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polarity therapy, book 2: the wireless anatomy of man

Dr. Randolph Stone

A Course in Manipulative Therapy with Principles & Illustrations

Illustrated by Harlan Tarbell, D.N.

Book II of Dr. Stone's Complete Collected Works on Polarity Therapy

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This work is dedicated to the Great Master whose grace and inspiration made this book possible. May it serve well by his bounty and holy will.


This work of fifty-two charts is a further elucidation and demonstration of the principles laid down in my previous book, THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART in 1948. The foundation is the pattern form of the lines of force working like a shuttle weaving the embryonic patterns of the human body in the mother's womb. (See chart, pages 30-31[1], in my previous book.) Even in its finer aspect, wireless energy is as material as the atom itself which has lines of force instead of wires. Life is demonstrable, but it does not lend itself as easily to scientific conditioning and experimenting as inorganic matter. Science has no measure for life.

The basis and principles of this work are as sound as matter itself because they are the five phases of matter in manifestation everywhere. Solids, liquids, gas, caloric energy and ether - they are the five stages matter assumes when it is broken up into finer particles, less dense and more etherial. Inversely, it is matter crystallizing from a fine unseen stage into a dense and formidable substance. It is matter nevertheless. These five modes of matter were the basis of classifying matter by the ancient science of the Vedas. They called them elements of matter, or tattwas [tattvas] - earth, water, air, fire and akash [akasha, aakaasha]. The constituent spinning particles of matter were also known to them, and they called them chakras, or spinning wheels and centers. The energy which flowed thru them was the life principle called Prana, or “Breath of Life.” Upon this foundation was based the Ayurvedic system of medicine, which is over 6,000 years old and the mother of all other systems.

As science is demonstrating the lines of force in the atom, I am endeavoring to demonstrate the same invisible lines of force in the human body, which are its very constitution and its state of being known as health. Every cell must have solids, liquids, air, and warmth in order to live, function, multiply and grow. These four polarized rivers of energy must flow thru the entire organism for the body to live, function and grow. Upon the flow of these imperceptible wireless currents, depends the movement of the more dense and solid particles of matter, such as nerve currents, the circulation of blood and lymph, the flow of urine, and the intestinal peristalsis.

In the economy of the functions of the human body, there are also unfavorable aspects or blocks of opposing energy currents and polarity, the same as in the heavenly bodies outside. Function and harmony are balanced normals. Inharmony and explosions and disaster are universal opposite forces in a clash. The same thing happens by polarity currents in the human body, like a “tempest in a teapot” when it boils. It is this microcosmic economy of the energy and forces of the human body that this book is endeavoring to explain by charts and demonstration, how to effect a balance by removing energy blocks in these four polarized currents or rivers of life and fields.

As physicians, we assume that the nerve currents and the circulation will flow if there is no material interference. Can we compel it to flow or have we given a thought to the lines of force behind this phenomena? Is not most of our emphasis upon effects such as x-rays and gross material evidence of disease, rather than its cause and the more subtle forces at work behind all this appearance? Does the end justify the present means of therapy? Are we going directly to causes or the long way around by treating the effects and symptoms mostly? Is disease an entity or a disrupted polarity of finer forces and their radiations? Are causes such immaterial subtle factors that they cannot be found, traced or balanced? By no means. Only our entire approach has been too densely material in nature. We thoroughly subscribe to the advance of science and the lines of force in the atom bomb, but we forget the same type of potent and polarized lines of force in the human body which are equally explosive.

These charts and explanations are a sincere effort to point to a finer energy concept as the real cause of disease behind its grosser manifestation. With the finer concept must go a constitution of the five-fold energy fields heretofore overlooked. We even test steel for its molecular flaws of structure and tensile strength. Why should we not give the same consideration to the quality and tone of functioning tissue and the energy circuits behind it which really condition it? Many puzzling facts will explain themselves when we examine them in the light of the basic electro-magnetic field which underlies the gross structure. Polarity relationships of triune functions will also explain many factors which nerve tracing and the circulation does not account for, - opposites, such as, head and feet, ankles and kidney functions, knees and digestive reactions, etc., etc.

There is nothing occult in the various densities of matter in any form. Why has this field been overlooked in all our intense research in chemistry? Is it possible that we have lost ourselves in external details and failed to link them to a living center? Progress in constructive living application is slow; it is a laborious, endless task.

If we say this foundation is old and antiquated like Ayurvedic Medicine, then we must admit that the spirit and interest has been lost in an art which is based upon the constitution of matter itself. Nothing has been added for centuries, but all peoples have benefited by it. How can even a great art live without inspiration and devotion to art itself? If no new light is shed on the way by interest, inspiration and research, the light becomes dim and the way obscure. Even God can be forgotten in the pursuits of our own interests.

Since life is closely linked to the more subtle aspects of matter, why should the denser and grosser phases receive all the emphasis, research, and awards. Mind itself is but the finest matter and can only be understood in its total function by tracing it from its source to its effect in its various stages of step-down energy fields in the finer constitution of man. These subtle energy fields are facts and are not nearly as elusive as chasing thoughts and ideas around which might produce a mental-emotional block in the patient. This is a short-cut to psychiatry with a pattern anatomy of sub-mental fields which have great scientific possibilities.

The whole constitution of man must be taken into consideration, not merely the treating of the body as a chemical or mechanical machine. Every reaction to any application of therapy or drug must come from within the body, from the soul entity, through its various step-down mechanisms, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious. The body has no sensation itself, neither has the mind. Its real entity of all sensory reception and reaction is the dweller in the central core of the body. Therefore, the most effective therapy should reach that central core and make its centers (chakras) spin and act to produce a most necessary harmony of currents and reactions. That type of therapy which reaches the core of sensory and motor action and arouses a radiant glow of reaction and a balancing and repolarizing of currents from the center out and inward can be considered a real therapy of causes. These charts and explanations are an earnest endeavor to present an overall view and some applications of a lost art of the finer forces of man.

Leonardo da Vinci, in the 15th century, used the principle of the four polarized elements of earth, air, fire and water for all his scientific discoveries which anticipated most of our modern inventions. The soundness of this foundation and its adaptability for its future discoveries implies an open challenge to the science of our age.

summary of principles

  1. The soul is a unit drop of the ocean of the Eternal Spirit which is the dweller in the body as the knower, seer, and doer; it experiences all sensation and action. It alone is the power in the body which reacts to any mode of application of therapy or action. Consciousness and intelligence reside within the soul. Physical consciousness is a blending of the soul powers with the mind. It rules in the superior regions of the brain. Mind is a step-down of soul forces to act as an intermediary link between spirit and matter. Prana is a further step-down of mind energy.

  2. Mind is the finest substance of matter operating in three bodies as three fields of consciousness:

    The causal body is the pattern field of the mind; here it is the ideal or superconscious mind;

    In the etheric and emotional field, mind operates through the senses. It is the normal conscious mind;

    In the gross physical body, mind governs all involuntary functions and repairs. It operates as the subconscious mind.

  3. Emotion is a blend of the mind and senses as a step-down current of mind energy. It is in the etheric realm of airy nothingness which rules the world and the individual desires seeking their fulfillment. These may be greater than the individual's capital of energy and capacity. This is an air-borne dilemma of pain, effort, sorrow and frustration.

