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polarity therapy, book 3: polarity therapy

Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function

A New Manipulative Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone

health healing


This book is an attempt to reveal the underlying principles of all therapies whether mechanical, structural, chemical, electrical, thermal, bacteriological or psychological. The FOUNDATION FOR ALL THERAPIES naturally rests upon the constitution of matter itself and its manifestation in organized forms as motion and function. Even when Nature is better understood, it does not free man from its laws and the conditions of matter. In order not to make this treatise too long, the many details of application of Polarity Principles have been avoided. Details cannot fit every individual, but principles and essences presented with a broader viewpoint of application and use in life are helpful to every seeker after Truth whether he be a physician or a student of life.

For forty years I searched for a principle in the healing arts which would include all forms of therapy and act as a common denominator, an intelligent answer, to all the numerous contradictory theories and claims existing today. Results which are obtained in all the various fields of medical, drugless and psychological applications indicate that a hidden agent – a principle in man and in the forces of Nature's energies – is the active factor overlooked by schools of science and theories taught today.

The problem of healing involves the harmonious relationship of man's inner energies to those of the without. The struggle is as old as mankind. The ideas and applications vary with each cycle and consciousness of individuals and races. In the early days the viewpoint was from within outward, from the energy centers within to the effects without.

Even though present systems have their origin in the previous ones, the underlying principles are practically forgotten, cast aside or declared unscientific today because the problems are now approached from a purely external angle, evaluating symptoms and phenomena as of immediate importance, instead of the causes which produce these effects. Present-day research is bent upon details of particulars without taking into consideration the finer types of forces which motivate the particles. In such a confusion, conscientious minds of thinkers and researchers will naturally look for an answer that could do justice to all and shed light on a dark road of misunderstanding and persecution of one group by another.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The expectation and the cry of suffering humanity brings to light, through effort, many new ways and means to solve the demands. Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naprapathy[1], Zone Therapy[2], Suggestive Therapeutics[3], Psychiatry, Christian Science and many other new systems, beliefs, and ideas are in use today and favored by the public with a popular response.

While the well-established Allopathic and Homeopathic principles of medicine are diametrically opposed to each other, there is a Polarity principle which unites them both as outgoing and ingoing energy. It is the finer essence which is the principle of Homeopathy as brought forth by Dr. S. Hahneman[4]. Its keynote of “similia similibus curantur” - like cures similars - is directly opposed to the Allopathic principle of “contraria contrariis curantur” - contraries cure opposites. The fact that both methods produce results and exist side by side proves that the centrifugal current of quantity has curative effects in opposites while the centripetal current of quality or essence has curative effects in similars, as illustrated in Chart No. 2 of this book. BUT THIS NEW FACTOR OF POLARITY IN ACTION HAS NOT BEEN REALLY UNDERSTOOD NOR APPLIED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT IN ANY FIELD OF THERAPY.

An inquiring mind wonders which is right and why. However, there is a mental solution to all problems. The mind immediately answers this for each individual by the assertion, “That which I believe, is right”. Mere assertion proves nothing. The logical answer would be, “That which serves best, is best”. And the law of survival seems to substantiate this. Results speak for themselves. Theories and assertions are of little use to a person in pain or physically incapacitated.

The Ayurvedic system of medicine which originated in India about six thousand years ago was based on the understanding of the forces in Nature as the storehouse of energy which pervades all created things and relates to them in definite extensions of lines of force, the WHOLE to each unit. These forces are also in miniature, in a polarized form, in man. Whenever that polarity of exchange was broken by excess or over stimulation [over-stimulation, overstimulation] of one of the currents in the fields of energy, the original Ayurvedic practice was to employ an opposite force as a remedy. Weak fields were also built up by similar essences found in foods, herbs, etc.

More science and logic was embodied in the theory and practice of the Ayurvedic System of old than it is credited with today. Much of its real art is lost or overlooked in the present-day practice of this system. It was based on a deeper understanding of life and its values embodied in all things in the universe. No superstition was involved in its simpler forms of effective application of the principles of Polarity. When the art was lost and the principles were neglected, then, like all things neglected, it lost its following in a world of purely material scientific research.

There are many active principles of finer essences which are not to be found in the gross field of chemistry. Homeopathy proves this point clearly by the use of finer essences which cannot be traced by means of gross chemical analysis. But these essences work on the inward cycle of currents, in the centripetal force, where the quantity factor stops and the quality or essence factor takes over and flows on inward, toward a neutral center where neither the positive pole nor the negative one predominates but both are balanced in a neutral center of receptivity before being emanated again as Polarity Currents for definite action.

In India a complete art of Homeopathy related to the Ayurvedic principles has been built on the finer essence of matter and its triune action. And this is effectively used in some parts of India today.

In the Drugless field of Manipulative Therapy, the fundamental principles are also the energy fields and forces in POLARITY action and their balance. But to the best of my knowledge, no one beside myself has set forth these ideas and a therapy based upon this foundation.

The mechanical basis of a nerve pressure producing a functional distortion has served well in many schools of physiological therapy of adjustment and manipulation. However, there are many factors which fall short of their goal in theory and in actual practice.

A new viewpoint and emphasis are needed for greater effectiveness and deeper synchronization of all of man's energy fields within himself and their structural balance with the earth's gravity as well as the finer fields of energy supply from Nature. In present-day research, only gravity and the chemical and mechanical factors are investigated. The other, finer forces in Nature have not been mentioned or considered in the same manner, even though they are more important because they are the finer and more potent energy fields.

Nearly all thinking persons, and especially doctors, want to understand the mystery of man and of the universe in which he lives, moves, breathes and has his being. It has been stated many times, now and in the past, that man is a microcosm or a microfilm of the macrocosm; but how this is possible or why, bas never been elucidated. We realize in a vague sort of way that we are linked to Mother Nature, affected by and dependent on her forces for our supply, but how close that connection is and its finer essence by which we are actually sustained in every breath of life, has not been explained.

Physicians and scientists have failed to clear up this problem and produce sense out of the confusion of opposite and similar principles operating in Nature and in man. Merely denying or ignoring a problem or a fact solves nothing, whether this be in the realms of mind, emotion or matter. The thorn or obstacle which is not resolved or removed remains an enigma to challenge man, in the application of the principle of brotherly love to men. Yet, strange to say, even clear thinkers line themselves up on one side or the other, identifying themselves with either view and challenging all comers by assertions, resistances of various measures, but not with a solution to the problem. And so we have innumerable schools of thought and theories, for lack of the GRAND TRUTH which would set both sides free through the understanding of all phases of life. Truth existed even before the creation of our little earth.

If man's thinking were impartial, especially in relation to the deeper problems of life, he would act according to the best of his ability and then stand aside and let the results speak for themselves. Impartiality is a rare accomplishment among men and requires, first of all, a larger vision of life with a deep insight into the finer Nature of things, plus a great toleration which is born of understanding and humility. This is possible only when love and service to our fellow men are the motives in the search for the true viewpoint of action.

limitations in matter

From the enthusiasm with which the new ideas are presented in this book, it could easily be inferred that the author believes in a Utopia where there are no conditions and limits to health and well-being here on earth; that everybody should be healthy, wealthy and wise. If some one would lay down definite rules for this purpose and enforce them, it would interfere with the freedom of choice and arouse violent resentment. Even the very purpose of our being here, to learn the lessons of life through resistance in matter, would be frustrated. How can we ordinary mortals learn without the play of opposites and without toys and blocks which tumble and must be built up again? Only those who have risen above the world of opposites in all their conscious functions abide in pure love and bliss, but they are not ordinary mortals.

Rest and peace are possible only in the perfect neutral balance existing in the Essence of all things, but not in their appearance as positive forces and negative crystallizations which build these fields of matter. Truly, bliss resides at the very core of perfect equilibrium, out of which the creation was manifested. It is also present at the very core of man's being, like the stillness in the depths of the oceans. For man to reach this state, he must follow the middle way of Truth and rise above these opposites and limitations.

This earth was intended as a “Kindergarten” of experience for all souls inhabiting it. Otherwise, how could they learn their lessons from experiences in contact with solid matter which is definitely conditioned, limited and fixed in its vibratory manifestation. Matter is composed of many parts and particles which have their law of change and mutation and constantly swing from one pole to the other in their spinning variations. Night and day, morning and evening, winter and summer, rain and sunshine, etc. are all necessary in this earth life or we could not exist here as living beings.

Obviously, the learning of lessons through the play of matter is the reason for our being here, and not easy sailing in pleasures without experience and resistance. Only from resistance and the impact of energy upon matter can we learn the nature of these forces when they are slowed down in their vibratory spinning combinations where they appear as solids and semi-solid forms. Freedom of play, of choice, of action and reaction is the only way in which we can enjoy ourselves and learn like all children do. As long as we learn from life and forget ourselves, we are growing and living. But when the mind demands and becomes egotistic in its successful experience at play, when it wishes to set up its own rule and conditions, then it suffers from the impact of cross currents of forces which it opposes by its efforts and plans.

Life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony. It is a symphony of all things which exist, in major and minor keys of Polarity. It blends the discords, by opposites, into a harmony which unites the Whole into a grand symphony of life. To learn through experience in this life, to appreciate the symphony and lessons of life and to blend with the Whole, is the object of our being here.

To learn to control our own mind is the real purpose of all experience, because the mind is the neutral agent of the very Essence of all matter in motion. All training, all experience, and even the suffering in life, have only one objective and that is to enable us to learn to control the mind substance within ourselves. It is the most subtle and intangible form of matter, like an airy nothing which pervades and rules all things. All conditions and limitations are produced by mind essence and substance. The molds of pleasure and pain, health and sickness, etc. are formed by our own thought patterns of harmony, limitations or discord.

If we cannot learn the lessons of life from our play with gross matter and its conditions, how are we going to control our thinking which shapes and forms this subtle essence into living conditions and surroundings? Is the Creator cruel or kind when He endeavors to teach us the Universal Harmony of Life and relationship of things by giving us free choice? We either learn and go on fulfilling our destiny in this “School of Experience” or we stand still and bemoan our fate while life passes by. We either face facts in Truth and Reality on the mount of wisdom through devotion, love and understanding, or we behold only a rear view of Life after it has passed. The latter is what happens most frequently and gives rise to the saying, “If our foresight were only as good as our hindsight” we could really do things and progress.

How true this is we can see in our daily life. Because we have self will and desires which are out of tune with Life and its Grand Symphony, we cannot see or perceive these lessons at once. Only after many trials and errors do we realize the foolishness of our own will and ways which attract more than we can balance, and bind us to our limitation of thinking and the accumulations which worry us. If we could impartially observe how Life is manifested by the Creator and why, we would see that all things are done for us, like in any kindergarten, to furnish the material which helps to bring out and express the latent quality in the children.

Jesus taught this Grand Symphony of Life in lessons of Love and the renunciation of the self. It is our self-will and ego, with its desires and cravings for its own selfish purpose of sense enjoyment, greed, fame, etc. which causes so much suffering - physically, mentally and emotionally - because it is opposed to the laws of balance in creation and the provisions laid down by the Creator. Self-will and mere sense pleasure will end in suffering through bitter experience in this Kindergarten of Life.

Only on this earth is the fullness of experience possible, because all phases of matter - subtle and gross - are represented here, plus the emotions and the mind to act and react in those fields. When we experience the results of some of our desires, let us not feel sorry for ourselves in suffering nor forget the grand opportunity thus presented to learn our lessons here. Rather let us benefit thereby and find the Path of Liberation from all this limitation of mind and matter in the depths of our being.

The triune Polarity Principle is an active factor in the very process of creation. Even in the ideal conditions of Paradise there were created a tree of Life, a tree of Knowledge of good and evil and the snake as the tempter. The negative pole is ever a temptation to the positive pole to flow downward, into the negative field of expression and experience. The reflection or image draws on the Reality for its support. The eternal Sound and Light currents support and sustain all creation. When these are consciously reflected upward in man's subtle energy essence, then starts the Ideal Path of Understanding, Illumination and the Homeward flight of the Soul.

the three bodies of man as the basis of polarity principles in action

That man has a physical body of solid and semi-solid matter is well accepted, analyzed and represented by physiological, structural, mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, psychological and bacteriological fields of science and their tests. If this were all that man consisted of then no unknown problems and factors of health and dis-ease [disease] would torment mankind and the good doctors who try to solve such problems daily.

The five physical senses and the body seem to be self-evident as the grossest factor of life by which man exists and acts. The question now arises, what animates these forms and what makes them live and function differently? If we shut off the breathing for a few minutes only, life departs from the entire organism which seemed so strong and active a few minutes before.

Is this subtle form of life which inter-penetrates the entire physical body, including every cell and structure, not another body or form of life more refined and etherial in essence than this gross form of matter? Obviously it is, since it is the life form in the gross, which inter-penetrates it and is represented at every point and function. This vital layer of wireless rays of energy waves is the breathing and living form of energy within the gross physical one, just as a hand fits within the glove and animates it. When we speak of a living creature, we have in our mind a form and a life. But how many of us have ever thought of a living body as two poles of one form - the life principle as the positive pole and the form principle as the negative pole?

This vital form of life is of a finer substance and superior to the physical. It is independent of the grosser form. It is the vehicle of finer energy waves and currents which enliven the grosser particles of matter and its fields of pattern forms. Could we accept a lifeless, material form as a being? Would we think of a Zombie without intelligence as a human being?

The gross body is made of two pattern fields or halves. The right half of the body is a positive pattern field in total, made up of subsidiary fields. The left half of the body is a negative pattern field, having subsidiary polarity fields in its make-up. The upper portion of the body, above the diaphragm, is the positive field equivalent unto the heavens which give air, warmth and energy for the sustenance of life. The diaphragm is the firmament which separates the above from the below and is its neutral field; the portion below the diaphragm is the neutral pole equivalent to the earth which nourishes all creatures, just as the neutral pole in the body nourishes all cells. The pelvis is the negative pole.

The vital life-breath current flows through all three fields and polarizes them into active functions. The current crosses over in each field or oval of matter space in the body, producing a neutral center of function in each field. These fields and their circles or ovals and centers are clearly illustrated in Book II, Chart No. 1, and in Chart No. 6 of this book. By linking these five ovals in a connected line or current and crossing them over at each center, the mysterious serpentine force of the Caduceus is brought to light. This is the oldest symbol of the chain effect of the vital body in the gross physical one, and it is the sign and symbol of the physician from ancient times up to the present.

The wise men of old understood clearly that it was the vital life breaths which animated and controlled the gross physical body and its function, by the finer forces of Wireless Polarity. This energy current links the opposite fields and multiplies its force by cross-over in each Polarity Field, and steps down each current for specific function in the finer essence, active in the grosser fields. The ancient physicians tabulated the effects of this life force of the sun by noting the breaths and pulse beats which varied with each field and current flowing through it, and each was recognized by its quality and kind.

The physical body as the negative pole of the fields of action has been briefly described. The vital body as the life breath has also been duly considered as the positive pole of action, moving through the negative fields. Now comes the third or mental body as the neutral pole of action, which can affect the whole from any standpoint because it is the center core of all neutral fields and forces in the body and in Nature. Even as the vital body blends with the physical in every cell of being, function and structure, so does the mental body, as the finest essence and phase of matter penetrate every tissue cell of the entire body, in normal health.

Every tissue cell has a mind, as a diffused particle of the central mind. The mind, as the neutral pole, animates the other two forms or bodies for its use and the purpose of expressing the mind in and through matter. If this were not possible, the soul, as an eternal energy spark or unit, could not live in a house of matter and vitalize the mind and, through it, the step-down stages of energy currents into fields of POLARITY FUNCTION, as expression of life in and through the body.

Life proceeds from within outward and from above downward. It is in this manner that these three bodies are created: First, in fine patterns of mind energy; then in less intense currents of vital force, stepped down to the gross body and its related energy fields of action.

In the path of the currents of life, obstructions appear from many causes. Dis-ease [disease] or interrupted currents follow the life currents, for without this flow of energy there could be no disease or pain nor health and happiness. The former is but a negative manifestation of the positive phenomena of life in motion and expression. Deep causes start in the finer energy fields and manifest in the lower or grosser as obstructions. Even external happenings have deeper roots in the mind, but we are not conscious of them.

polarity principles in action

The active principle in Polarity is the Great Truth of Life Itself. Nothing lives unto itself alone. There is always a Source, a cause, an effect and a purpose in all living things. This principle in life is Polarity, with the center as a neutral essence, also a positive and a negative pole of action of energy currents as manifestation. This triune arrangement is the basis of all matter in motion and expression, even as the atom is the unit of it. Energy whirls and currents establish fields of action in their crystallizing effect which look like solid or semi-solid substances to our five senses and our mental perception.

In dealing with personal problems of mind and matter, especially in health and therapeutics, we have forgotten the fundamental principle upon which matter rests in all of its manifestations; namely, energy fields and polarity functions, such as the atomic research has revealed to us.

Everything is triune in life and nothing stands alone. No matter how often we forget it, it still exists as the most fundamental law of life and motion and is the very foundation of creation. Nearly all Sacred Scriptures are based upon a trinity of action. Such being the Reality on which our belief is founded, how can we forget it so completely in everyday life and thought? The answer is that our minds are not linked to causes; they are trained and conditioned to act and think from effects only.

The desire of wanting things immediately and taking every shortcut that appears possible is the habit of our daily life and thinking process. The mental drive behind all our impulses and actions is far greater than the control over our mind and emotions. The desires and impulses are so dominant that we rush into things before we realize it. We see only one objective; the one we want! The reactions are the disillusionments and sufferings in life, fear being the greatest one of them. It is the slow and hard way to learn realities which rule and govern life and matter. However, it is easier to learn it in the beginning through deeper understanding than at the bitter end of this “Kindergarten of Experience” by the trial and error method.

If we take the time to observe facts and learn from life, much can be gained to enrich our minds and make the daily routine easy. The difficulty is that amusements rather than facts seem to attract the conscious mind in its play night and day. When the real problems arise, such as ill health, we hope that some doctor has all the answers and remedies for us, regardless what we may have done to bring this about and what we, ourselves have to do in remedying the situation.

Understanding the laws of life and matter in motion can give us an intelligent view of the overall picture in dealing with the problems of life manifested as illness and dis-ease [disease]. In this grand viewpoint, there is room for every therapy, every approach to the problem, without dissension or confusion. All branches of the science of matter in motion fit into the Polarity Principle of function and energy flow through fields in the body.

Cause and effect is the law of motion. Two ends and a middle or a center and a circumference are the geometric fields of Polarity in which motion takes place and is expressed as dynamic action. The principle of Polarity could be used as an intelligent foundation factor of agreement and procedure in all fields of therapy. Then the active agent or cause would stand out clearly, revealing when and why a certain method or remedy produces good results, no matter in what type of therapy it is employed.

True art, in any field, expresses a thing in its entirety. Then the real nature of the thing is known, understood, and blends with all the other factors. If the constitution of life and matter is regarded only from its external effects and its solid and semi-solid appearances, how can it embrace the Whole - when three of the finer constituents of matter are omitted? It is the gaseous, the radiating light waves and the thermal energy fields and currents, plus the etheric essence, which link all polarized energy rivers of matter into ONE WHOLE again.

In my books, “The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art” and “The Wireless Anatomy of Man”, these ideas are set forth as principles. They begin with the basic relationship of the embryo in the mother's womb where these currents weave as patterns of energy threads to build the brain, the nerves, the blood vessels, tubes and tissues of the body, establishing all the chemistry and function.

The central polarized energy current of the Caduceus is given as the major step-down current from the ultrasonic energy flow which is actually the soul of man in this mortal body. It is the real polarized life in it and motivates it, after having built it as a vehicle for experience and experiment of expression and sensation in a world of matter. The Caduceus is the symbol of the airy life currents in the breath, which polarize one side of the body with the other and the above with the below in each major field as a positive and a negative current. Thus the soul or spirit energy is stepped down through mind and senses for grosser contact with matter, through delicate lacework of tissues, in which life - as sensory currents and motor energy - can function and feel action, sensation and reaction.

The soul has its special seat in the brain, above the foramen of Monro [interventricular foramen] and the middle commissure [interthalamic adhesion, massa intermedia, gray commissure], but it traverses the whole cerebro-spinal [cerebrospinal] axis - up and down - as a very fine Sound Current - in the central canal of the spinal cord. A stepped-down phase of this current which is related to the respiratory function and the manifestation of life in the body, is called the Kundalini force in eastern terminology. It flows in the very center of the spinal cord. Its negative and structural pole of impulses is in the sacrum as a potential motor force, and in the generative system as a potential seed power and sensory energy field of creativeness. In the Bible, the terminal end of travel of this functioning force is called “the foundation of the deep”.

The involutionary cycle of mind energy is completed through the embodiment of its total pattern energy current in the seed of each living thing. This stepped-down, descending, airy life force is referred to as the serpent in Paradise, which is the field of etheric essence. The “tree of life” symbolizes the spinal cord. The sensory currents, with their double chain of ganglions of the sympathetic nervous system are represented by the Caduceus, in their finer aspect of this dual serpentine force. Truly, the body is the house of the soul, the Temple of God!

The origin of the four polarized principles or rivers of life flowing out of the one river from Paradise is clearly given in Book I.[1] The four rivers are currents of energy in the constitution of the cosmos and in man, through which we continue to attract substance from the without as we did during the period of gestation in the embryonic stages while living on the mother's life blood and supply currents. When the umbilical cord is cut, the babe [baby] is ushered into the outer world of the cosmos to draw its breath directly from Mother Nature, on whose bosom we live and crawl like infants, eating and drinking from Nature's storehouse of solids, liquids, air and sunshine, plus all the finer currents in these elements of Nature.

Every plant is a living soul, in a more limited form, and has an evolution. This fact was a real science of cosmogony in old Sacred Scriptures, relating the unit to the whole. I had many hand-drawn charts made in my efforts to clearly illustrate this function and the picture of Polarity in its five fields in the human body in order to demonstrate the direct application of POLARITY TECHNIQUE. Polarity currents and principles were constantly kept in mind in designing the illustrations.

The foundation, as illustrated in the charts and books containing them, is so simple and is brought forward step by step and stage by stage. If a student once grasps the idea, the whole picture of life can unfold in its many varied principles and usefulness of application in therapy and in life in general. All that is necessary in order to comprehend this is to study and think over it from the simple fundamental basis of five fields of matter as well as the five sensory and five motor currents going over these fields in three modes of motion: Positive, Negative and Neutral. Once this simple idea is mastered, a whole new concept is possible.

It seems so strange that this should be hard to assimilate as a fact. We constantly function through five senses and think nothing of it. Their sensory action we can name, but we are at a loss to enumerate their corresponding five motor actions which fulfill and express the sensory fields of perception. The life functions by which we exist are given very little time and study. We never think about these real facts of life until they strike us in the face or fell us by illness. Life is not understood and laws are transgressed, causing suffering by their reactions.

In the books containing these charts, the physical facts and the transcendental energy currents have always been compared and mentioned side by side so as to keep our feet on the ground. In “The Wireless Anatomy of Man”[1], ten additional pages of descriptive Anatomy, Physiology and Histology are quoted, together with cuts from old and well-recognized authorities, in order to unite the idea of a solid physical concept with which we are familiar, with an Energy Current Concept which currents were present even before the physical could be manifested. Soul energy was a Reality before there was even a trace of the notochord or the arteries or tubes for carrying fluids in the body. The idea of a beginning with Pattern Energy at work is hard to convey in actual useful application. Yet it is no more of an assumption than the plans of an architect in any field or in the atomic construction in principle and essence, as the unit of all matter.

polarity is triune energy in motion

Polarity is the principle of the Triune essence and energy in all created things. It is energy in motion, expression and sensation.

Energy must have a center to move from and an objective to flow to. The positive pole, in its outward flow, is expressed as motor currents; while the necessary return flow, the centripetal current or the negative pole, is expressed as sensation. The source or reservoir of the energy is in the center or neutral essence, the neutron or nucleus from which it proceeds and to which the currents must return in the unit and in the cosmos. The source of supply of energy is from an internal neutral center, around which the currents flow or spin, like the protons and electrons around a neutron. Energy in motion anywhere must have this triple action in order to function.

Organized energy is polarized. It proceeds from a central source as centrifugal motion and flows through external fields and bodies as the objective of creativeness and maintenance. Energy, in motion from its center is the centrifugal, flying-out force in Nature and in all creatures. The essence of the positive pole is motion and expression.

There must be an objective or a purpose for all this movement of energy as organized force, flowing from centers everywhere to circumferences, from the within or neutral fields of source, to the without or outer fields of organisms in space. And for what purpose, we may ask, is all this display of energy as creation - as universes - constellations - stars - suns - planets - moons - and finally as minerals, vegetables, animals and human beings? This is Nature's play of energy circuits as Wireless Currents everywhere, from the tiniest atom to the Great Universes.

The purpose is for the experience of souls embodied in forms and placed in outer space of matter and resistance in order to gain awareness through perception and action, for the fulfillment of consciousness as a unit.

The Human Body as Living Energy Fields: In this atomic age of science we realize that matter itself is but a mass of spinning energy particles which appear as solid substances. In reality, they exist as such only because of constant flow of energy currents between all parts and portions. As soon as that circuit is interrupted, changes begin to appear which, in the human body, are interpreted as pain or dis-ease [disease]. The interrupted current cannot reach the core to flow through and out again. In the meantime, the opposing currents pile up energy particles at the point of interruption and act as blocks in the area where they occur. This pressure of energy particles in any of the five fields of matter registers as intense pain, or obstruction of normal energy flow, called dis-ease [disease].

Growth is a building process and an increase of energy flow. It is harmonious and pleasant as it gathers attraction on its way. Its action is attraction from the center - attracting new particles of spinning ions and electrons to its field in an orderly fashion, according to its keynote and definite pattern design. As long as the inward bound magnetic pull can attract and hold new building blocks and add them to its field, the building process of growing and maturing is active. This energy whirl of lines of force links everything to its inner center of life which keeps the particles supplied. The center, in turn, receives its energy from the source through its inner link with cosmic neutral forces which, in turn, proceed from the Giver of all life.

polarity as the magnet of life

Polarity is really the law of the finer relationship of beings and of things. It is the principle of attraction and repulsion, in every field of life. Not only is it the foundation of chemistry, but the chemistry of life, everywhere. In its subtle elements, it formed the basis of the alchemy of the ancients.

