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oahspe (part 1)

by John Ballou Newbrough

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Angel Embassadors.






(1882.) ANNO KOSMON 34. 2

the editor’s preface

When a man holds up a book, and says, “You must believe this, because it says, 'Thus saith the Lord,' ” should we not pity that man? Does he comprehend the liberty of man to acquire knowledge?

Any book that imparts knowledge of the life and destiny of man, is a good book. Any book that unfolds the character and person of Jehovih, and the wonder and glory of His creations, is a good book.

When a book gives us information of things we know not of, it should also give us a method of proving that information to be true. This book covers that ground.

The day has arrived, when man will not accept proclamations and assertions; he wants plausible reasons, or substantial proofs, that the authority be not merely a presence, but a demonstrable fact.

The time of man-worship is at an end; readers no longer accept a book as good and great, merely because any certain one wrote it. The book must have merits of its own, otherwise it will soon pass out of existence.

When a man says, “I heard the voice of Jehovih, saying,” that part of his speech is worthless. When he says, “I heard the voice of Jehovih, saying: ' Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you,' ” then the words become valuable. His assertion of his authority is of no avail in this age of the world. The words purporting to be Jehovih's should, therefore, be the only consideration as to merit. And all men have a right to pass judgment thereon. Is it not the light of Jehovih within all men, that makes them conscious of wisdom and truth? If so, then man's expression of any truth or wisdom is Jehovih's expression.

If a book were to fall down from the sky with Jehovih' s signature to it, man would not accept the book on that account. Why, then, should anything be said about how this book was written? It blows nobody's horn; it makes no leader. It is not a destroyer of old systems or religions. It reveals a new one, adapted to this age.

New York, 1882.



A'JI. Semi-dark. A dense region in etherea which sometimes descends to the earth. Less than nebula. AGNI. Fire or light, especially without combustion, as spirit lights. A pillar of fire by day, as with the Israelites going out of Egypt. ALGONQUIN. The United States of the North American Indians before their destruction by the Christians. ANASH. A wicked tongue; one of the Hebrew seven tetracts. See the word, satan. ANGEL. A spirit man. Su, also, su-gan, and gans-spe. (The word, spirit, does not define whether man or animal, but is often erroneously used instead of angel.) ANUBI. God of the scales. Sometimes called, God of Justice APH. The God who submerged the continent of Pan. See BOOK flood.


APH, and account of the

APOLLO. The God to whose duty was assigned beautifying mortals in form and figure. See BOOK OF APOLLO. He had many names, as, Soodhga, So-Gow, Choo Choo, Sudghda, and so on, but the meaning is the same, whether in Chinese, Hindoo, Greek, Latin or English. .

ARCHANGEL. Angels next in rank to Gods, who dwell in certain arcs in etherea. They generally come in the dawn of a cycle to give new inspiration to mortals. Whilst they remain with mortals, as during the last few years, good mortals become more angelic toward one another. A'SU. The first race of man. To crawl on the belly…. see Asu, BOOK



ASAPHS. Angels in heaven whose office it is to receive the spirit when a mortal dies, and bear it to the place prepared for it. They are in organic associations. Their rank is next below ashars. ASHARS. Guardian angels who are appointed over mortals, to be with them during life. They deliver the spirit in time of death into the hands of the asaphs. They also keep the record of the mortal, which is also given to the asaphs in heaven, along with the newborn spirit, which is called an es' yan, for a certain season. Ashars are next in rank to loo' is. See word loo' is. ATMOSPHEREA. The earth' s vortex. See BOOK OF COSMOGONY. Atmospherea comprises the places and dominions of the God of this planet. See the word God; AVEN. Evil actions. One of the seven Hebrew tetracts. See satan. BABEL. Confounded by compounding too many things together, as the Yi-haic language. BEAST. The animal man. The earthly part of man. Anything that is enforced as a religion. BELYYAAL. One of the seven Hebrew tetracts. Hypocrisy crawling. See satan.


BRAH, or BRAHMAN. Wisdom, knowledge. Brah was the founder of Brahmanism, and was cotemporaneous with Abram, or Abraham. See FIRST BOOK OF GOD, and Under the false God, Ennochissa, the word bra' hma became synonymous with warrior. .

BRIDE AND BRIDEGROOM. The emancipated degree of angels in heaven; a title bequeathed to all such as have gone beyond the bound heavens, atmospherea, and who are free from the Gods and Saviors. As we say of man at twenty-one years, he is free from his father; he is strong enough to go alone. BUDHA. Wisdom, knowledge. But afterward, under the false God, Kabalactes, the word budha became synonymous with warrior. CAPILYA. A deliverer; a man of India, cotemporaneous with Moses. And, like Moses, he delivered the Faithists out of bondage, not by migration, but by establishing their freedom throughout India. He also wrought miracles. Sometimes spelt Capella; a star was named after him. CORPOR. Whatever has length, breadth and thickness, and is tangible to sight, hearing and feeling; the extreme opposite condition from ether, or solution, or rarefaction. CORPOREAN. A man of the earth; any man, all men. In contradistinction from an angel who is a man of es, a spirit. CHAOTICS. Deranged angels; such as are killed in war or in anger. CHINE. A deliverer; a man of China, cotemporaneous with Moses and Capilya. He was to China a great deliverer. He was an iesu by birth, and wrought miracles. The country, China, was named by him after himself. (After his death, and his body was reduced to ashes, Jehovih caused a wind to gather up the ashes, and restore Chine to life for seven days, during which time he preached before the kings and the people. Then Jehovih sent down a ship of light, and bore Chine up to heaven.) See doctrines of Chine, this work. .

CHINVAT. The boundary between the rotating atmosphere of the earth and the ether beyond. Called also Bridge of Chinvat. CHRIST, or KRISTE. Wisdom, knowledge, education. After the false God, Looeamong, falsely took this name, it became synonymous with warrior. CHRISTIANS, or KRISTE‘YANS. A brotherhood of warriors; they were named Christians, in derision, by the Hebrews. One who rushes into a multitude of rioters, and, with a sword, enforces peace, is a true Christian. A people whose faith is in arms and standing armies. (The following words are synonymous: Brahma, budha, christ, kriste, baal ashtaroth, dagon, vishnu, ashdod, knowledge, wisdom, chreshna, light, po, te' in, wah, manito, and, in fact, a score of others.) CRUCIFY. To melt; to test by fire; to test by binding. The original form of testing a su' is or sar' gis (medium), was by binding him on a wheel. DAN. Light. A cyclic dawn, as the Arc of Spe' ta or Arc of Bon. A dan comes once every three thousand years, and is preceded by spirit-manifestations and by signs and wonders. A dan lasts about thirty-three years. There are also sub-cycles, of 200, 400 and 600 years. Dan is synonymous with dang. See BOOK OF SAPHAH. 5

DAVEAS, or DAEVAS. Bad angels; spirits that deceive and tempt. A prince of liars. In the Vedic Scriptures, equivalent to devil, in English. DEITY, or DYAUS. One of the Gods of the lower heavens, who pretended to be the Creator. He was afterward cast into hell by his own subjects, the false God, Anuhasaj. DIBBAH. One of the Hebrew seven tetracts; a tattler. See satan. DIV, or DIVA, or DIVINITY. A parliament of Lords in the lower heavens. The Divan laws were in use three thousand years. See BOOK OF DIVINITY. DRUK. A low mortal; one who desires no spiritual light; one who can not understand spiritually. An evil man, a warrior. DRUJ. Druj applies to an angel, the same as druk to a mortal; low, dark, evil, dangerous. .

EAWAHTAH or HIAWATHA. A North American Indian, a kind of Abraham, with whom he was cotemporaneous. ES. The unseen worlds, i.e., unseen to mortals. This word is used in the feminine; synonymous with the spirit world. See BOOK OF JEHOVIH. ES‘SENAURS. Heavenly musicians, comprised of singers and instrumental players. ES‘YAN. A newborn spirit. When a mortal dies, and his spirit departs into heaven, it is called an es' yan. An infant spirit. The name, es' yan, it retains as long as it is helpless, perhaps a year, or five years, or a hundred years. See the word purgatory. .

ETHE. The solvent of corpor; as water is the solvent of a salt, so is ethe the solvent of corporeal substance, of which latter hydrogen is one of the most sublimated. As a corporeal man dwells on the earth, and as an es' yan dwells in atmospherea, so do the advanced angels dwell in ethe, in etherea. ETHEREA. Beyond the atmosphere, the great firmament, where are situated the higher heavens, the homes of the Gods and Goddesses. Etherea, as a place, is nirvana. .

FAITH. A convinced belief; a condition of mind fully satisfied; next to actual knowledge. We have faith the sun will rise to-morrow morning, but the knowledge can not be actual until after sunrise. FAITHIST. One who has faith in Jehovih being over all, and within all, to a wise and definite purpose. One who has not faith in anything but Jehovih. One who endeavors to make himself in unison with Jehovih by doing good unto others, and in striving to put away self-gratification. A non-resistant. The opposite from Uzian. .

FETAL. A suckling; also one that gives suck. More especially, an absorbent. As a young child, sleeping with a very old person, is robbed of its vitality. The imperceptible nutrition; the unseen current of life that passes from one person to another. A healer gives haoma (fetal food) to the sick. A child that dies before birth, has a fetal spirit; it is fetaled on a mortal until it attains development. Many full-grown spirits (angels) fetal themselves on mortals, and so live. These are called vampire fetals. Persons who have been drunkards or gormandizers on flesh food, after death, fetal themselves on other mortals, living on their atmosphere, especially of drunkards and smokers and gross eaters. .


FIRMAMENT. The world of space between the stars and planets. FRAGAPATTI. A God of the highest rank, a nirvanian Chief. In the Hindoo Scriptures, he is denominated a Creator. See BOOK OF FRAGAPATTI. GOD, or IOD, or JOSS. An angel, in rank next above Lord, and next below Orian Chief. One who is sufficiently wise and powerful to take charge of a planet and its atmospherean heavens. His assistant on the throne is called vice-God. GOLGOTHA. A temple of skulls. GREAT SPIRIT. The universe is earth (corpor), sky and spirit, the three (in one) are Jehovih. As the spirit of a man is to the man, so is the Great Spirit to Jehovih. Though Great Spirit is also used as synonymous with Jehovih. GUATAMA. The cosmological name of America. Literally, the last spirit foundation; the last revelation. Sometimes spelt Gotama. HAM. Cosmological name of Egypt. The followers of Abram bestowed that country' s name on him, after they settled there. One who is black with sunburn. HAOMA. Food; food for sacrament. Also spiritual food; unseen food. The unseen sustenance that passes from one to another; improperly called magnetism. HELL. Anarchy in heaven, especially in hada, the lowest heaven, where angels torment one another. When an earthly tyrant dies, evil spirits seize his newborn spirit for vengeance' s sake, and cast him into hell. HIROM. A Zarathustrian hat; a hat red with blood; a rimless hat. Renowned by Habbak, a Faithist, who was cast into a den of lions. The hat was afterward recovered. The master in the lodge wears the hat, during which time he is saluted as cardinal, or Hi-rom, which is the Ahamic word for red hat. IESU. A sexless person; one without the possibility of sexual passion. Some men, as Brahma, attain to iesu. Improperly called Iesus. The Hebraic word ieue was made from iesu; one who can hear the voice of the Great Spirit. Ieue has been improperly confounded with Jehovih. Men who attain iesu are said to have attained the state of woman, i.e., to have changed sex. I'HINS. The race born of a' su and angels; the half-breeds, from whom we are the descendants. I'HUAN. Half-breed between I' hins and druks. The copper-colored race. I'HUA'MAZDA. God of Zarathustra. See BOOK



ISAAH, or ISAIAH. I' sa' ah, a Chinese prophet. The word Isaiah is of modern Hebrew. Most likely the ancient Phoenicians disguised the Chinese name purposely. IS, faith, A', knowledge, AH, above the earth; a prophet. Is' aac is Faithist in something above the earth; Is' ra' al, faith in Jehovih. A pass-word in the fourth degree of a lodge of prophets. RA, however, in Hebrew, is evil. JEHOVIH. One who can hear Jehovih' s voice is Ieue or Iesu. Some scholars have (erroneously?) used the words Jehovih, Elohim and Ieue as synonymous. 7

JI‘AY. Pertaining to nebulae, but less dense. See tablet Se' moin, BOOK .



JUDAS. From the Persian name Zhoo' da, or Zhoo' das. Betrayer of Zarathustra. See BOOK GOD’S WORD.


KINGDOM. Synonymous with jov, or an organic association with a head. The head on earth is king, in heaven, jovs, or God, or Jove, or Joss. KOSMON ERA. Kosmon, universal knowledge, corpor and spirit. Universal fellowship in all nations. LEOTONAS. Pharaoh' s daughter, Moses'protectoress. LOO‘IS. Angels who provide the pre-natal condition for such mortal births as are designed for especial work by the Gods or Lords. Synonymous with masters of generations; next in rank to Lords. Their smallest organization is one hundred thousand members. Next rank above ashars. LORD. A God of the earth, or of part of the earth; next lower in rank than the God of heaven and earth. The first exalted rank an angel receives in heaven, is asaph; the second is ashar, the third loo' is, the fourth marshal, the fifth Lord, and the sixth God. Marshals are rather vice-Lords and are not titled. The first title is Lord, the second God. God sometimes appoints a Lord to a single city on earth; sometimes one to a nation. A Lord' s minor dominion is one hundred million angels, and a major, several thousand millions. Lords must have passed beyond the second resurrection before eligibility. .

LORD GOD. An angel that fulfills both offices. LORD-SELF, or FALSE LORDS. As the name implies. (Any angel that announces himself to mortals as an officer in heaven, is false.) LUSTERS. Angels who maintain sex in the es world by proximity to mortals. Nocturnal visitors for secret vice. (The cause of the evil habit in men, and also the producers of harlots amongst women.) MOSES. A basket baby; a “come by chance.” See full history of Moses in the BOOK ARC OF BON.


NUBULAE. A dense atmosphere of corporeal substance. NIRVANA. Emancipated; etherean heavens; beyond the earth' s heavens; the higher heavens. OAHSPE. Sky, earth (corpor) and spirit. The all; the sum of corporeal and spiritual knowledge as at present. ORIAN, ORIAN. Same as nirvana (nirvania). ORMAZD. OR, light; MAZD, master. Master Light; equivalent to Jehovih. OSIRE, OSIRIS. Philosophy of measurement. One who maintains that only what can be measured or weighed is real knowledge. The sun is the largest, therefore, the SUN IS THE ALMIGHTIEST. Also a God. See BOOK OF OSIRIS. There was also a false God Osiris of latter date who inspired the building of the pyramids.


PAN. Original name of the earth, from AH; as, I see what I see; and, only what I see, is. (The name of a continent in the Pacific Ocean, submerged about 24,000 years ago.) See BOOK OF APH, the flood. SACRIFICE. Worship; to give one' s time, or property, or money, without an equivalent. Also to burn or destroy, for appeasing the Gods. SATAN. The chief of the seven Hebrew tetracts. Reckoned the worst of all the human passions; a leader; the captain of the selfish passions; the real self; selfishness, per se, see BOOK OF GOD’S WORD. SAR‘GIS, SARGIS. Both, a materialized angel, or a person in whose presence the angels can take on the semblance of mortal forms. SE‘MU. Gelatin, the preceding substance of the living. SE‘MUAN AGE. Before the creation of animal life, or at the beginning of that time. See BOOK OF JEHOVIH. SHEM. One of the ancient names of India. See submersion of Pan, BOOK LORDS’ FIRST BOOK.


APH, and THE

SHEPHERD KINGS. A nick-name to a wandering tribe who kept flocks of goats, in the south-west of Persia. They also migrated into Egypt, and became powerful. At first, they were mild and non-resistant, but afterward, they became savage warriors. Such of them as did not apostatize, but kept themselves holy, separated from the others, and became the founders of Ebra, which afterward became Hebrew, which afterward became Jew, from whom Abram was descended. These were, therefore, the cream of the ancient Zarathustrians of three thousand years before. .

SHIRL. Spirit, a breath; and sometimes angel. SPIRIT. Synonymous (but not correctly) with angel. (When we say, water, we may not mean the ocean; but when we say, ocean, we mean water. When we say, angel, we do mean a spirit; but when we say, spirit, we may not mean an angel.) SU‘IS, SUIS. Clairaudience and clairvoyance. A person who can see with the eyes closed, or one who can hear angel voices. Not imaginary, but that which can be proved by experiment. TAU. Bull, force; opposite from cow, which is receptivity. A time of the zodiac, when nature enforces growth. In some countries, the church representative is a white bull; in others, as the Roman catholic, the pope issues a bull merely as an edict. .

YESHUA. A heavenly kingdom. Yeshua is the original of iesu and ieue, and Joshua. YU‘TIV. Brahma' s wife. “A stream of light pierced their graves, and brought them forth, and they ascended to heaven in a sea of fire!”




This is a book of books, namely: OAHSPE. Page 16. THE VOICE OF MAN. Page 17. BOOK OF JEHOVIH. Page 21. In His own words; Who He is; His creations; how He createth worlds; their ages, destinations and dissolutions; His etherean heavens; habitations of angels; the origin of life on a planet (Se' muan period); the origin of man; what he was like. The chief of the angels named God. Ashars, guardian angels and Lords. BOOK OF SETHANTES, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 34. First God of the earth and her heavens, in His own words. Teaching man to walk on two feet; teaching him words of speech; providing him with guardian angels and Lords. God established the first heaven of the earth. He visits the earth. The loo' is, the masters of generations. End of sub-cycle. God' s successor. Marriage in heaven. Ascent of the first God of earth with his harvest for the higher heavens. Drujas. FIRST BOOK OF THE FIRST LORDS. Page 71. The I' hins, the druks, the Yaks, the A' su. See plate, comparative size. Another heavenly kingdom established and named Yeshuah; origin of the words Ieue and Iesu on earth. Origin of saying mass. BOOK OF AS’SHONG, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 78. Second God of the earth and her heavens, in His own words. The beginning of villages and cities; the beginning of wearing clothes. SECOND BOOK OF LORDS. Page 92. In their own words. SYNOPSIS OF SIXTEEN CYCLES. Page 95. Of three thousand years each, in the words of Jehovih' s angel Embassadors. Submersion of the continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean, commonly call, THE FLOOD. This brings history to twenty-four thousand years ago. BOOK OF APH, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 102. In his own words. His charge, breaking the crust of the earth, sinking the continent; how he accomplished it; and why; establishing the earth' s second heavens; appointment of five new Lords; three thousand years. THE LORDS’ FIRST BOOK. Page 130. In their own words. The great and high state of civilization man attained; the earth covered over with three times more people than at present; then the fall of civilization; its cause; and the earth became again a barren wilderness; three thousand years. BOOK OF SUE, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 140. In his own words. Re-peopling the earth; periods of war succeeding; deformities of the races of men; the earth overrun with monstrosities; three thousand years. THE LORDS’ SECOND BOOK. Page 153. BOOK OF APOLLO, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 157. In the words of Jehovih' s angel Embassador. The changing of monstrosities into well-formed men; how it was done; why this labor fell to Apollo; his establishing of new heavens for the earth; three thousand years. \




. THE LORDS’ THIRD BOOK. Page 175. In their own words. Their method of dealing with mortals; the beginning of monogamic marriages; man regaining the use of his vocal organs; three thousand years. BOOK OF THOR, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 180. In his own words. A period of miracles; angels again walking the earth with mortals. THE LORDS’ FORTH BOOK. Page 190 BOOK OF OSIRIS, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page.196. Revelations of the stars, the sun, moon and other planets; instruments for measuring the same; an age of disbelief; no angels appearing for more than three thousand years. THE LORDS’ FIFTH BOOK. Page 223. BOOK OF FRAGAPATTI, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 235. The raising up of Zarathustra (Zoroaster); his birth by a virgin; his life; locality; his preaching; the wheel of crucifixion; his death; cast into a den of lions; his re-appearance after death; origin of the red hat (cardinal' s); blood in the lion' s den; the zodiac; Fragapatti draws the plans for the ultimate redemption of the earth. This brings us down to eight thousand nine hundred years ago. Fragapatti reveals the plans of the higher and lower heavens. He also establishes different heavens for each of the continents of the earth; and he appoints a Lord for each of them; three thousand years. Zarathustrian bible BOOK OF GOD’S WORD. Page 323. Revelations to man, in the words of God. BOOK OF DIVINITY. Page.374. The DIVAN LAWS. Who was the Div; its duration, three thousand years; its dominion on the earth, and in the earth' s heavens; the Divan Seal. BOOK OF CPENTA-ARMIJ, DAUGHTER OF JEHOVIH. Page 417. This was the Dawn of Spe-ta, of the time of Abraham of Arabia, Brahma of India and Po of China; the time of the SUN KINGDOMS on earth. Who these men were, and how they were raised up; Yutiv, Brahma' s wife; their resurrection in a sea of fire. Bible of Abraham, bible of Brahma and bible of Po, all reproduced. Eawahtah (Hiawatha) the flatheads; the mound-builders; their bible; their language and mode of life. In the words of God. FIRST BOOK OF GOD . Page 446. BOOK OF WARS AGAINST JEHOVIH. Page 496. Sawing of the prophet Isaah (Isaiah) in twain; the slaughter of the Ihua' Mazdians (Jehovih worshipers) in India and China. The false Lord God; the original De' yus or Dyaus, or Deity; the fall of the Divan (Divine) Laws of heaven. The new heavenly kingdoms of the earth; the false Gods' kingdoms; beginning of oracles. In the words of Jehovih' s Embassador. Confederacy of false Gods in the lower heavens. Building of the great pyramid, and its purposes. BOOK OF LIKA, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 612. Descent of the etherean Gods and Goddesses from the higher etherean heavens; the dawn of the Arc of Bon; two thousand four hundred years. BOOK OF THE ARC OF BON. Page 656. The raising up of Moses, Capilya and Chine; their miracles in Egypt, India and China; the deliverance of the Faithists in Jehovih. Who these men were; how Moses got into Pharaoh' s garden; his education. In the words of God. The origin of the name of Moses; the miracles of Moses taking four millions of people out of Egypt; his concert of action with the etherean Gods. The .





bible of Moses; the original song of Moses; bible of Capilya; bible of Chine of China; Chine' s death and resurrection from a field of ashes; his appearance after his resurrection; why the land was named after him; the reign of peace in China; how it became called the Flowery Kingdom; triumph of the Faithists; how and why Lika appointed the Faithists (Israelites) to go westward whilst their brethern held China and India to the All One. GOD’S BOOK OF BEN. Page.720. The eight entities and Jehovih; science, philosophy, metaphysics, etc, etc.; the etherean Gods're-appearance. BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY. Page 751. The plans of the corporeal worlds; overthrow of the doctrine of attraction of gravitation; no force existing or extending from one planet to another; neither light nor heat comes from the sun to the earth; the atmospherean vortices; the solar vortex; the great serpent (phalanx); defection of man' s measurements of heavenly bodies; defections of the observations; magnifying power of vortices; cause of the photospheres, polar lights, velocities, electricity, magnetism, life, growth; meteors, nebula, clouds, wind and wind currents; ocean currents; how to regulate the temperature of the earth by man; how to bring rain showers; cause of tornadoes, waterspouts; famines, epidemics, and how to prophesy by astronomical knowledge. BOOK OF SAPHAH. Page 791. Philology; origin of languages; how to prove them as to origin, duration, and kind of people who spoke them; hieroglyphs, and how to read them; tracing of language down from Panic, through Yi' ha, Chinese, Vedic, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and so on down to English; how to find what an English word would be in Panic; thorax words and their era; labial words and their era; nasal words and their era; how to determine what the language of the future will be; how to find original bibles; how to find the speech of an extinct race. BON’S BOOK OF PRAISE. Page 876. Somewhat in the style of Psalms of David, but relating mostly to the heavens of the earth and to etherea. GOD’S BOOK OF ESKRA. Page 893. A spiritual history from the time of Moses down to the discovery of America; also a history of the heavens of the earth for the same period of time; descriptions of the heavens of the Brahmins, of the Buddhists, of the Christians and of the Mohammedans, with rules and signs for determining the same. BOOK OF E’S, DAUGHTER OF JEHOVIH. Page 983. A sacred history of man since the last four hundred years down to the present, and for some time in the future. The above books give an account of the lower heavens, or spirit world, during the same periods of time. They describe the first, second and third resurrections in atmospherea; tell what the angels do, how they live, give their training and discipline; describe wandering spirits, familiar spirits, vampire spirits, demon spirits, engrafting spirits who live on mortals, teaching reincarnation; spirit powers over mortals; chaotic spirits on battle-fields; lost spirits in haunted houses; obsessions, entrancement, spirit manifestations, how to get them; how to determine what realm a spirit belongs to, and who he is; how spirits deceive mortals; how selfish spirits in the lower heavens make slaves of their dupes after death and entrance into heaven; how to acquire prophecy and seer-ship; the delusion of the magnetic sleep; of spirit control; how to know the nature of spiritual communications; how mortals are graded by the Gods, and their status known in heaven; how nations fall; why cities are burnt down; how spirits can cast pestilence and contagious diseases; how the offspring of mortals are controlled; how any one may determine into what realm of heaven he will .




enter after death; how to determine the time of his bondage and of his emancipation; how to determine the place in heaven where a king or queen will go; where a rich man will go; the length of the time of bondage of any of them in the lower heavens; how any one may discover his own grade, as to where he will go; how they work themselves out of bondage in the lowest heavens; the necessity of purifying ourselves in flesh and in thoughts before we are companionable to pure angels; rites and ceremonies; discipline and communities in heaven; ships in the higher heavens that carry thousands of millions of angels in the etherean seas, and on excursions of thousands of years; the great firmament, etherea, filled with thousands of millions of etherean worlds, habitable within and without; the labors of Gods and Goddesses; the insignificance of earth and its heavens, atmospherea; what is meant by higher and lower heavens; how mortals can attain to receive communications from the first resurrection, from the second resurrection and from the third, and even from Gods and Goddesses; what is purification; how to purity one' s self, in flesh, and in spirit; how to know when a spirit communication is from the second resurrection or from the first; how to raise children; the coming race; the cosmopolitan, in the words of God; who is God; who is Lord; what is liberty, and how to attain it. The false Kriste inspireth the destruction of the Quakers. Cotton Mather. Angels of the inquisitions; how appropriated by the Lord. The republic established. Of Thomas Paine, inspired by God. Washington protected by the angels of God. God casteth out the four false Gods. Jehovih judgeth the false Gods. Of the Mormons, Shakers, Swedenborgians. President Lincoln directed by the angels of Jehovih to liberate the slaves. BOOK OF JUDGMENT. Page 1018. God' s judgment upon the Brahmins, Budhists, Kriste' yans (Christians), Mohammedans, Confucians and Jews. The numbers of judgment, in the words of God. Of the Jews. Of resurrections. A day of judgment. God decreeth against infidelity. Of the Father' s kingdom on earth. God showeth how to judge the angels that minister to mortals. Of the second resurrection. Of ascetics. God judgeth charities. God showeth how to do charity. God judgeth the missionaries. God judgeth dominions. Judgment against the man of promise; against war. God judgeth of exclusiveness. China and Japan thrown open. Grades. God declares against the government of man. BOOK OF INSPIRATION. Page 1076. The beginning of knowledge. How knowledge cometh to man; everything is inspiration. Times and seasons of the Kosmon Era. Holy compact day. Holy veil day. Fallen sword' s day. Holy Kosmon day. BOOK OF JEHOVIH’S KINGDOM ON EARTH. Page 1092. Which containeth within it the BOOK OF SHALEM. History of Shalam. The holy covenant. Covenant of the brotherhood. .




God said: “I come not, in this day, to teach man charity, nor yet to teach man as to what is right and wrong between men; these things were revealed before. I come to produce a new race, and show them how to fulfill the former commandments: to do unto others as they would be done by; to return good for evil; to give away all and fear not. Before, these things were preached; behold, I come now to put them in practice. By this shall man know who are the chosen of Jehovih. They have said: ' Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven!” Who are ready? Let them come, the Light of Jehovih is on hand. Beware of those that longer preach and pray for these things, but practice them not; they profane the name of the ALMIGHTY!“ . .



index of principal plates

Page 26. Se' muan firmament. Plate 25. Page 33. X' sar' jis. Plate 32. Page 63. Higher and lower heavens. Angels descending. Plate 1. Page 77. Types of races - Asuan. Plate 3. Page 77. Types of races -I' hin, I' huan and Yak. Plate 4. Page 80. Ethereans visiting the earth. Plate 2. Page 101. The earth and the higher and lower heavens, also page 811 Plate 5. Page 189. The earth in A' ji, also page 739. Plate 32. Page 221. Aries. Plate 9. Page 233. Star worshippers. Plate 8. Page 247. Etherea.. Plate 10. Page 305. Position of the earth in Horub. Plate 20. Page 322. The signature. Plate 13. Page 358. Ug-sa. Plate 11. Page 374. The Divine Seal, also page 823. Plate 14. Page 416. Etherean position of earth in Ocgokuk. Plate 18. Page 494. Flat-heads. King and Queen. Plate 15 - 16. Page 532. Gall. Plate 92. Page 589. Isis. Plate 89. Page 589. Osiris. Plate 90. Page 591. Tablet of Osiris. Plate 66. Page 611. Position of the earth in Kas' kak. Plate 19. Page 655. Place of the earth in the Arc of Bon at the time of Moses. Plate 21. Page 720. The Nine Entities. Page 734. Cyclic Coil. Plate 48. Page 735. Etherea.. Plate 22. Page 735. Earth and her Atmospherea. Plate 23. Page 736. Solar Phalanx, Serpent. Plate 36. Page 736. Solar vortex. Dissection of the Great Serpent. Plate 46. Page 737. Tow' sang. Plate 47. Page 737. Deviation of the line of the solar vortex. Plate 68. Page 738. The solar phalanx orbit. Plate 42. Page 738. Spe-ta period. Anoad .Plate 38. Page 739. Showing prophetic numbers. Plate 37. Page 740. Sha' mael. Plate 40. Page 741. Earth in Se' mu. Plate 39. Page 742. The earth in Ji' ay. Plate 30. Page 742. The earth in A‘ji. Plate 32. Page 743. The earth in Hyarti or Nebula. Plate 33. Page 743. Ji' Niquin Swamp in Etherea. Plate 34. Page 744. Primary vortex. Plate 25. Page 744. Secondary vortex. Plate 26. Page 745. Third age of vortex. Plate 27. Page 745. Fourth age of vortex. Plate 28. Page 746. Meteoric stones. Organic Wark. Plate 29. Page 746. Exploded meteors. Shattered Wark . Plate 31. Page 747. Photospheres. Plate 41. 14

Page 748. Earth and condensing atmosphere. Plate 43. Page 749. Snow-flakes. Plate 44. Page 750. Sunlight to earth. Plate 45. Page.751. Cevorkum. Plate 49. Page 752. Planets. Plate 50. Page 753. First, second, and third resurrections. Plate 51. Page 754. Mathematical problems. Plate 52. Page 755. Travels of solar phalanx. Plate 53. Page 756. Travels of solar phalanx. Plate 54. Page 757. Travels of solar phalanx. Plate 55. Page 758. Illustrations of light. Plate 56. Page 759. Different lens illustrated. Plate 57. Page 760. Planetary illustrations. Plate 58. Page 784. Prophetic gauge. Plate 48. Page 791. Pan, the submerged continent. Plate 59. Page 791. Map of the earth. Plate 60. Page 792. Tree of languages. Plate 63. Page 793. Transposition of languages. Plate 61. Page 794. Se' moin. Plate 62. Page 799. The Zodiac, Onk. Plate 64. Page 800. Aries. Plate 65. Page 801. Tau. Plate 67. Page 803. Views of solar phalanxes. Plate 24. Page 807. Star worshipers. Plate 69. Page 810. Tablet of Bienu. Plate 70. Page 815. Tablet of Kii. Plate 71. Page 817. Tablet of Empagatu. Plate 72. Page 819. Tablet of Zerl. Plate 73. Page 820. Iz and Zerl. Plate 74. Page 823. Numeration table, Tablet of Ah' Iod' Gau. Plate 17. Page 824. Tablet of Fonece. Plate 75. Page 827. I' hin. Plate 76. Page 829. Tablet of Ancient Egypt. Plate 77. Page 830. Tablet of Hy' yi. Plate 78. Page 832. Ceremonies in sun degree. Plate 79. Page 835. Tablet of Kii. Plate 80. Page 837. Algonquin. Plate 81. Page 839. Anubis. Plate 82. Page 842. Bible of the mound-builders. Plate 83. Page 843. Tablet of Baugh-Ghan-Ghad. Plate 84. Page 845. Temple of skulls. Plate 85. Page 846. Sectional view of temple of skulls. Plate 86. Page 848. Emethechavah. Plate 87. Page 862. Ceremony of holy mass. Plate 88. Page 953. Lo’iask - Position of the earth in the heavenly wall. Plate 35. Page 1013. Arc of Kosmon. Plate 91. Page 1040. Grades. Plate 94. Page 1042. Rates. Plate 93. 15

o a h s p e

1. After the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovih, said unto him: That thou shalt know thou art the work of My hand, I have given thee capacity for knowledge, power and dominion. This was the first era.

2. But man was helpless, crawling on his belly, and he understood not the voice of the Almighty. And Jehovih called his angels, who were older than the earth, and he said unto them: Go ye, raise man upright, and teach him to understand.

3. And the angels of heaven descended to the earth and raised man upright. And man wandered about on the earth. This was the second era.

4. Jehovih said to the angels that were with man: Behold, man hath multiplied on the earth. Bring ye them together; teach them to dwell in cities and nations.

5. And the angels of Jehovih taught the peoples of the earth to dwell together in cities and nations. This was the third era.

6. And in that same time the Beast (self) rose up before man and spake to him, saying: Possess thou whatsoever thou wilt, for all things are thine, and are good for thee.

7. And man obeyed the Beast; and war came into the world. This was the fourth era.

8. And man was sick at heart, and he called out to the Beast, saying: Thou saidst: Possess thyself of all things, for they are good for thee. Now, behold, war and death have encompassed me about on all sides. I pray thee, therefore, teach me peace!

9. But the Beast said: Think not I am come to send peace on the earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword. I come to set man at variance against his father; and a daughter against her mother. Whatsoever thou findest to eat, be it fish or flesh, eat thou thereof, taking no thought of tomorrow.

10. And man ate fish and flesh, becoming carnivorous, and darkness came upon him, and he no more heard the voice of Jehovih, or believed in Him. This was the fifth era.

11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth about; and man fell down and worshipped them.

12. And the names of the heads of the Beast were BRAHAMIN, BUDDHIST, CHRISTIAN and MOHAMMEDAN. And they divided the earth, and apportioned it between themselves, choosing soldiers and standing armies for the maintenance of their earthly aggrandizement.

13. And the Brahmins had seven million soldiers; the Buddhists twenty millions; the Christians seven millions; and the Mohammedans two millions, whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one-sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies; and one-third of his life he gave to dissipation and drunkenness. This was the sixth era.

14. Jehovih called out to man to desist from evil; but man heard Him not. For the cunning of the Beast had changed man' s flesh, so that his soul was hid as if in a cloud, and he loved sin.

15. Jehovih called unto His angels in heaven, saying: Go ye down to the earth once more, to man, whom I created to inhabit the earth and enjoy it, and say ye to man: Thus saith Jehovih: 16

16. Behold, the seventh era is at hand. Thy Creator commandeth thy change from a carnivorous man of contention to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and war shall be no more on the earth.

17. Thy armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forth, whosoever desireth not to war, thou shall not impress; for it is the commandment of thy Creator.

18. Neither shalt thou have any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, but only thy Creator, Jehovih! Him only shalt thou worship henceforth forever. I am sufficient unto Mine own creations.

19. And to as many as separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants unto Me, have I given the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

20. And all such shall be My chosen: By their covenants and by their works shall they be known henceforth on the earth as Mine, and shall be called FAITHISTS.

21. But to as many as will not make these covenants, have I given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called UZIANS, signifying destroyers. And these shall be henceforth the two kinds of people on earth, FAITHISTS and UZIANS.

22. And the angels of heaven descended to the earth, to man, and appeared before him face to face, hundreds of thousands of them, speaking as man speaketh, and writing as man writeth, teaching these things of Jehovih and His works.

23. And in the thirty-third year thereof, the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih, His heavenly kingdoms; and have thus herein made known the plan of his delightful creations, for the resurrection of the peoples of the earth.

24. Not immaculate in this BOOK, OAHSPE; but to teach mortals HOW TO ATTAIN TO HEAR THE CREATOR’S VOICE, and to SEE HIS HEAVENS, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.

25. Neither are, nor were, the revelations within this OAHSPE wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time unto many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward.

26. Because this light is thus comprehensive, embracing corporeal and spiritual things, it is called the beginning of the KOSMON ERA. And because it relates to earth, sky and spirit, it is called OAHSPE.

the voice of man

1. O Jehovih, what am I that I should supplicate Thee? Know I mine own weakness, or understand I the way of my thoughts? Thou hast placed before me most wonderful creations: They impress me, and my senses rise up in remembrance of the Almighty. Wherein have I invented one thought but by looking upon Thy works? How can I otherwise than remember my Creator, and out of Thy creations, O Jehovih, find rich food for meditation all the days of my life.

2. And yet, though I have appropriated the earth unto myself, I am not happy nor perfect withal. Misery and crime and selfishness are upon my people.

3. What is my weakness that I cannot overcome it? Or what is my strength that I succumb to the desires of the earth? I build up my belief and courage in Thee; but ere I know the way of my weakness, I stumble and fall. Am I made that I shall be forever a reproof to 17

myself, and a censure to my own behavior?

4. How shall I say to this man or that: Be thou pure and holy, O man! Are not my flesh and blood proof that man cannot be without sin? O this corruptible self, this tendency to fall from the right way! Thou, O my Creator, hast proven before my senses every day of my life, that Thou alone art mighty in purity and truth.

5. O that I had a starting point wherefrom to estimate Thy wonderful decrees, or could find a road in which I should never stumble! But yet, O Jehovih, I will not complain because of the way of Thy works. Thou hast invented a limit to my understanding, whereby I am reminded of Thee, to call upon Thy name. I perceive my own vanity; that whereas were knowledge mine, I should become less beholding unto Thee!

6. What am I, O Jehovih, without Thee; or wherein shall I find the glory of Thy creations but by the light of Thy countenance? Thou broughtest me forth out of sin and darkness and clothed me in light. I behold the smallness of myself in Thy great works. Thou hast bound me to travel on the earth, to sojourn with beasts and all manner of creeping things; nor given me one attribute wherein I can boast over them, save in the power of destruction. The high firmament placed Thou above me; the stars and moon and sun! I know Thou hast been thither, but I am bound down in a little corner of Thy works! I have not power to rise up to Thy distant places, nor to know Thy extended heavens.

7. Nay, I have not power to shape my own size and stature; but all things take form and dimension whether I will or no. In Thine own way are built the walls of the world; by their magnitude am I confounded; by the majesty of Thy hand appalled. Why have I vainly set up myself as the highest of Thy works? My failures are worse than any other living creature under the sun. I cannot build my house in perfection like a bird' s; my ingenuity cannot fashion a spider' s net; I cannot sail up in the air like a bird, nor live in the water like the fish, nor dwell in harmony like the bee. The half of my offspring die in infancy; the multitude of my household are quarrelers, fighters, drunkards and beggars; the best of my sons and daughters are less faithful than a dog! I go forth to war, to slay my brother, even whilst Thy wide earth hath room for all. Yea, I accurse the earth with starvation and sin and untimely death. O that I could school myself to boast not of my greatness; that I should be forever ashamed in Thy sight, Jehovih!

8. But I will make a clean breast of my iniquities; I can hide nothing from the eye of my Creator. Hear me then, O Father!

9. I took up arms against my brother. With great armies I encompassed him about to despoil him.

10. His widows and orphans I multiplied by the stroke of my sword; the cry of anguish that came out of their mouths I answered by the destruction of my brother' s harvests.

11. To my captains and generals who showed great skill in killing, I built monuments in stone and iron. Yea, I inscribed them from top to bottom with their bloody victories.

12. And in my vanity I called out to the young, saying: Behold the glory of great men! These great monuments I have built to them!

13. And the youth of my household were whetted with ambition for spoil. The example of my hand made them train themselves for warfare.

14. To my colonels and generals I gave badges of gold. I called to the damsels, saying: Come, a great honor I give to you; ye shall dance with the officers of death!

15. And they tripped up on tip-toe, elated by the honey of my words! O Jehovih, how 18

have I not covered up my wickedness; how have I failed to make the flow of my brother' s blood the relish of satan!

16. To my destroying hosts I have given great honor and glory. In the pretense of enforcing peace I hewed my way in flesh and blood.

17. I made an igneous fatuous, a kingdom. I called out to my people, saying: We must have a kingdom. I showed them no reason for it; but I bade them take up arms and follow me for patriotism' s sake. And yet what was patriotism? Behold, I made it as something greater than Thee and Thy commandment: “THOU SHALT NOT KILL“.

18. Yea, by the cunning of my words, I taught them my brother was my enemy; that to fall upon him and his people and destroy them was great patriotism.

19. And they ran at the sound of my voice, for my glory in the greatness of my kingdom, and they accomplished great havoc.

20. Yea, I built colleges for training my young men in warfare. I drew a boundary hither and thither, saying: This is my kingdom! All others are my enemies!

21. I patted my young men on the head, saying: Ye dogs of war! Great shall be your glory!

22. And their judgment was turned away from peace; I made them think that righteousness was to stand up for me and my country, and to destroy my brother and his people.

23. They built me forts and castles and arsenals without number. I called unto my people, saying: Come, behold the glory of my defenses which I built for you!

24. And they gave me money and garrisons, and ships of war, and torpedoes, shouting: Hurrah for our kingdom! We have faith in these things, but not in Thee, our Creator!

25. Thus I led them away from Thee. Their eyes I turned down in the way of death. By the might of my armies, I put away righteousness.

26. I covered the earth over with drunkards, and widows and orphans; to beggary I reduced them, but I whetted their pride by saying: Behold what great standing armies we have!

27. To the man that said: There shall come a time of peace, when war shall be no more forever, I mocked and said: Thou fool!

28. I know the counts against me, O Father. I cannot hide my iniquity from Thy sight. I have said war was a necessary evil to prevent a too populous world! I turned my back toward the wide, unsettled regions of the earth. With this falsehood in my mouth I stood up before Thee! Yea, I cried out as if for the righteous, saying: I war for righteousness, and for the protection of the weak! In the destruction of my brethren I stood as a murderer, pleading this excuse. Stubbornly I persisted in not seeing justice on the other side, whilst I cut down whom Thou hadst created alive. Above the works of Thy hand I raised myself up as a pruning knife in Thy vineyard.

29. Yea, more than this, I persuaded my sons and daughters that to war for me was to war for our Father in heaven. By my blasphemy led I them into ruin. And when the battle was over for a day I cried out: Behold the glory of them that were slain for the honor of their country! Thus have I added crime to crime before Thee, Jehovih; thus destroyed Thy beautiful creation. Verily, have I not one word in justification of my deeds before Thee!

30. O that I had remained faithful with Thee, Jehovih! But I invented Gods unto the glory of the evil one. In one place I called out to my sons and daughters, 19

saying: Be ye Brahmins; Brahma saveth whosoever professeth his name. In another place I said: Be ye Buddhists; Buddha saveth whosoever calleth on his name. In another place I said: Be ye Christians; Christ saveth whosoever calleth on his name. In another place I said: Be ye Mohammedans; whosoever saith: There is but one God and Mohammed is his prophet! shall have indulgence without sin.

31. Thus have I divided the earth, O Jehovih! Into four great idolatries have I founded them, and into their hands put all manner of weapons of destruction; and they are become more terrible against one another than are the beasts of the forest. O that I could put away these great iniquities which I raised up as everlasting torments to the earth. Verily, there is no salvation in any of these.

32. Their people are forever destroying one another. They quarrel and kill for their respective religions; setting aside Thy commandment, Thou shalt not kill. They love their own nation and hate all others. They set aside Thy commandment, Love thy neighbor as thyself.

33. They preach and pray in sufficient truth; but not one of these people practiceth peace, love and virtue in any degree commensurate with their understanding. These religions have not saved from sin any nation or city on the whole earth.

34. In vain have I searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make the earth a paradise, and the life of man a glory unto Thee, and a joy unto himself. But alas, the two extremes, riches and poverty, have made the prospect of a millennium a thing of mockery.

35. For one man that is rich there are a thousand poor, and their interests are an interminable conflict with one another. Labor crieth out in pain; but capital smiteth him with a heartless blow.

36. Nation is against nation; king against king; merchant against merchant; consumer against producer; yea, man against man, in all things upon the earth.

37. Because the state is rotten, the politician feedeth thereon; because society is rotten, the lawyer and court have riches and sumptuous feasts; because the flesh of my people is rotten, the physician findeth a harvest of comfort.

38. Now, O Jehovih, I come to Thee! Thou holdest the secret of peace and harmony and good will amongst mortals. Give me of Thy light, O Father! Show me the way of proceeding, that war and crime and poverty may come to an end. Open Thou the way of peace and love and virtue and truth, that Thy children may rejoice in their lives, and glorify Thee and Thy works forever.

39. Such is the voice of man, O Jehovih! In all the nations of the earth this voice riseth up to Thee! As Thou spakest to Zarathustra, and to Abraham and Moses, leading them forth out of darkness, O speak Thou, Jehovih!

40. Man hath faith in Thee only; Thou alone wast sufficient in the olden time: Today, Thou alone art sufficient unto Thine own creation. Speak Thou, O Jehovih !


book of jehovih

chapter 1

1. ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and MOTION was, and is, and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The ALL MOTION was His speech.

2. He said, I AM! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of Him.

3. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body.

4. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is life. By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the QUICKENER, the MOVER, the CREATOR, the DESTROYER. I am FIRST and LAST.

5. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. These entities are the UNSEEN, which is POTENT, and the SEEN, which is of itself IMPOTENT, and called CORPOR.

6. With these two entities, in likeness thereby of Myself, made I all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part.

7. Chief over all that live on the earth I made Man; male and female made I them. And that man might distinguish Me, I commanded him to give Me a name; by virtue of my presence commanded I him. And man named Me not after anything in heaven or on the earth. In obedience to My will named he Me after the sounds the wind uttereth, and he said E - O - Ih ! Which is now pronounced Jehovih, and is written thus:

chapter 2

1. Jehovih said: By virtue of My presence created I the seen and the unseen worlds. And I commanded man to name them; and man called the seen worlds Corpor, and the unseen worlds Es; and the inhabitants of Corpor, man called corporeans. But the inhabitants of Es he called sometimes es' eans and sometimes spirits, and sometimes angels.

2. Jehovih said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and by My presence brought man forth a living being. A corporeal body gave I him that he might learn corporeal things; and death I made that he might rise in the firmament and inherit My etherean worlds.

3. To es I gave dominion over corpor; with es I filled all place in the firmament. But 21

corpor I made into earths and moons and stars and suns; beyond number made I them, and I caused them to float in the places I allotted to them.

4. Es I divided into two parts, and I commanded man to name them, and he called one etherea and the other atmospherea. These are the three kinds of worlds I created; but I gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean worlds.

5. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the MOST RARIFIED. Out of ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even in the midst of the corporeal worlds. And to ethe gave I dominion over both atmospherea and corpor.

6. In the ALL HIGHEST places created I the etherean worlds, and I fashioned them of all shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds inhabitable both within and without, with entrances and exits, in arches and curves, thousands of miles high and wide, and overruled I them with ALL PERFECT mechanism; and in colors and movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy. To them I gave motions, and orbits and courses of their own; independent made I them, and above all other worlds in potency and majesty.

7. Neither created I one etherean world like another in size or density or in component parts, but everyone differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its way.

8. Atmospherean worlds I also created in the firmament, and I gave them places and orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and void of fixed form, for they are in process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in condition betwixt My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density created I them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called A' ji, and one Ji' ay, and one Nebulae.

9. But all of them are composed of the same substances, being like the earth, but rarified. Nor is there on the earth or in it one thing, even iron, or lead, or gold, or water, or oil, or stones, but the same things are in My atmospherean worlds. As I have given light to the earth so have I given light to many of them; and all such have I commanded man to call comets. And even so named he them.

10. And I also created atmospherea around about my corporeal worlds; together made I them.

chapter 3

1. Thus spake Jehovih; by the light of kosmon proclaimed He these things amongst the nations of the earth.

2. Man looked upward in prayer, desiring to know the manner of all created things, both on earth and in heaven. And Jehovih answered him, saying:

3. The whirlwind made I as a sign to man of the manner of my created worlds. As thou beholdest the power of the whirlwind gathering up the dust of the earth and driving it together, know that even so do I bring together the a' ji and ji' ay and nebulae in the firmament of heaven; by the power of the whirlwind create I the corporeal suns and moons and stars. And I commanded man to name the whirlwinds in the etherean 22

firmament, and he called them vortices and wark; according to their shape called he them.

4. By the power of rotation, swift driving forth in the extreme parts, condense I the atmospherean worlds that float in the firmament; and these become My corporeal worlds. In the midst of the vortices made I them, and by the power of the vortices I turn them on their axes and carry them in the orbits I allotted to them. Wider than to the moons of a planet have I created the vortices, and they carry the moons also.

5. Around about some of My corporeal worlds have I given nebulous belts and rings, that man might comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds.

6. For each and every corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by the places in the firmament whither it traveleth, caused I the vortex to conceive the corporeal world.

7. A great vortex created I for the sun, and, within this vortex and subject to it, made I the vortices of many of the corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position are they thus carried forth and around about the sun.

8. Think not, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void of use. Even as man in the corporeal form is adapted to the corporeal earth, so is he in the spiritual form adapted to My etherean worlds. Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the corporeal, the atmospherean, and the etherean.

chapter 4

1. Man perceived the general formation of the world, and he prayed that his eyes might be opened for a sign in heaven; and Jehovih answered him, saying:

2. The clouds in the air I bring into view suddenly; by different currents of wind make I thus the unseen visible and tangible to man' s senses. In like manner do I cause etherean currents to bring forth a' ji and ji' ay, and nebulae, prior to making corporeal worlds.

3. In all the universe have I made the unseen to rule over the seen. Let the formation of the clouds stand in the view of man on earth, that he may bear witness to the manner of the unseen becoming seen.

4. Man perceived, and he prayed for a sign of duration, and Jehovih answered him, saying:

5. Behold the tree which hath sprung up out of the ground and fulfilled its time; it falleth and rotteth, and returneth to the earth. But lo, the wind, which thou seest not, never ceaseth to blow. Even so is the comparative duration of all things. Think not, O man, that corporeal things are annihilated because they disappear; for as a drop of water evaporateth and riseth in the air as unseen vapor, so do all corporeal things, even earth, and stones, and gold, and silver, and lead, become as nothing in the firmament of heaven in course of time.

6. Things that man seeth, created I with a beginning and an end; but the unseen I made of endless duration.

7. The corporeal man made I belonging to the seen; but the spiritual man made I as one within the unseen, and everlasting.

8. As the corporeal man beholdeth corporeal things, so doth the spiritual man follow upward the evaporated, corporeal entities of things. As corporeal things are tangible to 23

corporeans, so are es things tangible to the spirits of the dead.

9. As I cause water to rise upward as vapor, and take a place in the air above, let it be a sign and testimony of other places in atmospherea whereon dwell the spirits of the lower heaven.

10. As I made a limit to the ascent of the clouds, so made I a limit to the places of the different kinds of substances in atmospherea; the more subtle and potent to the extreme, and the more dense and impotent nearer to the earth.

11. According to the condition of these different plateaux in atmospherea, whether they be near the earth or high above, so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven; according to his diet and desires and behavior so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau to which he hath adapted himself during his earth life.

12. For I made the power of attraction manifest in all things before man' s eyes that he might not err, that like should attract like made I them.

13. Man sought to know the progress of things. Jehovih answered him, saying:

14. Open thy eyes, O man ! There is a time of childhood, a time of genesis, a time of old age, and a time of death to all men. Even so is it with all the corporeal worlds I have created.

15. First as vapor the vortex carrieth it forth, and as it condenseth, its friction engendereth heat, and it is molten, becoming as a globe of fire in heaven. Then it taketh its place as a new born world, and I set it in the orbit prepared for it.

16. In the next age I bring it into se' mu, for it is ripe for the bringing forth of living creatures; and I bestow the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

17. Next it entereth ho' tu, for it is past the age of begetting, even as the living who are in dotage. Next it entereth a' du, and nothing can generate upon it. Then cometh uz, and it is spirited away into unseen realms. Thus create I, and thus dissipate planets, suns, moons and stars.

18. My examples are before all men. My witnesses are without number. I rise the tree up out of the ground; I give it a time to bring forth fruit; and then barrenness, and then death and dissolution. I prepare the new field with rich soil, bringing forth; and the old field that is exhausted, and man shall weigh the progress and destiny of a whole world.

19. Let no man marvel because of the size of the mammoth and the ichthyosaurus, for there was a time for them as there is a time for the infusoria of this day.

20. I have given thee a sign, O man, in the queen of the honey bee; because of the change of the cell cometh she forth a queen, even from the same manner of germ as the other bees. Be wise, therefore, and remember that the earth is not in the place of the firmament as of old. Let this be a testimony to thee of the growth, the change and the travail of the earth.

21. Nevertheless, O man, the seen and the unseen are but parts of My person; I am the Unity of the whole.

chapter 5

1. Man perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I speak of Thy great works, O Jehovih, and of Thy wisdom and power! Shall I open my mouth before Thee! I look upon Thy countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the 24

heavens! The millions of years Thou hast rolled them on in the never-ending firmament! Processions in and out, and round about, of mighty worlds! By Thy breath going forth!

2. O Thou, All Highest! How shall I hide my insignificance! I cannot create the smallest thing alive! Nay, nor change the color of a hair on my head. What am I, that Thou has seen me?

3. Tell me, O my Creator, whence came life? This unseen within me that is conscious of being? Tell me how all the living came into life.

4. Jehovih heard the words of man and He answered him saying: Let a sign be given to man that he may comprehend se' mu. Thereupon Jehovih caused the jelly fish and the green scum of water to be permanently coming forth in all ages, that man might understand the age of se' mu, when the earth and the shores by the water, and the waters also, were covered over with commingled atmosphere and corporeal substance. And this substance was called se' mu, because by Jehovih' s presence quickened He it into life, and mu is jellythus made He all the living, both the vegetable and animal worlds. Not that se' fish or the green scum of water; for the earth in this day produceth not se' mu abundantly; nevertheless the jelly-fish and the green scum of water are signs of that which was in that day of the earth.

5. Jehovih said: Because of My presence quickened I into life all that live, or ever have lived.

6. Because I am male and female, even in my likeness, thus made I them. Because I am the power to quicken into life, so, in likeness of Me thus, made I them, and with power to bring forth.

7. According to their respective places created I the living; not in pairs only, but in hundreds of pairs and thousands, and in millions.

8. According to their respective places and the light upon se' mu, so quickened I them in their color, adapted to their dwelling places.

9. Each and every living thing created I new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and not one living thing created I out of another.

10. Let a sign be upon the earth, that man in his darkness may not believe that one animal changeth and becometh another.

11. Thereupon Jehovih gave permission for different animals to bring forth a new living animal, which should be unlike either its mother or father, but he caused the new product to be barren.

12. Jehovih said: And this shall be testimony before all men that I created each and all the living, after their own kind only.

13. Such is My person and My spirit, being from everlasting to everlasting; and when I bring a new world into the time of se' mu, lo and behold my presence quickeneth the substance into life; according to the locality and the surroundings, so do I bring forth the different species; for they are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My spirit. To themselves give I themselves; nevertheless, they are all members of My Person.

14. As a testimony to man, behold the earth was once a globe of liquid fire! Nor was there any seed thereon. But in due season I rained down se' mu on the earth; and by virtue of my presence quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them.



Jehovih said : Behold, I caused all the living creatures to gestate in darkness. And this shall be testimony to the end of the world, that, when I created life on the face of the earth, she traveled in My se’muan firmament. .

chapter 6

1. When man comprehended the earth he looked upward; and Jehovih saw him and knew the desires of his soul. So Jehovih sent his son Uz, and Uz spake, saying:

2. Hear me, O man; the mysteries of heaven and earth will I clear up before thy judgment. Thou art the highest, and comest to the chiefest of all kingdoms; from Great Jehovih shalt thou learn wisdom, and none shall gainsay thee.

3. Bethink thee, O man, of the magnitude of Thy Father' s kingdoms and His places in the firmament. Save I take thee up to the heaven, thou canst not comprehend the places thereof.

4. Man then rose up in spirit and ascended into the firmament, for his spirit had crystallized into separateness; and Uz and Es ascended with him, speaking in the voice of the Father. And man beheld that each and everything in the firmament was orderly, and 26

still each to itself located. Then spake Es, saying:

5. Behold, O man! As a farmer soweth corn in one place, and wheat in another, and roots in another, and flax–everything in a separate place; even so doth Jehovih store the ingredients of which worlds are made–everything in its place–the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; and the oils and sand; for He hath places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the a' ji and the ji' ay and the nebulae; and amidst them in places there is se' mu also. Let no man say: Yonder is hydrogen only, and yonder oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places near at hand, but in distant places also.

6. When the Father driveth forth His worlds in the heavens, they gather a sufficiency of all things. So also cometh it to pass that when a corporeal world is yet new and young it is carried forth, not by random, but purposely, in the regions suited to it. Hence there is a time for se' mu, a time for falling nebulae, to bury deep the forests and se' muan beds, to provide coal and manure for a time thereafter. So is there a time when the earth passeth a region in the firmament when sand and oil are rained upon it and covered up, and gases bound and sealed up for the coming generations of men.

7. And man said: I am ashamed in Thy sight, O Jehovih! I looked upward and said, Behold the sky, it is nothing! Then I said: It is true, the corporeal worlds are made of condensed nebulae; but I saw not the wisdom and glory of Thy works. I locked Thee up in coincidences and happenings. Thy unseen world hath become seen; the unreal hath become the real.

8. O that I had been mindful of Thee! O that I had not put Thee afar, nor imagined laws and decrees. Teach Thou me, O Jehovih! How was the beginning of man? How was it with the first of the living that Thou broughtest forth?

9. Jehovih said: Have I not declared Myself in the past; in My works have I not provided thousands of years in advance? As I have shown system in the corporeal worlds, know thou, O man, that system prevaileth in the firmament.

10. To the tree I gave life; to man I gave life and spirit also. And the spirit I made was separate from the corporeal life.

11. Out of se' mu I made man, and man was but as a tree, but dwelling in ha' k; and I called him Asu (Adam).

12. I looked over the wide heavens that I had made, and I saw countless millions of spirits of the dead that had lived and died on other corporeal worlds before the earth was made.

13. I spake in the firmament, and My voice reached to the uttermost places. And there came in answer to the sounds of My voice, myriads of angels from the roadway in heaven, where the earth traveleth. I said to them, Behold! A new world have I created; come ye and enjoy it. Yea, ye shall learn from it how it was with other worlds in ages past.

14. There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels from heaven; but many of them had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy, and these angels comprehended not procreation nor corporeal life.

15. And I said, go and deliver Asu from darkness, for he shall also rise in spirit to inherit my etherean worlds. 27

16. And now was the earth in the latter days of se' mu, and the angels could readily take on corporeal bodies for themselves; out of the elements of the earth clothed they themselves, by force of their wills, with flesh and bones. By the side of the Asuans took they on corporeal forms.

17. And I said: Go ye forth and partake of all that is on the earth; but partake ye not of the tree of life, lest in that labor ye become procreators and as if dead to the heavens whence ye came.

18. But those who had never learned corporeal things, being imperfect in wisdom, comprehended not Jehovih' s words, and they dwelt with the Asuans, and were tempted, and partook of the fruit of the tree of life; and lo and behold they saw their own nakedness. And there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called man; and Jehovih took the earth out of the travail of se' mu and the angels gave up their corporeal bodies.

19. Jehovih said: Because ye have raised up those that shall be joint heirs in heaven, ye shall tread the earth with your feet, and walk by the sides of the new born, being guardian angels over them, for they are of your own flesh and kin.

20. Fruit of your seed have I quickened with my spirit, and man shall come forth with a birth-right to My etherean worlds.

21. As I have quickened the seed of the first born, so will I quicken all seed to the end of the earth. And each and every man-child and woman-child born into life will I quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heaven power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born again.

22. As the corporeal earth passeth away, so shall pass away the first race Asu; but as I pass not away, so shall not pass away the spirit of man.

chapter 7

1. Jehovih said: Let a sign be given to the inhabitants of the earth that they may comprehend dan' ha in the firmament of heaven. For even as I bequeathed to the earth a time for creating the living, and a time for angels to come and partake of the first fruits of mortality and immortality, so shall man at certain times and season receive testimony from My hosts in heaven.

2. And Jehovih caused the earth, and the family of the sun to travel in an orbit, the circuit of which requireth of them four million seven hundred thousand years. And he placed in the line of the orbit, at distances of three thousand years, etherean lights, the which places, as the earth passeth through, angels from the second heaven come into its corporeal presence. As embassadors they come, in companies of hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands, and these are called the etherean hosts of the Most High.

3. Not as single individuals come they; not for a single individual mortal come they.

4. And Jehovih gave this sign to man on earth; which is to say: In the beginning of the light of dan' ha, the spirits of the newly dead shall have power to take upon themselves the semblance of corporeal bodies, and appear and talk face to face with mortals. Every three thousand years gave Jehovih this sign on earth, that those who learned the powers and capacities of such familiar spirits, might bear testimony in regard to the origin of man on earth. 28

Jehovih said: And when it shall come to pass in any of the times of dan' ha that these signs are manifest, man shall know that the hosts of the Most High come soon after. Let him who will become wise, enumerate the great lights of My serpent, for in such times I set aside things that are old, and establish My chosen anew.

5. In the time of earth, when man was brought forth from mortal to immortal life, the earth passed beyond se' mu and the angels of heaven remained with corporeal man, but not in the semblance of mortals, but as spirits; and by virtue of their presence, strove to make man wise and upright before Jehovih. Upon the earth the number of such angels was millions. To these angels spake Jehovih saying:

6. Behold the work ye have taken in hand! It was commanded to you all, to partake of all the fruits of the earth save of the fruit of the tree of life, which is of the knowledge of the earth and heaven, lest ye lose your inheritance in etherea.

7. Behold, ye now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them are ye become bound spirits of the lower heaven. Until ye redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation ye shall not again arise and inherit My emancipated heavens.

8. To which end ye shall be co-workers with one another in system and order. In My name shall ye become an organic body and known as the heaven of the earth, or lower heaven, which shall travel with the earth.

9. And I will allot unto you a Chief, who is wise in experience in founding heavenly kingdoms; and he shall appoint, from amongst you, officers, and messengers, and ashars, and asaphs, and es' enaurs and ye shall be numbered and apportioned unto your labor and places like unto My other lower heavens on other worlds.

10. And he who is Chief shall be called God of this heaven and the earth, unto his making bestow I them.

11. And God shall have a Council and throne within his heavenly city; and the place shall be called Hored, because it is the first kingdom of God in this firmament.

12. And God shall rule on his throne, for it is his; and his Council shall rule with him; in My name shall they have dominion over angels and mortals belonging to the earth.

13. And God shall appoint Chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and such Chiefs'labor shall be with mortals for their resurrection. And these Chiefs shall be called Lords, for they are Gods of land, which is the lowest rank of My commissioned Gods.

14. And God and his Lords shall have dominion from two hundred years to a thousand or more years; but never more than three thousand years. According to the regions of dan (light) into which I bring the earth, so shall be the terms of the office of My Gods and My Lords.

15. And God and his Lords shall raise up officers to be their successors; by him and them shall they be appointed and crowned in My name.

16. At the termination of the dominion of My God and his Lords they shall gather together in these, My bound heavens, all such angels as have been prepared in wisdom and strength for resurrection to My etherean kingdoms. And these angels shall be called Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, for they are Mine and in My service.

17. And to God and his Lords, with the Brides and Bridegrooms, will I send down from etherea ships in the time of dan; by My etherean Gods and Goddesses shall the ships descend to these heavens, and receive God and His Lords with the Brides and 29

Bridegrooms, and carry them up to the exalted regions I have prepared for them.

18. And all such as ascend shall be called a Harvest unto Me, through My God and Lords. And the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give unto My servants.

19. But at no other times, nor in any other way, shall My Harvests ascend to My emancipated worlds in etherea. Seven dans have I created for each and every dan' ha; and six generations of mortals have I given unto each dan.

20. The angels understood the commandments of Jehovih according to their knowledge in the etherean heavens; being heirs of other planets, and having died in infancy, and having matured in the es worlds; but they understood not the Creator according to the practice of the lower heavenly kingdoms. Wherefore their knowledge was incomplete.

21. Jehovih said: I condemn ye not because ye have become joint procreators with the asuans; for ye have done two services unto Me; which are to teach yourselves corporeal things, that ye may understand and sympathize with corporeans, and, secondly, because ye have caused the earth to become peopled with such as are capable of immortality.

22. Behold ye now what shall happen on the earth: such as are of your flesh and kin who cohabit together shall rise in wisdom and virtue; but such of them as cohabit with the asuans will bring forth heirs in the descending grade of life. The first shall bring forth heirs unto everlasting life; but the second shall bring forth heirs that shall go out in darkness.

23. In the dominion of which matters your God and Lords will instruct you, that ye may, by inspiration and otherwise, learn to control the behavior of mortals unto everlasting life. And that these labors be not too severe upon you, I created the dans and dan' has in the firmament, wherein ye may be relieved from the watch by other angels from other worlds coming to exchange with you.

24. This also do I put upon you: That to rule over mortals to virtue, by your own wills governing them in all things, is contrary to my commandments. For what honor hath any man if made to do a thing?

25. But ye shall give mortals of My light, leaving them to choose. Better is it for them suffer some than to grow up in ignorance of the stings of disobedience.

26. Behold, I make this a willing service on your part: because ye have bound your affections on the earth, to your own kin, ye willingly become guardian angels over mortals. Yet I made not a separate law unto you; as it is with you, so shall it be with the spirits of these mortals when they are born into the es world: They will also desire to become guardian angels over their mortal kin.

27. But these spirits, never having known My higher heavens, will be unsuitable for the office of ashars; they would be but the blind leading the blind.

28. To prevent which, God and the Lords shall provide these spirits in the first resurrection with places to dwell in; and with occupations and opportunities for education. For I desire them not to remain bound to the earth, but to rise up and inherit My etherean kingdoms.

29. And in this also shall ye be discreet in governing them, giving them the light of My heavens with some liberty to choose and to perfect themselves. Otherwise they would 30

only be slaves in heaven. According to their weakness or strength, so shall ye provide for these new spirits entering my es world.

30. Therefore such of you as are appointed by My God and My Lords as guardians over mortals shall be called ASHARS, and ye shall report to your respective Lords, according to the section of the earth where ye may be. Of many watches shall be the ashars.

31. And such of you as are appointed to receive the spirits of the dead into heaven shall be called ASAPHS, and ye shall report to your respective Lords and their kingdoms.

32. And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal, of the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dieth, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver such spirit, with the record into such place in these heavens as is adapted to his grade, where he shall be put to labor and to school, according to the place of the resurrections which I created.

33. As ye shall thus become organic in heaven, with rulers, and teachers, and physicians; and with capitals, and cities, and provinces; and with hospitals, and nurseries, and schools, and factories, even so shall ye ultimately inspire man on the earth to the same things.

34. And mortals that are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called kings and emperors. As My Gods and My Lords are called My Sons, so shall kings and emperors be called sons of God; through him shall they be raised up to their places, and given dominion unto My glory.

chapter 8

1. Jehovih said: And God shall cause a record to be kept in heaven, of his dominions and his Lords. And he and they shall enjoin it upon their successors forever to keep a like record.

2. And in the times of my harvest a copy of these records shall be taken up to My etherean kingdoms and filed with My Orian Chiefs and Archangels in the roadway of the travel of the great serpent, for their deliberations as to the progress and management of the inhabitants of the earth and her heavens.

3. Think not, O ye angels, that the resurrection of your heirs, and their descendants that come up out of the earth, is an easy matter and of steady progress, devoid of mishaps and woeful darkness.

4. The angels under you shall become at times rebellious and defiant; disregarding your laws and decrees; and they shall desert your heavenly places and go down to the earth in millions and hundreds of millions. And they shall drive away the ashars, and then assume guardianship over mortals. But they shall develop no righteousness under the sun, but they will inspire mortals to war and destruction. And these angels will themselves take to war and evil on every hand within the place of your heavens.

5. With the foul gases of atmospherea shall they make weapons of war and places of torment. With these elements shall they make suffocating hells in order to cast one another in chaos.

6. And mortals who shall be slain in war shall be born in spirit in chaos on the battlefields; in chaos shall such spirits enter the es world. And they shall not know that they are dead, (as to earth life), but shall still keep fighting right and left. 31

7. And enemy shall take enemy, in these heavens, and cast them in the places of torment which they have built, and they shall not know peace nor wisdom.

8. And the work of your heavens shall become as nothing. And ye shall turn to, going about delivering hells and the spirits in chaos. And your labor shall be exhaustive; verily shall you cry out because ye came and peopled the earth.

9. This also have I created possible unto My creations; for both angels and mortals shall learn to know the elements of the heavens and the earth, and to know the trials of love and misfortune.

10. Nor have I made wisdom possible unto any man or angel that knoweth not My elements, and the extremes of evil and good which I created.

11. But in the times of great darkness which shall come upon earth and these heavens, lo, I will bring the earth into dan' ha; and my ethereans shall come in my name and deliver them.

12. And again for another cycle shall they be left with the lessons given unto them; but they shall fall again in course of time. But again will I deliver them; through my Gods and Goddesses will I cause them to comprehend the magnitude of My creations.

13. As ye travel from heaven to heaven in this atmospherea, even so shall ye inspire mortals to build corporeal ships, and sail across the oceans, that the inhabitants of different divisions of the earth may become known to one another.

14. And when the inhabitation of the earth shall be completed, and the nations shall have established civil communion around from east to west, in that same time will I bring the earth into the kosmon era, and My angel Embassadors, Gods and Goddesses, shall render up the records of these heavenly kingdoms.

15. Through them will I reveal unto mortals the creation of My worlds, and the history and dominion of My Gods and Lords on the earth, even from this day down to the time of kosmon.

16. And Jehovih caused the angels of atmospherea to assemble together and organize the first kingdom of of the heaven of the earth. And the place was called Hored, because it was the place of the first organic abiding place for the first God of this world.

17. And Hored was situated over and above the mountains of Aotan in Ughoqui, to the eastward of Ul, of that country hereinafter called the continent of Pan.

18. Thus endeth the inorganic habitation of the earth and her atmospherea. END OF THE BOOK OF JEHOVIH.


Plate 7. X' SAR' JIS,

or end of the se' muan age, that is, the time of the termination of creating animal life. Jehovih said: Behold, I quickened the earth with living creatures; by My breath came forth all the living on the face of the earth and in the waters thereof, and in the air above the earth. And I took the earth out of the dark regions, and brought her into the light of My ethereal worlds. And I commanded the living to bring forth, by cohabitation, every specie after its own kind. And man was more dumb and helpless than any other living creature. Jehovih spake to the angels that dwelt in His ethereal worlds, saying: Behold, I have created a new world, like unto the places where ye were quickened into life; come ye and enjoy it, and raise man upright and give him words of speech. For these will also be angels in time to come. ( See BOOK OF JEHOVIH, CHAPTER VI, verses 12, 13, 14, page 27 )


book of sethantes, son of jehovih


chapter 1

1. In the beginning of the inhabitation of the earth, the angels of heaven assembled in Hored, a heavenly plateau resting on the earth.

2. And the archangel Sethantes was the wisest of them all, and he said unto them:

3. Behold, we have come from far-off heavens; by the voice of Jehovih came we to partake of the glory of the red star, the earth. Jehovih said unto us: Come ye and enjoy the new world I have created. Partake ye of all the fruits thereof, save of the tree of knowledge, which is the fountain of life. Partake ye not of this, lest ye die.

4. But the voice of the earth spake unto us, saying: Partake ye, for indeed Mine is the tree of everlasting life.

5. And many obeyed not the voice of the Father, and are now bound by the tie of life, which is in the blood.

6. And the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: Sethantes, My son, behold, I gave into thy charge in My etherean heavens millions of angels, and thou has brought them to the earth, and they are fallen from their high estate. Go thou, deliver them.

7. And I said: What shall I do? And Jehovih said: Bring thy angel hosts to Hored, for there will I crown thee God of these heavens and earth for the redemption of angels and mortals. And it shall be a new heavenly kingdom from this time forth to the end of the world. For it is the time of the arc of Wan, and I will bring from etherea My high-raised Goddess, Etisyai, chief factor of Harmuts, and she shall crown thee in My name, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.

8. God said: When I had thus spoken in Hored before the angels of heaven, a great light, like a sun, was seen descending from the firmament above. And I commanded my es' enaurs to chant in praise of the Father and His works.

9. Meanwhile I had the angels of Hored numbered, and there were of them twentyseven millions and six hundred thousand, and these were the same who were on an excursion in my charge when the voice of Jehovih commanded us to visit the earth.

10. The light above us descended fast toward us, like a ship of fire it came nearer and nearer, till we saw that it was wider far, than the place of Hored and all my angel hosts.

11. And it came to pass that when the great light had descended to the plateau of Hored there came forth out of the light one million archangels, from the arc of Wan in the Hosts of A' ji, in the orbit of Fow' sang in etherea, and they bore regalia and crowns from the Orian chief of Harmuts. Foremost of the archangels was Etisyai, and her brother Ya' tiahaga, commissioners from the etherean heaven.

12. When they came near me, Etisyai gave the sign of Jehovih' s name, greeting, halting, and saying: All hail! In Jehovih' s name, and in the love of Harmuts, Orian chief, we come to greet thee, first God of the lower heaven, belonging to the corporeal earth!

13. I said: All hail, O emissaries of Harmuts, Chief of Orian worlds! Come, O Etisyai, and thy brother and all this host! Come honor My throne, in Great Jehovih' s name!

14. The archangels then came forward, saluting, and Etisyai said: In Thy name, O 34

Jehovih, I found here a throne!

15. And she caused to rise the form and substance thereof, and she ascended thereon, and Ya' tiahaga with her. And the other archangels formed a crescent in front of the throne, all of them bearing crowns or diadems, but they stood upright. And now the angels of the host of God took their places, that they might witness the testimony of Jehovih' s commission, but the lights from the columns of fire, brilliant in all colors and shades and tints, baffled many of them from seeing plainly.


17. And now with her left hand she raised high the crown, so that all might see and bear witness, and giving the sign again of Jehovih' s name above the crown, wherefrom a flame of light shot forth brilliantly. Thereupon she placed the crown on God' s head, saying:

18. ARISE, O MY SON, THOU SON OF JEHOVIH! Instantly there arose from the millions of souls one universal shout: All hail, O Son of Jehovih! And God rose up, having the crown on his head, and the people cheered him lustily, for he was well beloved.

19. Etisyai said: Bring forth thy five chief Lords that I may crown them also. God then caused the five chief Lords whom he had selected to sit at the foot of the throne.


21. Then Etisyai took the crowns, which were handed her by the other archangels, and placed them on the heads of the Lords, saying:


23. The Lords rose up, having on their heads the crowns of Lords, and again the multitude saluted with great cheering. When the applause ceased Etisyai said:

24. My God and My Lords, give now the sign of Jehovih' s name that His glory may be fulfilled. (For this was the oath of office.) (The sign is the circle twice cut. For further information see Emethachavah, Book of Saphah.)

25. And God and the Lords saluted Jehovih before the hosts of heaven. And they stood apart a little distance, and Etisyai said:

26. Behold the All Light, Jehovih, encompasseth me. My voice shall be His voice. By the glory of Faith in Him am I One with the Father.

27. And a fleece of golden hue descended from above and encompassed Etisyai around about, and she was like a central star with rays of light emanating. She was entranced by Jehovih. Through her the Creator spake, saying:

28. My Son, even God, I brought thee forth out of corpor, quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired thee to do whatsoever thou hast done. Faith gave I unto thee, as the tree whereon ALL PERFECTION is the fruit. By that faith within man that nurtureth the 35

I AM within Himself unto perfection, becometh he My son, doing by virtue of My presence. According to thy wisdom and love have I given thee strength; and by thy strength raised thee up.

29. Behold, this day have I given thee a kingdom in atmospherea, and made thee God before all the kingdoms of heaven. This place shall be thy place and Mine also. Here shalt thou dispense wisdom and laws, and appoint officers in My name and by virtue of My power.

30. And thy kingdom shall be like two kingdoms: One here with the hosts of heaven, and one on the earth, even over these thy Lords. For thou art the judgment seat and Creator of order over the whole earth, and in the heaven belonging to the earth.

31. Stretch forth thy hand, My Son, and clothe thyself in the golden fleece.

32. God made the sign, and then raised his hands upward, saying: Jehovih! Jehovih! By thy command I call upon Thee to array me in Thy golden fleece! Behold I am Thy Son.

33. And the archangels tossed up the raiment and regalia they had brought from their etherean arc in a' ji, and, by the faith that was in God, the substance flew to him and encompassed him around in raiment of the upper heaven.

34. Then Jehovih spake to the Lords, saying: As God hath built a kingdom in Hored, and reigneth over this heaven, and over ye and your helpmates, so shall ye build kingdoms on the earth, and ye shall rule over mortals in My name, teaching them of Me and My everlasting kingdoms in the firmament above. In testimony of my voice receive ye this raiment of silver and gold from My archangels.

35. The archangels then draped the Lords in shining raiment. And Etisyai came down from the throne, still entranced, saying:

36. Though, My Daughter Etisyai will rise up in the flame of fire, yet will I, even Jehovih, abide with thee, O God, and with ye My Lords, now and forever! And then Etisyai took God' s hand and led him to the center of the throne, saying: Sit thou on this throne for it is thy Father' s kingdom in the lower heaven of the earth!

37. When God sat down, the entrancement departed from Etisyai, and the Light of Jehovih went and settled upon God and the Lords. But Etisyai sat down at the foot of the throne, and thereupon all the archangels sat down also.

38. God said: Behold, she that is greatest maketh herself least of all. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and enjoy my kingdom, for it is Jehovih' s also. And God came down from the judgment seat and took Etisyai' s hand and she rose up, whereupon God proclaimed the freedom of the hour. Thus was established the first throne of God in these heavens. And now all of the hosts mingled together, angels and archangels, joyfully. .

chapter 2

1. When the hour was ended, God again ascended the throne, and the marshals raised the signals of order, and the archangels went and stood in a crescent in front of the throne. Etisyai sat at the feet of God, and the splendor of her glory, unadorned, save with white and yellow drapery, shone through all the talents Jehovih had given her, the perfection of purity, wisdom, and love, the like of which only Gods had looked on!

2. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I now found the session of Thy kingdom in the lower heaven. As long as man and woman shall bring forth heirs unto Thee, 36

this kingdom shall not cease to glorify Thee. Let the Lords approach the throne.

3. The es' enaurs now sang, and in the meantime the marshals and escorts conducted the Lords before the throne. When they were in order, the music ceased, and God said:

4. Five great divisions of the earth there are, and I have ordained ye the five Lords thereof in Jehovih' s name. According to the number of inhabitants on the earth' s divisions, and your relative rank before heaven have I placed you. When ye have seated yourselves in your respective kingdoms, ye shall have each twelve messengers, whose duties shall be betwixt ye and me. Choose ye, therefore, your messengers, even this hour, that ere the resurrection of the archangels they may be confirmed and their registry borne to heaven above.

5. The Lords chose their messengers, and they were confirmed in the name of Jehovih, and the swift messengers, who ply with the upper heavens, made a record of their names and places. Thereupon God said to them:

6. According to your talents have you been chosen; according to your excellence will ye be promoted to wider fields of labor. May the wisdom. love and power of Jehovih be with you all, amen!

7. And now Etisyai signified that her time of departure had arrived.

8. God came down from the judgment seat, and standing one moment in sorrow, reached forth and took Etisyai' s hand, saying:

9. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go thy way!

10. Etisyai rose up, pointing upward, said: My house is in the arc of Wan. Jehovih dwelleth with thee and me! My swift messengers shall come to thee at times. My love will abide with thee and thy Lords, and the harvest of thy resurrection. In Jehovih' s name, farewell!

11. Etisyai then walked to the ship of fire; but ere she entered, she turned and took one more look at the hosts of Hored, and, then stripping from the frames, luminous drapery, cast it playfully over the en' enaurs, and quickly disappeared in the light.

12. The es' enaurs chanted, and the hosts of archangels joined in with them, and in that same moment of time the ship began to rise, and it was as thousands of columns of fire surrounding one majestic column, and the whole circle rising in spiral form, turning and rising, rising and turning. And when it was a little way up it seemed like an ascending sun; and then higher and higher, like a far-off star, and then it passed beyond the vision of the angels of Hored.

13. When order was proclaimed, the All Light began to gather around about the throne, covering over God and the Lords. Jehovih, through God, said:

14. Hear ye, for I abide also with these My Lords of the hosts of heaven.

15. The Lords said: What shall we do? And Jehovih answered: Summon all the angels to pass before the throne of God, one by one, that I may judge them. For as many as dwelt on any of My corporeal worlds of the fifth of the second rate shall abide in the yans only; but all of the full of the first kingdom of Hored, and their labor shall be with es' rate shall abide in the kingdoms of My Lords, and their labor shall be with corporeans.

16. The marshals then arranged the angels and they passed in front of the throne, and so great was God' s wisdom that, in looking on the angels as they passed, he perceived the rates of every man and woman. And those destined for labor in atmospherea only, he caused to turn one way, and those for the earth, as ministering spirits with mortals, to turn 37

the other way; and when they had all passed, they were correctly divided according to Jehovih' s commandment.

17. God said: Hear me, O ye Lords! Take your laborers and repair to your respective places on the divisions of the earth, and the waters of the earth. And ye shall be Lords with me, your God, for the glory of Jehovih. Whatsoever ye do on the earth will I ratify in heaven; whomsoever ye deliver from the earth will I receive in heaven. As ye shape and build up mortal man, delivering his spirit into my kingdom, so will I receive him and award him.

18. That your kingdoms may accord with me and Mine, I give you messengers sufficient, and they shall pass daily betwixt us: According to their proficiency and power to pass from place to place, so have I chosen them.

19. Let a record be kept within your own kingdoms, and these records shall be your own, to be carried upward with you in the next resurrection.

20. And yet, ye shall have a record jointly with me, separate from your own record, pertaining to your kingdom' s relations with mine.

21. When mortals die and are born in spirit, ye shall receive them and enter them in your yans, signifying new born in heaven. And for these es' yans ye shall provide records as es' temporary abodes, where they shall tarry, some for a few days, and some for the space of one year or more. Of their numbers and conditions ye shall inform me, through the messengers, and I will send ships to bring them to My kingdom.

22. Ye shall appoint asaphs, whose office it shall be to receive es' yans from the ashars.

23. Whilst a mortal is alive on the earth, the ashars shall abide with him, guarding him in the name of the Lord, and in My name. But when he dieth the ashar shall deliver the es' yan to the asaph, saying: In Jehovih' s name receive thou this new born spirit. He was My protégé; for the good or evil in him, charge thou to Me. And the ashar shall deliver up a record of the mortal life of the es' yan, and the record shall be kept within your own kingdoms.

24. And the asaph shall take the es' yan, saying: In Jehovih' s name, receive I this new born spirit. He shall be my protégé according to the commandments of the Lord my God. He shall then take the es' yan to the place to receive it, where it will have nurses and attendants according to its requirements.

25. When ships come to your kingdoms, the asaphs shall deliver all the es' yans they have received, and My officer shall receive them, and bring them to My place in heaven.

26. When God had ended the instructions to the Lords, the Lords answered, saying: We will be thy Lords, O God, doing thy commandments, for the glory of Jehovih, our Father.

27. God said: To each of you have I given a great division of the earth, and each division shall be named after you, each in its place.

28. This, then, was the rank assigned: Waga (Pan); Jud (Asia); Thouri (America); Vohu (Africa); and Dis (Europe). And the lands were called after the names of the Lords and so entered in the books of heaven in Hored, by command of God in the name of Jehovih. yi in the third

29. And the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of Tem' circuit of c' v' wark' um and dan' ha twenty-four.

30. When all was finished the Lords went and sat down at the foot of the throne, and the es' enaurs chanted a hymn of praise to Jehovih and the entire multitude jointed therein.

31. When the hymn was ended, God rose up, standing amidst a sea of light, and raising up 38

both hands, said: O Jehovih! Almighty and everlasting! Help Thy servants in founding this Thy Kingdom for Thy glory! Peace, Wisdom and Power!

32. Then making the sign of Jehovih' s name with his right hand, he came down to the foot of the throne, and taking the hand of Waga: Lord of Waga, he said: Arise, my son, and go thy way; and Jehovih will bless thee.

33. Waga rose up and stood aside, and then in like manner God raised the other four Lords and they stood aside also.

34. The marshals filed past the throne saluting, and after them the Lords, saluting also; and after them came the asaphs, and lastly the ashars; and the procession was under way, passing off between the pillars of fire with which God' s laborers had ornamented Hored around about.

35. This was the beginning of the first kingdom in the lower heaven, and the first of the reign of the Lords on earth.

chapter 3

1. And God appointed in heaven angel surveyors, to survey the earth and atmospherea; and astronomers, to note the place of the stars; and enumerators, to number the inhabitants of the earth and atmospherea, to grade them and apportion their places; and nurses and physicians, to receive the es' yans and administer unto them; and builders of heavenly mansions; and weavers of fabrics for covering the newborn, the es' yans; and builders of heavenly ships for carrying the inhabitants from place to place. And God appointed unto all of these, officers and teachers, according to grade appointed he them.

2. And when God had completed his appointments, the people were apportioned in heaven every one to his place, to begin the work allotted to them. And God called the asaphs, and he said unto them:

3. Go ye down to the earth, and bring to me the first fruit of the resurrection.

4. And the asaphs said: Thy will is our will, but what meanest thou by the first fruit of the first resurrection?

5. God said: The spirits of the dead. The asaphs said: The spirits of the dead. Who are they?

6. God said: When a corporean cometh forth out of his corporeal body, this shall be called DEATH.

7. The asaphs said: Who then are the spirits of death? And God answered them, saying: O ye that died in infancy, how can ye learn corporeal things! Go ye then to my Lord, Wagga, and he will show you.

8. The asaphs departed and went down to the earth, and the Lord, through the ashars, delivered unto the asaphs five hundred es' yans, and they brought them to Hored, before the throne of God. And God said unto them: Who are these?

9. The asaphs said: These are the first fruit of the first resurrection. Behold, we know now the beginning and the end of corporeality; the earth body of these es' yans was but a womb from which they are now delivered.

10. God said: Well done. Take ye these es' yans and feed and clothe them, for this is your labor.

11. The asaphs answered: Alas, we have tried them with all manner of food on which we 39

ourselves subsist, but they will not eat.

12. God said: Alas, O ye innocents! Ye feed on ethereal food; these es' yans must have atmospherean food, even as corporeans subsist on corporeal food. Go, then, fulfill this first resurrection; for as much as ye deliver them, so will ye be delivered in time to come.

13. The asaphs then departed, taking the es' yans with them. But in course of time they returned again to God, saying:

14. Behold, O God, we have gathered of the atmosphere of trees of all kinds, and of seeds and plants that grow on the earth, all most beautiful to our senses, and savory to the smell, and we gave these to the es' yans, but lo, they will not eat. Being alarmed, we again hastened to thee for information.

15. God said: O ye of little wisdom, knowing so much of heaven and so little of earth. Go ye back to the place whence ye brought these es' yans, and learn what manner of food they subsisted on.

16. The asaphs went back with all haste to learn in reference to the food. And in due time they came again before God, saluting, saying:

17. What shall we do, O God? Behold, these es' yans, whilst in the corporeal form feasted on fish and worms. How can we bring them the atmospherean part of these things?

18. God said: Even the last time ye were present ye said ye had gathered of the atmospherean part of trees, and seeds and plants growing out of the earth. Why, then, cannot ye gather of the atmospherean part of fish and worms?

19. The asaphs said: Alas, this difference have we observed: The trees, and plants and fruits emit delightful atmospheres, most nutritious to the spirit, but that which is emitted from the living fish and living worm is foul-smelling, being but the sweat and dead substance evaporating. What, then, shall we do?

20. God said: Go ye to the place where mortals kill fish and worms; and in the same time that mortals tear these things with their teeth, snatch from their hands and mouths the atmospherean parts of the food and give it to these es' yans. Remember, also, that little by little ye shall teach them to live on other kinds of food.

21. And as ye do by these es' yans, do ye also in after time to others, remembering that what men subsist on in corporeal life, is entailed on them in spirit for a space of time after entering atmospherea; and of like substance shall they be fed spiritually. The asaphs then departed.

22. On the third day thereafter, as above mentioned, the Voice of Jehovih came to God, saying:

23. My Son, behold what the asaphs have done in thy name thoughtlessly! They came to the fishery and did as thou badest, gathering food for the es' yans, and at their side stood the es' yans, saying: Why gather ye food for us? Behold, we are now strong in spirit; suffer us to gather for ourselves. And the asaphs said: It seemeth well; do as ye desire.

24. Thereupon, the es' yans went to the fishermen and fisherwomen, who were eating raw yans laid hold of the atmospherean part, and ate thereof a sufficiency. flesh, and the es' And then the asaphs said to them: Ye have feasted sufficiently; come ye away with us.

25. But lo, the es' yans engrafted themselves on the fishermen and fisherwomen, and would not depart. The asaphs, not knowing what to do, called on My name. Send thou, O God, quickly to them, those skilled in deliverance, that My es' yans be preserved unto everlasting life. 40

26. And God summoned those skilled in deliverance of engraftment, and dispatched them hastily with messengers to the place of the fisheries.

27. Jehovih said: From the trees, the fruits, the flowers, the grains and seeds, and roots that grow in the ground, have I created a ceaseless harvest going upward into the atmosphere, which shall be the sustenance of the spirits of men newborn in heaven. But whosoever feasteth on flesh on earth, shall not find spiritual food in heaven, but he shall return to the butcheries and eating-houses where flesh is eaten, and he shall feast on the atmospherean part thereof, before it is rotten. Be ye guarded of them, lest they engraft themselves on mortals, feasting on their feasts, and so go down to destruction.

28. After many days the asaphs came before God, saying: The physicians severed such as were bound, and we brought them away. Shall this be our labor day and night, to lead these es' yans about, finding them clothes and food? This have we observed, the more we do for them, the less they do for themselves.

29. Jehovih spake through God, saying: A nurse I provided for the newborn, but when he is grown I command him to provide for himself that he may be a glory in My kingdoms. By charity alone ye cannot raise man up; but be diligent to teach him to try continually to raise himself, for herein lieth the glory of manhood.

30. The asaphs said: If we leave the es' yans alone, they will return again to the fisheries and fasten themselves upon mortals, doing nothing but eating.

31. God said: Near the fisheries, but in atmospherea, go ye and fashion a colony, and it shall be your colony in heaven. Thither take these es' yans, not showing them the way of the fisheries. In the colony put ye them to work, weaving and making clothes and otherwise producing; but go ye for the food at the fisheries, and bring sufficient every day, giving only to them who labor, or to invalids and helpless ones. By this ye shall inspire them to labor, which is the foundation of the growth of the spirit; and in course of time they will not only care for themselves, but join ye in helping others, which is the beginning of the second resurrection.

32. Behold, this lesson have ye learned: that according to the diet and the habit of mortals on earth, so must ye provide their spirits when first entered in heaven.

33. Choose ye, therefore, of your own people a sufficient number to make all things required in a delightful colony, whether it be food and clothing, or nurseries, or hospitals, or place of worship, or place of dancing, and receive ye as many es' yans as may be delivered from the earth, raising them up in industry, virtue, wisdom, mirth, love, benevolence and adoration, and this shall be a new heaven unto you all.

34. Ye are My chosen, and an example colony of all the kingdoms I shall build in My heaven. The time cometh when the whole atmosphere around about the earth shall be filled with countless millions of angels born out of the earth.

35. Be swift in your labor; the people spring up from the earth rapidly into heaven, and every colony ye now found shall, in time to come, be a great kingdom, requiring experienced workmen. Whosoever laboreth most efficiently for Jehovih, him will I promote to wider fields.

36. Ye are as one of the corner-stones of Seffas, and his house shall embrace atmospherea and the whole earth. Words are already taking root in the mouths of mortals; and for tens of thousands of years will war reign; might against might; darkness against darkness. Hundreds of millions will be slain in wars on the earth, and their souls 41

be thrown into chaos. Even as ye beheld these spirits fastening on to mortals for food, so will spirits in chaos, millions of them, fasten themselves on the battlefields, still battling; or fasten themselves on mortals, obsessing them to madness and death. .

chapter 4

1. So God established colonies in heaven for the reception of the spirits of mortals; and the colonies embraced the arts of healing, education, industry, drapery, manufactories, the building of ships, and all things required for the spirit, even as corporeal things are required by mortals.

2. And great labor came upon the hosts of God who founded these things, toiling day and night, receiving the es' yans and providing for them food and clothing. And many of the hosts of God lamented that they had come to the corporeal earth, and they framed songs and anthems of lamentation, and these they chanted even whilst at labor.

3. God was troubled that they should thus lament in the presence of the es' yans, and he called together the proper officers that he might rebuke them; but lo and behold, the light of Jehovih spake from the throne saying:

4. Rebuke them not, O My son. Did I not command them, saying: Behold I have created a new world; come ye and enjoy it, even the earth. And when they had come, said I not to them: Enjoy ye all the fruits of the earth, save the fruit of the tree of life, lest ye die. But corpor spake to them and they believed in corpor. Wherefore then shall they not lament? Do they not remember their former homes in etherea, and thus aspire to regain them?

5. But seek thou, O my Son, to make their lamentations a glory in the souls of the es' yans, that they may also aspire to a higher heaven.

6. The voice departed, and God perceiving the wisdom of Jehovih, commanded certain officers to collect many of the anthems and deposit them in the library of Hored, in heaven, and it was so done.

7. This, then, is after the manner of their lamentations, to wit:

8. Where is my home, O Jehovih! When I was happy and my feet wandered.

9. I dwelt with Thy hosts, afar! afar! Thy glory shining.

10. O the songs in Thy upraised kingdoms! when shall I rejoice in the music of my own house?

11. O those sparkling, running waters? O the pastimes and feasts of love!

12. Where is it, O Jehovih? It was my home in high heaven!

13. I fell, I fell in darkness! Wandering soul within me, that ledest me forth.

14. The gardens of Jehovih stood on every hand. O senseless feet to take me onward!

15. Into the darkness was I lured; sweet perfumes rose amidst the darkness.

16. Intricate in Thy glory, O Jehovih! I lost the way. I was lost!

17. The music of Thy spheres was shut out. I was environed in darkness!

18. Where is my home, O Jehovih? Why have I forsaken it?

19. Crystals, and high arches on every hand. Full, standing out, shining.

20. And the songs of my sweet loves! Such was my home and place of revelry!

21. I bartered them all away, wandering forth. Buried me in the opaque, in the dark!

22. O for my home in high heaven! Mirth, song, rest, and love, clear shining.

23. Thou, O Jehovih, hast given me sons and daughters. Out of this darkness my gems 42

were born!

24. O I will polish them up. Kin of my kin, I will raise them up!

25. Thy Goddesses in heaven above will come. In ships of fire descending!

26. My jewels shall enter and rise with me. We shall search for my home; the haven of rest!

27. I see Thee, O Jehovih, afar off. Higher than the highest of heavens!

28. O hasten, my home, and my rest! O ripen these, my precious diadems!

29. O take us to ethereal worlds.

30. But no one could repeat their numerous lamentations, for there were hundreds of thousands of them. And as the ethereans sang them, the es' yans, the new born, the atmosphereans, listened, longing listened, and looked upward.

chapter 5

1. In the first year of Hored there were received into God' s kingdom in heaven, one and a half million es' yans, men, women and children, born of the earth. And there were still left within the different divisions of the earth, with the Lords, three and a quarter millions of es' yans, being for the most part fetals.

2. In the first one hundred years there were born of the earth, one hundred and seventy million es' yans. Such then was the number of three generations of I' hins; which is to say, that in those days the number of the inhabitants of the earth (not including the asuans, who were not created to everlasting life) was fifty-four millions. And already had each of the Lords'heavenly places become large kingdoms.

3. In those days the period of five years was allotted to the es' yans as their time of infancy in heaven, requiring nurses and helpers, but some of them required many years more. yans were taken from the nurseries, and taught by symbols and

4. After five years the es' objects, the rudiments of education; and drilled in processions, and music and dancing and gymnastics; but every day they were required for a brief period to labor, some at weaving, some spinning, and some in transportation.