  4. Prana, “The Life Breath” is a neutral current which knows itself not. It occupies the upper region of the body. As energy, it has an ebb and flow like the tides in nature. The centrifugal force of Manvantara [Manuvantara] (manifesting period) in the universe is the outgoing breath and the motor current in the individual life. It is an outer awareness equal to the daytime consciousness of action.

  5. The centripetal force as the Pralaya period of the universe becomes the ingoing breath and the sensory consciousness, equivalent to nighttime and sleep.

  6. The individual vital force is the negative pole or repository of both energies in the lower region of the body, the sacrum posteriorly as motor currents and the generative organs anteriorly as sensory currents. It is a crystallization of the pattern of consciousness and “The Eternal Principle of Life in the Seed,” perpetuating itself in a microfilm style. It is the residual force which is the drive and stamina as the root of life. Everything external revolves around it. Perpetuation is the purpose and keynote of manifestation.

  7. There are five finer etheric stages of vibrating qualitative matter known as tattwas [tattvas]; their extended lines of force manifest in curvilinear patterns of ovals (planets, eliptoids [ellipsoids], etc.). As the cell and the egg, they are the individual manifestation of life as the feminine principle in nature. Five oval cavities in the body are the basic fields for qualitative expression in organism through sensation and action. Sensory nerve fibers act as antennas of the soul for concrete sensory perception and experience. There must also be a constant exchange and blending of the individual tattwas [tattvas] with the universal supply of solids, liquids, air, warmth, and the etheric substance of matter. Latent energy is also present in grosser media. These conveyors are necessary for resistance and exercise to cellular structures.

  8. The three Gunas as the three universal principles of motion everywhere; positive, Raja [Rajas]; and negative, Tamas; spinning around a neutral center, Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]. These become the polarity principle in the human body, the superior, middle, and inferior in importance to consciousness, life and motion. The foundation of the polarity principle is active in the embryonic stages of building the body. This wireless principle carries through life after the wires and tubes are established. The primary patterns of currents function over this step-down mechanism called the body. Blocks in this energy field and its circuits are the fine ethereal and material causes of pain and disease. Re-establishment of currents in balance with the center or the neutral field is expressed as the normal stage known as health.

    Application of these three modes of energy through manipulative therapy to balance currents and release blockades in the finer circuits as well as in the gross conductors opens the fields for every known therapy.

    A. A neutral principle (Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]) of any soothing, balancing application is indicated. Here a very light touch through polarity of the fingers to polarity centers of the body is used.

    B. A positive principle (Raja [Rajas], action, motion) of manipulative therapy is expressed in directive force applied to the body either with or against the current flow. Other therapy, such as application of light, heat, electricity or anything radiating and stimulating in nature is used internally or externally and must also be of a positive nature.

    C. A negative principle (Tamas, darkness, cold, inertia, and resistance) which must be aroused and counteracted by therapies which are dispersive, scattering, eliminating, forceful, deep and penetrating, eliciting a definite reaction through the resisting action of the negative pole, thus arousing it and tuning it into the circuit.

  9. In the human body, the dual brain currents of the caduceus and the electro-magnetic circuits are definite factors to be balanced in relation to the individual centers of polarity and to the finer cosmic energy fields of exchange externally. As a final balancing physical factor, the reaction of the gravity of the earth on muscles and joints must not be overlooked.

  10. The emphasis is on the release of the individual forces of the soul by direct intervention of finding and removing the wireless energy blocks, no matter of what nature they may be. The centrifugal energy can sweep the field clean if duly aroused and if enough latent energy is present for a reaction. Miraculous cures in history can be better understood by a process of exaltation of the soul energies, or an influx of force of a subtle quality through the ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] central beam of radiant energy within the organism.


1 - current connection of centers - continuous energy flow through centers

Chart No. 1 - Ovals and Centers

Mind working through five etheric pattern field ovals with six governing centers connected by the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] central beam.

First oval is the head for control and direction. (Fire or intelligence)

Second oval is the throat. A link for expression through speech. (Ether and sound)

Third oval is the chest. The heart expresses the life energy in fluidic form the lungs and diaphragm as gaseous function. (Air)

Fourth oval is the abdomen nourishing and sustaining the body. (Earth energy)

Fifth oval is the pelvis perpetuating the pattern form. (Water energy)

Three fields and centers are necessary to express the soul as intelligence, speech, life and motion. Two fields and three centers are necessary to sustain and perpetuate the body.

Arms and legs are extension levers to overcome gravity by motion of shifting polarity forces from a positive through a neutral to a negative pole and repeat.


(A) Current connection of centers

(B) Continuous energy flow through centers Linking each brain lobe to the opposite side of the body

(C) Head center

(D) Throat center

(E) Chest center

(F) Abdominal center

(G) Generative center

(H) Rectal center

Cells are minature [miniature] ovals with the five modalities of matter in action in every living cell.


The Sa pass of the ancient Egyptian priests

A secret made plain by polarizing the brain


Posterior view


Straight lines of material geometric extension used in mechanics. Expansion and contraction by mechanical means

Such congestions are seen in the muscles of the back.


The most ancient and perfect arrow or rocket designed by nature self-propelled and self-directed.

Diagram showing the general characteristics of the spermatozoa of various vertebrates: a, Lance; b, segments of the accessory thread; c, accessory thread; d, body of the head; e, terminal nodule; f, middle piece; g, marginal thread; h, axial thread; i, undulating membrane; k, fibrils of the axial thread; l, fibrils of the marginal thread; m, end piece of Retzius; n, rudder-membrane.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 1) +, -, 0 (fig. 3) +, - (fig. 4) 5th cervical [fifth cervical, C5] (fig. 5) brain, -, + (fig. 6) fields


2 - chart of the subtle prana currents in the human body and their chakras as whirling primary functional centers of energy

Psychic phenomena and special sense development is due to the stimulation of a chakra by concentration of mind energy or interest in its function. Animals depend on the keenness of one sense for their direction and safety.

The two petaled center in the forehead is the seat of consciousness in the brain. It descends as a dual current in a serpentine twisting motion polarizing and depolarizing in each center of the five etheric fields.


The six ventricles of the brain - relate to the six spinning chakras

(A) Etheric center, voice - hearing, throat

(B) Airy center, respiration, circulation, lungs, heart

(C) The fire of digestion, stomach, bowels

(D) Water center, generative force, emotional drive, pelvic organs, glandular secretions

(E) Earthy center. Elimination of solids and liquids. Rectum, bladder

(F) Swastika symbol in the body

Mind and prana (life breath) function thru [through] the fields of matter and its centers.

(A) Prana as the downward current - apana

(B) Prana as the creative function - genito-urinary [genitourinary, urogenital] organs - liquids

(C) Prana as the fire of digestion. The abdomen, caloric energy

(D) Prana as the energy in the air. Lungs and chest functions

(E) Prana energy as the sound ether, throat - ears


The hand is the same functional neuter [neutral] pole as the foot is the negative pole. Chart No. 4 gives definite regional anatomical locations for affecting structural changes by manipulation or pressure on definite reflex areas.

