December 1997


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Volume 5, No. 3

December 1997

The cover painting & description following both copied from “In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.”

The Earth’s Gravity Field: Nature’s Sex Principle

This painting of the earth and its gravity field shows the polar sex opposites with their respective color spectrums: blue-green female on the top and orange-red male on the bottom.

What is both curious and amazing about this painting is the way Dr. Russell has depicted the charging and discharging poles in relation to the rest of the field. This is the only instance where he used this type of illustration for the earth’s gravity field. In every other case, both charging poles enter from opposite sides as head-on centripetal spirals directed toward each other with the discharging centrifugal spiral field exiting at planes of 90 degrees or less to the axis of the charging poles as it fans out to form the ecliptic plane. In this case he has a charging pole (here singular, where in all other instances there are two) on the red-orange male side and the discharging pole on the blue-green female side. See the following painting of the sun, Figure 42, as an example of his usual illustration of the male charge and the female discharge.

This painting emphasizes the polarity predominance of the male as charging or centripetally directed toward the center of the system and the female predominance as discharging or centrifugally directed toward the periphery of the system. It is much like his earlier descriptions in The Universal One where he identified female with discharge and male with charge more as pure types.

The painting is titled The Earth’s Gravity Field and Nature’s Sex Principle. As the title indicated, this painting symbolizes the essence of male and female as pure abstract types. In other words, this painting is unlike his other charts and paintings where the earth’s field is accurately depicted with the two charging poles at the north and south polar caps and the discharging east-west poles at the equatorial expansion rim.

The Russell Cosmogony verifies that both charging and discharging poles have their opposite within them in varying degrees. The north and south poles have

maximum charge and a minimum of discharge at the polar axis, while the equatorial rim east-west pole has maximum discharge and a minimum of charge. The incidence of the opposite force increases in proportion to the distance from the polar axis or equatorial rim.

In this illustration of abstract male and abstract female as pure types, Dr. Russell revealed the secret for a new transportation device or an engine. The net effect of polarizing the field of the earth or any body as shown is to move it through its surrounding medium in the direction of the arrows pointing to the top of the paining. This direction would be as close to linear as possible in a universe where there is no linear motion. The surrounding medium (water, air, even ether) moves in the direction of the downward pointing arrows. Acceleration in this abstraction approaches infinity.

In The Secret of Light Dr. Russell said, The uncreated universe is light undivided.

which could be symbolized by either a uniformly black or white canvas. Furthermore he said,

The created universe is light divided into mated pairs.

This further draws our attention to the fact that he is symbolizing the “light divided into mated pairs” as pure abstract types.

His statement,

Gravity is the life principle, the

sex principle, and the power principle which motivates the universal heartbeat.

should alert us that Figure 41 is an abstract model for all engines and all transportation devices as well as the model for all motion. It is in essence a lever, albeit a continuous lever, in motion.

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Dialogue Questions for the NEXt iSSUC ……..secsesecesesseeseseeneeneneeneseeesncstsnesesussscesensnsseeneaseneasanenecueneneqnsnsensasaeanensansosansesess pg. | Responses to previous QUeStIONS ………sscseeseeseeseestestesteeneeneenesssssssnsensensonenscaeaneneenccnecesnccnseaconsnecasensonsaessess pgs. 1-9 Some of the featured articles for the NeXt iSSUC ……….cccsecseseseseeetenetetetetsesesescsessseeseatecesessesnassssenenenenenenenees pg. 1 Letters to the editor …………cscscssscececececsseseccscscccsssssssssssnscscscoesesesescnencacecscenenececsseseecnsncossscesessesssssssasaensneesenenees pgs. 9 Notice about the Lent 1 Reactor Kit …………ccscsssscsssssssssscssssesssssseassssscesssenenssssncesseesssnscsenesssnenscessenseeesees pgs. 19 Featured articles Part two of Mechanism of low temperature transmutation by G. Rabzi of the Ukrainian Academy of Original Teas ……essseseseseseeeeseeeeeseneee Ms cscanGsauSugeSeGSEGNGUUSSGpbaUSicesas BUGEORASUMUas DaGa gusty pe mIaRENA ITAA oeaaeR Reeeee RR RRE ARNT TERS pgs. 20-27 The Great Pyramid, octave twelve tone chromatic scale, sinusoidal standing wave and squaring the circle in light of the Russell Cosmogony with implications for energy production by David Levick and Timothy A Binder …..sscccscssscossssoceccsocscsersencacsnrsnssnsencscsnseacencecsopeccssccseesoasonssssscssececssessassevssseosbenasvansasbadvasonsessoeseesosees pgs. 28-37 Explanations of dimensional equations detailing that all phenomena are the same phenomena; or a unification of heat (temperature), Gravity, electricity/magnetism and Light with an accompanying geometry by Timothy A Bind? sciscscsvizsccasssvscsussssavasosexsvascsavesonesovsosonsonessviscenssonssconsnvensnenentanevaessecnssacestnonssnsverncenrcoonerseseesseretes pgs. 37-45 The Ohsawa-Kushi transmutations by Robert Nelson of Rex Research ……..cscssscseesesseseteneteteeneenenes pgs. 46-52 From the archives Letter from Lao Russell to Dr. Claude Gilmore Walker, National Capital Astronomers Jan.7, 1956 regarding the dangers of using “reasoning of the senses to help uplift ….to higher pinnacles…” after an illumination. coanynos ba guclevr fund Cin dbneoilPA 19 0 ANG CSUs yea See Fadnu ects aTuonsasaouainnina os onauszsrautates sc cnseastterusssmeats pease eee pgs. 53-63 Letter from Walter and Lao Russell to Robert concerning “perfect radar”. June 8, 1961 SERGE GOGAT ARES SS BTRT STEN SESS SEEGERS TETAS ARS ASE SSCS ATG ACTER N ES HSTSE CaS TAT SET TR CRTET CUT R ANTEATER NN Ta NKR CATER NTR COTES pgs. 64-68

Patent papers

Fuel for internal combustion engines ; Apparatus for electrolysis; and process of making gas –(patents having

to do with hydrogen fuel and methods of gas formation)………..cccscssesesseseseeseseeseseeseseessteeseeeseneeseneeees pgs. 69-77 Some of our current state ( +&- ) almost a half century after publication of The World Crisis, Atomic

SUICHUE?, C06 sssccusssssasenssosncevasiastacessacsnssuuscusacnsnasisarurscsuatesunstenseessstaonsssnsassneussbeanssnsonsserteoeecdanscstesiestoten pgs. 78&79

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Dialogue: Questions for the Next Issue


1) How does carbon exhibit both cube and sphere geometry & at the same time?

2) Do the other elements and isotopes ( half tones) exhibit more than one geometry and why?

Some of the featured articles for the next issue

Part Two of Explanations of dimensional equations detailing that all phenomena are the same phenomena; ora unification of heat, Gravity, electricity/ magnetism and Light with an accompanying geometry by Timothy A Binder

Transmutations of Ores by Robert Nelson of Rex Research

Visions of the Future - Prophesy & Divination by Timothy A Binder

Dialogue: Responses to Previous Questions


1) What were the original EM equations of James Clerk Maxwell? Is there a missing element in the equations as taught today? Is this missing element called quaternions, and might that give the scalar component that could show the relationship between gravity and EM phenomena? How would the Russell Cosmogony interpret this?

2) What did Walter Russell mean when he said that during his illumination he realized “the sensed electric wave universe had no reality whatsoever”? How do you live with what this means to you or how does it affect your life?

3) What are some references for investigating the ancient science of prophecy as per James Afflecks' request this issues' letters to the editor?

From Larry Tiegs

Question #1 What were Maxwell's original equations?

= VxE=

Maxwell’s equations

The four equations of electromagnetism completed by netic induction B. magnetic tield H. and the electric J.C. Maxwell in 1864. The equations govern a wide Py i“ : displacement D. to the free charge and current densi- range of phenomena. including much of electronic ties p and J. Two auxiliary equations are needed. Mi- technology. However. some modem technology re- croscopic displacements between bound positive quires the quantum-mechanical interpretation of the $ negative charges produce fields on a macros: equations. In their most general form. Eqs. (1)-(4) scale when the displacements are the same throughout relate four field quantities. the electric field E, mag- “ a macroscopic volume of material.

(B) Is there a missing element? Seems there was. Lorentz, Coulomb, Ampere, Faraday and quantum mechanics have added to, changed or amplified these four equations.

Ce) Is the missing element quaternions? A quaternion is the quotient (product of division) of two vectors (directed lines in space). Quaternions originated in 1843. “It is a specialized form of algebra which in some cases offers a clear advantage over vector analysis.” I have no idea whether Maxwell used it or not.

(D) Could a scalar component show the relationship between gravity and EM theory? I don't know.

(E) How would Russell interpret this? I assume your question is about the relationship between electromagnetic radiations and gravity. They are opposites, each one-half of every cycle of two- way motion.

Science says there are four forces in nature: electromagnetic (a term for all possible vibrational frequencies including light, electricity, radio, x-ray and gamma rays), gravity, strong and weak atomic forces. Science also says there are three different wave forms: longitudinal, standing and transverse.

Russell says there is one force — compression and two electric- only, three-dimensional, spiral vortex wave motions, compression anc its reaction, expansion. Water down a drain, smoke rising, waves curling, wind off airplane wings, planets orbiting and suns forming are all whirlpool spiral vortexes, as are your thoughts, “energy” of your hands, your blood cells, bone cells and every spiral cell and atom of all bodies. Matter is motion. All _ motion is curved. All curvature is spiral.

Compression against resistance causes curvature, creates heat, pressure and density, ie., matter. Like stretching a rubber band, compression is two-ways in opposite directions from a static state rest. Matter, the two divided dynamic pressure states, like the rubber band, snaps back and disappears into the zero of rest auto- matically. Expansion back to zero is the reaction to divided compression.

Cold is the resistance. Our universe, our cosmos, our world is cold, absolute cold, -273 degrees centrigrade cold, unbievahiy cold. Living in the cozy environment of our warm planet, protected by our thick blanket of atmosphere, we're not aware of this vast universal vacuum or absolute cold as we spin and orbit through it at thousands

f miles an hour. Our sun is the generator that electrically heats

this solar system. If our sun went out, earth and all the planets

of this solar family would quickly disappear back into the cold from which they were created. All “hot matter” wants to return to its resting place - cold. Everything does return over time. Heat is created as resistance to cold and returns to cold. Cold is.

Pressure is created as resistance to the universal vacuum and returns to the static vacuum automatically. The vacuum is. Density is created as resistance to the vacuity of space and returns to the void of space automatically. Space is. Motion is created as resistance to stillness and returns to stillness. Stillmess is. Matter is compressed motion of heat, pressure and density which will eventually return to the cold of space, its eternal womb and tomb. In Russell's words: “Cold generates, generation contracts, contraction heats.

Heat radiates, radiation expands, expansion cools.”



The following pairs of words, to polar opposites as hot and cold,

plus many more pairs, all refer the two extensions of the rubber

band, the two ends of a teeter-totter, the male and female of all

creating things. meanings for these words.

Popular connotation may denote many different In Russell's cosmogony, all the words

of each polarity mean exactly the same thing, referring to the same

process or principle.





Growth Generoactive Multiply Density Divide Vacuity

Compression - Expansion Generation - Radiation Implosion* Explosion Fusion Fission Gravitation Levitation* Positive Negative principle principle

* Words Russell didn't use.


Exhale Destruction Death

Decay Radioactive Multiply Vacuity Divide Density

Charging - Discharging

Condensing - Evaporating Integrating Disintegrating

Centripetal Centrifugal

Alkaline Acid

Male Female principle principle

It is easy to see from these polarities that science's gravity

and strong atomic force fit under Life and Growth. magnetic radiations and weak atomic force are Death and Decay.

are opposites.

-Question #3 a gift rather than a science. 900 hotlines have your answer.

Ancient science of prophecy? Perhaps some of the psychics on the

Their electro- They

Seems to me prophecy is

Question #2 What did Russell mean, “Our everyday world has no reality whatsoever?” That's God's little secret.

The world and your body is a virtual reality. You are nota body with a consciousness. You are Consciousness, a speck of intense Light, imagining a body. The universe is Mind stuff, Cosmic Consciousness, imagining a cosmos. You, the Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness are One when you know you are One.

You are like a primitive person watching a movie for the very first time, thinking you are looking through a window at a real happening. You now understand a movie as light, film and screen. What you are destine to know is that what you believe to be your body and a material world is but a three dimensional holographic dramatic illusion of light, film and screen which is projected from you and appears before you, the Consciousness, on the screen of your mind. In essence, what you are, you're looking with and looking at. In reality, the world doesn't exist without you. Consciousness along exists.

Walter Russell's illumination into Cosmic Consciousness left him knowing clearly that man's three states of sleeping, dreaming and waking are all within one big dream. A dream is an illusion. As with a child having a nightmare, the cry and teachings of all Knowers of Reality is - Wake Up! How will you know your life is a dream? You won't until you wake up and see the dream as a dream. That is all that is necessary. Then Knowing replaces ignorance.

For an earnest truth seeker the message of illumination becomes the most important story ever told. “Seek Ye First” and “Be Still and Know” become commandments. Primitive man only needed to physically step behind the screen to learn and understand the unreality of the play of light and film, the illusion of motion. Truth seekers can only spiritually know Reality, the source of their own Light. What is beyond the screen of the mind can not be known with the mind. A dream can not know the cause of itself. The only hope is to wake up.

There are numerous teachers and gurus, paths and disciplines. All religions point the way. Meditation is to free the mind of thoughts. Yoga focuses and clarifies the mind. Zen breaks down the mind. A quiet life of introspection and integrity may be enough. Some dance, chant or work a trade. A single focus of mind brings more self awareness, self control and self surrender, leading to Clarity of thought, purity of motive, integrity of action, a sanctified life. True spiritual teachings point to the One, the Light, to yourself as Consciousness. When the student is ready the teacher appears. :

Are there benefits to enlightment? Not really. Outwardly the state is unrecognizable. You still chop wood and carry water. Knowing the false as false is enough. Inwardly, perhaps, a humble heart, a reverence, thanksgiving, a sense of purpose. Knowing brings freedom from anxiety, a harmony; the release of fear, a joy; a sense of Oneness, compassion for all life; a spiritual maturity, the willingness to let go everything. Mental guietness releases an inner happiness, the pleasure of just being, now.


In virtual reality putting on the head gear and some body sensors allows you to see, hear and touch a holographic illusion. Some day you'll slip into a full virtual reality suit for full body sensation, enabling you to travel and experience anything anywhere. What science doesn't understand, we each already have a full virtual reality suit. It's called our body.

In the morning, after a nights sleep, your brain/body begins “electrically sensing.” You, the Consciousness, become aware of the body and an outer world of dense matter. All matter is only light in fast vibration. Your body is only light in fast vibration. The bed, room, house, world is only light in fast vibration. Your thoughts are light in vibration. All there is is vibration. The sensors of your body sense vibration. You, a seeming individual, call this waking up. You feel alive. You, the thought/feeling I AM, wrongly assume that you are now conscious and a few moments ago you were unconscious. What you call deep sleep was simply a dead battery. The computer went down. The screen of your mind, the screen which you, the Consciousness watch from the drivers seat in your head, the screen upon which you, the Light, project your light through the films of real and imagined memories, the screen upon which the whole universe emerges from a microdot inside your head, this screen just went blank. You call it deep sleep. The bodily five sensors stopped sending vibrational input, what you call feelings. The brain stopped storing vibrational patterns, what you call memories. The brain stopped associating and collating vibrations,

what you call thinking. You were still there. You are pure Consciousness. You are the Life force within the body. You were just not aware of yourself as being conscious while the screen was blank and the body recharged. You never sleep. You are eternal.

When the body batteries are low, tiredness sets in resulting in light sleep. This low voltage state allows random pictures to appear on the screen of your mind. You call this dreaming, day or night. You recall a dream as you do a movie. It seemed real in the moment, unreal upon waking up. A dream is virtual reality. It appears as real but isn't.

Reality is normally defined as the waking state where you, the Consciousness, identify yourself as your body. I AM MY BODY is the hypnotic cry of mass humanity. Bodies go through the waking state almost automatically, robotically, sensing, feeling and reacting electrically to vibrational input. As a body you can go through your whole morning routine unaware of even which shoe you put on first. You may find yourself having driven several miles to work before you realize where you are and wonder how in the world you managed to safely get that far. As you drove your body reacted electrically and automatically to vibrational input and vibrational programming, while you, the Consciousness, were watching a different movie in your head. You may read a whole chapter in a book only to wake up and realize that you, the Consciousness, were somewhere else. It's called being out to lunch. It's called hypnosis. It's called virtual reality. It's called not being present. It's called being human. It's called the waking state. Perhaps it should be called the potential for waking state.

It's natural enough to call this waking state reality because there is a sense of self living in a tangible universe where each individual can communicate, produce and seemingly affect the whole. However, through the same electrical stimulation and software, computers and robots do almost the same thing. Do we call them awake? Are humans just being electrically stimulated through an outside will? Does survival of the body depend on conscious directional choice, or as in all lower species, just the non-thinking automatic reflexes of accumulated memory of purpose called instinct? Can we call the electrically sensing state of animals a waking state? What is free will? Are our personalities self chosen? How much power does one individual have in this wire-in sensory mode of living and being? Is this the only reality?


Spiritual growth is an expanding awareness of consciousness. The child plays with it's toys. The mother, being present in consciousness, watches the child in mind knowing awareness. Like the child your consciousness shifts from sensation to sensation, from perception to perception, from idea to idea, from imaginated images to imaginated images in endless succession. You are always conscious of the images in the mind, but you are not aware of yourself as being conscious. Awareness is the direct insight into the whole of consciousness, the totality of the mind, cognizance of consciousness. This is mind knowing. Become interested in being interested, aware of being aware, giving attention to attention, conscious of oneself as the seer. Ultimately a state of pure awareness, pure being, pure

knowing appears. It is recognizable as choiceless love.

Usually the major obstacle to spiritual growth is your person- ality, a collection of attitudes, beliefs, traits and behaviors. You live by memory and act by habit. Judging everything, likes and dis- likes turn into a search for pleasure and avoidance of pain. Desires and fears dominate your intentions, warp your integrity, cloud your insight. Death haunts you. Life torments you. You feel a victum of circumstances, a slave of emotion. Your character betrays you. You feel helpless to change. Your ego fulfills you, its expression you seek. You find yourself laughing and crying, loving and hating, unaware that you are the creator, enjoyer and destroyer of all you perceive. You become attached to “this and that,” labeling it “me and mine.” The I AM becomes “I AM this and I AM that.” You create a make-believe world for what you conceive yourself to be. The inevitable result is disappointment and suffering. The dream shatters. You feel estranged.

Inwardly you long for happiness, contentment, the opportunity to love and be loved. Unknowingly you long to return to yourself, to wake up to Reality. Your inner voice wispers guidance from time to time. You have moments of joy. You spend more time alone. You begin to seek inspiration. You seek truth. You seek to break through the mist of illusion, to know who you are, what you are, what is your purpose in life? Unknowingly you seek God for all seemingly divided things seek Oneness.

Walter Russell as all Masters before him and surely those to come wish nothing more than for mankind to “wake up” to their divinity, their Oneness with all that is, the realization of Self as Universal Self.

They know the first step is to consciously choose to break bad habits, change attitudes, shape your own character, for your character shapes your life.

Then remember what needs be remembered. You are Consciousness. You are the Chooser. You are the Master. You are ageless. You were never born and will never die. Your self-imagined, self- creating body is millions of years old, evolving through countless cycles of appearance and disappearance. As a tree re-emerges from its seed so another body will re-emerge from your soul, your seed, for you, the Consciousness, to manifest Life through. From amoeba to now you've been present, just not aware of it. Right now you are a Being of Light, just not aware of it. Right now you are a Master, just not aware of it. Right now you are One with God. Do you desire to be aware of it?

In the words of the One, transcriped by Walter Russell during his full Illumination into Cosmic Consciousness in 1921, copied from the opening to his book, The Secret of Light, a message.

“I am the Light; I alone AM.

“What I am thou art. Thou art the Light. Thou art One with Me.

“Man may know me by desiring to know Me.

“To know Me is to be Me. Through My Light alone can man know me.

“Man is Light when he knoweth that he is Light.

“Man is Me when he knoweth that he is Me.

“All men will come to Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.”

from the Divine Iliad

From Timothy perhaps between this and a scalar potential that is

bound when current flows are positioned correctly an= it must be able to be released too. Both are potentia! charges until released into a greater potential environment. My source for the statement that Maxwell's original equations had quaternions that were later removed is retired Colonel Tom Bearden the author of several books on new energy, Tesla's secrets and secret soviet scalar weaponry. I will senc the current and last issues of Fulcrum to him in hope that he will offer us more of an explanation to just what the original equations were and what a scalar potential is. I suspect that scalar potentials occur between the boundary walls of all phenomena; that : the action inside the cube/sphere geometry is scalar potential - in action - from an insiders'( inside the cube/sphere - bound potential) point of view. Following are copies of two pages from Kompanay< book. In them are an equation defining a scalar potential as well as a couple of pairs of Maxwell's equations and more. Are there any other readers wh can help with interpretations of this and answers to question?