5. The voice of Jehovih directed God, saying: The structure of My Kingdom in heaven requireth it of thee, that thou shalt make all labor an agreeable exercise for the growth of the spirits in my dominions.

6. And God commanded the officers of the realm of Hored to lengthen the hours of labor, according to the age and strength of the spirits received up from the earth, and it was so.

7. Jehovih again spake to God, saying: In all labor thou allottest to those who have sprung up from the earth, freely give to them to do whatever they desire; but thou shalt not suffer them to return to their earth kindred alone, unattended, lest because of their love they engraft themselves, becoming bound to mortals. But when they have lived fifty years in heaven, thou shalt not only permit them to return to mortals, but thou shalt direct them to do so, for in this period they shall have no further desire for engraftment.

8. Again Jehovih said: As fast as thou canst appropriate the labor of earth born spirits to help in the resurrection of others, so shalt thou do in My name.

9. And even so did God and the Lords under him; and in the time of one hundred years, there were raised up to the second rate, twenty million souls, that had come forth out of the earth. And many of them comprehended the manufactories, the nurseries and schools 43

and hospitals in heaven to the full, and they were in many things alike equal to the requirements of their teachers.

10. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: It is well, My Son, to take a rest. Behold, thou hast toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing. Thou shalt, therefore, appoint other officers, and spread out the kingdom of Hored to cover all the land of Wagga (the continent of Pan). And thou shalt appoint in My name thy most efficient officer to sit on the throne for a short space of time, for thou shalt travel and visit the five Lords of the earth and their kingdoms.

11. And thou shalt take with thee a thousand heralds, and a thousand messengers, and five thousand musicians. And thou shalt have a ship sufficient to carry thy host, and to be as thy house whithersoever thou goest. See to it, and set all things in order, and depart thou on a journey of one year.

12. And God called in the surveyors, who brought maps of earth and heaven showing the best places for extending the kingdom of Hored.

13. And God appointed fifty governors for the fifty places required, and he gave each of them five thousand men and women to accompany them. And when they were chosen God addressed them from the throne, saying:

14. According to the commandment of the Father are ye chosen; and by His command will I come to your respective places ere long, and bestow ye with all that is required for building up colonies in Jehovih' s name. As ye witnessed the founding of Hored by the archangel Etisyai, so may ye understand that I will come to you all. Go ye forth, then, taking your hosts, and lay down the foundations for your cities. As ye have learned from me, go ye forth doing as I have done; and as ye do with a small colony, and a small city, so will I give into your keeping that which is greater when ye are prepared therefore.

15. When God ceased, the marshals led the way, and the hosts following their governors filed in front of the throne, saluting with the sign of Jehovih' s name, which was answered by God' s hands upraised. Meanwhile the es' enaurs sang in glory to Jehovih. Presently the hosts passed out and beyond the pillars of fire.

16. When all had quieted, God said: Let the builders of ships begin now and build a ship for me and my hosts, for the time draweth near. And let the graders choose from my laborers, who have toiled a hundred years, day and night, without ceasing, such as shall be my companions and hosts on my journey; according to their grade shall they be chosen.

17. And even so were they chosen and notified.

18. And God said: Whilst I shall be absent there shall sit on my throne, being God in my place, he who standeth highest in the grades. According to the transcendency of him who hath done the most for the resurrection of the es' yans, so shall be your God and my God.

19. And God commanded the graders to present before the throne the records, that the Council of Hored might determine the matter. And this was so done. jah, an etherean, was chosen. And God commanded them to send word unto

20. And Ha' jah, with an escort to conduct him to the capital. Ha'

21. In due time the escort brought Ha' jah into the palace of the kingdom of God, and God was sitting on the throne. With music they came in and filed in front of the throne, forming a crescent, with Ha' jah betwixt the horns.

22. God said: By command of Jehovih have I summoned thee thither, O Ha' jah. Long 44

before I have known thee, even on other worlds. Of all virtues in man which stand highest, which is, never to mention one' s self, thou excellest all men in my kingdom. Thy labors for the general upraising of Hored excellest all others. For this reason thou art preferred, and by Jehovih chosen to be my assistant whilst I am here, and in my absence to be my very God in the Father' s name.

23. Ha' jah said: This being the will of Jehovih, proceed thou.

24. God struck the gavel and the holy council rose to their feet. God said: In Jehovih' s name I salute thee, Ha' jah, as God of Tek (See tablet Ah-iod' zan, BOOK OF SAPHAH) to hold dominion in Hored. Come forth and receive thou my throne for the Father' s sake. The marshals then conducted Ha' jah to the foot of the throne, and God came down and took his hand and led him up. And as they were going forth a light, as of golden fire, came down from the firmament above, sent by the kingdoms high exalted; and God and Ha' jah were covered around about and illuminated.

25. God said: By Thy Wisdom, Love and Power, O Jehovih, do I receive this Thy son on Thy Throne. Be Thou with him in Wisdom and Strength for Thy glory forever! Amen!

26. God raised up a rod, waving it, and rain came down from heaven. Ha' jah said: In Thy name, O Jehovih! Whereupon God stretched forth his hand unto Jehovih, saying: Give me a crown for Thy son, God of Tek, O Jehovih!

27. And there descended, as if a small star, far lengthened out, a light of gold and silver, s hand, and he fashioned it into a crown, and emblazoned it with the and it settled on God' sign GOD OF TEK, and placed it on Ha' jah' s head, saying: In Jehovih' s name, thee I crown, to sit on the throne in Hored during my absence.

28. Ha' jah said: Thy son, O Jehovih, shall fulfill Thy commandments in wisdom and love. May the Father, Creator of worlds, give this Thy son rest and comfort for the glories he hath wrought in Thy name! Amen!

29. The Council said: Amen! The es' enaurs chanted an anthem of praise to Jehovih. And God led Ha' jah forth and seated him on the throne, saying: Thou art God in my name and Jehovih' s also. And since I now go down to the earth to sojourn for a season, thou shalt be known as God of both earth and heaven.

30. So God departed out of Hored and embarked on a ship, taking with him seven thousand men and women for his escort, beside a thousand es' enaurs and the crew of three thousand to work the ship.

chapter 6

1. And God went to the provinces of the governors of heaven dwelling on earth, whom he had appointed and sent forth; and as he himself had been commissioned by Jehovih in Hored, so did he install the governors on their seats.

2. And the governors were situated within Waga (Pan) at remote distances, but God sent messengers to them, notifying them of the time he would appear.

3. And the Lord being apprised of God' s journey, established a protectorate in the Lord' s kingdom in the city of Ul' oo, on earth, and went and joined the ship of God, and traveled with him throughout Waga, being present at the inauguration of the governors in these heavens.

4. To each and all the governors, God said: Remember that that which is given to my 45

governors pertaineth to things in heaven; for the Lord' s matters pertain to earthly things, and to angels that labor with the corporeans. But ye are to attend to the es' yans, receiving them in heaven, providing them with places to sojourn, and in their helplessness supply them with food and clothes, and the rudiments of learning.

5. God said: Remember ye also, the time cometh when each of these governorships shall attain to an independent kingdom; and instead of being governors ye shall be raised as sub-Gods.

6. After God established the governors, the Lord persuaded God to visit his place in Ul' oo, and thence to go around about on earth and see the mortals with whom the Lord had to deal. And God consented, and the Lord sent messengers on before him, that the house of the Lord, which mortals had built, might be replenished and cleansed.

7. And the protectorate notified the ashars, and the ashars impressed mortals to go and cleanse and purify the house of the Lord. And so mortals fell to work and cleansed the place, and burned incense of sweet myrrh and hepatan, not even knowing they were fulfilling the command of the Lord.

8. When the ship of the hosts of God came to the city of Ul' oo, mortals saw it high up in the air, and they feared and ran hastily to consult the prophet of the Lord. And the prophet said: Behold, God appeareth in a sea of fire in the firmament of heaven.

9. And God caused the ship to be made unseen, that fear might subside on earth, and he descended with his hosts into the house of the Lord, and they went and touched the things mortals had built that they might perceive corporeally.

10. And the Lord gave a banquet, and the angels of God tarried four days, exchanging fellowship with the ashars, who ministered to mortals. And the ashars took the angels of God around about amongst mortals, both whilst mortals were asleep and awake, showing them all things.

11. And because of the presence of the hosts of God, mortals were aroused with new vigor to worship the Lord, rising early and going to the house of worship and continuing all day, and not one of them knew the cause thereof.

12. On the evening of the fourth day God commanded his hosts to prepare to renew the journey, and the ship was again illumed and set for its course.

13. God said: O Jehovih, who createth all, look down and bless Thy Lord! He hath from his high estate in etherea, descended to these poor mortals to lift them up. Already hath he toiled with them a hundred years. Three generations have risen up out of the earth, and they begin to glorify Thee in Thy kingdoms above the earth. Who but Thee, O Jehovih, can honor Thy Lord or know his sore trials! Behold, man groweth up out of the earth, saying: There is no Lord and no God. But his feet and his hands are guided every hour of the day. Yea, when he entereth the unseen worlds, they become seen; but he is helpless in a strange place. And Thy Lord provideth him and teacheth him Thy kingdoms. Thy Lord goeth from place to place on the earth. He findeth a corner and saith: Here will I build a city. He sendeth his angels forth and they inspire man on the earth to come and build a city. Yet when the city is built, man saith: Behold, there is no God and no Lord.

14. The Lord bringeth the corporeans together and guardeth them day and night; but man turneth away in strife and destruction. Then Thy Lord withdraweth his angels of the city because of its wickedness; and lo, the city falleth in ruins. But man knoweth not the cause. Yet Thy Lord toileth on, day and night, watching, guarding 46

and striving to lift man up out of darkness. O Jehovih, Father, bless Thy Lord and his hosts! Haste the time when man shall comprehend the foundations of Thy kingdoms!

15. The Lord said: O Jehovih, Ever Present! Hear the words of Thy God. He who comprehendeth the whole earth and the heaven of the earth, knowing no day nor no night. He dealeth with millions; his judgment is sufficient for all.

16. Glorify him, Thy Son, of heaven and earth. He fashioneth the homes of Thy Lords and Thy little ones in great wisdom. His love is the glory of all men; his strength fashioned after Thy foundations. Give swiftness and rest, and joy in Thy quickening to him, Thy God!

17. The mortals of the city of Ul' oo had gathered together to worship, and they were singing and dancing to the Lord, and the angels joined in the singing also. And God went and sat on the altar and illuminated it, so the mortals could see him. And the chief prophet came near the place of the Lord, and the Lord placed his hand on the forehead of the prophet, so he might speak in the name of God.

18. The prophet said: Behold me, I am the God of heaven and earth, and my words come out of the mouth of this my prophet. Keep holy the four days of the moon, for they are the s days. (See ceremonies of Hi-dang, Saphah, and also Mas.) Do no evil, but strive Lord' for wisdom and to do good. And when ye are dead, behold, ye shall live, for I have places prepared for ye in my heaven. Rejoice and be merry, for the Lord liveth and reigneth.

19. When the prophet ceased, God rose up from the altar, and his traveling host also, and saluting the Lord in the name of Jehovih, disappeared in heaven above.

chapter 7

1. As mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean. As a man having five sons sendeth four away to far-off countries and keepeth one at home, so did God with the five Lords bequeathed him by Great Jehovih.

2. And now had God departed from the foundation of Hored, in a ship, in heaven to visit his four far-off sons, the Lords of the four great divisions of the earth, who had to do with both mortals and the spirits of the dead, for the glory of Jehovih.

3. First to Jud, Lord of Jud, he headed his ship, running close to the earth, bounding forth, and sapping up fuel from the tall forests to feed the phosphorescent flame, running easy till the wild coast on the west of Waga was reached. Here halted he his ship, first God of the first Lords of earth, till his navigators told the distance of the wide sea before; then gathering fuel and substance from the rich growing lands, he stowed the ship to the full, he and his traveling host.

4. And God went in, commanding: Go forth, go forth! Forth into the sea of heaven! And on plunged the ship of God in the blue winds of the firmament, high soaring, above the black clouds sprung from the corporeal ocean. And the music of his thousand es' enaurs leaped forth in time and tune to the waves, plenteous and most defiant.

5. Jehovih looked down from the highest of all the heavens, His everlasting throne of thrones, saying: Onward! Onward! Tame the elements, O God! O man! The earth is thine, the air above is thine. Stretch forth thine arm and tame the elements I have made.

6. Onward sped the ship of God, by the force of wills matured; and from its hallowed 47

light displaying its purpose before other traveling Gods and men, in other ships cruising, on adventurous paths in Jehovih' s wide oceans of splendor.

7. Merrily sang the crew, and danced, and sighted the wide expanse, premising of the scattering ships coursing hither and yon, in strange colors and marvelous swiftness.

8. On one side the rising moon, the setting sun on the other; beneath lay the black clouds and great corporeal ocean; and yet high above twinkled the stars and the planets of the Great Serpent on his long journey.

9. God came forth and surveyed the scene; and the power of Jehovih moved upon him. Then gathered around him his seven thousand loves and traveling companions. God said:

10. All Thy places are new, Great Jehovih! For thousands of years have I gazed on Thy matchless splendors, seen and unseen; but Thy glory groweth richer day by day. When Thy voice came to me, more than a hundred years ago, saying: Go, My son, I have a new garden planted; take some workmen and till the soil; I foresaw the long labor of the generations that would spring up out of the earth. I feared and trembled. I said:

11. How shall it be, O Jehovih? Shall the new earth be peopled over, and mortals run their course as on other worlds before? First, in wholesome love and worship and due reverence to the Gods, and then for ages and ages bury themselves in bloody wars? O lead me forth, Father! Jehovih! I will take Thy garden for a season, and fence it round with Lords, and wise kingdoms. And with Thy potent spirit hedge mortals on every side, that the earth shall bloom as a paradise for angels and men.

12. And Thy sons and daughters came with me, and engrafted Thy immortal kingdom.

13. How is it now? How compares my labor with that of other Gods on other worlds?

14. O ye archangels, Gods and Goddesses! Look down on the great earth! Jehovih hath filled my arms with a great load! I tremble on the immortal scales!

15. And God, transfixed, looked up into the swift-passing sky, for his voice reached to the thrones of etherean worlds whereon the Osirian regents reigned in all power. And down from admidst the stars shot a single ray of light engrossed with the adorable words: JEHOVIH’S SON! ALL HAIL! HAIL, GOD OF EARTH, JEHOVIH’S SON! GLORY! GLORY TO GREAT JEHOVIH, FOR ALL THOU HAST DONE!

16. Then upward furled the shining light till it faded midst the far-off stars. Anew the trumpeters and singers sent forth a strain of sweet music, spirited and sounding full of soul. And as the music glided forth across the waters, lo, other music, strange and welcome, came from the west lands to the borders of the ocean.

17. The ship was across the sea, and the hosts of the Lord had come to meet the God of earth and heaven. And now, saluting loud and long, the two ships drew to close anchorage. Presently the messengers interchanged, and in Jehovih' s name greeted God and His hosts, who were old-time friends to the Lord and His.

18. God said: By Thy will, O Jehovih, let us take course for the Lord' s kingdom and place of labor. And presently the two ships sped forth, close to the earth, conjoined in the music of anthems of olden times.

19. Far up into the heart of the country, where fertile lands and mountains and waters were close companioned to the asuan race, the ships led on till one pillar of fire, standing on a mountain side, proclaimed the place of the Lord, and here they halted and made fast the vessels, unseen by mortals.


chapter 8

1. These chieftains had been long friends on other worlds, and pledged to join in an adventure on some new corporeal world, to raise up to Jehovih, sons and daughters. Now was it being fulfilled in the Lord and God remotely situated, and the time of this visit much looked forward to.

2. And so God and the Lord came forth, saying: In Jehovih' s name! met at last! And they embraced and re-assured each other that it was really true, which they had talked of a thousand years before.

3. And then came forward all the hosts of God and the hosts of the Lord, knowing one another and saluting and embracing also. Thereupon they proceeded to the house of the Lord, which mortals had been inspired to build of wood and clay. And when they were within they joined in prayer and thanks to Jehovih, and they sang and danced, and rejoiced to their souls'content.

4. At sunrise the next morning the mortal priests and priestesses, led by a prophet, went into the house of the Lord, to pray and sing and dance as they had been taught by inspiration of the Lord, but many people lingered without, saying to one another:

5. I fear, I fear (ta hop)! For last night I saw lights in the house of the Lord, and I heard like singing and dancing before the altar of God!

6. Nevertheless their companions persuaded them, and they went in and sang and danced also.

7. After a time of rejoicing and of quiet the Lord said: Behold, O God, the follies of judgment, and the vain calculations of even Lords and Gods! We look upon the mature man, saying: Alas, he is stubborn in his own way; we cannot convert him. Then we desire the immature, saying: Him will I raise up in mine own way, and he shall not depart from my judgment. But we tire of his immaturity and slow growth.

8. God said: Hereon hangeth the highest testimony of The Person of Great Jehovih. The nearest blank of all the living created He man, purposely unlike all the rest and devoid of sense. Whereas, according to the order of the other animal world, a newborn babe should already be wise.

9. Jehovih said: All the living have I provided with certain paths to travel in; but man alone I created new out of all things dead and dissolved, and he shall grow forever. To the beast I gave an already created sense (instinct); to man I allotted angels. And even these have I provided with others above them; and yet others above them, forever and ever. Hence the first of man, the newborn babe, I created a blank in sense and judgment, that he may be a witness that even he himself was fashioned and created anew by My hand. Neither created I him imperfectly that he should re-enter a womb and be born over again. That which I do is well done, saith Jehovih.

10. The Lord said: Thou art wise, O God. The opposites prove Jehovih. Water runneth down hill, but man walketh up the hillside; the tree groweth up out of the ground whilst it liveth, but after death it falleth. Man standeth on the earth, but the earth resteth on that which is lighter than the earth. Jehovih saith: The life of the tree is of Me; the unseen that holdeth the corporeal earth in its place, is of Me.

11. And yet, O God, who can attain to know Jehovih? The mortal saith: When I am dead 49

and risen in heaven I shall see the Great Spirit; but he faileth, being still helpless, yea, as helpless in his place as he was helpless on the earth. Then he saith: when I am strong and wise, like Lords and Gods, and can traverse the wide firmament, then I will see Jehovih. But when he riseth and can shape his vessel through the whirlwinds of the vortices of heaven, and he is called Lord or God, lo, he findeth the arcs and the ethea standing before him still. More and more he is appalled at thought of the Great I AM who liveth still beyond.

12. He hurrieth down to the corporeal earth to teach mortals and spirits of Jehovih, and His endless worlds and exalted heavens. But lo, the darkness of men, they say: I see Him not; I hear Him not; I believe not in Him. He is but as the wind, going without sense; as the water goeth down the hill, so is He; He is dead. He is nothing.

13. And the Lord inventeth ways and means; yea, he teacheth man to pray and sing to Jehovih, that the sounds may lead his soul upward. The Lord telleth him to wear clothes and hide his nakedness from the Lord; and the Lord sendeth angels to award him for his good deeds. And the angels of the Lord lay plots and stratagems in man' s pathway to stir him up. Yea, Jehovih gave man sleep, so that his corporealbound spirit might see and hear heavenly things. But man loadeth his stomach, and debaucheth on intoxicating smoke and drink till his soul is buried in darkness.

14. And the Lord crieth out in despair; How weak am I, O Jehovih, before Thee! I took upon me to be Lord over men on the earth, to learn my lesson in the government of worlds. But O Jehovih, I know I fail in Thy sight. What will Thy God say when he beholdeth my little good? What pity have the archangels for Thy struggling Lord of earth?

15. God perceived the sorrow of his friend, and he said: O Jehovih, who art Almighty, how keener has Thou made our sense of our own weakness, than those who look upon us! Thy Lord is my God in the glories he hath wrought out of such crude substance, and I sing to his praises and love. Lo I have looked upon the naked man and woman of this great land, crawling on hands and feet, with no thought but to eat, and I have seen them raised up by Thy Lord and his ashars, to walk upright and use words of speech and to wear clothes and skins to hide their nakedness. Yea, O Father, I have cried out with great joy, and I called aloud unto Thee, O Jehovih, saying: Who knoweth the labor of the Lord! Will man ever forget to sing praises to the Lord God?

16. But Jehovih said: I will keep some of the tribes of men in darkness, till the last days; for man in his conceit shall be confounded; for he shall perceive that the tribes of darkness cannot put away their own darkness. Yea, man shall bow down in reverence to My Lords in the early days of the earth.

17. Thus conversed God and his Lord, as they went forth to find the mortals that had given up the places of asu and come to live in villages and cities. Around about over the continent of Jud they traveled for many days and nights. And when God had seen all the work of the Lord, he said:

18. Behold it is good. Thy toil and seclusion away from the Lords of the upper heavens are severe, but thou art fashioning the love of millions, who shall bless thee.

19. Now whilst God sojourned hither, his hosts regaled themselves with the company of the ashars and asaphs in the kingdom of the Lord, and great was the love and rejoicing amongst them.


chapter 9

1. When God' s visit was ended, and the hosts notified, the Lord gave a banquet that lasted two days and nights, during which the angels sang and danced and trumpeted before God. After that God and his hosts embarked on the ship in readiness to proceed on the journey; and the Lord went up to the ship to take leave, and his host went with him.

2. God said: When dan approacheth we shall meet again. May Jehovih prosper thy harvests till then!

3. The Lord said: That is another hundred years! O God, I almost live in a wilderness. I have not ten millions of souls, mortals and spirits!

4. God said: Thy kingdom shall be mighty when I come again. May it glorify Jehovih!

5.They embraced and separated! Each gave the sign of Jehovih' s name. Upward raised the ship of God, with banners outstretched, and new ornamented by the Lord' s angels. And now, taking course still west, sped on above the mountain tops, like a meteor hurled from heaven. Meanwhile the trumpeters gave forth the gladly solemn sound of the march of God.

6. But ere the ship had made half its journey, an approaching light came forth from the far west, radiant and laden with hosts from the Lord of Dis, and the Lord of the earth also.

7. When the ships drew near and halted, God called with a loud voice, saying: In Jehovih' s name, all hail! I know my Lord cometh.

8. And thereupon the Lord answered: Hail to thee, O God, Son of Jehovih! And they turned the Lord' s ship and lashed the twain together even as they sped on.

9. Now after they had all exchanged welcome and good wishes, the Lord said: Ere we go to my central throne let us survey the continent over which thy servant is Lord of land and water.

10. And God answered: Thy will be done, O Lord. And so they journeyed for many days, oft descending to the earth in places where the Lord' s angels had begun colonies with mortals, impressing man with words of speech, and to live in villages.

11. And God saw that all he saw was good and well done. So they came to the throne of the Lord and halted and sojourned for sixty days.

12. And God and his hosts and the Lord and his ashars and asaphs were together in general reunion, praying, singing and dancing and reasoning on the endless works of Jehovih. But one book could not contain all that was said and done, and of the excursions made, and the visits over the plains and mountains, where in thousands of years hence man should live and build cities, and go to war and destroy them.

13. And the mathematicians foretold the great cities and nations that would rise up; how this one and that one would move to battle; how their great cities would fall in ruins and be covered up by falling nebulae, and by denuding mountains washing down upon them, so that even their remembrance should be lost. And yet, further on, the mathematicians foretold the coming of kosmon when the ruined cities would be discovered and their histories deciphered by the su' is of man in Great Jehovih' s hand.

14. And now when all these things were estimated, the prophets and mathematicians went before God according to the commandments of the Lord, and they spake before God, Son of Jehovih, telling all these wonders.

15. When they had finished, God said: What is our service on the earth, O Lord? A few 51

centuries at most, and we will have risen up from the earth, taking our hosts with us to dwell in higher realms. But there shall be other Gods and Lords after us, to deal with mortals and spirits newly born. After awhile there shall be great warriors and great cities and nations; and they shall have Gods and Lords of their times who will dwell many a weary year, aye, century, in the darkness with man. After that again, even the Gods and Lords will be forgotten. And man will turn against Great Jehovih, putting to death his adherents, preferring idols of stone and metal, and spirits born of woman.

16. The Lord said: And yet further on, a brighter light adorneth the way: Great Jehovih' s hand sendeth the traveling worlds into the light of kosmon, and new prophets arise gathering up the histories lost, and glorious plan of the Great Spirit over all. Yea, even thy labor and my ships will be seen by mortals of that day.

17. Thus they discoursed, reading the past and the future, and weighing the present; whilst angels less informed, gathered around to learn how worlds are peopled, and nations s vast and cities destroyed; the far-off, and the near at hand, being as nothing in Jehovih' universe.

18. But the time came for God' s departure, and he and his traveling host embarked, and s prayer ere he left. And so after they the Lord and his angels drew around to receive God' had embraced and parted, God said:

19. Though I go away, my love abideth with you all. And now, O Jehovih, bless these my fellow-laborers, and make them strong to endure their great trials. Thine is the power and glory, O Father! Amen!

20. The ship rose up and the trumpeters gave forth: Glory to Thee, O Jehovih, forever and ever!

chapter 10

1. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Steer thy ship to the south land, My Son, and visit thy Lord, who is God of Vohu. And God went as commanded, to the south, running close to the earth, over deserts and mountains.

2. But when they were a short way on the journey they were met by the Lord, who had been apprised of God' s coming. And the ship of the Lord came also, and made fast to the vessel of God, and all the angels saluted and intermingled, having known one another hundreds of years, and some for more than a thousand years.

3. The Lord said: On our journey let us run through the valleys and the banks of rivers, for it is here that both asu and men dwell. And so they journeyed, surveying the earth as they sailed above. The country was mostly barren, not supporting man nor beast.

4. But by the river sides man dwelt, burrowing in the ground to avoid the heat by day and the cold by night. And they came to places where the angels of the Lord were dwelling with mortals, having inspired them to make villages and to hide their nakedness.

5. The Lord said: Behold, O God, only the unseen is potent over man. Could the beasts or the stones or the forest tell man to hide his nakedness, he would not; neither will he heed his brother' s voice. Without experience man cannot be advised profitably to himself, for such hath Jehovih made him. Because man cannot discern angel presence, the angels alone can teach man and inspire him to new life. For they talk to him in his sleep, and show him what is for his own good. And when he waketh in the morning, he supposeth it was himself talking, and he is ambitious to obey himself. Patient and of long endurance 52

are the angels of the Lord.

6. God said: Will man ever know he hath been raised up? Will he be believing? Or will he, too, need go to some new world and raise up the first fruits thereof and toil his hundreds of years with naked mortals? O Jehovih, how wisely hast Thou shapen the labors of the believing and the unbelieving!

7. Lo, man cometh forth out of the earth, boasting of his unbelief, saying: Except I see with my own eyes, and feel with my own hands, I will not believe. But Thou, O Jehovih, hast fitted a labor for his eyes, and for his hands, to his heart' s content.

8. And yet another man cometh forth out of the earth, being believing, and quickly he mounteth to the thrones of Thy exalted heavens. Great is the work of Thy Lord, O Father.

9. The Lord said: Who knoweth thy wisdom, O Jehovih! Who cannot perceive Thee in the foundations of Thy everlasting worlds? Thou hast provided nurses for the new earth; and out of this, Thy footstool, wilt Thou bring forth many, who will, in the far future time, be laboring as Thy Lord and his angels labor here. Of what expanse is Thy wisdom, O Jehovih!

10. Thus they conversed and journeyed forth till they reached the throne and place of the oo, Lord. And here they made fast their ships, and they descended down to the city of Ong' in upper middle of the continent of Vohu.

11. And the Lord now sent messengers to all the ashars in his dominions, appointing ten days of rest, and time for feasting and music, and dancing and worshipping Jehovih.

12. And so it came to pass that the angels of the Lord and of God held a reunion, being the first one for over a hundred years.

13. And then God went around about over all the continent of Vohu, inspecting the work the Lord had done, and he pronounced it good before Jehovih.

14. When God had rested the full time, he and his hosts entered the ship of God, and taking leave of the Lord and his hosts, departed on the journey, saluting the Lord with a thousand trumpeters in the name of Jehovih.

chapter 11

1. And now came the long journey across the ocean. God said: Great is Thy wisdom, O Jehovih, in the division of waters! Thy barriers provide nations against nations. A refuge hast Thou made beyond the waters, and the evil man cannot pursue. But greater still are Thy spirit oceans, O Father. The spirits of darkness cannot cross over, and the spirits of newborn peoples are not contaminated. Thou Far-seeing, Thou Bestower of thrift into the hands of Thy Gods and Thy Lords.

2. The master of the ship provided well for the journey; and presently the vessel of fire sped over the water, high above the clouds that cover the ocean. Onward to the west, bleak and desolate, through the spirit sea, unseen by mortals. On the far-off borders where the lands come to the waters'edge, the Lord of the land of Thouri stood, stationed in a ship, to welcome God to the great west lands.

3. And this was the land called by the angels in aftertime North Guatama, signifying the meeting of nations and the dawn of kosmon.

4. God came down out of the ship and stood on the land, and a light of etherean flame descended upon him, and Jehovih spoke out of the light, saying: Hear Me, O My Son! Hither have I brought thee. This land is the last of the circle, even as 53

Waga is the first. Behold, when the earth is circumscribed around about with such as choose Me, I will come hither with a great awakening light to the souls of men.

5. On this land will I finish the dominion of the Gods and Lords on earth, even as on Waga; through thee and thy Lords will I now lay the foundation for My kingdoms. On this land will I raise up a people who shall be the fulfilling of that which the I' hins of Waga profess; for My chosen shall come out boldly against all dominion save Mine, even Jehovih. Look over this land, My Son, and provide unto the time of kosmon.

6. My prophets shall foretell thee what shall happen; thou shalt look upon the mountains and strong standing rocks, and the thought of thy soul shall pierce them, and the impression thereof shall be as a written book before the races of men in that day. Neither shall they know the cause, but they shall come forth in tens of thousands, putting away all Gods and Lords and ancient tyranny, for My sake. Thy soul shall be My talisman, deep engraven in the land and water and mountains.

7. On this land alone shall not any Lord nor God be established by the sword, for it is My land, which I planned for the deliverance of the nations of the earth.

8. The hosts of both the ships came and joined in gleesome reunion after a hundred years' absence; and it came to pass that God traveled over the land and waters of the great west continent.

9. And all the places that the Lord had searched out, to the east and west and north and south, even to the farthest boundary, were revealed and recorded in the books of heaven.

10. God said: And thou, my Lord, shalt mark out the place of the dominion of Jehovih in the founding of His kingdom on earth. And a record of thy labors shall descend through the Lords and Gods that come after thee, even down to the time of the coming light of kosmon.

11. And the people who shall dwell here till that day, shall never be worshippers of any Lord or God, such as other people shall worship.

12. Let my seal be put upon this land, in the name of Jehovih, and to Him I consecrate it forever!

13. So, after that time, God rested from his labors, and the Lord with him. And the Lord prepared a feast and reunion for all the angels in his dominions.

14. And they thus assembled and sang and prayed and danced, and conversed on things long past and things of the future, re-assuring one another of their love and high esteem after the manner of mortals of this day.

15. When the banquet was ended, God and his traveling host, in due ceremony and order, took their leave. Thus God departed. And when the ship of God was raised up and under way, the voice of Jehovih came to God, saying:

16. Steer thy ship, My Son, around about over all the other lands and islands and waters of the earth. Go low down to the earth that thy recording angels may witness the affairs of men and all the places I created on the earth, and the waters of the earth.

17. Thus God visited all places on land and water, even where man lived not, as well as where he lived, and the angels made a record thereof in the books of heaven.

18. And the time of the journey and the visits of God to the places of earth and her heavens was one year and seven days; and his rest was completed. So he sent messengers to Hored, his heavenly kingdom, announcing the time of his coming. And he then set sail therefore. 54

chapter 12

1. When it was known in Hored that God was about to return, Ha' jah put all things in readiness for God' s reception.

2. And there volunteered ten thousand musicians and five thousand bearers of banners, one thousand marshals and officers of the throne, and one hundred thousand receivers, to go part way and meet God and his companions.

3. And Ha' jah granted their prayers and they started at once, being the most majestic host that had as yet gone forth in the lower heaven.

4. And when they were a little way off, behold, God and his ship of fire approached in heavenly splendor. And the marshals met him and laid hold of the han' iv of the ship, whereon all the hosts did in like manner, save the musicians who sang and played.

5. When they drew near and entered Hored, Ha' jah broke down from his high estate, and left the throne, running to meet God as a child would run to its father. And when the multitude saw this, they also broke loose from decorous behavior and gave full vent to their outbursting love for God and his hosts. And all the people became as a tumult in rivalry of rejoicing. jah turned and walked to the throne, ascending

6. In a little while God and Ha' thereon; and Ha' jah took his place, and God sat on his right, and order reigned.

7. Ha' jah said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I welcome back Thy First Son of earth to the kingdom Thou hast bestowed upon him, and Thy sons and daughters. As much as he hath glorified Thee, by his labor and by his wisdom and love, so do we honor him in Thy name and for Thy glory!

8. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I return to these, my loves! That I am returned I glorify Thee, O My Father. That Thou hast made them to rejoice, is the glory of my life.

9. And now a great light gathered up around the throne, so that many could not look thereon, and presently the power of Jehovih came upon Ha' jah, and the voice of Jehovih spake through him, saying to God:

10. This is again thy throne, O My Son! Thou shalt finish that which I have put upon thee. Thy people shall learn the manner of my kingdoms, and know that even as I make all, so do I rule over all.

11. Hang up thy traveling garb, My Son; dismiss thy traveling hosts and resume thy seat on the throne, for I gave it thee. The voice departed; Ha' jah rose up and stood aside, and the light fell upon God, and he resumed the throne and was hailed by the multitude in Jehovih' s name.

12. God said to Ha' jah: Because thou hast prospered my kingdom during one whole year, thou shalt be my companion and assistant, with power and wisdom to superintend all matters not direct with my Lords.

13. Behold, this day have I set apart as a new day in heaven and earth; because on this day the sun taketh its course from the north line; and from this time forth it shall be called the new year' s day. So shall it be, from this time forth, the day of the relief watch in Hored.

14. Hear my voice, O Ha' jah, and ye of the Council of the throne of heaven! That which I commanded shall ye proclaim throughout heaven and earth to all who serve me.

15. Because of the increase of the kingdom of Hored I will have the place enlarged; and 55

the Council shall no longer be called a Council, but Moeb, for it shall be an assembly over all councils below it.

16. And Moeb shall no longer deal with the affairs of individuals, even though they be Lords; but she shall have dominion with the cities and kingdoms of heaven, and with judgments and decrees.

17. But in all matters of less degree, this, my son Ha' jah, shall have dominion. And thou, O Ha' jah, shall build thee a house in Hored, near this throne, and it shall be thy house and the place of thy business.

chapter 13

1. So God enlarged the place of Hored, and built one thousand more pillars of fire, enlarging the circle and otherwise making it a place of splendor. And God called together the recorders from the libraries of heaven, and caused them to select one hundred thousand new members for the house of Moeb (Parliament), choosing them from the highest on the lists. In this matter, God said:

2. Seek not the most learned, nor the most prayerful, for members; but choose ye such as rank highest in assimilating to Jehovih and to their fellows; for such are the first to become Gods and Goddesses. Jehovih saith: A strong man may do more good works than a weak one; and yet the latter may stand fairer in My sight. I open the way to the weak and the strong; to the learned and the unlearned.

3. God said: In all these matters, whatever man or woman hath put away self-desires s sake, serving the Father by laboring for others, is on the road to wisdom. And for self' if the records show a sufficient time for growth in such man or woman, whereby these virtues become organic, then choose ye that person, for of such shall be Moeb.

4. So the laborers gathered from the heavens around about, agni, and built Moeb within, suitable for the members to be seated according to their rank; and when it was finished, on that same day, the recorders brought the new members, and they went into the temple to their respective places.

5. And when seated, God spake from the throne, saying: To Thee, O Jehovih, have I built the house of Moeb in Hored; and by Thy wisdom have I chosen the members thereof. To Thee, O Father, I dedicate this house, and it shall be Thy house. Give us of Thy light, O Jehovih, that we may not err.

6. A light descended from the heavens above and fell upon the members of Moeb, as a symbol of approval by the archangels; and presently the new members rose up, every one of their own accord, but the old members remained seated.

7. God said: Above your heads I make the sign of Jehovih' s name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life; for by it are ye sworn to the Father' s labor.

8. Hear me, then, O my beloved: Ye are henceforth denied individual ministration with individuals, but ye are now become a unit with many, and with these must your labor and your love and your wisdom be in concert of action.

9. Henceforth must ye no longer say: What can I do for this man or that man, or this woman or that woman, or this child or that child? For this is individual labor; and on the earth such ministration belongeth to the ashars; and in atmospherea, such ministration belongeth to the asaphs. But ye shall minister to organic communities who are composed 56

of individuals. For there are communities for factories, and others for education, and others for treatment of the sick; and such communities exist both on earth and in heaven.

10. Ye shall divide yourselves into groups for this purpose, and every group shall have its special business in charge; and each group shall stand in Moeb as one member of Jehovih' s judgment seat. According to your talents shall ye divide, and group together, choosing such department wherein each one hath the greatest wisdom and strength. Withdraw, then, and thus complete your groups according to the rates my proper officers will assign, and then return again into Moeb, and in Jehovih' s name, take the seats allotted to you all.

chapter 14

1. On the second day after the house of Moeb was completed, and all the members were in their respective places, Jehovih spake through God, saying:

2. Now is the beginning of the second resurrection. Even as the corporean putteth off the corporeal body, and is born a spirit, becoming the first resurrection, so are ye, putting away individual self and becoming an organic community, the beginning of the second resurrection.

3. As they of the first are for individual self, so have I bound them close on the face of the earth; as they survived on the earth on corporeal food, so have I made them to survive in the lowest heaven on atmospherean food. As Moeb hath risen above these conditions, so will I exalt the foundations of the house of Moeb higher up from the earth than Hored, and Moeb shall be the lower house of My kingdom. jah in the name of the Father. And a

4. The voice of Jehovih departed and God saluted Ha' great light enveloped the house of Moeb, and the es' enauers chanted a hymn of praise. Thereafter God arose and stood in the throne of Jehovih, saying:

5. Hear ye O all ye people of heaven above and heaven below, the house of Moeb in the s name. Proclaim ye the words beginning of the second resurrection is founded in Jehovih' that have gone out of my mouth, to the east and west and north and south, and to the swift messengers of the arcs of the firmament above.

6. Glory, glory be to Jehovih! Boundless and Almighty Creator, Present, and full of love, wisdom and power, glory to Thee forever and ever, amen!

7. The house of Moeb chanted a proclamation. The swift messengers assumed their respective globes of light, and began to ascend in every direction, carrying the word to the exalted spheres.

8. And God crowned Ha' jah as the sub-God of Hored, and he was proclaimed to all the quarters of heaven and earth. And the history of his name exists to this day as Jah, amongst mortals.

chapter 15

1. Ha' jah said: With the exaltation of Moeb, so shall my places be exalted before Jehovih. Let the enumerators of the communities of heaven send representatives before me. The communities of manufacturers who produce food and clothes for the es' yans, the communities for hospitals and nurseries, the communities for education, the communities 57

for training messengers, and all other communities.

2. When the representatives came, according to the instructions of the marshals, and were before the throne, Ha' jah said:

3. The toilers shall not be always toilers; the physicians not always runners after the sick. Whosoever is proficient will I exalt. He that can walk shall no longer crawl.

4. Many are wise and strong, and some have passed beyond the boundary of self-desires for self-sake.

5. A child may not have self-desires, but then it lacketh wisdom and strength. A full grown man or woman may have wisdom and strength, but lack in the abnegation of self.

6. I will make every community a double from this time forth, and one shall be called Maga, and the other shall be called Minga. Maga shall be my promoted laborers, who are being prepared for the second resurrection.

7. And Maga' s labor shall be in concert with Moeb, the house of Jehovih. But Minga' s labor shall be as heretofore, even with individual affairs and the organizing of new places for the delivered es' yans, who are the fruit of the Lords and their kingdoms on the earth.

8. Let my marshals select judges to carry out these my decrees, in the name of Jehovih.

chapter 16

1. From the founding of Hored until the instalment of Ha' jah, was one hundred and thirty years, and at that time the lower kingdom of heaven was fully organized according to the decree of Jehovih.

2. And the kingdoms of the Lords on earth were also fully established. And at that time the earth had passed into Hon' she, in the etherean space, where dwell the Osirian Shrevarhs, to whom the swift messengers from God had reported the condition of the earth' s surface, with the tablets of Grade and Ingrade of mortals.

3. The Shrevarhs said: The earth hath not attained her fullness. The gases of her low regions must be purified to make more places for mortals.

4. So it came to pass there fell upon the earth, by command of the Shrevarhs, by the will of Jehovih, fire and brimstone and iron and phosphorous, and the shower thereof reached into the five divisions of the earth. But ere the fall thereof, God was apprised and he apprised the Lords, and they informed the ashars, and they impressed such mortals as were in rapport with heavenly things, and the chosen marched away from the places of destruction, so that not one perished.

5. But many of the asu' ans were consumed in the fire.

6. But God sent extra workmen, and surgeons and physicians, from heaven down, to such spirits as were falling into forgetfulness and dissolution, and commanded that they be engrafted on the surviving asu' ans for pity' s sake; and this was accomplished through the Lords of the earth and their servants, the ashars.

7. At the end of two hundred years God enumerated the people in the lower heaven, and there were, besides the spirits of the Fetals (many of whom were doubtful as to everlasting life), two hundred and ninety-six millions of souls. Of this number there had been raised up to the grade of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih more than thirty millions, who were the first of the earth' s production.

8. And now was the sixth generation of the seed of the fallen angels delivered, and this 58

was the fullness of earth bondage for them.

9. God summoned the house of Moeb for the revelations of Jehovih on the first day of the first year of dan of Hon' she. And when they were thus assembled, and had chanted to Jehovih appropriate anthems for the times past, the All Light came upon God, and he said:

10. Behold, the time of dan of Hon' she is at hand. Ere three days pass by, the hosts from the etherean heavens will descend to accomplish the resurrection of my hosts to the regions whence they came two hundred years ago.

11. Summon my Lords of the earth, and my people of heaven; proclaim my words unto them.

12. Ye that peopled the earth with everlasting life, give ear; the harvest of the new year is ripened, it shall be gathered into the heavens above. Let my people rejoice, for the glory of deliverance is at hand.

13. There awaiteth, full of hope and love, in Osirian fields, hosts of angels and archangels, to receive these, the first fruits of the new earth.

14. Clothe them in quietness with the rays of light. Make ready; for etherean Gods and Goddesses are setting sail in the regions above to come and deliver us.

15. Proclaim my words in all places in the name of Jehovih. And add unto them, saying: And to as many as desire to ascend, come ye to Moeb, in the name of the Son of Jehovih!

16. Messengers went forth, both in heaven and on the earth, and proclaimed as had been commanded.

17. And on the third day there assembled in Moeb and Hored ninety million angels, to witness the descending and ascending of Jehovih' s chosen. And the archangels of Hon' she sent a hundred thousand Gods and Goddesses to guard Moeb and Hored around about, to dispel and keep away the clouds and sunshine, so as to add glory to the scene. .

chapter 17

1. The Loo' is came before God, and having organized themselves into one community, so as to make it lawful to speak in Moeb, they appointed Ga' wasa to speak on behalf of the community. Ga' wasa said:

2. Hear me, O God, in the name of Jehovih! Thou hast ordained me according to the custom of heaven, to be a master of generations with mortals, and yet one generation is incomplete, wherefore I have come before thee. This day I have been summoned by Jehovih, through thy messengers, saying: To as many as desire to enter the next resurrection, come, for the time of harvest is at hand. Thus saith God, Son of Jehovih. Behold, now, another generation do I desire to dwell on earth.

3. God said: The places of heaven are open to all. If thou wouldst ascend now, do even so. If thou wilt tarry one generation, then thou shalt tarry two hundred years, for of such period will be the next harvest.

4. Ga' wasa said: In Jehovih' s name, let my brethren pass before thee in judgment.

5. God said: Jehovih' s will be done.

6. Ga' wasa withdrew and went and told his brethren what was said; and presently they came in and passed in judgment before God.

7. God said: Thou hast said, let me pass in judgment before thee! Hear me, then, for this 59

is my judgment: If thou ascend with thy work incomplete, thou wilt be the unhappiest of men. Remain, therefore, for a greater glory is within thy reach.

8. The Loo' is passed to the left, signifying their determination to tarry yet two hundred years more with mortals.

9. After the Loo' is, came others desiring to be adjudged by God, and to all who had incomplete work, God said: Remain! And they remained.

10. Besides these were seventy thousand ethereans eligible to ascend, who volunteered to remain with mortals another two hundred years. Amongst these were the five Lords and Ha' jah, and four hundred messengers belonging to Hored, and seven hundred women in fetal, in the western division of Hored under Waga.

chapter 18

1. Jehovih spake in the arc of O' wasti, in the Orian field of Hon' she, in the etherean heaven. Jehovih said: The time of the earth is at hand; the deliverance of her first-born will fall at your doors. Come forth, O My sons and daughters, receive ye them from My hand.

2. Onesyi, high aspiring Goddess of Hon' she, and the thousand counselors, gathered in a host of five millions of souls, emancipated, and to them the dignified Onesyi spake, saying:

3. Unlike all harvests heretofore delivered to us from other corporeal worlds, Jehovih sendeth us the first-born of the earth. Let us rejoice and glorify Him, O my beloved. Send forth to the boundaries of Hon' she and proclaim the hosts of earth upraised. Provide them with mansions and quarters, ye that remain at home. And ye that volunteer to go to the earth to receive them, come quickly.

4. Onesyi said: Swift messengers have just come to me from the arc of Wan; Etisyai will be there. She it was who bestowed Jehovih' s crown on the first God of the corporeal earth. Her hosts, a million strong, go by the way of Tivyus, and pray we meet them in O' wea. And thou, Wistaw, shall sit on my throne. I will to the earth, to receive the thirty million newborn, the glorious gift of Jehovih.

5. Onesyi said: The young virgin earth hath given birth. O the joy of the firstborn! I will take with me a host of singers, a million strong. Their voices shall have power and sweetness to win the love and adoration of all the thirty millions. The glory of Jehovih' s works shall shine so brilliantly upon them that all past trials shall be forgotten. Hasten, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Let down the curtains of fire! Here begins the play of Jehovih in the management of a new world!

6. Now gathered together men and women, long raised up in the emancipated heavens, whose wills were potent over a' ji and nebulae, and swift in appropriating what Jehovih had fashioned in the firmament. And they built a ship, the size of which was equal to the width of Hored, and filled it within with angels of the rank of Gods and Goddesses, many of whom had been brought forth into life before the earth was created, and whose native corporeal worlds had gone out of existence. And they let down curtains from the ship, and the curtains were like flames of fire, and they reached downward, equal to the breadth of the earth.

7. These Gods and Goddesses were as a unit in will, and potent and swift workmen, and 60

the ship was laden, and on her course through the vault of heaven. Past the a' jian fields of Che' wang she rode swiftly. Soon the hosts of the much-loved Etisyai were seen in a smaller craft, highly polished and swift, making way for O' wea.

8. Up goeth a shout of joy from millions of throats, then a song of delight; heaven is joyful in Jehovih' s boundless dominions. And now the twain approach O' wea; and they slacken speed and near each other, nearer and nearer, till the ships touch and are joined by skilled workmen.

9. Forth leap the two Goddesses, Etisyai and Onesyi, and in no stateliness or ceremony, but like children in whom love is transcendent, they fly to each other' s arms, amidst the outburst of joy from the countless throng. Yet onward moves the etherean ship, majestic and meteor-like, steadily taking course to the new earth.

chapter 19

1. And now the evening of the third day had come, and God and his hosts in Moeb were hastening all things, to be ready for the great light that was to descend from high heaven.

2. The ninety millions of angels looked upward, watching for the dawning of the light, waiting and watching. And many a one who remembered Etisyai, of two hundred years ago, wondered if she would return in glory, like when she came and crowned God by Jehovih' s command. Some were robing themselves in white, and hastening nervously, like a bride about to wed; some were half inclined to sorrow for leaving he earth and lower heaven, where they had toiled so long; and some were stately and by their presence said: Thy will be done, O Jehovih!

3. God ascended the throne, and Ha' jah came up and sat on his right hand; and the light of Jehovih shone upon them so that many newborn, especially of the es' yan spectators, could not look upon them.

4. God said: One dan hath come and gone; this harvest is but thirty millions.

5. Ha' jah said: Thy son, O Jehovih, hath shaped the destiny of a world. Great is his glory.

6. A light of golden hue gathered above the throne, and took the form of a triangle; and there was a graven image at every corner, the which, when read, was I-O-D; and it was in the character of Waga, bestowed by the Lord on the altars in the house of worship on earth, and its value was thirty-three millions, which was the exact number prepared for the emancipated heaven in etherea; and the thirty-three was the years of a generation of mortals.

7. God said: Jehovih is one; the living is one; inanimate corpor is one; and these three are the entirety. To teach mortals this, O Ha' jah, is to give wisdom to the earth. Take thou this triangle, O thou, Son of the Most High. And as long as Seffas endureth on the earth shall it be the bequeathed heirloom of heaven, descending from God to God that occupieth the throne.

8. Thereupon God stretched forth his hands, and the triangle became fixed and solid, and God hung it on Ha' jah' s neck, adding: In the name of Jehovih, receive thou this jewel, as my parting testimonial. Remember that, when mortals are raised up to understand this symbol of three in one, then will kosmon begin to dawn on the earth.

9. Ha' jah said: O God, thou symbol of the three attributes, love, wisdom and power! Thou didst leave thy stately home, where thou hadst Gods and Goddesses for companions, and 61

come to the far-off earth, which was young and curtained round with poisonous gases, to guard the young and imperfect angels of other worlds in their wanderings forth, with thy wisdom, love and power concealed. Thou didst give them liberty and yet redeem them. Thou hast stretched forth thy hand over the earth and made it to yield souls to glorify the Creator. And yet in all the while thou hast never quoted thyself. O that this could be taught to angels and men! Who is it, that will not trip or mention himself, or make himself a manifested self?

10. This day I am to be crowned, to fill the place thou hast built up; but I falter and tremble like a child. Ha' jah burst into tears, and after a while he added: O Jehovih, why hast Thou laid Ha' jah' s tears so close? Thou hast created love in my soul, and it hath grown to be a mountain. God, Thy Son, who hath been my tutor for a thousand years, and on many worlds, corpor and es, is now thrusting Thy glory upon me.

11. God said: Heed thou the earth and her heavens, for they are to be thine for one dan. And remember also, that though I ascend with my hosts to etherea, yet I have charge of this world until the completion of this cycle, two thousand eight hundred years: my archangels shall henceforth answer to thy prayers to Jehovih.

12. Suddenly a light came down from the firmament, like a new star, twinkling, with a halo extending wide on every side. All eyes were turned up, full of expectancy. Hushed and still, the ninety millions stood.

13. Presently the star assumed a brighter phase and spread its halo outward, with horns descending, like a crescent, such as is formed in sacred worship when a God standeth in the midst. Larger and brighter the light grew, and tremulous and waving like sheets of fire.

14. Then shot down toward Hored and Moeb three rays of light, piercing, and in advance of the central orb. And the three rays were red, blue, and yellow; but the crescent beyond was white, and it shone abroad over the heavens, so that the corporeal sun and stars in the firmament were invisible.

15. At beholding the majesty and grandeur of Jehovih' s host of descending, millions of es' yans and clouded souls in the lower heaven, broke and fled; some ran and hid to avoid the threatening light. For such is the magnifying power of the etherean flame, that all dark thoughts and hidden evil lurking in the soul are magnified, and made so plain that even the dumb can read them through.

16. Millions of the ethereans on God' s staff had seen such scenes before, and now stood in glee, firmly riveted by the joy within them. To them, a hundred to one, clung the newly raised from earth, who had never known any other heaven, save such as traveleth with the earth, around about the sun every year. From these there rose millions of whispers, saying: It is like a new death; like a new birth. Behold a man dieth on earth, and his spirit flieth off to another world. And yet now again it flieth off to still another world.

17. Quickly, now, came the three great rays, foremost projecting; and these were the jian fields of O' wea and Hon' she; the red lights represented orders of marshals from the a' ji, the blue lights represented O' wea, and the yellow, Hon' she. And there were of A' marshals one million, and they cast the curtains round about to cover all of Hored, the great kingdom.



18. Chief of the marshals was Ah-jeng; and next to him were five sub-chiefs; and next to them one thousand tributary chiefs, who were masters of the ceremonies; and they came in the center of the descending three great rays of light, came swiftly and direct toward the throne of God. And the substance of the rays of light was like curtains of cloth, one end of which reached up to the now near approaching crescent sea of fire.

19. When the light was near touching on the pillars of fire surrounding Moeb, it slackened a little, and then more and more slowly. The chieftains leaped from the etherean flames and stood at the foot of God' s throne, saluting in Jehovih' s name.

20. God and Ha' jah stood up and answered the sign, then descended and went to the left and right of Ah-jeng, and they ascended, and Ah-jeng sat upon the throne, and the voice of Jehovih spake through him, saying: 63

21. Hold up your heads and rejoice, O my sons and daughters! Behold, I come in a flame of fire! I am here, and there, and throughout the place of heaven, boundless. I gather together and I put asunder the loves of mortals and angels. For they shall go abroad in My firmament and behold My glorious works.

22. Down to the corporeal world I descend and carry hence the loved, for they are Mine. I will make all people look up to My kingdoms. Down to the lower heaven I come in ships of light, curtained about with etherean mantles, and gather in My harvest of new births to higher worlds, more radiant. My hosts below shall look up and glorify My everlasting splendors.

23. I give the tear of grief and sorrow and pity; but, in its flowing forth, I come with holier light and power to stir up the souls of My people. For they shall learn to speak to their Father, who heareth and giveth ear, and is full of love.

24. My joy is in the birth and growing up of souls, and in the joy of their joys, and in the proclaiming of their adoration for My boundless universe.

25. I call to them in darkness, and they come forth; but they halt in the darkness, and I call again, and I send My higher, upraised angels to them, and they call also. Yea, I fill the sky with the splendor of My worlds, es and corpor, that I may stir man up to rise and enjoy the things I have made.

26. The voice departed, and Ah' jeng said: Behold the glory of the heavens, O my beloved, and the reward of the diligent in heart. Jehovih liveth and reigneth, the Highest and never to be reached, the Forever Beyond, and yet Ever Present.

27. O Thou Light of Light and Life of Life, how wonderful is the substance of Thy Creation! Thou hast given me light to behold Thy splendors, which are forever new. O Jehovih, Thou Past, Present and Future of one time, which is and was and ever shall be. Jehovih, Thou, Seen and Unseen and Potent, who hast from Thy very Self imparted a part to all the living! Who hast raised up these of Hored! Glory be to Thee forever and ever!

28. And now, by certain signs and signals, Ah' jeng directed the officers of his hosts to take possession of Moeb and Hored. And the marshals extended out around the place, and by their presence added new light to the pillars of fire.

29. The marshals were decorated with colored raiment and signs and symbols, denoting the places whence they came, and their rank as Gods, and the experience they had passed through.

30. When Ah' jeng ceased speaking, the music of the chosen band of descending angels broke upon the place; first, faintly and far off. The work of the marshals was in keeping with the time of the music; and as the music drew nearer and stronger, so also more and more of the number of marshals descended and filed off to their respective places.

31. Presently the advance of the horns of the crescent, and the cold wave of the falling sea of fire, swept over the lower heaven fearfully and of unquestionable power. By a signal from God, the Brides and Bridegrooms joined in the music of the archangels, and great was the glory thereof.

32. Betwixt the horns of the crescent was a star of wonderful beauty; and it came toward God' s throne, reflecting countless rays of light, brilliantly and awe-inspiring. And as the star drew near, it opened on the advance side, as a shell is opened, and there, with arms entwined, sat Etisyai and Onesyi, Goddesses. 64

chapter 20

1. Ah' jeng stepped down and stood at the foot of the throne. Masters of the inner temple gathered about the star, and unrolled a carpet reaching across the threshold, and the two Goddesses stepped forth from the crystaled cushion within the star, and glided, as if on a ray of light, up to the judgment seat of Jehovih. Meanwhile the musicians, a million of voices, chanted: Glory, glory to Jehovih, Creator of worlds! Whose place magnificence is, and counterpart to endless time. The All, whose Great existence surpasseth the grandest thoughts of men and Gods! Whose worlds in splendor, are the scrolls on which His hands write with the souls of Mortals His Almighty Will, and Boundless Love!

2. And now did spread out, and round about the wheels of the great ship of fire; and all the millions of hosts, men and women (archangels and Gods and Goddesses), formed a mighty amphitheatre, in which Moeb, with his thirty-three million Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, occupied the arena, themselves arrayed in white, but differently from the Redeeming Hosts from the etherean worlds.

3. In time to the music, without a word of command, moved the hosts; as one person moveth, they in unison moved; and each as a shining crystal in the place allotted, and void in nothing; and all so perfect, as if Jehovih had made each a special work of wonder to inspire men with reverence for the talents He had created withal.

4. In the same time the hosts were forming in place, so was the time of the music, and when the music ceased all was still. The throne was in the east, facing the west; the hosts of Moeb, who were the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, occupied the lower plane, and the ethereans surrounded them on all sides, raising higher and higher in the distance.

5. God and Ha' jah met the Goddesses at the foot of the throne. God knew Onesyi hundreds of years before in other worlds, and he remembered Etisyai, who had crowned him two hundred years ago. So also did Ha' jah know Etisyai and Onesyi. When they met they all saluted by touching the right hands; and immediately the Goddesses ascended to the centre of the throne, and God went on the right and Ha' jah on the left.

6. Etisyai and Onesyi looked hopefully on the Brides and Bridegrooms, but were passive. Presently the voice of Jehovih spake out of the light of the throne, saying:

7. Soul of My soul, substance of My substance, created I man. Out of My corporeal Self clothed I man. Out of My corporeal Self clothed I him with flesh and blood and bones. Man' s spirit I gave from out Mine own spirit, ever present; and I quickened him to move on the face of the earth.

8. God and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded, being quickened by the All Light; Out of corpor I came, quickened by Jehovih' s Ever Presence. By virtue of His Wisdom, Power and Love came I into the world; to Jehovih all glory is due forever!

9. Again Jehovih spake, saying: A time I allotted to man to grow, to attain wisdom, power and love; a time to rejoice and a time of sorrow; a time to beget offspring and know a father' s care and love; in likeness of Me, to him gave I attributes of my attributes, that man might know Me and My Love.

10. Response: By the bondage of my love to my begotten, do I know my Father liveth and reigneth, and will watch over me forever!

11. Again the voice of Jehovih said: A time in the corporeal form I gave to man, that he might learn corporeal things, and to learn whence springeth the tree of life. From no self65

existence of his own made I man, but from Myself; and in the place I quickened him into life, I bound him for a season. But when man hath filled his corporeal life I provide death to deliver him into a new world.

12. Response: Beautiful is Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih, and far reaching. I was bound in the flesh even as a beast; likened unto the attributes of a beast was my judgment, struggling for things of the corporeal world. With horror I looked upon death; as a sore calamity did I value Thy cutting me off. But Thou deliveredest me into another world, preserving my judgment whole, bringing me to the heavens of my forefathers.

13. Then Jehovih said: In no time brought I man, newborn into the world, without a mother and a nurse and rich nourishment to feed him withal. Yea, I gave him angels to inspire him and lift him up; and I provided a Lord of the earth to manage his kingdoms and nations, and a God in heaven with a throne and judgment seat, that man in the angel world should be provided and wisely instructed in soul to comprehend the glory and harmony of my worlds.

14. Response: Bountiful, O my Father Above! From nothing that I knew of, Thou broughtest me into conscious being, and in my helpless days fed me with rich nourishment. Thou gavest me rulers and examples of government on the earth to discipline my soul to the order of men. And when I was born in heaven, I found God on his throne and a well-ordered haven of rest, with willing angels to clothe me and feed me and teach me the ways of Thy kingdoms in the firmament.

15. Again Jehovih said: When man hath fulfilled his time in the lower heaven, I prepare him by ample teachers for a higher resurrection. As Brides and Bridegrooms my hosts adorn them, and I come in a sea of fire. First was man wedded to the earth, by Me solemnized, and without man' s knowledge. Then to the lower heaven was he wed, laboring with spirits and mortals.

16. The voice departed, and now Onesyi spoke, saying: Behold the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih! When they were young they were wed first to the earth and then to the lower heaven, without their wills. Now they stand before the throne of God. In Thy name, O Jehovih, I command them to speak their wills.

17. Response: I put away myself for Thee, O Jehovih! Make me one with Thee. I put away the earth for Thy kingdom' s sake, O Jehovih! Make me one with Thee! I put away Thy Lord and Thy God, O Jehovih, for sake of Thee! Thy Lord and Thy God raised me up and made me strong, but lo, the small spark of Thyself within my soul hath grown to be a giant, bowing to none but Thee, O Jehovih! O make me Thy Bride (Bridegroom), O Jehovih!

18. Onesyi said: The lame and the weak shall have a crutch, but the glory of the Father is to see His Brides and Bridegrooms walk alone. Whoever to Jehovih is wed, shall never more to this man nor that man, nor woman, nor Lord, nor God, nor to any person or thing, for self' s sake, say: HELP!

19. Response: God and the Lord were my Saviors; without them I had never known of Thy exalted heavens, O Jehovih. Thy Spirit calleth me forever upward. Thy Lord and Thy God taught me to look upward; yea, they prayed for me. Now am I strong before Thee, O Jehovih! Henceforth will I pray to Thee only; but never for mine own benefit, nor for glory, nor for ease, nor for rest, nor for exaltation; but that I may be quick and strong and wise to do Thy will forever! 66

20. Onesyi said: Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL!

21. Response: Voice of Jehovih, ALL HAIL! ALL HAIL!

22. Onesyi said: To Jehovih and his everlasting kingdoms are ye wed forever!

23. Response: To Thee, O Jehovih, am I wed forever!

24. Onesyi said: To be one with him forever!

25. Response: To be one with Jehovih forever!

26. The voice of Jehovih said: They shall judge from My judgment seat; in them shall My Wisdom shine; for they are Mine forever!

27. Response: To consider Thee first, in all things, O Jehovih, shall I henceforth forever!

28. The voice said: Behold I have woven a crown for them; adorn them for My sake.

29. Response: I will have no crown, save that which is woven by Thee, O Jehovih! For thy sake will I wear Thy crown forever!

30. The voice said: Behold, they that were My sons and daughters have become My Brides and Bridegrooms; they are Mine forever!

31. Response: I am Jehovih' s forever!

32. Onesyi said: Pass before the throne, O my beloved. The testimony of Jehovih awaiteth His redeemed. Ye shall dwell in the emancipated kingdoms forever!

33. And now the hosts of Brides and Bridegrooms passed singly before the throne of God; the whole thirty-three millions passed. And the es' enaurs chanted a hymn of glory, and there came down from the firmament above mists of yellow, blue and red; and the mists fell into the archangels'hands who stood about the throne, and by them was converted into crowns, the which were placed on the heads of the Brides and Bridegrooms. And on the crowns were the words: IN WAN BROUGHT FORTH; DELIVERED IN HON’SHE.

34. As the hosts passed in front of the throne, Onesyi said: By that which springeth out of the earth is the atmospherean fed and clothed; but the etherean draweth from the etherean worlds. Behold the crowns of the earth and of the lower heaven are but symbols of power, wisdom and love; but that which I bring from Jehovih' s kingdom containeth real virtue.

35. And lo and behold, the Brides and Bridegrooms became as archangels by virtue of the crowns from Jehovih' s hand.

chapter 21

1. When the ceremonies were ended, Onesyi said: Soon, now, in the name of the Father will we rise and go a long journey; and that ye may be apprised and consorted in love, I proclaim the freedom of the hour in Jehovih' s name.

2. And the people went and mingled with each other, rejoicing and saluting. And Ha' jah and God and Etisyai greeted one another, and the Lords came forward, and were also greeted; and then the marshals and the es' enaurs and all long-serving laborers. And lastly, all that had redeemed any man or woman from darkness to light, came also, and were saluted and duly honored.

3. And for the space of one hour all the angels indulged in revelry, reunion and fullness of heart; but no book could relate the thousandth part of the questions asked and love assurances expressed.

4. When the hour was ended, Onesyi signaled the proper officer, and he sounded the gavel thrice, whereupon all was hushed and still. Onesyi said:

5. As Jehovih bestoweth a newborn child, so also doth He take the father and the mother 67

away to the es world. As Jehovih sent Etisyai, my sister, to establish the lower heaven, so have I come by His command to bear hence this harvest to His everlasting kingdom. As a child bewaileth the loss of its father and mother, so will ye that remain bewail the loss of this rich harvest of archangels.

6. It is Jehovih' s will that ye drink deep of the sorrow of parting, for by this bondage will ye be again reunited in the heavens still above. The progress of the soul of man is forever onward, and in steps and plateaux; and the glory of the resurrection of him that goeth before is equally great as is the sorrow of him that remaineth behind. But the love that bindeth together is as a chain outstretched across the universe; nor time nor distance shall prevail against the inventions thereof.

7. Swift messengers, well trained to course the vault of heaven, will pass between you, carrying the tidings of your soul' s delight. And as Jehovih giveth summer to follow winter, and the winter the summer, so also shall the time again and again, forever, in which ye shall mingle and part; again labor together, but in broader fields, and again part for a season.

8. Behold the wisdom of Jehovih in placing far apart the places of the souls of men; for all things abiding near together equalize themselves. Even as there is glory in a new birth, so is there glory in death; as there is sorrow in death, so is there joy in resurrection. The time is now come when these that ye see, ye shall not see for a long season; but ye shall rejoice in this hour of parting, for they rise as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

9. The es' enauers sang an anthem of praise in which all the hosts united, and great was the glory thereof. And now Onesyi arose, saying:


11. Ha' jah, now God, said: THY WILL BE DONE, O JEHOVIH! Then Onesyi turned to the five chief Lords of the five divisions of the earth, and bestowed them in like manner.

12. And Onesyi stretched forth her hand, saying: Give me a crown, O Jehovih, for Thy Son, God of heaven and earth! And there descended etherean substance into her hand, and she raised it up, and lo, it became a crown of great beauty, and she put in on God' s (Ha' jah' s) head. Then in like manner did she crown the Lords of the earth.

13. And Etisyai and Onesyi came down and sat at the foot of the throne.

14. God (that had been Ha' jah) came down and Waga and Jud with him, and stretching forth their hands, they said to Etisyai, Onesyi and Sethantes, the retiring God: Arise, O Goddess….. Arise, O Goddess…. Arise, O God…. and go thy way!

15. And they rose up and marched forth. The proper officers had already prepared the ship for its etherean journey; and soon as Etisyai and Onesyi had entered the central star, all the people that were to ascend went into the places assigned to them.

16. God (that had been Ha' jah) and the Lords returned, in tears, to the throne, and now the plateau of everlasting light began to ascend. Music sprang from every side, glorifying Jehovih and the magnificence of His bountiful worlds.

17. And those of the lower heaven were as the echo of the music above; and the light of the ascending ship of fire made all else as a shadow. But higher and higher it arose, in the form of a crescent, slowly turning on its upright axis, turning and rising, higher and 68

higher, and the music faded away in the distance.

18. In a little while the meteor-like ascending ship of heaven looked like a star, till farther and farther off it disappeared in the distance.

19. Thus ascended to the emancipated heavens in etherea the first harvest of angels born of the earth.

chapter 22

1. God said: Arise, O Lords of my realm, and go to the kingdoms of earth, which ye received from Jehovih' s hand; and may His wisdom, love and power be with you all!

2. And the Lords departed, they and their attendants, and went to their kingdoms over mortals.

3. And this was the beginning of the second dispensation of the first cycle of the Eoptian age of the earth. And the lower heaven was well established in habitations, angels and officers, and in all the requisites for the upraised souls of mortals.

4. And God dispensed laws and government after the manner of his predecessor, enlarging all the places according to the increase in the number of spirits rising up from the earth.

5. And the voice of Jehovih was with God; and as the first kingdom had been called Hored, so was the second called Hored, signifying the place of God.

6. And as it had been with the Lords of the earth in their places, so continued it with the new Lords, and they enlarged their places also, even according to the increase in the number of inhabitants of the earth.

7. And as it had been of old, that messengers went constantly from Hored to the Lords' places, so did they also continue to do; and by this means all the affairs of the lower heaven were kept in harmony, Lords and God.

8. And God ruled in Hored four hundred years, and Hored spread over all the lands of the earth.

chapter 23

1. When the time of God and his hosts was fulfilled, Jehovih brought the earth into dan of Eyon, in the arc Lais, whose angels descended in a ship of fire, and delivered God, his Lords and all the hosts under them who were prepared for the etherean resurrection. At this time there were in atmospherea six hundred and twenty-five million inhabitants. And the number of the second harvest was two hundred and eighty millions.

2. After the manner of the ascent of the first harvest, so was the ascent of the second harvest. And the place of the landing of the second harvest in the firmament of heaven was in Lais, and Bin, and the grade of the harvest was seventy-eight, being two less than the grade of the first harvest.

3. So the heavens of the earth passed into the care of succeeding God and Lords, who had been raised up and prepared therefore. And for the present there were no more ethereans dwelling in these regions.

4. Jehovih had said: They that come out of the earth shall be sufficient unto themselves. As a mother provideth for her child, so do I provide for the spirit generations of a corporeal world; but when they are mature in wisdom, strength and love, I command them to take the places of Lords and God in the management of my kingdoms.

5. So it came to pass after the ascent of the ethereans, the whole earth and its lower 69

heavens were under the dominion of such as had sprung up out of the earth. Hence it became a saying: The first was etherean rule; the second was atmospherean rule. For the earth had Lords who had been on no other world, and a God who had never been on other worlds.

6. And it likewise came to pass that the atmospherean rulers were more lenient and less tyrannical in their government than had been the ethereans. For as the ethereans had forbidden the es' yans, the newly dead, to return to their mortal kindred, even to the fiftieth year in spirit life, so, not so with the present Lords and God, for they indulged hundreds of thousands of es' yans for sympathy' s sake to return to their mortal kindred. And these es' yans became not workers in heaven, either for others or for their own resurrection to higher regions; but they became idlers and vagabonds in the lower heaven, oft living with their mortal kindred till their mortal kindred died, and then in turn persuading such es' yans to do even as they did.

7. And God perceived, when it was too late, that his leniency had laid the foundation for disorganizing the kingdom of heaven; for the strolling idlers, knowing no other heaven, sowed the spirit of disbelief in the places of learning and industry in the lower heaven, persuading others that they were toiling to no good purpose.

8. They said: Behold, it was told us on earth there was a Jehovih! But we are in heaven, and yet we find him not. Now do we know of a truth there is no All Person. Come, then, let us seek ease and the rich viands that rise up out of the earth. A man liveth on the earth and dieth, and his spirit floateth around about, and there is no more of him. Why will ye serve the Lord? Why will ye serve God? Be free and live for yourselves instead of others.

9. Thus it came to pass t little by little the lower heaven began to fall from its high estate.

10. The third dan was six hundred years, and God and his Lords, having provided successors, ascended with their harvest to etherea. And the number thereof was four hundred and eight million Brides and Bridegrooms, and their grade was sixty-six.

11. The fourth dan was five hundred years, and the harvest was six hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms; and their grade was fifty-eight.

12. The fifth dan was three hundred years; and the harvest was two hundred millions; and their grade was fifty, which was the lowest grade capable of emancipation, or capable of surviving in etherea.

13. And now darkness set in and covered all the earth around. And from this time until the end of the cycle, which was three thousand years from the birth of man on earth, there were no more resurrections to the emancipated heavens.

14. The Kingdom of Hored was broken up and dissolved. The spirits loved not to labor and to learn according to Jehovih' s plan, but returned to the earth-ornaments; and they were called DRUJAS, because they desired not resurrection.

15. And God and the Lords, and their officers and teachers, were without subjects and pupils. And mortals were beset by thousands and millions of drujas, so that the ashars were powerless to accomplish good inspiration.

16. At this time there were more than three thousand million angels in atmospherea, and for the most part, they dwelt on earth.

17. Thus ended the first cycle of the first heaven of the earth. END OF THE BOOK OF SETHANTES, SON OF JEHOVIH. 70

book of lords I


chapter 1

1. In the beginning God created the heavens of the earth; and the Lord made man upright. And man was naked and not ashamed; neither knew man the sin of incest, but he dwelt as the beasts of the field.

2. And the Lord brought the angels of heaven to man; by his side took they on forms like unto man, having all the organs and attributes of mortals, for it was the time of the earth for such things to be.

3. And it came to pass that a new race was born on the earth, and these were called I' hins, because they were begotten of both heaven and earth. Hence it became a saying: The earth conceived of the Lord.

4. And the name of the first race was Asu (Adam), because they were of the earth only; and the name of the second race was I' hin (Abel), because they were capable of being taught spiritual things.

5. And the Lord said: Of all that live on the face of the earth, or in the waters thereof, or in the air above, that breathes the breath of life, man only have I delivered unto knowledge of his Creator.

6. And the Lord spake unto the I' hin, through his angels spake he to them, saying: Go hide thy nakedness, for it is the commandment of God.

7. And The I' hins were afraid, and they clothed themselves, and were no longer naked before the Lord.

8. And the Lord commanded the angels to give up their forms, and to be no more seen as mortals. And it was done. And the Lord said unto them: Because ye brought forth life, which is in flesh and blood, ye shall minister unto man for six generations on the face of the earth. And it was so.

9. And that man may continue to walk upright, ye shall teach him the law of incest, for man of himself cannot attain to know this.

10. Neither shall ye permit the I' hins to dwell with Asu (Adam), lest his seed go down in darkness.

11. And man was thus inspired of the Lord, and he walked upright, and prospered on the earth.

12. But after a season man became conceited in his own judgment, and he disobeyed the commandments of God.

13. And he strayed out of the garden of paradise and began to dwell with the asu' ans (Adams), and there was born into the world a new race called Druk (Cain), and they had not the light of the Father in them, neither could they be inspired with shame, nor of heavenly things.

14. And the I' hins were grateful to the Lord, and they gave sacrifice in burnt offerings. And they said unto the Druks: Go ye and sacrifice unto the Lord, and he will prosper you. But the Druks understood not; and they fell upon the Lord' s chosen, and slew them, right 71

and left, taking their possessions.

15. And the Lord said unto the Druks: Because ye have slain your brethren ye shall depart out of the place of God; and that ye may be known to the ends of the earth I put my mark upon you.

16. And the mark of the Lord put upon the Druks was the shadow of blood, which, being interpreted, is WAR.

17. And the Lord God said: By this sign shall the tribes of Druk and their descendents be known unto the end of the world.

18. And woman, being more helpless than man, cried out with fear, saying: O Lord, how shall I bring forth unto thee, and not unto the sons of death?

19. And the Lord said: Because thou hast brought forth in pain, and yet called on my name, behold I will be unto thee as a shield and protector. For I will also put a mark upon the I' hins, my chosen, so thou shalt know them when they come unto thee.

20. And the Lord commanded the male I' hins, old and young, to be circumcised, that woman might not be deceived by the druks. And the I' hins circumcised one another, old and young; for it was the testimony of the Lord unto woman that seed of their seed was born to everlasting life. ans and

21. And the druks (Cain) went away into the wilderness, and dwelt with the asu' with one another.

22. God said: A boundary line will I make betwixt the tribes of druks and the I' hins; and this is the line that I the Lord God make betwixt them: hins shall labor and clothe themselves, and I will abide with them; but

23. The I' the druks shall wander in the wilderness, neither laboring nor clothing themselves.

24. And it was so.

chapter 2

1. The time of the habitation of Asu was eight thousand years; and they survived two thousand years after the time of the birth of the I' hins, which is to say: Asu dwelt on the earth six thousand years, and then conceived of the chosen of God; and after that survived yet two thousand years.

2. And Asu (Adam) disappeared off the face of the earth.

3. And there remained on the earth the sacred people, the I' hins; and the carnivorous people, the druks.

4. The I' hins were white and yellow, but the druks were brown and black; the I' hins were small and slender, but the druks were tall and stout.

5. Now, because the druks had not previously obeyed the Lord, but went and dwelt with the asu' ans, there was a half-breed race born on the earth, called Yak, signifying ground people; and they burrowed in the ground like beasts of the forest. And the Yaks did not walk wholly upright, but also went on all fours.

6. God said: Because the Yaks cannot be taught the crime of incest, behold they shall not dwell forever on the earth. So also shall it be with the druks, save wherein they cohabit with the I' hins, whose seed is born unto everlasting life. But with the druks, and their heirs that spring from the Yaks, there shall be an end, both in this world and the next.

7. And the arms of the Yaks were long, and their backs were stooped and curved. And the Lord said: Because they are the fruit of incest, and not capable of speech, nor of eternal 72

life in heaven, the I' hins shall make servants of them.

8. And that they may not tempt my chosen to bring forth fruit unto destruction, they shall be neutralized in my sight. And the angels of God taught the I' hins to make eunuchs of the Yaks; of the males and females made the I' hins eunuchs of the Yaks, and took them for servants.

9. And the Lord said: The Yaks shall serve the I' hins, and build and sow and reap for them. And it was so.

10. The I' hins were disposed to live alone, but the Lord called them together, saying: Come and dwell together in cities. For it is meet that ye live after the manner of my kingdoms in heaven.

11. Build ye therefore unto the Lord your God; and my angels shall dwell with you, teaching you to sing and dance for the glory of your Creator.

12. And man built unto the Lord, and established worship on earth after the manner of heaven.

13. Now it came to pass that the druks came to witness the rites and ceremonies of the chosen, but they took no part therein, neither comprehended they the meaning thereof hins: That ye may teach some of them of the Lord your God,

14. And God said unto the I' build ye within the house of worship an image of me; in likeness of man build ye it. And I will manifest unto as many as are capable of everlasting life.

15. And the I' hins, men and women, with their servants, built images of stone and clay and wood unto the Lord, and stood them by the altars of sacrifice.

16. And in the time of worship, the angels of the Lord came and possessed the idols and spake therefrom, with audible voices spake before mortals.

17. And the druks inquired of the I' hins as to the cause thereof. And the I' hins said: Behold, there is a God in heaven, more subtle than the air of heaven. He it was that brought us forth out of darkness. He speaketh in idol that ye may know he abideth with his people.

18. The druks said: What saith he? The I' hins answered, saying: That whosoever hath attained to remember God is in the way of everlasting life.

19. The druks inquired, saying: How shall a man live forever? Behold, ye that believe also die!

20. The I' hins answered, saying: As the voice of the Lord is unseen but potent, so is there a spirit in man unseen and potent, which shall never die, but ascend to heaven to habitations prepared by the Lord.

21. And many of the druks pondered on these things, and their thoughts quickened their souls within them, so that they brought forth heirs unto eternal salvation.

22. And the Lord said unto the I' hins: Because ye have done a good thing, go ye abroad, by the roadsides and in other places, and build images unto me and mine, and my angels shall bestow gifts and signs and miracles. hins covered the roadways of the earth over with idols of stone and wood

23. And the I' and clay, and the angels of heaven descended to the idols and established thereabout heavenly kingdoms.

24. And when man came hither, and called on the name of the Lord, it was as a password for the angels; and they wrought miracles, and otherwise gave evidence unto man of the Unseen. 73

chapter 3

1. And God gave commandments unto man, that the earth might be a place of rejoicing forever. And these are the commandments of the Lord God as given in that day:

2. Thou shalt strive to remember the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

3. Thou shalt not kill man, nor beast, nor bird, nor creeping thing, for they are the Lord' s.

4. Thou shalt build walls round about thy cities, that beasts and serpents may not enter and do thee harm. And if thy habitation be in the wilderness, thou shalt build mounds of wood and earth to sleep on at night, that serpents and beasts may not molest thee.

5. The I' hins inquired of the Lord, saying: If we build walls around about our cities, how shall we get in and out? How shall we gather our harvests of fruit and nuts and seeds of the field? How shall we ascend on the mounds which we build in the wilderness?

6. The Lord said: Behold, my angels shall teach you to build ladders and how to use them. And when ye go into the city at night ye shall take the ladders in after you; and when ye come out in the morning ye shall let the ladders down again.

7. And God' s angels taught the chosen these things, and man provided the cities with ladders, and he provided the mounds with ladders also; according to the commandment of God were these things done. hins prospered and spread abroad over the face of the earth; hundreds of

8. And the I' thousands of cities and mounds built they, and they rejoiced in the glory of all created things. Neither killed they man, nor beast, nor fish, nor bird, nor creeping thing that breathed the breath of life.

9. And God saw that man was good and grateful in all things; and God called unto the angels of heaven, saying: Why are the I' hins good? For, as yet, they are ignorant!

10. And the angels answered, saying: Because thou saidst unto us: Go ye, as guardian angels, and inspire man to live without evil, even so have we administered unto the I' hins, guarding and inspiring them night and day.

11. God said: Why then, the I' hins have no honor. Except they learn of themselves to be good, they will be void of wisdom in heaven. For this reason ye shall withdraw a little, that man be tried as to his self-commandment.

12. And the angels withdrew awhile from the I' hins. And now it came to pass, that they had stored in their cities and on their mounds ample provision of food and raiment for the winter; but the druks followed not the example of the I' hins, for the druks stored up nothing.

13. And when the angels departed a little way, evil spirits came to the druks, and said unto them: Behold, it is winter, and ye are hungry. Go ye over the ladders and possess the stores of the I' hins.

14. And the druks plundered the I' hins; and evil spirits sat upon the I' hins also, and many of them were inspired to defend their stores. And war ensued; and it spread around about the whole earth.

15. And the I' hins besought the Lord as to why God suffered evil to come upon his chosen.

16. And the Lord said: Because ye depended upon me for all things, ye developed not yourselves. Henceforth shall man learn to face evil on his own account; otherwise he could not attain to the Godhead in heaven. 74

17. Two entities hast thy Creator given thee, that which is flesh, and that which is spirit. And the flesh shall desire earthly things; but the spirit shall desire heavenly things.

18. Behold, when the druks came upon thee for thy stores, thy flesh cried out WAR, and thy people fell.

19. Again have I come to thee to raise thee up; to make thee understand the spirit within. It is that, and not the flesh, which shall learn to triumph.

20. The I' hins said: Our people are scattered and gone; will they not mingle with the druks, and thus go out in darkness?

21. The Lord said: Behold there were druks who had learned a little from the images; now because thy people are scattered and gone, they shall go amongst the druks and teach the law of incest and the name of God, and they shall also begin to hide their nakedness.

22. So the Lord inspired other people besides the I' hins, to make and wear clothes, and they thus wore them.

23. And again the Lord brought the I' hins together in lodges and cities, and he said unto them: Henceforth ye shall live upon the earth as an example of righteousness. And your brethren who have mingled with the tribes of darkness shall no longer molest you, but be your defenders and protectors.

24. And there began to be a new tribe on the earth; and they were called I' huans, because hins. The I' huans were red like copper; and they were half-breeds, betwixt the druks and I' they were taller and stronger than any other people in all the world. And the Lord commanded the I' huans, saying:

25. Protect ye the I' hins, the little people, white and yellow; call them THE SACRED PEOPLE. For ye are of them, and ye are also of the Lord your God. And it was so.

chapter 4

1. About this time man began to use his lip and tongue in enunciating words, prior to which he spoke in the thorax.

2. And the Lord spake unto the I' hin, saying: That the labor of the Lord thy God may be remembered on the earth, go provide me a stone and I will engrave it with mine own hand, and it shall be called Se' moin (see first tablet, BOOK OF SAPHAH) because it shall be a testimony unto all nations and peoples, on the earth, of the first written language in all the world.

3. And the I' hins prepared a stone, and hewed it flat and then polished it smooth; and the Lord came down in the night and engraved it. And the Lord explained it; through his angels taught he the I' hins the meaning of the characters engraved thereon.

4. And the Lord said: Go into all cities in all the countries of the world, and provide ye copies like unto the tablet I have given. So it came to pass, the angels of heaven inspired the I' hins to make tablets and to read them, that the first language of the earth (Panic) might be preserved to the races of men. And it was so.

5. Now the I' huans partly obeyed the Lord and partly obeyed the way of the flesh; and they became warriors and destroyers; nevertheless they harmed not the I' hins, nor suffered harm to come upon them.

6. God had commanded the I' hins to make eunuchs of the Yaks, the monstrosities, and use them as servants; for the Lord saw that the Yaks were not capable of everlasting life 75

in heaven.

7. Now the I' huans also served the Yaks in the same way; but they disobeyed God in inflicting the neutral gender on their enemies whom they captured in war. And although they were themselves half-breeds with the druks, yet they hated the druks, and pursued them with vengeance.

8. In those days the relative proportion of the races of men were: I' hins, one hundred; I' huans, three hundred; druks, five thousand; Yaks, five thousand; and of monstrosities betwixt man and beast, three thousand; but the latter died each generation, for they had not the power of procreation amongst themselves.

9. And God saw the work of destruction going on (of the I' huans slaughtering right and left), and he sent the I' hins to preach amongst them, saying to the I' hins.

10. Thus say ye to the I' huans: Whomsoever is created alive, kill not, for it is the commandment of the Lord.

11. For in the time of your most success in slaughtering your fellow-man, ye are also peopling heaven with the spirits of vengeance. And they will return upon you, and even the I' huans shall turn upon one another; thus saith God. huans understood not; believed not. And it came to pass that great darkness

12. But the I' covered the earth. And man, save the few I' hins, gave up to wickedness all his days.

13. And the Lord' s people worshipped and preached in the temples, and the Lord and his heavenly hosts manifested unto them; but all the other races of men heard not, would not come to learn of God.

14. And the Lord became tired in his labor, and He called his angels to him, and he said unto them: Behold, man on the earth hath gone so far from my ways he will not heed my commandments; he cannot hear my voice.

15. And your labor is in vain also. For which reason we will tarry no longer on the earth till man hath exhausted the evil that is in him.

16. So the Lord and his angel hosts departed away from the earth. And clouds came over the face of the earth; the moon shone not, and the sun was only as a red coal of fire; and the stars stood in the firmament as well in the day as at night.

17. The harvests failed; the trees yielded no nuts, and the roots on which man feedeth ceased to grow.

18. And the monstrosities, and the Yaks, and the druks, died off, tens of millions of them. And even yet they were not extinct. Nevertheless, the I' huans suffered less; and the I' hins not at all. For the Lord had previously inspired them to provide against the coming famine.

19. And the Lord bewailed the earth and the generations of man: I made man upright and walked by his side, but he slipped aside and fell, said the Lord. I admonished him, but he would not heed. I showed him that every living creature brought forth its own kind; but he understood not, believed not; and he dwelt with beasts; falling lower than all the rest. END OF THE FIRST BOOK OF THE FIRST LORDS.


Plate 3. Asu.



Plate 4. 77


book of ah’shong, son of jehovih


chapter 1

1. When God and his Lords of heaven and earth had lost their heavenly dominion, the swift messengers, that constantly ply through the atmospherean and etherean worlds, bore the report to Jehovih' s kingdom in etherea.

2. The earth had passed the ji' ayan eddies at Shrapah, in the etherean roadway Hi-abalk' yiv, and was heading for the eastern fields of Anakaron, having entered the dan' haian arches of Vehetaivi, where lay the great kingdoms of the Orian Chief, Hieu Wee, with his millions of Gods and Goddesses and high-raised ethereans.

3. Before Hieu Wee, came the swift messengers, fresh from the heavens of the earth, with their pitiful tales of woe that had befallen the inhabitants thereof.

4. Hieu Wee said: I behold the red star, the earth, O Jehovih! I have heard the tale of horror. What shall be done, O Father? shong. Let him hear the will

5. Then spake Jehovih, saying: Call thy tributary Chief, Ah' of Jehovih!

6. Then sent Hieu Wee for Ah' shong, who had dominion over the fields of Anakaron in etherea, through which lay the roadway where the earth was to travel for three thousand years.

7. And when Ah' shong came before the Holy Council of Hieu Wee' s million Gods and Goddesses, the All Light fell upon the throne like a sun; and the voice of the Creator spake in the midst of the light, saying:

8. Hieu Wee, My son! and Hieu Wee answered: Here am I, Thy servant, O Jehovih!

9. Jehovih said: Behold the red star, the earth; she entereth the fields of Anakaron. She is dripping wet and cold in the ji' ayan eddies. Her God and Lords are powerless in the spell of darkness. Send thou thy son, Ah' shong, to deliver the earth and her heavens. For behold, I will bring them to his door.

10. Then spake Ah' shong, saying: Thy will be done, O Jehovih. Though I have been long honored in etherea, with many etherean worlds to command, I have not as yet redeemed one corporeal world and her heavens from a time of darkness.

11. Jehovih said: Go then, My Son, to the laboring earth and deliver her; but first appoint thou a successor for Anakaron.

12. Then spake Hieu Wee, who was older than the red star, who had seen many corporeal worlds created; had seen them run their course, and then disappear as such. He said to Ah' shong:

13. Send thou to Wan, and to Hivigat, in etherea, and get the history of the earth and her heaven; and obtain thou also an account of her harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih. And thou shalt call from my realms as many million etherean angels as thy labor may require, and with them proceed to the earth, and thou shalt have a line of swift messengers established betwixt this place and thine, and, by the power of Jehovih, I will answer thy prayers in whatsoever thou shalt need.

14. Then Ah' shong went back to Anakaron, his etherean kingdom, and before his Holy 78

Council made known Jehovih' s will and his. And Ah' shong called for sixty million volunteers, to go with him on his mission; and they came presently: Some from Yohan; some from T' seing; some from Araith; some from Gon Loo, and from various other places in Anakaron; came in millions; came as many as Ah' shong called for.

15. So Ah' shong raised up a successor to Jehovih' s throne in Anakaron, and he was installed and crowned according to the discipline of the etherean heavens.

16. And Ah' shong sent swift messengers into the former roadway of the earth to obtain its history; its harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms.

17. Then gazed Ah' shong toward the red star; and his sixty million volunteers also gazed, and watched her as she coursed along in the arches of Vehetaivi.

18. Thus Ah' shong, well skilled in the course and behavior of worlds, gathered together his millions of angels, trained in arduous enterprise and furtherance of Jehovih' s will. Quickly they framed and equipped an Orian port-au-gon, and illuminated it with firelights and bolts. And these sons and daughters of Jehovih embarked and sped forth. A half a million miles, even on the outskirts of Anakaron, and they stood close above the earth, almost so near that the sweeping moon would touch the down-hanging curtains of etherean fire. And here they halted, that both mortals and angels belonging to the earth might behold and fear; for such Jehovih made man, by unusual sights, to become weak and trembling, to change him to new purposes.

19. Jehovih' s voice spake to Ah' shong, saying: For three days and nights stand thou in the firmament that man on earth and in atmospherea may behold the power and majesty of My chosen in heaven.

20. Ah' shong said: On the fourth day, O Jehovih, I will cross Chinvat; on the fifth, descend toward the earth. Bring me, O Father, Thy messengers from the lower heaven. I will converse with them.

21. Jehovih sent the angels of the earth and lower heaven up to Ah' shong; disheartened they came, to know Jehovih' s will.

22. Ah' shong said unto them: The Father' s hosts are come from their high estate and glorious ease, to redeem these fallen heavens, and man on the earth. It is our labor to come in love to the helpless, and teach them how to sing in Jehovih' s praise. Then the swift messengers answered:

23. In the All Person' s boundless love, find thou recompense for thy holy words, most honored God. Down in darkness, long and earnestly, have the Lords of earth labored conjointly with heaven' s God, whose kingdom fell. Alas, our God, who ministered over the lower heaven, is crushed and humiliated. The enemies of high heaven, exulting in their spoil of Jehovih' s kingdom and His name, mock us, saying: Where now is Jehovih? Whence cometh the Higher Light? O ye Faithists in an All Person boundless!

24. But now thy high-shining sun, thy ship of etherean fire, maketh the sons and daughters of the earth and her heaven look, and fear, and tremble. And when thy Light appeared we made all haste in hope of succor. Our souls are more s name, we will back and employ a than filled with thankfulness; and in Jehovih' million trumpeters to proclaim around the earth and heaven: JEHOVIH IS COME!

25. After due salutation the swift messengers departed; and Ah' shong made all things in readiness for his descent when the proper time should arrive.


Plate 2. Ethereans visiting the Earth. A, Atmospherea; B, Ethereans; E, Earth; C, Distance: 20,000 miles.

chapter 2

1. Jehovih spake to Ah' shong, saying: On the evening of the third day shalt thou move thy etherean ship toward the earth. And when thou arrivest within an arrafon thou shalt halt for another three days, that thy magnificence may awe the men and angels of earth with 80

the power and glory of My emancipated sons and daughters.

2. Ah' shong proceeded as commanded, and when he came within an arrafon, halted for three days, and the magnificence of the scene overcame the stubbornness of men of earth and angels in atmospherea. Again Jehovih said:

3. Proceed again, My son, and when thou art within half the breadth of the earth, halt once more and make in the place thereof a plateau, and it shall be the place of thy abiding for the time of dawn, which shall be seven years and sixty days.

4. And from this time forth My etherean hosts shall not remain in atmospherea more than eight years in any one cycle. This, then, that I give to thee shall be like every dawn of dan, some of one year, some of two or three or four or more (years), as the time requireth.

5. And thou shalt dwell in thy kingdom seven years and sixty days, and the time shall be called the first dawn of dan, and the next succeeding shall be called the second dawn of dan, and so on, as long as the earth bringeth forth. ha; and four

6. And the time from one dawn of dan to another shall be called one dan' dan' ha shall be called one square, because this is the sum of one density, which is twelve thousand of the earth' s years. And twelve squares shall be called one cube, which is the first dividend of the third space, in which there is no variation in the vortex of the earth. And four cubes shall be called one sum, because the magnitude thereof embraceth one equal of the Great Serpent.

7. Ah' shong proceeded again, and moved within four thousand miles of the earth, and the voice of Jehovih commanded Ah' shong to halt in the place, and found a new kingdom, using all things requisite to that end. Jehovih said:

8. Thy place shall be a distance away from the earth, that thy dominion be not disturbed by the confusion of the fallen angels thereof. So also, to as many as thou shalt redeem away from the earth and from mortal contact, the distance of thy kingdom will prevent them returning.

9. Ah' shong perceived, and he proclaimed what Jehovih had spoken to him. And the hosts cast out fastenings to the plateau, that the kingdom together with the etherean sea of fire might rotate with the earth and its atmosphere. Jehovih said:

10. Make strong the foundation of thy place, and erect ten thousand pillars of fire around about; and in every direction provide roadways and mansions; but in the midst thou shalt build the house of council, wherein shall sit thy host of dominion during dawn.

11. Ah' shong built the place as commanded by Jehovih, and when it was finished, Jehovih said: Thou shalt call the place Yeshuah. And it was so called, because it was a place of salvation. Again Jehovih said:

12. Choose now thy council, My Son, and also thy sub-officers, and when thou hast completed the list, leave in Yeshuah the sub-officers and proceed thou, and thy council of one million men and women with thee, down to the earth and heaven thereof, and cast thine eyes upon the inhabitants, for they are in distress. And when thou comest to the place of My Lords and My God, deliver thou them and bring them to Yeshuah, for they hins in heaven as are capable, bring thou also away with need rest. And as many of the I' thee, and give them into the care of thy people.

13. Ah' shong did as commanded, first selecting his council and his officers, and then he and his hosts proceeded to the earth as had been commanded.


chapter 3

1. Up to this time the ancient names of the division of the lands of the earth had been maintained, and God and his Lords being driven from the place of Hored, which had gone into dissolution, dwelt part of the time in Waga and part in Jud and Vohu.

2. And God and the Lords had established three kingdoms, one in Waga, one in Jud, and one in Vohu; and within these kingdoms of heaven there were two hundred millions of redeemed angels capable of the second resurrection, and one hundred millions of es' yans and unlearned apprentices. Chief of the three heavens was Waga, and thither had God and his Lords congregated with their chief officers, as soon as the sign of the descending sea of Jehovih' s kingdom appeared in the firmament above.

3. To God, Jehovih spake, saying: Make ready thy places, O My son, and thy Lords with thee. Behold, I come in a world of fire, and My faithful workers shall find rest and happiness.

4. Ah' shong will redeem thy sons and daughters; yea, he will girdle the earth about with new, etherean light and great power.