(A) Sound vibrations of speech and hearing. Throat - swallowing

(B) Sound vibrations of touch and feeling. Respiration - circulation, heart and lungs

(C) Digestion and assimilation, stomach - intestines - colon - Saturn

(D) Generative whirl - ring finger. Creative sun energy - vital force

(E) Eliminative function - earthy, rectum and bladder


These energy lines are purely functional and physiological as longitudinal influence arising from the chakras and forming the five sensory and the five motor currents flowing through the body to each digit of the hands and feet. In the treatment of functional blocks or disturbance of the five senses these areas are useful when the physiology is mostly involved.

The center line through the body is the location of the path of the ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] energy substance as the primary life current and the core of being. It flows through the sixth ventricle of the brain and the spinal cord. It has five stepdown centers below the brain for the specialization of functions which we call the laws of nature for motion, life and the preservation of the species. These centers in the five oval etheric fields are the core of the wireless anatomy of the finest particles of matter known as chakras or lotuses. As they whirl in a right hand direction from the back, each of the five centers gives off one wave of its special quality of vibratory energy flowing as an electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuit to each finger and toe. In this manner the sensory and the five motor senses are created and function in the body.

A spinning center or chakra with a crank inserted from the back. The wheel gives off shoots of energy by rotation upward on the left side and downward on the right side as a right hand turn.


Illustration Keywords: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

3 - composite picture of the pattern forces of the body and their wireless circuits


(A) Ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] core

(B) The polarity of the serpentine brain current is reversed in the center of each oval field where the currents cross over each other, thus stepping down the vibratory intensity of the currents also changing the nature of its function in every center and field

(C) The dotted vertical lines are electro magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless waves flowing through the longitudinal muscle fibres [fibers] of the body, giving them tone and maintain the body upright against the inertia of Earth's gravity

(D) The oval horizontal lines around the body are the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless currents which give tone to the circular fibres [fibers] of the muscles. They correspond to the currents from east to west in the atmosphere

(E) The hands should be turned up with the thumbs forward. But for clarity of illustrating the 5 [five] currents going through the 5 [five] fingers they are shown thus.

(F) The ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy forms the 6th [sixth] ventricle of the brain and spinal cord. It becomes the primitive streak and the notochord in the embryo.

Electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] energy attracts to its own center of polarity in oval waves. It is prior to the gravity of the Earth, because it overcomes it by muscular motion moved by energy impulses. Earth gravity attracts to its center of gravity in straight lines of force by the square of the distance

The fine white line in the central core is the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy current of the soul. It is the primary energy which builds and sustains all others. It flows through the 6th [sixth] ventrical [ventricle] of the brain and spinal cord when these are formed out of its mind pattern energy field. This core is the center of attraction and emanation of all currents from the brain to the extremities. It is the internal gravity of the individual energy and lines of force, distinct from the gravity of the Earth. This is the true basis for individual therapy.

Actual lines of electro magnetic [electromagnetic] force around a solenoid
A bar magnet with concentration of iron filings at the poles similar to head + pelvis
A bar magnet and its field as lines of force
Metakinesis stage Mitotic cell-division of fertilized whitefish eggs
A microscopic cell. The twisted filaments in the center have self inductive electric capacity through oscilation [oscillation]. Chromosones [Chromosomes] and tubules are made up of insulating material and filled with mineral salts similar to the ocean for conduction of energy.

(A) Vacule
(B) Plastid
(C) Twisted filament
(D) Plasma membrane
(E) Nuclear membrane
(F) Nuclear fluid
(G) Cuticle
(H) Nucleolus
(I) Attraction-spheres containing centrosomes
A carbon atom with 6 [six] electrons circling around a heavy neucleus [nucleus] containing 6 [six] elementary units of positive electric charge.

Illustration Keywords: n [north], s[south]

4 - diagnostic and therapeutic chart of body areas based on the regional relation of wireless currents of energy flow


+ Positive pole

0 Neuter [Neutral] pole

- Negative pole

of each area in exact relationship to the whole for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

The superior rules the inferior. The inferior reacts upon the superior by return current flow.

Sensitive areas found in these parts are diagnostic and relate to each other as illustrated. Pressure or manipulation of these areas has a definite therapeutic effect on the other poles, +, 0 or - by the wireless energy currents.

The greatest sensitiveness found by touch in any related area + 0 - shows the seat of the active current interference.

The anterior soft sensory portion of the hands [palmar] and feet [plantar] respond to the anterior sensory field of the brain and body currents. The posterior motor areas are on the reverse side.

Tracing these currents + 0 - in any area is an interesting art as a diagnosis of causes and most effective as therapy in removing the interuption [interruption] of the current.

Any tissue which is in a constant state of contraction or flaccidity reveals an energy block in its circuit of conduction or in the wireless pattern of energy flow.

This chart gives a polarity relationship of anatomical structures to each other. It is a part of the wireless current system in the anatomy of man. These are electro magnetic [electromagnetic] muscular currents from above downward, and they act inversely as tension reflexes from below upward.

The nine areas marked ⅓ [one third] are not equal in size but are exact in relation to each other. They are equivalent to the nine openings in the body for the outlet of energy.

This is an anatomical relationship chart of corresponding body areas of positive, negative and neuter [neutral] reactions. Its foundation is based upon the embryonic development and position of the child in the mother's womb.

Illustration Keywords: head & brain area ant. [anterior] & post. [posterior], face & back of head, ant. & post head area occipital line, neck area front & back, neck - ant. & post, shoulders & chest, diaphragm, abdomen, center line, navel, pelvis, superior, middle, inferior, bracelets, +, -, 0, ⅓ [one third]

5 - electro-magnetic waves of the body and their polarity

(A) Downward flow from negative pole anterior (B) Upward flow from positive pole anterior to posterior negative on head. (C) If the foot was flexed anteriorly the top or bony portion would reflect to the posterior with which it polarizes. Fig.3 gives the key to determine the flow of the waves of the electro magnetic [electromagnetic] energy with the patient face down or up. Insert an imaginary crank in any joint as shown here and give it a right hand clockwise turn and the circuit is clearly demonstrated. The operator stands on the side tested. These waves change polarity at the ankle where the current goes forward on the foot. The crossing over of the current polarity at this point anteriorly makes the ankle a flexible joint. In the energy field all joints are neuter [neutral] points. The waves of electro magnetic [electromagnetic] lines of force in the human body arising from the center core and the brain polarity, whirling in opposite directions. Anterior and posterior.
A) Sign of Aries (B) Brain These long waves flow on the surface and through the muscular structure of the anterior and posterior half of the body. They respond to stimuli mostly at the polar extremities, and reflex from the neuter [neutral] pole.
(A) Right hand turn from center weight (B) Operator facing patients [patient's] right side

6 - electro-magnetic currents and their proper anatomical relations - anterior and posterior view of overall sweep plus polarity centers


Fig.1 shows the palms of the hands relating to the anterior sensory part of the body. It gives the correct position of thumbs in relation to central area of entire body. Each half of the body is divided into 5 [five] longitudinal areas by 5 [five] energy currents sweeping through from the top of the head and fingers to tips of the toes. Opposite in direction of flow and in polarity on each side and on anterior and posterior part of body.

The soles of the feet when bent upward fall in line with the anterior currents and the top of the feet with the posterior currents the same as the hands.