Question #1) I was unable to find Maxwell's original equations in any of the references I found including Maxwells own books on matter and motion and a theory of electromagnetism. In a book titled Physics In The Soviet Union by A.S. Kompanayets the author had a chapter titled “The Electromagnetic Field. Maxwell's Equations.” J also find no reference here to quaternions, but there are many references and equations detailing scalar potentials. I do not yet understand these equations and the meaning of the scalar potential as expressed in them but will continue to research this and publish what I find in future editions. My present understanding of a scalar potential is that potential quantity of “bound” energy that is created by two parallel currents traveling in opposite directions; and that as the electric and magnetic fields appear to disappear the scalar field appears detectable by interferometric measurements. A capacitor stores an electric charge and can be released when it is discharged and I sense some connection


The first pair: field will not change, since the rotation of a gradient is identically equal to zero. Putting A=A'+Vf(z,y,2,0), (12.30)

we see that the magnetic field, expressed in terms of such a modified potential, remains unchanged:

H=rotA=rotA’. In order that the addition of V/ should not affect the electric field,

ae ec ot’ divH =0.

rot E= — (12.24) (12.25) The second pair:

rot H= 158 Sel, (12,26)

divE=4np. (12.27)

In these equations we consider p and j, i.e., the charge and current distributions in space, to be known, The unknowns, to be determined, are the fields E and H. Each of them has three components.

In spite of the fact that both pairs form, together, eight equations, only six of them are independent, according to the number of field components. Indeed the three components of each rotation are constrained by div rot = 0 and, hence, are not independent of one another.

Electromagnetic potentials. We can introduce new unknown quan- tities such that each equation will contain only one unknown. In this way the overall number of equations is reduced. These new quantities are called electromagnetic potentials.

We choose the potentials so that the first pair of Maxwell’s equations are identically satisfied. In order to satisfy equation (12.25), it is sufficient to put

H=rotA, (12.28)

where A is a vector called the vector potential. Then, according to (11.40), the divergence of H will be equal to zero identically. We shall look for the electric field in the form:

2 1 8A

=-+5h-Vve, (12.29) where 9 is a quantity called the scalar potential.

From (11.39) rot Vo =0. Substituting (12.28) and (12.29) in (12.24), we obtain the identity.

The determinacy of potentials. The electromagnetic fields E and H are physically determinate quantities since, through.them, the forces acting on charges and currents can be expressed. The fields are ex- pressed in terms of potential derivatives. Therefore, potentials are determined only to the accuracy of the expressions that cancel in differentiation. These expressions should be chosen so that the po- tentials satisfy equations of the simplest form. We shall now find the most general potential transformation which does not change the fields.

From equation (12.28) it can be seen that if we add the gradient of any arbitrary function to the vector potential, the magnetic

we must also change the scalar potential:

. 12 e=9 -id, (12.31) where f is the same function as in (12.30). Then, for the electric field, we obtain

1 2A wl 2A _ 18 , ef edeabank 34 Nahin uaa at eam a ar

Consequently, the electric field does not change either. Thus, the potentials are determined to the accuracy of the transformations (12.30), (12.31), which are called gauge transformations.

The Lorentz condition. Let us now choose an arbitrary function / such that the second pair of Maxwell’s equations leads to equations for the potentials of the simplest possible form. Substituting (12.28) and (12.29) in (12.26) gives

: 1 OA 1.2 4 9 rotrotA=— 3, SA _ 1 2 yoy fet. (12.32) We express rot rot A with the aid of (11.42), Then (12.32) is reduced to the following form: 1 aA 5 1 de) 4nJ -A4A+553 + (div A +3 )-t.

We shall now try to eliminate the quantity inside the brackets. We denote it, for brevity, by the letter a, and we perform the trans- formations (12.30) and (12.31) on the potentials. Then the quantity a is reduced to the form


ie I OG. ng) Oe 1 ‘af . a=divA+— >) =divA +oagrt4l-agqr- (12.34) The function f has, so far, remained arbitrary. Let us now assume that it has been chosen so as to satisfy the equation

1 ay

Al-azr=%- (12.35)

Question #2) Lao Russell gives us an answer to this question in her letter to Dr. Claude Gilmore Walker in the Archives section and I believe all of the Russell work is an answer to this question. I think Larry's answer in “God's Little Secret” is another answer sufficient unto the day thereof……so I don't really feel the need to try and add to the already bountiful harvest other than to say how my understanding of this affects my life. It focuses my awareness inwards even when I am working outwardly in the world. My awareness of the “unreality” of this transient thought wave universe “frees” me from it or “awakens” me to the extent that I know I am dreaming all of this. When I am intensely aware of reality even unreality becomes more vital and alive. Awareness of this creates the desire to be still and know - and at times with no effort like lightning zen “it” appears.

Question #3) I know of two prophetic sources supposedly based not on the “visions reported by “sensitive” minds”, but those “derived from a knowledge of space /time geometrics”.

The first is that the pyramids and other ancient temples of Egypt are claimed by some to have

encoded in their proportions and in their geometry prophesy even up to our present. There are old books by Isha Schwaller De Lubicz titled The Opening Of The Way, a practical guide to the wisdom of ancient Egypt and The Temple In Man, the secrets of ancient Egypt That show correspondences between these structures’ geometry and the human body. The claim is that there is in pharonic Egypt, ” geodetic, astronomical and physiological knowledge surpassing that which Egyptology has hitherto been able to concede”. Another even older source is more to the point of Mr. Afflecks' quest in that the claim is the

Great Pyramid has encoded within its geometry and “teleois” proportions predictions for most of our history of the world up to present times. Brown Landone wrote a book about this titled “Prophecies Of Melchi-Zedek In The Seven Temples” The second source that I am aware of is that there are claims that the Mayan calendar is a space/time geometrics prophetic statement. I seem to remember that interpretations of it are that it ends about 2012 and that is supposed to be the end of this age. I do not know of any books that I can refer you to that detail how the calendar works, its code and how to interpret it, but if you search for books that deal with the Mayan calendar you may likely find something that does just that.

In the next issue I will be examining prophecy and divination. Walter and Lao Russell made predictions in their books and verbally to various students that I am aware of and I will discuss these as well as those of other ancient and modern prophets. What can you and I do about the future of the world, and what can we do about our own future?

Letters to the editor I have E-Mail letters from Millennium Twain and a letter and materials that Sara Shannon author of Diet For The Atomic Age sent me that are included here. If any of you are interested in participating in the background radiation monitoring project contact me ASAP so that we might work on it. It requires buying a radalert device, recording measurements in your local area and sending them to someone I plan on bringing into the project who will compile all participants readings every two weeks and send them on to a man in Colorado who will post them on a web site. I will publish them in Fulcrum as well.


Fulcrum readers - would you like to join ih on a radioactivity monitoring project?

The summer of 1997 a handful of concerned citizens began writing down the readings they got with their RadAlert radiation monitor. A website was created and the readings posted there.

The Radalert monitor used picks up levels of cobalt-60 and cesium-137, both typically found in releases from nuclear power plants. They have radioactive lives of 100 and 600 years, respectively.

WE plan to take the reading daily during ten minutes. We feel that this ten minute reading will give sufficient indication of daily levels, tell us of any larger releases or accidents among the world's 400 nuclear power plants, and provide an overview of the gradual increase in ambient radioactivity world-wide. The readings would be sent into the website every two weeks.

An average or expected reading could be 10 or 12 counts per minute. Fall 1996 in Manhattan this was averaging about 15 cpm, and Fall 1997 about 16 cpm. The alarm is set to go off

at 30 cpm. The area around Chernobyl was 2000cpm summer 1996.

The RadAliert is available from Earthpulse Press 888 690-1277 You can contact —- for information on how to take the readings and where to send them by FAX or mail.

or write Earthpulse Press PO Box 201393 Anchorage Alaska 99520 or go to their website where you can also find Sara Shannon's book Diet for the Atomic Age which tells about nuclear power, radioactivity and radio-protective foods.

WE want to develop a world-wide monitoring group.

The website is being redesigned and the method of posting re- considered. To have a look at it go to www.

The Radalerte

he Radalert™ is a device used to measure

radioactivity and is designed to be carried

in your pocket. It is simple to use, requiring only the throwing of a° switch to determine levels of radioactivity in the vicinity of the device. The unit is useful for anyone working in the nuclear industry, living near a power plant or persons concerned about exposures to radiation after large accidents. The device is designed for simple use and requires no training. The current version is distributed by Earthpulse Press at $295.00 shipped priority in the United States and $310.00 internationally (Prices subject to change with the newest version releasing in

Use the Radalert™ to:

Monitor personal radiation exposure Monitor an area or perimeter

Detect radiation leaks and contamination Monitor changes in background radiation Demonstrate principles of nuclear physics

Check for radioactive minerals in the earth

» Features: * Digital LCD Display ¢ Adjustable alert level * Geiger Mueller detector * Easy conversion to PO. Box 201393 mB/hr for Cs 137

Anchorage, Alaska 99520 USA ° Interface to a Fax:907-696-1277_ computer Voice Mail: 907-249-9111


Earthpulse Press, Inc.

* Long battery life


The government-sponsored National Academy of Sci- ences stated in a report titled Biological Effects of Radiation (December 1989) that there is no safe level of radiation and this is because even the smallest amount causes free radicals. A number of independent researchers have demonstrated that

long-term, relatively low levels of radiation may wreak up to 1,000 times more biological havoc than the currently accepted “‘risk levels’* that are being used as reference points for deci- sions about licensing and operating nuclear plants.

In 1972, aresearcher in Canada, Dr. Abram Petkau, found that when cells were irradiated slowly, a smaller total dose was needed to cause damage. Since this critical discovery it has been verified that a small dose of radiation over a long time is more damaging than one larger dose. Imagine the ramifications! This would mean that the small amounts of radiation that are released from the everyday operation of the world’s 400 nuclear plants are doing much more damage than calculated.

This discovery, known as the ‘‘Petkau Effect,’’ showed that the amounts of radiation that are legally released from nuclear power plants, combined with the leaks, spills, and accidents, are a cause of extreme damage to our health because continuous low-level exposures produce hundreds to thousands of times more free radicals than the same dose delivered at one time, as in an X ray, for example.

Dr. Emest Sternglass, a pioneering researcher in the field of radiation health, explains in his 1978 book Secret Fallout the implications of this new understanding: *‘Doses of radiation delivered slowly and continuously over extended periods of time are hundreds of times as damaging biologically as short,

high intensity exposures of the same total dose. This was made clear in 1972 by Dr. Abram Petkau who discovered that at low doses of radiation absorbed at low rates, the dominant biological damage is produced by highly toxic molecules called free radicals.”*

The everyday releases of radioactivity by nuclear power plants has been found to cause several kinds of health damage, including premature births, congenital defects, infant mortal- ity, mental retardation, heart ailments, arthritis, diabetes, aller- gies, asthma, cancer, genetic damage, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been linked to previously unknown infectious diseases, and generally weakens the immune system. Radiation shortens the life span of most organisms, according to Denham Harman in Free Radical Theory of Aging. Even at low levels,

radiation may increase mutations of bacteria and viruses, as Andrei Sakharov described in his 1992 Memoirs.

A 1966 report by the Atomic Energy Commission pro- duced findings that agree with the thoughts of Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling: ‘There are no safe amounts of radiation. Even small amounts do harm.*’

But humans evolved in an environment that contained naturally occurring radiation. So why is radiation so hazardous to us? The answer to this has to do with the type of radiation. Radon, which was always around , is known as alpha radiation. The particles cannot travel very far. Strontium- 90, which is a man-made radiation, is a beta particle. It can travel far. So how does this affect us? Our bones are hollow inside, they have a space for the bone marrow. This is the place where the white blood cells, which are key operatives in the immune system, are made. Nature did a brilliant design here because the bone protected the delicate bone marrow from the then-prevalent type of radiation—alpha. Nature did not foresee that humans would come up with a type of radiation that did not suit its original design. Because beta particles can travel through bone, they are able to zap the white blood cells. What happens? We gradually have a more and more weakened immune system. What is the answer to this dilemma? This seems to be the question confronting humanity.

Nuclear power emissions reach you directly in the air and water—and through animals we eat that may be contaminated with radiation, since they, in tum, consume air, water, and food that is contaminated. Radiation contaminates rainwater, We eat crops irrigated with this water. We inhale the air, Emissions may go to the land, into runoff, and then into rivers. Water may also find its way to a reservoir from which we drink. We eat fish from contaminated rivers and lakes. Freshwater fish are more contaminated than ocean fish because the minerals in the ocean water stop absorption of radionuclides to some ex- tent. Fresh water contains 100 to 1,000 times the amount of strontium-90 that ocean water contains (C.S. Clusek, Depart- ment of Energy Lab Report, EML-429, July 1984).

Low-level radiation gets into the air and water through releases from nuclear power plants (planned and accidental), leaks from nu- clear waste sites, nuclear military installations, nuclear bomb tests, medical procedures, tobacco smoke, air travel, smoke detectors, and X rays.


The transition from a nuclear- and fossil-fuel-based en- ergy to a renewable form is both necessary and doable. With a fraction of the funds put into nuclear power we could readily tap the available sources of energy that are sustainable, reli- able, and competitive—and are also clean and safe. These include wind power, hydroelectric power, tidal power, biomass (wood), geothermal energy, solar .thermal technology, solar power, and solar cells. (Consider, for instance, that we could meet the world’s demand for energy if the state of Nevada was covered with solar cells.)

Conservation of energy is also key. Each person can do

his part. Install double windows to conserve heat loss. Turn off the lights—half of electricity used for lighting is wasted. Use new refrigerators and other appliances that reduce energy consumption. Use new light bulbs that use one fourth of the energy. And these are just for starters.

“‘Nuclear power is life-threatening in three independent ways, each formidable. First, is the danger of accidents. Second, every nuclear reactor produces as a by-product plutonium- 239, which is the most dangerous toxi¢ substance known. Third, no one knows what to do with nuclear waste.”

—Dr. GeorGe Wacp, Nobel Laureate

“Health effects from low-level radiation include the induction of cancer, genetically determined ill-health, developmental abnormalities, and some degenerative diseases.”

—Nuclear Regulatory Commission Report, December 1989

“In 1975 there were 59 cases of Lyme Disease recorded; in 1985, the number increased to 863, mainly in the two counties of Middlesex and New London, Ct., near the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. Just as increases in cancer may be linked to the huge radiation release from Millstone in 1975, so too may be the tick-borne Lyme Disease epidemic. The Lyme Disease is carried by a spirochete that had not been harmful to humans prior to 1975. It is well known that radiation can cause mutations in bacteria. The enormous 1975 Millstone radiation release may have caused just such a mutation in the tick-borne spirochete.

—Jay GouLD, Ph.D., Deadly Deceit (Four Walls Eight Windows, 1990)

‘Recent studies have suggested that free radicals can stimulate the activation (and proliferation) of HIV.” —C. Sappey et al. of the Grepo Laboratory in Grenoble, France, paper given at the VIII International Conference on AIDS, July 1992

““Contrary to widespread belief, nuclear power is no longer a cheap energy source. In fact, when the still unknown costs of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management, decommissioning and perpetual care are finally included in the rate base, nuclear power may prove to be much more expensive than conventional energy sources, and not economically competitive with safe, renewable resource energy alternatives such as solar power.””

—Nuclear Power Costs, Report No. 95-1090, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1978

Multiplying twenty times its half-life gives a substance's full radioactive life. For example, strontium-90 with a half- life of 28 years will become stable, or not radioactive in 560 years. 28 years times 20 equals 560 years.

Looking at the following list gives one the inspiration to utilise the possibilties of transmutation which have been

recently validated.

Half-Life of Selected Radionuclides Emitted by Nuclear Facilities Into the Air

Substance Half-Life

Phosphorus-32 14.3 days

Phosphorus-33 25.0 days

Chromium-51 27.8 days

Manganese-54 303.0 days

Iron-55 2.6 years

‘‘We propose that energy efficiency, aoe os = alt- 3 days

conservation, and self-renewing sources such as sun, wind, and water be implemented EES mo years neaccoower ahd ickel-63 92.0 years globally as an alternate to nuclear po Niobium-92m 10.1 days fossil fuels. / / Tin-117m 14.0 days —A statement representing the wishes of al! Tungsten-185 75.8 days the world’s women formulated at the Women’s Uranium-237 6.8 days Congress in Miami, 1991 Krypton-85 10.8 years Xenon 129m 8.0 days Xenon 131m 11.8 days Xenon 133 5.3 days lodine-129 1.7 x 10’ years Iodine-131 8.1 days Strontium-89 52.0 days Strontium-90 28.1 years Yttrium-91 58.8 days Zirconium-95 65.0 days Niobium-95 35.2 days Ruthenium-103 39.6 days Ruthenium-106 367.0 days

before the chance to.avert the threats we now Tellurium-127m 109.0 days Tellurium-129m 34.0 days

confront will be lost and the prospects for eae ea humanity are immeasurably diminished. We, See 2.1 years : : is Cesium-136 13.0 days the undersigned senior members of the world’s 3 er : Cesium-137 30.2 years scientific community, hereby war all of Barium-140 12.8 days

humanity of what lies ahead. A great change in Cerium-141 33.0 days Cerium-144 284.9 days

our stewardship of the Earth is required.” acai: —Warning to Humanity, issued by the Union coc uaa 11.1 days

xe d Scientists, 1992, signed by 1,500 ee 24,400.0 years g ¢ peels ath » SB y' Plutonium-240 6,580.0 years scientists from 69 nations

“‘No more than one or two decades remain


Selection of radionuclides from Radiation Exposure to the Public fre Radioactive Emissions of Nuclear Power Stations by B. Franke, E. Krug and B. Steinhilber-Schwab of the Institute for Energy and Environmes tal Research, Heidelberg, West Germany. Used by permission.

Values for half-lives from Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 63rd e< tion. Weast, Robert C., Ed. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 1982.


26 Dece:

Saw the southern cross last night (in person) for the first time. Slept out-of-doors in the bush, the owls ('moorporxs') hocting all the time.

“ist three weeks were extremely hectic. Suffice it to say that the exden fell on me te sort-ourz and relocate the new downsized DePalma Institute. I am new one of four trustees, and the executive director. Before year's end I will be sending out a personal message, re: the of Bruce DePalma, from his st associate Andrew Mount, drew nas returned to California, having received insufficient support is bid for permanent residency in New Zealand.

< will aisc send out my own report – wrapping up the activities of the old DePalma Institute, and outlining those cf the new. [Our only current activity is the maintenance of @ WebSite, and the proliferation of email discussions. Also, my continuation of the Global Aether Workshop collaboration I launched in Silicon v ey in 1997. Our $ aned NEW activity is the launching of a global dissident physics

journal in 1998, as soon ss donation of a gocd quality copying machine oc equivalent copy services can be secured,!

rapture). Your personal feedback is anticipated, and will be much neaded.

My new primary public email address is [ My secondary (backup, private) email address is (].

take Care,

Millennium Twain

“We are stardust, we @reé golden …

and we've yot to get ourselves, back to the garden …”

* To be removed from this ma g list, just send me a note requesting same. To recommend cthers to this list, just send me their email address.

Sat, 22 Nov 1997 07:30:01 +1200 Amigos y Amigas,

My public email address,, has been disconnected for the last 4 days. No knowing how long that will continue. You may use my alternate, formely private, address [ratbagé] for any compelling or otherwise engaging communications … MT three weeks ago the wannabe 'Royal' Society of New Zealand complained to MediaCity.Com in California of my revelations of covert physics to the New Zealand physics community. [The text of this complaint was forwarded to me, and now resides at several secure locations around the globe.] MediaCity threatened to disconnect me, even though all my communications were correct and above-board (and generally receiving accolades from NZ recipients). Four days ago I sent out my famous overview of the historical truth of the Michelson-Morley-Miller experiments, the reasons why Germany made Einstein's nontheories the Western 'standard', and why Haisch (Lockheed) and Puthoff (CIA and NSA) are promoting the ZPF. An hour later my service in California was disconnected. 4 days and MediaCity has not responded to why, or reinstated my service.

My WebSite [] and everything on it has been erased, or has been blocked the last three days. Again, no word on this from Mediacity.

Tuesday, 25 November 1997

“All's well that end's well”.

As of today, seven new World-Muse MIRROR sites have been started at locations in New Zealand, the Fascist States of Amerika, and elsewhere around the globe. In addition to my ratbag email address, and an unpublished private address, two new email pop accounts have also been set up for me – in order to prevent further institutional attempts to silence me.

Persons wishing to post some or all of my dissident physics, or voluntaryist ethics and verse, should send a request to “”. Similarly to request samples of my verse, or hardcopy of my papers, or share other activist links and email addresses.

Lastly, the offending email “Coup Deutsch” (on the fraud of 20th century Western physics) is being published in both electronic and hardcopy form in several places around the world. :

to a world in harmony with nature,



Thanks for your friendly note. If you can suggest any email addresses, or Websites, or personal or organizational contacts I should make – let me know at any time. Any activist or scientific or technically oriented folks.

Basically, in plain English, I have proven that the physics theories taught by nuclear and particle physics are wholly bogus. The reason that there are no working plasma fusion tokamaks in the world, after decades and billions of dollars spent, is that fusion in nature is NOT an explosive thermonuclear process. The Sun is not a big jar in which gas is heated to high temperatures, and subjected to high pressures – and then random statistical collisions occur producing fusion.

Maxwell's (or Heaviside's) equations do NOT apply. Einstein's theories do NOT descibe plasma processes, or any processes in nature. Light and matter (plasma) are not estranged partners, living in different universes, of separate origins. They are of the same pre-energetic (structure, vibration) origins. Light or electromagnetic waves are a particular frequency and structure of the aether – of spin and propagation. Electrons and protons happen when particular frequencies and structures of light-aether superimpose or reconnect into rotating balls of light. Standing waves, or solitons, or particles to use the language.

Those wave travel at ALL velocities – not simply one average velocity C, of 300,000 km/sec. Many many of the recorded velocities (for large and longitudinal waves in particular) are low frequency and velocity. Many (smaller and transverse, or spin) are near 300,000 km/sec. Many are superluminal, observed between 1.4C and 10C, and perhaps at 100C. These are generally the highest frequencies, smallest and most transverse (spin-composed) lightwaves.

