “As above, so below” is one way of vitality expression. “As within, so without” is another interpretation of energy circuits for the experience of life through sensation and action.

The central core and each oval region constantly radiate waves to the surface, and these flow inward, to the center, on a return circuit through the fields of the five senses, plus the surface area. These are unique in their representation of areas and energy response.

The deep structures and the central core have fields of their own which are illustrated in Charts No. 1, 2 and 3 in Book 2. Chart No. 3 combines the deep currents with a complete surface illustration. It is impossible to sketch the path of sensitive vital currents of mind and emotions. They are wireless and have their own way. But the body fields are clearly illustrated in Chart No. 1 in Book 2, and in Chart No. 6 in Book 3.

Chart No. 2 in Book 2 gives a clear picture of the whirling energy centers in the etheric central core of the body. It shows their radiations to the surface of one upward and one downward current on each side. This establishes the direction for the waves as seen by the illustration on the right side of the Chart. A vertical identification is also given on the foot and on the hand. THUS THE WITHIN IS RELATED TO THE WITHOUT AS CAUSE AND EFFECT, WHICH CAN BE REACHED THROUGH THE CURRENTS WHICH CONNECT BOTH, THE CENTER AND THE CIRCUMFERENCE.

Chart No. 3 in Book 2 also shows the central ultrasonic core as the most vital axis of life's travel in the most sensitive spinal tissue of the cord and the meninges. This is the individual pillar of life, from the crown of the head to the end of the cord proper, which is at the second lumbar vertebra [L2], just opposite and on the same level with the umbilicus.

From there on begins the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, in the cauda equina. This totally involuted Vital Energy goes to sleep, temporarily at rest in the sacrum, as the Kundalini force of generation and the drive for motor action and expression. (See Chart No. 11 in Book 2)

The Caduceus in Chart No. 3 gives a good illustration of the dual mind energy, wrapped around this Tree of our Life. It is sustained by Nature through the living breath which acts as the fan of life for the other areas below it and their exchange of energy with Nature in the form of food, liquids and warmth.

This completes the identification of Chart No. 3 in Book 2. The Chart No. 3 in this book contains one more point of attention in Figure 3, where the Polarity changes over at the end of the trunk anteriorly, and at the bottom of the buttocks posteriorly, as it happens when the legs are bent over the body, toward the head. This is also shown in Chart No. 6. So the hard shin bones become identified with the back of the body as motor current areas, and the soft tissues on the calves of the legs as sensory reflex areas to the front of the body. Also, the hard, bony top of the feet becomes the representative pole of the back of the body.


chart 4

Chart No. 4 is the reproduction of an anatomy chart of the right foot, to which identification marks and names have been added to link the VITAL ENERGY CURRENT as the main factor for BASIC, STRUCTURAL CORRECTION THROUGH THE SOLES OF THE FEET.

Figure 1 shows the ligaments and their fascia on the bottom of the right foot. If we can see the sweep of energy over this tissue, and its power of balance and control from the bottom up, we HAVE THE KEY TO STRUCTURE AND POSTURE AS WELL AS TO MANY POLES OF THE BODY, THROUGH THIS BASIC ROOT POLE.

No wonder man is constantly trying to balance himself by the springiness and elasticity in his feet! When this quality leaves and the feet become rigid, man is beginning to die slowly. Sore feet indicate chronic conditions in the body which are painful but not in a state of resolution until they reach the neutral pole of the hands. Then the condition is acute. Stiff fingers and hands also indicate less energy flow through them, with loss of dexterity and skill, which makes them akward [awkward] in action.

Stiff arches and feet denote a recession of the life energy from that pole. Thick, chalky nails also indicate the same and are not a good sign. VITALITY RECEDES WHEN THE DENSITY OF MATTER BECOMES TOO GREAT TO PENETRATE THROUGH IT. It is like the insulation to an electric current. Representative areas of the feet are also given in Chart No.4 of Book 2.

Figure 2 shows the muscular tissue of the anatomy of the right foot, by which the foot exerts such powerful leverage and spring to lift the whole body. AND, TRULY, THE WHOLE BODY CAN BE REACHED AND BENEFITED THROUGH THE FEET! They are the negative, water pole [Yin1], opposite to the fiery, head pole [Yang1]. They are also the vital negative pole of the neutral pelvic, generative pole. That is why it is so important to keep the feet alive, young and active, with a grip on the ground. The whole body is represented in the feet, the water energy [Yin1], which goes deep and seeks out the foundations of things.

Vitality is expressed in limber feet and hands. Stiffness is tension and shows a decline of the vital current flow in both. Working on the foot alone does not give the best results in Vitality Balancing or in Polarity Therapy applications. Three poles MUST BE BALANCED WITH EACH OTHER in order to establish or re-establish the circuit of energy. Mere manipulation of sore areas and tender spots is not enough.

For years doctors of various schools have treated and adjusted the feet with a measure of results. BUT THE POLARITY PRINCIPLE OF VITAL ENERGY FLOW was not in use; hence the COMPLETE PICTURE AND THERAPY FOR THE BODY WERE NOT AT HAND. That is why the feet were neglected.

The only doctor who produced phenomenal results in foot therapy was Dr. Locke in Canada.[1] He was known all over the world. And strange to say all his success resulted from ONE ADJUSTMENT of the CUBOID BONE. This acted as a powerful stimulant to the kidneys, because it lies in that area. The stimulation to the other adjacent articulations helped the circuit flow. In some specific cases results were miraculous. His fame spread; but, alas, not his knowledge of this mystery!

The wonderful response was entirely through the WIRELESS VITAL ENERGY CURRENTS. It proved a little part of the Chinese saying that man dies when the kidneys cease to function.

If one clever application of this principle can do such wonders, why not the selective art of balancing the Vital Energy Flow through polar opposites in the fields of the body as well as in the feet?

The reason for the limitation of this application and of Zone Therapy,[2] was a lack of a logical foundation upon which it could be explained and proven as a principle in LIFE and in the energy field of the human body, instead of arbitrary lines of a method of dividing the body, vertically, as zones. No one could give an explanation why it was so, how these areas originated or why they elicited a response in the body and through what system. It had no scientific foundation. It was called a reflex through the sympathetic or other nerves, whether or not there were fibers of such nature in that area. 'Reflexology' was the name given to the response of an unusual nature.

The Acupuncture doctors in France had a similar system of zoning, which shows its real source or possible origin. But the few books in German, which were written later, tried to explain this system also as a nerve end response. The system followed the outline of our modern textbooks of anatomy, instead of the original concept of the FIVE RIVERS OF LIFE as the FIVE VITAL ENERGIES which enliven our five sensory and five motor actions.

The POLARITY PRINCIPLES of the three 'gunas', or POSITIVE, NEGATIVE AND NEUTRAL were not given too clearly. The sun and the moon action of the 'yang' and the 'yin' were clear as poles of stimulation or as tonification and cold, like the cool and refreshing water of the moon energy. Such is the history back of a Explanation of Chart No. 4

brilliant therapy of old, built on a true foundation of Vital Energy Balance. The ancients did not have the knowledge of the physical anatomy or physiology which we have today, BUT THEY KNEW LIFE AND ITS VITAL CURRENTS which they followed very closely, according to its manifestations and pulse beats. Theirs was the tracing of living, vital currents through the four polarized humors of the body, ACCORDING TO THE ENERGY FIELDS.

Our popular modern systems are not the key to any of the old schools in any land or country. Therefore, it is useless to attribute their success to nerve paths or tracings. The anatomy and therapy charts made later, on this basis, missed the point and do not have a reasonable foundation to stand on. WHEREAS, VITAL BALANCING AND POLARITY THERAPY ARE BASED ON THE UNIQUE PRINCIPLE OF ENERGY FIELDS IN THE BODY, the same as in the atom.

Treating the body through the feet, and balancing the feet through the body is an art of POLARITY FUNCTION. The posture of the body can be most correctly influenced and determined through the feet, without pads or heel lifts. These are purely mechanical aids, like a crutch, when needed to support a weak arch of the foot. Arches depend upon muscle tone and action.

The FOOT TECHNIQUE according to POLARITY THERAPY PRINCIPLES is a new application of FOOT BALANCING IN RELATION TO THE VITAL CURRENTS. It works like a charm when done with a view to polarizing, through each contact, and not merely massaging to rub out the sore spots.

To illustrate: When working on the foot, over the area marked 'colon, ascending, descending or transverse', then grip the outside and the top of the foot firmly, to also balance the sensory and the motor currents of flow, up and down. This makes foot therapy a BI-POLAR APPLICATION.

It is sometimes necessary to pull on the toe in that region while working on the specific area on the top and bottom of the foot. This is used mostly when the patient is lying on his back or on the side. Then the body contact is related with it.

By flexing the foot with a dual contact, with both hands applied to it, one on the bottom of the foot with the thumb for specific reaction in a selected area, the other on the top of the foot or on the outside. Both have a powerful response, when linked to the body by further balancing.

By bending each toe, the specific center can be raised in the sole of the foot by tension of the tendon and muscles. This gives a very specific reaction. In this contact the dorsal part of the foot should be equally pressed by a contact, so as to balance the anterior and posterior regions in the foot and in the body's vital current flow, for a polarizing effect through the fields.

A few regions have been given in this chart. The others are in my other books. The reason I refrain from plastering the chart with names of areas is that doing so would encourage imitation rather than reasoning from a premise that is true and fundamental. This is an art with a real scientific basis, where sore spots can be found and AT ONCE RELATED TO THEIR CORRESPONDING FIELDS IN THE UPPER AREAS OF THE BODY. When treating, charts are not much help for reference. But reason and knowledge gained from study and practice, is a true help when accompanied with skill and sensitive touch.

When the horizontal regions of the head, neck, shoulders, diaphragm and umbilicus are correctly charted and located, then it is easy to find any organ in between, in exact anatomical relationship. That is the whole secret of this art. SENSITIVE SPOTS MUST BE FOUND, BALANCED AND HARMONIZED IN THEIR POLAR ACTION AS CURRENTS, FOR BEST RESULTS. (See Chart No. 4 in Book 2)

Top, Middle and Bottom poles should be correlated in balancing the current flow - as positive, neutral and negative waves - which flow above, below and through the center line as is shown in any alternating current sketch.

When this ANATOMY OF ENERGY POLES AND CIRCUIT OF WIRELESS currents is once grasped, it is so easy to locate any area of illness or distortion IN ITS TRIANGLE OF FUNCTION. Inquiries as to what to do for this or that disease would not be necessary if we thought and worked according to principles of VITALITY BALANCE and BI-POLAR FUNCTION OF TISSUES.

In Charts No. 4 and 5 you will find depicted in the fingers and the toes, the shoulder girdle polar reflex area as well as the neck's anterior polar area location. THYROID AND GOITER polar areas should be easily located in both poles - the neutral hand, and the negative feet. All other regions follow this pattern. It is so easy, when once understood.

chart 5

Chart No. 5 shows the left hand with its ligaments and muscles - front and back - for energy response throughout the body. The hands are neutral pole areas and are of great value in all acute conditions which are active then.

The hands are also the body's indicator and prognosticator. Color, thickness, ridges, splitting nails, peeling nails, etc. all have their meaning and indication in illness. A little careful observation will reveal much. A split nail or a heavy ridge which splits at the end, indicates an acute condition working out.

It is of great help to the doctor and to the patient when this can be pointed out as an energy imbalance in the system which must go through repairs. The nail will tell the story of progress. This often 'saves face' and hope, and makes it easier to carry on through difficulties which would otherwise prove too long drawn-out and disheartening at times.

The toe nails also reveal the prognosis of the vital reserve and the circulation to the extremity, even as large ear lobes indicate a good vital energy reserve which will pull a patient through, where others with less or no vital energy reserve might succumb.

Firm thighs and buttocks are the vital indicators in the water energy [Yin1] field of generative vital reserve energy. The Mound of Venus, at the base of the thumb, tells the same story in the neutral pole area of the hand. So also the firmness and fleshiness of the hollow of the hand gives assurance of fair heart action through vital support from within. Truly, the human body is wonderfully made!

Some unusual response areas are listed in Figure 2 on Chart No. 5; for instance, the root of the nails for Neuralgia, according to the location of the teeth involved. In acute conditions it works like a charm when the exact spot is found and pressed with the finger nail of the other hand, using either the thumb or the second finger. One may also use a gold ring for this purpose by pressing the edge of it against the root of the nail.

Neuralgia is the cry of a nerve for food. This condition needs heat and dilation of the positive pole of the sun [Yang1], or the application of the edge and pressure of a gold comb, ring or any gold object with a fine contact edge.

When I was in India I had severe facial neuralgia involving the incisors on the left side. I found the most tender spot on the left side of the root of my left thumb nail. I could hardly bear the pressure of my right thumb nail on it, but persisted with the pressure and in less than ten minutes ALL THE NEURALGIA LEFT ME completely, and there has been no return of it since. This happened in January of 1956.