Fig. 2 The polarity of the current changes at the wrists making an almost universal joint movement possible. The current also reverses its polarity at the ankles where it changes direction in front and at the heels in the back.

The electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] currents follow the body outline and extend no more than one-half inch beyond the skin, forming an electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] enveloping protection around the body.

7 - electro-magnetic waves of the body and their polarity - currents from each lobe of the brain - horizontal waves of electro-magnetic energy flow

Left foot leads in marching. The anterior upward sweep lifts the foot. Every joint is a neuter [neutral] point. Currents cross over at the ankle joints and at the wrists changing polarity.
The caduceus as the dual wireless brain energy waves operating in the body in the etheric matter as two polarized currents around a neutral core of supra [super] sonic [supersonic] energy, giving a vibratory impulse to every cell in conjunction with the cosmic energy current latent in the oxygen.

Mind energy waves do not need wires for conduction of its alternating impulses. Mind substance itself is a perfect continuous media plus ether. Concentration of mind energy is the directing power of its substance. It acts by preponderance of impulse, impact or mental weight.
These straight lines are an extension of the brain waves seen as tensions with gravity pull in action on muscles of the back.
Horizontal waves electro magnetic [electromagnetic] energy flow.

Lateral direction of energy impulses influence these waves. They correspond to the east and west currents of the cosmos.

8 - electro-magnetic waves over the head areas and their polarity

9 - wireless energy therapy chart of the five pointed star

10 - the five pointed star in the human body as nature's geometric keyboard of lines of force and their reflexes

11 - energy therapy chart of the lines of force of the interlaced triangle

12 - trees of life in man - divine and physical - emphasis of past and present viewpoints

13 - a geometric relationship of lines of force of energy currents, gravity and weight bearing surfaces of the body

14 - normal muscular fibres [fibers]

15 - comparative charts of anatomy

16 - comparative charts of anatomy

17 - thumbs as neutral reflexes embracing the entire areas below the diaphragm on each side of the body compared to reflexes around the outside of the ankles as the negative pole

18 - measuring the legs for comparative length to determine the side of the most contracted electro-magnetic circuit which is one definite measure of imbalance, distinct from gravity

19 - a technique to release motor energy blocks immediately above the publis [pubis] for bladder-urinary-rectal-uterine and prostatic trouble and coccygodynia

20 - a stomach release and abdominal contacts for the stimulation of the lacteals and stagnant energies

21 - sacral release by a support underneath and directional force applied posteriorly and laterally

22 - old moves with new impetus and directional force applied to energy blocks to release them

23 - the relaxed hand and a contact single and double with the current flow of the electro-magnetic longitudinal and circular waves

24 - contacts with both hands on right side of the body against the current flow of the electro-magnetic forces - to counteract excessive impulses which keep the muscle fibers under constant tension or spasm

25 - contacts above poupart's [inguinal] ligament to carry impulses across to the opposite shoulder - illustrated therapy for charts 9 and 10

26 - very important directional contacts on the symphisis pubis [pubic symphysis] for bladder trouble and inflammation, for menstrual and leg cramps and pains, for sinus congestion

27 - the jaw the positive pole of the pubic bone and the ischium

28 - the three poles of the diaphragm in its respiratory mechanism and contact areas to influence it anteriorly and posteriorly

29 - respiratory and autonomic sensory reflex therapy for mental-emotional and nervous tension release

30 - perineal contacts in relation to neck, shoulder, elbow and hip

31 - perineal therapy in connection with knees and ankles

32 - contacts for the release of energy blocks in digestive areas of polarity - figure 3 illustrates release of motor tension areas

33 - relationship of the joints as neutral points and their polarity from superior to inferior

34 - pelvic and hip adjustments for every tender area in the glutei region

35 - gentle rocking motion and stretch for the pelvis to relieve spasms and blocks in the muscles of the hip joint

36 - scapula lift for brachial plexus release

37 - adjustment of toes in one move - big toe adjustment and its reflexes

38 - foot adjustments for high arch and low arch through the cuboid

39 - occipito-temporal contacts and positions

40 - rotation and side bend stretch to open the foramen magnum

41 - a stretch of the occipital and upper dorsal [thoracic] region - two methods of adjustment of upper dorsals [thoracics]

42 - north pole stretch

43 - head moulding therapy and its definite effect on body areas

explanation of chart 43


These four drawings are from Dr. J. R. Buchanan's [1] PHYSIOLOGICAL SARCOGNOMY, 1891, with a few additions, showing areas in the head and brain which are positive control areas for body regions through brain functions. As such, they have a reflex capacity of suffering through the interference of the return currents from the lower poles.

These areas of influence were established by careful research, nerve tracing, and reflex effects, also by electrical and other psychometric tests by the early pioneers.

When giving cranial treatments, or molding of the head and neck, etc., these are the real factors and currents involved by polarity, not the mere solid head bones and the effort to position them. The effect is primarily in the energy field through the induced currents in the meninges and their relaxation and balance, rather than purely physical. The head areas given here definitely affect those regions below when stimulated. In this manner, all cranial and facial bone molding can be done intelligently and effectively. The head and brain as the positive pole contain the pattern and energy supply for all parts through the wireless currents and the nervous system.

In general, the superior part of the brain corresponds to the upper portion of the body; the basilar portion to the lower half. The lateral ventricles correspond to the upper part of the waist; the base of the brain to the lower end of the trunk, the sacrum specifically.

Dense structures are moved by finer and more sensitive tissues of nerves and endothelial membranes, like the coverings of the brain and spinal cord, the meninges. These are the membranous representatives of the whirling currents around the core and softer structures of the brain and spinal cord. As such, they are central factors in health and disease.

Bones, connective tissues, and muscles were formed by the energy current patterns for their protection and movement in space as a unit. As such, these structures are a protection, or a grave for the finer impulses of the soul's energies. Elasticity expresses co-operation to the currents. Stiffness and rigidity show the lack of cellular vibratory response to the vital force.

The brain is the House of Representatives for every structure and function in the body. It is the crown of creativeness from which all energy proceeds and must return in order to register as consciousness and experience in life.

44 - special sense functions of the brain and their representative locations on the head

explanation of chart 44

Four more illustrations from Dr. Buchanan's [1] PHYSIOLOGICAL SARCOGNOMY, with a few additions:

The first head gives more regional locations plainly and should be joined with the other four [i.e. the four heads on Chart 43]. The next three show areas of the brain's sensory expression in fields on the head and face.

Head No. 4 gives the sense of vision in the anterior frontal part of the brain in the intellectual sensory perception area, in spite of the fact that other scientific findings had located the center of vision in the cuneus of the occipital lobe supported by the gyrus angularis [angular gyrus] found by vivisection.

Sarcognomy based its view on the fact that all sensory organs receive their energy support from the correlative occipital organs in the motor area.

General Outline of Correspondence and Locations

The surface of the brain corresponds to the surface of the body. In the superior central region are located soul function areas. In the middle and lateral regions are the functions of the mind; and at the base of the brain are located the natural functions of the physical body.

Effects produced on the body are local and physiological, but become psychic in proportion as the brain sympathizes with the spot. Effects produced on the brain are mental and become physiological only as the cerebral influence extends to the body.