For nuclear fusion, whether in the lab or Sun or Quasars, what this boils down to is we can now look at specific relationship and light and particle structures – filamentary plasma trains and vortex structures – which any child can draw or paint in school. Which ANY teacher or experimentor who speaks Cantonese or Italian or Maori can understand and communicate and fabricate. No need for lifetime indoctination in the covert language of tensor analysis etc., or the military methodology

and 'morality' of artillery and warheads.

Nature, fusion in the lab or stars, is NOT explosive or destructive. It is not an unknown statistical process of combat and collision. It is a one-on-one joining of lightwave to lightwave, or electron to electron, or proton to proton – like one marathoner passing the baton to the next. It is being discussed and tested by several thousand dissident theorists and inventors around the world today – people like Kanarev and Frolov in Russia, Illert and Hodges in Australia, Mills and Shoulders and Wolfe and several hundred others in the US, Xu et al in China, Assis et al in Brasil, Biberian and Vigier and many others in France, Japan, Germany, Canada. The list is growing at a rate impossible to keep up with.

There are thousands of references now available in the dissident self-published articles, books and journals – and equal numbers of heretical references now in the standard journals. I have contributed

several myself, and can steer you to any number if you want to follow up. Perhaps more useful to you will be the many many webpages and websites (hundreds) devoted to these topics now online, or the specific characters (peerless genius individuals) who you can contact.

My personal work for the last eight years was simple and focused – identify the specific complete structures of aether, light, electron, proton, neutron and the hydrogen atom. And support and nurture the unprecedented blossoming of an enormous global community of voluntaryist nonviolent natural philosophy. Persons with the ethical foundation and vision and persistence to work-out the theories, test the hardware, share the results, and stand forth before the world of combat and contest – and say “enough!” We are bleeding. The world IS dying. Health and harmony is NOT a trend, a frivolity. It is a matter of life and death.

Our joy our artistry our economy CAN grow without measure. But is NOT a pie to be fought over and destroyed. She is a living breathing child of community – and she requires love, and a song of harmony.


let me know what I can do to help

Notice about the Lent 1 Transmutation Reactor Kit

Transmutation Lent 1 Reactor Kit information from Dr. Timothy A Binder to interested persons

I have had several inquiries from individuals interested in the Lent 1 reactor kit as advertised in the November 1997 Vol. 5 No.2 issue of Fulcrum. Following are answers to the questions I have received:

The Lent | reactor kit cost is $3,000. If you are interested in pursuing research with the kit in transmuting radioactive elements into non-radioactive elements we suggest that you will also need the following equipment: 1) A two board multi channel analyzer for your PC. About $4,000 .2) A PC with windows and at least a 486 CPU chip. $1,000 to $5,000 .3) A gamma -ray sensor. Sodium Iodide crystal at about $1,000 or much better a germanium crystal with cryogenic cooling at about $14,000 .4) Digital ammeter, voltmeter and temperature meters. Less than $1,000.

Thus for a price tag of about $10,000 to $25,000 you can be equipped reasonably well to do low energy transmutations involving radioactive elements. If you are interested in pursuing the methods with non- radioactive elements you can skip the gamma ray sensor and simply rely on standard assays and other chemical or elemental analytical techniques not searching for radioactive phenomena. But, even in this scenario I would recommend that you do use instrumentation to verify if there are any gamma, x-

ray or radioactive emanations of any type coming from any transmutation experiment you might want to undertake. We are helping market this equipment and the concepts for the Cincinnati Group and the Fusion Information Center in SLC Utah. We all want to realize a solution to the radioactive waste nightmare that has been unleashed upon this planet. The Russell Science Research Team will be sharing our work with the kit in future editions of Fulcrum and will also be happy to share ideas, techniques and whatever assistance we can to those that purchase the Lent | kit through us. While reports about ongoing experiments and the equipment will be published in future editions of Fulcrum there are also available old reports in back issues of New Energy News and The Journal Of New Energy. Back issues will be made available to purchasers and you can talk to us and others that are working with the equipment, (a phone call is quicker and easier to respond to than a letter). The amounts of thorium used in the original experiments has been small (one tenth of a gram of thorium) . The amounts of byproducts of expected nuclear reactions must be measured in the parts per million; thus, to work with these amounts you will need the above mentioned equipment or can rely on chemical analytical techniques but they are very expensive.

We were the first to purchase a Lent | kit and it took us about two months to receive it. I estimate that the time to receive it will be at least half that now that we have received the first one. Please make checks payable to the Fusion Information Center and send them directly to Dr. Timothy A Binder C/O The University Of Science And Philosophy Box 520, Waynesboro VA 22980.

Featured Articles


Journal of New Energy


Georgiy S. Rabzi !


“Cold fusion” and “hot fusion” - are two antagonists whose uncompromising struggle will either produce new clean sources of cheap energy and help the world overstep the threshold of the third millennium under the banner of new physics, or prolong investing huge sums in tokamaks. The struggle takes place in your laboratories as well, when in your cold fusion test cells, you observe reaction products, such as elements, particles, and phenomena allegedly inherent solely in high-temperature nuclear reactions. Most often among these are tritium, helium. silver, chlorine, iron, excess energy, as well as protons and neutrons. The variety of cold fusion cells all have a joint in the armor: their structural materials and reacting substances therein are chosen arbitrarily. The attempts to understand the nature of the processes and the phenomena observed stem concomitantly from the results. We have heard about electrolysis, catalysis, chemical affinity, lattice-induced phenomena, and the like.

This author is absolutely positive and has abundant reproducible results to support the conviction that so-called “cold” and “hot” fusion phenomena are the outcome of radioactive-free low-temperature transmutation. In material objects this process is induced by their nature: presence of ”-” and “+” electric charge fields which interact continuously with the spatial electric field. It is those interactions that govern all the processes both in the Universe and in our devices. This author’s numerous experiments unambiguously suggest that controllable manipulation of the artificially intensified spatial field promotes transmutation.


] invite you to join me in the mental expériment with the ordinary cold fusion test cell (Fig. 1). Let us bring it from its conventional upright position A through 90° into position B. In thus doing, under the same low temperatures you will witness the increased number of the reaction products owing to the summed up fields in the cell with the spatial field.


A. B. FIG. 1

Fig. 1 Cold Fusion cell with spatial electric field (dotted lines).

- Ukrainian International Academy of Original Ideas, Southern Branch, Odessa, Ukraine


Rabzi 185

Numerous experiments in the likewise-arranged device substantiated an increase in the reaction products to the extent that I name the products as low-temperature transmutation (or fission), but not fusion. The results, along with the samples, were presented at the last-year conference [1].

The spatial field, ignored currently by the experimenters, exerts dramatic impact on every and all material objects. It provokes transmutation which takes place under different but necessarily low temperatures. Thus, at T = 36.6° C the spatial field interaction with carbon C”? in our bodies causes its decay into C”” signaling the human body's ageing [2].

Such a challenging statement cannot be trusted unless backed up with serious arguments. To these I shall proceed.


The widely accepted fact that our Universe consists of positive and negative charges lacks one tiny detail: unanimity of opinions as to what are these charges. I will show later on that they can be only and exclusively electrons and positrons. So-called “elementary particles” known today - leptons, bosons, hyperons, and the like - are nothing more than the intermediate products of high-temperature bombardment of the nucleus. They have no natural stability, like electron and positron have. Electrons and positrons stand alone among over 300 elementary “ghost”-particles for their highest specific charges i and = . They are unexterminable and fill

the space at random. But their spatial distribution is never changed because an empty space is dielectric [3].

When interacting, electric fields of these charges sum up to form, respectively, spatial charges “+” of positrons and “-” of electrons. The space in between the charges is imbued with electric field lines self-emerged from numerous electron-positron pairs, or neutrinos. Their terminal charges q,, = 0.16 - 10“? C and q,, = 0.16 - 10 C connect them, respectively, to the spatial “+” and “-” charges, and in this manner the spatial material electric field is self-emerged. It is in this field where all physical events with the objects of the Universe take place [4,5].

The charges of electron and positron are their uncognized essence, something called Logos in the Bible. “Jn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God“. That is, these charges store and under interaction with the field give out all the information about any phenomenon: from gravitation to restructuring in lattices. Their interaction is primary. It is primordial, always the strongest, twin reciprocated. Self-attraction of charges yields self-motion of electron and positron. An oblate electron-positron pair = matter = neutrino is self-emerged [6,7,8]. Great velocity of attraction between those pairs is born, and energy is released when pairs collide (Fig. 2a).


Being a particle of matter, a neutrino has both charge q,. = 0.16 - 10“ C and mass m, = 0.43 - 10™ kg. Since q,. and q,, charges are unexterminable, hence mass is also unexterminable. Let me please remind you that I determine mass as a measure of the directional interaction between the nonexterminable electric charge and spatial field [1]. Therefore, a neutrino is not a hypothetic particle (as modern physics states) but real non-exterminable matter, the basis of the Universe.

From multiple neutrinos, through self-attraction of their microcharge fields, a neutron (n) is self-generated (Fig. 2b). It is further attracted to positron e* producing proton (p) (Fig. 2c). That is why proton and neutron are essentially one and the same particle with only positron charge differing.

186 Journal of New Energy

The above considerations allow for explaining such a phenomenon as self-production of chemical elements in the Universe - from the simplest atom to transuranium ones - solely in terms of electron, positron, and neutrino charges.


The spatial field polarizes the neutron-born proton. Neutrino in thus oriented field acquires spin -1/2 (Fig. 2d). Charge-conjugate interaction of all the neutrinos microcharge fields in neutron with all the anti-neutrinos in proton results in self-generated by mutual attraction aproton-neutron pair. All its charges are compensated, except for the positron charge captured by proton (Fig. 2e). An isolated positron in the atomic nucleus is impossible without simultaneously attracted electron, otherwise the system will not be an isolated one. Hence, according to the full charge conservation law [8] each proton's positron is joined by the attracted from space electron e’ decelerated by the spatial field force F =e Ey.

qv- =0. Qvz = 0.16 - 1042 C

a self-attraction of the neutrons’ FIG. 2 A : ; apes microcharges in a neutron and anti-neutrinos in a proton

By analogy with the first p-n pair of an atom, interaction of conjugate charges involves the subsequent pairs whose orbital electrons correspond to the number of the nuclear positrons (Fig. 2f). In this manner self-formation of heavy and super-heavy (transuranium) elements proceeds only in those domains of space where low field intensity and about absolute zero temperature are found.


Rabzi 187

To verify applicability of the discussed theoretical sequence of the chemical atoms self-formation the absolute atomic weights of all 104 elements in the Periodic System were calculated using nothing else but electric charges of positron, electron, and neutrino. Absolute atomic weights 100% fitted the relative ones. The adopted model helped place hydrogen, as well as zero group (Table). Note that hydrogen is the first element to be self-generated and the pre-finite one in the complete decay. Calculations and analysis of the atomic masses corroborated the nuclei of all the elements (excluding isotopes) to consist of the differing number of solely proton-neutron pairs. Dineutron and diproton cannot inhabit nuclei because they are unstable, decaying in 10! seconds. [9]

Table I

Initial weight of Input voltage Temperature Output current Output voltage Final weight of the sample (power source) °c intensity obtained obtained from Pb the sample 9g V from Pb pV 9 pA

6.28 2000 780 6 81 139 6.6

My observations show instability to be inherent in all the elements of Periodic System and hence in all objects of the Universe. Instability is directly proportional to the number of the atomic orbital electrons. It is a new undeniable fact whose validity I claim,and insist upon, because nature in the research was identical to the nature of objects under study [13].

Self-generation of elements is accompanied with the release of energy into the space, which elevates its temperature. Energy is accepted also by orbital electrons at the moment of super-heavy elements formation. Weakly bound to the heavy element nucleus, electrons of the desired outer orbit, in their permanent interaction with spatial field, are stripped off the orbit, thus triggering low-temperature transmutation. Without a stripped off electron, its field-bound positron of the proton becomes exposed. According to the law of constant net electric charge of an isolated system (atom), the positron is forced off the proton by the spatial field. Self-emerged is the transmutation of the first proton-neutron pair into neutrino vt and anti-neutrino v!. Fission of the first proton-neutron pair is completed when an isolated system (atom) is created, but of a lighter element.


Transmutation of an atom involves continuously liberated radiation-free intra-nuclear energy. Released into the surrounding space are also orbital electrons, proton's positrons, certain number of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos as structural material for further self-generation of new elements. The processes of self-generation and transmutation of objects in the Universe are interconnected and proceed under low temperatures. It is by no means intermittent variations in the elements’ behavior but a single, circular, continuous, and eternal process of universal transformations. Our Universe is constant in its dynamics, self- emerging and transmuting in a circle (Fig.

Fig. 3. A - self-emergence starts, decay 3).

of heavy elements stops; ABC - self-

generation of heavy elements from e*, e”,

ya, Charges; C - self generation stops, Fig. 3 corroborates that both microworld and macroworld — the Universe —

transmutation starts; CDA - trans- are equally based on interactions of charges e*, e’, qys, q,,. The governing _Tnutation of heavy elements into the final motive force that integrates the processes of self-emergence and Pre S's Si eed): self-transmutation of heavy elements into a single, strictly sequential, continuous circular process, which is a basis for vital activity of any

material object, is the low-temperature spatial field.

188 Journal of New Energy

Fission involves liberation of energy which is partly utilized in fission of newly formed lighter elements whose binding energy exceeds that of heavy elements. Therefore, in order that further fission can proceed, elevated temperature is needed, but even in the Earth's core the temperature of fission never exceeds 5000° C. Tremendous temperatures in the central part of the Sun can be related merely to the huge (compared to Earth) mass of the decaying proton-neutron pairs.

Unexplainable bursts of temperatures up to the utter destruction of test cells [10] strongly suggest that, resulting from heating-induced low-temperature transmutation, a new element has self-emerged in the cell accompanied with the excess heat as by-product. Thus I claim that‘only-and exclusively low-temperature transmutation provides a new source of cheap and ecology-friendly energy. And this is the basis for physics of the future.

Transmutation of super-heavy elements in their massive aggregations in the Universe always involves liberation both of energy and lighter elements, and their gaseous derivatives, like H,, He, CH,, NH, as the pre-finite stage of their finite transmutation into the charges e*, e’, Gvs4,4. Electric charges are the products of transmutation, the very “dust” of which the Bible says: “For dust you are and to dust you will return.“ That is why numerous expensive attempts to fuse heavy long-lasting elements at temperatures as high as tens millions of degrees are hopeless. Violated by high temperatures and tremendous energies, Nature will never engender sound offspring, such as cheap abundant energy. New inexhaustible sources of non-polluting energy will be obtained by he who is utilizing the spatial field energy [4,5,11,12] along with the artificial combination of natural low-temperature self-generation of elements and transmutation processes.

During these days we can diversely use energy released during transmutation in bodies and substances. I have conceptual designs of the devices that: a) help utilize the energy of fission particles to obtain heat energy in the units made of pre-included constituent of heat-generating circuits for heat power plants; b) enable immediate production of electric energy as by-product of low-temperature transmutation.

To make the above statement valid, the experiments were initiated in February 1995 where Pb underwent transmutation at T = 780° C and standard barometric pressure. Reproducible results showed, besides new elements, microcurrents of electrons from the transmuting Pb.

The paradox of these results cannot but puzzle: transmutation of Pb destined to produce lighter elements induces an increase in the original weight of the sample. Analysis showed that the heaviest element in the Periodic System - osmium - is responsible for eight samples which support the above statement. These samples were handed at the last-year conference to Dr. G.H. Lin to be analyzed.

The discussed theory also gives clues to a number of urgent issues such as controllable enhancement of transmutation to process atomic wastes into commercially feasible non-radioactive products. It enables one to obtain long-lasting super-heavy elements. Following the above considerations, a device was constructed for accelerating and decelerating transmutation processes.


The listed problems can be easily resolved if approached in terms of concepts introduced by my theory: 1. Nuclei of all elements consist exclusively of proton-neutron pairs. 2. Instability is inherent in all elements. 3. Transmutation proceeds under low temperatures only. 4. Self-generation and transmutation constitute a single continuous circular process of universal changes.

Rabzi 189

5. Spatial field of the electric charges is the basic factor which governs all the phenomena and transformations of material objects.

My report is supplemented with a tentative list of certain issues that can be understood and effected should the above concepts be accepted by Science. [see Addendum 1]

Let me please conclude with a wish that advent of the new millennium be marked with the advent of new energy and new physics.


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Journal of New Energy

ADDENDUM 1 A List of Challenging Issues Which Are Met Adopting Conceptual Approach of the Works by G.S. Rabzi, “Mechanism of Low-Temperature Transmutation” and “Natural Cold Fission -Natural New Energy - Natural New Physics”

1. Physical essence of gravitation mechanism and zero gravity is disclosed. Twin paradox is explained.

2. Gravity in spacecrafts can be induced.

3. Possibility arises to determine neutron charge which provides for gravitational acceleration and magnetic moment.

4. Explanation is found for the physical essence of the Cavendish experiment on determining the y constant in the Newton's gravity equation. It is interaction not of ball masses but of their dipoles.

5. Gravitating mass and inertial mass are proved not equal.

6. Four known types of interactions are proved to be the derivatives of the basic and unique interaction provided by Nature - charge, or electric one.

7. All sorts of interactions in the Universe can be described without introduced constants.

8. Elements’ atomic size can be calculated without approximations.

9. Disclosed is the origin of T,. = const half-life stability of elements and Am = 0.001 mass defect stability. 10. Explanation is found for similar density of the nuclear matter in different atoms not related to the number of nucleons.

11. Understood is the cause of energy-radiating atom stability.

12. Mechanism of true (not averaged) energy quantum emergence is described without approximations.

13. True origin of “+” and “-” charges in the Dirac equation E = + ym,c™ +c?p? is shown.

14. Revealed is interference in the Michelson experiment and the resulting inconstancy of absolute velocity

C = 300.000 km/sec.

15. Explained is the cause of light beam aberration from a star to the observer on the Earth.

16. Explanation is found for heavy ions to be retained at sufficient height from the Earth surface.

17. Found is the way to generate transuranium long-lasting elements.

18. Atomic nuclei can be constructed from nothing else but proton-neutron pairs; origin of the nucleons motion and their trajectories can be determined.

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ee es u| zs a] is as oy ose 96L6 96sd soeved r se1eq

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Al = 30 smamary je sdueip

(smmerg at) duein 0127 quim syuamayy je waisks DIpetiag s,aaajapuaye


Imagine an energy generator that has no “moving parts”, produces no noxious exhaust nor requires fuel. In the free energy field there have been claims and suggestions of such devices for many years; such as T. Henry Morays’ device, Charlie Sweets and others. But, what if such a device had been used in ancient civilizations and its remnants are still here for us to observe if we have eyes to see? Many people have suggested the Great Pyramid was and/or is such a device although this has not been proven and engineered to any very practical degree that I'm aware of.

My long time friend David Levick suggests that this is the case and that he has had the eyes to see it where others although looking for and at it have not. David has been a friend for over twenty years since he first became this Doctors’ patient. Davids’ mother knew Lao Russell as David and his family hail from Richmond VA. Accordingly David was introduced to the Russells’ work years ago and first approached me with the ideas to be presented here over twenty years ago. Lao always said words like, ‘God does everything when it is its time to unfold’. We are unfolding our dreams and they may complete the Russells’ dreams to help birth the new technologies needed to balance and sustain the planet. We are in process of verifying the ideas outlined in this article and I hope it piques your curiosity and questions/answers.

The Russells were aware of the civilization of ancient Egypt and liberally quoted egyptologist James Henry Breasted about the ethics and religion of its people. They did not appear to consider the great pyramid these people built as embodying significant encoding about the structure of Gods’ Electric Light Wave Universe. Many other people have studied this amazing architecture and found what to them appears to be an incredible encoding of knowledge. There are claims and indeed apparently patents on devices inspired by the great pyramid claiming this geometry is some type of energy generator.

There is supposed to be a razor blade sharpener that if the blades are stored in a pyramid geometry they last for many more times than a blade not stored this way and other claims that the pyramid preserves foods and so forth. These devices and claims suggest that the Great Pyramid generates some type of energy that at least affects biological systems in that both the food preservation and razor blade sharpening effects work by inhibiting low forms of life, ie: bacteria that dull the blade edge by “eating it” and those that decompose foods.

Such a form of energy has been recognized by virtually all ancient civilizations and has been variously called Chi, Ki, Prana, Odic force, Orgone Energy, Life Force, Spirit and etc. It is energy that is obvious in living bodies, even if science can’t yet identify or capture it. Perhaps as many aboriginal peoples and the Russells suggested, it is actually in everything. Everything possesses spirit, everything has a life force, even a consciousness if you will, even if it is just an illusion of motion by the One Mind or One Consciousness, the Cause behind all transient phenomena.













It appears that such energy does exist; and although it is intimately related to Electromagnetic phenomena, or at least living bodies generate EM fields/currents, it appears to have other characteristics. Among these are: 1) It is possible to influence or direct it and to cultivate or nurture it by will and intention. 2) It is related to the state of health of an organism. 3) It is not blocked or shielded by the same substances or elements as EM fields are ( what & why are questions that need to be answered for me ). It is adversely influenced by fields and elements that are inimical to the existence of the organism producing the life force.

There are relationships between the various elements in the title of this article that we will examine that suggest the Great Pyramid may be a solid state energy generator, but in its present condition it is simply not fully on line, not tuned in and turned on.

