polarity therapy, book 1: energy - the vital polarity in the healing art

Dr. Randolph Stone

[An Improved & Enlarged Edition of The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art of Dr. Stone's Complete Collected Works on Polarity Therapy]


Dedicated to seekers after truth
embodied in the human form
as a temple of God on Earth


In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, and mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all [overall] picture of man as a living being with lines of force working in fields of finer energies. These lines of force constitute his real being, and operate in and through the body in a continual exchange of new energy, replacing depleted energy fields and used materials as well as worn out tissues.

Research in atomic energy and the corresponding new viewpoint on matter prompts a re-orientation of the healing arts, in conformity with these modern discoveries. In this WIRELESS ENERGY FIELD, ancient and modern science can meet. The present can be enriched by the experiences and understanding of the past, even as civilizations are built upon previous civilizations.

Miracles and psychic healing are not dealt with in this course. It describes a rational therapy, with a wider range and a finer perspective of the actual energies operating in the body, as its keynote. The attention is directed to the “dweller” in the body, as the Soul or Nucleus, in relation to the form; and to both of them in their relation to Nature or the Universe as a whole. All this brings out a new concept of Health and Disease, according to individual lines of force of attraction, repulsion and relationship of patterns and lines of stress and strain in the field of energies, before crystallization in the body as material obstructions, distortions or disease is evident.

The finer energies in the body constitute its breath of life, by which the soul functions in and through the body. Normally the rhythmic flow of the life breath controls all functions of the body, as the Inner Center of ceaseless attractions and expulsions.

In illness and disease the energy relationship in this River of Life and its fields is disrupted and needs to be re-established. When the body is in good health there is a natural balance and relationship between the breath of life and its conveyor, the blood stream as a fluid, and its rhythmic beat through the central pump called the heart. There are really four polarized energy currents at work here, flowing through the four chambers of the heart, like the four rivers out of the One River of Life in Paradise, the center or home of the finer and higher energies of the life breath.

There are three animating principles activating the blood stream as the chemical river of life in the human body. They are energies of the cosmos, by which man breathes and lives as a soul in human form. These same energies also operate in all vegetation and in animal life on this earth:

1. The fire energy of the sun is the warmth and expanding principle of motion in all living things.

the five stepped-down sensory currents, act and build their armatures of finer matter called centers, through which specific sensation and messages can flow freely. That is why the centers, such as the brain, are protected by a hard shell, like the skull. In the chest, the heart and lungs are protected by the framework of ribs, sternum and spinal column.

These oval fields, carved out by lines of force in the space substance of 'Maya', were called 'Tattwas' [tattvas] in ancient writings because they are made up of the five grades of matter, each differing in density and vibratory rates.

The solid carbons, sweets, fats and starches came under the classification of the earth element and physical weight. The sense of smell expresses the sensory function in and through matter as odor. Mechanics and leverage are its field.

Salt, liquids and hydrogen, as the basis of chemistry, were called the water element, with which the sense of taste is associated. Appreciation and interest are its emotional field of expression. The generative principle, as a water wheel, is the chemistry of emotion and life's renewing function.

Gaseous, nitrogenous and sour substances, as oxygen, were called the air element. This pertains to feeling, selectiveness and sense of touch. Beauty, gentleness and quality are its measure. Attention is the mental expression as its pattern energy of accomplishment.

Sulphur and bitterness, as stimulating substances, were termed the fire element. This is the power of sight in the eyes, above; and the fire of digestion and fevers, in the middle region of the body; and the impulse of motion, especially for running, in the extremities. In the arms and hands it is the expression of skill. It is the vital energy of function and action in the body. Vitality and drive are its nature.

The high sensory essence of 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha] was called the ether. This is the sense of hearing, because it is the energy of the Sound Current in the ether realm, as the origin and transmission of sound waves from there on down. Inner attraction and the aesthetic sense are its natural expression. The Sound Current internally, and music externally constitute the charm of life.

Sensory membranes in each organism act as the media for these finer current communications, as stepped-down receivers. There are five rivers of life and mind energy flowing out from the etheric centers. They express themselves through five fields of matter as sense currents called the five senses, also the five distinct motor currents to express the five sense impulses. By these currents we live and move and have our being in this physical world.

The physiological and psychological balance of well-being in the body is maintained by the harmonious and well-balanced flow of the five rivers within the body. In other words, no one river should be allowed to flood its banks nor should there be an obstruction in any one of them. All the energies should be properly balanced and directed for the good of each individual as a soul in a body, which is literally a temple of God in this world of matter. It is essential for man to know himself before he can progress intelligently and constructively. All functions must be in balance and rhythmic relationship with its own center of energy and consciousness, as the balance of the inner gravity and axis of being. External gravity is merely an indicator of the inner distortions of relationship of vital forces. If we are out of balance with our own center, we are out of balance with the center of gravity outside.

Many doctors wonder why I insist on explaining this therapy from the standpoint of finer energy, which is a little difficult for the average mind to follow. They say, “Why not accept the theory of intervertebral lesions, as taught up to this time?” The difference between the “NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART” and the others is similar to that between the application of atomic energy and mechanical leverage. The beauty of it is that this new concept is a boon to any practitioner, regardless what method he may be using, once the principles have been comprehended.

The ENERGY PRINCIPLE is atomic in its concept and is a science of the future. If we do not try to understand it now, we may have to learn to do so out of sheer necessity later on. The mechanical approach is totally obsolete in comparison with it. If we want to be up to date we must follow the trend of the time and go beyond mechanics and chemistry for effectiveness in our therapeutic research.

Lasting results can only follow the path of Life, but they are not complete nor all-inclusive along the line of any one branch of Life's expression. Life is a unit. To reach it we must go deep. ALL the energy fields of the FIVE sensory and the FIVE motor expressions, which are rivers of Life, must be used constructively in order to enter the ONE LIFE CENTER or Sun principle, out of which they flow and manifest as mind streams in order to relate consciousness to the world of matter. Life is an approach THROUGH ALL AVENUES OF UNDERSTANDING.

The object of this course is to establish an understanding of these underlying factors in the treatment of disease, from a finer, WIRELESS ENERGY standpoint, which embraces ALL BRANCHES OF THE HEALING ART. This energy started with the body at the time of conception as a positive current from the spermatozoon, and a negative current from the ovum.


It is obvious that most doctors are eager for new techniques in order to obtain better results with treatments. But, as you all know, many tools do not make a good mechanic. A true artist does wonders with a brush. The skilled workman understands his problem, and everything flows smoothly for him. He seems to make but little effort and gets excellent results. The person who does not know the “how” or “why” of his problem, labors hard, perspires freely and still does not succeed - even though his tools are many and the preparations are elaborate. The expert violinist produces tone qualities that no mere routine motion of the bow on strings can accomplish.

Skill rests in understanding. Man's internal gravity lines are his energy patterns. These are as definite as external gravity. We are either aware of this and succeed, or it passes us by - no matter how hard we try. Therefore, it is essential that man be understood before we attempt to treat him. Humanity is at the top of creation, and the most mysterious problem in the universe. For this reason it is essential that we learn all about the constituents and forces that go into the make-up of this living being and form. It is for this very reason that we are delving into the very depths of the foundation of the creation of the human race, in the first part of this course.

Originally, I started out to give a course on Perineal Technique, worked out from practical experiences. Why it worked so effectively at times and upon what principles, was still a question. In making further research and burning midnight oil, I finally found the answer, but its roots went as deep as life itself. These principles were arrived at by searching for a common denominator that could explain the practical results which were obtained.

In order to properly understand PERINEAL TECHNIQUE, it is necessary to first understand the mysterious workings of the Sympathetic Nervous System. This is also called the vegetative nervous system because it is based on Man's relation to Nature. This mystery was symbolized by the Caduceus, the emblem of the ancient physicians, and is even used today; but its meaning has been forgotten. THE PSYCHE OR SOUL, the one active principle in the wings of the Caduceus, functioning through the upright shaft as Mind Energy, is an important factor. Mind and 'Prana' constitute the life force as the ONE RIVER. There are four rivers of energy flowing out of it, supplying the four body cavities and their organs.

The psychological functions and their inter-relation to lines of force and patterns working in the body and in Nature, are through the mind and senses. From this foundation of the actual energy fields in operation, we deduce the principles operating in the human body and used in this PERINEAL TECHNIQUE and other techniques. It becomes the basis for determining a definite

THERAPY TO CORRECT POLARITY FUNCTION AND LINES OF FORCE IN THE BODY. Attraction and repulsion are the two opposite poles of action. These must blend into a Neutral pole as purpose and usefulness in the economy of function. The end of this circuit is BALANCE, as the completion of the objective of motion and expression of Life. THIS IS POLARITY IN ITS TRIUNE ACTION.

Part two pertains to Mind, 'Prana', the Three Nervous Systems, the Four Elements and their Mutations. This deals with the practical application of the principles of Mind, Energy and 'Prana' in their flow over the Cerebrospinal, the Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic Nervous Systems; how the same energy changes its function in each cavity of the body as a differentiated energy field and operates as a different element; where contacts may be made on the body in order to influence this flow and balance the energy fields and their polarity; how the ancients used the principle of 'Prana' and Mind Energy as their foundation for determining a course of natural therapy that proved effective; and how the art of healing will be made easier by the understanding of these natural principles.

Part three consists of “Application of Techniques”. This describes actual, practical techniques based upon the above mentioned findings regarding lines of force in the body, relating to structures and functions, their origin, maintenance, balance and POLARITY.

The entire course is based on a NEW ENERGY CONCEPT, rather than a gross material basis. Finer energies, lines of force and patterns rule this Universe as a whole, and Humanity as individuals - the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. These are primary causes which precipitate into crystallization of matter and forms. It is a concept based on living, whirling, atomic energy fields as the basis of Life - a nucleus (Soul) or center, and spinning electrons or mind energy as the foundation of all material existence.

I fully realize that this vital subject is very difficult to teach as technical and practical knowledge, because we have not thought along these lines and have little or no background to base it on or to compare it with. Due to our hard and fast rules of classifying and departmentizing [departmentalizing] our facts, findings, and our thinking, this is like opening a door to a new room in our thinking capacity, which links it to the inner sanctuary of our Soul. We have been accustomed to think of ourselves as a body only, especially in the art of healing and treating. Nearly all of our modern therapies are based upon chemistry and mechanics in their application of endless variety. Even the electromagnetic action of the body has been given little attention. The atomic discovery of pure energy fields and their finer action in the human body have not yet dawned on the horizon of therapeutics.

Energy, as the one basic factor of the process of life, applied to therapy, was a new idea in the practice of manipulation and correction of lesions and distortions. To consider 'WIRELESS ENERGY' the foundation of equalized current flow for health, and its unbalanced distribution as the cause of disease is a startling revelation because purely mechanical and chemical concepts are the popular theories at present.

To delve deeper into the process of life's functions, to reach the Source of consciousness and feeling, and link it with the body's own functions was also a new procedure in the manipulative art. It brings the radiant ENERGY PRINCIPLE to the foreground and links mental and emotional energy currents to physiological functions, which can be reached by polarizing the fields through skilled applications of therapy or by Nature's own forces when directed to the stagnant area or current blocks.

Giving a physical foundation for psychiatry, and its application of balancing energy currents localized as lesions of energy flow, was also a new concept. To bring the WHOLE NATURE OF MAN'S BEING into the focus of therapy and well being was quite a departure from merely adjusting bones, muscles and connective tissue by a bloodless, mechanical procedure.

To blend man and nature into one process of exchange of ENERGY CURRENTS, through the supply of solids, liquids, gases and warmth, was almost like resurrecting the doctrine of the Ancients, of man's relation to the cosmos, and the soul's relation to God, its Creator.

Of course, minds trained to material concepts only, do not function at such altitudes of penetration and comparison. But we grow into it naturally, by external pressure and bewildering circumstances plus the proof of research and actual experience. All this is laid before the students of God-like Wisdom and the followers of Aesculapius [Asclepius], the famous physician of olden times.

Because I feel convinced of this crying need of an INNER COMPENSATORY UNDERSTANDING to balance the strain in this hour of external stress and tension, of new energies and forces discovered and used mostly for destructive purposes, I have persisted in writing and re-writing this course, enlarging it to its present form. If this proves an inspiration and a solace to only a few thinking physicians who can again make this healing art a CREATIVE WORK OF SERVICE TO HUMANITY, I shall be well repaid.

a perspective viewpoint of the new energy concept of the healing art

The physical anatomy of man is the accepted foundation and starting point of nearly all the healing arts today. Such a concept rests upon matter, the gross product, rather than on the fine energy currents which wove the pattern of the body and which continue to animate it throughout life. The general practice today is grossly physical rather than atomic in its principle and application. The idea of energy fields in action through physiological functions, according to the finer lines of force and mind energy patterns, is not yet generally accepted. But we all know that there was a psychological, WIRELESS ENERGY prior to existence of the physiological and material one, otherwise it could not function through it.

This is precisely the way life starts in this world and it is so stated in the Holy Scriptures. Out of the finer Essence of no thing, all was created. Every seed is a unit of life in itself, locked up as a mental pattern in each seed according to its kind. A chicken egg becomes a chick, a turtle egg hatches out as a turtle, etc. The actual life cycle of any living being starts out as a psychological process of ENERGY LINES OF FORCE which are liberated as positive energy from the male seed and as negative energy from the female seed. These are the vitelline substances or centers in the egg.

In human life this cycle also starts at conception as a polarizing energy principle by the union of the male and female prior to the birth of the child. Hence birth into this world is not the beginning of this unit of life called an embryo in the mother's womb. But birth is the finished pattern of this unit, when it is ushered into the world where it should act and express itself as an intelligent being.

This life pattern began by the energy current flow in the male spermatozoon and in the female ovum center of vitelline jelly substance, like a thread in a shuttle which travels forward and backward to weave the most wonderful fabric of life, called the human body! The pattern of the body was supplied by the mental and vital energy of the parents, according to their kind and stature. Of course, heritage goes back much farther than that, and much more is involved, but this is the general rule.

However, the soul which inhabits this body is a unit of consciousness from another sphere, of much finer Essences. If it were not so, it could not maintain itself as a unit later, when fully matured. And children are different from their parents and from each other, in every family, even though the physical pattern may be the same. Each incarnating soul or entity brings with it a design of life, of its own, by which it differs from others.

The polar essence of the biological energy current upon which our very life is founded has received little attention. The vital sun energy which animates all things in Nature and upon which life depends, is the father principle of life as the reservoir of all male activity. It flows in the vital air of Nature as oxygen and as breath in the individual life which links it to Nature's own storehouse. This is the energy locked up in all seeds in Nature. That is why they are roused from their slumber by father sun's warm rays, or warmth generally, as its breath of life.

The air and the warmth are two of the rivers out of the One River of Energy Essence in Paradise, described in Genesis. They are the father and son principle in the human family. These hidden, psychic energy essences were called 'Fire' and 'Air' by the ancient philosophers. The sun is the center in our solar system, as the outgoing, radiating, positive energizer or 'Fire' principle in Nature and in Humanity.

The moon and the earth energy essences are the fructifying, feminine principles in Nature. These two rivers are described as the mother and daughter principle in the human family. In the ancient lore of the Egyptians this was described as 'Isis', the mother of all living, similar to 'Eve' in the Bible. She is the substance of all things, the river of refreshing water of Love and Care of the crystallized earthy substance which was brought forth as the child of Mother Moon. So it is said that our earth and the moon were once like mother and daughter.

It is stated in Genesis that the earth produced vegetation when moisture was applied like a mist of finer essence. This interaction or play is the game of life of two dual forces - the air and fire above, and the earth and water principles below - which constantly flow out of each other and into each other to sustain the function called Life. It is the dance of Life as the inter-play [interplay] of two cosmic essences functioning as four rivers of attraction and repulsion. This constitutes the struggle of life. Whether we are aware of it or not, it goes on just the same or there would be no phenomenon called Life.

Man struggles from the cradle to the grave for just these things which constitute his make-up and Nature. The babe starts its cycle in the external world with a cry which is a gasp for breath, and continues to breathe thereafter, as long as it lives. It needs warmth also as long as it is a being on earth. These are the first two rivers of action in every human being, and each individual - either consciously or unconsciously - must continue to make the effort to attract this energy from the cosmic storehouse throughout life on this earth, or it does not live. Breath is life.

A human being also needs food and drink, the earthy or mother substance of Nature. These are the other two rivers in their cyclic play, from which we all draw in order to live in this world. Clothing and shelter are included in these material needs of life.

All our external struggle is encompassed in these original components, and at the end of the individual life they return to the cosmic substance. The earth goes back to earth, dust (as air) goes back to dust, and the fire burned down to ashes, goes back as “ashes to ashes”. This is the cycle of our travel and our striving while on earth. All vegetation and animal life also go through the same process, and they need the same four rivers of energy in order to exist in this world.

Now we come to the Essence of these currents within us, by which our body operates, moves and has its being as a living human entity, in health or in dis-ease [disease]. When these four polarized energy currents flow freely, we call it health because it is unperceived and natural. But when there are obstructions as cross-currents or short circuits and blocks in its energy lines, then these register as pain or limitation of motion and function in that particular area. This is the real picture of dis-ease [disease] in our WIRELESS ENERGY FIELD, before it becomes physical energy and gross phenomenon where it can be seen externally and by means of X-ray.

In our economic life we call the smooth flow of energy “Success”, and the cross-currents of obstruction as “Failures”. Whether within or without, the same energy prevails only we perceive it not. It all proceeds out of ourselves as ideas and pattern impulses, then ends in ourselves as the recipients of our own actions and reactions, called “Results” or “Fate”.

Life is ONE even though it appears as many factors and actors. But always the same energy acts and reacts, and compounds itself and multiplies results as reactions of pleasure and pain. We draw from Nature what we need, like children of a great father and mother. The same energy which is in Nature is also in us. So we attract it, eat it, digest and assimilate it. Like the vegetation, we need sunshine or its principle of warmth, air plus moisture, and the earthy principle as food.

Fruits are of an airy nature, high above the earth. They supply us with the airy food elements and the 'Prana' or vital energy locked up within their shells or peelings. The grasses have more of the vital sustaining elements in them. They supply the refreshing, green element of water in us. The grains supply the heavier, warming and sustaining elements of the fiery and airy essence of energy. The tubers below the ground supply us with the heavier minerals in their natural state, to give us the earthy element which we need from the vital earth life of earth 'Prana', as the finer essence in the grosser substance.

The herbs and spices have within them what we need and crave as stimulants: The bitter ones come under the fire element, and stimulate the appetite. The sour ones are classified under the air element, and increase and stimulate oxidation. The salty ones come in the category of the water element which flushes the system due to the craving for and resultant intake of water. The carbon-containing foods - sweets, fats and starches - belong to the earthy element because partaking of them causes accumulation of material substance of weight in the form of tissue and fat. This is explained in detail in the chapter on “Polarity Diet” on pages 105 to 112 in my book, “POLARITY THERAPY”.

The same energy which flows in the above also flows in us. That is why the leaves of these trees of life “are for the healing of the nations”, as mentioned in the Bible.[1] Whatever we lack, they may have. By an intelligent selection of them, according to their energy constituents, we can supply our needs. This is beyond the gross chemistry of the ninety nine elements.[2] It is the ENERGY ESSENCE in them which supplies the finer energy needs in the body through proper nutrition.

Even precious stones and metals have ENERGY fields which can be used for attracting their substance from Nature's storehouse, as described in detail in the chapter on “The Wonderful Effect of Gold and Silver on the Human Body” [pages 98 to 105] in my Book No. 5.

Finally, man has all these currents of Energy within himself, so he can help himself when ill or can maintain good health if he KNOWS HOW to utilize and move the energy currents in his body. If he would take the posture of the fetus - in which all currents flow freely to make a perfect body - for a few minutes every day, it would help much toward the maintenance of good health. (These exercises are fully explained and illustrated in my booklet, “EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY”.) Nature also has these energies in the oval fields of her planets as astrological currents. Man can do nothing about those currents, but he can move his own currents in his energy fields, as outlined above. Man has his own central sun and inner positive pole of motion and attraction.