In general, stronger influences are in the back of the brain and the gentler towards the front. The back of the head, the extreme occipital portion, gives power and ambitious impulses. The passions and appetites are below, the nobler impulses above. Faculties and their organic representative areas in the brain are higher as they are of a more kind, loving and spiritual nature; and lower as they are more animal, selfish and violent.

Love and tenderness are a the summit; hate and cruelty at the base.

Anteriorly, above the diaphragm, we find the gentle and refining influences, below the diaphragm, the sensual, sensitive and morbid influences.

The fine sensitive impulses of the soul must also have a representative expression in and through this unit of the body; otherwise, there is frustration of latent impulses which prevent other currents from their normal course. The whole field of psychiatry is based on this proposition.

By tracing reflex effects of centers and influences, according to this system of cause and effect through polarity action of energy, much can be done. Energy blocks can be released instantly when found.

The skull cavity is a reverberating, accoustic [acoustic] chamber where ultrasonic soul impacts find their expression through the brain and the meninges, and reflect and impinge on every part of the body that must express the impulse as action, or transform it back into a centripetal current going back into the center as ideas or patterns of mind and consciousness. The anterior part of the brain and the body is mostly a sensory field. The posterior half is pre-eminently motor in its function. The superior portion of the brain is the neutral spiritual pole.

45 - a specific contact in the sitting position for adjusting fixations of dorsal [thoracic] vertebrae and anterior dorsals [thoracics] - a stretch of the spine for the release of gases

46 - brachial plexus and shoulder release in the sitting postion for respiratory, digestive, circulatory trouble and shock

47 - a well supported move in sitting position for muscle release of the neck and dorsal [thoracic] region down to the ninth vertebra

48 - final move in sitting position for the correction of a high shoulder

49 - extension of the neck in sitting position for headaches, gas pressure and occipito-atlas [atlanto-occipital] and foramen magnum release

50 - successive moves of a new upper dorsal [thoracic] lift for anteriority and relaxation when indicated

51 - replacement of the tendon of the biceps for arm that can neither be raised completely nor brought backwards

52 - exercise for opening nostrils and sinuses - relief of head congestion

NOTE: please see page 73 for additional contents, listing charts 53 through 64 which originally were published as the “supplement” to the wireless anatomy of man.

NOTE: [The following charts are] Twelve hand drawn, descriptive charts illustrating principles and applications of fine atomic forces, centrifugally and centripetally active in the human body as five polarity fields and five polarity currents flowing through them for specific function and expression.

Sensory or negative currents flow inward, to a neutral point of structural energy which is the balancing and sustaining factor in the center of each field. Motor or positive currents flow outward, from the center.

53 - checking for the tense leg and hip which is usually the short leg, and releasing it by a torque and a rhythmic movement

54 - the os calcis [calcaneus] bone as the negative reflex pole from the positive occiput and the neutral sacrum affecting the posture and functions of the body. posterior view of leg distortions through the feet

55 - rotation of feet and the correction of the os calcis [calcaneus] position in relation to the high and low sides of the hips, and the entire back

56 - correcting body rotation thru [through] the hip joint articulation and the os calcis [calcaneus] position and reflex on the side of the short and tense leg

57 - polarity contacts on rib heads and spastic shoulder muscles from posterior to anterior, to clear blocks of digestion and liver function

58 - the ear canals as the superior centers of gravity in the head, around which local circuits whirl

59 - principles of local wireless current flow in the body and how it can be influenced by polarity contacts to flow from the circumference to the center

60 - the negative reflexes of the colon found in the legs between the tibia and the fibula

61 - coordinated polarity stimulation of the airy reflex centers in the arches of the feet with the colon and its reflex centers in the legs

62 - negative and neutral reflex areas in the body for the treatment of lumps in the breasts, also aortic reflexes in the legs

63 - the ideal posture and rocking balance stretch for the release of the downward airy currents of energy in the body which govern all expelling functions of gases, liquids and solids. frees the back pressure from the heart

64 - a posture stretch for youthful elasticity through the release of vital force and blocked energy circuits in the heavy pelvic muscles, freeing the hip joints by gentle stretching through rocking motions

lest we forget - wireless anatomy commentary


Physiology is the science of the activity of living things; anatomy, the structure. An organism is anything that carries out the functions of life. An organ may be defined as a part of the body that has one special kind of work to do. A tissue is a single kind of living material with the power of doing a single kind of work. Connective tissue occurs throughout the whole body, binding together the different parts.

Commentary from a Wireless Energy Viewpoint

The life energy - Prana - is a step-down current from the Eternal Sound Current which supports all living things. The origin of life is in the pattern-field of the mental plane where it splits into potential sensory and motor currents. Its action is in the etheric field (akash [akasha, aakaasha]), and its center is in that thousand-rayed whirling disk of energy which supports all visible creation. In the body, the heart chakra is the microcosmic life center which draws energy from within its center as the individualized life Prana. Externally, the sun is the source of Prana and life. In combustible matter, it is stored as heat units.

The structure of the anatomy is the field of crystallized energy waves of circles and curved lines of beauty and strength in living forms. The tattwas [tattvas] are the fields of sensory currents and the operation of the five senses. The five motor senses belong to the five Prana currents and the positive pole of action. Organism, organs, and tissues express the field of action of the five states of matter in conjunction with the mind action as the neutral pole, and Prana, the positive motor function, supporting all action.


(A) Nucleus. (B) Protoplasm.

Smooth muscle cells from the intestine of a cat: In 1 isolated; in 2 and 3, in cross-section; X 300. Technic No. 172. At a the cell is cut in the plane of the nucleus; at c, in the neighborhood of the pointed end. In 3 (from Barfurth[1]) is seen the manner in which neighboring cells are joined to each other by intercellular bridges.

(A) Sarcolemma

Striated muscle-fiber of frog, showing sarcolemma.

Diagram of the structure of the fibrils of a striated muscle-fiber. The light spaces between the fibrils may represent the sarcoplasm.[2]

(A) Nucleus. (B) Contractile substance.

Longitudinal and cross-section of muscle-fibers from the human myocardium, hardened in alcohol; X 640. The muscle cells in the longitudinal section are not sharply defined from each other, and appear as polynuclear fibers blending with each other. Between them lie, here and there, connective-tissue nuclei.

Protoplasm seems to be the first mold or pattern of organic matter. A peculiarity of muscle substance is that it contracts in only one direction, while UNDIFFERENTIATED PROTOPLASM CONTRACTS IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Protoplasm is that part of the cell which is really alive;

its movement can be observed under the microscope. No one knows the cause of this motion. Within each cell is a specially dense bit of protoplasm called the nucleus. It seems to be the center of life and activity of the whole cell for if deprived of it, the cell cannot long continue to live. The cell is an organic unit of life's smallest and simplest pattern of living tissue.

The fibrils of the muscle-protoplasm constitute the contractile part of the muscle-fiber. They are exceedingly fine, and extend the entire length of the muscle-fiber, and consist of a series of minute rod-shaped segments with attenuated ends (sarcous elements [sarcous disks]), united by shorter and much thinner thread-like bridges, on each of which there is found a small granule or globula [globule].

Free muscle endings seem to have vibratory possibility.