Follow my discussion about Davids’ diagram accompanying this article on pages 29 - 32 and you will see how some very interesting coincidences appear among these elements. First consider that the exact geometry of the Great pyramid is generated out of the two basic archetypes of Creation the Russells wrote about, the circle and the square or the cube/ sphere. In squaring the circle we scribe a circle so that the circumference will equal the perimeter of the square so that C=P. Also the circle and the square share a common center. This is known as” squaring the circle”. If we draw a side of the square through the common center and then a perpendicular to this that is a radius of the circle and join the squares’ base end points to the radius we have scribed a cross section of the Great Pyramid. The radius of the circle is the height of the pyramid and the side/center line of the square is one of the pyramids’ sides and the whole square is the dimensions of the pyramids’ base. A side of the square is equal to the pyramids base.

If we complete some internal constructions by drawing in other pyramids in our squared circle diagram, there is one pyramid that when superimposed on our first pyramid assumes with the first a form of the star of David. This second pyramid we can consider as a virtual mate to the great pyramid as its apex is opposite the first. We could consider this construction as two interpenetrating male and female vortex spiral cones, or as coils. More about this consideration later. The base of this second virtual mate to the Great Pyramid has its base as the top side of the square in Davids’ diagram. Its apex is very near the pit underneath the Great Pyramid.

Next lets place the octave 12 tone chromatic scale and a sinusoidal standing wave so that the wave and scale line up as in Davids’ diagram. Here the scale and the wave line up so that the wave changes direction at the “missing half tone” ( black key) in the scale. In Georges Gurdjieffs’ system of thought all actions/ activity change at this place in their octave of growth unless energy is put in the system where it can continue its direction of growth. When energy is put in, Gurdjieff called it a shock, it creates now a new bigger wave which eventually in time comes to its point of reversal of direction; unless more energy or a shock is put in the system. This is illustrated in the following diagram of two wave forms with waves A, B & C in one and waves A & B in the other. The shock of energy must come in by, or at, amplitude point or the wave reverses.


1 oS stn/iiraur \



While we could arbitrarily place the scale and the wave to line up in many different places in relation to the pyramid, Davids’ placement appears to have some significance that the others lack. This geometry has the wave change of direction placed so that in Russells’ Cosmogony the amplitude of the wave and the trough are at the missing half notes in the scale. A wave changes direction at two places which are the amplitude and the trough. In this placement they correspond to the missing half notes and significant internal structures of the Great Pyramid.

Now let’s understand the internal structures of the great pyramid as David has shown us in his diagram and his insight about their relation to the geometry we have followed to this point. Note that a part of the kings’ chamber of the Great Pyramid is located on the quarter line or middle of one half of one of the sides of the square we in part derived the pyramid from. When we line up the musical scale and sinusoidal wave with this we note that the chamber part, this line, the missing half note and the change in wave direction all occur on this line. What about the chamber part? Why was it placed directly on this line and is it unique? If you look at the blown up view of the Kings’ Chamber in Davids’ diagram you will see that this part of the chamber indeed is unique.

We will limit our discussion to recognizing that the chamber is partly composed of five horizontally

placed granite blocks called “lintels”. the lower four of these are all supported/separated by granite blocks and all blocks have an air space separating them. The upper block however is supported/separated by limestone blocks which is what the pyramid is mostly made from. The space separating this top lintel that is different from those below it marks the exact line of the missing half note, and the change of wave direction. In a structure that is about five hundred feet tall weighing millions of tons made out of millions of gigantic limestone blocks the Egyptians marked this exact line and or constructed the pyramid so that the internal structures were aligned in this way.

Now look again at David's diagram and the one following and see the star of David formation and note that the top of the pyramid is the apex of lets say a male vortex interpenetrating a female vortex with her vortex apex very near the pit. There is speculation and some evidence that the pyramid had a cap, now missing, that may have been made of material other than the rest of the structure. All of the alignments suggest to David that if the proper cap is placed on the pyramid and its proper mate has a “cap” near the pit, that then, perhaps, the Pyramid is tuned in and turned on.

Following are a few questions and speculations about the pyramid:

Questions: Why is this upper block separated/ supported differently? Why is the system of lentils there at all? Does the alignment of the pyramid with the Earth's field affect the pyramids performance? Does the alignment of coils in relation to the Earth field effect coil strength?Can we measure the energy the structure creates with standard equipment such as magnetic and electric field detectors? Why not try using an interferometer to see if the geometry creates a scalar wave field that might not be ordinarily and otherwise detectable?

Speculations: The top lintel was separated by limestone so as to allow a scalar or a life force potential to better develop. I do not know what

nurtures a scalar potential or a non organic life force generator, but perhaps limestone at this place in the design of a scalar generator does this. Perhaps it is analogous to the internal structures that allow living bodies to generate life force. The lentil system has the design of a giant capacitor which is an electrical storage device. The granite has quartz crystal that when compressed will generate electric current similar to a quartz crystal watch and radio. Perhaps the granite on granite destroys the capacitor effect or vice versa and ditto for the limestone in these specific positions?

Further speculations: What if we add an extra charge in some way to coils wound as the star or in some form of this pyramid geometry at either or both the amplitude and trough points? Try running two sets of coils both in the same direction and in opposite directions? What types of materials should be used for caps? Perhaps radioactive, gold, silver, rare earths, or mono atomic elements ala David Hudson.

David and I are in process of demonstrating these ideas and Toby Grotz is helping me explore implications from this structure/geometry as it may apply to the coil windings. Our results will be reported on in future editions of Fulcrum.


Mystics throughout time have said that the sensed electric wave Universe is illusion, the ancient vedas called it Maya. Walter Russell said the sensed electric wave Universe had no reality whatsoever. Russell also said that all of this sensed electric wave Universe was simply motion - and yet, even motion was an illusion! He said that the motion we sensed was balanced immediately by a simultaneous opposite motion that in effect resulted in no movement. I will later attempt to interpret this as it appears vague and unclear to me as he stated it. Whether or not I am successful in making it intelligible to myself and to the readers of Fulcrum will be my criteria for success in understanding this idea. This idea appears to me to be another form of the ancient paradox of Zeno.

Russell also said that light was reflected from wave field to wave field and did not move at the same time that he agreed with Einsteins’ idea that light moved at constant velocity of C = approximately 186,000 mps. This appears contradictory and unintelligible to me as well and again is another form of Zeno's paradox which is perhaps solved by understanding the solution to the ancient problem of the absolute reality of the One and the Many. Again, I will later offer my ideas about this.

A concrete model that can be used to explain all phenomena is what I am after. My sources of inspiration for this are mostly Scudder Klyce who wrote and published Universe in 1921 which book I republished in 1970. It is still available at $37 postpaid from me. Klyce described the vortex whirl mechanics that follow. Additional sources are obviously Walter Russells’ cosmogony with the vortex compression/ expansion etc. model of universal motion/nonmotion.

For me much of physics is abstraction, mathematical abstract theories with little mechanics/geometry to illustrate the concepts. The abstractions are based on assumptions that appear to me to be at best very questionable. I need to question every thing, myself included and everyone till I know what it is we all are conceiving and talking about. In this area the big mysteries and unknowns appear to me to be concerned with finding concrete models for the abstractions that physics talks about. We need models for gravity, for light, heat, electricity/magnetism sound etc.

I do not believe that the model I am advancing is the only model. But, since I understand it to be real and it does explain phenomena to me I figure it will be complimentary and congruent with other models that might also illustrate all phenomena.

Any“ thing” must have parts that move relative to each other which in turn are made up of parts ad infinitum. These parts appear to me to be arbitrary as everything is connected to everything just as there is no absolute void space anywhere - there is an ether or the basic substance which is motion, which is objective/subjective, thinking/nonthinking mind - the One /Many. Eventually we reach the limits of our dividing perceptions and/or we speak of and see the parts as one whole unit. A splitting of any thing into parts demands relative motion. Is there anything that does not move relative to something else? I have experienced no such thing, nor can I conceive of any such thing. Therefore I recognize all of Universe to be in motion. Explanations and the mechanics for the concepts of electrons, protons, neutrons, light quanta, ether, etc. all eventually come to a place of stopping splitting these parts into more parts. The idea of an ether is the inevitable realization that eventually we stop splitting and that universal continuity is real. The Tao is a model for this.

The Tao symbol has two parts that are opposite polarities that are related by a difference surface that is the dividing/connecting line between them. Each male and female half has a small dot or portion in it to represent the little bit of opposite polarity that is in it. The small dots of opposite polarity represent recognition of the infinite regress of dividing/ connecting parts into more parts and back into wholes. The Whole Tao symbol is recognized as a symbol for wholeness, unity, no void space, and ether,

simultaneous motion/nonmotion. It is a symbol for Universe. The Russells used the lever or see-saw as such a model and it is essentially the same model. The two sides of the see-saw represent the male and female sides of the Tao. The Fulcrum is the Tao's and the see- saw's fulcrum/dividing/connecting line. The see-saw is the One, the Tao. A vortex whirl is also a model or an archetype for Universe. Like the see-saw, a whirl also has the advantage of being a dynamic model. It can be used to describe all or any motion.

Any motion I can conceive of moves in three dimensions and as it moves sequentially it creates the fourth dimension of time. Walter Russell gave eighteen dimensions to Universe. Length, breadth, width, and time are four of these. Eventually in this

article and in future editions we will examine all eighteen dimensions in terms of our models.

If we recognize that motion, continuous substance, spirit, energy, atomic structure or call it what you want lies at the bottom of all phenomena, then it follows or is a truism that any thing will be made up of parts ad infinitum and we will at some point in our description of any thing finally quit dividing or multiplying the parts and consider the thing as a whole, a unit, One, or it could be called a point. In this the final case we are considering that point to not have internal structure or parts. Vortex whirl mechanics are a model for the ether or the only thing there is. This model is also a description for the unspoken and undescribed internal structure of a point as well as the basic “substance” or “energy” or “spirit” of Universe; or it expresses the continuity of Universe from compression into form/ density and expansion out of form/density.

If two points or parts move relative to each other they may be considered to be sticking together or slipping apart where they join or separate. This movement (integration and disintegration ) into and out of form is either 1) rotation in the same direction, pushing apart, and then one point or cell will revolve (mostly) about the center of the other. Or, if they rotate in opposite directions they will come together and then both rotate around some other center (or centers). These again will either rotate in the same or opposite directions


with other points and be forced together or apart from them as well. As this motion does not occur in just two, but three space dimensions, there must be other points that act/react with these two points that are extended up and down from the plane of the paper. These cells will also rotate and ultimately form a closed path so that from our two then to three and more points revolving relative to each other we end up with a doughnut shaped torus structure that is the beginnings of a vortex whirl. See the illustrations that follow.

CS Qayooph

Clos iN & Seow 4 em selves

Serra oe citcle-whir

or pen

Really Figuve, I = Fig ures = FeO


In the first set of drawings labeled figure S, the direction of motion is coming together or synchronizing; and if we consider these points as gears ( now having internal structure) it is clear that the gears will mesh and come together whereas the drawing labeled figure F shows gears that clash and force themselves apart. Both possible gear directions in fact have both directions of motion in them just as there are two opposite polarities of the Tao and two sides to a see-saw or a coin. I am drawing your attention to the infinite regress of opposite conditions that is inevitable and inherent in our model machine and in fact is in any part of Universe. In the gears that mesh they also have their opposite where the teeth hit and here they finally act to push apart and this is registered as

whirl axis


ws 3




friction and heat. So the meshing has unmeshing and vice-versa. These two sets of gears/points illustrate aspects of centripetal and centrifugal motions that we will also see more of as we develop the vortex whirl model.

So as the points are extended out in a closed path they create the donut shaped torus as illustrated in figures O and 2. The direction of motion appears counterclockwise in the right gear of figure S. But, as the whirl forms and moves through the closed path we now see it still moving in the same direction but from the other side or on the other side of the whirl and here it appears as clockwise motion as in the left gear of figure S or also see the left and right sides of the filament of the whirl in the left side of figure 2.

Fila me NT


di tfer ence Surtace

Figure &

This whirling motion in a closed path that forms our torus we shall call the filament of the whirl. This is outlined in side view in figure 2 by solid lines. The center line of the filament about which the cells rotate is labeled F to F’. This F to F' line is shown in figure 2 as the broken lines inside the solid lines. this line F & F’ we will call the filiar axis.

The points or cells that shade off in both directions from the solid lines internal and external to them represent other points or cells that are also rotating but at decreasing speed from those rotating right on the solid line surface. Those rotating off of the solid surface constitute the field of the whirl and those on the surface we shall call the field difference surface cells. The difference surface is represented by the solid lines and the fields by the broken lines extending out both internal and external to the difference surface. The line that is approximately perpendicular to the center of the filament labeled C, C’ and C2 we shail call the main axis or the whirl axis. Figure or painting No. 41 from In The Wave Lies The Secret Of Creation is a whirl similar to this description. It also is the cover painting for this issue of Fulcrum.

So we see the whirl from plan or top to bottom view and in cross section or side view in our illustrations. The top of the left part of figure 2 is the cross section and the bottom of this side and the right part of figure 2 is the plan view.

The whole whirl or any parts of it can be seen or considered as see-saws, as the Tao - yin - yang symbol or as other smaller whirls. Movement towards the inside of the whirl (later to be described as at 90 degrees to the difference surface causing the whirl to grow) can represent the yang, “downward” moving, compressing into spherical form center of gravity, mass and masculine side of the see saw. This creates and is movement along the whirl main axis. Movement to the outside ( later to be described as tangential or at 0 degrees to the difference surface causing the whirl to dissipate and die) represents and is the female, yin, “upward” expanding out of form to cube wave field boundary side of it. This creates and is the whirl filament. See figure 3. In this case the filament difference surface is the fulcrum of the see saw. Or, the whirl axis can be considered as a dividing/connecting fulcrum and the the main fields the yin - yang extensions of the see saw.

‘ Firure 3





Consider the motion in the filament. As this motion cannot be absolutely uniform or symmetrical. it must eventually sum into some imbalance where the cells moving faster at some part of the difference surface will cause a bulge to form as shown in figure 4. Eventually these cells, whirls or points of motion will break free from the difference surface forming a new

Ob Lation = dischaxginlg

at 1/80 0 O



The actions illustrated in figure 4 are examples of centripetally and centrifugally directed motions or gravity and radiation or the whole cycle of Gravity. So here we have a model for gravitation/radiation mechanics or a geometry of Gravity. Lets look at it from another point of view too. My contention is that we can see this model in every part of the model as long as we continue to make parts of it- bigger or littler parts or whirls, either way. Or, in other words to see action and reaction as either inner or outer viewpoints. If we look at the difference surface of the filament which is where the fastest motion of the whole whirl occurs, then because that motion is not absolutely balanced it will always form a combination

A pproac hing Ow180 WIR


Figure 5

baby whirl that will spin off and then up or down from the parent whirl. ( It moved down in the discharging oblation part of figure 4.) Or, collections of whirls will all seek a path of least resistance (a centripetal closing spiral) that causes them to coalesce or come together to form a new bigger whirl. These both demonstrate discharging oblation and charging

prolation respectively. Fi 4 54 ve Lf



/ + 90 des ree

of spiral and helical motion around the filiar axis as illustrated in figure 5. The motion will either approach 90 degrees to the filiar axis or 0 degrees to it. If the motion approaches 90 degrees then cells (smaller whirls) at that point will be drawn into the filament

and it will grow. If the motion approaches 0 degrees the cells at that point will be thrown out of the filament and it will decrease. In this way our whirl exhibits characteristics that are associated with growing and dying, eating nutrients and disposing of wastes, or say with impregnation, gestation and giving birth. In essence we begin to see how this model does apply to all things.

The motion approaching 90 degrees is centripetal, a drawing in gravitational motion; that approaching 0 degrees is a centrifugal expelling or radiation motion. Any whirl will have both aspects happening at the same time with one in greater degree than the other.

So lets look again at our figures and relate them to our familiar Russell diagrams and concepts. As motion comes in from all around the whirl filament that is preponderantly coming in at and approaching 90 degrees, the whirl spins tighter and faster creating

more electrical induction, density, more incandescence and heat. As motion in the filament slows and approaches 0 degrees the whirl spins looser, ever more slowly, all manifesting more magnetic conduction, more tenuosity, darkness and cold.

This illustrates the geometry for Gravity or gravitation/radiation. The dimensional equation is G= g/t or Gravity equals gravitation and radiation; or G = centripetal motion approaching 90 degrees times centrifugal motion approaching 0 (or 180 ) degrees. Also, gravity= centripetal motion approaching 90 degrees - all that coming from boundary wall planes that is ever tending towards 90 degrees. Radiation is the opposite of the preceding. Gravity is most intense at the center of a wave field or at the filament where the whirl is very tight and steady. Radiation is also the most intense at this same wave field center, the filament of the whirl position. But, these are most intensely expressed in planes approaching a perpendicular to the plane of their opposite mate.

Russell illustrated gravitation by the geometry of the sphere as an archetypal ( and abstract ) form and the cube as an archetype for radiation. He pointed out that all motion, all effects, have both aspects of motion in them just as a whirl has a predominately polar centripetally directed axis of motion as well as a predominately equatorial centrifugally directed axis of motion.

I suspect that when we experience a whirl at its poles we experience more gravity and from its equator more levity or “antigravity”.

In the next issue we will look at how our whirl exhibits electricity/magnetism, temperature, light and sound. As a prelude to that I will say that we experience these phenomena as different as they are vortex whirl motions at different periodic/harmonic levels. By this I mean at least partly that Gravity is the movement of everything and anything, the movement of the ether - movement from microcosmic to macrocosmic scales and vice versa. It is the universal motion into and out of form. The movement in vortex whirl formation of parts of electrons we experience as light, collections of these whirls as electricity/ magnetism, the eddy currents or less systematized whirl movements of these atoms and their parts we experience as temperature and so on. How and at what level we interface with this vortex whirl formation determines what we mostly register and experience. I think that to be able to visualize this is the key to engineering it.

Lets revisit another Gravity model that I gave from Klyces’ book Universe in a past issue of Fulcrum. This model is Bernoullis’ Theorem. See figure 6 following for the visuals. Imagine a pipe with fluid flowing in it. The pipe has a constriction in it in the form of two bulges and one bigger than the other , although the size difference is not essential for observing the principle of Gravity. The big bulge can represent the sun and the small one the earth.

In an actual pipe if you put pressure meters in the form of a small pipe coming off the pipe in the wide and in the constricted areas you will find that the constricted area has less pressure and therefore less fluid flowing up the metering pipe. I believe this type of fluid flow valve measurement is called a venturi meter. In the constricted area you will find the fluid

pressure is less and the fluid flows through the pipe with a greater velocity. This is similar to squeezing the end of a hose or constricting the outflow at the end with a thumb to shoot the water out farther. It is also a demonstration of the principle that mass varies with velocity. The stream of flow through the area is smaller and of higher speed and vice-versa.

Frauve 6

VesTury) meters L


Less pressuve in contstrictioN= jucreas

Ether or a AF Pipe aac N\bongitudiwvalk 1; oF greatest gravity

This fluid flow model can be an example of gravity between the sun and earth. The large bulge is the sun, the small bulge the earth. The ether fluid flow between earth and sun is constricted most there and therefore has to move at higher velocity and with less pressure just as in the pipe with constriction. The ether flow all around these two bodies is slower and greater pressure than on the longitudinal line of constriction between them. This diminished pressure is simply another point of view giving an alternate mechanics and a geometry to illustrate what Walter Russell said about gravity being a pressure from the outside to compress mass into form. The diminished pressure acts to draw or push (depending on viewpoint) the sun and earth together just as it does the sides of the constricted pipe. The pipe sides have less pressure pushing out at the constriction or more pushing in from the outside. This is the same thing as the Casimir effect with say two metal plates being pressed extremely close together and sticking because the ether flow outside the plates pushes more than it pushes between them. This is a form of the model that is visualized by “zero point“ energy researchers in their quest to tap the vacuum for energy. I hope that the geometry illustrated in this and that to come in part two of this article will help all of us to learn how to control the entire cycle for energy production and new transportation modes.

Lets consider this model in relation to our vortex whirl model for all phenomena. The center of the constricted part of the pipe corresponds to the difference surface

f the whirl. The highest spin velocity of ether cells

or light, EM, and temperature whirls) occurs at the difference surface and that would correspond to the

constricted pipe center. The boundary walls of the pipe guide the vortex fluid flow motion in a whirling closing centripetal spiral just as boundary walls in the form of other ether streams guide the whirls vortex flow. In Russells’ Cosmogony the closing centripetal vortex flow is guided by the centrifugal opening vortex flows’ opposition; or the cubes boundary walls direct the spheres formation and the spheres’ disintegration creates the cube boundary walls by resistance to radial motion from other cube boundary walls (other vortex whirls).

Gravity is vortex whirls growing through ether cells entering the whirl at the filaments difference surface at 90 degrees ( this part up to here alone is gravity, with the rest of the process it is Gravity) and radiation is ether cells leaving the whirl at the difference surface at 0 degrees. Whirls grow through gravity with the already described geometry/mechanics and decrease or die over time through radiation with this geometry/ mechanics.

Whirls are most cube like at cube wall boundary and sphere like at cube centers. no actual parts of the “many” or parts of Universe are perfect cubes or spheres. Perfect cube/spheres are abstract limits of form just as zero and infinity are abstract limits of measurement/numbering.

In part two of this article we will look at how light, electromagnetism, and temperature are vortex whirls identical with gravity vortex whirls and why we sense them as different phenomena along with the dimensional equations for all of them.