5. Call together thy people, O God, and bid them rejoice and make merry, for the time of deliverance is at hand.

6. Then God communicated to the Lords, and they again to others, the words of Jehovih; and at sight of the sign in heaven, the faithful began to rejoice and to gather together in their respective places. But of the unbelieving angels dwelling on earth, and with mortals, and in other abodes, of whom there were hundreds of millions, this is what happened:

7. They were overcome by the sight of the ship of fire in heaven above, and in fear fled in all directions. And by their great numbers, in the presence of mortals, caused mortals also to fear and flee in search of some secure place. And many of these spirits of darkness came beseechingly to be admitted into the kingdoms of the Lords, whither they had been invited for hundreds of years, but would not come.

8. But God and the Lords encompassed their places about with walls of light and would not receive the unbelieving. God said: Till such time as Ah' shong shall arrive, let order be maintained within my kingdoms. So it came to pass that for six days and nights the fear that prevailed on earth and in heaven was such as had never been before since the earth was.

9. And God and the Lords brought their es' enaurs out, and they sang and danced before Jehovih. And on the approach of Ah' shong' s hosts, with his musicians and heralds, and the great multitude, arrayed in shining raiment, even God and the Lords were overcome by the splendor and magnificence.

10. They sat down on the improvised throne, and the etherean marshals approached and divided, first into single columns, then double, then quadruple, and so on till the fifty thousand marshals had enclosed all sides, save the east, where was an open space through shong came, attended by his chief counselors, of which there were five which Ah' thousand. After these came the council of one million, inter-broken here and there with groups of thousands of es' enaurs, who were chanting hymns of praise to Jehovih and his kingdoms.

11. The lower heaven above the continent of Waga and parts of Jud and Vohu was illuminated by the hosts of Ah' shong, the like of which had never been in atmospherea 82

before. Nor was there any more work being done on earth or in heaven, because of the fear and great stirring up.

12. But now Ah' shong approached before the throne of God and the Lords, saluting with the sign of the second degree of Jehovih, saying: In Jehovih' s name and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, am I come to give you joy.

13. God said: In Jehovih' s name, all hail! Ah' shong, chief of Anakaron, all hail! And God went forward to the foot of the throne and received Ah' shong, whereupon the Lords came forward saluting also. The es' enaurs ceased singing, and Ah' song proceeded to the throne and sat thereon, and God took off his own crown and gave it to Ah' shong, and also gave him the triangle, which was called the heirloom of the heavenly kingdoms of earth, bestowed by command of Jehovih.

14. The All Light was abundant around about Ah' shong, and the voice of Jehovih spake out of the midst thereof, saying: Inasmuch as these things are done in My name prayerfully, and in faith, so do I dwell with you all. My Son shall wear thy crown, O God.

15. Behold, I am come in might and swiftness, for it is the spring time of the earth. My Son, Seffas, is afoot on the earth; he hath stirred up the earth-born. But I will establish anew My light in these heavens.

16. Have I not said: I brought the seed of everlasting life to the earth? I gave God and his Lords to teach mortals and spirits of My glories in the upper heavens. And I commanded that they that come up out of the earth should be My God and My Lords in these realms.

17. Ye were installed by My hand, and have done a good work. Think not that I curse because Hored and Moeb are fallen! Knew I not beforehand that these things would be? Behold, I have provided all My works so that man should be forever making new things. Had Hored stood, there had been no heaven to rebuild on earth in this day. How, then, could My newborn Gods learn? Think not that I come to teach with Mine own labor; I provide My people that they shall teach one another.

18. What is so conceited as man? And yet I bring him into life the dumbest of animals. Man prideth himself in his power and wisdom. I send the drought, the rains and winds, the weakest of My members, and they show man he is nothing. So also do My Gods and Lords of the lower heaven become conceited of their power and wisdom; but a turn of a word, and their heavens fall. Thousands of millions of souls turn from order and high estate into confusion and anarchy. Thus do I confound men and angels, and in their seeming misery lay the foundation for an everlasting good. The voice ceased.

19. Ah' shong said: In the name of Jehovih, I announce my presence over earth and the lower heaven.

20. The marshals said: ALL HAIL! AH’SHONG, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! Proclaim him in Jehovih' s name.

21. Hardly had these words gone forth when the voice of the entire hosts joined in proclaiming: ALL HAIL! O GOD! SON OF JEHOVIH!

22. Ah' shong, now God, said: Thy crown shall be my crown, for under this shall Jehovih' s power triumph; otherwise people would say: Behold there is no virtue in Jehovih' s crowns. So, he placed it on his head and rose up and saluted the retired God and Lords, saying to them:

23. I have a place for ye; and it is called Yeshuah. Retire thither with my proper officers, and partake of rest and the freedom of the place until I come also. But the retired God and 83

Lords said: We pray thee, put us to labor. Whereupon God (Ah' shong) said:

24. Jehovih' s sons must not be humiliated; how, then, can ye labor under me? Were ye not Jehovih' s God and Lords.

25. They perceived, and, after due salutations, were provided with an escort of five hundred thousand men and women; and they departed on their way to Yeshuah.

26. God (Ah' shong) said: Let M' ghi come before me, and Bing-fo and Nest. They shall be my Lords of dawn in Jehovih' s name.

27. The three came and stood before the throne. God said: I announce the presence of Jehovih' s Lords of the earth. The marshals said: ALL HAIL! O M' GHI and BING-FO and NEST, JEHOVIH’S LORDS OF EARTH!

28. These were also proclaimed by the voice of the assembled hosts. God said: In Jehovih' s name, go your ways, O Lords of earth.

29. Whereupon the Lords crowned themselves and at once departed, saluting reverently.

30. God said: Bring the atmospherean marshals before me. They were brought and stationed in front of the throne. God said: Glory be to Thee, O Jehovih! I have looked upon Thy sons and daughters who have withstood a great darkness, but retained faith in Thee. In Thy name, and by virtue of Thy power, do I deliver them. Let him who is chief, answer me: How many angels are prepared for the second resurrection?

31. Sawni, chief marshal, said: Two hundred millions. God said: Retire thou and thy companions, and gather together Jehovih' s harvest of souls, and I will send them to Yeshuah.

32. The atmosphereans were then duly arranged as commanded, and God called a hundred swift messengers and one thousand etherean marshals, and they provided abattos; and the hosts, prepared for the second resurrection, departed for Yeshuah, as commanded.

33. God said: I have now remaining my etherean hosts and the atmosphereans in darkness. Of the latter, let them remain as they are for three days, for I will travel around the world, and my etherean hosts with me, observing mortals and spirits in their places and habits, that I may the better judge them and provide accordingly.

34. So God and his etherean angels provided an abattos, and they embarked and started on their journey, traveling imperceptibly to mortals.

chapter 4

1. The Council of Yeshuah, of which there were one million members, was formed in groups, and these again represented in groups, and these in still other groups. Consequently, a group of one thousand had one speaker, who became the voice of that thousand; of these speakers, one hundred had one voice in council; and of these, ten had one voice before God, and he was the voice of the whole, and Jehovih was his voice. Thus was the whole council represented in all its parts. And this was the manner of proceeding, to wit:

2. God commanded the subject; the council deliberated in thousands, and each speaker became aware of the voice of his group. Then these speakers assembled in hundreds and deliberated, and they again centered into one voice; and each ten of these had one voice before God. Thus it came to pass that the decrees of God were both the wisdom of men 84

and of Jehovih. Hence the saying: When God said this, or God commanded that, it was the word of Jehovih expressed by men and angels.

3. After God and his hosts visited the earth and the lower heaven, they returned to Yeshuah and sat in council on the affairs of mortals and atmosphereans.

4. God said: Behold, the heavens and earth have become like gardens grown foul and rank, producing nothing. I have come with a pruning knife and a consuming fire.

5. God said: I withdraw from the druj and the druk the beneficence of Jehovih' s chosen; I leave them destitute. Who can approach the beggar with wisdom, or the king with inspiration to be good? A drowning man will try to swim; but the reveler in lust must perish before his soul can learn Jehovih.

6. Better is it to labor with a child from infancy, and thence to maturity, to teach it aright, than to strive with a score of conceited adults, and fail to redeem one. Who is the mocker of charity more than they that give to such as can help themselves but will not? Wisdom and uprightness of heart are but bread. Preach not to unwelcome ears; are sermons of wisdom to be forced into men' s souls?

7. Blessed Jehovih! He made hunger, and so men love bread. Without hunger they would s understanding his helplessness in spirit when not eat. A wise God driveth home to man' Jehovih is denied.

8. Pursue the earth, O my beloved; bring hence all light. Pursue the lower heaven of the earth also; bring hence all light. I will leave the earth and heaven in darkness one whole year. They shall cry out; their conceit in the dumb wind shall fail.

9. Have not the spirits of heaven despoiled Hored and Moeb? Do not evil spirits and evil men say: Behold, there is enough! Let us divide. But they produce not. They are devourers; living on others'substance. The Great Spirit made man to exert; by exertion groweth he in wisdom and strength.

10. They seek ease and comfort; helpless and more helpless they fall; they are on the road to everlasting destruction. Happy is the God who can arouse them.

chapter 5

1. God said: Blessed is the surgeon' s knife; its burn is the capital of health regained; but yet a fool will cry out: Hold! hold! enough! thou inflicter of pain!

2. Who hath an eye like Jehovih? His whipping-posts are on all sides, but there is a clear road between them. Yet man followeth it not.

3. Withdraw all good men and good angels, and there is no person left; they would not be half made up. A man without an arm or a leg is but part of a man; a man without perception of the All Person is a deformity in soul. He seeketh a home for his own ease and glory; but the Son of Jehovih seeketh to find the severest labor that will profit his brethren.

4. Yeshuah shall be my homestead; hither will I bring the fruit of heaven below; hither build my training schools. Seven years shall be my service; and they shall learn the ways of etherea. Build me a house of brotherhood and fill it with willing pupils sworn to labor. I will make them Gods and Lords with power and wisdom.

5. Behold a man maketh a factory and turneth out fabric for sale. I make a college and I turn out sons and daughters of Jehovih, to give away. Bring me such material as will 85

stand in warp and filling; Jehovih' s fabric shall endure forever. Search me out the seed of I' hin, and house them with care, for they shall redeem the earth-born after I ascend to the Father' s kingdom.

chapter 6

1. All the first best angels of atmospherea were brought away from the earth and housed in Yeshuah, being placed at school and in factories new made in heaven. These were I' hins.

2. The second first-best spirits were brought also, but placed in hospitals and nurseries.

3. Of those who had advanced to receive the second resurrection, God said: Build an etherean ship and take them to Theistivi, in etherea.

4. So it came to pass there were two hundred millions raised to the second resurrection, of the grade thirty-five. Theistivi lieth betwixt etherea and Seven A' ji, which is the lowest of the etherean heavens next to an atmospherean abode.

5. God said: Two qualities have I left in Yeshuah, first and second. These shall be the new kingdom after I am ascended. From these I will raise up a God and Lords, and they shall rule over the lower heaven and the earth; and they shall bequeath to others after them to rule in like manner.

6. Thus was founded the second light of Jehovih on the fruit of the earth. God' s etherean hosts became as a training school to raise up a God and Lords and marshals and es' enaurs, and all other officers, and men and women, for a lower heaven. God said: Yeshuah shall not approach nearer the earth; nor shall it be as Hored, where spirits of darkness might easily approach.

7. One hundred millions of spirits did God and his Lords and fellow-laborers bring from the earth to Yeshuah, and they were placed in a brotherhood apportioned in the places suited to their talents. And God divided the time of study, and of recreation, and of music, and of discipline, marching, and so on, suited to all the people; and it was a place of order and glory.

8. For without discipline there is nothing; and discipline cannot be without ceremony; nor ceremony without rites, and forms, and established words. Is it not a foolish soldier that saith: Behold I am wise! I need no discipline nor manual of arms. What more is he than one of an untutored mob?

9. God said: As I drill them in heaven to make them a unit, so give ye to mortals rites and ceremonies, that, coming into heaven, they go not back to their old haunts and fall in darkness. Whatever tendeth to harmonize the behavior of individuals is of the Father; the opposite tendeth to evil. Better is it that men march to the sound of one monotonous word, than not to march at all; the value lieth not in the word, but in bringing in unison that which was void. A fool saith: I need not pray, there is no virtue in words. But his soul groweth up at variance with Jehovih. Neither is there more virtue in the prayer or the words, than in marching (sacred dance) before Jehovih; for whatever tendeth to unite men in one expression of soul in harmony, is Jehovih' s.

10. Sacred dances and rites and ceremonies were established in Yeshuah in the name of Jehovih; and the new heaven became a place of delight.

11. God said: Teach my chosen to labor hard and wisely; and to dance with energy, and to 86

sing with strength and fullness of soul. For what more is there in any man or woman than to learn to put forth? And what more pitiful thing is there in heaven than a man or woman who hath but dragged along?

chapter 7

1. When all the first best spirits of the lower heaven, and such as dwelt with mortals, were taken away and domiciled in Yeshuah, there were left only druj (spirits of darkness) on the face of the earth. For one whole year God left the earth void of Jehovih' s light.

2. Mortals loved more to commune with the spirits of their kindred, who knew little of heaven, than they did with ethereans who were wise and holy.

3. God said: What man or what woman have ye found who saith: Come ye angels of Jehovih, tell me wherein I can do more good works, for I thirst, and am hungry to serve Jehovih with all my wisdom and strength in doing good to my fellows?

4. Rather do they turn away from such, and drink in the tales of the strolling druj, and so wrap themselves in darkness. For this reason shall they find darkness in heaven and earth; and they shall be as one who is sick and broken down in conceit.

5. When the year of darkness was ended God sent pruners around about the earth and in the lower heaven of the earth. Two millions of pruners sent he forth, saying to them: Find all the evil spirits dwelling with mortals, whether they be fetals or familiars, and gather them into one place. Then find the spirits and fairies who have taken up caves and waterfalls on earth as their abode, and bring them to the same place. Then find the idiotic and chaotic spirits who dwell on battle-fields, and bring them to the same place. Then find the lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, and in houses of evil, and when they are going out for raids on mortals, seize them and bring them to the same place.

6. The ethereans went and collected all the evil spirits and the spirits of darkness belonging to the earth, and brought them to a place in atmospherea, and there were of them nine hundred millions.

7. God said: Prepare a ship suitable to transport them to Hudaow, in Ji' ya, and there provide them a kingdom to themselves, giving them a God and Lords and proper officers to discipline and educate them for Jehovih' s kingdoms.

8. Thus were they removed, and the earth and its lower heaven were purified from evil spirits by the decree of God in Yeshuah, in the second year of the first dawn of dan. .

chapter 8

1. In the second year of Yeshuah, God (that is Ah' shong) caused to be established in his heaven all requisite places of learning and industry, whereby and wherein es' yans might be educated to good works, and to a general knowledge of Jehovih' s kingdoms (universe), and there volunteered a sufficient number of ethereans as teachers and practisers of work for all that was required.

2. God said: Now that the earth and heaven are purified from evil, my Lords shall deliver the es' yans to the asaphs, and enjoin them to deliver in Yeshuah, which I have established a short distance from the earth as a barrier against their returning to mortals. Jehovih said: 87

Suffer not the blind to lead the blind.

3. And it was so; at the time mortals died, their spirits were taken by the asaphs to Yeshuah; and to make this an acceptable labor to the es' yans, God said: Tell my Lords of the earth to teach mortals by inspiration and otherwise of my kingdom, Yeshuah.

4. And it so came to pass through the Lords and the ashars, that is, the guardian spirits with mortals, that the name, Yeshuah, was established on the earth. God said: In the time of kosmon, men shall say: Whence came the name of heavenly things? But Yeshuah shall lie hid away, and Jehovih will in that day stretch forth His hand and disclose all.

5. But mortals were thick in tongue, and could not say Yeshuah, and they said I.E.Su; hence came the name of many men, Iesu, signifying, without evil, which is the ultimate salvation of the soul.

6. Jehovih spake through God, saying: The time of the end of dawn cometh, and My emancipated sons and daughters shall return to their places, taking the resurrected with them. But that the earth and lower heaven may not be left in darkness, provide ye a God and Lords and marshals and messengers, and all other officers, to rule and teach in My name.

7. From the born of earth shall ye make them, and they shall hold office for two hundred years, and four hundred years, and six hundred years, according to the atmospherean cycles.

8. Suffer not My etherean hosts to remain longer than dawn, either on the earth or within atmospherea, for I shall take the earth into dark regions in order to build it up to a higher state for the time that cometh after.

9. The voice departed. God said: Let the voice of the council deliberate on this matter, and speak before the Father. For I will provide also a heaven in the ancient place of Hored, and it shall be called Bispah, for it shall be a place of reception for the spirits of the dead preparatory to their being brought to Yeshuah.

10. In course of time there were raised up many of the earth-born, and God selected them and appointed them to fill the places; and he founded Bispah, and officered it according to the command of Jehovih. After God established rites and ceremonies, and processions and dances, with sacred words, in Yeshuah, he commanded his Lords to give the same things to mortals, and they so fulfilled all that was designed from the beginning.

11. In the seventh year of dawn God commanded his council to select another God and Lords, and other officers; and the council proceeded after the manner of the ancients, selecting the most learned and the purest and holiest; according to their rank in Godliness chose they them, and a record was made of these matters and deposited in the library of Yeshuah.

12. So it came to pass that God called in his own Lords of the earth, and sat apart the first day of the new moon as the day on which he would consecrate the God and Lords, his successors; and he called the day Mas, the name of which endureth to this day of kosmon. s day (mas) on the earth as a time of Furthermore, God established the moon' consecration. (And this is the origin of saying mass).

13. When the chosen were in place before the throne, God said: By command of Jehovih are ye brought before me, His Son; in His name will I consecrate ye to the places commanded of Him.

14. The marshals then conducted him that ranked highest up to the seat of the throne. God 88


15. In the name of Jehovih, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, do I ordain thee God of heaven and earth. He that receiveth from my hand receiveth from my Father, who raised me up.

16. The initiate said: All power cometh from the Father. All wisdom cometh from the Father. All love cometh from the Father. In His name and by virtue of His commandments through His Son, receive I all that is put upon me, for His glory, forever!

17. God then said: Give me a crown, O Father, for Thy Son! A scarlet light descended from above, and God reached forth his hands and wove it into a crown and placed it on the initiate' s head, saying: God of heaven and earth, thee I crown. And now shalt thou receive also the sacred triangle, which is the heirloom of the Gods of earth. And he hung it around his neck, adding: And since there can be but one God on earth or in this heaven, I herewith uncrown myself in Jehovih' s name and salute thee, O God, GOD OF EARTH AND HEAVEN!

18. Ah' shong now stood to the right, and God, who was ordained, went and sat on the throne, and there descended red and blue lights from above, enveloping him completely, and he was quickened. He said:

19. Let the initiates for Lords of earth approach the throne of the Most High Jehovih!

20. The five Lords came forward. God said: Join hands and receive ye from the Father. By virtue of the Power, Wisdom and Love of Jehovih, vested in me, receive I thee as the highest chosen; and I proclaim thee Lord of earth, in Jehovih' s name! Accept this crown from heaven above, the like of which cannot be woven from earthly things; by its power shalt thou remain in accord with Yesuah and the kingdoms above.

21. God fashioned the crowns and then crowned them Lords of the five divisions of the earth. God said: Retire thou aside and choose thy messengers and officers, and after ordaining them, depart to the kingdom prepared for thee. The Lords said:

22. In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I accept that which Thou hast put upon me. With all my wisdom and strength and love will I serve Thee, O my Father, Jehovih!

23. The Lords retired; and the es' enaurs sang, more than a million of voices in concert! .

chapter 9

1. Now had the time come for the end of the first dawn of dan after the creation of man. And this was known in the etherean heavens, where lived countless millions of Jehovih' s sons and daughters emancipated. And, as might be expected, they determined to descend from all sides to witness the labors of Ah' shong, and to receive his works as a profitable lesson for their own future on other new worlds.

2. Consequently, there began to appear in the firmament far-off stars, approaching; and these were the etherean ships in remote places, where the name of Ah' shong had been known for thousands of years. From all sides they came, growing brighter and brighter, larger and larger.

3. Ah' shong spoke to his companions, saying: Make ready, O my beloved. My friends and your friends are coming. Put our ship in order. Light the pillars of fire and spread out the sails, shining, that they may be glorified in Jehovih' s name.

4. The proper persons accomplished these things, and to the eastward of Yeshuah the 89

etherean ship of Ah' shong was anchored; and so great was the size thereof that there was room for the ethereans of Anakaron and upward of three hundred millions of the redeemed of earth besides.

5. Ah' shong said: When our friends arrive, we shall join them and make an excursion round the earth, discovering its rank and glorious promises; but as to the nine hundred millions of drujas which I sent off to Hudaow, in Ji' ya, we shall pass thither on our way to Anakaron.

6. Brighter and brighter grew the descending stars, the etherean ships from far-off worlds; and larger and larger, till in majesty they neared Yeshuah. Ah' shong then came down and sat at the foot of the throne, according to the custom of Gods. God came down and took him by the hand, saying: Son of Jehovih, that maketh thyself the least of men, arise, and take thy hosts, and embark in Jehovih' s ship, going whithersoever thou wilt. Ah' shong rose up. The es' enaurs and trumpeters played and sang. Then Ah' shong said:

7. One more love have I in the world, O Jehovih. I go from Yeshuah, but my love remaineth. To thee, O God, will I look back in hope and love, for thou wert raised by me. And to thy Lords what less could I say? Yea, and to all the hosts I leave within these realms.

8. Ah' shong touched God' s right hand, and then saluting, with the third sign of emeth to Jehovih, departed, and the marshals conducted him off to the ship.

9. Ah' shong and his etherean hosts rose up in curtains of light; and presently the ship was loosened from its anchorage and floated upward, and all the angels entered into it; and the sails were spread out, and the mantles suspended on every side, till the whole vessel, with its thousands of masts and arcs, looked like a world on fire. The inhabitants of Yeshuah feared and trembled for the mighty works of the Gods and Goddesses; and yet, as the es' enaurs on the departing ship chanted, more than a million of voices, the Yeshuans sang with them, amidst their tears, with souls overflowing, with awe and love and admiration.

10. And in this same time the descending stars of other Gods and Goddesses, the etherean ships from far-off worlds, were drawing nearer and nearer; and, on every side, the firmament was as if alive with worlds on fire.

11. Presently they came, first one and then another of the ethereans, and they made fast to Ah' shong' s ship, until thus more than five hundred were united into one mighty vessel, and yet so near to Yeshuah that all could be seen.

12. And when they had united there were countless millions of angels thus in close proximity, many who had known one another for thousands of years; and some who were older than the earth, and knew its history. And these had companions as old as themselves; and they were ripe in experience with corporeal earths, stars and suns in other regions of Jehovih' s kingdoms.

13. So great was the wisdom of these Gods and Goddesses that to come within the earth' s atmosphere was sufficient to enable them to read all the souls and prayers of mortals, and all the thoughts and desires of the spirits of the lower heaven belonging to the earth. To each and all of them the voice of Jehovih was ever present, and their power was like unto their wisdom.

14. Jehovih hath said: To the corporean I have given power to hear one or two things at the same moment of time; but My Gods can hear intelligently tens of thousands of men speaking at the same time. Yea, they can find a way to answer them also. 90

15. When the ships were ready for departure, Ah' shong said: Let us pass low over Yeshuah, and ye shall hear and see those I have founded in a new heaven. His companions said: Jehovih' s will be done. Thereupon they proceeded; and after they had visited Yeshuah they descended to the earth, and round about the places of the Lords; and when they had seen all, and heard the explanation, from those with Ah' shong, of the state the earth was in, and of the heavens of the earth, they rose higher and higher, and sailed toward Anakaron, whither Ah' shong had invited them for repast and social intercourse.

16. Thus departed the ethereans from the earth and atmospherea. This, then, was the beginning of the cycles of dan; and the first dawn was closed and past.

17. And the earth Gods, that is, the Lords, who were now called Adonya, were such as had been brought forth out of the earth. And God, who had dominion in the atmospherea of the earth, was also an earth-born; and so were all the angels in atmospherea the product of the earth.

18. And in Jehovih' s name were the Lords and God appointed and crowned to rule in their respective places, and they thus became the instruments of Jehovih for His glory.

19. Jehovih said: Whoever serveth Me, in My name, is My son, or My daughter. The Light of My Judgment falleth upon them sufficient for the time and place. Inasmuch as ye honor them, ye honor Me also. Through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express Myself with power and voraciousness; through the lamb and the dove I express myself in meekness and docility. Through man I express Myself in words and actions; and all men, the wise and the ignorant, are channels of My expression. Some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My sons and daughters.

20. Jehovih said: After the Se' muan age I gave to the earth from My etherean heavens sons and daughters, and they abode with mortals for three thousand years. And My ethereans established loo' is on the lands of the earth; and they commanded the loo' is, saying to them: Your office is to lead mortals by inspiration to dwell together, man and woman, as husband and wife; and in such adaptation that their offspring shall rise higher in wisdom, love and power, than the father and mother.

21. Jehovih said: I will confound the wise man in the latter days; for he shall not discover why man and woman lived not indiscriminately, as the beasts. Yea, I will show him that they who profess Me are led by Me, that they who deny Me go down to indiscriminate communion. Out of My works, shall the lessons of the early days of the earth show the presence of My hand from the beginning. By My loo' is was man and woman inspired to raise up such sons and daughters as would glorify Me and My works; by My loo' is have I maintained My foothold amongst mortals.

22. Such as could comprehend Me, having faith that My presence in Person should ultimately triumph for the highest and best, I commanded to be called FAITHISTS. Since the beginning, have I kept a thread of this line inhabiting the earth and her heavens.

23. At the end of the second cycle there were in atmospherea six thousand million angels, who were for the most part in darkness; not knowing who they were, or where they dwelt; nor knowing nor caring whether there were other heavens or not.

24. And now began wars in atmospherea; thousands of angels against thousands, and millions against millions. 91

25. For the possession of sections of the earth, and the mortal inhabitants thereof, went forth these millions of warring angels. And it came to pass that mortals also fell to war; and, by the obsessing angels, were made to destroy their own cities and kingdoms.

26. And the attractions of this great wickedness caused other angels of heaven to desert their schools and factories, and descend down to mortals.

27. Thus again were the kingdoms of God and his Lords set at naught; the harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms had long since ceased to be.

28. The first harvest was two hundred years, and the number of Brides and Bridegrooms was six hundred millions, of grade ninety-two.

29. The second harvest was two hundred years, and was eight hundred million angels, of grade eighty-nine.

30. The third harvest was six hundred years, and was two thousand million angels, of grade eighty-three.

31. The fourth harvest was five hundred years, and was twenty-three hundred million angels, of grade seventy-four.

32. The fifth harvest was three hundred years, and was six hundred million angels, of grade sixty-two.

33. The sixth harvest was four hundred years, and nine hundred million angels, of grade fifty-one.

34. And this was the last harvest; for none were of sufficient grade to abide in the etherean heavens. END OF THE BOOK OF AH’SONG, SON OF JEHOVIH.

book of lords II


chapter 1

1. In the beginning man was naked and not ashamed; but the Lord raised man up and bade him hide his nakedness, and man obeyed, and was clothed.

2. And the Lord walked by man for a long season, showing him the way of resurrection; and man was obedient, depending on the Lord for all things.

3. And the Lord said unto man: Behold, I have walked with thee, and taught thee; but by my indulgence thou hast neglected to put forth thine own energy.

4. Now I am going away from thee for a season, that thou mayst learn to develop thyself.

5. But lest thou stumble and fall, I leave with thee certain commandments, and they shall be a guide unto thee and thy heirs forever.

6. Hear thou then the commandments of the Lord thy God.

7. Thou shalt love thy Creator with all thy mind, and heart, and soul, all the days of thy life.

8. And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

9. Because thou wert born into the world without covering, thou shalt clothe thyself. 92

10. Then inquired man of the Lord: Behold, thou hast shown the ass what is good for him to eat, and the fish, and the serpent, and the lion; every living creature; but man only hast thou not shown?

11. The Lord said: Of everything that groweth up out of the ground that is good to eat give I unto thee, and they shall be food for thee.

12. But of all things of flesh and blood, wherein is life, thou shalt not eat.

13. For thou shalt not kill.

14. Man inquired of the Lord: Thou has shown the males and females of all the living the times and periods to come together; but man and woman hast thou not shown?

15. The Lord said: Thou shalt learn from the beasts, and birds, and fishes, that the female during gestation is in keeping of her Creator.

16. Thou shalt also respect the times of woman.

17. Man inquired of the Lord: Thou hast shown the bird how to build her nest, and the carnivore how to scent the subtle track of his prey, and the spider to weave his net; but as to the manner of man' s house, or as to herbs that are good or are poisonous, thou has not shown man.

18. The Lord said: All the instinct that is in the bird, or beast, or fish, or insect, or creeping thing, was created with them, but man was created blank; and yet man shall attain to more subtle senses than any other living creature.

19. Man inquired: How shall man attain to these?

20. The Lord answered: Serve thy Creator by doing good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, and by being true to thine own highest light, and all knowledge shall come to thee.

21. So the Lord left man for a season to himself; and man so loved the earth and whatsoever ministered unto his ease, and to his flesh desires, that he fell from his high estate. And great darkness came upon the earth. And man cast aside his clothes, and went naked, and became carnal in his desires.

chapter 2

1. The Lord went abroad over the earth, calling: Come to me, O man! Behold thy Lord is returned!

2. But man heard not the voice of the Lord; for, by man' s indulgence, the spirit of man was covered up in his own flesh.

3. The Lord sent his loo' is (masters of generations, angels next in rank above guardian angels, i.e., ashars) to the I' hins, and they raised up heirs unto the Lord; by controlling the parentage of the unborn brought they into the world a new race of men, of the same seed and blood as of old, and these heard the voice of the Lord.

4. And the Lord said unto man: Because thou kept not my commandments thou hast brought affliction upon thyself, and thy people, to the farthest ends of the world.

5. Now will I raise thee up once more, and deliver the tribes of men from darkness into light.

6. And the Lord delivered man into wisdom, and peace and virtue; and the earth became as a garden of sweet smelling flowers and luxurious fruit.

7. The Lord said: How sayst thou, O man? Shalt thou still have a keeper? 93

8. And man said: Behold, I am strong and wise. Go thou away from the earth. I understand thy commandments.

9. The Lord inquired: Knowest thou the meaning of, Love thy Creator? And man said: Yea, Lord; and to love my neighbor as myself; and to do good unto others with all my wisdom and strength. Yea, I have the All Highest Light. I am wiser than the ancients. Behold, I want no Lord nor God; I am the highest product of all the universe.

10. The Lord said: I will try thee, O man; I will go away for a season.

11. So the Lord departed once more. And man had nothing to look up to, so he looked at himself and became vainglorious. And the tribes of men aspired to overcome one another; war and destruction followed.

12. Man forgot his Creator; he said: No Eye seeth me, no Ear heareth me. And he neglected to guard himself against the serpent (corporeality); and the serpent said unto him: Partake thou of all things, for they are thine.

13. And man gave heed, and, lo and behold, the race of man descended into utter darkness. And man distinguished not his sister or mother; and woman distinguished not her brother or father.

14. And God beheld the wickedness of man, and he called out, saying: Hear my voice, O man! Hear the voice of the Lord!

15. But because of the darkness of man he could not hear the voice of God, his Lord.

16. And the Lord sent his angels down to man that they might appeal to man' s understanding.

17. But the angels loved darkness also, and strove not to lift man up out of darkness. And the Lord was of no more avail amongst mortals, and he departed away from the earth. And man became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its rankness. END OF THE SECOND BOOK OF LORDS.




chapter 1

1. First, the earth plieth in a circuit around the sun, which circuit is divided into four arcs called spring, summer, autumn and winter.

2. Second, the sun, with his family, plieth in a large circuit, which is divided into one thousand five hundred arcs, the distance of which for each arc is about three thousand years, or one cycle.

3. During a cycle, the earth and her heavens fall in the etherean regions of hundreds of etherean worlds, where dwell Jehovih' s high-raised angels, whose Chiefs have to do with the management of worlds.

4. During the time of a cycle, the earth is therefore under the control and management of such of Jehovih' s angels for the resurrection of man of the earth.

5. At the time of the creation of man, the earth was traveling in the arc of Wan, where dwell thousands of Orian chiefs, with thousands of millions of high-raised angels.

6. The Holy Council of Orian Chiefs, through the Wisdom and Voice of Jehovih, appointed one of their number, Sethantes, to take charge of the earth, and to people it with immortal beings, during its travel in Wan.

7. The rank and title of Sethantes, thus raised up by Jehovih, Creator of worlds, was, FIRST GOD OF THE EARTH AND HER HEAVENS.

8. And Sethantes came with millions of angels, who had been raised up from other worlds previously, and he accomplished his work, and was known as God.

9. Sethantes was, then, the first God of the earth and her heavens, and his place was within the arc of Wan. And during his cycle of three thousand years, he raised up from the earth fifteen hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

10. After Sethantes came Ah' shong, sub-Chief in the realms of Hieu Wee in the Haian arc of Vehetaivi. And during the cycle of Anakaron, also three thousand years, Ah' shong raised up from the earth a harvest of two billion two hundred million Brides and Bridegrooms.

11. The third cycle was under the dominion of Hoo Le, surveyor of Kakayen' sta in the arc of Gimmel, and his harvest was three billion seven hundred millions.

12. The fourth cycle was under C' pe Aban, Chieftainess of Sulgoweron in the arc of Yan, and her harvest was four billion eight hundred millions.

13. The fifth cycle was under Pathodices, road-maker in Chitivya in the arc of Yahomitak, and his harvest was six billion four hundred millions.

14. The sixth cycle was under Goemagak, God of Iseg, in the arc of Somgwothga, and his harvest was seven billion nine hundred millions. 95

15. The seventh cycle was under Goepens, God of Kaim, in the arc of Srivat, and his harvest was nine billion three hundred millions.

16. The eighth cycle was under Hycis, Goddess of Ruts, in the arc of Hohamagollak, and her harvest was nine billion four hundred millions.

17. The ninth cycle was under See' itcicius, inspector of roads in Kammatra, in the arc of Jusyin, and his harvest was ten billion one hundred millions.

18. The tenth cycle was under Miscelitivi, Chieftainess of the arches of Lawzgowbak, in the arc of Nu, and her harvest was ten billion eight hundred millions.

19. And now the earth was full of people; all the continents and islands of the earth were inhabited by man; nor was there left any wilderness wherein man did not dwell.

20. But the generation of man had fallen from thirty-three years down to twelve years. And man and woman were at maturity at seven years old; and not many lived above thirty years; but they were prolific; many of the mothers bringing forth two score sons and daughters, and from two to four at a birth.

21. And man dwelt in peace, and the earth was tilled, and brought forth abundantly of everything that was good for man to eat, and to clothe himself. And there were in those days great cities of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants; thousands and thousands of such cities, and in all the five great divisions of the earth. And man built ships and sailed over the ocean in all directions, around about the whole world. By the angels of the Lord was he taught and guided in all things. And man had books, both written and printed; and the young were taught in schools, a knowledge of the sun and moon and stars, and of all things that are upon the earth and in the waters thereof. This was therefore called the first period of civilization on the earth.

22. Now, for the most part, all the people had become I' hins, small, white and yellow. Nevertheless there were ground people, with long arms, who were large; but they dwelt by themselves, and their food was of all manner of flesh, and fish, and creeping things. The ground people were brown and black, and they lived to be two hundred, and even four hundred years old.

23. Jehovih said: In the early days I raised up I' huans, and I gave them certain commandments, amongst which was, not to cohabit with the druks lest they go down in darkness. But they obeyed not My words; and lo and behold, they are lost from the face of the earth.

24. Because the I' hins have become a spiritual people and have prospered in peace and spirit, behold, they have degenerated in the corporeal body. They yield abundant harvests for My etherean realms, but they are like untimely births.

25. Now will I bring the earth into a' jiyan fields and forests for a long season; for I shall again reproduce the I' huans; and the time of a generation shall be thirty-three years. For my harvests shall be of fruit that is mature and full of ripeness.

26. And Jehovih brought the earth into new regions in the etherean worlds, and covered it ji, east and west and north and south. over with a' hins lost the generative desire and, so, brought

27. And it came to pass that many of the I' not forth many heirs. But the brown people burnt with desires, and they laid hold of the I' hin women when they went into the fields, and forced them, and thus brought forth again the I' huan race, the copper colored, strong and bright and quick.

28. Accordingly the eleventh cycle, which was under Gobath, God of Tirongothaga, in the 96

arc of Su' le, brought forth a harvest of six billion seven hundred millions.

29. The twelfth cycle was under F' aiyis, Goddess of Looga, in the arc of Siyan, and her harvest was two billion six hundred millions.

30. The thirteenth cycle was under Zineathaes, keeper of the Cress, in the arc of Oleganaya, and his harvest was one billion two hundred millions.

31. The fourteenth cycle was under Tothsentaga, road-maker in Hapanogos, in the arc of Manechu, and his harvest was only six hundred millions.

32. The fifteenth cycle was under Nimeas, God of Thosgothamachus, in the arc of Seigga, and his harvest was only forty millions.

33. The sixteenth cycle was under Neph, God of Sogghonnes, in the arc of Arbroohk, but he failed to bring forth any harvest.

chapter 2

1. God, that is Neph, said: Hear my prayer, O Jehovih! The earth and her heavens are gone down in darkness.

2. The I' hin hath been destroyed off all the divisions of the earth save Wagga.

3. More than thirty thousand million angels are gathered on the surface of the earth, and they are too low in grade to be delivered.

4. What shall Thy God do, O Father?

5. Mortals are descending in breed and blood; only as diseased vermin do they inhabit the earth.

6. Their cities are destroyed, and they dwell after the manner of four-footed beasts.

7. The inspiration of Thy God and his angels can no longer reach them.

8. When they die and enter these heavens they are as festering sores on one another, thousands of millions of them.

9. For three thousand years have I labored with them, but the abundance of their darkness outmatcheth Thy God.

10. What shall I do with them, O Father! How shall Thy God deliver so great a carcass of death?

11. But Jehovih answered not the prayer of God; left him to consult with other Gods in the higher heavens.

12. But in etherea, Jehovih spake to His Orian Chiefs, saying: As I try mortals, so do I try angels; as I try them, so do I try My Gods. Forever and forever do I keep before them the testimony of AN ALL HIGHER.

13. Now it had come to pass on earth that the time of a generation of mortals had risen from twelve years to eighty years. And there were many who lived to be three hundred years old. And they had become very large; twice the size of men of this day. But they were without judgment and of little sense. Hardly knew they their own species. And they mingled together, relatives as well as others; so that idiocy and disease were the general fate of the tribes of men; and they were large and strong and prolific.

14. This then that followeth is the grade of declension in the heavens of the earth; that is, after Kishalon had changed the period of generation from twelve years into the upper grades, to wit:

15. Abner, seventh dawn of dan, enduring three thousand two hundred years in Hastaf, 97

etherean a' ji seven, Hoe' tan, grade ninety-nine.

16. Enseeni, Goddess of Marsef, etherea, dan of Gem, enduring three thousand years, grade ninety-three.

17. Boaz, God of Hom, Orian field, dan of Josh, enduring two thousand seven hundred years, grade eighty-eight.

18. Da' ivi, Goddess of Wowitski in a' ji thirty-six, dan of Ruth, enduring two thousand nine hundred years, grade eighty-two.

19. Lia' mees, Goddess of War in Broek, dan forty, Orian field, Semsi, enduring three thousand years, grade seventy-seven.

20. Divi' yas, God of Hut in Habak, ji' ya twenty-two, Neth, enduring three thousand one hundred years, grade sixty-nine.

21. Roa' yis' yis, Goddess of Tamak, Bent, one of Hud' du' owts, enduring three thousand and seventy years, grade sixty-one.

22. Yij, Chief of Orian field, Lud in Goo, dan seventy-four, enduring two thousand six hundred years, grade fifty-eight.

23. Gul' yaniv, Chieftainess, Orian field, Ob' Low in ji' ya forty, enduring three thousand four hundred years, grade fifty-one.

24. From this time onward there was found no grade in the roadway of the solar phalanx (great serpent), sufficiently dense for the angels of the heavens of the earth. .

chapter 3

1. Jehovih moved upon the etherean worlds; in the wide regions where traveleth the great serpent. His voice went forth, and amongst the counselors, the high ruling chieftains of the exalted kingdoms in the firmament, He spoke, saying:

2. Hear me, O ye Chieftains! Be ye far-seeing in My traveling worlds, and alert to My words. Behold the red star, the earth, hath attained her maturity! As a daughter cometh forth in the prime of life, so standeth the young earth in her glory. For fifty thousand years hath she played her part as an ornament of heaven and a harvester of bright souls for My exalted regions in the firmament.

3. Gather together, O ye Orian Chiefs, and ye etherean Goddesses; and ye that dwell in the roadway of the great serpent. Call ye a council of My everlasting rulers of worlds; and of them that plant my a' jian gardens and My ji' ya' an fields; and of them that whirl My nebulous vortices in the firmament.

4. The voice of Jehovih extended across the wide universe, and those who were high raised in the management of worlds heard and comprehended.

5. And there assembled in the etherean gardens of Senaya, near the roadway of the solar phalanx, millions of Jehovih' s highest; and the place was as a park larger than a hundred times the earth; and round about on every side lay the crystalline borders of etherean worlds. And when they were assembled, Jehovih spake out of the light inherent, saying:

6. Sixteen times have my etherean hosts redeemed the earth and her heavens from darkness into light, and yet ere the end of a cycle she falleth again, and her atmospherea with her. And now it hath come to pass that her heavens are filled with thousands of millions of spirits that know not Me and My emancipated worlds. Speak, O ye Gods and Goddesses. 98

7. Thereupon Sut' Loo said: O Jehovih, I have heard; I have beholden. Too prolific is the earth, the young daughter of heaven. Too prolific is the red star of the firmament.

8. Next spake Ka' wha, saying: Thou hast spoken, O Jehovih! Too prolific is the rich earth, O Father. Her mortals are overpowered by her atmospherean hosts. Her people build up cities and nations for a season after dawn, but soon they are over flooded by fetals and drujas, and the mortals devour one another as beasts of prey.

9. Chi' jong said: Her people have tilled all the soil of the earth and covered it over with cities; but where are they? Her people have been learned in the matters of heaven and earth, but their knowledge is dissipated by the dread hand of war.

10. Dhu' itta said: Her people become wise in a day, but on the next they are fools. One generation becometh skilled in books and in knowledge of the sun and moon and stars, and in the mathematics of corporeal things; but a generation followeth, and lo, her people are cannibals again. zin said: I have heard, O Jehovih! I have witnessed, O Father! The red star is too

11. Gaw' prolific. She is like a garden too rich! Her products are overgrown, and they fall down and doubly enrich the soil again, to reproduce an imperfect giant stalk that is barren. So are her sons and daughters; they run all to earthly substances.

12. Loo' wan said: Great Spirit, I have heard, I have seen. We gather the earth' s harvests for Thee, O Jehovih, but they are small. We gather the earth' s harvests of dark spirits, O Jehovih, and they are ten times larger. Behold, there is no balance between them.

13. Thus spake the Gods and Goddesses, till thousands of them had spoken. After that the voice of Jehovih spake, saying:

14. Ye are blessed, My sons and daughters. How can ye bequeath the administration of the earth and her heaven to the earth-born, till she is made suitable as a gift from My hand? Now hear Me, O My sons and daughters: Five great divisions of the earth have I made, and they have all been inhabited over and tilled by mortals. Yea, on all the divisions of the earth have there been great cities and nations, and men and women of great learning.

15. And as oft as they are raised up in light, so are they again cast down in darkness, because of the great desire of the spirits of the dead to return back to the earth. These druj return to mortals and fasten upon them as fetals or as familiars, and inspire them to evil. Go now to the earth, O My beloved, and find the division of the earth where most of these druj congregate, for I will uproot their stronghold; I will break them from their haunts and they shall no longer carry My people down to destruction.

16. And now the council deliberated, and after a while caused the records of the earth and her atmospherea to be examined, and they discovered that the heaven of the land of Wagga (Pan) was beyond redemption because of the great numbers of the spirits of the cannibals and of the multitude of fetals. It was as if a disease in the flesh be healed over externally, leaving the root of the disease within. So was Wagga and her heaven; the redemption of the cycles remained not with her, but evil broke out forever in a new way.

17. So Jehovih said: Now will I prune the earth and her heaven. Behold, the division of Wagga shall be hewn off and cast beneath the waters of the ocean. Her heaven shall be no longer tenable by the spirits of destruction, for I will rend the foundation thereof and scatter them in the winds of heaven.

18. Go ye, therefore, down to the earth and provide nets and vanchas for receiving the 99

spirits of darkness, and for receiving the spirits of mortals who shall perish in the waters. And provide ye a place in My exalted heavens suitable for them; and ye shall wall them about in heaven that they cannot escape, but that they may be weaned from evil.

19. And when ye are come to the earth and its heavens, acquaint My God and his Lords with My decree. And say to them: Thus saith Jehovih: Behold, behold, I will sink the land of Wagga beneath the waters of the ocean, and her heaven will I carry away to a place in My firmament, where she shall no longer engulf My people in darkness. And Jehovih saith: Go thou, O God of heaven, and thou, O Lord of Wagga, down to My chosen, the I' hins, and say to them: Thus saith the Great Spirit: Behold, behold, I will sink the lands of the earth beneath the ocean, because of the evil of the spirits of darkness. Hear Me, O My chosen, and heed My commandments: Fall to, all hands, and build ships in all places, even in the valleys and on the mountains, and let My faithful gather together within the ships, for My hand is surely stretched over the earth.

20. And ye shall also proclaim unto the earth and her heaven that from the first, even in the ancient days, I proclaimed My three worlds unto all people, which are: My corporeal worlds and the lower heavens that belong thereto, and My etherean heavens which are in the firmament above. And I said: The first glory is of the earth, whereon is paradise when man obeyeth My commandments; and the second glory, which is greater than the first, I created for the spirits of the dead, but I bound the lower heaven to the earth that it might travel therewith, that the communion of the dead with the living might add a glory unto both. But the upper heaven I made the highest of all glories, and I filled the etherean firmament with countless worlds of their kind for the dwelling places of those that rose in the third resurrection.

21. And I sent from the exalted heavens down to the lower heavens, and to the earth, also, My holy angels, over whom I appointed Gods and Lords in the majesty of My dominions. And they came proclaiming these things in My name, teaching both mortals and spirits how to live that they might rise and inherit My illuminated worlds.

22. And because man was without knowledge, My Gods and Lords appointed certain masters of generations (loo' is), who were ethereans of great wisdom, to abide with mortals and inspire such marriages as would best promote spiritual growth from the start. And there came forth amongst all people certain ones capable of sar' gis and su' is, and they heeded the commandments of My Gods and Lords, forsaking evil and striving to serve the spirit, choosing Me above all things. Wherefore I chose them also, and called them I' hins.

23. For as much as they commenced putting away self and serving Me whilst they were yet in corpor, so were they not born in the spirit world before their full time. And even so are others not of full birth who have not in the corporeal form begun to triumph in spirit over their own flesh.

24. Jehovih said: Go forth, O my sons and daughters, and prune my vineyard.

25. Beseech My God of the earth and his Lords with him, to gather together all the angels of the earth, from east to west and from north to south; to the land of Wagga bring them.

26. My etherean ships of fire shall surround Wagga on every side. And I will cut loose the foundations of the earth, at the borders of the ocean and the mountains of Gan, nor shall any prop or corner-stone stay My hand. And I will send rains and winds and thundering; and the waters of the great deep shall come upon the lands; and the great cities shall go

down and be swallowed in the sea.

27. And the rich valleys of Mai, with her thousand cities, shall be rent with the madness of men and women fleeing before the waters of the ocean. And women and children shall fall by the way and be drowned; and men shall go down in the water and rise not.

28. And the wide plains of Og, with her thousand cities, and with the great capital of Penj, and the temples of Khu, and Bart, and Gan, and Saing, shall sink to rise no more. And in the deluge, the air of heaven shall be filled with the screaming and wailing of millions of mortals going down to destruction.

29. I will rescue them from darkness; I will carry them to a' jian regions which I previously created for spirits of darkness; and I will appoint over them Gods and Goddesses to teach them of Me and My kingdoms.

30. And the earth and her heavens shall take a new start amongst My habitable worlds.

31. Thus have I provided labor for My high-raised angels in the places I created, saith Jehovih. END OF THE SYNOPSIS OF HEAVENLY RECORDS.

Plate 5. E, Etherea; B, periphery of the earth’s vortex. This line was called by the ancients the Bridge Of Chinvat. All within this area is called Atmospherea. The center is the earth, 1, 1, 1; O, the ocean. 1‘s, 2‘s and 3 represent different atmospherean plateaux. The O, O, O, with a line through it, represents atmospherean oceans.

book of aph, son of jehovih


chapter 1

1. In the time of the world twenty-four thousand years before the kosmon era, the great serpent (solar phalanx) being in the arc of Noe, in the etherean heavens, and of the Sum of Howt and ji' ya eighty-seven, the earth and her heavens were in great darkness. But the spirit of Jehovih moved upon His high-raised God, Aph, in etherea, to consecrate new dominions on the earth and her heavens. Aph said:

2. I, Aph, Son of Jehovih, God in the arc of Noe, in Sum of Howt, in etherea, came to hada, heaven of the red star, in Jehovih' s name. In His wisdom, power and love, manifested in mine own resurrection, to become companion to Gods and Goddesses and Orian Chiefs on the thrones of high heaven, proclaim:

3. To the atmospherean spirits of the earth, and to the spirits of the first, second and third resurrections, abiding on the earth, or near thereto, either with mortals or without; to their God and Lords, and to their Savior, and to all holy ones by Jehovih raised up for the redemption of men and angels:

4. In the arc of Noe came to me the voice of Jehovih, Creator of worlds, saying:

5. I am the All Highest! My service extendeth forever. I go not, but I am afar. I come not, and yet I am near. My voice is in all places. The light of the soul of man heareth Me. I speak in the vine that creepeth, and in the strong-standing oak.

6. Hear the voice of your Creator, O ye angels of heaven. Carry ye the wisdom of My utterance down to mortals. Call them to the glories of the heavens and the broad earth. Behold, My voice is in the rocks, and in the wind that bloweth, and in all things that have not tongues.

7. Show them My suns and stars in the firmament above; for they are My written words. My voice proceedeth in the space of heaven; the wise angels of My exalted places hear the sound going forth. Hearken to My speech, O ye spirits of the dead; proclaim Me, O ye Gods and Goddesses.

8. They look for Me as they look for things; they hearken for my voice as for a man' s voice. And they find Me not, nor hear that which I have spoken. Yet none can efface My words; My wisdom endureth forever. Behold, I come not as a sound to the ear; My voice hieth into the soul from all sides.

9. Teach them, O ye angels; they look not in the right way; their ears are turned after loud claps and noises. They cry out: Alas, I hear not the voice of Jehovih; He hath not spoken; His voice hath no man heard; He is the All Silent, and dumber than the things He created.

10. They have turned away from My God and My Lords; in conceit and darkness have they shut themselves up. They have peopled the air of the earth about with spirits of darkness, the drujas of men of darkness and cannibals. Their fetals float back upon them; like devouring vermin they burrow deep in pollution.

11. Remember them, O God, My Son, and ye, My Lords of earth. Have no pity, but be as

a surgeon' s knife upon them. Thou hast told them, O God: Jehovih liveth and reigneth: His voice standeth the All Highest. But they have mocked thee and thy Lords, and turned away after iniquity.

12. They are fearful lest they believe in My Person and My voice; of their own gabble they have no fear. They criticize Me and My God and My Lords; but they own that they know Me not. They suppose My exalted heavens are without order and discipline. My captains they ignore, and the teachings of My holy ones are criticized by men of straw.

13. Have they not said: Who is God, that I should adore? And the Lord, that I should hearken? But I turn their eyes to the armies of the earth; to the general and the captain. Then they say: Ah, our affairs on earth are officered and disciplined; we reverence our highest, great captains.

14. Shall they turn God away, and the Lord? What shall the Creator do to please them? Is not the name of My general (God), and my captain (Lord), My own creation? Who found the name of God and the name of the Lord? Why are they not pleased with My Gods and My Lords?

15. Hear me, O ye etherean Gods and Goddesses; they desire not wisdom and resurrection. Their love lieth in darkness. To eat, to sleep and to devour are the delights of their souls. The first lesson of life they have not learned; the first heaven of the earth is to them the All of the created worlds.

16. Hear My judgment upon them, O ye, My holy angels, and long risen. For I have raised them up again and again; I have founded lower heavens for them that they might learn; but they fall the moment My Gods leave them alone.

17. Now will I carry away their heaven and earth, and they shall be seen no more forever. But the drujas and fetals shall be carried to Hautuon and cast into walls of fire. And they shall be divided up into groups; kin shall be torn away from kin, and friend from friend, and mother from daughter, and father from son; for they are become as absorbents, sucking one another continually.

18. And the walls of fire shall go up around them without ceasing, and they shall not escape. And they that guard them shall keep them from one another, that they shall do no evil. Neither shall they sleep nor rest, but be stirred up and made to know that they are alive, and can exist independent of fetal (sucking).

19. Hear my voice, O God, and command thy Lord to proclaim on the earth. Have I not made an example before mortals? Behold the carrion that rotteth in the field. Is it not the feast of the hyena, the wolf and the buzzard? Do not worms come to life therein and turn to and devour the carcass that brought them forth?

20. What more is the earth (Pan) to these spirits of evil and darkness? What more is their first heaven than a place of perpetual devouring? Have they not made it a place of everlasting destruction? They visit their evils upon mortals; the young child cannot escape them, nor the middle-aged, nor the old man nor old woman.

21. The heavenly kingdoms founded by Gods and Lords have become pest houses for drujas and fetals; there is no place left for founding the upright and virtuous in heart.

22. Are my Gods and Lords servants to an evil world? And shall they find only rottenness to deal with? Now have I answered in the firmament of my holy sons and daughters. I have called them from remote places in heaven to witness the work of My hand. For as I made the earth and its heaven, so rule I over it to the same end for which I created it.

23. When they are short of My measure, I lengthen them out; when they run foul, I prune them to My own liking; for they are mine. Behold, the fool hath said: Jehovih hath made a failure! Behold, the Creator created a world for a certain purpose, but it run foul of His mark!

24. Hear Me, O God, and through thy Lords answer thou him in his conceit. Did I not quicken man into life in Mine own way? At zero created I him, and I said: Two roads have I made, O man. One leadeth to everlasting light; and the other to everlasting darkness.

25. Now have I shown him the darkness; it is My witness, whereby man knoweth My word is All Truth. Wherefore, then, should I not create the world, and man, and angels, that they go down in everlasting darkness? Is it not by darkness and pain I push man forward? Yea, the conceited man would fail himself but for the failures I set up before him. Wherefore, then, have I not created wisely?

26. Have I not a right to do Mine own way? Are not all things Mine? If a man die in the corporeal part, is he a failure? How else could man rise to My etherean worlds? Open his eyes, O My God and My Lords. He was not, and I created him. He presumeth to look into My plans and judgments; by his little learning he exalteth his conceit and pretendeth to know all things.

27.I cause the grain to grow in the field, and the day before it is ripe I send wind and rains and destroy it utterly. I bring forth man with shapely limbs and strong arms, but in the day of his prime I cut him down. I gave the passion of love to the mother, but I take away her first-born.

28. Know I not that first of all things, man shall be taught to know My power, and after that My wisdom? Have they seen the places of the dead, and hell, and destruction? Teach them, O God; for their ultimate resurrection is My glory and My delight.

29. Shall man of earth say: The Creator was angry, and so sent the land beneath the ocean? He hath not wisdom to comprehend that this day I cast out hell and destruction. The druj is his love, and, as vampires, they feed on each other to the ruin of both.

30. But I know what is for their own good; and My decree hath gone forth.

chapter 2

1. I, Aph, Son of Jehovih, high dwelling in the etherean worlds, and oft trained in the change and tumult of corporeal worlds, answered Jehovih, saying:

2. Father of Worlds; Jehovih, Almighty! Thy Son and servant hath heard Thy voice. Behold, my head is bowed, my knee bent to rush forth with a thousand million force to the suffering earth and hada.

3. Hear me, O angels of the earth' s heaven; from Jehovih' s everlasting kingdoms, I speak, and by His Power reveal! Again His Voice coursed the high heavens along where angels dwell, older than the earth. Jehovih said:

4. Hear Me, O ye Chieftains, of Or and of Oot, and in the plains of Gibrathatova. Proclaim My word to thy hosts of swift messengers of Wauk' awauk and Beliathon and Dor, and they shall speed it abroad in the a' ji' an mounds of Mentabraw and Kax of Gowh.

5. Hear My voice, O ye Goddesses of Ho' etaivi and of Vaivi' yoni' rom in the etherean arcs of Fas and Leigge, and Omaza. Proclaim My decrees of the red star and her heavens in

the crash of her rebellious sides, for I will harvest in the forests of Seth and Raim.

6. Hear My voice, O ye H' monkensoughts, of millions of years standing, and managers of corporeal worlds! I have proclaimed the uz and hiss of the red star in her pride and glory. Send word abroad in the highway of Plumf' goe to the great high Gods, Miantaf in the etherean vortices of Bain, and to Rome and to Nesh' outoza and Du' ji.

7. Hear Me, O ye Orian Kings and Queens of thousands of millions of Gods and Goddesses: I have spoken in the c' vork' um of the great serpent of the sun! A wave of My breath speedeth forth in the broad firmament. The red star flieth toward the point of My whetted sword.

8. Proclaim My voice in the Orian fields of Amal and Wawa; let the clear-tongued Shepherds of Zouias, and Berk, and Gaub, and Domfariana, fly with all speed in the road of Axyaya, where first the red star' s vortex gathered up its nebulae, millions of years agone, and on the way say: Jehovih hath decreed a pruning-knife to a traveling world.

9. Shout it abroad in the crystal heavens of the summering Lords of Wok and Ghi and M' goe and Ut' taw; call them to the red star speeding forth. Lo, she skippeth as a lamb to be shorn; her coming shock lieth slumbering low. Let them carry the sound of My voice ay' an swamps of exploded worlds, boiling in the roar of elements, where wise to the ji' angels and Gods explore to find the mystery of My handiwork.

10. Tell them I have spoken, and the earth and her heavens near the troughs in the etherean seas of My rich-yielding worlds. I will scoop her up as a toy, and her vortex shall close about like a serpent hungry for its prey. Proclaim it in Thessa and Kau and Tin' wak' wak, and send them to Gitchefom of Januk and Dun.

11. Hear Me, O ye Kriss' helmatsholdak, who have witnessed the creation of many worlds and their going out. Open your gardens and your mansions; the seine of My fishing-pole is stretched; countless millions of druj and fetals will fall into My net. My voice hath gone forth in Chem' gow and Loo and Abroth, and Huitavi, and Kuts of mas in the wide etherean fields of Rod' owkski.

12. Haleb hath heard Me; Borg, Hom, Zi and Luth, of the Orian homestead, and Chor, whence emanate the central tones of music, from Goddesses older than the corporeal worlds. To them the crash of worlds is as a note created, and is rich in stirring the memory with things long past.

13. I have spoken, and My breath is a floating world; My speech is written in the lines where travel countless millions of suns and stars; and in the midst of the etherean firmament of the homes of Gods. Let them shout to the ends of the universe; invite them in My name to the hi' dan of Mauk' beiang' jow.

14. Around about in the place of the great serpent send swift messengers with the words of My decree; bring the Lords and Gods of Wan and Anah and Anakaron and Sith.

15. Call up Ghad and Adonya and Etisyai and Onesyi and the hosts of the upraised, for the past time of Jehovih' s sons and daughters in the high heavens draweth near. .

chapter 3

1. O ye angels, of hada of the red star; and thou, O God, and ye Lords, upraised and mighty, with hosts, countless, and quick answering the thoughts of mortals, hear the words of Aph, Son of Jehovih:

2. When I was in the Orian arc of Noe, and the red star passed the Utswowldayark, in the etherean group of Vorh, the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: Go thou, My Son, deliver the earth. Take with thee all whom I may send.

3. And I examined the records of the stars of heaven, and of the earth; and the accounts of Jehovih' s harvests, and I perceived the bondage and labor of the red star were of the seventh magnitude in the advance of habitatable worlds.

4. When His voice called the legions in high heaven, from every side, and below and above the earth, there moved myriads of shapely stars, which were ships of fire, coursing the firmament, whereon rode the Gods and Goddesses called by Jehovih to the labor of earth and hada.

5. Closing in on every side they came, and nearer and more compact, and brighter, with sparkling pillars of fire, and down-swaying curtains of light, till all the space around about the earth was hedged in with this army of Jehovih' s etherean ships of fire. s voice, saying: O Aph, My Son, My holy one, hearken to the

6. Again I heard the Father' voice of Jehovih, Creator of Gods and Goddesses:

7. Behold, I sent My Son, Neph, to the red star, with wisdom and power. Long hath he been gone; long struggling with the black darkness of men and angels.

8. As a valiant soldier rusheth into the heaviest part of battle, and forgetteth himself in desperate contest, but ceaseth not to struggle on against all odds, even so for three thousand years hath My God, Neph, hoped to save the whole limbs of the earth (the continents).

9. From My holy place have I watched the battle for everlasting life; but the too prolific earth contributeth more to the corporeal than to the spiritual man. And I bring My legions to the rescue of My valiant Son, Neph. Send thou to him, O Aph, My Son. Proclaim to him and his Lords, and to his ethereans, My just decrees. Aph said:

10. And I sent swift messengers down to hada, informing Neph, Son of Jehovih, of the march and presence of Gods, and of the decree of the Father; and I added thereunto, saying: O Neph, Son of Jehovih, come hither, bringing thy hosts with thee.

11. Presently Neph answered me in Jehovih' s name, saying: O Aph, Son of Jehovih, I come! My prayers are answered. All praise to the All Highest!

12. Then we saw, making ready in hada, preparatory to ascending, the ship of Neph and his faithful hosts; and that which was seen from my place was also seen by the myriads of Jehovih' s vessels surrounding the earth. And my place became as a central throne to which the hosts now made speed, swift and orderly.

13. And in the time they came, also rose up the ship of Neph from hada. Meanwhile, my ship rested on the borders of Chinvat, in the School of Hein, and from the moon seven agus.

14. Again the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: My Son, make fast thy ship, for thy place shall be the head of the army of My hosts. And let thy consorts extend in a line from thy place down to the earth, for this shall be the delivery of them whom I shall cut off.

15. So I made fast, and my messengers hastened to the concentrating forces of heaven, informing the etherean groups on Jehovih' s ships of His commandments. And now came Neph; his ship rose up, filled with his long-laboring hosts. And I greeted him and said unto him: By the power and wisdom of Jehovih, the continent of Wagga is to be cut loose and submerged, and her heavens carried away. Return thou to the earth and bring all the

spirits of darkness from all the divisions of earth and heaven to Wagga, that I may carry them away. Then Neph and his hosts viewed the imposing scene and returned back to the earth.

16. Quickly, now, the ships of fire formed in line, extending from my place down to hada, where rested Neph and his Lords of the earth, whose hosts extended to all the divisions of land and water, embracing the various heavenly kingdoms previously built by the Lords.

17. And in the line of the etherean ships were stationed the plateaux of rank; and the hosts of Gods and Goddesses took their places according to the rank of wisdom, power and love manifested in the etherean departments whence they came, with the two Orian Chiefs at either extremity.

18. And I divided the line into sections, each with two hundred and fifty ships, and there were one thousand sections. And every ship was contracted ten thousand fold, which was the force required to break the crust of the earth and sink a continent.

19. Along the line I stationed sentinels and talisman, and messengers, without number, so that Jehovih' s voice and His sons'voices could traverse in a moment of time to every part. And after that I formed the tube of transit, which extended in front of the ships, and from s atmosphere to the extreme, the earth to beyond Chinvat; and I filled it with the earth' whither it joined Io' sank, whither I determined to deliver the drujas and fetals of such as were to perish in the ocean of the earth.

20. For every ten sections I appointed one hundred marshals and one God, and for every ten Gods one Chief in Emuts; according to their rank in the heavens whence they came, so appointed I them. These, then, are the Chief Emuts, to wit:

21. Agar, of the order of Achav, Son of Jehovih, in Bowitch, from the corporeal star Godad, raised in Ben of a' ji, seventy, of seven hundred thousand years inhabitant of Gon.

22. Hoe' ghi, Son of Jehovih, Marsh' wan of Hadom and Ag, nebulae four and Petrath; swift messenger of Jun, of the corporeal star Alanx, of one million two hundred thousand years inhabitant of Roth' wok in Jois.

23. Fist' humitaivi, Daughter of Jehovih, ji' ya' an Oods' lon in Kaih; Goddess of Ine; Goddess of Ad; Governess of Wal' wal, of the corporeal star Ter' wig, and of the plains of Exwer and Gohen, in the etherean arc of Labis, of one million three hundred thousand years.

24. Hi' ata, Daughter of Jehovih, and nurse of Hue' enbak, in fifty-seven, a' ji, of the corporeal star Heats, a milkmaid, Goddess of Luf, Goddess of the plateau of O' banf, in etherea, rank ninety, and of two millions of years inhabitant of Nud and Ix.

25. Gon' leps, Son of Jehovih, God of Ney, God of Aper, God of Don, God of Mu, God of Reau; physician of Bo, and of Ir, and of Jan' er; marshal of Kute and Oblin of Sharar, in etherea, of the a' ji' an field of Do; of seven hundred thousand years inhabitant of On' lof and Pick' tus.

26. Neo, God of Lun and Hintaya; God of Mors, and of Thespune; Master of Peh and haggai, a' ji plain seven, and risen from the corporeal star Se' etiyi, and Savior of Woh' inhabitant of Sirne one million seven hundred thousand years.

27. Sicci, Goddess of Nu, in Loots and Rab; Goddess of Bad; Goddess of Ture; Goddess of Red, a' ji twenty, from the corporeal star Ith' mule, inhabitant of Suga one million of years; inhabitant of Ranna one million two hundred thousand years.

28. Listiac' ca, Goddess of Man; Goddess of Hirze; Goddess of Som and Nye; Weaver of

Olt' bak and Agimus. Rank ninety, raised on the corporeal star Mem; inhabitant of Das' sawig and Gabriomety two millions nine hundred thousand years.

29. Tussica, Goddess of Kol; Goddess of Lowst and Wittawhaggat; Goddess of Du' e' jhi and Loo of Maggatza; Goddess of Ep; Goddess Gek of Hennasshalonkya; Goddess of Tur in the ji' ay' an swamp of Dobbokta, fifty-five, raised on the corporeal sun Nitz, of the Serpent Tan, inhabitant of Tayay' hitsivi, two millions of years; inhabitant of Palla one million seven hundred thousand years.

30. Fiatisi, Goddess of Lubbuk; Goddess of Saran' ya, in Gowlolo; Goddess of Iz; Goddess of Serl; Goddess of Lok' low; Goddess Um of a' ji, seventy-five; Goddess of Wartz and Do' e' huitta; Goddess of Crayya; Goddess of Bak' hoo; Goddess of Teel and Ros' itz; Goddess of Mutz' mutz; Goddess of La' errets of Wouk' humhowtz; Goddess of Bil and Dusk' wan' guessel; Goddess of Ork' sa; Goddess of Unksoot; Goddess of Sl' huitta; Goddess of Shein; Goddess of Isa; Goddess of Ham; Goddess of Reikowow and Shuitit; wok; Goddess of Faitta' zammel; Goddess of Zittayya' howb of Goddess of Daing and Gou' the gardens of Zittayya' bauf in a' ji seven; surgeon of Hualla; surgeon of Bos; surgeon of Rappaya; surgeon of Lum' zon; nurse of Paigga of Semathais; nurse of Zid; nurse of see; nurse of Home; nurse of Briathath; Queen of Ouppa; Queen of Rog' ga, Loo' disciplinarian of Tuh; of Kaibbi' summak, of Tootz' mutz, of Bir' bir, of Ctenski, of Rivvia, of soon, of Hadab, of Fussohowtz and Ceres; raised on the star Planzza, swift messenger in Bal and Wawa' lauk five hundred thousand years; swift messenger in To' wakka and Runfwot five hundred thousand years; inhabitant of Terashash one million of years; inhabitant of the fields of Ni' jayay one million of years; inhabitant of Gun five hundred thousand years; maker of corporeal roadways five hundred thousand years.

31. So Fiatisi outranked all other Gods and Goddesses, and was special guest of honor to Aph, Chief over all the rest.

32. And the star of Fiatisi' s etherean ship was stationed near the earth, that she might the better behold the deliverance of the spirits that were to be freed by the submersion of the land of Wagga; and of these spirits there were upward of twenty-four billion four hundred millions, of whom more than three billion were fetals and familiars and spirits in chaos. .

chapter 4

1. Jehovih said: Aph, My Son, put a wall of pillars of fire around about the land of Wagga; plant them near, as a hedge is planted. For the false Gods and false Goddesses of hada, when perceiving their habitation going down into the water, will endeavor to escape to Jud and Vohu, and other countries.

2. But thou shalt not suffer one to escape; for they have migrated to this division of the earth because of its sumptuous productions, the better to feast their evil desires.

3. And thou shalt spread a net around the borders of Wagga, against the line of the ocean and to the high north mountains; and the net shall encompass the continent of Wagga, and it shall be to the height of a thousand miles, and in breadth, so that no spirit of darkness can escape and find the way abroad.

4. And when thou hast spread the net, thou shalt send to the large kingdoms in hada, and to the false kingdoms, a sufficient number of ethereans of great power; and thou shalt send down to the earth, to Wagga, a sufficient number of ethereans, that every mortal man and mortal woman, and every mortal child, shall have five to attend. And they that go to

mortals shall take with them birth-blankets a sufficiency; for in the time of destruction, when the mortals go down in death, thy servants shall receive he liberated spirits on the birth-blankets, and bear them to the atmospherean column of ascent. And hither shall thy hosts receive them and provide them with food and clothes, after the manner of es' yans.

5. But it shall come to pass that many mothers shall perish in the waters, with children in the womb, which live by fetal, as is proper in My sight, for so created I them.

6. Therefore, to all such fetals give special care, for they are without sin. And when the mother is dead corporeally, and the fetal also, bring hence their spirits, but together; and provide a volunteer angel of fetal power, and deliver the infant spirit to her to be nurtured until the proper time of weaning, and provide in the same place a home for the mother of the child, that she may inherit its love and mirth.

7. When the voice ceased, Aph, Son of Jehovih, looked about over the hosts as if in search of a sign that the time had come; but again Jehovih spake, saying:

8. In the misfortunes of a fallen world, created I food for the warm love of My etherean Goddesses. Behold them hereabout in millions; every one in hope of receiving a prize of that which was lost in darkness, to raise up sons and daughters, who shall rejoice in everlasting paradise. Think not that I gave the talent of love only to a mother for her child, and there the talent to end; for as the talent in its incipient age bindeth her soul to her child, so doth the same talent in My Goddesses overspread a helpless world.

9. Are they not as midwives and mothers to thousands and millions of souls being delivered from corporeal bondage into everlasting light? And who can number them? Here standeth a hundred millions come from Laygas; a hundred millions from Inopta; two hundred millions from Karduk; a hundred millions from Buchk; two hundred millions from Nin; two hundred and fifty millions from Luth' wig; a hundred millions from Pied; two hundred millions from Raig; fifty millions from Naivis; two hundred millions from Dak' dak, and two hundred and fifty millions from Od.

10. I spake in the etherean firmament, and they have answered Me. Yea, they come not as curiosity seekers, and with empty arms; but, behold them, arrayed with their thousands and millions of small equipments suited to the newborn! What thing is there under the sun they have not remembered to bring with them in some part, for regimen or drapery, to rejoice the souls of them that are to be cut off from corpor?

chapter 5

1. Jehovih said: Now will I bewail thee, O earth. The glories of thy heavens that are past and gone shall be a lesson to the Gods. Thy place of Hored, once the place of the wisdom of My Son, Sethantes, upraised, behold it is measured and gone down. And Moeb is no more: Yeshuah is fallen. Where floated the plateaux of many resurrections, are now miring vampires and millions of souls that hear not and see not, but are forever burrowing deep in everlasting darkness.

2. The plateaux are broken up; the substance scattered and unorganized; nor is there a vestige left to show the glorious work of the Gods of the earth' s past day.

3. Hear me, O ye Gods and Goddesses, for in beholding these deep miseries, the soul is quickened to retain great wisdom: Thus created I man; out of darkness created I him; and My holy angels taught him to walk upright and gave him My commandments that he

might advance to eternal light. But because man obeyed not the commandments of My God and Lords, he fell. Nevertheless, a few obeyed the commandments and fell not, raising up heirs for the glory of My heavens above.

4. Of such have I made an example on all the corporeal worlds I created; for those that fell not, became examplers before the fallen; for having faith in Me and My works they questioned not My wisdom and justice.

5. But of those that fell, this is the history: They first questioned My Person; next My Wisdom; next My Justice; next My Power. And after that proclaimed the folly of God and his Lords; whereupon they usurped to themselves to say: There is nothing higher than man. And they said of themselves: I am the highest.

6. Hear My voice, O ye Gods and Goddesses; for as out of a contrary wind I give a mortal sea-captain a wholesome lesson; or as out of a severe winter I give a corporeal farmer a lesson in providing for his household; even so, on the brink of a wicked world, give I ye a lesson on the management of My kingdoms. For from this time forth the earth shall not fail; nor her heavens above her. Wherein, then, shall not My Gods rule over her in wisdom and power?

7. Since many angels assumed they were the All Highest, they put aside the commandments, one of which was: To suffer not the spirits of the newly dead to return and dwell with their mortal kindred; for they, not knowing of the higher heavens, will teach falsely of Jehovih and His everlasting kingdoms.

8. And it came to pass that when one commandment was set aside the others were also; and it followed that the spirits of the newly dead, who were without knowledge of heaven, led mortals in their own way.

9. For they dwelt together and slept together, and in dreams and visions mortals judged themselves to be wise, not knowing they were obsessed in sleep; and for the desires of the flesh they found acquiescence in spirit, having no higher God or Lord.

10. And as one spirit returned and fastened itself on a mortal, so did another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew it not; and they became void of direct purpose because of the confusion of soul, and they were worthless on the earth.

11. Jehovih further said: Henceforth for a long season shall it be on the earth that the spirits of the es' yans shall not be suffered to return and dwell with mortals. But the earth shall be encompassed on all sides with walls of emun, and with ashars to bear away the spirits of the dead in the hour of death.

12. But there shall come a time when mortals are capable of comprehending these matters, in which time their kindred spirits shall return at intervals from their holy labors in heaven, and see them and talk with them face to face.

chapter 6

1. And now Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: When the etherean hosts were arranged in due order, I called out to Thee, O Jehovih, saying: In Thy Strength and Wisdom, O Father, join Thou the heavens above and the earth below!

2. And the end of the etherean column that extended to Chinvat, on the border of the

vortex of the earth, was made fast by the pressure of Thy wide heavens.

3. Again I said: In Thy Strength and Wisdom, O Jehovih, join Thou the heavens above with the earth below!

4. And the end of the etherean column that extended down to the earth was made fast around the borders of Wagga, by the sea and the high mountains on the north.

5. Again I said: O Jehovih, deliver Thou the earth from evil, for Thy glory, forever!

6. And the vortex of the earth closed in from the extreme, and lo, the earth was broken! A mighty continent was cut loose from its fastenings, and the fires of the earth came forth in flames and clouds with loud roaring. And the land rocked to and fro like a ship at sea.

7. Again I said: O Jehovih, deliver Thou Thy heavens, which are bound as with a chain, to a rotten carcass.

8. And again the vortex of the earth closed in about on all sides, and by the pressure, the land sank down beneath the water, to rise no more. And the corporeans went down to death; and the fetals and familiars gave up the battle; neither had they whereon to stand, nor knew how to go to any place in all the heavens, but were lost and crying out for help.

9. And my hosts hastened in all directions with their birth-blankets, and received the druj yans in millions and millions, and gathered them to the place of the and fetals and es' fountain of light, whither I had provided atmosphere for them, and they were placed within. And their numbers were so great that even Gods had scarce seen the like before; and in order to attest before Thee, O Jehovih, I had them numbered, using the sections of the divisions of my Gods and Goddesses in order to do so.

10. And there were of druj and fetals sixteen billion six hundred millions, many of whom had lived on earth as fetals and druj for thousands of years, though many others of them were not capable of everlasting life. And of the first resurrection there were thirty-six thousand millions; and of the second resurrection there were three hundred and five millions. But during the last hundred years the earth brought forth none capable of everlasting life, save, indeed, the remnants of I' hins.

11. Now when the earth was delivered, and there was no escape for the spirits of the dead, nor no returning to mortals, I called out to Thee, O Jehovih, saying: Give me of Thy power, O Jehovih, and I will carry up all the plateaux of hell and the heavens of the buried continent! And Thy hand came as the blade of a sword, flaming like fire, and swept over the ocean of the sunken land, cleaving all asunder. And, lo and behold, the anchorage of my feet was cut loose, and the spheres of heaven at my command.

12. Thy voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Descend thou, My Son, down to the floor of the resurrection, and take My Daughter, Fiatisi, with thee, and go into the midst of the place of ascension, for I will add unto thy glory the resurrection of all that thine eyes have beholden.

13. So I descended, and took Fiatisi, Daughter of Jehovih, with me; and when we were come into the place commanded, Thy power came upon the place, and it started upward; and soon thereafter it turned on its vertical axis and rose higher and higher, turning and rising; and we saw we were loose from the earth, and no longer rotated with the earth, but rose slowly upward, watching the earth rotating beneath us.

14. I said: Upward, O Jehovih! Upward, O Jehovih! Upward, O Jehovih! And all the hosts repeated the same words, for our wills and knowledge were as a unit, wherein we had strength in Thee, Our Creator!

chapter 7

1. Jehovih spake in the firmament, saying: Bring the newborn into the forests of Uk' loo and the ji' ay' an roads to the arc of Noe, in the etherean heaven of Hautuon; and when thou hast founded them on a world of their own, leave thou Gods and Goddesses with them to sort them and provide according to their necessities, for all things shall be provided unto them that they may attain to knowledge and individuality.

2. And when thou hast placed them, hasten thou with My Son, Neph, back to the earth, where I have labor with the ships of the I' hins. And they were thus delivered.

3. So I departed as soon as possible, taking leave of Fiatisi, thanking her for her assistance in this great deliverance; and I took with me Neph, Son of Jehovih, and other thirty thousand Gods and Goddesses, besides ten million ethereans who had had thousands of years' experience in heaven and on various corporeal worlds; and we came back to the earth, even to the ocean where the land had gone down.

4. And when I came to the ships in which the I' hins were escaped, finding the Gods who had them in charge, even as I had previously commanded, Thy voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Bend thou the currents of the winds of heaven, O My Son; and shape the ships that they shall fall into groups; and thou shalt divide the groups, making four groups in all. And thou shalt drive the groups of ships before the winds of heaven, and bring them into the four different lands of the earth, according to its previous history and adaptation.

5. For in all countries shall My chosen begin the laying down of the foundation of My everlasting kingdom, and they shall never more be destroyed by the people of darkness, neither of earth or heaven.

6. So I divided my hosts according to the labor Thy commandments put upon me, making four divisions of them. And I said unto Neph: Direct them, O God, to such countries as Jehovih hath shown thee, for thou knowest all the earth; for, remember, thou art still God of earth.

7. I said: By Thy light, Jehovih, I desire two ships to go to the north land, which was not sunken, for they shall be a testimony in time to come. Let Thy Gods, therefore, shift the winds and drive two ships aside from the rest, and in that same time my messengers will go and lead the way to the north land, whither Thy Gods shall shape the winds of heaven.

8. Now, those in charge of the wind currents divided the ships and drove two of them off to the north land. And the Gods and angels turned the currents about and drove the four groups of ships in four different ways, according to the directions of God, Son of Jehovih; and the messengers of God led the way, showing the Gods and angels of the wind, the countries designated by Jehovih.

9. So it came to pass that in one hundred and fifty days'time all the ships of the Faithists were in the ports, and the people went ashore, in the different countries whither they had been taken. Again Thy voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Behold, My people are few in the world, and lest they take the ships and sail about, and so get divided and lost, thou shalt send thy hosts down to the sea at night to sink the ships.

10. When I told God (Neph) what Thou hadst said, God said unto me: My angels shall inspire the I' hins to take all things out of the ships, and this night shall thy hosts fulfill the commandment of Jehovih. And so it came to pass; the I' hins took all their goods out of

the ships, not knowing they were inspired; and in the night I sent angels down, and they sank the ships.

11. And in the morning the I' hins beheld their ships had disappeared, and they said with one voice: Of a truth, I know I was inspired, for I would not rest till all the goods were taken out of the ships. Let us, therefore, build an altar unto the Lord, and sing and dance, because he is with us. And when God (Neph) saw that their souls were propitious for good works and miracles, he stationed his ashars (guardian angels) around about the altars, and sent other ashars into the country, and they gathered fruit which was growing wild, and brought it to the I' hins, casting it on the altars of the Lord, even whilst the people danced.

12. Thus did I fulfill the work Thou commandedst of me, O Jehovih, whereupon I surrendered my commission to Thy Son, Neph, God of heaven and earth.

chapter 8

1. Neph, God of earth, said: Behold, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, by the power and magnificence of thy work am I bewildered in thy presence. Who can come so near the Almighty? Who but Jehovih hath attained beyond the power of thy soul? Who hath wisdom like unto thee, save the Great Creator? Thou hast stretched a line beyond the moon, and by thy spoken word crushed in the side of the great earth, as if it were nothing. Thou hast said: Arise! and a world moved at thy command! Yea, thou hast the love and esteem of millions of Gods and Goddesses.

2. And thou camest against the winds of the earth, saying: Turn ye hither or turn ye thither, and lo, the winds moved before thy words as an obedient child to its father' s voice. Thou callest down the fire of heaven; it cometh at thy bidding; and thou sayst: O Jehovih, put thy hand under the heavens of the earth, and straightway a light and floor wide as the earth fly into the place of thy desire.

3. Now, behold thou hast said: O Jehovih, I surrender my commission; I have finished that which Thou commandest me to do. Wherefore, O Aph, my soul hath great sorrow. But because thou hast labored a hundred days and cleaned up the whole earth and her heavens, as one might sweep the floor of a house, I am bowed down in gratitude.

4. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: O Jehovih, what have I done that Thy Son' s love hath come to me? So far as I have become one with Thee, O Thou Everlasting Creator, so Thou showest me plainer and plainer that I am nothing. And yet Thy Son heapest praise upon me, seeing I am but as a figure moved by Thy hand. Shall a man lose sight of the Almighty!

5. Nevertheless, O Jehovih, who so weak in love as I, Thy servant? Because Thou hast quickened me in wisdom and power, so hast Thou made my love as a place that can never be supplied to the fill. How shall I find strength to leave this, Thy Son, on the far-off earth? Will I not glory in his love and great esteem; and yet know I not that I will repine because I have him not with me?

6. Hear me, O Jehovih, for I will measure Thy Son with swiftness. Scarce forty thousand years raised up to etherea, and yet Thou madest him God of heaven and earth. For three thousand years struggled he in the battle against evil and darkness; and the broad heavens in the etherean world looked on in sympathy and love and hope, because of his tenacity

and wisdom and power.

7. It was as one man fighting against a house on fire, and the place filled with helpless babes. And yet Thy God ceased not, nor once rested and said: It is useless; but forever renewed the battle in new ways and stratagems. As a light showeth better in the dark, so did Thy Son Neph, O Jehovih, move the souls of even Gods and Goddesses in Thy exalted heavens.

8. Then came Thy voice, O Father, saying: Go thou, O Aph, My Son, and deliver the earth. And, behold, the congregating of Gods and Goddesses! So eager to fly to the assistance of Thy honored Son!

9. And God (Neph) said: One favor, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, I ask of thee; which is that thou shalt tarry three days and honor the throne of God. For I will have it founded and ready; and my Lords shall have the honor of speaking to thee face to face.

10. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: By Thy permission, O Jehovih, I will tarry three days and three nights with Thy Son, God of heaven and earth, and I will honor his throne and speak face to face with his Lords, that I may win their love.

11. In three days'time the kingdom of God was founded, and situated in atmospherea, ya), but the plateaux extended with two wings, so near and over the land of Jaffeth (Chine' as to embrace Shem and Ham (India and Egypt); and thither went the Gods, with their Lords and attendants.

12. Now, there were with God (Neph) two million spirits (earth-born) in the second resurrection, who had volunteered to serve another two hundred years for the founding of the new kingdom of heaven, and they were well learned in official capacity, knowing how to found plateaux, with factories, mansions, hospitals, nurseries, and all such places as are required in heaven for the newborn, so that God only had to say: Do ye thus, or so; and it was done, and without error.

13. And now, from the hosts of Aph, Son of Jehovih, there came before God half a million etherean volunteers who desired to remain two hundred years with God and his hosts.

14. God said to them: Behold, the earth hath passed Tryista, and it is no longer lawful for any but earth-born to hold the places of sub-Gods and sub-Lords and marshals; and since ye are from different stars raised, and from different etherean circuits, what shall I do that ye may be honored, and also profitable to yourselves in development?

15. Gaitivaya, chief spokesman for them, said: We desire to be laborers only. For what is two hundred years to us? We pray thee, appoint us not to the I' hins, for they are already advanced, but appoint us to the natives in the divisions of the earth, especially to those who speak but little, and who burrow in the ground. Neither do we desire a place in thy heaven, but we will abide with mortals, and in the first resurrection of those who are born in darkness.

16. God said: Thou shalt remain, and thy people with thee. For since thou hast volunteered to leave thy high estate and come and dwell for one dan on the lowest of all places, laboring for the blind and dumb, thou shalt be recompensed with the love of millions in time to come.

17. Then God departed, and Aph, Son of Jehovih, went with him, and they came into the midst of the kingdom of God, whereat they halted, and God said: Here will I build my throne; and inasmuch as Sethantes, in the olden time, called his place Hored, so will I call

my place Hored also, and on the earth it shall be called the Mountain of God, for it shall be my home.

18. So God stretched forth his hand to Jehovih, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Father! And there came down from the heavens above a great light, and it settled around about in the midst of the place of God and Aph, Jehovih' s Son; and presently the light gathered up of the atmospherean substance and made it shining and condensed, whereupon the attendants who do such matters brought and laid the throne of God, and thereafter fenced it around with pillars of fire, after the manner of Hored of the ancient days.

19. And God ascended and sat on the throne, and Aph also sat on the right hand of God, and the four Lords of the earth on the left hand; but the fifth Lord, Eolait, stood down at the foot. And he said: Behold, the division of the earth that was mine is sunk beneath the sea; how, then, shall I sit on the throne of God?

20. God said: Since thy labor hath been taken from thee, thou art as a parable on the yan newly dead; who have lost the earth, but have no place in heaven. Since the es' serveth a time through the proxy of others, so shalt thou in that which I will bestow upon thee. Know, then, thou shalt sit on my right hand, for thou shalt be my assistant and Vice-God during the time of my sojourn; and, after that, whatsoever thou wilt.

21. Eolait said: Thou hast honored me, O God! Jehovih' s will be done! So God rose up, raising his hand, and said: O Thou All Light, crown Thou Thy Son Vice-God of Hored, for Thine Own Glory, forever!

22. And as the light of etherea descended into God' s right hand, he shaped it into a crown and placed it on Eolait' s head, with the usual ceremony of such rank in heaven. And Eolait came and sat on the right hand of God. And in that same time, Aph, Son of Jehovih, rose up, whereupon God and the Lords, and all people whatsoever, sat down, for the place was as if Jehovih had appeared in person. Aph said:

23. As a father is made to comprehend his own early life by looking on his infant son, so hast Thou, O Jehovih, forever raised up before my eyes the images of times and conditions long past. In these, Thy Lords, Thou hast called me back to the time and place when first Thou and Thy Son crowned me a Lord and a Vice-God over one of the divisions of my native star.

24. And my soul rose up to Thee in fear and prayer; for I understood how unmindful men and angels are of the labor of Gods and Lords, and prone to rate themselves as Chiefs of all created things. But Thy Voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Complain not, My Son, against the self-conceit of men and angels, nor of their criticisms of My Gods and Lords; for to such boasters do I provide trials, which they perceive not till they are encompassed therewith. Suffer them, therefore, within thy dominions to grow in their own glory, for I have sufficient labor for them, either on earth or in heaven.

25. And I perceived Thy wisdom, and I applied it through my angels; and when my people rose to the first resurrection, and the second resurrection, behold, I knew where to place them that they might prove themselves all in all. And Thy light came upon me in my place, saying: As thou hast profited in the first lesson, so shalt thou comprehend the second, and even up to the etherean heavens.

26. Nevertheless, O Father, Thou sufferedest all things to harass me and perplex my soul; and I was filled with fear and reverence because of the great responsibility Thou gavest unto my keeping. So great were my tribulations and trials that I called out to

Thee in Thy holy place to remember all other Gods and Lords in Thy whole universe.

27. And Thou saidst: Hear the words of Thy Creator, thou, My God, My Son: For I created man to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, and dependent on those above him, that he might comprehend the unity between high and low, strong and weak, light and darkness; and I placed him in My mills, wherein he should learn that, even as others grind for him, so should he grind for those beneath him.

28. For of what profit under the sun is it for My Lords to come down from their liberty and glory in My etherean firmament and become Lords over the grovellers in the flesh, or over the es' yans in darkness? Shall selfishness reign in heaven, and every one for himself? Have I not proved it on the earth that the love of doing good works unto others is all that insures a rich harvest of love in return.

29. Because they stoop from their high estate in order to promote My children which I created alive, are they not becoming the more one with Me? Even so is all exaltation in heaven; for as I stoop down to the dumb earth and water, and quicken them, making man, so have I stooped lower than can anything of all My universe. And they that do after My example, raising them up to make them have joy in life, are on the road to attain to all power and wisdom and love.

30. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: I perceived Thy wisdom, O Father; and Thy power and wisdom came upon me tenfold. Then I sought forever after to go to the lowest and darkest places; but, lo, when I had grown in Thy judgment, Thou spakest again to me, saying:

31. O Aph, My Son, because thou hast found the key to unlock the doors to the highest heavens, behold, thou art too mighty for small labor. Come, therefore, with Thy Creator, for I have a whole etherean world at thy command, and thy wisdom and power are required at My hand.

32. And I obeyed Thy call, O Jehovih. And then again, after a season, Thou calledest me again, and again, and madest my labors to extend into many etherean worlds. But I loved to look back and glorify Thee for my first Lord-dom, and to treasure up the millions of loves I found in those days. And again, O Father, hast Thou blessed me to meet many millions of them in this pruning of the red star, the earth.

33. Now Thou hast called me to speak on the throne of Thy God of earth. Alas, thy God has said: O Aph, Son of Jehovih, come thou and honor my throne! Whereas, O Jehovih, I am the most honored of men and Gods because I have again opened my mouth before Thee and in Thy name. All glory be to Thee, O Jehovih, now and forever!

34. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, sat down, and God signaled to the marshals, who proclaimed freedom for two whole days. Thereupon the Gods and Goddesses of Aph' s staff filed past the throne, and after them came the hosts of God, and then the hosts of the Lords, for they all desired to pass near and look upon Aph, and receive the signal of his blessing.

35. And presently thereafter all the people joined in with the es' enaurs and sang a song of glory unto Jehovih, the All Highest. And when it was finished, the multitude turned to recreation and social intercourse.

chapter 9

1. When the time came, God called his proper officers, and they proclaimed his presence, whereupon the people came to order. And God said:

2. Even as it was before the submersion, so shall it now be, and ye shall fill the same places even as before, every one to the place provided. Nevertheless, from this time forth, all work in heaven and earth shall be new, and as if nothing had been. Let my Lords and their attendants, and their ashars, prepare for their departure; and from such other volunteers as have come into my kingdom they shall receive as they desire, and be assigned to labor suited to them, whether it be with mortals or with spirits in the first resurrection.

3. And to my marshals, messengers and asaphs: Hear ye the word of your God, which is that ye proceed throughout atmospherea, selecting and appropriating all suitable places for the spirits of the dead; and that ye apportion builders and workmen, and erect factories, and schools, and hospitals, and nurseries, and all other suitable places, adapted to receiving those of the first resurrection, as is done in all atmospherean heavens, and all who are thus received shall be called es' yans for the first five years; but after that they seans, signifying having separated from corporeal desire, being full shall be called es' residents of the es world. But those who will not become es' seans, being the spirits of druk-mortals and hard bound to the earth, shall be called druj, signifying wandering spirits of darkness and of evil; and those who engraft themselves on mortals shall be called fetals, signifying sucklings, and these names shall continue in heaven and on earth to the end of the world.

4. Wherein ye may perceive the fault of leniency of the Gods and Lords of old, be ye circumspect in these times; for never more shall the rod of water chasten the living earth.

5. When God thus completed all his commandments, and the people were ready to depart, the es' enaurs and trumpeters sang and played a hymn adapted to the new heaven and new earth; and when this was finished, Aph, Son of Jehovih, spake, saying:

6. Behold the light of the high heaven opens. Thy Son, O Jehovih, longeth for a great labor. I go on a journey farther than ten thousand suns. Fiatisi, Thy Daughter, O Jehovih, and Goddess of a thousand worlds, hath set apart to join two corporeal stars in a far-off heaven, whereon a thousand millions shall be delivered into spirit life in a single day. With her, by Thy Will and Power, O Jehovih, I go! But yet let not these, Thy Gods and Lords and all their hosts, surmise I will forget one single soul of all that are here. And when the next dan appeareth, behold, I will return to them to enjoy a portion of their sweet love. Aph is done.

7. And now the Chief descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and God, suffused with tears, came down and took his hand, saying: Behold, he who is greatest maketh himself least of all. Arise, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, and crowned IMMORTAL GOD OF THE ARC OF NOE, SON OF THE ALMIGHTY, arise and go thy way.

8. So Aph rose up, and shaking hands with God and his Lords, descended to the borders beyond the foot of the pillars of fire, and his hosts with him, being ten millions in number, where the proper persons had in readiness an ascending otevan with wings, wherein they all entered.

9. At a given signal the otevan started upward, but toward the east, and, swift as a shooting star, it sped forth, and presently disappeared in the distance.

chapter 10

1. Jehovih said: Neph, My Son, God of earth, hear thou the voice of Thy Creator. For as

thou calledest on Me in thy sore hour of trial, so did I come to thee and deliver the earth and heaven through My son of the arc of Noe, in etherea. Remember now the upraised of Hautuon, heaven of darkness, in Uk' loo, in the firmament, for they are thine until the next dan appeareth on the earth.

2. God said: I have heard Thy voice, O Jehovih; but what shall Thy servant do? Behold Aph, Thy Arc-Son, hath left with the upraised children of darkness, Gods and Goddesses who transcend Thy servant so far in wisdom and power that he scarce can look upon them. How, then, shall it be with me, Thy servant?

3. Jehovih said: Nevertheless, the upraised children of darkness are thine own family, and the glory of thy house in heaven shall be the light thou shalt make manifest in them. Fear not, the Gods and Goddesses understand this matter.

4. Therefore, when thou hast put thy kingdom in order, and established the heaven of the earth in all its parts, and stationed messengers betwixt thy throne and the thrones of thy Lords on the earth, behold, thou shalt leave thy Vice-God to rule in thy stead for a season, and thou shalt go to Hautuon, in the etherean forests, for thou shalt be expected of them.

5. God said: Thy will be done, O Father. I perceive Thy wisdom and glory and justice. Now will I sojourn on my throne one year, and thou, my Vice-God, shalt relieve me whilst I go and visit my rebellious children in Uk' loo, where Gods and Goddesses are overseeing them.

6. The Vice-God said: Thy will be done, God of heaven and earth. So it came to pass that in one year' s time God had established heaven in such good manner that he could control the affairs of angels and men into the way of everlasting life.

7. God informed his Council, which consisted of five hundred thousand ethereans, men and women, of the words of Jehovih, adding thereunto:

8. And for one year will I remain in Hautuon, that I may become known to them whom I have risen. But at the end of that time I will return hither, and bring with me such new volunteers as Jehovih may command.

9. It was known in heaven that God would leave at the proper time; and, to honor him in Jehovih' s name, his hosts from far and near, to the number of ten millions, came to see him depart. And when God saw them, he proclaimed a day of recreation; and the people mingled together, and especially to re-converse on the matter of the deliverance of earth and heaven and the going down of Pan, as it had been.

10. On the following day, all hands being refreshed and assembled in order, according to the discipline of Gods, God spake from the throne, saying:

11. Hear the words of your God, and rejoice in the founding of a new heaven. Be wise in heeding that which I shall utter, and make yourselves steadfast in all proven things. Here are millions who stood by my side in the name of the Creator, in the days of darkness in heaven and earth. For three thousand years our battle lasted; and from out of the darkness behold our prayers went up to Him who is over all and above all. dan;

12. And your God said: Surely Jehovih will deliver, when the vortex merges into Hi' and ye all repeated the same thing; and the unity of our souls'desire reached up to the Orian Chiefs, Jehovih' s mighty Sons and Daughters.