The value of any object depends on its polarity and the intrinsic usefulness, beauty, nourishment and service it represents. Man's whole life, his happiness and well-being depend on his rhythmic balance of relationships without and within himself. He is constantly attracted or repelled by things, by surroundings, by other persons, by food or drink, in their polar action of either a stimuli or a depressant. Sensation itself depends on POLARITY. Pleasure and pain are its two opposite poles. Polarity is the primal momentum of matter in motion. Every sensation, action and impulse can be broken down in the final analysis as Polarity impulse.

Mankind has long sought for a law which would explain his behavior and relationship to things in this world and the next - the grosser and the finer. Science has brought chemistry to the front to explain many things in relation to our living. Food and drink, drugs and poisons, all depend on the law of polarity, which is the one point on which the whole question hinges.

Can we absorb external energy factors of food and drink essences into ourselves by attraction? Can we assimilate them so they give a pleasant effect, without too great a reaction? If so, they can be used as building blocks in our body, emotion or mind fields. One field alone does not make the polarity action complete in a human being. Autonomic action alone is not sufficient for an intelligent creature like man. If he is swept along by mere physical attractions into actions of satisfying them, he usually wakes up with the thump of a reaction! There were some other factors of Polarity within himself which he was not aware of, which now come to the front and arise into consciousness. It is this point which is always the pain factor. A mental pain can be far more devastating than a mere physical pain. The belly ache caused by physical overindulgence has its definite physical reactions, and is limited in time and area by the amount of energy it takes to expel the un-assimilated material called waste products or poisons.

In the emotional field it also rests on the fact of an un-assimilated sensation. It is an object of Polarity as real as the food which could not be digested nor absorbed as a useful constituent of the physical body. The emotions also have a body or field of action in sum total. Were it not so, we could not sense pleasure or pain so keenly.

Human beings are highly emotional creatures but intelligence and mental action form the real keynote of man's body. Without that stability of Mental Polarity action, man becomes a victim of every emotional wind that blows. Opinions, thoughts, ideas, ideals are as real factors in life as the food we eat. Wars are fought over ideas. Man resents that with which he cannot agree or assimilate into his mind. Polarity again is the final key.

Why do we behave in this manner? Mental suffering through indigestible ideas, orders or compulsion of thoughts through mind energy, may be repelled by the revulsion of the whole being. These are the real basic factors of indigestible parts of mind-matter and are more powerful in arousing Polarity than physical indigestibles.

Polarity is either attraction (pleasure - sensory in-going energy) or repulsion (pain - motor out-going centrifugal force action). The latter depends on effort and tension which are closely linked to pain. If this expelling centrifugal action cannot remove the unassimilable physical, emotional or mental material, then suffering begins through opposing forces in the energy fields. Old circuits are disrupted, tissues and fibers are strained, and functions disturbed or neglected because of diversion of energy currents from this fight to expel the intruder. In this condition, as in war, all home fires are neglected. The issue is vital. It is Polarity as integrity which is at stake for the survival of the individual or the nation as a whole.

Principles of life are the same for all beings, and Polarity is the most neglected root-cause of them all in our physical, emotional or mental well-being. It sums itself up into Polarity Principles as the attraction of the Essence within to the substance without, necessary for the maintenance of health and life of the individual on this earth. This is the relationship of the individual to the cosmos.

When mankind has obtained physical security, then his real problem is, what can he do with it? Man must act in his own sphere or field of his three bodies - the physical, the emotional and the mental. Without these three dimensional functions, he is not man, the intelligent being. After he has conquered his environment for his physical needs, the problem of Polarity begins. How can he be happy except by expressing himself as a triune, integral being, the very purpose for which he was endowed with a human body and mind.

Man is creative by nature. He extends himself into his environment or world. He expresses his being by self-preservation, by perpetuating himself through offspring and by creative ideas or intellectual pursuits in any field of endeavor which expresses his Polar affinity of an ideal within. The former are purely animal qualities while the latter can be accomplished by human beings only, and tend to enrich the individual and his environment. Whether this creation be mental, emotional or mechanical, does not matter. No matter which way the consciousness (the soul) or the mind (which is the soul's agent) turns for expression of ideas, it is all Polarity in action as either centrifugal or centripetal motion of energy.

Since life in all its action is a triune Polarity function, and can be reduced to such simplicity, why do we go so far afield to solve our problems, and in theory only at that? We suffer if our difficulties or chaotic energy currents are not reduced to assimilable Polarities in any one of our three bodies or energy fields of action.

The idea of three bodies or fields of expression may seem new, but it is not an invention of mine. It is as old as mankind. The Trinity Principle of every religion bears evidence to this fact. If Deity is triune, man must be, since he is an exact image of his Creator. It is merely a fact overlooked by our material research and our over-emphasis on matter and a material body only. This narrow trend of thought has caused much confusion and suffering.

Our research in Psychiatry would benefit greatly if we could reduce this jumble of man's mental-emotional impulses to an exact science of mental-emotional anatomy, co-ordinated [coordinated] with the physical one. Then a sound Psycho-physiology and even a Pathology of these finer energy fields could be established. This would be a great step forward in the science of understanding the mystery of man's complex being, which defies all present man-made rules and findings.

The reason for so many exceptions to all rules formulated for application as solutions and remedies, lies in the complexity of man's three fields or bodies of action. Man has been making allowance for or taking into consideration only one of these fields, and even at that, the most material one - the gross body which we see. The life which animates this shell of matter has always been a mystery and will continue to be so until science enlarges its vision of man's being. Atomic research pushed man into the energy field of consciousness. How long will science cling to the idea that man's material body is the whole of man and rules his life?

Man expresses energy every second. This being a fact, there is a great need to relate man to his energy Source, or at least to his fields of action and expression in a co-ordinated [coordinated] manner like science has reduced the mysterious atom to its component particles and made use of same as the greatest discovery of the age. Is man less important than his countless atomic particles which make up the house he lives in? Will the intelligent people of the world ignore all the facts of progress in relationship to man until an avalanche of hypnotism, mediumship's control and other such negative approaches sweep mankind backwards into a medieval state of consciousness?

Is there no art or science which can rescue mankind from such an approaching fate? Someone will say, “Yes, we have the answer. It is religion.” Then the next question is, “Which one?” Is man just an accidental being, rushed here onto this earth without a definite path, procedure or purpose? Could it not be possible that by understanding the process of the unit, it could be related to the Whole in which it must live, move and have its being? Or is it possible that such an ageless, established process could be without an art or science of its own in all its steps of becoming a human being? It is true that philosophies are many but facts are few; however, if in our mental Polarity equation, we did not have an open field for the facts which always existed, then how could we absorb any one of them?

Polarity not only starts our day, but our very life on this planet, with the first breath we inhale. From then on, the rhythm of breathing in oxygen and energy from the air by this central attractive process of our individual mechanism, the centripetal energy field, and living by it, is the primal process of being a soul in a living human body.

For every inhalation there must be an exhalation, or the rhythmic sequence of Polarity is broken and the cycle of respiration of energy absorption through the airy medium is in trouble! In asthma and in pneumonia this energy field becomes a problem, and the oxygen tank is not always the answer. Shorts in energy circuits in the body must be found and re-established [reestablished] as definitely as the short circuit in the house lighting. Merely lighting a candle as a substitute does not solve the problem. Man has a wireless energy arrangement similar to that of the atom and the universe. It is far better to find and understand the cause than merely relieve symptoms. The art of understanding any problem must be sought for its own sake and not merely for gain. Art and science must not sell their birthright of independence to any external authority.

Life proceeds from within and simply manifests in the without. So we must seek life in its inner unfolding stages of appearance or our conditioned observation fails to give us a full view of the over-all process. The five conditions of matter must be duly observed and intelligently related through the five senses. Naturally, that means individual research, impartiality and painstaking effort in energy fields rather than only in the field of material liquid and solid substances as we previously believed. Such a change of thought means growth and growing pains. That is why it is not popular. As always, a few pioneers must labor so that many may enjoy the discoveries and comforts of life.

Few there be who find life itself. The perception of that essence is too rare in our material-concept atmosphere. No one can give it to us from the outside. It is a discovery of life revealing itself to the devotee of real search and unbiased observation.

polarity in its simplicity

Attraction is one phase of Polarity in all its manifold functions. This pull starts from a given center, object, or being, and draws unto itself. This is a unit action of one thing, large or small. Each object and body in Nature is held together by the same law of Polarity or attraction. Opposites attract on the ingoing waves and repel on the outgoing currents, such as the top and the bottom, the center and the circumference, the within and the without, the “I” and the “you.” Love itself is an attraction in one direction - toward its center.

No matter how long or how short a stick is, there are always two ends and a middle; or a central core and a shell, if the object is round. This is Nature's arrangement of spinning particles in the process of forming bodies and objects. The end and the center must constantly be in communication with each other, through currents of living energy particles, in order to function and exist as a unit of perception, intelligence and motion. This pattern of energy flow as circuits exists in all things and establishes lines of force which react to Nature's own cosmic fields. In this manner we have either resistance (as repulsion), or holding by its own center of attraction, like in Nature. Individual attraction is the effort to get or draw from the universe, or from one part to another.

Polarity is the magnet of life and motion everywhere. The orbits of the solar systems and planets are governed by its laws. The atom is the tiniest speck of matter and is also subject to its rules, in the whirl of its minute energy particles of positive and negative polarity around a neutral center. Energy can move or flow only when it is attracted to or repelled from its centers. These polarity areas in the human body are finer energy fields, different from the nerve centers or conducted currents through the nervous systems which are stepped-down, specialized circuits through a switch arrangement in the brain. Before there was even a primitive streak in the building of the human embryo, a Polarity action of finer lines of force was at work according to a definite mental pattern.

MENTAL PATTERNS OR BLUEPRINTS: The human embryo has a definite mental pattern which directs the energy whirl of protons and electrons in their course. The design was originated by the Creator. Each creature has a different pattern and vibratory keynote. However, in the process of building or forming the pattern body, “it does not yet appear what they shall be.” There are stages when it is hard to distinguish one pattern or kind from another because of incomplete arrangement of Polarity function. The central axis and the poles are its keynote. When the pattern is completed, the specie or kind is clearly revealed.

Present-day science knows these steps and stages of embryonic growth well and has many observations on the subject. But to see the over-all [overall] picture of the patterns in their Polarity value and practical application of the same in the science of the healing art has escaped their keen interest. We value the mutations and daily changes, but by-pass the laws of the formative principle by which they occur! Up to this time, no one had formulated this idea of Polarity and related it to the function of the very Essence of matter, in the field of manipulative therapeutics.

Ancient writers were aware of and recorded this relationship of the energy fields of the Macrocosm and its forces with the energy fields of the Microcosm, the individual. But in our outward search for external data and details, we overlooked these promptings as old-fashioned gibberish of an occult lore, the science of which was lost and the art forgotten! Leonardo Da Vinci still understood this art and used it in all his marvelous discoveries, anticipating most of our modern inventions.

LIVING IN NATURE: Man knows he lives in an external world and is dependent on it for his sustenance and livelihood. The struggle is often so intense that he forgets the finer existence as a causative factor. With all the artificial improvements of our Atomic Age, we have so covered up the primal principles of Nature that we fail to recognize them when presented in a simple way.

Minds are bent on complex phenomena and their details. Simple truths which are changeless are forgotten or derided in our search for underlying facts and principles. And so we struggle on, looking for new values and things, ignoring the “diamonds” in ourselves and in our own backyard. We just haven't the time for it! The complexity of our thinking does not permit straightening out any of these paths that wind and wind and look like long distances of travel at great speed. We are going places fast in circles, and our problems increase as does the tension of our life, in spite of all the modern conveniences. The purpose of life is utterly forgotten!

RELATIONSHIPS: We know there is a relationship of the outside world or universe with ourselves, but haven't the interest to see it in its fundamental simplicity of four polarized principles which are constantly weaving and functioning and look like a host of agencies at work - within and without. This eternal time-clock of action of primal principles and the simple constituents of energy and patterns ticks on in ceaseless rhythmic cadence. They are primal constituents and functions of matter, as finer polarized energy essences and regions. They existed before man and do not depend on his wisdom or promptings.

The relationship of the unit to the whole is a vital matter of survival. The universe is the reservoir or source of our supply. That is definite. Our life on this planet depends for its existence on our ability to draw from it each moment exactly what we need. In this Polarity action of supply and demand, we are akin to all living things. Not only the useful plants but also the weeds draw on and extract from the earth the precise chemicals they need and convert them to individual building blocks for their own use. This takes place in all the four natural elements of solids, liquids, gases and energy or warmth, without which no plant or living structure can survive.

These simple facts have been overlooked and relegated to the background of antiquity, Polarity in its Simplicity

like an unsolved riddle. That our very life depends on these blue chips in motion, does not alter the facts! We see only what we like and what appeals to us. We are fascinated by effects and accept them as causes. The supply of our very breath, caloric energy as warmth, liquids and solid foods, clothing and shelter are factors of health, happiness and existence. The function of these four primal energy currents which must flow through us every second in order that we may live, is overlooked. Our health and life depend on this simple energy play of Nature's finer forces, but we perceive it not!

The four energy principles in active motion appear as a multitude to us because they function in every field. And so we struggle and pray for the many things, and forget the simple active factors and constituents. Finally, in our rush and effort for the supply of many things and satisfactions, the body can no longer attract from the earth the elements it needs because of lowered vital attractive power or Polarity pull. Then the body goes back to earth from where its solid elements were drawn. That cycle is completed.

The same cycle is accomplished in the airy principle of the breath, which goes back to dust, while the combustible principles of organic substance are reduced to ashes by the fire element in Nature. The water element, as a symbol of the spirit or soul in the body, goes back to God Who gave it.

structural polarization

All the forces of Nature are operative in man, in minature [miniature], like a tempest in a teapot. The currents within man travel over definite fields and parts of the body, each with a specific function. The fields have polarity as a structural balance of the superior to the inferior and a middle or neutral position. This is clearly set forth in a precise manner in chart No. 4, Book II of my course for doctors, and chart No. 3 in this book.

Structural polarization by means of current flow is an important factor. Fields become obstructed by gross matter, like the muscle tissue by carbon and acid deposits, as well as other waste products. The blood stream as a whole is subject to similar accumulation of waste matter through the inability to separate the grosser from the finer, due to a lack of complete digestion, combustion, and oxidation of particles which enter the blood stream.

These simple facts are recognized by every Nature Cure doctor. But how to make use of Nature's finer forces of energy currents and Polarity function is a new field of thought and application. Even though these subtle factors are the active agents behind every Nature Cure principle, they are not recognized as such when they are hidden behind one of their Polarity agents in Nature, such as water-cure in its manifold applications of grounding by walking in Nature's dew, or as mud in packs, etc. In diet, including the use of herbs, etc., all these factors are active agents through the energy currents latent in them and through the Polarity principles which relate them to man. Mind repels the grosser and attracts the finer essences and uses them as building blocks. Attraction rules this choice.

By recognizing and understanding the active principles involved, the principles in Nature Cure can be clarified and the applications simplified. A clearer understanding makes the study more interesting for the doctor and the patient.

In the manipulative field these factors are even more noticeable in results compared with mere mechanical adjustments or therapy. Each application should re-establish the flow of the finer currents, which often can be felt by the patient as a glow of warmth or tingling sensation. Instructions for treating are clearly given in my courses for doctors which contain many charts and a full description of the application of POLARITY TECHNIQUE. This book is offered to illustrate a few additional principles in their active application and in detailed explanation.

the importance of the brachial plexus

In severe illness there is a lack of life force in action. The severity is measured by the degree of obstruction of the life current. What is this current? Where, in the body, can it be released most effectively and simply, in a few minutes? As doctors and thinkers we ask ourselves this important question and are amazed at what we have missed by not knowing 'Nature's Mixing Bowl' of life's forces and the law of Polarity.

Three energy principles unite in the heart to form the mystery of 'The Holy Grail', known as the life principle in the body. The watery or liquid form of matter is represented by the blood which is circulated by polarity energy in the chalice of the heart. This is cooled and refreshed by the air and oxygen of respiration, and is heated and agitated by the fire of life and emotion, to circulate and impart life to every cell in the body. The brachial plexus is the motor-respiratory center which governs this function of Polarity.

Usually, persons of an emotional-mental type suffer most from inhibition of this flow of energy, either through tension or exhaustion. In acute illness, the brachial plexus is the general keynote to health and recovery. The sicker the patient is, the tighter are the shoulder blades on the ribs. I discovered this about thirty-five years ago while attending a wealthy banker who had been given up to die before the case was referred to me. He had arthritis and was in such pain that he could not sleep nor rest; drugs did not help. He had three doctors and nurses and they were unable to give him relief.

When I took the case, I observed the limitation of shoulder movement and tried to get my hand under one shoulder blade in order to give him a little release, ease of breath and motion. Then and there I realized how the life principle was bound down, restricting oxidation, circulation and motion. His shoulder blades were so tight on the ribs that I could not possible get under with even one finger! I started gently by movement in every direction until I could get the little finger under and gently lift the blade to free the brachial plexus. This simple procedure gave such relief to the man that he could rest and sleep, which helped his recovery more than all the drugs administered by the other doctors or any manipulation I could have given him.

The famous surgeon, Dr. Cryle[1], also found the importance of the brachial plexus in his research and used it in his way. When he went to Africa to hunt lions, he aimed at the brachial plexus instead of the heart or the head of the beasts. This again proved the principle of the mainspring of this triple energy in action. No respiration results in no life, no motion! The brachial plexus governs this vital life center which is more easily accessible under the shoulder blades than at the spinal centers.

Releasing tension in the sensory field, by lifting the scapula, is like giving wings to a bird. Life soars when the wings can move. Only this is the vital energy as the triple life principle The Importance of the Brachial Plexus

or the neutral essence hidden in the oxygen of the blood, which is the secret of respiration and oxidation of every blood cell. Physical life is not possible without it. It manifests in a triune field of matter. The blood is the liquid conveyor and the negative pole of the air or oxygen. The energy unit is the life in the breath, plus the heat or caloric energy as a fiery conveyor, the positive pole of the life principle.

These three elements of air, fire and water were the basis of the Ayurvedic Medicine of old in India and the lost healing art of the present age. Close observation of the pulse beat, in all its phases, was considered diagnostic of the proportionate flow of the three energy currents. These are the mysterious elements of sulphur (as fire), mercury (as air), salt (as water), spoken of so highly by the great Swiss doctor and philospher [philosopher] named Erastus Bombastus Theophrastus von Hohenheim, better known as Paracelsus the Great Healer and Occultist of the sixteenth century.[1]

viewpoints on therapy and progress

THE MECHANICAL ASPECT OF VERTEBRAL ADJUSTMENT TO GRAVITY: Every joint is a neutral point where polarity currents of a positive and negative variety cross. This makes it a neutral field and a fulcrum for flexion to overcome gravity by muscular contraction. However, it will be observed that it is not gravity, but muscular contraction which primarily controls this relationship of the joints. The polarity principles of the electrodynamic forces within the body determine the tension in the fields of the superior or positive pole action to the negative or inferior pole of action in the human body. Gravity comes in later as a relationship of action and motion when the body is in an upright position, overcoming gravity through joint action leverage and muscular contraction. Then it becomes a mechanical factor of leverage force plus weight. More weight of active tissue gives more power to pull a similar weight in relation to gravity or the foundation fulcrum, or grip on that basis for the lift or pull, like the tread on tires.

THE PLUMB LINE is at least as old as the pyramids.[2] The plumb line indicates the relationship of a horizontal base - representing the earth or foundation - to the upright line of force as the supporting beam from north to south - head to feet - as the shortest line of gravity pull. For checking the body's muscular contractions in relation to gravity by the plumb line method, the feet are placed in a square angle like a cross, and the plumb line should be in line with the center part of the board. Then minor deviations of angles and joints are clearly discernable [discernible] against this background of a central line in perfect relation to the gravity pull. This is also referred to in Book I[3], and is illustrated in charts 10 and 11 in this book. This employs the principle of the square of matter (the cross) in relation to motion and balance. In sum total, it is a relative viewpoint of the body of matter in relation to the earth-field of matter in its position for motion and overcoming gravity by the shortest line of force to the earth. It is more of an indicator of motion capacity and relationship of parts rather than a standard of health in general.

Each individual has a gravity center of his own, relating all polarity fields and functions to his central core of being. It is the neutral pattern field of mind action in expression of sensation and motor actions to fulfill desires and impulses, sensory and motor. The capacity of sensory and motor currents is determined from within their neutral field of being, mind and consciousness. It is this factor which makes the individual a free unit of being, having a selective choice in the primary fields of pattern. What it likes, it attracts; what it does not like, it repels. After that first choice, all impulses and forces come under the law of polarity and the five modes of motion or expression in matter.

From the outside observation inward, toward the center or cause of action, we have first the solid and semi-solid sphere of manifestation with which we are so impressed that we accept most findings here as causes, whereas they are actually mere effects, such as a tumor, or a vertebra out of line, or a malformation, etc. proved by x-ray examination. These appearances as evidence of a current distortion in the polarity fields of action are given primary importance as causes of pain and dis-ease [disease]. And the removal of this mere evidence is supposed to remove the cause!

According to reasoning and the science of atomic findings of wireless whirls and forces of attraction and repulsion in the body, this does not hold true. The effects of the tremendous destruction of atomic repulsions are not causes, no matter how impressive. A direct intervention here will remove effects and some symptoms of them, but not causes. The polarity currents which caused these abnormalities, still continue on their way of flow because the forces are not balanced or changed in polarity function by mere removal of effects. By dealing with the effects or symptoms only, or suppression of symptoms due to causes not understood in the process of Nature's building blocks of energy particles and fields in constant whirls of action, the obstruction of which is the real cause, one correction necessitates continuous applications.

The atom is truly a microfilm of Nature's forces and functions. It represents all the forces in the solar system of matter, in minature [miniature], as the force hidden in the solid appearance of matter.

Surgery, chemistry and mechanical corrections are the three most outstanding efforts in the healing arts of today, to balance or correct the effects of polarity in action in the body, expressed in the field of solids or semi-solids as imbalance - called dis-ease [disease] (of current flow).

But how can we cover the field of causes when we deal primarily with effects and their visible manifestations, carefully tabulated by x-ray findings only and by chemical and electrical analysis of effects? And we would definitely consider anyone unscientific who did not follow this established course of routine for checking up external findings and analysis of the solids and fluids of the body of any person under examination for any dis-ease [disease] or illness.

In external science of research pertaining to other fields of manufacturing or economic developments of nations and races, the early era of time was expressed in warfare by the use of the catapult, the bow and arrow, and the spear and shield as the purely mechanical factors. With the utilization of gunpowder and explosives, another era of warfare and business was in progress. Then the cannon and the force of propulsion behind the rifle ball changed the whole art of warfare and development in business and commerce on this globe. The chemical field of explosive development went on and found its finality in the block-busters delivered in Europe in World War II.

The development of the steam and gas engine was an important step, forcing progress all this time and making slavery impractical and unprofitable. But most of all, it opened the field of transportation by rail first, then gradually by motor and air. This airy epoch evolved into the atomic one which we are in today. We are in what is called the Iron Age of mechanical, chemical and atomic advancement plus intellectual stress. Atomic science is so new and all-embracing in its findings that it reveals itself daily in new forces discovered and greater speed in the air, with more constructive and destructive power and possibilities.

This brief survey shows that mankind has not had time to change his line of thought over Viewpoints on Therapy and Progress

to acceptable values of progress in professional and commercial fields - much less to extend this idea to the healing arts of today. The material body concept still rules supreme instead of taking into consideration the energies which built the house according to the mental patterns of the soul which is the tenant in this house of clay known as the body. The energies of the airy principle in matter and in the body, plus the atomic energy radiations as electromagnetic fields, have not yet found acceptance by present-day science and research in the healing arts, for man's benefit. The very thought that man's body is a product of Nature in energy fields, as atomic units compiled in a form by attractive forces, is a strange and unassimilated idea so far.

That man must have air, food, liquids, clothing and warmth from the outside is accepted in so far as solids, liquids and air are concerned. But the idea of the atomic energy fields of exchange in these conveyors and by direct absorption, is still a brand new idea, awaiting acceptance. Man is considered more or less an independent unit. His dependence on exchange of energy in the wireless field of Nature, like a receiving set in a broadcasting field, is still a new idea. Even his grounding to the earth is overlooked - plus his possibility of direct perception and absorption of energy.

Harvey's[1] discovery of the circulation of the blood was slowly accepted by science. But the idea of a constant interweaving of wireless energies through fields in the body of man in relation to the cosmos, is still in the stage of being resisted. The atoms - yes; Nature - yes; these can be tested and proven. But man is too complex, even as a material being, to be proven by crude machines or instruments which man has made up to this time. At present man has to be convinced from the outside by necessity or force. Intuitional, direct perception within himself is not yet granted nor recognized by the research methods of today, regardless of the doctrine of the right of individual selectiveness, freedom of thought, independence and equality.

The necessity of air from the outside for every breath we take is freely conceded. But any similar constant exchange of the finer forces of Nature with man is questioned and doubted because our research in this direction has not yet been developed. All accepted findings are still based on the old concept of matter and its most external, gross findings and tests. So far, all that is considered is a purely outside reaction of effects upon effects and not the person as a whole at all. That is really what holds back the physical progress of man. He himself is not represented in the search. Only his symptoms and effects are over-valued without relationship to the real underlying causes of energy flow and its blocks or obstructions.

The mind takes up the symptom pattern as a cause and intensifies it by focusing the attention on the symptom. The usual result is fear, the negative factor of dis-ease [disease]. Often the mind centers on the symptoms and emphasizes their importance to such an extent that the mind needs curing from such symptoms, galvanized into it as a fear pattern, even after the physical condition has changed for the better.

In our haste to measure and test the findings of external symptoms, only the solid and liquid aspects of matter are included. The airy principle, in its positive effect as life energy intake, and in its negative effect as gases in tissues which block the energy current's flow, are utterly forgotten because this is not yet a part of the present-day methods nor is it considered as a dis-ease [disease] factor in the minds of physicians and scientists. So no remedy has been developed to relieve these painful conditions.

We speak of the benefits of sunlight on vegetation and the body, but the energy principle in the sunlight, with its life-giving vitality which mingles with the air and oxygen and gives warmth and life to the blood and tissues, has also escaped our attention because it is too fine a nature and we have no instruments to evaluate its effect as the fire of life and the vital principle in the breath which is the driving power behind all the body's actions, secretions and functions in general.[1]

It takes a broad, impersonal and active mind to include new fields and find answers to unsolved problems. Only the true pioneers undertake the clearing of new fields and ploughing the rough terrain so others may sow and reap.