[above] Branched, striated muscle-fiber from the tongue of a frog.

[left] (A) Free ending.

Fig. 90. - Muscle-fiber from one of the ocular muscles of a rabbit, showing its free end; X 175.

Investigations have shown that the development of muscle continues throughout the life of the individual. Muscular tissue is consequently to be regarded as in a perpetual stage of transition; the destruction and compensatory reproduction of its elements going on hand in hand.

(A) Glassy layer. (B) Cortex of hair. (C) Medulla of hair. (D) Cuticle of inner root-sheath. (E) Henle's layer. (F) Fibrous-tissue sheath.

Cross-section of human hair with its follicle; X about 300.

(A) Basement membrane. (B) Nonstriated muscle-cell. (C) Gland-cell.

Cross-section of tubule of coiled portion of sweat-gland from human axilla [underarm, armpit]. Fixation with sublimate; X 600.

Nature's pattern of seem to arrange themselves in circles or ovals for action and function even in minute structures like spinning wheels of energy, like reflections from the central whirling chakra-pattern of energy.

Protoplasm appears to be a neutral substance where energy can be crystallized into tissues through a mysterious step-down process from the invisible to the material world. Protoplasm is a neutral pole, therefore it polarizes in all directions. A neutral pole of an energy field attracts and forms its own positive and negative poles. Motion or life must have three poles to manifest or flow around a center, even in an atom. It has its neutron, proton and electrons spinning in its orbit. Gravity is overcome and motion is performed by a positive impulse of energy flowing through a neutral pole, like a joint in the human body, to a negative pole. The mental pattern is in the seed or the unit structure. These designs of energy patterns are potential, finer forces which can lie dormant for a long time and then sprout. Before there were nerves and wires, there were patterns and lines of force which built them. The origin of the pattern-field in the human economy is laid down in the embryonic stage of the child in the mother's womb. That is the origin of the weaving of energy lines according to a simple principle of definite polarity which carries on throughout life. (See charts in THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART, pages 30-31.[1])

A muscle consists of thousands of minute fibers, each able to contract, bound together in bundles to form fasciculi [fascicles]. Striped muscles include all those over which we have control and which are attached to bones. In the process of walking, nearly one hundred muscles are first contracted and then relaxed in regular order. In throwing a baseball, nearly all of the three hundred muscles of the body are brought into use to some extent.

Muscles function best when warm. Experiments with cold-blooded animals, like the frog,


Schematic diagram of section through convoluted seminiferous tubule of mammal, showing the development of the spermatosomes [spermatozoa]. The number of chromosomes is not shown in the various generations of the spermatogenic cells. The progressive development of the spermatogenic elements is illustrated in the eight sectors of the circle: a, Young sustentacular cell; b, spermatogonium; c, spermatocyte; d, spermatid. In I, 2, 3, and 4 the spermatids rest on the enlarged sustentacular cell in the center of the sector; on both sides of the sustentacular cells are the spermatogenic or mother cells in mitosis. In the sectors 5, 6, 7, and 8 spermatozoa are seen in advanced stages resting on the sustentacular cells, with new generations of spermatids on each side. (From Rauber[2] {after Brown} with changes {after Hermann}.)

show that their muscles will contract and relax five times as rapidly when warm than when cold. When cooled to five°F. [degrees Fahrenheit, -15 degrees Celsius], they will not contract at all, a condition known as cold rigor. On the other hand, if raised to a temperature much above 104°F. [degrees Fahrenheit, 40 degrees Celsius], they become stiff and will not contract, a condition called heat rigor. The effect of heat upon the muscles of warm-blooded animals is essentially the same, except a few degrees higher in temperature.

The blood flows rapidly in the large arteries, but as they branch, the total area of arteries becomes greater so that it flows more and more slowly, just as a river flows swiftly through a narrow gorge but more slowly when it spreads out into a broad stream. In the large arteries near the heart, blood flows at the rate of about sixteen inches per second. Farther from the heart the rate is about nine inches per second; in the smaller arteries it is much slower; in the capillaries it flows not more than 1/50 inch per second. After passing into the veins, the rate increases and as the veins merge into trunks and finally reach the heart, it is about as rapid as the arteries that leave the heart. It is in the capillaries that the blood exchanges new food materials for worn-out matter, and oxygen for carbon dioxide. To allow this to take place to advantage a very slow flow is necessary. The length of time required for the blood to make a complete circuit of the body is calculated at twenty-eight seconds, requiring twenty-six to twenty-eight heart beats.

In therapy, these simple facts are important for definite results. Tissue reactions depend upon the conditioning of energy fields and its lines of force which are crystallized into a physiological constitution of organisms, organs and tissues. The established keynote of vibratory energy rate and its polarity acts from the central impulse of origin. In its polarity function it will attract what electrons and finer energy particles it can blend into its own neutral field to sustain it and to keep it in relationship with the storehouse of supply. Inversely, it will react and repel everything else in order to maintain its integrity of attraction, and its specific keynote and function. It will react to gravity and any outside force with which it comes in contact. All therapy is conditioned by this polarity principles of action and reaction. Fine subtle energies and gentle applications of a directional force have a chance to reach the neutral pole without being repelled.

As there are three poles of vibratory keynotes of energy currents, there must be three types of therapy to meet these requirements.

First, there is a neutral or gentle type of application, the Satva [Sattva, Sattwa] principle of truth and balance, to soothe the agitated centers or spinning energy fields. These applications must be fine in their directional force of potential energy, like the lightest touch of a polarized finger to an opposite polarity region, or the essence and spirit of a plant or food, or bathing the body in the finest waves of electro-magnetic force by creating an electronic energy field and allowing the body to rest in it to polarize it with the universal external currents and lines of force. This must be so fine that it is imperceptible to the tissues and does not arouse them to reaction. Sympathy and polarity is its keynote. It must be a magnetic likeness and soothing in action. Comforting suggestions and inspirational uplift will help the mind to concentrate its scattered energy and to repolarize its various centers. The breath contains the life energy and goes to every cell. These impulses travel over the life waves and go deep. Deep breathing with a concentrated idea distributes the impulse of the Pranic mental waves. A balancing of the three poles of the diaphragm can be accomplished by this therapy; the mental, emotional tension release in the upper areas; the head, neck and over the shoulders; the respiratory, emotional energy of life under the shoulders and at the diaphragm; and the vital emotional energy in the pelvis, sacrum, and perineum. Conservation and preservation of energy through repolarization is the effort here.

Second, the positive pole of energy is an active, energetic manifestation of life; it is the Raja [Rajas] principle everywhere in nature. It must flow, act, express its potential energy or there is pain through repression, disappointment, frustration, and inhibition of the circuits. This type of energy flows mostly over muscle tissue to act and express itself. Any therapy designed to assist this function must be active, vibratory, and positive in nature. All stimulating applications are in this field. Vibratory directional force over the muscle involved is the most direct aid. The impulse must have momentum, but no compulsory force which causes a reaction. It must blend into the energy current in purpose, speed, and direction like two rivers joining into one. This has the greatest therapeutic value whether its application is through mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, or nutritive means.