Such simple procedure, yet specifIc knowledge of application, is not only a solace but a great help in the hour of need, for patients and doctors alike. We are all human and subject to disturbances in Vital Balance.

Manipulation and therapy mentioned for the feet, also apply to the hands. Both are extremities with similar polar responses which affect the body in their circuits.

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.” (St. John 3:5,6,7.) (Also see St. John 1:1-13; I John 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18; St. John 3:3; I Peter 1:23.[1])

The marvels of the vital processes of Energy Currents become revealed and verified by Biblical texts, as an inner Reality rather than mere theory or belief. Saints, Saviors, Prophets and Seers all dealt with Life and its Energy Fields of Causes as Inner Realities. We assumed them to be material and perceptible through the five senses, or demonstrable in the laboratories of matter and as mere historic facts. Verse 13 of St. John 3[2] indicates the same popular material attitude at that time. So it is not a new thing at all. And it is because of this attitude of mind which demands material proof that spiritual facts remain obscure, and sacred texts are sealed mysteries. The same was true in the time of Jesus when Nicodemus visited Him at night and questioned Him concerning the mystery of spiritual REBIRTH.[3]

Allow me to suggest that in the two charts of Energy fields in the process of Involution (Chart No. 5, Book 1) and Evolution (Chart No. 6 in this book) of the soul's travel, a little of this hidden process of the Soul and its rebirth (described in the third Chapter of St. John as a Vital Reality), is revealed by geometric designs. IT IS MERELY MENTIONED HERE FOR HUNGRY SOULS AS A POINT OF INTEREST FOR FURTHER SEARCH. “THE MYSTIC BIBLE”[4] was written for the same purpose; namely, to encourage further search by those sufficiently interested in TRUTH and GOD-REALIZATION, for which purpose the human body was originally given to us. It was through the human body that we involuted and it is through the human body that we obtain the key to evolution (LIBERATION AND GOD-REALIZATION).

chart 6: the evolution position of the energy fields in the body

In the process of involution, the embryo in the mother's womb goes through various stages before it becomes a babe and assumes a position of bending forward, with the feet raised toward the head and the arms crossed over the chest for protection of all the anterior sensory areas while floating in the amnionic fluid. (Illustrated in Chart No. 5, Book 1)

In this position all the vital currents can flow freely for the building of the entire body, because it is in a neutral position of rest while literally floating in the 'waters of space', in this case, the amnionic fluid. The four rivers of supply of earthy food, of liquids, of air and of warmth are all furnished by the life blood of the mother, like a nectar in one vessel. The weaving of these threads of material energy into living tissues is started by the dual currents from the pattern of the parents. The spermatozoon gives off two currents (one of sound energy and one of light) which could be classified as the fire and air principles or rivers of energy supply for this future little temple of Solomon.

The ovum also gives off two currents, but of opposite polarity, which complete the lower arc of the oval, as the earthy and watery energy fields and their living currents for building most of the earthy structure. Only the bones are built by the fiery essence. The feminine energy is the 'Yin' or moon current.

This will explain the chart better as vital fields of potential energy that built the body by this weaving effect of the inter-action of two dual currents. In the world of Mystery it is the 'Yod-He-Vau-He'. In actual life it is 'Father-Mother-Son-Daughter' or the human family.

If we will consult Chart No. 4 in Book 1, these triangular fields of energy can be seen better in detail. Now, if we see these energy currents as triune in their polarity flow of positive, negative and neutral, we have the twelve poles of the Zodiac, which APPLY TO THE ENERGY FIELDS OF LOCATION IN THE BODY AS ORGANS AND their functions. This chart is valuable for reference in tracing the field or fields where the energy is not flowing in illness because of obstructions or short circuits and through a lack of POLARITY POTENTIAL. It is an easy matter to correlate the painful organ or region of the body with the chart of energy flow, to determine where its other poles are located, for the purpose of Vitality Balancing. When the principle is thoroughly understood, through study and practice, until it actually becomes a part of one's being, then the charts are no longer necessary for reference, except to explain it to others.

The ovals, as fields in the body, shown in Chart No. 1 of Book 2 and in Chart No. 6 of Book 3, further illustrate these points in an erect position of the body.

Chart No. 5 in Book 1 gives them in a circular relationship, as an astrological factor, because space energy enters into this structure through the mother who starts this little armature as an individual magnet to attract its own supply from Nature when the umbilical cord is cut.

Chart No. 6 in this book also illustrates unusual relationships of body parts as fields, for better understanding of some obscure points, especially the position of the feet in relation to the head.

Each foot fits the half of the head on that side, with the toes toward the forehead and the heel over the back of the head, the occiput in close proximity.

Second, it gives the position of the ankles in relation to the neck and shoulders. The inner line of the calf of the leg and the thigh reflect to the anterior part of the neck, the chest and the abdomen.

The back of the knee on this inner circle represents the umbilicus. The back of the thigh, in the inner circle, has a reflex to the abdomen, below the umbilicus. This exception of POLARITY FIELD SWITCH could not be illustrated logically or geometrically before, from any anterior position. Only the quality of softness of tissues related it to the anterior and soft part of the body, while the hard and bony parts are usually posterior POLARITY POTENTIALS FOR CONTACTS IN VITALITY BALANCING.

The softer tissues on the back of the thigh are much more of a representation of the soft tissues of the lower abdomen than would be the hard and heavy muscles of the front of the thigh and its outside area. SO THIS POSTURE OF 'EVOLUTION' REVEALED ANOTHER POINT IN THE CHAIN OF POLARITY RESPONSES by placing this field correctly as an anterior pole response, proved by geometry.

The relation of the hands to the head is also demonstrated here as a cross-over field and correctly interprets the brain function which supplies the opposite side of the body. Geometry again verifies an energy current field and its function. The thumbs are both in the center field on the head.

The position of the arm in Figure 1 of Chart No. 6 associates the wrist joint with the hip joint, placing the entire arm in a correct relative position to the body for functional response by means of POLARITY CONTACTS on its opposite area: The elbow to the umbilicus, the upper colon to the area above the elbow joint on each side, and below it to the lower colon. The soft portion of the arm is also turned forward, toward the abdominal arc.

All these factors are important points to illustrate and treat as POLARITY AREAS of VITAL RESPONSE. It makes the work much easier and far more effective when contacts are EXACTLY POLARIZED and the soreness or obstruction is released.

To summarize: Chart No. 6 gives visible, direct relationship of the fields of the body for diagnosis and therapy. By placing the body in an imaginary position like this, or rather by visualizing the body in this position, each part is in its correct polarity relationship with the rest of the body, and the POLARITY CONTACTS can then be made with the patient lying on the back, side, stomach, or sitting up, depending on the type of treatment or the locations of the contacts to be made.

The posterior, outer curve of the legs is the same as the concave curve of the back. The inner, convex curve of the legs is the same as the outer abdominal curve, shown in this chart. The position of the feet is a perfect indication for head relationship, and so are the hands.

In Book 1, Charts 4 and 5 illustrate this in relation to involution. Each triangle gives its triune polarity and place in the body. Mentally place the patient's ailing region in this field in Chart 4 of Book 1, and you immediately know which field and poles need to be released and balanced.

As an example we'll assume that the trouble to be remedied is COLITIS. The bowel region, Virgo, relates to the knees and to the neck. See Chart No. 4 in Book 2 for hand and foot polar contacts and relate them to the body. Also see Chart No. 60 in the Supplement to Book 2 for the colon areas near the knee, and make contacts above that also, as explained in connection with Chart No. 13 in this book.

chart 7: primordial mind pattern - its relationship for diagnosis from face and head

Chart No. 7 depicts Creation, complete in the field of ideation, of mind patterns and blueprints. It is said to be Kether [Keter] the Crown in the Cabala [Kabbalah, Kabala]. All other things are expressions of it as reflections or radiations, as shown in Chart No. 8.

The first creation is complete in this ideal world of mind and intelligence. To bring it down to earth, its vibrations are slowed down to where it becomes less conscious as emotional fields of subconsciousness with less light and awareness. This is the etheric realm or astral, starry region of our sky or heaven of the pure mind essence. The sun and moon energies operate in this sphere of subconsciousness.

The physical realm is the third precipitation by means of further crystallization and density through lesser vibratory impulses than above. The Superior creates and enlivens the inferior regions and worlds. It sustains them by its finer Energy Essence, out of which they are made or precipitated.

Vitality is the root and substance of all appearance and action. Without it there would be nothing. It is difficult for the mind to conceive the finer Realities which form the pattern of Life itself. Mind is more concerned with things and patterns of variety because that is its nature and origin in the ideal world of creation. So the mind cannot be happy as long as it concerns itself with the things of this world exclusively or predominantly. It flits from one thing to another in its search for happiness, but cannot find it in things of this world. It is only when the mind is ruled by the soul qualities of FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, HUMILITY, LOVE, SERVICE AND UNDERSTANDING that the higher mind can function and eventually reach its true home. Then it will find the REAL PEACE AND HAPPINESS that it is now hopelessly seeking in material things and relationships.

Following this blueprint pattern of the Ideal made real, we place man as a whole into the head and see what relation the expression has to the pattern origin. Art becomes an actuality in this process of comparison and placement. Only thoughtfulness and application can give it its true value as a living pattern of expressing the Ideal.

Its relationship for diagnosis from the face and head is very helpful, by lines of facial expression, by color and texture of the tissues in these areas; also as contact poles for Vitality Balancing of the body.

Many more comparisons than are shown in this chart are possible, but it would be confusing to the mind. To illustrate a few, let us say that the liver pole, under the nose, under the diaphragm region, extends sideways as the liver does, and we find a very fine contact pole for therapy over the right jaw, opposite the same area. The same holds true for the spleen on the left jaw and the outside area.

The lower jaw, the symphysis pubis and the generative organs have a comparative field and function through kissing or chinning. The rubbing of noses by the Eskimos [Inuit, Yupik] gives a similar effect through its neutral axis field.[1] This seems to indicate a descent from a very high state of civilization at one time. They could be a remnant of the civilization which flourished before the earth's surface was changed by cataclysms.

chart 8: reflected vital geometric pattern fields

Reflected Vital Geometric Pattern Fields - Mind patterns form the keynote of body construction, reflected from above, downward.

This chart sketches the process of placing the Idea and Ideal pattern of the mind of man, created as an image, into actual lower vibratory spheres for expression through five fields and five senses as actual awareness in matter, a dense plane, through material consciousness and being, for the completion of creation.

The One Idea and Consciousness is now scattered and separated into four polarized currents of senses and fields, to act through them for the experience of the soul and the mind as its agent, in contact with matter. The Mind Pole, having completed its creation in the Ideal World, with all the designs of blueprints made, lessens its octave of vibratory intensity through fulfillment on one plane, and starts a new day of creation. This is in the next lower realm of expression of the Ideal Purpose and Vision in the Mount of Consciousness within.

1. For this purpose, the head is placed into the neck area of the etheric plane of 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha]. This is the plane of Sound, the WORD of command of the Creator sounds forth into this realm of creativeness. All things take shape in the etheric world of sound substance, according to the attraction and polarization of the Sound Vibration.

God spoke into this realm on that day of Creation. That is where our Biblical record begins to express God's WORD as the One Life and Light in Creation, out of which all things were made. There was Light above, in the ideal head, as the Sacred Flame, but it was not yet projected into the field of Creation by the Sound Current of Command from the Creator.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” (Gen. 1:3)

This is also given in Chapter One of this book under the title of 'The Vital Flame of Creativeness'. All energies which descend into the body go through this plane. So do all return currents from below, for recording in the consciousness. Therefore, the neck is a cross road of the main vital currents, downward and upward. That is why it holds all the impressions and records of etheric happenings as well as pain symptoms in the body. It is the place for real diagnosis of the energy current flow and obstructions.

For this purpose the elaborate description of Chart No. 2 is given for diagnosis and Vital Balancing applications. It is a new field and most valuable for any real research doctor to know what the One Vital Current is doing in all four fields of polarized action, upon which all function depends. “As above, so below” is literally applied here, traced and sketched in Chart No. 2 for therapy. “As below, so above” refers to the return currents from below, included here for therapeutic applications and their release on the neck, from below upward.

That is the path of pain. Please do not forget this: All sensory currents pass from below, upward and from the outside, inward. RELEASE THESE BLOCKS AND PAIN WILL VANISH OR WILL BE MITIGATED BY A BETTER BALANCE OF FUNCTION AND CURRENT FLOW.

All this is the answer most doctors have been looking for as a real sensible explanation and practical application, through VITALITY BALANCE, above and below. Truth carries through to all fields and applications. But this is most valuable for all doctors who use manipulative therapy. It works astonishingly well and is far more potent and effective than any adjustments to relieve pain because the fundamental principle is closer to the real vital function than is the mechanical principle and its application.