IN DIS-EASE [disease] the finer currents are not flowing through the denser fields of the body, or they are blocked and act excessively at the points of resistance, which appear as symptoms and intense, acute pains. This clearly indicates that the best therapy is that which balances the forces in that particular individual with his inner center of gravity, around which these currents revolve. In this manner the normal attractive power of the current is re-established with the Whole. The outside cosmic field is the reservoir where this supply comes from for the function of the denser particles of matter, which keeps the body as a unit representative here among all the five aspects of matter in their three modes of motion.

As long as man's body is considered as merely matter and tested only as such, it comes under the law of gravity, as does all mass and weight when in action in relation to the field of gravity. If this were true and all-inclusive of man, then the body would consistently respond to established routine methods the same as matter does, and there would be no problem whatsoever. Results could be calculated with true precision as in all fields of mechanics and chemistry. But, alas, when dealing with the constitution of man, we know from sad experience that this is not so. There are other factors involved which have not yet been recognized by science, nor have they been evaluated or tabulated.

These unknown factors are the problems in the healing art of today because they are not represented in our field of findings nor in the application of therapies. The purpose of my writing is to bring all factors concerned to the surface where they may receive attention and be included in all fields of the healing art. Nature is impartial and all-inclusive; it has no favorites. Only those who adapt themselves to the law and the Truth of life and being are the recipients of her benefits.

comparative values of principles in therapeutics

If man had only a material body, then all measures would fall within the limits of the senses and their application to mechanical and purely chemical tests. Then our present-day procedure and precision would work out fine. Since this is not the case except in the shortest vision and in very few instances, we know there is something amiss which constantly sends us off in search of new methods and therapies, new remedies and serums to combat the unknown factors or keep them in check by repeated doses or applications of remedies or physiological corrections. Some unknown factor fails to co-operate and stay within the bounds of balance. Thus the body remains unstable and in the field of symptoms of suffering. Would it not be reasonable to assume that this unknown or hidden factor was overlooked in all our calculations and tests which we have applied so far?

This observation is not only logical but is also self-evident. Proper representation was one of the main struggles of our early North American civilization. And this struggle continues, even in arts, science, therapies, theories and principles of life. Our very concept of equality is based on the representation of all factors involved. True growth includes new factors which have come to light in the change of development or which had been overlooked by the pressure of denser and more impressive representation of volume or quantity rather than quality and finer essence.

causes and effects

Causes of dis-ease [disease] are in the essences, as current repulsions in the mind, the emotions and in the fields and functions of the senses. The body shows but the effects of these wars of depolarized forces active within.

Thought currents are patterns of inner unseen energy fields. Emotions are inner sensory light waves of high potency, in the ethers, which sweep everything before them like a flood of waters. The senses are the servants of the house which is the body. They waste the energy of the soul in riotous living and excesses. When the store of reserve forces is spent, then there is a want of positive energy and a cry for more is manifested through pain and dis-ease [disease] by the depolarized energy currents. Energy is the motive power for every function, whether it be constructive or destructive, pleasure or pain.

Energy, like money, is a medium of exchange in any field of endeavor or sensation. It can be wasted so easily under any excuse of bad habits of every sort, in mental, emotional and physical excesses or strains and in sensuous pleasures. This viewpoint is true to life, to action and sensation and the only logical approach which links living causes as unperceived factors with their depolarized effects of discord as pain and dis-ease [disease]. If this were not true, life would be unjust and illogical.

The only reason why some persons can go on a merry bent of squandering the precious energy stores is because of the reserve they brought with them as their share of the inheritance from the Father's house. By the same token, in cases of previous expenditures in the life of the soul's wanderings, there is less reserve, less to draw on in this life for some than for others, and everything seems to go wrong at the least deviation from a given course. These persons have to be so careful, yet things go wrong in spite of it. Those are the lessons to be learned, in patience and humility, which try the heart and mind of the traveler in this vale of tears. Only devotion, faith and more humility can be of real help here. All other short-cuts are but temporary escapes and illusions. When the soul matures, then the mind, emotions and senses are controlled and rid of their extravagant habits of squandering the Lord's gift of precious life energy, the heavenly heritage.

When the individual is really sincere in seeking the Path of a balanced life, he will find it eventually. The change will be gradual because there are many drags of the old habits and ways. But when the soul's course is once set by determination and devotion to a goal, this becomes the North Star of a superior magnitude of POLARITY which will by-pass all other influences and planetary forces and sail right on. With proper guidance, the soul forces of our life must take over and steer the course of the ship of the body, mind, emotions and senses.

The real spiritual energies of the soul are faith, love, devotion and humility. There are no greater energies than these in any universe. Knowledge which is based on the mind's action and experience is ever a babe [baby] before these exalted realities.

When such a course has been found through God's Grace, devotion to Him and adherence to genuine principles, then such a life is blessed in every breath of its existence. Faith moves mountains of obstacles from the Path of such a blessed soul every day of his life. He may suffer, but it is in love and devotion and the consciousness is not ensnared by these end products of old debts and effects of previous actions.

Life is just. Indebtedness must be paid, otherwise the universe would be unbalanced by causes without effects, which would nullify the very purpose of creation. The soul is placed here to learn through experience and that would not be possible in a world without cause and effect. Pleasure is followed by pain and pain is followed by pleasure - in one form or another, according to the law of compensation.

summary of basic principles in the use of polarity technique

Polarity Therapy and action deals not merely with the gross anatomy and physiology but with the fine energy currents in the body, where the root causes of the dis-ease [disease] or disturbance may be found and treated.

These five separate currents which make a complete circuit on each half of the body, flowing near the surface, from the head to the five fingers and to the five toes, are sensory currents. See charts 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II. These flow in a straight line and can be treated with good results, especially at their terminating poles, as powerful sensory reactions for relief of stagnant sensory energy blocks.

These five sensory currents themselves do not cross over, so as not to mix sensory impressions. But, for best results in therapy, they are used as bipolar contacts - either from top to bottom, or reverse, or from side to side, depending on the direction of flow of the currents treated.

Also, excellent results can be obtained by a contact with the finger and thumb of one hand on the toe of one foot of the patient, and with the other contact on the corresponding joint and toe of the patient's other foot. The doctor stands at the foot end of the patient, firmly holds and gently pulls at the point of contact at the same time. This polarizes the current of one side with the other side and elicits quick and favorable responses from the corresponding reflexes.

The same can be done with the fingers on each hand of the patient, for polarizing the neutral pole in the extremeties [extremities]. When the doctor stands at the head of the patient, similar response may be elicited through the positive pole by making contacts opposite to each other - from side to side or from the front to the back or diagonally - anywhere on the head, depending upon the reflex that is to be reached and relieved.

These bipolar contacts are very effective - from the feet, up or from the head, down - as they link both sides or anterior and posterior reflexes depending upon the type of contact, as illustrated in the charts.

All deep currents cross over in every field, as shown in chart No. 1 in this book and charts 1 and 2 in book II, and wherever the Caduceus currents are illustrated in these books. When the need for deep effects of polarization is indicated, these particular currents are treated by a contact on one side and one on the other side, or anterior and posterior, as the case may be - in the same region or above it, and below it. The “X” in each circle shown in figure 2 of chart No. 6 in this book illustrates this idea. A cross-over contact in local areas is very effective. And to polarize that area with an inferiorly or superiorly located area also gives good results.

There is an unlimited variety of POLARITY contacts, depending on the current of energy and the particular area to be polarized. In fact, most bipolar contacts commonly used in manipulative therapy owe their success - not to the manipulation itself, but to the POLARITY reflex stimulation which is produced by the contacts which the operator uses for manipulative purposes only!

CRANIOPATHY, applied on adults, owes its fine results to specific polarity reflexes on the head alone. Adult cranial bones are quite firmly interlaced by their sutures. However, the brain expands and contracts in rhythmic movements, especially in the daytime and under stress. Then the sutures act like hinges. Even the lightest contacts give good results in the energy fields here.

THE SORE SPOTS found on the bones of the head or anywhere are due to depolarized energies, acting as stagnant blocks in the vital field beneath the bone. All body areas and functions are represented in the brain. Sore spots indicate these reflexes when they are found on the skull. This has been illustrated in various charts in these courses.

Impulses act through the bones. Bony positions depend upon the tension in the energy field with its structural energy currents. The bones themselves are given too much importance in such a vital field. Bones are not causes, but are effects in the body economy. Trying to position them by external force, without changing the Polarity action in that field, would not be successful nor do any bones stay in position when so adjusted.

Children have softer cranial bones. A molding of the whole head is very beneficial in its re-polarizing effect on the entire body. Much can be done here with regard to the double process of physical molding and polarity balance.

chart 1: psycho-physiological key

[See Book 3, Chart 1]

In the writings of Aristotle and in the Hindu texts of the Charaka [Caraka] and the Susruta [Sushruta], the heart was considered the central organ and the seat of consciousness. This was based upon the fact that the heart center with its twelve petals or branches of psychosomatic importance in connection with the two sympathetic chains and their ganglions was found to be the center of egoistic sentiments of affection and attachment, of fear, hate, doubt, remorse, pride and conceit.

But in the Tantric writings (as in Galen[1]) the seat of consciousness is placed in the brain or rather in the cerebrospinal system. The soul which is the primal center of consciousness in the body, has its special seat above the foramen of Monro [interventricular foramen] and the middle commissure [interthalamic adhesion, massa intermedia, gray commissure], but traverses the whole cerebrospinal axis - up and down - along the central canal of the spinal cord called the Shushumna [Sushumna].

In this chart the Shushumna [Sushumna] is illustrated by the heavy line in the very center of the upright spinal column and cord. It terminates as a microfilm of potential energy in the seed power mechanism in man. All living things which bear seed after their kind have this power of perpetuating themselves. With few exceptions, vegetation usually bears its fruit and seed upward.

The central line in this chart brings out the thought of the emanation or projection of energy from above downward and outward. Hence, we have the old Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”[2] In modern language, the good author James Allen[3] said, “As a man thinketh so is he.” This, in brief, illustrates Nature's arrangement of the flow of finer forces. The end of the involutionary cycle is wrapped up in the seed power as “the foundation of the deep” from where it can start other cycles of manifestation.

In this symbolism is wrapped up the mystery of how the one energy can become many beings and lives. The one in the many and the many in the one are wrapped up in the manifestation of the seed power as One in All – the secret of the heights in the depths of being, and the deep reflecting itself in the heights.

The deep calls unto the deep in this mysterious power of creativeness in all things. The descending energy is a vibratory Sound Current in its positive primal action. The reflecting energy is a radiant Light Current in all things. In this manner “The Light from above shineth into the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”[4]

The deepest psycho-physiology is explained in the Bible, but mankind has not understood. Modern science finds its depth in the details of matter, like the atom; only these end findings of matter are never assembled into a complete whole again. Man's mind and thinking process is caught in the circumference of the manifestation of endless varieties of particles. The comprehension of a return current, back to its Source, is lacking.

Although man knows that the sensory currents all flow back to the center from where the energy emanated, he does not follow that path in the over-all picture of Life in the individual or in the cosmos. He is still caught in the motor-current cycle of the centrifugal force. The grand middle path of the neutral energy core as a unifying principle and the way back home to the Source, has eluded the mind of man. The Light shines but it is not reflected upwards; only matter seems to have the light of interest and attraction for man. The vibratory activity of the Song of Life is in the heart and center of all things but it is not heard by mortal man. Even Job said, “And the Pleiades sang together.”[5] In the great and in the small, “Life is a song”. Man would be so much happier and feel at peace if he would trust this Omnipresent Life Energy and not be utterly caught and bound up in external details of self and selfishness of the material existence.

The sign of the Caduceus - the central staff with the wings attached to the brain - gives a clear idea of the findings of old as the keynote of the psychosomatic constitution of man. It was the insignia of the physicians of old in many countries – in India, in Egypt and in the Middle East – and is also used today, but its deeper meaning has been lost. It called attention to the most ancient findings of early civilizations, which findings were left to posterity in the form of pure symbolism and geometric designs. And the astonishing thing is that we are beginning to find out similar facts in the researches with the atomic viewpoint of energy fields and whirls, with Polarity potentials and relationship of parts, instead of merely material ideas of solids and connection by material wires and conveyors or tubes. Primary energy is wireless. Ancient anatomy and physiology was based on these whirling fields of energy in matter and they were known as 'Chakras'. The wings attached to the Caduceus and the cerebrospinal nervous system gave the impression that the psyche or the soul and mind force was literally sustaining this system in the air by the large wings of the fabulous bird, the Roc. Such stories always had hints of real significance when the key to their application to the body or to life was understood.

What does it mean to us now, literally applied in terms of psychological value? This hidden symbol tells us of the true nature of the soul and its forces. Man is not a worm of the earth, held down by gravity and controlled by it, if he can but learn to spread the wings of his soul and raise his consciousness in the body by his higher mind and soul force and live thereby as a daily Reality, not as a mere belief or a theory.

The Totem pole of our early American Indians [Native Americans] contains the same symbolism and mystery. The large wings of the thunderbird (like the Roc) on top of the pole signify the over-spreading energy of soul and mind power. The soul itself is symbolized in the cerebrum, the top of the brain where the spiritual faculties reside. The symbols in between are similar to the Chakras of the Tantric system of old, as found in India. In fact, Dr. James Churchward[1], the noted archeologist, found his first traces of this symbolism in a temple in India, located in a valley where a branch of the Brahmaputra River has its origin. He traced the symbols to the Easter Island and then all the way up to Alaska. The understanding of such universal factors will open the mind of man to universal concepts of principles. Then man will discover his own potentiality of the inner powers of his being and will not remain bound by mere material observations and possessions held in the grip of gravity here.

The double chain of ganglions of the sympathetic nervous system – one on each side of the spinal column – is mostly a sensory and structural mechanism, as it and the medulla oblongata govern the autonomic function and the repair of the tissues and organs.

This is illustrated by the two serpents on the staff of the Caduceus. It is a dual force of positive and negative life breaths which are conveyed to all the tissues of the body. There is a crossover in each oval cavity of which there are five in the human body, according to the five-fold energy fields in Nature, which are built into the constitution of man as receiving sets or fields for the operation of the five forces or broadcasting wave lengths in Nature. By their crossing over in each field, a neutral center of function is established therein. These centers connect by ramification of nerve fibers with the cerebrospinal system.

It will be noted that in this cross-over of currents, the polarity changes through each field of action - BUT THE LEFT HALF OF THE BODY REMAINS NEGATIVE AND THE RIGHT HALF POSITIVE IN SPITE OF THE CENTRAL POLARIZATION. See chart No. 1, figure 5, book II. This life breath augments and stimulates all function and sustains it. By crossing over, it is stepped down, used, and it multiplies its action in various functions and details of supporting the tissues in their pattern of activity. In this chart and in No. 2 of book II, the principal functions of each oval cavity are clearly enumerated according to their physiological expression.

The upright staff of the Caduceus represents the fine energies of the Tree of Life, which becomes the spinal cord and column. After these finer currents of wireless energy have established nerves, arteries, veins and connections for themselves, it is hard to imagine that anyone would think that they then would cease to exist or to operate. The fact that after a radio broadcasting station is built it not only continues to exist, but operates by wires and by wireless currents, is generally accepted. It is even so in the human constitution which is an intricate receiving set for the cosmic forces which sustain man. The finer mechanism of it is wireless and is also conducted by wires and conveyors for the specialized stepped-down function of organs. It is dual in action – receiving and broadcasting – in its own fields.

Even as we need a radio set to condense and reproduce the patterns of energy broadcasted as sound or light waves, so does man have both mechanisms and a screen in the various sensitive tissues of the body. This is a startling new idea when applied to man's anatomy and physiology. But upon deeper reflection, we know that man could never have built the radio or any other invention, if the principle did not already exist and operate in man himself and in the cosmos. Man merely tunes in and copies the Universal Pattern and ideas and adapts them for his own use.

The five oval lines of force which enclose this grand symbol of Life and Breath are the five specialized sense organ waves of electromagnetism which flow over the human body in opposite directions on each half of it; on the right side, down in front and up in the back; on left side, up in front and down in the back. See charts No's. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 in book II. The sign of Pisces (two fishes) swimming in opposite directions, also gives a hint of the flow of this psychological force. These are direct currents for the five senses and they do not cross over, otherwise there would be a confusion of the five special senses.

Both, man and animal, depend on a clear sense perception for their safety and mental integrity. One of the senses usually predominates in beings other than man. Birds, like the eagle and the hawk, soar at great heights but keep their keen vision on the ground. Other animals depend upon the sense of smell or hearing for their major sense of informing them of danger, of food supply, etc.

These electromagnetic waves pass over the body, extending approximately one-half inch over the surface of it. They are of a magnetic sensory attracting nature and convey definite sensory impulses from within outward and from without inward. They flow over the five fingers as their neutral pole of expression, and over the five toes as their negative pole of motion. These are the living wireless waves of energy by which zone therapy produces its phenominal [phenomenal] results. It is too bad that only five arbitrary lines on each half of the body were considered in applying that therapy, as the success could have been much greater if the foundation currents and their Polarity function had been known.

In my text books No. I and II, these principles are fully illustrated in hand drawn charts. The principles are based upon an integrative system of structural and functional relationship of currents. The instructions for determining the direction of travel of these waves is also clearly demonstrated in charts No's. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II.

This symbolic key chart of Polarity Principles brings to our attention the grand, over-all picture of the relationship of man to this universe, and a clear structural relationship of parts to each other. It is all based on the laws of the Trinity Principle in operation. Man's construction and function is similar to that of the atom and the universe. He is between these two poles. Man can express the heights of the Infinitely Great and the depth of the infinitely small atoms which are the constituents of his being.

The soul is the essence of being and life in the body, and functions through the brain and the center of the spinal cord, to the end of the coccyx, as dual neutral energy. The arms and legs are levers of polarized expression for skill and motion.

The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibers as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.

Through this neutral essence, mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence. That is why it is the ruler of this fine energy in the fields of function. Mind energy is a reality, as much as and even more potent than atomic energy. A mental block is often a very serious matter. Who can restore the mind function or balance?

The soul acts through mind substance, energizing the polarized fields of the brain for specific function and motion. The sensory fields are in the front and on the top portion of the brain. The motor fields are in the back and the bottom portion of the brain. Waking consciousness resides in the anterior part of the brain, at a point between the two eyes and immediately above the bridge of the nose. In sleep, this essence descends to the lower centers. This describes a living physiology of energy function.

In this chart the life principle of the soul is expressed by its two wings as ultrasonic energy or positive action, and as radiant light waves or negative energy of perception and conception of ideas and impulses. This is the principle of sight and memory as stored impressions, like a photographic process. Physical functions are stepped-down currents from the primary energy, through conveyors (such as nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics) for specific action.

Obstacles are God's design To make a man with a spine.

chart 2: opposites polarized. diagram of the pattern of life force and the tissue cell

[See Book 3, Chart 2]

This chart is really an extension of chart No. 1 and of the ideas and principles illustrated therein. The centrifugal and centripetal currents as opposites are the central theme of balancing all equations and controversies in therapies. By the skill of the hand and understanding, both can be used to good advantage.

Chart No. 2 gives a diagramatic [diagrammatic] picture of the life current arising from the triune heart center, going up to the head - the directing center or governor of action - and flowing down in an inward sweep of the attraction toward the center from the outside. The generative system is the creative and procreative center of the microfilm of all energies of the body in their finer pattern form or essence in the latent seed power.

This brief outline gives the design the shape of the heart because it is the life circuit. It also represents the individual cell in general, as the smallest particle of living tissue, acting as a life unit.

Of centers, three are given here as the most vital: The head, the heart and the generative system. These are often symbolized by the story of the three wise men of old, looking for the King as the newborn life essence in the blood stream.[1] After all, life is closer to us and more real than history; and life's process is vital to us for our understanding and well-being.

To balance all opposites and controversies would be a great boon to mankind. A deeper viewpoint through better understanding of life would lead to a growth of intelligence and a larger vision. The polarity of forces in their outward electric energy potential and in their inward magnetic potential of attraction explain the diametric opposites of the principles and the practice of Allopathic medicine and Homeopathic application of essences in their minutest quantities of a drug or herb.

According to the Allopathic principle a quantity and force opposes and neutralizes a similar quantity or force in volume. “Contraria contrariis curantur.” “Opposites are cured by opposites.” While the Homeopathic principle of “Similia similibus curantur” asserts that likes are cured by similars. But here the essence or the center of the thing is stressed in its inward, penetrating or centripetal current instead of volume or quantity. It is more etheric in vibration and its penetrating magnetic effect through the neutral fields of the body. This therapeutic principle works on the inward arc of the currents, while Allopathy acts upon the outer current of the centrifugal energy field. In the Ayurvedic medicine of India, metals had to be burned or overcome in their gross nature by the juices of certain plants and by fire before they could be employed as remedies which the body could absorb.[2] Metals were not used in their crude form in Ayurvedic practice. This carne about later, during the middle ages in Europe.

The blood is the conveyor for the life current. This finer essence is made up of three primal principles of matter in its manifestation:

1 - The AIRY essence is the breath of life which flows in the conveyor of oxygen in the air and in the blood stream. Nothing can live without air, but the chemistry alone does not comprehend nor rule this essence which merely flows in it and through it. This is the Mercurial (mind) Essence spoken of by the alchemists like Paracelsus.[3] It is the neutral pole of all living beings and things, as the geometric lines of force of patterns and ideas. It sustains all life by its universal current of the same essence. Man cannot give it nor manufacture this essence.

Only the conveyor or the more solid form of the gas can be stored or extracted from the air or other substances by a chemical process. In itself it is like an airy nothing which rules the world. It is the mental energy which shapes the pattern of things to come.

2 - The WARMTH of the blood is part of the FIERY nature of the universal heat principle and essence of the sun. Sulphur expresses the essence of fire in alchemical terms. It flows in the media of the red cells of the blood stream. Mars and iron, in their latent forces, are the attraction and ingredients as conductors of warmth and life energy.

3 - SALT represents the third essence as a combination of liquids and semi-solids. The fluidic portion of the blood is the serum, and the white cells act as the conveyor of the watery essences in the universe and in man. Other fluids of the body also come under this classification. Lymph and mucous secretions anywhere, as well as internal secretions in the body, are included here.

The physical materials are only the conveyors of the energies which created them and support them throughout life. The energies do not desert their creation. If they did, the creation could not survive in manifested forms. The Homeopathic principles constantly refer to this vital essence as the real actor and factor which must be impressed by remedies of a fine enough nature to be attracted and digested by the essence in order to benefit the body.

The same vital principle is the real foundation of a scientific POLARITY THERAPY based upon the electromagnetic forces in man and their polarization through its fields as body areas. This deals with individual energies beyond the principle of gravity and the mechanical equations as therapy. Essences are the life principle whereas mechanics deal with the relationship of fields to the gravity of the earth.

The pulse beat depends upon the afore-mentioned three essences in the blood for its vibratory rhythm and quality. In times of old, the entire value of taking the pulse was to find out which currents were in excess and which were lacking and thus balance these three forces by the Ayurvedic principles employed.

The excess of the AIRY force in the blood makes a fast and zig-zag or crooked pattern of the pulse beat. It resembles the movement of a snake.

When the heat element of FIRE is in excess in the pulse, it is restless and jerky or jumpy like a frog pattern.

When the WATER of salt element predominates in the circulation, the pulse is slow, weak, restricted and soft.

The ancients speak of some six hundred varieties and combinations of pulse beats observed by them. By giving the opposite foods and herbal remedies, balance was re-established in the life currents and essences and the weakness was strengthened by supplying its need.

In the manipulative field POLARITY THERAPY is applied through the use of the electromagnetic currents of the wireless anatomy and physiology. The fields of the patient's own body are used with their centers of energy to polarize the excess current flow and stimulate the latent one. By removing the energy blocks in this way, the current is freed of excess accumulation locally and is balanced naturally. The excess may also be freed or moved by impulse directed with the current flow for a soothing effect and overcoming of local blocks in the circulation.

The negative poles in the body are the most frequently obstructed areas. These are to be looked for first, and released. Then the positive pole is activated and freed to send currents over the wireless circuit which has been mended by removing the breaks and obstructions.

Energy flows like water and has been likened to it in most ancient writings and in our Bible. The seas spoken of in sacred scriptures are the essence fields in space of finer vibratory activity where organization and polarization goes on constantly, out of the sum total of energy which lies at the feet of the throne of the Lord, as chaos or darkness. Organization, by geometric lines of force directed from the center of intelligence above, creates sound vibrations of an exalted variety which express themselves as polarized light waves of that sphere. Sound is positive creation: “The Lord spoke, 'Let there be light!'”[1] Light is the negative sphere of created essence or the reflection in which everything appears. It is a heavenly photography which produces the cinema of creation in a finer and grosser media of density as matter.

The dual currents in Nature were always expressed by the serpentine force of the airy energy waves, crossing and re-crossing its fields, and vitalizing and multiplying its particles. Air is life, and the finer essence in it is the life spirit in the air, the 'Ruach' of the Cabala [Kabbalah, Kabala]. This dual serpentine force was the sign of the physician of old as the staff of Hermes, the god of Wisdom and the Caduceus as his symbol. POLARITY THERAPY uses both currents, the centrifugal and the centripetal, in each field, as positive and negative applications (see chart No. 1 in book II): also the direct waves of sensory perception as illustrated in charts No. 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II.

Man, being a composite being, can direct forces of the universe within himself. That is his universe or world to conquer. Nothing else in life is as important to man as discovering and controlling the life forces in himself through inspiration and a higher vision, by which he may control his own mind, emotions and the senses. Physical well-being depends on these living forces of primary importance much more than on the shell of the gross organism, called the body.

As we think - we are at that time. As we feel, so the whole world seems to feel. The body consumes food, but the spirit in the body lives by faith. Which is the greater force in life? The body acts, but faith can sustain the mind and emotions in any crisis. Faith and attention give power to any remedy taken or used. “Thy faith hath made thee whole”[2] is no idle saying. In life this holds true more than we realize. Man conditions himself constantly and becomes ill thereby because he becomes negative and attracts negative forces and breaths of life from the universe. He blocks his own polarized fields by negative emotions and mental outbursts which upset the chemistry in many of his polarity fields. The balance must be restored if the person wants to be well and happy. As the causes are not merely physical, so the remedies cannot be all just material medicine or food and drink. Here causes and effects must meet in the same vibratiory [vibratory] field to be effective. “Like cures similars”.

The real doctor, using POLARITY PRINCIPLES IN PRACTICE, whether it be in the manipulative field or in medicine, sees all this at a glance and has it in mind when he administers to the patient. His aim is to balance all fields, if possible. The superior - the mind currents and their direction of flow - should be balanced with the emotions, the middle or neutral pole of the highly impressive fields of imagination. Finally, the imbalance of the physical organs, joints and muscles which have stopped their normal action in response to this internal tension and depolarizing effect, can be corrected.