The Ohsawa-Kushi Transmutations

Robert Nelson Rex Research

Nuclear physicists bombard targets with high-energy particles in order (or chaos) to prove the schematic of their mindset with appropriate experimental results. In recent years, however, the discovery of cold fusion has quite upset the world view of conventional physicists, who generally deny the possibility that Nature allows for other means of transmutation. Yet, there is considerable historical evidence that many types of transmutations have been accomplished without particle accelerators, long before Pons and Fleischman announced their discovery of cold fusion. There is so much credible documentation of low-energy alchemical transmutation that, in the words of Rupert Gould, “did it relate to any more probable event, we should be compelled either to accept it or cease putting any faith in recorded testimony.”

Among the many examples that can be cited, “biological transmutation” is the best developed and well-known. About forty years ago, Dr. Louis Kervran presented the idea that sodium, potassium, and dozens of other elements change into each other under certain natural conditions in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. Biological transmutations have been demonstrated, crucial experiments replicated, and the theoretical principles verified by many scientists who are finding new industrial, medical and agricultural applications of the discoveries.

Inspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Kervran, Dr. George Ohsawa sought to transmute sodium into potassium in vitro. The method revealed itself to him in a symbolic dream. Thus inspired, Dr. Ohsawa and Michio Kushi, et al., constructed an experimental electric discharge tube with copper (Yin) and iron (Yang) electrodes and a valve through which to draw a vacuum or admit oxygen (Fig. 1). The first transmutation with this equipment was achieved on June 21, 1964. After applying 60 watts of electricity for 30 minutes to heat sodium to a plasma, a molar equivalent of oxygen was introduced. Viewed with a spectroscope, the orange band of sodium gave way to the blue of potassium, according to the formula:


Analysis of the reaction product confirmed the result and revealed an unexpected extra: a trace of gold was produced by the combination of Na, O, and K with the Cu and Fe electrodes. Several different metals were tested as electrode materials. Neon and argon atmospheres were found to enhance the yield of potassium and other elements. External heating of the reaction tube also served to ionize the sodium.

Kushi and Ohsawa, e/ a/., proceeded to develop the process for industrial-scale production. They estimated that potassium could be manufactured for 1% of the current price. In a correspondence to Ken Jones (12 October 1980), Michio Kushi stated that, “After George Ohsawa and myself succeeded in producing K out of Na and O… we

presented the experiment to several chemical corporations. At that time, Pfizer International became most actively interested. We had conferences on several occasions; however, soon after we decided not to become involved with these corporations, as a result of the considerations of the vast effects this would have on the industry.” The researchers also had no patent with which to protect their interests.

Ohsawa and Kushi then turned their attention to the manufacture of steel by transmutation of carbon and oxygen according to the formula:

2 (C!2 + 0!% =2 S78 = NiX* = Fe%

The experimental arrangements worked as predicted, and produced several other elements from combinations of C and O with atmospheric nitrogen, etc.. Strangely, “the Fe produced by this transmutation is stainless; it does not rust easily. Also it reacts much less to heat than does ordinary Fe… All results of the transmutation for Fe have been carefully examined and analyzed by several methods, as: (1) magnetic inspection, (2) spectroscopic analysis, (3) chemical analysis, (4) examination by reagents, etc., and confirmed by authoritative testing agencies.”

“Method I: Transmutation in Air [Fig. 2] — Two graphite crucibles (approx. 2.5” x 5”) cover each other top and bottom. The upper crucible has a 10 mm. Hole, surrounded by a ceramic ring, which acts as an insulator. Into this hole a carbon rod (0.25“ diam.) is inserted until it reaches the 2 or 3 grams of carbon powder placed at the bottom of the lower crucible, which has one or two small holes at the lower part of its side wall for circulation of air. An iron base placed under the lower crucible acts as another electric pole. As the carbon rod approaches the powder, the electric arc arises. Continuing the operation for 20 to 30 minutes, the carbon powder changes to iron. In this experiment, the applied electricity is about 35 to 50 volts, and 8 to 18 amps, either AC or DC.

“Method 2: Transmutation in Water — Using two carbon rods (0.25” diam.), create an electric arc between them, striking them on one another in water. This operation is performed for 1 to 5 seconds. Then, brown-black metallic powder (which contains iron) falls down to the bottom of the water.

“Method 3: Transmutation in Air — Carbon powder is placed on a copper plate, approximately 12” long, 6” wide, and 0.5“ thick. This plate works as an electrical ground. A carbon rod (0.25” diam.) used as the other electrical pole, is struck repeatedly to the carbon powder on the plate, producing an electric arc. The carbon powder changes into iron.

“During the process of this transmutation, nickel is temporarily produced as a short-lived radioactive isotope. The degree of transmutation from C and O is approximately 5% to 20% immediately, with a larger percent of transmutation occurring gradually in the air, which has the effect of cooling the metallic powder to below room temperature.”

In another experimental configuration (Fig. 3), the reaction was cooled by dry ice. When sparked with carbon rods, the CO» vapors also yielded iron, etc..

In 1994, R. Sundaresan and J.Bockris (Texas A & M) reported that they had observed “Anomalous Reactions During Arcing Between Carbon Rods In Water:

“Spectroscopically pure carbon rods were subjected to a carbon arc in highly purified water. The arc current varied from 20 to 25 A and was passed intermittently for several hours. The original carbon contained ~ 2 ppm Fe. The C rods remained cool to the

touch at >2 cm from their tips. Adsorption of iron from water or the surrounding atmosphere was established as not being the cause of the increase of iron. There is a weak correlation between the iron formed and the time of passage of current.

“When dissolved O2 was replaced by N2 in the solution, no iron was formed. Hence, the mechanism

26C'? + 2g0'* > 26Fe* + 2He* was suggested as the origin of the iron. The increase in temperature of the solution was consistent with expectation based on this reaction.”

Also in 1994, another group of researchers (M. Singh, ef al.) at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Bombay) reported “Verification of the G. Ohsawa Experiment for Anomalous Production of Iron from Carbon Arc in Water:

“A direct current arc was run between ultrapure graphite electrodes dipped in ultrapure water for 1-20 hours. The graphite residue collected at the bottom of the water trough was analyzed for Fe content by a conventional spectrographic method… The Fe content was fairly high, depending on the duration of the arcing… The results showed large variations in Fe content (50 to 2000 ppm) in the C residue. In the second series of experiments… with the water trough fully covered, the amount of Fe in the carbon residue decreased significantly (20-100 ppm). Here also there were large variations in the iron concentration in the residue, although the experiments were performed under identical conditions. Whether Fe is really being synthesized through transmutation from C and O as suggested by George Ohsawa or is getting concentrated to different degrees through some other phenomenon is not currently clear. The Fe in the C residue was also analyzed by mass spectroscopy for the abundance of various isotopes… Besides Fe, the presence of other elements like Si, Ni, Al, and Cr was also determined in the C residue, and it was found that the variation of their concentrations followed the same pattern as that of Fe.”

In 1996, Kenjin Sasaki reported his successful experimental replication of the carbon are production of iron. He used a 99.9999% pure graphite crucible and rod with a 100V/10A electric welder. The crucible was cooled. The arc (8-10A) struck high-purity carbon powder 4 times for | minute each time. The yield of iron was recovered with a magnet.

In his book Transmutations A Faible Energie, Louis Kervran mentions that “Professor [Masashiro] Torii, on a circuit designed by Prof. Sakurazawa, and under the control of Prof. Odagiri, observed in the spectroscope the passage of sodium to potassium upon the adjunction of a small quantity of oxygen to sodium vapor…

“Prof. Torii [of Musashino Institute of Technology, Tokyo] has informed me of having observed on 21 June 1963, in the spectroscope, the passage of sodium to potassium, the disappearance of the yellow line of sodium being replaced by the red- violet ray of 7699 A potassium; the experiment was repeated June 22 before five scientists.”

Dr. Kervran also cited the example of, “in the production of steel in electric furnaces, the incomprehensible appearance of boron. We see now that we cannot exclude, under the effect of a powerful electric field and of the high temperature of these furnaces, the 'reproduction' of carbon from the loss of hydrogen and in keeping with: C - H = B.”

Dr. Kervran recommended the following experiment: “The experience is simple to realize, as it suffices to take a plate of steel — or of iron — an anode of magnesium, place

them ina jar containing distilled water rendered conductive by a salt of magnesium — in order not to introduce any metallic ion other than magnesium, and these two electrodes are reunited by a metal wire, to the exterior of the jar: thus they realize (in part) a battery with magnesium at the negative, iron as positive; through the production of hydrogen at the electrode, magnesium is at a potential of 1.9 volts more negative than iron. Leave it for two or three months; from time to time add a little distilled water in order to compensate for evaporation. On analysis, calcium is obtained… in an operation in which calcium was not introduced!”

The calcium (as oxide) accumulates in scales on the cathode.

In the 1980s, Michio Kushi resumed his experiments with the “aim of finding methods of mass production… At that time I shall be able to consider how to present to the world the transmutation of the atom using the principles of Yin and yang for the future world industry.

“The transmutation of the atom can be achieved if elements are changed into the state of plasma, and if these elements are well understood in their antagonistic and complementary relations to other elements, according to the principles of Yin and Yang.

“The atomic number, mass, density, and gravity, physical reaction to temperature such as melting and boiling points, chemical reactions to other elements, reactions to specific environmental factors, such as ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths applied to the elements, as well as spectroscopic color analysis — all of these characteristics of the atom can contribute to classify the atom into the Yin group or Yang group…

“Nothing is solely Yin or Yang: everything involves polarity. There is nothing neuter. Either Yin or Yang is in excess in every occurrence. Large Yin attracts small Yin; larger Yang attracts small Yang. At extremes, Yin produces Yang, and Yang produces Yin. All physical forms and objects are Yang at the center and Yin at the surface.”

In accordance with this Taoist atomic theory, “Hydrogen, the center of the atomic spiral, is Yang. It gathers particles to itself, forming the first octave of creation. The conditions become apparent upon studying the melting and boiling points of the first eight elements.

“Within the first octave, the greatest attraction is between carbon and oxygen, which represent Yin and yang respectively. It is the fugate interaction of these two that form the other elements. Carbon is often replaced by boron. In terms of Yin and yang, these are like brothers in that they react in similar ways in forming new elements.”

Since the initial experiments were conducted by George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi in the 1970s, several other researchers have reported the same results and more, thanks to modern analytical equipment, computers, and communication. The worlds of low-energy transmutations have become much more accessible to us. New discoveries (cold fusion and biological transmutations especially) are being reported at an increasing rate in the scientific literature. Some inventors already claim to be producing rare elements in bulk. Perhaps within a few decades we shall see the mass production of

elements on demand… KEKKE

Classification Yin Yang

Tendency Expansion Contraction Position Outward Inward Structure Space Time

Color Purple Red Temperature Cold Hot

Weight Light Heavy

Catalyst Water Fire

Atomic Electron Proton Elements K, O, P, Ca, N H, As, Cl, Na, C

The Fugate of Carbon 1(C+0)=Si 5(C+0)=Ce 2(C+0O)=Fe 6(C+0O)=Er 3(C+0O)=Kr 7(C+O)=Pt 4(C+0O)=Cd After Pt the elements become increasingly Yin

References Anonymous: The Order of the Universe 3(10): 12, 14-17 Gardiner, Bruce: East-West Journal (February 1975), p. 15 Harris, P.M.: Unpublished lab notes (March 1965) Kervran, Louis: Transmutations A Faible Energie. 1964, Libr. Maloine, Paris; ibid., Preuves Relatives A l'Existence de Transmutations Biologiques (1968); ibid., Transmutations Biologiques en Agronomie (1970); ibid., Biological Transmutations; 1972, Swan House, NY, &c… Kushi, Michio: East-West Journal (February 1975), pp. 22-26 Kushi, Michio: Kushi Institute Study Guide # 10: “Atomic Transmutation” Mallove, E.: Jnfinite Energy , March-April 1996 (#7) Fusion Technology 26: 261, 266 (1994) Ohmori, T. & Enyo, M.: J. New Energy 1(1):15-22 (1996) Patterson, James A.: U.S. Patent # 5,494,559 (27 Feb. 1996), “System for Electrolysis”


FIGURE I Na+O-—K Electrical Discharge Optional External Heating “h Vacuum Tube

( ) x (2 cm x 20 cm)

a P Ne + Ar Atmosphere) Iron (+) eae - ee een . Electrode Electrode f

60 Watts 0.8 mg Oxygen

a Vacuum Pump

FIGURE 2 2(C+0) > Fe

Carbon Rod (0.25” Diam.) NN (35-50 V @ 8-18 Amps AC/DC)

Crucibles \

(2.5” x 5”)

Air Holes

Carbon Powder

Iron Plate Insulator

FIGURE 3 2(C+0)—> Fe


yo Aluminum, Ceramic or Asbestos Drilled w/ 25 Holes (4 mm)

% Aluminum Pan w/ Dry Ice

Reaction Time: 15-30 Minutes

(15-30 Volts DC @ 17-20 Amps)

From the Archives

Jenuary 7, 1956

T™. Cleude Gilmore Yalker, NATIONAL CAPITAL ASTRONOMPRS» 13h0 Girard Street, We Tashington 9, %.

Nenr Dr. Welker:

Your profound adéress = ins:ired by my beok “GoD TIT, “ORF WI”H YOU BUT NOT

JOR YOU” « given before the Netionsl Capitel Astronomers recently» sddressing ne «s the progenitor of « Cosmic ~hilosovhy, her leftso deep impression upon both my husbend and me rft«r herring it, thet there is no rltern:tive left

to me other th-n to re;ly to it with the gr-vity tht 1t denerves, and the sincerity which imvelled me to give my thoughts to this needy corld to stimul-te the unfolding of Spiritu 1 Men from his physical chrysslic.

uy reply is all the more imperstive because of the spiritus] ature of the experience related by you during one night, xnich ‘ully indic:tes to both of us that you heve been allowed to touch the hem of the Cosmic Germent by having a goodly flesh of th::t divine Light of Cosmic Consciousness, which precedes the still higher spiritus] unfolding of men in that rere experience of complete severance of Conciousnese from sensation, such «s my husbend :nd I have both experienced, end from whence our knowledge hes come.

The imperrtive neture of my reyly is reinforced by my duty to re ly. It becomes a responsibility to the human race and an obligation to you which I cannot evade, for it is our grave responsibility, as Tluminetes, to discover the errkening light when it appesrs im others and give it its sorely needed guidance lest its powers be rendered impotent by the senses from which it hes been temporerily freed. The estest denger which cen happen to one wnom the promise of Illumination hrs been given ); such fp forew.rning es you hrve experienced, is «here the cot iad one unknowingly Allows the rensoning of nis senses to nelp unlit him to higher pinnccles nnd mistaking thet dreed fact for growing awareness of Consciousness.

And thet 1s “hnt is eo obviously happening to you, as it his haprened to grerter Tlluminetes a1] down the eges, from Buddha to Mohammed, and from Pythegorus to Mary Beker Wddy. Thet outer ressoning of the Buddhr gove

the world « different eoncention of God and His rarrose than tne outer ressoning of Mohammed gnve to it, and “hen Mery Baker Pddy revsoned with her senses, after her return from the Infinite into the world of mtter, she confused the two xs her predecessor mystics likewise did, but even

then, these three gret mystice overturned the thinking of their dey and made enother world. Jesus was the only mystic of rll time who never allowed his outer vision to dim the Light of His inner knoring for He lived the life of the mystic for » whole gener»tion of time before he spoke one word of His divine teachings to min. When His preperation wee complete, and

His Dey had come, He tnen begen to deliver the Messege given to Him by the FathereMother which began in His e-rly childhood and continued persistently, unkmosn to ell the world.

Fven ot the end of Hic lifetime of preporstion He hd His grestect severance of censrtion from Consciousness by His forty deys »nd nights in the wilderness. Bad Jesus begen to give His Mecsage st «-n evrlier d:-te His crucifirion would heve begun then, =s yours hes nlre-dy begun by people thinking you otlittle queer”,

To mke it more clear to you wh t vou hve done, let ne explain it to you # little Papier: #hile you «ere h-ving your Cosmic experience your inner sensing *»s dominvnt. ‘hen you came “out of it,” your outer censing wrs

dow ine nts Inntesd of functioning spirituelly tovsr’ the unmiversrl Mins, you functioned ;hysicelly im the direction of the senses of the body. “wring your life your body senses have observed many things, red many books aud been t:-ught many things by te-chers which heve 211 been recorded on your brein. Your outer senses have observed the countless effects of motion, which constitute this universe of illusion. You heve »ccepted this {llusory universe of motion ps renl snd heve formed countless conclusions which you deem to be fscturl. This is your stock in tr:de xhich ‘orms the >: sis of your outer-re:soning.

hen you superimpose these conclusions of your outer-sense-re- soning froin observed simulations of f=ets upon the truthful fect: ~hich come to you from your innersensory perception you become more rnd more hopelessly confured.

The proper procedure for the mystic initiate is silence - -nd deer medit: tion to encourege a return of Cosmic inner thinking.

To those whom we are guiding to the peth of innersensory perception, our te-chings tell them thet “the wey to multiply their ~o-er by incre>sing ee

jnrerseneory percertion, ta to leern how to discolve thet which they 32st nto «hich they KNOw, You ere doing just the oprosite. You re

erin on th»t which you rerson from sencse-observetion upon “H'T “HICH Sa PVAy PROM THER PINATPTT OH,

Cur experience tells us thet » grest mumber of people hove thrt firet flash of the inner Light, and, insterd of ‘sitting under their banyan tree” for long periods of silence end meditetion, as Buddh: did, they ere so overwhelmed by their rare exverience thet they recson themselves into Messich Com lex Casés, Or believe thst “ascended mostera” cre snecking through them. “e

h+ve hed numerous Johns, Pauls, Marys = end ever reincarn=ted Jesus's, °11

of whom must hove hvd « brief visiom of tn-t inner kingdom of herven in the Light of slleknowing Mind.

Had yon followed up your glorious experience with the silence of the true mystic you vould heve been given more ond more kuowladge through ianersensory perce) tion. Instesd of thet your superimposed outersensory percerction hes lid you to stste utter impossibilities os facte of Neture. “e do not fulfill our obligation to you if -e do not point out some of these, rnd -e do so ~ith the feeling thet your desire for grester mental exaltstion vlsces vou sbove the Ossibility of misint-rpreting constructive te-ching for versonr] criticism Xr thet reason we ~ill point out tne mort flogrent. .

Tne wort imposible of these is your reesoned assumption thet tnere are UNITS

OF GONSCTOUSHUSS, Thousands of ye-rs »go the first known great mystic PNR = rnd told to the world = the fact thet Consciousness is indivisible. ‘There

is the divided 2nd tne undivided” Krichns ssid, mesning Mint, Soul, Consclousness end the Light which Ged is. Thece culities sre OK = nd indivicible. They conctitute the universrl eouilibrium, the stil'nmecs from which divided sounds emerge = the <ilence of th-t ctillmass = the omnipresence, igi Aiaaaa end omnipotence of th-t silent stiliness of the Ident of “HorTMG wT

These auslitias belong slone te The Creator end His invisible, undivided Lignt which is Bis - «nd your Mind. \INTTRINVTNG -lone is divided. Tnie electric universe is the divided record of “ind-thinking. This univerre of oprosed motion is divided into electricelly conditioned unitna, ~nicn ve c*l1 stoms. Th-t fe chet some insrired ecicntiet meemt ehen he ssid: ‘511 motion end ell mtter emerges from arsce (merming non-motion) end in eventucrlly swe lloved

up by srice.” [ht ia slso whet the mete: hysicists me.n when they sey “Be still end “Nets” Thet fe whet ve meen ~hen «e tell our rupils to decentrete in orcer to multinly their -overs of inner vision, «nd to concentr=te to mulitivly their vo ers of cuteresensine for cre tive purroces.

Note. The vord tdecentrete' ws coined by ue. It is not in the dictionery. re the princivle it represents hes never been comprehended, no *ord hs ever been coined Sor it.

You ould not tink of seying th-t there ere units of silence but you crn correctly st»te th t there «re units of sound «nich emer;e “rom silence and return to it for reretition, such es the reretitive vior-tions of » herp string watch gives out its seemingly continuous scund in secacnticlly repe:.ted units.

Your cuter rersoning habit hrs not yet msde clear to you thet tnere *re tro direction: to sensing .hich tninking Mind mkes use of, outer-sencing end inner-sensing. Outer sensing multiplies motion end the electric potentisl

of thinking in order to comcentrrte. Outer sensing emerges from the stiiiness of intuition to become objective - «hile imner-sensing dissolves the objectivity of motion end sound into the stiliness ond silence of intuition. It is a “round trip” from sero outwerd, through compressed multirlicity to an omplitude maximum = then inecrd by expansive division, beck to the vero from which intuition furnished tne springboard.

One of the grectest steps forward im ment«=1 educotica is the movement instituted by Dr. J. B. Rhine, of Duke University, fer the development of whet he mistckenly cerlle textr-sensory perception.” This acme for it is ineppropri-te beccuse he is not trying to increase the physical range of percention, such ne trying to mke nis vupils heer sounds of insects which are beyond the renge of humen herring, “or he is trying to multiply the power of inner percertion by resching ewey from objectivity toward intuition. He is trying to get hie pupils to decentrate in order thet the imner vision will tell thet which 4% KNOWS to the outer vision which senses. He is endeavoring to cultivete the tvo-«sy directions of thinking end neve them make the “round trip “rom the imvisible source to the visible effects.

The remsrkeble success he hed so far mede is indicstive of the possibility of cresting m-ny geniuses ond mystica in our schools and colleges fasterd of stulti ‘ving genius es onr aducationnl processes of te-ching the outer senses to remember ond rere-t st the cost of cresting prrrot men “ho but remember end repest.