Mechanical correction has its own field in mechanical injuries by violent external impacts, such as fractures and dislocations. There the mechanical therapy shines, as when a break is set and rested, or a twist in a joint is put in its place again. But for other sensory or functional pain release, the answer is not mechanics, because that is out of its field.

Even structural relations and their corrections depend more on the ENERGY IMPULSES WHICH PRODUCE MUSCULAR DISTORTIONS OF JOINTS by their spasm THAN ON THE MECHANICAL CORRECTIONS OF IT. That is why they don't stay put. A spinal lesion once produced is there, and will be there, in spite of all adjustments. X-rays have proved this to be correct. When given the mechanical correction, the same patient usually comes back with the same lesion to be corrected again and again. That is why a file record helps a lot as a time saver in that type of therapy. And that patient is helped by the work on this lesion or block, each time, because it stimulates the ENERGY CURRENT locally. That does not always relieve the pain, especially when it is sensory in nature and not due to a twist or sprain or dislocation.

Therapy can be made much more specific, simple, gentle and effective by understanding the ONE LIFE ENERGY and its play in the body. The top of the head is the upper jaw region; the jaw region in turn has a polarity reflex to the top of the trunk, etc.

2. Placing the head in the chest gives us further relationships of the airy principle [air element1] of the Life Breath and its vital functions. This is the plane of feeling, sensitive, tactile touch, emanating from the heart pattern of feeling which radiates all over like the penetrating air, through its pattern in the blood type. Pure air casts no shadows but clouds and frost can leave a lot of emotional energy blocks behind as records of impressions on our own personal air of ego emanations through a set of feelings of our own creation. This is the functioning field of our touch contacts with the world outside, such as skill through the hands and motion through all the body members.

The impressions gained are recorded in the neck as the etheric plane of sound waves on their way to the head as the mind plane of consciousness in conjunction with soul function.

Note of relationships with the head placed in this field: The top of the head is the top of the trunk. The lower jaw is about the diaphragm region and corresponds to the terminal end of both. The nose is the neutral center pole of the sternum. The eyes resemble the lungs, by location and function of constant expansion and contraction. The left ear is near the heart location, with its sound of 'lubb dubb'. The region of the teeth expresses the diaphragm and its rise and fall in respiration, as shown by chest motion.

3. The abdominal region and its relation to the head shows the top of the head corresponding to the diaphragm, and the jaw to the pelvic level of the peritoneum. The right eye is in the liver region and the left eye in the stomach and spleen area. The kidney area is under the eyes, with the head in this location. The nose inlet corresponds to the umbilicus in its neutral region. The teeth correspond to the general area of digestion and assimilation, like eating and swallowing.

All of these polarity similarities in function have their correspondence in the Vital Energy Current which enlivens them equally. The effect of liver and digestive disturbances on the eyes is well known as spots before the eyes, the yellow color of bile in the eyes in cases of jaundice, etc. The digestive functions are also indicated on the tongue as coating, ridges, cracks in the tongue and the regional inflammations, like the fiery red tip of the tongue in typhoid fever, etc.

This is the reason for all these established symptomatic responses through the unity of action of the VITAL CURRENT FLOW. How else can we account for it in illness? Nerves have their own specific functions. The four regions of the sense of taste on the tongue are also an intestinal polar response.[1]

4. Placing the head in the pelvis gives us further thoughtful likeness of the above being expressed in the below, as specific functions in life. In this position the top of the head is the pelvis and the peritoneum and the jaws are the symphysis pubis [pubic symphysis]. The lips become the sensitive response of the generative impulse, the closeness in feeling in the act of kissing being a special sense function. The membranes have an intestinal response, as soreness on the lips proves many intestinal upsets or fevers. These are functional membrane extension correspondences.

The diagnosis from the tongue is entirely practical by its location. The back of the tongue corresponds to this lower pelvic area. It is well known that pressure on the back or root of the tongue has an effect on the uterus and the bladder. The uvula is equivalent to the rectum in its function; namely that of deglutition [swallowing] in relation to defecation. The eyes can be approximate representatives to the ovaries because they have a line of response under the eyes. The nose has a central position and with the head in this area, corresponds to the uterus, the bladder and the prostate.

bony structure correspondence

The two innominate [hip] bones correspond to the two parietal bones of the head. The ischium and the hip sockets find their opposite poles in the temporal bones of the head. The symphysis pubis [pubic symphysis] has its polarity reflex to the jaw bone.

Posteriorly, the sacrum is in position of the occiput here, and the sphenoid bone which connects to the occiput through its basilar process, corresponds to the coccyx.

All this is through reflection from above, as ideas and patterns expressed in the body. They have their purpose and reason for being or we would not exist. It takes thought and time and much patient effort to see and understand Nature as a whole and our own body as it really is in its placement to the CENTRAL VITAL CURRENT which animates all.

chart 9: vital posture balance

The reason for giving these three positions is for a better understanding of the VITAL CURRENT, expressed through form and position. EACH POSTURE HAS A DEFINITE POLARITY BY WHICH IT IS SO IN ITS EFFECT. This is generally overlooked.

When we lie under a green tree and look up through its shadowy leaves, at the sky above, the motor relaxing posture ensues instinctively and automatically. We clasp our hands behind the head and cross the knees loosely. “That is the life of relaxation.” But why it is so, nobody has apparently analyzed or stated it exactly.

Here the reason is given as a natural, VITAL ENERGY POLARITY APPLICATION. When our own instincts prompt us to do these things, and we are pleased with them, would not further knowledge along that line be useful and interesting?

Figure 2 depicts a good posture for relaxing anxiety and emotional tension. It was used long before the advent of chairs and is still used a great deal in the east. In fact, stastics [statistics] show that the majority of the world's population still uses this posture in the absence of chairs. It is also (and perhaps was originally designed for that purpose) a philosophic posture for bearing the ills of the day with a confident faith in God's Providence.

Figure 3 shows a neutral posture, used by sages and wise men for their deeper penetration into the Inner Mysteries of life. Here we merely point out the VITAL POLARITY of the posture, why it is so that this position helps the VITAL PATTERN OF THE MIND as a balancing effect. The same historical facts apply to both postures - figures 2 and 3 - so what was said about it under figure 2 is not repeated here.

The idea presented here is that the body can be put in a neutral position of rest, the same as any machine. The act of standing still is anything but rest for the body. The same can be said about sitting on a chair. Even lying down has its phase of better positioning for complete motor relaxation and repair of tissues. These ideas are more or less startling until they are put to use, when we feel the difference and no further explanations are necessary. The ideal posture shown here, is one where the mind transcends the body in deep activity of concentration and inner absorption.

the plumb line and what it means

The plumb line shows distortions and muscle tensions that are unequal in the skeletal framework. A patient can be badly distorted and yet not be very sick; he may not even know it. Another patient may check good on the plumb line, and can feel terribly bad.

The plumb line does not indicate vital function distortions, nor Sympathetic or Parasympathetic nerve disturbances, nor acute inflammatory diseases, except when skeletal muscles are involved. The plumb line is a good check for structural distortions, but not for functional imbalance. There are many lines of stress in the body energy fields that are not governed by mere physical gravity. The four elements themselves are beyond the law of gravity, as they are energy particles of the finest kind, a fourth grade of matter, like electrons.

In all our doings, understanding is of the greatest importance. And to blend the energy fields of the body in their functions is the primary need. Many people go around humpbacked and all distorted, and live to a ripe old age. It is not the structure that kills us, but the vital function's inability to act. True, every organ must have room in which to expand and contract; but correcting a visible, external distortion does not necessarily correct a vital function.

Keeping the four elements in mind in all of our manipulative work, will help the patient much more than popping all the vertebrae. Balancing the energy fields and factors by means of manipulation, will do wonders for the patient as well as for the reputation of the profession. IT IS NOT BY STRENGTH NOR BY MIGHT, BUT BY SKILL THAT WE SUCCEED.

Many times a patient may check good on the plumb line, but still complain of low back pains. In men, this is usually due to prostatic gland trouble and should be so treated. In women, this is usually a uterine reflex. Sensory energy blocks are too fine to show on the gravity line. They have their field in the inner sensory exchange centers, between the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic systems, as emotional tension. DEEP PERINEAL CONTACTS TO BALANCE THE THREE NERVOUS SYSTEMS [1] FROM BELOW UPWARD, IS THE ANSWER TO MOST OF THESE SPASMS AND PAINS IN THE DEEP MUSCLE FIBERS OF THE PELVIS. To balance the below with the above, and the tension within with the one without, is a good rule to follow for any tension release. The centers attract, the surface resists and tightens up. Release both, the plus and the minus poles.

examination preparatory to treatment

  1. The entire office procedure is based on the convenience of the patients, so they do not have to get on and off of the table nor change positions more than absolutely necessary. This also eliminates confusion and enables the patient to relax. Therefore, while the patient is standing up have them first step onto the “BODY POLARITY AND GRAVITY TEST BOARD” (as shown in chart No. 10, page 62 in “POLARITY THERAPY”), and with a soft black pencil or crayon, mark the muscle pull which is interpreted as distortion to the field of gravity within and without.

  2. Have the patient sit on the table and check the blood pressure, as this reveals the tension that the circulatory system is under at that time. But even more important is the mental tension of the patient, which can be easily observed and noted by the doctor. Can the patient sit still, or wait a few minutes without blowing a fuse?

  3. With patient lying on the table, measure the length of the legs, comparing one with the other (as shown in chart No. 18, in “WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”). This gives a picture of the deep, over-all tension on the short leg side. It is structural in its effect, but can be caused by functional blocks in any system.

  4. Check the vital functions; how many respirations per minute? This tells the story of the Sympathetic Nervous System's function; namely, the intake of Prana and oxygen.[1]

  5. Check and count the pulse beats of the carotid artery on each side of the neck, in front of the sternocleidomastoid muscle [SCM], with a very light touch. Count it quickly, by a second hand on a watch, for five or ten seconds, and compare the volume of blood and the beat on both sides. This indicates the amount of Prana going to the brain, and may vary on each side. Relax the source of tension, to balance both sides. Deep perineal contacts from below with one hand, while the other hand is placed on the positive reflex area above, will balance the emotional tension in the neck.

  6. Count the pulse beats per minute at various parts of the body, and compare the volume of flow. This tells the story of the distribution of this Life Energy (Prana) and oxygen to the tissues of the body and the extremities. It gives a picture of the Sympathetic current flow.

Immediately, you have a clear picture of that patient's relation to Nature's ENERGY FIELD. The rhythm should be about one respiration to every four pulse beats. In proportion as this varies, we can figure the recuperative limitation of the patient, and endeavor to balance it. (Allow for emotional stimulus here.)

A good vital reserve is noted by the large ear lobes, as the positive poles. A fully developed Mount of Venus below the thumbs of both hands denotes a vital neutral pole. Firm gluteal muscles denote good vitality in the negative pole of the body.

The art of the true healer must be to balance man with Nature, tune him into the greater energy field, so all the elements can flow and function. That is how Nature heals. If Nature does not support a correction that is made, it will not stay or help the patient. Parts must fit into the whole and blend, in order to be useful.

Aim to balance the patient's mental, emotional and physical energies in their flow and rhythm. The mental energies are usually summed up in voluntary actions and the cerebrospinal system. The emotional fields are usually unconscious patterns and impulses, flowing over the sympathetic system to seek expression and fulfillment, through the sympathetic nervous system and its stored energy in various energy fields. The parasympathetic impulses are the conscious reactions to both nervous systems; it serves as a balancer or a brake upon them in excesses.[1]

Exhaustion is due to excess demands or disfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. This can be a mental block in the energy field of the patient, or the four elements in their function, an emotional imbalance, or a physical defect and lack of nutritious elements normally needed for repair of the system. By the same token it may also be due to over indulgence in food, drink, or any of the senses. One can be overloading the system with rich foods and still be starving for essential elements. That, together with the toxins from the improper food, results in exhaustion and illness.

EXAMINATION AND DILATION OF THE NOSE FOR THE INLET OF 'PRANA' and FOR THE RELEASE OF SYMPATHETIC NERVE ENDINGS AS REFLEXES FOR LOCKED BODY AREAS: When examining a patient, we usually take for granted that his nasal inlets for oxygen and Prana are large enough to give him his share of the vital air. But, examining them all the way back, by passing a simple, tapered, stainless steel rod to the nasopharynx, will tell the story. Dilation is possible here, with a little patience. Anoxia is the cause of many ailments which are not understood. Ability to breathe is most important for healing and for the maintenance of good health. Choked-up channels are factors of physical disability which should receive care and attention by the doctor.