13. For as it is proven that a man in conflict with himself accomplisheth nothing, whilst he who is in harmony with himself is mighty wherein he ruleth himself to a good purpose; even so hath it been proven that the unity of many angels can, by force of their

own wills, control the place and proceedings of a world. And by your faith in this matter with your God, ye became a star of faith in Jehovih, which is the mastering of all things to His glory.

14. And they who were without an All Highest in Person, were without power, and of no effect, save to build up discord to our proceedings. Whilst those who assumed to be Gods and Lords, but ignored Jehovih, were not sustained, for having nothing higher than themselves, they rose only to themselves.

15. Which is manifested on earth, even as it was in those days in heaven; boasting of good works or of good prayers, but housing themselves about with the earnings of others. Did not these false Gods and false Lords set up self and worship it; and the fruits of their inspiration, and their slaves under them, were the angels they sent to rule over mortals, for the glory of their philosophy, wherein mortals also soon said the same things of themselves, which was: Behold, there is no God nor Lord of wisdom in heaven and earth.

16. Whereby the doctrines of the false Gods and Lords overturned even their own kingdoms, changing heaven into hada. But when the Light of Jehovih came, ye and your God and Lords were one with His voice. Wherefore ye have been preserved in victory. And now hath it come to pass that your God and Lords have established a new heaven and new earth for the glory of the Father. And he who labored so long in your love, now goeth to the other wing of the battle, where your brethren, toiling with those in darkness, will rejoice to hear of your fruitful labors.

17. Then God turned to his right, and said to Eolait, Vice-God of Jehovih: Because thou wert robbed of thy division of the earth, even whilst thou wert in good work, Jehovih hath bestowed thee well. Thou shalt, therefore, hold the triangle of the Gods of heaven until thy God returneth.

18. Thereupon God hung the triangle on Eolait' s neck, saying: In Jehovih' s name, ALL HAIL, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH? The hosts repeated: ALL HAIL, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!

19. And God came down and sat on the foot of the throne, in the custom of Gods. And he who had been anointed came down and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, and go thy way! And God rose up, and the two, with their marshals and attendants, went down by the borders, at the line of the pillars of fire, where the proper persons had a ship with mantles and curtains in readiness; and God and his hosts, even five hundred thousand in number, entered the ship.

20. Meanwhile the es' enaurs sang an appropriate anthem of GLORY TO JEHOVIH THE ALL HIGHEST.

21. At a given signal the ship started upward, amidst the applause of millions of angels assembled; and like a star it shot upward higher and higher, till it was seen no more. .

chapter 11

1. The Council of Hored being still in session, God, that is, Eolait, ascended the throne. And the light of Jehovih fell upon God, so that he was well nigh obscured from sight, and the voice of Jehovih spake, saying:

2. Hear ye My voice; as by My Presence and of Mine Own Self I made each self, and gave thereto power of words, so am I in Light manifest by soul words to My etherean hosts. As to the Lords of earth, ye have provided ashars, and above them asaphs,

and betwixt all My kingdoms allotted messengers, so shall ye also provide for barbarians, familiar spirits, who shall be subject to the order of the ashars and their Lords.

3. I create alive all men, whether I' hins or barbarians, and your labor shall be not alone with My chosen, whom it is easy to save, but with those also who know Me not, and know not My es worlds. For, beside those destroyed by the flood, behold the earth is still covered over with men, women and children.

4. In the time of Aph ye received volunteers from Osi, in etherea; give them this matter in hand.

5. This was done, and they were divided up into groups, and the corporeans having been already numbered by the angels of heaven, the ethereans were distributed accordingly. And these again selected and apportioned familiar spirits to abide with the barbarians. And these familiar spirits were the fathers and mothers and friends who had recently died, but still sojourned in the first resurrection. So the officers provided places on earth for these spirits, and persuaded them to reappear before mortals in order to prove continued life; but the officers never showed themselves.

6. Jehovih hath said: Provide ye the way, but cause the familiars to do the labor. Neither shall ye make a familiar of the spirit of a young man or a young woman, lest they become fetals.

7. So it came to pass that a new department of heaven and earth was opened and set on foot during the absence of Neph, and in one year the matter was in prosperity.

8. At the end of one year God returned from the Hautuon Colony, bringing with him five millions of volunteers, being of the third resurrection. And, it being known in Hored when he would return, a great concourse of angels gathered together to receive him in honor, and to welcome the volunteers.

9. So that, when God' s etherean star descended, the Vice-God, Eolait, proclaimed a recreation of ten days, which was to follow immediately after God should ascend the throne and regain his presence. And so, whilst the es' enaurs were singing, the star alighted, and the marshals and hosts of honor proceeded to the places, and received God, who at once ascended to the throne and saluted Eolait, Son of Jehovih, saying:

10. By Thy Will and Power, O Jehovih, Thy Son rejoiceth in the time of this proceeding. Eolait said: Welcome, God of heaven and earth. And he saluted with the sign of Jehovih' s name, and was answered in like manner.

11. Without more ceremony, he took off the triangle of the Gods and placed it on God' s neck, saying: In Jehovih' s name, receive thou the gift of the ancient Gods.

12. Hardly had this been accomplished when the ship-star alighted in the floor of the Congress, before the Council, and near the altar of Jehovih; and the five millions of volunteers alighted, amidst the applause of the many millions assembled.

13. God, being reinstated, said: Let the marshals proclaim ten days of recreation. For we shall account to our especial loves how we found matters in Hautuon, and of the power of Jehovih manifested.

chapter 12

1. The voice of Jehovih spake through God, saying: Because a new heaven is established, and because the old hath been raised up, let signs be manifested, whereby men and angels in after times may know what hath happened. For it shall come to pass in later days that

men and angels may forget the flood and the purging of the earth. Bethink ye, O Gods and Goddesses, what shall be done?

2. Eolait spoke in behalf of the Council, saying: What shall we do, O Jehovih? And Jehovih answered, saying: Because I come near the earth in its early days, and farther off as it groweth older, men will say: Alas, the folly of the ancients! For I gave fear and faith as an heritage when men were weak in judgment; but, with the growth of wisdom, I take away fear and the substance of things not proven to the judgment.

3. Jehovih said: In kosmon, men and angels shall ask for proofs. One will say: How is it possible to relate the words spoken in the olden times? Another will say: How can it be proven that the old heaven was taken away?

4. Hear, therefore, the words of your Creator; and when one saith: Behold, in those days few men had the gift of words and speech, answer ye him, saying: Even so was it in heaven, and because they had not words, they could not be made to understand.

5. And another shall say: The Creator ruleth in large matters, but not in the small; and another shall say: Because the angels come in kosmon, so could they in the olden time. And ye shall answer them, saying: Who knoweth the plan for an earthquake, whether it be small or large before Jehovih? Is He not ever present? and do not certain conditions bring certain results? And they will answer: Yea.

6. Say ye: Give, then, a name to the Highest Cause beyond all research; and they will say: By the ancients called Jehovih. And they shall perceive that they have entangled themselves in a net. For if the condition of ignorance on earth begot ignorance in heaven, how could the light of heaven come afterward to the earth save from above? Since, then, the light of heaven came from above, who should invent the wisdom of a flood to come upon the speech of nations?

7. Give them, therefore, words in heaven and words on earth which are of matters of this nature, and make the sounds thereof sacred, so that it shall be proven in Jaffeth and Shem, and Ham, and Guatama, and in the heavens thereunto belonging. The voice of Jehovih ceased.

8. God said: Thou art All Wisdom, O Jehovih! Now have I a place for the new volunteers come from etherea. For this shall be their matter and business with the familiars who dwell with the barbarians. So, accordingly, were they allotted. And they were enjoined to sing to mortals the song of the flood; and they thus established its history to endure forever on earth.

chapter 13

1. All things prospered in heaven for many years, nor were there great wars on earth, nor famines, nor epidemics. And the Lords of the earth had sufficient loo' is for all the Faithists, so as to control I' hin marriages to bring forth sons and daughters who would rejoice in heaven.

2. And as fast as they died on the earth, these angels were carried to heavenly places suited to them, where they were handed into the care of asaphs and entered as es' yans. But the Lords appointed no loo' is over the barbarians; and only commanded the ashars to watch for their spirits in the hour of death, and, if possible, to bring them to the organic places of God in Hored. And mostly they were so brought. This continued for many

years; but in course of time the familiar spirits aroused up the barbarians, and they began to have dreams and see visions, for their familiars talked to them during sleep. And when this became common, Jehovih said:

3. Behold, the time is come to appoint loo' is to abide with the barbarians. For herein will I reveal a great secret, which is that My chosen on earth cannot subdue it; for they are a harmless and defenseless people. Therefore, have I created the barbarian wisely; for he shall drive away and destroy all evil beasts and serpents; and the forests shall fall down before him.

4. For this purpose the loo' is shall select marriages with the view of raising up great kings and queens. But since, in the olden time, the kings depended on the prophets of God for counsel, and thus were advised against killing anything I had created alive, they quarreled; so in this time of the new heaven ye shall permit the kings and queens to consult the spirits of the dead with the talents I have given them.

5. This was done also; and the barbarians were attended by familiar spirits, many of whom took upon themselves any name pleasant to the ear, some of them calling themselves God or Lord, or after the name of some great king of the olden time. And these familiars, being stupid, supposed themselves to be such persons.

6. The result of their stupid impressions was to inspire the barbarians to believe they were attended by Gods or Lords, or by the spirits of kings or queens; and so they held up their heads and began to think. For as it had been said by the Gods of ancient times: Some are led by flattery, some by self-conceit, some by duty, some by love of righteousness; but there are others who can be led to self-improvement by persuading them they are chosen especially by some God or Lord, or the spirit of a renowned king or queen, to work wonders.

7. God said: There was a certain sick man who could not be cured by the physicians; so there came a foolish woman, seeing visions, and said to the sick man: To-morrow thou shalt be healed. God hath been trying thee; but thou hast proven thyself in soul, and thy God will withdraw the spell of thy infirmity; behold, thy God standeth by thee.

8. Now on the following day the sick man put forth his own spirit and rose up and was well; wherefore, it hath been adjudged even deceit may accomplish what truth could not. Suffer then the familiars to lead the barbarians on for a season, but be ye watchful at the proper time to appoint new spirits to be with them.

9. God said: Instruct the Lords that the time is now come to reveal to mortals, especially to the I' hins, the seven tetracts; for, as the ashars are withdrawn a pace, so shall mortals advance a pace.

10. Which is to say: These are the inheritances of all men born on the earth: ANASH, which is persistent stubbornness, by word or thought; ZIMMAH, wicked device; RA, delight in being bad; BELYYAAL, worthlessness; AVEN, vanity and self-conceit; DIBBAH, slander and reporting of evils; and SA’TAN, to be a leader, and especially to the delight of the other six entities.

11. These are the members of the Beast of all men and women under the sun; nor is any one without them in some manner or degree. Go ye, therefore, to the Lords and say to them: Jehovih hath set the beginning of the resurrection through Aph, His Son, Chief of the arc of Noe, to lay the tetracts on the shoulders of mortals.

12. The marshals of the Council provided messengers who were at once sent down to the

different divisions of the earth; for the tetracts were some of the words selected in heaven to be given as everlasting names, whereby, in after ages, the tribes of Faithists might be discovered; and they were given alike to the Faithists of Guatama, Jaffeth, Shem and Ham, who were the sons of the arc of Aph preserved on the earth in that day. For these words were provided in the Hebraic, Vedic and Algonquin languages, to be synonymous, till the coming of the kosmon era.

chapter 14

1. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: Behold, the time draweth near when Aph, My Son, shall commit the care of Hored and her affairs to another God, for another four hundred years. This, then, is the commandment of thy Creator, O God: Hored shall advance to the second resurrection; but the first resurrection shall be established with My Lords.

2. And when the Lord hath a sufficient number of souls who are advanced to take the second resurrection, then shall they be brought to this, My holy place, where they shall be further prepared for the next resurrection.

3. This was accomplished; and heavenly kingdoms with thrones for the Lords, for the first resurrection, were established on the earth, and in the divisions of the Lords. So that there were allotted to these Lords'kingdoms thirty-three years for a resurrection, because thirty-three is the division of dan corresponding to one hundred dans to each cycle

4. Accordingly, every thirty-three years thereafter there was one migration of a group from the Lord' s first resurrection to that of Hored, which was God' s second resurrection. Whereby the light of dan fell on two hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years, six hundred years and one thousand years, which became the base of prophecy for each cycle from that time forth for a long period.

5. God said: Close the gates of Hored, and from this time ever after only those of the second resurrection can enter. And it was so. And Hored was extended over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham to the second degree; but of Guatama this is the manner of her heaven: The Lord made two kingdoms, the first and second resurrections, and allotted the first to a proxy in his own name, but over the second he presided in person, teaching his people by proxy of God in Hored. For the distance of the sea lay between these heavens; and the access could not be made in the diminutive light of thirty-three. Nevertheless, the Lord and his attendants maintained an etherean ship that enabled him to cross the sea at intervals of eleven years.

6. Accordingly now, in the second resurrection, new colleges were established in heaven, and the spirits began the study of elements and illustrations in es and uz, and the process of travel and of carrying corporeal entities. And these spirits were at times, under ashars, taken down to mortals to assist in miracles and legerdemain. For the lessons in the second resurrection embraced the mastery of corpor in analysis and synthesis.

7. After the first year of God in Hautuon, he went therefore every eleventh year and remained one year of the earth' s time; so that in two hundred years he made eighteen visits. Now on his first visit he brought back with him a certain number of volunteers, being of those raised by the arc of Noe; and the next visit he brought back twice as many as the first; and the next time three times as many as the second, and increasing for the

eighteen visits. And on the last visit it was estimated how many he had brought back in all, and the number was one thousand millions. And they were raised to the second resurrection, having been under the training of the Gods and Goddesses of Hautuon, under the direction of Aph, son of Jehovih.

8. And now that the time of dan was drawing near, and Aph should return to provide for the ascent of Jehovih' s harvest, God looked up with a cheerful heart; for it was evident that by the expiration of the two hundred years from the submersion of Pan, many of the spirits delivered from the earth in that day would be prepared to take the second resurrection. Wherefore God prophesied, saying: Through Thee, O Jehovih, in another hundred years I shall have delivered them into etherea (Nirvana) as Thy Brides and Bridegrooms.

chapter 15

1. Jehovih spake in the light of the throne of God in Hored, saying: Behold, a star cometh!

2. The voice ceased, but God and his hosts knew the meaning, for it was the time of Aph to return and complete his deliverance of Neph and his hosts, and his Lords and their hosts.

3. So the Council were moved to look into the firmament; and the messengers who had heard the voice, and who were departing on their various missions, also looked upward, even as they sped forth to their places; and they proclaimed it in the places of all the heavens of the earth, and to the Lords and their divisions of the earth.

4. And the angels of heaven and those that abode with mortals were stirred up, and because of their contiguity to mortals, the latter comprehended that something unusual was near at hand.

5. The Council of Hored knew not how they should proceed, for the event was to surpass in magnificence anything they had ever witnessed.

6. God said: I have heard Thy voice, O Jehovih. I know a star cometh, and great shall be the glory thereof. Give me light, O Father. How shall Thy servant know the decorum of Orian Chiefs? Behold, I am as one abashed with obscurity in Thy wide universe!

7. Jehovih' s voice answered, saying: Fear not, My Son. And let thy Council be strong also. Proceed at once to decorate thy people, preparatory to receiving the resurrection. And those who are to be My Brides and Bridegrooms clothe ye in white.

8. The whole Council heard Jehovih' s voice, and they ordained officers to proceed throughout atmospherea and put in effect Jehovih' s commandment. And the decorated angels, and those prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms for etherea, were ordered to form in companies near the throne of God in Hored; and the officers of companies were also provided with badges, whereon was inscribed an account of their labor on earth and in heaven, the number and nature of their charities and self-sacrifices for others'good, and their grade in purity and power and wisdom. And the privates were decorated with stars to illustrate the same things, in degree and number; and the stations of their file in Hored were provided in the order of music, rating them according to their chord and discord, and their social adaptability.

9. For these things were done before etherean judges, to whom Jehovih had said: Let the

people pass before you, and judge ye them, that being assorted and arranged they shall make one harmonious whole; for it is only by this they will have power to ascend and endure in My regions of light. There were one million of these judges, and they took up their stations in different parts of atmospherea, wherever the second resurrection had been established, every judge choosing a district for himself or herself, for they were both men and women.

10. And as the angels passed before them, the wisdom of the judges was so great they could comprehend all they had ever done, either on earth or in heaven. And by signals the proper officers were advised how to decorate and adorn all of them.

11. And as fast as companies of one thousand passed, they were provided with conductors, who took them to their places, which had been previously determined by the command of God.

12. Whilst this work was proceeding, lights began to appear in the firmament above; these were the marshals of the Orian fields in etherea, in their star-ships, making course for Hored, and their number was legion. But presently one brighter and more powerful than the rest made way from the western arc of Onah' yi, and it steered direct to God' s throne, growing brighter and larger as it came. And when it entered past Chinvat, and was well within the vortex of the earth in the belt of the moon' s orbit, its light spread across the whole atmosphere of heaven, and Hored was illumined, and the angels of Hored were stirred up with enthusiasm.

13. Not long the brilliant star delayed the suspense of the angel world, for he who sailed them was a God of millions of years, and by his wisdom attained to such mastery that the elements of earth and atmospherea gave way, as if appalled by a heaven on fire. Down came the star-ship whose majesty outweighed all ceremony, a very crown of magnificence, even to the arena of the Council of Hored. And he who came, attended by half a million, was Sue' ji, marshal for that which was soon to follow.

14. God rose up, saluting, and all the hosts rose up, whereupon Sue' ji ascended the throne, greeted by God and his Council, near at hand. Sue' ji said:

15. By thy will, O Jehovih! And God said: In Thy name, O Father, Creator! Welcome to Thy Son! And presently all the place was aglow with a golden light, which ranks first in heaven of all colors, and the voice of Jehovih descended on Sue' ji, and he said:

16. Well beloved, come! Long enduring, come! Of patience and steadfastness, My sons and daughters! Behold, I came in the darkness and delivered Mi, for she was of twins heavily laden. And the one dwelt with the mother, but the other I sent to nurse in Hautuon. And they are grown to maturity; a son and daughter twin.

17. Turn ye to Hautuon; lo, the twin cometh! She was the puny child; but look ye upon her, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Her thousand millions come as an avalanche of ji' ay' an worlds. Open your arms, O My beloved sons and daughters.

18. The voice ceased, and Sue' ji said: When the harvest of Hautuon arriveth, attended by the Gods and Goddesses who helped deliver the children of darkness, and who have changed them into beacons of light, behold ye, there shall be three days of recreation in atmospherea; for the hosts of Hautuon shall be shown their native world, whence they came; and they shall read the lineage of kin and condition whence they were rescued by Jehovih' s sons and daughters.

19. But on the first day, behold, Aph, the Orian Chief, will descend in all his glory. And

on the fourth day all your upraised sons and daughters shall ascend into the etherean worlds, where there are in waiting, to receive you, millions of millions of souls, long since dwellers in Nirvana. Sue' ji ceased speaking, having given commands as to the stations of his marshals around about the earth and her heaven.

20. God sent his messengers, saying: Go ye to Wak' hah and say: God saith: My heavens have been numbered, and the account of my laborers rendered and recorded in the libraries of Hored. And of all the hosts who have labored with thy God, behold, thou, O Wak' hah, standest on the highest grade. Come, therefore, to the throne of thy God and be anointed God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years, and as long after as Jehovih willeth!

21. The messengers, attended by one thousand marshals, departed for Adjun, the place of labor where Wak' hah dwelt, being a physician' s nurse for es' yans and still-born mortal children and those killed by abortion. And they delivered the message of God, to which hah replied: Thanks, O Jehovih! Tell God I will come. But yet let me surmise: I have Wak' been all my life, now some thirty thousand earth years, trying to learn where I should be most serviceable to Jehovih and His sons and daughters. And when I judge that I have found it, lo, a summons cometh from another way, saying: Come thou hither. Wherefore it seemeth Jehovih forever hurrieth us onward, faster than our wisdom can discover the requirement. So the marshals provided an otevan, and Wak' hah was conducted before Hored, even to the foot of the throne of God, where he was saluted and received under a rod of water, according to his rank.

chapter 16

1. Nearer and nearer came the visiting stars, the etherean ships from thousands of worlds, with countless millions of emancipated souls, dwellers in the Nirvanian regions of Jehovih. And when they reached the boundaries of the earth' s vortex they halted a while, to form in rank and rank, that their glory might add to one another; and whilst they stood thus in the great vault of heaven, there opened on one side a gateway amidst the stars; and far beyond came a strange and mottled sun, swaying to and fro; and this was the great fields and forests of Hautuon letting loose the thousands of millions of the delivered earth.

2. God and his hosts saw it. And every soul burst forth one universal shout of applause. It was coming straight to Hored. And as it came nearer, the curtains and sails and streamers, made of yellow, blue and red fire, began to wave and surge, like a ship in a rough sea, but steadily holding course in the undulating elements. Presently could be seen guardian ships, thousands and thousands, traveling beside the laboring sun, the hosts of Hautuon.

3. And the guardian ships were themselves like stars, and carried millions of etherean souls who had been Gods and Goddesses on many worlds; and they formed wings for the Hautuon avalanche, to hold steady the course to the red star, the earth of mortals. And thus, in honored discipline, came the fleet of Jehovih' s worshippers, who only two hundred years since, were but as vermin delving into darkness, and deep buried in death, as their only knowledge; to whom Great Jehovih and His exalted worlds were unknown.

4. Brighter and brighter grew that great waving sun, sailed by the immortal Gods, and larger and more imposing, till, when it entered the earth' s vortex, it became as living fire,

large as the earth, and of brilliant colors, from black to adamant, and blue, and white, and purple, yellow, scarlet, pink, and of all shades; and living, and sparkling, with the broad curtains suspended, deep as the breadth of a world, and sails and flags that reached upward, high as the moon.

5. Midway in the vortex of the earth it halted, and the myriads of stars beyond now gathered in, majestically, from every side, till nearly around about the fabric of the earth' s atmosphere was not a place but glowed with Jehovih' s fire of heaven. Music, which rose from the throne of God a little while before, now ceased; for here was the play of elements in harmony, of which music is the same to the ear of mortals.

6. Hardly stood the kaleidoscope of splendors in one attitude, but moving, changing and forming by the decrees of the Gods and Goddesses; as a general on earth manipulates his armies, in the evolution of arms, so in majesty and splendor the marshaling stars forever evolved new and glorious changes stretching abroad over the whole firmament of heaven.

7. And now another gateway opened amidst the stars; and a cluster star was seen approaching from the southeast. It was as a star surrounded by stars, and brighter than all the others. This was the ship-star of Aph, the Orian Chief. At sight of which all souls in the firmament turned in pride and wonder. Swift and mighty above all the countless millions of Gods and Goddesses assembled had he attained in the play and management of worlds. And at sight of his etherean star, angels and Gods whispered: Aph! And the magic of his name, widely known in the Nirvanian fields of the emancipated heavens, spread abroad, till every soul uttered, APH! in all the regions of atmospherea and on the earth.

8. Nearer and nearer he came, nor halted at Chinvat, the boundary of the earth' s vortex; but steadily, and with power, sailed on till his star stood in the doorway of heaven, and here halted as if to complete the immortal scene.

9. But a moment more, and all the avalanche of the glorious worlds around moved onward toward the earth, and surrounding it on every side, and the star of Aph making headway for Hored, even to the throne of God.

10. This was the morning of the third day in tide of dan, in which there were still four days left. But now the marshals took their parts; first, Sue' ji, Chief over all the rest, from the throne of God, cried out: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! And the words were caught up on every side, and uttered in one breadth around the world. Yet nearer and nearer gathered in the great star-ships and sun of Hautuon, till even like a net they joined and filled the earth' s atmosphere in the east and west and north and south, and below and above; on every side. And the words of the marshal: All hail, O Aph, Son of Jehovih! went like an echo over all the heavens.

11. Then Aph' s fleet drew near, and he and his hosts alighted, and he ascended the throne, saluting, saying: All hail, O Neph, God of heaven and earth! And this was also uttered by the millions of hosts. Whereupon the signs and ceremonies of the Gods were briefly concluded, and a recreation of three days proclaimed. And the angels'hosts came forth out of their ships, or by the endless chain sped to any quarter of the earth they desired to visit. And for three days and nights the visitors dwelt on the earth and in the lower atmospherea; inspecting how the earth was made; its land and water; its mountains and valleys; its beasts of prey and beasts of burden; its birds and fishes; and above all, its mortal people and spirits who lingered about the earth, the great story tellers, who knew

no higher heaven. And then they surveyed atmospherea and the works of God and his Lords; their nurseries, hospitals, factories, schools and colleges.

12. And on the fourth day the marshals called order; and so great was the discipline of the hosts and the arrangement of the star-ships, that in a moment of time order reigned amongst all these countless millions of people.

13. Now, during the recreation, the Chiefs from many worlds, and Gods and Goddesses, mingled together, and exchanged their varied experience in the wide regions of Jehovih' s universe, of the management of both corporeal and es' sean worlds, and of the cosmogony of etherean planets; and the surveying of roadways, and of turning worlds from their orbitic course, or changing their axic rotation, and of the deliverance of millions of souls into the ji' ay' an fields, and of the creation of new corporeal worlds and the dissolution of others, and the gathering together of the spirits disinherited, and of their final resurrection. Neither seemed there any end to Jehovih' s universe, where such wonders go onward forever!

14. When order was restored, God commanded Wak' hah to rise to be anointed, and God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I anoint this, Thy Son, God of heaven and earth for the next four hundred years. Guide him in wisdom and love, O Father.

15. And God gathered from the abundance of eth' ic and made a crown and placed it on Wak' hah' s head, saying: Hail God of heaven and earth, Jehovih' s Son! This was shouted by the hosts. And then God took off the triangle, the sam' gan, the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the earth, and God hung it on Wak' hah' s neck, saying: Take this heirloom, the symbol of three entities in one, and wear it for the glory of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

16. To which Wak' hah, now God, answered: Thy will be done, O Father, Creator and Ruler over all. And all on the throne stood aside, and God (Wak' hah) ascended the throne and sat in the midst, whereat the es' enaurs chanted, and the hymn sounded around the whole earth. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, spake, saying:

17. In four hundred years, O God, I will come and deliver thee and thy harvest, and thy Lords and their harvest, for the glory of Jehovih, the Unapproachable Almighty! Amen.

18. And now Aph went and sat down at the foot of the throne, whereat God came down according to custom and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, Son of Jehovih, and go thy way! And Aph rose up, saluting, and he and his attendants departed and entered his starship. The es' enaurs chanted, the trumpeters played, and the solemn MARCH OF JEHOVIH’S SEA OF FIRE sounded from heaven and earth.

19. The marshals now put the great works in order: Neph and his attendants were stationed on the right of Aph in a ship new built; next to him, the ships of his Lords and their attendants; after them, their marshals from the different divisions of the earth and atmospherea; next to them, the ships of the messengers; then the factors, then the nurses, then the physicians, and so on; and finally the divisions of earth-raised, who were now adjourned to the sun-avalanche, being of the same rank. And these comprised the harvest s emancipated realms; and the number of souls exceeded all other of Neph for Jehovih' harvests raised up from the earth.

20. And now had come the time for the ascent, and Aph said: Give us of Thy power, O Jehovih! And his words were echoed in all places in heaven and on earth. The plateaux trembled and oscillated. Again Aph said: Of Thy power, O Jehovih! Arise, O Heaven! Arise, O Heaven!

21. And the plateaux of the sphere started from their foundations, and slowly moved back and outward from the earth. The es' enaurs played the march; the ethereans tore off strips of fabric and threw them down in Hored, and then formed flowers and leaves and perfumed them, and cast them out, to fall in the lower heavens.

22. Outward and outward the etherean world moved and moved, and then parted the breadth of the earth, and then rose slowly upward. Presently it turned on its own axis, and was as yet one entire world; but with its rotation the different stars began to individualize and separate, all save the harvest of Neph, which was the central figure, led onward and upward by Aph, Son of the Great Spirit.

23. Faster and faster rose the glorious scene, and more aweful, and sparkling with splendor! Nor could one from Hored scarce look upon the dazzling light. But higher it rose, and onward, toward its far-off destiny, till it disappeared in the firmament above. .

chapter 17

1. Now was the atmospherea like a new heaven stripped of visitors, and ready to resume labor after a glorious festival. So God at once dispatched all hands to their places, and the factories, schools and colleges, nurseries and hospitals, were once more alive with willing workers.

2. And Hored prospered in every department; and so also did the departments of the Lords on earth; and mortals also prospered under the light of the Great Spirit.

3. For four hundred years God reigned in heaven, and his Lords under him, and the second dan of Aph fell upon earth and heaven. So God appointed An' on as his successor. And now Aph and his attendants came to deliver God; his Lords and people prepared for their resurrection up into etherea.

4. And the number of Jehovih' s harvest was one thousand million souls.

5. And God (An' on) reigned his time, and his Lords under him, and they were also delivered by Aph, but by proxy, and the harvest of Jehovih was eight hundred million souls.

6. And his successor, God of Hored and atmospherea, and his Lords, fulfilled their dan, and they and their harvests were delivered by the proxy of Aph also; and the number of souls delivered was six hundred million. And Jehovih commanded Aph to commit atmospherea and the earth to the successors of Ra' zan of Garowista, in Ems of the etherean phalanx of eighty Ar' doth.

7. And the next harvest of God and his Lords was two hundred million souls. After that the earth passed into the a' ji of Urk' stand for eight hundred years, and the light of the upper heaven was lost to earth and atmospherea; so there was no harvest for the etherean realms. And because of the darkness in atmospherea it began to fall in hada; and the seven entities of tetracts took root in Hored, and overspread the dominions of God and his Lords. And many in heaven rose up, and, proclaiming themselves Gods or Lords, obtained followers, some to the extent of three millions of souls.

8. And these false Gods made slaves of their followers, exacting service, and in lieu giving pitiful homes and regimen; and by the labor of their slaves embellishing their mansions and cities in hada.

9. Jehovih had said of old: Before mortals I keep death forever present that they may not

forget the change from corporeal to spirit life; otherwise they would dispute it possible in My hands for these things to be. But My resurrections in heaven are far apart, and the inhabitants thereof lose faith in those above them. Through faith is all power and glory attained; therefore have I exacted that angels cultivate faith in the next resurrection.

10. But during the last thousand years in atmospherea, there being no resurrections to etherea, many fell into disbelief of the emancipated heavens, and so sat about, building up heavenly kingdoms on their own account, and for their own glory. And in order to have exalted kingdoms they sent their slaves back to mortals to inspire them with the glory of their false God' s kingdoms, that others in turn might become slaves also.

11. So confusion began in heaven again, and it reacted on mortals, through the angels' presence, and war and misery overspread the nations and tribes of men on earth. Thus ended the cycle of Aph' s arc of Noe, which was three thousand six hundred years.



the lords’ first book


chapter 1


1. Hear me, O man, I am the Lord, the God of earth, Son of Jehovih! I am one of thine elder brothers. I, thy Lord, with my brother Lords and Gods, in the name of Jehovih, speak, saying:

2. Peace and patience be unto all men, that ye may comprehend my words, and bear witness that heaven and earth in every part is Jehovih' s, and that all men and women are His sons and daughters, worlds without end.

3. As over mortal kingdoms, kings; as over empires, emperors; as over armies, generals; so hath Jehovih in his heavens crowned certain chieftains for times and places, and given to them certain names, whereby they have been proclaimed to men and angels, so that the discipline of heavens might manifest the glory and dominion of Jehovih.

4. In all time, honored in high heaven, and known to the people on the earth as Jehovih' s Lord, Commander of heavenly light on earth, and Pacificator betwixt All Light and All Darkness, and entitled LORD OF EARTH and LORD GOD, so have I and my predecessors, and my successors, been handed down for thousands of years amongst mortals.

5. Whereas, if it be said: The King said thus; and generations after, if it be said, The King said thus; and all men know it was not the same man, but was nevertheless The King, so also proclaim I, the Lord, My predecessors and successors; for all of them were, and have been The Lord.

6. Wherefore I, the Lord, by virtue of my own authority, and in Jehovih' s name, proclaim the light and the darkness of the past, for inasmuch as I have been exalted by the Father,

so are ye all in waiting for your turn in the heavens above to become Lords and Gods and Goddesses.

7. To draw your souls up in heavenly aspirations, to become one with the Father in righteousness and good works, sendeth Jehovih His sons and daughters, down to the earth, revealing the glory of His kingdoms in the etherean worlds.

8. But because of the darkness of man' s soul, man setteth up to mock the words of his Lord, saying: How can I become a Lord, or a God? Behold, his word hath not been heard; none have written his speech?

9. Was it not so in all times on the earth? And because of this darkness amongst men, they have laid bare the iniquity of their own hearts. For out of the mouths of my chosen, who utter my words, come words of truth and love and wisdom and kindness, and the exaltation of virtue. But from those who deny me, come corruption, war, avarice, and the love of earthly things for self-sake.

10. Behold, they have quibbled about words and the meaning of words. One saith: How much of this came from the Lord, and how much from the prophet? Making of themselves mathematicians on a matter separate from the subject of the righteousness of s desires. their own souls, which lieth at the bottom of God'

11. Are not all words at best but pictures and paintings of the spirit that findeth them? And whether the Captain (Lord) or his private (angel) carry the light to the prophet, what mattereth it to the man or woman who seeketh to serve Jehovih by doing good works?

12. Some have said: Behold, I have given all I had to the poor, and I rise early and visit the sick; and in the night I sit up with them; and I gather up orphans and helpless ones and make them so joyous of heart they thank Jehovih they are created into life. Now, verily, all men know that such behavior cometh from them that recognize my word, whether it come from the mouth of a babe or the pen of a fool.

13. Who, then, shall not find delight in the word of the Lord? Know they not that I am the same to-day, yesterday and forever? And in judgment why will they not perceive that my word cometh as well now as in the olden time?

14. Behold, I am not for one man only, nor for one woman, nor for one book; but wherever the light of wisdom and the desire for virtue and holy deeds shine, there will my speech manifest. Is not Jehovih wide as the universe, and immutable? And to be in harmony with Him, is this not the sum of all wisdom?

15. Therefore, if thy Lord, or thy God, hath attained to be one with the Father, and He come in dominion on the earth, with His millions of angels, who also know the higher light, and ye are inspired by them to do Jehovih' s will, what discussion shall man have against heaven or its representatives?

16. I declare freedom unto all men in Jehovih' s name, but with freedom I also give the experience of the Lords of earth. Suffer therefore my prophets on all hands to embellish the pictures of the past in their own way; and as far as the pictures fortify faith in Jehovih and His Works, and His Power and His Glory, be ye circumspect to desire nourishment therefrom. And rather than destroy that which is given in the name of Jehovih, go ye, and fall to work in like manner to build up His light in your own way.

17. Herein is wisdom, for they that strive for the light of my dominion shall receive my angels in my name; and by the words they find to express my commandments shall they be known to be of me.

18. All words came from the Lord your God; by him was man made upright on the earth. As the first race went down into the earth, the second man rose up by my angels, becoming like unto Lords and Gods, and capable of knowing good and evil.

19. But as the light of a full grown man differeth from that of a child' s, so, in different degree, was the light of men; and those with the higher light were called Faithists (I' hins), because they perceived that Wisdom shaped all things and ruled to the ultimate glory of the All One; but those of the lesser light were called Cain, the druk, because their trust was more in corporeal than in spiritual things.

20. And the Faithists were also called the chosen people, because they chose God, who is Lord over corpor; but the Cainites, the druks, were classed as enemies of the Lord, because they sacrificed by means of war and death that which Jehovih made alive. And these two peoples have lived on the earth from the first, and even to this day.

21. And I, the Lord, Son of Jehovih, gave a certain commandment to man, saying: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, thy wisdom and strength. But man had little strength in this matter; neither did I ask for more than he could give. And another commandment was: Thou shalt not kill; the which had man obeyed, there had been no war in the world.

22. In like manner gave I the light of heaven unto all men, but my enemies perverted my words in order to justify themselves in sin. For the Father so dwelleth in man that man can judge of truth and holiness. For if one man saith: The Lord said: Thou shalt not kill; and yet another man saith: The Lord saith, Thou shalt kill; then shall not any man mistake which is of the Lord in fact. For the Lord maketh not alive any man whom he desireth shall be killed.

23. Thus was my word perverted by man, and the little light which was not lost, man tried to obscure. Nevertheless, man multiplied and inhabited the earth over, building cities and nations and prospering in certain seasons in all things earthly. But as I came to the earth to develop the soul of man chiefly, and for his own ultimate happiness in the etherean worlds, I labored not with such as heeded me not, but suffered them to go on in their own conceit; and they became divided against one another, and war and pestilence and divers diseases came upon mortals, resulting in their further downfall.

24. And the spirits of those that denied me on earth, still denied me in heaven; and in their stubbornness and conceit continued to dwell with man on the earth. So that in the course of time the world was overrun by spirits of darkness, who knew not heaven. And it came to pass that my enemies slew my chosen on all hands.

25. In four great divisions of the earth, in Vohu, in Jud, in Thouri and in Dis (see hin race. In Wagga (Pan) had SETHANTES, CHAPTER II, v.28) they left not one alive of the I' I a remnant; and they were scattered far and near, and in separate places hiding away from their evil pursuers.

26. I had said unto them: Every living thing that groweth up out the ground shall be food for you; but of everything wherein is the breath of life, which is of blood and spirit, ye shall not eat. Who so sheddeth blood, wherein is life, by himself inviteth his own blood and spirit to the spoil. In likeness of God was man made heir of the earth and all things thereon.

27. Be ye fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in remembrance of the Lord God of heaven and earth.

28. And I gave the circumcision as a measure of the boundary of my chosen.

29. But there were giants (druks) in those days and in time after that; and my chosen came unto them, and they bare children to them also. And their flesh became corrupt, so that vermin inhabited them from the time of their birth to the time of death. And they became rotten in the head with catarrh; and in the throat with ulcers and running sores; and in the lungs and joints with the poison of death. And their offspring that was born unto them came forth afflicted with the sins of their fathers and mothers, to linger in misery or to die in infancy.

30. And they thus peopled heaven with untimely births and with spirits of darkness, who, in return, came back and re-afflicted mortals.

31. And I said: I will destroy man from the face of the earth; for the flesh of man is corrupt, for by the eating of flesh and unwise cohabitation hath he corrupted his race upon the earth.

32. And I, the Lord, called unto my chosen, who were persecuted and hidden away in the valleys and mountains, even on the tops of mountains.

33. And I said unto them: Because ye have kept my commandments, come forth and hear ye the word of the Lord your God. And they came forth from their hiding places, thousands and thousands of them. And I sent my angels unto them, saying:

34. Say ye unto my chosen: This is the word of the Lord your God: Ye have found favor in my sight, for ye alone of all that is on the earth have kept my commandments; and ye have seen righteousness in the seed of your generations.

35. Go to, therefore, and build ships sufficient unto my chosen, and get ye within, where none can pursue or destroy.

36. For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth, even above the highest mountains; for I will destroy the corruption thereof, and purge it of all uncleanness.

37. Take ye, therefore, of all food that is good to eat, and gather it into the ships; for the flood shall remain a hundred and fifty days; and ye shall not come forth and find wherewith to eat.

38. And the angels of the Lord went to the Faithists in God and inspired them to build ships, both in the valleys and on the mountains; for two whole years builded they them, and then they were completed.

39. And the angels of heaven numbered the ships, and there were of them one hundred and thirty-eight. And the ships stood on the mountains and in valleys; nowhere near the waters stood one of all the ships that had been built.

40. And the earth stood in the arc of Noe in the firmament of heaven, in the place and grade of six hundred in the a' ji' an roads, twenty-four thousand years before kosmon.

41. And the Lord commanded the chosen to go into the ships; and they went in; and in the same day the gates of heaven and earth were opened.

42. And the earth rocked to and fro, as a ship at sea; and the rains fell in torrents; and loud thunderings came up from beneath the floor of the world. And the sea came up on the land; first upon the valleys and then upon the mountains; so that the ships floated on the waters.

43. But the land was swallowed up, valleys and mountains, and all the living perished, save the I' hins, who floated off in the ships.

44. And the Lord said: I numbered them that were saved, and there were twelve thousand

four hundred and twenty; and these were all that remained of the first race of man that walked on two feet.

45. Behold, I will carry them to all the divisions of the earth, and people it anew with the seed of my chosen.

46. And Jehovih blew His breath upon the ships of His sons and daughters; blew them about upon the ocean; blew them to the east and west and north and south.

47. By the will of God were the ships congregated into four fleets; thirty-four ships into each fleet, save two ships which were carried in a fleet to themselves.

48. The Lord said: I will name the fleets of my chosen, and their names shall be everlasting on the earth. And the Lord named them GUATAMA, SHEM, JAFFETH, HAM, and YISTA.

49. The Lord said: From these, my seed, will I people the earth over in all the divisions thereof. And that after generations, for thousands of years, may know the work of my hand; behold I give them a sign, which is my covenant to them and their heirs forever;

50. Which is my crescent, in the form of a rainbow; and whatsoever people bear this, my sign, shall be as a remembrance to me of my covenant. Nor shall they be destroyed from the inheritance which I have given unto them.

51. And the chosen looked out of their ships, and the sky was clearing; and a rainbow shone in the firmament; and by the light thereof the land was found, whither the Lord brought his people.

52. And in one hundred and fifty days from the beginning of the flood, the ships were brought into their respective places; as the Lord designed them, so landed they in the different countries of the world.

53. The fleet named Guatama was carried to the eastward, and the country whither it landed was also called Guatama. The Lord said: From this place shall my chosen spread out north and south. But they shall not inhabit the lands to the east or west as far as the sea; for they shall be testimony in time to come of this landing place from the continent of Pan.

54. God said: Suffer my people to bestow names to the places whither I lead them; for these names shall show in the kosmon era the work of my hand done in this day.

55. The fleet of two ships carried to the north was named Yista, which in the Wagga tongue was Zha' Pan, which is the same country that is to this day called Japan, signifying RELICT OF THE CONTINENT OF PAN, for it lay to the north, where the land was cleaved in twain. 56. And the Lord said to them: Behold, eight Hi' dan shall come and ye shall be as a key to unlock the labors of heaven; for of all people ye shall be reckoned the oldest in the world. And until I come and unlock the sea, ye shall remain an exclusive people from all tribes and nations.

57. Preserve ye, therefore, the names of my rites and ceremonies, and especially the names of land and water, and the firmament above, and the ships that plow the water, and all sounds whatever that man maketh in the throat and without the tongue and lips; for in the time of my glory on the earth ye shall also be glorified. Preserve ye also peace and righteousness and industry, for ye shall be a testimony in the later time of the presence of my hand and of the Great Spirit also. Thus was settled Japan, and it continueth to this day.

58. The fleet named JAFFETH was driven to the westward and north, and the country was

called Jaffeth for thousands of years thereafter, and is the same as is called Chine' ya to this day.

59. The fleet named SHEM landed to the south, and the country was called Shem for thousands of years afterward, and is the same as is called Vindyu (India) to this day.

60. The fleet named HAM landed south west, and the country was called the land of Ham for thousands of years, and is the same as is called Egypt and Africa to this day.

61. God said: Behold, my chosen shall manifest many signs and words common to one another in these different divisions of the earth.

62. They shall remember the flood.

63. They shall repudiate idols, but worship the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

64. They shall have the crescent.

65. They shall have the triangle.

66. They shall preserve the four days of the change of the moon as sacred days, and they shall be called mass (moon' s) days.

67. They shall be circumcised.

68. They shall remember the seven tetracts: DIBBAH, the enticing evil; RA, the flesh evil; ZIMMAH, the joking evil; BELYYAAL, worthlessness; AVEN, vanity; ANASH, delight in destruction; SA’TAN, desire for leadership, which is the captain of death.

69. They shall have three great lights: OR, the All Highest; GOD, son of OR; LORD (Adonya), executor of heaven and earth.

70. They shall have three less lights: God' s angels and lords; the prophets; the rab' bahs.

71. They shall have three representative symbols of light: The sun, the moon and the burning flame.

72. The Lord said: And my chosen shall use these lights and symbols, signs and seasons in all the divisions of the earth whither I have settled them.

73. And in the kosmon era I will come and show them the framework of my building which I raise up to the Almighty.

74. God said: Now was the world of one language and one speech; in all the places of my people spake they alike, man to man.

75. Nevertheless, in all parts of the earth there lived ground people, who were black and brown, and burrowed in the ground; and they had long arms and curved backs, and were naked and not ashamed, for which reason they were called DRUKS.

76. The Lord spake unto the chosen (the I' hins), saying: Behold the earth! I give it to you, to be yours forever.

77. Mingle ye not with the druks, for they are without understanding and are not heirs to everlasting life.

78. Now, many inquired of the Lord, saying: If these, having no understanding, be not heirs to everlasting life, how shall it be with our children who die in infancy?

79. The Lord said: This is a matter of the seed, and not of learning. Whosoever is born of my chosen shall inherit my everlasting kingdom.

chapter 2

1. The Lord said: A wise physician amputateth a diseased limb and so preserveth the trunk to become healed.

2. Saw I not the rankness of the tribes of darkness, the druks; and that the proceedings of man would render the earth void?

3. What is all the world if it bring not forth heirs unto everlasting life?

4. Behold, I saw that my chosen had become exterminated, and on all the divisions of the earth save Pan. And I saw that they who had been their destroyers had in turn nearly exterminated one another.

5. And I saw that to bring the remnants of my people hither, they could again re-establish themselves and become the seed of a mighty people.

6. But, as for the land of Wagga (Pan), it was already in the throes of death. And the druks had become as a festering sore; and the spirits of the dead, tens of thousands of millions of them, would not quit their hold on mortals whilst life was on the earth.

7. And I sent my angels around about the whole earth, and gathered in the spirits of darkness; gathered them unto the land of Wagga.

8. And when my work was in readiness I raised up my hand, as a surgeon that would lop off a diseased limb, and I cleft asunder the continent of Pan and sunk it beneath the waters.

9. And my angels conducted my chosen out of that land, and not one of them perished.

10. I said unto the guardian angels whom I had given to man: In the lands whither I will take my people, let them build mounds and walled cities, with ladders to enter, after the manner of the ancients. In all the divisions of the earth, alike and like shall they build.

11. For in the time of kosmon their relics shall be testimony that the I' hin forerun the I' huan, the copper-colored, race in all the world.

12. So also will I, the Lord, provide in the kosmon era to discover the sunken land of Wagga, that mortals may comprehend the magnitude of the work of the Lord.

13. In those days the I' hins dwelt not alone, but in cities and villages; and they were clothed. And they tilled the ground and brought forth grains and seeds good to eat; and flax and hemp, from which to make cloth for covering the body. And their food was of every herb and root, and grain and seed, and fruit that cometh of the earth; but they ate not flesh nor fish, nor of anything that breathed the breath of life.

14. They toiled by day, bringing within their cities the fruit of their labor; and they slept within their cities, and on mounds, at night, that they might not be molested by beasts of prey and by serpents.

15. And every city had one rab' bah (head father), who knew the way of the Lord; by the rab' bah were the altars of the Lord built, and the times of the sacred days foretold.

16. And the rab' bah made records in writing on stone; the which they taught to their successors, and to whomsoever desired to learn of the Lord.

17. And the Lord abode with them; and they kept the commandments and multiplied exceedingly in all the divisions of the world.

18. Nor was there any war in any land under the sun in those days.

19. In three thousand years thereafter, behold, there were thousands of cities and hundred of thousands of inhabitants who had spread abroad over the lands of the earth.

20. And they had built ships and sailed abroad on the seas, and inhabited the islands thereof, north and south and east and west.

chapter 3


1. God said: That my people may remain upright, behold, I give unto them and their successors forever, certain sacred words which shall be to them the bond of my covenant.

2. Seven degrees of sacred rites bestow I unto my people. And no man shall take the second till he hath learned all the words of the first; nor shall he take the third till he hath learned all the words of the second; and so on, shall man learn all my sacred words; from mouth to ear shall they be learned by every man and every woman of my people, saith the Lord.

3. Hearken, then, to the words of the servants of the Lord:

4. I will serve the prophets of the Lord my God.

5. Heal my flesh, O God (iod) (gau) and cure poison.

6. The Lord is my spirit (s' pe) unseen in the heavens.

7. He is all power, and wisdom and love and anger.

8. He can heal, and he can tear the flesh, and strike dead.

9. His prophets have his good grace; they can hear his voice and interpret him.

10. The Lord is my guardian; ten times a day will I remember him.

11. God who is Lord can stop blood; choke it up, O Lord.

12. He gave blood-stopping as a power of the prophet' s hands.

13. Confound my enemies, O God.

14. The ashars (angels of the Lord) shield me.

15. I will honor the I' hins, the sacred people of God. They are my brethren.

16. This was the first lesson. The Lord said to his prophets: Go to the druks and cause them to sit on the ground in a circle, and stand ye in the midst, saying: Behold, O druk, the Great Spirit hath spoken; I have heard his voice. His words are holy words; whoever learneth his words shall have power over sickness and poison and the flowing of blood. And, if a woman, she shall become fruitful and have great rejoicing. Hold up your hands and repeat the words of the Lord.

17. And it was so, the prophets taught the words of the Lord, to wit:

18. Blessed be the name of the Lord. He can make me to be alive after I am dead, and this is all he requireth of me, to say: Blessed be the name of the Lord. In the morning I will say it; at noon I will say it; at night I will say it: Blessed be the name of the Lord.

19. I will wear clothes to hide my nakedness, because God requireth it of me.

20. I will not steal, nor speak untruth.

21. If my brother taketh what is mine, I will not be in anger, nor judge him; but I will lay the matter before the prophets of God.

22. I will do no violence, for it is God' s commandment.

23. This, then, that followeth, was the third:

24. I will have but one wife, I will not go after other women whilst she liveth. (I will have but one husband; I will receive no other man whilst my husband liveth.)

25. I will suffer no man nor woman of poison (leprosy) to come near the oe' ugah (camp). In the Lord' s name, I will drive them hence. s commandment.

26. I renounce them; nor will I mingle therewith, for it is God'

27. The fourth commandment, that is to say:

28. I will forswear the hunt; but whatsoever cometh and is fit food for man to eat, I will kill it. I will take up fish in the name of the Lord, for they suffer no pain.

29. I will till the soil and gather roots to eat, and fibers of barks for clothing, and live like the I' hins, the chosen people of God.

30. I renounce murderers; nor will I marry with them, nor live as they live; they are the enemies of the Lord God.

31. I will curse no man, nor woman, nor child, for it is the Lord' s commandment.

32. I renounce anger and all weapons of death; they are enemies of the Lord.

33. If a man injure me, I will lay the matter before the Lord' s prophet, for his judgment is holy, saith the Lord.

34. If a woman entice me, I will go secrete myself and repeat the sacred words.

35. I will respect the times of woman, for she is the gift of the Lord to be man' s helpmate.

36. When my wife hath a newborn child, I will do her labor for forty days, for it is God' s commandment.

37. The fifth commandment, which is:

38. The four days of the moon are the Lord' s; on those days I will not labor.

39. I will keep sacred the four days of every moon, and I will repeat the sacred words of the Lord thrice.

40. And when the prophets say: Behold, the Lord saith this is a sacred day; then will I keep that day holy, for the prophets hear the voice of God.

41. When the I' hins worship before the altar of the Lord, I will keep on the outer circle, for the I' hins are the chosen servants of God.

42. When the I' hins march forth, following the prophets, I will come after, for I will honor the Lord' s chosen.

43. When the prophets say: Pitch the tents here, I will abide, for the prophets cannot err.

44. The sixth commandment, which is:

45. For the sick I will provide, and for the woman with a newborn child.

46. I will give, first to the I' hins, second to the druks, and lastly keep for mine own self.

47. To warriors I will give in time of sickness, but when they are healed, I will say: Go your way.

48. And if a man be sick of poison, or a woman sick of poison, I will go to the same. But before I go in I will say: O Lord, my God, in thy name I go in a dangerous business; come thou through thy ashars and protect me for thy sake.

49. For the Lord can encompass me around about, and I shall not receive the poison.

50. The seventh commandment, which is:

51. I will keep these holy words secret in the name of the Lord my God.

52. When the Lord commandeth, saying: Go here, or go there, or build here a city, or a house or an altar, then will I do the Lord' s bidding.

53. Thus did the Lord establish laws amongst men; and because of the sacredness of the s words, man treasured them and kept holy the commandments of God. Lord'

54. Now I, the Lord, reveal in this, the kosmon era:

55. My angels abode with the chosen in the days of the aforesaid sacred scriptures.

56. And when the words were repeated for the stopping of blood, behold, my angels compressed the veins. Not the words stopped the blood, but by the words mortals became in concert with my hosts.

57. And when a man went into the presence of dangerous diseases, repeating the sacred words, behold, my angels enveloped that man with my unseen blankets, and the man was protected from the disease.

58. Without such words, there could be no concert of action betwixt mortals and angels.

59. Think not that thy Lord taught a foolish thing; nor that the mumbling of words by my prophets were without wisdom and forethought by the Lord thy God.

60. Now in those days the Lord caused the rab' bah to make a wheel and hang it beside the altar. And the meaning thereof was: As this wheel is without beginning or end, so is the Creator. Whosoever turneth the wheel one round hath said: In thee, my God, I trust.

61. And the Lord made an image to stand at the extreme of the altar, whither only holy men and women might pass, and the Lord called the emblem Fete, signifying, BEYOND ME THERE IS NO APPEAL.

62. And the form of fete was a circle and an all light center, with four dark corners cut off. And the Lord explained the meaning, which was:

63. That there is a central light within man seeing clearly, but that the four dark corners of the world (ignorance, lust, selfishness, and anger) beset him on all sides.

64. And the Lord made an instrument and called it GAU, which was a triangle with a plumb line from the upper corner; and across the plumb line was a hollow reed for seeing through; and at the bottom end of the plumb line was a weight attached, which pointed to marks on the lower border of the triangle. And the Lord explained to the prophets how to use the gau for proving all things, even as to the height of mountains, and the velocity of running waters, and how to lay the foundations of the temples, that they might be square with the world. And the prophets on their part taught the I' hins, but with them the mysteries were kept a secret against all the world. Hence, in after time, came the saying: Even the wicked were compelled to employ the I' hins, and were thus beholden to the Lord.

65. In all there were two hundred and eighty signs and emblems and symbols and implements given by the Lord to his people; and when they were all completed the Lord taught the prophets the meaning; and these became the sacred language of mortals in all the divisions of the earth. END OF THE LORDS’ FIRST BOOK.

book of sue, son of jehovih


chapter 1

1. Jehovih spake in the gardens of Atahavia, precinct of Sue, Orian Chief, in the etherean firmament, saying: Sue, My son, what of the red star, the far-off earth? Behold, her harvests are blighted; she is become barren in imparting immortal souls to My unending realms.

2. Sue heard the voice, and he said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, will I summon my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha.

3. Swift messengers departed; and Sue, quick-perceiving God of two worlds in the etherean Seamar, foresaw the importance of the coming red star. He said: This, with my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha, who will come in swift speed, shall be the second deliverance.

4. Then came Le Wing, God of Hoit; and presently, Sivian, Goddess of Izaracha, and they stood before Jehovih' s throne. Sue said:

5. Jehovih hath spoken. Behold, the red star bringeth forth nor sons nor daughters more to Jehovih' s realms. She is weak, unstrung, and out of tune, and cometh this way. And I said:

6. In Thy power and wisdom, O Jehovih, will I visit the red star! Six years I will stand on her soil, and course her heaven; and such potency give to her confused Gods and Lords as will make a thousand millions sing for joy. To accompany me, I have called you. Behold, I have charts and maps of her heaven and her corporeal parts; and a history of her, as yet, young adventures in the field of worlds.

7. Then spake Le Wing and Sivian, saying: To do Jehovih' s will and thine, behold, we are come to thee. Give us to fulfill whatsoever thou wilt.

8. To the swift messengers Sue said: Ye have heard; go proclaim throughout my etherean worlds my will; and summon up from Ithyivius a hundred million skilled volunteers. When the red star shall cross the wing of Izaracha, we will go forth in power, and land on her troubled parts in a sea of golden light.

chapter 2

1. In the Ariniisca of Portan of the etherean worlds and division of Hoit and Izaracha, flew the call of the Gods for volunteers, nor which a more welcome sound is not heard in high heaven to do Jehovih' s will. And with the voice and call there rose up hosts from every quarter, and from every sub-division, till the complement stood ready for the great work. And yet so vast were the fields and arcs of Izaracha that the hundred millions chosen were as but a fraction compared to those left uncalled.

2. Coming near the throne of Sue in Aoit, the hundred millions formed in squares and stars, and the chosen God took his place to the head and front, looking to the low horizon, where rose the red star, the sick earth.

3. And now the builders who had measured the elements lying in the route toward the earth, formed their crescent ship of fire, and equipped it; and, with mantles and curtains and banners, created it a vessel of beauty and ornament as well as service.

4. Hardly was the ship completed when Jehovih' s light encompassed it about on all sides, so that that which was beautiful before was now illuminated and sparkling and bright as a sun, and rich in golden colors; for of such kind was the ethe of the heavens hereabout created.

5. When Sue entered the ship, the voice of Jehovih came, saying: Another cycle came and is gone on the earth and her heaven, but still they fall to barrenness ere the succeeding dawn. Go now, O Sue, My Son, and a wider range give to the tetracts of both angels and mortals. Give a greater scope to tyrants, kings and queens on earth, and greater to the selfGods and self-Lords in hada, and more responsibility.

6. Then all hands entered the etherean ship, singing and rejoicing, observed by countless millions come to wish them a haven of joy on their six years'visit to the corporeal earth.

7. Sue said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by virtue of Thy power in me vested, my hosts shall forth at my command. Cut loose, ye Gods, and thou, O ship, of heaven born, to the red star, the earth, be gone! And Sue stretched forth his hands and waved them, and lo, the mighty ship of heaven turned on its axis, cutting loose from the high firmament. And it turned, with its great curtains and banners sailing gracefully and swiftly through the blue ether.

8. The music of her es' enaurs swelled and rolled along on the spheres of many worlds unseen to mortals, where dwell countless millions of spectators viewing the marvelous speed and power and brilliant colors of the great ship. Faster and Faster she sped on, till nearing Chinvat, which now cut sharp in the fields and forests of Izaracha, over which was potent the name of Sue, the companion God and chiefest friend of Aph, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih.

9. When the ship came to the bridge and halted, to take in the plan of the whirling earth, Sue said: A light! A light! Ye Gods! And at once, as high as the moon and bright as the son, the illumined ship stood, to overawe the self-Gods and warrior kings and murderers of the earth-born, whose plentiful souls in chaos polluted heaven.

10. For three days and nights Sue held his star-ship to the wonderful task of mastering by the marvelous scene. And then slowly he entered the vortex of the earth, but held his course, nor with the earth and her heaven; for he desired that both corporeans and atmosphereans should witness the coming power. So slowly he came, but fifty thousand miles a day, that when the ship neared the disorganized Hored, the self-Gods and selfLords fled and left their well-supplied kingdoms desolate, and down to the earth rushed in thousands, and with their hosts in millions, to hide or safely stow themselves from Agni' s just hate.

11. But the true God and Lords stood firm in their depleted kingdoms, fearing naught, but in faith that this etherean ship was Jehovih' s answer to their long cry for help from the heavenly spheres. And by their pillars of fire still standing, great Sue knew where to land in the lower heaven for safe anchorage. So to Hored he came, slowly, and toward the throne of God. And when he neared the place, his enaurs chanted and the trumpeters played; the sound of which music came to the es' ears of God and his hosts, and they were the hymns of more than a thousand years ago.

12. And God and his hosts sent up rockets and displayed the three primary colors, the sign of Jehovih' s name; and God' s es' enaurs joined in chanting with the hosts above. Presently the ship of fire was at the place of landing, and Sue, Jehovih' s Son, cast out a ladder and

descended, with his hosts, the hundred million angels, led by Gussitivi, marshaless of the throne of Sue, in Izaracha.

13. Sue said: Hail, O God of heaven and earth! In Jehovih' s name, I am come in power and wisdom. And God answered: Glory be to Thee, O Jehovih, that Thy Son hath come so far to bless Thy bewildered kingdom! Then they saluted with the signs of the sixth resurrection, whereupon God said:

14. In the name of the Great Spirit, come thou and honor my throne. So Sue went forward, and they greeted by shaking hands; and Sue ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Keep thy place, O God, for I am not come to displace thee or thy hosts of Jehovih, but to build up for His glory. Be seated, therefore, for I feel the light of the Father descending on my head.

15. Presently the All Light enveloped Sue, and the Father' s voice spake through him, saying: Hear the words of thy Creator, My son, and rejoice because I have not forgotten thee and thy people. Behold, this is the hour of thy redemption from the trials of tetracts, which are run abroad in My dominions.

16. Was it not worse than this in the olden time? and I came with my hosts and delivered them. I created man in darkness and gave to him no judgment, that the creation of his own thoughts might be for his own glory, forever. But instead of beautifying his thoughts, he hearkeneth to tetracts and clotheth himself in clouds. The heaven I build for him he diggeth to pieces, and then buildeth his own, but only to be displeased and turbulent. Neither will he content himself with providing with his own hands, but searchest out My most dutiful sons and daughters, making slaves of them for his own exaltation.

17. Behold, I have afore time sent My sons and daughters to search out these traitors and self-Gods, declaring unto them that only by forsaking evil and practicing righteousness could they attain to My exalted kingdoms. Their evil places have I cast down, and rebuilt in honor and glory, that their own judgment might determine that virtue and good works are the sure foundation for happiness that will endure forever. But when I have raised them up in one cycle and made the lower heaven a paradise, alas, My ethereans have but gone away for a little while when the tetracts take root, and grow, and turn all things upside down.

18. But now will I build them up in a new way. Yea, I will appropriate the evil of their inventions to their own good in a way they dream not of. The false Gods and false Lords shall be arrested and brought before this judgment seat, and I will judge them by their own behavior and desires; neither will I torment them nor abridge their happiness. Send, therefore, My Son, thy marshals into the hidden places of these Gods and Lords, and say to them: Thus saith the hosts of heaven: Come, My Son, and inherit a kingdom in hada, in thine own way, for lo, there is room for all; but that thou art not left behind, come quickly to Hored.

19. And they will come, hoping to embellish themselves in the old manner. But My Light shall come in due time in Mine Own way.

20. The voice ceased, but Sue spake of his own account, saying: What Jehovih hath ordered, do ye. So marshals and priests were sent in all directions in atmospherea to gather in the false Gods and false Lords who had deserted their dominions in fear of the light of Sue' s etherean ship. And after many days the false ones were brought to Hored; and there were of them seven thousand Lords and Gods.

21. Now when they were before Sue, Jehovih' s Son, and arranged so that all could hear and see, even the whole Council beside, the Light gathered around about the throne, and Sue addressed them, saying:

22. Hear me, O men and women! I have sent for you, and ye are here. In this I am pleased. Know, then, that what I speak shall be in love and tenderness. Ye have deserted Jehovih' s kingdoms, and it must be because it pleased you better than to remain. Is this not true? And ye also deserted your own false kingdoms?

23. For a little while they consulted together, and then answered, saying: Nay, it pleased us not to desert our own kingdoms; but we were afraid.

24. Sue said: Who think ye I am? They answered: A God from some far-off world, but where it lieth we know not. We desire to know who thou art?

25. Sue said: I am but a man; fear me not. But since ye feared, and so deserted your kingdoms, does it not prove that ye are not the All Highest? And do ye not perceive that, because ye had no All Highest, ye were divided and inharmonious?

26. Hear, then, that which I say, and consider my words: I want not your kingdoms nor anything ye have; but, that harmony may reign in heaven, I will give every one of you more than ye had, and add power unto you also.

27. Since ye behold I am come to Hored, the throne of the ancients, perceive ye not that whosoever accordeth with me is of my power also? Take, then, your kingdoms and be Gods and Goddesses, as ye assumed before, and I will anoint ye, and make ye as part and parcel of one united whole. Again they counseled together, and then answered:

28. Why shall we take our kingdoms? Our slaves have deserted us; our kingdoms are pillaged of all their value. Yea, our slaves have become wandering spirits, and are returned to the earth and are making their habitations with mortals. So that the people of earth are aroused because of miracles and wonders occurring on earth.

29. Sue said: What can ye say to these wandering spirits that will induce them to come up away from mortals? To which they answered: If we promise them provender and clothes and plenty of rest, they will come; but when we put them to labor, they will run away, having tasted of liberty.

30. Sue said: How, then, made ye slaves of them in the first place? To which they answered: We took them in the day their mortal bodies died, and they never saw nor knew any other place in heaven; so we appropriated them to our service dutifully.

31. Sue said: Know, then, this is my conclusion: First that ye shall all be made as subGods to one confederacy, and your kingdoms shall be fair to look upon, and well supplied with all things needful.

32. Behold, there are on earth, with the barbarians, hosts of familiars and fetals; whoever, then, of you will go down to the earth and bring them away to Hored shall have them for his slaves; and, whoever bringeth the greatest number, will I award the greatest kingdom. And if it be that ye can find emissaries to work for you in bringing fetals and familiars away from the barbarians, then shall such labor be accounted to your credit. And ye shall station around about in the corporeal cities certain angels, whose labor shall be to receive newborn spirits on birth-blankets and bring them to your kingdoms also, for they shall be your slaves.

33. After that manner spake Sue; and the false Gods and Goddesses were highly pleased, and they divided themselves into certain districts over mortals and for the lower heaven,

and were at once sent off to labor in their own way, and they were named sub-Gods.

34. Sue said: These sub-Gods have much weight with the barbarians, because they advise them in war. But, behold, it shall come to pass when the sub-Gods have robbed the barbarians of their familiar spirits, the I' hin priests will have a greater weight with them.

35. And the sub-Gods will desire to find favor in my sight, and so, teach their slaves, the which will cause them to emancipate themselves in time to come.

chapter 3

1. Jehovih spake through Sue, saying: Mine is a strong government, and everlasting. Hearken to the wisdom of your Creator, O My sons and daughters. Wherein have I not given liberty to all people? He that doeth aright, wherein is he not free? He that doeth awrong, wherein hath he liberty? Whoever endeavoreth to surpass himself, have I not shown him his limit?

2. I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to add only that which perfecteth his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it taketh from him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, inasmuch as man accumulateth virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in so doing, he followeth Me in My works. But he that seeketh to glorify himself in his possessions bindeth himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave All, and thus made the universe.

3. Two states, therefore, have I created open to all men, both on earth and in atmospherea, which are, liberty and bondage. And man I made to choose that which he will; but that he might not err, behold, I send My emancipated angels to explain these things beforehand.

4. Even so are governments ordained by My holy ones, wherein ye may judge whether a government be of Me or against Me. For if it give liberty to all righteous works, and for the promotion of knowledge, providing teachers to the extent of the demand, it is of Me. But if the government maketh of itself a self, for which its aggrandizement is at the expense of My children' s liberty, then is it against Me.

5. For I have not created a people to be to-day as were their forefathers, but provided them with perpetual growth in wisdom and virtue; wherefore the rising generations shall rebel against that which was well and good for their forefathers. All My governments understand this, whether on earth or in heaven. Whatever government accepteth not this rule, shall go down to destruction. For, as I have hedged man about with sentinels, such as pestilence, poverty and hunger, in order to awaken him to knowledge and industry, so have I hedged in all governments under the sun with sentinels, such as rebellion and assassinations, and war, and bankruptcy. As pestilence proveth man' s disobedience to My commandments, so do rebellion and anarchy prove the disobedience of governments to the progressive spirit with which I created man.

6. The self-God saith: I will make a strong government; by armies and cruel masters will I bind the subjects of my dominions. And he draweth up a multitude of laws, and heapeth up books to explain the laws, and findeth judges to explain the books that explain the laws, and he saith: Behold how wise I am! Behold the great wisdom of my judges! Behold the great learning of my books! Behold my most perfect laws! Behold my armies that stand behind all, and in great power!

7. But lo, a star appeareth in heaven, and all his fabric goeth as a spider' s web. For instead of choosing his Creator, Who is strong, he erected things that were as nothing.

8. Hear thy Creator, O My God, for through My Son I bequeath a new light to the lower heaven: For, as thou hast portioned to the self-Gods to take kingdoms, suffer them to hedge themselves about with a multitude of laws; but thou thyself shalt have no laws save the rites and ceremonies, which thou shalt adorn with music and processions.

9. And it shall come to pass that the dominions of the self-Gods will prosper for a season; and they will, for sake of self-glory, deplete the earth people of familiar spirits and fetals. But, in time after, their subjects will tire of the laws of the self-Gods, and hearing that thou hast no laws, save rites and ceremonies, they will come to Hored of their own accord.

10. Henceforth, then, shalt thou convert the nurseries and hospitals, and factories and places of education, into places of delight and recreation.

11. The voice ceased, but Sue said: Behold, a time cometh, in all the atmospherean heavens, when the discipline of former days must give way to something new; and such a time is now in this kingdom. It may be likened to a young child that hath been led by the hand for a long time, but now hath become strong of limb so as to walk alone.

12. For this purpose hath the earth been brought through the fields of Izaracha, and my hosts are come with music and wisdom. Hear, then, my decree, O God of earth, and thou shalt be the most blessed of Gods: Send thy messengers into all parts of atmospherea, proclaiming a recreation of ten days, of music and dancing and marching, with pageantry and feasting, to be in Hored in the first of the moon of Jaffeth.

13. The rest leave to the Father, for He will provide us in the time thereof. And whilst the time is coming, I will go around the earth with my hosts in my etherean ship.

14. God said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih; in Thy decrees am I raised up with new wisdom and power. O that I could have devised a way for them before they fell so low!

15. Sue called the Council and his own hosts from labor to recreation for one day, and the people mingled together rejoicing; for of the ethereans with the hosts of Sue were many who had been earth-born, many thousands of years before, and their assurance of the emancipated heavens above had greater weight with the atmosphereans than anything that others could say. Then Sue and his hosts visited the earth and her heavens; and after that returned again to Hored.

chapter 4

1. When the time of the festival had come, there congregated in Hored, besides the etherean hosts, more than a thousand million souls, to witness and participate in the ceremonies. Sue said: Here is wisdom and folly; false Gods and their dupes; laziness and industry; swiftness and sloth. Yea, here is a world worthless before Jehovih.

2. And why? Simply for lack of discipline and harmony. Every one is for self, and none are producers for the general good. Alas, they are the same as mortals, but stripped of flesh. They are of no value to themselves. Now will I show thee, O God, that these hapless beings, with no joy in life nor hope of resurrection, shall become a great glory to the Father and His Kingdoms.

3. God said: Pity them, O Father! It is over a thousand years since they have been visited

by the higher heaven. Many of them are learned, but doubting if there be other heavens, save the plateaus of the atmospherea of the earth. Millions and millions of them have never seen an etherean. Alas, I fear for them.

4. Sue said: Fear not, O God. They are as mortar in my hands. Neither shall there be preaching to them, nor praying for them. They are tired of these things. But I will found a new light amongst them, and it shall speak for us. Hear me, then, and with the populace I shall be as One that is unknown. Call, then, thy es' enaurs, and thy trumpeters and harpists, and all the musicians belonging to thy kingdom and to the kingdoms of thy Lords, and let the procession begin.

5. For in all public matters those who are at the front, if wise, can lead on forever. Be politic, therefore, and shape the populace whilst the self-Gods are amazed at the immensity of the hosts assembled.

6. God did as commanded, and the people saw there was a head to the proceedings. Sue said: Send thy marshals and decorators to follow close after the musicians, distributing raiment to all who will follow in the procession. My etherean hosts are advised. They will stand by the way, and, with marvelous swiftness, provide the raiment. And all possible extravagant colors and fabrics, and hats and ornaments, shall be distributed, and gratuitously.

7. My hosts shall be arranged in plain white; and they shall march not, but be as servants and workmen. And when the atmosphereans have played and sung over all the boundaries of Hored, then shall My etherean band sing and play and start the dance.

8. All these things were done, and from the very start to the termination of the music there was harmony in every place and corner amongst the thousand millions assembled. Nor was there ever so extravagantly equipped a multitude in the earth' s heaven. And, so completely captivated were the people, their enthusiasm was boundless. Then came the etherean dance, the which so far surpassed the capacity of the atmosphereans that not one could join in. Neither could they take part in the etherean music.

9. So the atmosphereans looked on, confounded by the excellence of that which was before their eyes.

10. Thus ended the first day' s proceedings, which to describe in full would require a large book. So the people were called to refreshment. And the ethereans, still dressed in white, and as servants and laborers, provided the viands. For they had previously made convenience for a supply of material. And so easily and with such swiftness did they their work that now for the first time did the more learned of atmospherea begin to observe them with surprise and wonder.

11. Presently inquiries were made as to who they were and whence they came. For so Jehovih created man, that when of his own accord he admireth the excellence of his neighbor, he goeth to the extreme in praising him.

12. So God said: On the morrow shall a new entertainment be given, and new raiment and new viands for the feast. And the hosts shouted with great vigor and praise. Then the people mingled together to converse on all they had witnessed; neither comprehended they the object, save for pleasure only.

13. When the next day came the ethereans had been divided into groups, and the rites of the ancients and of the hosts of a' ji in Partha were announced, requiring extravagant toilets and millions of atmosphereans as assistants.

14. So great was their ambition to take part that only by promises of something in the next rites could the marshals make selections.

15. Sue, Jehovih' s Son, had previously stationed signal bells at remote distances from one another, but connected them so that the sounds would answer quickly. And in the intervening places, extemporized forests and waterfalls were arranged; and near the middle space one thousand columns of fire were erected.

16. So, in the morning of the second day, when all these glorious scenes were completed, and the ethereans, still plain and in white, stationed about, the atmospereans were more confounded than ever, and more loudly shouting in their praise.

17. First came the birth-rites; then marriage-rites; then death-rites and the first resurrection; then the rites of harmony. And the play represented a million of ethereans who went to a corporeal world and followed it through its life, and to death and resurrection; its darkness and enharmony and terrible suffering in atmospherea; ending with a tableau of a great sun of light descending, to deliver them into everlasting paradise.

18. So grand was the spectacle, and so sublime the music and the spoken words, that the hosts of Hored wept, and laughed, and shouted, and prayed, as if their souls would break with joy.

19. Thus ended the second day, and so complete was the glorious work that every soul had sworn a solemn oath to forsake the earth and lower heaven forever. Then God announced for the third day, the display of etherean power.

20. And the people were so bewildered already that a child could have led the most stubborn of all. For thus Jehovih created man, who, having become much conceited in himself, turneth right about and maketh himself a submissive fool.

21. So, on the third day, the ethereans displayed their power over the elements of the atmosphere; making corporeal substances and dissolving them at pleasure; making light into darkness, and darkness into light. Weaving fabrics and making diadems and precious stones. Gathering viands from the essence of things evaporated up from the earth; founding plateaux and temples in heaven. Making ships and chains and musical instruments. And, lastly, the etherean marshals, with half a million ethereans, turned the winds and sent a heavy shower of rain down to the corporeal earth.

22. And all the while, the musicians of the hosts of Sue were discoursing music, the sweetness and grandeur of which surpassed the atmosphereans so far that they were as nothing.

23. So, because of the exhibition of great power and wisdom, the third day had changed the fortunes and aspirations of every man and woman in the lower heaven. And they were running hither and thither, pleading to be taken as apprentices or servants, pledging themselves to do anything required of them. Neither would they be put off, demanding that half of the next day should be given to initiating them as real beginners in the second resurrection.

24. Then God spake to them, saying: Ye know not what ye speak. Behold, I have commanded ye for hundreds of years to put away your fine raiment and sparkling gems, and to begin adorning your souls, so as to become Brides and Bridegrooms of the Great Spirit.

25. But ye would not, but strove continually to adorn yourselves, forgetting to labor for those beneath you. Behold, now stand Jehovih' s Brides and Bridegrooms before you.

What is their worth compared to yours? Are they not plain? And are ye not decorated?

26. But millions of voices rose up, saying: We will do whatever thou commandest, O God. There is no God like unto thee. Then God spake, saying: Hear me, then, further: This is to begin the second resurrection: to put away your jewels and diadems and ornaments, and, above all things, to forsake self, and henceforth labor for others who are beneath you. If ye do this in a brotherhood, ye are already beginning the second resurrection. Neither is there any other road to wisdom and power.

27. Again the multitude cried out: We will do anything; we have faith. And God answered them, saying: Suffer, then, a few to be initiated on to-morrow; but be ye patient and of good judgment; slow to resolve, but firm forever.

28. So on the fourth day, in the morning, behold, more than a hundred millions of spirits had abandoned their showy raiment and stood arrayed in white, devoid of jewels and diadems, ready to be initiated and take the vows of the second resurrection, as above. And accordingly new music was prepared, and the procession and ceremonies so arranged that the greatest possible glory would be manifested.

29. Canopies were stretched overhead, and arches and columns on the borders of the march, decorated with flowers and vines; and amidst these, half concealed, were nestled the response singers, who were to speak for and with the initiates. But concealed from view, and afar off, were bells and explosives, which were the morning signals.

30. And the glad and solemn sound of the Immortal Voice came upon the souls of millions impatient to vow themselves to a new life; and God and his hosts welcomed them with great joy. So grand and imposing were the ceremonies, that, ere midday, another hundred millions came, robed in white, to be initiated also. Neither desired the people any other entertainment.

31. And so the initiations were continued on the fifth day; and yet another hundred millions applied, also robed in white. And this was continued on the sixth and seventh and eighth and ninth and tenth days. And, lo and behold, a thousand million angels had taken the vows of the second resurrection.

chapter 5

1. After this manner were the words of the initiation, led by the etherean hosts, to wit:

2. God on the throne said: O E-O-Ih (Jehovih)! Almighty! Boundless!

3. Response: How shall I comprehend Thee, Thou Mighty One?

4. God: Thou Higher than All Gods and Lords!

5. Response: Who movest the universe, with power unlimited!

6. God: Creator and Controller of the corporeal worlds!

7. Response: In Whose hands the etherean firmament is like a fruitful garden, wider than the boundaries of time!

8. God: Whose members are All Space!

9. Response: Whose members are the All that is within place, beyond measure!

10. God: Thou, E-O-Ih! Thou Fountain and Terminus of all things!

11. Response: E-O-Ih! E-O-Ih! Of Whom all things are but parts, attuned to Thy will!

12. God: Thou All Person, O E-O-Ih! Incomprehensible!

13. Response: Who speakest in the Light! Whose voice is the progress of the universe!

14. God: E-O-Ih! Thou All Giver! By giving, Createth!

15. Response: What are Thy secrets, O Mighty One? O E-O-Ih, Everlasting, and Greater than Magnitude!

16. God: I see nothing in all the universe but Thee! All selfs are but fractions of Thyself, O E-O-Ih!

17. Response: Who hath not beholden Thee, O E-O-Ih? Thy Person is in the east and west and north and south! Below and above; far and near.

18. God: Who hath not heard Thy voice? Who hath not found Thy hand, that pusheth him along?

19. Response: Without Thee, O E-O-Ih, I go not; I move not. I set out to do things of myself, and fail utterly.

20. God: What is man before Thee, O E-O-Ih? He setteth up a kingdom, and it falleth as a house of straw.

21. Response: O E-O-Ih, how I have wasted my time! My buildings were lighter than chaff! My virtues were but bubbles, and they are burst and gone!

22. God: When will man learn to attune himself to Thee, O E-O-Ih?

23. Response: How can I put away myself, O E-O-Ih? Have I not said: I cannot put away mine own judgment?

24. God: Man saith: I will not put away my judgment! and lo, therein doeth he it!

25. Response: Have I not said: To protect myself is the first law, and to preserve mine own the highest law?

26. God: Man assumeth to protect himself, because he is without faith in Thee, O E-o-ih! And to preserve his own, which, in fact, is not his.

27. And here the Light fell upon the throne, and Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

28. I have called thee, O man, from thy youth up! My voice hath never ceased in thine ear. Who can come into life without Me? Who can measure his own footsteps? Behold, he treadeth on My ground. Of all that he is made, the substance is Mine.

29. The kingdoms of the earth and the kingdoms of Gods and Lords in heaven, what are they more than imitations of My works? Wherein they imitate Me well, I am with them in wisdom, love and power. Shall a man butt his head against a wall to prove he is greater than his Creator? Behold, I came in the ancient days, saying: Strive to become one with Me, and thou shalt rejoice that I created thee. Strive to set up for thyself, and thy vanity shall in time pierce thee as a two-edged sword.

30. Hear the love of thy Creator, O man! For I made thee with fondness for thy sons and daughters. Of love like Mine Own I gave thee a part. And as thou sendest to thy wayward son, beseeching him to return to thee, so do I bring My messengers from higher worlds to call thee. And, that thou mayst not mistake their higher place, I give them power and wisdom surpassing thee.

31. The voice ceased, and then the initiates said:

32. Henceforth I will serve only Thee, O E-O-Ih! Nor will I more think what shall become of me. For I know Thou wilt appropriate me wisely, O E-O-Ih!

33. Accordingly, as the stone is hewn and polished, so wilt Thou put it in the walls of Thy house.

34. My labor is to hew and polish and perfect mine own soul forever!

35. My soul shall become as a shining star.

36. My love like Thy etherean angels.

37. And plain my raiment, and clean, forever!

38. Nor more will I boast, nor speak untruth, forever!

39. Nor sloth attain me.

40. Nor vanity, nor self; nor will I talk of myself.

41. Nor criticize my brethren, nor my neighbors, for they are Thine, O E-O-Ih !

42. To do righteous works and lift up my fellows shall be my labor henceforth, forever!

43. Make me strong in Thee, O E-O-Ih!

44. And wise to do Thy will forever. Amen!

chapter 6

1. So great were the words and music of the ceremonies that the people were entranced beyond measure; the old and divided kingdoms, which were without unity and discipline, were now replaced by extreme sanctity and decorum.

2. Sue said: Hear me, O God, I will counsel thee further: Know, then, that the false Gods and false Lords have gone off to build up kingdoms of their own, nor know they what hath happened in Hored. Suffer them to proceed until they have purified the corporeans from familiars and fetals; but when they have finished, call thou another festival of all these people, and also send word to the false Gods and false Lords who deny Jehovih, the All Person, and they will come, bringing their slaves, having themselves adorned in extravagant raiment and jewelry. For they will expect, by their pageantry, to triumph over all other Gods and men, hoping to carry back with them millions of subjects.

3. God said: I perceive, O Sue, Son of Jehovih. So, God did as commanded, and sure enough, in course of time, the false Gods and false Lords stripped the barbarians of the earth of their familiars and fetals, making slaves of such spirits in heaven. And it came to pass that God gave another festival, and it was greater than the first, and there were present upward of three thousand million angels, who had become enlisted in righteous works.

4. This was the beginning of the third year of Sue; and his wisdom and power were now manifested all around the world, on earth and in heaven.

5. And this is what happened in reference to the false Gods and false Lords, who came to the festival, equipped in chariots and ships, and with banners and flags, and crowns and diadems, and such wonderful extravagancies, the like of which had not been in heaven since the flood. And each and every false God and false Lord endeavored to outdo the others in show and parade.

6. As might be expected, the first day of the festival neither won their applause nor censure. The second day they ceased to attract attention; for the thrift and purity and wisdom manifested in the countless millions of the second resurrection caused even children to receive more praise than the Gods and Lords with all their glitter and show.

7. On the third day one-half of the false Gods and false Lords cast aside their adornments and appeared in plain white, pleading to be initiated into the mysteries of the second resurrection. And on the day following, the rest of them came also, seeking like admission.

8. Whereupon the Light of Jehovih spake through God on the throne, saying:

9. Bethink ye, O ye Gods and Lords! What are ye doing? But as yesterday ye asked for kingdoms, desiring to be leaders and great workers, over and above your fellows.

10. And ye obtained your desires, becoming Gods and Lords over millions. And these became your dutiful subjects, and ye adorned your throne and your persons in great splendor.

11. Behold I gave a festival, and ye came as living witnesses of what self-made Gods and Lords could accomplish. And your dutiful subjects came with you to attest their loyalty and good faith in your wisdom and power.

12. Now have ye cast aside your crowns and high estate, praying to become workers amongst the host of men and women! Are ye not mad? And are ye not making yourselves the destroyers of your own subjects? For, behold, because of your abjuration of self-pomp and self-glory, all your subjects are cast aside in ignorance and misery.

13. With one voice the self-Gods and self-Lords answered, saying: Alas, O God! What shall we do? Our crowns we can give away; our raiment and jewels, and our thrones and kingdoms. But, O God, we cannot give away our subjects; they will not go. We have bound them to us; and we are bound to them because we accepted them. What shall we do, O God? The burden is more than we can bear!

14. God said: Be not disconsolate, O Gods and Lords! Ye have done a great work. Ye have rescued millions and millions of familiars and fetals. And even before ye applied for the resurrection, behold, most of your subjects had already deserted you!

15. Hear the judgment of your Creator, which is that when all your subjects and fetals are risen in wisdom and virtue and good works, so as to take the second resurrection, even on that same day shall ye be promoted. For only until then can ye have freedom of soul.

16. The voice ceased, and the self-Gods and self-Lords answered: Thou art just, O Jehovih. We will go to work amongst our poor and ignorant subjects, and make them comprehend Thy wisdom, power and justice.

17. For ten days the festival lasted, and then it ended. Thus were first established rites and ceremonies in the lower heaven as a power to work wisdom and virtue. And from that time ever after, music and marching and dancing were included in all ceremonies by the Gods and Lords of heaven.

chapter 7

1. In the fifth year of Sue he dispatched swift messengers to Opnetevoc, in etherea, saying: Thus saith Sue, God of two etherean worlds: Behold, I am sojourning on the earth, and, with the God of heaven and his Lords, have prepared one thousand million s etherean harvest. Greeting to Nista, of Ho and Brides and Bridegrooms for Jehovih' Tow' en, Goddess; in the name of Jehovih, send an airavagna and complete the resurrection of the Father' s Brides and Bridegrooms!

2. So it came to pass in etherea, the Goddess, Nista, provided an airavagna, an etherean ship, resolving to come as commander in chief. Sue advised God, saying: Make thou of this matter a great testimony in thy heaven. Send, therefore, thy messengers into all parts, and to thy Lords on the earth, inviting all people to be present to witness the ascent of Jehovih' s Brides and Bridegrooms.

3. God did as commanded, and on the day of the appearance of Nista, daughter of

Jehovih, in her sun-ship, in the firmament, there were assembled in Hored countless millions of souls inspired of Jehovih.

4. Great was the rejoicing and the manifestations of delight when the sun-ship came in full view, descending, like a world on fire. And when she passed Chinvat and was fully within the earth' s vortex, the enthusiasm of the people knew no bounds.

5. They sang, and prayed, and danced, and clapped their hands, as if mad with delight. Meantime the Brides and Bridegrooms had been arrayed in etherean white, and were now saluting those whom they were soon to leave.

6. Quietly the etherean hosts filled their part in the great play of the immortal resurrection; very Gods and Goddesses in demeanor.

7. Nearer and nearer came Nista in her sun-ship, slowly turning and descending, with ten thousand curtains suspended and waving; and ten times ten thousand banners and flags waving above and around.

8. And then slowly down, lower and lower, till the airavagna rested on the plateau of Hored, to the south of the Temple of Jehovih.

9. Gussitavi, marshaless to the throne of Sue, in Izaracha, with ten thousand deputies, went forward, and with open arms received Nista, Goddess descended, saluting with the sign of the star and square, having been warm friends two hundred thousand years in the plains of Oayad, in the etherean es' tu of Hi' dan, the spiritual center of the orbit of the great serpent when in Zagagowthaka.

10. The es' enaurs of both hosts were chanting, and the angels of the airavagna coming forth in hundreds of thousands, to be saluted by the previously trained Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih and by the hosts of Sue, the etherean laborers.

11. And when Nista came up to the throne, God and great Sue rose up amidst the light, now fast gathering as a mantle of brilliant fire over the place of council.

12. Sue said: All hail, O Nista, Jehovih' s Daughter. God said: In Jehovih' s name, welcome, O Nista. To which Nista answered, saying: By the Wisdom and Power of Jehovih, O my beloved!

13. And Sue and God parted, and Nista ascended and sat in the midst of the throne. After the ceremonies of salutation Nista said: Let the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih approach the throne of God.

14. The marshals then ushered them to their places, a thousand millions, and the swift messengers bounded them on all sides, so that the responses should be uniform and as if spoken by one person. Whereupon Nista spake from the throne, and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded in the usual form of Gods and Goddesses, and then took the necessary vows and renunciations of the earth and lower heaven, according to Jehovih' s commandments.

15. When the ceremonies were finished, God proclaimed one day of recreation, which was participated in joyously by upward of four thousand million souls.

16. So, on the next day, Nista and her hosts, with the thousand millions of Brides and Bridegrooms, entered the airavagna, amidst the cheers and weeping of millions of atmosphereans, who had never witnessed so grand a spectacle.

17. And then Nista, by the power of the Great Spirit, set her ship in motion; raised it up from the lower heaven; moved it upward by her command, saying: Arise! arise! Airavagna! By my will, arise! Embrace thou the realms of Great Jehovih! Arise.

18. The es' enaurs and trumpeters were singing and playing; and those ascending threw down flowers and perfumes, and all manner of pleasant remembrances, to the countless millions below.

19. In a little while the airavagna disappeared in high heaven.

20. This, then, is what followed of Sue' s ministration, to wit: When the end of dan' ha had come, that is, the six years, he delivered God and his Lords and another thousand millions of Brides and Bridegrooms, taking them into the extreme borders of Izaracha, where was assigned the a' ji' an field of Rus' tsoo with twelve etherean worlds.

21. And Sue left T-hi, as the anointed God of the lower heaven for the next four hundred years. And God (T-hi) anointed Lords for the divisions of the earth, the same as had been heretofore. And the earth and heaven prospered, so that in the dan following there were raised up two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

22. From this time on there was a decrease in the etherean harvests for two thousand years, after which time there came great darkness on the earth and heaven belonging to it; and self-Gods filled all atmospherea. And, as for Lords, there rose up in every nation on the earth thousands and thousands, so that men and angels knew not if there were a true God or true Lord in all the universe.

23. Thus ended the cycle of Sue, being three thousand and two hundred years.



the lords’ second book


chapter 1

1. God said: I, the Lord, for my predecessors and successors and for myself, declare these things unto mortals:

2. The chosen of God, being called I' hins, because they were the fruit of both heaven and earth, were taken into all the earth in the protection of God, his Lords and angels, for the fulfillment of man on the earth for the glory of the Almighty.

3. And I, the Lord, a one-time mortal, with my holy angels, who had sprung from the earth in former times, walked with man to keep him upright in the way he should go.

4. By command of God, the angels watched over man, teaching man oft times unknowingly to himself in all good works and industry. By constant changes of watch did the angels relieve one another daily, weekly and monthly.

5. And in no time did the angels leave the I' hins alone, and without the light of heaven.

6. And whithersoever the I' hins went, there went the angels; and the angels often took on sar' gis, and were seen by man, even daily, and man talked with them face to face.

7. And the angels told man what was good for him; showing him the way of righteousness.

8. And man depended on the Lord and his angels for all things helpful to his


9. Now when the earth was inhabited in many places, and there were thousands of cities and villages, the Lord said unto man:

10. Behold, thou hast made the earth the joy of the Lord; and now I give it into thy keeping. How sayest thou?

11. And man answered: It is well; I can keep the earth, and I shall rejoice thereon because it is the gift of God.

12. The Lord said: If I stay with thee, day and night forever, thou wilt not put forth thine own power and judgment.

13. Man said: Go thy way, O Lord.

14. Then the Lord withdrew awhile, taking his angels with him.

15. Now in those days there were ground people dwelling in the wilderness, who had not the light of heaven in them, neither could they be made to understand.

16. As one may discourse to an ox, and it heedeth not; so was speech to the people of darkness.

17. Nevertheless, in winter, when food was scarce, the ground people came to the cities of hins, beseeching for food. And the I' hins, remembering the commandments of God, the I' went out to them, treating them to everything good to eat.

18. Now, behold, the chosen were tempted by the people of darkness. And it came to pass that a new race was born on the earth, and they were called I' huans, after the manner of the ancient warriors that destroyed the chosen, before the flood.

19. These I' huans were copper colored and were capable of speech.

20. When God beheld what had happened, he called to the I' hins, saying: O ye that could dispense with the Lord! Gave I not unto you the mark of circumcision as a limit to the line of my chosen?

21. Hear me now in my prophecy: The I' huan shall be taught the name of Jehovih, the Great Spirit, and the plans of heaven and earth. And the I' huan shall inhabit the whole earth in time to come; and he shall have dominion over everything on earth, and in the waters on the earth.

22. And in time to come the I' hin race shall disappear from the earth; their like shall not be found on this my footstool.

23. The I' hins inquired of the Lord when these things should come to pass. The Lord said: In twenty thousand years.

24. The Lord said: From this time forth the I' hins shall not mingle with any other people on the face of the earth. This is my commandment. And whosoever violateth my word shall be cast out of my cities, and go and dwell with the barbarians.

25. Inasmuch as the I' huans are your heirs, and are capable of everlasting life, ye shall be unto them the light of my kingdoms. Teaching them peace, righteousness and mercy; but ye shall in no case suffer them to enter your cities and abide therein.

26. Neither shall ye raise a hand to do them harm. But if they come upon you in huans to multitudes to take your stores, then shall ye depart out of that city, leaving the I' take the goods and food for themselves.

27. For ye shall be an example of non-resistance for the sake of establishing the love of God in them.

chapter 2

1. God foresaw that the I' huans should be separated from the druks, otherwise Yaks would again be born into the world.

2. And he said unto the I' hins: Behold, the I' huans cannot hear the voice of the Lord, therefore, go ye unto them, saying: Thus saith the Lord: If ye mingle with the druks your seed shall not inherit everlasting life, but go down in darkness.

3. And the I' hins went and told the I' huans the words of God. Nevertheless many of the I' huans broke the commandment. And, indeed, Yaks were again born into the world.

4. The I' hins said to one another: Are not these like unto those of the legends of old, who were made eunuchs and servants?

5. The I' huans inquired the meaning; and when they were told, they made a law unto themselves, making eunuchs and servants of both Yaks and the ground people wherever they came upon them.

6. The I' hins feared for the judgments of God, and they called out to him for a remedy.

7. But God answered them, saying: Because of the enmity betwixt these two races, behold, they will not marry. Suffer ye the I' huans to do in their own way. For of what profit is it to bring forth heirs that cannot inherit my exalted heavens? Because the tribes of darkness cannot be made to understand, behold their souls go out of being as a lamp that is burned out.

8. So it came to pass that the I' huans made eunuchs of the tribes of darkness; of both sexes did they thus; and they made slaves of them also.

9. The Lord said: The I' huans shall have laws of their own. Let my chosen go unto them and make laws for them, saying: Thus saith the Lord.

10. The I' huans shall be guardians over the I' hins, the sacred people; and through the I' hins will I bless the I' huans, and make them mighty.

11. Since it is not lawful for the I' hins to kill beast, nor bird, nor serpent, behold, their cities and mounds are invaded by all manner of evil beasts and serpents.

12. The I' huans shall slay all such evil beasts and serpents.

13. And they shall guard around about the cities and mounds, where abide my chosen.

14. Servants shall the ground people and the Yaks be unto the I' huan. And the latter shall cast their servants, that they shall not multiply on the earth.

15. Hear ye then, the law of God betwixt the I' huans, one with another.

16. Whoso doth an injury to his neighbor or to a stranger, the same shall be done unto him.

17. Whoso taketh from another, an equivalent shall he render two fold.

18. Whoso killeth a man, or woman, or child, shall be put to death.

19. Whoso marrieth his sister or mother, or his half-sister or half-mother, they shall all suffer death together.

20. Whoso oppresseth another shall be cast out of the tribe of his people.

21. He that blasphemeth the Great Spirit shall be put to death.

22. He that respecteth not the time of woman shall be put to death.

23. The fields have I given to the I' hins, but the forests and wilderness have I, the Lord, given unto the I' huans.

24. And it was so; the I' huans began to be carnivorous. But both the I' hins and the tribes of darkness ate neither flesh nor fish.

chapter 3

1. In all the great divisions of the earth these things were; nor had one division of the earth much preference over another. But in the regions of summer weather, where the earth brought forth abundantly, the I' huans and ground people dwelt most numerously.