I shsll touch upon one other nypothesie wnich you hove reasoned into being. Recsoning fYom your division of Consciousness into units, ond the many units being ONE with each other and the ONE of their Source, you hve conceived the idea of equelity end identity of the undivided with the divided. Briefly, you have made the Crertion eousi to the Creetor end identical with Him. You heve mede the expression = or record = of the IDFA equal and idention] with

the IDEA. You my aot re-lize it vut you are giving the s-me reslity to the iliusion which simulotes ra:-lity, «s you give to re-lity itself. In other words, you re srying th.t the :oem is the :oet, the ley is the :l:-ywright, the printed word which simulates »n ide: is the ide, thst the motion of m-ny stome which cimulete 2 men ig the men, which ere ell like clximing that Crestion is ite Creator.

Ia this universe there is that which is eternslly eristent as ONE - and there is thet which hes no existence whetsoever, other then e simulation, or illusion of exietence. The outer senses ere a part of that illusion which they unhesit- stingly <ccept es reclity, even to doubting the eternal RRALITY because they Cannot sense it. It is very difficult even for the gre:test of intellectuals to reslise that the entire universe of seemingly real substences snd objects

2s motion only, transient motion which im itself also seems, for motion itself is illusion end hes no reslity.

o the outer senses of mon motion is os resl ‘to him ss time fe “ecl to him,

vut time itself is only seeming. The limited senses o”* man sees only forwerd time, but the inner vision of sdvenced mystica, such as my husbend who has - com.lete 460 degree srectrum range with no break between the outersensory end innersensory perce: tion, can see forw rd moving time being simulteneously voided by ite backwerd flow. To one whose outer=inner-sensory perceptio: is complete, thie is 2 zero universe of rest which never exceeds vero, for every seeming pbultivlicsation of it im thought-wave potential, is equxlly end simulteneously divided,

It would be futile to even bresthe this thought to mase-man, for the messure of humen comprehension is limited to the measure of hie innersensory perception, which meons hie sriritual unfolding. It is the innernensory limitation which Ccuses the outer senses to urvive st conclusions bout fects o- Kiture which

heve no resemblance to Esture whatsoever.

Your December Calender, or exemple, stated that “Sirius was born 100,000,000 years sgo. Nhe ezrth is sbout fifty times ee old as Sirius.” This unnatural conclusion tg one of msny hundreds of simileriy untrue statements which continuzliy shock my husb: nd, and grieves him, or he would tell your group of astronomers tht Sirius wes billions of years old before even Arcturus was born. Aliso tht our own sum is young, as compared with Arcturus snd, in compsrison, our exrth ie o product of yesterday. The same Calender also st:.tes thet “Astronomers h-ve been thus led to the onclusion that Cosmic roys sre confined to the loced Eslaxy-* To my husband this statement is as shocking «8 the equally erchsic concept that the universe is expending to a hentedesth. snd all of such statements are the result ofvman's present primacy vhich limits his sensory preceytion renge to but er amall elit of the whole srectrum of divided light.

Cne of the limited ercention renge of science seerchers, which dee: ly grieves my husband every time he resds of millions being sent uror cyclotrons to find out wh<t holds the stom together, is the fsct that he could so easily Give them thet secret in ten minutes i” they would bnt listen. His comlete spectrum range mikes it vossible te “see” the entire process of Crestion and the construction of mtter in every Yetcoil from bleck zero to black zero of the divided srectrum of light-woves in motion. This fact is tregic in its ‘mport for my husband's gre-t lmowledge would be worth untold billions of dollers to science snd industry if they would but listen to him. It might hel) vou m-ke your own wiser dicision -bout your Goamic unfolding 1f I tell

you WHY no ome will listen to him, ond why they rould not comprehend him

. umlecr they vere willing to utterly discard their very fundement-1 deliefs which - to them - are profound, but which - to my husband are as archeic as though written by medineval sages.

You have rightly enid that Jesus wae the consummate scientist - end tht if

he ceme here agein today he would not be recognized, as he was not in Hie own day. I know that my husband is the consummate scientist of this age, 2nd he ie not recognized es such because he is as far ahead of his day ar Jesus was shead of Hie day. They crucified Jesus om the crose because he overthrew their pagan beliefs. They crucify my husband by suppression because he would over- throw their primitive beliefs unless they did suppress hin.

Dr. Russell was prepared for nis supreme task since very e-rly childhood. At the age of seven he had his first Illuminstiom ~ wnich means an extension of nis innersensory percention. from thet moment he v-e a trensformed being. Also from tht moment he found thot he had to keep his silence about it, for everyone - including hie owm parents - thought him to be “queer” when he said many things which he thought everyone knew.

During his entire life, up to l9 yeors of age, he had forty tro euch periods of Illumination during which hie ianersensory perception resched farther end farther toward that Mird-Soul ceater which Jesus termed “the kingdom of he-vea” and Mohammed termed “Paradise.” During each of those periods, which larted from two to tem deye, he was in a etate of ecstasy which Buddha termed “the Brhemio Blins.” ach one of those experiences extended hie inmer perception appreciably. He once attempted to describe the inward journey to th-t Light, which Jesus referred to when he said “God is Light,” as e journey through nine gertes of the svectrum.

Finally, im Mey and June of 1921, the lect grent period of Illuminetion came, accompanied by thet blinding Minsh of light which characterized Pani's Tllumiantion. ‘hie was the third time tht my husband had been so comletely divided between the two aspects of sensation end consciousmess. Theat light is o short circuit between the two lobes of the brain and the pituitary glend. It alwaye occurs at death of everyone, and has often been photogranhed.

This lost period of severance lasted for thirty nine days end nights, during which period he conetantly visioned the whole process of creation, mde many astronomical and chemical charts, end wrote forty thousand words of immortal literature @ known as THE MESSAGE OF THR DIVINE ILIAD, without changing a

word or a punctuction. In that Message fe the essence of Crention. Ia the chemicel charts is the complete cycle of the octeveowsve orderliness of Creation. Likewise, he wrote down voluminous instructions regarding his plan for giving thie Message to the world. One of these instructions commanded nim to another seven yenrs or silence before divulging his Messengership, snd ther e period

of rehearenl for final action uatil 1910,

Ta 1926 he issued his complete charts and sent them to eight hundred ecientists and universities, together with am elaborate work entitled THE UNIVERSAL ONE, The charts complete the very incomplete and inaggurrte Mendeleef Teble of the elements. His ablility to “see” all around the spectrum mde it possible to vision the three favisible space octaves which preceded hydrogen, and the six transurenium Fradionctive elements which completed the other end of the spectrum.

From this invaluable contribution to scieace there were bat two acknowledge- ments out of the eight hundred. The first ome was from a physicist instructor im a great college. He said: “Your charts are rediculous and your writings ere the insene wanderings of a diseased mind.” ‘The other was from the President of another institution of learning in which he stated that the cherte “vere

the greatest contribution to science since Newton.” The physicist apologised to him three years leter when isotopes of hydrogen end heavy water verified his revised hydrogen octave, and the other statement brought to him a Doctor of Science Degree from a cultural group which was organized to legally bestow medals and degrees upon those who have made such contributions to the world as Thomas Bdieon, for example, who could not possibly receive one because of not having a university training. Edison hed very little schooling, and my husband much less, for he was taken out of school et nine and put to work. Im fact he knew mothing of ecience, end did not care to, until hie last flluminmation in 1921. He never even looked at a text book of science until long after that day, and then only to leara the names for things, and their terms, im order to be uble to talk the languege of science.

All of hie life he demoustrated the value of his Cosmic terchings by producing © prodigious amount of work im all of the five fine arts, in all of which he prodused immortal masterpieces. He lived the lives of ten men as liesurely as though he were ome, and in am ecstasy while working that only the genius- mystic knowe. The only explanation he would give to people who morvelled at his versatility was that whem one worked knowingly with God one could produce only masterpieces, and im a fraction of the time other men wasted upon nerve wracking experiment aad guesework.

Selence did not recognize him os a scientist because his knowledge wasnot acouired im the legitimate traditional manner which universities give to men. After hie first gift to science in 1926 he was widely quoted im the press for two or three years but whea he continued to make statements which violently ‘opposed and contradicted traditional scieatific foundations, the prees closed dowa upon him atterly.

It ie not surprising that thie would happen, for the following examples of his statements, made in public lectures ond private conversation with many of the world's great scientists of that day, were as follows: “There is no euch erfect im Nature ae negative cherge, nor are there any negetively charged particles.“ I see no resexblence im man's Cosmogony to God's Cosmogony.” “The Bohr atom has no more resemblance to Nature than green cheese has to the moon.” “he Bohr atom fantasy pleses electrons in orbite around inert gases in ea methemetical variance im number. That is an utter impossidility im Nature. It also gives the inert gases a aucleal structure. hat is also on impossibility im Nature. Nature does not work that way. The inert gases have no centre) structure, for they are centered by black vacuous holes.* “If you want to know what holds the atom together you must first pierce the mystery of gravi- tation to discover thet not one particle of matter in the universe hee any pover thataorver to attract or repel any other particle.” “You must some dey recognize the fact that it fe only matter and motion which are curved, and thot they ove their ourvetore to the geometry of the wave-fields of space which meet each other throughout the universe in planes of sero curvature and transmit those forms to frozen matter in like crystal forms.” “The Coulomb Law has no valitidy. Likes seek likes in Neture, not opposites. If op; osites attreoted exch other why ere positive and negative poles in a mognet as fer spart as they cam get, insterd of together im the middle where they should be 4f the Coulomb Lew is valid.”

Then he wes ch-lienged sbout such «t-tements .s those of atomic structure

end asked his Sountstion for such beliefs he hes unvisely answered: “It is vecause I see them ee you see mew I crn ser every atom amd ite xcy of forming,

ond I see very “ew which hrve solid mass centers, most of them being holes,

end ‘ek O+ THU being grouy uncleui which is the brsis of the Bohr im:ossibility.”

Such st.tements went the rounds very -uickly end merked my husb: ne for crucifision

by sujrression just «s the throwing of the money ch-ngers out of the temle

mrked the lest days ef the consumm te scientist o> two thousand yesrs -g0.

He continucd, however, even against such or;osition, to tell science tht the

key to «ll knowledge of vhysice is bssed won 2 knowledge of erevitstion which

science admittedly knows nothing of totry, »nd upon the true nature oF electricity

instead of the falee concept oF toc y. He also lectured won the com lexity

o* hyorogen before many science grcurs which ere attended by the ~orld'a fore=

most scientists, such as Milliken, Michelsen, “hitney, CoOicce, Shepley, Tupin, Teen, Teale, Tee de “drest, Jeons snd m ny others, some of whom he trted to

win over in person:l interviews.

He also worked as diligently with the grert iniuctrial leboratories, such ag “mion Carbide (with Cressy Morrison's he-rty =::rovel) with “eetinghouce, (which) eppointe tr. Hervey Rentschler to investigete) end «ith others whore rerenrch men or-osed and obetructed his ettenrts beceuce of their belie® in his insonity ang “isbelief im his Cosmic Source of knovle ge. otwithsteniing their ory osition laboretories becare very ective in trying to rrove or disprove his clrim, “hen One iey the sorld wre amazed when one O° them ennonunced thot hy ‘iregen hed been slit into isotores ani my husband’ felt that he hed, at lest been vinviceted. This “as not to be, nowever, for the discovered hysrogen micnamed tsotopes

(they sre ‘ull tones, not leotopes) were jiven other nemes then thove he had wiven in hfe eevyrithte? charte, en? -11 mention of him thus en: reseed.

Deutrium «nd tritrium ere two ¢° the n-mes vhich - ere changer. ‘hese most

im ortent new elements ~ere not only unknown, dut unsusyected berore my husban:i's inner vision “saw them in Nature and charted their rositions. Likewise “heavy weter” would never have been discovered.

Thus wee his chert vindicated in thie res: ect. Many yezrs leter the very seme thing happened at the other end o* the =:ectrum. His inner vision could see thet there vere still six more tonel ef-orts of Neture to complete her spectrum in materiel bodies. He sew six sore isotorie divisions beyont urenium. ‘wo of there were distinct - therefore vital. He nemed these two uridium and urium. The outer four he indicated on hie cherte by unanmed lines. He had told the world thet uridium and urtum would be a grect donger to the world and it would be better if they sere never isol:ted but “hen wer nde grester explosives necerssry his ch-rts “ereremembered and teken from their “iles. The result wes the isolrtion of those two imortent elements end the Your lesser ones. ‘tgein my husbonds cherte vere vindicated ond ;lutonium end ner tunium were the nemes given them by the lxbor-tory -orkere ho ver ‘ded their eyictence.

I tel] you this to warn you thet whatever you vision in your orm Cosmic Light experience, which nets you ahesd of your time, will mark you ce “Sener = “crrry” = “fanatic” end even dangerous to the existing order, You must leern to be infinitely pstient, mever resent ‘ul or iseppointe:. very mystic must expect ernci*ixion im some form rnd rise sbove it in being eneblec to find sucrene hep: inecs im being a worthy meecengzor, “or thet #3 <1] tht eounte.

These body blovs which «ould h-ve utterly ciscoursged the everege man, hed very little effect uron my husband for he hed been rrevered “or it by the ‘netrnations given during his lest severence in 1921 which included these words: “Heed not thy cruci“ixicon im the hearts of tem tines ten million men. Truth lies beyond the cruci Mxion.”*

Teo ereet mints im the scienti*ic world, hovevar, cid belfove in ny husbondts Cosmogony regsrding the s:irttuslly controlled electric universe «nd ite reletion to grevitetion ond mgnetien, also they oelieved on his divine source 9. knowledge. These were Thomas “dison ond Wicole Tesls. imring the months of close sesocistion with Mr. Pdieon, as hie of icd-1 sculrtor, he thoroughly convinced him of the unnaturzl concert of electricity, from which the untrue Coulomb Lee -rose, and of megnetiam, which is entirely mis- conceived by modern science. Vdison deerly rerretted thet hie odvenced pge .Tevented him Crom helring to reverre present dsy concerts, for it would be the beginning of « h'rd fight. Wicola Tasle wes - men of erest ayiritusl virion. ne» theroun.y convinced ta: t'the entire eneryy conce. t of modern science vs beste: lly «rong somewhere, «ni my husbendts solution of thet tivetory - together with the ryetery of grevitetion which is the sole scurce O° snergy - won him over com:-letely to the new thinking which bound the invisible ana visible worlds together. He too w-s not only old, but feeble. He exdd to my husbend: “I would gledly help you 47 I could, but it would

be usrless. ‘clence would believe mma to be ss crzzy ce it thinks you era. Besides tht, if you are right, every text book of science would have to be sere:red = sad th t would mevn millions of dollers lost ond every rhysice ‘rofessor would hive to le-rn hisphyscis »ll over agoin. You ere so hope=- lessly -he:« of your time thrt I believe the only #«s your knowledge con be served is to write it down nnd diegram it, then ceol it in » sepulchre with ine tructions thet it be opened in n_thousend Yyerrs.

And th t is uracticelly whet he is doime. Being enabled to vision the whole o* every effect in Neture, and not just a smell section of its eycle, he is rrinting mny pictures 0” these cyclic effects, electrical, chemical aad ‘stronomics1, including the invisible geometric ‘orme of wsve-fields im sree, ond the visible effects «hich these er-ce-forme control. Thus the birth and denth of mtter - the growth end formation of stomic systems of the entire nine oct-ve renge, from the inert gnser to incandescent solids - the wove - the electric current itself, and ite esthodes to anojtes “hich center lo-ps

o* force - all these are being disgrammed and yicturad in their full spectrum renge.

when am satronomer views a ring nebula he sees only the ring and its centering sun, while Dr. Russell “sees” the entire invisible moving mechenics of the electrics] manufscturing process which crentes atomic end str systems. setronomers know thst something holds that ster im rlece but they do not know het holds it. “hey thus form false concerts of the effect breed uron their seneing seni ressoning. They see only s em-1l frection of the effect - the rest is block empty s.cce. To wy husbend there is no black em: tiness, there ie ao continuity of spectrum colors spirally folloring rh=t science mistakenly cells “mgnetic lines o° force.” Not only iore he see whet Is = he 2186

sees thet igs GOING T) 5% when thet sum itsel’ becomes another ring, or e series of rings. Neture's process o2 cre ting spheres ‘rom ringa ond the diserperrence of svheres by the wey of rings, »nd the svirs]l nrinci:le which controls the li-e-desth cycles oF «11 things, ore not yst known to science but it fe a benuti-ul process. ‘The invisible universe is brillirnt with all

the colors of the spectrum. There is no bl=-ck in it. sch color, and its intensity, is the besis for s langonge which thinking Mind knors - the language of Light. ‘very deerly illumined mystic knors that lengurgs and eon interpret into sords, which sre erlled “divine revelations,” becuse they are ins; ired by inner knowing.

You, as en -stronomer, 431 readily arprecicte whet on imcalculeble v-lue such * Mind could be to sstonom-. ‘he astronomer is no» hendicanyed by his limited vision, He fs ng 2 gsrdener would be if he could see only the blossoms in

nis gerten, ell else being block snd formless - the le:ves, stems and secds

*ll being invisible, even to ~he roots. very strr is as much - grorth from ite seed os a blossom is 5 product of ite se-d. Every such ster hes » fulcrum stem and branches, which are living fires. Their svectrel movements ani arirel ‘nter-rel: tions clesrly tell the process of their crestive rovers. Th-t vision ov the invisible universe creating the drab visible one, is « sight which is sore becntifal then ‘he greatest poet could ever deseribe. It fe « glory which is reserved for him only who h-s found the kingdom of heaven within himself < to which 211 thinge else hsve been added.

The sumb-bell nebula is nor just acciaentel, or a frest Porm of “Isture. It “8 once s great star, undergoing the process of being turned into « ring - ‘nich is the method Nature employs to return compressed syheres bi ck inte their source ‘rom which they emerged as rings. ‘This fundement.1 Ssect of Nuture has never been discovered as yet, although it is so clesrly obvious, “or the he-vene demonstrate it in ll of its various stages. It is isrt of m.rvelously interesting end beautiful electric process which turns every (ulsxtion o- Neture's he-rtbvert inside-out end outside-in forever. The reson

thet principle hss never been, discovered is probsbly becuse the limited

ator senses of men ernnot see the continuity of movement which mkes this gicoriously beeutifal interch: nging effect of borning=dying Noture so cle r to the mystic.

Some dy, when your “seven year old jallopy” feels strong enough to trensport you here I will show you meny of these printings end drawings which he started m King when Nicole “esls convinced him oi the hopelessness of trying to get men of thie primitive ege to think in terms of three thougend yeers hence, or even one thousend ye>rs. The sriritusl inner vision unfolde slowly. One thousend yewrs is not much in man's spirituel unfolding, for he is still the primitive killer of hie fellow man just ae he bra been killer of ma for thousemds of years. When the consumm-te tercher of mun of two thousend yerrs *go said: “ ‘thther forgive them for they know not whet they do,” He meont juet that. and the same thing epolies in this peg-n-barberiea age shich we think so sdvenced.

It ie 2 rity, neverthelese, thet such » Mind es thet must be lost to thie

civilizetion, = Mind which knows every detail of the principle of tr-namutetion - ond who also knows the et:rs beyond all men ~ end the erovth enddisintegrstion

cycle in the construction of m-tter. He is 8 now cud ig pres-ring to rrint

end dicerom ech of the ctomic series, beginning with the inert g¢ s 0% each octeve end showing their growth through each of their oct:rve tones vo thetr emolitude positions where cerbon, silicon and cobslt hava arrived - end how

they lose their met>lic curlities electric#lly, and can reg:in then electrically - end why they are divisible into isctopes »t wil] of one who knows = and

why new metelic isotopes of incealeulable v-lue awnit discovery betr een boron

and carbon, amd om either sie o- silicon = end especially why sp-ce consists of geometric forms of zero curveture to control a visible curved universe =< nd endless such p intings, drawings -ad disgr-ms which he will continue to teke «s long as he can to real in this imperish ble merble pal:ce until man- kine is reidy for their comprehension.

That is one of the rumoses of this ‘ound=tion. ‘Th<t is ite long renge puryose but its dey-to-day jur;ose is to jiscover and aid those whose inner vision con be cuickened, to h.sten the day of ments unity with men. “e hove thoussnis of pupils «11 over the world who desire to awaken their inner vieion which lesds te Cosmic Consciousness. These are er: duslly becoming -x' re o*% their inner Light. Thet is why we sre so sympathetic and hopeful of results from Dr. Rhine's work nt Duke University which would h-ve bean unthink:ble for «ny university to attemct even thirty ye-rs .go.

All such vrep-rstion will h-sten the dry of mon's recognition of his eivinity which will «lone destroy the evil which erists only in the conce;t o7 -hyriesl men who hee become evil by thinking himself evil. ‘o tht very end I »rote the bock which hs sxskened such insrirstion in you. I wrote it tonrsken the Light in tene o* thousands like you who leo “asire thet ownkenin=. It is but one suvreme effort but its power is being felt already = even though off the prees only three months.

Our thousomds of pupils whole he rtedly believe in their «bility to obt: in knowledge Cosmicelly. It was their deer desire which borned my book. I felt their need ae @ world need and could not help writing it. Thet world desire consumed me vith burning fire until I rul“illed th-t need, if you alone were the only fruit of it by having your first ewokening illumin:tion. ‘then you

consider thst the world h=s only knowr thirty or so mystics in the thousendes of years since the dawn of Consciousness, “ni only three o° these being consummate ones, the advent of -. new ome ie of vast import. You will be yle-sed to know however, th:t there sre mony like you who heve recognized thet inner Light in them through the mirrors of it which we h:ve been eble to re‘lect into their inner Selves.