The energy that flows over the sympathetic nervous system,[1] through breathing, keeps the body in touch with Nature and its rhythm. While food, liquid and warmth repair and nourish the body, and maintain its rhythm with the grosser elements. The air that flows into each nostril brings with it its finer element of 'Prana“, which stimulates the fine nerve endings in the Schneiderian Membrane in the nose, on each side. These impulses are conveyed to one hemisphere of the brain, on each side; so the same air has a positive or a negative function in its flow to the brain, before it becomes one volume in the back of the nasopharynx. This has a very important significance. This air intake also divides into the right and left bronchial tubes, one for each side or lung.

Mouth breathing can bring enough air into the body, so why would all doctors insist on breathing through the nostrils if merely warming the air or filtering it through the hairs in the nose is the main object? If we look at mouth-breathers, we will notice a dull, stupid-like facial expression, due to the lack of 'Prana' in the brain. In colds, we also feel “stuffed” in the head and dull, not only because of the presence of mucous and swollen membranes; but, because we can't breathe through the nostrils, the vital energy (Prana) can't get through to the brain to vitalize it with the Life in the air, which is what it needs.

The anterior representation of the sympathetic nervous function in membranes starts at the Schneiderian Membrane of the nose and ends in the rectum and perineum.

When the left nostril is obstructed, that side of the brain and the body is deprived of the normal impulse of 'Prana', and the heart will always suffer. Without the normal power supply, how can there be normal function? In speaking of the nasal passage, I refer to the entire depth of about 4 1/2” [four and a half inches], clear back into the nasopharynx.

The right nostril has a positive current-transforming effect, which acts upon the brain and the liver. Abnormal children, like the mute or deaf, etc., have usually a badly obstructed right nostril, which should be opened. Cartilage will bend and, with patience, can be properly molded. It is not pleasant and must be done slowly and gently. But the results are gratifying. Well lubricated steel rods that are smooth, graduated and tapered, are carefully used to expand the nostrils and passages ALL THE WAY BACK.

The sensitive sympathetic reflex center in the Schneiderian membrane of the nose was discovered by Dr. Bonier of France, who merely touched a certain spot in the nose, watched the reflex in the eye, and obtained some outstanding results by stimulating that center in the brain, over these nerves which had ceased to function. For this stimulation he used a hot or cold instrument, with a roughened edge, to aid stimulation. There is a great possibility for research in this small field alone. Gold probes, heated by running hot water, should be used for best results in stimulating or awakening dormant centers. On the other hand, silver probes, used cold, are used for toning and contracting tissues that are swollen, such as enlarged tonsils.

Check your nostrils and see through which one you are breathing at the moment. It is said that the breath flows through one nostril for 90 minutes, then through the other for the same length of time, etc. But I believe that this is regulated by the need of the body rather than by the clock.

In examining the patient always check the sacrum by its middle line, between the buttocks. If it is on a diagonal to one side, that is the low sacral side. The head position always accomodates [accommodates] the sacral position, and indicates it. For correction see charts No. 3, 4, 14 [reprinted from Book 3] and 20 [reprinted from Book 3] in the “Mysterious Sacrum” which is Book 4.

The POSITION OF THE INNOMINATE [hip] IN RELATION TO THE SACRUM MAKES THE SHORT LEG SIDE. Often the sacral base is inferior on the high innominate [hip] side, because it has twisted and slipped in its articulation. Balance it by POLARITY CONTACTS of muscle impulse. Then, if necessary, correct it by adjustment. A very little does a lot in adjusting.

sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] balance

In treating Lumbago, Sciatica and low back pains, many doctors use short wave therapy.[1] Just because heat is indicated on the surface, they think that more heat, deeper, would do more good. This is a mistake.

This fallacy was forcefully brought to my attention after a number of cases came to me with the same history of Lumbago that became worse by having had short wave therapy before coming to me. Short wave has its place, but in such conditions where the congestion in the deep structures and muscles is already a plus factor, over-expanded, why congest it more with deep heat waves?

In these cases surface heat, surface stimulation and dilation by pressure are indicated for relaxation and balance. Counter-irritation, like mustard plaster, or a capsicum ointment, etc. works very well as a helpful adjunct to the treatment. In fact, anything that aids in bringing the stagnant blood to the surface so that fresh blood and 'Prana' can circulate in these deep, congested areas, will aid and speed recovery.

Perineal Technique [see Book 2, Charts 30 and 31] works like a miracle in such cases. Often one treatment accomplishes more than all the other therapies combined. It relaxes the spastic muscles by re-POLARIZING the energy fields and establishing normal flow of energy as well as the circulation of the blood.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Centrifugal stasis is deep congestion and swelling. Centripetal spasm is usually surface tension or muscular spasm anywhere, even in the muscular walls of the capillaries. The centrifugal impulse cannot get out, and the centripetal impulse cannot finish its cycle of contraction and flow in. Both must be helped to flow. Life is motion.

The Plumb Line [see Book 3, Chart 11] is essential as a check for all skeletal and structural corrections. This simple test reveals whether the patient is in proper relationship with the center of gravity.

Gravity is merely the mirror which indicates the relationship of the body's own center to its muscles, through the nerves and blood supply. It is most important that the patient's action be co-ordinated from his own center to the circumference as motion, and back to the center as sensory perception. This is really the idea behind the use of the plumb line. It is an evidence of muscular balance in the body.

Sensory and motor expression must balance each other as incoming and outgoing currents, the result of which is normal health. The restoration and maintenance of this balance is the problem of the intelligent physician. NOT BY FORCE NOR BY MIGHT, but by coordinated inter-change [interchange] of the inner centers and the outer functions can health be maintained in any given environment.

When the area of tension is found, it should be correlated to its opposing reflex area and balanced through the center which supplies the energy to both poles. This is the real object of balancing the body through the spine, as from the center to the circumference, from above to below, from side to side and from anterior to posterior. This is the true application of POLARITY PRINCIPLES in making physiological corrections.

Lining up the patient: Have the patient stand on the plumb board or foot plate, with his back to the operator, as illustrated in Chart No. 10, page 62, in “POLARITY THERAPY AND ITS TRIUNE FUNCTION”.

The upright pillar is the spine And it must be the center line.

Both heels of the patient must be backed against the cross piece or heel stop, and to the center. The position of the front part of the feet does not matter, as the feet must be natural, in their favored position, which helps to show the distortion.

With eyebrow pencil or colored crayon, mark the back of the patient exactly where the string falls at the top, middle and bottom of the spine.[1]

When the string falls to one side of the center of the spine, that side is posterior and shows a tension of the posterior muscles on that side.

Anterior muscle pull of the psoas is the real culprit, on the opposite side. It is the first pull or lead that causes any distortion. The deep front muscles, like the psoas, pull the body out of line and the back muscles try to straighten the body. It is this effect of Nature's attempt to right the body into balance which causes the constant pain in the back.

The patient is bent forward in all these pelvic distortions, which shows where the major pull or cause is. It definitely indicates which muscle group has the advantage of leverage and where the lock is. In such a condition the patient always feels easier when he leans forward and favors that primary spasm. And, strange as it may seem, the patient is seldom aware of anterior pain until you touch the psoas, iliacus and rectus abdominalis [rectus abdominis] muscles. Then he often assumes that you did this because he did not feel a sensation of pain there before! The reason is that these anterior muscles are loaded with toxic, uric acid and other chemical crystals which feel like needle points pricking in every muscle cell, as they attempt to contract or let go in response to treatment.

Every muscle cell is a miniature motor, and full of carbon crystals in these conditions. The cause is identically the same as carbonization of a motor; namely, too rich a mixture of fuel (food) and too poor a draft (oxygen) to assist combustion. This results in the absence of the elastic life principle of 'Prana'. In other words, improper fuel cannot be oxidized or utilized for the liberation of power or energy. This leaves too much undigested or improperly mixed and poorly carbureted materials in the blood stream, and deposits them in the muscle cells which are in its path of flow, as blood sludge. In engines there are only a few cylinders; in muscles we have millions of them.

Each muscle acts as a unit or cylinder which moves the two ends closer together, by expanding in the middle. This causes that bulge in the biceps, the pride of youth.

Every cell of any muscle must assist in this process, and does identically the same thing. This united action makes the muscle work properly and without pain. Each spindle-shaped muscle cell is a little cylinder in itself, and is subject to carbonization.

Removal of the cause of carbonization is the same as in any motor; namely, adjust the intake, the oxidation, and use the right fuel and lubricant AFTER first cleaning out the gross, solid sediments. The selection of the right food aids in detoxification and elimination. When carbonization is too great, these locally accumulated solids are removed quickest through the use of leeches in that particular area, especially in such cases as Lumbago, Rheumatism, Arthritis and acute inflammations due to sedimentation in the muscle cells. Then health and well-being can be regained and maintained by proper diet. This means not only proper food, BUT ALSO PROPER COMBINATIONS, that will not clog the system nor cause an acid condition by souring instead of digesting.


Without relaxation of the primary, spastic set of muscles, no blood can flow to or from this locked-up area.

The sympathetic reflexes[1] govern the blood supply, and must be released first, through the perineum.

Release of the spasm is the first requisite to any correction and relief from pain. The blood must be allowed to flow into this stagnant area and carry away the debris of solid acid crystals and their deposits in the cell structure, before the muscles can contract without pain and spasm.

The energy field in this area is in a deadlock of POLARITY. The negative, contracting power or pole has the ascendancy - by the excess amount of dead material and waste which has accumulated - in the absence of the positive pole or supply of fresh 'Prana' through the bloodstream.

This principle of spasm is the same in any part of the body where 'Prana' is absent and the negative pole rules supreme.

'Prana' inlet is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, in conjunction with the parasympathetic function.[1] So, it is necessary that these two systems be treated first, to establish POLARITY AND A NORMAL ENERGY FIELD where function can take place.


If any structural or spinal corrections are attempted at this stage, before the POLARITY is balanced and an interchange of energy flow is possible, the reaction and resulting pain will be bad. This principle holds good in any forceful correction, where reactions occur that are not constructive nor healing in their effect.

Muscle soreness, after treatment, is not to be considered a bad reaction, because it is due to the excess of blood flowing into the stagnant, locked-up area and carrying away waste. In short, this is a good repair process and natural effort to balance the two poles of solidity excess with the fluids and energy flow. The increased circulation here, causes a natural dilation of the cells and this results in temporary soreness which will disappear when the rubbish has been removed by this increased circulation.

Soreness is distinguished from pain very easily. It becomes less sore and disappears in a few days, and normal motion is then possible, without pain. Thus it is easy to diagnose between a constructive and a destructive process at work in the body.

General rule: All muscles and structures of the body go through the same process of depolarization, stagnation and engorgement of solids or wastes, which means congestion and shutting off of fresh blood supply, oxygen and 'Prana'. Such a condition always produces a negative energy field and pain, with limitation of movement or function.

The real picture of energy block due to depolarization is given here: Wherever the negative pole of matter is in excess and rules, the positive energy field and function are crowded out. Then a shutting-in and deadlock of energies occur.

The artery rules in the tissues because it brings the positive pole of life energy or 'Prana' to all parts of the body. Without the artery, the life-giving breath of 'Prana' cannot connect and function in matter. And without 'Prana', the mind and voluntary impulses cannot function through the tissues.

Mind and 'Prana' ARE TWINS IN FUNCTION. Even as 'Prana' (vital force) needs oxygen as a stepped-down energy conveyor in order to function in matter, so does mind need 'Prana' as an energy agent in order to connect with the body and the universal supplies of the four elements (earth = food, air = breath, fire = warmth, water = liquid) upon which the body depends for existence and function in this world, with every breath it takes.

the treatment employed

1 - The perineal contact together with its POLARITY balance contact in the neck, the shoulders and the sorest spot in the back, until complete relaxation has occurred and the pulse is balanced. This indicates the re-establishment of the flow of 'Prana' to the blocked energy fields, and the short leg will be lengthened.

2 - The gluteal soreness and spasms are balanced with the shoulders and the spinal soreness and spasms.

3 - The psoas magnus [psoas major], the iliacus, and the rectus abdominalis [rectus abdominus] will now be found less sore than before, and partly relaxed. Inhibition will complete the relaxing process in a few minutes.

4 - Balance the functional leverage strain in front of the body, from the acetabulum on one side to the shoulder on the other side.

5 - Structural correction of the 5th lumbar [L5], the sacrum, the ilium, etc. can now be made and maintained naturally by the sympathetic nervous system.[1]

the north pole stretch

The North Pole Stretch for the Correction of Anterior Curves and Compressions of the Intervertebral Disks, Especially in the Cervical and Upper Dorsal [Thoracic] Regions with Tense Muscles

In 1914 this move was taught by me as a new discovery, in the Ecclectic [Eclectic] School of Drugless Healing, then located on Madison Street in Chicago.