2. Though the I' hins dwelt in both the warm and the cold countries. For they clothed themselves; and built habitations. But the I' huans wore only a covering about the loins; neither built they any habitations. And they roved about far and near.

3. But the ground people traveled not; and they mingled with their own kin, bringing forth heirs of darkness.

4. The I' huans learned the laws and obeyed them; and they looked upon the I' hins as a sacred people, doing them no harm.

5. And it came to pass that the I' huans were a very prolific people; four times more prolific than the I' hins, or the ground people.

6. And they spread rapidly over the earth, in all the regions where the earth brought forth fruit and roots, and flesh, and fish, that were good to eat.

7. For two thousand years the I' huans prospered; and they became mighty in many countries.

8. But in course of time they began to war upon one another.

9. And for hundreds of years they descended lower and lower in darkness.

10. And they obeyed no longer the commandments of God. But they mingled with the ground people, bringing forth heirs of darkness.


book of apollo


chapter 1

1. Apollo, Son of Jehovih, resident of Pti' mus, in etherea, and God of Suf' ad and Don' ga and Tah, in the South Province of Buru, Orian Chief, controller of vortices, said:

2. I, Apollo, once a mortal, proclaim: First, wisdom, peace and patience unto all men, and comprehensive judgment whereof I speak; second, to perceive the reason of things, as to what seemeth to have been, and of what cometh after.

3. For the Great Spirit is all Harmony and Perfection, abounding in time and in worlds to accomplish all possible imaginings; wherefore, be ye magnified in conception, not judging by the little understanding of mortals.

4. So that he that asserteth harmony being more to the order of Jehovih than that which is ill-formed or out of time, hath little reason to prove his assertion before a wise man. As one may assert that ripe fruit is nearer perfection than that which is green, which assertion is self-evident without proof, so, in the understanding of Gods in the management of worlds, are things past and present, not things past and present in fact, but more like the immature and the mature.

5. Since, then, man perceiveth that words, at best, are but slow and coarse representations s conception of things, how much farther distant lieth a God' s wisdom of the soul' beyond the reach of mortal understanding! Remember, O man, that couldst thou in a moment of time recollect all thou hadst ever learned thou wouldst be wise indeed. Wert thou in tune with thyself, such would be thy wisdom. To advance in such direction, whereby man becometh attuned, first with himself, then with his immediate surroundings, then with the magnitude of worlds, and then with Jehovih, so that he moveth, acteth, and comprehendeth harmoniously, is to become one with the Father.

6. Which condition awaiteth all men, and is called in high heaven, Nirvana, because, to him that hath attained it, things past and things to come are as an open book. He can look back to his own beginning in the world, and even beyond, and withersoever he directeth his eye, he can see and hear even as if the matter now were.

7. Marvel not, O man, that the Gods reveal the words and signs of things long since perished corporeally; the proofs he could give, thou couldst not understand, for the basis of spiritual entity lieth not within the measure of the corporeal senses. Nevertheless, Jehovih hath given thee comparisons; as a portrait of a man showeth his looks even after his corporeal body hath perished; and yet, the picture is but a representative. To the spirit, a corporeal body is but a representative, being a manifested production of a spirit.

8. As out of corporeal things a new thing is produced and born into the world, so out of Jehovih is born the spirit of man; neither leadeth the corporeal the spirit, nor the spirit the corporeal; but Jehovih doeth all. Think not, then, that when the corporeal body is dead and moldereth back to original elements, that in like manner the spirit of man will resolve itself back into Jehovih, for spirit is not bound by similar rules. As the corporeal body groweth by aggregating to itself, so not so groweth the spirit of man, but by the opposite, which is giving away.

9. Remember, O man, the more thou puttest forth thy soul to give light and wisdom to others, the more thou receivest; wherein thou shalt comprehend in the reason of things everlasting life to the spirit of man. So also, to him that desireth to comprehend Jehovih, let him describe the All Highest constantly. To him that desireth to comprehend the etherean worlds, the homes of spirits long risen in Nirvana, let him describe them. Fear not, O man, that thou shalt err; all the imagery thou canst devise is surpassed millions of times in the magnitude of the Father' s kingdoms. Till thou canst shoot an arrow without striking the air, fear not for thy weak thoughts shooting amiss in Jehovih' s worlds. .

chapter 2

1. I, Apollo, earth-born, of the continent Pan, submerged by Aph, the Orian Chief, by Jehovih' s command, proclaim in the name of the Father, Creator of worlds, peace and wisdom unto all nations and tribes of men: First, against all vanity and self-conceit in the souls of men, wherein every cycle asserteth itself wise and great and learned, and the ancients, fools.

2. For the evidence of wisdom lieth not in learning one thing only, but in the adaptation of man to Jehovih and His works. In which measure, the modern and the ancient stand not upon their judgment in the matter, but by Jehovih' s.

3. For if the ancient was not perfect in his place, neither art thou, O man, of this day. But before the Gods are all the ages adapted as Jehovih created them; judge not Him, for thy judgment is limited. That which was profitable to the soul of man, the Father revealed to the ancients; that which is profitable to the soul of man to-day, revealeth He this day.

4. For which reason I, His Son, am come to fulfill my labor, even as all men, in time, must complete that which hath been assigned them.

5. To rebuke vanity and self-conceit in them that perceive not wisdom in things long past, but applaud themselves without just measure before Jehovih. Wherein the Gods perceive their vanity, and pity them, hoping rather to exalt their minds, that they may learn to perceive the Father' s hand manifested in all things.

6. Turn thine eyes inward, O man, and look at the spirit of things; make thyself as a God looking down on a new earth, where man hath been quickened into life and attained to strength and learning. Behold his palaces and temples; his work in stone and iron, and gold and silver; his knowledge of the sun and moon and stars; with written books to read; with clothes for the body and shoes for the feet. With great generals, and armies of soldiers; and with the land cultivated.

7. Are these civilized? And war abounding! By what right hast thou made thyself a judge, O man! Who hath measured the inhabitants of the earth and found them pure and wise? Do more people now live on the land in peace and happiness than in many of the cycles past? Because thou art different in many excellencies, thou shalt also remember that many great inventions are forgotten. The world hath been peopled over many times, and many times laid desolate.

8. Who hath been the chief enemy to man? Who is his chief enemy to-day? Is it not thyself? Think not, O man, that because a few people perceive the Higher Light the world is wise and good before the Gods. For in all ages there have been a few. Yea, to-day, there are a few more in number than in the ancient days. And this is the sum of the

enlightenment of the world.

9. Hear me, O man of earth, and ye angels of heaven: I proclaim harmony, symmetry and music. I am of the days of the fountain of these talents descending to mortals. I was as a shapely stone in Jehovih' s edifice, and by hard toil a fashioner of the flesh mold of man and woman.

10. As the ear of one man heareth music, and he crieth out with delight: A tune! a tune! And as the ear of another man heareth music, and he cannot discern, and he crieth out: A noise! a hideous noise! Wherefore, then, shall ye not judge them, and say: The one hath an ear for music, and the other not? The one is one with the music; the other, being discordant himself, declareth there is no tune, but only noise. To which will ye give preference in judgment as to music?

11. Who hath not beholden Jehovih, the All Person? Who is it that crieth out: I behold Him not? No harmony, no symmetry, no music, no complete whole? And to which will ye give preference in judgment? Is not the judgment of the perceiver higher than he who perceiveth not?

12. This declare I of Jehovih, that in all ages there are many who perceive the All Person, and many who deny Him. If, then, the lack of an ear for music maketh a man dumb to a tune, is it not the lack of spiritual harmony that that causeth man to perceive not the everlasting presence of Jehovih, the All Person?

13. Hear me, O angels and men: Can a man learn to sing who heareth not the harmony of a tune? How much less, then, can man, or the spirits of the dead, harmonize with the Eternal Whole if they perceive Him not?

chapter 3

1. I, Apollo, Jehovih' s Son, proclaim an age when man on earth considered not harmony, nor symmetry, nor music, as Gods!

2. And Jehovih' s voice came to me in the etherean firmament, and place of Pti' mus, saying:

3. Apollo, My Son, thou God of Su' ad, God of Don' ga, God of Tah, behold the red star, the earth, she cometh through thy dominions. Go thou to her with thy hosts, a sufficient number, and give her a new God, and call his name Apollo.

4. Behold, neither men nor angels on the red star comprehend the harmony of My works; and because of their own enharmony they deny Me, being blind to My Person. Go thou, My Son, and make them idolaters of harmony, symmetry and music, for a long season, that they may become organically attuned from the time of their birth upward.

5. I said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih. And I called together a hundred millions of Thy sons and daughters, and told them what Thou hadst said. With one accord, they said: We have examined the red star since the time of Wan, and we perceive truly, the time hath come for thy labor, O Apollo.

6. I said: Send an oniy' yah to the heaven of the earth and deliver her God and Lords and all persons capable of the second resurrection. And say ye to God and his Lords: Thus saith Apollo, Son of Jehovih, and God of three etherean worlds: Greeting in the name of the Father, and love unto you all. For your glorious work I have assigned seven Teres and Don' ga. Thither gather ye your hosts, where is prepared a place of rest and comfort. The

earth and her heaven shall be left in darkness for thirty of her days, having neither God nor Lords.

7. So my legions departed for the earth in an etherean ship of fire, led by Tu' ain, Goddess of Proe' king, a place of great learning in the etherean mountains of Horatanad; and they delivered according to my decrees, and the earth was without a God and Lords for thirty days.

8. And the voice of Jehovih came to me again, saying: Hear thy Creator, O My Son, thou that sprangest from the land long since submerged, who has spanned many of My worlds, behold, the legions of Sue and his mighty resurrections are still preserved to mortals and angels earth-bound: Of the Gods and Goddesses who danced and sang before men; and of the uneven match betwixt spirits and Gods.

9. Profiting in this, the people of the red star have become rich in rites and ceremonies, and preferring the swift-footed to the slow, the nimble to the clumsy, the loo' is have well laid out the road to thy success.

10. So, I perceived beforehand how I should proceed when I landed in the lower heaven and her earth.

11. When the time came, I departed, still remembering my native star with well treasured pride. And that all things should express the labor Jehovih put upon me, my oniy' yah excelled in beauty all other etherean vessels that had ever descended to the earth.

12. How shall I comprehend Thy magnitude, O Jehovih? What is the journey of a God before Thee? We build a ship for a hundred millions, and are vain of its size and beauty; but when we launch out into Thy etherean realms, we fain would hide our faces in shame of our vanity. We sail through a thousand of Thy crystal worlds and talk of great distances, but the mirror of Thy boundless creation lieth still before us. We recall the red star, our native home, a single gem amidst the countless millions Thou hast cast into the universe, and we are speechless because of Thy Awful Extent.

13. Wherein hast Thou not excelled Thyself, O Jehovih! In one moment, we behold Thy Vastness; in another, Thy Microscopic Hand in the smallest ethe' ic wave, and in the spear of grass down on the swift corporeal stars. We applaud Thee for Thy handiwork, and yet ere our thoughts have overrun the smallest part, Thou turnest our eyes inward to the soul of things, an endless wonder.

14. How shall I comprehend Thy designs, O Jehovih? Thou drivest me back to the time Thy angels came and stood man upright, saying: Be thou a man; and be thou a woman! But they would not.

15. Again and again, Thy pitying hand stood them up, and Thy voice came, saying: Talk, O man! Come, thou shalt help to perfect thyself. But man was slow in perceiving wisdom; that which came to his flesh he loved.

16. I remember the earth, O Father! Men and women with long hair hanging down; and hands with claw nails, fierce and war-like. And hair in tufts and short-curled. Whose eyes s, and mouth wide and falling open, like a dog that is tired. were drawn down like a lion'

17. Therefore Thou hast called me, O Jehovih; and I perceive Thy double purpose: For a man left alone would select and mate, and evolve to terrible war! And Thou storest here an idol to unfit him for cruel deeds.

18. So, from Thy etherean realms, wherein for fifty thousand years Thy Gods and Goddesses had trained me to comprehend the discipline of Thy created heavens, I came,

descending, down, down to the red star, where Thou first quickened me into being, that I might fulfill Thy mandates.

19. Thy hand took me up, Thy hand sent me down; I had learned not to fear; the tree of faith had grown in me; I knew the secret of All Power. As a mortal goeth into a dark cavern, where the air is damp and unacceptable to the nose, so came my hosts, O Jehovih, out of etherea into the vortex of the earth, the dull atmosphere.

20. Thy voice came to me, saying: Go around the earth with thy oniy' yah, My Son. Stir up the atmosphereans; they that know no higher heaven. Behold, they have mutinied against My God and Lords; have rejected My preferred wisdom. Their delight is in war and the deeds of mortals. As men on earth gather round to witness beasts in battle, so gather these countless millions of spirits to witness kingdoms of mortals in war, and fire, and plunder. And by their presence urge men to cruelty and cunning horrors.

chapter 4

1. Hear me, O man, and angels; from my words learn to be wise and deep perceiving. He who standeth in darkness, seeth not; the time of Jehovih, none can comprehend. In the Light should be the delight of all men. But who practiceth to his highest knowledge? Before my days, time was no nearer the beginning of the universe than now. There were men who believed that with death all would be ended to every man; and Jehovih sent angels to prove them in their folly; and though they saw them, and talked with them face to face, many would not believe.

2. And in the lower heaven they were the same; they would not believe in a higher heaven. And though ethereans came to them to prove them in their folly, and talked with them face to face, yet many would not believe.

3. I searched the disbelievers, to understand their souls; and I found they were begotten in enharmony. They prided themselves in their wisdom; but that that they called wisdom was as a serpent in the soul.

4. Jehovih spake to me, saying: Hear thy Creator, O My Son: In atmospherea thou shalt appoint ten thousand Lords, with ten thousand kingdoms; and the earth and the inhabitants thereof shall be divided between them.

5. And thou shalt build a new kingdom in heaven, and call it Gau, and it shall be thy judgment seat, with a Council of one hundred thousand men and women.

6. And all thy Lords shall be called Apollo! And they shall inspire men to make images of stone and wood. And the images shall have short arms and long legs; and nails instead of claws on the fingers, and well-formed mouths, with shape for motion of the cheeks.

7. And thy Lords shall find the loo' is who have been preparing these matters by birth; and the loo' is shall lead the angels around about amongst mortals, finding the most comelyformed men and women and young children. And when they have thus chosen them, they shall report the matter to the Lords, and they shall send ethereans to those mortals who are selected, and they shall be quickened by signs and miracles.

8. And it shall be proven before all the nations of the earth, and their kings and queens and governors, that the comeliness of the forms are pleasant in My sight, wherefore I come to them. And those who are thus selected shall sing and dance by entrancement; so that kings and queens shall be overcome by the achievements. And those that dance shall

be made to float in the air, and sail about in the dance.

9. For I will turn the judgment of man to beautify himself; and, in so doing, he shall learn to perceive beauty and harmony in My works.

chapter 5

1. Think not, O man, the Gods always deliver the nations of the earth in a day or by miracles. They go to the foundation of a matter; they make man a servant to help deliver himself. They stir up the nations in rites and ceremonies first; then come after, and appropriate the rites and ceremonies. And the women look on, receiving the spirit of the matter in their souls, the which entaileth on their offspring that which is desired by the Gods.

2. With the hosts of high heaven, unseen by mortals, the Lords stir up the whole world. In one generation, behold, a new race is born. Man is unfitted for dangerous war, and no longer the delight of drujas hanging around. And the drujas, and the familiars, turn from the peaceful earth (to them stale and unprofitable in bloody entertainments), to find their own petty kingdoms broken down and gone.

3. Be wise, O man, and ye angels of earth! Hear the voice of thy brother, God of three worlds! I will tell thee a great secret: These are the words of thy Creator: Man and woman are pro-creators! Whom they beget, are theirs, saith Jehovih. Not for a day, but forever! Take heed of thy offspring, O woman! Take heed, O man! Wilt thou be entailed with druj, to pull thee down? Wilt thou choose offspring to glorify Jehovih?

4. Have not thy people boasted, O earth? Have they not said: O the poor ancients! What of them? Will they turn away from the idols of Apollo, and set up on their own account? Can the people hand down a name and models to live forever?

5. So I founded Gau in the place Hored had been, extending over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham; and the rest of the atmospherean heaven I divided amongst my ten thousand Lords and Lordesses, whom I selected and ordained in the manner of the ancients.

6. And the Lords established themselves in kingdoms, both on earth and in heaven. And they inspired kings and queens to erect images in the temples, and the images were given a name signifying Harmony, Symmetry and Music (Apollo). And the names varied in many countries, because of the languages of the people; but the significance was that these three entities comprised the All Light, the Creator, Jehovih!

7. And mortals were taught by the inspiration of angels how to make the images, for there were no corporeans sufficiently perfect for models.

8. According to the perfection of the images, so were they reckoned favored by Jehovih; and the sign of Jehovih' s approval was manifested in the time of the sacred dance given by the su' is selected; which was, if the whirling dance caused many women to fall down by enchantment, then was Jehovih pleased.

9. Hear me, O man. The enchantment of the women was what the Lords desired, for the impression of the soul of woman shapeth the unborn child.

10. Wherefore, they worshipped blindly before the idols, not being sufficiently wise to understand how Jehovih was laying down the foundation for the coming race.

11. O ye of little wisdom, compared with the Lords of heaven! How ye are puffed up in judgment, not knowing the race whence ye sprang! Jehovih' s Gods and Lords mold the

inhabitants of the earth as clay is molded in a potter' s hand. They set them up and show them the way, and say to them: Go!

12. And mortals go on a little while, like a young child that tottereth and falleth. And again the Lords set them up; and man, in ingratitude, forgetteth and denieth his God.

13. The unseen angels lead man and woman together, and say: Marry! And they wed, and bring forth of the Lord. Then man inquireth: What meanest thou: Bring forth of the Lord? But his judgment is under a cloud; he flattereth himself that Jehovih created him, and then went away; and since then he hath been his own master!

14. O man, what is thy folly! How has thou found such cunning ways to put off thy Creator? What profit more hast thou to put Him away than to try and perceive Him in all things? Why wilt thou sing of man who is in darkness, and of the earth, which is but a fraction of the Great I Am? Hopest thou not for wisdom, so that guardian angels may go away and rest?

15. Why shall they stand over thee day and night, to keep away familiars and fetals and drujas? Who shall close thy mouth against falsehold, and thy lips against cursing thy Creator? Hopest thou not, O man, that a wiser age will follow? When shall man learn harmony, symmetry and music? Who will hire a musician that forever putteth his instrument out of tune? Why shall the Gods applaud men or angels who live not attuned to the All Highest?

16. Show me one who is as good as he understandeth to be; that liveth as wisely as his goodness desireth he should. He will understand my words; I can come to him and inspire him with great wisdom. He will comprehend the love a God hath over mortals; and the patience of the toiling Lords and angels.

17. Hear me, O man! I will answer thee a great matter: The angels of heaven who are good, labor for those beneath them. This is their work, day and night. Think not that they go away to idleness forever. To the etherean, industry becometh rest; to those who have attained to be Gods there is spontaneous growth forever. Remember this and be wise. To the atmospherean and to mortals, idleness of soul leadeth downward forever! Remember this also, and be wise.

18. Behold the rose and the lily; they are perfect in their order. Being one with Jehovih, they painted not themselves. Let thy soul practice with thy Creator, and thou shalt become one with Him, even His Son. Find thou the symmetry of flesh, the symmetry of the spirit; the harmony of music, and consider wisely thy behavior.

19. The star of Jehovih is within thy soul; feed it, O man, and thou, O angel of heaven, and it will grow to be a God! Rob it, or starve it, and thou shalt remain nothing. It is weak and dim in the vain; it is bright and of great power in him who forgetteth himself in laboring for others.

chapter 6

1. Jehovih spake in the light of the throne of Gau, saying: My Son, thou has set the temples of earth wisely, and thy ten thousand Lords have the voice of thy Creator. But, behold, this dawn of dan hath but five years and two hundred days. The five years are already gone. Call together thy etherean hosts, and they shall report to thee who shall be the successors to thee and thy Lords. I answered, saying: Thy will be done, O Father!

2. So I sent messengers around about the world repeating what Jehovih had commanded. And I added also: When the time of dan is completed, behold, my hosts shall assemble in Gau, from whence we shall ascend to our etherean worlds. Let my messengers invite all the people in all the kingdoms of atmospherea to be present. And these things were done.

3. Now, of the ten thousand kingdoms of the Lords of heaven and earth of that day, many of them held their places within the corporeal temples of worship, having spiritual thrones within them, where the hosts of angels assembled to counsel on the affairs of mortals, and to advise with them through the prophets and seers.

4. Neither was there a temple in all the world for consulting the spirits and Gods but what was usurped by my etherean hosts. So that when kings or queens came to consult the oracle on matters of war or personal aggrandizement, my hosts answered them not to their own profit, but with the voice of Jehovih.

5. So it turned out, that when the chief false Gods and false Lords were driven out of the corporeal temples, they lost interest in mortal affairs. And I classified them and made new kingdoms in the lower heaven for them, forming them into confederacies. And they, too, became earnest workers to establish themselves in harmony, symmetry and music. And at dan there was not one false God nor false Lord in atmospherea. the end of the time of hi'

chapter 7

1. Apollo said: Hear the decrees of Jehovih, O ye Gods and Lords: I, His Son, God of three worlds, speak! In my speech lieth the wisdom of Time; the evidence of fifty thousand years. Here is a great matter, O ye Gods; answer it, O ye Lords of heaven and earth: A child learneth from that which is around about; a man learneth from that which is around about; a God and a Lord learn from that which is around about. Neither can they acquire anything more, forever. Jehovih saith:

2. I have decreed the breaking up of old foundations; in new creations I provide food for the souls of Gods and men.

3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether? or, by standing still, expand his own soul? How long will they be entailed with idle desires, and self-ease, and self-glory?

4. Jehovih saith: When the lower heaven turneth into itself, it soon turneth downward, also. And its cast moldeth the earth-born. Look to it, O My sons and daughters, that ye preserve the high estate of heaven. Apollo said:

5. To be a God is not all; to be a Lord is not all; ye shall forever invent new stratagems in Jehovih' s kingdoms. Your people shall be forever infatuated with continual surprises, or your kingdoms in heaven will go down.

6. Jehovih saith: Behold, I created man, and if he rest constantly, disease shall seize on his life parts. The kingdoms of men on earth that lack aspiration for the people shall bring destruction; to the kingdoms in the lower heaven, the lack of invented, new glories, shall breed up false Gods and false Lords.

7. Apollo said: To be a weak man, is nothing; to be a weak king, is nothing; to be a weak God, is nothing; but to be strong with Jehovih, furnisheth food for the kingdoms of men and angels. Think not, ye Gods and Lords, that to be a good God is easy, or to be a good Lord is easy, or to be a good corporeal king is easy. He who ruleth in heavenly kingdoms,

must forever furnish food for the souls of angels and men.

8. I, Apollo, Son of Jehovih, will give you a parable suitable for Gods and kings: A multitude go into a forest; one man goeth a little before the rest, and he calleth: Here! Here! Then he goeth a little further, and he calleth: Here! Here! And the multitude follow. Whereon, ye reason well, saying: If the leader go too fast for the multitude, they will not follow; and if he go not fast enough, they cannot follow. Wherein, of the last condition, anarchy ensueth, and new leaders are chosen.

9. And these conditions follow all peoples on earth, and in the lower heavens. But the glory of the emancipated heavens, in etherea, lieth in the development of every soul into ripeness and bloom, with none too fast nor too slow, but all as one, and one with Jehovih.

10. Is not this the testimony of the All Person: A ruler of a city; a ruler of a state; a ruler of a kingdom? Without a head to lead, and to govern, what people have been found? Without a God and Lords, and kingdoms in heaven, what angels are found? Strollers, beggars, drujas and vampires. He who setteth himself up against the king, what is he? He who setteth himself up against the All Person, what is he? Where is the fruit he hath brought to market?

11. His speech is cunning in denial; his arguments for liberty, the bait of hada. He crieth out, in justification of his mutiny: Liberty! Liberty! But he leadeth to inharmony and darkness. After that, he rusheth to the front, crying out: Follow me! follow me! I will lead to truth and light. And he himself becometh a God, but in falsehood, even as by falsehood he denied the true God.

12. A great fact declare I unto you, O Gods and Lords: A line lieth betwixt the man who hath too much opinion of his own, and he who hath no opinion at all. One is to be pitied, the other censured. Which, judge ye, do the Gods pity of these two, and which censure?

13. None could answer Apollo. So he spake further, saying: Pity ye him who hath too much opinion of his own; for of all men he standest the farthest from Jehovih. But the wise man and wise angel follow the median line betwixt the two. Herein lieth the harmony of a man' s soul.

chapter 8

1. Apollo, Son of Jehovih, said: In Jehovih' s name speak I, Apollo, God of etherea. Hear me, O ye Gods and Lords; the power of the Father resteth in my soul; my words are of All Wisdom. Think of this great matter: The growth of love! As a man loveth his city and his country, what think ye Apollo hath forgotten? Have I not told it in etherea? I sprang from the red star, the earth!

2. Wherefore shall I not take pride before Jehovih? And hold up my head in etherea, where I have neighbors that sprang from other stars. Shall a man forget his love because he is a God? Nay, verily. When I was mortal, I loved my neighbors; when I entered the second resurrection, in atmospherea, I loved all the people of the earth; and when I rose to etherea, my love expanded to a thousand worlds. But, of all places, how can I make the earth and her heaven second in the love of my soul?

3. As a mother inventeth diversions and employment for her children, shall I not gather fruit from Jehovih' s repositories to feed the atmospherean heavens? I came, and found ye in a dark forest, with briars and thorns; but, behold, now, O ye Gods and Lords! The

lower heaven hath become a paradise.

4. Let me recall the philosophies I have overthrown: The false Gods and false Lords said: It is well that there be war and destruction in heaven; otherwise, it would soon be too full! For they saw not the higher heavens; their arguments were framed in a dark corner. And, because of their evil inspiration, they gave mortals the same philosophy, saying: War is justifiable, lest the earth become too full. For these dark angels shut out from mortals the higher light of Faith in Jehovih. Justifying themselves in war, and the slaying of whom Jehovih had created alive; by their behavior, thrusting condemnation in Jehovih' s face for what Jehovih had done!

5. Neither knew these mortal philosophers that they were under the inspiration of spirits of darkness; nor would they wait till the earth was full of people, to prove whether their philosophy was true or false.

6. For, as ye of heaven were given to deeds of darkness, your kingdoms reacted on earth, making druks out of men and women. From which have all these heavens turned from evil ways, and become as stars of glory in Jehovih' s universe.

7. Think not that only great thunders and terrible stratagems can govern heaven and earth s upraised righteously; for, as one man, in an army, may cause a panic; or one brave man' hand lead a nation on to victory, so can ye, O Gods and Lords, by wisdom, in the smallest of Jehovih' s plans, rule over heaven and earth, for the glory of His everlasting kingdoms.

8. That which I declare unto you, go ye and declare throughout heaven; for the fruit of your teaching shall enrich the earth people, through their guardian spirits; and they shall, likewise, go about preaching amongst themselves.

chapter 9

1. When Apollo, Jehovih' s Son, had finished his labor, the dawn of dan, God foresaw that his own resurrection, and his people with him, had come. So he sent his proper officers to the libraries of atmospherea, to learn who of all the etherean hosts should be selected to remain as God, and who as Lords, for the next four hundred years.

2. In twenty days the examiners returned and came before the throne of God, and the Council of Gau. Za' dukawaski, chief speaker, said: By the grace of Jehovih, Creator, we stand before thee, God of heaven and earth. We find, by the ancient precepts, adjudged wise in the foundation of atmospherea, one Gur, highest and most proficient of all the hosts of heaven, to be anointed God for the next four hundred years.

3. God said: I remember Gur, from Magel, in Sooftus, in etherea, God of Ra' yatuf and a' ji, seventy-two. Let the marshals go to him and acquaint him with Jehovih' s decrees, in the name of God. And they shall provide suitable conveyance for Gur to come to Gau, according to his rate.

4. So the marshals, ten thousand in number, besides ten thousand musicians, went and brought Gur before the throne of God, coming in an otevan, prepared for the purpose, and adorned with one thousand pillars of light.

5. God said: I salute thee, O Gur, in the name of Jehovih, Creator. Behold Apollo!

6. Apollo stretched forth his hand, and Gur came and shook hands with him, standing by the throne. Gur said: That I have lived to see this day, O Jehovih, I am blessed indeed! Thy will, O God, and Jehovih' s, be done!

7. God said: Behold, the dawn of dan is within thirty days to end, and all who choose, and are prepared for the third resurrection, shall be taken up to etherea. Besides thyself, O Gur, there are two hundred thousand ethereans who have volunteered to remain another four hundred years in these atmospherean heavens, and on the earth. From them thou shalt select one thousand Lords, and bestow them with kingdoms, over mortals. Two thousand millions of angels will raise up with me to etherea.

8. To thee, O Gur, I bequeath two thousand millions of atmosphereans who have been initiated in the second resurrection. And of the first resurrection, two hundred and fifty millions; and of fetals, three hundred millions; and besides these, the inhabitants of the earth (men, women and children) seven hundred millions.

9. God ceased speaking, and Gur said: Thy will be done, O Jehovih! Thereupon the es' enaurs sang, and the trumpeters played the MARCH OF APOLLO, JEHOVIH’S SON. Presently, the marshals and messengers filed before the throne; and a light of golden fire came down from etherea, cast out by the Gods of Helmatia, Orian arc of Tanaya, and it fell about the throne of God, so that many could not look thereon, because of the brilliancy.

10. God raised up, and Apollo by his side. God said: I stretch forth my hand unto Thee, O Jehovih! Behold Thy Son, Gur, God of Ra' yatuf, in etherea, an earth-born, forty thousand years inhabitant of Thy emancipated realms. By Thy power, and in Thy name, O Jehovih, I proclaim him God of heaven and earth, to bestow Thee and Thy kingdoms on angels and men! Be with him, O Father, Creator, that he may add unto Thy glory, forever! Amen!

11. God took off the triangle, and hung it on Gur' s (God' s) neck, saying: I now bestow thee with the heirloom of the Gods of the red star, the triangle of the ancients. And that thou mayest be still further honored, behold, one higher than I, even Apollo, shall weave a crown for thy head.

12. Apollo walked to the left hand, and raised his hand upward, and there came from unseen space a flame of yellow light, and lodged on his hand, and he turned it but half around, and lo, a crown with sparkling gems stood upon his fingers'ends. Apollo said:

13. Incomprehensible All Light! Weave me a crown for Thy Son, God of heaven and earth! And even whilst he spake, it was done, and he placed it on God' s (Gur' s) head. And God went and sat in the midst of the throne, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih! All things are Thine! For my resting-place, to do Thy will, this shall be.

14. During the ceremonies, the music was timed accordingly; and when the new God was crowned, the multitude of a thousand millions applauded with great joy.

15. When all was quiet, God rose up from the throne, saying to Apollo and to him who had been God: In Jehovih' s name, come and honor my throne! Accordingly, they both sat down on the right hand of God.

16. God said: In thirty days the dawn of dan will end. Let the marshals, through the messengers, proclaim the resurrection of two thousand millions to the etherean heavens on that day. Proclaim it in all the heavens of the earth; inviting all to come who can; for it shall be a day of the feast of glory. But say not to any one that there hath been a change of Gods, nor that great Apollo will rise also, lest sorrow come upon the people. The marshals then selected messengers, a great number, and sent them throughout the heavens of the earth, proclaiming the commandments of God.

17. God spake further, saying: For thirty days shall the Council deliberate on my ten

thousand Lords, selecting and allotting them; and I will crown them in the name of the Father.

18. Apollo then said: Now will I clothe myself in strange colors, that none shall know me, and during the thirty days I yet tarry, I will go around about the earth, that I may again look upon the star of my birth.

19. And he who had given up the throne said: Thy joy shall be my joy also. I, too, will again visit the star of my birth.

20. Accordingly, God said: Joy be unto ye twain, in Jehovih' s name! Behold, I will throw a thick blanket over the throne, and ye shall change your attire, and when I withdraw it, ye shall walk forth unknown.

21. And this was done.

chapter 10

1. So Apollo visited all the divisions of the earth, and the islands in the ocean; and his traveling attendants, companions and officers made a record of all things they saw, especially those relating to the corporeans; their manners, sizes, color, habits, education and procreative capacities; and the records were taken with them, to be finally carried to etherea in the coming ascent.

2. And Apollo and his companions then visited atmospherea, making like observations of the people in the first and second resurrections, recording the number and kind of nurseries, hospitals, factories, schools and colleges, together with the asaphs, teachers and physicians, nurses, and so on. And this record was also prepared so as to form a brief history of the earth' s heaven.

3. On the twenty-eighth day, Apollo and his hosts returned to Gau, the place of the throne of God in the lower heaven. In the meantime, the word of God commanding the assembly for the ascent of two thousand million of Jehovih' s Brides and Bridegrooms, had aroused the people of the lower heaven beyond measure; millions of them never having witnessed an ascent, nor, in fact, had seen an etherean adavaysit, a ship of fire.

4. On the twenty-ninth day, in the evening, a light was seen high up in the firmament, and to the north-west, brilliant, like a star of the first magnitude. Presently, it grew larger and brighter, and shot across toward the south-west firmament, and then began to ascend toward the earth, growing larger and brighter as it came.

5. The people of the lower heaven knew it was the adavaysit of the third resurrection, and they rejoiced before Jehovih, singing and praying. And now the marshals and proper persons for the purpose, commenced to form the groups of Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And the groups were arrayed in stars, crescents, squares and circles and ovals, being classified according to their rates in these figures; and the groups had banners, and signals of colored lights, according to their rank in love or intelligence, or good works, or other characteristic virtues.

6. And these groups were arranged into combinations, every combination representing the work done by a sub-Lord or sub-God. And these combinations were again formed into four divisions, representing the four great divisions of the earth, and the four Lords, Jehovih' s Sons. So that when the whole two thousand millions of spirits were in due form, they characterized Harmony, Symmetry and Music, being the symbol

of Apollo, Son of Jehovih, God of three etherean worlds, brevet Orian Chief.

7. At midnight, the sea of fire, the adavaysit, reached Chinvat, the border of the earth' s vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon, and in size twice the moon' s diameter. Here the ship halted for four hours, and then again began to descend, and rapidly, fearful to behold, becoming more scarlet within the vortex, but growing larger and definite in figure.

8. And, lo and behold, when the adavaysit drew near, it was in the form and figure of the groups of Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. It had fifty thousand curtains, and one hundred thousand banners, and the hosts within the ship, seven millions of souls, bore each a streamer of phosphorescent light, of all colors, shades and tints, and arrayed in symbols of the name, Apollo.

9. Unlike all other etherean ships of fire that had as yet visited the earth' s heavens, it was provided with openings in the bottom, five hundred thousand in number, which were the places of entrance and exit. And the openings were studded with crystals of ceaseless fire, of all conceivable colors, shades and tints, and sizes and figures, curves, circles, angles, crescents, and so on. And up within the openings, were the crystal and opaque chambers, provided for the heirs of the third resurrection. And yet, within these chambers, were the reports of the guardian angels, of the lives and good work heretofore done by every man and woman of all the two thousand million who were to ascend to Jehovih' s higher heavens. But in all the records there was not recorded one evil thing, or dark deed, or selfish thought; for of these things the ascended hosts had long since purged themselves, till they were gems of the pure light of the Father of all. High up within the ship were the beams and net-work of timber and ropes and arches; and around about the whole ship was the photosphere of its power, so that the whole adavaysit was like a crystal ship within a globe of phosphorescent light; and yet, in fact, the ship was the true light, and the angels the light of that light, whilst the photosphere was really the shell of darkness made reflective.

10. This, then, was the size of the adavaysit; two thousand miles, east and west, and north and south, diameters; and seven thousand miles high. And the ship within it was one hundred miles, east and west, and north and south, diameters; and two hundred miles high.

11. As the earth is opaque, with a transparent vortex around it, so not so, but opposite, is the structure of an etherean adavaysit, being light and habitable within as well as without, like the etherean worlds in the firmament. As Jehovih maketh worlds, and sendeth them forth in the places of His firmament, so, in imitation of Him, His etherean Gods and Goddesses make adavaysits to traverse space from star to star, and from one etherean region to another. Great in wisdom and power are Jehovih' s etherean Gods and Goddesses! Yet they, too, were once but men and women, with corporeal bodies.

12. Jehovih said: I have given power to spirits of the newly dead to clothe themselves from the atmosphere with corporeal semblances of flesh and blood; and, to My exalted atmospherean angels, I have given power to clothe themselves from ethe in forms of light. But, to My exalted etherean angels, I have given power to clothe their hosts with ships of fire, and otevans, and adavaysits.

chapter 11

1. Cventi, marshalless for the hosts of Apollo, with ten thousand marshals and fifty thousand respondents of ceremonies, made ready to receive the hosts of the adavaysits, commanded by Cim' iad, Goddess of Du' e' ghi, in etherea, Goddess of Noad and Rak, in ji' ya, thirty-eight, well known to Apollo, and to Phaeja, God of Norse, long residents of Um, in etherea.

2. Cim' iad was a small woman, dark, and of deep love, most jovial of Goddesses; and had long looked forward with joy to her pleasure of bringing so large a ship to deliver two thousand million of Jehovih' s Brides and Bridegrooms into etherean worlds. And so, when the adavaysit was about to land in Gau, Cim' iad looked out from the clusters of central stars, the ornaments of the throne within the ship, to see the hosts who were assembled beneath, and joyously clapped her hands with delight, whereupon she was saluted by Apollo and Phaeja, and by God and his Lords.

3. Presently, the mighty vessel landed and anchored fast; and the ship of Apollo was moved up aside and made fast to the adavaysit. Meantime, Cim' iad came forth out of the ship, and was received in the arms of Cventi, marshalless of Apollo, and then proceeded to the throne of God.

4. All the while, the musicians had been playing and singing; and the music of the lower heaven was thus united with the music of the upper heaven.

5. God said: Welcome, O Daughter of Jehovih! Come thou and honor my throne, in His name!

6. Cim' iad said: By the grace and love of Jehovih, am I come, O God! And to thee, O Apollo, most wonderful of earth-born Gods, how can I express my boundless love! And to thee, O Phaeja, long-enduring Son of Jehovih, my soul is as a twin, for the glory of our Everlasting Creator!

7. Behold, I am come in Jehovih' s name to wed these two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih!

8. Phaeja said: Thy will and Jehovih' s be done! And now they shook hands, as is the custom of Gods and Goddesses, and Cim' iad went and sat on the throne, saluting all the assemblage by making the sign of Jehovih' s name with her right hand, which was answered by three thousand million spirits. And now the musicians played and sang the STARS OF JEHOVIH! Meanwhile, the All Light began to descend thick and fast on Cim' iad' s head, so brilliant that many could not look thereon.

9. And Jehovih spake through Cim' iad, saying: I blow My breath upon a corporeal world, and man springeth forth into life, the highest of My created lights. In the womb of Mi, I fashion his spirit. When he is shapely and white, I deliver him. I open the heaven of suns, and warm his soul. Brighter than diamonds he cometh forth; male and female come they; as stars for My everlasting worlds. Dressed as Brides and Bridegrooms for My chambers of Light and Love. In My arms shall they be blessed forever; in My mansions rejoice forever.

10. The respondents said (being led by the etherean hosts): I am thy bride (or bridegroom), O Jehovih! My soul findeth love in Thee only, forever!

11. Thou, my Father, O Jehovih! I come to Thee to abide forever!

12. From Mi, my mother, the earth, who conceived me, I rise me up and go, forever.

13. All praise to Thee, O Jehovih! And to thee, O God of earth and heaven! And to ye, O Lords of the earth, praise forever!

14. Thy Lords, O Jehovih, raised me up. How can I render them joy for my stubbornness of heart! And Thy God, for my second resurrection.

15. How hast Thou made us brothers and sisters, O Jehovih! And given to me a higher world to abide in, forever!

16. O, Joy of my soul! To Thee am I beholden, O Father, Everlasting Creator!

17. Jehovih said: Behold Me, O Brides and Bridegrooms! I am the All that is Within All, and Over All. Members of My body are all things under the sun, seen and unseen, boundless, forever! I give them to you for your inheritance, forever!

18. Response: Who can give like unto Thee, O Jehovih! Not only gavest Thou myself, but sent Thy Gods and Lords to me to teach me how to live to enjoy Thy Fullness, forever!

19. I will rise to Thy immortal kingdoms, and learn the mysteries of Thy glory and wisdom, O Jehovih! And when I am strong, I will go forth to them who are beneath me, and raise them up, to rejoice, forever!

20. Jehovih said: Laborers with Me; helpmates and companions, forever! With ye I wed, from everlasting to everlasting.

21. Response: With Thee we wed, helpmates, forever! In the glory of Thy worlds, without end!

22. Jehovih said: Mine are All Harmony; All Symmetry; All Love; and will endure forever!

23. Response: When I was in darkness, I fed on hate, and anger, and war, and lust. But Thou hast taught me harmony, and symmetry, and love, and I shall indulge in them forever!

24. Jehovih said: Receive ye, My mantles and My crowns, O My beloved! The darkness is come and gone; the rain is dried up, and My flowers are blooming for you, My beloved!

25. Response: Glory be to Thee, My Creator and Preserver! All hail to Thy Wondrous Works, O Jehovih! In all my giving I cannot attain to Thee, forever! Thy Crown shall shine in my behavior, world without end! Amen! Amen! Amen!

26. Jehovih, Thou art mine, forever! Amen!

27. I am Thine, O Jehovih, forever! Amen! Amen!

chapter 12

1. The rites of the resurrection were completed, the whole of which would make a book, were the words written down; and as for the music, for which there were five hundred thousand singers and players, scarce a conception of it can be given to mortals. And when the light of the throne of God broke away a little, God announced six hours'recreation; whereupon, all the angels of Gau and of the etherean heavens, mingled together joyfully.

2. And after this (for, behold, the end of the dawn of dan had come), Apollo, mightiest of all, rose up, and waved his hand in the sign, IN JEHOVIH’S NAME! and stood aside from the throne of God. After Apollo, Cim' iad rose up, and gave the same sign; followed by Phaeja. And when these three stood aside, high raised, on the floor of the throne, so that all the assembled millions could see them, so hushed were all things, like as if Time had

come to an end.

3. Then filed in front the ten thousand Lords and Lordesses, they who had once been false Gods and false Lords, and, of the ancient times, arrayed in such gorgeous attire; now robed in plain white, and without ornaments.

4. The marshals opened the arches of the adavaysit, but yet not a soul moved from his or her place.

5. Then great Apollo, and Cim' iad, and Phaeja, came down and sat at the foot of the throne, more loved than all the Gods who had as yet visited the earth and her heavens.

6. God came down from the throne and took Apollo' s hand, saying: Arise, O Son of Jehovih, and go thy way. Apollo rose up, himself in tears, and stood aside. God now took the hand of Cim' iad, saying: Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go thy way. Next he raised up the long-tried Phaeja, when lo, both he and God burst into tears, and fell in each other' s arms! Phaeja, of few words at most, was last to slack the fond iad, light of heaven, broke loose and embrace; and then he and great Apollo, and Cim' marched forth to the etherean ship of fire. God resumed the throne, blinded by his tears.

7. Now fell the mantles of Jehovih, and His crowns, on the two thousand million Brides s and Bridegrooms. The awakening Light of the etherean firmament bespoke Jehovih' Awful Presence! The hosts moved with one accord, and presently entered into the adavaysit, amidst a shower of etherean flowers.

8. The marshals signaled, for the dawn was ended. The bright Cim' iad stretched forth her slender hand and arm to Jehovih, saying: By Thy Power, O Father, I command! Arise! Arise! Ad-av-ay-sit! Arise!

9. And the mighty vessel, and the vessel of Apollo, adjoined, arose up from Gau, rocking, rising, and moving to the music of a million trumpeters and singers, joined by the es' enaurs of the lower heavens. Higher and higher rose the etherean fire-ships, turning and rising, passing beyond the vortex of the earth, beyond Chinvat, out into the firmament of etherea, higher and higher, till all was lost in the distance.

chapter 13

1. Jehovih spake in the light of the throne of God, saying: To the Council of Gau, heaven of My Heaven! Hear ye the words of your Creator, O My beloved: Sing songs to Apollo and his Lords; let my people rejoice; for the Glory of My Son is upon them.

2. From My kingdom is the Light and the Life; out of My Wisdom Apollo hath come. Sing to him, O ye Lords of heaven; let My angels rejoice in his name, for he shall abide forever.

3. Created I him for the glory of angels and men; in his idols and images shall My people behold the harmony of My beloved. With Mine Own hands, molded I the ankles and feet, and well-rounded thighs. Behold the arms of My Son, no longer than to the thighs, and with dimples, and small wrists.

4. His neck is straight and slender, and smooth and round, like the higin on an altar; and his shoulders like hewn stone, polished and tapering, like a woman' s, who goeth not to war.

5. His instep is high; he can spring like a deer, swift as the wind. He sitteth not on his haunches all day, with his hands down, like a druk that is tired, waiting for food. He

fleeth to the plain and the forest on his swift feet.

6. Proclaim ye Apollo in heaven and on earth. He is risen! Higher than the sun is the Holy Begotten of Jehovih! Out of the Virgin Mi is he come, Holy; in symmetry and music, there is none like Apollo.

7. She was My betrothed from the foundation of the world; Spouse of your Creator, O God! Her name was Mi, Mother of Mine Holy Begotten Son.

8. They were without shapeliness before Me; they lolled about on earth; they lolled in heaven; on their haunches waited they hungrily.

9. The Virgin bowed down; for her first-born was the Redeemer of the world. In stone, and wood, and copper, and gold, and silver, is he stronger than ten cities; and wiser than ten thousand men.

10. He cometh to the young mother' s dream, and shapeth her unborn, with limbs like a racer, and with long hair on the head. He standeth in the idol, and knoweth the Mother' s prayer every day. Who calleth on the name, Apollo, calleth on the Father, Creator of all things.

11. Blessed are the Lords of Apollo; blessed are the sons and daughters of Apollo; blessed are they that bring forth in shapeliness like My Son, Apollo.

12. This mark have I put up before all women under the sun; the young women before marriage; and before the young men before marriage.

13. Choose ye of them in the likeness of Apollo; your heirs shall glorify your Creator.

14. Apollo is My judge; he sitteth on My right hand; swifter than an arrow is his judgment on a woman' s first-born.

chapter 14

1. Jehovih spake from the light of the throne of God, saying: Hear the words of your Creator, O ye Counselors of heaven.

2. They spin and weave and make clothes; they learn in the places of learning; neither do I condemn them.

3. But My physicians are tired; My nurses are tired; My teachers are tired. Be wise, O My Sons and Daughters. Who hath reformed a beggar by giving to him? What physician preventeth sickness by healing?

4. They bring forth in deformity on the earth, and ye must cure them in heaven. They squat on their haunches on earth, and they squat the same way in heaven, and ye must cure them.

5. Go ye to the root of the matter, O My beloved. Send ye down to the kingdoms of My Lords, and say to them: Thus saith Jehovih: Follow them, O My Lords! Double the number of ashars, double the loo' is; leave no young man alone; leave no young woman alone. Keep over them day and night; give them visions and dreams of Apollo. For I am concerted in heaven and on earth to remold the forms of the earth-born.

6. Jehovih said: Hear your Creator, O Gau! Make seven more plateaux for the second resurrection. Out of the idolatry of My Son, Apollo, will I beautify the inhabitants of the earth. And the cast and mold of men and of women shall become a great power.

7. Jealousies will overspread the earth; jealousies will rise in the first resurrection. Make seven more plateaux in the second resurrection, and sort the es' yans in the hour of birth.

8. God and the Council perceived; and so God appointed workmen, and fulfilled the commandments of Jehovih. And he established seven hundred tributary kingdoms of the second resurrection belonging to Gau.

9. These sub-kingdoms were provided with sub-Gods, second in rank below the Lords, of whom there were ten thousand who had direct supervision over mortals; and the Lords had every one a sufficiency of guardian angels, ashars, and loo’is, masters of generations, so that they could direct any required number to such mortals as they chose.

10. The Lords mostly established their heavenly kingdoms in the temples where mortals came to worship; and by inspiration, they established spirit chambers near the altars, where the prophets sat to learn the decrees of the Lord. Hither the loo' is came to receive their appointments over mortals, for the purpose of bringing about marriages acceptable before Jehovih.

11. The affairs of the sub-Gods were, however, wholly with matters in heaven, save when commanded by the Lords for special work.

12. And it came to pass that mortals, and the affairs of mortals, were directed and governed by the decrees of the lower heavens, and these again by the etherean heavens, which were of Jehovih direct.

13. So Jehovih changed the forms of the earth-born; but they became worshippers of Apollo; accrediting to one another Jehovih' s perfection in them, according to the form and figure of the flesh. And because of the idolatry of the women for Apollo, their children were born of good flesh, and shapely; so that, in four hundred years, the hair on their heads grew long and straight, and men began to have beards. Neither considered any young man any virtue in a young woman so important as her form; nor did young women value any virtue in man so great as a well-molded form.

14. And when mortals died, and their spirits entered the first resurrection, half the labor of the asaphs, the receiving angels, was accomplished.

15. So God changed the es' yan period to three years, save for the heirs of cousins, and uncles, and aunts, which was left at five years.

chapter 15

1. So perfect was the way of heaven, that, at the end of four hundred years, God and his Lords, and his sub-Gods, had ready for the third resurrection, of grade eighty-eight, eight and a half thousand million souls for Jehovih' s harvest.

2. So Apollo sent Adova, division Goddess of Reth, in Coak, in etherea, down to the lower heaven, to deliver God and his hosts. And they were thus raised up to etherea in a sea of fire, and made one with Jehovih.

3. In like manner, was the next government in the lower heaven and on the earth; and the next deliverance in dan was ten thousand million souls, of grade sixty-five.

4. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth, and the deliverance was ten thousand millions, of grade fifty.

5. In like manner was the next administration on the earth and in the lower heaven, and the deliverance was ten thousand millions, of grade thirty-eight. So Apollo commanded these to be delivered in the a' ji' an fields of Oth, in Sanak and Orant, for they were unsuited for etherea.

6. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth, and the deliverance was sixteen thousand millions; but they were of grade twenty-four. So Apollo commanded them to be delivered in the nebulous straits of Koppawotchiakka, for further development.

7. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven, but not so on the earth. For the kings and queens carried the idolatry too far, and mortals took to destroying ill-formed children and cripples, thus casting the ills of mortality into heaven. So there was no deliverance for the last dan of Apollo' s cycle; and Jehovih received no harvest.

8. Thus ended the cycle of Apollo, being two thousand eight hundred years.



the lords’ third book


chapter 1

1. In the time of heaven known as the arc of Rupta and Mos, the Lord descended to the earth in a sea of fire, to the land of Guatama.

2. And the Lord spake over the land and over the waters, calling and speaking: Where are the I' hins, the chosen of the Lord? Speak, O man; come forth at the call of thy God.

3. Then spake man, answering to the call of God, saying:

4. More than a million; more than two, more than four millions, are thy people, O Lord!

5. The Lord inquired: Where are my people? Where is the place and boundary of the sacred people, the I' hins, whom I delivered in the time of the flood?

6. And man answered, saying: From the head of the Ca' ca' tsak, the mountain river of rivers (Amazon). In Thes' onka, wide as the ocean, and the mountain plains of Om (Mexico). To the great cities of O' wan' gache and Nathon; and Neshesh, and Tesumethgad, and Naphal; and Yeshuah, by the Lake Owane (Nicaragua), here standeth the tower of Rakowana, shining with copper and silver and gold. And by the river Raxaa and her lake, Jon' gan. And over the plains of Go' magat (crescent) and Takshan, where they build great boats with sails of cloth, and beams across. And to the north land of Uphsic and E' chaung, where beginneth the still river Eph' su (a canal), running to the wide oceans, Vid and Sajins (Lakes Superior and Michigan), where the I' huans dig deep down and bring copper and silver and lead in boats to the King of Avaya, I' huan monarch and good protector.

7. The Lord said: The greatest place of all thou has not named. Thine eyes have not seen, thine ears heard not. Search, therefore, and be wise. Man said:

8. I was ashamed before God, so I set out to get great learning to know of what the Lord spake. And I traveled one year to the north, and many moons to the south and east. And I found a rab-bah of great learning, both in books and spoken words; and not a few prophets of the Lord in the great cities. So I inquired, saying: Which is the greatest place

of the Lord' s chosen? And, lo and behold, they answered even as I had answered the Lord. Then I came to the city of Ta' zuntqua, a place for the yearly dance in the valley of On-outsi, where the rab' bah' s temple is covered with copper, polished; and I asked the same question. For the che' ba within me desired to make a record of all things valuable; but, alas, I got no other answer than the echo of my own words.

9. God said: Where are my chosen? Where is the greatest place of the I' hins? Thou hast shown me the I' huans, their great cities and kingdoms; their places of great learning. But the greatest of all, thou hast not shown.

10. Man answered: I know not, O Lord. Speak thou?

11. The Lord said: In amongst the I' huans are the I' hins, the little sacred people. The little cities in the suburbs of the large cities of the I' huans, these are the greatest cities.

12. Man inquired of God: How can that be? Behold, the I' huans are three to one, compared to the I' hins!

13. The Lord said: These that build temples of hewn stone, and cover them with polished copper, are not my people. These warrior kings, that fortify their cities with soldiers, are not my people. They are not great.

14. But these are my chosen, that live in mounds, and in cities with wooden walls, and clay walls. They are the greatest of all people. They dress not in gaudy colors, nor ornament themselves with copper and silver and gold.

15. They are the people of learning. They survey the way for the canals; they find the square and the arch; they lead the I' huan to the mines, where lead and copper and silver are buried. These are a great people.

16. Without them the I' huan could not build his own house; he could not find the level for a canal; nor provide the square of his temple. The I' hins are the greatest people.

17. My chosen have shapely legs and arms, and feet and hands; and their hair groweth long and straight, white and yellow.

18. The Lord said: Because the I' huan is of all shapes and sizes; and of all grades and judgment, even down to the ignorance of a beast, behold, he is bringing forth heirs of darkness.

19. Come unto the Lord, O ye that are chosen. Ye have built houses and temples for the I' huans, but of what avail are these things?

20. Behold, they are at war, tribe against tribe, nation against nation. They no longer hearken to my rab' bahs, the priests of my chosen.

21. Go to, now, ye shall build temples unto God.

22. Then the I' hins inquired the meaning of the word of God.

23. The Lord said: Long have I prophesied through my chosen, the I' hins. Now will I raise up prophets amongst the I' huans, the copper-colored race.

24. This is the temple ye shall build unto the Great Spirit and His kingdoms in haden.

25. Two peoples there are before my judgment, saith the Lord: The one that heareth not the voice of God, nor knoweth him; but the other people know me, and endeavor to obey my commandments.

26. And God was weary with laboring for the I' huans; for they went more after the way of darkness than light.

27. And the Lord called hence his guardian angels, leaving the I' huans alone for a season. And spirits of darkness came upon them and obsessed them.

28. And in that same time the Lord caused his chosen to display the mold of their thighs, and their short shapely arms. And the I' huans tempted them, contrary to law. So, it came to pass, that the I' huan women boasted of their conquests, bringing forth heirs of more shapeliness.

29. Now, in course of time, these heirs grew to be men and women; and, behold, they had the gift of prophecy, and of seeing visions and of hearing the voice of the angels of heaven. And they were called Ongwee-ghan, signifying, good shaped men. .

chapter 2

1. God said: Suffer not the Ongwee to dwell with the I' hin, lest the seed of my chosen be lost.

2. The Ongwees came suddenly into the world; came in the north and south and east and west; came by thousands and thousands. And they had long hair, black and coarse; but their skin was brown, copper-colored; and their arms were short, like the I' hins. Very proud were the Ongwees, they would not mix with the I' huans; and they dared not mix with the sacred people, because of the commandment of the Lord.

3. So, the Ongwee-ghan became a new race in the world, having all the symmetry of the I' hin, and the savageness of the I' huans. And, being feeders on flesh and fish, fell under the dominion of angels of the lower heaven, and they rejected the Lord God.

4. The Lord said: Even this will I appropriate for their own salvation in time to come.

5. So the Lord commanded the I' hins to give to the Ongwees laws, rites and ceremonies; and these things were done as commanded.

6. Then came the angels of the lower heaven, teaching the Ongwees the secret of making eunuchs of their enemies, the I' huans with the long arms; teaching them how to make spears and bows with arrows, and darts and fishing-hooks and nets; teaching them how to make fire by striking flint stones; teaching them how to cook flesh and fish to make them more palatable. And this was the first cooked food for man since the days of the flood.

7. The I' hins feared the Lord would visit a judgment upon the land, because of the Ongwees killing and eating flesh; but the Lord said unto them: Suffer ye the Ongwees to fulfill their labor; too full is all the land with beasts and serpents. Nevertheless, it shall come to pass that great destruction shall come upon the I' huans, and the ground people, and the Ongwees. Their great cities shall be destroyed, and the lands laid desolate; but I will rebuild them again with greater glory than in this day.

8. And so it came to pass, as the Lord had spoken through the I' hin prophets. In three thousand years the large and handsome race, the Ongwees, transcended the long-armed I' huans, the short-legged race.

9. God said: Hear me, O man! Understand the labor of the Lord thy God. Jehovih saith to the Lord: Go thou to yonder earth, and make man upright (on two feet). And the Lord accomplisheth it. Then saith Jehovih: Go yonder, and make man shapely on the earth. And the Lord findeth a way to do this also.

10. Forget not the Lord thy God; such labor will fall to thy lot when thou art long risen in heaven. Behold, there are millions of worlds, new coming into being every day. Expand thy judgment; make thyself comprehensive, that thou mayst fulfill in wisdom the glory of the Almighty.

chapter 3

1. God said: Hear the word of the Lord, O man; be considerate in thy little wisdom of the magnitude of the labor of thy Lord.

2. Certain times and seasons are allotted by Jehovih for the development of new orders of men on the worlds He created. According to the times and seasons and condition of the earth, so hath the Lord thy God provided the race of man.

3. To raise man up, that he may comprehend the beautiful creation, and that he may be adapted in harmony therewith, is the glory of thy God.

4. Behold, I have spoken of the land of Guatama! Think not that as one division of the earth is made answerable to my will by a certain rule, that even so another division of the earth is provided in the same way. The Lord thy God findeth one place filled with beasts of prey and great serpents, which must be destroyed; and he provideth a race of men to accomplish this. And man is suffered by God to become carnivorous for a season.

5. In another country the Lord findeth drought and frequent famine; and he provideth man with knowledge adapted thereto. So also are there seasons to the earth, when man shall be changed from one condition to another; according to the progress of the earth, so God lifted up man for the glory of the Almighty.

6. Suffer not thy judgment to mislead thee as to a law of selection. There is no law of selection. Man hath no inspiration of his own to select and provide his progeny, neither in shapeliness nor judgment.

7. He marrieth because of the impulse of the flesh; nor careth he for the issue, whether they have long legs or short ones, or whether they become warriors or imbeciles. 8. And woman even careth less than man. Nevertheless, a time cometh upon the world, in a later age, when man and woman both consider these things, and somewhat govern themselves accordingly. But in such an era they are almost fruitless.

9. But in the early age of a world, man hath inherent but two impulses, to eat and to indulge in cohabitation. Neither considereth he what may result therefrom. And the Lord and his angels lead man, unknowingly to himself, to fulfill his times and seasons.

10. Now have I come to thee in kosmon to make plain the government of heaven upon the earth; and of thy God and his angels upon the race of man. Behold, in the time of Apollo, man in his present form was brought into being on the earth. The time and season of the earth was in that day come unto that end. Even as in this day thy Lord hath come to change man from a race of warriors to a race of peace; for now is the time and the season of the earth propitious to that end.

11. In the time of Apollo were the first prophets raised up from other than the I' hin race. In that day, the I' huan, the flesh-eating man, was first capable of hearing the voice of thy Lord understandingly. And thy God commanded man to remember the God of harmony, symmetry and music, and to build images of him in all the divisions of the earth.

12. Be most searching, O man; for thou shalt find, in this day and generation, the legends and history of Apollo in all the divisions of the earth.

13. And the word of his name, in all languages, hath the same significance.

14. Behold, as in Guatama, the Lord raised up seers, whom he instructed in the methods of slaying beasts of prey and serpents, in the same period of time raised up for the same purpose other seers in Shem, Ham and Jaffeth. And the names of the great slayers are

preserved to this day in the mortal histories of these countries.

15. Thus created the Lord a new race on the earth; and in all the divisions thereof, the new race came of the I' hins and the I' huans. According to the different countries where they dwelt, so are they found to this day. In which thy God provided all these people who are of pure blood to have no other God nor Lord than the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

16. Nevertheless, in the time of Apollo, this race was but a fraction compared to the hundreds of millions of I' huans and ground people and I' hins that dwelt on the earth. But the I' huans were at war for more than a thousand years.

17. They built great cities, and established mighty kingdoms, but as soon as built, lo, the wars laid them low or dissipated them.

18. God said: Now will I give to man a new commandment, which is, to go forth and subdue the earth; to slay every beast of prey and every serpent that cometh before him.

19. And of beasts of prey and of serpents, shalt thou not eat the flesh, nor the blood, which containeth life.

20. Neither shalt thou eat the flesh of the beast with uncloven foot; nor shalt thou eat swine' s flesh.

21. But all cloven-footed animals I give unto thee, for food to eat. For in the day thou takest the place of beasts of prey, thou shalt also take to thyself to eat the flesh they would have eaten.

22. Then the Lord sent I' hin priests to circumcise the new race, the GHAN. And he commanded the Ghans to marry amongst themselves, promising to give all the world into their keeping.

23. And the Ghans began to wear clothes, after the manner of the I' hins; and the latter gave them rites and ceremonies, and taught them how to pray and dance before Jehovih.


book of thor


chapter 1

1. Thor, Orian Chief of Don' ga, in etherea, God of Palla, Surveyor of Yorretz and Thassa, God of Galeb, Receiver of Saffer and Hoesonya, God of Wartz and Lo and Yisain, Counselor in the ethereal worlds Hituna, Ctaran, Seeing, Sethawan and Hababak, greeting:

2. In the Holy Council of Gods and Goddesses in Don' ga, the voice of Jehovih came to Thor, saying:

3. My Son, behold the red star, the earth; she courseth from Mos to Dae, and now draggeth in the swamps of Asath. Behold, thou shalt deliver her through thy dominions, three thousand two hundred years. Even now approacheth the dawn of Ghan.

4. Thor spoke before the Holy Council, on Jehovih' s etherean throne, saying: Behold the young world, the earth, cometh our way. For three thousand two hundred years she will ga. journey in the fields of Don'

5. Then, the Holy Council deliberated on the matters of the earth and her heavens, and all other corporeal worlds that were to pass through Don' ga for three thousand years. And it was found that the dawn of dan would fall upon the earth first of all.

6. Then called Thor for the swift messengers that course the firmament in the regions of Apperwaith, the roadway of the earth' s past history. And the swift messengers came and laid their report before the throne of Jehovih, as to what world the earth was, and the harvests of angels she had yielded up to the emancipated heavens.

7. When their reports were finished and deliberated on by the Holy Council, Thor, Son of Jehovih, said:

8. For further knowledge as to the present condition of this world, the earth, it is my command that Yathai, God of Gammotto, choose one million volunteers; and, in a airiata, proceed to the earth and her heavens to visit her God and Lords, and ascertain the condition of their angels and mortals, and report back in Don' ga.

9. So, Yathai, God of Gammotto, in etherea, was appointed for this purpose, and he provided an airiata, and took with him one million ethereans, and proceeded to the earth and her heavens, as commanded.

10. And Yathai came to the throne of God in Gau, in atmospherea; and God sent to his Lords an invitation to come also. And there came seventy and two of them.

11. God said to Yathai: Behold, the earth and these atmospherean heavens are full of false Lords and false Gods. Yathai inquired how many there were? God said: More than thirty thousand Gods and one hundred and sixty thousand Lords. Behold, in every great city on earth is there a false God or a false Lord, and he hath a small heavenly kingdom of his own, even on the earth. And the spirits of the dead of that place are his slaves, for his own exaltation.

12. And in many of these heavenly kingdoms there are wars and anarchy (hells), where the angels torment one another endlessly. Nor will these false Gods and false Lords and

their subjects admit that there are higher heavens than their own.

13. The spirits of the newly dead are captured and kept in ignorance of Jehovih and His vast creations; but made to bow in adoration and worship to the false Lord or false God. And these again, being in contiguity to mortals, inspire them to the same worship. Which fits them in time of death to fall as slaves into the dominion of him whom they worshipped.

14. The wars in heaven have inspired mortals to wars on earth; so that, all around the world, everlasting battles are going on.

15. And such as are slain on earth-battlefields are born in spirit in chaos, not knowing they are dead (as to the earth), and, so, they linger on the battle-fields, still battling imaginary foes.

16. All over the earth are these battle-fields covered with spirits in chaos and with the spirits of druks, and druj, and Yaks, and ground people, who know nothing more than the beasts in the field.

17. Return, therefore, O Yathai, to thy Orian Chief, Thor, Son of Jehovih, and say to him: The God of earth is powerless to rescue her angels and mortals from the great darkness s name to come and deliver me and my upon them. And beseech him in Jehovih' kingdoms.

18. Yathai inquired as to the races of men on earth, and as to the times of their termination.

19. God said: In twelve thousand four hundred years the I' hin race, the mound builders, will come to an end. And in that day the Ghans will have triumphed over all the lands and waters of the earth.

20. When Yathai had obtained the required information, and also learned the localities of the divisions of the earth and her heavens, he departed in his airiata, with his companions, and visited all the chief places, and then returned to Don' ga, in etherea, before Thor, Son of Jehovih, to whom he reported all he had learned as to the condition of the earth and her heavens.

21. Then came the Light of Jehovih to Thor, saying: My Son, take thou a sufficient host of ethereans, and go to the red star and her heavens, and deliver them in My name. .

chapter 2

1. Thor called in thirty million volunteers; and he provided an avalanza, an ethereal ship of fire, in which they embarked for the red star, where they should remain four years and two hundred and thirty and eight days, which was called the dawn of dan, for Thor, of Don' ga.

2. Then outward, onward, through etherea, sped Thor and his thirty millions. Through the swamps of Asath. and the fields of Broddwuski; through the ethereal seas of Hoesonga, toward the arc of Mos, and thence to Chinvat, the boundary of the earth' s vortex. Nor halted here, but sped onward in his ship of fire for Gau, the throne of God.

3. God and his Lords, being apprised of Thor' s coming, had the capital in readiness for his reception. And they had beside gathered in all the angels of the second resurrection, and as many of the first as chose to come. In all, there were in Gau assembled nine hundred million angels, Fathists in Jehovih, Of these, not more than one million had ever seen an etherean, nor had they visited outward from the earth farther than the seventh plateau in


4. Amongst these, even into the heavenly capital of Gau, alighted Thor and his thirty millions. And after due salutations, in the manner of Gods and Goddesses, a day of recreation was proclaimed from the throne of God; and thereupon the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled together joyfully.

5. Then ascended Thor on the throne of God, and he ordained as followeth, to wit:

6. One million constables to go to the false Lords and false Gods and arrest them, and bring them to Gau for judgment.

7. One million captors to possess the thrones and temples of the false Lords and false Gods, and hold them.

8. Eight million captors to gather in the angel slaves in all the hadan heavens.

9. Six million dispersers to overthrow and disperse the hells (heavenly battle-fields of spirits in chaos).

10. Six million physicians to disrupt fetals from mortals.

11. Two million founders of es' yan nurseries, for the spirits of infants and helpless ones, born into heaven before their full time.

12. One million founders of hospitals, for chaotic angels and others stricken in disease.

13. Half a million marshals; half a million messengers; and three million builders.

14. And when these had been selected by the proper officers, they were dispatched to their several places and duties.

15. Then Thor reorganized the Council of Gau for the period of dawn.

16. So, God and his Lords rested for a season, whilst Thor and his hosts delivered earth and her heavens.

17. In one year all the false Lords and false Gods and Goddesses were captured and brought to Gau; neither passed Thor judgment upon them until they were all brought in. And on this occasion, there were assembled in Gau millions of angels to witness the proceedings.

18. Thor said unto them: Perceive ye not that my power is greater than yours? How can that be? I have but thirty millions; and of you there are more than thirty thousand millions! Wherein, then, am I more powerful? Behold, I have arrested all your heavens and heavenly rulers. How it this? Whence my power?

19. Not one could answer Thor.

20. Then Thor said: My army is a unit. Yours are divided, one against another. Yea, each one was in anarchy.

21. This I declare unto you all: Jehovih, first of all; and His creations, which He hath given unto all His creatures.

22. To learn to master the elements of earth and heaven, this is the foundation for acquiring all power.

23. Because ye bound yourselves in heavenly places on the earth, ye rose not up to the places prepared for you. Answer me now: How standeth the world as to what is to come?

24. Many of the false Lords and false Gods answered after this manner: I fear to speak my mind, lest thou in anger cast me in hell.

25. Thor said: He who hath learnt to know Jehovih, and to serve Him, feareth nothing on earth nor in heaven. Fear is but the manifestation of weakness.

26. Speak, therefore, what ye desire; no harm shall befall you.

27. Then many of them said: This do I perceive, O God: There lie the earth and many heavens. The strongest mortals rule over the weaker; the strongest Gods rule over the weaker. Therefore, make me thy slave. I am content.

28. Then Thor said: A greater hardship give I unto all: I give you your liberty and freedom. Go, therefore, whither ye desire. I ask not one to serve me; but say unto you: Go serve Jehovih by lifting up whoever is beneath you.

29. They answered: Whither shall we go? We know not the way from one heaven to another, nor the way down to the earth. Thou sayest: Go serve Jehovih by lifting up such as are beneath us. Now, verily, we cannot lift up ourselves. Had we great riches, or power, or wisdom, then would we willingly do for those beneath us.

30. Thor said: Verily are ye Gods of darkness. I say unto you, wait not for any of these things, but go at once and serve Jehovih.

31. They answered: When we have first provided a way for ourselves, then will we serve Him.

32. Thor answered: Ye have spoken the darkness of all the world. I say unto you: Go serve Jehovih first; and after that come to me that I may see wherein ye lack in anything.

33. They answered: How can one serve Jehovih by lifting others up, if he have not clothes, nor food, nor habitation.

34. Thor said: It is well ye ask that question; but I say: Direct that question to your own souls; and, behold, the Father will answer you. Let that be the question ye ask yourselves every hour of the day; and watch ye for an opportunity to answer it by the labor of your own hands.

35. Then the false Gods and false Lords were dismissed from custody.

36. Thor commanded the light of the throne and of the pillars of heavenly fire to be raised to a higher grade. The false Lords and false Gods desired to flee because of the brilliancy of the light, but knew not whither to go.

37. Thor said unto them: Why have ye assumed to be Lords and Gods, since ye cannot even master the elements in the lower heavens?

38. i say unto you, the regions of Jehovih' s universe are boundless. Let no one assume to do that which he cannot do; but, little by little, learn to master the elements surrounding him, and he will in time learn to traverse Jehovih' s beautiful firmament, and be indeed a fit companion for Gods and Goddesses.

39. Then spake the false Lords and false Gods, saying: O that we had some one to teach us; some one to show us the way to learn!

40. Then Thor, perceiving they were in proper humor for resurrection, allotted unto them certain teachers and disciplinarians, and they were taken into educational colonies and put to work.

chapter 3

1. Thor said: To induce men and angels to find the way of resurrection, this is the greatest of all teaching. Man saith: O God, raise up thy servant!

2. And the Lord saith: Hold up thy hands and I will lift thee up. But man will not. Man saith: Send wise and holy angels to me, O Lord, to guide me in righteousness and good works!

3. And the Lord saith: As thou asketh of God, even so do thou to thy fellows. But man will not.

4. As it is with man on earth, even so do we find it in hada.

5. To induce angels to develop themselves, by taking hold with their own hands, and by the exercise of their own talents, this is the work of Lords and Gods. To rule over them without their knowing it, so as to lead them in the right way, this is wisdom.

6. The first passion of man is to eat; the second, the sexual desire; the third, to make others serve him. And if he accomplish the latter, then is he indeed the prince of evil. For he then holdeth dominion to the hurt of others.

7. So, also, as man buildeth these habitations in his soul on earth, how vain his effort for happiness in heaven! To teach him to undo all his past, and to make full restitution unto others, this is the work of Gods and Lords over spirits of darkness.

8. Thor established two thousand educational colonies in atmospherea, besides innumerable places of manufacturing and building; teaching the angels of heaven how to provide habitations for those born of earth into spirit life.

9. In three years of dawn Thor had prepared for etherean ascension four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

10. Now all this while the angels of atmospherea had been taught much in regard to the emancipated kingdoms in etherea; of the splendor and majesty and power of Gods and Goddesses there abiding.

11. Thor spake from the throne of God, before the Holy Council, saying: Send swift messengers to Betatis, Goddess of Terow, in etherea, greeting, and say unto her: Thus saith Thor, Jehovih' s Son, Orian Chief of Don' ga: Come thou to the heavens of the earth; I have four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms as Jehovih' s harvest. Provide thou an airiata of great size and splendor, for its presence shall enchant my people.

12. The swift messengers departed. And proper officers at once set about making ready to receive Betatis. Others were sent into other parts of atmospherea with fire-boats to bring atmosphereans to Gau, that they might behold the glory of the higher heavens as manifested in the descent and ascent of the airiata.

13. All these things were accomplished; Betatis came in great splendor; and all the kingdoms and sub-kingdoms of Gau were filled with the thousands of millions come to witness the ceremonies.

14. This, then, was the size of Betatis'airiata: Diameter, east and west and north and south, two thousand miles to the borders of the photosphere, and nine thousand miles high. The ship, within the photosphere, was one hundred miles east and west and north and south, and was two hundred miles high. Of beams, the entire length, there were twelve millions four hundred thousand; and of uprights, two millions; but of the short beams and uprights, they were numerous accordingly. And there were a sufficient number of chambers within the airiata for every soul to have one; and besides these, there were halls and temples within, also suitable for music and other entertainments.

15. The colors, shades and tints, with mirrors, and with opaque ornaments, both movable and fixed, were provided in all possible ways, for ornament and for service, the like of which, for beauty, had never been surpassed in Don' ga. And when the whole airiata was completed, it looked like an oval globe of light, with a frame-work, transparent and opaque within, alternated so as to add beauty to every part. And it was fitted and equipped

for the third resurrection, having no storage places for atmosphere, or any thing in common with the lower heavens.

16. To add still further to its splendor, Betatis had her airiata ornamented with banners and streamers illuminated, so that at a distance, when seen descending, the whole vessel seemed like a sun surrounded on every side with movable stars and waving streams of light.

17. Amongst her hosts were one million trumpeters and players on harps; and two million singers.

18. In the midst of the forepart of the ship was the Holy Council chamber, with four million members. Above the Council chamber was the chamber of worship; and at either side were the halls for dancing and social reunion.

19. When Betatis'ship neared the atmospherean kingdom of God, millions of her hosts stationed themselves on the galley-beams and stay-lines, adding a scene of life to the ethereal ship of surpassing beauty.

20. With ballast had Betatis provided her ship, so that when she came within the earth' s vortex she could stand where she desired whilst the earth and her heavens turned their axial course, that both mortals and angels might witness the brilliancy and glory of the works of Don' ga' s chief Goddess.

21. And thus Betatis stood in her ship of fire, just beyond the plateau of Gau, whilst the earth and her heavens made one revolution.

22. The next day she descended into Gau, where God and his Lords, under direction of Thor, Jehovih' s Son, had prepared their mighty audience.

23. When the ship was made fast, the chief marshal of Gau and of Betatis'hosts met and conducted Betatis up in front of the throne of God.

24. Thor said: In Jehovih' s name, welcome, Daughter of Light!

25. Betatis said: Praise the Almighty! In love, am I come to answer thy prayer.

26. Then spake God, saying: Welcome, O Goddess! Come and honor my throne!

27. Then went Betatis forward in a flame of light, and was greeted after the manner of Gods and Goddesses. After which she sat in the midst of the throne. And at once the ceremonies of initiation for the Brides and Bridegrooms were accomplished.

28. Then came a day of recreation; and after that, Betatis and her hosts, together with the four thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, entered her airiata and departed upward for the etherean heavens.

chapter 4

1. In the fourth year of dawn under Thor, Son of Jehovih, he received from the Holy Council in Buru, of Don' ga, in etherea, a dispensation from the Orian Chiefs, decreeing to the earth one hundred years'travail in vocent.

2. Thor called up Waak, God of Rhines, and said unto him: A sore travail hath Jehovih put upon these heavens. Go thou to Hey' loo and command him to provide an avalanza sufficient to deliver twenty thousand atmosphereans to the a' ji' an forests of Gonaya.

3. For the inhabitants of these heavens are too dark to endure the vocent of a hundred years, and would be precipitated to the earth and engage in fetalism.

4. Waak, God of Rhines, knowing the condition of the atmosphereans, proceeded at once

to Hey' loo, informing him of the decrees of the higher heavens, and of the command of Thor, Son of Jehovih.

5. Thor then sent word to his Lords and marshals, informing them also of his command, and, further, commanding them to bring from all parts of earth and heaven all the lowest grades of angels, to be concentrated in Gau, to which place the avalanza was to come for them.

6. Thor appointed Ti' See' inij, Goddess of Ares, to superintend the reception of the angels, and to arrange them for entrance into the avalanza; and he gave into her command, to assist her, five hundred thousand marshals and captains, and one million es' enaurs. And these she apportioned to their respective duties and places.

7. To accomplish all this, Thor allotted seventy-seven days (earth' s time). And so wisely were carried out all the proceedings that, on the seventy-seventh day, the avalanza was on hand, and all the angels ready to enter therein.

8. Accordingly, these things were accomplished; the twenty thousand million angels were carried away on the avalanza, which was walled around on every side with pillars of fire, so that not one spirit could escape, even were he chaotic or imbecile. And Waak and loo had entire charge of the migration; and they proceeded upward and outward from Hay' the earth, seven diameters of the earth' s vortex, which brought them into the forests of Gonaya, where they landed them.

9. Ti' See' inij, Goddes of Ares, had charge of the twenty thousand millions, and she had previously sent thither a sufficient force of angels, wise and strong, to provide for the reception.

10. So that, when the avalanza landed, all things were in readiness; and the angels were apportioned to different sections of the Gonaya forests, according to their development. And proper officers and teachers were provided unto them.

11. By Ti' See' inij were these things done. And she established a throne of a' ji, and provided a temple of Council, and all such things as are required in the government of a new colony. And, to reign after the expiration of dawn, she provided a God in Gonaya. She promoted to this one Hazedeka, a surveyor in Thalasia, the third heaven of Gau; and she gave him the title, GOD OF GONAYA, FOR FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.

12. Now, in reference to founding an a' ji' an habitation in etherea, this account is rendered unto mortals and angels of the lower heaven: Amidst the ethe' ic waves, the ethereans gather up the atomic elements floating therein, and, giving them axic motion, propelling them forth, aggregating the while, till, from a mite, it groweth as large as the whole earth, but is habitable within and without by the spirits of the dead, the angels.

13. Jehovih said: In likeness of the solid earth, and stars, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so made I atomic parts to all things, and made them to float in ethe. As the earth is to the air and the ether above, so is an atom of corpor to the ethe' ic solution.

14. Jehovih said: Think not, O man, there is but one member in My Person, and that different conditions and states of that one comprise My universe. The foolish man hath said, the blood is the flesh and bones, and that the flesh and bones are but a state of blood; but he seeth not that I make not flesh out of blood, but out of that that the blood carrieth. And in like manner carry I the corpor of My Person in the ethe of My Being.

15. Now, as to Thor, Son of Jehovih, after the departure of the avalanza, he provided a new God unto the earth and her heavens, and crowned him, and bestowed upon him the

triangle which had been handed down since the inhabitation of the earth by man.

16. As for the remaining time of dawn, Thor traveled around about the earth and her heavens, making records thereof, to be carried with him in Buru in the time of his ascent.

17. In consequence of the depletion occasioned by the resurrection of the twenty thousand millions to Gonaya, God and his Lords were greatly relieved of their burdens in Gau and on the earth.

chapter 5

1. Peace and prosperity were established on earth and in heaven by the time of the expiration of the dawn of Thor. And now came the time for his own ascent, with his hosts, leaving the earth and her heavens in care of God and his Lords.

2. So Thor, Son of Jehovih, sent swift messengers to etherea, asking to be delivered; and asking for the deliverance of six thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih.

3. See We' ing, Goddess of Hotosk, in etherea, was appointed by the Council in Buru, to descend for Thor and his hosts, and his six thousand millions.

4. Accordingly, See We' ing built her ship and gathered in her hosts for the journey, her ten millions. This, then, was the make of her ship, which she named Harp, to wit:

5. The photosphere was flat to the north and south, but oval east and west; the openings were on the flat sides, with passages through. The crescent described a circle of three thousand four hundred miles, and the depth of the harp north and south was three hundred miles. The pillars of fire that ascended from the midst were one thousand seven hundred miles high.

6. The stars within the photosphere were provided with five points; and each star had one million chambers, one chamber being allotted as the habitation of one Bride or Bridegroom; and there were seven thousand of these stars.

7. The frame-work was crystalline, and opaque, and transparent, and of all possible colors, and shades, and tints. Now, besides the stars and their chambers, the base of the crescent was provided with a salon sufficient for one million musicians, and they were thus situated.

8. God had knowledge of the coming of See We' ing, and had commanded information to be sent throughout atmospherea, and to the Lords located on earth, inviting all who chose, to come and witness the ascent. And there came, besides the Brides and Bridegrooms, two thousand million angels; many not yet delivered from the first resurrection.

9. So it came to pass, See We' ing, Goddess of Hotosk, came down in her ship of fire, even to the foundation of Gau; came in great magnificence, and was received by Thor and by God and His Lords.

10. And she ascended the throne, and performed the marriage rite for the six thousand millions. And after that a recreation of one day was proclaimed in Gau, during which time the atmosphereans and ethereans mingled freely together.

11. On the day following, Thor accompanied See We' ing into her ship; and their hosts went in also, being nearly seven thousand millions. And then, amidst a rain of etherean flowers, See We' ing started her fire ship upward.

12. God and his hosts remaining in Gau saluted in the sign, JEHOVIH FOREVER! Which was properly answered by the ascending millions.

13. Then on its axis turned the great ship, rising and turning, higher and higher. And in a little while only an ascending star was seen, and then it disappeared in the distance.

14. Thus fulfilled Thor his great mission in dawn to the earth and her heavens.

chapter 6

1. Again the earth and heaven prospered for another season of two hundred years, and the next dan there were delivered five thousand million souls. And new Gods and Lords succeeded; and they also prospered, but not so well. The next harvest was four thousand million souls.

2. But, again, false Lords and false Gods began to set up kingdoms of their own, in heaven, and in the cities of mortals. And, lo and behold, every one called himself either Thor or Apollo. And the spirits who manifested in the temples, and for the oracles, all gave one of these names. And mortals who were obsessed, believed themselves to be the re-incarnation of Apollo or Thor; and the obsessing spirits so called themselves. Others, more intelligent, said: Have not the prophets foretold there was to be a second coming of Apollo? And are not these spirits, who appear through the sar' gis, the very person?

3. So great became the superstition of the nations of the earth, that in the fall of a leaf they found proof of the second coming of Apollo or Thor. Many of the spirits deserted the second resurrection, in heaven, and returned to the earth, to wait for information concerning the coming event, as they supposed, though there was no event coming.

4. Jehovih said: All corporeal worlds pass through the age of too much belief. As I gave to man judgment, that he might examine and weigh a matter, so runneth he into unbelief. Then My angels go to him and show him wherein he believed too little; but, lo, he goeth to the other extreme, believing all things, and not using his judgment.

5. God said: Why will not men and angels be patient, and wait till a matter is proven meritorious before they pursue it to extremes? The same sun shineth, the same stars stand in the heavens, and the earth traveleth steadily on her way; yea, her winds blow, her summers and winters come as in the olden time, yet man setteth up that a great wonder is near at hand. And no wonder cometh, and nothing new is near.

6. How shall I stay them, O Jehovih? Their desires for Apollo call down millions of spirits from my places of resurrection. And in trials and hardships they fall, and become suitable prey for designing false Gods and false Lords.

7. But there came no other salutation than the echo of God' s own words. So God and his Lords bewailed the darkness of earth and her heavens.

8. But high up in the etherean heavens, came the Light of Jehovih; came the Voice of Jehovih, saying:

9. Hear your Creator, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Behold the magnitude of My works! I labor not for the profit of this man or that man; nay, nor for this people nor that people; nor for the inhabitants of one star and one heaven; but for the glory of millions of stars and millions of heavens.

10. Doth not one corporeal man bewail a shower of rain? and yet, his neighbor rejoiceth thereat. One man prayeth for sunshine, and another for shade. Think not that I labor for each one separately, but for the perfection of the whole. Wherefore, then, shall the God of earth and his Lords bewail the darkness that falleth on the earth in this day?

11. I have prepared places of darkness in the etherean firmament, and places of light; and My corporeal worlds must travel through them, for so I created them. And these places of darkness and places of light are as changes of seasons for My harvests.

12. Now doth the earth pass in deep darkness, for I fructify the races of men in new growth, corporeally, for things that shall come after. As they absorb from the a' ji of My places, in this age, so, also, do their souls become full of superstition and darkness.

13. Thus went the earth into great darkness during the last six hundred years of the cycle of Thor, and there was no harvest from her for the etherean heavens. But the spirits deserted atmospherea in millions and millions, and went down to the earth, to dwell with mortals, and to find places on the corporeal earth where to live.

14. And, save to the I' hins, the Light of Jehovih was shut out from men; thus ambition for improvement was at an end; they became as drones and vagabonds; and, when they died, their spirits continued to lie about in the places of their mortal life. And many of these spirits persuaded mortals to suicide, and they killed themselves by thousands and tens of thousands. Nor was there courage more amongst men to endure anything under the sun. They wanted to be with the spirits of the dead, to talk with them, to see them, and to be rid of earth trials.

15. Neither had the spirits that congregated on earth any knowledge of the higher heavens; nor could they impart knowledge as to where they dwelt, or how they employed their time, for, in fact, they did nothing useful to heaven or earth, nor even to themselves.

16. Thus ended the cycle of Thor; and it was three thousand two hundred years.



Plate 32. THE EARTH IN A’JI.

the lords' fourth book


chapter 1

1. By altars and temples, and by idols and images, and by painted signs and engraved words, God foresaw that the knowledge of one generation could be handed down to the next. And though all these things are false in fact, as a written word is not a word, but an image of an idea which hath been spoken, so by symbols conveyed God the living truth.

2. God said: Behold, with my sacred people have I established myself in written words. Now hath it come to pass that all the races of men on earth shall be made to know me.

3. God commanded man to make stone and wooden images, and engravings also, of everything upon the earth; and man so made them according to his own knowledge.

4. God said: As every living creature hath a name, so shall the image thereof and the engraving thereof have the same name. And even so shall it be with all things on the earth, and in the waters thereof, and in the air above the earth; the image and the engravings shall have the same names, even as the real things themselves.

5. And God sent his angels down to man, to inspire him in the workmanship of images and engravings, and man thus accomplished the commandments of God.

6. And these were the first writings since the flood, other than such as were kept secret hins. And of this manner were the writings, to wit: amongst the I'

7. A picture of a man was a man; a picture of a tree was a tree; a picture of a bird was a bird; and even so was everything represented by its own name and image.

8. Then God said: When thou hast made the picture of a spear, behold it is a spear. And when thou desirest to show which way a man goeth, thou shalt add to the graven image the likeness of a spear; and the way it pointeth, shall show the way man goeth. Even so shalt thou express the going of everything on earth and in heaven.

9. Thus man made a written language, and in every region of the earth. By many men were these things done; according to the light of God upon them, so accomplished they the written languages of thousands of tribes of men.

10. God said: This shall be called the Panic language (Ah-ce-o-ga), because it is made of earthly images. And, in after ages, whoever desireth to find the first written words of man, shall have recourse to the pictures of all things on earth, and in the waters, and in the air above the earth.

11. God said: As in the olden time man named all things according to their own spoken words and sounds uttered, so in the days of Thor came the written words of everything on earth and in heaven.

12. When man had written the name of all things, one only had he not written, even the name of his Creator.

13. God said: Even that also shalt thou write. Then man inquired: O Lord, how can I find a word to express the Creator?

14. God said: Many tribes have I raised upon the earth, and, behold, they have all written the names of all things, save only the Creator. Go to, therefore, and write thou His name


15. Man said: Alas, O my God! I know no name, save the names I have already made. If I could hear the Creator, or see Him, then could I write His name.

16. God said: Thou hast named the wind (wh-sh!), which thou hast not seen. Name thou thy Creator. And His name shall comprehend all things, far and near, seen and unseen.

17. Then man drew a circle and called it O, for it represented that which was without beginning or end, and which contained all within it. Then man drew a line cutting through the circle from east to west, to represent the light of the east traveling to the west. Then man drew a line from below upward, cutting the circle at right angles with the horizontal, to represent the one road of all things, from the bottom upward forever. The first line man called E, for it was the same as the wind speaketh in the leaves. But the second line he called IH, for it represented that unseen shaft that cutteth all things in twain.

18. And when man had completed the engraving, he called it E-O-IH!

19. God said: In this, thy symbol, thou hast found the way of a true square (true cross) and the four quarters of the world. (See tablet Se' moin, Book of Saphah.)

20. Keep thou His name and the image thereof a secret betwixt the rab' bahs and thy God. Neither shalt thou utter it aloud, for it is sacred upon the earth.

21. Betwixt thee and thy Creator standeth thy God, who is Lord of heaven and earth. Behold, I am the key of life and death; through me, thy Lord, shalt thou unlock all the mysteries of heaven and earth.

22. Neither shall my rab' bah, nor my prophets, call on the name of any spirit, save the Lord, who is God. The words I give corporeally I have recorded in heaven; neither can man alter my records and make them accord with that which is written above. But in the lapse of time I provide seers and prophets, to whom I can reveal to mortals the things of heaven.

23. This have I spoken to Jehovih for thee: Man shall measure Thy hand upon him; remember Thy eye upon him; seek for Thy wisdom within him; and be thankful for Thy good things before him; to consider the little good of them that deny Thee; the conceit of them that claim to be self-made; and the folly of uttering other glories than Thine, and yet to mention them not; for these are the attaining of wisdom.

chapter 2

1. The Lord came down to man on the earth, and spake to man in two ways: By the voice, as man speaketh; and by the spirit, as soul answereth to soul.

2. The Lord said: The voice of man is air in motion; by the mouth of man cometh the word of knowledge.

3. But back of the voice; back of the air in motion; back of the mouth, which giveth voice, there lieth the soul, which it is that causeth man to think of speaking. And the soul lieth in the ocean of the Creator, Who is God of all.

4. The Lord said: That that speaketh to thy soul, O man, teaching thee wisdom and good works; reproving thee for thy faults, and enchanting thee with the glories of all created things, is the voice of thy Creator. And that is the road by which the Lord thy God cometh to thee.

5. The Lord said: Behold, man hath attained to written knowledge; now shall he have books, and learn to keep records, after the manner of the angels in heaven. Then God sent

angels down to man, speaking both by the soul and by the voice; in different places and to different rab' bahs, teaching them how to make books of skins, and of bark, and of cloth, for the graven words and images which he had taught man.

6. In these days the lands of Jaffeth and Shem and Ham were inhabited by millions of I' huans and Ghans; but the countries lying between them were inhabited by I' huans only.

7. And God spake to the people of Ham, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin, flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as ye do.

8. And the Hamites inquired: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?

9. The Lord said: Gather together a thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I' hins. Provide ye oxen and asses and all things requisite for a journey of four years, and I will lead you.

10. The Hamites obeyed God, and provided themselves as commanded; into two companies of a thousand each equipped they themselves, and started on their journey for Jaffeth and Shem.

11. Then spake God to the people of Jaffeth, saying: Behold, there are two other countries inhabited by kin of your kin, flesh of your flesh, and they are Ghans also. And they speak and write with Panic words, even as ye do.

12. The Jaffeth' yans said: How far are the two other countries? Where are they?

13. The Lord said: Gather together a thousand men and women, and I will lead you to your brethren, whose forefathers were also saved from the flood; saved by the sacred little people, the I' hins. Provide ye in all things requisite for a journey of four years, and I will lead you.

14. The Jaffeth' yans obeyed God, and provided themselves as commanded; into two companies of a thousand each equipped they themselves and started for Ham and Shem.

15. Then spake the Lord to the people of Shem in the same way, telling them of Jaffeth and Ham; and they also equipped themselves in two companies and started for Ham and Jaffeth.

16. Thus provided God these three separate peoples to go and visit one another, and all in the same period of time. And God said unto them, ere they started: Very fierce and savage are the I' huans who inhabit the wilderness on the way. Behold, they eat the flesh of both man and beast. But they will not harm the I' hins; therefore, O my beloved, on your long journey take with you two score of I' hins. Through the I' hins can the Lord your God speak all languages, even the language of the barbarians, the I' huans.

17. Leave all things in the hands of the Lord God.

18. So it came to pass, after a journey of four years, the migrants from each country came to the place of their destination. And by their written and spoken words knew they one another; and they called themselves the three children of the arc of Noe.

19. And the Lord said unto them in each of the countries whither they had come: Provide records unto the work of God; for these journeys shall be remembered to the end of the world.

20. And in all these countries there were made images of stone and copper, and engravings thereon of the children of Noe, and of the flood, and of the sacred tribes, Shem, Ham and Jaffeth.

21. God said: These shall be preserved as the first written names of these lands. And it was so.

chapter 3

1. For two years the migrants tarried in the countries they visited; going much about, showing themselves, and relating a history of the country whence they came.

2. Thence spake the Lord to the migrants in their respective places, saying: Behold, the time is come for your departure. Gather together, O my beloved, and return to your own country, and there relate all the glories that your God hath shown you.

3. So they departed, and returned to their own respective places. And, behold, it took four years to accomplish the journey.

4. Now during the travel of the migrants the Lord spake to them every day; through the I' hin priests spake the Lord unto them.

5. The Lord said: Keep together, O my beloved. I will lead you; ye shall not be lost.

6. Nevertheless, the journey was so long that many lost faith, and were not heedful of the huans, the barbarians, and words of God. And some of them strayed off amongst the I' were lost.

7. Of the six thousand migrants, there were lost ten tribes; in all, three hundred and eighty-six people, men and women. Some were lost in one place and some in another.

8. God said: Sing ye songs of lamentations to my chosen who are lost, the Faithists in Jehovih. For this also shall become a matter of record to the end of the world.

9. Nevertheless, a time shall come when the Lord your God shall reveal the mystery of this day.

10. So, when the people had returned to their respective places, behold they all sang songs of lamentation for the tribes that were lost.

11. God said: I have shown you the far-off people; I have marked out the road. Keep the road open; keep the travel open between the great countries I have shown you.

12. Every eleven years shall one expedition start to the far-off countries. And, if perchance ye find my chosen, bring them home.

13. And on all the camping places of your journey shall ye build an altar to the Lord your God. In a circle shall ye build it; and the congregation shall sit in the circle thereof, but the priest shall sit in the midst. And, behold, I will speak in the mouth of my priest words of wisdom and comfort.

14. But, in all your journeys, keep aloof from the I' huans, the barbarians, the man-eaters. For they kept not my commandments; nor preserved they their seed through the circumcision.

15. But they mixed with the druks (ground people) and went down in darkness (barbarism).

16. Keep ye away from them, O my beloved; carry with you, on all your expeditions, I' hin priests, the sacred people, the mound-builders.

17. In your journeys ye shall encounter your brethren coming and going, who dwell in the far-off countries. That ye may distinguish them, keep secret the sacred password and the rites of my chavah (order).

chapter 4

1. Hear the word of thy God, O man, and be considerate in thy little learning; interpreting the records of the ancients rather by the spirit than by the word.

2. Wherein it was constantly commanded, in the ancient sacred writings, to avoid GOING DOWN TO DESTRUCTION, and they obeyed not the commandments of the Lord, behold ye the light of your God in this day.

3. For the I' huans, even before the flood, were in the first place born capable of everlasting life. But they mixed with the druks until the seed of the spirit of eternal life became exhausted, and they brought forth heirs incapable of self-sustenance in heaven. Hence it was said of them: They went down in darkness.

4. Now after awhile a new race of I' huans was brought forth, and they were at first capable of All Light and of everlasting life. But they also kept not the commandments of the Lord; but also mixed with the druks (the ground people), and they descended rapidly on the road of everlasting death (as a race).