These many students of ours whole he: rtedly believe thst they cn obtcin knowledge Cosmicelly, +s my hushend and I hewe thus -ttsined it. hey thoroughly believe th-t they com “talk to Goe™ ing iretiom lly omy intalitively os they tslk to mem physically. ‘These students h-va t-“= Gada into thet lives -ad that te why they progress. Science hs shut God out ef its consider: “itm «ad that is why it 1s destroying itself end man with it. Science believes thet God cannot be proved by labor tory methods, but we know that He cam thus be proved and His identity verified. My husbend hes known of His identity end Presence all his life «nd is fully sble to define Him scientifically so thet others would know where to locste His “reeence in Neture = or OMNT=Presence, I should s-y, for God is everychere, in every thing im.-ll this universe.

The time will come in ments gvirituel unfolding where he con no longer s-y: “I do not believe in God because I comnot see Him” for Gou will then be ss visible to Mind-eye -s 2 mountsin ie now visible to body-eye. Im the mecn~ time GO D CAN BE KNCWH = and tht ie sufficient unto this ary.

“e moke Him become known to our students throurh our Home Study Course which we have both written together. It is dllustreted by nerrly thre- hundred of Doctor's dingroms snd »cintings, which reve 1 God's weys end vrocesses,

ond their relation to « way of life out of which a Living Philosophy is evolving for them. This m-kes them msters of their own destiny and ¢ives them comm-nd of tmivers:1 Lew through knowledge of how to obey Universal Law.

In closing I «ish to express the hope tht this lengthy explonstion of the necessity for you to =ttxin the power of silence lest you lose what you hive geined by the mir-cle of wh-t hos haprened to you. It is not e-sy to revlize tht the gre:-test glory which cen come to man con be the means of his undoing. It is true, however. Jesus was crucified becouse of it, but he rensined silent until re: dy to fulfill His purpose, but to invite crucifixion before one is ready to fulfill his yurpose is to see that purpose defeated.

Knowing in my heert thet you will fully underst-nd the purpose of this letter in guiding your unfolding, na assuring you thet ve stend ready to rgain guide you as one Illuminate must clw ys guide e noviti-te who needs guidance, snd with our bect wishes for world-progress during this coming dengerous yenr,

A Ne

Sincerely yours,

ie Csi,

Lao Russell

PeS5. i am enclosing copies of the two charta which Dr. Russell gave to ecience in 1926, showing the three octaves proceeding hydrogen ona the six trens-ursnium elements at the opposit end of the vendelest tedle. , ?

“Ah tA

June 8, 1961 Dear Robert:

Ever since your departure your warm presence has permeated this house and filled our hearts and minds with the strong conviction that your coming to this mountain is another sign to us of God’s control of the destiny of man by bringing His messengers together to pattern that destiny.

Your letter,which expresses the warmth of your beauti- ful soul also makes us aware of our oneness in spirit with you. We cannot help but feel that the time has almost come when you will be here with your beloved sharing in God’s great plan for the saving of all mankind.

The spiritual essence of your fine manuscript on the story of RADAR struck us both forcibly and we found our- selves discussing this at length immediately after a de-~ parture, This too seemed all wound up with our combined des- tiny for the tremendous import of radar was brought home to us by you and as we were reading Kenneth de Courcy’s report from England in his current Intelligence Digest + in which he likens this crucial period to 1939 - we were acutely re- minded of Chamberlain’s order te make radar improvement as first import in England’s fight for survival when he gained that year’s reprieve which truly won the war.

Kenneth de Courcy also confirms the brief time ele- ment left to us which you mentioned - namely 1962 - for he stated that Khrushchev said there would be an economic collapse in the U.S.A. in either the latter part of “61 or the beginning of °62, We are all aware that dramatic scientific accomplish- ments could more than offset this for the world’s very survival rests now on scientific knowledge that would make war obsolete. We know that God borned us and gave us this knowledge for just this purpose and we cannot help but feel that you are part of God’s great plan for this vital day. That is why we felt such love for you and you felt so much a part of us in 22 brief hours.

No time can be lost in pectent tig ae which can only ples.o

come through knowledge of the wave princ Nature which are essential to the complete succesa of Nike Zeus, ICBM’s and all missile systems as they will be to our wireless power pro- jection system, Only today we heard of another thirty million dollar Atlas failure which we feel confident could not have

happened if our knowledge had been made use of.

Thie letter started with the intent of expressing our happiness upon receipt of your inspired letter but the im- port of radar because of the time element set by Khrushchev for our surrender to slavery, tempted ue to lengthen it be- yond its intent and answer some of the questions you asked about the application of our power multiplication principle to radar, Also, having used the phrase “perfect radar” you night naturally ask what we mean that.

We would like to fully answer that question for you but we will explain our meaning and answer your question very sketchily and supplement them later.

By “perfect radar® we mean one which so perfectly simu- lates the radar of Nature that every action at any point in the universe ie radared to every other point without effect- ing the clarity of its visual image. All of Nature’s macro- cosmic patterns fold inward to micrecosaic proportions until they entirely disappear into zero as sound disappears into silence, without effecting ite pattern. In this manner dy- nanic actions are as omipresent as the static light fron which they spring. A good example of cur meaning is the per- fection of pattern in electron micrographs enlarged to 60,000 diameters.

A ship does not lose its pattern meing 95000 ailes away and the perfect radar should be @ to it to macrocosmice scale with television clarity of detail, The

present racar dces not do that even with a ship or plane three miles away. it appears as a blurred image on the pt) 5 S42 3 ie LJ he

We feel confident that our new radar system will elinin- ate these faults. We believe that the prime errors of the present systen lie in the deflector and the bowl-shaped an- tennas., The deflector ia jatended to extend a light bean from @ et to an area 90° angks from the direction of the bean, It does that, but the consequent distortion makes a 8 fecus impossible and the slightly curved screen adds to this distortion. That is not geod optics.

Qux screen would be of sera curvature and emulate that principle of optics which ia familiarly known as the pin-hole camera, in which a flat sheet ef black x is ene with a pin-hole and placed in the path of the of light. Diffrac- tion rings immediately extend from that ray at a 90° angle to form an invisible bi-convex lens which foouses directly on that beam. if that beam is deflected, however, a badly blurred focus would be the inevitable result. Our plan calls for another unit to cause a true focus on the screen rather than ahead of it.

To know how & huge mountain iT c@n penetrate a pin-hole and register ite complete frage won the other side of it is to he 8 te @ can perfors that airacie @ grea @llects of the worl cannot reveal the mystery of the ommipresence of

ht and of all effects of motion created light waves

ch makeg this wixazle possible, Thuat egence of - events is the basia of radar and knowledge of its secrets ig the basis of our radar,

& good description of the wave would be to Ifken i+ to @ epherical diaphrage enclosed in a “oosnic” cube-shaped canera which closes in veried tine frequencies to compress large spherical areas of cold, invisible aight into small spherical areas of het visible light to create this uni~ aoe : Un ye ard —_ tiened gee oe n

on opens reverse the process, 8

that sy gravity controlled light cycle of generation and radiation sequences unfolds nicrocoamic patterned idea crete thle optical pintorotantis teense ce*Mtg® create 8 op TYR © Verse © ving« dying things.

inportant part of this process ie thet the spherical changes

Ay diaphr closes and opens with four *

ve ue the

£ winieh g: four pairs parrect image in thé focus of ring MOR 2¢8 screen trying te pat into a few words ao see ia pithy Bors a - ep on for

Scie cmt pe aeaaaet ea Ae aLp.G, “eS er perfect s r thout necessity o Efay beomise fae of the ote Tetra the cuble caseras of Rature, control only, of the closing of the diaphragm and focus upon the wave axis while the other four control ite in ringa which extend their sequences upon the plane of the focal equator like those we gee in Saturn. It dG call fox teo many pages to even briefiy explain and — these man steps, as well as the many inconsistencies ch both the electrostatic and atic CeoTe:.*@ contain, The so-called magnetic field of the latter ansunes @ prenisa which doss not exist in Nature, but that, also, neeis diagrams for clarifying.

The sum total, however, of these discrepancies and assump- tions which ara based upon theories and arrived at by de- ductive reasoning, causes the lack of perfection in the exist-~ ent radar aystem. Actually, it is amazing that the present system in spite of its fauits has been able to make one hit out of forty. If this average is not vastly reduced before rs ve war takes place the lose of many cities would be the price.

It certainly was not our intention to write auch an epistle te you but your visit which touched such a deep chord in our consciousness - plus the somber news of the ever-growing need for greater urgency in scientific development, brought into focus what America’s power through perfected radar and power projection could mean in saving the world from self-suicide and in establishing world peace forever. ‘Yo us, as we told you during your visit, your coming to Tod*s mountain top was like another chain in our united destiny and we know that an intangible part of you will forever be here and a way will present itself whereby you oan return and aid in bringing God’s message to man. ‘Thus, will you know your own personal fulfillment as we two have found ours in our united work for God and our fellow man. May thet day be soon as we desired eo wished for you on the first day of your own special New


With our dearest love, we are

Sincerely youre,

Lao and Yalter Russell

P.8, Perhaps you have pee hen y your books of poens & -

John Sareea WAITING not here are the four stanzas

I told you i had repeated daily for years until “Hy own did come to me.” Stick these in the little birthday card and through the years to cone I know they will reuain a precious MGEMOLY' «

BAITING by John Burroughs Serene, I feid ay hands ani wait, Nor care for wind nor tide nor sea;

I rave no more ’gainst tine or fate, Por lof ny own shall cone to ma,

I stay my haste, I make delays– For what avails this eager pace? IT stand anid the eternal ways Ani wiai is mine shall know my face.

Asleep, awake night or day,

The friends I seek are seaking ne, No wind can drive ny bark astray

Nor change the tide of destiny.

she stare cone nighily to the sky; The tidal wave unto the sea;

Hor tine, mor apace, nor deep, nor high, Can keep sy own away fron me.

Patent Papers

Sept. 8, 1942. P. A. GUILES ETAL 2,295,209 PUEL FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES Filed Dec. 27, 1939



Patented Sept. 8, 1942




Paul A. Guiles and Basil Rawes Vaughan, San Francisco, Calif.

Application December 27, 1939, Serial No. 311,152 2 Claims, (CL 123—3)

The present invention relates to improvements “in fuels for internal combustion engines, and its principal object is to provide a method of and means for rendering water available as such a fuel.

of steel wool or other oxidizing agent for decom- posing water which has been turned into steam and for setting free hydrogen to be used as iuel for the engine.

It is further proposed to provide a convenient and simple apparatus whereby water is first heated to produce steam and the steam is passed through an enclosed body of steel wool for lib- erating the hydrogen, which is delivered to the engine, in the presence of atmospheric air or another suitable combustion supporter, while the exhaust gases from the engine are used to supply heat to the steel wool and the. heater so that the entire apparatus may be run without the aid of an external source of heat except for the initial stage.

Further objects and advantages of our inven- tion will appear as the specification proceeds and the novel features thereof will be fully set forth in the claims hereto appended.

The preferred form of our invention is illus- trated in the accompanying drawing, in which the invention is shown diagrammatically.

While we have shown only the preferred form of our invention, we wish to have it understood that various changes or modifications may be made within the scope of the. claims hereto at- tached without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Referring to the drawing in detail, our in- vention comprises, in its preferred form, a ves- sel { for holding water which may be filled to @ suitable height through an opening 2 adapted to be closed by a cap 3. Suitable pressure may be produced in the tank through a pump 4 and may be measured through a gauge 5. While we do not wish to confine ourselves to a definite de- gree of pressure, the same should be sufficient to force the water and steam subsequently cre- ated through the system and we find in actual practice that three or four pounds are ordinarily sufficient for our purposes.

A pipe & connecting with the bottom of the vessel leads to a heating coil 7 and may be con- trolled through a shut-off valve 8 and a needle valve 9. Any suitable means such as a burner {0 or electrical heating means may be used for

initially heating the coil and for turning the 68

water passing there-through into steam.

More particularly it is proposed to use a bed

* in the conventional manner.

The coil 7 connects, through a pipe {!, with a container §2, which is preferably made in the form of an elongated tube, and which is provided with movable end plates 13 and 14. This con- tainer is made to receive a body of steel wool, indicated at 15, and the steam is made to pass through the same from end to end.

An outlet pipe 16 connects the end opposite the point of entry with a conventional type of car-

, ind at 17, pr tel below the throttle valve 18 thereof. The car- buretor may be of any suitable construction. The pipe 16 is controlled by a suitable valve 19.

The carburetor is connected to the engine 20 The engine may be of any suitable type and, if desired, the car- buretor may be connected, in any conventional manner, to a suitable gasoline fuel supply so as to be capable of operation by gasoline, particu- larly for starting purposes.

The intake manifold of the engine {s indicated at 21 and the exhaust of the engine at 22. The exhaust gases of the engine are preferably utilized for providing the necessary heat for the body of steel wool and the coil. To accomplish this the gases constituting the products of combus- tion, are guided through pipe 23, into a jacket 24, surrounding the steel wool chamber and, after having passed through the jacket, are guided through a pipe 25 into a housing 26 sur- rounding the heating coil 7 to be finally ejected through the pipe 27 and the muffler 28.

In operation the water from the container { Passes to the coil 7 where it is converted into

35 steam, and the latter Passes into and through

the body of steel wool 15. The latter oxidizes in the presence of the steam, and takes oxygen from the latter, thereby freeing the hydrogen con- tained therein. The hydrogen passes through the pipe {6 into the carburetor below the throt- tle valve and joins with air entering through the carburetor to form a fuel for the engine.

For initial heating, the engine may be started om an auxiliary supply of gasoline in the con- ventional manner, until the exhaust gases have heated the body of steel wool and the coll suf- ficiently to convert the water into steam, where- upon the operation may be switched over to the water tank in the manner previously described.

If it is not desired to carry an auxiliary supply of gasoline, for starting purposes, special heaters or burners of any kind, may be relied on to fur- nish the initial heat for the steel wool and the coil.

It is apparent that other materials may be


substituted for the steel wool, such as iron filings, scrap iron or other oxidizing agents, which will take up oxygen from the passing steam and will liberate hydrogen. We find that after a certain amount of use the steel wool becomes heavily oxidized and has to be renewed.

The coil 7 is merely shown as one suitable means for converting the water into steam, and any other suitable means may be substituted for the same. During normal operation, the exhaust 1 gases arranged to pass in heat-exchange rela- tion with the steel wool and the coil are sufi- cient to furnish the necessary heat required.

The engine may be of any suitable kind. We have carried on our experimental work with a 15 conventional automobile engine of the internal combustion type, using a spark for exploding the mixture within the combustion chamber.

We claim: ;

1. A fuel feeding apparatus for an internal 20 combustion engine, comprising a tank for holding water, and having means for placing the water under pressure, a closed conduit connecting the tank and the engine intake, a coil in the conduit for receiving water from the tank, means for 25 heating the coil whereby the water is turned into steam, @ container for steel wool in the conduit

and mounted to receive steam from the coll out- let and to discharge into the engine intake, means for heating the container whereby the steam passing over the steel wool is reduced in part for producing free hydrogen and whereby mixed steam and free hydrogen is fed to engine intake, and means for adding air to the mixture after it leaves the container.

2. A fuel feeding apparatus for an internal combustion engine, comprising a coil, neans for forcing water therethrough under pressure, means for heating the coil whereby the water is turned into steam, a container for steel wool having connections to receive steam from the coil outlet and to discharge into the engine intake, means for heating the container whereby the steam passing over the steel wool is reduced in part for producing free hydrogen and whereby mixed steam and free hydrogen is fed to the engine intake, and means for adding air to the mixture after it leaves the container, the water feeding means, the coil and the steel wool con- tainer with their connections forming a closed conduit whereby all the water fed into the con- duit is made to pass through the same.



Filed Sept. 24, 1930

Uol4er Avellarad

haere. Sa


Patented Apr. 25, 1933






Application filed Septerater 24, 1939,

This invention relates to a method for converting molecular energy into mecha -ical energy, and an apparatus therefore,

Primarily, the object of the present inven- tion resides in the prevision cf an apparatus of the above-mentioned character wherein the decomposition of a liquid, such as water, is effected hy electricity, for the liberat?on of its gases.

Another object is to provide means wnere- by said gases, under control, may be duced as a devonating mixture into a fined space, such as the explosive chamber af zn engine, and subjected to the infiuence of ar electric spark for the great disengagement of heat and acquired expansive foree.

Still another object of the invention is to provide mrzus whereby said liquid may be decomposed, &3 aforesaid, and the liberated gases collested: for passage to suid confined


A still furlier object resides in the previ- siva of means whereby the products of the detonating mixture may be returned to its source of supply or exhausted into the at- mosphere,

With these objects in view, together wth others which will appear as the de: ; proceeds, the invention resides in the 1¢ formation, combix:ation, and arrangeme: parts, ali as will Le described more *, illustrated in the drawing particulary poit:ted ont in the claims.

The drawing illustrates an elevation of the apparatus, partly in section, and dia- grammatically showing the arrangement of parts.

Referring now more in detail to the «c- compunying drawiag, let 5 indicate « reeep- tac'e of suitable proportions and adapted to contain a supply cf liquid, such as water, said receptacle having a filling oper the replenishment «-f its contents It will be noted th:t said receptacle is sui ably apertured, as indicated at 7, through which ‘projects the extension 8 of the vessel 9, the latter including members 10 and 11 having their lower ends open and spaced

50 from the botlom of said receptacle 5. Dur-

Serial No. 484,147.

ing the fabrication of said receptacle, said vessel may be built therein if desired.

Leading from said extension 8, of said

el 9, is a conduit 12, its other end being suitably connected to the intake chamber 13 55 of an engire, generally denoted by the nu- and jt will be observed ‘that said » inetudes the usual chumber 15, piston 16, jutuke valve mechanisin 17 and exhaust valve mechanisin 18. While the drawing 66 shows a well-known type of internal combus- tion engine, it will be understood that the same is illustrative, rather than restrictive, in that my buprovement is operable in connec- tion with any type of engine adapted to be op- 35 craiea hy the expansive force of a gas or the like.

Reverting now id receptacle 5, it will he obs that electrodes 19 and 20 are fitted ithin said inembers LO and 11, which extend 7 ding posts 21 and 22 respectively, to

atters may be connecied suitable wires x from a convenient source of clectric- wot shown). In view cf this arrange- the interposition of the above in an 75 clects1¢ circuit canses a decomposition of the water and the I ior of hydrogen at the negative clectrade 20 and the liberation of oxygen at the positive electrede 19, As the hubbles of these gases rise is. said vessel 9 50 they are coliected within the extension 8 and passed, under control, to said inlet chamber 1s by way of conduit 12, valve 23 being inter- po-ed in the latter to regulate the passage of said gases. x

As heretofore pointed out, tie gases are intresluced as a detonating mixture of hydro- gen and oxygen into ssid inlet chamber for subsequent passage into the chamber 15 of said engine 14, and asis well-known said mix- 9 ture comprises two volumes of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

When said mixture is su:bjected to an elec: tric spark a great discngagement of heat en- sues, said liberation of heat amounting to 9% 68.924 thermal units, and since each unit is equivalent to over 1300 foot-pounds, the ac- quired expansive force may be utilized to op- erate a moving body such as a piston.

In the drawing the piston is shown as op- 100

2 1,905,627

erating to draw in the above-mentioned de- tonating mixture, and it will be vbserved that the inlet valve mechanism 17 is operated to permit the passage of said mixture into tho chamber 15. As the pision rises to compress this mixture, both oie mechanisms 17 and 18 are operated to close the inlet and exhaust

orts and shortly after the piston reaches its

ies point, the charge of the mixture is subjected to a spark from the plug 19. which is connected to a suitable source of electrical energy, (not shown), and the working stroke then takes place, both valves remaining closed. After said working stroke, the pis- ion rises and the exhaust valve opens to per- mit the products to escape through the con- duit 20 hack to the receptacle §, said products being now in the form of u steam. Jf desired a three-way valve 24 may be interposed in said conduit 20, which is susceptible of oper- atiow to discharge the products into the at- mospivere.

Having thus fully described this invention, T hereby reserve the benefit of all changes in forin, arrangement, order, or use of parts, es it is evicent that many minor changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the fol- lowing claims.

I claim: :

1, A device of the class described cow nris- ing a receptacle, a supply of liquid within said receptacle, a vessel positioned within said receptacte, said vessel including a pair of

3 members having their open ends extended into the Liquid and spaced froma the bottom of said receptacle, said members uniting to present a gas-collecting chamber with the re- cepiacie and clectrodes of oppesite polarity, one ejectrode being pos tioned within each of said members of said vessel.

2. Anelect-olyzer adapted to be positioned in a receptacle containing a liquid, and com- prising a U-shaped body portion presenting a pair of members having their open ends extended into the liquid, there being = gus- collecting chamber positioned above the top of said members, an extension leading fram said chamber and electrodes of opposite polarity, one electrode being positioned with- in each of said members.

In testiraony whereof I affix my sisnature.



1,259,898, Patantod Mar. 19, 1918,

aR Sqczte




e ‘ 4 a Rt : = § 4 ‘ : 1 7 , . I ‘ 5 \ “ ‘ : : i = ' % ‘ i” 1 . ’ ’ : ‘ ’ ' : : ' : 4 $ : . : : : i : * x fy *

Suventor Bax HK Osowrsk

sy {Bk ef







Specifcation of Xetters Patent.

