polarity therapy, book 4: the mysterious sacrum - the key to body structure and function

Dr. Randolph Stone

The Mysterious Sacrum

The Key to Body Structure & Function

A Course in Structural Balance Based Upon the Energy Fields in Man

Illustrated by Harlan Tarbell, D.N.

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After years of research and writing on the subject of Health and various types of therapy, a thought occurred to me to condense a few of the outstanding features into a small book for busy doctors to enable them to test and prove these findings for themselves in actual practice.

It is my earnest endeavor to share these priceless gems of POLARITY PRINCIPLES AND THERAPY with other doctors who are interested in deeper research as well as finer and more effective applications for the benefit of their patients.

Every doctor wants results and help for his patients by means of the simplest and best methods. And I know from experience that many doctors live for that ideal and purpose. With this in mind, I have selected a few charts from my three courses for reprint in this book, added some of the latest findings, including new charts to present these values in a condensed form.

Three things are mainly stressed in this book:

1 - The sacrum as the foundation and key for spinal correction according to POLARITY PRINCIPLES.

2 - The over-all picture of the physiological short leg and its instant response to POLARITY THERAPY.

3 - The heart and how to apply POLARITY THERAPY for release of blocks of obstruction in the energy fields of wireless circuits.

It is my hope that the application of the principles and techniques illustrated and described in this book will enable the reader to render more effective service and with much less strain on himself than he is exerting at present without obtaining such good results. I humbly dare to express this hope because this has proved to be the case with a number of doctors from various places in the United States who have read my other books and taken personal courses of instruction here.

Yours for better service and deeper understanding,

The Author

the mysterious sacrum

All research in the healing art is bent on finding the “open Sesame” which will unlock the door to the mystery of life in the body of man. The health of patients is the concern and the problem of doctors, no matter what type of therapy they may employ.

“Specifics” is the cry of the day; do the one thing which does all. But Nature does not respond that way. Life is a mystery. All motion is triune. Nothing in the manifested universe is an independent unit. The lesser depends on the greater, and the superior rests on the inferior.

Structure has a physical basis in gravity and mechanics, and a psychological one in the life which inhabits this form or body. The important question is does the form rule the life or does the life rule the form? Where shall our emphasis be in order to reach the one point where our effort is most effective?

Is the superstructure more important than the foundation? Are we really trying to influence the Life Current, or the structural position of the key vertebra, the atlas [C1]?

If it is the Life Currents which we are trying to influence, then the superior pole is the most influential one. But, if it is structure, then the inferior pole or the foundation will be more in line with the proposition and with the principle of gravity pull.

Life flows from above downward, and structure supports function from below upward. Life is the first impulse. Reaction is the second wave, which must return to make a circle or a circuit of energy flow as CAUSE AND EFFECT, or positive and negative poles of the current.

Life must flow to express itself. Currents must conduct this energy from pole to pole as in any electrical field. The structure is the field through which the energy must flow and support the pattern and forms of energy fields of which the body is composed.

In the study of the entire bony structure of the body, the sacrum is the most vital and the most neglected bone. The spine has been given consideration by many schools. Lately, even the bones of the skull have received a lot of attention, because the polarity impulses of life through the bones, as electromagnetic fields, have yielded results hitherto unsuspected.

The cranial bones had been considered immovable because of the dovetailed sutures, by even the most enthusiastic doctors who adjusted other bones successfully. The fact that life breathes in the body, which in turn must expand and contract in rhythmic response through every body cell, had been totally overlooked.

The mechanics of the structure had completely overshadowed the life in it as the main actor of all function. Life does not depend on mechanics, but it activates the mechanical levers thus built for overcoming gravity. When the leverage system becomes useless or inoperative through trauma, then life stands still, lies dormant, or departs. The manifestation of life is only conditioned by mechanics and leverages as well as by gravity. Life overcomes gravity by leverage of bones and joints, through muscles and tendons which it operates. Structural limitations and trauma are life's limits in motion and function.

Electromagnetic currents are the circuits which act like wheels in the body's finer functions, which are both, wireless and conducted currents, as step-down specific duties relayed through the brain's telephone system.

The over-all picture is that of waves of wireless function. The specific functions are through nerves as conducted energy currents. Matter itself proves this in the atom and in the solar systems and their planets. Why not in man? Are the words which hurt cruelly, conducted by nerves? Are love and life tied to wires?

explanation of chart 1

FIGURE 1 represents a normal sacrum with a horizontal line across the surface of its base. This is an inverted triangle and serves as the level weight bearing line of the entire spinal column and its structure. The line is important and has to do with tilts, laterality and inferiority of the base as a whole or on one side.

FIGURE 2 shows the sacrum and spinal column intact, with a vertical line plus the horizontal one, which have become diagonal lines on the chart to bring out the effect of a lateral tilt more clearly.

FIGURE 3 is a drawing of the articulating surface of the sacrum with the innominate [hip] bone. The lines of stress are clearly given as a cross through the center of this articulation. This line has to do with anteriority, posteriority and twists of the sacrum between the innominates [hips].

The sacrum is a key wedge between the two innominate [hip] bones, like the keystone in an arch, between the two pillars on which this arch rests. It is the most vital structure in its position and effect in this part of the body.

FIGURE 4 portrays the sacrum and the spine with two stress lines which indicate its anterior or posterior position.

With this clear picture of the normal sacrum in mind and the simple lines of normal positioning, we can proceed to an over-all view of this norm in relation to the whole human body. It is necessary for the trained eye of the good doctor to see this relationship of the patient against some fixed background by which he can detect abnormalities. Even in taking x-ray pictures in the upright position, this precise arrangement, to the lines of gravity, is very important.

Comments on Reprint of chart 11 from Book III

This is an exact presentation of a normal figure on a simple platform of a square, to keep the heels exactly in line and square with a vertical gravity line.

Such a background reveals much at a glance to a trained eye. It indicates the proportion of individual polarity parts to the whole structure and to gravity pull. The three horizontal lines tell much of the three bases of the entire structure:

1 - The line across the shoulders as the superior base or level of action for arms and neck, and its relation to the other lines of balance and support below.

2 - The sacral base line, or a line straight through the center of the sacral articulation shown here, supports the structure above and should be parallel with the two other horizontal lines.

This line is a vital structural line, tied up with the function of the motor impulses of the watery essence of the pelvis, as described in detail in book III and mentioned in the other books.[1]

3 - The third horizontal line is the one below the buttocks which are important muscular centers of tone and energy of vital force. The buttocks express the sensory action and tone of the individual's over-all vital reserve. (The positive pole of this same vital inherited reserve energy is expressed in the lower lobes of the ears.)