The body suffers as an innocent bystander, not as the causative factor. But it gets all the blame because effects and end products accumulate there as precipitates of highly emotional chemical action. The doctor will find that patients who have no interest in following instructions for health, and go on in their own merry or morbid emotional bends of mind, are hard cases to deal with and seldom respond to any type of therapy. When the mind does not come along with the body, no real polarization is possible by any method: Suppression of symptoms - yes; temporary relief- yes; correction - no!

It is really the life principle within which suffers and is the actual patient; not the physical body which holds the bag for the dumping of these precipitates of emotional excesses. It is also the energy in the body which is being spent for these extravagances of the senses, whether they be pleasures, greed, self-pity or grief. So it has not its normal forces to draw on for function, which is the most vital factor in health and dis-ease [disease]. Truly, the sins of the actor in the body find him out and he suffers for it through the body. “Thy sins are forgiven thee”[1] is an illuminating statement. Diseases are not as much physical as we think nor as it would appear. We see the effects and wish to get rid of them. Causes are hidden factors.

In order to successfully practise [practice] the art of POLARITY THERAPY, the physician must cure the nature of the disease and thus become a real doctor of the active principles operating in man and in Nature. In attending to the grosser fields, the finer essences of Nature must not be neglected. POLARIZATION is based upon the life essence as the real factor which works in the body and through it. This life essence must flow as polarity currents in order to maintain good health.

Life is from within out. External trauma and effects are in the fields of the external nature, of mechanical skill and principles. But the within rules the without. All external happenings are precipitated by unperceived, internal (mental-emotional) causes. All healing comes from within. No matter how skillful the surgery or bony adjustment may be, the real agent that does the healing of any wound or infection or distortion, is within the body of the patient; not in the remedy. POLARITY alone, in its manifold field of applications, can bring this agent into action.

Nature has paths of wireless and conducted currents over which energy flows. Energy must be induced to flow and the way must be prepared for it, by any method of healing that is employed. Success depends upon this culminating effect of energy flow to re-establish the norm. The dual characteristic of the currents implied in POLARITY THERAPY is evident by the very nature of the circuits. The outward force must flow from and return to its center for the completion of sensation and expression as sensory and motor action.

But in the deeper fields of essences conducted by the wireless currents, this is not all. The patient's own negative impulses of feeling and thought, such as fear, hunger, hatred, envy, etc., have their devastating effects upon the polarized circuits, through their superior or positive position in the vibratory scale of energy waves. There are no sensory nerves to conduct these impressions to the heart center as hurts. And they can hardly be removed by anyone except the person himself, who allowed them to lodge there. No external force or application can compel here. Only understanding and love can melt a frigid heart and disposition. The same is true of mental blocks. They are all-powerful in their disorganizing effect because the mind rules the body through the senses, consciously or unconsciously, whether we are aware of it or not.

When the effect has taken place in the body structures, it must be removed as blocks locally and centrally, in the negative fields and the positive expressions as well as in the neutral center. When the POLARITY opposites have been cleared, the middle ground is easily changed because the opposites control function in the fields of expression, whether they be sensory or motor. THAT IS WHY A POLARITY VIEWPOINT IS SO HELPFUL TO DOCTORS IN ANY LINE OF THERAPY.

The outward and inward currents must move in all fields if there is to be health and happiness in that body. Fine currents of application are for the fine fields of sensation. The coarser currents are for the coarser fields of motor expression. The doctor must be a physician of Nature indeed and in truth to cover all phases of energy flow.

As the heart center is the pivot for the circulation of these energies in the blood and through it, it becomes the control center for these energies. A contact with the positive right-hand with the neutral thumb over this center, and a negative contact anywhere in the body, can do much to alleviate pains which are the expression of energy blocks in the circulation. A complete system of POLARITY REFLEX ACTION can be set up and traced by any physician interested in it. It is truly amazing what relief can be obtained by releasing energy currents which have been totally overlooked by material science.

chart 3: comparative diagnostic reflex areas of therapeutic importance

[See Book 3, Chart 3]

The Story the Hands can tell about Polarity Therapy. Superior-Inferior Locations of Body Ovals and their Wireless Circuits found in the Hands as Acute Neutral Reflex Areas and in the Feet as Chronic Negative Symptomatic Reflex Areas.

Chart No. 3 shows a brief outline of the finer wireless energy whirls in the human body, behind the nerve centers, and their action as conductors of energy. Centers are indicated by circles. The head, the heart and the generative system are the principal centers of life.

Below the center between the eyes, the energy fields are purely physical, for physiological function. Diffused consciousness from the cerebrum resides in each center and field. By this and their specific nerve connections with the back portion of the brain, function is accomplished in each department.

In the finer whirl of these centers, in addition to functioning as conveyors of the nerve currents, lies the essence of the electro-magnetic field, where specific vibratory wave lengths rule without conductors. This finer phase of energy is very necessary to tune the sensitive energy fields of the body into Nature's reservoir for their maintenance. This principle is as essential to action as the wireless broadcasting wave is to radio or television performance over the stepped-down condensers of radio or television boxes which are symbols of the body.

Man and his centers are expressed in motion and skill through the hands, the feet and joints. Polarity reflex contacts can be made on this circuit to influence the body centers, through the neutral pole of the hands and through the negative poles of the toes and the soles of the feet. The current flows naturally through the hands in the expression of skill and sensation of touch, as the neutral pole which expresses the mind and brain energy. These currents all flow back to the center and can thus be used as conveyors of impulses through manipulation and contacts in each field, to affect the vital center involved and thereby balance its action. IT IS A DRUGLESS APPROACH TO THE PRINCIPLE THAT LIKE CURES LIKE IN ITS CENTRIPETAL FLOW.

The feet and the toes are the extremities of the negative pole in the current flow where most of the blocks are formed by precipitation. Releasing the blocks usually present at the junction of the positive, outgoing motor and the negative, inflowing sensory return currents is therefore a very important factor in POLARITY THERAPY BALANCING of these two forces. Precipitation occurs most often here because of the great distance from its invigorating center.

Conscious control of these centers through the finer fields is possible by much and long practice, which has been demonstrated by the Hindu Yogis. But this is not recommended as it is not really to the advantage of the souls in this age nor is it advisable to take over the subconscious functions consciously, in our busy everyday life.

ALL CENTERS BELOW THE EYES are for the physical well-being only when properly used. THEY HAVE NO SPIRITUAL VALUE. By developing them one may attain psychic power, but no soul lift to the higher realms. It is therefore a waste of time to try to develop them or to make use of them for any purpose other than normal physical health.

This deeper understanding of the wireless function behind the conducted energy fields is very important in order to balance them when upsets or obstructions are present, and thus gain release from interference of energy flow. It is real physiological psychiatry to know the currents and step-down mechanisms of the mind through brain function. The understanding of these currents is the real basis for a deeper therapy than the merely physical or chemical applications.

Life operates by finer forces primarily - like the atom - in man and in Nature. We come closer to causes by the comprehension of the vital principle which animates man. Therapeutic selection and application becomes much easier and less puzzling. To illustrate this point, the hand is used to connect these deeper centers with the surface, in their natural relationship of expression and reflexes. In manipulative therapy, the hands fit naturally on any part of the body when the contact is correct.

The hands are the neutral poles of the human body. That is why they are so pliable, dexterous, demonstrable for art and expressive for the mind to use in all functions of mental and emotional expression as skill in drawing, sculpture, etc., in manipulation and as mechanical ability to build things. Their relationship to the main centers of the entire body is clearly illustrated in the chart. The thumbs reflexly [reflexively] express the head, in a horizontal representation; the right thumb reacts to the right half of the head and the left one to the left half of the head. Any reflex pain or distortion of energy waves here has a head reflex, and can be treated by contacts to both the head and the thumb - the positive and neutral poles - as a polarity factor for balancing currents.

FINGER NAILS AND TOE NAILS: The finger nails become important factors as reliable indicators of acute conditions while in chronic conditions the evidence can be observed in the toe nails which are in the negative pole of the feet. Deep ridges or bulgings [bulges] in the thumb nail often indicate a dormant ear condition coming into active expression on that particular side, depending on whether it is the right or the left thumb. This is especially so if the nail of the big toe on that side has been split for some time. The toes are the negative poles of these indicators and signs may be present for a long time there before the finger nails show evidence of trouble. When that happens, the condition is becoming active, from a dormant state. A split finger nail indicates a serious acute condition in the area of the body represented by that particular finger.

Dryness, brittleness, split nails, nails receding from the flesh - all have a definite meaning and are of real diagnostic value when they can be positively linked to one particular body area and function. The condition can thus be located and something done about it. This simple method is specific and does not reveal too much to do at once and so does not confuse the issue, which is generally the case in diagnosis through the iris of the eye[1], the positive pole of polarity reflexes.

The bones and the joints of the fingers and toes often give a hint in diagnosis, where everything else is obscure and indefinite and the patient merely exists and suffers. This is Nature's own finger of diagnosis and indication, and not mere theory. It reveals the disrupted relationship of the extremities on the surface with the centers of energy within, in the particular region specified by the finger or the toe. IT IS THE REAL ALCHEMICAL ASTROLOGY OF ENERGIES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP OF SOURCE, AND THE CAPACITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL TO DRAW ON THEM FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF LIFE. NAMES OF THE PLANETS ARE USED AS CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CURRENTS BETWEEN THE STOREHOUSE AND THE INDIVIDUAL. Blockage of this circuit is the precise nature of the disease in the vital economy of man's essence and the essence of the universe in which he exists, like a child in the mother's womb. It has been truly said “Closer is he (essence of life) than breathing; nearer than hands and feet.[2]

By study and observation any doctor can verify the same and make his work interesting, more natural and successful through finding and correcting causes of energy blocks. DIAGNOSIS IS A REAL FACTOR IN EVERY TYPE OF THERAPY. Many a time the good doctor could do much more for the patient if he knew where the real trouble was and had the key to its POLARITY application for release of energy blocks or pain. The key and specific directions for application of POLARITY THERAPY are contained in books I, II, III and IV, as well as in the supplement to book II.

The two thumbs and the two large toes are respective zone areas of the head, in their general horizontal position, placed on the body as shown in this chart and as may be compared with chart No. 2 in book II. The space between the thumb and the first finger is a link area, like the neck and reflexes to it. It is a vital neutral space of the 'Pranic' life force in the neck and it links the thumb base with the Mount of Venus [1] and the person's own individual vital force. This has a definite reflex representation to the neck and the brachial plexus which is the respiratory center.

This is valuable information in treating heart attacks, even in spastic angina pectoris, because respiration governs the heart function. Do not forget the big toe on the left foot and the space below the big toe joint on the top side of the foot and inside of the leader between that and the second toe, for its contributing reflexes, as illustrated in the chart. Very often it is here that the real block is centered because of old neglects of symptoms and a lack of clear information on the sequences of true polarity functions.

Freeing the diaphragm by contact under the floating ribs on both sides and under the sternum is very important to release the blocks in the three functions associated with the blood stream; namely, respiration, digestion, and the watery lymph function of the liver.

NO ONE POLE RULES ALONE. When this is realized by the good doctor and the patient, they will not feel the let-down that the application of zone therapy alone gives when treatment of one pole by itself refuses to give the desired results. The operator's right hand should be on the most negative pole - the toes; the left hand on the neutral pole, in the middle or, on the neck or head if the aroused current is strong enough to carry through that far. If it is not, merely go a little above the lower contact, establish a current between the two hands by kneading and pressure, then proceed in this manner up to the neutral center pole, thence to the positive pole above that.

CENTRIPETAL APPLICATION OF POLARITY THERAPY is for all subnormal or negative conditions which need stimulation for the return energy currents, such as infantile paralysis, flaccidity, lack of tone or strength, etc., where much stimulation is indicated regardless what type of therapy is used. In this instance heat may also be used to keep alive the dying tissue and for drawing the energy to it.

CENTRIFUGAL APPLICATION OF POLARITY THERAPY, from the head down and from within outward, is indicated in all acute and painful diseases where the outgoing currents have run into blocks and obstacles, and this back-pressure registers as pain and acute aggravation. The aim here is to remove the current blocks by increasing the flow from above downward and from within outward, with the life currents. This not only soothes but overcomes obstacles by POLARIZING THE CURRENTS IN THE BODY from station to station, by re-inforced [re-enforced] physical, mental or emotional stimulation and by the application of heat for expansion and relaxation. Rheumatic conditions, lumbago, neuralgia, etc., come under this category.

TREATMENT: The position of the hands in the application of the CENTRIFUGAL POLARITY

TREATMENT: The positive hand or finger of the operator is on the superior region which is the positive pole, to strengthen the current impulse by the indicated manner of stimulation in order to speed the current on from its accumulated, back-pressure location. The negative hand or finger is placed on any of the inferiorly located regions, negative to the superior or positive pole, to draw the current from the positive contact. Then the left hand descends further down to the neutral pole and finally down to the negative pole, to complete the circuit. The right hand may also descend, to lessen the distance after the current goes through the superior poles treated. The application of the hands is in a positive manner, a firm grip or pressure type manipulation of physical energy expenditure rather than a mere magnetic contact. Like poles repel and like applications repel. A positive action in the contact stimulates flow through its repelling force. The object is that the currents in the patient's body should be aroused to complete their own circuits. A good manipulation of Polarity Centers is sometimes painful and far removed from the languid relaxation associated with magnetic treatments.

ALL ACUTE AND PAINFUL CONDITIONS are treated with the current flow, usually from above downward. ALL CHRONIC AND SUBNORMAL CONDITIONS are treated beginning at the extremities, in an upward and inward direction, to augment the weakened return currents. That is where a heat lamp, shone on the bare feet of the patient while getting a treatment, is a great help and stimulates the current flow at the lowest point where the greatest resistance exists, especially when the feet are cold. It aids any therapeutic application EXCEPT in acute conditions with a fever, because infra red [infrared] or any heat lamp applied to the feet will raise the temperature by augmenting or stimulating the ingoing current.

The index finger of the left hand and the second toe of the left foot deal with the heart center and the bulk of the 'Pranic' life force in circulation. The position of this particular finger and toe, especially the condition of the first joint of each and the nail are of diagnostic interest. Sometimes the finger is turned or crooked. This indicates strain except when due to injury. Let each doctor observe and study his case with reference to the finger nails and joints of the region to which the case history points. If it is too involved, use chart No. 4 in book II for regional POLARITY findings and correlations. Dis-eases [Diseases] usually manifest themselves in three - superior, middle and inferior - areas at once; but the manifestation is greatest in the blocked area. This must be located and balanced.

The middle finger represents the digestive region as a whole. It is the Saturn finger which devours its children. Life lives on life in order to survive! The liver is well represented in the right middle finger as the Saturn or melancholy influence and disposition. The first joint, and the arthritis in it, tells the whole story of a liver disturbance. A sluggish liver has not enough of the fire of life (Mars or Vulcan) to digest and consume its food particles and change them into active bile fluid for function of the bowels. The bitter principle in food acts as a stimulus to the latent fiery nature which is too sluggish in its function. POLARITY THERAPY may be employed here with great benefit to the patient. Watch the finger nail for abnormalities and note the degree of inactivity here in such cases. The first joint of the middle finger of the right hand represents the liver, and the first joint of the middle finger of the left hand reacts to the stomach.

You can easily check the local circulation in any corresponding area through the circulation under the representative finger nail. Merely squeeze the sides of the tip of the finger and see the red circulation under the nail. Then watch the after-glow or retained circulation. Compare this with other finger nails and see what the condition reveals. The doctor's work can be most interesting and helpful by close observation of Nature and its function in man in health and in dis-ease [disease].

The third or ring finger reveals the Sun energy influence on the individual vital force, in the generative organs. The ring is the symbol of marriage and union of this force in the male and female aspect, as positive and negative polarity joined into one, necessary for reproduction of offspring. The condition of this nail and finger can reveal much of the state of health of the pelvic organs. Also, the lines of the bracelets immediately below the hand indicate pelvic reflexes, whether strong, weak or broken. This is a valuable indicator in women patients as it reveals whether or not there is capacity to bear children without difficulty. Weak and broken lines in the bracelets indicate obstacles and difficulty in this respect. Ridges or split nails on the ring finger indicate bladder or uterine trouble in the female, also prostate trouble in the male.

The little finger is the Mercury finger and is the messenger of the forces from above. It represents the rectal center and tells its story of energy flow through proper elimination, condition and function.

POLARITY CONTACTS on any finger or toe, and over the local area it represents, will elicit definite response by improved function through polarizing the circuit of energy flow.

HORIZONTAL LINES OF POLARITY flow from east to west and return from west to east again; from the front of the body to the back - as sensory impulses - and from the back of the body to the front - as motor impulses. The function of these currents is mostly automatic or unconscious and is for body maintenance.

VERTICAL LINES OF POLARITY flow from the north pole of the head to the south pole of the feet and return to the head again. Please refer to charts No. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II. These are mostly special sense functions for daily action.

When exhaustion takes place through too much strain or outside tension, then the intersecting lines block each other and the energy fields and currents are in trouble. FOR GOOD RESULTS, these fields must be relieved of the obstructions and correlated through POLARITY PRINCIPLES which may be applied in any or all types of therapy. This, in brief, is the story the hands can tell of POLARITY AND ITS VITAL FORCES OF ACTION.

The blood contains three active vital currents which animate it and produce the circulation which makes it the life-giving fluid to every cell in the body. These three fluidic currents of energy respond to and are the messengers of the three vital centers in the body. The head, with the brain and nervous system, gives the AIRY energy its basic field of operation. It is the airy mind principle and intelligence of the soul which circulates in the blood stream as a pattern energy, like the sensory pattern in the finger tips. It is the 'Word' of life as the ultrasonic sound principle, breathed into man at the time of Creation. This makes him a living human being, the mortal house of a soul.

This energy current is also charted in the palm of the hand of man[1] as the head line, a further pattern indicator of the mind energies in addition to the finger print patterns, and they are different in every person. The head line is the second line in the palms of the hands. The clearness, the depth of this line, its course and the length of it give a fair indication and microfilm of the conscious mind currents operating in that person. Ovals or cross lines are energy block indicators which limit the expression of the energy action, or cut across the field and sever the line, causing interruption of flow, and denote crises in the life and fate pattern of the individual. Squares also have their meaning of balancing or protecting effects.

Science accepts the cardiograph, encephalograph, finger prints, etc. Why not give life credit also for its own method of recording its various graphs in the space of the palms of the hands? Is life itself less important than the machines which man has created to measure such things? Or have we insufficient facts to enable us to interpret life's own recordings intelligently? Has this art been lost and misused by chiromancy or palmistry? Truth shines forth in reflections, and even misuse, words and systems cannot cover it utterly.

The warmth of the sunlight is the FIERY principle [Yang1] of energy in the blood stream which warms every cell of the body. Sunlight and warmth are radiating light waves which give feeling to the emotions, to desires and also impetus to action. Love, temper and temperament are its keynote. These were expressed as Venus and Mars in the cosmogony of old which dealt with the psychological energy in the cosmos and in man. The erythrocytes or red blood cells with their iron and oxygen contents tell the vital story of life's pattern of hopes and ambitions in every person. This is the heart line and is charted across the palm of the hand. It is the first line, immediately under the mounds of the fingers where they join the hand. The heart line expresses the pattern of the heart as a charted course to see and to study the life currents. No mirror is as accurate as these chartings of life on the neutral pole of the hand of each person. Animals do not have these recordings.[2] It is a superior type of handwriting on the wall of space in each one's hand, to enable that person to see and understand Life. The Patriarch Jacob used it when he described the characters and qualities of his twelve sons.

Again, this line has its value in depth, length, curves and interferences as happenings in Life. I am merely calling attention to energies of life and their own recordings in the body if we are interested enough to observe them and learn to understand ourselves. We often look into the mirror to see how our clothes fit, or how the complexion is, but what about our inner complexion of Life and how does it sit in our hands and on our brow? Is this important? Or is man merely a clothes rack for display? We can fool others but not ourselves. Bitter are the tears of a neglected life. We pray for more life, then pass it by in all its phases and simple splendor. Life knows us, but we do not know it. It is possible to understand Life and know it if we give it the same attention and energy of application as we do our pleasures and non-essentials. Then we need not cry that Life has passed us by.

The vital energy in the generative system is also represented in the blood stream as the fluidic WATERY principle [Yin1] of the moon, to balance and cool the fiery energy fields in space and in man. In its more material aspect it is the chemistry principle of all fluids of the body as well as the blood stream. The serum, the white cells, the fibrin, the albumin, the internal secretions and the skin and mucous membranes all belong under the vital energy of the waters of life itself. In the cosmos it is also the mother principle of forms and structures as bodies for many types of souls on this earth. This is a combination or balancing effect between the air and fire energies. The result is a stepped-down fluidic media of circulation where all three energies are represented and sustain a further stepped-down crystallization of more solid materials, as the body structures. Such is the story of Life and its relation to form and action, readily revealed to us if we but place our attention on Life as the star actor and main pole of our existence.

The line of life is the third main line in the plam [palm] of the hand of man. It has its origin with the head line and swings around the base of the thumb in a majestic arc at the foundation of the Mount of Venus. It usually unites the fate and health lines unto itself near its apex. It proceeds from the airy head principle and measures the degrees of life, like a thermometer in our hand and we see it not, but go our way until the Monitor calls a halt to our heedless or reckless adventure which we call life.

We admire intellect, but we have not the time, the interest nor the understanding to see its gentle sprouts in our own hands. This degree of intelligence, bestowed in our hand by the Giver of life is far more valuable to us actually than the diplomas on the wall. What the Giver of life bestows is a reality and must be earned. It crowns every one of our efforts and struggles as we ourselves write them in perspiration and in blood on the pages of life and, when the emotions are involved, also in tears and frustration. By struggle through resistance, we write living pages in the book of our own life.

It is my endeavor to interpret the handwritings on the walls of tissues in our lives into actual values and lessons of application which may help anyone who uses them in an intelligent effort, the same as is put forth in the learning of a trade or a profession.

Summary of Charts 1, 2 and 3

The heart center with all the radiating life energy is like a fountain which supplies the body with the water of life, the fire of warmth and the breath of life to sustain, rebuild and nourish all parts.

This is also the center of feeling and deep emotion. Respiration is closely connected with the emotional impulses and the heart beats. The diaphragm is the respiratory muscle which separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. The right and left phrenic nerves supply this muscle. Contacts under the floating ribs, immediately below the diaphragm, similar to that shown in figure 5 of chart No.8, have a powerful and highly beneficial effect on this whole vital function. A contact made with the little finger close to the ribs may even give a splenic energy block release for throat trouble and in fevers, via the etheric energy of polarity reflex as well as the phrenic nerve. The reflex is often felt in the throat and relieves the dryness there as well as the accompanying symptoms of watery eyes and nose. In heart trouble and respiratory blocks and also for release of indigestion and liver function, the seat of the trouble can be found and released by the application of POLARITY THERAPY at this and its corresponding centers.

The negative pole of the heart's sensory center is located in the perineal floor. These muscles synchronize with the diaphragm in the function of respiration. Contacts here are valuable in pelvic conditions and emotional frustrations, also in pregnancy. The PERINEAL TECHNIQUE is completely covered in books I[1] and II[2].

The centers in the brain and their energy blocks which register as sore spots on the skull can also be polarized and released by Polarity contacts with this neutral radiating heart center. The occiput forms the positive pole of a broad triangular space which covers the motor area and centers of involuntary function above, co-ordinated with the sacrum and structural correction are important here. These are given in this book and book IV, entitled “The Mysterious Sacrum”.

chart 4: geometric anterior and lateral polarity reflexes as potent superior and inferior contact points

[See Book 3, Chart 4]

In this chart areas of opposite polarity in the body are presented in circular diagrams as a geometric relationship and balance of body parts in action and reaction. It is another approach toward simplification for the purpose of easily memorizing these relationships in the body.

CIRCLE No. 1 extends from the sides and the top of the head to the sides and the bottom of the feet. These are geometric opposites, like the two ends of a stick. As one end is moved, the other must go in the opposite direction in proportion to the length of its leverage and movement of energy stress. Even though there is no direct nerve connection nor is the rigidity present as in a stick, the geometric force moves just the same through wireless waves and produces corresponding polarity reflexes. Many drawings illustrating this principle may be found in book II. This is a lateral presentation of corresponding opposite POLARITY fields. They are very useful as reflex applications in POLARITY THERAPY.

CIRCLE No. 2 connects the mandibular joint in front of each ear with the hip joint and the acetabulum as a reflex pole on each side. Test contact can prove their relationship when either is painful or in trouble. THE TOP AREA IS ALWAYS THE POSITIVE POLE, AND THE LOWER IS THE NEGATIVE POLE.

CIRCLE No. 3 relates the side of the lower portion of the neck and part of the brachial plexus to an area just above the hip joint, in the soft tissue, as a reflex. Release of tension in the lower field will improve the upper condition. These fields of two reflexes, above and below, give the physiological basis for the restriction of respiration such as is encountered in all pelvic injuries because of the lack of muscular support.

CIRCLE No. 4 gives the umbilicus and the knees as corresponding reflexes. This is a new approach to the problem of correspondences in the body through geometry. Tests will verify both contacts as effective in therapy. The umbilicus is the physiological center of the body. The knees are the main flexors of the body. The fires of life, digestion and motion are correlated in the knees. It may again be pointed out that all contacts are bipolar in POLARITY THERAPY, one hand being placed above and the other below, on the opposite center. The energy can be directed either up or down or from side to side, according to the placing of the hands. Currents flow from the right, positive hand to the left or negative hand.

THE STRAIGHT LINE on the left side of the body connects the jaw reflex as the positive pole for stomach response to the neutral pole.

In front of the ear, above the arrow point of circle No. 2 is located the faculty of alimentiveness. A mild holding contact on it on the left side of the head and one active lifting hold under the floating ribs below the stomach will elicit powerful reflexes hitherto unsuspected. Some gaseous eructions [belches] and stomach coughs have their origin here. On the right side, the same area in front of the ear and above mandibular joint, has its polar reflex to a center in the liver region which will respond when a contact is made under it, beneath the floating ribs, with the other hand.

THE DOTTED LINES along the outside ot [of] the thighs, shown in the upper portion of circle No. 5, are also potent polarity reflex areas for the digestion. The fascia lata is concerned here. It becomes so rigid in indigestion that it seems like a board on either leg where the energy block exists. This area on the left leg is a stomach polarity reflex and the same area on the right leg reflexes liver obstructions. The electromagnetic energy in these fields is not powerful enough to cope with the load placed there because of stomach or liver upsets. When the energy cannot flow through, the strain in this tension field is referred to the other poles as blocks or obstructions.