There is also a polarity response of energy by which healing can be done most effectively within that body by means of manipulation, inhibition or stimulation of specific fields or areas on the body. All of this is illustrated in principle and in practice in my books for doctors.

Many methods are possible, but the finest and the deepest penetration is the NATURAL FIELD OF ENERGY out of which all substance in this world is precipitated. This “NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART” is similar to our modern atomic concept of energy lines of force, BUT IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY. All is energy in essence and was so in the beginning.

It is the ENERGY in matter that makes matter seem alive. When this energy escapes, only the shell is left. Residue or toxin must be expelled if life is to continue to animate the form. It is but logical to deal with the active factor in all things and in ourselves. Thus we may understand ourselves AND NATURE, and perhaps touch the hem of the Robe of the Almighty Creator Who is all RADIANT ENERGY, LOVE AND LIGHT.

HOW TO UTILIZE EARTH 'PRANA' IN TUBERS FOR RELIEVING INFLAMMATION OF THE SKIN AND VEINS: The energy currents in the earth have the power to draw moisture, heat and air through the media of the earth solids. This same 'Prana' of the earth is embodied in tubers which grow in it, such as potatoes and red beets, or even cucumbers which lie on the ground and have much moisture in them.

Raw potatoes are highly alkaline and draw out acid irritations by means of external application. Cut, grated or liquidized [liquified] and applied as a compress to the jugular veins, relieves the congestion in the head which is usually experienced in the common cold, sinus trouble, hay fever and asthma. This simply relieves the swelling in the veins so they can drain and function.

Raw red beets have a powerful drawing effect when grated and applied as a compress to the affected part. They even draw out pus, infections and splinters that may be deeply imbedded in external areas. Common clay has been used for centuries for this purpose, but it is not quite so effective as the raw red beet. The 'Prana' in the clay is of a lower vibration and acts much slower than the organized form of life 'Prana' in the red beet.

Raw cucumbers, grated or liquidized [liquified], are good for the skin by simply applying them as compresses.

OPPOSITES VERSUS UNITY: Opposites have their origin in a common center of unity. They stimulate each other in resistance, and balance each other in exhaustion or in the creation of a new unit. Opposition brings forth strength and a new light of understanding through experience and tests of energy endurance.

Unity or balance is the ultimate aim of all opposites. They oppose each other on the surface and unite in the center. Internal attraction of the fine centers of invisible Unity and external repulsion of extremes keep the surface active as a field of manifestation. This may be likened to the planets in their whirling orbits around the sun.

Polarity is the law of opposites in their finer attraction from center to center. Unity is the merging of these currents into one Essence. Creation brings forth opposites by its centrifugal force, like a fountain spray of manifestation flowing out to the limits of the cosmos and of each pattern unit. The surface limits the central activity. It protects the sensitive center of action and intensifies it in its own sphere or limits by means of concentration.

Peace and freedom are possible only in Unity and in an Essence of the same quality. Energy expresses itself continuously in a free state. Within limits, its currents are also constantly active in order to keep that unit or body alive.

Life pertains to the Central Energy. Death belongs to the body or form. As life moves and changes constantly, so must the forms which life builds. We see only the obvious structures or bodies. THE ESSENCE WHICH BUILDS THESE FORMS OUT OF ITS OWN SUBSTANCE, WE DO NOT PERCEIVE.

The structure of the body, we call 'anatomy'. The stepped-down energy currents and fluidic circulations which we perceive as functions, we call 'physiology' because we can trace them over conductors and through conveyors.

However, the PURE STATE OF ENERGY, the mind patterns which build the body and the nervous system, the circulation, the secretions, etc. etc., we do not perceive in their atomic attractions and repulsions. As a result, we hardly have a picture of man's total and partial relationship to the Universe, and even less about our relationship to the Maker Himself, in any of our modern scientific writings.

We have lost the central theme of Life in our search for countless external details in matter only. These neglected aspects of man's hidden Life Currents and definite dependence and correlation with Nature are set forth in this book and in my other books along this line.

The relationship of the unit to the Whole is based upon the great law of demand and supply. Like attracts like. Each individual pattern is sustained by the Whole through its latent power of attraction in its seed pattern keynote. This is the central core of its creative energy field as an individual, separate being, endowed with conscious awareness and growth potential.

Polarity is the law of opposites in their finer attraction from center to center. Unity is the merging of these currents into one Essence. Creation brings forth opposites by its centrifugal force, like a fountain spray of manifestation flowing out to the limits of the cosmos and of each pattern unit. The surface limits the central activity. It protects the sensitive center of action and intensifies it in its own sphere or limits by means of concentration.

Peace and freedom are possible only in Unity and in an Essence of the same quality. Energy expresses itself continuously in a free state. Within limits, its currents are also constantly active in order to keep that unit or body alive.

Life pertains to the Central Energy. Death belongs to the body or form. As life moves and changes constantly, so must the forms which life builds. We see only the obvious structures or bodies. THE ESSENCE WHICH BUILDS THESE FORMS OUT OF ITS OWN SUBSTANCE, WE DO NOT PERCEIVE.

The structure of the body, we call 'anatomy'. The stepped-down energy currents and fluidic circulations which we perceive as functions, we call 'physiology' because we can trace them over conductors and through conveyors.

However, the PURE STATE OF ENERGY, the mind patterns which build the body and the nervous system, the circulation, the secretions, etc. etc., we do not perceive in their atomic attractions and repulsions. As a result, we hardly have a picture of man's total and partial relationship to the Universe, and even less about our relationship to the Maker Himself, in any of our modern scientific writings.

We have lost the central theme of Life in our search for countless external details in matter only. These neglected aspects of man's hidden Life Currents and definite dependence and correlation with Nature are set forth in this book and in my other books along this line.

The relationship of the unit to the Whole is based upon the great law of demand and supply. Like attracts like. Each individual pattern is sustained by the Whole through its latent power of attraction in its seed pattern keynote. This is the central core of its creative energy field as an individual, separate being, endowed with conscious awareness and growth potential


Life is a mystery. It is a spiritual essence of energy. The outflowing breath of the Infinite One, the Unknown Creator of all, is the centrifugal energy in Life in general. All was created by this process of HIS WORD of Spiritual Sound Essence, reverberating throughout endless space. “God spoke”. The Superior supports the inferior.

All life below that High Spiritual Realm is maintained and supported from that Central Energy, the supply house of all living, moving and breathing things. That ray of Spiritual Energy is the very life of our sun which in its turn radiates energy of warmth, expansion and growth to all creatures and things on earth. That Central Unknown Energy from on high is the vital energy and consciousness in man, animals and all vegetation. In man it whirls as 'chakras' or centers in the etheric substance of the cerebrospinal axis, as the pivot of all bodily functions. The life energy flows from within, over each sub-station [substation] and energy center for conscious and subconscious function in man and in the cosmos, to supply the small and the great Universes.

Whirling energy forms centers of concentration and flows from them outward as a positive or a negative charge, in relation to the other centers of action. This is 'polarity' or attraction and repulsion. The inner centers are the dynamic, attractive energies which draw from the storehouse of Nature and adapt that substance of energy to their own use and functions of the body. IT IS IN THIS MANNER THAT WE KEEP POLARIZED WITH THE COSMIC FORCES OF MATTER.

Every blade of grass has the power to attract what it needs from the earth, the water, the air and the warm sun rays, to make its own vibratory pattern in life. All life - vegetable, animal and human - shares alike in this provision of these four polarized energies in their flow. It is the Unseen Energy of the Wheel of Life as the 'cross' or 'Swastika', whirling in action in space substance, which gives the phenomenal appearance of a single unit in action. It was known to the Kabbalists [Kabalists] as 'Tau', the Sacred Cross of Life.

Forms: Centers of energy are essential for creation of forms and their operation. It is essential that energy be concentrated and work according to definite patterns and designs, or exhaustion would take place. If a stone is dropped in a pond of still water, waves radiate outward from the agitated area until that impulse of concentrated energy is exhausted.

Concentration of Mind and Energy are essential for the preservation of function in form. Even Nature, with its vast store of energy, cannot endure constant expansion or expenditure. A good thunderstorm seldom lasts throughout the day. If Nature cannot endure without seasons, rest and change, how can man accomplish anything without concentration and restoring his depleted energy fields? Whether this be soul energy, mind, emotional or physical energy, this principle of function and rest holds true everywhere. It is the law of periodicity or cycles in Nature, or waves in motion.

Mind Energy works in definite patterns. The centers of pattern fields are alive, elastic, expansive, radiating energy in definite orbits. As they progress toward the outer rim, particles lose energy exactly in proportion to the square of their distance from the center.

Energy Wheels, spinning as molecules and atoms and individual units, create a reality for themselves in the vast expanse of space, like bubbles in an ocean. On the surface of these energy fields, whether large or small, they meet the resistance of space which contracts upon them and slows them down further to crystallization. This is called surface tension in the molecule. It is by this process that hard shells and exteriors are formed, like the earth's crust, skulls, the shells of nuts, eggs, etc., to confine and protect the soft and ever-expanding interior energy fields. Shakespeare cleverly stated this process of Nature in a few lines, in his “Romeo and Juliet”, discourse by Friar Lawrence:

“The earth that's nature's mother, is its tomb.
What's nature's burying grave, that is its womb.”[1]

The Greeks understood Nature and utilized this fruitful field for their inspired myths and dramas.

Yang was the term used by the Ancient Chinese for this ever expanding male principle. Yin was the female principle of contraction, concentration and resistance. These twin forces operate in all created forms, for without these two factors, neither function nor perpetuation of forms would be possible.

Currents of energy are constantly at work or play, flowing out of themselves and into each other in their fields and patterns. This process maintains the functions and forms of life.

Small units of energy fields draw their supply of energy from larger units or orbits to which they are attuned, because these are their home, source or parent fields. Dissolving units are again absorbed as free energy particles by the source or larger units. This is the sequence of cause and effect, involution and evolution, birth and death of forms, health and disease.

Our sun and other planets and their orbits have an oval design or spherical shape in space. This similarity is shared by the humble cell, the dew drop, the molecules, atoms and whirling electrons. Our physical body is also built on this plan: It has five oval shaped cavities which are created by whirls of energies that also maintain the function in this space, linking it to Nature, the greater world outside, for its supply of energy - embodied and solidified mediums of various density and called air, liquids and solid food substances.

Small energy fields must be constantly supplied with energy drawn from larger universal fields, or they perish. It is a bond of attraction that keeps them bound in mutual relationship and orbits of travel or well being, in relation to their source of supply or universal energy field inside or outside.

The physical body of man is not as independent as he may imagine himself to be. Man is dependent for every breath of air, on the larger volume of the atmosphere; he is dependent on water or liquids from Nature; also food for nourishment; light and heat; and human love and understanding. Like Manna from heaven, none of this can be stored in the body or it would choke it up. It must be gathered fresh every morning and throughout the day, with every breath. Liquids and foods replenish the body, while ideas renew the mind in its sphere of individual action, and keep it in rhythm with the universe. While love and devotion link man's conscious being inside, back to its eternal Source of all Being.

These are some of the stories Ancient Wisdom has recorded for us in the language of mysticism, if we can read them and interpret them to our everyday life and use.

The story of the creation of man is also written in a secret symbolism, to preserve it for those who can read with understanding. The practice of symbolism was used even in the New Testament, for it is recorded of Jesus, “He taught them not except in parables”.[1] St. Paul said, “He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear,”[2] etc.

Sacred and secret writings of the past were founded on an inner awareness of energy flow within the body, which we call man. They tried to share this wisdom with posterity in the form of symbolism, parables, and myths. Some of this knowledge dates back to an age when man was a superior being and had not yet fallen into the finality of involution in matter.

What comes down, must go up, and vice versa. If there is an evolution, there must be an involution before it, even if the ages are too far apart to be recorded by history. Time is not an important factor in the endless process of Nature's working. It is the process that is important, for that endures and goes on everywhere within us and around us if we can but see and perceive it, or hear its inner rhythm of transcendental sound as supersonic waves. It is the “Music of the Spheres” and the “Song of Life” itself, in the heart essence of all humanity.

All human beings have this capacity, if they will wake up out of the dream of sense life and indulgences and, by attention and interest in the finer energy fields, come into their natural heritage as children of God.

In order to understand man, let us trace some of these energy fields in their everyday process of creating individual forms and maintaining them. The original creation, written of in Sacred Scriptures, started the process, set the pace and patterns which - like the planets - have been revolving in those orbits ever since. Time is measured in 'yugas' or solar cycles, or revolutions of creations around their source, their center of gravity or orbits of travel. In science, we speak freely of light years, but in reading mystic writings, like the Bible, we assume a day of creation to be our present twenty-four hour day! We have not oriented ourselves to read the facts of Soul Life and to interpret them as energy cycles of various speeds. Our daily thinking does not even measure up to our standard scientific conception of energy fields, their speed of travel and the flow of lines of force in units of energy forms.

Patterns are mind energy fields. Life is built on the pattern of the cell, the unit, which in aggregate makes up the individual unit or being. Each type of energy has a vibratory speed and wave length which determines its function and affinity to other similar units of energy functioning in the body, or outside in the cosmos.

The center of any energy field (the neutron or nucleus, etc.) is the life and light of the sphere of action around which the energy particles revolve and give it a solidified appearance. In each field are locked up mysteries of beauty as supersonic sound waves and transcendental displays of light waves, as chromosomes and rays of color that mortal eye has not yet seen. Only mystics speak about these things, and we think them mad; but we speak glibly about light years, as though that were nearer to us and a fact in our lifetime.

Thought Wave Review: Mind energy is the finest form of matter. Thought energy flows in waves and is far from being individualized. We merely tune into a good, accepted, popular, safe wave, and take a free ride and call that knowledge. Our choice and selection is limited to surface volume; we are as afraid of depths as the Ancient Mariner was of falling off of the earth at the end of the sea.

We assume that those in the past could not possibly have had an idea of the cleverness of the present age, but we cannot understand them when they tell us in their writings about energy fields which we are just beginning to become aware of. The importance of our life is all external; theirs was a deeper perception of the energy fields within, that make up this phenomenon of solid matter. In their contemplative life, the ancients had time to concentrate their energies, to penetrate the shell of things and find the kernel in finer energy fields. While we, in our haste to go far and fast, travel on the surface waves, in circles, and find no rest for our souls, no solace for our heartaches and the many problems that beset us, nor even the answer to our physical sufferings.

Our newly found speed is no comfort in itself, for it has its many fatalities, and our progress is no solace to our minds nor does it bring security. On the contrary, like wealth, it brings with it more worry and insecurity. Caught in the wheels of Nature's relentless grind, we must go on - faster and faster. Why? Can man go from the rim of this wheel of speed to the center and find rest? The choice rests within each person, whether he likes the surface and the show, or the depths and the simplicity of things. Do we really want to understand things as they are, or merely as our personal interests and attachments want them to be? Can we learn and perceive totally unbiased, or only as we wish, will and choose?

Creation: Even the finest type of energy field that we call Spirit Essence, in its immensity, slows down in vibration and velocity of intense speed on its surface, where the speed is less and the concentration of energy is less in proportion to the square of the distance from the center.

1 - These slowed down energy fields, because of their different rhythm and speed, are eventually separated from the Parent Unit and become units or orbs, revolving around the Parent field or Source.

2 - This separating process goes on in each definite intensity of vibration or plane of energy fields. The Superior or Source supplies and rules the plane or energy field that emanated from it and is one step further down in density and materialization. Our sun and planets went through the same process.

3 - Mind energy creates patterns of infinite variety on the highest mind field, called the Superconscious or Causal Plane. That pattern is stored within every little energy field of matter that we call a seed; and only because of this fact can it be evolved out of it.

Soul is the inner energy field, the Doer, and Witness in the field of Consciousness; it is also the Perceiver. All creation takes place in space; so there is the other factor of form and form life, which we call Nature. The Mind Principle is the mold and pattern (the cookie cutter) that stamps forms out of space, or rather in space (the dough).

'Prana' of the Hindus, as well as the mysterious Manna of the Hebrews, is the mystic link or neutral common denominator between these two opposite poles of Mind energy as the Molder, and Space energy as the resisting Material, Matter, or Earth element in its finality. 'Prana' is the life breath. It is the vital energy in man.

Mind action is too swift to act directly on matter. Even in intelligent beings, if all thoughts took shape at once as they flowed, it would spell ruin and disaster. Also, the resistant pole, matter, is not directly affected by mind. Jesus mentioned this fact when He stated: “If a man taketh thought, can he add a cubit to his height?”[1]

So the one Neutral River of Energy, Prana or Manna, flows out of Paradise, the Mind Essence or Energy space plane of 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha] and divides into four states of Energy or qualities of matter which the ancients called 'Elements'. These are not in any way to be confused with the ninety-nine elements of matter in material science.[2] The ninety-nine elements of science are but branches and twigs on the Great Tree of Life, which is the interaction of Mind Energy on space substance or matter in its finality.

In the human body, Mind Energy flows over the brain and the nervous systems and becomes animated Intelligence, Feeling, Perception, Consciousness; the root of all the senses and the Awareness of all sensations in and through the form of Matter.

The human body is a part of space, as a form of Matter, and must be constantly kept in touch with the greater element of space which is Nature as a whole, or it perishes. The energy rhythm of Life must be kept moving through every part of it or it suffers, as well as its four polarized varieties of this element, embodied in four states or kinds of matter, as elements of:

1. Heat, warmth - Energy 2. Air, oxygen - Gas 3. Earth, solids - Food 4. Water, liquids - Beverage

There are four large cavities in the body over which these four polarized energies flow, and organs which act as transformers of these currents, and step down the intensity of the field. These organs also act as converters of energy, extracting from solids, liquids, gases and heat energy what the body needs for its own fuel and sustenance in order to keep fit as a unit of expression of Mind Energy and Space Substance; but mainly to keep in tune and rhythm with the Universal Field of Nature through the finer and coarser mediums of exchange.

The river that carries the Life Principle and the other modalities of currents and substances as food and nourishment in the body, is the blood stream. That is why the ARTERY RULES SUPREME IN NATURE, with or without the action of Consciousness, or Cerebral Function.

SOUL IS CONSCIOUSNESS; 'PRANA' IS LIFE; MIND ENERGY IS A NEUTRAL meeting ground between Soul and Matter. These forces must be understood and balanced in all rational therapy, so they can operate freely.

It is stated in the Holy Bible: “The life of the flesh is in the blood” (Lev. 17:ll). Three principal essences converge to make up the river of life called the BLOOD STREAM. The first is warmth, the fiery principle of the sun with its finer hidden 'Pranic' rays of Energy. Without this active principle in the blood stream it would be cold like it is in fish, frogs and some of the lower, cold-blooded animals. Man loves sunshine because it is part of his very blood. However, there are some individuals who cannot tolerate sunshine. That is because they have more of the 'moon essence' in their make-up.

The next river is the airy principle and essence in the blood stream. This makes oxidation and exchange possible between the store of the earth's oxygen outside and its own used up supply. Life is not possible on this planet without this universal essence in action. “Breath is life” with its hidden, vital energy. Oxidation also causes the inter-action [interaction] between the fiery essence and the water principle, which is the liquid quality of the blood stream as THE RIVER OF LIFE.

The Moon Energy, as the third principle, is the source of the watery essence in the blood stream. Oxidation has a cooling and evaporating effect on bodies in Nature. It fructifies the earthy nature of man and all vegetation by the flow of the three vital rivers through the earth.

The first river is the source out of which all four rivers flow and to which they must return. The last one is the earth, the result of the action of the other three rivers or essences of energy. The first becomes the last by expressing itself through it. The last becomes the first by returning to it constantly through disintegration and, in the end, it vanishes and becomes re-absorbed into its first essence of finer Reality in the energy field.