When one buttock is lower than the other, it can be due to a sacral tilt laterally, if the tone of the muscles is good. But if the buttocks are relaxed and merely hang, there is not enough vital force for normal reaction and such cases respond slowly to correction. However, if only one buttock is relaxed below the level of the other in better tone, then a better and quicker response is possible through corrective POLARITY BALANCING, which may improve the over-all picture of the body.

4 - The central vertical line is the upright of the spine, which must be in line. Externally, it is of structural importance. Centrally, it is of the greatest vital importance to all function through the finest essence in the body, which flows in the center of the spinal cord called “Shushumna” [Sushumna].

The essences of the psychological energies and the physiological ones have their meeting ground here. (See page 5 of book I). The vertical line represents the one river of life, flowing out of Paradise, which splits into four rivers of energy in the body, and waters and supplies it just as the rivers do the earth. This is the neutral energy of the etheric essence which flows in the center of the body in its circuit from the head to the thumbs of the hands and the two great toes of the feet. Like the thumb as one member opposes four fingers and supports them in all action and skill, so does this one central current support all the other currents in the body. It is explained by Nature in our own hands, if we can but read it there.

5 - The two diagonal lines which go across the back, explain much in diagnosis and relationship, as shown in chart No.4 of this book. The crossing point is directly over the space between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, which is the exact center of weight and balance in the body when placed on a scale.

It is only when these lines balance that they cross in the center between the second and third lumbar vertebrae. If one shoulder is superior or posterior, these lines are displaced from the perfect relationship shown here. Knowing the normal, the abnormal in all its variations can be seen at a glance.

Posteriority on one side means anteriority on the other side at the same level and diagonally across the back, following the lines. Plus or posterior at the top indicates a minus anterior on the opposite bottom, following the same diagonal line. This is present in most cases where the twist or distortion is not too complicated, or compensated by time and Nature's resistance to this torque of stress and structural strain, or internal pull of imbalance.

Having thoroughly illustrated the normal sacrum in its various relations and functions, it should be easy to compare the abnormal sacrum and correct its position, Polarity relationship, and current flow.

explanation of chart 2

Here a deeper relationship of parts is shown, like an ex-ray [x-ray] of lines of force and stress in the body, which move in exact proportion and angle to every exertion and motion of the body.

The superior acts on the inferior and the inferior supports and reacts on the superior pole. Internal lines of force support structure in the atomic relationship of matter, as energy lines of stress or strain. These are stepped down to physiological functions and requirements and become mechanical factors in the law of motion and gravity.

Every joint is an “X” or cross-over point of such energy, to make it a pliable, moving unit for the leverage of bones. The sinews and muscles act as cables to operate this human machine. Expansion and contraction are the waves of motion of this electromagnetic energy which flows over the muscles in every exertion.

Finer wireless currents are the essence of energy which built the wires and tubes for special conduction in fluids of stepped-down potentials for specific purposes and local effect. The cerebrospinal fluid of the brain, in the meninges of the cord and in the center of the nerves is such a medium for conduction of the AIRY PATTERN ENERGY OF THE MIND over this intricate network. The brain is the switchboard where expansion in fibers makes contact and contraction breaks it. This arrangement is called the synapse in the brain and nerve tissue.

Mind itself is the energy which flows over this network to give intelligence and sensitive touch to cells and the automatic centers of cellular structure to carry on selective work of absorption, secretion and elimination. Polarity principles are at work here as mind energy, in attraction and repulsion of substances as patterns of like or unlike energy fields. Like the spinning electrons are unstable in number, so the attraction in each center governs the building blocks of the material which it uses.

THE SAME PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY WHICH IS RECOGNIZED IN CHEMISTRY IS USED IN POLARITY THERAPY as a balancing force, directed and distributed in fields where operation was blocked by opposite currents. The idea of a finer field of energy back of the grosser body and parts, like the broadcasting waves in our radio box or television set, through light and sound waves, is behind this POLARITY VIEWPOINT AND THERAPY when understood.

We take all this for granted when we push the buttons of our radio or television set, where sound and light waves operate. Do these not also function in man, or has he no speech nor sight to function with? Our minds have been outward bound and conditioned by machines which we built and, like Frankensteins in the fable, they control us now because we only believe the machines. Any direct preception [perception] not demonstrable by external measures and man-made machines is not scientifically acceptable today. How the center and standard of man has shifted from his real center to the circumference entirely, is the sixty-four dollar question.[1] And the return series is even at a higher premium!

The depth of this perception of energy operating in man is one of the things necessary in making a POLARITY THERAPY DIAGNOSIS of wireless waves and lines of stress which operate the human body, of the being called man, the soul who occupies the house consisting of the mortal body.

A real doctor must see deeper than mere solid matter which has no life nor sensation if he wishes to treat the patient and not merely the shell. Life is the actor. The form is dead the moment life departs. Then what do we treat?

Structural correction must be based upon living energy fields and parts of the body, to link them to life itself and to the being of man who lives in this house of clay called the body.

When the life principle of man is uncomfortable in this house, it means that his energy is not able to pass out over his own fields and parts to operate and nourish them. Something much finer than mere mechanics or gross chemistry has gone wrong.

But where is the physician or the “Daniel” who can interpret this handwriting on the walls of the tissues of the body?[1] Where and why! is the patient's cry. And who shall answer the finer demands of life and its energies by gross measures only?

Is there no common denominator or universal solvent between the fine and the gross action and remedies? Yes, it is THE POLARITY PRINCIPLE which operates in things, fine and gross everywhere. All are within its bounty, but know it not. It is there and always was, but it has been lost to man's understanding. The outer attractions have lured man's consciousness completely away from an understanding of his own inner life and finer interests.

Having presented a very brief picture of Life's Pattern Energy operating within the nervous system, and bypassing a similar story in the Life Energy of the blood as the inner warmth and fire of life itself, plus the vital Energy of the Water Principle in the pelvis, as they are fully explained in book III, we shall continue with the explanation of this chart.

No one would believe that so much could be seen in one perfect figure of relationship of fields and lines of force in one body. The old Japanese proverb

A line for the ocean,
A curve for the shore,
The will to refrain
And the skill to do more.

applies here, so our treatise will not be too long.

The symbolic picture of a kite or a poor semblance of a gyroscope depicted on this chart, joins two triangles into a diamond-shaped figure. The upper, broader and shorter triangle represents the occipital bone and the brain centers which it covers in their automatic, gyroscopic, self-balancing and preserving action. It is the positive pole of this triangle.

The lower, longer triangle, with its base upward, joining the upper triangle, represents the sacrum, its preservative generative energy locked in the cerebrospinal fluid within the meninges, in the expanded upper portion of the sacrum.