Numbness in the arms has a similar origin in the digestive region and can be traced to overeating or digestive obstruction. All these troublesome symptoms can be treated and relieved by POLARITY THERAPY, by using the causative pole, tracing its effects and removing the block there also. Energy must flow through its neutral pole to be balanced. All obstructed current flow registers as pain.

There is a similar location on the pubic bone as the inferior pole of the stomach reflex. The “X” indicates a sigmoid reflex in this dotted line extending to the third toe on the left foot. Test all three - positive, neutral and negative poles - for soreness and response in cases of stomach trouble. It is surprising what these geometric polarity responses will do even in the most stubborn case, when they are found and the blocked energy field is released. The application is very simple, as shown in many instances in this course and in books I and II.

THE STRAIGHT LINE on the right side of the body connects a positive reflex center in the jaw and in the mandibular joint with the liver as the neutral pole of response, and a similar negative reflex pole area located on the pubic bone, as shown in the diagram. The “X” indicates the cecum [caecum] in line with this reflex of the liver, reached through the toe. The dotted line in the center of the leg extends to the third toe on the right foot as the negative pole of the liver and jaw reflex. POLARITY THERAPY applied accordingly is a valuable liver treatment. It has been proven many times. It is not be be [to be] confused with the gall bladder treatment which is clearly given in chart No. 7 of this book. The areas vary somewhat because the gall bladder and the duodenum are fiery [Yang1] reflexes, nearer the middle line, while the liver and the stomach are watery [Yin1] polarity reflexes, located more laterally.

Both third toes can be held at the same time for polarization and reflex response. Hold, stretch and release them in rhythmic intervals until the soreness is less and a good response is obtained.

CIRCLE No. 5 links the hip joints with the ankles, as a reflex representative area from a lateral viewpoint. This is a generally accepted co-ordination, indicated by pelvic reflexes around the ankles.

The arrows shown at the end of each circular line indicate centers, and the dotted lines are areas for contacts in POLARITY THERAPY. Sore spots are evidences of energy blocks which need to be released.

chart 5: posterior lateral geometrical polarity reflexes and contact points

[See Book 3, Chart 5]

CIRCLE No. 1 illustrates the relationship of the top of the head with the bottom of the feet - from the center of the top of the head to the center of the arches of the feet. Chilling this area of the feet usually results in severe head cold symptoms, and in women patients this produces uterine congestion, the uterus being the neutral pole in the vertical lines of force with polarity reflexes to the top of the head. There is also an indicated relation between the back of the head and the heels.

CIRCLE No. 2 relates the temporal bones to the innominate [hip] bones on each side. Loss of balance through the action of the semicircular canals in the temporal bones might have its origin in the innominate [hip] and its articular relationships of polarity energy circuits. This polarity reflex is present in cases of ear trouble, whether it can be found or not. The very shape of the ear shows POLARITY association with the similarly formed innominate [hip]. The temporal bones are the ear bones. Motion, emotions and ear-wagging in the animals have a definite relationship to each other.

CIRCLE No. 3 establishes a POLARITY relationship of positive and negative poles between the foramen magnum articulation and the center of the sacral articulation with the innominate [hip]. This is a very vital correspondence and most useful in therapy. In another place in this book the treatise on the Sacrum deals further with this POLARITY relevancy and its application.

CIRCLE No. 4 shows an unsuspected reflex between the kidneys and the feet, on the sides below the ankles and on the bottoms. For home therapy, hot applications and poultices to the bottom of the feet, in the respective area or in general, will draw from the kidneys. This knowledge is most helpful to the doctor in treating acute kidney conditions and even in coughs and lung conditions. Grandma used to apply hot onion poultices to the feet and cure whooping cough by mildly blistering the feet. This is POLARITY application through the AIRY TRIAD OF THE KIDNEYS AND THE LUNGS. Direct POLARITY application would give even quicker and better results. POLARITY THERAPY should be repeated until all pain is gone out of both areas, above and below, and the symptoms are cleared.

CIRCLE No. 5 indicates the line crossing the bracelets of the wrists, from a posterior view, connecting the associated reflex area of the hip joint with the ankle joints. The wrists, ovaries and testes also have a functional reflex in the bracelets of the wrists, anteriorly, just above the hands, where the line of circle No. 5 crosses in the diagram. This is useful in diagnosis and estimation of vital force as pelvic function in pregnant women, as previously mentioned.[1] Curved in or broken lines indicate great difficulty in childbirth, and a cesarean may be necessary. It is good to know and be prepared.

Capacity of any field or organ is expressed in lines of force in its corresponding reflex centers, as their silent wave-length recording, like handwriting on the tissue walls. Knowledge of this is a great aid to the physician in rendering most effective service, and raises the public's estimation of his knowledge and skill. This is priceless information, especially in the field of obstetrics.

The dotted lines along the neck, the arms and the thighs depict the polarity reflexes on the outside of the body, viewed from the back. They represent the outer negative pole, associated with the inner side of the thighs and the anterior portion of the neck, shown as dotted lines in chart No. 4. Both, the inner thigh area and the outer tension blocks, must be released to balance the current flow and eliminate the pain caused by this obstruction of the energy which results in tension in the fields concerned.

chart 6: primary fields of space circles as body cavities

[See Book 3, Chart 6]

Primary Fields of Space Circles as Body Cavities with their Cross-Over Polarity Lines of Energy and One Neutral Center in Each.

Figure 1 portrays the five forms of matter, operating as five fields, building the human body. The body cavities are the potential fields which contain the vital organs of function.

Figure 2 depicts the application of principles illustrated in figure 1 by placing them in the respective cavities of the body. Matter, in its finer essence of etheric function, whirls in circuits by enclosing space for specific expression of stepped-down energy from a high potential of mind energy, through etheric, gaseous, liquid and solid forms of matter as polarized fields, and functions as structural energy expressed through sensory and motor currents. The center of consciousness of all fields resides in the neutral point between the eyes. This explains the energy field idea, made up out of space by the primary energy currents which encircle space and build in it, like a bird makes a nest. Space existed before there were organized forms with fields, organs, nerves and functions.

There is always an accumulation of energy at the centers, where the POLARITY currents cross, as illustrated in figure 2 and in charts No. 1 and 2 in book II.

Each field will be recognized in its function, as it is given throughout the book and well illustrated in charts No. 1, 2 and 3 in book II. Each field has a vibratory keynote of its own as well as specific POLARITY currents for action. The physical aspect of the field is the negative phase. The positive, wireless energy which flows over it is the positive pole in each field. That is why two illustrations are given in this chart.

The cold earth must be activated by the fire of life and warmth in order to function. In the same way, the driving vital force, active in the circulatory system, is a fiery energy; while the fine mind energy essence floats in the cerebrospinal nerve fluid as an airy nothingness which gives direction and intelligent perception to the nerve cell actions as sensory and motor impulses. This subtle, hidden energy in the nerve fluids was called the alchemical function by the medieval doctors, such as Paracelsus.[1]

Ayurvedic medicine of India also associates the brain and nerve functions with the airy element of the mind by looking at it from the one polarized neutral center within from which all external forms originate and emanate. In the Ayurvedic system the circulation and the respiratory functions were classified under the fiery element because of the sustaining warmth and the fiery energy and warmth in the blood stream. There is no contradiction whatsoever; it is merely a matter of looking at it from the center outward, or from the outside in.

To avoid confusion, I have taken the latter view in presenting the external relationship of parts because it is much more in keeping with our western viewpoint of anatomy and physiology, as follows:

1 - The superior (the brain, etc.) as the positive pole. The airy mind pattern energy.

2 - The middle (the sustaining principle of life) as the neutral pole. The sensory energy of warmth and emotional feeling. (The heart center)

3 - The inferior, the negative pole, as the result or culmination of all the currents' travel and the crystallization of the energy essences into physical fluidic essence as seed power, seeds and fruits which express the sum total of the original pattern in form. (The generative center.)

This is how Polarity starts as energy flow in the very pattern design in the beginning of embryonic life. How can we neglect such an important factor which builds the form around a central life axis to function in and through it as long as life abides in that form.

Mind is the neutral pole of all the five energies and fields in the body. It is the fire of intellect called 'chit' in the Vedas, the light of perception, recollection, plus reason or comparison, also the I-ness of ego, which dominates all action as the executor of motor energy. Mind is the agent of the soul as a mediator or neutral field between soul and matter. It is the switchboard of life's intelligence and action.

The first ring at the top of each figure illustrates the mind essence as the subtle airy element and the active agent in the cerebrospinal nerve fluid, in its high vibration as sensory, sound and light waves. This is a step-down current from that of mental perception. It is classed under the fire element here because action and motor force are its outstanding physical characteristics.

All five circles or ovals have a triune function and the five energy currents of matter weave through each in their rotation and flow of exchange of energy through the whole being. Each oval or circle is like a universe with its planets. Forces of similar quality flow in the constitution of man as vibratory essences. Each circle, as pictured, has a keynote and a special sense which predominates and characterizes its function - five circles, five senses: (see chart No. 2 in book II.)

1 - The most outstanding sense in the head is the sense of sight. It is a sensory function with motor power of direction through the mind forces and light waves.

2 - The sense of hearing also has its center in the head, the same as all the five senses[1], but the motor expression of it lies in the throat, as the power of speech. Real sound is the etheric principle which is a neutral essence and has its location in the throat region, as the link of the superior and inferior regions in the body. That is why so many reflexes lodge in the neck as a typical cross-road of currents.

3 - Sensation resides in the heart region of the chest, as feeling and the sense of touch.

4 - Smell has its sensory roots in the nose and it resides in the digestive region, in the fermentation of foods.

5 - Taste has its origin in the tongue and resides in the watery element, the generative system.

1 - In the human brain is centered the entire universe in a microfilm pattern arrangement. The great universal mind and the small individual mind have much in common. All inspirations come from above. Mind is the primal energy of patterns, ideas, designs and geometric relationships through the corresponding lines of force, of form and of structures, with that of its own keynote pattern. “God geometrizes.”

This co-extension forms the first link as the essential POLARITY principle in all things. The infinitely great and the infinitely small are polar opposites in this wonderful creation of ours. If man could only realize the limitless possibilities in this wonderful arrangement! Mind contains all external creations. Man can tune in to the high or the low frequencies, as he directs the lines of force of his mind into that of the Universal, through concentration. As we call, so is the echo. The fruits of our own thoughts - good and bad - come back to us like a boomerang, sooner or later.

Man does not create original designs. They are all but copies out of the universal storehouse, existing somewhere in action. Selection and direction of attention form the secret of this tuning into the universal storehouse. This may be likened to a radio frequency, but the mind does not stay put. It wanders. So the frequency and the universal broadcast which we cannot reach by our wandering lines of force are not heard and its mysteries are not seen. Man has no idea of the full extent of the latent wonders in creation and in himself.

2 - The neck cavity is the second circle and forms a neutral link between the head and the body. Currents from above and from below must cross here in this neutral etheric field. That is why so many Polarity reflexes are felt in the neck. It is literally a field of “sticking the neck out” into cross-currents of energies. Powerful reflexes can be found here for POLARITY balance with the above or the below.

3 - The respiratory and circulatory systems represent the exchange of the airy element of life in the individual with that of the universe. Ayurvedic medicine calls it “Prana”. It is also the “Ruach” (spirit of life) mentioned in the Cabala [Kabbalah, Kabala]. It becomes the heat principle through its oxidizing power. This latent energy must reach every cell of the human body and link it to the universal essence in order to continue its existence in this world. Breath is life. Circulation represents warmth and sustenance by carrying the life breath. The essences of food substances carried in the blood stream are concentrates of the four grosser elements in nature.

4 - The digestive system is the sustaining function of the body. A fiery energy digests the food, and the abdominal cavity is like a pot.

5 - The generative circle is the water essence field of the entire body. That is why it is capable of representing the fluidic picture of the entire essence of the body in the seed power, as a specific pattern after its kind. All functions of secretion and skin actions have their roots and causes here. Do not overlook this point. Establish a functioning balance here when skin symptoms are present. The sacrum contains the reflected motor force of this energy from the brain as a coiled vital force called the 'Kundalini' energy in eastern terminology.

chart 7: the path of the fiery principle of light and warmth

[See Book 3, Chart 7]

The illustration given here is of the FIERY principle [Yang1] as it functions in the human body.

The superior pole is manifested in the light of the eyes and descends over the region of the heart and chest as respiration and the fiery warmth in the blood, to supply every cell of the body. It crosses over in the abdomen in the region of the umbilicus, where it becomes the fire of digestion in the splanchnic [intestinal] area and in the solar plexus. It centers especially in the duodenum as an emotional seat of the fire principle [Yang1]; also in the gall bladder and duct as the organ of anger, jealousy, envy, hatred and bitterness. Its third function is action and motion which are expressed through the skill of the hands in the neutral pole and as running through the action of the thighs. The thighs express this definitely in the motor field as the negative pole. When a horse runs away, if his eyes are covered by the hands of the rider, he will stop at once. These psychological qualities were expressed as planetary characteristics in alchemical writings because truth had to be veiled. Planets also radiate energy waves as their keynote of action.

In headaches, in hemicrania and when there is the pulling and straining sensation in the eyes, even with glasses, as if they were being drawn out of the head, it is the fiery circuit which is disturbed. The head symptoms are but reflexes from the neutral pole of the gall bladder and the duodenum, where the real trouble is located. Emotional stress is the hidden background of these recurring symptoms. This is verified by gas pains, abdominal cramps and indigestion symptoms. Belching is a sure sign of it, when enough action is present to get this symptomatic relief by moving the accumulated gases.

In such cases everything goes to gas because there is not enough of the fiery power present to carry on the complete process of digestion. Foods may even remain in the stomach, undigested, for days. Even skillful and careful work over the liver area, anteriorly and posteriorly, does not release the cause of it; but it does help to being up the gases and relieve the head of gas pressure through belching.

By experience and diligent research I have found that the liver and stomach are not so much at fault here as it seems. They only lack motive power to do their work because the emotions have diverted the energy. The real block is in this fiery element which is stuck in the gall bladder and the duodenum, into which the common bile duct empties. Abdominal work helps but does not get the quick nor lasting reaction as does the POLARITY REFLEX from the negative pole. In this case it is the negative pole that is blocked, which does not allow this current to return in its circuitous sweep from top to bottom and back again. The exact spot is the first joint of the second toe, near the big toe on each foot.

This reflex area is entirely new in its application as a specific for these symptoms and for obtaining immediate relief. The POLARITY area is different from the actual liver and digestive one, which is usually the second finger and the third toe for the liver, stomach, colon and digestion in general. Here, it is the fire element [Yang1], in its active natural response, located nearer to the middle line of the body.

Each one of the four polarized elements has a positive pole, a neutral pole and a negative pole. Therefore, all action is triune. Whenever they move, or wherever these fields are, they must be related to each other by POLARITY FUNCTION AND CURRENT FLOW to obtain best results.

Chemistry also works through Polarity attraction and repulsion in each field in the body, by selection of material attracted by these organs. BUT POLARIZING THE CURRENTS THEMSELVES BY REMOVING THE EXISTING BLOCKS THROUGH SIMPLE CONTACTS, gives fast and favorable results if the exact blockade is found. This can easily be traced by the current flow in that area, the five divisions laterally (see charts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in book II), and the superior and inferior location of structural polarity fields as shown in chart No. 4, book II. Also please refer to the charts on page 31 of book I[1] which explain the origin of these four elements in their embryonic development and the organs which they build and over which they flow.

A little reflection will pay the doctor well in enabling him to do better work with the expenditure of less effort. Also the keen interest that real research work brings about makes the mind grow and keeps us young and happy. An interesting life, coupled with the proper attitude, is a happy one.

This chart reveals the path of finer psycho-physiological energy in the human body. It belongs to the Wireless Anatomy series. Principles and locations are outlined here, and the applications are given in the charts following this one.

chart 8: principles of chart no.7 applied as therapy

[See Book 3, Chart 8]

Principles of Chart No.7 Applied as Therapy, giving Polarity Contact Points for Gall Bladder, Gall Duct and Duodenum, to release Energy Blocks.

This chart illustrates the application of the principles explained in chart No. 7 for specific gall bladder and duodenal polarity reflexes.

TREATMENT [“Path of Fire”]

Fig. 1: Have the patient lie on the back. The doctor stands at the foot end of the table and firmly presses the first joints of the second toes of both feet, grasping each between the thumb and first finger of each hand, holds them firmly and pulls in order to release the joint. When the block is released by this gentle but firm stretch, the joint clicks during the stretch. The one with the greatest trouble requires a longer time and sometimes several applications before it will click. Normal joints click easily without pain. The first joints of the second toes on both feet are very sore in gall bladder and duodenal obstructions. There will be plenty of emoting and squirming on the patient's part, but if the doctor will presevere [persevere] for one minute at a time, with one minute or so interval in between for rest and a healthy reaction, the corresponding organs will respond by gurgling once or more and the patient will immediately begin to feel better. The pain at the point of contact will also be less each time the contact is made, and by and by it will completely disappear. This double contact has a polarizing effect by balancing the currents of one side with the other, plus the top and bottom polarity reflex responses.

The contact is first on the anterior and posterior surface of the second toe of each foot, at the first joint, as previously mentioned and as shown in fig. 1. Second, on each side of the same joints on both feet as shown in fig. 2. Hold each contact for about one minute, relax and repeat until good relaxation and response takes place. This should be repeated about three times during one treatment. The lateral contact elicits a different polarity reflex than the anterior-posterior one.

The contact on the first joint of the second toe of the right foot is for the gall bladder, gall duct, and the portion of the duodenum where it empties, on the right half of the body. The contact on the first joint of the second toe of the left foot is for the duodenum, which is located in the left half of the body. Sometimes one organ is in greater trouble than the other, hence the first joint of the toe on that half of the body will be more sensitive and painful.

Fig. 3: Identically the same contacts will be made on the first joints of both index fingers to polarize the neutral reflexes of these areas in the body.

Fig. 4: Shows the contact for polarization from the superior reflexes (the right hand on top and side of the forehead) to the jaw, at a point of the gall bladder polarity reflex on the right side, and on the left side for the duodenal reflex. The operator stands on the left side of the patient and spreads out his hand in a bipolar contact from one side of the head to the other. The left thumb fits the jaw, and the fingers make a firm contact under it to support the thumb pressure. Hold it for one minute. Then change the jaw contact to the right side, hold firmly for one minute. The head contact remains steady and unchanged during both of these jaw contacts. The currents will flow from the head to the jaw because the right hand is on top, emphasizing the outflowing currents to the organs and polarity reflexes.

Then the doctor stands on the right side of the patient and places his left hand on the top of the forehead and his right hand on the jaw areas. The currents will flow upward to the left hand and augment the sensory return circuits in the patient's body.

Fig. 5: Next, a gentle, double contact can be given for a POLARIZING effect, and this is a combination of the contacts shown in figures 2 and 5. The first finger and thumb of the doctor's hand firmly holds the sorest second-toe joint (it is the soreness which determines whether the contact should be on that particular joint of the right foot or the left, and it is the most painful one which is to be held); the other hand lying flat over the area of the gall bladder and the duodenum, with a gentle, upward movement. The other side of the body may also be similarly treated.

Then a gentle stretch of the head as shown in chart No. 25, figure 3 in this book is all that is needed.

These cases do well with hot drinks containing a little honey or sugar to pacify that fire element. In such cases foods and drinks containing roughage cannot be tolerated because colitis is usually associated with the severest symptons [symptoms] of this kind. These chronic cases are, as a rule, born with this deficiency; hence, the relief that can be given by the application of POLARITY THERAPY will be much appreciated because it is rare and hard to find.

In these conditions the shin bones may also be found to be very sore because the shin bone is the specific polarity reflex of the airy principle of the colon area, and is given as a separate treatment in chart No. 9 of this book.

chart 9: polarizing painful energy blocks in the long bones of the legs

[See Book 3, Chart 9]

Pains in the long bones ordinarily indicate anemia, exhaustion, lymphatic stasis or lack of vitamin C, calcium, manganese or sodium; however, the periodic recurring pains in the arms or legs, especially at night, are usually due to neuralgia. The pains come and go. They usually come on after the body has been exposed to the least chill or slightest draft. Even at night the pains continue like in rheumatism.

A poor digestion is the background of these symptoms. In such cases gas is present in the legs or arms, which allows but a moderate circulation. The least amount of draft stagnates the gases and neuralgic type pains appear.

The old-time remedy for this was warmth by wearing woolens and red flannels. Heat or warmth tends to alleviate the pain, and may be applied in the nature of a heat lamp or electric pad, or hot vinegar and water compresses, etc. A counter-irritant like Capsicum, hot mustard or horseradish plasters are old-fashioned remedies. They give relief but do not correct the cause. The function of the liver, gall bladder and digestion in general must be improved in order to overcome this hypersensitiveness and recurring tendency to congestion. This may easily be done by the application of POLARITY THERAPY.


In the case of soreness in the shin bone, the doctor stands on the opposite side of the leg he wants to treat so he can better contact the inside of the leg with the grip of the thumb and fingers in a firm kneading twist of the hands on the knee and thigh, in opposite directions.

FIGURE 1: The thumb and fingers of the doctor's left hand cover and firmly hold the tendons and muscles of the inner side of the thigh with an outward rotational move. The right hand makes firm gripping contacts anywhere below the knee, with an inward twisting motion.

FIGURE 2: When treating the left leg, the doctor's left hand is gently placed on the left side of the pubis in a lifting, vibrating, upward directional move. The right hand grips and kneads the calf muscles in an outward twisting motion.

FIGURE 3: While the thumb and fingers of the doctor's right hand grip the thigh muscles firmly in an upward vibrational move with an outward twisting hold, the left hand lifts the abdominal tissue over the umbilicus in a gentle grip and holds it for one minute.

These contacts are repeated until the release of obstructions is assured. When treating the right leg, the doctor stands on the left side of the table. The procedure is the same.

This and other Polarity Applications may be concluded by polarizing the head of the patient from side to side and diagonally, from the anterior to the posterior. For this the doctor stands at the head of the table, using one hand on each side where soreness is found.

If the pain in the bones is too severe and has been present for a long time, it may be necessary to apply leeches over the area and on the calves of the legs to withdraw the stagnant blood which is loaded with gases and waste products and thus enable fresh blood to circulate. For this application, see chapter on “Leeches” in this book.

chart 10: body polarity and gravity test board

[See Book 3, Chart 10]

The principle used in the test board is as old as the pyramids. The board shown in this chart is two feet long and one foot wide. In the center of the board is a cross divider - one lengthwise and one crosswise - at perfect right angles. A string, with a heavy plumb bob at the end of it, is suspended from the ceiling and is positioned exactly where the point falls on the center line at the end of the board. Then the string is fastened. The position of the board is then marked on the floor with indellible [indelible] ink, so water won't affect or remove the markings. In this way the board can be quickly replaced exactly where the plumb bob indicated it to be correct, no matter how often the board may be removed for cleaning purposes.

The little suction cups at the ends of the rods extending from the board, hold that end on the floor. This board can be raised for cleaning or leaned against the wall if space is needed.

The length of the board is for the purpose of a clear view of the line-up of the patient with the center line of partition, and to give room behind for the string, so the patient does not touch it.

The test board in the illustration has a little iron pipe over the right-angle partitions to hold them firm. This is not necessary. A 1” x 2“ [one inch by two inch] wooden strip, securely fastened to the center of the board and one at right angles to it will do very well. A line drawn in the center of the long strip would give the line-up for the string.

TO CHECK THE LINE-UP OF THE PATIENT[1]: The doctor sits on a stool, facing the line which is suspended from the ceiling, and lines his sight up with the center line always. The patient stands on the front half of the board, as is clearly demonstrated in chart No. 11, with the back toward the doctor, heels snug up to the back stop of the center divider on the board, and the feet in a natural position, without any effort to place them or line them up with the center of the board. The knees must be free. If they interfere, then the feet should be separated but at an equal distance from the center on each side of the divider, and the heels remaining snug against the back stop.

EXAMINATION: The pulse should be taken BEFORE placing the patient on the board for checking the line-up. Each pulse beat relates to an energy field in Nature. Much that has been overlooked by the western world for centuries, can be discovered in this field alone. Details on the pulse are given in the explanation of Chart No. 2 in this book. Next, the blood pressure should be taken to note the tension in the fluidic circulation. This reveals to the doctor an important point on whether it is advantageous for the patient to take hot baths for the relief of high blood pressure, or cold showers over the spine in cases of low blood pressure.

The gravity principle of the earth is used in every construction job, even in the laying of bricks and all the superstructure. A right angle is the shortest line to the earth in its gravity pull. The plumb bob test string represents this line. The patient is placed with the back toward this line for comparison and check of the central axis of his own gravity to that of the earth. By doing this, the comparison reveals the imbalance of the person's own gravity structure. This imbalance limits his motion and function, even though he is not in action or under the pull of gravity outside.

The person's own center of gravity in relation to his inner forces is far more important than the center of gravity outside. Merely measuring man's relationship to gravity is not sufficient.

The line-up has been used in this manner for a long time and it has been found wanting because the relationship of a living being is quite different than an inert mass. The purely mechanical principles do not suffice here. After many years of checking and using this simple device, I stumbled onto the idea how this could be used in measuring the POLARITY FIELDS OF THE BODY AND CHECKING THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OTHER against the background of the earth's gravity.

The earth's gravity force does not rule man. It only conditions him when his own gravity fields are out of balance. Man is an integral unit, having a central gravity line of force of his own by which he acts and around which his forces spin as the central orbit of his being. Man overcomes gravity through leverage of bones as extension levers with joints, and muscles and tendons as cables which operate them.

True, man is dependent on Nature for everything for his survival and existence on this earth. The air he breathes, the warmth of the sun or its crystallized deposits as oil, coal, wood, etc., the water he drinks and the food he eats. All this relationship is also a gravity principle which links man to Nature, even more closely than the earth's gravity. But much of this has been ignored in therapy. If the good doctors would take these more important factors as seriously as the gravity of the earth, they would find some astonishing forces at work in man and in Nature by which he is really bound and conditioned. And these are the points I have endeavored to bring to the attention of the healing art.

Even the atomic energy field extends man's researches only to the POLARITY FORCES latent in matter without conductors. To apply the same research and importance to man as a human being is even more essential because it deals with life itself and its polarity action. The finer energies in Nature are wireless and less conditioned than the specific, stepped-down forces.