5. But the Lord your God created the new race, the Ghans, capable of an upward inspiration.

6. And he gave unto them the same commandments, to preserve their seed from the races beneath them, lest they go down in darkness also.

7. To which end thy Lord gave unto them certain rites and ceremonies and pass-words, in addition to the circumcision, which would enable them to distinguish with whom they should mingle according to the commandments of God.

8. Behold ye then the testimony which I lay before you, that ye may perceive the wisdom of my ways: For it will be said by some that there is a law of evolution whereby man riseth from a lower to a higher state as the earth groweth older.

9. But I say unto you, there is no such law. Save but by the labor of thy Lord and thy God, through their angels, man riseth not upward; but he goeth the other way.

10. In which matter, behold, I have left many nations and peoples before you to this day, who are on the downward road. And ye have corporeal records before you, showing you that in times past, the same countries were inhabited by a higher race.

11. For thus Jehovih created man, to go as readily down the mountain as up it.

12. Behold, all resurrection cometh from above; all aspiration cometh from the Lord and his angels. For man, being in the flesh, goeth rather to the desires of the flesh than to the spirit.

13. As the light of the sun causeth sleep to pass away, so doth the light of Jehovih, through His Gods and Lords and angels, cause the soul of men to awake to the possibilities of everlasting life in the exalted heavens.

14. This also have I, thy Lord, proven in the world: that they who fall from the light of the Father, lose their symmetry and beauty of proportions.

15. Behold, in the time of Thor, man considered not the shapeliness of his spouse, nor the mold of her face, nor the clearness of her voice, nor her wit, nor conversational powers.

16. By all stratagems, and devices, and rites and ceremonies, have the Gods and Lords labored to make man mindful of the way of resurrection through the tree of life.

17. But even in this day, behold, the mother bartereth off her daughter to a rich man; and the man seeketh a spouse of wasted flesh for the sake of gold. And they bring forth heirs

of crime.

18. And man crieth out: He cannot be a good God that createth these!

19. But I say unto you, they keep not my commandments; they have gone astray in the wilderness.

20. Be wise, O man; from that which is before you, remember the times of the ancients, and the labor of the Lord your God.

21. In the beginning of the cycle of Thor, the Lord opened up many ways for the deliverance of the tribes of men on the earth; and man prospered in the way of God for a long season.

22. Then darkness came upon the races of men; millions of them returned to a state of savagery. And angels of darkness came upon the earth, verily taking upon themselves the semblance of corporeal forms, and dwelling with mortals, and engaging in practices whereof it is unlawful to write or speak.

23. So that, at the termination of three thousand years, the lands of the earth were covered with darkness.

24. And Jehovih cast a veil over the face of the sun, and it shone not in brightness for many years. (For these nebulous periods, see the latter part, GOD’S BOOK OF BEN) END OF THE LORDS’ FORTH BOOK.

book of osiris


chapter 1

1. Now came Osire, Son of Jehovih. To him, on his throne in Lowtsin, an ethereal world, where his reign a hundred thousand years had illumined many a corporeal star, came the Voice, Great Jehovih, Spirit over all, saying:

2. Osire! Osire: My Son: Forth from these immortal worlds, and grasp the perishable earth in its debauched flight; and proclaim, with uplifted rod, thyself The One, the commanding God. As an indulgent father treads softly by his infant son, guiding him tenderly, and with wholesome advice, so have I, through My Gods and Chiefs, the red star coaxed along for many, many thousands of years. But as a wise father turneth to his truant son, of later years, commanding, thou shalt or shall, so now do I, through thee, My Godly son, stretch My hand over the earth and her heavens.

3. Deep-buried she lieth, in anarchy, and by false Gods and false Lords, in war despoiling her heavens, and casting down on the troubled earth her millions of spirits of darkness, glutting themselves in crime. As driftwood, on a surging sea, now riseth high on towering waves, and quickly plungeth down in the roaring waters, to rise and fall, and repeat forever the ceaseless struggle, so do the spirits of the dead, of earth, rise in heaven to be plunged back again in unending toil and darkness, on the low earth.

4. Where toil and struggle My most holy God and his Lords, powerless to divert the terrible heedlessness of men and angels. Osire heard Jehovih' s voice, and summoned swift messengers, well trained in the rise and fall of worlds, and bade them go to the red star, the earth, in masterly speed, a million strong, and survey the affairs of mortals and spirits, and quickly report back to Jehovih' s throne, in Lowtsin, promising succor to God and his Lords of earth.

5. The swift messengers, with an arrow-ship, such as Gods, for speed and light work, use to accomplish Jehovih' s will, shot forth through the ji' ay' an fields of darkness, midway between the Serpent' s coils, and were soon deep hidden in the whirling atmosphere of the warring earth. Meantime, Osire called to council about Jehovih' s throne, long-risen Gods and Goddesses, and told the Voice' s words, that stirred his soul with compassion for those but recently quickened to life by the Creator' s breath, who persisted in burrowing their souls down in hada, heedless of the call and persuasion of a loving God and Lords.

6. Jehovih' s light overspread the Lowtsin throne of Osire, and curtained round the stars, the Gods and Goddesses, with the full history of the earth and her heavens, so that all were clear to comprehend His Almighty Wisdom. Yet not one was moved with haste to answer; for scenes like these were their daily deliberation concerning the countless millions of stars dotting the firmament. And then, slowly, one at a time, the speakers, each a representative of a thousand Gods and Goddesses, gave utterance to Jehovih' s light from their respective seats.

7. And when the multitude had spoken, and Osire, charged with the wisdom of all, perceived from human souls how the light matched his own, as to him Jehovih spake, his first sphere of commandant God, stood plain before him. And then he rose up, and stood

in the throne of Jehovih, mantled in white, like one new illumined with a great change in his long life' s administration.

8. To Gods and Goddesses, he spake: Give ear, for now the veil of the arc of Se' ing upraises before our hallowed shrine. As step by step, all things advance by Jehovih' s will, and new roadways in etherea open up fields unexplored by traveling stars; so onward, step by step, our own endless realm takes the course of manhood in its giant strides. By you have the worlds of corpor and es been blessed for hundreds of thousands of years! Your busy scenes in an old routine change now to higher advent, and an Orian arc cometh anon.

9. As an oscillating star feedeth itself with a change of seasons, so hath Jehovih coursed the wave of His traveling Serpents to give our etherean realms an endless life, diversified by change of scenes and constant surprises, the glory of the soul.

10. As thus Osire, the Mighty, with a soul full of words, engraved by Jehovih' s hand, discoursed on the glories awaiting the high worlds, where he and his brother Gods and archangels dwelt in the All Perfect, there came back, hastening, as with Omnipotence impelled, the swift messengers from the slow earth, with their etherean arrow-ship shooting like a meteor on fire. Then came Hagan, spokesman of the messengers, before Jehovih' s throne, his mantle turned back, and his eyes radiant with sure knowledge, saluting in Jehovih' s sign and name. He said:

11. O Osire, Jehovih' s Son, and ye Gods and Goddesses, as the All Light gave Voice to our far-seeing God of Lowtsin, so stand I here to corroborate, in Jehovih' s name. The day of sweet persuasion to the earth-born, and their countless angels down in darkness, is done. Lo, the race, the Ghans, planned by Jehovih from the foundation of the world, now standeth triumphant on the earth. As Jehovih led the I' hins in paths fortuitous, by gentle words and love, but left them not strong before the warring elements, so hath He created upon the earth the masters who shall subdue it, to the triumph of Gods.

12. Not like lambs are the Ghans, but lions untamed, born conquerors, with seed to learn and reason toward all things, faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih. As a man having two sons, the one low-strung and passionless, the other in ceaseless mischief and desire for havoc, because of the fullness within, so stand the twain, the I' hins and the Ghans, on the earth. And when they die, and enter heaven, the first, the I' hins, go like lambs, as they are directed; but the second, the Ghans, still full of inherent stubbornness and self-will, unheed the God and Lords, and mock at them. Back to the earth these well-formed and stately souls come, and set up heavenly kingdoms of their own, in darkness, and fain pursue with most relentless zeal their former enemies.

13. By their loud clamor and inspiring acts, they break up the weak Lords'kingdoms and despoil them of subjects, proclaiming heaven and earth free to all. Whereby, even hapless souls in the lower heaven have been persuaded to fly from the hospitals and nurseries back to mortals, and there fasten themselves as fetals, shutting up their eyes against all further light.

14. So, mortals have given themselves up to doing the wills of the spirits of darkness, making spoil and desolation a holiday.

15. We then came to God, Jehovih' s Son, whose throne lieth in Gau, and he said: Take this message to Osire, Jehovih' s Son, God of Lowtsin: Greeting, in the Father' s name. Behold, the arc of Se' ing is at hand. Send thou, O God, a ship, and deliver my hosts, four

thousand millions. With that, and in due salutation, we hastened hither.

chapter 2

1. Osire said: In the name of the All Light, I will have fifty millions of conquerors to do my will, on earth and in heaven. But first, send ye an es' elene, with suitable attendants, to deliver God, his Lords, and their hosts, the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And leave ye the earth in darkness thirty days. Meantime, let my builders provide me a ship for my hosts; and let the heralds go abroad in Se' ing, announcing this, my decree.

2. Jehovih said: Think not, O man, I gave talents to men differently on earth, and there to end, making My exalted places to be even shorn and alike. Not so created I man; but as one on earth is mild, and leadeth on by smooth words and persuasive behavior; and as another, by quick perceiving and strong will, plungeth in headlong; even so carry I them onward in My high heavens, perfecting them in their bent, but with wisdom and love, till each becometh as a sun in his sphere.

3. Fear not, O man, that I have not labor for them in high heaven: I have worlds to be nurtured and coaxed at times; worlds to be pruned at times, and commanded; by most severe authority made to know that All Power lieth in Me, through My Gods and Lords.

4. For these exalted extreme Gods I have places in he firmament, and worlds numberless, whereon they dwell as stars in My heavens. Thither make I roadways for My traveling corporeal worlds, where lie My etherean fields of pasture, to glorify Me, and lead on the mortal born. So, now, to My commanding God, Osire, who ruled in Lowtsin most amiably, with equals, but was high-strung with impatience toward self-willed ignorance, I brought the undisciplined earth to feel his giant power.

5. Say' ah, scribe of Ctaran, thus described the scene: Osire had spoken; his word had gone forth. Heaven was stirred up; Gods and Goddesses knew that work was on hand, new of its order in this place in the firmament. the earth had sons, at last, worthy the will and service of Gods. Osire, impetuous and much-loved God of Lowtsin, was going to visit these earth-sons, and wash them clean, and put jackets on them.

6. Osire said: In written words will I set down explicit laws for these unruly false Gods, the Ghans, and give them bondage, like the people of other worlds. O that they had had discipline before, instead of sweet persuasion!

7. Say' ah said: When some Gods give command, the people move along; but when Osire decreed, the whole heaven of Lowtsin ran. And quickly, now, the mandates were filled; the ships were built, first, the es' elene, commanded by Yok, and equipped with five million souls, and started off in hot haste to the earth to deliver God and his Lords, and such Brides and Bridegrooms as were prepared for the resurrection. Next, the ship, Buer, an adavaysit, built for Osire and his hosts, fifty millions strong.

8. Osire said: That no adventure run foul, let swift messengers be stationed along the roadways; and they shall announce the proceedings of my Gods and Lords, and their whereabouts. And, even so, was the order of heaven executed. And time came, and passed, and the earth was stripped from her God and Lords, and on her, and her heavens, darkness reigned.

9. Then Osire left his high place, and with his hosts, aboard the etherean ship of fire, sat out toward the earth, at break-neck speed; for such was the disposition of this most

determined God. Nor halted he at Chinvat, the boundary of the earth' s vortex, but sped on with banners and curtains flying, and most martial music to stir up the souls of his hosts to sudden tittle.

10. Down he came to the earth with his fire-ship, and sped round about it, to learn its weak and salient points; and next rose up a little to view the atmospherean spirits who had presumed defiance toward high heaven. In the place where Gau had been (whose God, a most holy one, had learned to rule by love for eight hundred years, and was unappreciated by the crude boasters, the unlearned druj), there stood now, castles and mansions of the false God, Utaya, round whom a million of sentinels armed for battle were stationed to protect him, the false, and do his will.

11. Hither came Osire, and over the battlements raised his ship, and brought it even into the arena of the Council of hada. Then, halting, bade his marshals proclaim his voice:

12. Come forth, O Utaya; behold my power! Thy sentinels stand appalled. I raised my hosts by higher law, and stand on my feet in thy citadel.

13. Utaya said: Strange and audacious God! From what unmannerly region hast thou sprung? Know thou, Gods should kneel outside my walls, and beg to know my will, for an audience. Then Osire determined to hear his arguments, and thus spake:

14. From Great Jehovih, I am come! I kneel to none save Him. To do His will in reverence am I come in power and majesty. But erst I demolish thy pitiful walls, and cast thee down, suppliant, to do my will, tell me wherein excusest thou thyself to turn from the exalted heavens, and build here a kingdom of slaves, for thine own glory?

15. Utaya said: O thou jester! Erst I demolish thee and thy ship, and enslave thy hosts as mine, I will, then, pacify thy worthless curiosity, that thou mayest hereafter know thy lesson well. But first, thou has mocked me for my slaves: what more are thy hosts? Hast thou not tampered with their too willing love by stories of thy unseen Jehovih, and persuaded them to suffer thee to lead them on to glory? Now I declare before thee, there is no Jehovih, no All Person! Hence, thy philosophy is founded on falsehood. The space is before us; the worlds are before us; there is nothing more. Let him who will, assume a kingdom; let him who will be a slave, be a slave. I am Apollo!

16. Osire said: When I shall have cast thee down, thou mightest say it was merely because it so happened that one was stronger than another. So, then, that thou mayest remember my words are more in wisdom than in blind force, hear me whilst thou canst, for it is not long that I can talk to such as thou: He who admitteth the universe moveth in harmony and discipline, already admitteth the All Person, Jehovih. He who denieth the All Person, Jehovih, denieth unity in all things. If all things are not in unity, then are all things divided, one against another. Whoever holdeth this, is a disintegrator; and whoever holdeth that all things are a unit, is a unitor. Wherefore, if there be greater strength in unison than in isolation, then therein hath unison won the battle and become the All Person.

17. Touching the matter of slaves: There is but One Master, and He ruleth over all; but it lieth in the power of each and every soul to attune himself with the All Person, which is freedom. Of such are my hosts. Thy slaves attune themselves to thee; they cannot rise higher than thou; my hosts have the universe for their model. Because thou canst not find the Cause of thy coming into life, why not say thou: A name I will call Him, and it shall be Jehovih!

18. And now began Utaya with a long discourse, the which Osire waited not to hear, but turned to his marshals, saying: Break ye down the walls of Gau, and raise me ten thousand pillars of fire. I will here rebuild Jehovih' s kingdom. Let the es' enaurs chant, ALL HAIL TO OSIRE, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!

19. To which the astonished Utaya stood silently, as if to know if it were real, or but a frenzied dream, that any one should so unrecognize his power, now well established for three hundred years.

20. Out of the ship came the hosts, and without command, or waiting to know their parts, but every one in time to the music, taking place in the citadel. Osire strode forward, and by the majesty of his power, overturned the throne of Utaya, the false God, and heaped the rubbish aside. Then, stretching forth his hand, he said:

21. In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by virtue of Thy power, in me vested, do I here command the elements to do my will, and raise me a throne worthy of Thy Immortal Son! And with his voice, his hosts, in concert, quickly piled the adamantine seat, and hung it round with transparent tapestry, woven with the elements of silver and gold. s city, and set free his

22. The while the laborers of Osire overturned the walls of Utaya' millions of slaves, even whilst Utaya' s officers, panic-stricken, dropped on their knees, pleading for pity, or fled precipitously off to the earth. And Utaya, conjecturing the worthlessness of his stuff, compared to that which descended from the higher heavens, shouted and called in vain to his most steadfast zealots in time of peace and easy rule, beholding them, in thousands, vanquished without even a cruel deed or word.

23. Not long the fray lasted, for Osire' s work was as if a man were overturning the toys of a child; and Utaya, to prove his faith in himself, stood sole spectator, unmoved from his tracks, but helpless, wondering what should come next. But now Osire, with no words of explanation or excuse, ascended the new throne and gave the sign, IN JEHOVIH’S NAME, which was answered by his mighty hosts; when, behold, from the vault of heaven above there descended mantles of light, matchless in brilliancy!

24. Utaya was himself illumined, and all his former evil deeds and cruelty stood out in huge black spots, quailing before the sea of light; for round on every side stood millions of souls, all pure and transparent, washed by the ordeal of time and holy works. But Utaya was not all evil, or short in owning an honorable adversary; and so, quickly comprehending his awful plight in the midst of Purity, first let fall a tear, the which, in pity, blinded him from witnessing further his dire humiliation; and next, with blubbering of a beaten school-boy, he cried out:

25. Enough! Enough! Thou God, Almighty! Take me hence, from thy dissolving fire! I was but wont to witness some great God' s deeds, to find proof of mine own worthlessness!

26. But Osire was not new to such a situation, and proceeded with the affairs of heaven, appointing officers and laborers, and apportioning his High Council to do Jehovih' s will, and so left Utaya to sweat a while in his own torments.

27. O give me relief, cried Utaya, thou God of heaven and earth! I consume, I burn in Purity' s flame! For pity, turn down the consuming light!

28. Osire halted from his labors long enough to answer thus: All Light cannot cease for convenience of one man; clothe thyself, O false one, with robes of darkness, and hide thy cruel butcheries. Thou, that wouldst have made slaves of my hosts, should be of holier

metal than to plead for help. Behold, not one of thy slaves have I taken, or asked to bow in obedience. To the righteous, the worlds are free; only evil men and evil Gods quail before Jehovih' s ceaseless fire!

29. Meanwhile, Utaya hustled close around himself his glittering robes, and pulled his flashing crown down over his scalded eyes, which worthless fabric but fed the fury of the All Light, from the throne of God, Osire' s resting-place. The slaves of Utaya had fled, or lay piteously prostrate, speechless with fear and wonder. Over these the hosts of Osire watched, and hastily took them beyond the now rapidly rising pillars of fire, where they were housed temporarily.

30. Still the voice of Utaya rang aloud for help and pity; but to him none came. Then he saw that the prostrate victims fared better and were less conspicuous; so Utaya cast himself prostrate, along with the rubbish of his former throne. Whereupon Osire sent Yesta, sister of Atonas, Goddess of Opsa, in etherea, to rescue him, and mantle him around with balm from the upper heavens.

31. So Yesta and her band took Utaya hence, far beyond the boundaries of the new-laid Gau.

chapter 3

1. Osire spake from the throne, saying: Proclaim it in the east and west, and north and south, there is a God in heaven! That which has transpired in Gau, go tell the false Gods and false Lords in hada, adding: Osire hath come!

2. Messengers started forth for every quarter of the world, inspired by the impetuous utterances of the commanding God. And so, half breathless, and in hastening speed, these young Gods and young Goddesses, the messengers, dropped in upon the Lordly defamers of holiness, and told the tale of the overturned Gau, where proud Utaya fell. And they, in manner and custom, inspired the false rulers to imagine even a worse calamity; and that much had been concealed out of deference to Utaya and other usurpers.

3. Osire called his Council and appointed new places, with new officers, having nothing in common with all past administrations of the Gods of earth and heaven. So far, these appointments were from his etherean hosts, and, moved by the fire of his own energy, quickly assumed their most honorable duties. Some to build, some to survey and lay out the course of streets, and places of habitations; and yet others to remove the old hospitals and nurseries, and make way for new ones, and for factories, and all requisites for the millions of souls now scattered and lost, or in dire confusion struggling in the outside darkness.

4. Whence rose a constant wail of fear and torment, strangely wild, compared to the glorious light fast spreading from the rising pillars of fire about the throne of God. Osire' s hosts, fifty millions, attuned to harmony and precision, were proceeding fast with their labor, not one but knew his part and played close to the text in every motion, were yet in number as nothing compared to the thousand millions scattered in the gloomy darkness, wailing beyond the walls.

5. Here, a road! Osire would speak; or with his hand, command: An otevan to those hapless slaves! And, as if his hosts his thoughts had fashioned, his etherean workmen rushed to make his will omnipotent. No loss of time or space to inquire how the matter

should be done; for heaven' s trained workmen have learned the power of knowledge braced to a single point, by which the elements stoop to do their wills. To learn this simple harmony, for all to be as one, what countless millions rise up from the earth, to be hurled back, discordant and powerless, before Jehovih' s Sons and Daughters!

6. Yea, and kings and queens and potentates, high strung in unwarranted conceit, cast down to beg, beseechingly as a child. As a furious lion is tamed, worthless his giant power in the hands of man, whose strength by knowledge triumphs; so the ethereans from high heaven descend to humiliate first, and then to teach the false Gods and false Lords of hada.

7. Jehovih saith: What more, O man, have I put upon thee than to learn? And strewn thy path with lessons rich in happiness! To learn the elements, and master them; this it is to be a God or Goddess. And wherein one man is weak, let two or more unite; a simple thing, by which even the stars of heaven can be turned from their course.

8. Jehovih saith: Have I not said: The weakest king is he who hath the most soldiers; and the strongest nation, where none are required. How, then, may the false Gods, by evil deeds, fortify their thrones? Lo, My etherean hosts come unarmed, and by a breath blow away their mighty kingdoms.

9. And so it was in Gau; only one earth-day had come and gone since Utaya reigned over a hundred million slaves, who daily brought tribute up from the earth, to ornament this crown-like city; and now the dawn of another world stood supreme in the demolished kingdom.

10. What greater pity, most pitiful sight, than to see the former slaves still loyal to their deposed master, Utaya; coming to him in his banishment, fifty millions swearing terrible oaths of fidelity to him forever. For of such like, the Great Spirit created man, to even wed himself to misery, for zeal, in ignorance, to prove a most foolish love. And but for Utaya' s guardians, his very slaves had smothered him, in desperate effort to manifest fidelity.

11. Then spake Yesta to him, saying: Raise thy voice against this unseemly crowd, and be commander still, at least to save thyself. Remember how Jehovih giveth this lesson to mortals, to say to evil: Away! For lo, to suffer first one and then another to fasten upon one' s self, is crime great as a debauched passion unchecked. Bid them begone! For love of self, which is thy gift from Great Jehovih, be thou thyself! It will better them also!

12. Utaya, struggling, said: Alas, fair angel! These were my slaves! The hardest blow of all is their acknowledged love. The fire of the throne of Osire was tame to this. For hundreds of years, I gave these creatures pangs and wretchedness, and now they give me love. Poor idiots! I cannot drive them hence!

13. And so, sobbing, bowed Utaya his head, for such sudden great truths turned all his judgment into the darkness of his past deeds and wickedness, even whilst, crowding close on every side, the fifty millions kept up their ceaseless assurances of endless love. Nor was there any way open to flight from their ignorant jargon and foul breath. So, when Yesta saw how helplessly Utaya had given up, she raised her hand, saying: What shall I do, O Jehovih?

14. Whereat, the Light descended, and Jehovih spake through Yesta, saying: Flesh of My flesh created I man: from Mine Own Spirit gave I man a spirit also; and unto all men alike gave I all things in My worlds. But some men are not content with what I gave,

but ask for more, even that they may have their fellows for subjects. To these I have given in answer to their prayers. Behold thou, then, O man, why seekest thou to put away today even what, a day since, thou didst pray for? They are as good today as yesterday.

15. Thou hast said: Man can make himself whatsoever he will! So, thy Creator is worthless to thee. Love is the lightest of all burdens; if thou desirest not to carry their love, how didst thou carry their hate so long? Nevertheless, if thou desirest, thou canst put them away: They are thine; do as thou wilt.

16. Utaya said: How can I put them away? I cannot reason with fifty millions! Nay, before I persuaded a score, the first ones, so ignorant, would forget what I said. Tell me, then, thou Goddess, what shall I do to free myself from this great multitude?

17. Yesta said: Call not on me, but on thy Creator; and not to be freed for thine own good, but for wisdom to do some good unto them over whom thou hast long been a remorseless tyrant. These are a small curse to thee, compared to thine own judgment, for from thyself thou canst never flee. Thou shalt undo thy selfish deeds, which thou hast practiced so long. So, turn thou at once, and make oath to Him who made thee, that from this time forth thou wilt do good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength.

18. Utaya said: Alas, thy words are wise and holy, but I have no faith! I have not faith!

19. Yesta said: Say not this! Thy words are another bondage on thy soul. To say, I have no faith, is to imprison thyself away from All Light. Come, haste, or lo, I leave thee; for if thou profess not faith, why shall I longer labor with thee? Say thou: I have faith in Thee, O Jehovih! I can, I will raise up these I have cast down. Utaya wept, and thus answered: O that I had faith like unto thee! But for long years I taught myself that prayer to Jehovih was not required of one so great and strong as I. Alas, I smothered out the fire. And, amidst his sobs, Utaya fell prostrate at Yesta' s feet.

20. Quickly, now, she raised her slender hand toward high heaven, saying: O Jehovih, by Thy power vested in me, I here encircle this, Thy prostrate child, with adamantine light! Down from above there came phosphorescent flames of light, and Yesta drew a circle round about, at which the multitude stood back and looked on in wonder and fear. But the surging mass beyond pressed forward, shouting: Utaya! Utaya!

21. Little by little, Yesta extended the light, and her assistants put up a structure to guard the place, so that in a little while it was like a miniature throne in heaven. Yesta then assumed the power, and so took command, placing helpless Utaya by her side. Meanwhile, her assistants sped through the multitude, making roadways, and selecting out the most intelligent of the former slaves, and making guards of them.

22. Yesta said to Utaya: Now will I give thee a lesson in righteousness; for thou shalt educate and develop all this host, thy former slaves, to thine own level, erst thou raise thyself one jot or tittle. Think not it is easy to assume to be a God or a Lord, or even a mortal king. They that make servants of others must also raise them up to be angels of light. Heaven is just, as well as bountiful. To whom Jehovih hath given bountifully, it is commanded he shall give bountifully. For hundreds of years thou hast had the service of these hapless creatures; so shalt thou now serve them by making them intelligent men and women. Yea, till the lowest of them are thine own equals, of whom thou canst be proud, and say before the Father: Behold, my sister! behold my brother!–thou, Utaya, shall not be free!

23. Utaya said: I perceive thy words are from the All Highest. This is justice! I perceive

now that whilst I rated myself supreme judge of right and wrong, I judged with partiality to myself. Yea, without an All Highest, I perceive there can be no justice in heaven or earth. O Thou All Light, how can I approach Thee! I have been feeding myself with an endless poison; my darkness was my fortress. Teach me the way, O thou angel of Light! Whatsoever Jehovih wills, that will I do, from this time onward, with all my wisdom and strength.

24. So Yesta restored order, and divided the multitude into many parts, and sent officers amongst them to select and assort them, so that as soon as Osire should decree asylums and schools for them, they could be taken to them.

chapter 4

1. Osire lost no time, but officered Gau and established his Council in hot haste, making Ote as temporary God on the throne, whilst he himself went forth to other regions, to conquer and overturn false Gods and Lords. Leaving, therefore, a sufficient guard and council, Osire, with a host of twenty millions, went westward in atmospherea, over and above the great central north lands, where was established Wotchak, a false God, with another hundred millions of slaves, to do his will.

2. Wotchak, having been advised by the messengers of Osire' s approach to the earth' s heavens, supposing Osire to be from some remote star, and not knowing there were etherean worlds in the firmament, had laid his kingdom round with new walls, and doubly fortified his throne, and gaudily attired himself and officers, in hopes to overawe the coming God.

3. To Wotchak came Osire, and waited not to be announced, nor halted for his sentinels, driving his ship straight up to the throne.

4. Halt! Halt! cried the astonished Wotchak. Who dares my throne profane, and all the rules of virtuous Gods set at defiance? Down from thy ship, and crawl on thy belly to thy sovereign God! Know thou, I am Great Apollo! But Osire deigned only to say: By what s sons and daughters, to augment thine own authority hast thou made slaves of Jehovih' self-glory?

5. And, not waiting a reply alighted down before the throne, even while a thousand or more, well drilled, with him stood, in the form of a star, whereon the Upper Light descended in great brilliancy. Wotchak was frightened, and fled from his throne, and all his Council with him. Then spake Osire, saying to his hosts:

6. Suffer not this false God and his Council to escape. Encircle them round, and hold them, to know my will and the decree of Jehovih. Presently, the ethereans brought back Wotchak, who cried out: O, let me go! Take all, but let me go! What am I to thee?

7. Osire answered him, saying: Such hath been the history of these heavens. In ages gone, the usurping false Gods were suffered to go their way, leaving their former subjects helpless on the hands of the etherean hosts. That day is past. I am come to make such Gods know that their fate and responsibilities rest on the decrees of a Higher One, even the Creator, Jehovih. Behold, thou hast cast down and blighted a hundred million of Jehovih' s children, making slaves of them, to do thy will. As thou wert the cause of their fallen state, from liberty to bondage, so, no, shalt thou redeem them to freedom, and wisdom and truth.

8. Whilst Osire spake, his proper officers let fall the light from the upper regions, the like of which Wotchak had never beholden. Presently, all things became transparent, and the enraged Wotchak, foreseeing trouble ahead, thus answered:

9. Accuse me not, thou audacious God! These, my Council, urged me hundreds of years ago to my course, and only for the favor they might remain my close advisors. I was their tool, and, if thou desirest justice, make them to feel the sting of repentant labor. Let them have my slaves. I want them not. I have been a most honest, upright God!

10. And now his counselors accused one another, and all of them heaping the blame on Wotchak. Lighter and lighter grew the etherean flames, from which there was no concealment; and all their former falsehoods and cruel words, and evil deeds, were unveiled, disclosing souls dark and hideous, with long-covered-up crimes, now made bare for the gaze of every eye.

11. The which scene brought the curious slaves, in millions, to witness it, and to reassure the suffering false God of their love and loyalty. And when Wotchak looked and beheld the abject wretches who claimed him as their worshipful God, he cried out: Enough! Enough! Unfeeling God! Thou art come in pretended right and peace; but, because of thy power, executest on me and my Council torments more terrible than I ever gave to slave of mine. Know thou, I am Apollo!

12. To which Osire answered: What are names to me! With that, Osire, by waving his hand, caused his hosts to cast aside the false God' s throne, and all its glittering gems scatter abroad, relicts for the multitude. And now three pillars of light shot up and stood beside Osire and his attendants, the which took all the strength and courage out of Wotchak and his confederates, and they crouched down at Osire' s feet.

13. Osire called Itu, saying: Take them without, and hand them over to their slaves awhile. And Itu and his guard gathered them from the light and bore them hence. Quickly, now, Osire officered this newly-conquered place in heaven, and called it Autat, signifying, foundation of perishable laws. And on a new throne, appointed Luce as temporary God, giving him a council of one thousand ethereans. And now Osire drew the plans for roads, and temples, and schools, and hospitals, and nurseries, and all such other habitations as are required by spirits newborn, in heaven, leaving orders to have them completed by a given time.

14. Next, Osire ordered the divisions and selections to be made in the now scattered hosts of atmosphereans, and to have them all arrested and put into their proper places. These things he left in the charge of God, Luce, to be carried out.

15. Far out on the plateau, Itu and his attendants carried Wotchak and his confederates, followed by forty millions of his former slaves. There Itu left Wotchak and his people, and Itu and his attendants went aside to witness whatever should transpire.

16. At this stage, Osire departed with his ship and steered southward over the land of shem, coming to a place in the lower heaven called Vibrahj, signifying resplendent, where ruled the false God, Daveas, who had eight hundred millions of slaves, a thousand Lords, and ten thousand Governors.

17. And, even as Osire rushed in headlong upon the other false Gods, so came he with his fire-ship into the great city of Vibrahj, at this time the largest city of the lower heaven. Daveas had been warned by his sentinels, and so came to the front of his capital, just in time to see the fearless Osire alight on the piazza in front of the Council House.

chapter 5

1. Osire said: In the name of Jehovih, peace be unto thee! To which Daveas replied: Nay, in the name of Apollo, who I am! How darest thou approach, save to crawl on thy belly? Four hundred years hath the honor of my kingdom been revered by all visiting Gods; but thou comest as a barbarian. Down, wretch! Erst I have thee bound and cast in prison!

2. Osire said: Why should I not come before thee? Behold, the Great Spirit created the whole universe for His Sons and Daughters. By what right hast thou usurped a portion? And whence thy authority to bid me kneel to thee? But if thou canst show me wherein thou hast one just claim to enslave these people, rather let thy argument run thither, for I am come in the name of the Father to liberate them, that they may be prepared for the second and third resurrections.

3. Daveas said: Think not that I have neglected to prepare for rebellious Gods like thou. Behold my millions of subjects! What is thy handful? Verily, I tell thee I have prisons large enough to hold thee and thy hosts. Neither flatter thyself that I am ignorant. For two hundred years I wrought in the so-called resurrections; I made myself a slave to the multitude, giving all my labor and time. Then I beheld my folly, and so built a third resurrection myself. This is, therefore, my lawful kingdom. Moreover, I tell thee to thy face, thou wretch, there is no higher heaven than mine. Neither comest thou from a heaven great as mine. But having great self-conceit, thou art come for mischief. I have heard of thee in other heavens! But now thou hast put thy head into the halter. Seize him, marshals! Seize him and his hosts! Cast them in prison!

4. Osire spake not, but raised his hand upward in the seventh sign, and suddenly his hosts casts forth sheets of light brighter than the sun. Daveas stood back affrighted, and his marshals fled. Presently, Osire, with a thousand attendants, stepped forth in flames of light, and went up into the capital and surrounded Daveas, the usurper, but touched him not. And now the ship was illumined, and lo, the sentinels of Daveas'Council broke and fled. Hereupon, Osire spake, saying:

5. Hand of Thy hand, O Jehovih; voice of Thy voice, overturn Thou this house and throne! And, behold, the light of the upper heavens rested in Osire' s palms, and he smote the house and the throne, and they tumbled over as straw before a hurricane. Alone stood Daveas, the evil God, half speechless and half blinded by the great Light of Jehovih. Down! down! said Osire, to the walls and temples of the city. And his hosts concentrated at any point Osire' s hand directed; and lo, everything fell and was scattered far.

6. Meanwhile, the officers of Daveas fled in all directions, save such as were overcome by the light, and these fell and were buried themselves amidst the rubbish.

7. Hold! Hold! cried Daveas. Give me air! I perish! I am a consuming fire! And he tossed his hands aloft; then cringed his face within his glittering robes. And now Osire called forth thunder and lightning, and sent shafts through, and over, and about the whole plateau of Vibrahj, and the din and roar confounded all the eight hundred millions of souls, so they ran no farther, but stood and waited, watching what should next befall.

8. Osire halted not, but went forward to a more suitable place, to build his throne. Jehovih! Almighty! he cried: Elements of Thy elements, O Father! Found here a throne for Thy Son! And even so, for whilst his words went forth, the elements rose to do his will, and there raised a most excellent throne, strong and adamantine, on which Osire

ascended. Daveas had fallen flat down, weeping and wailing; but Osire, by a motion of the hand, called Wang-te, a most enlightened archangel, with her attendants, to bear him hence, the which was quickly done.

9. Quickly, now, the place being cleared, the hosts of Osire fenced around a sufficient space for a city of a thousand million souls, with pillars of light, as brilliant as an arc in the etherean firmament. Hereat, Osire appointed Klesta, Dawn Goddess, and he gave her a council of fifty thousand ethereans. Outside of the walls of the pillars of agni were Daveas and his eight hundred million subjects, in dire confusion.

10. Wang-te, the archangel, said to Daveas: In thine own falsehood thou art favored to free thyself awhile, to organize a new kingdom, but in holiness, and return and command obedience from this smothering host. Behold, thou has taught them to believe thou art Apollo; say to them now: I am not Apollo! I have been false!

11. Daveas madly replied: Never! Jehovih and His kingdoms accursed be forever! Ye strange spirits, come from far-off kingdoms, to despoil and overturn the most righteous place in heaven! Are Jehovih and His servants destroyers! To which Wang-te replied: This is no time for argument; behold here these countless millions! If I withdraw from thee, and my attendants also withdraw, thou wilt be as one drowned amidst this sea of ignorance and horrid smells. Assume at once, for pity' s sake, to purge thyself of thy lifelong falsehoods and treacherous tyranny. Announce thyself as Daveas, as thou art, and I can save thee!

12. Daveas rudely thrust her aside, saying: Never! I acknowledge to none! If there be a higher heaven, I will ascend thither as I am, Apollo! Apollo! Wang-te said: Put me not off, in Jehovih' s name! Remember what thou art, and of the little thou hast seen, how powerless thou art before Omnipotence! Thy fate is like that of all dictators, on the verge of a chasm of horrors. Daveas waited not to hear her further, but proclaimed aloud, Apollo! Apollo! and stood aside. And presently his former officers rushed to him, and with that came the sea of millions of spirits, unorganized, unwashed, unfed, frightened and mad, for love of the name Apollo, the meaning of which they knew not; and they became as a knot of serpents, entwined around the central figure, Daveas and his officers. And in the terrible brawl not one voice could be distinguished from another. And the outer extreme pressed inward, on every side, and presently the eight hundred millions were as a ball, a knot of darkness, with a dull and rumbling moan within, and fearful clamor on the surface, from which horrid smells issued in all directions.

13. Wang-te and her attendants hastened back to the throne of Osire, Son of Jehovih, to tell what had happened. Osire said: What shall I do, O Father? Then the Light of Jehovih came, and Jehovih spake, saying: Consider My Creation, My son. The young child I made to fall with few bruises; but the full-grown man falleth heavily. Shall I make a separate rule to favor kings and queens on the earth, and false Gods in heaven? Nay, verily. Behold, I will make of Daveas an example in heaven, and on earth, also. Because he hath spurned his own name, so will I make both angels and mortals to curse and shun the name, Daveas.

14. Osire said: Proceed ye with my kingdom, in the name of the father. Let Daveas rest awhile as he is.

15. At that, Osire departed, taking the remainder of his hosts with him in his fire-ship; and he went to a heavenly place to the westward, where was Seru, a false God, with

ten millions of slaves; and Osire destroyed Seru' s kingdom also. Next, he went to a heavenly place in the north, where Raka, a false God, had seventy millions of slaves; and Osire destroyed his kingdom also, liberating his slaves, and putting a guard over Raka.

16. Thus went Osire throughout atmospherea, demolishing all the heavenly kingdoms of the false Gods, of whom there were, in all, seven hundred and eighty; but many of them had not a million of subjects. Thirty days, in all, was Osire engaged in destroying the evil kingdoms in the lower heavens, and then the work was finished.

17. Osire said to his hosts: For thirty days we labored in destroying that which was; now will we rebuild to Jehovih for another thirty days. Take the ship, therefore, to Vibrahj, for thither will I found my central kingdom. And after we shall have completed the work of starting the second resurrection on a sure foundation, then will we go down to the earth and overturn the kingdoms of the false Lords and men.

chapter 6

1. Jehovih said: Vibrahj shall be My place; thy throne, Osire, shall be My throne. Send sheriffs out into all the divisions of heaven where thou hast destroyed the evil kingdoms. And thy sheriffs shall arrest all the false Gods whom thou hast dispossessed, and bring them hither, that I may speak with them face to face.

2. Then spake Osire to the sheriffs, saying: Go ye out into all the divisions of atmospherea, and arrest and bring hither all the false Gods whom I have dethroned, saying to each of them: Osire, God of the lower heavens, commandeth my presence. Come thou, and hear the voice of thy Creator. But it shall happen that many will fear to come, because of the light, lest their evil deeds be seen; say to all such: The light will be lowered for a short space of time; come, therefore, quickly.

3. To all the knots, where the false Gods are enveloped, shall ye take umbrae, a sufficiency, that ye may release them. But leave ye with the knot a sufficient guard to keep them in their places.

4. The sheriffs went abroad, as commanded, being sufficiently provided with attendants and all things required for such adventures; and after many days the false Gods were arrested and brought before the throne of God, Osire, Jehovih' s Son. And there were assembled, on that occasion, one hundred thousand archangels, of whom two thousand had risen to the rank of Gods and Goddesses, and thirty thousand to the rank of Lords and Lordesses.

5. Osire said to the false ones: Brothers, greeting, in the name of Jehovih! Nor shall ye fear, nor be expectant of torture or punishment. Though I come in All Power, my words shall be tempered with wisdom. But I can be no respecter of persons, nor swerve one jot or tittle from Jehovih' s commandments.

6. The bondage of all men was in the Father; for, before ye were conscious individuals, Jehovih stretched forth His hand, and ye came forth from Void, which was your prison in which your selves had been as nothing.

7. In likeness of the Father, I came to deliver them ye had bounden; and through Him have I attained power to that end. So, in likeness of Him, also, I cannot bind you, or cast you in prison. Nay, my sheriffs have just delivered you from bondage, and I am now holding you free from the knots.

8. Most of ye are learned men of the second resurrection; but ye have used your wisdom

for self-glorification, being proud to call yourselves Gods; not to teach them of Jehovih and His kingdoms, but falsely teaching that your own kingdoms were the All Highest, thereby shutting out the true light from the unlearned.

9. Jehovih hath blessed you all with strong minds and handsome forms, whereupon, ye have each of you falsely proclaimed ye were Apollo. Think not that this matter was not known in high heaven. I have here the reports of swift messengers, which were brought to me in the firmament above. I came not in ignorance of what ye were doing; neither came I in weakness. More than a hundred thousand millions, who have been raised up to etherea from the earth and its heavens, stand at my side. Besides these, a million times as many ethereans, from other worlds; and above all of these, the Great Orian Chiefs; and yet beyond, and over all, Great Jehovih!

10. Have I not proved my power before you all? Did I go away in a corner and say: Come, I will show you my power? Nay, I came close to you all. As the Father first proveth power, so have I. After that, wisdom. That I may talk to you in wisdom, I had you arrested and brought hither. Hear me then, and remember my words.

11. In former cycles, the high Gods who descended to these heavens, finding false Gods, simply liberated their slaves, but put no labor of restitution on the false Gods. This was because the false Gods of those periods were too imbecile and unlearned. But the earth and her heavens have progressed to a higher state. And with progression cometh, also, responsibility. With learning cometh responsibility; and with wisdom, also.

12. Ye bound your subjects to your kingdoms; and ye perceive, now, ye cannot put them aside. Ye taught them your kingdoms were the All Highest; they must now be unlearned. Ye taught them that ye were the All Highest Gods! They must be unlearned in this, also. Ye put aside the ancient rites and ceremonies, wherein the name of Jehovih was used, teaching them to sing to you, only. They must be taught new songs, substituting the Great Spirit, to Whom none can attain, forever. Ye taught them to be unthinking, and contented as slaves; they must now be taught to think for themselves, and to labor for everlasting liberty.

13. And now, touching the law of the resurrection, remember ye, this is the same in all the created worlds; which is, that the spirit of man groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give. If ye have great learning, and ye give of it, then shall more learning be added unto you; if ye have goodness of heart, and gentle words, then, by giving this away, more shall be added unto you; if ye have craft in inventions or mechanics, and ye bestow of these talents unto others, then will more be added unto you. As the corporean man accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man.

14. For he who locketh up the light of the Father that is in him, cannot obtain more light; he who locketh up goodness of heart, cannot obtain strength of spirit. And without strength of spirit, no man can attain to the third resurrection. But, that men may learn to obtain strength of spirit, the second resurrection has been established in atmospherea belonging to all the habitable corporeal worlds.

15. The chief delight of man shall be, therefore, to find some way to impart his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people. Think not that preaching to the ignorant is sufficient; but ye shall take hold with your own hands and show them how to accomplish. Yet not labor alone; for some are so created that ye cannot

inspire them without rites and ceremonies and music.

16. Nor shall a man, after having taught and raised up a few, say: Behold, what a good work I have done! But as long as he findeth a man, or woman, or child, who lacketh in anything, he shall feel to say: Alas, what I have done is as nothing in the resurrection of my fellows.

17. For the rule holdeth for all men alike, to desire exaltation, and everlasting liberty, and unlimited power; and unless ye are prepared to give even these unto others, then ye cannot attain them yourselves. Neither is it possible for man to turn away from responsibility; to whom the Father hath given, from him the Father requireth. Ye have had your kingdoms. Yea, and boasted of them. Your boasts have ascended to etherea. Will ye go thither and be asked: Where is thy kingdom? Shall it be said ye shirked from the care of them the Father gave into your keeping?

18. Bethink ye, O brothers! When the conscience of man turneth inward, there is still darkness slumbering in his soul. The etherean lights will burn him. He whose conscience no longer burned inward, becometh himself a brilliant flame of light. Through him Jehovih speaketh.

19. Osire ceased; and now a brilliant light descended around about the throne, and presently Jehovih spake through Osire, saying:

20. Times and half-times have I given to My corporeal worlds and their heavens. In a time have I made a full resurrection to those who aspire to My heavens above. Nor do I go away from any place I created, saying: Go thou alone for a season. But in a time I manifest a new light, for such, also, are My creations. Think not that I have given seasons to corporeal worlds only; I gave seasons to atmospherea, also.

21. Is not a summer on the earth half a time? And the winter half a time? And the two, one full time? So created I for atmospherea a time of four hundred years, and a halftime of two hundred years. And in seven times and one half-time created I one dan' ha.

22. I sent my Gods to teach these things since thousands of years; whereby My angels might know the times of My resurrections. Hath not a farmer knowledge of the resurrection of spring, when I cover the earth over with new-growing things which I raise up out of the earth? How much more knowledge should my angels have of my springtimes, in atmospherea, when My archangels come to gather in My harvests of emancipated souls.

23. I commanded My etherean hosts, saying: Go ye to the lower heaven and teach them there is no such thing as individual resurrection. And they came proclaiming My word, showing all people that any number of individuals were as nothing unless united, which is the salvation I provided unto all My worlds.

24. For I created progress to be in compact; nor gave I to any person individual salvation or resurrection. That men might learn the advantage of compact, I caused mortals to have corporeal languages, and to live in cities. That ye in atmospherea might learn the All Perfection of being one with one another, I gave you the second resurrection; teaching you, through My Gods and Lords, to abnegate self-aspiration, for self-aspiration is at the expense of others; but commanding ye to learn to assimilate with one another.

25. And I gave rites and ceremonies, amongst which was the oath of service unto Me and My kingdoms, and unto none other, wherein many bound themselves, which was, and is, the beginning of liberty. Touching which matter, I created types on earth and in

the lower heavens, that even the unlearned might understand Me and My works.

26. For to him that begetteth children gave I bondage, to them and to him conjointly. But this is a bondage that circumventeth not liberty in time to come, for they can ascend to heaven, and progress conjointly, better than alone. But some gave themselves up to love earthly things, such as houses, and money, and kingdoms, which things have no resurrection. Hence, such bondage holdeth the person after death to the thing he loved.

27. In type of which, many have set up kingdoms in the lower heavens, binding themselves to things that have no higher resurrection, which things belong on the plateau of atmospherea where I created them. But to them who have bound themselves to their fellows, saying: I am the salvation! it is like a young man saying to a maiden: Come, I will be thy husband. And she goeth to him in confidence. Here, then, is bondage; and she holdeth him as the way of her salvation. Wherein, not he alone can annul that which hath been united, nor yet they twain; for, by their bondage, I am also a party to the contract.

28. In which manner, they that assume kingdoms, professing to be Gods of salvation, and thus enticing My innocent ones unto themselves, become bound, not only to their subjects, but to the contract of deliverance unto salvation; for so, created I them.

29. The Voice ceased, and Osire said: If a man wed a woman with an evil temper, his glory lieth not in going away from her, but in teaching her to overcome her temper; or, if her husband be evil, her glory lieth not in going away from him, but in reforming him. Rather is it wise to accomplish whatever work Jehovih hath put in thy way, than to desert it for sake of personal comfort.

30. Nevertheless, there is a limit to all things, save Jehovih; and to the wise there is power to accomplish much that seemeth impossible at first. Hear ye, then, my judgment upon you, which is that:

31. Ye shall again assume kingdoms, and every one shall have all the subjects he had before. And ye shall be provided with places and thrones by my archangels, and with councils of my archangels also. And I will give to each and every one of you an assistant God, who shall sit on your right hand for four years, the time of this dawn, teaching how to teach, and what to teach.

32. My hosts will now conduct you to the places prepared for you, around which are erected walls of agni. And when ye are safely seated on your thrones, your former subjects shall be brought before you in groups, and adjudged to the labor, and to the schools, and such other places as are suited to them, according to their strength and talents.

33. And I pronounce it upon you, that ye shall deliver your respective subjects sufficiently for the third resurrection. Wherein, according to your zeal and faithfulness, will my hosts labor with you, to the end that Jehovih may be glorified in your harvests for the emancipated worlds. Attend, therefore, to give the sign, IN JEHOVIH’S NAME, and receive ye ordination from my hands, by the power and wisdom of the Great Spirit.

34. The sheriffs showed them how to make the sign, and how to stand before the throne; and then Osire said: By Thy Wisdom, and Love, and Power, O Jehovih, which rest in me, do I annoint these, Thy Gods, for Thy service, and for the exaltation of Thy kingdoms, forever! Amen.

35. The light was now becoming so brilliant that many of the newly-made Gods quailed before it. But the marshals conducted them, and they passed before the throne of Osire,

where they were crowned and arrayed as Gods of the second resurrection; after which they were again conducted before the Council, and saluted on the sign; and thence, to martial music, they were taken to the kingdoms prepared for them.

chapter 7

1. Who shall tell the story of the Gods of heaven! Their mighty kingdoms, overspreading he whole earth! Hundreds and hundreds, and thousands! Their libraries of records of valorous and holy deeds! A council chamber of half a million souls! Hundreds of departments; thousands! Here a board to select young students to the colleges of messengers. Another board to select students to the colleges of arts. Another to select students to mathematics. Another for prophecy. Another for great learning. Another for factories. Another for compounding and dissolving elements. Then come the departments of the cosmogony of the stars; then, of the ethereal worlds; then, the roadways of the firmament; then, a' ji and ji' ya, and nebulae; then, se' mu; then hi' dan and dan; then, the dawn of dan; then, histories of the heavens far and near; then, genealogy of thousands of Orian Chiefs; the creation of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Yea, but to enumerate the half of what cometh before a God and his council would itself fill a book.

2. Who, then, O Jehovih, shall venture to tell the labor and wisdom of Thy etherean Gods! How shall the second resurrection give up its mysteries? Shall Thy recorder follow the young student for messenger, and disclose the training put upon him? How, like a carrier dove, he is taught to go from place to place, but holding the message in his head? Then follow the student in another department, and make a record of how he is taught? And of the multitude of questions that come before the Council from far-off places. Then the rites and ceremonies, and the unending variety and magnificence of the music. Can a man describe a million men and women and children? A hundred millions! A thousand millions! Five thousand millions! Who hath seen so great a man, to do this! And yet this is but Thy lower heaven, O Jehovih!

3. A strange voice riseth up from the earth, saying: Have they anything to do in heaven? O ye Gods! And one half of the earth-born coming hither in infancy! And the countless millions who know little more than the beasts of the field! To be falsely taught that these unfortunates would skip off to paradise and possess great learning in the hour of death!

4. O that their understanding could be opened up to Thy kingdoms, Thou All-Extending Creator! That their eyes could look upon the greatness of even Thy lower heaven! To behold a thousand departments reaching as wide as the earth! And then the hundreds of thousands of branch departments, of hundreds of grades, adapted to every soul that riseth up from the earth.

5. O that they could look into the dark places in atmospherea! That they could see a million souls, plunged in chaos by terrible war! Crazed spirits, wild and battling! Not knowing they are dead! The ceaseless toil of a million nurses and physicians, laboring day and night with them! O the darkness upon them! O the glory of Thy exalted ones! Who is there, having seen the magnificence of Thy glories, will not bestir himself every moment to lift up his brother and point the way to Thy throne?

6. O that they could see Thy swift Gods of dawn! How they hear a hundred tongues at one time, and frame answers for all of them, and, by a motion of the hand, dispatch

messengers to fulfill the same in words! How they select officers, to know a hundred at a glance, and know where to place them; that every one shall fit his place! Who is there, O Father, can frame into words the proceedings of heaven, so that mortals can comprehend even a fraction of Thy great glories!

7. Shall a man light a candle and say it representeth the sun? How, then, shall they find the affairs of mortals comparable to Thy kingdoms? O, that they knew the meaning of the difference betwixt All Light and the darkness of man' s judgment.

8. O that they knew Thee, Thou Central Sun of All Light! They have put away Thy Person, and they go in any direction. Thy Great Gods are but myths to them, because of the darkness of their souls. Behold, they look for a small man with a large sword! The power of great wisdom they know not.

9. That they could behold the coming and going of thousands of messengers, from far-off kingdoms, before the throne of Thy God! How he hath answered their matters suddenly! And the while heeded the voices of a thousand marshals! O that man knew the glory of Order! The power of Harmony!

10. They have seen a clock with a hundred wheels, and the eye of its maker overseeing its every part in motion, and they call it wonderful! But how can they know Thy Councils, O Jehovih? Thy millions? And Thy God on his throne, mantled in Thy Light, overseeing a whole heaven! What majesty of words can make mortals comprehend His wisdom, and power, and great labors!

chapter 8

1. Thus Osire established Vibhraj, the resplendent heaven, with a thousand and eight hundred sub-kingdoms, in atmospherea, all under the commandments of the central kingdom. And then he established the roadways between them, and appointed seven hundred thousand messengers. After that he ordained proper officers for intercommunion; and the several sub-kingdoms established their places of learning and places of labor; their hospitals and nurseries, and their innumerable asaphs, the receivers of es' yans, the newborn spirits of the dead of earth.

2. Osire said: Behold, there is order in heaven. Now will I appoint a God to hold dominion two hundred years. For whilst the dawn of dan yet remaineth, I will assist him. Let the examiners search, then, amongst my hosts, from such as sprang from the earth, such one as standeth clear on the record, and chief in rank.

3. So the examiners searched; and after thirty days, they selected Konas; and when Osire was informed, he sent a thousand of his own attendants, in an otevan, and they brought Konas to Vibhraj, to Jehovih' s throne. Osire said:

4. Greeting, in the name of the Father! Thou art chosen above all others; and, after the dawn of dan is ended, thou shalt be God of heaven and earth for two hundred years. Before the ascent of my hosts and of myself, behold, I will crown thee. Till then, thou shalt sit on my throne, and fill my place whilst I am absent.

5. I have now restored order in heaven, having given all the inhabitants a single purpose in concert, whereby their resurrection is surely founded. Now will I go down to the false Lords'kingdoms, on the earth, and to the mortal kings and queens, and restore order there also.

6. Konas said: Thy will and Jehovih' s be done! I am exalted and rejoiced in what is

bestowed upon me. Make me strong and wise, O Jehovih, that I may glorify Thy kingdoms!

7. So, after due preparation, Osire departed privately, taking with him one hundred thousand attendants, going down to the earth and to the false Lords'kingdoms, in the cities and temples of mortals.

8. Seven days Osire spent traveling round about the earth, visiting angels and mortals, but telling none who he was, or what was his object; and then he halted his otevan, which had been built for the purpose, in the regions of the mountains of We-ont-ka-woh, in Western Jaffeth. He said:

9. We-ont-ka-woh shall be my headquarters for a season. Here, then, will I found the first Lord' s kingdom for mortals; and inasmuch as mortals have made an idol of Apollo, so will I cast down Apollo, and make them know that I, Osire, am Lord of the earth. Then spake We' taing, saying:

10. Behold the glory of Jehovih from the first! In our journey around the earth, we have found the I' hins not idolaters, but still worshippers of the Great Spirit, Jehovih. But as to the half-breeds, who can understand them? They believe nothing; they believe everything. They ask the idol for rain, and for dry weather! For strength to slay the druks; for flesh to eat, and for famine to be visited on their enemies.

11. They are as living prey for druj to feast on; they invite the darkest of all evil. And to do their wills in return, the druj, the evil spirits, busy themselves inoculating the air with poison to kill their enemies.

12. Osire said: With the I' hins we have little to do; but as to the Ghans and the I' huans, they shall be converted into disbelievers of all spirits, save two, Jehovih and satan.

13. To accomplish which end, I will give them three figures: The signs of seasons, which shall represent the Creator in all the parts of the living; the sign of the sun, with motion and all life coming forth; and the hand of man.

chapter 9

1. Through Osire, Jehovih said:

2. I created man with a corporeal life, that he might learn corporeal things; but behold, the I' huans have lost all energy to acquire earthly knowledge, depending on their familiar spirits for information on everything. Thereby wasting their mortal lives in nonimprovement. So that when they die, and enter heaven, they are easily made slaves of by evil spirits.

3. Better were it for them had they no knowledge of spirit life, that they might put to service the talents I created within them. See to this matter, O My sons and Daughters; for their desire for the presence of the spirits of the dead will draw fetals upon themselves, and they will go down in darkness, like the ancients.

4. The Voice departed, and then Osire said: Hear me, O brothers, O sisters; this is my commandment upon you, and to you to render unto your successors after such time as I shall call you for the resurrection:

5. Possess ye the temples and oracles, where the familiar spirits speak; neither suffer ye familiars to come more to kings, nor queens, nor governors, nor to leaders nor rulers of men; but take ye possession of all such, and answer ye the corporeans with corporean knowledge only.

6. And that ye may be as a unit unto mortals, give ye all the same name, even Jehovih, through His Son, Osire. For when ye answer at the oracle, or in the altar or temple, they will ask who the spirit is; and ye shall say: Osire, Son of Jehovih; doing this in my name and the Father' s.

7. And when ye speak by entrancement, through the seers and prophets, also assert the same thing. And they will ask: Why has the Son of Jehovih come to us? And ye shall say:

8. Because ye are an idolatrous people, worshipping before stone and wood; whereby evil spirits take advantage of you, and rule you to your own hurt.

9. And they will reason amongst themselves, saying: How know we not, then, that thou thyself be not an evil spirit? And ye shall say: It is well that ye ask this, for I declare unto you, ye shall not worship Osire, but only Jehovih, the Creator. This doctrine, only, is safe. 10. Again they will say: Who is satan and his attendants? Ye shall answer: Whoever professeth any name save the Great Spirit, is of satan, which pertaineth to self.

11. Now whilst ye are thus reasoning with them, certain ones in the temples will be worked by the familiar spirits, writhing and twisting, and ye shall say to the next akin: Behold, I will tell thee how to cast out the evil spirit. Thou shalt say: I charge thee, in the name of Jehovih, to depart!

12. It shall come to pass they will do this, and at the time they use the words: In the name of Jehovih, depart! ye shall drive hence the familiars, thus proving the power of Jehovih greater than all spirits.

13. But that this matter may spread rapidly, and be valued highly, impart the name of the Great Spirit, in secret, not suffering them to speak it aloud. Choose ye, therefore, certain mortals, and ordain them through the king, and their labor shall be to cast out evil spirits.

14. It will come to pass in many places where ye dispossess the false Lords and their confederates, these evil spirits will inoculate the cattle and beasts of burden with poison, and they will die; and the evil spirits will show themselves to the dogs, and cause them to howl; and the evil spirits will obsess the swine, which are easily influenced, and the swine will appear drunk and foolish. All of which things ye shall prophesy to mortals beforehand, thereby attesting the wisdom of the Great Spirit.

15. After these things are accomplished, mortals will say further: Behold, thou Son of Jehovih, erst thou came, Apollo told us when to plant, and when to reap; when to bring the male and female cattle together; but now that we have put him aside, what shall we do? And ye shall answer them:

16. Come in the star-light, and I will give you the signs, that ye may know these things yourselves. And where ye speak in the oracle, or by entrancement, ye shall point out to them certain stars, and give them the names thereof; and certain groups of stars, with their names, also; and ye shall show them the travel of the sun, north and south, and give them a tablet of onk (zodiac), divided into twelve groups, with twelve lines coming from the sun.

17. And ye shall raise up priests by inspiration, and by entrancement, and through them illustrate the position of the sun in the signs of the zodiac (onk). And the priests shall explain these things to the unlearned, that they may comprehend of their own knowledge.

18. When these things are accomplished, ye shall inspire the I' huans to go to the I' hins and ask to be circumcised unto Jehovih; and the I' hins, also being under inspiration, will confess them and bestow them with the sign.

chapter 10

1. When Osire had completed his instructions to his hosts, he sent messengers to Vibhraj, saluting, in the name of Jehovih, calling for one million more ethereans, who came presently; whereupon, Osire divided them into ten thousand groups, giving each group one or more of his attendants, whom he had instructed what to do. When all of them were in readiness for the work, Osire said:

2. Experience hath proven that to dispossess familiar spirits in one place, is but to drive them to another. It is wise, therefore, that in the same day ye make the attack in one city or temple, ye shall do so in the principal places all over the earth, giving the familiars no place to fasten upon. Let it be the sign, therefore, of attack, in each and every place, at the beginning of sunrise, on the morrow; and ye shall possess all the temples, and places of the oracles, and the cities, and the kings and queens, and rulers and leaders of men, driving hence, by stratagem or by force, all the false Lords, and all spirits professing the name of Apollo, or any representative spirit in the name of Apollo or Thor.

3. And immediately will mortals recognize that some change is going on in the unseen world; and they will go to the places of spirit communion, asking for Apollo to explain; and ye shall answer: Apollo is cast out! Hear ye the wisdom of the Great Spirit, Jehovih!

4. And thereafter, ye shall instruct them as I have commanded.

5. So it came to pass as Osire had decreed; the ethereans drove out the false Lords of the earth, and they banished the familiars of all the kings and queens and leaders of men. And the ethereans taught in the temples and oracles, and by entrancement, and by inspiration, even as commanded by Jehovih, through His Son, Osire.

6. But in all places the Great Spirit' s name was made a secret; and it was commanded of mortals that His name should only be spoken in whisper, or low breath, because Jehovih speaketh to the soul of man silently. And these things were established; and this was the first universal teaching of the Great Spirit to mortals, save to the sacred people, the I' hins.

7. And Osire decreed: One Lord shall ye give to every city and oracle; but every Lord shall profess Jehovih, being His Son.

8. And this was also accomplished; and when the people consulted the oracles as to who the spirit was, the answer was: Jehovih, through His Son, Lord of earth (or God of earth). But it was made lawful to use the names, Lord and God, with audible words; and they were thus used and spoken of by mortals as the substitutive words, permissible in public, in place of the name, JEHOVIH. After this, the names LORD and GOD were worshipful.

9. Osire said: It is an easy matter to rule over the kings and queens and prophets, and all learned people; but not so easy to rule over the ignorant. Who, having been accustomed to worship Apollo through the idols, will long continue to do so; therefore, ye shall cause the kings to issue edicts prohibiting familiar spirits, and forbidding soothsayers and workers of magic; but teach ye mortals that these things come of satan (the evil disposition of men).

10. This was also done, according to the commandments; and now there was no place left for familiar spirits to obsess mortals. And these spirits distributed themselves after the manner of spirits of the olden times; some going into swine, and living with them; whereupon, Osire commanded his hosts to inspire the kings and queens to pass laws prohibiting the eating of swine' s flesh, lest mortals become bound with fetals.

Accordingly, this law was established on the earth. Some of the dispossessed went into the forests to dwell, and some to the fountains and mists in waterfalls; others; who were depraved, dwelt in the fisheries and slaughterhouses; and still others, in the kennels, with dogs and cats. Nevertheless, there were many mortals who were dealers in magic and witchery, and these had an abundance of familiars. And when such mortals would die, the familiars would go to their sons or daughters; whereupon, it was said of them they inherited the gift of magic.

11. Osire, having overcome the evil spirits, now called a council at We-ont-ka-woh; and there came five hundred thousand angels.

12. Osire said: In Jehovih' s name, will I now deliver them I have cast out; and ye shall labor to this end in conjunction with the Gods of atmospherea. Behold, I have had the familiars enumerated, and there are more than six thousand millions of them on earth. Ye shall go forth, therefore, into all the divisions of the earth, where they inhabit, and proclaim a great festival, to be held in We-ont-ka-woh, inviting them hither. And ye shall provide them conveyance, bringing them across the seas in suitable vessels. For, when I have them here congregated, I will destroy the ships, and they cannot return.

13. This was accomplished, and more than five thousand millions of spirits came to the festival, where were provided for them food, and also clothes of fantastic colors, to please the eye of the ignorant; and after they were provided in decency, they were entertained in music and dancing, they themselves being taught to take part. For seventy days the festival lasted, and every day varied from another; and the multitude became so intoxicated with delight, and withal, so broken off from their old habits and associations, that they forgot all about the ships and conveyances.

14. Osire spake to his Council privily, saying: Provide ye an airiata large enough for all these people. I will show you what shall happen! So, whilst the festival was going on, the proper workmen built the vessel, and its capacity was sufficient to carry all the multitude of spirits, besides a sufficiency of regimen for them on a long journey.

15. Now, after the festival had lasted seventy days, Osire proclaimed order, that he might speak to them. He said:

16. Brothers and sisters, in the name of the Great Spirit, greeting to you all. I am about to depart to a higher world. That ye might hear my voice, I proclaimed order. That ye may rejoice in my words, I speak in love and tenderness. My home is in a world far away. Where there is no suffering; no sorrow. And the spirit of my people is radiant with light. I would tell you of the beauty and glory of my home, but it would not be just to you. Ye would no longer be content to remain here. So I seal up my mouth.

17. Because ye suffered, and my soul was full of pity, I made this festival. The Great Spirit taught me how to make food and clothes, and to travel far, and be not afraid. All the people where I live can hear the voice of the Great Spirit. They learn all things by first learning to hear Him. His Wisdom supplieth every want.

18. It will be a long time before I come again; my heart of love will come back to you. The time of the festival is ended; your time is come to return to your old places. These Lords of yours, which you have had so long, may provide you.

19. Almost at once, when Osire began to speak, the people desired to go whither he would decree, and when he suggested for them to return to their former Lords, who were also present, they answered with a universal shout: Nay, never more with them!

20. Osire said: I perceive ye desire to go with me and my hosts. I have learned to understand the souls of people. But do ye understand me? I mentioned the great glories in my heavens; but I did not tell you that we worked to make them. Yea, we work every day. The Great Spirit made the tree to get its food and clothes without labor; but, behold, it hath no power to travel. Some things in the world labor not; but man, who hath neither feathers nor hair to cover his body, is provided with talents. Talents are the greatest of all gifts. The air and the ground provide the substance of fruit and foliage to the tree; but the spirit who hath talent can find the substance of fruit and foliage in the air, and gather it.

21. Lights of various colors were now being set up by the ethereans, and the place enriched with the most enticing perfumes.

22. Osire proceeded: By the cultivation of talent, all things are possible unto all men and women. With a sufficiency of talent, ye need no Lords or oppressive rulers. I mentioned the great beauties in my etherean home. Ye go to the spray of fountains, and disport yourselves in rainbows; but ye are in a small corner, at best, and the substances of your joys are in perpetual failure. Behold the sprays and bows made by my hosts! Hear the music played in the elements of their handiwork!

23. The hosts here overcast the entire multitude with the vapor of the air, converted into millions of kaleidoscopic pictures, and filled the place with the music of wind currents trained to tunes.

24. The hosts were overjoyed beyond measure. Again Osire said: Hear me yet further; the festival must cease. Ye forget, I told you I must go. My marshals will now conduct me and my hosts to my fire-ship. As for ye, my heart is broken. I know the toil and hardship put upon you. But if ye desire these things, they are yours.

25. The universal shout was: We will go with thee! Take us in your fire-ship. Teach us how to improve our talents!

26. Osire said: What will the Lords do? Shall they remain without subjects? But the false Lords answered quickly: We will also go with thee, and be servants to do thy bidding!

27. Osire said: When I am on the ship I will answer. So he departed, and went into the airiata, to the side of which his own fire-ship was made fast; and presently, he commanded all who chose to come aboard; and lo and behold, the whole of them, even more than five thousand millions, went in. Osire at once commanded the ascent; and thus he delivered them high up in atmospherea, where his proper officers had already provided a plateau of habitation for them; and the name of the plateau was Assan, signifying, no escape, for here Osire decreed to have them educated, and purged from evil; nor was it possible for them to return to the earth of their own power and learning. .

chapter 11

1. In Assan, Osire appointed Sha' bon as God over the delivered hosts; and Sha' bon selected officers and teachers, and then divided the people into groups and sections, according to their development, and then erected schools, and nurseries, and factories, and put the inhabitants to work, feasting them plenteously with rites and ceremonies.

2. After Assan was duly organized, Osire departed, and went and sojourned in various kingdoms that had been established by his Lords.

3. And all the heavens of the earth were thus organized anew under Osire. And the whole time of organization was three years; but Osire spent the balance of dawn in Vibhraj,

perfecting it as the central kingdom of atmospherea. And lastly, he decreed the appointment of ten thousand Lords, to dwell on earth. Some at the temples of worship, or oracles; some within the cities of the Ghans; and he decreed for his Lords as followeth, to wit:

4. Ye shall not teach mortals of heavenly things, neither by inspiration, nor through the oracles.

5. Ye shall not suffer them to commune with the spirits of the dead, not even their own kin.

6. Ye shall not permit spirits to come to their mortal kin. And the spirits of those who die in infancy ye shall deliver to the asaphs in Vibhraj.

7. Ye shall not permit spirits to inhabit deserted houses; nor permit them to form habitations on the grave-yards, on the earth.

8. Ye shall not permit spirits to inhabit caves nor waterfalls on the earth.

9. Ye shall not permit spirits to obsess mortals, nor to speak through them by entrancement, save they be such spirits as ye appoint in order to carry out these, my decrees; or save they be masters of generation (loo' is), whom ye shall appoint over mortals for other purposes.

10. Ye shall control the selecting and appointing of guardian spirits over newborn mortals.

11. And all such guardian spirits shall teach their wards nothing of heaven near the earth, but inspire them that it lieth far away, and very high, from which place none return.

12. And the guardians shall also inspire their wards to consult God only, or his Lord, and to do this by secret prayer.

13. And that the Lord and God are all goodness, and all wisdom, and all love, and all power. s mortal condition.

14. And that all evil cometh from tetracts, born with man'

15. And ye shall inspire mortals to acquire a knowledge of the sun, and moon, and stars, giving names unto them, together with their places in the firmament.

16. And give them temples for observation, and tablets for instruction. s soul to the acquisition of corporeal knowledge,

17. For in all things ye shall direct man' causing him to look into corporeal things to find a reason for the behavior of all created substance.

18. And they shall not in any sense longer depend on the spirits for knowledge, nor truth.

19. For I am not laying the foundation for spiritual knowledge on earth; that must come after. For as Jehovih first gave to man a corporeal life, and then a spiritual life, so am I laying a foundation for a new race (the Ghans) on the earth. For from their kin shall spring the heirs of kosmon, who shall embrace both corporeal and spiritual knowledge.

20. But these shall rise in corporeal knowledge, and go down in it, suffering death in that which I now rain on the earth.

21. Ye shall teach them in truth; but they will in after generations contort your teachings into corporeal worship, prostrating themselves before the sun, and moon, and stars, going down in disbelief in not only the spiritual life, but in the Great Spirit, and His Gods and Lords.

22. And these things must come to pass on the corporeal world; nor is there any resurrection in the latter days, save these of this day go through the fall which I am

preparing for them.

23. For which reason, ye shall found corporeal knowledge in the stars, and name them, for these things will be testimony in kosmon, of the fate of the worshippers of corporeal knowledge, in the time of the Osirian cycle.

24. Wherein ye shall leave nothing undone that can be done, to make mortals put aside all spirituality, save to believe in the Great Spirit and a distant heaven; but make them pursue knowledge wholly corporeal.

25. For the labor of God and his Lords shall not always be to fetch spirits back to earth, to learn of corpor, for this is not Jehovih' s plan.

26. A heaven shall be built up of corporeal knowledge, which shall have a base in the firmament of heaven, where spirits can be taught in time to come.

27. Fear not that man can be too unbelieving in spiritual things, in this age; Jehovih requireth even perfection in unbelief, in certain periods of time. And this is the founding of that era on the earth.

28. Do ye, therefore, these matters with all your wisdom and strength; and may the Light of Jehovih be with you, now and forever.

chapter 12

1. Osire, through his mathematicians, now furnished the Lords with maps of corporeal stars, and moon, and sun, and the position of the earth, with the sun-belt, and bestowed the names of animals upon them. Showed where the region of Cows was; the place of Bulls; the place of Bears; the place of Horses; the place of Fishes; the place of Scorpions; the place of Sheep; the place of Lions; the place of Crabs; the place of Death; the place of Life; the place of Capricornus; and marked the seasons, and made twelve sections (months) to the year, which was the width of the sun-belt.

2. And he placed the sun in the midst and made lines thence to the stars, with explanations of the powers of the seasons on all the living.

3. And he gave the times of Jehovih, the four hundred years of the ancients, and the halftimes of dan, the base of prophecy; the variations of thirty-three years; the times of eleven; and the seven and a half times of the vortices of the stars, so that the seasons might be foretold, and famines averted on the earth.

4. When the tablets were completed and ready to deliver to the Lords, Osire said: Take these and bestow them on mortals, both through the oracles and by inspiration, making them sacred with the prophets, and seers, and priests, and their kings and queens.

5. And ye shall inspire them to build temples of observation, to study the stars; teaching by the gau and by the travel of the sun north and south, and by Cnest, and by dark chambers, that they may prove the Fichtus of Haak, for nothing shall be left undone or untaught whereby man' s corporeal senses shall not prove adequate to a perfect corporeal life.

6. For this rule followeth on all corporeal worlds; that with the culture of the corporeal senses, man becometh vigorous, strong, and independent; and with the culture of the spiritual senses in corporeans, they become weak, sensitive and dependent.

7. In the first case, they ultimately become selfish and wicked; in the second case, they become impotent, and unadapted to corporeal life, and thus become extinct.

8. On all corporeal worlds, Jehovih hath provided these two seasons for every race He created; a season for the development of the corporeal senses, and a season for the development of the spiritual senses. To find the mean between these is to find kosmon, which lieth far in the future.

9. In this day, therefore, I give the matter into your charge, in the name of Jehovih, that you consider not the spirutual nature of the corporeans in any respect, leaving that matter to God and his sub-Gods, who will receive them at the time of their mortal death.

10. But ye shall teach them to fear no spirit, nor Lord, nor God; teaching them that by their own wills they can cast out the tetracts which assume to be spirits. Rather inspire ye them to be Gods and Goddesses themselves; and by their aspirations they will become large and powerful, and of fearless disposition.

Plate 65 . ARIES. See book of Jaffeth.

chapter 13

1. And thus was finished the dawn of dan, when great Osire had spoken, and to his God and Lords commissioned the harvesting of earth and heaven for another cycle. Order reigned in heaven and on earth, because a man, a God, had spoken. Men and angels had their eyes turned inward, to know of what capacity Jehovih had made them. And the earth and moon, and sun and stars, were shown in a new light to the sense of men; not to be shunned and despised, but glories given by the Great Spirit for useful purposes.

2. Jehovih had said: Some men I created to reason near at hand; others to speculate in faroff regions, with thoughts diverse and unlike in procedure. Think not, O man, that in high heaven such men become all alike; not so created I them, but to run in their various extremes forever!

3. Of the first, Osire, My Son, enthroned to give reason practice, came not a random period, but just when I had designed to sow the seed of unbelief broadcast over earth and heaven.

4. For such appeareth in all peoples under the sun; a season of belief; a season of unbelief. And with the believing is the practice of truth and love; and with the unbelieving is the practice of great research and learning, with cruelty and disputation.

5. Osire said: Send for my resurrection, O Jehovih; I have uprooted the evil of idol worship, the extreme that followeth too much belief. To Thy corporeal worlds I have opened man' s eyes, and set a mark on man' s souls, wherein man shall not come from earth to heaven, saying: Alas, I have no corporeal knowledge!

6. Jehovih said: To further man' s ultimate glory, I have decreed the earth to ji' ay' an fields for three thousand years, in which thy fruit shall have its full growth.

7. Osire foresaw the times and places in the future road of earth and heaven, and that from his decrees would spring corporeal philosophy, the first of earth, whereto man should look back in after ages, saying: Thence sprang the Osirian system; thence the Asyrian races. Yet he looked further on, when men should become idolaters in disbelief of spiritual things, doing worship to the sun, moon and stars; and in very corpor profess to find the cause and foundation of all.

8. Jehovih said: Man shall search all things in order to find Me; but I gave this labor not to one generation of men, nor to those of a hundred, or a thousand years, but to cycles. For, when I come in kosmon, to found My kingdom on earth, man shall have the testimony of all speculation and philosophies before him, together with the fruits thereof. And he shall judge that which is good by the evidence of past practices.

9. High in the arc of Se' ing rose Osire' s call, where millions waited, knowing the dawn of dan on the red star was near its end. Swift messengers told the story of Jehovih' s work, through His Son, Osire; and, measuring the width of His harvest, laid the scheme at the feet of the reigning Goddess, Antwa. And she gave the word, Go, to her legions in waiting, who had moored an obegia, a float, a fire-ship, ready to proceed for the hosts redeemed by Great Osire.

10. And they cut her loose, amidst music and dancing, the obegia, five million souls aboard, commanded by Eticene, Goddess of Antwa' s Garden, an etherean plain, where dwelt ten thousand million souls. A place of rest, for Gods and Goddesses to regale themselves with stories of redemptions of mortals on the countless stars floating in Jehovih' s etherean veins.

11. Off to the red star, the earth, steered the obegia, the pride of Eticene, for the marriage s harvest festival of seven thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms, the yield of Osire' for the upper kingdoms.

12. Meanwhile, Osire and his hosts, prepared in the usual way, waited the signal, the coming of Jehovih' s light, within the earth' s vortex. For strange it seemeth to Gods and men, everything in the firmament is upward; who leave a star, upward rise; who leave an etherean world for the stars, rise upward also, but call it downward, to suit the

understanding of mortals. So pierced the vortex of atmospherea, the obegia, and the hosts of Eticene. The Brides and Bridegrooms shouted with joy.

13. And the millions of guests, assembled to witness the awe-inspiring ceremonies, joined in applause.

14. Then down came the ship of fire, broad as a sea, with all her appurtenances in trim, and adorned in majesty, even to the floors of Vibhraj. And from the mantles of light came Eticene, to salute great Osire, in the name of the Great Spirit, and receive his contribution to the unchangeable worlds!

15. Osire, with his attendants, the archangels of Lowtsin, received Eticene under the Sign of Ormadz, Master Creator of Power, and then presented his delivered sons and daughters, seven thousand millions.

16. Whereupon, due ceremonies were proclaimed, and the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih entered the obegia. Osire saluted God, who was ordained to be ruler of heaven and earth for the next two hundred years, and, with sorrow in his soul, departed, going into the obegia, the fire-ship, for a higher heaven, where waited millions of loves, calling to him to come home.

17. Then upward rose the mighty ship, commanded by the slender Eticene, the young Goddess of Antwa' s Garden; her little hands stretched upward to Jehovih, her mighty faith, Commander of the elements. END OF THE BOOK OF OSIRIS.

the lords’ fifth book


chapter 1


1. God apportioned certain of the earth for the tribes of Shem of the arc of Noe' chi, a heavenly place, seat of mountains, and Lords, All Wise, and from His Wisdom directed Hirto into His pastures.

2. Hirto, Son of Neph, born of an egg, descended out of the highest heaven. He was a most gracious Lord, and in deference to Om, smote against the rocks of heaven. So, when the egg was broken, one-half of the shell ascended, the other half became the foundation of the world.

3. The evil voice (satan) spake to the children of men, and polluted them. Whereupon the Great Spirit spoke in the firmament of heaven, saying: To Hirto, son of Neph, I bequeathed the tribes of Shem forever. For they have withstood Anra' mainyus, My everlasting enemy. So Hirto became Lord of Shem, and he banished Anra' mainyus down under the earth, where he busieth himself building fires for the furnaces of hell, whereof the smoke and flames come up through the earth and are called Agni (volcanoes), that his existence might be known to men.

4. Thus came Evil from Good; but that Everlasting Wisdom should prevail with mortals

and the spirits of heaven, All Light created Visvasrij (law, or natural law), as a creator to abide forever. Before this time there were two things in the world: Voidness was one, and Vachis was the other. Vachis vach, and the world was. So it came to pass that Voidness was divided into two parts, the seen and the unseen worlds.

5. The unseen spake in the wind three sounds, E-O-IH, and was called by mortals Eolin, God of the wind; so Eolin showed himself in three colors: yellow, which is the highest color; blue, which is the coldest color; and red, which is the warmest color.

6. Eolin said: Out of My three sounds, are all sounds made; out of My three colors, are all colors made. He was the All Master.

7. He said: Three worlds have I made: the earth world, which is for mortals; the all high heavens, which is for pure and wise angels; and the intermediate world, which resteth on the earth.

8. Eolin said: Three lights have I created: the sun, to rule the day; the moon, to rule the night; and the burning fire, for the use of man.

9. Three spirit lights created I: Ruch, which issueth out of My soul; Shem, which cometh from My Lords in heaven to the souls of men; and Vas, which cometh from the spirits of the intermediate world.

10. Eolin said: Three states am I in: Ghost, which is ever-present and unchangeable; Corpor, which is in places, like the earth and stars and sun and moon; and Motion, which is everlasting unrest. So am I, Eolin, Mightiest in three, in All Place and All Time.

11. When the egg was broken and the shell distributed, lo and behold, the se' mu of the egg had nowhere to rest, and being void of compact distributed in the void world and was not seen. Then Hirto, High Lord of the upper heavens, sent whirlwinds abroad, and they gathered of the substance of the egg and rained it down on the earth.

12. Uz, son of Eolin, ran quickly and turned Anra' mainyus'fires to the north, and Eolin touched the earth with his quickening hand, and straightway all the living were created.

13. So Eolin said: Thou, My first begotten Son, it shall be thine to keep forever. Neither shall there be any other God.

14. But it came to pass in course of time the evil voice (satan) encompassed the earth about with serpents that spake like men and angels, and the serpents made friends with All Evil, Father of Anra' mainyus; and the women of the tribes of A' su went and tempted the first men, the I' hins, whereby there was born into the world evil offspring.

15. Hirto, Lord of the earth, drove the first men out of the region of light, and sat highborn angels on the boundaries of Chinvat, at the gates of the upper heaven, to guard the tribes of Faithists ever after. Nevertheless, evil, being set on foot, soon overspread the earth. So Hirto rested his hands on his thighs, and swore an oath unto All Light that he would drown the world and all the living. And in answer to the Lord a seraphim, a mighty fire-ship, came down out of the sun region, opening the flood-gate of heaven with a sea of water, and all the people perished, save the I' hins, the sacred people, friends of the Lord of earth.

16. So the Lord took the hollow of his hand and lifted up his people, and gave them doves'wings, and they flew afar and came to the land where dwelleth the Lord, so it was called Shem as a proof to all the world.

17. In those days God was near mortals, so that, when an honest man spake, the Lord answered him. And Anra' mainyus was near also, and when an evil man spake an evil

voice answered him. For that reason the Lord singled out the purest and most virtuous of women; the wisest, strongest and most faithful, best of men, and married them, giving two women to one man, according to law. And the heirs of the wisest and most virtuous of men and women were wiser than their parents. And the Lord gave this secret to his people in the house of God, and they gave the knowledge to the chosen people.

18. Hirto said: For this reason, O my beloved, shall ye not wed with the druks, the dark people, that burrow in the ground, lest your seed be polluted, and your heirs go down to hell with Anra' mainyus.

19. But Anra' mainyus, evil creator of evil, went to the druk women; speaking to them in a dark corner, he said: Ye have of the root of Babao to make delirious; fetch it to the white people that came with doves'wings; fetch, and they will eat and get drunk. And when the young men are drunk, go ye to them, for they are my gift.

20. So, of them that came out of the arc of Noe' chi, was sin newborn; for the druks went in where they were drunk, saying: Lest the white people and the yellow people fall upon us, and our seed perish on the earth, make us of flesh and kin, bone and bone, blood and blood.

21. Hirto, the Lord God, saw into the darkness, and being compassionate, said: A great punishment will I visit on Anra' mainyus for this; his head shall droop in sorrow. But as for the I' hins, being drunk, I will forgive them. And as to the newborn people, they shall become the mightiest of all people in the whole world, because they came out of both darkness and light. The darkness in them shall battle all darkness; the light that is in them shall then master over their own darkness. But as for the druks, they shall go down in darkness forever.

chapter 2

1. Shem had many tribes, who settled on the borders of the sea at Haventi and Gats; and the Lord (Hirto) dwelt with them, speaking through the chief prophet, Tah (Tae), who made a record on stone, and wood, and cloth, of the Lord' s word, and these were preserved in the Valens (house) of God (Hirto).

2. And when Tah was old, and died, the mantle of the Lord' s gifts fell on Tah' s son; who also had power to hear the Voice; and he also kept a record of the Lord' s words.

3. And then he died, and his son succeeded in the same way; and, because of this truth, the Lord called all of them by the sacred name, Tah, the order of which continued for a hundred generations. And it came to pass that the I' hins filled the country far and near with cities; and yet, in all the while, they killed nothing that had been created alive to breathe, on the earth, or in the water, or in the air above.

4. In the early days of the I' hins, the Lord spake through the chief prophet, saying: When the inhabitants of one city or tribe marry with those of another city or tribe, behold, it is but just that the names of father and mother be given to the offspring.

5. But men were in darkness in those days, and understood not God. So, accordingly, the inhabitants combined the names belonging to the neighboring tribes. That is to say, one tribe said, ut (wheat); another tribe, for the same thing, said, yat; and another tribe said, wat; and another, hoot; and so on. So, the after-generations said, utyatwathoot (wheat), and this was called the Yi-ha language; and so great were the number and the size of the words used, that the writings of the ancient prophets were lost, because none could

understand them.

6. The Lord spake, saying: Because I desired to preserve the genealogy of my chosen, ye have applied the law to things that are worthless in my sight. Ye have built a babble, a tower of words, so that your tongues are confounded one with another. Ye strove to reach to heaven with a multitude of words, but made food for hada (hades).

7. The Lord said: Come, now, into murdhan (a spirit circle), and I will deliver you. So the people sat in crescent, and the Lord came betwixt the horns, saying: Behold, ye are Tau, but I am the S' ri (Spirit). My word shall stand against all the world.

8. Hear, then, the commandments of God (Hautot). Because ye have built a tower of words, ye are confounded. But I come not in anger, but to deliver you. Neither will I write more, nor teach written words, for they are only folly, save to the learned.

9. By mouth-words will I teach, and ye shall repeat after me. And these shall be sacred words to the end of the world.

10. So the Lord taught orally in the temple, face to face with the people, and they learned the words and the meaning thereof.

11. And those who learned the best, the Lord named Ritvij, because he made them teachers over others. The Lord said: Because ye have confounded the language of the ancients, I will give you a new language, and it shall be vede (perfect), against all my enemies; nor shall any man more meddle with the words I give.

12. Hirto (Lord) said: Love thy Lord God only, and with all thy soul. Turn thy face away from the angels who come to thee; they are the emissaries of Anra' mainyus.

13. Hirto said: Love the sun and moon, and all things on the earth, for they are the Lord' s gift. What is spirit? It flieth away; it is nothing.

14. Smite the druj (spirits) that prophesy. They are nothing but lies; they are Anra' mainyus'emissaries.

15. Learn to prophesy by the sun, and by the moon and by the stars. They tell no lies.

16. The Lord then gave the signs of the zodiac (the horses, and cows, and lions, and sheep, and birds) that rule upon the earth, and upon the winds of heaven, and on the heat and cold, and the sun, and moon and stars, and spring and summer, and fall and winter. But these things are here omitted in this book, because they are known in mortal histories to this day.

17. The Lord saith in this day, the kosmon era: Behold, O man, in the time of Osiris, I, the Lord, raised up many philosophers on the earth, and inspired them not only to fulfill the legends of the ancients, but also to write books of disputation, in order to turn man' s mind away from the consultation of familiar spirits. After this manner did I inspire men to write, to wit:

18. Touching the matter of the egg, and also of Anra' mainyus, they appear never to have been proven, neither are they given on the authority of Hirto, the Lord of earth. It is reasonable to suppose that the Great Spirit divided up the worlds amongst His Gods and Lords, and that the earth (Bhu) fell to the portion of Hirto; whilst the stars, which are also worlds like this, fell to other Lords and Gods. But as for evil Gods, like Anra' mainyus, who hath ever seen one?

19. As for Hirto, the Lord, I have seen him myself, and so have thousands of other honest prophets. But when the Lord spake it was not about foolish stories, but to teach man how to live, that he might be happy himself and a glory to the Great Spirit. Neither did I ever

hear the Lord assert that he was more than the spirit of a man risen from the earth. In my opinion, therefore, the Lord is the captain over the earth, and over all other spirits. But even to know this, is not so great a good truth as to know how to do righteously.

20. Of all things, therefore, man should learn, especially of what he can see, and hear, and prove, rather than of spirits whom he cannot prove, nor find when he wanteth them. .

chapter 3

1. The Lord said: As a farmer planteth wheat in one field, and rice in another, and flax in another, so I, the Lord, inhabit the earth with the seed of man. Neither shall any wise man say: These things came by chance; that it so happened that one people settled in Jaffeth (China), another in Vindu (India), and another in Arabinya (Arabia). Such is the argument of my enemies, saith the Lord. Not perceiving wisdom in my work as it seemeth for a day, they fail to extend judgment into the thousands of years of my plans, and so, stubbornly, shut themselves up in ignorance, saying: There is no God.

2. For I foresaw the breadth of the earth, and that it should be subdued for the glory of man; and in the early days, I divided my armies with wisdom.

3. To Ham I allotted the foundation of the migratory tribes of the earth. And of the tribes of Ham, behold, I selected many colors of men; whereof I fore-ordained the name Ham to stand as a living testimony to the end of the world. For I foresaw that the time would come when the nations would look back for histories of my peoples, and I erected certain words and signs which should be testimony in the later times of earth.

4. Of all colors (black, white, yellow, copper, red and brown) were the tribes of Ham; nevertheless, they were I' hins (Faithists), having flat nails and short arms, and of such as desired to acquire knowledge. And I brought them to a country of sand fields and of fields of rich pastures interspersed, where lived but few natives, the dark people, with short hair. Neither omitted I even the hair of the head of man without providing testimony of my word.

5. Of the I' hins, I provided testimony in all the divisions of the earth, with long hair belonging to the tribes that worshipped Jehovih, that man of the kosmon era might perceive that the land whence they sprang is not above the water.

6. Behold, the multiple (Yi-ha) language of the tribes of Shem! Side by side with the tribes of Jaffeth raised I them. And, behold, the latter use the derivation of the Panic language to this day.

7. For I gave unto the tribes of these two different lands my ten commandments and ten invocations, to be not written, but spoken and taught from mouth to ear, to be sacred in the language given.

8. Wherein man shall perceive that the same stories of the egg, and of the origin of evil in the world, could not have been communicated by mortals.

9. For I locked up sufficient of the Panic language in Jaffeth as a testimony to be discovered in after years; showing that, unlike Ham and Shem, a mighty nation could retain one language for thousands of years.

10. For I foresaw that philosophers would try to prove that languages were of mortal origin, and that they would change according to the growth of knowledge amongst men.

11. Behold, I gave scriptures unto all my people, enjoining some to adhere to the text; and, so, I preserved the work of my hand.

12. The tribes of Ham were previously ordained with characteristics to make them love to emigrate westward; and the tribes of Jaffeth and Shem with characteristics to make them love to stay within their own countries. And the tribes of Guatama with characteristics to make them love to go eastward. For I set a boundary to the tribes of Guatama, that they should not reach the ocean on the east.

13. The Lord said: Having designed Ham for teaching the barbarian world of me and my dominion, I also prepared them that, through their seed, men and women should have hair neither straight nor short, but long and curled, and red, and white, and brown, whereby might be traced in after ages the genealogy of nations.

14. Now, in the midst of three great countries, Jaffeth, Shem and Ham, was the chief place of the I' huans, where they founded a new nation; and the Lord called them Parsi' e, signifying, warrior Faithists, because he created them as a shield, to guard his chosen, the I' hins. huans and the Parsi' e was that the I' huans lived near and

15. The difference betwixt the I' about the I' hins, but the Parsi' e' ans lived in a nation by themselves.

16. Nevertheless, they were all of the same blood and kin, being half-breeds betwixt the hins and the native druks; and they were large, and mostly of the color of new copper. I'

17. And because they were favored of the Lord, the Lord gave them separate laws, and commanded them not to mix with the druks; the which commandment they kept for more than a thousand years.

18. But, in course of time, the Parsi' e' ans were tempted by the druks, and fell from their high estate, and they became cannibals.

19. And the Lord sent the Ghans, to whom he delivered his oral scriptures, to travel in search of his people; and, lo and behold, ten tribes of the Lord' s people were lost in the wilderness; and this was the country of the Parsi' e' ans, and that land was filled with wild goats. Hence came the name, LAND OF GOATS.

20. And the lost tribes, not being flesh-eaters, were at a loss for food; and they said: Come, let us live on goat' s milk.

21. And they so lived for a long season, taming the goats, and keeping herds of them. And they roved about, driving their herds with them, for which reason they took the name of SHEPHERD KINGS.

22. And the Lord looked on them with favor, saying: These that call themselves shepherd kings shall have this country. Behold, out of the seed of these people, will I do mighty wonders.

23. The Lord said: What man can discover, I, the Lord, left for him to discover; what man could not discover, I, the Lord, taught him.

24. To the shepherd kings revealed I how to make leather out of skins; neither had man any means to make this discovery. The shepherd kings made bags of leather in which they carried milk, which was thus churned; and they made butter, which was the first butter made in this world.

chapter 4

1. God said: Without evil preserved I the I' hin race, as the foundation of my light, wherefrom I could reach forth to the tribes of darkness.

2. For I fore-ordained not to go within darkness to battle it, but to stand without, and give

an example of righteousness for man to look upon.

3. Neither planned I from the beginning that my chosen should labor without examples of cities and kingdoms of righteousness.

4. The evil man and evil priest, who are subjects to satan and his hosts, remain in evil, preaching righteousness without a city or kingdom of example. But my chosen go away by themselves and build their cities, as a testimony of their faith in the Father.

5. And they practice the fullness of my commandments by their lives toward one another.

6. To him who saith: THIS IS MINE, I have not spoken. To him who saith: MY HOUSE, MY LANDS, I have not spoken.

7. For inasmuch as these things belong to them, such men belong to such things, and not to me.

8. For illustration of which truth, I raised up separate from the world' s people, the I' hins, who were my living examples of righteousness.

9. Think not, however, that the I' hins were the perfection of manhood and womanhood. They were not a developed race, nor righteous because of their own knowledge.

10. By the constant presence of my exalted angels, they were obsessed to righteousness, being restrained away from evil. They were my sermon before the tribes of druks and cannibals that covered the earth over; and, by virtue of signs and miracles, and by nonresistance, preserved I them.

11. For man of himself evolveth only to power in evil; wherefore, O man, thou shalt behold my dominion over the races of men, to work righteousness and good-will.

12. And my examples reached into the souls of the barbarians, so that, in after ages, I should prepare them to hear my voice, and to comprehend my commandments.

13. For it is the fullness of light amongst men, when, without my presence or the presence of my hosts, they shall understand virtue and knowledge, practicing them of their own accord. In which time men shall perceive that righteousness, and peace, and love toward one another, are the foundation of the happiness of the spirit, and the only light of its resurrection.

14. The Lord said: Think not that I came to one nation alone, leaving the others in darkness; I came not to one alone, but unto all the divisions of the earth. According to what was required for them at times, so held I my hand over them, and they accomplished that which was designed from the beginning.

15. It being not the will of Jehovih that man should be forever led, because, forsooth, his Lord saith; but that man should ultimately have the light of practicing good works organically, from infancy up.

16. The Lord said: A teacher that doeth all things for his pupil, also sacrificeth his pupil; he who teacheth his pupil wrongly, sinneth against the Father; he who teacheth his pupil not at all, is accessory to evil. So standeth the Lord, your God, over the children of men.

17. Behold, I have demonstrated that my chosen can maintain themselves unharmed amongst barbarians; also that by unrestrained marriages a sacred people is quickly lost amongst barbarians.

18. For man, witnessing terrible conflicts, should rather desire sons of strong limbs and arms and crafty minds, to do murderous work abundantly; from which condition he had no incentive to rise in gentleness and love, for the glory of the Spirit.

19. That I, your Lord, might show after-generations, first, that without my hand in the

work, no good nor peace could come amongst men; and, second, that only by a race of I' hins, as examples of my power, through signs and miracles, could the barbarians be reached for their own good.

20. Not only did I leave the ruins of my cities which had no gates of entrance, and houses without doors of entrance, that ye might have testimony of the race of I' hins, but I have shown you that only by such procedure could the barbarians be induced to a higher evolution.