Third, the application of force is that of the negative, Tamas principle - inertia - to scatter, to dissolve, to eliminate. In muscle tissue, this means releasing the hardness and accumulation of carbonized material in the belly of the muscle fibers. Heavy pressure and steady directional force is best for that, or wringing the muscle with a double letter “S” contact to dissipate the dense accumulated material and make room for function and more elastic action. Old age is the evidence of crystallized accumulations and wastes retained in the tissues. The negative pole has slowed down its eliminative, scattering force of energy distribution. It ceases to respond to the positive pole of the life force above. The inertia effect of the negative pole rules by itself, unpolarized, unresponsive to the other currents. This inertia is the most negative block and must be overcome by positive steady force to counteract the resistance and reaction to impulse. This is the type of therapy where there must be a reaction of soreness, due to greater activity of the re-established life force and circulation in these tissues.

These three polarity factors explain balance, action, and reaction in all fields of therapeutics. A clear grasp of these three principles of life, operating in and through the body, mind, and emotions, makes the doctor more concentrated, more positive and effective to the patient. Life responds to living intelligent impulses of its own kind, besides mere mechanical motion or chemistry. Constructive impulses of healing and repair must reach the central energy and line up or tune in the other fields into its rhythmic, vibratory, radiating keynote called health.


Diagram showing that the muscle shortens through it does not change its bulk when it contracts.

Structure of Unstriped Muscle

Unstriped, smooth, or non-striated muscles include all those in the walls of the esophagus, stomach and intestine, those in the arteries and veins, and in the contractile parts of the kidneys, ureters and bladder. Unstriped or plain muscles are not attached to bones and are always found in the walls of hollow organs. Although like striped muscles, they appear to act only when stimulated by the nerves; they cannot be controlled through the will and are, therefore, called involuntary muscles. Since they are unattached and in sheets, e.g., those surrounding or running lengthwise of the esophagus, they have no tendons.

Plain, unstriped, non-striated muscle is composed of very small cells or fibers each with a single nucleus. One of the greatest differences between plain, unstriped, non-striated and striped muscles is in their modes of contraction. Smooth, or plain muscles contract very slowly, several seconds often being required for a single contraction, and they may remain contracted

for some time. Voluntary muscles on the other hand, act very quickly both when contracting and relaxing. Because involuntary muscles act so slowly they are very easily thrown into a condition of tetanus. Indeed, so slow is their response to stimuli that in some forms of smooth muscle, one stimulus in five seconds is sufficient to prevent the muscle from relaxing at all.

Curiously, however, smooth muscle has a disposition to act with apparent spontaneity. If a bit of circular muscle of the intestine of some animal be cut out, hung up by one end and stretched by a light weight attached to the other, it will very soon lift the weight and then relax again. The muscle makes these movements over and over again without any stimulus and they continue until the muscle is exhausted or until its unusual exposure results in its death. Isolated from the body in this way, the muscle can plainly receive no stimulus from the brain, and although different kinds of smooth muscle act very differently in this respect, they all have this power of spontaneous movement when entirely disconnected from the central nervous system.

Although in many respects striped and unstriped muscles act differently, yet in others their relations are the same. Both seem to require the stimulus of nerves to make them contract, although in one case the contraction is voluntary and in the other involuntary. Both can be thrown into tetanus by repeated stimuli. Both are affected by heat and cold in the same way. Both become fatigued from long action.

This mystery of muscular behavior to contract without any external visible link of nerve impulse could imply that the finer waves of the Wireless Anatomy of the etheric force is still in action and tuned to these fibers. The central etherid [etheric] energy field still operates through all its parts which are of the same vibratory key and substance. The ether needs no wires nor other fields of communication than its own media. Energy crystallizes as matter and conditions it. Only the amount of energy impounded can be liberated from any substance. The electro-magnetic forces of the body have great influence on muscles. So has the Pranic sun energy and its magnetic fields. This phenomena is observed in decapitated snakes, frogs, lizards, etc. As long as the etheric center of any field or organism can spin of its own momentum and convert enough energy from the cosmos through a suitable media to maintain its local function, it will operate and carry out its specific action - like the chicken heart which has been kept alive for many years.[1] In all organisms there is a superior concentrated pole where the total intelligence resides. Then there are subcenters to distribute this energy for specific local function. And, finally, there are rays and waves of dispersed energy which reach every cell to enable them to function and keep tuned to the whole. Hence, the manifestations of life may be a total or a partial phenomenon.

Cardiac Muscle

In its action, cardiac muscle is unique in several ways; it acts quickly, though not as rapidly as the ordinary striped variety. Unlike either striped or unstriped muscle, it always contracts to its shortest possible length, no matter how weak the stimulus applied to it. It can “beat” when unconnected with the brain, but even then it apparently depends for its impulse upon nerve cells in its own tissue.

Cardiac tissue is unique in that it cannot be thrown into tetanus. As has already been noted, this condition is usually provoked by the rapid recurrence of some stimulus. In heart muscle, however, two succeeding stimuli do not produce any larger contraction than one, and if another is applied just before the muscle begins to relax, it has no effect. As soon as the muscle really begins

to relax, it becomes open to stimulation and if irritated will begin a second contraction before it has fully relaxed from the first. Hence, no number of repeated stimuli can induce tetanus in cardiac muscle; it must begin to relax before it becomes responsive to any outside influence.

Unlike inorganic substance, muscle increases instead of diminishing in size with use. This is true of other living matter also; e.g., brains, which grow with exercise. No one can explain this characteristic of muscle fiber, though it is inherent in the nature of the substance.

wireless anatomy commentary

Were it not for this unique arrangement of the cardiac muscles' response, no one would live very long. Being situated in the center of the body, the etheric energy field is of a twelve-petalled circular arrangement, like a wheel and spokes made up of all four elements in their triune action as function. The wheel must turn over completely to get another start or push. The centrifugal action is predominant. The heart is the symbol of life in the temple of the body and the Queen's Chamber of the Grace of Life itself; it is the motherhood of all living things. Life flows and attracts as it acts. The positive pole of the heart is in the optic thalamus of the brain where the soul current of the individual life is maintained and radiated to the heart. The cessation of the life impulse is here bound up with the soul's residence in the life stream. The dweller within the body can withdraw its energy through the optic center of light and leave through the crown of the head as an emanation of energy with radiating colors. Liberated energy has color and often sounds like a crackling fire; but our material concept does not extend to the finer energies of man or his soul as the primal essence of all energy. The spasm which the heart is subject to are usually coronary insufficiency - not enough blood to the heart muscle with which to function; or a clot or thrombosis which obstructs the circulation. Gas in the stomach and under the diaphragm often causes pressure symptoms that are mistaken for heart spasms or coronary attacks.

The Medulla

The medulla is connected with the control of respiratory and circulatory organs. It lies beneath the cerebellum and its lower end is continuous with the spinal cord from which it is not distinctly separate. Large bundles of fibers, crura cerebri [cerebral crura], extend from its upper end into the cerebrum. The medulla contains respiratory and vasomotor centers. In the medulla is also the cardio-inhibitor [cardioinhibitor] center from which messages go over the vagus nerves [pneumogastric nerves, CN X] to check the beating of the heart. Although the above are the most important, there are other centers located in the medulla; but, in general, we may say that the medulla is the seat of all involuntary activities.