For this correction the patient lies on his back on the table, perfectly free and relaxed so he can slide up or down with the rhythmic extension stretch, applied through the occiput by the operator who stands at the head of the table. There should be no strapping down of the patient. All parts of the body must be free to move in rhythmic unity with the breath while the contact on the head is held as a mild extension. No force is used. Cushions are placed under the head, sufficiently high to reverse the anteriority of the cervical and dorsal [thoracic] curves, and under the hips for the anterior lumbar vertebrae. The patient's head is tilted so that the chin rests on the chest when making the contact, to further correct the anterior cervical curve. The patient breathes deeply and slowly while the contact is held as a gentle stretch for the duration of two or three deep inhalations, which is sufficient for the average patient. One with a short, tense neck may require a little more time for relaxation.

During this stretch the patient does most of the correcting himself by deep breathing and natural expansion of the chest from within outward. And this is the simple correction of anterior vertebrae. There should be no haste nor stress. It is a relaxation movement by means of the patient's own effort in conjunction with the operator's placing the body in a corrective position. A few minutes spent in this manner, with rest intervals in between each breath, will do much to unify the patient's own energies and his physicial [physical] structure. That is the principle behind this move or stretch. It relaxes fascia, meninges and articular fixations in an easy and natural way.

In very sluggish conditions the resulting increased circulation may react in momentary dizziness. In such cases, stop there with that particular correction until the next visit. When the circulation is restored to normal, that symptom will no longer occur during treatment.

This correction is not used for long or loose necks, but short and tense necks with anterior dorsals [thoracics] and fifth lumbar vertebrae [L5] do need it.

This is a structurally corrective move and must be done The North Pole Stretch

carefully, and explained to the patient. When no pain or discomfort is encountered by the stretch and the simultaneous breathing exercise, then a short pull of about one-half inch can be made for correction of relaxed anteriorly positioned vertebrae, after exhalation. Adjustments will take place easily. Lateral adjustments should not be given at that time because the established balance and natural correction should not be disturbed by opposite lines of force.

Anteriorly distorted vertebrae are serious lesions. They produce pressure into the vital structures of the spinal canal. Abnormal anterior curves of the spine produce a tension on the anterior muscles of the spinal column. This interferes with the normal sympathetic nerve function and with the visceral reflexes. The patient should be advised to sleep with two pillows under the head, to aid correction of the anterior curves.

It would be of great assistance to the patient, and to the doctor in bringing about and maintaining this correction, if the patient were instructed to use the squatting posture, with the head bent forward, for three to five minutes daily, as explained and illustrated in my little book, “EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY”.[1]

chart 11: vital kidney balance

This chart illustrates KIDNEY TECHNIQUES through contacts on various poles of the body, from the bottom of the feet upward, on the same side of the body. The soles of the feet were clearly illustrated for this work in Chart No. 4 in this book. The main point here is the discovery that the foot must be flexed under a little tension so the areas involved are brought out for all foot therapy applications.

Flexing each toe brings out that area for a contact on the sole of the foot. Merely working the feet or rolling the soles over a ball or a rolling pin does not do it. That all helps in a measure, but is not a complete therapy. The foot must be flexed and polarized locally with the cuboid bone contact and pressure from the outside for best results. This is illustrated in figures 1 and 2 of this chart. IT HOLDS GOOD IN ALL OTHER FOOT THERAPY, whether it is for the liver, the colon, the stomach or any other polarity center in the foot, where anterior and lateral contacts support the local area hold.

Figure 3 depicts the other hand over the kidney area on the back of the body, comprising the 11th and 12th dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae [T11, T12]. The foot contact which is used simultaneously, consists of firmly gripping the back of the foot and applying the thumb to the kidney area on the foot.

Figure 4 illustrates a contact on the representative kidney area in the airy triad [Air Element triad - Gemini/shoulders, Libra/kidneys, Aquarius/ankles] of the leg response, the Aquarius region shown in Chart No. 5, Book 2 [sic, Chart No. 5, Book 1]. The contact is worked with the thumb in the calf of the leg. The contact with the other hand over the 11th and 12th dorsal [thoracic, T11, T12] is held firmly on that side only, by the heel of the hand.

This chart gives the over-all procedure for therapy from the feet up to the body, whether it be for colon, liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, intestines, etc. Only the exact spots change a little and must be found for each pole in order to obtain best results. THESE HAVE BEEN ILLUSTRATED AND NEED BUT TO BE SELECTED AND FELT AS TENDER SPOTS, AND POLARIZED. This application for three to five minutes on each side, accomplishes much. Change from one contact to another more frequently if the areas are too tender. Each time you come back to them they will be better.

The response will be noted in the other pole at once, when correctly done. The patient will know it also. Nothing succeeds like Truth and CORRECT APPLICATION. It is a process of floating with the Universal Currents on the Waters of Life. Our little boat cannot help but float to the other shore if TRUTH AND SERVICE are steering it to its goal.

polarity balancing with pressure adjustment for posterior vertebrae and spinal curves

When the patient stands on the plumb line test board, as shown in chart No. 10, page 62 of “POLARITY THERAPY AND ITS TRIUNE FUNCTION”, the posterior bulging of spinal muscles can be seen very clearly. These are usually caused by stasis in the area of the intestines and the colon, in that location.

As the patient lies face-down on the table, with the head resting between the split cushions, these tensions and protrusions are also easily detected.

The most contracted posterior area is the place to make a steady pressure contact, with the hand or the elbow. Hold the pressure contact firmly. DO NOT SLIP NOR ROLL THE CONTACT. That hurts. The steady pressure contact, given for a minute or so at a time, releases the lower pole or acute pull from the gluteal and lumbar regions which caused this compensation posteriorly in the mid-dorsal [thoracic] region.

A deep perineal contact with the right middle finger works wonderfully well with the above combination. Usually a contact along the coccyx, on either side is also indicated. At this point the apex of the sacrum can be reached and balanced by contacts under the inferior side. (See “THE MYSTERIOUS SACRUM”)

Find the sorest, tense muscle fibers over the great sacro sciatic [sacrosciatic] notch in the gluteal region on that side which you are inhibiting above. Make a firm contact on this with the thumb in a headward direction and hold it steady, with but a slight change of direction of the thumb so as to elicit the best relaxation on both contacts. This can be sensed very easily by the response at the points of contact.

When relaxation has taken place, in about a minute or so, change the contact to the next most tense posterior area above, on the other side. Then come back to the first one if more relaxation is needed.

The apex of the sacrum, where it joins the coccyx, is also a very important contact as a negative pole for relaxation and correction.

A posteriority anywhere means that something has gone anterior either above or below that point. Along with a posterior rotation there is usually an anterior 5th lumbar vertebra [L5] as well as an anterior sacral base on that side or straight across.

a brief outline of vitality balance

The body moves by the action of leverage through its joints. It overcomes gravity through mechanical levers and muscular action. Then what is this force in the body which acts and defies gravity? Is it not energy, from the body's own Central Sun of Energy within itself? Hence it is a reaction from within to the great without, as the Life Breath of motion which moves through all cells, like the wind through a forest.

Because of this link of unity of current flow, every joint becomes a unit or cross-over of Energy Currents so it can overcome outside currents of resistance. The same holds true for the organs of the body, as fields of sustenance and replacement.

Each joint has a relationship to every other joint in the unity of energy flow of graceful motion. The ankles, the knees, the hip joints and the shoulder joints are important factors in POLARITY ACTION as extension levers of motion, with POLARITY reactions on other centers and fields in the body. And because they are moved by a unit of energy current through them, energy circuits in the body can be reached through their corresponding area of relationship, as illustrated in my books.

Opposites correspond and express each other through reflection and the end currents of travel of the Energy Circuit. That is why the feet hold all the negative reflexes of the head, as opposite poles; and the hands reflect the umbilical neutral pole.

It is through this leverage of the principles of POLARITY that Archimedes[1] sought to move the world. But the world has always moved through this bipolar leverage action in the finer energy fields of similars and opposites. There is nothing new in this world. It was always here. But until man discovers it and takes credit for it, he does not know it. Even though it was there all the time, it is only after man has discovered it that he is convinced of its existence. After that it becomes a classified science. Before that it was but an unknown art to a few. So the ages roll on for man's experience in this kindergarten of Life.

Man discovers himself in his own consciousness and his true relationship to the cosmos eventually, through the experience of POLARITY ACTION. By being tossed from pole to pole, he gains experience through resistance and pain, which registers as awareness which he cannot escape. And in the process of seeking an escape mechanism to avoid pain, he learns many useful things. Necessity becomes the great teacher of things material and the mother of inventions, for man to save himself in efforts of resistance to Nature's energy fields and the grossness of matter.

Man's body is bipolar in function and action. The organs and structures of the body are the fields through which energy flows; like the stomach and the digestive system. In order to influence this and all the other systems of the body, the bipolar energy must be used and directed on its course for HEALTH AND BALANCE.

The ideal therapy is that which gets results through this primal energy - stimulation or inhibition, resulting in dilation or contraction.

This bipolar energy is superior and prior to chemistry in its fineness and deep penetration without leaving a material residue behind after stimulating or inhibiting the energy flow anywhere in the body.

Bipolar energy is also superior to mechanical principles, because it is the very energy which flows over the muscles to make them contract and expand, and causes motion or mechanical action through moving the bones as levers.

In this manner structural correction also rests upon the bipolar energy process as well as the functional or secreting chemistry of the body. ENERGY FLOWS THROUGH ORGANS TO MAKE THEM FUNCTION AND SECRETE. That is Life's circuit and purpose. Normally, this needs no outside aid. But when the current is obstructed through interference by density of supply or mental and emotional short circuits, then someone needs to be found who understands this wonderful machine and who can put the plates in right polarized action again in this temple of ours.

POLARITY THERAPY has sketched out the fields, the currents and the direction of the flow for deep and surface, motor and sensory balance. Contracted tissue is over-stimulated in any field. It needs polarizing with its opposite field because its circuit is broken or inhibited somewhere on its way.

This can be easily detected by a sensitive touch, besides the pain factor or limitation of motion; the opposite pole is found and stimulated to withdraw current from the excess at the obstructed energy pole. At once there is a response along this line where the 'message' travels, as on a wire system. Changes take place and the communication of the energies within the body spells BALANCE AND WELL BEING to all cells and tissues involved.

In our world of radio, television, telephone and telegraph[1] we take this for granted. But in our body's system of the circulation of ENERGIES which are wireless, we doubt its efficacy because we believed that only chemistry or mechanics could accomplish results. They all have their place and achieve a measure of results, but POLARITY Therapy has and can help many who have failed to succeed in obtaining results by other methods.

Proof does not explain the process to the confused mind, so it is passed by because of popular, set belief. New things and ideas must make a place for themselves by new pattern grooves in the mind of the public. This is done by advertising and popularizing a new idea or thing, and takes much effort, time and money. That is why many good things do not reach the minds of the people. It is a slow process.

POLARITY THERAPY is a comparatively new art which produces amazing results, especially in difficult cases, some of which had even baffled the experts in every field of therapy. Yet it is so very simply [simple] when one understands the circuits of the body the same as an electrician understands the wiring in a house. A good physician knows instantly where the energy circuits in the body are blocked or short-circuited. They can be effectively relieved by means of Polarity Therapy.

The first book along these lines was published by the author in 1948. It was called “THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART”. It is now improved and enlarged and is published under the title of THE VITAL POLARITY IN THE HEALING ART. It is a companion of this book and deals mainly with the foundation and principles; while this book goes more into the details of the application of these principles.

May this work reach the seekers who are looking for a deeper perspective of a common denominator in the healing art, to push it along in keeping with all the atomic discoveries of today. The health and well-being of the people should not be neglected. It should really be the first concern of the scientists, doctors and educators. Without health and happiness, all our modern conveniences are of little comfort to us.

tonsillitis, sore throat and goiter

The area immediately above the ankle bone is the negative pole of the neck line. The soft tissue, deep in the back of the leg, near the tibia and the fibula, holds the throat reflexes. The hip joint is the neutral pole to the ankle and the jaw articulation. Find that sore spot on the anterior side of the hip joint, in its lower half circle of articulation, and polarize it with the deep ankle contact by stimulating it. Then gently lift the clavicle and hold it while stimulating the hip pole with the other hand.

Find the sore spot in the shoulder girdle pole of the feet and hands as shown in Charts No. 4 and 5 in this book. Hold the hand sore spot with one hand and stimulate the foot pole with the other to divert from the throat pole.

In these conditions the polar areas will be similar to those found in mumps, only a little lower in each place, the same as the tonsils are lower in relation to the parotid glands.

Locate the poles in each region and balance them by finding and holding or inhibiting the sore spots there, while stimulating the opposite pole with the other hand. This treatment works wonders in acute conditions because then the areas respond quickly through their own activation.

Chronic diseases located in these areas can be traced in the same way, but the reaction may not be there as sore spots, and may have to be activated first, before the deep blocks will come to the surface. Then they can be released and balanced. All chronic conditions must become acute by increased energy and circulation before restoration of normal tissue is possible.