21. Think not, O man, that I did not foresee the time when men should question whether the Great Spirit ever placed a Lord over the earth; and that man should say: Behold, there is no Lord and no God. For I foresaw these times, and provided angels to go in advance, to show, first, the evolution of the races of men from out of the lowest darkness; and, second, that the cause of the evolution came from the Great Spirit, and was directed unto righteousness; but had not been so, but for the Lord, your God.

22. For I left sufficient tribes unto this day, who dwell in darkness, even cannibals, as a testimony, that of themselves they possess nothing to cause a desire for evolution into knowledge, and peace, and industry, and love, and good works unto one another.

23. Will not man say: One people is raised up in consequence of the presence of their neighbor, and without a Lord or God, and the angels of heaven.

24. Now, behold, I have left savages at your door, and ye raise them not up, but destroy them. Showing you, that even your wisest and most learned have no power in resurrection. Neither have I left any way open for the resurrection of barbarians, save by examples of Faithists (I' hins), who shall practice righteousness and miracles.

25. And there shall rise up those who will do these things, and they shall succeed; and because of their success, they shall also be testimony of the I' hin race, in whom I laid the foundation for the redemption of the whole earth.

chapter 5

1. Thus the Lord established the five peoples who were saved from Pan; and he commanded them to preserve Panic words in their respective countries, and they so preserved them, many of which exist to this day.

2. Here followeth, then, what became of these I' hins, to wit:

3. Those that came to Guatama survived twenty-one thousand years, and then became extinct.

4. Those that came to Jaffeth survived twenty-one thousand years, and then became extinct.

5. Those that came to Shem survived twelve thousand years, and then became extinct by amalgamation.

6. That that came to Ham survived twenty-one thousand years, and then became extinct by amalgamation.

7. Those of Guatama attained to one thousand large cities, and three thousand small cities, being more than four million souls. And they never had any king or queen, or other ruler, save the Lord, who ministered unto them through the city fathers. And they retained their sacred name of Guatama to the last; but the I' huans called them Oech' lo' pan, signifying, people of another world.

8. And in course of time they became diminutive, and desired not to marry. And there

came great darkness (ocgokok) on the earth, with falling ashes, and heat, and fevers; and so the Lord took them up to heaven.

9. Those of Jaffeth attained to two thousand large cities, and seven thousand small ones, being more than eight million souls. And they retained the name Jaf-fa, to the last; but the I' huans called them Tua Git, signifying, people of spirit light.

10. And there came a' ji on the earth, and it touched them with impotency, and they brought forth no more heirs; so the Lord took them home.

11. Those of Shem attained to six hundred large cities, and two thousand small cities, being more than two million souls. Neither had they any king, but served the Lord through the city fathers. And they retained their name, Shem, to the last; but the I' huans called them Sri-vede-iyi, signifying, people of the true light, woman-like. And impotence came upon them, and they disappeared, even as a drop of water in the sunlight, and no man knew when they ceased to be. huans;

12. But hoping to preserve their seed to the Lord, many of them married with the I' but their children became I' huans also, neither having the silken hair nor the musical voices of the I' hins, nor the light of the upper heavens.

13. Those of Ham attained to one thousand two hundred large cities, and three thousand small cities, being four million souls. But, being of mixed colors, they did not become impotent. But they broke the law of God more than all other Faithists, being of warm blood; and they mixed greatly with the I' huans. And they had no kings nor queens, serving the Lord only, through the city fathers. And they retained the name of Ham to the last, when they ceased to exist as a separate people, because of their amalgamation with the I' huans.

14. The tribes that went in the two ships to the north land (Japan), no man could draw the line, after a thousand years, betwixt them and the I' huans, for they mingled therewith, and were lost, as I' hins. Nevertheless, they redeemed the barbarians into wisdom and peace. .

chapter 6

1. God said: In the time of Osiris, thy Lord provided for the light and knowledge, that had been with the I' hins, to be merged into the new races, the Ghans and I' huans. By the Lord and his angels was such foundation laid.

2. Before this time, the I' hins could not inspire the barbarians to make leather and cloth; nor could they inspire them to industries of any kind in the way of virtue and peace.

3. The Lord provided unto the inhabitants of the earth, oracle houses, wherein the Lord could speak face to face with mortals; through his angels, chosen for this purpose, did the Lord thus teach mortals.

4. Persuading them to industries, and peace and righteousness, after the manner of the I' hins.

5. Teaching them of the stars and sun and moon; showing them how to find the times and seasons of the earth.

6. Inspiring them to observe the stars, and to name them, which names are preserved to this day.

7. I have established landmarks, saith the Lord. What I do, man cannot do. I lift the barbarian up; he giveth over his cruel practices by my command.

8. I call him to the observation of the stars, and he heedeth my voice.

9. Behold, O all ye that say there is no Lord, I have left a remnant of the barbarians. Go try your hand. Let them that find the cause of the progress of man, to come of the earth, go raise up the barbarian.

10. I say to man: Go commune with the spirits of the dead, and man doeth it. I say: Come away from such worship, and fall down before the stars, and man doeth it.

11. Jehovih said: My Lord, My God, go thou; call man to one thing to-day, and let him worship it. And to-morrow call him to another, and let him worship it. For man shall fall down and worship everything in heaven and earth. By trying them shall man know them. For in the day of my glory, kosmon, man shall put away all worshipful things, save Me, his Creator.

12. The Lord God said: Through the worshipful talents man can be raised up. Even as to great learning, man will not pursue it till he first worshippeth it.

13. In the time of Osiris, the Lord named the stars in heaven after the legendary names of Gods and Lords. And the Lord taught not that man should worship them, but that he should learn their glory and majesty in the firmament.

14. But man forgot the Creator because of the wonder of His works. Even to this day man inclineth to view as substantial and real, things that are seen, and to reject the All Potent, which is Unseen.

15. This was the command of God (Osiris), for man should learn corporeal things as well as spiritual. And I, the Lord, carried away the spirits of the dead, not suffering man and angels to commune together. For heretofore they had done this, and so had, both, rejected the higher heavens.

16. Jehovih saith: It is not the plan of My heavens for the spirits of the dead to remain on the earth forever, engaging in mortal servitude and practices.

17. Behold, the way of My kingdom, is upward; rather shall man on the earth seek to rise upward, than that the angels of heaven go downward.

18. Hence the Lord carried away the spirits of the dead, and he turned man' s judgment to learning the glories of the lower kingdoms (corpor).

19. And man advanced in great learning; both of the sun, moon and stars, and of all things on the face of the earth.

20. The Lord said: These signs have I given to man, that he may comprehend the cycles of his Creator. When spiritual research is chief amongst men, they advance not in science, nor art, nor inventions, that belong to the earth. But, when man is bereft of spiritual aspiration, he advanceth in corporeal knowledge, and inventions, and investigations.

21. These signs foreshow the changes being wrought on mortals by the hand of the Almighty, through His Gods and Lords.

22. God said: Behold, I raised up great kings and queens on the earth; and I gave them pageantry, and rites and ceremonies, after the manner of heavenly things. And these I made as an aspiration to the multitude, that they might learn to provide themselves with the luxuries of all created things.

23. For I desired not that man should become spiritual until the earth and all manner of savage beasts and serpents were subdued. Otherwise man had descended into impotence, and failed on the earth.

24. These testimonies have I left before thee to this day; that the spiritual man inclineth to shut himself up in seclusion and prayer; but that the Osirians go forth to work manfully.

25. The Lord established reciprocities between kings and queens in those days. And this was the manner thereof:

26. The central kingdom was called the sun-kingdom, and the others were called satellites. And the chief ruler was called THE SUN - KING, or KING OF THE SUN.

27. And the king maintained an observatory, for determining the times and seasons of the sun, moon, earth and stars. The name of the observatory was TEMPLE OF THE STARS (Oke' i' git' hi).

28. The Lord said unto man: Build thou a chamber unto God within the temple of the stars.

29. And man so built it. And the Lord chose seers, one for every STAR CHAMBER; and the seer sat therein, with a table before him, on which table sand was sprinkled. And the Lord wrote in the sand, with his finger, the laws of heaven and earth. .


30. Thus gave God to man the names of the stars, and their seasons; and the seasons of the sun and moon and earth.

31. And the seer gave it to the king; and the king proclaimed the words thereof. And God gave man sacred days, for feasts and rites and ceremonies; according to the times of the moon and stars gave he them.

32. And the king, by command of God, caused the people to watch the stars and moon and sun, so they would know the sacred days.

33. The Lord said: I have days for planting, and days for reaping, and days for sailing of ships, and days for males and females. By the stars in the firmament, and by the moon' s

changes, shall man learn to know my times and seasons.

34. So man took to learning from the stars and moon and sun, to ascertain the will of God.

35. And nowhere in all the world prospered man in the Osirian philosophy as in Parsi' e, and in Jaffeth (China), and chief of all were the shepherd kings.

chapter 7

1. Great became the wisdom of man in that day, and his power and glory were greater than had ever been in all the world. He established mighty kingdoms and sub-kingdoms, over the lands of Jaffeth, and Shem, and Parsi' e, and Arabin' ya.

2. He excelled in building temples and palaces; and in all manner of inventions; in fabrics of linen and silk, and wool and find leather; in writing books and tablets; in mathematics; in laws and reciprocities; in navigation, and in inland travel; in making thermometers and barometers, and magnetic needles, and telescopes and microscopes; in chemistry and botany.

3. Verily did the philosophers of those days know the mysteries of heaven and earth.

4. And man became no longer thankful to God and his Lords; but man became conceited, saying:

5. The Gods are fools! All things are Nature, and of growth. Man had become wise in spite of God and his Lords. All things evolve into higher states; it is the natural order. Neither is there any All Person, Jehovih! He is void, like the wind.

6. And God saw the conceit of man, and he said: Behold, he that I have raised up, turneth against me. Now, verily will I go away from man for a season, that he may learn wisdom. Behold, man shall also find that many of his fellows whom he raiseth up, turn against himself.

7. So the Lord departed out of the star chambers; and, lo and behold, the places were filled by the spirits of the newly dead, who knew not the heavens above nor the way of the Almighty.

8. And man inquired of them, thus: Behold, thou art now a spirit! Tell me, is there any God, or Lord, or Jehovih?

9. And the spirits, desiring to flatter man, and, withal, not knowing the heavenly kingdoms, answered, saying: Nay, there is no God, nor Lord, nor All Person, Jehovih!

10. So the kings issued edicts, commanding the people to no longer worship God, nor Lord, nor Jehovih!

11. But woe, for the judgment of kings and queens. Man, having inherent worship in his soul, ceased indeed to worship God and his Lords, and even Jehovih; but, instead, he took to worshipping the stars.

12. Now, the spirits manifesting in the temples, advised one thing through one seer, and another through another; for they were of little knowledge, and wholly unorganized.

13. So, presently, the kings took to war against one another. Anarchy ensued, and man fell to destroying all the glories he had made.

14. Thus again, after three thousand years, man went down in darkness; again fell under the obsession of drujas, and again became a barbarian. END OF THE LORDS’ FIFTH BOOK

book of fragapatti, son of jehovih

chapter 1

1. In Horub, an etherean world on the borders of the arc of Aza, in the procession of Sayutivi, Cnod and Gorce, a region of light, of ten thousand earth years, and one hundred vesperes, where reigned Fragapatti, Orian Chief of Obsod and Goomatchala one thousand years; God of Varit, God of Lunitzi and Witchka, and Schleinaka, and Dows, thirty thousand years; Surveyor of Gies, roadway and trail of Fetisi, and Mark, seventy thousand years; Prim of Vaga, Tsein, Loo-Gaab and Zaan, forty thousand years.

2. Fragapatti said: To me Jehovih spake in the Council of Obsod, capital of Horub, where sat my million Gods, our throne itself an arc of light, and there came from the Almighty' s throne a greater light, all brilliant, and, with it, the Matchless Voice. Jehovih said:

3. My Son! My Son! Go to the red star, the earth. She cometh thy way; her coat is red with mortal blood!

4. Fragapatti said: The Father saith: The red star cometh this way; her coat is red with mortal blood!

5. To their tables the Gods and Goddesses turned, to mark the time; and now, quickly, the whisper ran to the million ears: The red star! The earth! Ye recollect, it was the little star where Sethantes stood man upright, now agone some sixty thousand years. And Aph crushed in her walls, and pruned her to the quick.

6. And then they overhauled the earth' s history, these Gods and Goddesses; measured her course to learn just when she would pass; and they found five years and fifty days would be her dawn of dan, her time to cross the arc of Aza. And as yet she roamed two hundred years away.

7. Fragapatti said: That this sudden light hath given such long warning, so, great work cometh anon. Let my swift messengers come; I will speak to them.

8. Then the marshals ushered in the swift messengers, saluting, before Jehovih' s throne.

9. Fragapatti said: Autevat, my son, the All Light fell upon me, saying: My Son, go to the red star, the earth; her coat is red with mortal blood! Now, by her time, she standeth more than two hundred years beyond the boundaries of Horub. For this, I called thee and thy attendants. How long will it take thee to go thither and survey the earth and her heavens, and return hither?

10. Autevat, well trained in such matters, said: Of the earth' s time, forty days. Fragapatti said: What number of attendants wilt thou require for so great a distance? And Autevat said: Twenty thousand.

11. Fragapatti said: Provide thee, then, all thou requirest, and go at once. And if thou shalt find the inhabitants of the earth suitable for sacred records, commission thou the God or Lords to send loo' is to raise up an heir for Jehovih' s kingdom.

12. Autevat said: Thy will and Jehovih' s be done. And, duly saluting, he and his attendants withdrew, and, coming to Gat-wawa, ordered an arrow-ship of twenty thousand gauge. In two days it was completed; and, during the time, Autevat had chosen his attendants. And so he departed, swiftly, like a ray of light, Autevat and his attendants, for the red star, the earth. To see what was the matter, that a God so far away as

Fragapatti was, could feel and know the flow of human blood!

13. For such is the all perfection of Jehovih' s Sons and Daughters. Even mortals can sense things a little way off; but Jehovih' s upraised Gods feel the breath of the stars, and know when they are disordered.

chapter 2

1. Fragapatti and the Council were deeply engaged in the Sortiv of an Orian arc, through which the phalanx of Inihab and her constellation pass every thousand years; an etherean region where the star, Unhowitchata, was dissolved, some twenty days agone, and cut loose thirty thousand million bound spirits, wrapped in corporeality, by the chief, Avaia, and his band of etherean Gods, who had drawn largely on the inhabitants of Ful, a garden of Horub, in Fragapatti' s dominions.

2. And Avaia had quartered the dismembered hosts near Sortiv, where the light of the arc fell sharply on them; to deplete which concourse, taxed the Gods for more help than was at hand. To remedy which, Fragapatti' s hosts were extending the ji' ay' an fields of Uth and lowering the grade suitable to the spirits of darkness rescued from Unhowitchata, a prolific world, bringing forth imperfect human souls too abundantly for the quality.

3. And Inihab was near at hand, to pass the arc of Sortiv, with her hundred stars, many of them larger than the earth, to seventy of which the inhabitants of Horub would need go as redeeming Gods and Goddesses for the dawn of dan upon them. To apportion all of which, Fragapatti and his million Council had work on hand, so that not seriously the condition of the earth and her heavens weighed upon them.

4. But in forty days'time, or in such period as would be forty days on the earth, Autevat and his attendants, twenty thousand, with the arrow-ship of fire, returned from the earth and her heavens, speeding close to Obsod, where the marshals received them, and announced them to the Council. Fragapatti said: Let Autevat and his attendants approach the throne.

5. And Autevat went in, saluting, and stood before the Chief, Fragapatti. Autevat said: In Jehovih' s name, and by His power and wisdom, am I here to proclaim of the red star and her heaven: First, then:

6. It is three thousand one hundred years since great Osire sowed the seed of mental culture amongst mortals, and it hath grown to be a giant, and a most merciless tyrant. To learn whereof I speak, even God and his Lords, to honor thee, O Fragapatti, gave me voice and word, and opened the libraries of their heavens, and accompanied me around about the earth, to all nations, tribes and wanderers. To me, the God of earth said:

7. Greeting to Fragapatti, in the name of the Father! And to thee, His Son! Take thou this record to Him, and His Council, in Horub. For I am powerless through my Lords and hosts against such odds.

8. God said: From the time great Osire ascended to his etherean realm, our heaven yielded ample harvests for one thousand five hundred years. And God and Lords succeeded in regular order for every dan put upon the earth.

9. But then came a change, for the a' ji' an fields pressed close on every side of heaven, and the souls of angels and mortals turned down to the gross earth. After which time, only such as were already within the second resurrection came and strove for the upper worlds.

10. These depleted the constant rise, and left our colleges, schools and factories vacant; for the hosts of es' yans, newborn from the earth, were stubborn in their much earthly learning, spurning wise counsel and association.

11. And there were born from the earth into atmospherea, millions and millions of spirits, who could not believe they were dead, but maintained they were confined in dark dungeons, howling and cursing day and night.

12. For the seed of corporeal knowledge had taken root in the I' huan race. They had learned the motions, names and places of the stars, the moon and sun; and from these, prophesied the affairs of nations and men. And duly marked out, with maps and charts, the destiny of things, according to the dates of corporeal births and movements, attributing the highest central cause to the sun and stars in conjunction.

13. And thus they cast aside all spirit, even Jehovih, reasoning, that if the sun made winter and summer, and grass to grow and die, so it ruled over animals and men. And so, the temples built to observe the stars, before which men once fell down and worshipped Jehovih, became the places of decrees to horrid deaths of all who taught of or believed in spirit. huans, and called, Parsi' e, and they

14. And now rose a mighty nation on earth, of the I' ignored the decrees of Gods and Lords to build no city larger than two thousand souls; forsooth, declaring the Lords and Gods to be but inspirations from the quickening power of the sun and stars, made dark and personal by the credibility of past ages.

15. And so, in representation of the solar phalanx, they built Oas, a sun city, which standeth to this day of a million souls, sworn to make it the central governor over all the earth, and all other places tributary and paying for its glory. And over Oas they made a king, and called him, KING OF THE SUN, to be to him and his heirs, successors forever.

16. And Oas was embellished and adorned above all other places that had been on the earth; the fame of which spread abroad over Jaffeth and Shem and Ham, betwixt which it lieth centrally. Its colleges became famous, and its observatories were of such magnificence that their roofs were covered with silver and gold. The mirrors and lenses and dark chambers within the towers were so constructed that the stars could be read as well in the day as at night; and the records of observation covered more than a thousand years, by men of great learning.

17. But now, alas, Oas aspires not only to be the central sun in knowledge, but in power and dominion, over the whole earth. And so, from her ample treasures, she sendeth forth armies to conquer and destroy, to gather and plunder, to build still greater her magnificence.

18. So Jaffeth and Shem and Ham run red with human blood, whereat, I raised my voice to high heaven, that Jehovih would send deliverance for the souls of men.

19. For of the millions slain, whose spirits still lie on the battle-fields in chaos, or madly fighting some unseen horror of hallucination, none can be persuaded to come to holier places in heaven; whilst hosts of them rush madly into Oas, to find even their souls accursed by mortals.

20. God said: So the heaven of the earth hath fallen to the earth, save the I' hins and the far-off I' huans, whose spirits my Lords gather in and prepare for the after resurrection. But amongst the Parsi' e nation, none more believe the dead shall rise, nor that spirit is; but that with the mortal death there is the end, to which the king hath made a decree that

never more shall man teach or preach of a heaven for spirits of the dead, nor proclaim a Great Spirit, a Creator.

21. Autevat said: In such manner God disclosed the affairs of earth and heaven, now dead-locked in everlasting destruction; which things, in fuller details, I with my attendants, beheld in every land and kingdom. And as we sat in Vibhraj, in the sacred circle, a light, a single star, appeared before us, even at the throne of God; and from its center the book of heaven fell, as if to send broadcast before mortals the plan and will of Jehovih, near at hand.

22. At this, God said: Tell me, Autevat, thou that travelest across the mighty heavens, and art stored with the knowledge of Gods ruling over other worlds, what is the signal of this light and sacred book? To which I replied: This, O God: The time hath come to earth to prove to mortals the things whereof the Gods and Lords have taught. History shall no longer be locked up privately with the chosen race, the I' hins; but it shall stand before both saints and sinners.

23. Thou shalt prove the resurrection before these stubborn kings, the slaughterers of men, that they may say, not as the I' hins, we believe the soul immortal, because handed down from the ancients, but because it hath been demonstrated before our eyes.

24. God said: How shall this be? To which I replied: Not I, great God, can tell, for that department is not in my keeping. But this much I know: Thou shalt send loo' is into the city of Oas, and they shall raise up a su' is’sar' gis of the fourth grade. All else leave thou till Fragapatti cometh.

25. God said: To reach the fourth grade, will require five generations, which shall spring from the I' hin race commingling with the I' huans. Go, then, O Autevat, to thy etherean home, before the Council of Obsod, to Jehovih' s throne, and say to great Fragapatti: An heir to the light of resurrection shall be born ere the dawn of dan of Horub.

26. Autevat said: On learning these truths, I took my leave, and rose and came swiftly back to thy realm.

27. Fragapatti said: It is well. In the time of the next dawn of dan on the earth, I will take a resting spell in which to fulfill Jehovih' s plan on earth and in her heavens.

28. So, saluting Autevat, who retired, Fragapatti proceeded with his Council in the affairs of other worlds, making a memorandum of the time and place the earth should near the plains of Horub, in the etherean worlds, some two hundred years yet to come. .

chapter 3

1. But the dawn came; and in the wing of Goomatchala, home of Fragapatti, Orian Chief in the etherean worlds high standing, came the Voice, Jehovih' s word, saying: My Son! Behold, the dawn of dan neareth the border of Horub. The wailing earth, the red star, cometh apace. And God and Lords call out the name of My infant Son, Zarathustra.

2. Fragapatti rose up, hearing the Voice, and saw the time fulfilled, the two hundred years and more, for the coming world, the time for the revealed word to mortals. To Thee, O Jehovih! he said, Boundless! I come with my hosts, ten million strong.

3. Fragapatti went into the etherean Council of Gods and Goddesses. He said: The time hath come; the red star borders on the plains of Horub. Jehovih calleth!

4. Then the Council rejoiced, for the weighty matters of hundreds of etherean worlds

were settled for a space of time, with promised rest and recreation in corporeal fields. First spake Ad' ar, God of many worlds, a decreer of time in a' ji' an vortices, in the regions of Hispiain sons saying: O Jehovih, give to Thy Son, Fragapatti, five years'rest, the dawn of earth in dan. Only the earth and her heavens to deal with!

5. Next spake Fivaka, Goddess of three etherean worlds, the white-haired Wielder of the Scimetar of Bars, period of Os, Carbon fashioner for the arcs of Job and Sawl. She said: O Jehovih, Almighty! What shall be the prayer of Thy Daughter, Fivaka? What can her love devise for the rest and glory of our high God, Fragapatti, Orian Chief! Then spake Che' sin, marshal in chief for seven etherean worlds, small man, with flowing beard, brought forth from the star, Indr. He said: O Jehovih, make me contributor of my much love to the rest and glory of our Holy Chief, Fragapatti!

6. Thus spake ten thousand Gods and Goddesses of their love and high esteem for the worker, Fragapatti, rich in power and wisdom and love, above all etherean Gods in Horub.

7. Fragapatti said: Ten millions strong my hosts shall be. On the earth, and her heavens, during her dawn of dan, five years and fifty days, we shall have no other labor, thus making it as a holiday for Gods and Goddesses to redeem the fallen world!

8. Fragapatti had spoken. So the proper officers and workmen proceeded to their parts; and in seven days the Yattal announced the fire-ship, the beyan float, ready for the journey. Meantime, the selection of the ten million Redeemers had been made, and they came, every one like a brilliant star, to take their rooms in the monarch vessel.

9. Fragapatti made Huod Commander in Chief, and gave him ten thousand aides. For the curtains and tallij, he made Metrav, Goddess of Rook, Mistress to the Flowing East. And for the spires, he made Iata Mistress of Restless Morn. She was Weaver to Ga' ing, in Reth, four thousand years, and much loved, with black eyes, piercing. Of music, Fragapatti made Theritiviv conductor. She was Goddess of Helm, an etherean world in the roadway of Zi and Olus, four thousand years Mistress of Ne' alt and Exan; one time companion to Etisyai, the Vruiji, loved in Wan and Sangawitch, for her mirth in adversity. Of the trumpeters, Fragapatti made Boan conductor; he was God of Ixalata, now on leave of absence. For Chartist, he made Yan the Chief; he was Surveyor of Oatha, an etherean sea in the Orian arc of Wede and Hollenpoitchava, also on leave of absence during the red star dawn. Of the libraries, he made Hetta Chief Mistress; she was Goddess of Vitia in the Wails of South Eng; thirty thousand years Teacher of Imes, and ten thousand years Counselor of the Orian Chief, Erris, of the arc Wiamesse.

10. Besides these, Fragapatti distributed the minor offices of the float to such Gods and Goddesses whose most exalted states were the extreme opposite, that the great journey through etherea be the transverse of all serious purpose. And thus they started on their course, amidst the applause of thousands of millions of ethereans, wishing them love and joy on their mirthful cruise in furtherance of Jehovih' s will.

11. Speeding swiftly across the swamps of Ull, where seven corporeal stars were ji' an fields, and forming dismembered a thousand million years ago, now set with a' nebulae; whereto they bring, at times, the drujas, the dark spirits of other worlds, that they may take on the semblance of corporeal forms to complete their neglected good works in times past; the ship rose freely, and then shot into the pastures of Ze, where Lepsa, God of the corporeal star, Tessa, four hundred years, feedeth seventy million es' yans, colonizing

them to truth and good works. Lepsa knew the float was coming, and so had called a thousand million spectators, to look on, knowing they desired to see great Fragapatti; and they sang and blew their trumpets, rejoicing; to which the Gods and Goddesses of the float cast out myriads of arc' ian flowers, and sweet perfumes, mementoes of love.

12. To Evul, now, the ship made way; where seven etherean worlds bordered in the arc of Nu, pastures of Elim, God of Ooh' sin, where congregated another host of two thousand millions, to see them pass, cheering with singing, and with trumpets and stringed instruments; and to this God, Elim, Fragapatti caused the banners of the float to salute on the sign, JEHOVIH‘S NAME, being friends for ninety thousand years, and Elim answered him with a million posts of light, amidst the waving of innumerable banners.

13. Onward moved the float, the fire-ship, with its ten million joyous souls, now nearing the borders of Horub, the boundary of Fragapatti' s honored regions, known for hundreds of thousands of years, and for his work on many worlds. Here, reaching C' vork' um, the roadway of the solar phalanx, near the post of dan, where were quartered five hundred million ethereans, on a voyage of exploration of more than four millions of years, rich stored with the glories of Great Jehovih' s universe. Their koa' loo, their ship, was almost like a world, so vast, and stored with all appurtenances. They talked of going home! Their pilots had coursed the firmament since long before the earth was made, and knew more than a million of roadways in the etherean worlds, and where best to travel to witness the grandest contrasting scenes.

14. By their invitation, Fragapatti halted here a while, and the hosts interchanged their love, and discoursed on their purposes, rejoicing in the glories of Jehovih' s everlasting kingdoms; and though they had lived so long, and seen so much, every one had new and wondrous works to tell of; for so great is the inventive power of the Great Spirit, that never twice alike will one find the scenes in the etherean worlds; radiant, differently; moving into everlasting changes, as if each one were to outdo the former in beauty and magnificence.

15. And then again they sped onward, now richly stored with the awe-stirring wonders they had just heard from strange travelers. Presently, now, the float neared the borders of Chinvat, the earth' s vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon. Here Fragapatti halted for a day, sending swift messengers down to the lower heavens, and to the earth, to resolve where he should anchor during dawn.

16. And, the next day, he ordered the lights lowered, and now slowly moved toward the rolling earth; down, down, till he reached the third grade of plateaux from the earth' s surface, called Haraiti.

chapter 4

1. Jehovih said: Here, O My Son, Fragapatti! Here, in Haraiti, have I laid the foundation of thy kingdom. Make fast here the fire-ship, five years and fifty days.

2. Call forth thy hosts; build thou a throne of My throne; the voice of thy Creator is with thee. Fragapatti said: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih, here will I build. Haraiti shall be my headquarters for the dawn of dan. Come forth, O ye Gods of dawn! Come forth, O ye Goddesses of dawn! Hear the voice of the Son of Jehovih. Bow down, O ye heavens!

3. The ship was anchored, and the ten millions came forth and assembled in a living altar.

Fragapatti raised his hand, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih! And the hosts raised their hands, and the elements took shape and majesty, raising into a throne brilliant as fire. Then Fragapatti ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Glory be to Thee, O Father, the Highest!

4. A light came down from the etherean firmament, and covered the throne over with a canopy, wide enough for five million men to sit under; and at the borders of the canopy, the ethereans, whose work it fell to, sat up columns of crystals, opaque and transparent, illuminated in all possible colors and shades and tints.

5. Fragapatti said: From Thy Council Chamber, O Jehovih, will I build to Thee forever! And now the hosts, Gods and Goddesses, held up their arms, lifting and casting in; and, lo and behold, there rose and stood the habitable Mouru, council chamber and capital of Haraiti.

6. Then to prayers all hands turned, glorifying the Father; then in singing with praise.

7. After which, Fragapatti said: In Thy name, and by Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, will I now establish heaven anew over the earth. My marshals shall now proceed down to the earth and command the presence of God and his Lords, and all such others as can endure this light. They shall hear my voice, and learn my decrees.

8. Ten thousand marshals, saluting, departed for the earth and regions below.

9. Fragapatti said: Meanwhile, I will appoint my High Council of the first house of Mouru, Gods and Goddesses of dawn. Hear me, then, in the name of Jehovih, the All Light:

10. Caoka, God of Airram; Ata-kasha, God of Beraitis; Airyama, God of Kruse; Pathema, Goddess of Rhon; Maidhyarrya, Mistress of Karyem; Gatha-Ahunavaiti, Goddess of Halonij; Rama-quactra, God of Veres; Vahista, God of Volu; Airam-ishya, God of Icisi, the Myazdas; Haptanhaiti, God of Samatras; Yima, God of Aom; Sudhga, God of Laka; I' ragha, God of Buhk-dhi; Elicic, Goddess of N' Syrus; Harrwaiti, Goddess of Haut-mat, in a' ji; Dews, Goddess of Vaerethagna; Wettemaiti, Goddess of Dyhama; Quactra, Goddess of AEgima; Ustavaiti, Goddess of Maha-Meru; Cura, Goddess of Coronea; Yenne, Goddess of Aka; Caoshyanto, God of Aberet; Rathweiska, God of Huri; Cpentas, God of Butts; Vairyo, God of Nuga-gala; D' Zoata and her brother, Zaota, God and Goddess of Atarevasksha; Ratheweiskare, God of Nece; Yatha, God of Ameshas, and Canha, God of Srawak.

11. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, behold the glory of my house! I have chosen only such as have ruled over whole worlds. Was ever a God so favored, with such a Council! Was ever so great a light sent to so small a world as the red star?

12. Jehovih said: As I have created man to need relaxation at times, so have I carried the same conditions to be desired by My highest of Gods. Neither have I exalted any God so high but the most menial office is his glory. Neither shall the autocrat learn sympathy till he liveth with a beggar; nor the highest best man learn love and tenderness without taking a season in the depths of misery.

13. Fragapatti said: Shall the strong man forget he was once a child; can an Orian Chief forget he was once a slave; can he that is in the light forget them that are in the dark?

14. Mighty art Thou, O Jehovih! I came to the earth and her heavens to rest myself in Thy service; but Thou wert here before me; Thy voice riseth up to rebuke me; yea, I am still but a child to Thee!

chapter 5

1. When Fragapatti had selected both departments of his Council, which comprised one hundred thousand souls, he said:

2. When a God espouseth a new kingdom, it is customary for him to create his own capital, and affix the boundaries of his lights and hall of audience; but when he hath Gods and Goddesses for his assistants, it is meet and proper for them to help in the buildings. In this case, I give into your hands to provide this realm.

3. Hardly had his words gone forth when the Gods and Goddesses stretched forth their hands unto Jehovih, and, lo and behold, the elements of the plateau took shape, and there stood the canopy of a new kingdom; then again they stretched forth their hands to Jehovih, and there came the walls of the house of heaven; and yet again they stretched forth their hands to Jehovih, and there came the floor and foundation.

4. And the house was called the House of Mouru, the place of the throne of Fragapatti, in the lower heavens. On the plains beyond the house, Fragapatti created a thousand fields and pastures; and in each and every one he created ten thousand mansions, and every mansion was capable of one thousand souls. With roadways from one to another Fragapatti created them, his hosts being the workmen, in the wisdom and power of Jehovih.

5. Whilst this work was going on, the marshals who went down to the earth returned, bringing God and his Lords with them, and also bringing with them twelve hundred thousand spirits of the second resurrection. Fragapatti commanded them to bring God and his Lords into the House of Mouru, and they were so brought.

6. Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, I salute thee, O God, and thy Lords, and thy hosts.

7. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, am I, and my Lords, and my hosts, blessed with great joy. That thou, O Fragapatti, hast come to redeem the earth-born and the spirits of these heavens, is a joyful period in the time of worlds.

8. The Lords said: For ourselves and our hosts, O Jehovih, do we thank Thy Son, Fragapatti.

9. Fragapatti said: That thou, O God, mightst know my decrees, I commanded thee and thy Lords, and thy exalted hosts, hither. Hear me, then, and to whom I send thee, do thou my commandments, in the name of Jehovih: The time hath come when mortals on the earth shall begin their lessons in spiritual things proven, being themselves made part in the building of Jehovih' s kingdoms.

10. Through thee, the present reigning God of the earth and her heavens, must be carried out the death and resurrection of thy chosen heir, Zarathustra; to prove, first, that man on the corporeal earth can live All Pure and without sin; second, that corporeal death belongeth to the earth-body of man, and not to the spirit; and, third, that after death, the same person can rise in spirit and appear to mortals, to be seen and known; after which, he shall show his final ascent toward the upper heavens, in the arms of his God.

11. Whilst this cometh upon thee in person to carry out, thou shalt also, through thy ministering angels, prove to mortals the advantage of virtue and truth over sin and darkness. For thou shalt cause also to be stricken in death two evil men who are all impure; and they shall suffer death at the same time with thy heir, Zarathustra; but these

shall not appear before mortals after death. For mortals shall hereafter be a testimony to one another of the reward of virtue, and the power of being one with the Gods, Sons of Jehovih.

12. But since all attestation by spirits can be set at defiance by the craft of philosophers, thou shalt not wait till after the death of thy heir, to teach the truths of the Father' s kingdoms; but beforehand. Causing Zarathustra, whilst yet mortal, to write down rules of mortal life, and doctrines, and faith, and repentance, and praise of the Great Spirit; and of prophecy, and all manner of righteous gifts, and the power of miracles, and the triumph of the spirit of man over corporeal elements.

13. And when thou hast completed these things, thou shalt bring the spirit of Zarathustra to this House; but the druks who suffer death with him, thou shalt deliver in the usual way to the places prepared for their resurrection.

14. Tell me, then, how standeth thy heir; and ask thou of me whatsoever thou wilt, to assist thee, to carry out these, my decrees, and it shall be granted unto thee.

15. God said: Zarathustra hath attained his twentieth year, and comprehendeth the destiny put upon him. He is pure and wise, with faith and gentleness; but he is larger and more powerful than any other man in the world. He is instructed, both in the spiritual and corporeal senses, having a knowledge of the books of the ancients, and of writing and making tablets.

16. Fragapatti said: Five years shalt thou have in which to complete thy labor. Depart, therefore, to thy place, taking with thee such of thy Lords and hosts as thou mayst require. I will appoint a thousand messengers to travel betwixt thy place and this, that every day thou shalt ask for this or that, it shall be granted unto thee. To which God replied:

17. I will go now and cause Zarathustra to write a book of wisdom, and give him prophecy over the kings and nations and tribes of men. What I do shall be proven to thee in Mouru. Thus saying, God withdrew a little, and selected his Lords and such other assistants as he desired; and, after this, Fragapatti granted a day of recreation, in which time the ethereans were made well acquainted with the conditions of mortals and of the thousands of millions of spirits still lingering in the first resurrection, and in darkness and chaos.

18. On the next day God and his hosts departed for the earth, well attended by thousands of volunteers from the etherean sojourners of Haraiti.

chapter 6

1. Fragapatti said: The voice of Jehovih cometh to me, saying: My Son, appoint thou an assistant chief to sit on thy throne, and go thou around about atmospherea, taking surveyors and inspectors with thee; for thou shalt see with thine own eyes the condition of thousands of millions of spirits in hada.

2. Fragapatti said: In Jehovih' s name, I announce Athrava my assistant, God of Mouru. There was great rejoicing in the Council at this. Then came Athrava forward, and ascended Jehovih' s throne and sat on the right hand of Fragapatti. Etherean lights fell upon the place from every side, and Fragapatti gathered from the elements and made a crown for Athrava, and crowned him.

3. Officers and workmen were sent to build a conveyance for Fragapatti, and for such

attendants as he might take with him. So, the next day, Fragapatti chose his companions, thirty thousand, making Verethragna speaker, and he and they departed for their inspection of hada and the earth.

4. His ship was built without lights or curtains, so they might travel unobserved. First he inspected the plateau of Haraiti, which, prior to this, had never been inhabited; and he found its distance from the earth was equal to ten diameters of the earth; and its east and west and north and south diameters corresponded in size to what the earth would be were it that volume; that is to say, the superfice of the plateau was five hundred and twentyeight thousand miles in every direction. And in the ratio of the number of mortals on the earth, this plateau would inhabit five hundred and twenty-eight thousand million souls. And yet this was not the thousandth part of the number it could sustain, in fact, within and without.

5. Fragapatti said: Such is Haraiti, O Jehovih. And yet there have been, till now, no spirits to come and inhabit it! Who can survey Thy works, O Father! Who shall fear for the limit of Thy handiwork!

6. Verethragna said: And yet we shall find in the lowest hadas spirits huddled together like bees in a hive. And yet wherefore, O Chief, for is it not so with mortals also? They cluster together in cities and tribes, warring for inches of ground, whilst vast divisions of the earth lie waste and vacant!

7. Fragapatti said: Is this not the sum of the darkness of mortals and of spirits in the lowest realms—. They know not how to live? A spider or an ant is more one with the Creator than these!

8. Next they visited Zeredho, six diameters of the earth distant. Here they found a colony of two thousand million spirits, that had been founded by Osire three thousand three hundred years before. But not the same people, but such as came up from the earth afterward. They had a God named Hoab, an atmospherean from the earth, two thousand one hundred years. And he was upright and wise, and of good works most excellent; but knowing nothing of etherea, had no ambition to rise thither. And his content had visited itself on the colony, and they were contented also.

9. Fragapatti said: To remain here forever, is this the extent of thy desires, O Hoab? And Hoab answered him, saying: Yea, Master. What more is life than to reach the highest place and remain there? To which Fragapatti said: Is this the all highest? And Hoab said: Yea, Master. Any place and condition is the all highest, if man make it so. None can attain higher than I; no people higher than my people. We are freed from the earth and hada; and we desire not to return thither, nor to go to any other place.

10. Fragapatti said: Let us walk a little, that I may see thy kingdom. Hoab consented, and they walked along, seeing the inhabitants lying at ease, some amusing themselves weaving threads of light, then unraveling them and weaving them over again; others playing with crystals and lenses and opaque and transparent elements, but not doing anything for another; nor, in fact, needed they, for all were capable of doing for themselves. Now, after they had traveled a while, Fragapatti said: Hast thou not, O Hoab, a desire to return to the plateaux below thee, where the inhabitants are in misery and darkness, and bring them into thine own realm? To which Hoab said:

11. Nay, Master. Let them shift for themselves. Even if we helped them up they would be thankless. Nay, my doctrine is: Man is the all highest of all things. The elements are

dumb; the worlds are many and wide. Let man choose a corner for himself, and there settle forever. Fragapatti asked: Because a man chooseth a corner, is it necessarily his own? Hoab said: Our place was bequeathed us by our forefathers; of course it is ours, and to remain so forever. Neither suffer we any other spirits to settle in our dominions. Being far away from the rest of the world, we are not much molested.

12. Fragapatti said: How came ye hither? Hoab said: Long ago there came a God hither, named Osire, bringing six thousand million drujas up from the earth. With them he founded a colony here; with factories, colleges, hospitals, and all things necessary to enlighten the people, giving them ample teachers. In course of time, many of the inhabitants migrated away from this place, and it was almost depleted of its people. But the Gods below this sent new supplies of inhabitants, of which we are the second and third installments; so we inherited the place with all its factories and educationals, and other places.

13. Fragapatti said: As ye were raised up by the Gods of other places, would it not give ye joy to raise up others, who are still in darkness? Hoab said: Nay, Master. We are pure and refined; the atmosphere of drujas is unpleasant to us. They would vitiate our own happiness, besides entailing toil and responsibilities upon us. We cannot mix with any people but the refined and holy. We take care of ourselves; let others do the same, and all will be well.

14. Fragapatti said: Who thinkest thou I am, and my people with me? Hoab said: Visitors from some far-off realm, who are either discordant with yourselves, or bent to meddle in the affairs of other peoples. We have had visitors before, and we never grieved when they left us. To which Fragapatti replied:

15. Thou art strong in thy philosophy. Had no nation or people such ambition as this, there would be no content in the world. To be satisfied with one' s own self and behavior is to be a God in fact. Hadst thou nothing to fear from immigration coming to thy shore, or to fear from some new philosophy undermining thy long-established convictions, thou mightst indeed be the happiest of Gods, and thy people the happiest of people.

16. Hoab said: True! Thou perceivest wisely. O that there was nothing to fear; nothing to dread, forever!

17. Then Fragapatti said: And I declare unto thee, Hoab, that that condition can be attained. For I have seen kingdoms in heaven so fortified. And wert thou and thy people prepared to receive the sacred secrets pertaining thereto, I would most willingly unfold them before thee. Hoab said: Thou art a wise God; tarry thou and teach us.

18. Fragapatti said: I am now on a journey, and cannot remain longer; but, on one condition, I will return hither and disclose these matters, so that never more shalt thou fear for immigration into thy country, nor for any philosophy which any man or God may teach: Exact a promise of secrecy from all thy people. Hoab said: It shall be done.

19. And Fragapatti and his hosts withdrew, and departed out of that plateau, promising to return when notification had been served on his people. But Fragapatti inspected the whole superfice, and found it capable of educating and providing for ten hundred thousand million spirits; whereas, there were but two thousand millions in Hoab' s kingdom; and they inhabited only a small corner of the plateau; nevertheless, Hoab laid claim to the whole.

20. After this, Fragapatti descended to the next plateau, the first grade plateau above the

earth, called Aoasu, signifying, land and sky world, for the first spirit life after mortal death. Aoasu hath its foundation on the earth, and it undulateth with mountains and valleys, like the earth, having seas over the corporeal seas. And the outer superfice of Aoasu is from twenty to a hundred miles above the earth' s surface; and it is habitable within and without, after the manner of all spirit worlds. But the first resurrections were within it and on the earth surface; and the second resurrections, mostly, on its superfice; though all atmospherean plateaux are also made for the second and third resurrections. On the roadway betwixt Aoasu and Zeredho, next ascending, it was that Osire established Vibhraj, which was now so depleted of its people that Fragapatti halted not to examine it, but proceeded to Aoasu direct.

21. Here lie the mountains of Morn and Eve, and mountains of the Moon and Sun and Stars; chief of which groups are:

22. Ushidaho, Ushidarena, Erezifya, Fraorepa, Ezora, Arezura, Tudae, Bumya, Doitya, Raoidhita, Mazassavao, Autare, a place of light, inhabited by Hura, Lord of Vouta; Ereasho, Vata-gaiko, a place of Uz, signifying torments, because of its darkness.

23. This group of mountains is ninety miles higher than the earth mountains of Jaffeth. South of these are Adarana, Aayana, Isakata, Somya, Kanaka-tafedrhao, Vahra, and the double mountain, Hamanakanna; eight ranges of the round mountains, Fravanku; the four peaks, the Vidwaana.

24. These extend over the earth mountains of Shem, and have an altitude above the earth of one hundred miles. These are the oldest inhabited spirit worlds, since the submersion of Pan, whose spirit worlds were carried up to a higher heaven, which hath since been called Haraiti.

25. Extending east and west lie the group called the Red Men' s group: Aezaka, Maenaka, Vakhedrakae, Akaia, Tudhakkae, Ishvakhaya, Draoshisvao, Cairivao, Nanhusmao, Kahayuyu, Autarekanhae, Karayaia, which were the first places in heaven for colonizing the spirits of the I' huan race.

26. The next group lieth to the west and south, which are: Gichindava, I' huana-Varya, Raegamna, Akaya, Asha-cteambana, Urinyovadidhkae, Asnahovao, Ushaoma, Utsagaerenao, Cyamakhama, Cyamaka, Vafrayaotso, Vafrayao, Vourrusha, and Uasoakhao.

27. To the south of this group are the Towering Eagles, which are: Ijatarra, Adhutuvavata, Ceptimavarenao, Cpentodata, Asnavoaya, Kairogakhaivacao, Tauraiosa, Baroyo, Barocrayama, Fraayapoa, Udrya, Usayaokhava, Raevao. All of which groups were named by the Gods and Lords of the intermediate worlds during the time of the Yi-ha language amongst mortals, being named after the amalgamation of the tribes of I' hins, every syllable, in former ages, being one tribe, whereof the Gods have made this testimony to endure from before the time of Fragapatti and Zarathustra, wherein it may be proven to mortals and spirits that this division of the spirit world was revealed to man at the time language was carried to its highest compounding.

28. Besides these mountains in the lowest heavens, there were four thousand others, the names of which were duly registered in the libraries of heaven, by Thor and his sub-Gods; but more than two thousand of them were uninhabited, owing to the fact, that Jehovih had not as yet created a sufficient number of people for them. But the mountains here mentioned above were those, chiefly, where, at the time after Apollo, the false Gods and

false Lords sat up kingdoms of their own; and the names of the mountains are also the names they espoused unto themselves.

29. Fragapatti said: Alas, these heavens! Who can measure the vanity of men and angels, that cut loose from the Great Spirit, endeavoring to set up kingdoms on their own account! Their places perish; sorrowful histories! Behold these vagrant spirits, strolling about, or hiding amidst the ruins! Ashamed of their rags, and nakedness! Prowling around; millions of them; hundreds of millions!

30. Verethragna said: I thank Thee, O Jehovih, that I am once again amongst the lowest! Keep me, O Father, amidst this darkness, till I shall never again forget the lowest of my brothers and sisters. I behold Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih! But for these cycles of time, in the dawns of which Thy ethereans can come down to witness the bounden in hell, they would themselves forget the horrors. O that Thou wilt not suffer me to rest till I have helped to raise them up to know Thee, and to be a glory within Thy works!


Plate 10. ETHEREA. E, E, E, Etherea. All that lieth between the dotted line and the earth is atmospherea. H, Haraiti, highest lower heaven, founded by Fragapatti. F, Zeredho, second highest lower heaven founded by Fragapatti. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, third lowest heavens founded by Fragapatti. These seven were called the Seven Heavenly Mountains, and known by the name Aoasu. (See Vedas.)

chapter 7

1. Fragapatti surveyed Aoasu in all the Morn of East Birth, and his officers enumerated the spirits, and recorded their condition, and then he called his conductors, saying:

2. I have measured the Morn of the East Birth; take me now to the Setting Eve of Death.

3. So the ship, with its passengers, was raised a little, and started for the west, running low over the regions lying west of Ham, Shem and Jaffeth. Fragapatti said:

4. I perceive, the plan of the Gods on this star was to complete its inhabitation by going westward. For this reason, I will see where they designed to have the Eve of Death and the birth of the Father' s kingdom on the corporeal part.

5. When they came to the Atlantic Ocean (Uzocea), they raised their ship still higher, and sped across for the regions inhabited by the I' hins and I' huans.

6. Arriving thither, they came to Ipseogee, a region in the lower heaven where Hapacha, Lord of the I' hins, had a kingdom of seventy million souls, many of whom were I' huan spirits. Here Fragapatti halted, and made fast his ship, remaining seven days. And Hapacha received him and his hosts, and entertained them. And during the time of their sojourn, Hapacha sent his otevan out around over all the heavens belonging to Guatama, north and south, taking the surveyors and inspectors of the hosts of Fragapatti into all inhabited places, so they could complete their records.

7. In the meantime, Hapacha conducted Fragapatti throughout his kingdom, exhibiting the factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, and all such places as belong to the second resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said to Hapacha: In thee and thy kingdom I am well pleased. Thou shalt hear from me ere many days. At present I must depart. So Fragapatti told not who he was, nor what was his mission; but gathering together his hosts, departed, still going westward, until he completed the circumference of the earth.

9. Now will I again go around the earth, said Fragapatti, and inspect mortals and their kingdoms. So, his conductors now run the ship just above the lands, being guided by messengers familiar with the earth and with all the habitable places. And they zig-zagged their course, going into all kingdoms and into all large cities, and into forests and plains, determining the condition of the earth, and its capabilities, as well as the conditions of mortals and their capabilities.

10. And when Fragapatti had completed this latter inspection, he returned to Mouru, in Haraiti; and the whole of his absence was seventy-seven days.

11. And all the records obtained on the expedition were immediately filed in Mouru, where the High Council and all others who chose could read them. And on the third day thereafter, Fragapatti resumed the throne of Jehovih, and was prepared to found anew the kingdoms of atmospherea, and also those of earth; to overthrow or set aside what was not good; and to raise up both mortals and spirits who had proved themselves worthy.

chapter 8

1. This, then, is the manner of the House of Mouru: Fragapatti would announce the subject; then, rank and rank, according to exaltation, the representatives of hundreds and of thousands would speak on the subject. When all had spoken that desired to, or whom

Fragapatti asked, then Fragapatti would pronounce in the name of Jehovih. And these were the decrees. For example:

2. Fragapatti said: What shall be the divisions of the earth, and who the Lords thereof? And when the House had expressed, then Fragapatti said: In the name of Jehovih, these shall be the divisions of the earth, to wit: Jaffeth on the east and north, by the sea and to the ice regions, and on the west to the mountains of Oh' e' loo, which shall be called the first division.

3. To the east and south, water and water, and to the west, the highlands of E' zar; and its name shall be Shem.

4. The south land shall henceforth be called Arabin' ya, encompassed by the sea. And north of this, the first country of the brown red race shall be called Heleste, bordering on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west.

5. Uropa shall be Goddess of the west part, and it shall be called after her. And the two great west lands shall be called North Guatama and South Guatama. And all the islands of the earth shall be called Oce' ya; and the waters of the earth shall be called Oce' a, signifying, in likeness of the earth and sky.

6. For the seven divisions of the earth there shall be seven rulers of the rank Lord God; and for South Oce' ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for North Oce' ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for Japan (Zha' pahn), one ruler of the rank sub-God.

7. Hear me, O ye Gods and Goddesses: Who I shall proclaim from amongst you shall reign during dawn of dan only, but shall raise up a successor in your own name, and in Jehovih' s name, to the same rank, to hold dominion two hundred years, the next succeeding resurrection.

8. Fragapatti said: I proclaim, in the name of Jehovih, Ah-oan, Lord God of Jaffeth; Yima, Lord God of Shem; E' Chad, Lord God of Arabin' ya; Gir' akshi, Lord God of Heleste; Uropa, Lord Goddess of Uropa; Yaton' te, Lord God of North Guatama; Kow' anea, Lord God of South Guatama; M' wing' mi, Lord of South Oce' ya; Ots' ha' ta, Lord of North Oce' ya; and Soo' fwa, sub-God of Japan.

9. Approach the throne, O ye Lord Gods, and Lords, and sub-God, that ye may be anointed in the name of the Father, and duly crowned with the emblem of All Light.

10. First came the Lord Gods; and they stood before the throne of Jehovih, now illumed brilliantly, in gold and white. Fragapatti said: By Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, which rest in me, do I these, Thy Lord Gods, anoint and bestow to Thy kingdoms, for Thy glory. Amen! Receive ye of this fire, for it is His anointing with power and wisdom, that all men and women and children, mortals and spirits, coming under your dominion, may rejoice in their Creator, rising forever. Amen!

11. The Lord Gods responded: May I glorify Thee, O Jehovih, in the kingdom Thou hast bestowed upon me! In Thy name I receive this fire, for it is Thy baptism with power and wisdom. Whomsoever Thou hast entrusted to my dominion will I cause to rejoice at all times, and to rise up forever in Thy numberless kingdoms! s name, power to exalt

12. Fragapatti said: And to you I bequeath, in the Father' successors, that ye may also bequeath to your successors power for them to exalt successors also; and so on, till the next dawn of dan from the etherean kingdoms, for of such manner shall be the dominion of the Gods and Lords of earth, and her heavens, for a long season hereafter.

13. The Lord Gods responded: Thy power, O Jehovih, do I accept, to exalt a successor to me in my dominions, with power to bequeath the exalting power to his successors after him, till the next etherean dawn of dan.

14. Fragapatti said: Crown of Thy Crown, O Jehovih, do I weave of Thy golden light, for these, Thy exalted Sons and Daughters; and with my hand, in Thy name, crown them. Be Thou with them, now and forever. Amen!

15. Then Fragapatti gathered of the light present, and fashioned crowns for them, and they came forward to the foot of the throne, and he crowned them. So also, at the time they said: I receive Thy fire! there came down from above a stream of light, bright as the sun, and settled upon them.

16. And now they sat down at the foot of the throne, in ancient custom, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, bringing attendant Gods with him; and they took the hands of the newly-anointed Gods, and rose them up; and Fragapatti said: Arise thou, O Lord God, and go thy way. Jehovih is with thee. Then they stood aside, a little way off.

17. Then came forward the two Lords. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, by Thy power and wisdom in me vested, do I appoint and announce these, Thy Lords, to their divisions of the earth; and with my hands, and in Thy name, weave I a crown for each of them, and crown them Lords of Thy light, for Thy glory. Amen!

18. Hear me, O Lords; that which I bestow in the name of the Father, and ye receive, ye shall also bestow in the name of the Father upon your successor at the end of this dawn of dan. Though a Lord God hath dominion, first, with mortals, and, second, with the first heaven in his division which resteth on the earth; and though a Lord hath dominion with mortals only, and with such ashars as minister unto them, ye twain are made Lords of far-distant islands, where ye shall determine many things in your own way, often being Gods also, which I also bequeath unto you, and your successors forever.

19. The Lords said: What thou hast put upon me, O Jehovih, I will do, with Thy power and wisdom, for Thy glory, forever. Amen! I receive Thy crown with praise and thanksgiving, and will bestow it in Thy name upon my successor, bright as I now receive it.

20. Fragapatti then laid the crowns upon them, and they sat at the foot of the throne, also. Then Fragapatti took them by the hand, and raised them up, saying: Arise, O Lords of Jehovih, and go your ways.

21. And when they stood aside, Soo' fwa came forward. Fragapatti said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, and by Thy power in me vested, do I this, Thy Son, crown sub-God of his division of the earth and its heavens. Of Thy light I crown him, and bestow him with a rod of water and rod of fire, that he may have dominion in Thy name, and for Thy glory. Amen!

22. Hear me, O God: Thy duties make thee both Lord and God; but thy second resurrections shall be removed at short intervals, as thou shalt be hereafter informed. But thou shalt have power to appoint assistant Lords to be with thee, in my name, and the s. And thou shalt also exalt a successor after thee, with power to his successor also. Father'

23. In Jehovih' s name, receive thou this crown of yellow light, for it is the emblem of the oldest habitable country above the waters of the earth! And may the Father be with thee, now and forever. Amen!

24. He also sat at the foot of the throne, and Fragapatti raised him up, even as the others,

saying: Arise, O God, and go thy way. So he stood aside. And now the es' enaurs sang and chanted, and the marshals led the way; and the newly empowered Gods departed out of the House of Mouru. And there had been provided for them, already, a vessel sufficient to reconduct them back to the earth; and they entered the vessel, and, amidst the flying of banners and the music of the trumpeters, they sped forward, and were soon out of sight. .

chapter 9

1. The hosts of the second resurrection were now conducted to the mansions previously created in Haraiti by Fragapatti; and they were provided with teachers and occupations, according to their development.

2. Fragapatti said: The marshals in chief will now send the builders of the fire-ships before me; I will speak to them. Now when the builders had come, and duly saluted before the throne, Fragapatti said:

3. Go build me an avalanza capable of carrying three thousand million angels, with as many rooms, capable of descent and ascent, and east and west and north and south motion, and prepare it with a magnet, that it may face to the north, whilst traveling.

4. The builders saluted, and then withdrew, and went and built the vessel. And it was two hundred thousand paces east and west, and the same north and south; its height was one thousand lengths, and the vesture around it was a thousand paces thick; and it was provided with etherean curtains, two hundred thousand; and with four hundred thousand banners, of all possible colors and shades and tints. Besides these were fifty thousand small flags and streamers. The floor was woven in copy of a spider' s net, extending from the centre outward, and with circular bars at crosses; and the frame-work within was constructed with one million uprights, the entire height of the vessel; and yet across these were twenty millions of bars; within the whole, were the rooms and halls, and places for musicians.

5. When it was completed, the builders notified Fragapatti. He said: Athrava, come thou and sit on the throne. I promised to go and see Hoab and his colony, in Zeredho, when he should send me word regarding certain matters. Behold, messengers have notified me, and Hoab desireth to know how he can establish his colony, that he may never more fear to be annoyed by other Gods and angels.

6. Let fifty thousand musicians enter the ship with me, besides a sufficient number of captains and officers to manage the ship. The marshals at once made the proper selections, and took them to the ship, when they all entered, Fragapatti with them, and they departed.

7. So, Fragapatti returned to Zeredho, the second highest lower heaven, of which the ambitious Hoab, with his colony, desired to be sole occupant forever.

8. Hoab was waiting to receive him, having aroused up a sufficient number of his indolent subjects to maintain the semblance of a heavenly Council. But what a surprise! He had expected only a small vessel, with a few attendants. And now, when he beheld the magnificence of the avalanza, and the majesty of the band of musicians, so far transcending anything he had ever seen, he feared, and was awe-stricken.

9. Fragapatti approached slowly, but with Avom lights, and when the ship was near at hand, the hosts aboard cast out hundreds of thousands of perfumed ovaries, which

exploded with beautiful colors, filling the atmosphere around about with the most delightful perfume. Finally the avalanza came to anchor, and Fragapatti, without any ceremony, alighted, taking a thousand attendants with him, and came directly up to Hoab, who was abashed somewhat on account of his shabby appearance.

10. Fragapatti said: Friend and brother, peace and joy be unto thee and thy house! To which Hoab replied: All hail, great Chief! Happiness attend thee and thy hosts! And were it not that I had previously discovered thou wert a philosopher like myself, I would apologize for the vast difference betwixt the respective appearances of our hosts. But ye are welcome all the same!

11. Fragapatti said: A mere incident of conditions, most noble God. Thou art aware, when children go on a holiday excursion, they attire themselves in their best; so it is better that I find an apology than that thou shouldst.

12. Hoab said: Nay, Chief, there is a philosophy in this matter which hath worried me of late: A thousand years ago my colony was ambitious to retire itself in grandeur, and to build fine ships and go on excursions, also. Five hundred years later, they ceased building ships and going on excursions, saying: What is the use? Latterly, they are all utilitarians, doing just as little as possible. In fact, many of my subjects deny themselves comforts, on the plea that they can do without them.

13. Fragapatti said: Thou rememberest, when I was here before I said to thee that without contentment no people had attained to peace; and thou didst acquiesce. Why, then, shouldst thou not rejoice that thy people have thus subdued ambition and curiosity? Hast thy mind, in so short a time, lost its contentment? Thou knowest I came hither to impart to thee and thy people the great secret, that ye may so fortify yourselves that ye shall never fear for Gods or angels molesting you.

14. Hoab said: Hear me, O Chief: If my people lose all ambition for rites and ceremonies, and dancings, and excursions; and keep constantly striving to deny themselves of everything save what necessity calleth for; and if that necessity becometh smaller and smaller, where will be the end? Will not all inspiration die out? For, to tell the truth, since my people have given up rites and ceremonies, and prayers and singings, they have also given up rejoicings of soul, and are becoming like a dead people.

15. Fragapatti said: Then thou wouldst seem to prove that to hold on only to the useful in life would ultimately end in suicide to the state, to the family, to the individual, and even to the soul?

16. Hoab said: Many of my people are too lazy to clothe themselves; and because of shame, they seek secluded places, as they say, to live as they please. Do not such people commit suicide against the state? Hath a man a right to withdraw himself from his fellows, saying: It suiteth me better? We have been told that in the first age of mortals, they had no ambition to live together, being void of all talents, and that the Gods inspired them to language and to society, giving them rites and ceremonies as an inducement to make them harmonious and attractive to one another.

17. Fragapatti said: How shall I account for the difference betwixt thy arguments now and the other time I was with thee? Thou desiredst me to believe that thou and thy people were the highest, best, happiest of all people in the heavens. Why this change?

18. Hoab said: Thou didst promise me thou wouldst teach us some way of protection against being molested by other Gods and spirits from other kingdoms. Since then I have

reasoned on the subject, and I perceive that if such a state of security could be given to my people, they would wander off into isolation, and even forget language and judgment. How, then, was it, thou toldest me thou hadst been in heavens where such a state of seeming impossibility existeth.

19. Fragapatti said: Let not arguments sway thee, O Hoab. But rather, examine proofs for thyself. I mistrusted that my statement to thee was too extravagant to be believed without evidence. Behold, then, what I have done: I brought a vessel large enough for all thy people, desiring that ye go with me to my kingdom, new founded in Haraiti; and if thou shouldst find any further desire, at the end of a few years, I will take thee and thy people to still another kingdom, in a far-off world. After that, and thou desirest it, I will provide the same conveyance back to Zeredho, with power to rule over it to thy heart' s content.

20. Hoab said: Fairest of Gods! I feared, indeed, thou hadst come with the same old story; to worship the All Light, the Unknowable Nothingness; with foolish ceremonies and rites, and prayers, and songs of praise; which, however good for the ignorant and superstitious, are worthless to a God as enlightened as I am. This thou perceivest with thine own judgment. Gladly will I go with thee, and I will persuade as many of my people as possible to go also. Thou art the first God that ever came to our heaven, that wanted not to circumscribe our liberties, which neither I nor my people can tolerate.

21. These things were then communicated to the people of Zeredho; and after a few days they gathered together, and went into the avalanza, every soul of them. Fragapatti signaled the commander not to go directly to Haraiti, but by way of Utza, one of the hells in the Aoasu mountains, inhabited by thousands of millions of spirits in darkness, many of whom knew not who they were, nor had they names, being infants, idiots, and chaotic and foul smelling.

chapter 10

1. When they came to Utza, Hoab cried out: What do my eyes behold! As I live, here are people who once belonged to Zeredho, mine own heaven! By what strange law left they my kingdom to come and dwell in these torments?

2. Fragapatti caused the avalanza to halt, that information be obtained. So he called the druj, and there came thousands of them, ragged and drunken. Hoab knew many of them, and he said: Know ye who I am? And they answered: Yea, Hoab, God of Zeredho. Again spake Hoab, saying: For what reason left ye my glorious kingdom to come and dwell in this hell of iniquity?

3. They answered, saying: Alas, that we left, indeed! But since it is so, it is so. Hear us, then, O Hoab, this is the reason: Even as mortals oft leave Purity in order to revel in sin. More reason we know not.

4. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: Jehovih saith: I have given man many talents. Because the roadways are not open for their growth, he plungeth into darkness. Think not that ye can draw a line, and say: O man, thou shalt not do this, or thou shalt do thus: for ye are powerless to hold him, whom I created to go forward. And if he find not a way to go forward, he will turn and go backward.

5. The drujas said: Yea, master: Zeredho did not fill our souls; we were thirsty for amusement and lightheartedness. We heard no voice but Utility. We sheared off all

ornament and diversion, and art, and, finally, even music. We fain would hear from Zeredho, to know if they have not ceased to talk, and perhaps to live, because, forsooth, Utility hath spoken!

6. And they laughed, and frolicked about like idiots and fools, mingling with harlots, and thieves, and liars, and drunkards.

7. Fragapatti caused the ship to move on a while, and then halted, and called other drujas, and questioned them in the same manner, and received answers of the same character.

8. Again they moved onward, and the same was repeated; finally, they came to a place where all was darkness and noise and confusion, where they even heeded not the ship, nor the calls made to them. Then spake Fragapatti to Hoab, saying: Hath it been proven to thee that man cannot stand still? Hoab said: It is true. This matter cometh close home to me. I perceive now that had I not come out of Zeredho, I had not witnessed these things, nor had I seen Zeredho as I now see it.

9. Fragapatti said: Be not hasty against thine own philosophy, for I will show thee thine own wisdom by and by. So they traveled seven days in hell, the lowest division of hada, where there was neither government, nor order, nor truth, nor virtue, but torments and wailings and cursings.

10. Fragapatti said: Thou hast seen that these many people know not their own darkness.

11. Hoab said: Is it not true, O Chief, that no man knoweth his own darkness? Who, then, is safe? Who knoweth he is not on the downward road?

12. Fragapatti said: Thou hast said man is the All Highest. But doth it not come home to us all, as to the ancients, that to do good with all our wisdom and strength, and have faith therein, that we are on the road to the All Highest?

13. Certainly thou hast proven, said Hoab, that Zeredho is not the All Highest, for it cannot retain its people. Even hell hath prevailed over her. And doth not hell prevail over all self-righteousness, and over riches and kingdoms and empires? If, therefore, hell prevaileth, is not hell the most powerful? And if the most powerful is not hell, therefore the All Highest? The ancients were happy in ignorance, for in believing in an All Person, a Creator, and that they should ultimately see Him, they had an object in view. But with the growth of wisdom, we find we cannot realize such a Person, and so have no object in view ahead of us. Thereupon, we recoil upon ourselves, and all is dead.

14. Fragapatti said: Hath man no lesson from the past? In the ancient times the Gods persuaded mortals to make stone idols and worship them. And they were sufficient until man attained more knowledge. Again came the Gods to mortals, inventing a large manGod in the sky, persuading them to worship him. He was a sufficient God till man learned to commune with angels; and the angels contradicted that philosophy. But hear me, O Hoab, have we not a lesson in this, which is, that we must ever have an All Highest Person so far ahead that we cannot attain Him? If this be true, when we have surpassed a Person whose figure and condition we can comprehend, is it not incumbent upon us to create within our own souls the thought of an All Person beyond our comprehensibility?

15. Hoab said: It seemeth so. But how canst thou teach thy soul to think of an All Person beyond man' s comprehensibility?

16. Fragapatti said: For a basis to reason from, let us consider the etherean, the atmospherean and the corporeal worlds to constitute His body; and the motion therein and thereof, the manifestations of His Power and His Wisdom. Since, then, we ourselves have

these things in part, we find, also, we have another attribute embracing all the others, which is combination concentrated into one person. Shall we not, then, give to Him, who embraceth all things within Himself, combination concentrated into one person? Otherwise, He is our inferior, which cannot be. Therefore, being ourselves persons, are we not mere offshoots from the All Person? Otherwise, we could not have attained personality. Doth not a child take its personality because its mother was a person? Can man have an entity save he receive it from an entity? Could man be a person, save he sprang from a Person?

17. Hoab said: Thou art a great light, O Chief! Verily, hast thou unfolded a universe before me! Yea, there must be an All Person! O that I had seen this philosophy before!

18. Fragapatti said: Be not infatuated, O Hoab, with sudden appearances. For were I to show thee, first, what it is to believe in an All Person, Whose magnificence surpasseth the universe itself, and then that man can attain to be one with Him, even as a note in music is one within a tune, I would so far enrapture thy soul that thou wouldst do naught but listen. Let us, therefore, suspend our research awhile, that we may devise some resurrection for this hell of suffering millions.

chapter 11

1. The avalanza was so constructed that the words spoken by Fragapatti and Hoab could be heard by all who chose, of whom there were two thousand millions on board. And when Hoab expressed conviction, the same sentiment seized upon the whole assembly; whereupon, Fragapatti raised his hand, saying: By virtue of Thy power, O Jehovih, will I illume this hell!

2. And by Fragapatti' s will there was created a sudden light, so brilliant, none present, save the ethereans, could look upon him. Hoab bowed down, and hid his face, and Hoab' s hosts were overcome with fear, prostrating themselves on the floors of the avalanza.

3. Fragapatti said to the swift messengers: Go at once to Mouru, greeting, and say that Fragapatti demandeth, at once, one thousand million etherean volunteers, for signal centers in Aoasu' s lowest hells, bringing rods of fire and water.

4. The swift messengers departed hastily. Fragapatti then commanded that the avalanza be anchored for a day; and he and many of his hosts went out into hell, where the spirits were weeping and wailing, and cursing, or lying in drunkenness and lethargy. Many of them were naked and foul smelling; and hundreds of thousands of them, having had diseased corporeal bodies whilst on earth, had now carried with them into hell the substance of their corruptions, even the rottenness of plagues and consumptions, and of other diseases it is not even lawful to mention.

5. Fragapatti said: By Thy Power, O Jehovih, shall a wall of fire encompass these people about. They shall not escape. For were they to return to a nation of mortals, they would inoculate them unto death. Fire, O Jehovih, fire! Thou All Purifier!

6. And he cast his hands outward and upward, in majesty, and there rose up walls of fire on the face of the mountains; and the light thereof fell into the valleys of Ugh' sa, the pit of hell. To the east and west and north and south, Fragapatti turned, saying: A wall of fire! a wall of fire! And he, himself, shone as a sun, united with the Eternal All Creator, Whose voice was power to wield the elements to His will.

7. Presently, there were hemmed into one field more than five hundred million drujas, who, by the sudden transformation, were roused up to desperate wildness, with bated breath, running hither and thither, first one way and then another.

8. And yet there were other millions of them, so low and stupid and crazed, that the others ran over them as if they were but a heap of rubbish, death!

9. Then Fragapatti went to Hoab, saying: For pity' s sake, come thou and help me, and persuade thy hosts also.

10. Hoab said: O friend, and brother, do not mock me! Thou hast undone me entirely. I am nothing. My hosts are nothing. For pity' s sake, temper thou thine own light. It pierceth me through!

11. Fragapatti said: Shall I not send thee back quickly to Zeredho, with thy hosts? Hoab said: My wish is nothing; my will is nothing! Thine and the Great All Power' s will be done. Fragapatti said: If ever thou hadst faith in thy life, I charge thee now quickly to summon it to thy soul, for Great Jehovih is with me now, and but ask and speak in faith by the Creator, and it shall be granted unto thee. Speak quickly, whilst yet the power holdeth upon me: Shall I put on a thousand-fold more light? Say thou: IN FAITH I WILL ENDURE ALL, FOR THE GLORY OF JEHOVIH! GIVE ME, OR FIRE OR TORMENTS, OR WHATSOEVER THOU WILT, O JEHOVIH!

12. Hoab trembled, and then strained in every part, and at last suddenly sprang up facing the light, melting in the flame of fire; and he said: I WILL ENDURE ALL, IN FAITH OF THEE, O JEHOVIH! GIVE ME, OR FIRE OR TORMENTS, OR WHATSOEVER THOU WILT. HENSEFORTH I WILL DO FOR THEE, FOREVER!

13. Presently, his spirit took the crystal form, and the victory dawned upon his soul. A smile, denoting knowledge of All Holiness and Majesty gleamed in his countenance! The light began to retract and to reflect from his face, brilliant and sun-like. He had conquered and won! He said: Thanks, O Jehovih!

14. Fragapatti said: Quick, now, seize the goal; go forth practicing thy light for others, and it will grow, giant-like. And Hoab was strong in faith, almost mad with the delight of such wondrous change; and he rushed forth, commanding, in the name of Jehovih, raising up hundreds and thousands, even as he had been raised, crystallizing.

15. All one day and one night they labored, and all the ethereans with them; and they rescued, and divided, and sub-divided the spirits of darkness into grades and sections. And many of the spirits belonging to the hosts of Hoab were thus raised to the second resurrection, with light and power.

16. But of the hundreds of millions of spirits in the torments of hell none were as yet raised even to the first resurrection. But they were stirred up and routed out of lethargy; and the supplies for their drunkenness were cut off by the walls of fire, created by Fragapatti, which went up day and night, without ceasing.

17. And Fragapatti stationed sentinels with power near the walls of fire, commanding them to cast in the elements of ughs and brimstone, so that the suffocating smell would prevent the drujas from escaping.

18. On the second day, millions of ethereans, with rods of water and rods of fire, came from Mouru, in answer to Fragapatti' s commandment. And when they had arrived before him, and had saluted in the sign of Jehovih' s name, he said unto them: Behold, I have established one signal center in hell. It will require a thousand more centers before we

have broken them up and delivered them. From the rank of DAS the marshals shall select from amongst you ten thousand to remain in this center and complete the work I have laid out.

19. So the marshals selected from the ethereans of the rank of DAS ten thousand. Now the das are such as have attained to power with the rod with water, and the rod with fire, but not with the hand, like the ranks above them. They go amongst the denizens of a signal center with the two rods, casting water with one and fire with the other. And the hosts of spirits in darkness run for them, like cattle for salt; and the das thus discover and assort them; for the lowest spirits go for the rods with water, and the highest for the rods of fire. Because the lowest spirits dread the light; and because the highest desire to be rescued from the lowest.

20. On the second day, therefore, the das began work; and there were baptized with water many millions; but with fire only one million. The latter were then taken without and beyond the walls of fire, and colonized, and clothed, and fed, and guardians placed over them, preparatory to the nurseries, hospitals, schools, factories, and such other educationals as belong in the lowest heaven.

21. On the third day the das went through the same labor again, and again many millions were baptized with water, and but two millions with fire. The latter were also taken without and beyond the walls of fire, and colonized in the same manner as those of the previous day.

22. Such, then, is the labor of the das in hell, baptizing and selecting; and it continueth until all the people are taken without and beyond the walls. The last taken are, therefore, the lowest grade, and the first taken are the highest grade. But the last are usually so low in knowledge and ambition that they move not of themselves, but are bestowed in nurseries and hospitals, to be cleansed from their foulness, and to be healed of their infirmities.

chapter 12

1. Fragapatti caused the ship, the avalanza, to be moved to other black mountains, deep buried in revolting crimes and misery; wherein no one with God-like power had ventured in for hundreds of years. Again he called down Jehovih' s fire, and raised walls, impenetrable, high on every side, affrighting and stirring up the self-condemned with frenzied fear. And they ran, all polluted with foul thoughts, which had clothed them about with foulness terrible, and oaths and curses and imprecations against all righteousness.

2. And Hoab, too, now a very sun, desperate to do overwhelming good things, even more a thousand times than in his self-ease of other days he refrained from dark company lest he be polluted, now rushed in headlong to the very worst and foulest. Proclaiming Jehovih and active work to stir them up; and by his quick and unmistakable zeal proving his soul' s connection with the Almighty' s Power.

3. After Fragapatti and Hoab rushed in, hundreds of thousands of ethereans did so also, laboring for the Father' s kingdom; with flames of fire cutting loose the demons'grips of torture on the helpless, and hurling them separate. None could escape because of the walls around, now seething with the choking smell of brimstone; and must needs fall prostrate, before the crystallizing lights thrust at them, weeping and wailing.

4. All day long, and all night, Fragapatti and Hoab, now a powerful worker, the which Fragapatti had previously seen would be the case, and the etherean hosts, rested not; but waded into the hell of death. Turning them to the right or to the left, the miserable, devouring wretches, brothers and sisters of mortals and spirits, now engulfed in their own depravity, and by their desperate desire for sin, holding millions of the moderately good as officers of torture, in order to gratify their horrid love of witnessing horrors. Into groups and series they roughly selected them, as a starting point for the das that were to come after, and more carefully divide them.

5. Then Fragapatti called the das and put them to work with their rods of water and rods of fire, making stations beyond the walls of fire, where the naked, trembling, rescued sufferers and drujas were housed and fed, restrained by guardians of ample strength and foresight. For of such nature is the low man and low woman, that love of evil in time delighteth to feed itself in evil more than in good, and will even turn against benefactors, and spurn good offerings.

6. Of whom Jehovih saith: As by fire the dross of metal is burned and cast out, leaving that which is pure; so created I the righteous with light from My countenance, to burn out the dross which the wicked nestle into their bosoms. Wherein, man shall perceive that it is the dross that healeth Me and My chosen. Go, then, deliver the wicked in hell, and make them clean with water and with fire, and ye shall find a star in every soul. And as many of these as ye deliver, so is your glory in My etherean kingdoms.

7. For each deliverer is as a sun around which these stars congregate, and they magnify one another forever. And when these stars have grown, they also go and do in like manner; for it is of such that My exalted ones are in the highest heavens, whom ye call Gods and Lords, and justly so, because of their supremacy.

8. Thus went Fragapatti through the lowest regions of Aoasu; for forty days and nights labored he and his hosts, and he broke up the regions of hell, and cast out the souls of the tortured, thousands of millions of them. Neither was there left any place standing in all the lower heavens where evil held dominion.

9. And there were established in those regions around about, two hundred thousand colonies, comprising the evil ones who had been rescued. But the very lowest, who knew not anything, who were: some, infants who died at the time of birth; some, infants of drunkards, who came to the lower heavens with the intoxicating liquors or smoke of their mother' s debauchery; some, very young abortions, slain by their mothers and fathers; some, chaotic, killed in wars, who were mad and crazed, howling and screaming and fighting, of whom there were nine hundred millions: these Fragapatti had brought away from all the others, putting guardians over them for the present.

10. Then he called together the crew of the avalanza, and all the hosts of Hoab, and Hoab himself; and when they were duly in order, Fragapatti extemporized a throne and sat on it; and thus he spake, saying:

11. Without Thee, O Jehovih, man is nothing. Nor can he stand upright, nor hold up his head, nor his soul after he is up, save but by Thee. When he cutteth himself off from Thee, he falleth like a limb of a tree that is severed.

12. He goeth about boasting: There is no All Person. But his words are as a severing knife, and he knoweth it not. He setteth up his judgment, saying: Thou wert good for fools, O Jehovih; but as for me, Thou art a foolish encumbrance!

13. Yea, he saith: Who hath seen Jehovih! And he laugheth because of his cleverness. He saith: What stood Jehovih upon when He created the worlds? How long slept He before He created? He saith: What a foolish Creator! He created sin and death! He saith: Who knoweth the size of His head; the length of His arm; the place He liveth; or who hath heard His voice!

14. He saith: Verily, there is no All Person; no All Highest; no Light. This is the second downward stage, and in the third, he saith: A curse upon Faith! A curse upon all things! A curse upon myself! And then cometh hell and her horrors to swallow him up.

15. But thou art near, O Jehovih! Thy hosts traverse the universe. In Thy name they come, and Thy power and glory are with them. In their majesty they encounter all evil; they cast out hell and its prisoners.

16. Then Fragapatti turned to Hoab, saying: Speak, O Hoab. Nine hundred millions of dead, that are still sleeping in death, lie at our feet. These regions are unsuited for their treatment; whither shall we take them? Or shall we, because they are so dead, leave them to shift for themselves.

17. Then rose Hoab, saluting, and tears were in his eyes. He said: Mighty art Thou, O Jehovih! Lo, I was on the verge of an everlasting fall! I was on a steep precipice, but saw not. With blinded eyes I walked about. I lost Thy countenance. My family became strangers to Thee, and we were following close after, to become strangers to one another!

18. Yea, I was ungrateful before Thee. I forgot that Thou createdst me. I forgot that all the joys I had ever had were bestowed by Thee; and that by Thee I had been made capable to appreciate mine own enjoyment. And then I raised up my voice against Thee, and turned Thee out of the world.

19. Yea, I chose a corner and appropriated it for my own ease and glory. I said: To keep other Gods and angels away from my lands, this is all I desire. But Thou wert mindful of me, O Jehovih! Thy voice sounded in the heavens above, and Thy Son came down in Thy glory. He beheld my vanity and my weakness, but he rebuked me not. Yea, I told him I loved not to go to those beneath me and raise them up. I said: Let them shift for themselves!

20. Now am I rebuked in mine own words! Now have I cast myself out of hell. Behold, I said: Zeredho shall be a place for me and my people forever! None shall come hither to make us afraid or to annoy us. And Thy Son said to me: I can teach thee and thy people that ye shall never more fear to be annoyed by the low or by the evil-minded; nor shall ye fear for Gods or angels to come and inhabit Zeredho!

21. Thus spake Thy Son, O Jehovih! And he hath given us the secret. We no longer fear that others will encroach upon Zeredho. Behold, Zeredho is Thy place, O Jehovih. These unfortunates, these drujas, are Thy children. They shall go to Zeredho. I fear not pollution now, nor do my hosts. We will wade into this filth, like scavengers into a filthy street, and we will make these children like shining stars in Thy firmament!

22. Yea, O Jehovih, nothing more can make us afraid! We have nothing; we have nothing to lose. We are Thy servants, now and forever!

23. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: Behold the size of my avalanza, O Hoab! If thou wilt but take the measure, thou shalt find it is just the size and build to take thee and thy hosts and these drujas. Think not that this matter so happened, for I sent beforehand, and had all these unfortunates enumerated, and thy people enumerated also.

24. When Hoab perceived this great wisdom in Fragapatti, and comprehended the care that had been used to accomplish so much, he made no reply at first, but, looking at him, burst into tears. Presently, he said: By Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih, will I, also, lift my fellows up out of darkness and misery!

chapter 13

1. Then Fragapatti sent swift messengers to Mouru, relating all that had been accomplished, giving, also, the names of the generals and captains over the newly established colonies redeemed from Utza, in the Aoasuan mountains, so they might be registered in the libraries of Haraiti. And Fragapatti established a line of messengers betwixt the colonies, and also from the colonies to Mouru, and selected and appointed the messengers, to hold office during dawn.

2. And when the affairs of this region of the lower heavens were completed and in working order, Fragapatti was ready to ascend with the mad and dumb drujas rescued from hell. Accordingly, the proper persons fell to work and carried them into the avalanza; being obliged to blindfold them because of the light. Nor did the drujas cease wailing and crying with fear and pain and craziness. But because of the multitude of infants, Fragapatti had previously provided five hundred thousand women of fetal, that the infants might be redeemed to everlasting life.

3. Sixty thousand physicians had Fragapatti aboard, and they fell to work right and left, resuscitating and restoring to consciousness the unfortunates. And of the hosts of Hoab, not one was there but went to work, willingly, as nurse and helper.

4. Now struck up the es' senaurs with music, thirty thousand of them, but soft and gentle as a breath of wind, carrying the tones around about the ship, even as an endless echo, calling and answering from all possible directions, a continuous and enrapturing change, as if near, and as if far off. So that the uninformed knew not whence the music came, nor how it was produced.

5. All these things were set to working order just as the great avalanza was ready to start. Then Fragapatti went into the ship, being almost the last one to enter. Already was the light gathering bright and dense about him, his head almost hid in the brilliancy of the halo. And then he called out:

6. Arise! Arise! In Jehovih' s name, upward rise! And as he spake, behold, the avalanza moved with his will, for all the hosts joined in the same expression, and presently started upward the great fire-ship; leaving the burning walls and signal centers flickering below, so that even hell overthrown shone with great grandeur.

7. Fragapatti spake to Hoab, saying: When I took thee and thy hosts from Zeredho, I promised to take thee to Mouru, the capital city of Haraiti, my kingdom. Now thou desirest me to go with these drujas to Zeredho. I will ask thee now, thinkest thou that thou couldst plan their salvation, and restore them to light?

8. To which Hoab replied, saying: I perceive that of myself I can do nothing but go down hill; or, at best, keep on a level road. As I now comprehend All Light, there is no one thing in all the universe that can rise of itself; but, by the external pressure of other things, all tend downward, even man. To attain to be one with Jehovih is the beginning of the resurrection of the individual; but he who hath attained power to resurrect others is strong

indeed. There are many who spasmodically resurrect others, but, alas, how few can keep them resurrected! Not only must he have the Light of Jehovih within himself, but power to make others obtain the Light for themselves. Alas, I am weak!

9. Fragapatti said: Understand thyself, O Hoab. Be not deceived, nor short in faith to accomplish; for herein lieth the key to all Wisdom and Power. Suffer not thyself to go to the other extreme, saying, man of himself can accomplish nothing. To teach a child this, is to hew off its legs and arms. To teach it that it can accomplish, is to make it giant-like and effective.

10. Hoab said: I perceive thy wisdom, O Chief. How, then, shall we find a line by which we can train this economy? If we inspire them not with faith to accomplish, they will accomplish nothing; if we teach them they are dependent on Jehovih for all things, and that Jehovih doeth all things, and that no man can change his own destiny, that he is moved as a machine, then we will make nonentities of our people. On the other hand, if we inspire them that they can accomplish, it will grow upon them, and, finally, they will believe that they do all, and Jehovih nothing. This was the mire my other kingdom ran into.

11. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: Thou perceivest that reason cannot solve the matter. Let us, then, suspend the subject, and I will take thee to Mouru and her kingdoms, and we may obtain facts more pertinent than opinion or reason.

chapter 14

1. Upward rose the avalanza with its contrasting assemblage of the souls of Light, and with the souls of darkness, the drujas, the holy es' enaurs chanting anthems of praise and thanksgiving, whilst the drujas were engaged in or cursing everything in heaven or earth, or in weeping and moaning, or in stupor, dull as if dead.

2. Fragapatti had previously sent swift messengers to Athrava and the Holy Council of Mouru, where had descended the Light of Jehovih, Whose voice came upon them, saying:

3. Lo, my hosts come in the avalanza; prepare ye to inhabit them, thirty millions. Choose ye from My ethereans and My atmosphereans who shall receive the hosts of the avalanza, the nine hundred millions in darkness. Go ye, therefore, to the borders of the sea, Chewan, near the cross-roads, Tse-loo, where I have created the plains of Hoo' e' tse-gam, ample for their resurrection. And ye shall provide them houses and hospitals and nurseries, suitable for them to dwell in, being ready, when the avalanza cometh, to deliver them.

4. Athrava and the Holy Council had responded to this, and the swift messengers in turn had informed Fragapatti of the place prepared. Accordingly, the avalanza was landed in Hoo' e' tse-gam, where the thirty millions were in waiting to receive them, disciplined by Ardi' atta, Goddess of Zhei, in etherea, first of the seven le' tas in Gom. And they had ten thousand trumpeters, besides other players, four thousand and two hundred.

5. Ardi' atta had provided the pastures in green and in red and brown, but the green she had laid near Che-wan, where the avalanza would land; hence, it was called, Hoo' e' tsegam, signifying, green for the newborn. Consequently, the drujas were delivered from the avalanza on an open green plain, neither dark nor light, suited to the diseased in mind.

6. Fragapatti knew Ardi' atta, for her former kingdom in etherea lay in one of his own

provinces, and it was easy for him to commune with her at a distance, and without messengers. So, even before the avalanza landed, he said unto her:

7. I will cast the drujas on the green fields, and as fast as thou and thy hosts can resuscitate them to consciousness, they shall be selected and carried into the houses and nurseries thou hast provided for them.

8. Thus was the avalanza discharged of the drujas, for the present in Haraiti, to receive treatment prior to being carried to Zeredho. And Ardi' atta and her hosts took charge of them, although more than four millions of Hoab' s hosts, also remained with them, as volunteers, to assist in the redemption.

9. Then Fragapatti directed the ship to be steered for Mouru, whither it arrived in due season; and there were in waiting to receive him more than one thousand million souls, and they had provided musicians, one million players and singers, so that far and near it was like a sea of music.

10. When Hoab looked upon the beauty and magnificence of the scene, and especially the discipline, his soul was filled with thanks to the Great Spirit, so that he could scarce speak. And when he mastered himself a little, he said: O Chief, Fragapatti! How could one so exalted as thou art come to me in Zeredho! Every hour am I rebuked by myself because of my former vanity.

11. Fragapatti said: To learn not to speak of one' s self, nor to think of one' s self, whether praised or rebuked, is this not the right road to Jehovih? Hoab said: It is true. Therefore, the opposite, is going on the wrong road.

chapter 15

1. When the avalanza was made fast, and the hosts come forth, many of the Zeredho' ans, fearing the brilliancy of the lights of Mouru, were permitted to go and dwell a little way off; but the others, led by Fragapatti and Hoab, entered the capital city, and came before the throne of Jehovih, greeted by Athrava and the Holy Council.

2. Athrava said: In the name of Jehovih, O Chief, greeting: And to thee, O Hoab. Come ye, and honor the throne of Mouru.

3. Fragapatti said: Greeting to thee, Athrava; and to ye, most Holy Council, in the name of our Father! Hoab said: Greeting, in Jehovih' s name!

4. And then Fragapatti and Hoab went forward and ascended the throne, and sat on the left hand of Athrava. At once the Light from the etherean worlds began to fall upon the throne, and even upon the whole Council, and the light was golden yellow, the most sacred color, and brilliant. Hoab had never seen such before, and was overwhelmed with fear and delight; but many of his hosts were obliged to hide their faces.

5. Presently the light condensed over the throne, even whilst three thousand millions looked on, till like a very sun it stood above Fragapatti' s head. And then came the Voice of the Almighty, Jehovih, out of the midst of the light. Jehovih said:

6. Hear the words of thy Creator, O man! I, Who created the corporeal and the es' ean worlds! Behold the works of My hands! Who can find a place where I have not created!

7. Think not that I cannot also create a voice and words. For is this not easier than to create a man who shall create words. Behold My corporeal suns amidst My corporeal star-worlds! Behold My etherean suns amidst My es' sean worlds.

8. I made corporeal darkness, and I made corporeal light. I made spiritual darkness, and I made spiritual light. But I am the Light of light. I am the Word of words.

9. As the wisdom of man inventeth words, so doth the light of My Light come in words to them that can bear My Light.

10. Behold My wisdom, O man, in creating souls out of the substance of corporeal darkness! Thus can their souls hear Me and not be afraid. But to them who become pure souls, I come openly. Their throne becometh My throne! Their voice becometh My voice. Their hosts look upon My throne, and My light shineth before My people.

11. Hear, then, thy Creator, O Zeredho. Thy people called to me in their darkness, but I came not. Thy hand was upon them. Thou hadst said unto them: Behold my wide countries; my mountains and valleys; my bright rivers and refreshing winds. Come ye; they are yours to keep forever!

12. And because thy hand was upon them, they were beset with darkness; they could not find their way out; neither beheld they more the glory of My kingdoms. Yea, thou wert as a wanton going after My chosen, and thy voice luredest them away from Me!

13. But I spoke in Nirvana, high above, in My thrones of light. And My Sons and Daughters heard My voice. I said unto them: Lo, the red star and her heavens are fallen in darkness! Go ye to them and deliver them into a new resurrection.

14. Had I not spoken in the ancient days, saying: Inasmuch as ye raise up them that are beneath you, so will I send them who are above down to you, to raise you up also.

15. But they forgot My words; neither strove they more to raise up them that were in the hells below. And I said unto My Nirvanians: Go ye to Zeredho, for she hath enticed My holy ones away from Me. And ye shall give them a parable of compensation openly, and they shall come before My Light and hear My voice. For ye shall take them to hell and cause them to deliver the drujas, through the light of My countenance; and thereafter shall ye bring them to Mouru, that I may speak with them face to face.

16. Hear the commandments of your Creator, O ye Sons and Daughters of Zeredho, for that which I give unto ye shall be inviolate. Which is, that ye shall have dominion over the earth and her heavens for two hundred years, commencing at the close of this dawn of dan.

17. And thou, O Hoab, shall be God over all the rest, and thou shalt be anointed with power to raise up successors with power and wisdom. Be wise, O My children, and profit ye in the wisdom of My etherean hosts whilst yet the dawn of dan remaineth.

18. The Voice ceased. Then spake Athrava, saying: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I suspend myself from Thy throne till it be the will of Fragapatti and Thy will also. And he rose up and stood aside. Then Fragapatti went and sat in the midst of the throne.

19. Fragapatti said: I proclaim three days'recreation to the Holy Council, and to the city of Mouru. Behold, my people shall mingle together as brothers and sisters, rejoicing in the Light of the Father. Be ye joyful, singing and dancing. The ascent to Jehovih' s kingdoms may be likened unto a ladder with steps, and not an even plain, and ye s heavens in this dawn. shall call this the first step in the resurrection of the earth'

20. The hosts then mingled together, greeting and rejoicing, for the Zeredho' ans had long desired to see the ethereans now dwelling in Mouru; and the ethereans were equally desirous of seeing the atmosphereans. Consequently, there was great rejoicing and merriment.

chapter 16

1. When the time of recreation was ended, Fragapatti ascended the throne of Jehovih, and signaled to the marshals to proclaim order and labor; and, at once, the vast multitude took their places; and, in the same instant, the es' enaurs discoursed music, with anthems, the which, when finished, was the signal for business, heavenly. Fragapatti said:

2. Again am I about to depart, and again to leave the God of Mouru, Athrava, with you. And Hoab, and such of his hosts as I may choose, shall go with me. For, according to the rank and glory of Gods, I must now deliver Hapacha and his kingdom of Ipseogee, raised up from Guatama.

3. Thereupon, Fragapatti descended to the foot of the throne and sat down; and Athrava, God of dawn of Mouru, came down and took him by the hand, in ancient manner, and said: Behold, thou hast honored my throne, and the time of thy departure is upon thee. Arise, then, O God, and go thy way.

4. And Fragapatti rose up and stood aside, and signaled for Hoab to go and be raised in the same manner; the which he did, becoming wise in the behavior of Gods toward one another. enaurs, and, at

5. The marshals had filed fifty thousand attendants, besides ten thousand es' a signal from Fragapatti, marched forth out of the capital, followed by the hosts of Hoab and one hundred thousand ethereans.

6. And when they were once beyond the lights of Mouru, behold, some of the hosts of Hoab rejoiced, because they were better pleased to be where there was less light. Yet there were seven hundred millions of them who rejoiced not, but rather loved the light more.

7. Then Fragapatti said: It is well that not all are of one mind. The seven hundred millions who love the light more, shall be my traveling companions to Ipseogee. Because they are strong in light, I have work for them. But the others shall be taken back to Zeredho, whither I will also come in due time.

8. And after they are settled in Zeredho, behold, I will send a God to them, and they shall found a new kingdom, in Jehovih' s name. Let all hands, therefore, enter the avalanza, following me.

9. At once the hosts entered the ship, and Fragapatti gave the word to be off, and they sped forth direct for Zeredho, led by swift messengers who well knew the nearest route and the lightest places. And the route taken was through the sea of Foo' witchah and the Oram of Haiti.

10. Hardly had they gotten under way, when the light of the upper heavens began to descend on Hoab, whose excitement, from the wondrous scenes, made him propitious to the change; and, feeling the buoyancy of the light, he thus held forth, saying:

11. How could I forget Thee, O Jehovih? Or Thy purposes observe, and deny Thy s womb, I was the farthest designs? How saw I not that at my quickening in my mother' from Thee? And yet, even then, Thy breath was upon me!

12. And when Thou hadst fashioned me and badest me walk upright, Thou didst send Thy angels to me, saying: Behold, Thy Creator liveth. Life of His Life thou art; flesh of His Flesh created he thee. And He gave thee thyself in proof of Himself.

13. In the earth was I conceived; housed up in darkness; of Thyself built up; nor was I of

myself anything under the sun.

14. And Thou createdst the honey-bee, and bade him speak to me for mine own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. I shut my eyes to things sour and bitter, and I store my house with sweet provender only. Soul of man, hear me! I am the voice of thy Creator. Behold the harmony of mine house, and the provision I make for my newborn!

15. And Thou createdst the ant, and bade him speak to me for mine own benefit. He said: Behold me, O man! I am a worker. In a community I live with my brothers and sisters. Soul of man, hear me. I am the voice of thy Creator. Behold the industry of mine house, and the burdens we bear jointly into our stores.

16. And Thou createdst the spider, and bade him speak to me. He said: Behold me, O man! I am one with thy Creator. By the spirit of things I move; by the geometrical figures of the unseen worlds I build mine house. Think not that I reason or take lessons from other spiders; I take no lessons; I move by the spirit within me, and it moveth in concert with the spirit of things without. Hear me, spirit of man! There are two ways to knowledge before thee; one is by the soul of things, and one by reason.

17. And Thou heldest up before mine eyes continually that the unseen ruledest over the seen. Then I became vain before Thee, O Jehovih! I said: When I am dead, and born a spirit, then will I see the unseen, and cannot err more.

18. But lo, my folly in Thy sight! When I was risen in spirit, I saw the spirit of things; but, alas, the soul laid still beyond. And to me the soul was now the unseen cause, and ruler over the spirit.