The three types of Consciousness or functions of the Mind, and the four grades of Matter or substances, and their relationship in their formation, are dealt with in the next chapter: “The Psychosomatic Relationship of Man with the Universe (The Microcosm and the Macrocosm)”.

the psychosomatic relationship of man with the universe (the microcosm and the macrocosm)

ORIGIN: Space is the great deep or void, the omnipresent '0' [zero] or “No-thing” out of which all things are made. In order to create anything in this immensity of “All-ness”, an “Otherness” or limitation must be imposed, to outline and circumscribe any creation; whether this be a universe, a sun, an earth or a human being, or a cell or an atom.

It is said that God geometrizes. This becomes full of meaning when we realize the whirling forces of energy necessary to carve out a space or an outline in this all-space, in order to establish units of form, units of intelligence and mind. In other words, to differentiate the many from the ONE, and the unit in the Whole. So all our created objects are really whirls in space, like bubbles in an ocean. Thus all life on this earth is related to the WHOLE, the Macrocosm, the Akash [akasha, aakaasha] or Etheric Principle, the same as the bubble, the ripple, the wave or the drop in the ocean.

The operating Energy Field has a definite pattern in a higher sphere of Energy called the Causal Plane, or the Pattern World, the Heavens, the Cause and Origin of things. In Genesis, Moses on Mount Horeb was elevated in consciousness that he might see some of these patterns whirling in the Energy Fields of Causes in order that he be able to duplicate same in miniature on this earth (the Tabernacle in the Wilderness[1]). Jehovah's admonition to Moses was that he should build this Tabernacle according to the pattern shown him on the mount. The 'mount' represents the raised consciousness in the higher sphere of Energy Fields of Causes.

The story of Creation in the Bible and in most Sacred Scriptures bears out these facts. It is a Universal Concept of all ancient peoples, expressed in symbolic language, and hidden throughout the ages from the eyes of the unworthy. Truth is a two-edged sword. In quoting from the Wisdom of the Ancients, their sacred lore, and from the Bible, it is my aim to interpret these mystic writings, explain the MYSTERY OF MAN, identify the principles and, if possible, make clear their meaning to at least some thinking minds.

Sound, as supersonic and ultrasonic energy, is the first principle in Nature. “God spoke”. Sound, not light, is the first principle of whirling, fiery action, as wheels of energy in space, creating rivers of whirls, entities, bubbles and individualizations from the All-ness or the One, in Its centrifugal, primal outpouring.

These rivers of energy, as principles of existence, are spoken of in the Bible as the four rivers of Life, flowing out of Paradise[2], out of a One River or state of energy called “Akash” [akasha, aakaasha] or “Prana” by the Hindus, or “ether” by our scientists. It is a superfine essence of life force, which splits into four streams or elements of energy and of substance that are interacting and compensatory to each other. It is upon this action that our physical universe and individual life depend.

Sound, as ultrasonic energy, is the creative principle that proceeds through kinetic agitation, under higher static polarized regions of finer energies (or heavens) and is the cause of all creations. This Sound Energy or THE WORD spoken by the Deity, “was in the beginning with God, and was God, and by it all things were made that were made.”[1]

Curvilinear motion or vibration operated in space, and created sphere after sphere until all was manifested. AND THE SAME ENERGY MAINTAINS THIS CREATION EVERYWHERE. Motion is always in the form of a curve, from the path of the planets in the sky to the very atoms of matter, and the spinning electrons.

In most of the ancient writings, man was the key to the universe and the grand symbol of all the mysteries. Every effort was made to explain man to himself and to make him aware of all the forces and energies locked up in this being that he calls himself. The building of the pyramids and temples everywhere expressed this urge in man.

The “being” in the body is the most interesting, individual problem to every person. It is our world, our life, our own Soul in manifestation. We are most fascinated by ourselves; everything else is secondary. We, as souls, are the object of our search and interest. As the earth revolves around the sun, so our life revolves around our inner Sun or Soul. We are forever seeking its relation to the Whole, which we have lost. This is symbolized by the “Lost Key” or “Lost Chord” in music, and the “Lost Word” in Mysticism, Occultism and Masonry. Spiritually, we are seeking GOD REALIZATION.

Physically, we are seeking to establish our relation to our body, and to Nature, which means health or well-being - a soul expressing itself as an individual unit, through mind, in matter and form. This is the problem in the life of every being.

Man stands on the top of the ladder of all Creation. He alone is endowed with all the faculties necessary to understand his Source, his Being, and his relationship to Nature. Writings of the Ancients became sacred because they endeavored to reveal to man some hints about his Source, his marvelous pent up energies and soul powers, how to use them wisely in Nature, how to transcend the ego and thereby find his way to his REAL HOME. Until we have become aware of our Source, our True Home, we are as “Prodigal Sons” in this creation.

Our Bible starts to explain this as a creation in an exalted field of pure energy, called a Garden of Eden (delight), where all creation was complete and present as perfect patterns and energy forms in the realms of causation, or the Causal Plane of the Ancients. From this Universal Source of physical being, one river of energy flows constantly out into manifestation, splitting into four heads, and watering this Garden. Such a place has not been found on earth, in spite of much search and conjecture. Causes are always in the Energy Field, never in matter. Soul Energy, through the life-breath and mind, builds and crystallizes matter out of itself, and resolves it again into its own Being, as dissolution or 'Pralaya', similar to the burning of wood or fuel of any kind, when its pent-up energy is liberated. The physical body is the house that “Jack” (the unknown) built and lives in.

The very energy rivers that precipitate and form matter, sustain that form and maintain its function, as a part of the Great World or Nature. (Like the earth sustains plant and animal life.) The forms and bodies are part of Nature; the life is the animating principle and energy within the form. This expresses itself through Intelligence, Mind and Senses.

In order to understand the mystic language of the Bible, and unify our minds on this energy concept, let us follow this one river of Energy ('Prana' or Ether) into its four heads, and see where and how it fits into our Creation: (Ether is space substance or a field. 'Prana' is the Life Energy flowing through it and all the other four polarized elements.)

“And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became four heads. The name of the first is Pishon: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.” (Gen. 2:l0, ll, 12)

The River Pishon means 'Current' or 'Energy'. Havilah, the land over which it flows, means 'sand land'. The gold and onyx stone complete the definite identification in the mystical language, of the actual current and where it flows in the little world, the microcosm, which is our body.

Pishon is the energy or element of 'fire' of the Ancients, which creates the first sphere or oval, the head, the brain and the nervous system, like a tree that is upside-down. The latter is mentioned in the Bible as the symbolic Tree of Life. This is illustrated in chart No. 12 on page No. 19 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”.

Havilah (sand land) identifies the pituitary and pineal glands, because of their sandy-like constituents. This is illustrated in chart No. ll, figure No. 2, in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN.”

The gold spoken of is the energy current of a yellow color, flowing upward, over the pituitary and pineal bodies and the optic thalamus. It creates a golden light current which is pictured as a halo around the head of saintly persons. The Hindus call this current 'Udana'.

The onyx stone is the stone spoken of in the Revelation of St. John as being in the center of the forehead. It is the third eye, also known as 'Tisra Til', the door of the Soul, the narrow gateway to the lost Word and higher realms. The 'Ureus' of the Egyptians is a symbol of this same center. (For the illustration, please refer to figure No. 2 on chart No. 11 in the book called “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”.) Physiologically, we think we cover all this ground by merely calling this the cerebrospinal nervous system.

The name of the second river is Gihon, which means gusher, or intermittent spring, or virgin fountain. This applies well to the fountain of life, the heart and its beats. This energy element was called 'air' by the ancients, because it creates and sustains the second oval cavity, the chest with the heart and lungs. Science calls it the respiratory and circulatory system. The diaphragm is the dividing line. This is illustrated in chart No. 10 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”. It is also mentioned in the Bible:

“And God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” (Gen. 1:6)

The diaphragm is the elastic, functioning firmament which divides the waters or energies, above from below. It divides the two rivers above (one the 'fire' element and the other the 'air' element) from the two rivers (the 'earth' element and the 'water' element) below. It is upon this important inter-action [interaction] that life depends. Without diaphragmatic function, there can be no respiration nor heart beat, no proper assimilation nor elimination, nor motion. It is a fixed stabilizer of bodily functions.

Here, also, we find the mystic chalice spoken of as a cup, the mixing bowl of the life principle ('Prana') and the air and water elements. This particular chalice or cup is the heart. 'Prana' or universal life force, which is the same energy as is in the sun, uses oxygen as a conveyor, and we breathe it in as 'air'. The Bible clearly states that the life is in the blood.[1] If the chemical oxygen was the life principle itself, we could prolong life indefinitely under an oxygen tent. But this is not the case. 'Prana' is the universal breath of life. It was called 'Ruach Elohim' by the Hebrews. And when Elohim (God) breathed this breath of life into the nostrils of the form called 'man', this form became connected or united with the function of the Soul power within, and man became a living, existing Soul in human form.[2] This 'Prana', 'Ruach' or 'Energy' flows over each nostril alternately, enlivens the sympathetic nervous system, and links the body to Nature in this Energy field in matter.

The third river out of Eden's one river is Hiddekel (Tigris or black). This is the 'earth' element of the ancients. It built and operates the third cavity or oval – the abdomen – with its digestive, assimilative and eliminative activity. The Hindus call it 'Saman'. We call it the gastro-intestinal [gastrointestinal] tract. It is a fiery energy which digests our food in the earthy elements of the bowels as the earthy field.

The fourth river is the Euphrates, the great river, or water wheel. The ancients called this the 'water' element. It is situated in the fourth cavity of the body, the pelvic cavity. As earth and water landmarks are irregular, so is this space, with the earth element above it. Science calls this the genito-urinary [genitourinary, urogenital] system, including the kidneys, which are post-peritoneal structures.

The earth is said to have been created out of water; and is surrounded by it, like the embryo is surrounded and floats in amniotic fluid. The 'Great Wheel' refers to constant births in this river of life, as incarnations into the 'Wheel' of eight million, four hundred thousand varieties of species of life forms. It contains the seed power which is the one evidence of the eternal power of perpetuation in all life – human, animal and vegetable. The billionth descendant of any life form or pattern has the power to reproduce, the same as the original pair had. This is the only perpetual motion power we know of; namely, the seed power in all creation.


The good minister, at the funeral service, revives our memory of this mystic lore not now understood, when he picks up a handful of earth and says, as he throws it on the casket, “earth to earth, dust to dust and ashes to ashes”. A doctor wrote out a death certificate which probably stated 'heart failure' or 'endocarditis' as the cause of death. But the minister tells us the true reason why this person died. The earth element in this body could no longer function nor draw energy from the great earth element outside, which is the cosmos, and co-operate with the other elements, so now this earth element of the individual body goes back to mother earth.

“Dust to dust”. The element of air has dust as its symbol of precipitation, and when the air principle can no longer breathe or flow in rhythm with the universal air principle outside, the individual air or life breath of 'Prana', the life in the body, returns to its universal reservoir.

“Ashes to ashes”. This person died because the fire principle of energy could not flow in this body, and be renewed by the universal fire of energy. That is why it must return to its source.

And the spirit (Soul) returns to God who gave it, in the Soul Realm or the fifth river, which is also the first one. So the first is last and the last is first.

“And Jehovah God planted a garden eastward in Eden.” (Gen. 2:8)

This garden is the form of man in Eden, the higher sphere.

“And Jehovah God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.” (Gen. 2:15)

Man then became the dweller in a form, house or garden, a beautiful abode. Before this the soul was yet in a higher sphere where there was no need for sex, food or clothing.

In the Koran [Quran, Qur'an, Al-Coran, Coran, Kuran, Al-Qur'an] it is stated that when the forms were built, God played beautiful music upon them and souls entered those forms.[1] In the Bible it is stated that the sons of God beheld the daughters of men and they were fair; they came down and took them unto wives and bred giants.[2] That was millions of years before the flood, when incarnation and descent of souls took place. Those souls not yet ensnared by matter and grosser forms, are still spoken of as the sons of God, descending. Time intervals of millions of years are often covered in one sentence in the Bible.

It is important to know of and understand this process of the involution of the soul into matter, because all the finer principles and vehicles, and lines of force are still with us, buried within this form. That is the reason we have so much conflict within ourselves and are constantly searching for our lost estate, seeking our higher essences and trying to discover ourselves.

Every principle or energy field within us, our little world, has a universal plane of being or field of operation. And as our four elements must blend with that greater world outside and draw from its universal supply in order to be well and nourished, even so, all the higher energy principles must be supplied from their own plane. THE SOUL ITSELF MUST CONSTANTLY BE SUPPLIED BY THE SOUND CURRENT, THE WORD ISSUING FORTH FROM THE SUPREME BEING WHO CREATED IT. NO PART IS COMPLETE IN ITSELF “EXCEPT IT ABIDE IN THE WHOLE” AND IS UNITED WITH IT.

Why should the spirit of man be so proud, when everything is but a gift and a loan to him, by a gracious, loving Energy Source of all things and essences?

This communication, contemplation, meditation or concentration by the individual energy field within man upon and with its universal Source, is man's real function, path of travel and wellbeing. This can be a communication of soul with its Source, as love with the Ocean of Love and Bliss; or of intelligence with the Universal Intelligence and Pattern World of things, creativeness and inventions.

Mind also communicates with the Universal Mind in its constant activity, motion, illusions and theories, thoughts and wishing. This gives us the psychology of man in its true scope and path of travel. Like anyone of the four elements, when one stops flowing, having lost its rhythm with the Whole and its Source of supply, it has a tendency to lock itself in, turn upon itself and disintegrate. Then there is pain, sorrow, etc. If this balance can be restored, there is well being and free flow of energy. The Universal Energy, like air, is all around us and we can benefit thereby if we do not choke ourselves with too much at once nor try to retain used material. In fact, we, like a bubble in an Infinite Ocean, live, move and have our being in this Source of all, at all times. IT IS MERELY A MATTER OF WHAT WE ARE SEEKING AND AT WHAT LEVEL WE TUNE IN. This is what actually takes place and needs no other psychology, for it is the breath and movement of the soul itself.

All Greek dramas are based upon the story of the tragedy of the soul being bound by matter, as with chains. “Prometheus Bound” is one of these dramas, telling much of the ancient Greek's understanding of psychology.

Every life is but the relationship of the unit to its source. And the only possible path of travel is the flow between the two (the microcosm which is man, and the macrocosm which is the universe), in its various degrees of fineness and density of energy and matter as crystallized, fixed, static fields.

A centrifugal force, out from the center of all being and essence, causes creation, as myriads of sparks from a central hearth fire. And the return flow of this energy, as the centripetal or attractive force, links it and makes it seek its Source, in an effort to become unified again in its rhythm and essence. That explains the hunger of the soul and the constant will and desire within the soul, as unrealized longings and yearnings. The whole mystery of destiny and predestination lies here.

The soul, in turn, steps down its energy and becomes a slave of the mind, and expresses itself through the senses. The senses relate to the mind as units to the whole – a positive pole above, as the source, and the negative pole or units below, seeking experience in multiplicity and outward expenditure of energy. Mind is the negative pole of the soul, its source. All things are suspended from a universal Source or Center, and travel in that orbit, like the planets around our sun, the electrons around the neutron, etc. It is one grand story, in endless variety.

The unit has a relationship of energies within itself, like the mind and the senses. If the outgoing current of mind energy is frustrated too often in one of its senses, it wishes to shut off that hurt or leak and seeks subterfuge or other devious ways to satisfy that craving or desire. In psychology, this is well recognized as an escape mechanism and wishful thinking, not based on facts or direct experiences with matter. A clear understanding of these processes of the mind usually unties the self-imposed lock of mental energies that cause the perversion. Again, this is why it is so important to really understand the WHOLE PATH OF THE SOUL, its involution and its evolution out of the bonds of matter and suffering.

Our energies are constantly going outward, seeking in things the thrills and satisfaction which are not there. It is but a mirage. Only the very highest Universal Source really has what we seek and crave. So, after maturity of years, after aeons of wanderings and sufferings, the soul finally is convinced of this fact and, like the 'Prodigal Son', remembers his Father's house and all its abundance. He then rises up within himself, turns his energy and longings of the soul inwards and comes back Home to his Universal Source, his Father.[1] The 'house' referred to is that particular universal plane for each soul. “In my Father's house are many mansions”, said Jesus.[2]

Most of our psychology and psychiatry is derived from the Greeks, who understood the travel of the soul and mind, the various patterns and fields of expressions and perversions of searching externally in order to find satisfactions. The story of Psyche and her Pandora Box[3][4]; the many myths and stories of the gods, as internal powers of energies and their universal supply and reactions; the story of Narcissus, self-seeking; the Oedipus complex, and many others which explain the cross currents of energies in the mind and its external travel of experiences.

Our modern psychiatrists are using all these stories for want of better ones; for nowhere have we a complete picture of the travel of the soul. We know the path of the planets outside much better than we know the orbit of our own soul, mind, or senses in their functions. That is too close to home, so we go on seeking and suffering in strange lands and fields of energy, ever outward, expending our precious heritage, as all prodigals do.

trees, symbolizing patterns of energy and mind

“And out of the ground made Jehovah God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” “(Gen. 2:9)
“And Jehovah God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. And Jehovah God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Gen. 2:15,16,17)

What is this transcendental mystery of the tree of life, trees for food, and a tree of knowledge of good and evil?

These are the three conditions of mind energy, the forces operating throughout all creation. The Hindus call them the three gunas ; namely, 'Satva' [sattva, sattwa] (truth), 'Rajas' (action), 'Tamas' (darkness or crystallization). These are found even in the exalted plane of causation which is known as the Causal Plane.

All things have a neutral or causative center, as 'Satva' [sattva, sattwa]; a positive or active pole, as 'Rajas'; and a negative or crystallizing pole, as 'Tamas'. This is the triad of energy flow in all matter and form. There is no exception. Were it not so, this energy and all creation would be eternal. All kinetic energy below the eternal spheres is ever active and seeking to polarize itself. It crystallizes into matter, which is the cause of our creation as we know it.

Now this hidden meaning becomes much clearer regarding the three types of trees as three planes and three types of energy in every plane.

The first is the tree of life, as 'Satva' [sattva, sattwa], which is the Source and Center of things, the superconscious state of mind as patterns. It is the inner whirl, like the energy in the atom. Who abides in that state, will not go forth, but will remain in the Source or the House of the Lord.

The second type of trees, good for food and nourishment, is in the field of general action and service, known as 'Rajas'. It is the activity of the conscious mind. It was in this field that man was in the ether sphere of Akash [akasha, aakaasha], or he could not have been given the fruits of these trees as his nourishment. Forms and bodies, whether fine or gross, are bound to action, whether we wish it or not.

The third type of tree is the mysterious tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as a principle or energy current. It is the crystallizing effect of the subconscious mind, as rigidity and fixation. Energy, when expended, becomes exhausted, tired, spent and depolarized. This concerns the vital forces in the body, in the pelvic region. The further energy gets away from its source, the more dense or crystallized it becomes. This is clearly illustrated by light beams or heat rays.

Knowing the nature of the currents of energies as the three types of trees, we can better understand what happened and the curse that followed. This is all a vital part of the constitution of man and his essential relation to Cause (his Source) and Effect (Nature and form). The Bible states it so clearly, and you all know about the Bible. That is why I am using it as a text to explain the thoughts, recordings and secrets of the ancients.

In the nature of things, verse 17[1] is quite plain; namely, why man must die as a form if he enters into the field of crystallization or 'Tamas'. And later, when man fell from the higher sphere into this current, and the subsequent curse on all active parties, can now be easily understood as a statement of fact, in keeping with the nature of things, materially.

Why must man fall? In the Causal Plane, things are only mental concepts, whirlpools of mind, ideas, patterns. On the emotional plane of action, 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha], it is action for the sake of action or expression. In matter, the physical plane of 'Pind', it is action for the sake of the fruit of action; namely, the sensations, the enjoyment of the senses, the reactions, the accumulation of things, and personal honor, pride and self aggrandizement through possessions and power.