Proportions of inharmony can be detected by soreness and lack of elasticity or limitation of function as well as by the deformity and discoloration in the feet, the toes and their nails.

The feet, as the negative pole, reveal chronic distortions and diseases which may become active at any time.

The hands, as the neutral pole to the body, figuratively placed over the head in the same manner, will reveal the same design of relationship. However, the hands reveal acute conditions in their markings of ridges, splits, moons, etc. across the nails, and sore areas over the front and the back of the hands. Whatever is indicated in the hands is acute and active now. This condition must be understood and corrected now in order to resolve the sedimentations and to balance the energy current flow from within, outward. It is the purpose of POLARITY THERAPY to diagnose and correct by means of ENERGY CURRENTS within the patient's own body and thus restore the VITAL CIRCUIT.

energy response in treating

A good physiological correction always moves energy blocks and gives symptoms of response, indicating which WIRELESS ENERGY 'river' has been set into motion for re-establishment of normal function.

Relaxation is the natural response to a good treatment because repair of tissue can only take place when the energy currents flow freely. The etheric energy is the first 'river' out of which the other four flow and into which they must return. Complete relaxation is the evidence of this exchange of currents. It is usually accompanied by yawning, sighing or a deep breath, the evidence of the airy principle's [air element1] function in this relaxation. Stretching, with a good healthy groan, may also come to the surface, indicating the release of the airy energy [air element1] in the muscular system - motor and sensory. Many a person groans himself into well-being by this energy release of sensory and emotional blocks.

When the patient states that he is hungry, suddenly, during a treatment, it means that the fiery energy [fire element1] in the digestive tract has been set into motion, moved things along and emptied the stomach. When the patient's skin becomes moist during the treatment, a favorable reaction has taken place locally. If the perspiration is profuse, the water principle [water element1] has been set into motion with its resultant elimination of toxins.

Sneezing is a favorable symptom in severe illness because it indicates that the energy reflex from below is operating upward, in a natural way. In olden times a feather was used to tickle the nose of a seriously ill patient to see if he could sneeze. If he did, it was considered a sign that he would live. The sneeze of a patient with a head cold is also an indication of an energy current moving upward, trying to blowout the clogging lymph and mucous accumulated in the membranes of the head.

A release of wind [flatulence] moves the gases downward, as an airy bubble release, due to fermentation in the colon. It relieves internal pressure and the scattering of gases throughout the system. These gases can penetrate through any tissue and even into the bloodstream, and often do so when the pressure of the pent-up gas becomes too great. Many a headache is due to this cause. A good belch will relieve the pressure in the upper region. Free urination after a good treatment is also helpful as a kidney flush, where the airy and watery principles [air and water elements1] meet in elimination. The earthy element expresses itself in the movement of solid waste matter. When all the five Energy 'Rivers' of the body move naturally, there is HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.

chart 13: vital colon balance

The colon belongs in the earthy. triangle, as shown on Chart No. 4 in Book 1, at the point marked 'Bowels'. By tracing the triangle we find the knees and the neck as the two poles. The knee pole is found as an illustration in Chart No. 60, in the Supplement to Book 2.

Also go a little higher, above the knee, than is marked here. Balance the sore spots here with the tender colon area, high or low. The knee is the umbilical area of the colon. The transverse colon area would be found below the knee, between the fibula and the tibia. The 'up' is a downward reflex on the leg, as if it were raised to the head. So the higher up in the colon, the lower down is the reflex below the knee. (For back, see Chart 2)

The middle of the calves of the legs have their polarity reflex to about the 10th dorsal [thoracic] vertebra [T10]. The 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae [C3, C4] correspond to the 3rd and 2nd lumbars [L3, L2] respectively, per Chart No. 2 in this book. That gives you the neck region for balancing soreness. Balance these with the leg area on the knee and a little above it.

This is the method for tracing fields according to Chart No. 4 in Book 2, and Charts No. 4 and No. 5 in Book 1, so they are not illustrated here.

Figure 1 depicts the balancing of the hepatic flexure of the colon with the sides of the right arm, by means of a firm contact. The colon often gurgles in response.

Figure 2 demonstrates balancing the cecum with a firm contact just above the knee, where it is sore on both sides.

Figure 3 shows a very important colon area on the foot. This is usually very sore, especially on the top. Firm pressure is required with the top and bottom contacts, along with flexion, in order to release this condition. The ascending colon on the region of the side of the leg, between the tibia and the fibula, is being balanced here.

Figure 4 illustrates a contact on the hepatic flexure, under the liver, and a balancing, 5th cervical [C5] neck contact.

All of these contacts work very well for better colon function.

balancing anterior areas

The soft tissues of the abdomen also have their polarity poles on each oval area - top and bottom, diagonally across, and from side to side. It is a simple matter to place the fingers gently under any abdominal area and lift headward, from below upward, while the other hand holds the positive pole above, or on the other side.

Bipolar contacts are essential for best results. It is VITAL ENERGY BALANCE we have in mind rather than merely lifting tissues.

A - Make a contact with the thumb or all the fingers, under the sigmoid valve, and lift gently toward the opposite shoulder.

B - Another contact may be taken right under the gall bladder, along that line, then lift toward that shoulder joint and hold steady. Often the gall bladder drains and gurgles with this contact when it previously failed to respond to the Perineal-Cervical contact.

C - Hold until relaxation takes place, then release. From one to several minutes usually does the work.

D - You can also hold this contact under the gall bladder, and with the other hand pull the arm forward in a gentle, rocking motion, which drains the gall bladder; or lift the shoulder blade and hold it a moment, for gall bladder drainage.

E - Now take a similar contact on the right side, under the ileocecal valve, which is usually tender, and lift toward the opposite shoulder. Hold it, and

F - Take another contact under the stomach area, or near the pylorus, and lift gently toward that shoulder. Hold until relaxation occurs; let it gurgle if it will; it may gurgle a number of times if you hold on for one minute or more.

G - The same as under “D” can be done here by pulling gently on the arm while this contact is held under the pylorus, and the shoulder is brought forward in a gentle, rocking motion. Or, the shoulder may be lifted and held forward for stomach and spleen drainage and activation.

Please note that the diagonal contact is for releasing this type of impounded stress and strain. Contact on the same side, following the “V” lines from the center of the pelvis to the shoulder on that side, releases straight downward stress lines.

vital (pelvic and foot) balancing

Vital currents flow through vital structures when the polarity action is normal in the tissues. The ganglion of impar is the end of the sympathetic nerve chain, where it should polarize with the cerebrospinal system. When this current is obstructed and does not flow, there is low back pain, or uterine, bladder, or prostatic stasis and trouble. Leg pains also have their origin here or a little further anterior, in the perineum, as an emotional block.

In all pelvic conditions, leg symptoms, and in lumbago, the ganglion of impar should be balanced with the cerebrospinal function, through contacts illustrated in Figure 3 [of Chart No. 14]. The middle finger is used as a deep contact alongside of and under the coccyx, with an upward and posterior lifting motion. The thumb of the other hand works opposite it, in a gliding, slow motion, to distribute the waste found in this area as hard lumps and soreness in the muscle. These are the obstructions and the stagnations in this field which cause the distortion of the polarity field and its current flow. This, plus better oxidation through improved diet and a better digestion, is a SPECIFIC THERAPY FOR LUMBAGO.

Menstruation pains have often yielded like magic to this procedure of vital balancing. Bladder trouble as well as certain leg conditions are much benefited by this therapy. Bed wetting can also be found here as an imbalance of energy flow in the tissues. THE SORE SPOTS MUST BE FOUND ON EACH SIDE AND BALANCED WITH THE WITHOUT AS WELL AS ABOVE AND BELOW, IN THEIR POLES. THAT IS THE GENERAL RULE FOR THIS THERAPY.

Figure 4 [of Chart No. 14] illustrates a Prostatic Contact, directly behind the symphysis pubis, in an upward, gentle lift from the outside, through the perineal floor. This has a better effect for relief from too frequent urination than the internal rectal therapy by lifting the gland from side to side to help its drainage. Find the tender spots on the sacrum to co-ordinate with this, as well as the upper cervical or occipital tenderness which is reached with the other hand. Balance both, the top with the bottom and the inside with the outside.

DEEP Perineal Contacts also release the glutei tension. Place one hand on the perineum and with the other hand work out the soreness found all over the gluteal region. This polarizes the internal and external muscles, and balances the sensory and the motor systems.

Another control is through the Sacral Parasympathetics. This reacts with the Trapezius and the Spinal Accessory Parasympathetics.

The contact is made over the great sacrosciatic notch [greater sciatic notch], or near the first and second sacral articulations, with a thumb contact, held steady in an upward direction, while the other hand makes firm contacts on the tense spinal areas.

However, the reflexes of the glutei and the entire group of spinal muscles HAVE THEIR POLARITY REFLEX IN THE FEET. Each vertebral section has a definite area in the foot. This particular area in the foot should be held firmly or deeply manipulated with one hand while firm pressure is made on the sore spot in the back with the other hand. This is the most effective approach to POLARIZING AND BALANCING THE BODY, as it employs the body's own finer forces as well as its subsidiary nerve tracing effects. Chart No. 4 in “Wireless Anatomy of Man” gives the exact relationship of the feet and the hands to the entire body, anteriorly and posteriorly. Also see Chart No. 19 in this book.

When the toes are stiff and sore and bent upwards, it is a bad sign, for this is the vital reflex to the glutei and the generative force. These toes must be released and trained to be bent downward to again grip the ground as they should, in order to retain their balance with and on the earth. To turn up one's toes before their time, is no idle saying. If this reflex is not broken up, so the toes can function and respond to the glutei, they in turn will stagnate and become more rigid; then the vitality will have no agents or levers through which to express itself, and the patient may succumb to an undiagnosed ailment or an unexpected, quick end in any illness. Here, again, the verdict is that the VITAL ENERGY of the Water of Life could not flow and express itself through that body any longer.

The connection between the feet and the generative system has long been known. No wise woman or girl will permit her feet to become wet or cold during her period, for it may cause uterine congestion and trouble.[1] Again, that gives us a clue to therapy. Cold and wet feet will also cause colds in the head, through opposite reflexes, and check the lymphatic flow through the neck glands and the nose. This occurs through grounding of the vital nerve energy fluid to the earth, through the contacts of wet footwear on the cold, wet ground. Following is translated a good old German proverb: “Keep the feet warm, the head cool, the bowels open, and you can hope for a long life.” This is another old recognition of the FLOW OF ENERGY IN THE BODY, and its balanced relation to the earth and to ourselves for keeping well.

prostatic treatment and toning of tissues

The prostate sags when the tissues lack tone and the urethra is pressed upon in that process. The prostate needs a lift and toning up. This is accomplished with a perineal contact, immediately behind the symphysis pubis [pubic symphysis]. Lift the whole urogenital plate headward, with the thumb or second finger, and hold it for a minute or so. Then repeat once more. This is far more effective than internal treatment on the gland.

FOR IMPOTENCE: First of all, the use of jockstraps keeps the testicles too close to the body, hence too warm. If they were intended to be that high, Nature would have placed them there. The difference between fertility and non-fertility of the sperm rests within two or three degrees of temperature. If the sperm is kept too warm, it loses its fertility. Discard the jockstraps and tone the tissues. Many cases have responded to this simple procedure, when the wearing of jockstraps was the cause.

Cold, running water tones the tissues. Alternate with hot and cold water from a hose without a spray attached to it. This method of using the water has a force to its flow and increases the value of its therapeutic effect.

Not only is this method of using the hot and cold water good for any one condition, but can be applied daily to any tissues or organs that need toning and better circulation for specific and improved function. Father Kneipp[1] called it the 'Blitz Guss'. The famous Dr. Kuehne[2] also employed this method. In the Energy Field it is the positive and negative POLARITY current flow.

The principle of negative hyperemia, which can sometimes be used, is to hold the venous circulation back to dilate deadened tissues and capillaries, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO CONSTRICT THE ARTERIAL FLOW. In this way more blood is brought to any part, to do the work of healing. And, of course, with the excess amount of blood present, there is more 'Prana', which is the vital healing agent. The proper use of leeches accomplishes not only this but also releases the blood sludge that is usually present in such conditions.[3]

Positive hyperemia is applied by heat or by suction to any part of the body which is in need of this type of therapy. Soap suds may be used on the rubber end of suction cups that are to be used on any part of the body where hair is present. Without the use of heavy suds it is not possible to hold a suction contact wherever a sufficient quantity of hair may interfere.

Heat dilates, like the sun's action, and is a positive pole in life. Cold contracts, like the moon energy, and is the negative factor in all spasms.

leg conditions

Leg trouble can always be found in the perineum, and diagnosed and treated from there. Whether it is a short leg or a pain in the leg, the POLARITY reflex is in the perineum. Spastic and sore psoas muscles are relieved by means of PERINEAL TECHNIQUE. A test, before and after the treatment, will prove the point.