Patented Mar. 19, 1918,

Application dled September 26, 1927. Serial No. 193,644

To all whom it may concern: :

Be it known that I, Fyrmx A. Osowsxt, a _ citizen of the United States of America, re- siding at Detroit, in the county of Wayne and State of Michigan, have invented cer- tein new and useful Improvements in Proc- esses of Making Gases, of which the follow- ing is a specification, reference being therein to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to 2 process for separating fluids into their constituent electrically, and its object is to provide a process which may be employed in connec- tion with an internal combustion engine to supply the.gaseoue fuel thereto as it is con-. sumed in the engine, and further, to provide ® process which may be conveniently con- trolled or regulated, to produce just the amount of yas required, and in which a maximum of ga; is produced with the con- sumption of s ninimum of electrical cur- rent.

With tl.ese and other ends in view, the invention consizts in introducing small quantities of matter which may be separated into its c cstituent gases by means of an electric curruat, between spaced electrodes within an cle<tric cirewit in such a manner that said quantities -will each bridge the gap and cim the circuits, causing the current to pass ::.rough each quantity and separate or trax.: form the same instantly into its con- stituent gases. The invention further con- sists in the regulation of the voiume or fre- quency of iutroduction of the matter be- tween the electrodes to control. the amount of gas produced, and in providing certuin other new and useful features, all as herein- after more fully described and particularly set forth in the appended claims, reference baing had to the accompanying drawing which is a diagrammatic view illustrating a method of and means for carrying out the Thilo a specif t and

ile a specific arrangement and con- struction is shown in the drawing, it will be understood that the same is merely illus- trative of = form and arrangement e appiratus for carrying out my process an that I do not limit myeit to any particular apparatus or arrangement thereof for per- forming my invention. .

In the wing 1 indicates an internal ‘combustion engine, 2 the usual cam shaft

85 thereof and 3 the intake manifold. A jus

chamber 4 of any suitable form or construc-

tion is located adjacent the manifold aad is connected thereto by a’ pipe 5, an air inlet valve 6 of any suiteble form being inter- posed between this pipe and the inlef end of the manifold to admit air for admixture with the ingoing At the top of the chamber 4 is a valve 7 for controiling the feeding of water or other liquid into the chamber from a suitable source of supply, such as the tank 8 tkrough a pipe 9. Ths valve may be operated from the cam shaft or other moving part of the engine in timed relation to the engine in any suitable man- ner as by providing the rotary plug +0 of the valve with a shaft 11 which is driven by a sprocket and chain connection 12 with the cam shaft 2, to feed the flvid-ia measured quantities and at regular intervals into the chamber 4 through a discharge nozzle 13 extending downwardly in the chamber from the valve. ounted in the sides of the chamber 4 and electrically insulated there- from are electrodes 14 with their inner ends opposed and cen apart to form a gap which is located directly below and oo

ese electrodes are connected within an electrical circuit 15 connected to a suitable source of current indicated st 16

to the discharge end of the nozzle 13.

85 The tank 8 is filled with acidulated water

or other liquid having electrical conduc- tivity and this fluid is fed into the chamber

4 in very small quantities so that it will.

issue from the nozzle 13, preferably dro by drop and as this nozzle is located a jacent to and directly above the gap ke- tween the electrodes 14, each drop as it en- ters the gap closes the same and the electri- cal current instantly passes through the drop and in doing so instantly decomposes the liquid, changing the same into its con- stituent gases which are confined in the chamber, and upon inspiration of the en- gine are drawn therefrom. through the pipe 5 and manifold 3 and in passing there- through are mixed with the proper amount of air drawn in through the air inkt 6 to form combustible charges. By regulating the size and frequency of the water charges by means of the valv« 7, the necessary vol- ume of gas to supply the engine will be made just as it is used, each drop of liquid being converted into instantly so that none will remain in the chamber and the gas so made being immediately drawn from the chamber and consumed in the engine.



2 2,260,88¢

The electrodes are spaced just far enough to cause each quantity of matter to be con-

apart to prevent the current from jumping verted into its constituent gases by the mo- .

across and so that each charge cf liquid mentary passage of the current. when it drops between them will complete 5. The rocess of making gas by electro- the circuit by closing the gap. The circuit. lytically anging liquids into their constit- is therefore normally open and current is uent which consists in providing an consumed only during those intervals in electric circuit with terminals spaced to pro- which the gap is closed by the drops or vide ® gap in the circuit and feeding small small quantities of liquid. A minimum of bodies of the liquid into the gap. current is therefore required and as the vol- . 6. The process of making gas by electro- ume of liquid is so very small and the cur: lytically caaneng liquids into their constit- rent is concentrated therein, each charge or uent gases which consists in providing an drop is instantly decomposed or converted electric circuit with spaced terminals and into gas by ® current of comparatively low feeding liquid drop by drop into the space voltage and ampera; between the terminals, each drop forming Obviously any desired number of pairs a conductor for the current between the of electrodes and water feeds may be em- terminals, ployed if it be found that « sufficient volume 7. The process of making gas Ly electro- of gas to supply the particular engine is lyticaily changing’ liquids intu their con- not produced by one pair of electrodes. stituent gases which consists in feeding the This process of separating liquids or liquid in small bodies intermittently, into a other matter into constituent » com- gap between terminals of an electric circuit prises the istroduction of quantities to momentarily close the circuit by each of matier between spaced terminals of an’ body of liquid and cause the body to be in- electric circuit, to close the circuit and cause stantly decomposed by the passage of cur- decomposition and liberation of the gases rent therethrough. by the moment passage of the current- &. The process of makin: gas by electro- daceleicagh, and it is not limited to any lytically decomposing Higuil, which consists perticular means for carrying out the proc- in providing an electric circuit with termi- ess or any particular construction or ar- nals spaced to form e gap in the circuit and rangement of apparatus, : provide a normally open circuit, and inter- What I cdaim is:— . mittently feeding liquid into the gap in 1. The process of making gases which bodies of sufficient size to bridge the gap. consists in introducing limited quzntities of 9. The process of electrolytically produe- matter between the spaced terminals of an ing gas from water which consists in pro- electric circuit to cause current to pass viding a normall re circuit having a ga) through and instantly liberate the gases of between terminals thereof and feeding ecu. each ee introduced. alated water intermittently, drop by drop _ 2. The process of converting mnatter into into the gap within a chamber. its constituent gases which consists in caus- 10. The process of electrically producing ing a limited quantity of the matter to ferm gas from water which consists in providin the clectrical connection between the ter- an electric circuit hav'ng spaced termin minals of a normally open electric circuit. forming a gap, aciculating water, and meus- 8, The process of areree liquids into. uring and intermittently feeding the water, their constituent gases which consists in “drop bs drop, between the terminals to causing the liquid in separate small zmounts bri ge the gap and cause the current to flow to intermittently pass into the gap between through and decompose each dro; sepa- spaced terminals of an electric circuit and rately. ‘ form the conductur for the current there- In testimony whereof I affix my signatures between, in the presence of two witnesses. 4. The process of making gas electrolyti- FELIX A. OSOWSKL cally which consists in intermittently feed- Witnesses: ing Limited quantities of matter between - Anna M. Dons, spaced terminals of a normally open circuit Kart H. Borzze.


Some of our current state (+ & - ) Almost a half century after publication of The World Crisis, Atomic Suicide?, etc.

Health & Healing - “If the results of new stress tests in rats hold true for humans, it appears that cuddling kids during their early years will better enable them to handle stress as adults. Reported in the Journal Science, the tests were done by Mcgill University researchers, who examined the licking and grooming of rat pups by their mothers. Pups who got extra cuddling in their first two weeks of life (roughly akin to humans' first three years) dealt better with stress as adults. Noting neurological similarities between rats and humans, the researchers theorize that their findings may have implications for how we raise our children.” New Age Journal Jan/Feb 1998

I guess we do need to have such studies to become

aware of the obvious, and I always suspected that their

were neurological similarities between rats and certain humans, and now I see its in all of us!

Earth Changes - Starving seals and sea lions are wadding ashore in the CA coast as their food supply has been disrupted by El Nino. AP 12/11/97

Typhoon Paka's gusts of up to 236 mph breaks the earth surface wind record set atop MT Washington in NH 63 years ago. USA TODAY 12/18/97

More tropical forests burned in 1997 than at any time in recorded history, at least 80% set deliberately , many by companies seeking bare land for development. AP 12/17/97. The long Valley Caldera in the Mammoth Lakes region in central CA has experienced increased quake activity as of summer of 1997 report. This is near the VA/NV border area that Gordon Michael Scallion has predicted a volcano will appear. Scientists monitoring the area say it is because of earth core/ magma movements but they don't know if it will reach the surface. Earth Changes Report Jan/ Feb 1998. Gordon believes that the weather will account for the main loss of property and life during the earth changes time of tribulation we are presently in. He also thinks the El Nino will continue and floods this spring will be more severe than those in 1993 that he did warn us about in 1992. Lao Russell told me several times that “The weather will bring humanity to its knees.”

Government/Politics - With two US aircraft carriers at his doorstep Saddam Hussein effectively thumbed his nose at Bill Clinton and Clinton did nothing. Richard Maybury of EWR believes this was a major turning point in world history. He believes that 90% of the US backed oil dictators and monarchies have now switched sides to the New Axis of Arab countries. After Clinton did nothing he called a meeting of his Arab allies in Qatar and they boycotted it. But, these same “allies” did attend the Islamic conference - in Iran. 5 years ago Iran's hosting this conference would have been unthinkable. At the conference the keynote address given by Iran's supreme leader called for all Islamic nations joining together to get the US Govt. out of the Persian Gulf. Maybury believes its a 90% chance of the biggest, most senseless oil war yet within three years. Early Warning Report Jan. 1998.

Religion - The Pope's envoys expressed discontent to the Cuban Govt. upon finding hidden microphone “bugs” in the quarters the Pope was supposed to use on his historic first visit to the Cuban communist Govt. country. The Cubans admitted they were indeed there, but claimed they were leftovers from the days of the old dictator Batistas' regime. Boulder Camera January 1998. Randy Weaver has written a book to be released this spring about his experiences with religion and the US Govt. and the Ruby Ridge disaster where his wife and son were both killed by US Govt. agents. His account of the tragedy is much different than that originally portrayed by the media. According to him the US Govt. was trying every way possible to recruit him as an undercover informant and as he resisted this they broke the law in attempts to strong arm him into cooperation. Randy hopes his book will cause people to think and examine their beliefs for accuracy. He says at age 33 , “everything changed when I learned Christmas was a pagan holiday. I learned things I thought were sacred were just the creation of men. That's when I started questioning all sorts of things…I had allowed other people to think for me.” Missoulian Jan. 11, 1998.

Art - “Artistic parents raise happy kids! Parents in creative professions create happy homes. That's the finding froma survey of college students by psychologist Barbara Kerr of Arizona State University in Tempe. Students who said they came from happy families tended to have parents in creative occupations - artists, writers,designers, musicians, photographers and craftspersons. When asked whether their parents supported their ideas, the students replies were “so strong,” kerr says, “that we had to divide the responses into 'yes' and 'yes plus.'” “New Age Journal Jan. / Feb. 1998. It may be that artistic people are also more tolerant of other people living their own ideas, and that might include their children living their own ideas too. Common sense and experience tells me that makes for more happy families.

Science & Technology - “According to John V. Milewski PhD, there are two forms of light. The first is our standard electromagnetic light that is formed from electrons (electric monopoles), dropped to a lower orbit, giving off energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which travels at the speed of light. The second form of light is called super light and is magnetoelectric radiation that is generated in the large black holes through the movement of magnetic monopoles as they change energy states. Thus, black holes radiate massive amounts of energy in the form of super light which escapes the black holes since the velocity of super light is C, or 10 billion times faster than light. The wavelength is also about ten billion times shorter than light and their energy is 10 billion times greater.” The Reaper 11/12/97. This ties in with Millennium Twain's assertions about a superluminal velocity of light as in the letters to the editor this issue and in last issue's article on his Metric Relativity Theory. - United Solar Systems has solar shingles nearly indistinguishable from ordinary asphalt shingles that are made from stainless steel coated with a thin film of amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells. They are nailed on with common roofing tools to conventional roof decking, then electricians wire them together from the inside. They are flexible and lightweight. Their cost - about $15 per watt which is comparable to regular solar panels. Four hundred square meters of solar shingles, an area about one third the size of an ordinary roof can power an average household when exposed to six hours of sunlight a day. United solar systems 1-800-843-3892. New Age Journal Jan/Feb 1998.

Business/Commerce - “Americans are going bankrupt in record numbers at a time when the economy

has experienced one of its longest ever periods of uninterrupted growth. According to figures published Tuesday by the Visa USA credit card company, the number of Americans declaring themselves bankrupt shot up by 19% to 1.34 million last year - more than at any time in the nation's history, including the Great Depression. Missoulian Jan. 11th, 1998.

Agriculture - Soybeans have rose from almost nothing 40 years ago to being the third ranked crop at 24% of acreage after wheat and corn at 28% each. In the last 4 years soybean production is up 46%to 74.5 million metric tons this years USDA forecast. Soy products to replace meats have been shown to decrease cancer, heart trouble, and kidney disease risks. Soy also does a double play in that soy is used to feed animals raised for meat in developing countries that wish to increase meat production. Missoulian Jan. 11th, 1998.

Education - High school students who take algebra, geometry and other rigorous math courses are much more likely to be successful at college or in the work force says a US Education Dept. report. Students with a grasp of higher level math achieve regardless of family income or public or private schooling, says Education Sec. Richard Riley. The proportion of students who take Algebra | and geometry who made it to college; 80% of all students: 71% of low income; 94% of high income; 84% of middle income. Tamara Henry, USA TODAY 10/ 20/97. Blend this with the study showing that artistic parents create happier children and the following quote by Albert Edward Wiggam, ” Intelligence appears to be a thing that enables a man to get along without education. Education enables a man to get along without the use of his intelligence.” Both from The Reaper 11/12/97. The blend for me is that intelligence is using both the intuitive, artistic, feminine side of our nature with the intellectual (analytical/synthetical) masculine side of our nature at the same time. This blend releases clear vision, intuitive grasp and ability to express universal principles to immediately solve the unending challenges/opportunities of life. Exposure to and assimilation of the works of those who have accomplished this blend such as the Russell works can help us model this behavior ourselves.

Miscellaneous - “There are five actions that help demonstrate love: 1) Touch, 2) Talk/Communication, 3) Deeds, 4) Looking after the other person's economic well being by doing loving things that can be purchased with money, 5) Giving the gift of time to others. All five are ways of expressing love. The Reaper 11/12/97.


NEW SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY/FREE ENERGY Electric Spacecraft Journal. Published quarterly, annual subscription rate $24, Canada/Mexico $29, other countries $39. ESJ publishes research articles on new science, inventions and network notes from the ESJ network of individuals sharing ideas about these topics. Devoted especially to discovering the means/mechanisms for “electric” spacecraft and all that such understanding would mean for our civilization. I have known the editor Charles A. Yost the last few years and he spoke at our 1995 symposium. I find Charles’ ESJ to be interesting and informative, and although most articles are very technical there are aspects of the journal that the average reader should find comprehensible and of interest. Charles A. Yost editor. ESJ, 73 Sunlight Drive, Leicester, North Carolina 28748. Phone 704-683-0313 Fax 683-3511.

The Space Energy Journal Published Quarterly. $35 U.S., $40 Canada & Mexico, $50 elsewhere. Jim Kettner and Don Kelly editors. This journal publishes the positive and the negative results of testings of free energy machines and other new science experiments. The discussion of new science ideas is technical and yet also very down to earth so that the average reader should follow most of it. I have met Don Kelly through my association with the International. Assoc. for New Science/ International. Symposiums for New Energy and he is familiar with the Russell work too. Space Energy Association, P.O. Box 11422, Clearwater FL 34616. Phone/ Fax 813-461-7119.

New Energy News is the newsletter from the Institute for New Energy. It is a collection of reports on inventions, ideas and of publications relating to alternate and free energy. Monthly free to members with member fee of $35 and $60/ yr. to corporations, libraries and universities. Hal Fox Editor, P.O. Box 58639, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-8639. Phone 801- 583-6232 Fax 583-2963.

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy newsletter publishes articles to facilitate the development of a wide range of clean energy technologies including free energy technologies. Usually quarterly $35/yr. Canada, $40 USA, $45 elsewhere. Andrew Michrowski, editor, Planetary Assoc. for Clean Energy, Inc. 100 Bronson Ave. Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 6G8. Phone 613-236-6265 Fax 235- 5876.


The Reaper. 36 issues per publishing year. I year- $195. 10 issue trial - $60. The Reaper is ano holds barred newsletter examining our current global and national economic/political status with an eye towards assisting investors in commodities, currencies, real estate, etc., etc. Publisher R.E. McMaster Jr.

is an acquaintance of mine who I introduced to the Russell’s work and I have subscribed to his NL off and on over many years - not because I am an investor ( I should be and if I would have followed much of his advice would have made some cash, but I’m too involved in other work), but because I have been fascinated with R.E.’s analysis of our world situation. Called the Indiana Jones of the Christian economists by some he has a ‘Christian’ point of view but it is not conventional in my estimation. He is aware of new energy and natural health/healing practices and reports on these areas at times. P.O. Box 84901, Phoenix, AZ 85071. Phone 800- 528-0559.


The Earth Changes Report 12 issues/yr. $36; Canada, Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii $46/yr.; $56/yr. elsewhere. Published by futurist/psychic predictor Gordon Michael Scallion gives Gordon’s psychic predictions and a review of his hits and misses as well as articles in the new age spiritual genre and a report of earthquake, climate changes, etc. worldwide. I have watched Gordon Michael’s predictions for the last several years and while he is not 100% on target he has been close enough on enough times to be much more than just coincidence. Published in the spirit of better to be prepared for what does or does not happen than to be unprepared for what does happen, the ECR is a good monthly review of earth changes as they happen and of what might happen beyond most folks wildest dreams - both pro and con.

Matrix Institute, P.O. Box 336, Chesterfield, NH 03443. Phone 1-800-628-7493.


New Science News

published by the International Association for New Science (IANS) addresses metaphysical and esoteric perspectives on pro-social topics such as sociopolitical, new age, and new science concepts. I have spoken at several of their conferences on the Russell’s work as well as alternative healing topics. Quarterly, $35 membership. Bear Jack Gebhardt, editor, IANS, 1304 South College Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80524


P.O. Box 870716, Mesquite, Texas 75187

Subscription price unknown - Published Quarterly - Info on new energy science and health information exchanges. The publisher is Jerry Decker a long time Russell student, Keely student and investigator into all kinds of unusual phenomena.

RATBAG ANTIPHYSIC NEWSLETTER Millennium Twain has moved to New Zealand and is no

longer publishing this newsletter. For information about his current activities see the letters to the editor section.

Journal Of New Energy published by the Fusion Information Center, P.O. Box 58639, Salt Lake City, Utah 84158-0638. A quarterly Journal subscription: $150. Single Issues: $45. This is a journal of the Institute of New Energy. It has published the papers presented at the first and second low energy nuclear reactions conferences held at College Station, Texas at Texas A&M Universtity. This journal is top quality work presented by some of the leading thinkers and researchers in the field of new energy.

Ecolonomics In Action published by The Institure Of Ecolonomics Box 257, Ridgeway, CO 81432. A bi- monthly newsletter. A years subscription is $35. It details the efforts of the Institute to transform our planet through business based on sound ecological principles. Articles on new energy, education, and any area of technology and commerce that can positively effect our lives may be published.


The Fusion Information Center is pleased to announce its appointment as an authorized distributor for the Cincinnati Group's Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation Kit.


Being heralded as “The scientific discovery that will change the world!” the production and

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Here is what you get with the LENT-1 KIT.

. Specially machined, Closed-cell, Zirconium Electrolyte Chamber

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. Full year's subscription to Infinite Energy, New Energy News, and Journal of New Energy. These publications will be the leading source of additional information about the latest new developments in this exciting science.

6. A money-back guarantee if this equipment cannot transmute selected elements under proper operation.

You can attain a new profession for less than the cost of a used car or a week's special technical seminar. Your company can become a new-energy leader. Each person and each company has three choices for this new technology:

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For price and delivery information about the LENT - 1 KIT call fax or write to TRANSMUTATION KIT C/O Russell Science Research team, Dr. Timothy A Binder Box 520 Waynesboro VA 22980 voice 540-942-5161 Fax 540-942 -8705 International customers may also request information by email:usp @

©1997 by Fusion Information Center. Inc. COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In The Wave Lies The Secret Of Creation

by Dr. Timothy A Binder

This soft cover treatise on the Russell Cosmogony with 44 color charts, 10 black & white charts and 31 diagrams is now available. The book presents a Universal Systems Model that is applied to language in order to facilitate greater comprehension of the Russell Cosmogony. Acomparison of Russellian Science and the Science of his time is given as isa description of the chief elements of the Cosmogony including: the eighteen dimensions, formula of the locked potentials, wave mechanics, the cube and the sphere, periodic charts, thermodynamic laws, and Newton’s first and third laws versus the Russell Cosmogony to give a firm basis to understand Walter Russell’s scientific paintings and charts.

An analysis of the paintings and charts comprises the second half of the book. Most of the paintings included in this volume have never before been published. The cover of this issue of Fulcrum has one of these paintings as its front cover piece.

Cost is $35 plus $3 postage within the USA. Phone 1-800- 882- LOVE to order your copy today!

Subscription and Back Issues Information An annual subscription to Fulcrum published 3 times a year is $25 postpaid in the USA $30 Canada and $35 elsewhere. Back issues are available at $7 an issue.


We will send a sample copy of any issue of the FULCRUM to interested individuals who are not subscriber; simply mail us the name, address and number of the issue you would like us to share. Now is the time for God’s science of creation to move into human consciousness. Thanks for your support!



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