The vertical and the horizontal lines on this chart are the major indicators of this important relationship of these two bones in their action and reaction. It is a clear geometric presentation of which much could be said. “As above, so below” expresses it briefly.

LINE “A” connects the middle of the shoulder with the sacral base and apex on each side.

LINE “B” connects the mandibular joint with the hip joint, and the temporal bone above with the ear-shaped innominate [hip] bone below.

LINE “C” connects the occipital atlas [C1] articulation with the sacral articulation in a horizontal relationship across the base, the vertical relationship being in the center of the sacral articulation, with the innominate [hip] bone on each side. These lines are clearly shown in chart No. 1 in this book.

A precise knowledge of the body's energy fields and its psychophysiological current flow is a treasure in any man's possession. It will serve where other things have failed. This can be easily attained through diligent study and application of the Polarity Principles and Therapy in their triune function.

Comments on Reprint of chart 11 from Book II

This chart endeavored to illustrate in geometric outlines, some of the psychophysiological principles which are also presented in chart No.4 of book III.

An interior and posterior view of the human body is given in figures 1 and 2, with the interlaced triangle of the “Seal of Solomon the King”[1] (the dweller in the body) placed correctly in the house of God (the human body). The temple built by King Solomon contained great mystery and symbolic meaning.

Posteriorly, the base of the upper triangle cuts through the foramen magnum of the occipital bone, the ring of Solomon, where the automatic [autonomic] or magic actions take place, which build and preserve the temple not built by the hand of man.

The apex of this triangle dips into the very center of the sacral fluid, at a point midway between its articulating center on each side. The above and below unite in a synchronized triune action of this triangle. This is one of the secrets of Solomon, the king who lives in this temple but has lost the key to the secret.

The other triangle has its base in the pelvis, and its line crosses the exact center of the sacral articulations and touches the point of the upper triangle in the middle of the cerebrospinal fluid in the center. This is the “living geometry of life's vital force” as motor energy in the sacrum. It is symbolized by a cobra, ready to strike, and is called the “Kundalini” in the Tantric philosophy of India. (See figure 5 near the bottom of this chart.)

The apex of this triangle joins the center of the cord about in the floor of the fourth ventricle, in the medulla oblongata, where the center of the automatic [autonomic] life energy seems to operate. Again, this shows that our mere structural relationship of bones and tissues and muscles is not the “secret of the king” who is vitality and life itself in the body of clay. It definitely points to a deeper relationship, latent in the structure of the sacrum, to that of the automatic life center.

Figure 2 illustrates the same relationship in front of the body, by the proper placing of Solomon's triangles. The base of the upper triangle cuts through the seat of the center of consciousness, a point between the eyebrows. This is the sensory center of mind function, as perception, through mind and light waves. This becomes the fire in the eyes, as the positive pole, and the heat that digests food in the neutral pole of the abdomen, and it becomes the motion center of running, expressed in the thighs as the negative pole. It is all linked together as “seeing, preserving, nourishing and motion”, to prevent the body from running into danger.

This apex goes to the very center of the pubic bone and becomes the involuting vital perservative [preservative] and regenerative energy consciousness which not only preserves and nourishes the body but is instrumental in continuing the line of the specie.

The lower anterior triangle has its base at the apex center of the upper one and dips lower in front in the pelvis to cross the pubic arch, below the great trochanters of the femur. Its upper point is at the center of consciousness, between the eyebrows, as mentioned before, where it crosses the base line of the superior triangle and leaves a wedge-like space in the brain area, where the goddess of WISDOM, also known as Pallas Athena, or Minerva resides in the golden-locked head of Zeus or Jupiter.[2] This may be a myth but, strange to say, all the spiritual faculties of man are exactly related to this central upper area of the brain.

The areas on each side of the head are for mental faculties and body reflexes from each side, physically. The physical motor type energies are located in the back and lower portion of the brain.

Again we have a triune arrangement, even in the brain areas of function, brought out by geometric energy lines known by the Greeks, Egyptians, the wise men of India and other countries.

explanation of chart 3

[See also Book II, Chart 13]

This chart includes two pictures of simple distortions resulting from sacral base tilt on one side and the other.

Please note the spinal curvature on the side of the inferior base; also the slanting or displaced apex line, which should fall in the center, between the legs, when normal. See figure 3 in chart No. 1 in this book, as well as chart No. 11 of book II which is reprinted in this book, for observation of the normal line; also see chart No. 2 in this book.

A buckling of the tissue of the back, producing a crease, is usually found in the corpulent patient, on the high side of the sacral base.

Anterior rotation usually accompanies laterality. In most cases, the anterior side of the body is also the anterior sacral base side.

In this chart the posterior side is marked with a plus sign and the anterior side with a minus sign.

It is quite obvious that when one side is posterior on the shoulder, the other must be anterior. But, strange to say, if you lay a yardstick across the back diagonally, as shown in the plumbline [plumb-line] chart No. 11 of book III, the opposite side of the posterior is also anterior over the hips, even in severe twists of the back.

Of course, any distortion or abnormality is possible, but those mentioned here are common among the regular run of patients. By using the simple methods presented here, it is easy to determine the anterior sacral base position and the inferior one, and correction according to POLARITY PRINCIPLES is simple, easy and effective.

explanation of chart 4

This chart illustrates a simple and easy method of correcting the lateral tilt of the sacral base. The thumbs indicate the definite direction of vibratory contacts. Other holds can be used as long as the direction is correct for balance. A full-hand contact can also be used here, but is not included in the chart as the contact would cover the sacrum and would not demonstrate the direction of the impulse.

The lateral sacrum and the posteriority are the main factors here for polarity balance.

The posteriority is marked by a plus sign everywhere in the drawings.

FIGURES 2 and 4 show an excellent heel contact which is a rotational straightening stretch on the curved-in heel to straighten it, usually in an outward direction on the posterior side of the body. Hold it under mild tension with one hand as shown here, and use the other hand on the posterior part of the back to rock it superiorly and toward the floor as well as to complete the polarity contact. See charts No. 54 and 55 in the supplement to book II.

The hip is treated the same way while the heel is held as shown in figures 2 and 3 on this chart and in figures 1 and 2 of chart No. 20 in book III.

Chart No. 14 of book III - figure 1, reprinted in this book - illustrates the easiest and most effective way to correct the lateral sacral tilt. The patient on the table in this case presented the sacral base tilt - inferior on the right side - as shown in chart No.2, figure 2 in this book. The sacral tilt and the spinal curves have been sketched in to make it easy to see what is needed to correct both.