Now we see why this is called eating of the fruits of this tree, and why it is considered as a fall and the cause of all subsequent sin and misery. Every pleasure in this world, indulged in as such, has its resulting sorrow – if not immediately, then some time in the future. The same principle is still active when a child insists on touching a hot stove; it must experience the sensation and the resulting pain.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna brings out the point regarding how to escape this trap of matter, since we are forced to act whether we wish it or not: “ACT WITHOUT BEING ATTACHED TO THE FRUITS OF ACTION.”[2] In other words, we do our duty to the best of our ability and leave the results (whether we succeed or fail) in the hands of the Lord. We try to render service, but should not be bound down by the sensation, the accumulating of things, nor the thoughts of possession or egotism about accomplishment; but remain active in the principle of action. Thus we do not become bound like Gulliver.[3] Much real psychology is involved here; in fact, it is the basis of it. The whole principle of psychiatry of Freud and others rests on this fact of attachment to desire and sense satisfaction.

From the cradle to the grave, man craves for rewards, for enjoyment, for sensations, for possessions, for praise, and feels frustrated when he thinks he has missed one iota of it, even as a child. The Freudian philosophy brings out clearly each successive stage of the child's mental development and how he must be compensated for outgrowing or letting go of any state of previous comfort or satisfaction. When these things are so deeply rooted in our very nature, is it not time that we, as doctors, parents and teachers, understood the entire picture of cause and effect as the path of the soul? Did our venerable ancients write these things down for us, merely to be believed and practiced without understanding? Are theories without understanding profitable? Do we not suffer more when we do not understand the forces which we are subjected to? Is there one instance where Nature excuses ignorance? Solomon truly said, “With all thy getting, get understanding.”[1]

As we study Genesis, we are somewhat confused by what seem to be inconsistencies or repetition. Things were created (Gen. 1:11, l2) and yet were not:

“And no plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up; for Jehovah God had not caused it to rain upon the earth: and there was not a man to till the ground;” (Gen. 2:5)

For clarity, it must be understood that there are creations on three planes; each one below is an exact duplicate of the one above it; but only in appearance. Each plane below is made of grosser and slower vibrating energy particles, like gases, liquids and solids. This is not strange, for man does exactly the same in connection with his work in this world. First comes the planning and blueprint stage ('Satva' [sattva, sattwa]), the causative energy and its patterns, the ideal state or superconsciousness. Second, the action stage ('Rajas'), the gathering and buying of material and forms, the conscious state of mind. Third, the combining, crystallizing, construction stage ('Tamas'), the completion of the pattern in gross materials, compounds, and the fruits or the realization of our efforts, the subconscious state of mind, building and repairing the body, completes the picture.

chart no. 1: the caduceus


Two types of caduceus are given here. Different countries had their own design of this same mystery of energy current flow in the human body and in Nature. The description of the “Tree of Life” and of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” in our Bible had a similar meaning hidden in its symbolism, where Life and Knowledge were closely interwoven for good and bad or positive and negative effects in the life of every being.

All these cryptic designs bear a hidden message to thinkers, of energy patterns in man's make-up so he can better understand himself and his dual and complex pattern design and thinking process. By knowing them, man can work from the center out and regulate the currents of thoughts and feelings through intelligent direction and knowledge rather than being tossed around by every temporary impulse and reaction. “Man know thyself” is the admonition contained in the symbolism of the Sphinx and of the Staff of Hermes.

The wings of the Caduceus represent the two hemispheres of the brain. The knob in the center is the pineal body. The upright staff is the path of the finer energy which produced the center portion of the brain, noted by the rings and the spinal cord below it. This is the Tree of Life of the ancients.

The two serpents represent the Mind Principle in its dual aspect. The fiery breath of the Sun is the positive pole as the vital energy on the right side of the body. It was called 'Yang' by the Chinese, and 'Pingala' by the Hindus. On the left side of the body flows the cooling energy of the Moon essence of Nature. This was called 'Yin' by the Chinese, and the 'Ida' [irda] current in India.

These two currents cross over in each oval cavity of the body and change their polarity. Thus they flow in and out of each other constantly and produce alternating currents in their action. Positive and negative is their nature – the 'yea' and the 'nay'.

The last open loop and that lower part of the staff is the Cauda Equina, the 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil'. It is situated at the end of the spinal cord proper, below the second lumbar vertebra.

The staff in the center portrays the hearth fire and the chimney, down which 'Santa Claus' descends and through which he returns to the Fountain of Energy above, after having distributed or deposited the gifts from the Source. Those who can understand this will realize that it is the secret of the stepped-down Sound Current of Spiritual Energy also known as “THE WORD” from higher regions, lost in matter and physical generation.

The serpent was chosen as the symbol of Mind Energy and Wisdom through experience in the Center of Consciousness where the downward and upward currents meet in the center between the eyes. This center is called 'Tisra Til' in India. It is the point from which man can direct his energies upward for his spiritual benefit, or downward for physical and material expenditure. It illustrates the exchange of energy flow between man's brain center and the Universal Energy; between man's mind and the Universal Mind and emotional energy waves manifesting as sun spots, as storms and upheavals in Nature.

Mind Energy is described in Genesis as the ONE RIVER which splits into four rivers. These are rivers of LIVING ENERGY CURRENTS which are stepped down into four primary POLARIZED pattern substances of an atomic fineness, which are the essentials of life to everything that breathes, moves and lives on earth. Vegetation, insects, animals and human beings need this substance and energy in order to survive and live. That is why man is utterly dependent on the Universal supply and exchange of WARMTH, AIR, WATER and FOOD. These are the four rivers of stepped-down Mind Energy Currents by which mankind and vegetation live, move and have their being.

Energy resides as a hidden factor in the substance of earthy solid foods, in the moisture of liquids, in the oxygen of the air and in the warmth of heat waves from any source. The breathing process is the fan of life which activates the energy currents and wafts them through the entire being of each unit, in regular rhythmic waves of expansion and contraction. This is the River of Life in us, as seen and described by the ancient wise men who took time for deeper thinking and contemplation on the Mystery of Life.

The knowledge of these currents of primary relationship of man to the energy flow in his body, and the relationship of his ovals or plates (5 spaces) for the functioning organs in his body to Nature, was the object of understanding of the physicians of old. It is concealed and revealed in this symbol of the Caduceus. The Biblical account of Creation tells the same story in a much more cryptic and mystical language. All Sacred Scripture was written for the enlightenment of seekers in future generations, concerning the mystery of Life.

In embryonic life this primal energy is still the builder of the body, according to the hidden pattern released by the junction of the two parental seed essences of the spermatozoon and the ovum. These two energy principles of a positive and a negative current, the primary Adam and Eve energy, are symbolized as two serpents of mind currents, stepped down through generation, into forms of matter.

The Universal Pattern Currents were fixed by the Creator as the one established fact of the Eternal Energy within the heart and essence of all creation. Creation would not survive, were it not constantly sustained by the outgoing breath of the ONE ETERNAL SOURCE of Energy, the Creator of all, in every realm of being.

The evidence of this concealed primal energy is locked up in all seeds, by the power of which each and every little seed - whether human, animal or vegetable - has the power to reproduce itself and its pattern of life throughout generations.

It is through the mystery of the individual's own mind energy that patterns are fixed as types - each individual for himself - which can be directed and molded according to each individual's own efforts. This can be accomplished by devotion to and implicit faith in the Supreme Being and earnestly endeavoring to control the currents of the mind and emotions with patience and perseverance. “Closer is He than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.”[1] No wonder Jesus said:

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Mat. 17:20)
“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” (Mat. 17:21)

No obstacle in our mind can be greater than the one illustrated here. This law, laid down by Jesus, cannot fail if understood and used wisely for overcoming all obstacles IN OUR OWN BEING.

Science has listed over 1,500 diseases which are facts, like the leaves on the Tree of Human Life. They are as real as effects can be. Yet every leaf depends on the total life of the tree. And that life depends on the free flow of the Energy Current which sustains it in its exchange with Nature's store of supply: The energy or fiery exchange of heat or warmth; the life breath and energy in the air we breathe; the moisture and rain which refreshes us and all vegetation; and the solid foods which supply the worn out cells and tissues with new material from the Cosmos.

The atomic exchange of energy particles works in a similar way. The atom is a minute unit of spinning energy, seen as matter and substance. It attracts electrons and changes them into ions; it also repels electrons and other energy particles constantly. Yet matter looks so solid when we do not know or see these chromatic energy radiations going on continually in every particle of it.


Now let us look at another tree of life, the Caduceus, also known as the Staff of Hermes, the sign and symbol of the ancient physician. It is even used by physicians today. Do we know its meaning and use? What does it represent? What graphic secrets does this design conceal and at the same time reveal? Could its story be the same as that of the tree of life in the Bible, or related to it? Could the symbol of the two serpents have the same meaning as the one serpent of the outgoing current of mind energy (as desire) that led man into the fall or involution?

The second creation of man (Gen. 2:7) was the unfolding of the pattern and type form of man previously created, and molding it by the finest material energy on the plane of 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha] as an actual body made out of the essence of matter or clay. Into this form or abode, the Universal Life Breath of 'Prana' was breathed into its nostrils, to link the universe or fine essence of matter outside, with the Soul in the body, which is the seat of consciousness, mind intelligence. So the body and soul were blended into one unit of being, a living Soul in a fine, material body.

The three types of trees:

  1. The tree of life
  2. The trees for nourishment
  3. The tree of knowledge of good and evil

are situated in the form of man, and function as the three qualities of mind and fine material energy in the body, and flowing over the brain and nervous systems. The tree of life is the positive pole in the brain. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is the un-intelligent pole of impulse on the other end of the nervous system and spinal column. It is the emotional, generative impulse which keeps man bound to earth. The Perineal floor is the finality of this impulse as a sympathetic nerve reflex, which must be coordinated with the Parasympathetic and Cerebrospinal Systems.

These three types of nervous systems are typical of the three types of trees; the Cerebrospinal as the Intelligent or 'Satva' [sattva, sattwa] impulse; the Parasympathetic as the emotional, restless, active, preservative impulse, 'Rajas'; and the final, blind expression of the force of crystallization, the generative, driving power, 'Tamas'.

Following are the three types of mind corresponding to the three varieties of trees and nervous systems and their functions:

  1. The superconscious as 'Satva' [sattva, sattwa], the ideal and pattern mind, created as the first creation
  2. The conscious or active mind, 'Rajas', created in the second creation
  3. 'Tamas' or earthbound mind, going into sense life entirely and bound thereby. The stage or cycle of life after the fall or loss of the conscious life in Paradise, on the finer plane of matter, 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha]. This last stage of final involution into matter is our earth life as we know it, including the cycles of history.

The Sympathetic Nervous System consists of a double chain of ganglion, originating in the ganglion of Rebes [Ribes] in the brain, descending on each side of the spinal column and ending in the ganglion of Impar, in front of the coccyx. In the Caduceus, each chain is symbolized by a serpent. The crossing over of the serpents at the central column (the spine) denotes the various sympathetic plexuses and the rami communicans [ramus communicans, rami communicantes] which link the cerebrospinal system with the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic or vegetative nervous system is a part of Nature which repairs the body and keeps it in tune with the natural forces. It also uses the four elements and their materials (solids, liquids, gases and warmth) to replenish and nourish the body.

The Cerebellum, or the lesser part of the wings on the staff, was considered part of the sympathetic nervous system, as it regulates the automatic functions and the preservation of the body through the vital centers.

The two large wings on the staff represent the Cerebrum proper, the function of the mind, the thinking switchboard and all correlated, directed impulses.

The upright shaft represents the pons varolii, medulla, the spinal cord with its three coverings, and the spinal column.

The bulb on top of the staff represents the optic thalamus, the center of consciousness and light in the brain.

What is the mystery of this arrangement? Where is the dweller in the body, the Charioteer that runs this machine? How is it operated? What happens when man sleeps or dies? What makes this dweller in the body feel pleasure or pain? Have we any answer for all these vital factors in our scientific concept of a body of matter? Can we understand ourselves without knowing the Self in the body? Is it merely the body, or the whole being that needs tuning into the Universal Current, when man is ill? Is the origin of disease in Nature, or in man and his mind and senses? To answer all these questions, the philosophy of the ancients and the Caduceus give us some very clear indications:

CONSCIOUSNESS is a soul quality. This does not refer to the consciousness that is a result of standard ethics and training, which varies in each country.

The soul, spirit, or real being receives its energy from the great Universal Spirit, Soul, Sun, or Being; even as our physical sun gives us light, life, and radiates energy ('Prana'). So this inner Sun gives light and energy to the soul, unperceived, as ultrasonic energy. The soul, in turn, energizes the mind which is its agent of action; and the mind works through the senses as its agents. That is the natural sequence. But man has greatly abused this God-given energy. As a result, he has fallen so low that he is not even aware of the fact that he is permitting the senses and emotions to rule the mind, and the mind to enslave the soul. Thus mankind is borrowing and wasting this great gift in mental and material pursuits. In such a condition, he has completely forgotten his Source. He cannot even fathom the purpose of his own life, much less that of creation as a whole.

SERPENTS: The symbol of the mind is the serpent, the great deceiver. The Persians call it 'Nafs'. It is forever active on embodied trees of knowledge, now as it was then. As it descends the spinal column and flows over the sympathetic system, it wants to follow the senses outward, for sensation only. This is the symbol of the serpent coming down from the Tree of Life, tempting Eve, the incarnated soul energy IN MAN AND IN WOMAN, in outward expenditure of sense life. (This is equally true today, and it takes much training to properly guide and curb these tendencies upward, through a deeper understanding of life in all its phases of expression.)

A great injustice was done to womanhood by the literal interpretation of the story of the 'Garden of Eden'. WOMAN, AS A PERSON, WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF MAN'S FALL INTO MATTER: for even in the Ideal Creation of the first six days or cosmic cycles, “Male and Female created He them”. This was in the pattern world, called also the 'Causal Plane', prior to the creation of this material world and the species therein.

In the next creation below that of the Causal Plane; namely that of the finest essence of matter called 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha] or Ether, the patterns were extracted from each other. This is the 'Yang' and the 'Yin' principle of the Chinese. This principle operates everywhere from the Causal Plane on down into this world. It is in this duality of function that there is a constant fall into matter and materialization, through creation of forms.

HOW, THEN, COULD WOMAN AS A PERSONALITY, BE RESPONSIBLE for all this, alone? Eve (woman) is called the Mother of all living things. She is the principle of 'Yin', the shaper of forms. Adam (man) is the 'Yang' principle, the Father and giver of life. One cannot function without the other in reproducing the species. True, form and sense life bring the vital energy down to earth and bind it in form; but this is the purpose of 'Yin', and is not the fault of womanhood.

The soul and mind have an Involution period and an Evolution cycle. In the Involution or downgoing of mind energy, symbolized as a serpent descending the Tree of Life into sense function, through matter, there are many limitations, restrictions, difficulties and pains. These constitute the 'Curse' to the energy fields involved, and are imposed by necessity. They are the bonds of Involution, in the very nature of things, to become aware through resistance and sensations of pleasure and of pain.

This process must be understood before man can evolve and climb the ladder of ascent back to Soul Consciousness and to the Father's House from whence he came. The return of the Prodigal Son is the path of Evolution, and is an individual as well as a collective process. WOMEN, AS WELL AS MEN, have the same right and footing in both processes, and no mention of any distinction is made anywhere, except in Involution, where the female principle is represented as matter, the matrix for the formation of living beings, which binds the soul in matter. Thus Eve becomes the Mother of all living beings,

The nervous system of man resembles a tree, upside down. The brain is the root, the spinal cord the trunk, and the rest the branches; hanging down. For the illustration, see chart No. 12 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”.

At the top of this 'tree', in the brain, is the Tree of Life itself; the supersonic current, which lights up the pineal gland, as a Christmas tree. And that is the true symbol of the Christmas tree, the evergreen tree and its fruit, the cone, which is the symbol of illumination (the pineal gland function). The symbol of Santa Claus is that of the “Giver of Life”, descending the chimney (the spinal column) and bringing the gifts of life to the hearth fire (the generative principle), the other tree of knowledge of good and evil. Without these gifts of life, (as generation in) cattle, grains, fruits, and even man himself could not survive. But it is also the great water wheel which keeps the soul bound to this continual round of births and deaths, the process and phenomenon of all Nature. Life lives on life, and more is born; forms live on forms, and more are created.

WHAT IS THE KUNDALINI, so much talked about? This is the fiery energy current of the mind substance, as the incarnating desire essence. It flows down the central axis of the Caduceus, or, in the Kabbalistic [kabalistic] Tree of Life, from 'Kether' [Keter] the crown, to 'Yesod', the foundation of Life's Tree in matter and in generation of things living. This is illustrated in chart No. 11 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”.

When man, like the prodigal son, sees the folly of all the rounds of suffering, of pleasure and of pain, he summons up his will and desire, seeks the proper guidance, and concentrates his energy in the brain, at the root of the Tree of Life, from which his attention and desire originally descended. He then withdraws the attention of the mind and its downward currents, upward, to its Source, and conserves energy. It is then that this balanced energy travels up the etheric center of the spinal cord, in the pia mater, and lights up the pineal gland, the pine cone symbol of the ancients. And that is the real celebration of a hero returning home - “Christmas”, or Feast of the Pine Cone - in the Father's House. It signifies an INNER BIRTH.

ENERGY TRAVEL: When the mind currents flow outward and downward and lose themselves in expenditures of sensations, eventually man comes to a state where the term “down and out” applies literally. Energy, like wealth, is a gift, and can be used wisely or foolishly. We are all born with a definite portion. The mind must be constantly watched, and can be trained. It is a waster, unless checked every moment. It must be guarded, or it leads us into all kinds of excesses and trouble. Still, we are responsible for it and suffer, even though we were deceived. Everything is around us (good and evil); what will we tune into? Like a radio program we tune in on, we are responsible for the noise as well as the good music. Can we select wisely, and can we tune out rubbish?

That is the KEY TO PSYCHIATRY. Can we direct our attention and concentrate on that which is really worth while, and which we want, or are we merely attracted by the glitter of sensation and show or craving? Have we, as being, learned Eve's lesson? Can we make the best of adversity and forge ahead by perseverance and concentration? Proper attitude is the key to psychology; like the little boy who fell down stairs, when mother brushed him off and sympathized with him, said, “That's all right, mother, I was coming down anyway.”

WHERE DOES THE SOUL DWELL IN THE BODY? In the waking state, consciousness resides in the center of the forehead, and functions voluntarily, through the cerebrum, for all action and thought. As a perceptive agent, consciousness resides in the optic thalamus, gives light to the eyes, the look of intelligence to the face, and guidance to the feet and hands. In mystic language, the etheric center of consciousness between the eyes is called 'Tisra Til'. It is a two-petalled lotus of etheric white and gray substance.

WHAT HAPPENS IN SLEEP? Where are we? Consciousness or the Soul in the body, gives the body energy to act, move and express mind impulses during the day. At night it must necessarily give the same energy toward repair and rebuilding of the used and worn out structures and cells of the body. The material is all there. It must now be properly distributed, and wastes removed, all of which cannot be done under tension of action. At night the soul energy or consciousness is withdrawn from the brain and descends the spinal column into the sympathetic plexuses where this energy is needed to absorb and distribute food and nourishment taken in during the day, to repair the tissues. There is unconsciousness in the brain, and we call this state sleep and rest for the brain.