In pregnancy, PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1] is invaluable in relieving pains and tensions due to pressure in the pelvis. It gives almost miraculous relief in all leg symptoms and pains due to pregnancy and the nervous symptoms caused by the changes in the pelvis.

The perineum is the lowest major point of gravity in the body, and it definitely affects parts below it and above it. The perineum is also the major negative pole of the body and, as such, holds the key to all negative and irrational impulses and perversions of the currents in the energy field. For these reasons it is of vital importance in balancing and correcting ills of the body.

Much can yet be discovered about this anti-pole of the brain. Skill in treating plus understanding of the energy fields in the body, are the essential factors.

What the doctor's mind cannot conceive, That, he cannot relieve!

It is the vital force in the bloodstream which warms and animates the body. Life withdraws from the extremities first. Then they harden and become rigid and cold. They are farthest removed from the center of life, and waste products in the circulation gather at the lowest point of gravity, like sediments in a barrel. To remove these sediments by means of the application of leeches on the hardened areas is of great benefit.[2] Thus circulation is brought again through these obstructions by means of new blood which replaces the stagnant local waste in the area thus treated.

That the sludge in the blood prevents the normal flow of circulation in that area is a well-known and recognized fact. By withdrawing the impure, stagnant venous blood from the hard areas around an ulcer, the ulcer is healed by means of the supply of fresh blood to that area. As the old is withdrawn, the new blood can flow in and re-establish normal circulation. Circulation of the blood is the animating factor to the extremities because of the life force of 'Prana' in it.

chart 15: vital spinal balancing vertical and lateral

Vital spinal balancing, while the patient is in a sitting position, is a most helpful way to do good work to relieve some one, where there are no conveniences. It is a 'Countryside Technique' which can be done while the patient is sitting on any ordinary chair or stool.

This therapy is very applicable for relief of indigestion and many acute conditions. Vital balancing of energy currents is all that is intended here, and it works much easier than our previous 'Countryside Technique', illustrated in Charts 45-50 in Book 2. Gases will be released, and the belching relieves the indigestion at once.

Double contacts are used here for convenience. The top is balanced with the middle pole, or with the bottom, its negative pole.

Then a double thumb contact goes along each side of the spine, on sore areas, for lateral balance. This also helps to move the gases that are stagnant and lodged in the stomach, in the bowels and in the tissues.

For the lower contact the elbow is supported by the knee, to make the gentle lifting motion easier.

chart 19: posterior relationship of the head, neck and back to the feet

The posterior and bony structure of each foot is compared as closely as possible in its polarity response areas to the head, the neck and the back. The total vertical relationship of the feet to each side of the body is given here.

In Chart No. 8 we place the head into the four oval spaces of the body, for relationships and corresponding poles of expressions. Here we place the feet on the back for the same reason of sum total polarity reactions from below, upwards, and from above, downwards, as motor impulse relationships.

For the Anterior relationships, see Chart No. 4 in Book 2, “The Wireless Anatomy of Man”.

This chart expresses both, motor and sensory impulse relationships, from top to bottom and from the bottom of the feet to the front of the body, as sensory areas of location as well as posterior identification of motor currents. For functional impulses and relationships, see Chart No. 13 in Book 3, “Polarity Therapy”.

It is literally true, and demonstrated here, that what we do not have in our head we must have in our feet. Also that the buttocks are the seat of sensory learning impulses. When visiting the famous Eaton College [Eton College] in London, I was amazed to discover that the old 'hickory stick' is still a fundamental factor in that great institution, to properly impress the 'seat of learning' on their students.[1]

The foot is the finality of ENERGY FLOW EXPRESSION of each half of the brain's hemisphere. It is the end of the circuit of Vitality and of the Circulation. Motion and the spring of life are expressed here, even as the glutei express the muscle sense of balance for driving and sense proportion, through the impulses received from the object they sit on.

A good aviator or bus or truck or auto driver 'feels' his vehicle through this contact, by its slightest impulses and response to power and motion. That also is the reason for having a swivel chair or a movable seat to sit on at the desk. It accomodates [accommodates] brain impulses as a muscle sense expression, and saves much fidgeting and restlessness. That is also the reason why adjustable automobile seats are more restful than stationary seats.[2]

Thinking is motion of mind substance which must be accomodated [accommodated] as expression of some type in body motion, to balance the rhythmic impulses as a natural sequence of events, of sensory and motor action. This idea also explains the benefits of the rocking chair, the swing and the rocking horse of childhood days.

These mind impulses are compared to a clock, and the spinal impulses to the pendulum which ticks them off, as shown in Chart No. 13 in Book 3. One illustration blends into and clarifies the other. It is all the same Truth, approached from a different angle.

The brain and the body are one unit in this expressive creativeness, found in Soul growth and service. With further reference to Chart No. 13 in Book 3, the brain literally has wings, through mind action, as illustrated in Figure 5 in that chart. The Wings of Hermes, Mercury or Mind fluidity are the same as expressed in the Caduceus, and the wings on the feet of the messenger of the gods.

This really brings home the message of the Saints and Mystics; namely, for worldly activities we use the mind but for Spiritual progress the mind and the body must both be stilled for meditation and listening to the VOICE OF GOD WITHIN.

PHYSICAL BALANCE SUMMARY: The sacrum and the heels have a definite relationship as middle and inferior poles, shown in this chart. When making an examination or a check-up, see the sacrum as the foundation wedge of support for posture, structure and functional energy impulse. A brief analysis along these lines will save much time in balancing the structure from the bottom up. In all chronic cases, the root of the trouble is usually hidden here.

The center line over the sacrum is the vertical crease between the buttocks. Normally it should be straight in line with the spine. If it dips to one side, away from the middle, that is THE LOW SIDE OF THE SACRAL BASE, which needs balancing and correction. See “Polarity Therapy” Charts 11, 12, 13 and 14; also detailed charts in Book 4, “The Mysterious Sacrum”.

One innominate [hip] may be high or low, NO MATTER WHICH WAY THE BASE IS TILTED. The buttocks indicate the innominate [hip] levels. By holding a yardstick flat under them, both sides show up as they are.

Do not overlook this basic correction.

the mystery of fever: nature's own cure

In orthodox medicine fever is considered similar to a disease due to a germ [bacteria] or a virus infection. Even in toxic and old chronic ailments, no exception is made to that theory. Also in acute disease, there is always an effort to stop that fever. If this theory were correct, then it would be wiser than Nature itself. However, the facts do not prove this to be the case.

The Fire Principle [Yang1], as the vital energy, is the natural warmth and motivator of the body. When things lag and the circulation is sluggish, it is because waste products have accumulated in the tissues and in the bloodstream. Then more energy and heat are needed to dilate the tissues and capillaries for a speeded-up circulation, to resolve and move this waste and stagnation wherever it can be eliminated. Heat produces chemical changes. Fever is the stepped-up vital force, as heat and motion, to assist the body in burning up this waste as we do the garbage and dispose of the residue of ashes.

FEVER IS NATURE'S OWN CURE for the illness. It will resolve the ailment and clear it out of the system IF THE FEVER IS REGULATED BY COOLING COMPRESSES which keep the skin moist and improve the oxidation of the tissues. A dry skin cannot function, especially in a fever. It needs moisture much like an engine needs the water circulation of a radiator which cools it by evaporation.

Practically all acute diseases with fever (but not after the fever has been suppressed) can be treated most successfully by the use of cool body compresses and the airy principle[2] of fresh citrus fruit juices, taken internally, which aid oxidation and elimination of toxins. In high fevers, cooling enemas may also be given to keep the temperature down below 104 degrees F [Fahrenheit, 40 degrees Celsius].

A prolonged high fever of 105 [Fahrenheit, 40.6 Celsius] and over coagulates the albumin in sensitive nerve centers where the fever is localized. Properly controlled fever, ACCORDING TO NATURAL METHODS, will burn up any waste and disease in the body, without the least bit of damage. In fact, the patient usually feels better than ever IF THE PROCESS IS ALLOWED TO RUN ITS NATURAL COURSE, as many old conditions are usually cleared up along with the acute disease.

Food should not be given to a fever patient because it acts as a serious interference to elimination of toxins at this time of housecleaning, and it raises the fever. Milk is a food and should not be given at this time. THE FEVER WILL RESOLVE ITSELF WHEN THE WASTE IS BURNED UP AND ELIMINATED, even as all fires go out for lack of fuel; but it must be kept under control by natural methods and not be permitted to burn the 'house' down. Very satisfactory and sometimes miraculous results were obtained by me in the many hundreds of acute and chronic cases which I have treated in this manner - and some of them were very serious conditions with complications, such as middle ear diseases, etc.

It matters not what the name of the disease may be, the fever is to be controlled in the same NATURAL way, and then the controlled fever itself will burn out the disease, usually leaving the body in better health than ever.

Medical science has also observed the curative effect of fevers, and uses diathermy and short wave therapy to create an artificial fever. Sometimes even malaria germs have been used to create an artificial fever for the cure of some obscure disease. But a natural fever is not tolerated nor properly controlled and utilized! MAN ENDURES - NATURE CURES.

boils and carbuncles

Usually there is fever and pain with this effort of Nature to eliminate some specific poison from the bloodstream. Nature's effort should be sustained by the wise physician who sees the long range good and benefit for the patient in this elimination of impurities which could not be accomplished otherwise. It should be encouraged by means of hot flaxseed poultices applied over the acute areas, to draw all this poison outward, to a head by dilation and surface expansion.

A boil or carbuncle must ripen, like a fruit on the Tree of Life, be it good or bad. Poultices of any kind, heat and patience are the main factors here. A fruit diet assists elimination by not taxing the digestive system, as rich foods do, which caused this condition in the first place.

Lancing a boil or carbuncle drives the poison and infectious enzymes back into the bloodstream and that can cause heart trouble and other severe symptoms due to the suppression of Nature's process. Where the vitality is good, there will be more crops of boils or carbuncles after each lancing or other means of suppression of Nature's process, until exhaustion produces worse after effects.

the wonderful effect of gold and silver on the human body

Metals are living things. The oxidation of metals is similar to the breathing process in the body, in its metabolic exchange and reaction to the airy principle [Neutral1] in Nature. Metals also show wear, fatigue, stress and strain. They also lose their tensile strength and usefulness. Metals crystallize with age and wear, then crumble and break. All these physical qualities are living reactions similar to human qualities and other living structures and organic substances in the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

Precious stones and precious metals such as gold and silver also have a great psychological effect upon human beings, and stir them more than do the vegetable and animal fields. Gold touches a most vital spot in the depth of man's psychological nature. The power of possession and greed through the value factor is paramount. The ego itself is bound up in it. For instance, a discovery of gold in any part of the world is usually followed by a gold rush (like California in 1849 and the Klondike in 1897) which brings to light an unusual psychology of human nature, not found in ordinary, regular living. The same is true of precious stones. The psychological reaction on the masses and the specific reaction on the highly sensitive individuals is profound.

How could it be possible for gold and precious stones to have such a powerful effect on man's psychological nature without having corresponding energy fields to affect the nerves and physical structures also? A study of these reactions on human minds and emotions from their radiating action standpoint as well as the deep-stirring psychology of values indicates that this is a field of power that is overlooked in the present-day methods of healing but was well known and successfully used by the deep thinkers of olden times.

In Nature everything depends upon the life and warmth of the sun's rays. Nothing sprouts without that energy of warmth, in one form or another. Aside from the physical heat there is a life-giving energy in the sun which has a deeper field in its natural function and finer radiations. In ancient times this life-giving energy was called by various names such as: Vitality, Life-force, Prana, Vril[2], Magnetism, etc. All Nature and substance have their share of it in varying degrees of animated existence. A special concentration of this energy, in a very subtle form, is hidden in the rays of the precious stones and in the more precious metals such as gold, silver, etc., and those used in the field of atomic science.

This energy is naturally of a finer nature or it would not be able to slumber for ages in the depths of the earth and still not be affected by heat or cold, nor by the ravages of time. Such a radiation should be worthy of our study. On the other hand, organic structures lose their 'prana' or vital energy through excessive heat or cold and by the ravages of time.

Gold has the finest and subtlese [subtlest] rays of the sun energy locked within it by its very process of formation in the depths of the earth. Precious stones, created by heat and pressure in the depths of the earth, also have their specific energy concentrated within them, like a tiny universal nerve center of earth.

In the ancient Ayurvedic practice, this energy in the gold was extracted by a secret process involving the use of the strong juices of herbs which had an affinity for it. In this manner and by various combinations were the gold remedies prepared. Improved vitality and better heart action were the main objectives for their use. After some time the secret and the understanding of the ENERGY ESSENCE was forgotten and the use of gold soon lost its medical reputation. However, this is only one minor application of the ENERGY in gold to the human body.