Curved and distorted heels are usually very tender, which indicate polarity reflex blocks in the current here and in the neutral pole of the womb, ovaries or bladder, and in the male it indicates prostatic [prostate] trouble.

So it is evident that functional polarity distortion was at work here to pull the heel out of its natural structural alignment, as the primary factor of distortion.

The center of the heel represents the central pelvic organ in the male and in the female. The organs of the pelvis have their polarity reflex laterally, on each side of the ankle. See charts No. 17, 31 and 33 in book II.

Comments on Reprint of chart 14 from Book III

The finger contact is on the apex of the sacrum and is used in a gentle directional vibration.

The hand on the hip gives an upward and toward-the-table rocking directional movement to open the way for the sacral position.

The apex contact is held steady during this time.

Rock, hold, rest; then repeat a few times.

Then have the patient stand for line-up again and you will be amazed at the wonderful results, even in many unyielding cases previously treated by other methods.

Figure 2 in this chart shows an anterior sacral base correction.

The contact is made with the thumb, near the middle of Poupart's [inguinal] ligament and close to it until you feel the sacrum under it. Make a soft-cushion contact of the thumb, like a rocker arm, and not stiff like a point. A firm but gentle contact makes this a powerful correction for the more stubborn anterior sacral base condition.

Have the patient inhale first, then slowly exhale as you lift the head, so the exhalation is complete by the time the head is raised as far as toleration will permit. Start slowly, with short lifts, and increase the stretch as you repeat the move three or four times. Another check-up against the plumbline [plumb-line] will reveal the surprising amount of correction obtained by this simple POLARITY THERAPY.

Comments on Reprint of chart 20 from Book III

This chart emphasizes the thumb contact on the head of the femur for all hip and sacral correction, while the patient is lying on the side. It is extremely valuable and quite different from other methods.

FIGURE 3 presents a lateral view of the correction of the right anterior sacral base, with the thumb on the head of the femur.

The contact is with the first two fingers on the apex of the sacrum, on the same side.

The leg is a little above right angles to the body, as shown in this illustration.

Force is not necessary nor should it be exerted, as this gives easily when the condition is there and the position is right.

FIGURES 4 and 5 present polarity reflex areas in the hands and feet, which are sometimes very helpful in relaxing spastic muscles of the back before other corrections are made, and can also be used for polarization after other corrections are made. This is a valuable treatment in painful lumbago cases which are so plentiful everywhere these days.

Comments on Reprint of chart 18 from Book II

After studying the circuits on each side of the body, it can be easily seen that the electromagnetic circuits cause the primary action in muscle function and tension in general. The side which labors the most is the short-leg side. That reveals where the tension is located.

This chart illustrates how to measure the legs for diagnosis. It will make the doctor's work easier and more thorough.

The sicker the patient is, the shorter will be one leg because the electromagnetic balance is upset between the positive and the negative poles of each half of the body.


explanation of chart 5

This chart is a composite of figures 2 and 4 from chart No. 8 of book II and figures 2 and 4 from chart No. 17 of book III.

Figure 1 portrays the systemic direct energy currents which pass over the body from the head to the feet and toes; also over the arms, hands and each finger, as a circuit. THESE ARE ENERGY CURRENTS AND THEIR POLARITY CIRCUITS.

Figure 2 gives the over-all electromagnetic currents which carry their sensory impulses to all fields over the body.

After years of research, I found that the one point of respiratory polarity reaction through the center core radiation was not only a quick method but was also most effective. To know which circuit is involved is the real art. Without this knowledge, it is guess work no matter what system is used.

The transverse arches of the feet are the negative poles for the shoulders and the respiratory center of the brachial plexus. The big toes are in its center line over the body, as shown in charts No. 3, 5, 6 and 7 in book II.

The large joint of the big toe is a negative representative of the 7th cervical vertebra [C7], on each side. The respiration and circulation can be quickened through this inferior pole by the application of a quick blow to the joint, administered with the softest cushion of the hand of the operator, immediately below the thumb. It is really a mild shock treatment which stimulates both the respiration and the circulation. It makes the leg long at once. And, if applied to the short leg only, it will make it long and balance the over-all electromagnetic circuit by this quick stimulation at the most negative pole.

Figure 4 illustrates this move. The toe is held firmly and stretched. The tap is quick and is applied a little below the center of the large joint, and there is a gentle click when properly done. It is effective. But for arthritic joints and chronic sore ones, this correction should not be attempted until the area has been prepared by gentle but firm pressure and stretching of the big toe, as is shown in figure 3 of this chart. It may be necessary to do this for several visits before the toe - or the bunion if there is one - is ready for this release.

The anterior sacrum is also a factor in this physiological short leg, and must be corrected when such a condition is present. The directions for this correction by means of Polarity Therapy are covered in the chapter on the Sacrum. See Chart 20, Fig. 3 in Book III.

Heart Trouble and Its Psycho-Physiological Release Through Polarity Therapy

In these days of rush and excitement, heart trouble is a daily danger and is met with often in various forms. Knowing the over-all wireless energy currents, we can easily see how powerful the mental stresses and strains as well as the emotional ones and shocks can be as the real primary factors in all heart trouble before it becomes a physical ailment due to repeated stress and strain and the blocks or obstructions left as residue in the vital circuits and their circulatory fields of distribution.

Chronic heart reflexes will be found in the second, third and fourth toes, especially on the left foot. This reflex is often most acute over the toes and between the tendons on top as well as on the soles of the feet. The reflex at the fourth toe, on top of the foot, as well as immediately under the main articulation with the arch of the foot is most important. This reflex involves the vital force of the sun energy which is the mainspring of the heart reflex, flowing through the ring finger and that area in the hand as the neutral pole of this energy.

When the third toe or the second finger and the area between them on top or bottom is most tender, then the fire of warmth in the circulation is in trouble due to improper digestion of food. Too many fats and sweets or cholesterols are taken up by the blood stream and interfere with the circulation. Cholesterol may even form as fatty deposits in the arteries and veins. It also deposits in the eyes and eventually forms cataracts. Mineral oils taken internally for a long time may be a factor, or over-heated animal fats which are used and heated over many times. These items should be avoided in addition to fried foods.

When the index finger and the second toe areas are most sensitive, then over-strain and lack of the airy element in the body are the main factors. Rest from mental-emotional strain is very necessary here, more so than mere physical rest.

The space between the thumb and the first finger is a vital area. It connects the thumb with the first finger like the neck joins the head and the body together. The life force of the neck region is represented here in its neutral field of expression, joining the stubborn mind force of the head with the emotional heart center into one of skillful expression and usefulness in life. Much can be interpreted and observed from the dexterity or the rigidity, or the nodules of sensitiveness in these members and the neutral space between them on the Mount of Venus, the soft portion below the thumb.