Mechanical principles depend on gravity. Chemistry depends on the polarity principles of attraction and repulsion in the field of matter. My earnest endeavor has been to extend this field of POLARITY influence to the manipulative art, where it could equally cope with the wonders of the influences of chemistry for the benefit of the body, but without the risks that are often involved in the use of chemistry.

Real knowledge can be tested and proved in practice, whether it be in a trade, a profession, in mechanics or even the endless field of therapeutics. A larger vision expands the mind and the emotions so they can come to maturity with the growth of the physical body. The dweller in the house of the body is the real being and more important than the house. His relationship to the body is most vital for expression and function in this world of experience, sensation and action. For best results there must be a balanced relationship of the fields of action, thought, emotions and gravity, which can be easily done by the proper application of POLARITY THERAPY.

chart 11: perfect body polarity and gravity lines on the test board

[See Book 3, Chart 11]

Chart No. 11 depicts the relationship of the central axis of the spine, the bead, the shoulders, the sacrum and the legs and feet as a picture of a normal posture. Here is a body balanced in its own polarity field and muscular pull with that of the earth. Freedom of action is possible through perfect leverage.

Please note that the line of the center of the sacral articulation to the middle of the shoulders crosses exactly where the umbilicus would be, if this check-up were taken anteriorly, over the sensory fields of relationship. On the back, it is between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, which represents a straight line through, from the umbilicus. Any deviations from these lines of balance, show the unpolarized fields under stress and pull.

The findings and varieties are many and too involved to picture all of them. The factors behind all this are not only the muscles under tension, but the impulses to these muscles from fields of sensory abdominal reflexes and emotional stress. Bony adjustment and muscular stretch are structural corrections and do not always balance the energy in the POLARITY FIELDS. Cerebrospinal fluid impulses or index pressure are not dependent upon structure normally. Visceral reflexes and emotional impulses are also independent actions in natural life.

Folds and grooves over the liver area or the stomach area on the back are important factors. The lateral spinal curve which compensates these saggings is due to the sacral position and over-all internal stress caused by disturbed vital polarity function in the cerebrospinal fluid of the sacrum. Much can be done here by the use of POLARITY THERAPY, which results in more stable sacral correction. Vital and unconscious impulses which are the driving energies throughout life, lie dormant in the sacrum. The sacrum is the negative pole to the brain. It expresses the motor action of brain impulses. There is an important relationship between the three geometric horizontal lines and the three vertical ones, shown on this chart.

The structural energy control is also in the pelvis, as the pattern of the seed power in its negative polarity action of electronic spinning vortices as Nature's design in all living beings. In the brain it is represented as the pituitary gland, located posteriorly between the eyes, as the positive pole and center for governing the growth of the body. Science has made this discovery in recent years, but not the POLARITY ENERGY FIELDS which synchronize with this function.

The lines on this figure reveal at once the relationship of the above to the below, and the inferior to the superior and the diagonal balancing energy currents.

The horizontal shoulder line and the horizontal line through the center of the sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] articulation disclose much. This is further illustrated and described in Chart No. 13 in this book.

The third horizontal line, under the buttocks, has a real significance of sacral tilt and lack of internal muscle tone on that entire side of the body. When good muscle tone is present and one buttock is lower than the other, it is usually a sacral tilt. The low buttock is the low sacral base side. Test it and prove it. Correction is not too difficult where there is not too much of a chronic condition in all these tissues.

chart 12: the sphenoid bone and the coccyx correspondence as superior and inferior polarity reflexes

[See Book 3, Chart 12]

A graphic description is given here of the sphenoid bone as the positive pole of the coccyx, the sphenoid being located superiorly and mostly anterior while the coccyx is the inferior and posterior extremity of the spine. Opposite polarity and corresponding relationships exist between them.

In physiology, the ganglion of impar is located anteriorly to the coccyx and the superior pole is in the ganglion of Ribes' in the brain. Many surprising beneficial polarity reflexes can be elicited here. The sensory, soft tissue reflexes are used to good advantage in the Perineal Technique, especially in emotional cases and in pain due to pregnancy, as is explained in detail in books I[1] and II[2].

Neck tension also has its polarity reflex in the soft tissue of the perineum, on either side and below the coccyx, and can be released there. (For coccyx treatment, please refer to chart No. 19 in book II, also perineal treatment charts No. 30 and 31 in book II.)

This polarity combination represents the densest force of vital concentration in the negative pole below and the more rarified life energy of 'Prana' above, in the neck and in the front of the skull, as the positive fields of sensation.

The anterior sphincter has its polarity reflex in the throat. The polarity reflex of dryness, cough and tickling in the throat, when not due to cold, is found in the rectal sphincter. The tightness in the anterior portion of the sphincter muscles is a negative factor of the irritation in the throat and has its positive polarity reflex in the swallowing mechanism. The anterior portion of the throat reflexes to the anterior portion of the sphincter ani, and the posterior portion of the neck to the posterior portion of the sphincter ani. A band of tight muscles under the jaw, as well as the watery eyes in such conditions, are the associated positive polarity reflexes to the throat. The septum of the nose and the nasopharynx have spots of irritation which need to be treated and polarized for best results in such conditions.

The rectal sphincters and the gullet respond to each other as positive and negative areas. The functions of deglutition [swallowing] and defecation are oppoiste [opposite] factors as positive intake and negative expulsion. The relationship is clear without further elucidation.

TREATMENT: An external contact is made on the tight sphincter ani, anteriorly, first on one side and then on the other, and gently lifted superiorly and posteriorly. The contact is held until relaxation begins. One minute is sufficient for the contact. Then rest and repeat the same as in Perineal Technique. It may be well to repeat that one does not enter the orifice in giving this treatment, as the most sensitive fibers are external, in the skin. Rectal dilation is sometimes indicated and when that is necessary, it should be done with gloved and well-lubricated fingers, and not with harsh instruments.

For Polarity contact in giving the Perineal Treatment, also contact the tight muscle under the jaw, superiorly, above the point of irritation, and hold it for the same length of time with the other hand. (See detailed description of Perineal Technique in book I[1] and chart No. 30 in book II for the release of sensory blocks. For congestion and lumps on the side of the coccyx, see Fig. 3 of chart No. 19 in book II, which illustrates the contacts to be used in Polarity Therapy.)

chart 13: mind the primal centrifugal energy of the soul

[See Book 3, Chart 13]

Mind the Primal Centrifugal Energy of the Soul Flowing Over the Field of the Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerves in the Media of the Cerebrospinal Fluid as Lines of Balance, and Structural Relationship of Pattern Energy

The central figure of this chart shows an over-all relation of the head to the sacrum, as a clock, when compared to that shown in figure 4. The spinal cord represents the pendulum stem, and the weight at the end symbolizes the sacrum, and the coccyx as the tip of it.

All the vital impulses of motor energy which the soul or being brings with it in its life embodiment on this earth, is lodged in the sacrum of that being. The sacrum ticks these off as a vital measuring stick at the end of travel of the cerebral impulses in the head, very much like the works in a clock. The face shows the sensory impressions just as the hands do on the face of the clock. The motor impulses support all sensory impulses which reach it for expression in action. These impulses become actual forces in the finer fields of emotion and mind, in their upward and outward travel in expression. The sacrum moves very little in its two articulations. A lateral tilt or a twist is the usual finding, as anterior and inferior on one side. But the swing of the forces involved may exert an unusual pull on the sacrum and result in exaggerated symptoms entirely out of proportion with its physical position.

The sockets of the two hip joints as shown in line “B” are definitely related to the mandibular articulation of the temporal bone, even as the innominate [hip] bone is the negative pole of the temporal bone, as shown in charts No. 4 and 5 in this book. That is why sensation of balance through the ears affects the gravity relationship of the body. It is through POLARITY action of representative fields of positive poles above to negative fields below that these results follow as sequences. It is simple in its structural relationship, but it can hardly be traced by nerve connections, as we have been accustomed. The study of the Wireless POLARITY fields opens up a new vista for the doctor and the patient. The atom is not greater than man. It is but the tiniest particle of the material body.[1]

Line “C” on the central figure of the chart correlates the foramen magnum with the sacroiliac articulation, which governs the position of the head. The position of the head indicates the position of the sacral base and its muscular tension. The usual lesions are inferior or anterior which not only fail to support the superior structure but draw it down through muscular attachment and polarity as well as gravity pull.

The apex of the sacrum is shown by line “A”. It is indicated by the shoulder levels at the center. These lines of index reveal much of the structural imbalance and positioning. They are valuable aids in detecting sacral polarity action in relation to its internal organs and to gravity outside. The mechanical position only indicates the repelling or attracting forces which are in excess on either side as well as anteriorly and posteriorly.

Vital structural and motor forces are locked up in the cerebrospinal fluid in the sacrum, which makes it a key-positioning factor. It is the energy in the fluid that does it, and not the bone.

Fig. 3 shows the mandibular joint in relation to line “B” on the central figure. It also shows the temporal bone and its muscular outline as the positive pole of the innominate [hip] bone. The occipital bone as the base of the skull is also shown. It plays a vital role in this relationship through direct muscular attachments to the sacral region below.

The parietal bones as the roof and sides of the skull, carry wireless polarity impulses from each side of the body, and must not be overlooked in correcting lateral polarity reflexes back to balance. They are the positive poles to the structure below, on each side.

The frontal bones carry sensory anterior polarity reflexes and must also be given proper attention in therapy. They are positive in action and register reflex pains from the abdomen.

The upper maxillary bones are pelvic anterior and lateral hip polarity reflexes.

The articulation (x) between the nasal bone and the frontal bone has a definite reflex to the foramen magnum and its sphenoid articulation through its basilar process. A gentle pressure on either side of the nasal bone has a relaxing effect. When not too tense, it can be slightly moved and a little clicking sound accompanies the movement. This is felt in the spenoid [sphenoid] articulation back in the head.

The seat of consciousness is located between the eyes, above this articulation (x). It radiates as rays all over the body, through nerves as wires and through polarity currents as wireless energies. Diffused energy rules the body. The centers in the body have an accumulated force of it as sensory or motor fields.

Fig. 2 shows the entire cerebrospinal system with its inclosed [enclosed] fluid as the central axis and reservoir of the nerve energy, as the airy center of consciousness, looking at it from the inner standpoint of currents rather than the external standpoint of structural fields.

Fig. 5, in the lower left-hand corner of the chart, is a picture of the brain with wings. The wings signify the uplifting soul impulses, capacities and possibilities for each being. The wings are described in detail in the explanation of chart No. 1 in this book.

The gravity line of the sacrum goes through the acetabulum, as shown in the central figure and in chart No. 11 of book II. The sacrum is the vital balancer of the individual energy in relation to gravity. It is the balance wheel of the body's own center of POLARITY, which governs the position of the spinal column through ligamentous and muscular attachments. It is also the center of many vital reflexes in addition to these structural ones. The sacrum is the key triangle of the pelvis, registering all the impulses, reactions and disturbances of the watery element in the human body. Especially the skin and mucous functions are affected by the abnormal actions of frustrated impulses and the structural relationship of the sacrum.

The shorter of the two legs, according to therapeutic measurement, relates mostly to the electromagnetic central-core over-all stress of the individual through the sacrum and the foramen magnum, by internal muscular tension. Structurally, an anterior sacral base is the cause of the short leg, and not a posterior innominate [hip] as was usually taught.

Correction of the anterior sacral base is the simple answer to the complicated problems of the spine, the sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] articulations and the mysterious intervertebral discs which have been held under pressure so long that the elasticity of the structure cannot be maintained by a limited circulation. Pressure and strain have their effects. Much can be done in these cases by means of POLARITY THERAPY and basic balance of natural fields by releasing the stress in the electromagnetic fields and in the structures.

X-rays do not throw much light on these disc problems[1] because the cartilage is not visible on the x-ray film.[1] The space between the adjacent bones gives the only real clue in these pictures, and the injection of color dye makes the picture clearer. However, that relationship can be shifted by posture and manipulative correction. Many so-called disc cases are really bad, chronic, spastic lumbago cases. Careful constitutional therapy[2] plus local release of the energy blocks, spasms in the muscles and the impeded circulation, has given most surprising results. Sometimes it is advisable to use leeches to withdraw that black, un-oxidized blood sludge out of those spastic tissues and allow fresh blood to do the work. The relief obtained is like a miracle.

Gravity is not to blame in these cases. The body, like an inefficient internal combustion engine, cannot climb a hill against gravity. Even the best of leverage angles must have an internal combustive power behind them to function effectively against gravity. Heel lifts merely shift the weight but do not correct causes in these functional inefficiencies. Sacral base anteriority can be easily detected when the patient stands on the test board. In such cases folds appear on the posterior-superior base side, with a compensating spinal curvature on the opposite side. Corrections are illustrated in charts No. 14 and 15 in this book and in chart No. 19 in book II.

Spinal lateral curves are due to tilts and stress in the sacrum. The patient is laid on the side opposite the lateral curve, with a pillow under the hip to assist sacral correction.

Short legs become long at once under the correct POLARITY THERAPY procedure. When using the test board, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE PATIENT'S OWN CENTER OF GRAVITY and all parts relating to it. Gravity only points to the lack of relationship. It is not the causative factor of any of these lesions, as was previously assumed. A mirror is not to blame for a person's appearance, but his habits, thoughts, feelings, excesses in food and drink are real factors. Studying these cases makes the doctor's work interesting and more effective. Test this POLARITY reaction without vertebral adjustment and see how well it works.

The sacrum and its cerebrospinal fluid is the opposite pole of the motor area of the brain: Positive above, negative below. In the seed power in the pelvic sensory field lies the sum total of man's energy heritage. The triangular sacrum was called the sacred bone, as the key to the royal arch of the temple not built by the hand of man.

The position of the atlas [C1] is dependent on the sacrum. It will stay where the sacrum permits it to rest. The atlas [C1] is a key wedge at the positive pole, and stimulation there has powerful reactions all over the body as well as on the sacrum. But the sacrum is still the keystone to the royal arch of all structural relation and function in the body's own economy and individual gravity field.

The atlas [C1] shifts readily as an accomodating [accommodating] wedge for the triple polarity pull between the articulation of the condyles around the foramen magnum, the spine and the sacral base stress. Balance in all three must be affected before the atlas [C1] can be normal and at rest. NO ONE POLE CAN BALANCE THE WHOLE. IT TAKES THREE; even as the smallest stick has two ends and a middle. One pole can unbalance the others and cause any disease or structural defect. Correction depends on the balancing of all three factors. All motion is triune: Positive, negative and neutral in its rhythmic energy flow from a center or around a neutral core.


Here a sensory impulse is checked against a motor impulse for response. It has merit and possibility as a specific procedure. It has to be done most carefully and has many exceptions and deviations. The doctor's undivided attention and the specific sense of touch are essential. All specifics have a limited field of application. Polarity reflexes are involved in all these tests and corrections; but POLARITY IS A UNIVERSAL FACTOR. This is further proven by the reactions obtained by the sensitive touch system for measuring the leg response. When the patient under test wears articles of aluminum or certain nylons, rayons, etc., the test is not successful. Again, Polarity forces in other fields in Nature show their effects on the human body in the fine energy field of wireless anatomy and physiological response. Energies in Nature, like human beings, group themselves by attraction and repulsion.

Fig. 6 has the appearance of a gyroscope with a wider and shorter triangle above, made up of the occipital bone. While the outer appearance is more like the shape of a diamond, it is the automatic faculties located beneath, that have a gyroscopic balancing effect on the entire body. The apex is up and the base is downward. The apex is the positive pole because the vital autonomic centers of the mind and posterior portions of the brain are lodged here as is shown in figure 2 of this chart. The impulses above are expressed as motion through the spinal cord. The cerebrospinal fluid has a considerable deposit in the enlarged portion of the sacrum, as shown in chart No. 11, figure 4 of book II. This electro-magnetic energy tension field forms the negative pole to the brain. The pattern impulses of the vital force stationed here are the principal driving impulses throughout the individual life of man and beast. Unconscious impulses rule the life of all creation. Animals fight over these impulses and the right to exercise them. Pairs of locked horns and skulls often tell the story of such struggles. Then can we estimate what force and drive in that sacrum lies? The ancients pictured it as a coiled cobra, ready to strike, and called it “Kundalini”.

The sacrum has its base up and its apex downward, as an inverted triangle. One can only imagine the force of this downward drive of latent energy when an attempt is made to raise it up to consciousness and intelligent control. As the force within is great in its automatic function, so is the position and structure of the sacrum in regard to all motor impulses in the body.

The triangle of the occiput above and the sacral triangle below form a diamond of action throughout the life of the individual. It is literally a gyroscope of all involuntary function. The horizontal level of the sacral base line and the vertical one govern the position of the occiput and the atlas vertebra, as well as the spine itself. The sacrum is the true foundation of the spinal column which really rests upon it and is conditioned by it.

Tests and corrections of the sacrum prove its key position in the whole structural economy of the body. Why it has been so totally overlooked is hard to tell. Is it because it hides modestly between two ear-shaped bones called the innominates [hips, ilium]? These have been duly mentioned and treated. But the sacrum itself as an independent bone and as the keystone between these two arches was truly forgotten in analysis and therapy everywhere. The ancients knew, but we forgot. The life within and its tension field is even more important than its modest form and position. These two triangles and lines, comprising figure 6, reveal so much and yet conceal so much of life's unknown mystery.

chart 14: sacral balancing technique by vibratory directional impulses and position

[See Book 3, Chart 14]

Figure 1 shows the corrective position and the treatment used in cases where the patient, on the gravity line-up, showed folds and grooves on the left side of the body under the shoulder blade, indicating a superior and posterior sacral base on that side, and an anterior-inferior base on the right side. In such cases, a right lateral curvature of the spine opposite the folds compensates the doubling up of the tissues on the left side.

The operator's middle finger of the left hand contacts the sacral apex from a posterior-inferior angle, then gently lifts and vibrates the base in a superior-posterior direction. Light, rhythmic impulses are used. The right hand is on the innominate [hip], with a gentle hold, in an upward and toward-the-table direction for the inferior sacral base on the right side. The wedge-shaped cushion placed under the hips, as shown in the chart, favors this correction. A similar pillow may be placed under the head to increase the corrective curve of the spine. The higher the curve is located on the spine, the bigger the head cushion should be to assist correction. When the compensatory curve is in the lower region of the spine, the hip cushion should be placed below the hip joint.

In cases where the opposite side is so affected, the patient lies on the right side and the doctor treats accordingly for spinal curvature and sacral base correction. Stubborn fourth and fifth lumbars [L4, L5] are usually due to sacral conditions.

This corrective position and treatment restores the patient's own center of gravity as well as his relationship to the gravity of the earth. This can be verified by checking the patient on the test board with the plumb line before and after treatment.

Give this simple, gentle and rhythmic treatment for one minute, then rest one minute and repeat four or five times. Then check again on the test board and note the improvement.

A sacral adjustment may also be given in that position, with the finger contact on the apex of the anterior base side, the thumb on the head of the femur and the knee at right angles to the body, as shown in figure 3 of chart No. 20 in this book.

Fig. 2 illustrates the contact above the pubis and about the center of Poupart's [inguinal] ligament, with the thumb of the operator's right hand over the right sacral base for an anterior correction of it by the assistance of leverage with the aid of the operator's left-hand contact above. The thumb is as close to Poupart's [inguinal] ligament as possible to start with, until contact over the sacrum is made. The treatment is given with the patient exhaling the breath as you gently lift the head and the upper part of the body forward with the other hand. Then relax and repeat about four or five times. Then check the patient on the test board again and note how favorably this correction affects the line-up in general and the sacrum specifically as well as the short leg. This is a powerful move, effective in difficult and stubborn cases where gentle rhythm impulses fail to make a correction which stays put. Chart No. 19 in book II is similar; however, in this book the objective of correction is the anterior sacral base whereas in book II chart No. 19 shows the correction of abdominal muscle pull.

This may be followed up with a general stretch by means of a gentle, rhythmic pull on the head, which releases the compressed inter-vertebral discs all along the spinal column. This move is shown in figure 3 of chart No. 25 in this book and in figure 2 of chart No. 7 in book IV.

chart 15: vibratory posterior sacral and innominate [hip] technique

[See Book 3, Chart 15]

Figure 1 shows a contact on the sacral apex with the middle finger of the right hand, in an upward direction, for an inferiorly based sacrum with an anterior base. The left middle finger is placed on the posterior-superior spine of the ilium [PSIS], holding it in its place while the impulses from the right-hand finger gently move the sacral apex superiorly and slightly posterior. This gives the base a superior impulse, with an anterior release from the innominate [hip], by co-ordinating the impulses. This is gentle preparatory correction for bad cases of this trouble with much pain. Please see chart No. 29 in book II for muscular Polarity reflex release.

Figure 2 portrays the impulse and contact directed as a POLARITY BALANCE with the foramen magnum and the atlas [C1], in that area. The lower contact is the same as that shown in figure 1. The upper contact is held still while the impulses are gently directed upward, toward the head by the lower contact. This is a relaxing and balancing treatment of superior and inferior fields by POLARITY THERAPY.

chart 16: innominate [hip], temporal and occipital release

[See Book 3, Chart 16]

The contact shown in figure 1 is for polarizing the innominate [hip], the temporal and occipital bones on the left side.

For giving this treatment the doctor stands at the head of the table, to the left side of the patient. The left hand, with three curved fingers, makes a contact directly behind the ear, on the temporal bone and occipital base. The thumb and the little finger are free because they do not fit the precise contact here. The right hand is laid on the left innominate [hip] bone and held steady. A slight traction is used for the active contact between the two points and can be held steadily for about one minute for relaxation, or vibrated for one minute if stimulation is desired.

This treatment is definitely indicated in all cases of ear trouble as well as hip pain, distortions and posteriorities. It POLARIZES AND RELEASES both regions for further correction.

The temporal bone is the positive pole of the innominate [hip] bone, as illustrated in chart No. 13, figure 1, in this book; also in circle 2 of chart No. 5 in this book.

Figure 2: Manipulating the umbilicus against the tension field, and polarizing the abdominal pole of the fiery power of digestion, with the supra-orbital [supraorbital] notch contact for eye strain and tension on either side; a very effective treatment when the congestion or block is there.

A bipolar contact is also possible over the bridge of the nose, with slight lateral and upward movement, together with the umbilical contact with the other hand.

The eyes and the stomach are opposite poles. Proverbially, the eyes are bigger than the stomach and its digestive capacity. Spots before the eyes are also due to liver and gall bladder upsets, when the fire of digestion is overloaded and blocks occur which act as flickers and shutters to the center of vision, the positive pole of the Fire Principle [Yang1] in the body. Digestion is its neutral pole.

chart 17: polarizing throat reflexes from the web between the thumb and the sore spots on top of the head on that side

[See Book 3, Chart 17]

FIGURE 1: The specific polarity reflex for the neck is in the neutral pole of the hands, between the thumbs and the first fingers, in its horizontal representation, as shown in chart No. 3 in this book. Find the sore spot in this area on both hands and hold firmly with both hands for one minute, as a bipolar contact.

Then, with one hand, hold the spot which is the sorest, corresponding to the throat reflex on that side; and, with the other hand, contact the real, positive, tender spot under the jaw, directly above the irritation. Hold both contacts simultaneously for relaxation and polarization as shown in figure 3 for the jaw contact and figure 1 for the hand contact.

It is well to begin the polarization by holding both toes for one minute, to balance the two sides of the body.

Upper dorsal [thoracic], motor reflexes should also be inhibited or adjusted.

The negative polarity reflexes may be found along the inside of the tendon of the big toe and held firmly as shown in figure 2. But, if this is a digestive major reflex, the negative point will be found in the middle toe and the middle finger tip as a reflex to the upper pole, and the first joint of the second finger as the neutral pole polarity reflex. Treat the affected side by holding the toe joint with firm pressure with one hand and the other hand over the stomach or liver area, or a jaw contact as shown in figure 3. The toe and the jaw are opposite poles for the central balance, and may be held simultaneously as shown in the combination of figures 2 and 3.

Throat reflexes which cause rhinitis and watery eyes can be successfully treated in this way. This may also be a neuralgic symptom, but the background is a digestive irritation of the mucous membranes. Highly spiced or seasoned foods, or a sudden chill may bring on the symptoms. However, merely stopping the irritation by not taking these foods will not clear the UPSET ENERGY FIELDS of their dis-organized [disorganized] polarity in the current flow and this results in recurring irritation.

This is the doctor's field as a balancer of the subtle energy currents. Polarity energy discord is the background of the external physical symptoms. The latter are but the effects of these hidden causes of electromagnetic imbalance of active forces in that field.

Dr. Samuel Hahneman[1] based his entire Homeopathy on this finer observation in his medical practice. Repeatedly, he mentioned the fact that illness is really due to the action of the life spirit, and not to the physical organs of the body.

The alchemists, like Paracelsus[2], had a similar viewpoint. Paracelsus also hammered forcefully on the idea of the finer forces in Nature and in man. He used similars in Nature which had this particular energy in them. This he most likely brought with him from the Orient, where he wandered from the year 1513 to 1521, for it is exactly as the Ayruvedic [Ayurvedic] Medicine of India taught it. In Arabia, no doubt, he found the Thaumaturgic ideas which used the similars in animals, like the vitamins and glandulars which are extracted from them in present-day practice.[3] But Paracelsus emphasized the ENERGY POTENTIAL more than the chemistry. Yet he gave a powerful impulse to the study of chemistry in Europe in his time and thereafter. He preferred a living chemistry of energies, called alchemy, to the mere material one used now. The alchemist always deals with Life and its ENERGIES in all his research, observation and practice.

chart 18: polarizing contacts across the spine with a rotational twisting stretch on the muscles of each side in opposite directions

[See Book 3, Chart 18]

A double contact is used across the spine, held with a firm and steady pressure, for relaxation of tension and to polarize one side of the body with the other; either with the direction of the surface currents for a soothing effect, as shown here, or in the opposite direction, against the flow of the currents, for stimulating. The contact is held firm and steady until the tissues under it relax. This can be done all the way up and down the spine, especially on the high or posterior side of the body.

As previously mentioned, in POLARITY ACTION, the right half of the body is positive and the left half is negative.

In giving this treatment, the doctor stands on his toes in order to put the whole body impact behind these vibrations, as shown in charts 23 and 24 of book II. The elasticity of the movement, plus the volume of weight potential behind it, makes it a most effective impulse with great therapeutic benefit, but gentle in application.

FIGURE 1 of this chart shows the doctor's left hand laid freely across the spine of the patient. The doctor stands on the left side of the patient, at right angles to the patient for step No. 1.