In this respect, man is subject to the same law as all vegetation. During the day time, when the sun is in the horizon, all the plants' energies are in the stalks and green leaves, in order to absorb 'Prana' from the sun, carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the air, and convert these into its own substance called chlorophyll. The plant also draws energy from the earth, through its roots; for this purpose the sap flows upward. After sunset, the energy in the top, all goes to the roots and nourishes them with the energy gathered during the day. It is like the story of 'Castor and Pollux'.[1] That is the reason all tubers below the ground, that have green tops, should be pulled up at night or in the morning before sun-up, when all the energy is in the roots, not in the tops. The green tops should be removed at once, or the energy will travel into the greens at sunrise. If both, the greens and the bottoms are to be used, it does not matter when the vegetable is harvested; but where the roots only are to be used, like carrots, it is best to pull them in the evening or before sun-up, and immediately remove the tops.

When consciousness descends to the cervical plexus in the human body, or what the Hindus call the 'Vishuda Chakra' [vishuddha, vishuddhi], or wheel of action, the light of animation leaves the eyes, the lids become heavy and we say we are very sleepy. When descent is completed to the throat center, then we are in the ether world of consciousness, where forms are as shadows, and we dream. This is the highest physical center from which the ethers are directed and reached.

When the consciousness descends to the 'Anahad Chakra' [anahata], or heart center, we are in the field of 'Prana consciousness' with its shapes and dream forms. At this stage pleasant sleep is the rule.

When the consciousness descends, repairs and works in the solar plexus or 'Manipura Chakra', and in the umbilical center, it is in the world of 'Vishnu' consciousness, the Preserver, because it is the gross physical center of digestion, assimilation and preservation of heat and body energy. This is the state of deep sleep. Little of what goes on here is remembered, except in fitful sleep and indigestion. That is where the nightmares originate, as it takes considerable energy to rouse the mind to a state of awareness and to waken that person.

Deep unconsciousness and sleep govern the work in all the lower plexuses. It has been said that sleep and death are twins. How do they compare? In death the soul withdraws the mind and all its energies and senses upward to the optic thalamus, and leaves from there, as an energy radiation, through the top of the head - through the same path of the fontanels through which the energy (soul) entered the body while in the mother's womb.

At death, all connections with the nerve centers of the body are broken. The soul's energies are withdrawn from the extremities first, and these become cold and rigid. From the lower nerve centers or chakras upward, the soul gathers its energies and retires upward and inward to the brain. From the brain it leaves the body, like a radiant light. Any one who has attended a dying person, if he is at all sensitive, could be aware of this. There is an uplift and a hallowed feeling as the soul leaves the body, its prison house of matter.

WHAT HAPPENS IN ANESTHESIA? The ether, gas or chloroform, inhaled and circulated through the blood stream, displaces the natural proportion of oxygen. The 'Prana' and the mind principle cannot function then. The soul leaves the body and usually hovers immediately above the head, but does not break its connection nor its 'silver cord' tie to the heart center. That is the color of this fine energy bond, which is the silver thread of Life:

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the bowl be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.” (Ecc. 12:6)

chart no. 2: placing the staff of hermes in the body


The superior triangle to the top of the head is the location of spiritual faculties. In ancient Greek symbolism this area in the head of Zeus was given to Pallas Athene [Athena], the goddess of wisdom. See chart No. 11 in Book 2, “Wireless Anatomy of Man”.

(A) The Center of Consciousness is the meeting place of the outgoing energy and the inflowing currents of sensation. (B) Speech (C) Cervical Plexus (D) Voice Center (E) Top of Trunk (F) Heart Plexus (G) Diaphragm (H) Splanchnic [Intestinal] Plexus (I) Contact Points for Polarity (J) Umbilicus (K) Neutral Pole of Parietal Bone (L) Sacral Plexus (M) Neutral Pole of Temporal Bone & [and] Maxillary Joint (N) Coccygeal Plexus (O) The Ankle is the Negative Pole (P) Bottom of Trunk

The caduceus, superimposed on the skeleton, illustrates the five stages of stepped-down mind energy as wireless primal energy currents which built the body in embryonic life according to definite creative patterns.

The source is in the head, in the center of consciousness. These two currents cross over in each oval and create a center of function and attraction of energy currents from Cosmos and between units.

(Further illustrated in charts 1 to 12 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”) [Charts No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]

The whole symbolism illustrates the simple fact that through the breath we are linked to the Universe outside. The right nostril attracts a positive breath and connects it with the brain and the nervous system of man. It expresses the 'yes' idea, and the driving force of the mind in the body. It combines the fire of life and the air principle as its activator to mind function. The left nostril attracts and links the airy breath into the negative mind function as the 'nay' pole of the mind and the resisting principle in it.

The central staff is the fiery essence of the mind energy itself, as a neutral pole which breathes or operates as this dual expression of 'yes' and 'no' in the fields of opposites. It is the Kundalini force as a fine etheric energy in the center of the pia mater in the spinal cord. This current descends to the sacrum, and goes to sleep there in the generative function. It is pictured as a serpent coiled, which gives the driving force to man and to beast alike. (Illustrated in chart No. 11 in “THE WIRELESS ANATOMY OF MAN”) Below the second lumbar vertebra [L2], where the spinal cord ends, it becomes the 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil'.

The Cauda Equina is the continuation of the nerves out of the end of the spinal cord. Here the tree of life, the central axis from the top of the head downward, branches out into multiplicity and generation. Now the One Light of Intelligence goes to sleep in matter and becomes a driving force of motion for expression in generative activity. The self (ego) and force have the upper hand in this field of action when not controlled by the guiding intelligence of the Tree of Life above. This makes the Tree of Knowledge of Good (above) and Evil (self, ego, etc. below). Truly, the serpent power of the mind has descended the Tree of Life and entered into competitive creation and generation in the field of matter.

This is the story in brief, told in the Bible, of the mind energy descending into matter and how it operates the physical body by its dual currents which are the four finer essences of Nature: the Yod-He (Father-Mother) Vau-He (Son-Daughter) principles on earth. These are expressed as four polarized rivers out of the One River of Mind Essence. The Fire, Air, Water and Earth are its four fields of operation in the substance of the cosmos and in man. By it must man live, breathe, move and have his being on earth. Only Soul Realization and God Realization can transcend this necessity in all creation.

chart no. 3: the three modes of motion of mind and matter


The Tree of Life has the brain as the roots, and the nervous system as the trunk and branches. There are three main divisions in its function. They are the cerebrospinal, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems. These must co-operate and flow into and out of each other, as does all energy that has polarity.

In the Tree of Life of the circulation of the blood, we have the arterial circulation as the positive pole, the venous circulation as the negative pole, and the renewal of the blood by oxidation, through the lungs as the neutral pole, the preserver, the keeper, the balancer and restorer, like the sympathetic system.

Let us take a stick for example, as illustrated above. Now, let us bend this stick. As a result we have a triangle, where the two ends unite by energy currents and close it. So the four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, in their threefold action of positive, neutral and negative, become three times four, and equal twelve signs or functioning principles of these elements in the body, according to the signs of the Zodiac, as illustrated in the next chapter.

All this is based upon the lines of force, like threads, which wove this body of ours in the mother's womb. Our relation, as beings in the Universe, is similar to the embryo's relation (in the womb) to the body of the mother. The same lines of force are at work in an individualized way, throughout life on this Earth.

Energy travels in a circuit, from center to circumference and back to its source or neutral center. Let us see how this works out and forms a zodiac or circle. (Chart No. 4 in this book)

In Chart No. 5 the child is doubled up in the womb and the lines of force weave according to a definite pattern. The head is at the top of the circle EVEN THOUGH IT REVOLVES AND THUS CHANGES ITS LOCATION. THE PATTERN MOVES WITH IT, AS IT IS WITHIN THE SEED, and works outward.

One more thing I would like to make clear about external influences, Astrology and the Zodiac: All this relates to these same four elements and is a part of us; therefore, also outside of us. BUT IT IS THIS PORTION WITHIN US THAT WE RULE, which is most important to each and everyone of us.

Every almanac gives a picture of man related to the Zodiac, the stars and the four seasons. Can we read and understand that lost art which pertains to our being? It is very simple: Physical creation is made out of four elements; namely, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each element, like any stick, has two ends and a middle; a neutral or central pole, a positive pole and a negative pole, as illustrated in Chart No.3.

The secret to learn here is for man's consciousness to remain still in the CENTER OF BEING, in its eternal Essence. Then things will right themselves. The Holy Bible states this in simple terms: “Be still, and know that I am God:” (Psalm 46:10).

The whole body recuperates when life's Central Energy is permitted to flow naturally, without interference by our own mind's desires, etc. Faith, based upon this understanding, holds the mind in check and tunes it into the field of Power and Reality. All things are possible to such a belief of REALITY within us.

Paracelsus [1], the great alchemist, observed this also when he stated that man is ill because he is never still. He said there was great healing in the quiet depths of space, but man never tuned into it by being quiet himself!

the four elements make the zodiac in the body

chart no. 4: elemental pattern lines


Principles of corresponding energy lines in the body, based on the four elements, their triad nature in function, weaving the form in the mother's womb. These energy lines are pattern lines and cannot be seen.

chart no. 5: embryo


The embryo (fetus [foetus]) in the mother's womb, woven by the energy lines of the four elements in their three-fold action.

The position of the child in the mother's womb is the natural squatting posture of man, where all energy currents can flow freely to produce a perfect human body, and for maintaining good health after birth and throughout life in this world. (Please refer to my book, “Easy Stretching Postures for Vitality and Beauty”. This is the origin of it and here is the reason for its fine results as a natural health exercise.)

1. fire element

The first principle is the Fire element, the area of the head, and corresponds to Aries, the Ram's Horns or Energy, butting through.

The next pole of this principle falls on the upper part of the abdomen, and represents the fire principle in the solar plexus and the splanchnic [intestinal] plexus, using this in digestion and assimilation, and corresponds to Leo, the Lion, the rebuilder of Energy and Strength.

The negative pole of the fire element falls on the thighs, represented by Sagittarius, the Archer, that flies like an arrow. This propels the body in motion and movement in space, and speed due to energy.

Therefore, this fire element is the first requirement. Nature starts its thread of weaving the body in the womb, along the notochord. This is the basis of the Cerebrospinal Nervous System, and the pathway of Consciousness or Soul power of Being, expressed through mind energy flow, sensation and individual motion. The solar plexus has been called the second abdominal brain by the noted Dr. Byron Robinson. It is the center of emotions and of the Autonomic Nervous System.

2. air element

The next triangle is the principle of Air, the respiratory and circulatory system. Strange as it may seem, the head or neutral point of this triad is opposite in the circle to that of the Fire triad. Its center is in Libra, the Great Balancer, the Scales, given to the functions of the internal secretions of the ductless glands, the suprarenals, and the external elimination of the kidneys. It is a balance between the Air and the Water principles, and stimulates the Fire principle in its action. The chest contains this dual function of respiration and oxidation of the blood stream.

A line drawn upward in the circle, places the positive pole in the chest - the astrological sign of Gemini - the Twins (the twin functions of the two arms).

A line drawn downward, places the negative pole at Aquarius, the Waterman, symbolized by the ankles, in the lower triad of the body - as expression of motion, through the air principle.

The embryo (fetus [foetus]) in the mother's womb, woven by the energy lines of the four elements in their three-fold action.

Physiologically, we have always known the correlation of the swollen ankles and their pitting, to kidney disfunction. Why this should be so, has not been explained. The energy pattern flow is the only possible and reasonable explanation. “As above so below” is the law of each element in its function.

3. water element

The third triangle has its neutral point in the astrological sign of Cancer, the Crab, represented by the breasts and the entire lymph circulation, as well as the generative principle and function.

The positive pole of this triangle is represented by Scorpio (Scorpion - the loins) with its deadly sting. How close the pleasure of life and the pain of death lie side by side! BIRTH AND DEATH ARE BUT OPPOSITE POLES OF THE SAME PROCESS.

The negative end of this triad is in the feet, especially the soles. This is the sign of Pisces, the Fishes, and relates the body to the energy of the earth, as currents.

It has always been noted how quickly wet feet react upon health, stopping the menstrual flow in women, causing lymphatic congestions, colds and head symptoms. Why? Has material science ever given a logical basis for all these symptoms in their sequence of reactions? These answers are illustrated in charts No. 4 and 5, and explained in this chapter.

4. earth element

The Earth triad has its neutral point in Capricornus [Capricorn], the Goat - the knees. Its positive pole is Taurus, the Bull - the neck. Its negative pole is Virgo, the Virgin - the bowels and digestion. Again, there is quite a correlation here of the energy currents of the earth element.

Psychologically, we have the Bible references to a stiff-necked generation, the bending of the knees in surrender; also “opening the bowels of compassion to our neighbor”[1], etc.

Physiologically, a stiff neck, pain in the neck and at the base of the skull is always associated with some sort of upset or stasis in the bowels and digestion, and is a Pneumogastric Nerve [vagus nerve, CN X] Reflex. It is not necessarily constipation; there are many other gastro-intestinal [gastrointestinal] reflexes.


Let us note one more point; namely, the head of the circle and its sign (♈) Aries, the keynote to the triads, symbolizing energy pushing up from a neutral center stem and falling into two poles. It is the basis of all cell division (OO) and the pattern of several organs of the body, such as the kidneys, the heart, the ears, the innominate bone, etc.

In summing up our treatise on the four elements in the body and the four rivers of life, let us see how this pattern has been duplicated in the body:

  • The four chambers of the heart, and their valves.
  • The rhythm of the breath - about 18 per minute - and that of the heart, which is about 72 beats - a ratio of one to four (1:4).
  • The four valves in the digestive tract; namely, the pyloris, the ileo cecal [ileocecal], the sigmoid and the rectum.
  • The four chemical mutations: The mouth - alkaline; the stomach - acid; the small intestines - alkaline; the colon - acid.
  • The four taste centers on the tongue: Sweet, sour, salty and bitter.
  • The four main areas in the spine: Cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral regions.
  • The four arthrodial[1], universal sockets that carry the body's weight and do its labor; namely, the two hip joints and the two arm sockets. These form a square in the body.

There are many other correlations which show the work of a pattern and a design in the energy field, building and maintaining the body in its functions.

The Prophet Ezekiel saw these energies in their function as a great vision, the 'Chariot of the Lord'. Exalted in spirit, and with great veneration, he described the beauty and intricate relationship of the workings of the four elements with each other as a WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL.[2] He saw the symbolic picture of the cosmic man, Aquarius, the Waterman or Air principle in its function as an ENERGY FIELD; also a lion, the fire principle in action;

an eagle, Scorpio, the water principle in its cosmic flow; and a bull, Taurus, the earth energy in its crystallizing effect.

While this relates to the Zodiac, it is easy to relate the individual man to the cosmos through these four elements. This is also the mystery of the Sphinx, and the bull with wings, of the Babylonians.

It takes men with deeper vision to see the beauty of the physical body in its prime energy whirls, going back and forth like a shuttle, weaving in beauty and multicolored rays, the garment of the beloved son, like Joseph in the Bible.[1] St. Paul also said, “KNOW YE NOT THAT YE ARE NOT YOURSELVES, BUT TEMPLES OF THE LIVING GOD!”[2]

After speaking about the elements, let us identify them by their direction of travel:

  1. The Earth element is always a straight line or plane, as the basis of crystallization.
  2. The Water element goes downward and seeks its level everywhere. It is the foundation of things. It is the creative principle. Like gravity, it goes deep.
  3. The Fire element flies upward, like sparks in the hearth.
  4. The Air element moves zig zag, like lightning or the motion of a worm, or the small intestines in action. It is also the symbol of the MIND IN ACTION, if allowed to wander. That throws some light on the curse imposed on the serpent in Eden, as mind energy in its downward motion through sensation in matter.

All these things have a definite correlation and use in daily observation and life, and broadening effect on the Mind - as we learn to take stock and KNOW OURSELVES AND SEE WHAT GOES ON. We took all this for granted because we did not know where to start. Remember, these elements are FORCES AND FUNCTIONS in the body, and can be related to their action, for health and well being.

mind and its origin

The soul or spirit, as a unit, receives its fine energy from an Inner Source or Sun, the same as our visible sun supplies all creation with its natural functioning energy in the form of 'Prana'.

Matter is the pole at the most remote distance away from the Source of energy. It is the end of its travel or cycle. Crystallization of energy produces matter, as its vibrations slow down; it is a precipitate or exhaustion of energy.

The mind is the medium of function between spirit and matter. When it is ruled by the soul or spirit, it is a healthy mind and is functioning properly. But when mind allows the senses to rule, then matter predominates and there can be no peace of mind under such conditions.

Energy, as it flows from its concentrated Prime Source, becomes slowed down in its speed and vibratory activity, inversely to the square of the distance that it is separated from its Pole of Radiation.[1] In this manner, even Spirit Energy is slowed down and creates various densities or stratas of energy fields, called planes.

Spirit Energy, in its descent from Spirit to matter, creates a field or neutral pole in the middle of its travel, that partakes of the nature of both poles. And it is the mind which is this neutral pole. This mind, which is slowed-down Spirit Energy, becomes the functioning factor or positive pole which rules the negative pole of matter. It connects with Spirit, but rules matter everywhere as long as it does not become attached to the material things through desire, lust, anger, greed, pride, etc. It is the secret of the created universe of forms and patterns. He who can control his own mind in its entire fields of function, can control the universe.

RULE: All opposites have an intermediary which partakes of the nature of both; like mind, reaches half way to the polarity of Spirit Energy, and rules everything below that level.

SOURCE: Even as Spirit Energy precipitated all creation below it out of itself, so does Mind condense and solidify its energy as various stratas of energy, and finally becomes exhausted and precipitates as matter. By this process it is of the same nature and substance as the created forms; and, being a finer energy itself, it can readily flow in and through all parts of it and control and direct all action and functions of patterns and forms. This is the secret of Mind and its rulership of all created things.

POLARITY OF MIND: Mind goes through the same process as all energy. At its Source of concentration, in its positive pole, it is brilliant, super conscious and of high, intense activity. As the energy flow leaves this Source as radiant energy lines of force, it loses momentum, intensity and consciousness in proportion to the square of the distance of travel.[1] At the end of its travel, or the negative pole, which is in crystallization and matter, it has lost its intensity and consciousness.

THE UNCONSCIOUS OR SUBCONSCIOUS PHASE OF MIND is its activity in matter and form; crystallizing, rearranging and preserving function and flow, to keep the form alive. This is the phase we call Nature. In the body, the Vegetative Nervous System [autonomic nervous system] covers the major part of this function and links it with the larger field of Universal Mind and Matter. The flow of the four elements as energy fields is but the finer aspect of the exchange of solids, liquids, gases and energy or heat, with Nature outside.

Definite impressions on this phase of mind will be carried out, whether it is by the conscious mind of the person in the body, or by outside influence and conditioning.

Here lies the whole field of Suggestion, Hypnotism, Magnetic and Mesmeric influence, and all lower psychic impressions and controls. How great this darkness can be, in the absence of Light!

All psychic phenomena work through the five great plexuses of the Sympathetic Nervous System, also called the Vegetative Nervous System [autonomic nervous system].[2] The Hindus called these plexuses 'Chakras' or 'wheels' of revolving psychic energy. In ancient times there was a science of conscious development and control of these forces, taught especially in India. It started with the lowest center called the 'Muladhara Chakra', and step by step the energy was lifted up to the center of consciousness, between the eyes.

THE CONSCIOUS MIND has its place in the middle field of Mind Function. This is half way between the Ideal or Pattern World, and its negative pole in matter, called the Subconscious. The Conscious Mind has its seat in the center of the cerebrum, and functions through it as the governor of all voluntary actions and perceptions. It reaches up to the Superconscious or Ideal Mind for its inspiration, and influences the Subconscious. In the process called sleep, the Conscious Mind recedes into the Subconscious, the Sympathetic Nerve Plexuses; thus producing sleep and Unconsciousness. At that time the total energy is used in this field for the restoration of used energy and the rebuilding and preservation of the body's tissues and functions. That is why good sleep is so refreshing.