The blood has three principles of finer essences in its liquid make-up which form the force behind the circulation. The details are too involved to be given here. For the description and the meaning of each type of beat, see chart No. 3 in book III, and the comments on it in that book.

It is sufficient to state here that the wireless energy circuits and waves have more to do with the circulation than the mechanical force of the heart as a pump. Nowhere else in Nature or in mechanics is manifested such a miracle of a pump the size of the owner's fist to circulate a semi-heavy fluid through miles and miles of the finest vessels and tubes, as the heart is supposed to do.

Heart Trouble and Its Psycho-Physiological Release Through Polarity Therapy

Be that as it may, our job is to help patients who come to us with heart trouble, and prevent further attacks if possible. Of course, there are many general factors of habits and strain which it is part of the patient's job to overcome and change. No doctor can give energy or life nor revive it when it has been completely exhausted and there is no reserve in that individual's make-up.

However, for best possible results in any heart condition, interferences must be removed and the general circuit of the energy field must be kept in good functioning order. That is all the best doctor can do. And for this purpose these wireless energy currents lend themselves beautifully for enhancing the energy flow behind the circulation through the application of POLARITY PRINCIPLES AND THERAPY.

When the blood does not circulate freely, it is really this energy circuit which is at fault. Remove the blocks in the tension field and normal circulation can be restored if this principle is thoroughly understood and consistently applied. The blocks or degrees of obstruction vary with each case and are not always limited to one field in the body.

The simple facts are similar to the irrigation of the fields of the earth. The farmer goes along with a shovel and removes the obstacles in the ditches. It is as plain as that when Life is understood.

But man himself is not simple. He is the most complex mechanism of all creation because everything that is in creation generally is also in man (the microcosm). That is why man's possibilities are so unlimited.

explanation of chart 6

This is a composite chart consisting of figures 1, 2 and 3 from chart No. 8 in book III and and figures 4 and 5 from chart No. 20 in book III, the latter two being listed on this chart as figures 3 and 5. The composite is reproduced as chart No. 6 in this book for your convenience.

Since stagnation and coldness of the circulation start in the feet, the application first deals with this general block. The feet constitute the negative pole, where the first and severest blocks occur. The hands are the neutral pole and they are affected next in line by the lack of circulation.

There are the three toes of both feet and the three fingers of both hands, as well as the space between the thumbs and fingers and between the big toe and second toe on each foot where pressure must be applied in a bipolar way, to balance the inequality in each side of the body and repolarize it in addition to removing the local blocks which obstruct the current flow.

The tips and first joints of the first three fingers are all heart polarity reflex points for contact in the application of POLARITY THERAPY.

The space between the thumb and the first finger is of prime importance because the first finger is the true polarity reflex finger to the heart. Squeeze this area between your thumb and finger all along the thumb line. Take hold of both hands simultaneously so they may also become polarized or equalized as you work with them. Then use your finger tips and work between the tendons of the first and second fingers, the second and third fingers, and the third and fourth fingers.

For doing this, grip each hand between your thumb and fingers (your thumbs contacting the surface in the palms of the patient's hands, and your fingers on the tops of the hands as shown in figure 5) and squeeze the sorest spots in between the tendons in rhythmic motion. Go from one interspace to the next on the hands.

Then do the same thing on the feet and the space between the tendons; and press on the bottoms of the feet also to steady the contact and reinforce it, as shown in figure 3 of this chart.

The back of the hands and the top of the feet have a polarity reflex to the back of the body, over the shoulders, the area of the brachial plexus.

Breathing rules Life and the heart beats. Where there is no breath there is no life. The heart may stop, but the Life is in the breath and it can return and start the heart again. This has happened many times. That is why there is a mirror test for the detection of the faintest sign of breath, when there is no evidence of life according to heart beat or pulse beat. Life is an inner, unknown, finer function of the soul.

After manipulating the finger and toe interspaces, firmly pull and squeeze the first joints of the index fingers for about one minute as shown in figure 4 of this chart. Proceed with the second fingers and then the third fingers of both hands in the same manner.

Then use the same polarity contact on the feet, as shown in figure 1 of this chart, pulling and firmly squeezing the three toes next to the big toe on both feet. Simultaneously work on both feet with both hands, but on one toe of each foot at the same time, standing at the foot end of the bed or table for this application.

The lateral polarizing contact should also be used on the fingers and the toes as illustrated in figure 2 of this chart.

If the patient suffers from fainting and a fading pulse, use the mild shock tap on the large joint of the big toe of the left foot, several times, lightly, to stimulate the central energy waves.

explanation of chart 7

This is another composite chart, reproduced here as chart No. 7 for your convenience. Figure 1 is a reprint of chart No. 24 in book III. It is also similar to that listed as “Countryside Technique” in chart No. 46 of book II, and the same contact is illustrated as table or bedside technique in chart No. 36 of book II. Figure 2 on this chart is a reprint of figure 3 from chart No. 25 in book III.

Get under the shoulder as high as you can, near the top of it, and lift and hold on for one to three minutes on both sides, one shoulder at a time. This is the most potent release of all for the brachial plexus and it does wonders. Repeat several times, until the patient can breathe easily.

IN ALL SUCH EMERGENCIES, this is the first thing to do on the left shoulder, then the right. Lift and hold!

Do it frequently as the patient improves, and as a daily treatment.

The patient and the doctor will be astonished what can be done in the hour of need with this simple procedure, based upon the principles of Life and energy currents which rule and govern the body of man.

PLEASE NOTE: In treating heart cases, the anterior dorsals [thoracics] must be brought posteriorly. The sorest spinal process tip is the most anterior and it is essential that it is corrected. Direct adjustment to the anterior in the upper half of the dorsal [thoracic] region should never be given in any heart case.

The lift shown under “Countryside Technique” in chart No. 46 of book II and in this chart, is excellent for such conditions. Also show the patient how to rest on the posterior dorsal [thoracic], on a solid support, and pull forward on the head, advising the patient to do this at least once daily.

The exercises illustrated in the last chapter of this book are also highly beneficial for heart, respiratory and digestive disturbances.

explanation of chart 8

The diaphragm is the central muscle of respiration and life's function in the body. Normally, the heart beat and respiration are in direct ratio to each other. In disease this is not so. The severity of the illness can almost be measured by the disruption of this rhythmic relationship between the airy current of respiration and the fiery energy of the heart beats.

It is not so much the extremes which are so dangerous as it is the patterns of incompatible relationships. Naturally it is advisable to bring both factors to as nearly a normal rhythm as possible, by any form of therapy employed. In Polarity Therapy the aim is to establish the normal energy current flow in the body's wireless system through its fields of response at the neutral pole, the negative pole and at the positive pole.