The blood contains so little of the essence of gold in its make-up that it is even difficult to trace it. So its application in that direction would be accordingly limited. But the body as a whole has an energy field of vital force that is so similar to the sleeping energy in the gold and in the sun that its real value points to the exchange and stimulation of that energy field direct by means of its radiating action, rather than through its digestive function.

If the users of Zone Therapy[1] had understood the POLARITY ACTION of the rays of gold as the latent sun energy, and those of silver as the latent moon energy, their effects would have been enhanced ten-fold by the application of this mysterious POLARITY PRINCIPLE LATENT IN NATURE AND IN MAN. Of course this energy must travel as living lines of force and radiant currents, as described and illustrated in detail in my other books.

The sun and the moon are the most active energy factors in our solar system and therefore gold and silver are naturally the two most potent metallic representatives of these two energies. The sun gives heat, vitality and expansion to all things. The hidden, finer energy in gold has the same effect on the human body when applied to it at the representative areas according to the principles of “POLARITY THERAPY” and “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”. Of course this can also be done by the use of hands, but that also means more work for the doctor and the results are not so quickly obtained as they are by the use of gold and silver.

When a gold comb is lightly drawn over the body, sensitive persons can feel its warmth. When a silver comb is used in the same way, it is described as a cool wave or current. These effects are in the finer energy fields of the psychic 'prana', not in the gross physical energy of the breath alone.

When gold and silver are used as probes in definite areas in the nose and in the back of the throat, a whole new field of astonishing vital reactions with surprising benefits is possible. GOLD IS USED FOR DILATION, AND SILVER FOR CONTRACTION.

If a gold applicator is used in the rectum in the form of a dilator, it will produce vital waves of psychic 'prana', of warmth and radiation, and will stimulate and invigorate the reflexes from below upwards. This application is indicated in the cases of tension and pain in the rectal region.

The spastic rectum would be relieved by using a gold tube, inserting it and leaving it in for ten to fifteen minutes. Patients with piles [hemorrhoids] would greatly benefit by the application of a silver tube, leaving it in for fifteen to twenty minutes, during the POLARITY treatment. It is the POLARITY action that does the work rather than the mechanical dilation due to the size of the applicator. Whichever one is used internally, the metal of the opposite pole should be placed on the soles of the feet or on the back of the body at the sacrum, to complete the circuit of the fine inter-action [interaction] of the currents between the GOLD and the SILVER.

The rectum is the positive pole for all stagnations below it, clear down to the soles of the feet. The radiating process is enhanced considerably by placing a silver plate on the bottom of the feet, at the middle of the arch and toward the heel. This has a cooling and drawing effect, will draw the energy downward and establish a complete circuit in the lower extremities where the stagnation was most pronounced prior to treatment. This application is clearly indicated in leg troubles where other methods have not succeeded. Much specific relaxation and reaction of profound therapeutic value can be elicited thus by means of very little effort and no strain on the doctor or the patient.

The same can be said about gold clamps applied at the finger and toe joints, according to my system of living POLARITY ENERGY CURRENTS AND THEIR CIRCUITS OF FLOW. The combs and plates can be applied at opposite polarity poles or lightly pressed under the nails of the fingers and toes with surprisingly good results.

This is not a system of pressure or pressure massage as it was formerly thought to be, but rather a system of finer energy flow through POLARITY ACTION AND REACTION. True, physical pressure also works through the mechanical factor by dislodging the grosser energy blocks and stimulating the current flow, BUT THE SUBTLEST AND MOST ENDURING ENERGY EFFECT lies in the ENERGY CURRENTS THEMSELVES AND IN THEIR NATURAL POLARITY ACTION. All must blend into Nature for balance and health. All artificial stimulations have their reactions and leave their residue in the system. This must also be cleared out before all is well because GOOD HEALTH IS A NATURAL CONDITION AND PROCESS.

There are other planets in our solar system which also have their keynote of energy fields represented in metals and in the human body where that energy is locked and slumbers in its own keynote:

The planet Jupiter has its counterpart in tin and zinc.

Venus has copper and brass as its earthy counterpart.

Mars sleeps in the iron of the earth as a potential energy field for war and industry.

The planet Mercury has the metal of mercury as its earthy, unstable, fluidic expression. Both, mind and mercury, are very unstable and represent each other. Mercury was also used by the ancients in their medicine of energy essences, BUT NEVER IN ITS CRUDE FORM. In later years it survived in its crude form as a chloride of mercury, used to clean out the liver and gall bladder and to act as a cathartic.

Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus von Hohenheim[1] was the last adept in the secret uses of the ENERGIES IN METALS as internal remedies when extracted by alchemical skill. Highly did he praise the action of his 'Mercurius'. Of course that which he referred to and used was not the crude mercury, but was the alchemical ESSENCE of it.

Copper and zinc were used in ancient times for rheumatism. Copper bracelets are still worn by many persons, with beneficial effects. Copper and zinc insoles were also used to relieve rheumatism and similar ailments. This application promotes a certain type of energy flow. Most people know about these old-time remedies and still have faith in them.

The various methods of electronic therapy and such machines were based upon these finer energy currents, latent in metals, and their stimulation by means of a retarded electric current which checked the grosser energy in its path and created a static field. This also had its various reactions. Persons who can feel the electronic actions can also perceive the effect of gold and silver in any form or application.

When the foundation is understood, as it is clearly illustrated in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN” and is further explained in my book, “POLARITY THERAPY”, then the applications of gold and silver as POLARITY FACTORS become an art and a science. Whether it is in the form of combs, probes, plates, clamps, etc., the POLARITY PRINCIPLE DOES NOT CHANGE.

The gold applicator should always be placed at the superior pole - whether that happens to be the positive or the neutral one - and the silver ones always at the inferior or negative poles. Energy travels from the crown of the head, downward.

As shown in the charts in the above mentioned books, the five fingers reflex to the energies in the body in geometric proportions, longitudinally and vertically, and represent the neutral pole; while the toes relate to the same energies in the body as the negative pole.

The thumbs are the neutral, horizontal reflex poles to the head and to the mind region, and vertically reflex to the central portion of the body. The great toe on each foot is the negative reflex center of the same region. So a gold ring on the thumb and a silver one on the great toe would stimulate the head and mind region.

The space between the thumb and the first finger represents the neck area which joins the head and the body, and is the etheric area and center of speech and sound energy.

The first finger, when placed in a horizontal position on the body, represents the chest area and the airy principle [air element1] in it. It was credited to Jupiter, the Thunder god, in the Greek system.[2] His hurling the bolt of lightning and the action of the heart have something in common in their circuits of flow, which maintain the 'heavens' above the diaphragm and the body economy. The second toe is the negative reflex to this area. Therefore, a gold ring worn on the first finger stimulates heart and respiratory action. By the same token a silver ring would be used here in a case of excessive activity or over-stimulation in this area.

The second finger, also called the middle finger, represents the neutral pole of the abdominal area in the human body, and its fiery energy of digestion (Saturn), while the corresponding (third) toe represents the negative pole of the same area. Life lives upon life in this world; hence it was said that Saturn devours his own children. A gold ring worn on the second finger stimulates digestion.

The third or ring finger represents the pelvic area and the generative function. This was credited to Brahma, the creator of forms, in the Hindu system. A gold ring which is usually worn on this finger as the symbol of marriage, stimulates the generative action. The fourth toe is the negative pole of this same area.

The little finger represents the last and the least important center in the body; namely, the rectal center. This is called the 'Muladhara Chakra' in its finer psychic energy action. Either a silver ring, or two or three turns of silver wire around the base of the little finger, contracts this rectal center in its subtler energy field and thus relieves piles [hemorrhoids]. The little toe is the negative pole of this area.

In short, gold applied to any area or joint stimulates and dilates its corresponding reflex function in the body, and silver contracts.

Since publishing the first edition of this book the author has traveled to India with stop-overs in Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Egypt; remained in India with a GREAT SPIRITUAL TEACHER for six months, also traveled in India with Him; then returned to America with stop-overs in Ceylon [Sri Lanka], Spain, Portugal and London. Throughout, the writer looked closely for and found many clues in ancient writings, customs, carvings, paintings, pottery, etc. for further verification of the existence of the knowledge of the geometric lines of energy fields in the body in those days. It is THE ENERGY FIELDS which are the active factors behind all the other phenomena which is now generally thought to be due entirely to mechanical and chemical action.

It seems to take a long time for people nowadays to understand some of the things used in times of old and to comprehend the hidden energy behind a simple application of this principle. The secret of metals is one of these principles, locked up securely in the dim past. Only a story now and then, which seems meaningless to millions, carries the clue and seems to say, “Let him who hath eyes to see, see, and prove it by application and observation”. One such story was told to me in India by my dear friend, Jagmohan Lal, retired Professor of English, History and Chemistry, who is considered to be an authority on Sanskrit and ancient lore:

The Hindus worship a trinity of gods whom they call Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, much the same as Christians worship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. It is said that many thousands of years ago Vishnu gave to his followers and devotees the secret of healing by means of herbs, leaves and plants and the finer energies hidden in them. The followers of Shiva came to him and complained that they had to go to the followers of Vishnu to get relief from their ailments because they had received no such means from their own god, Shiva. Shiva replied: “I will give you something much better; that is the secret of the energy latent in metals for use in healing yourselves. This is much more potent than the energy in the herbs and vegetables.” This knowledge served the people for a long, long time, until the secret was forgotten and the understanding of the principle was lost.

For many years I had sensed the hidden energy in various metals, precious metals and precious stones. I have worked with and tested electronics in this same field and am thoroughly convinced, through marvelous results obtained, of the POLARITY OF METALS IN THE HUMAN ECONOMY OF HEALTH, THROUGH THE GROSSER AND FINER ENERGIES - through the nervous system as the grosser energy field and the WIRELESS SYSTEM as the finer energy field which originally served in building the body and continues to permeate it.

I had used Zone Therapy[1] over thirty years ago and had figured out a real logical foundation for it besides just arbitrary dividing lines. My divisions are living lines of finer energies which travel in wireless waves and are latent in the body like the energies circulating in an atom. These are the structures upon which the pattern matter was attracted and filled in. They did not disappear from the body at birth, but remain with it until death. They are the POWERFUL CENTERS OF FINER ENERGY WHICH PRECIPITATED THE GROSS PHYSICAL BODY AND STILL INFLUENCE IT. This is an exact science of geometric proportions and POLARITY ACTIONS of relationships of Energy Current Travel. Precise illustrations are given in my books, “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”, “POLARITY THERAPY”, and “THE MYSTERIOUS SACRUM”, so anyone who wishes to do so can prove this for himself or herself.

But it requires patience, thought and some skill to find the exact reflex centers in the body.

Energy must flow. Sore spots are blocks in the energy currents at either the positive, the negative or the neutral poles; or perhaps at two of them or all three of them. The science and skill come into play in FINDING OUT WHERE THE ENERGY IS BLOCKED AND IN KNOWING HOW TO RELEASE IT. When the current is re-established, the pain leaves at once and normal action takes place.

There are many ways to move the finer energies directly by POLARITY knowledge of the body's superior, middle and inferior reflex area poles. This is a precise mathematical proportion of fields, as ovals and organs, for finer wireless energy currents. Chart No. 1 in “WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN” illustrates these ovals and centers. It is not based upon the gross anatomy, nerve tracing or circulatory knowledge. The ancient Chinese did not have our modern science and knowledge of the circulatory system and nervous system; yet they had their mysterious and most effective Acupuncture System with gold and silver needles, for instant relief and many cures. Hence this could not have been based upon the modern system as it is practised [practiced] today. A doctor and philosopher of this Acupuncture System in Marseilles, France, is considered to be an expert at it and also taught it at the French Academy of Medicine in Paris at the request of the French Government. But I notice from the charts which are used there and in Germany for tracing the reflexes, that they follow mostly the course of nerves according to the modern theory of anatomy. This, of course, is not the foundation of the original Chinese System because such theories were not in existence then. The original system was based upon the foundation of matter in its simple construction of lines of ENERGY flowing through the five fields, as is also clearly outlined in my courses. Nearly all ancient systems such as the Ayurvedic System of India, the Unani System of Greece, etc. were founded on that basis. Each used different means and methods based upon this primal fact of Nature's five fields (the five ovals of the body) and five currents of energy flow, plus three modes of motion in all action, similar to our atomic science; namely, positive, negative and neutral; or, structurally, the superior, the middle and the inferior poles.

The positive pole built the form and lies in the field. As long as energy can function over it, it can be relied upon to respond in a precise way to each type of stimuli, whether fine or gross, solid, liquid or gaseous, or a finer energy current of warmth, or pure etheric energy. The latent energy in the metals is the latter type of energy and works through the finer currents of the unobserved energy fields in metals and in gems.

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