POLARITY OF MIND: Mental well-being and function depend upon polarity, the same as physical well-being. Energy must flow in waves or currents, from pole to pole, to remain balanced. When the mind is linked to the Soul and under the sway of the higher aspect of its functions, ideals, principles, patterns of fair play and justice, trained to straight thinking, good habits, and interested in creative activity, then the Positive Pole of the Mind remains in control. Youthful enthusiasm, appreciativeness, devotion, religious training and wholesome interest in work and service are great stabilizers of the mind.

When the Conscious Mind swings into the negative attitude of resistance, fault-finding, hating or holding grudges, set mental, strained conditions, lack of appreciation and good will, then much energy is lost and the result is unhappiness and misery. Eventually the mind loses its polarity with the life-giving, Radiant Soul Force within, by isolation through self-willed desires and actions, called 'sins' in the Bible.

Locked-up mental conditions usually precede accidents, because the mind is more in the field of unawareness, or occupied with its “pet peeve”, instead of constructive thinking. Failure to be alert causes many accidents. The resulting shock and pain usually break up the mental, pent-up pattern that caused the trouble in the field of lines of force. Cause and effect balance each other. According to the WISDOM OF THE EAST, there are no 'accidents'. It is all due to pent-up impulses and a lack of awareness of the causes of past actions, called “Karmic Debts”, which must be paid or balanced. Every thought, word and deed has its own reaction in kind, sooner or later. We are living in the world of opposites, of good and bad, of cause and effect. Every cause has its effect, and every effect can be traced back to its cause. We are here to learn our lessons so that eventually we may graduate from this 'wheel' of opposites, of cause and effect.


Prana is the life principle in the air and in the blood. Without it there can be no physical life. It is the breath of life in the body. When it departs, death occurs. It is the stored energy and a principle of food value in all things that we eat or are warmed by. It is a form of radiant energy that is the life essence in all living forms.

THE ARTERY RULES through this supply of Prana in the blood stream, mingled with oxygen from the air, as the denser chemical medium and conveyor. Man has his roots in the brain as Consciousness, and in the heart as Life. He breathes in oxygen. Plants are the reverse; they have their roots below the ground, inhale carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and give off oxygen as long as they are alive and connected to their root system.


OBSERVATION: In giving treatments of any kind, we can learn a lot about the effectiveness of any therapy by first checking the pulse and its ratio to respiration. Then, as the treatment progresses, note the quality and volume of the pulse as well as its rhythm. Checking the carotid pulse on each side, and comparing them, gives us an idea of the blood supply and Prana to each hemisphere of the brain. The pulse may also be taken at the extremities, and compared as the treatment progresses.

Prana is everywhere; we extract and convert what we need from the air, the water and the foods which we consume. Fresh foods, and those that are processed after they are placed in sealed containers or utensils, have more Prana in them than the dead foods, such as those that are preserved, spiced and cooked. Cooking with less heat, and retaining the vapors, seems to preserve more of the Prana in foods.

Prana is Nature's mother that keeps the shell of matter pliable. The more elasticity and pliability present in an organism, the greater the Prana contents. That is the secret of 'flaming youth' or the 'Fountain of Youth'. The softness and tenderness of brain and nerve tissues are good examples. All young life is extremely flexible and endowed with unusual energy to play and romp.

When the shell or body of matter gets too dense, too stiff and resistant to the subtle flow of life currents, then it starves for lack of Prana, and perishes. Matter, by crystallization and density, becomes its own tomb and destroyer. It is then broken up as an organism, and resolved back into the elements that composed it. The stored energy that is residual in any substance, is then liberated by combustion or burning, like the heat and fire element in wood, coal, oil, etc. Or, in vegetation and in bodies cut off from life, slow oxidation and decay also resolve substances back to their elements, without utilizing the liberated energy.

BLOODLETTING, a widely practiced art of the ancients, had its foundation in the facts that the blood contents were loaded with debris of semi-solids, liquids and waste gases, and were unable to carry oxygen in sufficient amounts to make the Prana effective in the body. By letting out stale venous blood, there was room for new cells that the system would manufacture from the red and white bone marrow, and these new cells were fresh, clear, good carriers of oxygen and Prana. IT STILL IS A VALUABLE FACTOR IN NATURE CURE, and works wonders in chronic rheumatism, low back pains, and for venous stasis anywhere, especially in cases of bad varicose ulcers. They are almost miraculously healed when fresh blood can supply that area. “Fresh blood heals”, said Dr. Bier.[1]

The ancients drew most of their practices from experience. And they usually had a good, common-sense basis, when UNDERSTOOD, and not overdone. The same reason holds good for venesection, which was effectively employed in many desperate and hopeless cases. The brain, which can hold one third of the blood supply, in congestion, needs Prana in order to function. When it cannot receive sufficient Prana to correct its lines of force and heal a bursted capillary, a leak, etc., then drawing off some of the loaded and congested venous blood through the upper extremities (even in brain hemorrhages), makes room for new blood and the much-needed Prana, for life to function. The application of leeches to the neck and behind the ears has proved to be a real remedy in cerebral hemorrhage, bad eye infections, etc. It draws off the stagnant blood sludge in those tissues which are swamped by it.

Where Prana is present in normal amounts, there the life forces will heal, restore function and balance, and no infection will take place, because life energy prevents decay. Life functions by positive and negative polarity. It is not always necessary to add something to the body externally. More often the excess present at the negative pole NEEDS TO BE DISPERSED, to help the body restore its balance. (This I usually accomplish, in a quick and simple manner, by the use of my PERINEAL TECHNIQUE.[2])

When Prana is not obtainable, generally or locally, no mere chemicals have the power to restore function and prevent decay. (President Coolidge's son, who died from a blister on the heel[1], gives one food for thought about ancient and modern systems of healing and their effectiveness.)

The principles of “Prana” and “The Artery Rules” were very strongly entrenched in the minds of the ancients. The application of counter-irritants or even fire, to cause blistering on certain joints of intense pain, had its object to draw to the surface the deep-seated, stagnant blood cells, so overloaded with waste that Prana passed them by, as it could not effect its movement any more through the dense waste insulation. Results proved the point.

The Baunscheidt Treatment[2], with its needles and skin punctures, and powerful drawing salve, had the same effect over local areas by drawing out stagnant lymph and blood sediments. The German method of 'Schröpfen'[3] was practically identical, except that they used little knives, instead of the needles, to lance the skin.

Junod's[4] principle of hyperemia had a similar basis in its positive application of cupping and suction, and the negative application of restricting venous return flow to dilate the capillaries in organs and tissues, and then release it suddenly.

All this was based on the theory that “The Artery Rules” and “The Blood is the Life Principle”. The objective was to make it do more work in certain areas, relieve congestion elsewhere, like suction on the leg to relieve the head, etc. To bring blood from the deep parts to the surface, was the object of cupping and suction. Back of it all was the principle of PRANA, utilized to advantage, by manipulating the blood stream. THE INTELLIGENT USE OF PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[5] BALANCES THE ENERGY FIELDS - THE IMPULSES BEHIND THE CIRCULATION - AND RELIEVES SPASTICITY OR CONGESTION in Nature's wireless energy currents.

The water cure systems, with their heroic treatment by application of cold water and its deep reaction, had the same point in mind and were effective when wisely used. It has been my experience that many an arthritic joint would respond to the powerful stimulation of cold water, applied with a hose (but the use of the ordinary shower spray was ineffective) until a reaction took place. This treatment works wonders for sprains and for rheumatic and arthritic joints that are swollen and painful. Even mild freezing has been used very effectively in such cases;

also in head noises, where congestion is deep. Cold compresses and snow compresses have the same idea as a background, only they were more gentle, and slower in giving results. Friction with snow has saved many a frozen limb or member of the body, by restoring the flow of Prana through the Prana contained in the snow. RUNNING WATER CLEARS ITSELF because the motion of the water in the air gathers Prana, especially when it tumbles over rocks or flows swiftly, as it has more contact with the air.

Snow, rain water and deep well water are carriers of Prana. That is why fresh spring waters in certain localities have such healing effects. The chemicals may be there, or may vary, but the real life-giving effect is in the Prana and not in the chemicals. At present we over-emphasize chemistry everywhere except in the atomic bomb. Here lines of force come into play that far exceed all our knowledge of chemical explosives. It is this shock that will lead us back to a TRUE EVALUATION OF NATURE'S FINER FORCES and lines of force, acting in all things. These finer observations had escaped material science, as we had nothing to hold them or with which to measure them. Much progress is being made on the destructive side of energies and forces. DOES IT NOT BEHOOVE US TO MAKE CONSTRUCTIVE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS?

Ancient civilizations, prior to our recorded history, had their involutions from a great to a low point. And it is from this low point that we observe evolution. “What comes down, must go up” and vice versa. It is Nature's play of life forces - in waves - from time immemorial.

Life in ancient times was less strenuous; its tendency was toward contemplation, especially the pastoral life. Many thoughtful persons became aware of some of the energies within them and understood Nature's forces better because of this awareness. Some archives of sacred history go into the dim past; but all tell the same story of LIVING FORCES WITHIN MAN AND NATURE.

PRANA IS RADIANT ENERGY. We may place the patient under an oxygen tent and literally force more oxygen into the system. This has its chemical effect, but we miss this mysterious Prana, this principle of radiant life energy; otherwise life in the body would respond by leaps and bounds. Similar observations have been made in shipping the life-giving, healing waters from marvelous springs, even when carefully bottled. The chemicals in the water remain unchanged, but this life-giving charge does not remain in the water.

EXPLANATION: The earth itself radiates energy - more in some areas. Mineral springs often carry this energy to the surface, but the water does not retain the charge unless it is constantly renewed. (That is why running water, under pressure, is so valuable when applied to local body areas.) Water is a good conductor when charged with minerals, but it cannot retain that energy. The radiant energy that emanates from the earth in any one area has to be utilized there, in its natural medium. Our research and understanding along that line has not gone far enough to enable us to transport that type of energy for healing purposes.

The same observation could be applied to the oxygen gas which has been forcefully separated from the atmosphere, its natural environment, and stored in metal containers for administration to the body of a patient at some later time.

1. Prana is literally the 'Manna' from heaven. It can not be stored, but must be gathered anew, every morning and every moment, with every breath. It is this radiant energy which keeps the body buoyant, vigorous and healthy.

2. Prana is the breath of Nature, which was breathed into the nostrils of the form of man and which united the form of clay with the living Soul. Sacred scriptures record that prior to descending into the flesh, man at one time existed as Pure Soul. When man came into being in this world, the ideal creation of seven days or cycles was completed. It is the Prana in the air which makes man a living being, but not a soul.

ILLUSTRATION: A child is born. We say it is a soul from heaven or higher spheres. It becomes a living being or soul on this planet only after it has taken its first breath. If that breathing in does not take place, there can be no life in that form, and the soul must return to the Source from which it came, because it did not become a living soul on this planet through the agency of that breath of life - Prana. The process hasn't changed. Life operates in Nature, even though we see it not nor do we understand it in its infinite variety of manifestations.

The Soul, or Dweller in the body, functions through mind energy. When combined or united with Prana, it is linked to Nature and can function in it, through the form or body it became united with by the subtle life energy, called Prana. The mind can now utilize this form in Nature, function through the senses, and gain satisfaction and experience through pleasure and pain.

So the utilization of Prana depends upon its function and utilization by the Soul power, the Mind and its energies. That is why it cannot be thrust upon the body as a mere gas or chemical agent. Like the Elixir of Life, no vessel besides a living body has yet been found to hold it. Fine energies and life have an intelligence of their own, or they could not blend with Mind and Soul, the Center of Intelligence and Being.

SOUL AND MIND are the Centers of Consciousness and sensation or perception; their life and being have their source in a higher sphere or INNER ESSENCE of life energy.

PRANA IS THE UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE IN NATURE. It is impartial, like the sunshine. It sheds its radiance on and through all living things and forms - the 'Oaks of Bashan' and the 'Cedars of Lebanon'.[1]

This principle is clearly illustrated in scientific fields of measurements of energy travel and particles, as the travel of electrons in a copper wire. An impulse sent over a copper wire travels at immense speeds; but this is the energy impulse only, not the self same particles that gave the impulse at the other end of the line. Electrons move at the rate of four inches a minute, along the same wire. The push is the energy impact on the volume present in the wire.

When water is pumped into a pipe - even miles away - water will be delivered at the other end at once, if that volume finds the pipes full of water to begin with. So, the water delivered at the other end does not contain the particular drops or gallons pumped into it at that instant.

Such is the relationship of energy in Nature. One illustrates the other. The process is similar.

Prana is that energy in seeds which gives them that perpetuity in Life and Nature. We either move with its rhythm or it passes us by and we must search for its lost rhythm and life-giving elasticity. Prana, in its seven-league boots, spells: Health, Youthful Rhythm and Longevity.

The Soul's attitude of Love and Devotion, and the Mind's hopeful anticipation of Life are the natural inheritance of Youth. Why should we ever lose it? It is only when the Soul's forces can utilize Prana, that Youth is its companion. Many an older person has demonstrated this magic of Love and Devotion over years in age (like Chauncy Depew[1] and others). Nature Cure doctors, especially, should utilize this miracle of Prana and stay young, and thus become the radiant children of the healing art of all ages.

It is evident that the body was made for work, the mind to think, and the soul to enjoy. This triune function must be kept in mind in order to benefit from life's storehouse. Without thought, there can be no real artistic work, even of the simplest kind; and without the joy of work and service, there can be no happiness in our soul.

Possessions, greed, anger, etc. make us hard and superficial. But, having possessions, yet not being attached to them, and using them wisely by manifesting the positive qualities of generosity, amiability, etc. enables one to use these precious energies to best advantage; thus promoting contentment, health, etc. Life must flow, like a river.

the five organs of sensation and action

Man, as a sentient being, has five organs of sensation and five organs of action through which he expresses himself. They compensate each other, above and below, like the 'Yang' and the 'Yin' principle, everywhere in Nature. These lines of force are linked to the four elements and rivers of life, out of which they flow.

  1. The sensory organ of hearing, for instance, has its compensatory motor organ in the power of voice and the principle of sound. What would be the use of speech if there were no ears to hear? and vice versa. “Lend me thine ear” is an expression of old.

  2. The eyes, the sensory organs of sight, have their motor compensation in the strength of the thighs; that speeds the body on in running. One could not run if he could not see where he was going. The eyes are the lights on the way, and to the skill of the hands.

    The navel and visceral plexus below this are also of the 'Fire' triad, in their action of the digestive fire and body warmth. In all cases of Eye Trouble, line up the Navel to the exact median line, and work the hypersensitiveness out of it by correlating it to the thighs, the perineum, and the upper cervical tensions, in relation to its center in the hands and on the soles of the feet.

  3. The sensory organ of feeling has its seat in the physical heart center; that is where we feel hurt. Its compensatory motor organs of action are in the sense of touch, situated in the skin in general, and in the finger tips in particular. All skill and art has its roots here in the principle of Air, which is akin to Prana residing in it, and flows through the heart.

  4. The nose and its sense of smell has its motor organs of expression in the action of defecation. It has its roots in the earth element, as gaseous vapors.

  5. The tongue and its sense of taste has its motor expression in the sex act, as the element of water, in its instability and flow. It is the emotional element.

Ancient proverbs often mentioned the tongue as being more destructive than the sword. The sense of a mental and emotional satisfaction in having the 'last word', takes us into the field of Psychiatry, of pent-up emotional blocks and mental fixations, which have their roots in an unbalanced polarity in this water element. Capable persons express themselves rationally. But, where the emotional pressure is great and difficult to express, such frustrated ones let off steam by outbursts of words with little vitality in them and a lack of ideas. It is an outlet for pent-up energy that has not found its experience through matter, and so finds an escape mechanism; otherwise, there is a locked-up repression which registers as real pains of neurasthenia anywhere in the body. The generative act is the motor expression of this water principle of emotional chemistry.

principles of psychological practices and their effects on the energy field of the mind

1. what happens in mesmerism?

The Mind energy in the brain is dispersed by magnetic passes of the operator, to the lower parts of the body and the psychic centers; so its function there is as in sleep. The brain is depolarized by this distribution of energy, and is negative to all mental impressions and suggestions or the will of the operator. The mental forces are captured, like an army that is trapped, by withdrawing the vital supplies and imposing substitutions.

No matter how beneficial these treatments may seem to have been at times, they weaken the Mind from its self-expressing course or relation to its center. Besides this magnetic link, it makes the operator the positive pole and director of that person's forces, by mere audible suggestion or willful projection of a pattern which the mind accepts as its own creation, since it cannot distinguish the difference of forces in action.

Who wants to have his mind forces manipulated by someone else, because he does not have sense enough to concentrate and do it himself? Does dependence and mental indolence ever lead to self-mastery or self-reliance? Where is the liberty and free will in any such procedure? The Holy Bible states:

“Greater is he that controlleth himself than he that taketh a city”
“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” (Proverbs 16:32)

Yea, he that learns to concentrate and use his own mental energy wisely, has found the key to the universe; for all happiness and real achievement reside in our mind and its rhythmic balance with Nature and our own Soul. Whose job is it to keep this created Garden of Eden?

2. what happens in hypnotism and how does it differ from mesmerism?

In this procedure, the trick is to get the undivided attention or trust, in order to capture the mind energy, so the suggestions are sunk into the mind and acted upon as though they were the person's own. Gazing at a moving or a bright object tires the optic centers, and the mind becomes negative to suggestions. Or, establishing a soothing rhythm by speech or music, suggesting sleep, the consciousness in this case also goes to the lower centers of the body and leaves the hypnotist a free field for any brain impression he wishes to make, to be carried out now or later.

Like under anesthesia, the sense centers are first to be disconnected from their normal function of awareness, and the motor centers are controlled entirely by the hypnotist, so the person can be made to do all sorts of ridiculous things and know nothing about it. The question has been asked as to how far can this be pushed, to the detriment of the subject. Will he wake up if asked to commit a crime? On the stage they usually do, because the directing mind intends it so; or the knife may be of paper and it is a farce; but, in reality, there are no holds barred to possible viciousness in this cruel game.

Is it ever wise to lend our Mind (our best treasure) to please anyone? Should another person control or direct our Mind for us when we have made a mess of it by negative thinking? Is a cover-up a cure? Are we not here to direct and prune the trees in the garden of our own Mind? Would not a course of personal effort in positive thinking and acting be a more direct path to real progress? Are capacity and ability ever acquired without effort? ANY ONE WHO INTERFERES WITH THE FREE WILL OF ANOTHER, assumes great responsibility in the mental plane, even beyond this mortal sphere. TO GUIDE AND DIRECT OUR OWN MIND IS EACH ONE'S BIRTHRIGHT AND HIGHEST MORAL DUTY.

3. what happens in anesthesia? how is the dweller in the body prevented from functioning temporarily?

The oxygen proportions in the blood stream are displaced by the chemicals of the anesthetic. The ether formula is C4H10O; chloroform is CHCl3. These concentrate in the red cells and are found in the blood stream hours after the anesthetic is given. When this concentration becomes too great, life is endangered, especially with chloroform, as the safety margin is less than with ether.

4. how does this affect the consciousness?

The cerebral function is inhibited first, then the spinal nerves, and the vital functions last. Chemically, it is a variety of poisoning that depresses the nerve function, the same as all carbon gas compounds do, by inhalation. But, actually, the displacement of oxygen also robs the body of Prana, the vital life force of Nature, without which the Soul energies, as Mind, cannot operate in the body. That is why the sensory functions and perceptions go first into oblivion, then the motor functions, and, if prolonged too long, the vital functions suffer. If the carbon concentration becomes too great, the vital functions cease and the connecting link of the “Silver Cord” is broken with the body.

The final actions of all phenomena are terminated in the Energy Field, regardless of what external type of trauma or inhibition causes the break in the circuit of the Mind Energy with the body.

All pain is a break in this vital Energy Current. All pleasure is a free, full flow of it.

Death by electrocution is far from being painless, as we imagine. Electrical workmen, who have been almost killed by contacts with live wires, report otherwise. One engineer told me that a few seconds of this agony was too painful to be described - it was as if the nerves were all afire and the energy was being pulled out by the roots. This is a typical description of the forceful withdrawal or interruption of the Soul's energy, operating in the body as Mind energy over the field of Prana.