19. Again Thy holy ones came from the etherean worlds, speaking to me, saying: And yet beyond the soul cometh Nirvana.

20. Now have I beholden Thy crystal spheres, and Thy matchless glories. Yea, I look into this sea of Foo' witchah, whither I had often gazed before, seeing nothing then; but now, beholding ships laden with Gods and Goddesses from Thy Nirvanian fields, in higher works and worlds moving.

21. And Thy Fire stirreth me to the soul, to expand to the mastery of these atmospherean heavens. O that I could vent the hallowed glory Thou hast bestowed upon me! O that I could thank Thee for the happiness I have because Thou createdest me!

22. O that I could open up the souls of men to behold Thy wondrous works, and the majesty of becoming one with Thee, Thou Almighty, Jehovih! O that they would hear me and believe! O that they would not turn away from Light! O that they could learn to glorify Thee every day, for the little Light and little joy they receive! How like Gods and Goddesses would they become in Thy kingdoms.

23. But they harbor discontent; they discourse on the little they have received from Thee. Like the canker-worm, that groweth to devour, they feed their sorrows by recounting them over and over. For pain they cry out; and for disappointment they weep. Yea, they feed their own darkness with darkness, and in the end forget Thee, Thou All Light!

24. Hoab ceased, but gazed at the coursing ships in the atmospherean heavens; whereupon Fragapatti said:

25. Behold Thy wisdom, O Jehovih! Whom Thou wouldst make strong, Thou hast made to feel adversity' s sting. For the emergencies that lie ahead, Thou plannest Thy Gods to run near the cliffs whereon millions perish.

26. Who can attain to know Thy wisdom, O Jehovih! Who can comprehend the millions of millions of Thy Sons and Daughters! And yet Thou knowest every one, and carriest them by a breath, so gently they feel Thee not, nor know Thee. To a very hair' s breadth Thou takest them; and in the time of desperation, Thy hand cometh to the rescue of the righteous.

27. Man saith: Now will I fortify myself with riches and houses, and all manner of possessions; adversity shall not come upon me; I have more faith in my possessions than in Jehovih. Mine is a kingdom I can see; but Jehovih is afar off.

28. But Thou art suffering him, in his vanity, to go away from Thee for a season. Sooner or later Thou bringest him in with a short turn; either on earth or in heaven. And he goeth down as an example to hundreds and to thousands that envied him.

29. Thou hast set up the poor man in faith; he toileth day and night; he is weary and sore; he crieth out with hunger; his rags are a shame to him; but he remembereth Thee, O Jehovih! In Thy praise he singeth a song in his soul every day. To do good unto others is his great delight.

30. And Thy hand reacheth down to him in time after; his soul is like a giant. Thou hast planned him for a very God in heaven!

31. The spark of faith that was in him he nurtured, and it became as a mighty tree that fell not down before the blast. The good he received he exalted, and it fructified and grew as a harvest in rich soil; and he stood mighty in all places.

32. In Thy praise are his songs, and they endure forever; his psalms are the voice of Thy loves; and the multitude of Thy people remember him, whilst all else are cut down and destroyed. Thy work hath a sure foundation; Thy Wisdom standeth before man' s wisdom; not one hath found a failure in Thy word, as it speaketh to his own soul.

33. Thy labor is from the subtle and unseen; Thy footstool the cause of causes. But the vain man looketh to Thy object; he turneth Thy ways upside down; he maketh the cart to push the horse. And Thou sufferest him to drink to the fill of his own vanity; and when he runneth himself into torments, Thou findest a way to reach him and bring him home to Thee.

34. Great is his glory when he findeth Thee; his voice becometh the love of Thy loves forever! For Thou hadst shaped him as an example, and given him scope to run his extreme, for his own glory. Yea, Thou hadst planned him for one of Thy great workers, that would not go down afterward.

chapter 17

1. On the way to Zeredho, Fragapatti and his hosts in the avalanza were joined by a ship of a thousand million explorers from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star, of the seventh magnitude of light, even three higher than Fragapatti. Ctu, the Chief in command of the expedition, greeted in the sign, JEHOVIH‘S NAME, the which Fragapatti answered; and by certain signals the ships approached and made fast, the es' enaurs of the twain singing and playing the same anthem, five millions of voices, and half as many trumpeters.

2. Then Ctu came near to Fragapatti, saluting, and the hosts stood in line, so they might hear what was said. So, after due ceremonies, and acquainting each other who they were,

whence they came, and such like, then spake Ctu, saying: I see thou hast thy ship ballasted with a north magnet?

3. Fragapatti said: This is but a five years'dawn, and I teach my hosts how to ballast that they may the better read the maps and roadways and stars and suns. Of these, my hosts, five hundred millions have become capable of being delivered into etherea, save in cosmogony. I am providing them, that when they shall have ascended, they may not be lost in the etherean worlds, or be dependent on others.

4. Ctu said: What is the length of this serpent? Fragapatti said: Seven and one-eighth Hoitumu. And he asked Ctu what distance he had come from his home; and Ctu said: One million four hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and thirty and two Hoitumu!

5. What time hath thy journey yet before thee? Ctu said: Five hundred thousand years! Then Fragapatti inquired how many star-worlds Ctu had so far passed on his journey, and Ctu said: Twenty thousand star-worlds we have passed, some smaller than this red star, and some ten thousand times larger. Some of them yet liquid balls of fire, some newly crusted over, some with atmosphere and water and earth and minerals not yet separated, mu; and some but boiling, seething, whirling; some firm and just entering the age of se' old and worn out. And one we passed which had become barren as to living creatures; and the God, through whose pastures it passed, dissolved and dissipated it before us, having invited thousands of millions of guests to witness the scene.

6. Of atmospherean worlds we have passed more than ninety thousand; some of them larger than the vortex of this red star, and capable of giving homes to a million times a million of inhabitants; and yet, on many of them, there were no people.

7. Thus they discoursed on the size and wonder of Jehovih' s kingdoms; but their numbers and descriptions only the Gods themselves could comprehend, they were so vast; and when they had about concluded, Ctu remarked:

8. The mortal desireth to become a spirit; then his ambition is to become an etherean; next, an Orian; next, a Nirvanian; next, an Oe' tan, and then to travel in the surveys of magnitudes. But those ahead still call to us to hasten, because the glories ahead are still more surpassing in magnificence! Who, then, can approach the Unapproachable, All Highest! He Who fashioned the plan of all creations! Who is there that is not swallowed up with devotion and awe of Him Who is Ever Present, that extendeth beyond all limit, our Father, Jehovih!

chapter 18

1. When they drew near Zeredho, Ctu, with his ship and hosts, withdrew, duly saluting, and they sped on their journey. But Fragapatti halted on the borders of Zeredho and landed seven hundred millions of his hosts, the others remaining aboard.

2. Again the avalanza put forth. Fragapatti said: Now will I visit Yaton' te, Lord God of North Guatama, and see what he hath accomplished, and perchance he will accompany us to Ipseogee, to see Hapacha, my well-loved God of the West Wind.

3. Now, when they came to the sea of Ctevahwitich, they rose the avalanza fifty thousand miles, for the benefit of Hoab and his hosts, for here lieth the roadway of Tems, whither pass countless numbers of fleets filled with students in the dismembered warks belonging

to the earth.

4. Here the students learn the process of condensation, and the process of dissolution of meteoric stones and small planets, such as a mortal could walk around one of them in a day. On the outer extreme of this sea, the nebulae is in constant waves, where the vortices play, condensing and bursting, like whirlwinds on the earth or corporeal ocean.

5. Here Fragapatti explained, saying: In this thou shalt behold the wisdom of Jehovih, and the uniformity of His works. Here lieth the first belt away from the earth capable of having nebulae condensed into meteoric stones. All nebulae lying nearer than this to the earth' s surface is either attracted to the earth or repulsed from it. Compute, therefore, the distance of this belt from the earth, together with its density, and thou shalt find that it is the same distance that the wark belts are, with the stars in the firmament of the size of the earth, and of its density and velocity. The first wark belt of the sun is, therefore, the place of its nearest planet; the second wark belt is the place of its next nearest planet, and so on; and these wark belts are all graded in distance accordingly as I have spoken.

6. Jehovih hath said: Two ways have I created for My mathematicians to prove My works; one is, to measure that which is near at hand, in order to determine that which is far off; the other is, to observe that which is far off, in order to determine that which is near. For, since man could not measure the wark belts of this world, I provided him with means to determine the wark belts of the sun, so that he might the better comprehend his own world.

7. That man might find still further evidence of the earth' s wark belts, I created the nearest one with different densities, so that not every year on earth would be alike as to heat and cold. And in certain cycles of dan I condense the first wark belts so that the sun seemeth to mortals as if in eclipse. For it is upon this belt that My cycles of dan' ha give either light or darkness to mortals spiritually.

8. Let man compute My times for his own profit; I created the first wark to gain in rotation faster than the earth, one year for every eleven. So that when the wark hath made twelve of its own years, the earth shall have completed eleven years.

9. Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be driven in amidst a forest of whirlwinds, to illustrate and to explain, so that the hosts might observe. He said: Thou shalt perceive now, that such stones as are condensed beneath the apex fall to the earth, whilst those ascending frequently rise toward the lighter plateau and explode, to be attracted back within the wark belt. This belt compareth unto the cloud belt near the earth. Thither the wind currents make rain-drops and snow-flakes; here the currents make the first nebulous formations that come under the name corpor.

10. Whilst Fragapatti was thus discoursing, the avalanza rocked to and fro, and many of the people perceived now, more than ever, the knowledge and power required by angels and Gods, to contend successfully with the elements. But the beauty and grandeur of these fountains, these fire-spouts, and whirlwinds on fire, together with the roar and whistling of the flying stones, so enraptured Hoab and his hosts, they could do naught but look and wonder at the glory thereof.

11. For seven days and seven nights did Fragapatti and his hosts travel in this wark belt, observing and studying these miniature worlds, creating and dissipating; and on the eighth day the avalanza was lowered beneath the currents, and they sailed direct for the kingdom of Yaton' te, Lord God of North Guatama, piloted by messengers well acquainted

with the course. But not being in a much frequented roadway, they encountered few ships or processions of other Gods.

12. Yaton' te had been apprised of Fragapatti' s coming, and had accordingly notified his kingdom, and summoned seventy of his Lords to his capital, which was named after himself. So Yaton' te commanded his otevan to be put in order and lighted, and having provided five hundred es' enaurs in addition to his crew, together with his Lords and ten thousand attendants, went forth to the borders of Hagak, a thousand miles, to meet Fragapatti.

13. But, lo and behold, the otevan was only as a small boat is to a ship, when compared to the avalanza. And, accordingly, when they approached each other, Fragapatti caused the front of the avalanza to be opened, and at this place the otevan entered within the walls and was made fast. And the hosts of the otevan came out and were received with great joy by Fragapatti and his people.

chapter 19

1. A thousand miles north of the northern line of the sun on the earth, in the middle betwixt the east and west front of North Guatama, and from the earth upward, and without intervening space, five hundred miles, had Yaton' te founded his kingdom, and hither it was that Fragapatti came to see him. Five hundred miles westward lay Ipseogee, extending north and south two thousand miles, where reigned the good Faithist, Hapacha, styled God of the West Wind.

2. After the avalanza reached Yaton' te' s capital, and the hosts duly landed in the lower heaven, Yaton' te ascended his throne, and after due ceremonies of welcome and thanksgiving, and with music rendering praise to the All High, Yaton' te proclaimed recreation for three days and three nights.

3. Then spake Fragapatti to him, saying: I am glad of this, because I desire to hear the story of thy adventures, and of thy success in this kingdom, for thy record must also be my record, to be taken with us, at the end of this dawn, to heaven above. Hoab and his hosts shall also hear thy words.

4. Yaton' te replied: What I have done, I have done. Nevertheless, he who hath built great kingdoms may find little to admire in a small one.

5. Fragapatti said: I have seen old men who doted more on a grandchild than on a large family they had bred themselves. And is it not a wise provision of our Creator that He bestowed us with such means as enableth us at all times to live over again our past history in the young? Every hour we find a new way open to remind us of our follies in youth; and also a new channel in which to behold Jehovih' s Wisdom.

6. Yaton' te said: If a man convert his neighbor from evil into good, two great things are accomplished, the triumph of the man and the reformation of the neighbor. If on the other hand a man fail to convert his neighbor from evil to good, two misfortunes have transpired, which are, the disappointment of one and the loss of glory to Jehovih. It is a strong man that can recount his own failures and say he glorifieth the Father because thereof.

7. Fragapatti said: How shall we measure magnitudes, O Yaton' te? Hath not a mortal, that hath delivered one druk into light, as great a glory as a God that delivereth hundreds of

thousands? Is not the one as great in magnitude as the other? According to our worthiness in righteous persistence, no matter what our limit is, is not this the greatest glory? Jehovih gave to man, to first learn to deliver himself in the All Highest. He who can do this is a great ruler. And in the next time Jehovih giveth him to rule over a small kingdom, perhaps a drunkard, or a wanton, or even over his own family, to righteousness. He that doeth this is a great ruler. Is not, then, man' s persistence in righteousness the whole glory of his kingdom?

8. Yaton' te said: The Father knoweth! To try, and to try, and to try; this is the sum of the good a man doeth. And yet what man is there in heaven or on earth but can find an apology for the good work he accomplished? Doth not the poor man say: O, if I had this, what great good I would accomplish? And the rich man maketh the same speech, and the king also. And yet Jehovih hath given a kingdom to each and every one of them. But he who can say: I have done all I could, according to my strength and wisdom, rateth amongst the highest of men and Gods.

9. Hear me, then, O Fragapatti; and thou mayst best understand; suffer thyself to forget all the light of high heaven, and to be in a place of darkness, where three thousand million spirits are vagrants, scattered far and wide on the corporeal earth. Such was Aoasu in this kingdom; but the spirits congregated not together in hells, as they did in the east, for they had no association; no Gods, nor Lords. They were perpetual migrants, save such as dwelt with the druks as familiars.

10. And as to the spirits of those that died in infancy, they were taken by the spirits of their fathers and mothers, or others, and cared for until they also gained sufficient knowledge to serve them as vagrants, and there was the end.

11. And strange to say, all these spirits were without clothes or drapery of any kind, and devoid of shame; neither were they good or evil, nor had they desire for, or knowledge of, a higher heaven, being content to rove about, to sleep, and to eat. And they had a thousand languages; or, at least, a thousand different kinds of signs and utterances, which they had acquired on earth, but lost and mixed up so that neither Lords nor Gods could converse with them.

12. Thus I surveyed them and found them, before I built this capital, for which reason I came thus centrally amongst them. Know also, O Chief, that I traveled amongst them with music and with fire, and gaudy apparel, in hope to gain their aspiration; but, alas, they neither smiled nor frowned on my fine shows, but vacantly gazed at us, or even fell asleep whilst our otevan was paraded before them.

13. Then I came hither and built this capital, and founded Jehovih' s throne, whereon thou now honorest me. And then I sent to them, here and there, presents of gaudy attire, in hope to inspire the multitude through the few; but, alas, those I attired soon divested themselves of their clothes, preferring nakedness. Thus ended my second failure.

14. After this, I sent a hundred thousand preachers to them, to portray the greater glory of a higher heaven. But, alas, they heeded not, or, if heeding, in a day would forget all that had been told them. And thus ended the third failure.

15. Then we held a holy council, imploring Jehovih for light and power; and His voice came upon me, saying: Go to their loves, My Son; go to mortals. Begin thou with es' yans.

16. Then I commanded my hosts to go and live for a season amongst mortals; and they brought the es' yans to Yaton' te, under guard of the asaphs. And the next of kin followed,

desiring to remain. And I said unto them: Behold, my place is fair, and my people are clothed. Save ye be clothed also, ye cannot dwell with us, nor shall ye more look upon your next of kin, whom I have taken for myself.

17. And for love there came many mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters, belonging to the recent dead; and they suffered themselves to be clothed; and these were the first in my kingdom.

18. Again I called my hosts together, and I said unto them: A thousand Lords I must have. I will divide North Guatama amongst my Lords, and they shall dwell with mortals, having a sufficiency of ashars to give one to each and every mortal, man, woman and child. And whether by natural death or by war, it mattereth not, the es' yans shall be brought to my kingdom.

19. This I accomplished, providing nurseries and places of entertainment for such as were brought hither. But, alas, the tens of thousands of spirits who thus came because of their kin, and accepted clothing for sake of remaining, had little talent to talk, or even desire for anything.

20. At the next holy council the Light came to me, saying: Hear the voice of thy Creator, O My Son; because thou hast been diligent in striving for the resurrection of My children, I am come to thee. Behold, I created man naked, and with shame, as the foundation of industry. But because this people followed, in the Osirian age, the abandonment of spirit communion, whilst they were yet mortal, they lost the light of My countenance.

21. Neither canst thou inspire them to industry, save through clothing the body; but, first of all, thou shalt make them ashamed of nakedness; otherwise, there is no higher resurrection for them.

22. Then I inquired of the Creator how I should teach them shame. He said: Of themselves, to themselves, for themselves, thou canst do but little. But thou shalt inspire them through mortals.

23. Every plateau shall be a thousand miles in breadth every way, save the lowest, which shall be two thousand miles, with a rise of one degree, so that the plateaux shall extend from the earth up to thy kingdom, like a stairway, one plateau higher than another.

24. And thy Lords shall provide for the lowest, and for the second lowest plateaux, subjective entertainments, subjective teachings and subjective things in general. Neither shall there be anything real on these two plateaux, save the inhabitants and their food, and the mirrors and lenses, and machinery for producing subjectives.

25. And the lower plateau, being on the earth, shall be provided as a mirage, having everything spiritual in appearance, as they are corporeally on the earth. And it shall be provided with forests and lakes and rivers, and with all manner of animals and birds and fish, and of whatsoever is suitable food for mortals. And the lowest plateau shall be called Hochedowa, signifying, happy hunting ground.

26. And thou shalt send word to thy Lords, saying: Thus saith thy Creator: Behold, I have created a good place, and called it Hochedowa. Teach ye this to mortals, by inspiration and otherwise, saying also to them: Go tell one another, for, after death, the soul shall go thither in great delight. And ye shall say unto them: Save ye wear garments to hide your nakedness, ye shall not enter Hochedowa.

27. Yaton' te said: When the lowest plateau was made habitable, covering a large portion of North Guatama, the Voice came again, saying: Through thy Lords, My Son, thou shalt

possess all mortals, every man and woman and child, suffering not one of the drujas to come near them.

28. And, behold, I will send upon the land in many places, great droughts, because of the construction of thy plateau, and these wandering spirits shall not find sustenance, save but through thee and thy Lords. And as fast as they come, thou shalt oblige them to be clothed or draped about the loins; but thou shalt show preference to all such as wear ornaments.

29. Yaton' te said: This much have we accomplished, O Fragapatti: The foundation of my heavenly kingdom is broad and sure, but as yet I have few subjects to show thee.

30. Fragapatti said: Behold, I will take two days of rest, and then I will inspect thy places. Proclaim, therefore, recreation for two days.

chapter 20

1. When the recreation was ended, Yaton' te called his council together, and he sat on the throne, and Fragapatti and Hoab sat on his left hand on the throne, also.

2. The Voice of Jehovih came to Yaton' te, saying: Behold, O My Sons and Daughters, this heaven and this land shall not be like any other place; for hither shall rise in time after, they that shall begin the founding of My kingdom amongst mortals. For in the lands of the east, and the heavens of the east, I have given them Lords and Gods before whom they fall down and worship. But in this heaven, and this land beneath it, shall not be given any Lord, nor God, nor any person born of woman for their resurrection.

3. To this end have I created this subjective heaven and her plateaux, and they shall endure till the dawn of kosmon, and the overthrow of war and mortal kingdoms. From this throne will I come in that day, through My Chiefs, and reveal the histories of My kingdoms. And I will radiate outward, around about from this heaven, until My kingdoms encircle the whole earth, and until the earth' s heavens are Mine also.

4. And whether the I' huans be mortals or spirits, ye shall not here teach them to worship any one, save the Great Spirit.

5. For a question will arise amongst mortals in the beginning of kosmon, as to whether mortals are ruled by the angels of heaven. And I will prove it before them that in this land all Gods and Lords and Saviors shall be cast out, and mortals shall become worshippers of the Great Spirit, being ruled to that end by the inspiration that shall descend from this heaven, through the spirits of the I' huan race. And they shall know that I, Jehovih, alone rule over all, and within all My works.

6. Be wise, My Sons and Daughters, for as ye now find little aspiration amongst the hosts of wandering spirits, so will the same lack of aspiration be manifested in the beginning of kosmon, amongst mortals. The Voice ceased.

7. Yaton' te called Et' seing, his assistant God, saying: Come thou and sit on the throne. I will go now for forty days with Fragapatti and show him all my works. And I will go also with him to Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, after which I will return hither.

8. Et' seing came and sat on the throne, duly saluting, having been anointed and crowned previously. Then rose up Fragapatti to speak, perceiving that the great multitude desired to hear him. He said:

9. In what they have done I am well pleased, O Jehovih. Through Thy voice I selected them, and they deserve neither praise nor censure, being Thy servants. Thou hast wisely

chosen them, for in this dawn I perceive the foundation of that which will reach mortals in the third dan' ha that cometh after. And because Thou hast chosen this place, O Father, great is the responsibility of these, Thy Lords, and Thy Lord God.

10. Because they have supplicated Thee, Thou hast guided them, and they cannot err. Because their work hath been slow, they have great honor in patience and persistence. May Thy Wisdom, Power and Love continue with them, for Thy glory, now and forever. Amen! Fragapatti ceased, but the light became brilliant above his head; and the Voice came out of the Light, saying:

11. More shall they concern themselves in a righteous foundation of My kingdom, than in a multitude of conversions and resurrections. For the standard of their Lords and Gods, and their successors, is of more value than tens of thousands of redeemed who are of little wisdom and strength. For the latter will be raised up afterward.

12. The Voice ceased, and Fragapatti came down from the throne, followed by Yaton' te enaurs chanted, ALL HAIL, GREAT JEHOVIH’S POWER! HIS LIGHT THE and Hoab. The es' IMMORTAL VOICE! And when the Gods advanced to Ctius, they halted, standing abreast, and then filed in front of the throne, saluting in the SIGN OF OHM, and were answered by Fragapatti. Lastly came the marshals of the traveling hosts; and when they had passed, the Gods followed after, thus passing out of the capital to the place of the ships of fire, followed by the inhabitants of Yaton' te.

13. Thus they entered the avalanza, with music and cheering; and thus they departed, first to survey the kingdom of Yaton' te, and then go to Ispeogee.

chapter 21

1. After Fragapatti had examined the places of the asaphs and of the physicians, and such other places as belong in the lower heavens, he descended to Hochedowa, the land of delusion, the happy hunting ground, in order to witness the games and tournaments, which were so far maintained by a great expenditure of labor on the part of the ethereans, for teaching by subjective illustrations. Jehovih said:

2. As mortal children can be taught by objective illustration, so have I created My es worlds capable of a similar process subjectively. My rules are not man' s rules; nor are My worlds illustrated as man illustrateth. Behold My rainbow, which is a subjective illustration to mortals of a bow without the substance of a bow. But man bendeth a stick, and saith: Behold, a bow! And he holdeth it in his hand; but Mine he cannot touch.

3. I gave to mortals to teach their sons and daughters many combinations by the use of objects; that they should know a circle, a square, a triangle, or learn to compute numbers by the use of objects. Inversely in the same way I created subjective means for the spirits of the dead, that they might be taught and amused with My works.

4. To corporeans I give corporeal eyes and corporeal ears, that they might attain to wisdom on the earth; but to a few I give su' is, that they may see and hear things spiritually.

5. To the spirits of mortals who die in infancy, I give spiritual eyes and spiritual ears; but without cultivation they hear not corporeal things, nor see corporeal things. But to such spirits as have fulfilled an earth life, I created them to see and hear after death the matters of both worlds.

6. Nevertheless, there are many spirits in heaven who have not fulfilled either a spiritual or a corporeal life, and they can see but little and hear but little; for which reason I commanded that they should be called drujas, signifying, spirits of darkness.

7. And I sent My Gods and My Lords, saying to them: Go ye to the spirits of darkness, for they neither see nor hear heaven nor earth, and are wandering about indifferent even to their own nakedness.

8. And ye shall create mirrors and lenses, and optical illusions and delusions, and provide games and entertainments for them, so that their understanding may be opened up for the glory of My kingdoms.

9. When the avalanza arrived at Hochedowa, it was lowered and made as an observatory, in order to witness what was going on, and yet so provided that it could be moved about from place to place.

10. And they witnessed the heavenly tournaments and games; the boating and fishing and hunting, and all other entertainments representative of what these angels had been engaged at in mortal life; and yet these things were but subjective, and not real.

11. But it came to pass that many drujas were restored to memory of earth-life; restored to seeing and hearing, and, in fact, to know they had entered another world; illustrating to their dull senses that it was possible for them to learn to see things, and to hear things, understandingly.

12. Nevertheless, there were within these regions hundreds of millions of angels so stupid as to be void of form and expression.

13. Jehovih had said: When a man hath fainted, thou shalt arouse him, by calling his memory to things past. And when the druj in heaven hath seen who he is, and his place also, thou shalt show him symbols of things past, and thus awake him.

14. Jehovih had said: Behold, O man, thou art the chiefest glory of My creations. Neither created I any animal that walketh on land, or flieth in the air, or swimmeth in the water, or that crawleth on its belly, with desire for spiritual life, nor with capacity to accumulate spiritually. But to thee only, O man, have I given power to aggregate the spiritual entity.

15. For My animals, I bestowed like a vessel that is full of water; no more can be put into them; and also, when the vessel is destroyed, the water runneth back to the ocean. I quickened them into life by Mine Own hand; but when I take away My hand, lo, they are gone back into dissolution. As a drop of water hath no power before the sun, but evaporateth and is seen no more, so is the spirit of all the animals I created before the light of my countenance. But to thee, O man, I gave power for everlasting life.

16. Nevertheless, as a man may take a drop of water and put it in a vial, and keep it for a long time, so have I given to My exalted angels power to take the spirit of a fish, or of an animal, suddenly dead, and reclothe it with the semblance of a body, for a season; but yet it is only a subjective existence. And, even as a man letteth a stone out of his hand, and it falleth to the ground, so, when My angels let go their hands on My spiritual animals, their spirits fall into the sea of My body, and are seen no more. Even so, also, but in less degree, created I the trees, the grass, the moss, and all vegetable things that grow on the face of the earth. And I gave to My exalted angels power to take the spirit out of a tree, or a bush, or a plant, and to carry it away and reclothe it with corporeal substance. But to My exalted Gods I gave power to do the same things, not with one plant only, but with whole forests, and with animals, and fishes, and serpents.

And when they do these things in atmospherea, they are called subjective heavens.

17. Wherefore it came to pass in the ancient days that when spirits of darkness returned to mortals, they told them that heaven was like unto the earth, with everlasting life unto all animals as well as to man. Turn not away from such spirits, O man, but learn from them that thou mayst not tarry long in My bound heavens, when thou becomest a spirit also.

18. For if thou settest thy soul to feed on animals, and to dwell with them, the Gods cannot deliver thee to My emancipated heavens, till thou hast served thy time in the lower heavens. One great light have I bestowed unto all men, that they may progress forever. Though the waters of the ocean rise up and make clouds; and the clouds fall down as rain and run to the rivers, and thence back into the ocean, a thousand times, ten thousands of times, yet that water hath not progressed. Neither have I given progress to a stone, nor to a tree, nor to an animal; but to man only have I given progress.

19. Be wise, O man, and tie not thyself to things that progress not, nor set thy soul upon them, lest they become a bondage to thee in the next world. But for the druks, I have created heavens midway betwixt light and darkness, subjective and objective, that they may be redeemed. wow' wow, the great hunting fields; and the place of

20. Fragapatti also visited the Washa' tournaments, the Se' ka' to' si, where thousands and tens of thousands of drujas were being amused, and instructed, and awakened to their condition and to their possibilities. And when Fragapatti and his hosts had seen the beauty and grandeur of this lowest of heavens, and made a record of the affairs, Yaton' te said:

21. Now have I shown thee, O Fragapatti, the foundation of a great house, even my kingdom, which is Jehovih' s. I am at thy service, to go whithersoever thou mayst desire. Then spake Fragapatti, saying:

22. I desire to descend beneath, even to the earth' s surface, and survey the plains, and rivers, and lakes, in the regions where the Father' s kingdom will be founded. Let my mathematicians compute the time, and these things shall also be recorded in the etherean libraries, for benefit of the angels of that day.

23. The mathematicians computed the time, and then Yo' tse' putu, the chief, said: Eight thousand nine hundred years! So Fragapatti caused the avalanza to be lowered down to the earth' s surface, and he coursed the land over, east and west and north and south, and when he saw it was a fair country as to land and water, he said:

24. Behold the Wisdom of Jehovih in the foundation and plans for inhabiting and subduing the earth. And yet, eight thousand nine hundred years! O what innumerable millions on the earth will go down in darkness ere that day! Here the Light will fall! Here the beginning of the death of Seffas! Yet Thy Hand, O Jehovih, is over all.

chapter 22

1. Fragapatti sent messengers to Hapacha, God of Ipseogee, apprising him of the visit. So, Hapacha hastily called in his Lords and captains and fathers, preparing a time of recreation, and also preparing suitable reception and entertainment.

2. And Hapacha provided in this manner: First, one hundred thousand musicians, formed in eight parts of a circle, with eight intervening spaces. With each group he provided one thousand marshals, and they stood in front of the musicians, with eight intervening spaces

also. Next within, he provided places for the messengers, of whom there were three hundred thousand. Then next came the asaphs, of whom there were one million; next came the ashars, of whom there were two millions; next, came the nurses and physicians; next, the teachers in factories and schools and colleges; and of all these there were fourteen millions six hundred thousand.

3. Of the grade first above the es' yans there were twenty millions; of the second grade, which was the highest, there were thirty millions; but no es' yans were present.

4. In the midst of the circle was the throne of Hapacha, now extended so as to accommodate his Lords. To the south of his throne were the seats of the captains of the hosts. In a crescent were his counselors, of whom there were one million.

5. Hapacha having thus called them together, and having explained to but few of them the purpose, now addressed them, saying:

6. By the Wisdom and Power of Jehovih I speak before you. That which I say is not of myself, more than of the faith I have in Jehovih, of which faith ye are likewise blessed.

7. Since our youth up we have been advised by the guardian angels, their Lords and God, to be firm in faith in Jehovih above all things. For it was declared to us, in the olden times, that there was a higher heaven and a lower heaven, and that through faith in the Father we should all ultimately ascend and dwell in His Holiest Kingdoms.

8. For which reason ye have been steady workers since your mortal lives have been put away; even for this kingdom, raising up many, and causing them to rejoice in everlasting life. But as it has been promised ye beforehand that the Gods above us would surely come and deliver all who are prepared for the next resurrection, even so, to this day, cherish ye the hope for wider fields of labor, where ye may overtake your kindred and others who have become wise in Jehovih' s light.

9. The time of that resurrection is near at hand for many of you. Our Father hath brought this heaven into a lighter region, that ye may be prepared for that still greater light beyond. And because of the new light that is with us, ye have beholden that many of the I' huan es' yans have deserted our nurseries and gone back to the earth, for they love the darkness of earth more than they love the light of heaven.

10. My Lords have sent messengers to me from various parts of the earth, saying to me: As much as they have deserted your places in heaven, even so much have the es' yans returned to mortals in great numbers. And it hath come to pass that great manifestations of spirit presence are now common to men and women and children on earth.

11. Many of these es' yans, falling in with drujas, have adopted their roving habits, denying that there is any higher heaven, honestly believing they will have an opportunity to re-incarnate themselves and dwell again in mortal form. Knowing no higher heaven than the earth, and, knowing no happiness save in the indulgence of lust, they appear to mortals, and marry in manifestation, falsely pretending to be the kin of the living.

12. Which sign forerunneth the approach of a new dawn of dan near at hand. Being thus doubly armed in prophecy, your God called you to witness the words and proceedings of te, God of Yaton' te, Creator Fragapatti, who is on his way hither, accompanied by Yaton' of Hochedowa.

13. For more than six hundred years have many of us labored in this field, and our harvests for Gau have been the most esteemed of all the resurrections contributed by the Lords of earth. To comport with our dignity, I have commanded the builders of otevans to

have in readiness, representing these harvests, a vessel for my Lords and their attendants, and my chief marshal, to go part way and meet our visitors, bearing the sign of the triangle, and of fruit, and the altar.

14. Hapacha then gave instructions in full; and, presently, the receiving hosts departed in the otevan, with music, rejoicing, being cheered by the hosts remaining. In the meantime, Hapacha caused the house to be put in order.

chapter 23

1. Fragapatti had previously visited Hapacha, but told not who he was, save that he was God of Lunitzi, in etherea; consequently, Hapacha, now knowing that Fragapatti was coming, mistrusted not that it was the same person, but expected to see one coming in great pomp and glory. For he had heard of the wonders Fragapatti had already accomplished in the eastern heavens, particularly the breaking up of the hells of Aoasu and the deliverance of the tortured inmates.

2. Thus came Fragapatti to Ipseogee in his avalanza, displaying neither lights nor curtains; coming with the receiving hosts within his vessel, anchoring near the throne of Hapacha.

3. Presently Fragapatti came down out of the ship, Yaton' te and Hoab with him, also the marshals, who were on the left, the receiving hosts being on the right. Hapacha' s en' enaurs struck up, PROCLAIM JEHOVIH’S NAME, O YE LORDS AND GODS! and the hosts of the avalanza joined in singing, and with trumpets and harps and triangles, knowing the symbols of their kingdom, and great was the glory of their music.

4. When Fragapatti approached the throne, the music ceased. Hapacha said: Who cometh here? and he made the ancient sign of Jehovih' s name. Fragapatti said: A Faithist in Jehovih; and he gave the countersign. Whereupon, Hapacha said: In His name, welcome brother, and welcome to thy hosts also. May His love and wisdom be manifested in me and my people during your sojourn with us.

5. Fragapatti said: Jehovih is All Wise. He fashioneth some men as suns, and out of their souls the light extendeth into the far-off spheres. Coursing these vast fields at certain times and seasons, He sendeth swift messengers from His most exalted heavens. And these messengers, passing through both light and darkness, with their great wisdom, scan the distant kingdoms where mortals and angels dwell, and quickly catch from the guardian hosts, and from the scenes around, the brightest, best stars, and carry the record to the reigning Gods above. And when these Gods descend to the regions and places of these immortal gems, they go visit them.

6. Even so, O Hapacha, standeth thy record in the higher heavens. And when the Father called me to visit the red star and her heavens, I looked over Jehovih' s messengers' reports, where was set thy name, radiant with love and fire. So to thee I made haste and came, unknown, because as yet unproved in these heavens; and thy much worth, and the amity of thy hosts, won my love. I told thee thou shouldst hear from me soon, and so thou hast. Behold, Fragapatti is before thee!

7. Hapacha said: Blessed, O Jehovih! Come thou, O Fragapatti, and honor my throne, in the name of the Father! And come thou also, O Yaton' te, and thou, O Hoab! And they went up and sat on the throne, and Fragapatti sat in the midst.

8. Again the es' enaurs sang and played, and during the singing the light of the

upper kingdoms began to envelop the throne. Then spake Fragapatti, explaining:

9. Hear me, O all ye people, and be ye attentive to my words:

10. Because ye have been faithful from the first, ye are become the light of the earth, and of this heaven, and inasmuch as ye have maintained your altar and times of sacrifice, there have been maintained in the upper heavens altars and sacrifices in conjunction with you.

11. Whereby ye have been blessed in hearing the Voice in all the darkness through which the earth and her heavens have passed.

12. As the Father hath given voice betwixt mother and child, though they be distant from each other, so, in like manner, do Jehovih' s kingdoms, which are in sympathy in righteousness and love.

13. As ye behold the light gathering about this throne, think not that I bring the light, nor that it is sent to me in person. There is a cord betwixt me and my etherean kingdoms, and I am one end thereof; the other end is the throne in etherea. When I sit in the midst of this throne, behold, it is also illuminated by the higher heavens.

14. Think not that my heavens are the highest of all, for such, the All Highest, can never be attained. Nevertheless, my heavens are connected as with a cord to them above me, and they to others still above, and so on forever, upward, upward! The All Highest conceived of, is called Jehovih; and no matter how long it descendeth, still the Voice is His Voice.

15. That ye may hear Jehovih' s Voice, I will now set my sun above the throne.

16. Fragapatti ceased, and a light most brilliant, in the figure of the sun, settled above his head back of the throne. Many could not look upon it because of its brightness. Presently Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

17. Rejoice, O Hapacha, in the name of thy Creator! Sing thy songs of delight, and let thy people hold up their heads. Behold, I have watched over thee and thy hosts; in My promises have ye fulfilled the dawn of My Light!

18. Three thousand years are as one day in My sight. Yesterday I said: Sit ye here, stand ye there, for to-morrow I come again. And this was my commandment for thousands, and tens of thousands of years.

19. But others remembered Me not; in the night they went down, as a child that falleth asleep. And when I came on the morrow, behold, they had not awakened. But I roused them up, and showed them My great Light.

20. Again I said to them: Three thousand years are as one day in My sight. Sit ye here, stand ye there, and remember Me. To-morrow I come again. But lo, they went down in sleep; they remembered not Me, their Creator.

21. But thou, O Hapacha, hast maintained the watch all night long. Thou art the first of Gods who hath kept this kingdom whole from dawn to dawn. Thou art the first of Gods who hath kept My kingdom safe in the lower heavens till the morrow came.

22. Now have I come to thee to deliver thee and thy kingdom to Haraiti, whither thou shalt tarry till the close of dawn, when My Sons and Daughters shall bear thee upward to My emancipated worlds; and thy hosts shall go with thee.

23. The Voice ceased. Then spake Fragapatti, saying: For three days will I tarry here; two days shalt thou have of recreation, but on the third day thou shalt appoint thy successor, and I will then again speak before thee and thy people.

24. Hapacha then proclaimed two days of recreation, and the hosts mingled freely together, those of the avalanza coming out and rejoicing with the Ipseogee' ans, and great was the glory of those two days.

chapter 24

1. Hoab rejoiced not; and he alone of all the people assembled, was burdened in soul. He said: Jehovih! Thou hast rebuked me, and I am cast down. Thou hast shown me Thy Son Hapacha, one of Thy Gods in the lowest of heavens. And Hapacha, Thy Son, hath maintained his kingdom unto Thee till this dawn of light hath come.

2. Yet Thou gavest into my keeping a kingdom far higher than this, even Zeredho; and I went down, as a child that falleth asleep. My kingdom forgot Thee; my people ceased to sing songs unto Thy name. We buried ourselves in darkness.

3. And Thou hast chosen me to be the next succeeding God of earth and her heavens! How shall I fulfill Thy commandments? How shall I know the way to choose Gods and Lords under me who will be steadfast and zealous?

4. As he thus communed with Jehovih, Fragapatti said unto him: Through faith are all things accomplished; without faith, all things are uncertain. He who saith: I know Jehovih liveth and reigneth, hath said wisely. But he who saith: I go forth in Thee, O Jehovih, for I know Thou wilt accomplish, hath said much more. For his words maintain the power of the Father in him.

5. When the morning of the third day had come, Hapacha called the hosts from recreation to labor; and the es' enaurs chanted a hymn of rejoicing; and, after that, Hapacha said:

6. To Thee, O Jehovih, are all things committed, even as from Thee they came forth. Thy Voice is ever upon all men, but they hear Thee not. Thine eye is observant of all men, but they believe it not. To teach men these simple things, is to make Gods of them. To open up their understanding, to find Thee, to know Thee, and to realize Thy Ever Presence, to become one with Thee, this is the labor with Thy Gods, and Thy Lords, and Thy holy angels.

7. In Thy name have I raised up one who is to succeed me in this, Thy kingdom. From Thy Light shall Thy Orian Chief weave a crown for him. With mine own hands will I crown him unto Thee and Thy kingdom.

8. The marshals now brought forward, Penoto, of Caracas, highly learned in discipline, and he stood before the throne of God. Thereupon Fragapatti rose up, saying:

9. Without a key-note a number of instruments cannot be attuned to harmony. Without a faith in an All Highest Person, neither angels nor mortals can live in harmony.

10. Individuals may be strong, but many in concerted action comprise the Father' s kingdoms.

11. Neither angels nor mortals can assimilate of themselves; but all can assimilate with the Father, every one perfecting himself differently. Such persons are then assimilated to one another.

12. Whoever serveth his own conception of the All Highest, making himself a servant thereto, is on the right road; and, in the plan of the universe, will drift into an association adapted to himself.

13. Many such, becoming a unit, are powerful over the elements surrounding them.

Disbelief in an All Highest Person is caused by weakness of spirit, resulting from disease or from pre-natal sin, or by laudation of one' s own self. Such persons cannot harmonize, because each one is his own self-esteemed all highest. They are without power, without unison and without sacrifice, accomplishing little good in heaven or on earth.

14. Think not that darkness belongeth only to the earth and the lowest heavens; there are those, who rise to the second resurrection, and then fall into unbelief, and then fall to the first resurrection, and afterward become wandering spirits. And some of them even fall into hell, which is belief in evil and destruction being good; and yet others become drujas, engrossed in the affairs of mortals, and in lust, teaching re-incarnation; and they finally become fetals and vampires on mortals.

15. Whoever hath attained to the height of his own ideal, is on the precipice of hell; but he who, finding the God of his forefathers too small for himself, and so, inventeth one much higher, is a great benefactor. A fool can ridicule the ancient Person; his delight is to pull down; but a wise man furnisheth a greater Great Person. To pull down the All Person, is to pull down His people.

16. To try to make a non-appreciable Person out of Jehovih is to make one' s self the s spirit forth with power to opposite of a creator. To learn to create, to invent, to cast one' congregate and make, is to go on the right road.

17. To learn to pull down, to scatter, to annul, to disintegrate, to set things apart from one another, to find evil instead of good, to find folly instead of wisdom, to expose the ignorance of others instead of finding wisdom in them; even all these follow after the first inception of disbelief in the All Person.

18. And since, from disintegration of the compact betwixt the Creator and His children, the cord of communication is cut off with the exalted kingdoms in etherea, they have indeed double grounds for disbelief; nor can they comprehend how others can be believers in an All Person, much less have Faith in Him.

19. And the same rule applieth to communities and to kingdoms as to individuals, in regard to the fall consequent in unbelief in an All Person. For a community becometh One Person; a kingdom in etherea becometh One Person; a kingdom in the lower heavens becometh One Person; a kingdom on earth becometh One Person; each and every kingdom being a single figure-head of many parts, which is the perfection of each and every individual.

20. Hence, as a single individual can cut himself off from the Father, so can a community, or a kingdom, and so go down to destruction.

21. The strongest, best man in the community is he who laboreth most to perfect the unit, that is, the Person of the community; the strongest man in the kingdom is he who laboreth most to perfect the Person of the kingdom; the strongest man in heaven is he who laboreth most to perfect the All Person of heaven.

22. The weakest of men is the opposite of these; he laboreth to show there is no All Person in anything; verily, he is already falling away from the Father. Yea, he accuseth himself, for he saith: I neither see nor hear an All Person, nor believe I in one.

23. It is a wise man who, finding he is going into disbelief too much, correcteth himself. And he is not less wise, who, finding he believeth too much, and hence, investigateth not at all, correcteth himself.

24. It was said of old, first, testimony; second, belief; third, faith; and fourth, works; but I

declare unto you that, with the expanse of knowledge, testimony must be strengthened. For in the olden times, angels and men could be commanded to believe, and they believed.

25. Herein have many of the Lords and the Gods of the lower heavens erred; for they furnished not to those beneath them the necessary testimony comporting with the advanced knowledge in heaven or on earth. A God shall be swift in devising food for meditation; for angels, as well as mortals, without an advanced teacher, are as well off with none at all.

26. It was said of old that a God taught the people on one of the stars to believe Jehovih lived in a straw, and they rose in wisdom, and harmony, and unity. Then, afterward, another God came and taught them there was no Jehovih, because, forsooth, He could not live in a straw; and the people fell into disbelief and inharmony and disunion. Which, then, of these, was the better God?

27. Yet I declare unto you, they were both necessary. For without a habitation and a figure, the Great Spirit cannot be taught to either angels or mortals in the first place. The labor of the Gods is to lead the people upward, step by step, until they learn to be Gods and Goddesses themselves.

28. On this earth, mortals were taught through stone and wooden idols; and afterward by engraved images. In some of the mixed tribes it will be necessary to teach them incarnated Jehovih in mortal form, and by sympathy for his sufferings, teach them to follow his spirit up to heaven. But all these subterfuges should be set aside in the kosmon era.

29. This heaven, more than any other heaven of the earth, will be regarded by the etherean kingdoms. Beneath you, even on this part of the earth, will mortals first espouse the Father' s kingdom.

30. Of all things, let your labor be first of all to sow the seed of belief in an All Person, the Great Spirit. As ye now sow, and build Jehovih' s kingdom in your heaven, so, in the coming of the kosmon era, will the same teaching take root in the souls of mortals.

31. Nor shall ye, under any circumstances, permit Gods or Lords or Saviors to be established as worshipful beings, either in these heavens or on this part of the earth. For this land is dedicated by Jehovih for the overthrow of all idols, of God, and Lord, and Savior, and of everything that is worshipped, save Jehovih, the Great Spirit. Neither shall any of these idols be established with effect in these heavens or on this land. But be ye most circumspect to establish Jehovih, the Light of light, the All Person, in the souls of angels and mortals.

32. Fragapatti ceased, but signaled for Hapacha to ordain Penoto, God of Ipseogee. Hapacha rose up, saying: Penoto, Son of Jehovih! Thou hast been chosen to be God of Ipseogee for six hundred years, and even after, if Jehovih so will. Thou hast passed the examination, and standest above all others.

33. Thou hast been favored with much traveling in heaven; and, for thy benefit, many swift messengers from the emancipated worlds, have explained to thee the dominions of the Great Chiefs.

34. He, through whose fields this world is now traveling, hath stood up before thee. He hath spoken to thee and thy people. Heed thou his words, and thou shalt be one with his kingdoms in wisdom and power.

35. By proxy I have visited the etherean worlds; thou hast not. By being one with this Chief, thou wilt inure to All Light, and soon thou shalt visit his places by proxy also.

36. And at the end of six hundred years, thou and thy harvest will be called for by the etherean hosts. Be thou ready for them! And erst thou depart, thou shalt raise up one sufficient to take thy place, and thou shalt bestow him.

37. Penoto said: Thy will and Jehovih' s be done! That which is given me to do, will I do will all my wisdom and strength, so help me, O Jehovih!

38. Hapacha said: By virtue of Thy Wisdom, Power and Love, O Jehovih, vested in me, do I this, Thy Son, ordain God of Ipseogee for the period of six hundred years. Be Thou with him, O Jehovih, and may he and his works glorify Thee forever! Amen!

39. Penoto said: Which I accept and covenant with Thee, O Jehovih, for Thy glory forever. Amen!


41. The light gathered brilliantly over Fragapatti' s head, and when the music ceased, the Voice of Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

42. In the first days I blew My breath upon the lands of the earth, and man became a living soul. Then, in the second time, I moved My hand upon the earth, and man went forth in power.

43. Thus near hath My Voice approached the earth. Be ye steadfast in My commandments. The time shall surely come, and in the third season, when My Voice shall be heard by mortals.

44. The Voice ceased, and then Fragapatti took the light in his hands, as one would take fine flax, and he turned it about thrice, and, lo, a crown was woven, most brilliant, but of a reddish hue. He said:

45. Crown of Thy Crown, O Jehovih, have I woven for Thy Son, God of Ipseogee. And he handed it to Hapacha, who said: And in Thy name, O Father, I crown him, second God of Ipseogee, six hundred years. Be Thou with him, O Father! Amen!

chapter 25

1. It being now the end of the fourth day, Fragapatti commanded the hosts to embark in the avalanza; and the marshals conducted them in, taking, first, the sons and daughters of Ipseogee, being sixty millions; next the Zeredho' ans, ten millions; and then Fragapatti' s attendants, being most ethereans, five millions.

2. When those were abroad, Fragapatti and Hoab and Yaton' te and Hapacha rose up, and after making the sign of the Setting Sun, went down and sat at the foot of the throne.

3. God, that was Penoto, went down and took Fragapatti' s hand, saying: Arise, O Chief! te, and he The Father calleth. Fragapatti rose up and stood aside. Next, God raised Yaton' stood aside; and then he raised Hoab, and he stood aside. And now came the greatest trial of all–. He took Hapacha' s hand, saying: Arise, O God, Great Jehovih calleth thee! Go thy way and His.

4. But they both burst into tears, and fell into each other' s arms. Hapacha said: O Father! Penoto said: His will be done! And now the light gathered brilliantly over

the scene; Fragapatti moved forward, then Yaton' te, then Hoab, and next Hapacha!

5. Penoto resumed the throne. The es' enaurs chanted, and the fire-light of the higher heavens descended over all the place. Like a sweet dream, the scene closed. Fragapatti and his hosts were gone.

6. Like a bee that is laden with honey, flying from a field of flowers to its home, so returned Fragapatti with his avalanza laden, to Haraiti, swiftly through the vault of heaven, a shooting star in Jehovih' s hand.

7. Athrava, God of Haraiti, and assistant to Fragapatti, knew that the avalanza was coming; and that Hapacha and his hosts were aboard; and he determined to provide a glorious reception.

8. So, for the space of a thousand miles, he caused pillars of fire to be erected, in two rows, so that the avalanza should pass between them; and near the pillars he stationed trumpeters and harpers, one million, divided into one hundred groups. And they were so arranged, that when the avalanza passed them, they could come aboard.

9. Now during the absence of Fragapatti, many of the spirits who had been rescued from torture and madness in the hells of Aoasu had been restored to consciousness, more than one hundred and fifty millions of them.

10. Of these, Athrava said: Clothe ye them in most gaudy apparel, and let them be the bearers of perfumes and flowers, and torches, as presents for the I' hin hosts of Hapacha. And the lights shall be lowered at the place of landing, to make it acceptable to those newly raised, who are aboard.

11. Athrava said: As for Mouru, within the walls of light it shall be rated seven; but when Fragapatti hath ascended the throne, it shall be raised to nine. And in those days, nine, in Haraiti, was fifty per cent of the capacity of endurance in the plateau.

12. Jehovih hath said: If they raise the light, it will be more acceptable to My etherean hosts, for they have dwelt a long time near the earth, and are thirsting for etherean light. But yet consider ye, here are thousands of millions of atmosphereans who cannot endure the etherean light, but delight in a lower per cent. See to it, then, that the walls of light protect My hosts in the dark on one side, but raise ye the grade to nine within.

13. Athrava said: There shall be flights of stairs leading over the walls of Mouru, and they shall be white and illumed on that day, which will be sufficient for dividing the people according to the light suited to them. The I' hins with Hapacha will go over the walls, for they entered their corporeal cities in the same way; besides, they are capable of enduring the light; but the I' huans with Hapacha will desire to remain without. For them prepare ye a place of delight and rest.

14. But in regard to the ethereans Athrava gave no orders, for they were capable of perceiving all necessary things, and without instruction.

chapter 26

1. When Fragapatti entered the Road of Fire with his avalanza, where Athrava had stationed the musicians and groups of furlers, the hosts aboard broke loose from all bounds of propriety, so great was their delight, and they shouted and sang with the trumpeters with most exalted enthusiasm. Many of them entered the Orian state, and not a few, even the Nirvanian. And they became even as Gods and Goddesses by their own

entrancement, seeing, hearing and realizing, even to the third rate above the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih!

2. These were but spasmodic conditions of light, from which they returned in course of time, being able to give descriptions of their visions. For Jehovih so created man, with spells of clearness far in advance of his growth, the which, he having realized, he returneth to his normal condition, to prepare himself constitutionally.

3. Along the road, on either side, were mottoes and sayings peculiar to the hosts of Hapacha, and to mortals of Guatama. When Hapacha saw these, he said: How is it possible? Whence derived these Gods this information? But the light came to his own soul, saying: The wise and good sayings of men below, are born by Jehovih' s swift messengers to realms above. Hoab stood near by, and heard what Hapacha said, and Hoab said: How can men and spirits be inspired to wise and good sayings? Who had thought to erect such signboards on the road to All Light! And yet what darker deeds are done, when the soul of man findeth curses and evil words to vent his awful sins, and walls himself around with horrid imprecations! The which to face in after time and be appalled at the havoc of his own deadly weapons. How few, indeed, comprehend the direful thrust of hateful words, imagining them but wind, to pass away and be seen no more, but which are placarded on the signboard of heaven, as his fruit sent to market! The poison dealt out of his mouth to his brother man! A man throweth a spear, deadly, but it falleth on the earth and lieth there; but words and sayings are more potent, scoring deep in the soul of things. Fair, indeed, is it with thee, O Hapacha, and with thy hosts also, with yonder pure scroll to enter Haraiti!

4. As fast as the ship passed the lights, the etherean musicians came aboard, being anxious to meet Hapacha and his hosts, especially the I' hins, and to congratulate them on being the first harvest from the lowest heaven at the end of a cycle. And strange to say, there were just twice as many as Sethantes had prepared in the first dawn on earth. Fragapatti called the swift messengers belonging to the Roads of Gon, in etherea, and he said unto them: Go ye to Sethantes, whose fields lie in the Roads of Gon, and say unto him: Greeting, in the name of Jehovih! The earth hath reached Obsod and Goomatchala, home of Fragapatti, who sendeth love and joy on behalf of sixty millions, first harvest of h' ak, grade sixty-five.

5. Of these messengers, four hundred departed, leaving a reserve of eight hundred, who continued on the avalanza.

6. The drujas, who were arrayed in gaudy attire, withdrew a little from the landing, fearing the light. When the ship drew near the walls, and was made fast, the marshals of Mouru came to the front, two millions, as an escort to conduct all who chose over the ascending stairs.

7. And so great was the faith of Hapacha' s hosts, that over fifty millions of them passed within the sea of fire, singing: GLORY BE TO THEE, O JEHOVIH! CREATOR OF WORLDS!

8. Seeing this great faith in them, Athrava commanded red and blue lights, to favor them; and there was not one of the whole number that quailed, or turned from the light. And now was beholden, to many of them, their first view of the glories and powers of Gods and Goddesses. Mouru was illuminated in every part. The structure of the temple, its extent and magnificence in conception, with its hundreds of thousands of mirrors and lenses, its transparent and opaque crystals, translucent and opaque circles and arches,

hundreds of millions, the which, when viewed from any one place, was unlike when viewed from another place, as if each position were striving to outdo the others in beauty and perfection. So that, were a person to walk for a thousand years in the temple, he would every moment see, as it were, a new palace of surpassing grandeur.

9. And so wonderfully was it arranged that the faces of one thousand millions of people could be seen from any place a person might be; and yet all these people constituted a part and principle in the building, being as jewel stones, created by Jehovih for the ornamentation of His celestial abodes.

10. Hoab, always quick to speak, said: O that angels and mortals would strive to make of themselves such jewels as these! Hapacha spake not, being overwhelmed with the beauty and magnificence. Yaton' te said: When thou art on the throne, Fragapatti, I will leave for the kingdom of Yaton' te: Here, then, I will take my leave. Fragapatti shook hands with him, saying: Jehovih be with thee! te remained where he was, but Hoab and Hapacha continued on with

11. So Yaton' Fragapatti. All eyes were turned to them, and especially to Hapacha, whose persistence in faith in Jehovih had won the lower heavens to Wisdom and Love. And as they moved toward the throne, great Athrava rose up, smiling, holding out his hands to receive them. Next, and back of Athrava, were the five Goddesses, Ethro, of Uche and Rok; Guissaya, of Hemitza, of the Valley of M' boid, in etherea; Si' tissaya, of Woh' tabak, the one-time home of Fuevitiv; Ctevi, of Nu, Porte-Auga; and Rinava, of the Swamps of Tholiji, in South Suyarc of Roads, near Zuh' ta and Hitch' ow, in the South etherean vault of Obsod.

12. And the Goddesses also rose up with extended hands; and now, because of the brilliancy of their presence, the throne became a scene of hallowed light, and threads thereof extended to all the Council members, and by these were radiated outward so that every person in the Temple of Jehovih was connected with the throne, which made every spoken word plain to all.

13. Athrava said: In Jehovih' s name, welcome, O Fragapatti! And thy hosts with thee! The Goddesses repeated the same words, and they were echoed by the entire audience. Fragapatti said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, am I delivered to my loves. Be Thou with us, O Father, that we may glorify Thee! Receive ye, O my people, Hapacha, Son of Jehovih, who rose up and stood in the dark all night long, in faith in Jehovih. Behold, I have delivered him in dawn, and his hosts with him.

14. And now there appeared, rising like a new sun, Jehovih' s light beyond the throne, reddish tinged, emblem of the Western Light, in honor of Hapacha. And it rose and stood above Fragapatti' s head in great brilliancy. Then spake Jehovih out of the Light, saying:

15. With My breath create I alive the earth-born child; with My hand quicken I the newborn spirit; and with My Light illume I the soul of My Faithist. Behold, I dwell in the All Highest place, and in the lowest of created things; whoever findeth Me, I find also; whoever proclaimeth Me, I proclaim in return. Hapacha, My Son, Savior of men! of My Light shalt thou be crowned!

16. The Voice ceased, and now Fragapatti advanced to the midst of the throne, and took of the light and fashioned a crown, and placed it on Hapacha' s head, saying: Crown of Thy Crown, O Jehovih, crown I Thy Son! In Thy Light shall he be wise and powerful, with Love to all Thy created beings, henceforth, forever.

17. The Goddesses then received them, and after due ceremonies they all took their seats,

Fragapatti in the midst of the throne. Arthrava resigned at once, during the stay of Fragapatti. The es' enaurs now chanted: GLORY BE TO THEE, O ALL LIGHT; THE PERSON OF EVERY KINGDOM HIGH AND LOW; WHO HATH BROUGHT OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS HOME!

18. By natural impulse of thanks, Hapacha' s hosts, fifty millions, rose up and responded, singing: TO THEE, O JEHOVIH, HOW SHALL OUR SOULS FIND WORDS! THY SON’S AND DAUGHTER’S LOVE, HOW CAN WE RECOMPENSE? MAKE US LIGHT AND CLEAR, O FATHER! SPOTLESS BEFORE THEM AND THEE!

19. But the anthems were long, and sung with brilliancy, rejoicing and responding, millions to millions, as an opera of high heaven.

20. When the music ceased, Fragapatti said: With the close of dawn of dan, these hosts shall be received as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, and ascend with us to the regions of Goomatchala, in etherea. The apportioners will therefore divide them into groups in Haraiti; with etherean teachers to prepare them. That this may be accomplished, I proclaim one day' s recreation, to assemble on the next day in order of business.

21. The marshals then proclaimed as had been commanded, and the hosts went into recreation, the ethereans rushing to Hapacha' s atmosphereans with great glee, every one desiring some of them.

chapter 27

1. When they were called to labor, Fragapatti said: For the convenience of my own hosts, the light shall now be raised two degrees. In which case it will be well to permit the hosts of Hapacha to retire to the fields of Hukaira (in Haraiti), where Athrava hath already a place and teachers for them.

2. Accordingly, the conductors now removed Hapacha' s hosts, save about one million who resolved to endure the light. The es' enaurs chanted whilst these arrangements were being carried out, and when they were accomplished the music ceased.

3. The chief marshal said: Swift messengers, who are waiting without, salute Jehovih' s throne, and His God, and pray an audience. Fragapatti said: Whence come they? And what is the nature of their business?

4. The marshal said: From the Aoasu' an fields of Howts. Their business is of the Osivi knots. Fragapatti said: On the sign of Emuts, admit them, greeting from God, in the Father' s name.

5. The marshal withdrew for a short while, and then returned, bringing in one thousand swift messengers, of whom Arieune was Goddess. She advanced near the throne to the left. Fragapatti said: Goddess Arieune, Greeting to thee, in Jehovih' s name! Proceed thou.

6. Arieune said: Greeting, in love to thee, Fragapatti, and to all thy hosts. I hastened hither from the fields of Howts, section twelve, on the one-time plateau and place of Hored, where are a thousand millions in knot, since many days. This I reported to the Lord God of Jaffeth, Ah' oan, whose forces are all employed, and he sent me hither.

7. Fragapatti said: It is well. Thou art at liberty! Hoab, canst thou untie the knot? Hoab said: I have faith to try. To which Fragapatti replied: Athrava will go with thee, but do thou the labor. Choose, therefore, thy hosts from my ethereans, and have a vessel made sufficient, so that if thou findest it advisable to bring them away, thou canst do so. Retire, then, with the captain of the files, and make thy selections, and, in

the meantime, give commands for the vessel to be made, and put in readiness for thee.

8. Hoab said: With Jehovih' s help I will deliver them. And he saluted, and, with the captain of the files, he withdrew and made his selections, choosing five millions in all, of whom half were physicians and nurses. In the meantime he had the proper workmen build a vessel of sufficient capacity and strength, as commanded by Fragapatti. And in seven days'time everything was completed, and Hoab commanded his hosts to enter the ship, and he and Athrava went in also; and presently they were off, being conducted by the Goddess Arieune, in her arrow-ship, to the place of the knot.

chapter 28

1. The Goddess Arieune slackened the speed of her arrow-ship to suit that of Hoab' s vessel; so, onward together they sped in a direct line, propelled as a rocket is propelled, by constant emissions from the hulk; the which expenditure is manufactured by the crew and commanders, skilled in wielding Jehovih' s elements. For as mortals find means to traverse the ocean and to raise a balloon, so do the Gods and spirits build and propel mightier vessels through the firmament, betwixt the stars and over and under and beyond the sun.

2. And when the ethereans, highest raised in the most subtle spheres, send their ships coursing downward in the denser strata of a corporeal world, their ready workmen take in ballast, and turn the fans, and reverse the whirling screws to match the space and course of travel; for which purpose men learn the trade, having rank and grade according to proficiency. Many of them serving a thousand years'apprenticeship, becoming so skilled in wielding the elements, and in the knowledge of the decrees of density, that thousands of millions of miles of roadways in heaven are as a well-learned book to them.

3. And, thus conversant with Jehovih' s wide domains, they are eagerly sought after, especially in emergent cases, or on journeys of millions of years; for so well they know the requirements, the places of delight, the dangers of vortices and of eddies and whirlpools, that when a God saith: Take me hither, or yonder, they know the nearest way and the power required.

4. For, as Jehovih hath made icebergs on the corporeal ocean, dangerous to ships; and heavy currents of trade winds, and currents in the oceans, so are there in the etherean firmament currents and densities which the well-skilled God can take advantage of, be it a slow trip of pleasure, or a swift one on urgent business to suffering angels or mortals.

5. And, be it God or Goddess, dispatched by a higher Council, to a distant place suddenly, he, or she, must be already acquainted with navigators sufficiently to know who to choose; and, likewise, understand the matter well enough to lend a helping hand if required. For oft the navigators have not swift messengers to pilot them; and yet a short journey of fifty thousand miles may require as much skill as a million, especially in descending to a corporeal world.

6. Hoab knew, and he managed well. Following close on the arrow' s trail till they neared the ruined plateau, and then, amidst the broken currents, Arieune dropped alongside, perceiving Hoab' s less wieldy vessel, and made fast. She said to Hoab:

7. Behold, we are near the place. Then Hoab asked: How foundest thou a knot in such a wasted country? Arieune answered him:

8. When Jehovih created women, He gave to her two chief attributes, curiosity and solicitude for others. So, passing here, surveying the place where the first heavenly kingdom was, I remembered it had been said that Aph left some island places where once a colony in heaven had been built, and I halted to examine it. A moan and terrible sound greeted me! I heard the Osivi knots, as I had oft heard others before.

9. We landed and made fast, and presently went about searching, led by the sad, sad noise. Then we came to the great mound, the knot, a thousand million drujas bound in a heap! Wailing, muffled, moaning as if all the heap of them were in the throes of death, but could not die!

10. Being myself powerless to overcome such fearful odds, I took the bearing of the regions where I should find the nearest God; and so, having measured the knot, I set sail as thou hast heard.

11. Hoab said: Every day I behold Thy wisdom, O Jehovih! In a new light Thy wondrous judgment riseth up before me. Who but Thee, O Father, had seen the fruitage of Curiosity made perfect in Thy daughters? From the little bud seen in mortal form, to the overscanning of Thy heavens by such Goddesses!

12. As thus Hoab discoursed, they arrived at a suitable landing-place, where they made their vessels fast, and then hurried to the knot. Without much ado, Hoab walled the knot around with low fire, leaving a gateway to the east, where he placed a thousand sentinels. One million of this army he stationed outside of and beyond the walls, and these were divided into groups of selectors, guardsmen, physicians, nurses and bearers, and manufacturers of fire and water. The selectors were provided with rods of fire and water, and the guardsmen with shields and blinds.

13. Then Hoab stationed another million betwixt the knot and the gateway, and these were stationed in four rows, each two rows facing, and but two paces apart; so that betwixt the rows it was like a walled alleyway. And the other three millions Hoab caused to surround the knot on every side. Each and every one of these was provided with a fire lamp, which they held in the right hand. And when all things were thus in readiness, Hoab commanded the attack to begin. And at once the attackers thrust their fire lamps in the face of of the druj nearest by, and, seizing them with the other hand, pulled them away. The druj do not all relinquish their grip in the knot at the sight of the lamp, but often require to be nearly burned and stifled with the light before they release their hold. Neither cometh this grip of evil, but of fear.

14. The knot is nothing more nor less than a mass of millions and millions of spirits becoming panic-stricken and falling upon their chief, or leader, who becometh powerless in their grip, and is quickly rolled up in the midst of the knot.

15. And when the deliverers thus begin at the exterior of the knot, peeling off the crazed and moaning spirits, they hurl them backward, where they are caught by the seconds, who, in turn, hurl them into the alleyways, where they are again thrust forward till past the gate in the wall of fire. From the time, therefore, that the druj receiveth the thrust of the fire lamp in his face, he is not suffered to linger, but is whirled suddenly from one to another, so quickly he cannot fasten to any person or thing. For were they to fasten on even the deliverers, first one and then another, soon a second knot would result. Because of which, to untie a know of a thousand million crazed angels is not only a dangerous proceeding, but a feat of unusual grandeur to be undertaken by five million ethereans.

16. To provide against accident, Hoab appointed Athrava to take charge of the delivered after they were beyond the walls; for Athrava had been long practiced in such matters, thousands of years. So Athrava divided and arranged the drujas into groups, placing guardians with fire rods over them; and in some cases taking the groups away and walling them around with fire also.

17. Now by the time five hundred millions of the knot were released, some of the external, delivered groups, began to tie themselves into knots. And when Athrava saw this, he said unto Hoab: Behold, they are becoming too numerous for my hosts. I have not sufficient guardians. Hoab said:

18. Then will I cease awhile, and, instead of delivering, come and assist thee. Accordingly, Hoab suspended the battle for a time, and together they labored with those without, untying the small knots and arranging them in safer ways, placing a greater number of guards over them. enaurs struck up lively music, starting dancings and marchings; for

19. This done, the es' such is the routine of the restoring process practiced by the Gods. Then come the nurses with cheerful words, with mirth and gaiety, following one diversion with another in rapid succession. But to the raving maniacs, and to the stupid, and to the helpless blind, the physicians now turn their attention.

20. Again Hoab and his army fell upon the knot, pulling the external ones away and hurling them out, but not so rapidly, having fewer deliverers, for he had bequeathed an extra million to Athrava, outside the walls. And after another three hundred millions were delivered, Hoab ceased again, and joined with Athrava to assist and divide and group them in the same way. And he bequeathed another million of his army to Athrava, and then again resumed the attack on the knot, and thus continued till he reached the core of the knot, having untied the whole thousand million drujas, gradually lessening his own army and enlarging that of Athrava.

21. And when Hoab came to the core of the knot, behold, he found Oibe, the false God, who falsely styled himself Thor, the etherean. And in the midst of the knot they had jewels of rare value and stolen crowns and stolen symbols, and rods, and holy water, and urns, and incense, and a broken Wheel of Jehovih, a broken triangle of the Gods, and, in fact, a sufficiency of things whereof one might write a book in the description. Suffice it, a false God and his kingdom had collapsed, and he fell, crushed in the glory of his throne. And there were with him seven false Lords, who were also crushed in the terrible fall.

22. Oibe and his Lords, from their confinement in the knot, were also crazed and wild with fear, screaming and crying with all their strength, even as were all the others, like drunkards long debauched, delirious and fearful of imaginary horrors, which have no existence. Or as one' s hand, long compressed, becometh numb, so that when the pressure is taken away it still seemeth not free. So would not Oibe nor his Lords believe they were free, but still cried, calling for help. oan, God of Jaffeth, a messenger with forty

23. At this time there came from Ah' s name was Turbe, an companions, and with five hundred apprentices; and the messenger' atmospherean, three hundred years, grade two. Greeting from Ah' oan, in Jehovih' s name! Turbe said: To whom shall I speak; to whose honor this deliverance credit, save Jehovih' s? Athrava said:

24. To Hoab, a Zeredho' an disciple of Fragapatti, who is sojourning in Mouru, capital of

Haraiti. And Athrava further asked Turbe his name, whence he came, and especially if he knew about this knot before, and the history of its cause? To which Turbe replied:

25. From Ah' oan this I have learned: Some four hundred years ago, one of the sub-Gods, named Oibe, because of his modesty and bird-like fleetness, was promoted by Samati, who is now commissioned master of the I' huans by Fragapatti. This, whom Hoab hath delivered, is Oibe, the one-time faithful sub-God of honorable purposes. His kingdom prospered for two hundred years, and his name and fame spread throughout all these heavens, and even down to mortals, who were inspired by his admiring spirits to make images of birds (oibe or ibis), and dedicate them to Oibe.

26. He became vain of the flattery, and, losing faith in Jehovih, finally came out in unbelief, saying there was no All Highest, save as each and every God chose to exalt himself. Within his dominions, which numbered nearly a thousand million angels, were a score or more of Lords under him; to the wisest of whom he began to preach his views, looking to personal laudation and glory.

27. In the course of a score of years, the matter culminated in Oibe and a few of his favored Lords proclaiming a new kingdom, styled, THE ALL HIGHEST KINGDOM IN THE ALL HIGHEST HEAVEN! And the title he assumed was, THOR, THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ALL LIGHT! THOR, THE ALL LIGHT PERSONATED! THOR, THE PERSONAL SON OF MI, THE VIRGIN UNIEVRSE!

28. Thus Oibe cut loose from the true God and his kingdoms; and he immediately walled his kingdom around with a standing army; promoting seven of his most efficient admirers as Lords; and others as generals and captains. And at once he sat about enlarging and enriching his throne, and his capital, which he called Osivi, and known as Howts on the true charts.

29. In the course of one hundred years his kingdom became a place of two thousand million souls. His chief city, Osivi, was the richest and most gaudy city that had ever been in these heavens. The streets were paved with precious stones; the palaces for himself, his Lords, and his marshals and generals, were built of the most costly jewels with pillars, arches and chambers of the most elaborate workmanship, and of the most costly material.

30. Oibe became a tyrant; and, save his Lords and a few favored friends, none were permitted to approach the throne but by crawling on their bellies, and even under guard. Nor were they permitted to raise their eyes upon him, save at a very great distance. And all his subjects were his slaves, in fact, though under progressive discipline. These slaves were sent far away into atmospherea, or else down to the earth, to gather tribute for the glory of Thor (Oibe) and his favorites; nor did these slaves mistrust but they were working for Jehovih, believing that he lived in the capital, Osivi!

31. At first, Thor educated and otherwise improved his slaves; but, finding them less obedient in consequence of knowledge, he finally destroyed all the heavenly schools and colleges, and resolved to keep his subjects forever ignorant. Consequently, the wiser ones deserted him, save his officers, and his angels were without knowledge, knowing nothing, save that they had to work for Thor forever!

32. In addition to ignorance, Thor kept his subjects forever in fear of himself, forever threatening them with terrible punishments if they ceased to pray to him as the only personified All Light, Jehovih. And in the course of time, his people forgot all aspirations for any other heaven or any other God. Many of these were deputized to dwell with mortals as guardian spirits, persuading mortals to worship Thor and Ibis, threatening them

with being turned into serpents and toads after death if they obeyed not these injunctions.

33. Thus ruled Thor, the false, for four hundred years in Osivi; neither was it possible for Samati to send an army of sufficient strength to overcome such a kingdom. But a change finally came. A light descended from the higher heavens six generations ago; and, according to the legends of old, it was ominous that the Gods of higher worlds would intercede.

34. So, Samati, taking advantage of this, sent emissaries to Thor, otherwise Oibe, and solicited him to give over his evil ways, and re-establish Jehovih. Thor, the false, sent back word, saying: When I was a child, I was taught to fear Jehovih, and I feared Him. After long experience I have discovered there is nothing to fear in all the worlds. If there be any Jehovih, He is without form or person or sense! I fear Him not! I revere Him not! My heaven is good enough for me and my Lords. As for my subjects, let no man, nor God, nor Lord, meddle with them.

35. Samati, who was the lawful God of all these heavens and of the earth, thus perceived no way to reach Thor' s slaves, for the slaves were too ignorant to desire anybody or thing save Thor. Nevertheless, he sent word the second time to Thor, this time saying: Thy kingdom is even now destitute of intelligent people sufficient to protect thee in case of panic. If a comet, or any sudden light, or the passage of an avalanza through thy dominions should take place, thou wouldst surely find thyself overthrown in a knot. Thy subjects look upon thee as the All Highest; they will surely rush upon thee.

36. Thor sent the messengers back with an insulting answer. Thus the matter stood till after Ah' oan' s appointment as God of Jaffeth and her heavens, which at once cut off Thor' s emissaries to mortals, and confined him within his own kingdom. At this time, Samati was commissioned to establish the word of God amongst mortals, but he communicated Thor' s position to Ah' oan.

37. Ah' oan sent embassadors to Thor, the false, beseeching him in the same manner to give up his personality, and return with his kingdom to Jehovih, promising him the best of assistance. To this, Thor, the false, replied, by the messengers, saying:

38. Ah' oan, thou usurper! If thou desirest favors of me, thou shalt approach me as all Gods and angels do, by crawling on thy belly before me. Encroach thee not one jot or tittle on my Most High Kingdom, or I will banish thee back to thy miscreant regions with stripes and curses!

39. Ah' oan was surprised, but perceived that till trouble came upon Oibe nothing could be done for him. So the time came; Jehovih suffered him to go the full period of self-glory. Thus Oibe fell!

40. Turbe ceased, and Athrava said: O Jehovih, when will man cease to fall? Thou hast proclaimed Thyself in all places, high and low; Thy Gods and Lords and countless angels have proclaimed Thee! Thou alone art the pass-word to all the universe! Thy name hath a thousand exalted devices to win the souls of mortals and angels from darkness to light, and yet they turn away from Thee, Thou Creator of suns and stars and countless etherean worlds! And they set up themselves as an object of worship! O the smallness of Gods and men! O the vanity of Thy little children!

41. Thou hast said to mortals: Go not into the marshes, for there is fever; build not large cities, for there is sin; go not after lust, for there is death! But they go in headlong, and they are bruised and dead!

42. To those who are risen in heaven, Thou hast said: Remember the lessons of earth, lest ye fall! Remember the fate of self-conceit, lest ye be scourged. Remember the king and the queen of earth, how they become bound in heaven, lest ye also become bound.

43. But they will not heed; vain Self riseth up in the soul; they behold no other God but themselves in whom they acknowledge wisdom.

chapter 29

1. Hoab heard the story of Turbe, and he said unto him: Since I have heard these things, I am resolved to bind Thor, the false, and his Lords, and send them with thee to Ah' oan! Turbe said: This would be my delight. Because Thor insulted Ah' oan, it would be well for Ah' oan to restore him to his senses.

2. Hoab said: Tarry, then, a little while, and my physicians shall bind them, that they do no harm in their madness, and I will have them delivered into the boat. So, the proper persons bound up Thor and his Lords with bands of cord, for they were wild and delirious; and after that, they were put into Turbe' s boat, ready to be carried away. Hoab said to Turbe:

3. Greeting to Ah' oan, in the name of Jehovih. And say thou to him that, according to the laws of these heavens, a false God, or false Lord, who hath led the people away from the Father, shall, after his deliverance, be made to re-teach the truth to his deceived subjects; neither shall he be promoted higher or faster than the lowest of his former subjects. For which reason, after Ah' oan' s companions have restored Oibe and his Lords to soundness of mind, he and his Lords shall be again bequeathed with their own kingdoms. In the meantime, I will in this same plateau begin the establishment of a new kingdom to the Father out of these crazed drujas.

4. Turbe and his companions then reentered their boat and set sail at once for Ah' oan' s kingdom; Thor, the false, and his Lords, wailing and crying with fear, knowing not any man, nor woman, nor child.

5. Hoab now turned his attention to the hosts of panic-stricken drujas, who were constantly forming themselves in knots, and yet being as rapidly severed by the ethereans. To Athrava he said: How more helpless is a deranged spirit than a mortal! They float on their own wild thoughts. At one time they fly from us before the wind; at another they run together, or upon us, like molten gum, and we cannot keep them off.

6. Athrava said: Behold the wisdom of the Father in creating man in a corporeal body! What a glorious anchorage for a young, or a weak, or a deranged spirit! What a home a corporeal body is! How better we could manage these crazed ones were they thus provided!

7. Hoab said: Which showeth us the way we must proceed to restore them. Since we cannot create corporeal bodies for them, the Father hath given us power to provide them subjectively for a time being.

8. Thus proceeded Hoab and Athrava: First walling the place around with fire, so none of the druj could escape, and then dividing them into thousands of groups, by means of fire also; then creating subjective bodies for them, to which they bound themselves willingly, and which prevented them from fastening to one another.

9. (This is what drujas call re-incarnation in another world.) And whilst they were thus

provided temporarily by their teachers, and governors, and nurses, many of them imagined themselves to be kings and queens and high priests, and even Lords and Gods!

10. For more than a hundred days, Hoab and Athrava labored in the above manner; and the physicians and nurses and es' enaurs labored to restore the minds of the people; and they mastered the adversity, and had them well-nigh all restored and disciplined when messengers came from Fragapatti, greeting, saying:

11. Behold, the dawn of dan is passing swiftly, and I must yet visit the Lord Gods in the different heavens of the earth. It is therefore my decree that Athrava return to Mouru and resume the throne; and that Hoab return also, and join me as my student and companion on my journeys. Send these, my commandments, to Ah' oan, greeting, in my name, and he will provide a Lord to rule over the delivered knot of Osivi.

12. So, Hoab and Athrava were relieved by a Lord appointed by Ah' oan, and his name was Su' kah' witchow, an atmospherean pupil of Samati, of four hundred years, and of kah' witchow with a throne, and great resolution and proficiency. So Hoab provided Su' left four millions of teachers, nurses and physicians with him. And with the other million, Hoab and Athrava departed for Mouru, in Haraiti.

13. Now as for the cruisers, the swift messengers with Arieune, as soon as the knot was safely untied, and Oibe and his Lords bound and delivered into Turbe' s keeping, to be sent to Ah' oan, they departed, having recorded the proceeding in Arieune' s diary.

14. Fragapatti, having heard of the success of Hoab in delivering the knot, determined to honor him on his reception at Mouru. Accordingly, Fragapatti sent heralds out into Haraiti, proclaiming a day of recreation, and inviting as many as chose to come to Mouru to receive Hoab. The proper officers provided musicians, flags, banners and fire-works, suitable for the enjoyment of hundreds of millions of the inhabitants of Haraiti. Others provided reception boats, one thousand, to go part way and meet Hoab' s ship.

15. So it came to pass, when Hoab returned to Mouru, he was received in great honor and majesty, and in lights of unusual splendor.

16. Fragapatti afterward said of this matter: I had policy in this; Hoab was to be the next God of earth and her heavens. And whatsoever would win the love, the admiration and awe of his unlearned subjects would contribute to their resurrection.

chapter 30

1. So for one day there was great rejoicing in Mouru; and when it was ended, and the people retired to their respective places, the lights were raised for business.

2. Fragapatti said to Athrava: Come thou and resume Jehovih' s throne. As for myself, I will go now and establish another habitation in Zeredho; and after that I will visit the Lord Gods of the divisions of the earth.

3. And when I have completed these labors, it will be near the end of the dawn of dan. See to it, therefore, that all who wish to prepare for the third resurrection be duly notified.

4. And now, when Fragapatti had risen up from the throne, swift messengers were announced from Sethantes, the inhabitor of earth. The marshals were commanded to admit them; and presently the swift messengers came in, greeting in Jehovih' s name. They said: Sethantes sends love to Fragapatti. When the resurrection of this dawn is come, Sethantes will visit Mouru. And he will also bring with him Onesyi, first deliverer of

Brides and Bridegrooms of the first harvest of the earth.

5. When the message had been thus delivered, there was great rejoicing in the capital. Fragapatti thanked the messengers in the Father' s name, and after that, the swift messengers withdrew.

6. Presently, Fragapatti withdrew also, taking Hoab and Hapacha with him; and when they departed out of the capital, and came to the avalanza, the marshals had the accompanying hosts assembled, ten millions, and so they entered the ship, and, amidst music and rejoicings, they departed, going direct to the kingdom of Yima, Lord God of Shem and her heavens.

7. Yima had been notified of their coming, and had had a piedmazr (a row-boat) made, in order to go and meet them. The piedmazr was sufficient to carry ten thousand musicians, thirty thousand rowers, and two hundred thousand travelers; and such were the numbers who embarked on her to meet Fragapatti. s kingdom in

8. Three years had now elapsed since Yima set out to establish the Father' the heavens of Shem; and, save through messengers, little was known in Mouru of Yima' s labors. Fragapatti had said of him: Yima liveth with the Voice; he cannot err.

9. In the seventh diaphragm of the east Apie, the vessels met, and Fragapatti opened the lower division of the avalanza, and took in Yima' s boat and crew and passengers, amidst music and rejoicings. And, after due ceremonies, Fragapatti caused the avalanza to proceed, conducted by Leaps, one of Yima' s messengers, and they proceeded rapidly until they arrived at Astoreth, the capital of Yima' s kingdom in atmospherea, first grade, and resting upon the earth.

chapter 31

1. After Yima' s appointment by Fragapatti, he had come to these regions; and, finding great darkness upon both spirits and mortals, he besought Jehovih, to know the cause and cure thereof.

2. The Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Whether spirits or mortals, they seek rather to obey their own self-desires than My commandments. Behold, I sent them Apollo, and he gave them intercourse betwixt the two worlds, angels and mortals. And for a season they held up their heads and remembered Me and My kingdoms.

3. But presently, they turned everything upside down, and built on their own account. I had shown them that by industry and perseverance they could attain to knowledge and power. But because mortals discovered that prophecy could come from the spirits of the dead, they ceased to perfect themselves, and they grew up in idleness.

4. The angels loved not to labor, to achieve My exalted heavens, being contented with the lowest. And they likewise fell in darkness, forgetting Me and My higher places above.

5. I called out to My Son, Osiris, saying: Go thou down to the earth and her heavens, and build them up, in My name. Yea, thou shalt wall them apart, that there shall be no communion betwixt the two worlds, save to My chosen.

6. And Osiris came, and fulfilled my commandments; to mortals he provided them that no spirit could come to them; and, as for the spirits that infested the earth about, he drove them away and colonized them, and he cut them off from the earth. And for a season, mortals prospered under My judgments; and they sought to improve the talents I created


7. But again have they confounded My judgments and perverted My laws. Every man on the earth hath a philosophy of his own; every spirit in these heavens hath a philosophy of his own. And there is no uniformity between any of them. Hear Me then, My Son; thou shalt not teach as Osiris did, nor yet as Apollo, but pursue a mean betwixt the two.

8. Thou shalt select them, permitting certain spirits to return to mortals, and permitting certain mortals to attain su' is and sar' gis, and to see and commune with spirits. But thou shalt provide them in judgment; making the process of inter-communion a secret amongst mortals. For in this thou shalt shut off the drujas of heaven and the druks on earth.

9. Behold, My Son Samati will come this way; labor thou with him and Zarathustra. Into God' s hands have I given my decrees; he shall build on the earth. Build thou in heaven. As he buildeth for mortals, build thou for the spirits of the intermediate world. But keep thou open the doorway to My holy places in the heavens above.

chapter 32

1. Yima inquired of Jehovih, and the Voice answered him, saying:

2. Go thou from place to place in these heavens, and prove thy power. To the ignorant, power is antecedent in gaining the judgment; after power, wisdom. The fool saith: What canst thou do that I cannot? But when he seeth the power that cometh from My hand, he openeth his ears and eyes. To teach men and angels to unite, how have they not failed on all hands!

3. Mortals have said: It is good to be good, but it is not practicable. They have said: It is wise to be wise, but wisdom runneth in a thousand roadways; every man for himself.

4. The angels of these regions have said: It is good for us to unite into kingdoms; to have Gods and Lords; but who can unite us? Shall we sell our liberty to one person? But they will not unite; they dwell in inharmony. Every one taketh the earnings of another; the profit of one is the injury of others; they are barren of united good.

5. Jehovih said: One kingdom may have many good men and many good women, but be of no good as a kingdom. I measure not the individuals, but the entire household. I judge the virtue of a kingdom by its combined harvest delivered unto My keeping.

6. When a kingdom is aggregating to itself more wisdom and virtue, the amount of its increase is My harvest. When a kingdom cannot retain its own members, it is falling away from Me. The uprightness of its few is as nothing in My sight. The secret of the power of a kingdom lieth in its capacity to aggregate in My name and obey My commandments.

7. For a hundred days Yima went through the lower heavens, displaying the miracles of the upper heavens; and his hosts, many of whom traveled with him, enlisted pupils, particularly collecting the spirits of young children. And in a hundred days he had many millions of spirits, abracadabras, mostly helpless wanderers.

8. With these he repaired to Astoreth, and made ready to found his kingdom. Jehovih spake to him, saying: Fear not, My son, because of the helplessness of thy subjects. He who would start a new kingdom is wise in choosing none who have hobbies of their own. Whosoever goeth forth in My name, I will be with him.

9. Yima inquired of Jehovih who should be appointed assistant God, and the Voice answered: Thulae. So Yima appointed Thulae; and he made Habal chief marshal of the


10. Again the Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Thou shalt appoint unto Shem one hundred Lords, and they shall have dominion over mortals. Hear thou the Voice of thy Creator: Through My Son, Zarathustra, will I establish temples to My Lords and Gods; and thou shalt so provide thy heavenly kingdom, that thy Lords shall inhabit the temples, communing with the rab' bahs, who shall be called God-irs; but the communion betwixt spirits and mortals shall be known only to the God-irs, and to the sub-priests under them. But mortals shall be left to believe that these fathers have attained to spirit communion by great purity and wisdom.

11. Likewise, when drujas manifest to mortals, it shall not be countenanced but as a mark of evil, raised up against truth.

12. And when thou hast established thy kingdom, thou shalt cut off the supplies of the drujas, so they will become borrowers from thy people. In this manner, they will in time consent to labor.

13. Yima then appointed one hundred Lords, who became as the roots to the tree of heaven. The Aoshoan Lords were:

14. Ithwa, Yaztas, Micros, Jube, Zarust, Hom, Paoiris, Vadeve, Niasha, Cope, Drhon, Yus' ak, Cood' ayay and Thracton.

15. The Thestasias Lords were: Kashvre, Tusht, Yain, Amesh and Amesha; Armait, Wai' iv, Vahois, Vstavia and Comek.

16. The general Lords were called Ashem, with voice; that is to say, Ashem-vohu, Lords in chief, given for the kingdoms of the Sun, in the land of Shem. They were: Shnaota, Zathias, Mutu, Aoirio, Kaeshas, Cter' ay, Shahkya, Thraetem, Gahnaetobirischae, Habarshya, Paitis' gomya, Huiyus, Hakdodt, Anerana, Tibalath, Kever, Darunasya, Hors, Maidoyeshemo, Runnas, Gayomoratischi, Ba' ahraya, Zartushta, Kai' boryawich' wich' toe' benyas and Cpitama. And Yima made these twenty-five Lords controllers of the Voice, with mortals, to take the place of Samati after the death and ascension of Zarathustra, for which reason they were called the Ashem-vohu. (See the Vedic Scriptures.)

17. The Lords of farmers and herdsmen were: Gaomah, Hoshag, Tamur, Jamshed, Freden, Minochihr-bani and Hus.

18. The Lords of sea-faring men were: Thaetas, Mirh-jan, Nyas, Khaftras, Thivia, Agreft, Ardus' lor, Tanafar, Avoitas, Marganesiachta, Hoakastanya and Vartuan.

19. The Lordesses of births and mothers, the Hotche' che, were: Kaviti, Way' huts, Howd, Anechorhaite, Juveas, Wisseta, Hopaeny, Ctnevirchow, Aivipohu, Cadhan, Hucrova, Dion, Balkwoh and Gamosyi.

20. The Lords of buildings were: Irathama, Haira' thracna, Heidas, Hutu, Coy' gaga, HairaWahti, Vivi' seeon, Muta' hagga, Kaoyas, Macyo, Aims, Hodo, Trusivi, Verecopagga and Suyi.

21. The Lords of time-keeping, who had dominion of the change of watch, were: Copurasastras, Vaitimohu and Howitchwak.

22. Jehovih spake to Yima, saying: In this day will I bless thy labor. Because mortals have ceased to believe in immortality, they have shut off the intercourse with drujas. For which reason thou shalt establish pure communion with thy pure Lords, and none other.

23. Yima sent his Lords to their several places, and every Lord took with him a thousand

attendant angels. Yima said to them, before they departed: See to it, O ye Lords; in your several places stir the people up. And wherever ye find kings or queens or generals surrounded by spirits that urge them on in their affairs, cut off those spirits, leaving the mortals destitute of inspiration, and their kingdoms and armies will become disorganized and helpless.

24. And whenever (the mortals) Samati and Zarathustra come to a city, go ye also, laboring with them. And when Zarathustra holdeth up his hands and saith: O Father, Light of Thy Light! gather ye of the substance around about, and shield him with a wall of fire. And if Zarathustra say: O Father, Ormazd, give Thy children food, then shall ye cast down, from the air above, fish and fruit.

25. And if a king or a captain raise a hand against Zarathustra, gather ye about him and shield him. And if a man draw a sword against Zarathustra, catch ye the blade and break it to pieces.

26. Jehovih spake to Yima, saying: The time will come when the present mortal kingdoms will fall. But the followers of Zarathustra, who will succeed them under the Zarathustrian law, shall be protected, even, as ye, during dawn, protect Zarathustra.

27. For which reason, thy Lords shall raise up other Lords to take their places after the ascent of this dawn. And it shall come to pass that All Light and All Truth and All Success shall come to mortals through the priests (rab' bahs), who shall succeed Zarathustra. But as for the kings of great cities, who will not accept My Light, they shall go down in darkness, and their kingdoms shall fall to pieces.

28. Yima having established his Lords, now turned his attention to the heavenly kingdoms of hadas.

chapter 33

1. Jehovih said to Yima: Thou shalt separate the spirits, the partly light from the wholly dark. Build thou, therefore, a throne and a plateau sufficient for three thousand million souls; and because there are more females than males, thou shalt call the place of thy throne Astoreth. And when thou hast provided a house for thy Council, thou shalt send forth selectors, who shall bring unto thee as many as choose to come; and these shall be the foundation of thy kingdom.

2. Yima proceeded as commanded by the Father, and presently he had congregated around about Astoreth a sufficient number to establish places of amusement, places of worship, and places of learning. Again the Voice came to Yima, saying:

3. Because thy kingdom is attractive, thou art flooded with idlers, who are of no profit to any person in heaven or earth. To keep them away, thou shalt wall thy kingdom around with pillars of fire. For thus have I created man, that to whom putteth him away he will return with zeal. Because thou shalt make thy labors seclusive, they will run for thee.

4. And when they come to thee, thou shalt bargain with them for righteous behavior erst thou feedest them. And when thou hast thus gathered in all who come in this way, thou wilt not yet have the half.

5. But those who are left will be without judgment, and thou shalt take possession of them, and bestow them in colonies. And thou shalt rank them. The lowest of all shall be the first rank; those who come after the pillars of fire are built shall be the

second rank; and those who come with the selectors shall be called the third rank.

6. And thou shalt divide thine own hosts; those who go with thy Lords down to mortals as guardian spirits shall be called ashars, and they shall bring the spirits of the newly dead and deliver them to thy hosts in heaven, which hosts shall be called asaphs.

7. And the ashars shall drive all spirits away from mortals, save such as are appointed by thee or thy Lords. For above all things shalt thou seek to become controller over mortals, to the end that they become Faithists in Me and My dominion.

8. Yima then divided the spirits of heaven according to the commandments of the Creator. After that he took possession of the wandering spirits of darkness, whether they were on earth or in heaven, and he had them taken into places prepared for them. And he provided them with physicians, nurses and teachers, and they were made to understand they were dead as to their earth bodies, and that they must give up the earth.

9. After this, Yima established places of learning in heaven, and places of labor, teaching the angels to clothe and feed themselves by their own industry.

10. Again the Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Behold, My Son, the lower heaven hath reached Scpe' oke. It is, therefore, the time in which angels of the first grade be taught to build heavenly mansions.

11. Yima commanded the teachers and the superintendents of factories to prohibit the spirits from returning to mortals, save by permission. Yima said:

12. It is wiser to inspire mortals to rise in heaven after death than to have them ever drawing the angels down to the earth. And my Lords on the earth shall labor to this end also. So Yima taught new inspirations, both in heaven and on earth, which were that the angels of the dead should build homes in heaven for their kindred, and that mortals should be taught that there were mansions in heaven ready for their souls after death.

13. Yima said: Mortals becoming founded in this belief, will not so readily become wandering spirits after death.

14. Whilst Yima was thus building in heaven, his Lords, with their attendant spirits, were manifesting on earth, as had never been before since the foundation of this world.

15. The temples of the stars were broken and thrown down by the spirits; the iron gates of the cities were taken off and carried into the forests; the palaces of kings and queens were unroofed, and the stones of the walls of the palaces were hurled from their places; even to the foundation, one stone was not left upon another; and these things were done by the spirits of heaven.

16. And men and women and children were carried in the air by the angels, and unharmed. The household goods were carried out, and the food of the tables stripped off, even as mortals sat down to feast, and they were made to behold the food going away; with their own eyes beheld they these things.

17. And mortals were made to see visions and to dream dreams of prophecy, and to have unusual powers. And in many places the spirits took on sar' gis, and walked about amongst mortals, being seen and felt; and they talked audibly, explaining to mortals the dominion of Yima and his Lords.

18. In all things that Yima and his hosts did in heaven, his Lords worked in harmony with him in their labor on the earth. Nevertheless, there were also vagrant spirits on earth who belonged not to the kingdoms of heaven, but who made manifestations on their own account; and they were given to lying, and to flattery, and to evil generally. Yima, little by

little, cut off these evil spirits, and took them away to his colonies, and disciplined them.

19. Such, then, were Yima' s labors when Fragapatti came to see him, to honor which occasion, Yima had proclaimed recreation in Astoreth, and invited his Lords and captains and others to be present and take part in a season of enjoyment.

chapter 34

1. On the arrival of the avalanza, the es' enaurs of Astoreth, and the trumpeters of the colonies, sang and played, being joined by the hosts aboard the vessels. And when they ceased, Thulae, assistant God of Astoreth, commanded the marshals to receive the hosts, foremost of whom were Yima and his attendants, preceded by his traveling marshals and harpers, the latter being five thousand females, led by We' aytris, Goddess of Foes' ana, in etherea. After these came the marshals of Fragapatti, ten thousand; then the swift messengers, ten thousand; then Fragapatti, on whose left was Yaton' te, and on whose right was Hoab. And these were followed by the musicians, and then came the hosts in general.

2. Yima ascended the throne at once, but Fragapatti and his hosts halted in the arena, within the circuit of the altar. Next beyond these were the guards of the lights; and still outside of these were the Crescent Members of the Council.

3. Yima said: In the name of Jehovih, I welcome thee, O Fragapatti, Chief of Obsod and Goomatchala, to the throne of God! In His Wisdom and Power I would have thee honor Astoreth by taking possession, in the Father' s name!

4. Without replying, Fragapatti walked alone to the throne, saluting on the sign of HIGH NOON, which Yima answered IN THE SETTING SUN! Yima stood aside, and Fragapatti ascended and stood in front of the middle of the throne. He said:

5. Into Thy possession, O Jehovih, receive Thou this, Thy Throne! Hardly had Fragapatti spoken, when a light, bright as the sun, settled above his head, and a Voice came out of the midst of the light, saying:

6. To thee, My Son, and to thy son, and to thy Gods and Lords, and to all who follow them in My name, do I bequeath this,