(A) Posterior Root (B) Ascending (C) Anterior Root (D) Descending

Diagram of a cross section of the spinal cord showing the parts that carry messages up (ascending) and those that carry messages down the cord (descending). (Modified from Flint[1] and Landois[2])

(A) Out-going Path (B) In-going Path (C) Gray Matter of Cord (D) White Matter (E) Spinal Cord

Diagram showing the course of the ingoing and outgoing impulses in the cord.

(A) Posterior Root (B) Ganglion (C) Anterior Root

A bit of the spinal cord showing the method of origin of the spinal nerves by two roots.

The Cord as a Conductor of Impulses

Messages sent through the cord pass either up or down in the white matter; but do impulses going up the cord follow the same paths as those going down? This question has been answered by experiments on some of the lower animals which are constructed essentially like man, and also by observation of the results in human beings in which the cord is diseased or has been injured by accident. These observations have shown that if a part of the cord is disabled, sometimes sensation and sometimes the power of motion is lost below the injured point.

If the power of motion is lost; e.g., the motion of the leg, then the injury must be in a descending tract, where the messages that pass from the brain down to the leg have been interfered with. If the person loses the sensation of feeling so that he has no consciousness of anything that may touch a given part of the body below the injured spot, then it is assumed that an ascending tract has been severed. Any injury on one side of the cord is, as a rule, accompanied by loss of sensation on the other side of the body but not on the same side as the injury. The conclusion is that messages brought into the spinal cord pass immediately to the other side and ascend there.

Curiously enough, however, an injury destroys the power of voluntary motion on the same side as the injury, but not on the other. Hence messages from the brain pass down the cord on the same side as that to which they finally go. These messages from the brain going down the cord cross over from left to right and vice versa, higher up, mainly in the medulla, so that all messages going to either side of the body start from the other side of the brain. Thus, the sensations and motions of each side of the body are connected with and controlled by the cells in the cerebral hemisphere of the other side. Although there are a few exceptions to this arrangement, this is, in the main, the relation of the spinal cord to the rest of the body. There are thirty-one of these spinal nerves on each side of the cord. Five of them unite to make up the brachial plexus.

(A) Sense Organ (B) Muscle

Diagram illustrating a simple reflex action. The impulse from the sense organ passes in over the nerve fiber, d, and may pass up to the brain over a-c. But a part may be switched off through c down the fiber f to the muscle, casing it to contract without the aid of the brain.

The Neurons as Transmitters of Impulses

The Nerve Impulse

We have mentioned the fact that nerve impulses pass over the nerve fibers, and considering the differences in the results they produce, one would naturally suppose that there would be corresponding differences in the impulses; e.g., that the impulse which produces a sensation of light must be very different from the one producing a sensation of sound. This is not the case, however. An electric current through a wire may produce different results according to the different kinds of apparatus employed at the end of the wire; it may ring a bell, or produce light in a bulb, or sound in a telephone; but though the results are various, the electric current is essentially the same in all cases. So in the body, the impulse which travels over a nerve is always essentially the same.

No one need be told that nerve messages travel over the nerves very rapidly. The rate at which messages pass into the central nervous system, e.g., the rate over sensory nerves, is greater than that at which messages pass out over motor nerves. The former travel inward about 140 [one-hundred forty] feet per second, while the latter travel outward at a rate of about 110 [one-hundred ten] feet per second.

But what is the impulse which travels over nerves? There is a chemical, mechanical, and electrical theory of nerve impulses. The nerve impulse differs from electricity in several important respects. It travels too slowly, 100 [one-hundred] feet per second being too slow for electricity. If a string is tied tightly around a nerve it will stop the passage of the nerve impulse, but such treatment of an electric wire will not stop an electric current over it. If a nerve is cut and the ends put together ever so carefully, still no impulse will pass over the break. Cutting electric wires in no way impairs them; even though the ends be put together carelessly the current will pass along perfectly, if only there is good contact. Lastly, the nerve fiber is a poor conductor of electricity.

If an electric shock is sent into a nerve, an impulse is excited and travels to the nerve ending; if the nerve is pinched or cut, an impulse starts from the point of injury. If a hot body touches the nerve, or certain chemicals are dropped upon it, they will also give rise to a nerve impulse. In some nerves an impulse is started by light, in others by sound.

In the human body the wireless and wire energy are both the same vibratory impulse of the soul being broadcast from one central station and stepped down and adapted in the local centers of the body. Each tattwa [tattva] or field modifies and transforms this energy into its own whirl and specific purpose, positive and negative. In the human body the sensory organs are in the front; motor function is mostly in the back or centrally located. Consciousness resides in the light center between the two eyes. It remains there, but it sends its dispersed energy as waves all over the body, crossing, polarizing and depolarizing in a maze of energy waves of light and color. These become localized in each nerve center of an area for specific function below the eyes to support and sustain the body as sensory and motor function. Only the brain has four of its polarized senses near it, in the head as the positive pole. The speed of the wireless perceptions also vary according to function and the etheric energy field which is used as its media, such as the luminiferous ether, the odoriferous, etc.

When mind currents are reduced in vibratory intensity, they also fall into the category of electro-magnetic waves and functions. It is this step-down and the various polarities of currents and functions which makes living conductors of nerve tissue differ from the characteristics of inanimate wires, and its artificially created powerful current. Because of the difference of origin, pressure, speed, purpose and function, sensory conductors behave differently from wires for safety measures alone. Sensory impulses are immediately cut off when a string is tied around a soft living tissue, or when the nerve is cut, or injured. The velocity and amperage of the electric current and the structure of its conductors are so totally different. Conductive capacity also varies, as well as purpose, use and sensation.

Chemistry has as its basis electro-magnetic attraction and repulsion. It acts through these waves on the energy fields of the body. Through selection the finer particles are absorbed by the body. The Homeopathic principle of similars[1] is a wise use of the spirit of the drug in the form of a fine etheric energy. Finer energies are more subtle in their action. Muscles move all tissues in function. These can be subtle or gross. It leaves a big field open to be utilized as therapy.

The mechanical approach is not merely the gross bones and the leverage for locomotion, but a refined manipulative therapy of a neutral, positive and negative type of application to influence the energy fields and currents which move all muscles in the body. This can be done through polarity and lines of force deftly used.

However, the overall picture must be understood as well as the wires and beams, the cables and tubes; and its motive force. Energy is a series of step-downs where the superior and finer rules the inferior and the coarser rates of vibrations and functions. The conditioning increases as the functions become more gross or dense in the manifestation. The only reason why limits are found in organic living tissues that are not in feelingless metal wires is because the latter have no sensory field nor function to perform.

Individualized life and consciousness is the crown of creation for experience through action and sensation. The cosmic forces are vast reservoirs in which these myriads of units float and recharge their external field by energy from the cosmos through its spinning chakras and nerve centers to its own keynote and use. The gross solids must be expelled again. These serve as a media of resistance and stimulus of gross action. When the central energy of the soul cannot toil and spin its wheels and shuttles effectively any more to extract what is needed from the outside reservoir, then its link is broken and the pitcher goes to the well no more. The earth elements go back to earth; the air to dust; and the fire to ashes. The vital force of the water principle is withdrawn to the brain from whence it came and departs with Prana, the life principle, and the soul rises to higher regions.

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