Prana is the link and medium between the Mind and the body, just as the Mind is the link and medium between the Soul and matter, even as oxygen is the chemical conveyor for Prana. Fine energies blend into the grosser chemistry in their own patterns of electronic attraction and repulsion. When either the vital current or the chemical medium is destroyed, life ceases to operate in that form.

'Prana', the vital energy is also the One River flowing out of Eden. This one river splits into four rivers of energy like the substance of the elements called the 'tattwas' [tattvas] of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The latter are the fields and oval areas with their organs of function in the body, like the plates in an electric battery through which the currents flow. Since we have no English names for these four vital currents, none of the foreign terms are given here so as to avoid confusion.

polarity - reaction

Let us not forget Nature's process of Synthesis and Antithesis. A tree synthesizes its energy into small seeds; then, in due time and by a reversal of the same process, the seeds expand into trees.

Body polarity changes quickly back to normal when the cycle is restored. Taking care of the most vital reflex area of the negative pole of the Sympathetic Nervous System, immediately reacts on the positive pole. THE SENDING POLE DOMINATES ONLY WHEN IT CAN DELIVER CURRENT. But that all depends on the negative pole. Will it take it? Is it operating and ready? This holds good in other facts and phases of life. Force takes everything for granted. Space and Grace are Nature's Ace.

When we realize that the Soul energy flows as mind energy currents over the cerebrum, cerebellum, etc., over the Parasympathetic and the spinal nerves and, through the Rami Communicans [ramus communicans, rami communicantes], co-ordinates with the Sympathetic Nerve Plexuses, we find that only when the Sympathetic System is operating properly, can this spinal current control and use the natural functions of the body.

The nerve current rules in the domain of consciousness, mind, the senses and sensations. Without the functioning of the mind as current, there can be no Soul Force of entity operating in the body. Consciousness is the witness of the 'dweller' in the body, as AWARENESS. It is this awareness and the function of the senses that are displaced by anesthetics or the use of psychic force, such as in Mesmerism and Hypnotism.


The four elements and their functions, plus Prana, the Life energy in Nature, are part of Nature's equipment, synthesized as form, in and through which Consciousness works.

It is, therefore, very essential that the four elements are balanced in their function, so the mind current can flow over them. In cases of insanity, we find the elements in the body are unbalanced. There is room for much thought and experience, to promote the working of the four elements properly, to restore the flow of the mind current in the body.

Vomiting, which releases the diaphragm and acts like a balancer and activator of the two rivers of energy above and below it, is one of the oldest and soundest forms of shock treatment that has proved its effectiveness. But this should never be attempted without first giving the patient plenty of warm liquid to drink. Quantities of warm liquid, and pressure on the back of the tongue, induce a thorough and easy flushing of the stomach. This helps to release the spasm of the diaphragm.

A rigid diaphragm is the first and most vital block in Nature's economy and flow of the four elements and their natural, vital forces. Any treatment that releases the diaphragm is of the greatest value; however, the PERINEUM, AS THE NEGATIVE POLE (of the diaphragm), is a lock that also needs to be released AND POLARIZED at the same time. It is the opposite pole to the brain, the pole of intelligence. It is the unintelligent, erratic, insane pole of the body. This calls for further thought for therapy on the PERINEUM and its value as a balance treatment, to promote and preserve PROPER POLARITY, and help to release the diaphragm. THIS SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED IN MENTAL CASES. Sitz baths that have proved of value in mental cases, worked because this principle of POLARITY was an aid to the brain, by drawing off congestion, away from the brain center.

anterior and posterior body polarity

Man's body has its magnetic or attracting field anteriorly, and its electric propulsion posteriorly. All the organs of perception, sense attraction, interest, including the sex organs, are situated in front. In back are the motor areas of heavy muscles for pushing, propulsion, expulsion and repulsion. The heavy gluteal muscles in horses act like pistons in pulling - a horse may fall on his knees, but still pull.

The senses attract us to many things, and lead us into temptation and trouble. A philosopher once said, “Get thee behind me, Satan - and push”. There is more truth than poetry here, for we are literally 'pushed' into things before we realize it. Often do we exclaim, “How did I get into this situation?” The SENSES OPEN THE WAY, AND THE MOTOR IMPULSES OBEY.


When any one of the underlying natural energy currents becomes blocked by waste energy accumulating insulation at the negative pole and depolarizing the fields of attraction, then an interference results in any of the four physiological systems; namely, the Cerebrospinal and Sympathetic, the Circulatory and Respiratory, the Digestive-Assimilative, and the Eliminative Function, or the Genito Urinary [genitourinary, urogenital] System.

But back of the physical symptoms, lies the real cause in the surface tension of the energy field of either the Fire principle or the Air, the Earth or the Water elements. IF WE CAN RE-ESTABLISH POLARITY IN THE ENERGY FIELDS, by making them cooperate and flow in and out of each other, we can succeed in making any system function, that is obstructed or suffering through stasis or spasm.

So the real object of any treatment is to BALANCE THE ENERGIES AND RELEASE THE EXCESS SURFACE TENSION on any system, so the center can radiate again, and energy can flow to where it is destined.

Mechanical principles are definite factors; but function depends upon energy moving over mechanical levers or through glands giving off chemical secretions. ENERGY IS PRIOR TO CHEMISTRY AND MECHANICS, for the finest chemistry itself is based upon the molecule, the atom and the electron, and their field of action, in combinations, attractions and repulsions. MECHANICS ALONE ARE USELESS WITHOUT ENERGY to put them into action and to keep them functioning.

Now we see the reason for all the previous ground work and its application. OUR MANIPULATION WILL HAVE MORE MEANING, AND WILL NOT BE MERE MECHANICAL LABOR. We can now be deeply interested and watch every move and response IN THE ENERGY FIELD, working through matter and giving their signs and symptoms. Our work is really an art and a science, instead of a mere routine.

The next problem is almost the same as that of the Chinese Acupuncture with its needles of gold and silver: Where to draw off excess energy and where to tonify or stimulate? Plus and minus, or 'Yang' and 'Yin' are the two main factors; “why, where, when and how”, the repeated questions; and these no one fully answers, or the doctor could cure 'most everything. I can only call to your attention your high and artistic calling, and its deeper meaning. In this way, looking for deeper causes, we will find them, and our work will be creative and interesting, not merely repetition.

There are definite signs of the plus principle in distress. They are based on the centrifugal force being checked and not being able to move or flow outward. Heat, fever, friction, pain, swelling, inflammation, stagnation, are all plus (+) factors that must be inhibited or drained off to make room for the output and direct it into the proper channels. For these conditions, cooling, soothing, inhibitory treatments are indicated. Relaxation and balancing of the Cerebrospinal, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Systems by means of deep PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1] are always indicated, to balance the body with Nature, Prana and the pulse beat - the inner and the outer forces - that is essential.

Then, by local cold compresses, release the excess, pent-up heat and open the pores in fevers. These compresses can be changed often, according to the amount of fever present, and controlled that way. The sheets used, should be soaked and boiled before being used again, as they are loaded with energy waste as well as liquid waste.

Diaduction, or withdrawing of heat by a metallic applicator being fastened on one leg and connected by fine wires to a ground or a large earthen crock containing cold water or ice, is a marvel for reducing fevers. It works on the order of the compresses, only it does not open the pores by utilizing the body heat in steaming the surface and the stagnant tissues. It merely draws off and grounds the excess energy.

Many years ago a doctor[2] got out a little instrument for this purpose, and it had its good effects when used properly by doctors who understood it. But soon many claimed to cure all diseases with it, and it became a nuisance.

WHEN TO DRAW OFF ENERGY, and how, is an art in itself. It is always indicated when the centrifugal energy is involved and stopped from reaching the surface pole of travel. A WISE DOCTOR WILL ASSIST THIS NATURAL CYCLE OF THE ENERGY FIELD.

The minus (-) factor is bound up in the centripetal or inward flow of energy, from circumference to the center. This we would find in chemistry as surface tension of the molecule. In muscles it is also a surface tension of the cells, and causes severe contraction, like in lumbago, which is usually due to acid crystals, sediments and other precipitates that have not been eliminated. When the muscle cells contract upon millions of these sharp, crystalline, needle-like particles, naturally a spasm is the result, which is a severe and sharp, stabbing pain - with limitation of motion due to contraction, spasms, hardness and tension that cannot let go. The muscle tissue is very sore and stands out. Later it becomes ropy, if it is not drained of waste AND REPOLARIZED WITH ITS CIRCUIT OF FUNCTION.

A case like this needs heat on the surface, dilation and stimulation. It is stuck. It requires the help of the opposite element, the positive pole, which it cannot reach to flow into, because of the excess surface tension and the interference to complete contraction. The normal cycle or wave impulse is stopped in its path, which causes the pain and spasm, because of the waste insulation, or the insulation of waste matter and energy.

Rest and elimination are the general indications, plus the above mentioned factors and the mechanical release of spastic muscles; also correction, relaxation of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems by means of PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1] to promote a POLARITY BALANCE with the Cerebrospinal System and the Circulation. This has produced wonderful and quick results in my experience and practice.

The ancients knew of a quick way to treat this minus factor; namely, by applying leeches to the whole lumbar region and thus drawing off the bad, stagnant blood. It worked immediately, by allowing the fresh blood and 'Prana' to be brought to the parts.

The Baumscheidt [Baunscheidt] needle treatment[2], in conjunction with the application of a strong counter-irritant, worked very well on bad toxic cases, to draw out the waste, as pustules or pimples, and to cause a POLARITY REACTION by means of counter-irritation.

Father Kneipp[3] used this principle by having all patients walk barefooted in the grass, wet with the morning dew, to ground the excess waste energies and to benefit from the earth's radiation in the early morning.

The suction cups work well on these minus type conditions, by drawing the stale blood from the deep muscle tissues, where the blockade is, to the surface, where it can be carried off. The heavier the congestion is, the more the application hurts, and the surface under the cup raises and appears black, blue and purple, if the cups are applied vigorously. All these are signs of stagnation. A surface counter-irritant, like red pepper, helps to stimulate the surface circulation and to speed recovery and absorption in such conditions. The application of hot vinegar compresses aids electric conduction. Stroking with a gold comb has a relaxing effect.

This gives but a brief review of the two types or categories of diseases, involving the positive or negative pole of any of the four elements in their flow and interaction, as well as the therapies indicated.

These principles are but a general guide to:

  1. The treatment of the stoppage of the positive, centrifugal flow of energy - the 'Yang' (male or +) force in creation. This energy flows from the center out, and its nature is expansion.
  2. The other is the centripetal, space-building force of Nature - the 'Yin' (female or -) principle. Its flow is from the surface, in, and therefore its nature is contraction. Like sensation, it is closely allied to pain, by interference of its cycle.

There is no end to the application of these two principles; all natural functions rest upon it; all increase and fruition is augmented by it. Its roots go as deep as all forms, way into the Causal Plane, the Pattern World. These two principles are latent in the seed power of all that lives and breathes, and even in the very structure of matter, like the atoms and the electrons. We shall leave them here with the thoughtful physician.

By understanding man and Nature, we can see clearly the principles involved upon which the ancients based their therapy which was so effective. Our own American Indians [Native Americans] had many such cures, besides their herbal knowledge, much of which we copied. For instance, when a person was exhausted by starvation, cold, drowning, or other strains, the Indians would form a chain around the fire, join hands, having placed the sick person in the center of the circle, near the warmth. They realized that this person's energy field was at a low ebb and that he needed more than mere physical warmth. He needed his energy battery recharged, and they did that by the currents that flowed through the group. The weak one came into rhythm with the rest, and so was revived and restored to health. When we talk about batteries, we understand this clearly; but when we are told that our red brethren saved lives in this self-same manner, we doubt it.

THE SHOCK TREATMENT of today is purely an electrical or a chemical shock to the body, without the deep insight into Nature, such as the ancients used in their simplified shock treatment of vomiting, purging, application of cold, etc. Science has observed that often fright or some physical shock has accomplished things for patients that could not be done in any other way known to them; so a shock treatment was invented.

The ancients based all their therapy on the flow of the four elements in Nature. When the diaphragm was locked, and things were at a stand-still between the waters of energy above and below this firmament, then they resorted to vomiting and got marvelous results. THERE WAS A REASON AND A PURPOSE BEHIND THIS TYPE OF SHOCK TREATMENT.

The renowned physician, Dr. Bernard Aschner[1] from Vienna (now in New York) brings out these facts in his books, supported by history. Dr. Aschner also wrote several books in German, in one of which he gives clinical data of the good results obtained by intelligent use of these old methods, even in cases of insanity of long standing.

When the four elements do not flow properly in the body, the mind, which is the one energy river out of which they all flow, also cannot function properly. Then there is back pressure, with all its symptoms of suppression and melancholia.

Centrifugal or efferent energy currents flow from the brain to the extremities and return, to complete the circuit. Moderate resistance is met in all tissue, but more so at the negative pole because of the distance from the center of energy, and by sedimentation at the lowest level.

Therefore, THE NEGATIVE POLE USUALLY NEEDS STIMULATION in order to remove the obstructions and to activate the current flow back to its source, to complete the cycle. Stagnation of currents at the negative pole has much to do with mental conditions.

Energy impulses are from above downward. Structural reflexes are from below upward. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reflexes also respond from below upward. All sensory impulses are from without, inward.

chart no. 6: anterior view of gravity lines and contact points to balance impounded stress and strain on muscles and viscera

The life breath flowing with the elements, up and down, in and through all tissues, establishes gravity balance from the center to the circumference.

  • (A) Fire Element represents Brain and Nervous System
  • (B) The Neck is the Etheric Neutral Area for Reflexes
  • (C) Air Element represents Respiratory and Circulatory System
  • (D) Earth Element represents Digestive System, Assimilation & [and] Elimination
  • (E) Water Element represents Genito-urinary [genitourinary, urogenital] System

Anterior view of gravity lines and four polarized elements in their functioning areas, flowing up and down through the neck, the neutral, etheric link.

The neck region is the cross road of sound energy and mind impulses from the center of consciousness outward and inward, through the etheric substance. They are felt, but cannot be seen nor photographed. The neck becomes a switchboard for functional diagnosis. Balance is maintained through polarity action of energy currents flowing through the structures.

(1) The brain and the nervous system are the conductors of the Mind principle in action. Like the air, it is present everywhere, in every cell of the body. It is an airy nothing which gives direction from within outward to lines of force and action. By invisible wireless impulses, mind produces the primary cause of motion. By stepped down energy currents it flows through the switchboard of the delicate brain mechanism, over the entire nervous system, for selective and specific function.

(2) The Fire Principle is present in the light of the eyes as its positive pole, to give external direction for the internal impulses of cellular action through muscular motion.

(3) The neck represents the Etheric field, or plane of Akash [akasha, aakaasha] in eastern terminology. It is a link between the mind and the body as a cross road of currents from above downward, and reflexes from below upward. Its reflex action is clearly expressed by the term: “Sticking the neck out.”

(4) The chest cavity is the oval field or Tattwa [tattva] for the action of the Neutral pole of the Air principle as the respiratory system.

(5) The heart, as the center of circulation, is also an oval field in the chest. The warmth of the fire of the sun as its motivating impulse, as in the blood stream. The Neutral pole of the airy essence is its oxidizing principle, active in every cell of the healthy body.

(6) The abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm, represents the oval field of the earth element or Tattwa [tattva]. The Fire principle flows through the solar (sun) plexus and the abdominal nerve centers as the impulse for Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination.

(7) The Pelvic cavity, bounded by the peritoneum superiorly and posteriorly is the horizontal oval cavity of the Water element. Through it flows the Energy Essence of the moon as the genitourinary [urogenital] system.

(8) The thighs and the buttock muscles are levers of motion for the body. The negative pole of the Fire principle flows through them for action and for running.

chart no. 7 - posterior gravity lines


The squares indicate gravity straight downward. The triangles indicate lines of force in motion and stress, in pivoting and reaching. The dotted lines are contact points to balance:

  • The perineum with the neck, occiput, clavicle, first rib, and the top of the shoulders.
  • The glutei with the scapula.
  • The top with the bottom, including the four joints.

balancing by contour

Balance the top and bottom ovals of the body by contacts on the glutei, around the outer inferior rim of the inominate [innominate, hip], to the shoulder blade and the spine of it, as well as the clavicle. As explained under the heading of “Principles” in this book, the gluteal muscles are the motor power of the body, like the push in a rocket, and directly connected with virility and sex power. By working out the stagnation here, in its lines of force, and balancing the lower with the above imposed strain from the shoulders, one can aid in re-establishing the normal rhythm between the Water Principle of the Glutei and the Air Principle of Gemini, which results in lightness and elasticity to the step.

The foundation of all imposed strains is accumulated at the negative pole and must be released there, in the perineal floor. Strains from the top must be balanced to the supports on the bottom in any structure, whether it be a human body, a barrel or a building.

A - A firm contact is made with the thumb of the operator on the sorest spot in the gluteus maximum [gluteus maximus] muscle, near its origin, and firmly kneaded; for it is usually congested. If it is too tender, merely hold the contact firmly and gently try different directions of lines of force which release the soreness most, in relation to the muscles of the back.

B - A similar contact is simultaneously made on the sorest spot on the shoulder blade, near its spine, and held. That spot is usually very sore. It may be found even on top, near the clavicle or the acromial process [acromion process]. The contact is made on both sides, first one and then the other. Top and bottom on each side correspond, as most of the imposed strain is downward as stationary gravity, in a straight line - not diagonal, as in reaching upward with one arm. But where the diagonal strain is the case, trace it so, and balance it. Hold the sorest spot, which is often the top pole.

Lines of gravity force in action are usually straight downward, as in lifting, due to gravity and stress or strain imposed on the lower, weight-bearing centers - the fifth lumbar [L5], the pelvis, and finally the acetabulum. “As above so below”. The shoulders and hips correspond, by contour and co-ordination of action, in weight-bearing or lifting and carrying.

The trunk of the body is like a square box in this respect; from the hip sockets to the shoulder sockets, and from the top of the spine to the bottom. This is illustrated in Chart No. 6 in this book. All stress and strain imposed upon the body has a sympathetic and parasympathetic reflex. This must be normalized. The posterior part of the shoulder is covered by the trapezius muscle which is supplied by the spinal accessory nerve [CN XI] and is one of the cranial parasympathetic reflexes.

The upper portion of the glutei is also supplied by the three sacral parasympathetic nerves [S2, S3, S4]. These must be balanced with the upper parasympathetics of the vagus nerve [pneumogastric nerve, CN X], the neck regions and the occipital area, also the spinal accessory over the shoulders. The sympathetic current must be co-ordinated with this, as the parasympathetic, emotional outlets can only be expressed when Nature, the sympathetic nervous system, responds. This is the key to mental-emotional and functional treatment for frustrations.

The gluteal muscles must also be balanced with the feet - especially the sore spots on the soles and the tension in the toes, as well as the fixation of the transverse arch. The springy step is a vital reflex from the gluteal region and should be preserved and maintained by balancing the extremity with its upper supply region.

All true and natural healing is done by means of POLARIZATION. Merely adjusting one area does not establish polarity balance. It only stimulates or inhibits. All extremity tensions and lack of vital flow or circulation must be linked again to the source of supply and balanced in function with the positive pole.

The trinity in these principles is always the source of supply, the vital energy itself, and its hidden center that must function in order to promote good health and well-being. The POLARITY poles are the top and the bottom, or the two ends of a nervous system, the blood supply, or a muscle group.