Energy waves on one side balance those on the other side of the body by traveling in the opposite direction. See charts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in book II. The two fishes in the sign of Pisces illustrate these hidden currents by swimming in opposite directions. This psycho-physiological principle dates back to the creation of man.

Others have employed certain phases of these underlying principles, but no one seems to have had the practical understanding of the whole picture; that is, all the currents in each one of the fields, and applied this knowledge to the healing art of the human body since the days when it was used by wise physicians centuries ago. If only the good Doctor Fitzgerald[1] had known this lost art of the ancients in its entirety and practical application, the world would have benefited immensely by it.

The reason Polarity Therapy is so effective when once understood and correctly applied, is because it deals with the wireless waves of the body, which have their polarity reflexes to the five senses, the five fingers as touch and skill, and the five toes as motion and action. Cause and effect can easily be balanced when they are known and balanced in their fields.

The diaphragm and the heart are both muscular structures. The diaphragm is the neutral pole which controls both functions. Without the action of the diaphragm, there is no oxygen and no breath; hence, without its action no life is possible, not even one heart beat. So it is not really the physical heart which controls this function, but it is the breath of life and respiration.

In cases where the heart is in danger of stopping, or has stopped, it can be started again by establishing diaphragmatic function and breathing. For this purpose there is no application as effective as direct rhythmic lifts under the floating ribs, especially on the left side, where the fingers of both hands can reach under the floating ribs, deeply, in a double grip and gentle lift, repeated in rhythmic applications. This is a good emergency measure in any type of therapy. Start the diaphragm to function! For motor release of this area see chart No. 7 in this book.

Then by more gentle procedure of Polarity Therapy, the positive fields above can be balanced with the neutral centers of action in the chest. For this purpose chart No. 8 presents ideal but simple polarity contacts and moves.

FIGURE 2: The doctor stands at the patient's right side with his left hand placed over the left shoulder of the patient. The hand fits exactly over the shoulder by laying the thumb below the clavicle and the hollow of the hand over the head of the humerus, pushing it posteriorly. The fingers grip the trapezius muscle firmly in rhythmic action of alternate gripping and release.

The thumb of the right hand pushes under the sternum, at the tip of the xiphoid process, in an upward direction toward the left shoulder. Then it follows all along under the floating ribs, moving over little by little, until all spastic sore spots are released under the stomach.

In this way all the chest muscles are released and relieved of spastic action.

In many previous charts I show the side of the hand or the tips of the fingers pushing under the floating ribs for that same purpose, where the tension is not too great.

Sometimes the little finger alone has to be used because there is not enough room under the the xiphoid process or under the ribs. The contact seems to give best response closest to the under surface of the ribs. The little finger of the operator seems to lend itself best for this purpose, as it can reach further up than the larger fingers. This has been found to give marvelous results where mere hand application, using all the finger tips, did not register sufficient response.

FIGURE 1: After the left side is polarized, the right side is treated in a similar way to balance the diaphragm on both sides. This can all be done by standing at the patient's right side. In this way the positive right hand is under the diaphragm, and the negative left hand is on the shoulder as before, except that it is on the right shoulder this time, and the thumb in the region of the liver lifts toward the right shoulder.

This dual polarity application is good therapy for the three vital functions of respiration, circulation and digestion; all of which are necessary to maintain life in the body. The true value of this therapy will be realized when it is thoroughly understood and properly applied.

These two polarity applications can be alternated with the work on the negative pole at the toes, because the currents from above must be able to flow through for best and permanent results. Neutral - Positive - Negative - seems to be the sequence of procedure in these cases. A little time spent on each field of the body gives best results without overdoing at any one pole. As soon as good response is obtained at any pole, proceed to the next one.

Favorable response of the vital life force that the doctor is working with may be manifested in any one or all of the following ways: Relaxation of the tissue under contact, sighing as a sign of relief, yawning, perspiring and a generally relaxed feeling. It is the life energy in the body, in the tissues and fields, which responds like an intelligent and grateful person who has been helped to accomplish a difficult task.

explanation of chart 9

FIGURE 1 shows a contact with the right thumb of the operator placed in an upward direction, under the sternum, for polarity reflex to central organs.

The thumb of the left hand of the operator is steadied firmly over the pituitary region of the forehead, and the fingers of the left hand mildy [mildly] stimulate the center of cardiac stability shown in figure 3.

This central positive pole has a polarity reflex to the negative pole of the centrally located organs of the womb and the prostate gland.

FIGURE 2 consists of the same sternal contact except that it is pointed slightly to the left and toward the firm contact on the jaw for relaxation of the abdominal viscera.

When the right jaw contact is indicated, then the thumb is placed under the sternum on the right side, pointing upward toward the jaw contact on that side.

These contacts have a very soothing effect and are specifics for the release of heart and digestive blocks and for toning these areas.

FIGURES 3 and 4 are self-explanatory and have been reprinted here for your convenience from chart No. 43 in book II.

Other faculties in the brain, which act as positive directive control poles of energy distribution, may also be used in this manner of polarization. See chart No. 44 in book II.

explanation of chart 10

It is not an easy matter to present an exercise for heart trouble because that is the one time when nearly all physicians agree on complete rest and no exercise of any kind. This is very wise procedure in all acute attacks and with reference to the usual form of exercise. However, this does not take care of the problem after the acute stage nor does it help the heart patient to bring him back to as near a normal balance as Nature will permit.

Inaction is no cure for heart trouble. Moderate action and the release of gases as shown in charts No. 63 and 64 of the supplement to book II, as well as the exercises given in my book entitled: “EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY”[1] have proven to be of great help to many patients.

The digestion is usually involved in heart trouble because the fiery energy which is the warmth in the blood is also the heat which digests the food. It is an energy principle which is involved in the whole of matter and not merely a constituent in the blood.

Gas pressure under the diaphragm is also an important factor. This may be due to distention of the stomach filled with fermenting, undigested food; or it may be due to diffused gasses from the colon. Directions for correcting both of these factors are in this book and in book III under the heading of “Gas Releasing Techniques According to Polarity Principles”. Acute indigestion often resembles a heart attack in all its active symptoms.

The question naturally arises, how could any exercise benefit the heart and what kind should this be to restore the heart to a more natural function? Since strain and over-action are credited as causes of heart trouble, it seems strange that there could be a logical approach to exercise as an answer to this ticklish problem. Is it possible? The answer is “yes”, and it has been proved in actual practise [practice].