FIGURE 2 shows how the right hand is loosely placed on top of the fingers of the left hand.

FIGURE 3 shows how the left-hand twist is made, with a firm contact with both hands on the muscle tissue to place one side under tension in opposite direction to the other. The heel of the left hand goes down on the left half of the body while the fingers push the tissue upwards and at the same time are re-inforced [reinforced] by the right hand. The doctor now faces the patients head, holding the contact firmly in that upward direction, with or without vibratory impulses, for balancing of currents.

chart 19: anterior polarizing contacts with the current flow from head to feet

[See Book 3, Chart 19]

FIGURE 1 illustrates a soothing contact with the current flow on that side for release of tension and pain in the legs. The left hand is over the innominate [hip] and the pelvis, with the fingers on the pubic bone, on that side. The operator stands on his toes and the impulses are very gentle and deep. See chart No. 23, book II.

FIGURE 2 shows a similar contact on the left side, with the current flow of the five sensory waves, for a soothing effect. The sensory currents flow upward on the surface on the left side of the body (see charts 3, 6, 7, also figure 4 of chart 8 in book II) and the contact is with the flow of these currents. Intestines and stomach areas are also benefited by this release, especially if the fingers are spread under the ribs, below the stomach when giving the treatment.

chart 20: pelvic polarity corrections according to the lines of tension and tenderness found in the fibres [fibers] of the gluteus muscles

[See Book 3, Chart 20]

FIGURE 1: A heel rotation contact for a posterior innominate [hip] correction, with the patient lying face-down on the table, and at the same time contacting the head of the femur and the hip, as shown in figure 2, with an outward rotational stretch on both contacts.

FIGURE 2: Emphasizes the thumb contact on the head of the femur for all hip corrections, with the patient lying on the side. See chart No. 34 in book II.

FIGURE 3: This is a new corrective contact for an anterior and inferior sacral base on the side which is on the top as the patient lies on the table. The tips of the middle fingers contact the apex of the sacrum on that side. The thumb is on the posterior part of the head of the femur. The shaft of the femur lines up with the two contacts. This is well illustrated in chart No. 34 of book II. The leg is relaxed and placed a little above a right angle to the body. The operator's left hand is on the shoulder, pushing it back until all the slack is taken out of the body between the two contacting hands. The correction is a gentle push backwards on the shoulder contact, and a synchronized, upward directional move applied on the two light contacts with the right hand. No force is used. The correction is easily made when the lines of direction and the flow of the energy currents are co-ordinated.

FIGURES 4 AND 5: Show polarity reflex areas between the tendons of hands and feet for treating the acute and chronic sore back by means of POLARITY THERAPY. When relaxation has taken place through polarization, then corrective adjustments are easily made, where they are needed.

The top of the feet and the back of the hands are posterior motor polarity reflexes. There is no sensory tissue here for the special sense of touch, and there are no lines from which impressions could be made of the top of the feet or the back of the hands in order to identify the individual. It is the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands that are the front and sensory reflexes of the body. Sole prints identify the individual as positively as the finger prints and the palm impressions of the hand. See chart No. 2 in book II.


The tips of the fingers and toes and the first joints are extremity polarity reflexes which are most powerful because they are the meeting places of the outgoing and return currents. There is a bending of the currents here, like a loose end, where impressions can be easily made. If you don't believe it, just let someone step on your toes literally and see what reaction it calls forth. That is also why the finger tips are so highly sensitive.

There are horizontal polarity reflex values in the hands and in the feet, as well as vertical ones as shown in chart No. 3 in this book and in chart No. 4 in book II. The contacts are made along side and between the tendons. Study these and test them and you may be amazed what results POLARITY THERAPY applied to feet will yield in chronic cases; even more so than the fingers and hands which are the neutral reflexes in all acute conditions. Treat the sorest ones first.

The emoting done by the patient while you hold one of the polarity reflexes is the 'karmic' result of previous actions, lodged here as discordant energy factors and condensed crystallizations. Tell the patient that it is literally paying for sins committed when one undergoes the treatment for the release of energy blocks accumulated, like unfulfilled obligations and debts. And this is true more so than we realize. The chapter in this book, on “CAUSES AND EFFECTS,” will clarify this.

For lower back and hip pains, don't forget the top of the feet for polarity reflex release. It is most effective, but usually overlooked.

The lateral polarity reflexes of the body are found in the external margin of each foot, near the little toe and its tendon, and between it and the fourth toe.

The tendons of the other toes, and mostly between them, are the polarity reflexes of the back, according to regional representation, laterally and superior-inferiorly, as given in the charts.

The over-all current flow, as shown in chart No. 6 of book II is the correct basis for this observation in diagnosis and in therapy. This has been and can be proved by experience.

Gas Releasing Techniques According to Polarity Principles

As the airy principle [Neutral principle1] is the first essential essence in the life currents in the body, it is also the one most frequently involved in pains as a negative effect. Gas pressure may diffuse and manifest as painful symptoms in muscle tissues, the bowels, or even in the head, very much like a gas bubble in a hot water pipe.

The colon is the largest reservoir of the gases in the body and it represents the neutral pole of the airy principle [Neutral principle1], and may reflect anywhere in the body as steady gas pressure until released. This may manifest as pains shooting and darting from place to place. Cramps in the calves of the legs are one of the symptoms due to gas in the muscles because of excess gas pressure in the colon.

The colon as a whole, the cecum [caecum] and the sigmoid are often distended and displaced by excess gas pressure which usually results in head symptoms. All gaseous type patients, with every kind of head symptom, even epilepsy, do well by using quantities of warm water in the rectum - taken directly from the tap, letting it run in and expelling it quickly - as a home therapy, to draw the gases and blocked energies downward. In these conditions the energy seems to rush toward the bead, producing such violent symptoms as are found in epilepsy, etc. Therefore, the downward drainage and expelling impulse should be encouraged to counteract the excess upward rush of the downward-flowing energies and gases. These cases are typical colonic type patients because the colon is the gas reservoir for the entire body.

For home treatment, the patient will get best results by taking the warm water, properly tempered, directly from the faucet, through a soft rubber hose, without the use of a nozzle or any type of rectal applicator at the tip which is inserted in the rectum. A mild lubricant or soap may be used on that end of the hose for easy and painless insertion. The water should be running and properly tempered before the hose is inserted. One inch or so is sufficient for the hose to go into the inner sphyncter [sphincter] muscles. This avoids doubling up of the tube or contact against the feces and is easier for the rectal muscles.

The warm water is repeatedly run into the rectum under pressure and is immediately expelled on every defecating impulse. This has a tendency to draw the gases downward by the expelling force and a reacting suction movement which results in stimulating the rectal function. This type of colonic [enema] is best taken in a squatting position as shown in charts No. 63 and 64 of the supplement to book II, over the oriental type of toilet. When such is not available, the next best thing is to take the position in the bath tub, taking the water in and quickly stepping to the toilet for expelling. If the defecating impulse is sudden, there may not be sufficient time to step to the toilet, in which case the tub may be thoroughly scrubbed and cleansed after having been used for this purpose.

After taking the warm water into the colon and expelling it, repeat this process until the colon is thoroughly cleaned out. Sometimes the feces that have been lying in the upper part of the of the colon are brought down and expelled together with the excess gas, during this process. Sometimes the water comes out clear for a while before small or large round lumps are washed out, which had lodged in the pockets of the colon. These lumps may be present even in cases where patients have apparently normal bowel movements, which go through and are not obstructed by the lumps lodged in the pockets of the colon. Quantities of water and the patient's own impulse to expel same, dislodges and flushes these lumps out. The effort tones the muscles. This may be repeated daily or as often as the patient feels the need of it. Sometimes nothing but excess gas is lodged there, making the patient feel very uncomfortable, and the use of the warm water in this way usually brings instant relief.

After completing the flushing of the colon with warm water, some cold water may be quickly used in the same way and expelled immediately. The cold water also tones the rectal tissues and completes the application.

Many chronic, migraine headaches may be relieved by this simple procedure of releasing the gas blocks in the neutral pole of the airy principle.

The positive pole of the airy principle is naturally in the lungs, as the intake of fresh air for the circulation.

The negative pole of this gas pressure is felt in the calves of the legs and the exact area between the tibia and the fibula, which reflexes to the colon.

Excess gas pressure also frequently manifests as pain in the bones, especially the femur and the tibia, as well as in the feet. Many bone pains are due to air stagnations in the Haversian canals [canals of Havers], especially in the long bones. Indigestion and excess gas formation may even make the arms feel numb at times, after heavy meals. Spasm in the fascia and the tissues on the outside of the arms, and in the fascia lata on the legs, is a typical symptom of indigestion and gas stagnation. Most neuralgias are due to this cause. Heat applications may relieve, but POLARIZATION CORRECTS THE DISTURBED ENERGY FIELDS. Excess gas must be released wherever the the [sic] symptoms manifest themselves. Before this is released, no other treatment or remedy is of much help.

Cramps which come and go, or a “stitch” in a muscle, are usually due to gas pressure. Such airy stagnation often precedes rheumatic symptoms and arthritis, where more solid particles fill in the stagnant fields. Neuritis may be a stagnant airy block, before inflammation of the tissue sets in.

As previously mentioned, the upper jaw bones react to the shin bones, in polarity reflex tracings, and the lower jaw bones react to the pubic bones on each side. “As above, so below.” The positive area is reflected in the negative one. WIRELESS ENERGY CURRENTS UNITE BOTH AND CAN RELEASE BOTH THROUGH PROPER APPLICATION OF POLARITY THERAPY.

Techniques for releasing excess gas pressure are given in a series of charts in this book (No. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25) because more than one area must be treated, depending on where and how intense the blockade or blockades may be. These treatments are best given with the patient sitting in an upright position because diffused gases in the tissues have a tendency to rise for expulsion. When there is enough energy present to expel them downward, there is no difficulty in obtaining relief. But, as gases are often diffused in muscle tissue and elsewhere, it takes a little time to get them to move and collect for release in a hearty belch or natural downward expulsion. These areas must be coaxed through stimulation and relaxation to get them to react and expel the gas gathered there.

In office procedure, a simple rectal injection of garlic, onion and parsley juice diluted with three parts water can be given more than once in one treatment. It takes only a few minutes to inject from one to five 2-oz. syringefuls of this mixture, the amount depending on the patient's capacity to hold it. This works much faster than any colonic or enema and it gives instant relief when it is indicated or when the colon is loaded. Best results are obtained by having the patient in the knee-chest position while giving the injection, so the small amount of fluid used can more effectively be dispersed and flow downhill and soften the mass in the colon.

Having emptied out the lower end, the upper reflexes may be stimulated. Have the patient sit by a washbowl or with a pan in the lap. Give the patient plenty of hot water to drink, preferably with a little lemon or salt in it. The operator slips a finger cot on the first finger (second finger may be used, but the first finger is perferable [preferable]) and reaches back of the soft palate and raises it, as shown in figure 2 of chart No. 25 in this book. Hold this contact gently for a few seconds. It has a powerful regurgitating effect on the stomach, is also a respiratory stimulant, and reacts on the rectum for elimination, if held longer. It is a valuable treatment when and where it is needed. All cases of digestive disturbances, heart trouble and breathing difficulties are benefited by it.

It will be surprising how this simple treatment, together with the other procedures mentioned in this chapter on Gas Releasing Techniques, can relieve the most stubborn and intense headache for a patient in a very short time. The longer the headache has been in progress, the longer will it take the good doctor to release the settled gases. As soon as these roll, relief is obtained. One sometimes has to work a half-hour or more on real stubborn cases. Suboxidized tissues need air and circulation. Treat these cases often until POLARITY CORRECTIONS ARE MADE.

Many times hiccoughs [hiccups] will occur during the process of these gas releasing treatments. This simply means that more gases are present, as the hiccough [hiccup] is a symptom of gas pressure on the diaphragm. Work a little longer and up come the gases!

The patient will be most grateful and will gladly come to the office of the doctor who can give relief where everything else had failed.

chart 21: step one in gas releasing technique anterior and posterior view

[See Book 3, Chart 21]

The patient sits on a chair or on the treatment table. The doctor stands or sits behind the patient and places both hands directly above the innominate crest [iliac crest], on the soft tissues of the sides of the body. The fingers dig in, in front, over the groin, with a gentle lifting motion to stimulate the cecum [caecum] and sigmoid area as shown in figure 1. The thumbs grip the lateral muscles in the back to balance the hand. They also contact the transverse process of the lumbar region, pushing forward in a gentle rocking motion as shown in figure 2. The contact can be moved higher and lower, up and down the spine, accompanied by a gentle, rhythmic rocking motion which helps to expel the gas.

This may be continued as long as the gases in that area can be moved for expulsion. Then change to another location for release. Gas accumulates in pockets and must be located and released from each stagnant pool. It takes time and effort to gather and release these stray bubbles in tissues. But the relief obtained by the patient is well worth the effort.

chart 22: activating anterior and posterior body areas for the release of gases

[See Book 3, Chart 22]

FIGURE 1 demonstrates a double contact for gas pressure release under the floating ribs and the diaphragm. The right band of the operator is placed on the back of the patient, the thumb pressing between the fourth and fifth dorsal [thoracic] vertebra [T4, T5] on the right side, steadily pressing anteriorly, while the left hand supports the abdomen in a steady lift or rhythmic movement upward. This has many other benefits, as mentioned in connection with chart No. 3 in this book. A co-ordinated, rhythmic motion of pressure and lift often releases the gases freely.

This also bas a POLARIZING EFFECT from the back motor area to the front sensory area of the body, and opens the pylorus.

The contact and application can be used up and down the spine on the back, as well as from the pubis upward over the entire abdomen, up to the ribs, in a lifting motion. It may be used on either side for gas release, depending on where it is needed.

FIGURE 2 gives a posterior view of the contact marked “X” on either side of the spine.

Pressure on the left side of the back in this area releases the tension in the small intestines.

The straight horizontal arrow shows a combination hold of the anterior and posterior contact employed simultaneously as one move, in a lifting, rocking action for gas release.

In heavy patients the knee of the doctor should support the elbow of his band on the back of the patient when the back is flexed for rocking or a lift upward.

chart 23: shoulder contacts with knee support at various points on the back for gas release

[See Book 3, Chart 23]

This is an illustration of a double contact on both shoulders, with the operator's fingers stimulating the area in front just above the collar bone, for the pneumogastric [vagus nerve, CN X] and spinal accessory nerves [CN XI] as well as other polarity reflexes from the abdomen, while the thumbs grip the muscles of the shoulder for steadying the hands and completing the polarity contact.

The process is one of holding firmly and gripping the area with also a slight rocking motion. Repeat this several times, BUT HOLD STILL WHILE THE BELCHING GOES ON.

The operator's knee acts as a fulcrum and support against which the back is gently pulled. This knee support is moved up and down the spine, wherever the best results are obtained by the response of gas pressure release. The upper contact remains the same for this particular movement.

FIGURE 2 indicates a thumb contact along the spinal groove on either side, with a gentle flexion of the head against the contact, for stimulation and gas release, especially over the third, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae [C3, C4, C5] for brachial plexus and stomach release as well as the polarity action of the two phrenic nerves on the diaphragm.

chart 24: contacts under the shoulder blades for gas symptoms and better air intake

[See Book 3, Chart 24]

This illustrates a contact under either shoulder to relieve the respiratory reflexes of the stagnant gases.

The other hand is placed in front and on top of the shoulder. It steadies the movement while the fingers press on the top of the shoulder to elicit additional polarity reflexes.

This contact is held and the shoulder is alternately raised and lowered until the gases are released.

Contacts are made all around the shoulder blade. The higher the contact the better, only it is more difficult to get under the blade higher up when there is much congestion. It is then necessary to work at it gently until it is possible to get the fingers under the shoulder blade.

The lifting is done by the operator's knee which supports the hand under the shoulder. The operator's toe is kept on the chair while the heel is raised, which raises the leg. This makes the lifting easier for the doctor.

Go from one side to the other and work where the greatest relief is obtained. One or two minutes usually suffice for each area. It can be gone over again and again, as often as necessary, after working on the other areas. Gases must be gathered and released from the local areas before they can be belched up or expelled naturally. It takes much effort and patience on the doctor's part. Gases are unreasonable and contrary like goats.

Most bad headaches, especially hemicrania, are usually due to gas pressing in the head and on the skull, and may be relieved with these gas releasing contacts.

chart 25: treatment for gas pressure by polarity stimulation on the head, soft palate, and neck

[See Book 3, Chart 25]

FIGURE 1 illustrates the head treatment for polarity reflex release of gas pressure in the head. The doctor stands behind the patient and gently places his finger tips under the hair, directly on the scalp. A short, gentle motion is used with light pressure on the scalp. The direction of the move is from one hand to the other, and this is repeated all over the head. Concentrate most efforts on the sore spots found here.

EYE TREATMENT: The center of sight and the motor area of the eye is in the cuneus of the occipital lobe of the brain. Sore spots over the occiput, about its middle region on each side, are polarity reflex areas for the eyes. Marvelous relief can be given to inflamed and watering eyes by this simple therapy. Gas stagnation in this center may be a reflex from the duodenum and the stomach through its mucous membranes. That is one reason why the umbilicus is treated for eye trouble. It is a well-known proverb that “The eyes are bigger than the stomach.” This refers to the craving for foods and stimulants.

The treatment may also include draining the head, by tilting it back with one hand on the forehead while the thumb and knuckle of the first finger of the other contact the very sore spots on the middle and lower occipital regions. Hold it a moment, release, then repeat several times. For illustrations of this technique, see chart No. 49 in book II.

FIGURE 2 is a sketch of the soft palate, showing the index finger of the operator hooked under it in a lifting motion to release stagnant gases and polarity reflexes. The contact also raises the uvula, which is the positive pole for stomach and rectal polarity reflexes! This is described in detail in the chapter in this book entitled “GAS RELEASING TECHNIQUES ACCORDING TO POLARITY THERAPY.” Rectal dilation is often indicated as a stimulant to activate the negative pole of elimination. As previously mentioned, this should be done with gloved, well-lubricated fingers and not with harsh dilators. Nature responds to intelligent applications; not to force, which it resents and will react violently to it if force is attempted.

FIGURE 3: When the gases have been released and the patient feels comfortable, the general spinal stretch is indicated as the last procedure in this series for stabilizing the relaxation of the entire body. For this particular application the patient lies on the table, face up. It is similar to that shown in chart No. 42 of book II. In this case the contact with the thumbs is on the jaw in order to release the corresponding polarity reflexes. The two middle fingers reach around to the back of the occiput, and the patient's head is slightly tilted forward so the chin is tilted downward. Then a gentle, rhythmic pull and relaxation is repeated again and again, like a rocking motion, until the patient is relaxed. The pull is just enough to move the body of the patient slightly in a gentle stretch. There should be no jerking and no attempt is made at making any adjustments at this time. Whatever adjustment is indicated, takes place automatically while giving this gentle stretch, and that is all that is needed here. IT IS WELL TO REMEMBER THIS POINT IN TREATING ALL DELICATE AND WEAK PATIENTS. To relieve pain by removing energy blocks and pressures is a technique in itself. Structural correction is a physiological procedure for future balance but not for acute pain.

leeches and their value in polarity therapy

[1] Atomic research has clearly demonstrated the energy principle as the foundation of all matter. Obstructed energy fields are forces in turmoil and ready to erupt any time, wherever they are. All contending forces leave a residue of refuse and destruction on the battlefield. Even so, do the unpolarized contending forces in the blood stream leave a host of dead red and white cells, loaded with impurity, in any area where the residue may be accumulated after many battles, when the natural forces are not able to cope with them through the usual channels of elimination. The residue is then pushed to an external location, if possible, where there is less danger to the vital force by this blockade. If this is not possible, then there is great danger of serious damage to central organs and to life, as in apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage and the like.

The application of leeches is an old therapy but no such reason for their use has ever been offered. In fact, blood-letting [bloodletting] and leeching was overdone in the middle ages in Europe. The simple theory behind it all was that in the blood was the impurity which endangered life; so they let some out for every occasion, with the idea of purifying and thinning out the rest. The three disease-producing factors were said to be in the blood, and so they were letting it out.[2] The practice was abused because it was not understood. However, when the blood becomes too impure to act as a conveyor of the life forces because of heavy diet and lack of elimination, something should naturally be done about it. Un-oxidized tissue dies of asphyxiation much the same as the sum total of cells - the individual.

Proper diet may prevent further filling up of the blood stream with wastes, but it seldom takes care of the blood sludge which has accumulated. Merely letting out some venous blood from the circulation through venesection is not clearing the deposited accumulation which has been scattered through muscle tissue, like in lumbago and other acute cramps of muscles. These blood particles may even become crystals, so sharp that they cut the tissue cells in which the waste deposits lodge, when the muscle attempts to contract. Be that as it may, the absence of oxygen and the life energy is quite sufficient to cause paroxysm in the affected area, through the asphyxiation of tissue cells. Also, the energy currents blocked there, accumulate sufficient back-pressure for constriction or swelling, through excess of material in the blood which is caught in the tissue cells and cannot escape because the proper solvent is not present to release the chemical block from this accumulation.

The factors are first vital, then chemical through oxygen starvation and wastes; also mechanical in quantity pressure and the sharpness of the acid particles in the tissues. The situation is like a morass locally, or quicksand in a roadbed. The impurity may be so great that this blood could not be allowed in the general circulation without producing a fatal reaction when it strikes a vital center like the floor of the fourth ventricle of the medulla oblongata, or the bundle of His[3] in the heart, etc.

In secondary local conditions of severity and chronic accumulation, the gentle withdrawal of the blood sludge - by the application of leeches - would be a help to the system and a relief to the patient. FRESH BLOOD HEALS BECAUSE IT IS A CARRIER OF THE LIFE ENERGY IN THE OXYGEN CONTENTS OF THE BLOOD. As the blood sludge is slowly removed by the application of leeches, the body manufactures pure, fresh blood to take its place in the circulation; whereas the sludge was stagnating in the local area and obstructing perfect circulation.

Even after the acute stages of cerebral hemorrhage have passed, the local application of leeches relieves the brain tissue of the blood sludge which otherwise obstructs vital brain areas and causes paralysis. Remarkable results have been obtained by this application in typical cases, even months after the stroke.

In acute inflammations of the spinal cord, like in meningitis, the application of leeches is very useful to encourage the flow of fresh blood to the inflamed membranes.

Leeches can be used very effectively around old varicose ulcers, on carbuncles, boils, bruises, black eyes due to injury, or anywhere where poisoned or dead blood accumulates and needs to be drained in order to allow the fresh blood to circulate and promote healing.

The point to be born in mind is that the leeches must be applied on the area of stagnation or inflammation in order to drain it of the sludge, and nowhere else. General venesection does not drain blocked local areas. In many instances, the bad-smelling, decayed blood drained out by the application of leeches, plus the relief felt by the patient, would be sufficient evidence to convince anyone of the effectiveness of this age-old therapy, PROPERLY USED. This also points to the necessity of not allowing this blood sludge to flow back into the general circulation. Nature often walls it off as abscesses, boils, carbuncles, etc. when the condition is still in an acute stage.

Leeches are applied to any selected area indicated by the presence of bad blood and its local symptomatic appearance.

The number of leeches to be used for a single application is governed by the vitality of the patient and the extent of the area to be drained. The patient must be under observation for at least six hours after the application, for fainting symptoms or hemorrhage due to badly decayed tissues, as in varicose ulcers. In such cases a natural antiseptic astringent, like Vitaminerals No. 120[2], and elastic bandages should be kept handy.

The application of leeches is a responsible and tedious procedure and cannot be classed under routine therapy. Sufficient time must be set aside by the doctor to enable him to give the application his entire time and attention.

DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION: The surface to be treated should be thoroughly cleansed. The leeches are placed on the area and covered with a cold wet cloth to keep them from wandering about. Give them sufficient time to take hold and fill up. They will fall off by themselves, one by one, when fully engorged with blood. If a few stragglers hang on unreasonably long, sprinkle some table salt on them and they will let go at once. Also, as the leeches drop off, if you wish to see what rubbish they sucked out, disgorge them a few at a time, by placing them in a shallow bowl with a little water in it and sprinkling them with table salt. You can then show them to the patient while they disgorge, and, if interested, the patient can see for himself or herself the amount of black and sometimes foul smelling blood of which they have been relieved. For this one does not need a microscope as it can be seen with the naked eye, without the use of any instrument.

When the leeches have done their work, the area should be washed with liquid green soap and water, or Laronol which is made by Anabolic Foods.[3] This is excellent as it has a lubricating action rather than a drying one which would stop the draining of the small outlets made by the leeches. Sterile gauze is then applied over the area, and thick cotton padding on top of that, so the blood which oozes out of the small outlets won't go through on the clothes and on the bedding.

This may need changing several times. The draining usually lasts about eight hours. Then the area is merely washed and that is all. If one or two spots insist on dripping at this stage, touch them up with a little V.M. 120[2], iron solution which should be kept on hand as previously mentioned.

In cases where leech applications are indicated, the results obtained are in a class by themselves. As a prophylaxis, it does not do much for hypertension by actual measurement, but it may lessen the danger of cerebral hemorrhage.

It is not effective in infantile paralysis, but it is effective in paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage. In such cases the paralyzed limbs are revived as a result of freeing the brain of blood sludge which threatens to drown the normal brain cells and their function. Where the diffused blood of the hemorrhage absorbs naturally, it is not needed. But where paralysis results and does not gradually vanish without assistance from the outside, the application of leeches is of real value to the patient and to the doctor.

polarity diet

REVIEW AND REASON FOR A NEW APPROACH: With so many books available on diet and the actual chemical analysis of food substances, it would appear that all the ideas on this subject were represented and there would be no need for further discussion or writing. However, in daily practice every observing doctor finds diet as a major factor in chronic complaints, and without the correction of such contributing causes, the patient's pains and illnesses continue to recur.

In this field too I searched for many years for a logical denominator which would be a reasonable approach to this debatable subject; at the same time avoiding fads, isms and arbitrary diet rules. Is it possible to answer all these questions in any one book without dogmatism and endless controversy? I claim it is not only possible but simple when the underlying factors are considered which pertain to the whole constitution of matter in motion and in man. All living things have polarity, and either attract or repel. Chemistry itself is based on attraction and repulsion. Diet also is based upon this fundamental law of Polarity.

The constitution of matter is simple in its essence, but very complex in its assembly and combinations. Before our knowledge of complex chemistry existed, there was a simple classification of matter, according to its state of appearance, which explained the type of energy that was flowing through it at that time. Solids, liquids, gases, caloric energy and etheric substances are the five modes of classifying matter according to our five senses and the principles operating in them which attract us to these substances.