The feet are the final reflexes - and very important ones connecting man with the earth and gravity. The legs and arms are extension levers, from their gravity sockets, and balance the positive (origin) pole with the negative (end) pole. Let us preserve this elastic relationship of flexible hands and feet, full of expression and spring.

chart no. 8: pelvic outlet as shown from below


The area below line A is strictly for the application of perineal technique [see Book 2, Charts 30 and 31] with a light touch with one finger of the right hand while simultaneously placing the left hand above, on the neck or other centers, for bipolar current release. The dotted lines are contact points. The fine cross lines are tissue lesions to release.

The area above line A is for muscular tissue therapy on both sides of the coccyx, the sacral base and over the innominate [hip] bone. It is for a gentle pressure technique to release the blocks between two contact points around the ganglion of impar, located under the coccyx, shown as a dot here. The glutei, the coccygeal, the pyriformis [piriformis] muscles, etc. can be contacted in this space by various depths and angles, with the contact finger of the right hand under the muscle tissue, along the side of the coccyx. At the same time the thumb of the left hand works on the outside, over the muscles, in a deep manipulative movement against the pressure from the finger of the right hand below.

A few lines have been added to this chart for clarification of Principles and Techniques.

The dot on the coccyx is the approximate location of the ganglion of impar, under this bone. It is shown externally in the chart as a GUIDE FOR THERAPY AND REFLEXES.

Line “A” is a dividing line of the muscular reflex area, above, posteriorly, from the sensory area below and anterior on the perineal floor.

The fine lines are tissue fibers which extend from the sides to the center. These are the areas of tender spots to look for in PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1].

The dotted lines represent the contact points to be made with the finger tip when giving PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1].

In PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1] all contacts are made on the soft tissue on the perineal floor. The rim of the bones and ligaments are guides to direct the contact finger and keep it on the perineum.

Profound reflexes can be elicited here by gentle contacts. Spastic knee reflexes, or when the knees suddenly give way, have been found here as perineal obstructions, AND RELEASED IN A FEW SUCH TREATMENTS.

Other mental and emotional symptoms often have their origin here and reflex to the neck and the head. PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS GRATEFUL FOR THAT GENTLE TREATMENT WHICH RELIEVES THE NECK TENSION WITHOUT ATTEMPTS OF ADJUSTING A SORE NECK. When the energy blocks are released, the currents can flow freely and normally to promote and maintain good health.

Glandular stagnation blocks that are due to emotional upsets are often found in this area.

Tonsils and the lymph glands in the throat also have their negative pole blocks here, in the opposite end of the body, as well as around the ankles through a kidney reflex.

In mumps, the hip joints are equally as sore as the mandibular joints. Releasing the lower sore spots around the hip joint, plus a PERINEAL CONTACT, frees the upper pole on that particular side. Immediately, the patient can swallow without pain.

“As above, so below” is a law in Nature because all things proceed from a higher vibratory cause or center to the circumference, or lower center. They descend and become evident because that is the path of the energy current flow which built the body and which sustains it and heals it.

Should we not follow the paths which Nature has built in the body (like our highways in the world) for its own ENERGY CIRCUIT TRAVEL? Doesn't Nature or Life operate by other paths than chemistry and mechanics? Are these the side roads or are they the HIGHWAY OF LIFE?

GANGLION OF IMPAR RELEASE: With the patient lying face downward, contacts - deep on each side of the coccyx above line A - are mostly for the purpose of releasing muscle stagnation or lumps in the glutei. The purpose of this treatment is for the release of the ganglion of impar impulses to the pelvic region. The blocks of muscular density and the lumps indicate stagnation in that area and prevent this current flow. This obstruction interferes with the balance of energy of the sympathetic currents, through the ganglion of impar, with the cerebrospinal currents to the pelvis and muscle tissues.

TREATMENT: The contact can be made on the outside, deep, along side of the coccyx, with one finger. The thumb of the other hand, usually the left, opposes the lift through the muscles on the back, near the coccyx and the sacral apex.

Many times lumps will be found in this muscular tissue, between the two contacts illustrated above line A in Chart No.8. Releasing the lumps and tension with moderate pressure between the contacts or with gentle, slow motion, relieves many pelvic stagnations and pains. This treatment is very effective in relieving MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, LUMBAGO, LEG PAINS, COCCYGEAL SORENESS, MUSCLE PULL WHICH CAUSES DISTORTIONS, ETC.

In LUMBAGO pains, treatment through the rectum also helps to release deeper, inner pelvic muscle spasms, when correctly contacted and held for release.

The profound reflexes which can be elicited here by means of deep contacts with corresponding holds at the positive pole above, or at the negative poles below, are amazing.

By lifting the leg and stretching the anterior ligaments and muscles under slight tension - the patient lying face downward - sacral reflexes are produced.

INNOMINATE [hip] ROTATIONS can also be corrected and their tension released by holding the ankle contacts and rotating the foot in or out (whichever is indicated), with legs flexed. This move is illustrated in Charts 19 and 21 in “WIRELESS ANATOMY”.

In all cases of ANTERIORITY OF THE LUMBAR VERTEBRAE AND SACRAL BASE, pillows or a bolster should be placed under the patient's abdomen while patient is lying face-down. In this way the anterior sacral base and the fifth lumbar [L5] are supported for correction by leverage on the apex and by means of leg flexion.

mental and emotional therapy

Many patients have very sensitive spots in the perineum, especially the hypersensitive, sympathetic types. They twist and squirm, and want to get away from the contact during the Perineal Treatment. I call that 'emoting' some of the impounded, locked up emotions. This I encourage, to unload energy fields as well as the chemical deposits in the tissues. The more they fuss, the better the results in the release of tension and emotional blocks. Mind and emotions are fine physical substances and are just as real as gross physical matter.

It is my opinion that when the function of the three nervous systems[1] is balanced, the mental and emotional blocks have a chance to exhaust themselves in action. (Running water clears itself.) When the energy or foundation is withdrawn from the pattern, it can be balanced. These patients are helped by having something definite to do, like a strict diet, exercise, etc. for then they are constructively active instead of dwelling in negative, destructive moods. A very beneficial exercise is to take the squatting posture and rock gently, as shown in my little booklet, 'EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY'.[2]

A good “Dutch Uncle”[3] talk, that points out the principle of Life and our polarity to our Higher Source, which can again polarize the mind with the Soul, and it, with its Sun of Inner Life-Giving Rays, is helpful to clear the mental blocks and some emotional fixations. This raises hope and faith. Then the law of expectancy can do its good work.

No permanent good can be done by any therapy without polarization of forces to their positive supply and source. “What benefitteth it a man if he gain the whole world and loseth his own soul?”[4] Even planets that are not in their orbits, around their source, can create only destruction to themselves and to others. One example is a meteorite.

The Cerebrospinal System must be balanced with the vital actions before relaxation can take place for any permanent skeletal correction. Even in trauma, the vital functions must be correlated to the injured parts for repair and useful function.

All energy proceeds from vital centers within. Our first thought must be to balance these with the functioning voluntary and sensory activities in the body. Pain is a sensory perception; it is a partial break in the circuit of the centripetal energy flow in any nervous system; while a complete break is a sensory paralysis. A motor paralysis is a break in the centrifugal, outgoing currents from the brain.

1. Check the body for the over-all picture of the distortion to gravity lines; this may include all three nervous systems[1] in their abnormal functions. And by re-checking, after using the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Techniques, through PERINEAL and other POLARITY contacts, it will show how much of this distortion was due to their effects on the skeletal muscles.

Where should the treatment start? Top, middle or bottom? If we say at the top, let us find out why and let the same question apply to the other two regions. Normally, all nerve impulses must pass from the brain downward, over the medulla and the spinal cord, the twelve cranial nerves, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems. A sympathetic chain is located on each side of the spinal column. Usually a patient is more conscious of tension in the neck than anywhere else. So, if we examine the neck first, we find the greatest tension, tenderness and strain that the patient is aware of. In the neck we find the locked impulses of the spinal and cranial nerves, the sympathetic and parasympathetic reflexes. They all seem to meet here and become entangled. Outgoing impulses are backed up, and the incoming ones cannot get through. WHEN THE PERINEUM IS RELAXED, THE NECK MUSCLES IN THE UPPER REGION LET GO ALSO. Locked up impulses of emotional tension hold them tight, and the Perineal Technique[2] releases these energy blocks.

The neck is the most logical place to begin to trace and balance the causes of the stasis in either one or all three nervous systems.[1] The ancient Norsemen pictured the neck as the rainbow bridge in their mythology, whereby energy fields (gods) reached the brain (Walhalla [Valhalla], the city of the gods [Hall of the Slain]). The reason so many impulses are blocked and piled up here is that the negative pole on the other end cannot receive them; its polarity having been changed, by resistance, to a positive quality. The 'short-circuits' must be dispersed. Then the normal rhythm must be re-established and balanced with the top; the neck outlet with the pelvic outlet below, to return the impulses and complete the circuit.

2. Correlate the function of the vital centers through the re-establishment of POLARITY in the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems by means of PERINEAL and POLARITY contacts and techniques.[2] BALANCE THE CENTER WITH THE CIRCUMFERENCE - THE WITHIN TO THE WITHOUT.

RULE: No relaxation of the voluntary nervous system and muscles can take place as long as the involuntary ones are locked and tense. A bony correction should never be forced. Merely telling the patient to relax is useless. Tension usually goes much deeper than the voluntary muscular control.


A - Have the patient lie on the left side on a soft table, with the head on a pillow, knees drawn up. The operator sits on a stool, facing the back of the patient. Trace the path of vital forces in their bipolar action, from the neck to the perineum, via the sympathetic nerves. Also check the motor reflexes from the top of the spine to the bottom, in the lumbar region. Correlate them. Release them with deep perineal contacts and contacts in each area alternately.

B - Check the neck for tenderness and spastic muscles. With the left hand contact the sorest spot, and either inhibit or stimulate, while holding a deep perineal contact below until you find the exact spot here to relax the above tension.

C - With the first or second finger of the right hand, find the most tender spot in the perineum, on the same side of the neck lesion. Use a finger cot on the finger of this hand or work through thin clothing such as a gown, underwear, tissue or thin hand towel. Take care never to enter an orifice when giving this treatment because the nerve endings we are balancing now are on the surface. The energy circuit with which we are concerned here is on its return flow from the periphery to the centers within, as sensory currents. (See Chart No. 2 in “POLARITY THERAPY” also Charts 30 & 31 in “WIRELESS ANATOMY”)

D - If the pulse is fast, then the upper cervical area (1st, 2nd and 3rd vertebrae [C1, C2, C3] or any sore spot over the occipital space) is lightly and slowly stimulated by a double contact, in a rotary movement. This applies to the neck contact in general. Because this is the vagus area, you are balancing the pulse with the two nervous systems. Most pulses are fast because of habitual tension and over-strenuous, hurried living. In these cases, the ropy neck muscles can be manipulated slowly while the perineal contact is held with the other hand.

If the pulse is slow, inhibit the tender neck areas, and further check the carotid pulse on each side for normalization each time after the two contacts are held, until the pulse is improved.

If the pulse is normal, the rule for general treatment applies:

First, inhibit the most tender area gently, then more firmly, until this area is relaxed.

Second, use heavy pressure or stimulation on the less tender area, or a constricted area on the spine or back until it lets go.

NOTE: Always remember to use the corresponding POLARITY contact with the other hand. If one contact is heavy, the other should be lighter; if one contact is inhibiting, the other can gently stimulate, depending on the condition and tolerance.

E - Make firm contact on the most tender perineal spot, or with all fingers on one side of it. THE NECK AND THE PERINEUM ARE CONTACTED SIMULTANEOUSLY. Regardless of pulse, the perineal contact is made with one or more fingers in an upward lift, toward the head or neck contact on the same side. The lift is increased as relaxation permits.

If the perineum is flaccid and relaxed, then it needs tone and stimulative contacts. Repeated upward impacts on the contact will tone the tissues.

Any sharp, pin-sticking sensation here, like a finger nail or a knife point, is due to crystallized deposits of urates [uric acid] or other end products of chemistry which were carried along by the energy currents in a short-circuiting effect. It is the action of a local cataphoresis. A few inhibitions on this spot with one hand together with a simultaneous polarity contact with the other hand of the operator will cause this to be re-absorbed [reabsorbed] by the circulation, and carried away, as the short-circuiting is stopped and the energy flows in regular paths again.

When nerve relaxation occurs, the spinal muscles also relax, and previous occipital and dorsal findings will have changed.

OBJECT: Our aim is to balance the two nervous systems in their bipolar effects with the circulation or the flow of 'Prana' in the body. These vital factors are of first importance in restoring and maintaining good health, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. As these two contacts are held, changes will take place. The stomach or gall bladder, and sometimes both, may gurgle and drain freely, especially in parasympathetic cases. Vagus and superficial reflexes are released and changed. The patient may sigh or yawn and relax. When two or three sore spots in the neck and in the perineum have been balanced, this part of the treatment is finished. This may take five minutes or twenty minutes, again depending upon the condition and the individual.

3. Re-check the patient and see what correction has taken place. If any distortion has been improved or has disappeared, the cause of it was in the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems' reaction on the skeletal muscles. If structural corrections have taken place, it means that a relaxation in the cerebrospinal system has also been affected.

A general spinal stretch or an occipital or cervical adjustment may now be given. However, if the patient is of a nervous or tense type, it is better not to adjust anything at first, unless the displacement is the cause of the trouble.

NOTE: Contacts on the anterior part of the body can also be made while the patient is in this position, the operator holding a deep perineal contact with the other hand. For instance, while one hand holds a deep perineal contact, the other hand completes the POLARITY contact either under the clavicle, on the ribs, the sternum, under the floating ribs, on the abdomen, etc., again depending on the condition of the patient as to how much or how little needs to be done in one treatment.

soul progress through understanding

A correct vision of the true nature of Life rests upon understanding Life itself; its greatness, its love, its gifts to all and the kindness behind every lesson learned through experience and soul growth.

Tolerance is not only a virtue but also a great necessity in life. It gives more scope and vision and allows us to grow by enabling us to see other things as they are in their own nature. We are here to learn to govern OUR OWN MIND and its vast powers, and to observe life in all its phases.

Life must flow constantly to express itself. Out from the Heart of the Giver of all, flows this Life Energy. Out from an Eternal Center to the surface of experience and sensation, as centrifugal energy, is Life manifested in infinite variety. Then it returns as a centripetal current, carrying with it the sensory impressions of pleasure and pain on the battlefield of life's experience as opposites or otherness from Unity.

It is all the play of the Infinite One, as the Grand Cinema of Life, staging the drama of the travel of the soul outward toward multiplicity, and downward into the density of matter called Creation. The Cabala (also Kabala) [Kabbalah] calls it an emanation or breathing forth of the Breath of Life from the Infinite Center, outward, into space.

The return flow in any part of it is the night of creation, called 'Pralaya' or Dissolution, the cessation of animation through the Central Outpouring of Life Energy. Death is the name for this phenomenon in connection with units and planets everywhere in Nature.

The entire secret of individuality and self-identity is concealed in this process of Radiant Life Energy. When we see Life as a Whole, from that viewpoint, it has a fuller meaning and opens a greater capacity of UNDERSTANDING IN LIFE. It automatically increases our scope of vision.

When we honestly face Life and all its problems with an open mind, we understand that whatever we are reaping in life we have sown sometime in the past, and whatever we are doing now will be harvested sometime in the future. Every thought, word and deed has to be accounted for and comes back to us in kind - sooner or later. Therefore, the more temper tantrums we have, the more difficult we make life for ourselves as well as those near and dear to us. There can be no blaming of others when we see energy flowing as cause and manifesting as effects everywhere.

Our mind conditions our experience. Each individual has his own mind substance which he impresses with thought patterns, much the same as we sow seeds in the earth. Thus each mind conditions itself and brings forth according to the thought patterns planted in each one's mind substance. That is why there is such a variety of levels of conditions and consciousness.

Confusion in the thinking field of individuals and races as a whole is the evolutionary process of experience in handling the powerful mind substance. It is only a lack of control WITHIN OURSELVES that induces us to give vent to anger and thoughts of revenge or fault-finding in others, usually for our own mistakes. This we can realize only by the help of God through contact with a living Saint - directly or indirectly - and only when we see our own mistakes can we mend our ways. Until then we constantly seek to justify our own actions and blame others for our own mistakes; without realizing it, of course.

Each person works out the patterns of mind impressions, the same as farmers reap the crops planted. The good seeds as well as the weeds from previous planting or thinking condition the harvest as a gain or loss of experience through work and effort in the soil of the mind. Unless we have learned to control it by constant practise [practice] and vigilance - every minute of the day and night - we are likely to be roused to anger when the mind is caught off-guard; for truly, the mind with which we function in this world is as cunning as a serpent.

Who can judge and condemn others when the weeds of the past spring up as tares among the wheat of earnest, hard effort in the present harvest? That is why Jesus said:

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam in thine own eye?” (Mat. 7:1-3)

If we expect to be forgiven, we must also learn to forgive instead of constantly trying to justify our own actions. Forgiveness rests on understanding the larger view of Life - from the center outward - as our Creator sees it. A great love forgives all; but the offender learns only when he recognizes his mistake and asks for forgiveness. Until then he wanders into one mistake after another and seeks to justify himself into and out of every one. Thus he continues to nurture the weed of pride and ego instead of cultivating the virtue of humility. Such is the Eternal viewpoint of God the Creator toward us as His children on a path of self-willed experience. We are here to learn His Way of seeing and thinking. And our lives become happy lives when we continue to make the effort despite occasional failures. The results are all in His Hands, but it is up to us to make the effort with the proper attitude of mind.

From the Inner and Eternal viewpoint of Energy Emanation, God does all things:

“Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.” (Mat. 10:29)

On the circumference of the outer life and its viewpoint, we as individuals create our own immediate conditions and atmosphere by impressing our thoughts in the negative mind substance, the soil of the mind.

For this planting or process of thinking, each person is definitely responsible. “For as a man thinketh, so he is.”[1] “As a man soweth, so shall he reap.”[2] That is the inevitable law of Life. There is no exception or deviation from it. It is called 'Karma' in India, and 'Kismet' in the world of Islam. Only the names are different. They describe the same laws and living processes. There is no difference, no matter by what name an energy circuit is called in any part of the world of experience. But if we have learned to control the mind and rely on Divine Guidance, we are able to rise above difficult situations when it is our turn to reap them. We go through them just the same, but learn by experience instead of trying to justify the mind's actions. And so we become humble until we have reached the point where our debt has been paid in full.

It takes LOVE, PATIENCE and GREAT TOLERANCE to see this picture as a Whole and rise above the little petty viewpoints of our mind and its self-appointed reactions of revenge and tit for tat.

“Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Romans 13:19)

Nearly all religions in the world agree on these fundamental laws of Life and Nature which no one can change. We either live by them and grow in God-like Wisdom of the larger view of Life as God sees it, or we remain bound by our own limitations and self-righteousness.

The higher we set our vision toward Unity and Causes of Life, the greater will be the uplift of our mind and thinking process. We all want to be creative and imitate our Father in heaven. Fundamentally, all of mankind wants to do what is right and longs to return to the Father's House. When this longing is uppermost in mind and heart, one finds a True Spiritual Teacher Who has the key and can give much-needed guidance on the way. Illumination is a process of tuning into the Father's Thought Waves, the Sound Current of the WORD.

The more we see all Life as His, at the heart and concealed center in all living units, the clearer will be our perception of the Reality of His Omnipresence. This deeper perspective will help us much to imitate our Father in heaven, in our thinking and living. Seeing Life as it is at the Heart and Cause of all, and being grateful every moment to the Giver of All, makes this easy and the burden light. Jesus explained this to His disciples in a beautiful and simple way:

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Mat. 11:28,29,30.)
“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” (Luke 9:23-24.)
“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Mat. 5:48)

Jesus would not have said this if it were impossible. He taught a real, practical course of Life and thinking, expressing the highest principles and viewpoints which the people could receive and follow. Leaving our personal self and its mental limitations out of our consciousness; rising above the ego in thought, word and deed; is the first requirement to transcending our personal thinking process toward a new Life and Higher Goal.

health healing
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