Chart No. 10 is presented in this book to illustrate the foundation of the principle used here and as Nature's testimony to the process of building and restoring life in the body. In nearly all illness, when this position is possible, the sufferer assumes a posture - even while in bed - as nearly similar to the one the fetus [foetus] has during the period of gestation, when the body is being built. The vital currents evidently favor this posture because it is assumed spontaneously - consciously and unconsiously [unconsciously] - by patients in any violent pain in the anterior part of the body, especially in abdominal pain.

It seems quite evident that the position for building the form would be the best suited for its repair. This was also the foundation of charts No. 63 and 64 in the supplement to book II and of the book, “EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY”[1]. Small children naturally assume this posture while at play.

The legs of the fetus [foetus] are upward, with the toes near the forehead; and the little arms are folded across the chest; thus polarizing one side with the other and the head with the feet.[2] Polarity seems to work best in this position because the poles are then in closer proximity to each other for quick response. No action is necessary at this stage, but building is the major process.

It is in this posture that the four polarized elements of Nature have their turn of rhythmic action and play, one after the other, in their triune function of positive, neutral and negative action. The four conditions of matter itself are the actors who weave the body like threads of life Explanation of chart 10

according to a precise mental pattern in the positive sperm of the father, the negative ovum of the mother, plus the neutral pole of the pattern energy which the incarnating soul brings with it as its own destiny, the fruit of its own previous desires and actions.

It is this unknown quantity and quality which makes each child in the same family different from the other. The trinity principle is again the active factor in determining the life span quality, and motion.

The fetus [foetus] attracts what it needs from the mother's blood stream as its universal supply. When it is ushered into the world of matter it becomes an infant when the cord is cut. Then its supply must come from the outside, through its own process of breathing, digestion and warmth.

The four polarized elements which were the electromagnetic energies latent in matter, as solids, liquids, gases and warmth, continue to build the body as before; but the elements of Mother Earth must now supply the material out of her bosom and storehouse. Mother's milk, or a substitute liquid which contains all these elements, may be the babe's proper nourishment for a while until the child is able to obtain its nourishment direct from the supply of Mother Nature.

The infant's energy fields are built according to his mental pattern field, in every one of the body's five major cavities. By the electromagnetic function of these, the babe attracts unto itself what it needs and can digest in order to grow. These currents continue to weave back and forth throughout life, to keep the body in tune with Mother Nature, so it can live on earth.

If any one of these currents are depolarized in the individual and out of tune with Mother Nature's supply, it spells disease, and suffering for that person. Or if even one is broken, then the whole house (body) falls back into chaos and the clay of the earth.

This vital fact of life has been forgotten by man because it serves so silently.

The infant has a complete zodiac in its own make-up, an exact duplicate of the cosmos in which it lives, or it could not exist here on earth. This is woven by the four pattern threads of “the Four Rivers of Life” stated in Genesis and explained in my book, “The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art”.

When the four modes of matter, as solids, liquids, gases and warmth, as electromagnetic energy, act in their triple function - in and through the body, they build it in a process similar to four threads in three shuttles. Then twelve stations or centers are formed which constitute the individual energy zodiac of each person.

This, then, is the miniature zodiac or microcosm by which man's finer forces are linked to the universe, and supply him with energy to attract the more solid forms of substances needed for his body.

These facts form the real field of Psychosomatics, of which so little is known in this day of positive force only. This principle in Nature and in man is the basis of all action as the finer energy operating in man and by which he lives, breathes and functions.

This real energy field in man is the basis and foundation of all my books and courses. No external astrology or astronomy is used in any of my work. All references to those forces pertain to similar operating functions in man. Even as the tiny atom is a universe in itself, so is man.

explanation of chart 11

The exercise shown here is based upon the principle of respiration. It strengthens the abdominal muscles of breathing and frees the diaphragm.

By putting the legs close together and tensing them first, the muscles of the legs, the abdomen and the deep muscles in it are made rigid for the lifting motion. The psoas magnus [psoas major] and the iliacus are the two deep muscles of major importance here. They rise on the anterior surface of the lumbar vertebrae and are inserted as one head into the lesser trochanter of the femur. They are the main muscles involved in raising the legs.

The crura of the diaphragm also have their insertion where these muscles rise in the lumbar region. So the exercise of these muscles also acts on the diaphragm direct, via the crura, in a synchronized rhythmic action.

The two hands support and push in under the sternum and the ribs to give additional release to muscular tension and stagnation there.

This exercise also reduces the abdomen, relieves bloat, and improves the digestion and elimination by toning all anterior muscles. When done regularly, a few minutes every day is sufficient to notice all these benefits.


1 - Before raising the legs, be sure to straighten and tense them and place them tightly together to raise them as one unit, in order to obtain the most benefit from this exercise.

2 - Push firmly under the sternum to support, specially exercise and free these muscles during both movements of raising and lowering. This assists in freeing this region of congestion and gas pockets, strengthens the muscles and relieves bloating.

3 - Start with three or four lifts of the legs to begin with. Then increase the number as you grow stronger. Do this several times every day. The benefit is visible and the toning is excellent.

4 - When the diaphragm is free, the heart is free to act without fear or apprehension.

explanation of chart 12

The polarity exercise is based upon the position of the fetus in the mother's womb. The flexed legs have a polarity relationship to the neck. The neck sits on top of the trunk while the thigh muscles support the bottom of the trunk. When there is tension in one it is found in the other also as they are opposite poles of action.

The inner thigh muscles polarize to the throat and neck muscles, including the sternocleidomastoid muscles which are usually spastic in torticollis. When the thigh muscles near the trunk are held firmly and released by this exercise, it will release the neck muscle spasms, even in torticollis. What a boon this can be to singers with throat spasms.

The outside muscles of the thigh polarize to the back of the neck and sides.


FIGURE 1 shows the beginning of this powerful exercise. With both hands grasp a handful of muscle tissue on the inner side of the thighs, near the pelvis. Grip the tissue firmly and at the same time pull the legs up with the hands.

FIGURE 2: Then, continuing the hold with the hands, stretch the legs out and let them down. This will raise the head and upper part of the body as you hold onto the thighs.

Then pull up the legs again and the body will go down. This is the seesaw rock which stretches the muscles on the top of the shoulders, over the brachial plexus, and releases the bottom tension by activating the polarity contact. Have someone feel your shoulder muscles tense and relax as you do this exercise and they will be amazed.