The finer energy fields in our bodies need recharging, stimulating and replacing of particles used, such as solids, liquids, gases and heat units, plus the sensitive and artistic appearance and appetizing aroma and style in its service as food or drink, representing the etheric essence. Heretofore, we simply thought of foods as proteins, carbohydrates and hydrocarbon replacements in the body according to chemical classification, as the only necessity for eating. As long as all this can be enjoyed with good health, no question arises and all seems well. But when pains or illness manifest, then we wonder if this pleasure routine of eating and drinking hasn't something to do with it. After all, why do we do it and go to all the expense and effort to please our appetite by seeking new places where new and tempting dishes are served? The mere chemical approach does not answer most of these problems, and it is far too complicated and too technical to be the solution to all diet problems, because life is not merely chemistry.

If we study the essence or the energy fields in foods, or the principles of which they are the conveyors, then light breaks on the scene where reason and practice can join hands. The replacement of energy used in the body is sought in the whirling energy particles conveyed through food to the energy fields of the body. This is the primary factor before all other considerations! It is the attraction of POLARITY ENERGY FIELDS which is the essence of the diet problem. Food and drink must be broken down by the body energies first, and the inherent spinning electrons and protons must be liberated so they can be absorbed as building blocks and fitted into the keynote of the body and the different organs of function to which they are attracted.

Polarity in diet appears as a new idea and a strange thought at first. But when we consider that we are attracted by certain foods more than others, it suggests a Polarity force at work unbeknown to us. The appearance or aroma of certain foods, or even talking about them, makes our mouths water, while we do not react that way to other foods. Why do we crave certain things and repel others? Is it not all based on Polarity? The attraction may be psychological as in other preferences for which we have no physical basis. But the fact remains that there is a strong magnetic attraction in us for certain types of food or drink, which is usually not based upon reason, nor is it because the body needs it in such quantities, nor because it is good for us. To cope with such factors is sometimes the struggle of a lifetime; and the strange thing is, persons who have this craving for certain foods and drink not only enjoy them but can tolerate them far better and longer as a steady die [diet] than could any other group of persons.

This problem has puzzled scientists and dietitians for many years and the answer is still hidden in a Polarity attraction of something within the person which is also in the food or drink craved. What is this mystery? Is it purely psychological, or is it inherited, or due to early habits? Why does it recur in such a persistent pattern, without rhyme or reason? The answer to this and many other problems which have an electromagnetic basis for their attraction between fields within the constitution of the body and in Nature without, are found in the Polarity fields and as a vibratory keynote in the field of mental craving.

All patterns have their origin in mind substance. Mind also is matter in its finest neutral form. For that reason it has power over matter, through attraction, by re-arranging its pattern form; as the neutron has over the activity of the atom and its component protons, electrons and other positive or negative spinning particles.

THE LINK: It is the pure action of neutronic energy of matter which appears as mind substance and thought everywhere. For this reason, mind is the ruler of the individual. Therefore it is necessary to understand the problem in its step-down sequences from finer causes to material effects. Solomon evidently had this in mind when he admonished, “With all thy getting, get understanding.”[1] Through understanding, man can learn by action, experience and sensation in this “Kindergarten of Life.”

Even the smallest unit of matter, the atom, works by attraction which holds its particles in the field of usefulness, spinning around a neutral center. This presentation of POLARITY PRINCIPLES IS AN ADVANCE APPLICATION OF ATOMIC SCIENCE TO THE HEALING ART.

Whoever thought that diet itself could be better understood as energy fields of attraction eating and drinking? However, in mental and emotional upsets, we do not think it out of place to resort to psychiatry in an endeavor to solve the troubles resulting from our habits of indulgence. Even this approach does not explain the “why” of a certain craving, but endeavors to change the thought pattern.

In this newly-found explanation of mind as the neutral pole of all matter, we bring the two factors to the surface as POLARITY ATTRACTION. Mind patterns always have motives or objectives for their drives. It is either possession, enjoyment or mastery over certain things to which this energy expenditure is geared. The after-effects of these impulses are usually the pains and distresses for which remedies are sought outside of the field of causes.

Simplicity of diet and restriction in quantity and selection is a touchy subject for the doctor to broach to successful business men or women who enjoy eating and drinking as a satisfaction in keeping with their position in life. To even mention physical health through simplicity of diet is often impossible. Yet faulty diet habits are contributing factors in many diseases.

Suffering makes the mind small and willing to do anything for the relief of the pain as long as it lasts. And the very food or drink which causes the pain because of over-indulgence, may be repellent - even as a thought - in the time of suffering from the results, but not after that. Is this not reversed polarity in action? Should we consider it as punishment or merely as a correction of natural forces in action? Whichever view we take, Polarity is the one factor around which all this attraction spins; in the first place as over-indulgence; in the second place as reaction of forces in the system in an effort to right itself.

Is dis-ease [disease] a corrective effort of Nature, or a punishment which we must escape somehow? Do we ever escape our thoughts or our weaknesses by travel or by runnnig [running] away from responsibility? Should the good doctor help Nature in its polarizing effort, or oppose and suppress those corrective forces at work with chemistry? These are the problems of our times. The answers lie in the energy field of Nature and in man. The constitution of neither is changed to favor anyone.

Nature has five fields or patterns of manifestation which we know as Creation. The five fields are: Etheric, Airy, Fiery, Watery and Earthy. The one central energy or river of life which is the etheric force, flowing out of the etheric realm of Paradise, is the neutral balancing unit force. It is represented by the central core of the body; namely, the brain and the spinal cord and the thumbs and big toes. (Explained in book I.) We are told that this river splits into four heads. Similarly, the four sensory and motor currents flowing over the four fingers on each hand and the four toes of each foot are polarized and sustained in action by the sum total of the neutral current flowing over them and supporting and co-ordinating their action.

Nature splits this central energy field into four heads of manifestation in the outside world:

1 - The first river is the air, the breath of life and the gases it contains, like oxygen, which makes life possible on earth.

2 - The next is the fire of life and warmth, supplied by the sun and embodied in fuel in the earth.

3 - The third is the water principle [water element][1] of fluidity and hydrogen which constitutes about three-fifths of the earth's surface, as seas and rivers.

4 - The fourth is the solid earth, or matter as we know it and think of it, such as greens and fields, etc. But without the co-operation of all the others, this could not be.

These rivers of energy all depend on each other in interplay of particles and essences for their existence. So also does the health of the human body. We eat the fruits of sunshine, air, water and the earth, but never question the fact why we need them nor what the finer essences or principles in them are which we must have in order to sustain us. “Man does not live by bread alone.”[1] All solid, physical food is here implied. There is something finer in us and in Nature. It is the energy essence in the food that supplies our store from Nature's bountiful domain, and this essence is four-fold in Nature's polarized fields.

1 - The AIRY elements of foods are distinguished by their sourness and oxidizing properties. 'Sauerstoff' is the German word for oxygen. All foods which have this in abundance, sustain this element of action in the human body, when taken in moderate quantities and in proper combinations. The intake of too much sour or oxidizing foods, such as acid fruits and their juices, causes an excess of the sour element in the body through fermentation because of lack of oxidation.

Nitrogen is also an element of the airy nature. Rich, nitrogenous foods form excess gas when not digested rapidly. Fermentation is due to indigestion, and gas is a by-product, liberating the sour element and struggling to give it back to Nature.

The airy foods nourish the oxidizing element in the bloodstream and in the nervous system through the cerebro-spinal [cerebrospinal] fluid, by absorption of this fine essence. That easily explains why highly nervous cases are usually associated with gaseous conditions.

Yeasts and their products belong to the group of airy foods. They soothe the nerves, which action, according to chemistry, is credited to the vitamin B contents.[2]

Natural, unprocessed cheeses have the airy quality of fermentation in them. Roquefort, Camembert, Liederkranz, Limburger and all cheeses having a strong odor which is activated by the enzymes of fermentation belong in this category. Apples combine well with these proteins because they are also an airy, brain food. Almonds, pecans, cashews and pignolias [pine nuts] are among the fruit proteins containing this airy principle.

All citrus fruits and their varieties come under the heading of sourness, which must oxidize or the excess produces rheumatism by clogging the oxidation and life principle. Lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, pineapple, rhubarb, tomatoes and strawberries are here included.

Among the dairy products, the sours are Yogurt, sour milk, acidophilus, buttermilk and all its varities [varieties] of souring essence, which may be too much for the body to take care of when taken daily in quantities. In this respect, the Punjabi's in India have the right idea. Their hot weather drink is cold, fresh buttermilk, yogurt or curd, diluted with four parts or more of plain cold water, and salt is added according to taste. In this way it is highly beneficial through its cooling effect.

Personally, I have seen many cases of rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis and other muscular pains or stiffness and difficulties caused by the excess of the souring principle in the blood because it could not be oxidized in the muscles through action nor by respiration; so it was deposited as a sour, sub-oxidized material in the muscles and joints where normally lubrication, physical action and elasticity of air should abide. Oxidation and friction consume human joints as well as metallic ones when improperly lubricated. This is an important point which will help to solve many rheumatic problems. The habit of mixing these acids with starchy and rich foods is the worst combination possible because the fermentation has a fine media in the starchy combinations of food, and the end product is rheumatism because of an overloaded liver and other eliminative organs.

I am well aware of the general claim that all these acids are turned into an alkaline in the process of digestion. But Nature decides otherwise when its capacity is overloaded and these sour elements are choked in their oxidizing efforts. They remain acid and form a fermented mixture in the blood stream. Take rheumatic cases off of these sour things, such as citrus fruit juices and sour milk drinks, and the rich foods which ferment and cause another type of sourness, and they will get well. In such cases a diet of leafy, soothing, watery type food is very helpful.

Further, I am fully aware of the claims and practices of putting rheumatic cases on citrus fruits, and sometimes with good results. That is true when the citrus fruits are not mixed with other foods except perhaps olive or almond oil, and are given in limited quantities only, and the patient takes plenty of water - cold when the juice is taken plain, and hot if the juice is taken with oil. This citrus fruit diet is especially applicable to those who are ill as a result of heavy eating of meat and rich foods; but not in cases where there is already an excess of unoxidized acids in the body. A little acid-sour food stimulates oxidation. More than that can be felt instantly in the joints or as a muscular stiffness and ache. I have tested this out thoroughly for years on myself and on hundreds of rheumatic patients, many doctors among them who had overlooked this airy factor of oxidation.

This treatise on airy foods may be concluded by relating actual experience: About thirty years ago, a prominent man who was one of my patients and who would go to the famous spas of Europe every year, came back one year highly enthused about the acidophilus milk dispensing stands along the walks of Cannes. He asked me what I thought of it. I simply replied, “They won't be there next year.” “Why do you say such a thing, doctor?” “Because the people will get rheumatism by mixing this acid milk product with their rich diet. Wait and see.” The following year when he returned, be said, “Doctor, you were right. There wasn't one acidophilus milk dispensing stand left this year. The people got such rheumatic symptoms that they are now afraid of this drink.” Such is the case where a little is good, but too much or the wrong combination is harmful.

2 - The FIERY essence of the sun and beat is embodied in the principle of bitterness in foods, herbs and drinks, which supply the fire element of warmth and life in our constitution. All bitters are of a tonic variety and stimulate the digestive function, principally the duodenum and gallbladder (the specific fiery areas), also the stomach and the sluggish liver, the earthy and watery organs of chemistry. Endive, dandelion, escarole, watercress and hosts of other bitter greens and vegetables are stimulants to the digestion.

The fiery and warming foods also include such high-protein foods as oats, peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, soybeans, other beans, peas, lentils, and legumes in general. They have less water in them as they belong to the seed avriety [variety] of things with the latent sprouting capacity which is the slumbering fiery force, like a motive power, in all seeds. This is demonstrated clearly where a sprout makes room for itself among rocks and even under concrete. It is the fine essence which demonstrates its living power over a lower vibration of inert mass.

The more stimulating fiery foods are most spices, as well as garlic, leek, onions, ginger and the pepper variety of foods. These foods are indicated as a tonic for the circulation, stimulating the fiery nature of the blood for more warmth and action. Among the stimulating beverages are black coffee and tea, having a natural astringent factor. They are classified under the bitter quality. The stimulants act as a lift in low places of the vital economy and should be used accordingly.

3 - The WATERY element in solid foods is distinguished by saltiness, like the sea water. All the vegatable [vegetable] varieties of leafy things have much water in them and the addition of a small amount of salt is needed for proper digestion and assimilation.[1] That is why the deer and other herbivorous animals in general run for miles to a salt lick, in spite of the danger of being killed there.[2] But, again, it is the inner urge of Polarity forces which is even more powerful than the fear of death.

Celery tastes decidedly salty if a person bas not used table salt for a while. It is the sodium in the celery which gives it the salty flavor. This is lacking in grasses and that is why herbivorous animals crave salt as a necessary part of the watery element in their diet. In certain diseases, such as high blood pressure and dropsy [edema], where the watery element is in excess in the body, a salt-free diet is definitely indicated. Even the use of celery, cucumbers, etc. are excluded in cancer diets because cancer is pre-eminently a cold, watery disease.

The watery foods are the leafy vegatables [vegetables], melons, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, and the water-containing fruits. Milk is also a watery food and therefore causes mucous [mucus] to form if taken by adults because they do not have the rennet in their stomachs to make cheese out of it and then digest it as a solid protein as all sucklings do.

In diseases of the skin and mucous [mucus] membranes, foods containing the watery element, which act on the kidneys, should be given. The succulent and leafy vegetables, berries, fruits and melons supply this element in the body's economy. The point here is to flush the accumulated sediments from the membranes.

4 - The EARTHY element in foods is characterized by sweetness. Fats, starches and sugars compose most of this category. The tuber variety of foods which grow underground belong to this earthy classification. Carbon is the element of the earth and adds weight in the foods which contain it in large quantities. It is easily assimilated and slower in elimination. The carbohydrates and hydrocarbons come under this group.

Sweet foods, like honey and sugar containing fruits, come under the earth and water elements in the process of assimilating them into the bloodstream. These two elements join in the circulation as liquids and semi-solids.

Our constitution craves and attracts what we wish to build up or store in the body as essential elements or tissues. For future use it is stored as fat, to be liberated as fuel when needed. If not used, it is a dead weight of earth as carbon.

SELECTION OF FOOD: The selection of food is according to each one's temperament. The mind must be satisfied with the food and drink. If the problem of Polarity and need is understood, the right food will be selected at the right time, and digested. The body goes through changes like the seasons in Nature. There are times when stimulating and warm foods are best, as in cold seasons. The summer season supplies its own answer in producing luscious fruits and vegetables, which are best taken then as they help to balance the outside heat by their watery essences.

Meals generally should be simple. There should not be too much variety at one meal. The food should be well masticated. Stimulants and spices are specifics, and should be used sparingly, when needed.

Breaking down foods in a liquifier and drinking them does not favor digestion. The proper preparation of food through mastication and insalivation is the first step in preparing the food, through the alkaline media in the saliva, for further digestion in the acid of the stomach. The process of making a correct chemical emulsion, through the body's own juices, is an essential one, so the essences can be extracted by the body as building blocks. The necessary chemical action which takes place when food is properly masticated, is lost when food is prepared and swallowed as a liquid. The mouth is alkaline, and the ptyalin in the saliva is a valuable digestive agent, which has no time to be mixed with liquid food because it passes through the mouth so quickly. Solid foods should be masticated and insalivated. Liquids, like water and some juices, have little solids in them and do not require the action of the saliva on them for the benefit of the body.

The four actions of chemical mutation in digestion are: The chemistry of the mouth is alkaline; that of the stomach is acid; the small intestines are alkaline; and the colon is acid. These four stations in the body are analogous to the four seasons through which the food passes in its cycle of growth in Nature. In this entire process, the four chemical actions, like the four elements, are necessary.

The excellent practice of fletcherizing[1] the food favors the extraction of essences from foods by the body's own essence; namely, its natural digestive juices.

It is the essence in the food which we really crave. The gross particles must all be expelled or they would accumulate and we could not carry on. The gross forms are but conveyors of the life essence within them.

If we need stimulating foods which push out the wastes by their fiery element and motor action, we select the bitter qualities which give tone to the gallbladder, liver and duodenum. Ginger and other spices also come under the fiery calssification [classification] as they increase the appetite and aid the fires of digestion in the splanchnic [intestinal] region.

Foods which contain more than one element in them serve those essences in our diet. Naturally, a balance must be maintained or the Polarity may be upset. Too much of any one stimulating food alone opposes the other factors and detracts from their share of energy currents in the body's economy.

Intelligence and the experience gained by the trial and error method act as a safeguardfor each person. Rules do not apply equally to all ages nor times, to the same person, nor to every temperament and individual. Mere chemistry does not take into account each person's ability to digest and assimilate foods. That is an individual problem which can easily be proved by every one who is interested enough in his or her well-being to observe what agrees best at what time of day and in what quantities. It is simple but it needs close attention and some unbiased observation which every person should give himself in order to remain well under the stress of work.

There are some foods which contain the three essential essences of life which act as catalysts in the blood stream. These three are the sour, bitter and salty essences in the circulation; the Mercury, Sulphur and Salt elements mentioned by Paracelsus.[1]

The airy or sour element promotes oxidation. The fiery or bitter element acts as a tonic and stimulant. The watery principle [water element],[2] as the saltiness of the sea, is the matrix of all structures. In sacred writings it is stated that all physical creation proceeded out of water (even as the foetus [fetus] floats in the embryonic fluid.) This fine essence of Nature builds new tissues and controls the secretion of all membranes and the skin. It gives structural strength to the body and mildness to the mental temperament, the emotional nature of which is forgiveness.

The Breath of Life and the Cycle of Nutrition

NOTE: The following four pages were originally published in Dr. Stone's APPENDIX TO THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART (Copyright 1956). Most of the other material that originally comprised that Appendix was later incorporated into his other books, and hence the Appendix as a separate publication has been allowed to go out of print.

Air and its latent energy is life to every cell in the human body because this exchange of energy flow links every particle to the Whole. Without it there would be suffocation. The process of breathing conveys this vital energy in the air to every cell in the system through the blood stream and its circulation. It is stated in the Bible (Lev. 17:11): “For the life of the flesh is in the blood.”

The vital energy of man is a combination of breath - air - (warmth or fire of the sun) and fluids - water - (flowing through his earthy nature). These energy essences lie hidden in the cosmic air. Without these, the body of earthiness and matter cannot live, move or be a vehicle for the consciousness within, which is the living soul in the body. In Gen. 2:7 of the Holy Scriptures we find: “And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

“The dust of the ground” is the essence of the earthy principle, which returns to earth at the end of man's life on earth. “Dust” is raised by the wind, when the air moves as energy currents under the impulse of the fiery sun and the expansion of air through heat meeting cold waves of air which are under the influence of the moon energy of contraction. Thus, storms arise and the dust flies! The loose earth is moved by the air in its onward sweep of waves which activate the earth essence by energy stimulus.

These two subtle energy currents of expansion and contraction are pictured as two serpents entwined on a staff, referred to as the Caduceus by the writers of ancient wisdom. The staff represents the spinal cord, called the Tree of Life in the body of man. On the right side of the body the positive energy of the sun prevails. This positive energy is called the 'Pingala' by the Hindus and the 'Yang' by the Chinese. On the left side, the negative energy of the moon rules the body. This negative energy is referred to as the 'Ida' [irda] by the Hindus and as the 'Yin' by the Chinese.

This dual energy principle and its secret knowledge was also pictured as the “Staff of Hermes”, the god of the Air and of Wisdom. It was the sign of the physicians of old, who understood the workings of these fine energy principles in Nature and in man. When the body is ill, it is out of tune and wave length with these two dual forces in Nature's storehouse and cannot draw on them for sustenance and the impulses of life. It is up to the good doctor to re-establish this broken link of energy currents between the patient's own forces and Nature's supply house.

In illness the rhythm and the wave length of a man's breath is out of proportion to the media of circulation through which it flows. The pulse beat clearly reveals this story. That is why the Chinese of old and all the ancient systems of healing, like the Ayurvedic System of Vedic times, gave such importance to the pulse beat and its meaning. They had an elaborate method of reading the pulse, and knew at once which wind prevailed, which life breath was functioning and which pole of energy was in excess or which one was blocked and needed balancing. This is a lost art nowadays, known and recognized by probably only a single individual here and there, even though the Staff of Hermes is still the sign of the physician. (Please see page 33 of Book I (ENERGY) for the illustration of the Staff of Hermes.)

The kernel of the story is the fact concealed in the cryptic biblical quotations. Oxidation as an external phenomenon is due to the movement of these subtle, invisible energy currents in Nature and in man. Mother earth also has her pains, such as volcanic eruptions, cyclones, etc. Then the velocity of her pulse beat is out of all proportion and balance, locally or generally, like man in illness.

The part of the quotation, “and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”[1], is a much deeper mystery of the Sound Current Energy also called the “Holy Word of God” by which all things were created. It is the ONE ENERGY of all life, which flows through the brain and the nervous systems of man, and by which he becomes an individual living soul. It is the “Lost Chord” in Nature and in man's consciousness which he must seek and find again to re-unite himself to his Source, from which he has descended like “The Prodigal Son”.[2]

The central staff of the symbol of Hermes is the path of the “WORD” of God's major travel in the body, like the trunk of the Tree of Life. It is the energy by which and through which man attracts all that he needs from Nature, like a unit or vital nerve center in the Great Whole. But when man has acquired the power to do so under proper guidance, then he also realizes that it is best to work with Nature and to be in tune with Nature and with God instead of giving in to his own desires to control anything besides himself. When we have controlled our own desires and weaknesses, then everything else falls in line. THAT IS THE SECRET. That is why the truly humble are really great.

In the body the vital air and the circulation entwine the central staff of the Tree of Life (the brain and the spinal cord) like two serpents. They nourish the tissues and thus support the function of the finer airy energy essence of the nervous system and its currents by linking it to Nature outside, through respiration. The energy essence which flows in the center and core of man's being is God's breath of life - The Holy Spirit or Sound Current - which links man to the higher regions and to GOD HIMSELF. That makes man a “living soul”. It is the 'ladder' referred to in Jacob's Vision at Bethel: “And he dreamed; and behold, a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to heaven: and, behold, the angels of God ascending and descending on it. And behold, Jehovah stood above it, and said, I am Jehovah, the God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed; and thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south; and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee whithersoever thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.” (Gen. 28:12-16) This indicates clearly that the human being is a part of God and that he comes to earth for experience only, but comes “again into this land” until his earthly cycle is finished. God is always within each and every one of us. We may forget Him but He never forgets us. When we turn to Him for guidance, then we are automatically in tune with Nature.

The body of dust in which man lives and moves and has his being on earth is supported by the dual currents of the centers of our solar system - the sun and the moon energies and their life-giving currents to all Nature. This is the energy which makes man a living being on earth. This is the earthy man or Adam, according to his flesh and blood, as a human being - not pure spirit, but a mixture of spirit with matter and where matter usually predominates.

The earthy body of man or Adam is linked to Nature by the four rivers of energy which he needs constantly to sustain him in this life on earth. This he has in common with all life and vegetation: Air to breathe, to keep him in this atmosphere as a part of it; warmth and sunshine to expand and live; moisture and coolness to refresh his parched, earthy nature. Solid and liquid foods are also necessary to sustain him and keep him in rhythm with the earth.

Nutrition is a complete cycle of attraction out of Nature's storehouse and the expulsion back to the outside - from the Whole to the unit, and back to the Cosmos. “Perceive ye not, that whatsoever goeth into the mouth passeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?” (Mat. l5:17).

Natural foods grown on good soil contain all the minerals man needs, as well as the more subtle elements in Nature. Cooking destroys most of the finer 'pranic', vital essence in the delicate structures of fruits, nuts and the more luscious and green vegetation. Grasses, which animals live on, are one of the richest and best balanced foods for the earthy nature. Greens and fresh fruits oxidize easily. They are not as heavy in construction as the proteins, the nitrogenous foods and the carbons.

The proteins of flesh meats and eggs have many by-products in them, such as the purine of uric acid and other wastes of the animal system. These must be eliminated in order to maintain health. Greens and easily oxidized foods are needed in order to help eliminate the waste products. Cheese is a good animal protein which does not contain the poisonous byproducts of flesh meats and eggs. A good cheese taken along with plenty of grapefruit or oranges or the juice of same is an ideal combination. That produces oxidation and contains plenty of nourishment without the accumulation of waste and weight.

The carbon foods or starches and heated fats oxidize slowly; hence that is a bad combination along with heavy proteins. It takes longer to break them down and to eliminate the waste. Many illnesses, such as arthritis, rheumatism and a host of pains have their origin in injudicious intake and improper combinations of even the best of foods.

The vegetable proteins, such as the legumes, are highly nourishing but they also oxidize slowly. They should be combined with greens, either raw or cooked. When even the vegetable proteins are taken in excess, they will ferment in the stomach if not properly assimilated and completely oxidized. Acidity due to fermentation causes rheumatism and is always a symptom of sub-oxidation of foods, especially the proteins and starches.

Food and drink have their own cycle of travel. They come from the outside and must be completely broken down by digestion for assimilation and elimination. This is not only true of the solid elements or the liquids but also of the finer airy and gaseous elements which are liberated in their processing and breakdown in our system. It is essential that every element - gross and subtle - must again return to the outside, to Nature's storehouse from which it came, to complete its cycle or travel. Source and supply or cause and effect complete this cycle.

Only small fractions and particles which the cells have the power to attract and hold are built into the body structure and can be called 'nourishment'. The finer essences are the energy principles in foods. These are far more important than the gross bulk. All moving energy attracts its own as it flows like spinning electrons, the same as in the atomic science. The grosser, denser and artificial foods lack these finer qualities; hence their escape back to Nature through oxidation is difficult and slow. These are causes of residue in the system and in the circulation, which in turn produce obstructions called energy blocks.

This is the cause of illness and disease from outside sources. The other causes of disease are mental and emotional cross currents and frustrations in man's own make-up as 'karmic' reactions of internal causes and external effects; for example: “But the things which proceed out of the mouth come forth out of the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adultries [adulteries], fornications, thefts, false witness, railings: these are the things which defile the man; but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not the man.” (Mat. 15:18-21)

Life must ever flow as a fountain from within out, and we call the return currents the experience of life. Through pleasure and through pain our consciousness grows in awareness and self-realization. And through faith, love and greater vision it sees its path opening and expanding into the higher regions from where the soul came to dwell in the body. Then comes the path to GOD REALIZATION.

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