The exercise not only releases all the chest muscles involved in breathing and in heart trouble, but also the trapezius muscles which are supplied by the spinal accessory nerves [CN XI] which are the eleventh pair of cranial nerves and the only ones which enervate a muscle. The psoas magnus [psoas major] and the iliacus muscles are also exercised as mentioned in chart No. 10.

explanation of chart 13

FIGURE 2 represents a muscle release of the positive and negative poles of the breathing mechanism. The shoulder muscles and the brachial plexus form the positive pole and the hip muscles constitute the negative pole of this function. The muscles around the great trochanter [greater trochanter] are related to the muscles of the shoulder joint and to the back of the neck. Pelvic muscles support the respiratory action. The crura of the diaphragm and their lumbar relation to the psoas and iliacus muscles are another connection here by their insertion into the lesser trochanter of the femur.

Ropy muscles around the hip joint and around the shoulder joint are factors in inhibited respiration. The fascia lata on the outside of the thighs are digestive reflex areas and have their upper pole in the posterior and lateral neck muscles.

These two simple contacts can balance both polarity fields and release structural inhibition to the respiratory mechanism. Excellent results are also obtained by the cross-over polarity currents. The left hand contacts the opposite shoulder and holds firmly, or gently manipulates the trapezius and other shoulder muscles and contractions. The hip contact remains the same. If the glutei muscles are too hard and ropy in corpulent patients, the elbow contact can be used over the tensest fibers, in connection with either shoulder contact.

These polarity releases constitute valuable therapy in respiratory and digestive conditions.

FIGURE 1 shows a bilateral contact of the left hand over the lower portion of the neck, with a rhythmically timed hand motion up and down, and a squeeze of the fingers and thumb, synchronized with the patient's inhalations and exhalations.

This stimulates the diaphragm because the contacts are over the brachial plexus and the phrenic nerves. The object of the rhythmic motion is to tone the impulses of respiration with this center and the heart action. The contacts are gentle and light.

The right hand is placed lightly over the mid dorsal [thoracic] region - with the thumb and its cushion resting on the spinous process of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae [T4, T5, T6, T7], which are usually tender in acute conditions. This is a polarity contact and it is held steady, as the mere weight of the hand, by taking the slack out of the skin in a headward direction as the contact is taken, simply rests there in that position. Being a positive contact, it polarizes with the negative active one above.

In this manner a balance is established between the respiratory rhythm and hypersensitive cerebrospinal fluid action of the pattern energy of the mind which operates here and sends directive impulses all over the body.

Respiration cycles and the cerebrospinal fluid have a peculiar hidden sequence, which had not yet been brought to light and reason in therapeutic applications. In illness, the heart beat may be out of all proportion to the respiration, and out of balance as tone in the blood vessels, revealed by the blood pressure.

The mystery of this triune relationship in health and disease is a great physiological problem. In order to understand the sequences of relationships involved here, a psycho-physiological viewpoint and explanation are necessary, reiterated and summarized as follows:

The real value of these two simple exercises can only be appreciated by those who do them regularly, for a few minutes each day, and thus build themselves up again after a heart attack, so they can return to work at their profession or occupation. You can prove this to yourself by doing it. Seeing is believing. Faith coupled with effort always gets results.

The inner thigh muscles nearest to the pelvis are polarity opposites to the neck and throat muscles nearest to the shoulders. As the contact hands move lower on the thighs toward the knees, the polarity reflex is higher in the neck. The area immediately under the knees will correspond to the universal joint of the occiput and atlas articulation and the anterior muscles of this area. In the same manner do the outer thigh muscles correspond to the back muscles of the neck. The hands should also be placed on several areas between the pelvis and the knees, as gripping contacts along the inside and the outside of the thighs in doing these exercises. Wherever the greatest tension and soreness is in the neck, the corresponding contact on the thighs will do the most good.

1 - Mind energy is the first essence of matter, which travels in the media of the cerebrospinal fluid in the entire nervous system. It is the pattern energy of geometric proportions in the atomic fields of matter as the shape of things to be. All energy must have a circumscribed field in which to act, as a pattern design, a field of operation, like a nest for a bird. Without such a field of limits, even the vast energies in space would lose themselves in exhaustion and to no purpose.

Hence all construction must start first with designs of blueprints and patterns of things to be created, built or made. As the pattern is, so is the structure in its relation and function to all parts as a unit. Geometry and geometric proportions are the first process of creation in the great and in the small. “God geometrizes.”

The human skull has the outline and shape of an egg, a miniature planet-like shape. It is the individual microcosmos where the pattern of all things to be in that body are cast or woven into the substance called the brain tissue, which is the positive pole of the being. All things are represented here as patterns of mind energy and ideas, with a rhythmic wave length of their own. The whole body is but a duplication of these patterns in a more dense form and a lower vibratory key of action. “As above (in the brain) so below” (in the body).

This geometric pattern energy is extended throughout the body by the spinal cord and the nervous system as the director of things to be. Diffused mind energy rules every cell of the body or it could not have the intelligence to do the selective and specific work of maintaining all the automatic actions for the preservation of the body. The soul's intelligence and energy work through the mind to build this body, as the house it wants to inhabit and maintain.

2 - The bloodstream has its essence in the fiery energy of the sun, which is the warmth of the body and the warm feeling of human relationship. It is a neutral energy which governs the heart beat. In excitement and in emotional stress, the heart loses all balance of rhythmic regularity. The energy in the heart and that of the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid are then out of tune. The brain pattern waves of respiration are too slow for the heart rhythm in any emotional upset. THE CO-ORDINATION IMPULSES OF THE FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH CERVICAL VERTEBRAE [C4, C5, C6] AND THE PHRENIC NERVES NEED TONING UP AND THE SENSITIVE ENDS OF THE SPINOUS PROCESSES NEED QUIETING BY A POSITIVE BUT GENTLE CONTACT, WHICH IS DONE BY THE RIGHT HAND AS SHOWN IN FIGURE 1.

The central core in the spinal cord is reflected locally in the tip of its negative external central bone, the spinous process of the vertebrae. The quieting reflex of a gentle application is transmitted to the core where the central pattern energy is under tension and stress through the pressure of the fiery energy in the emotions and in the blood in the heart region.

3 - The vital generative energy in the pelvis is the negative pole of the mind pattern energy, as the foundation of the deep in the end of the descending cycle. It becomes the seed power with its crystallized patterns in a liquid essence form.

The watery vital energy writes its lines of geometric proportions in the neutral poles of the hands, as finger print patterns and lines which indicate the paths of the heart and the head energies and the life or the generative energy in man and in skin functions and the secretions as a whole. The feet are its negative pole, with pattern designs of their own. The energy in the cerebrospinal fluid in the sacrum is the positive motor pole and its balance is most important. The anterior generative center is the sensory negative pole.

The perineal floor and the inner thigh muscles are the fields or structural areas for balancing this sensory energy of the pelvis. See “Perineal Technique” in books I and II. This is especially useful in emotional and neck tensions, pregnancy and pelvic sensory disturbances.


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